In this episode, the Epic Outdoors Crew talks about the Arizona Bison Application deadline, followed by a Vortex sponsored question about binocular magnification and a user-submitted question about the best Western state in which to have residency. The crew then calls Wyatt who’s returning from a Wyoming antelope hunt and they talk about Wyatt and Devin’s antelope hunts. Josh and Devin then talk about their latest invention for saving your place in a hunting blind and the team calls Jeff John to see if he’s ready to invest. Lots of laughs go around during this funny segment. Jeff John also gives a Northern Utah Mule deer update and gives his opinion on the state of Mule deer in 2022. Josh rounds things out by presenting another invention idea designed to allow hunters the ability to glass for extremely long periods of time without interruption. Josh also talks about helping Adam on a recent Mule deer hunt where his invention would have come in handy.

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Anything to do with Western Mid Game.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew with exception of Wyatt. Wyatt’s been killing stuff. We might have to give him a call. He’s, I’m sure he is still on a high. Wouldn’t you figure Devin?


Haven’t seen a picture or heard anything, so I don’t know. We probably need to talk to

Him. I haven’t seen a picture either. We’ve tried to give him, but I ever see a picture.

I don’t. I’ll Betty shot at two point.

I guarantee he shot at two point. Probably doesn’t even have a basal point.

Sounding more like a maybe shanks the speed goat. I don’t know.

Shas the speed goat he

Was getting away. Something like that.

Yeah. All right, well here we are October 11th and we’re in the office. I don’t know why today’s the deadline. Huh? Four Arizona Bison

And Javelina,

Javelina, Turkey, things like that. What else? I don’t know. Some kind of

Repair of some kind or something. Probably.

Probably. But anyway, tonight 1159 Arizona time. If you want to get a point for bison or apply, this is now the timeframe for the good hunts earlier. You know, in the year you can apply for designated bison or a cow bison or point. And so anyway, you can get two points per year. We’ve got it all in the magazine and there’ll be guys applying. Of course we won’t be here in this podcast until after the deadline, but it is on our minds. So.

And we told you.

And we told

You. Yeah, it wasn’t your first one.

We can’t say we didn’t say it. So anyway, here we are. Devin, you’ve been killing stuff.

Yeah, Devin’s got more species than, I

Haven’t been in this room since August.

Do you feel guilty


He’s like, I think I outta here outta texts. I think I’m outta texts.

I’m running low.

You only got one left personally.

Two. Two.

You always forget. Oh

Yeah, I got it. There you go. There you go. Couple dare tags. Different species. And I’m saying species deliberately. Everybody, just so you know.

You don’t think it’s pronounced species?

I don’t.

All right. Well anyway, it’s kind of a good time of year. There’s a lot going on. There’s been a lot of big animals taken. We’ve had an exceptional elk here. Nevada, Arizona, Utah. Just been incredible. Even a few big bulls in Colorado here and there and and Wyoming. Haven’t heard of a ton. Have we heard of Wyoming? A lot of Wyoming stuff’s coming up.

Just started the last 10 days for elk. A lot of, Well, rifle seemed

Like a slower rut from what people are telling me is hot. Just

Slower. A little slower. But you had a good hunt.


Arizona. A couple good ones.

Yeah. Utah and Arizona.

Yeah. Good hunts. Oh yeah. Helped your brother here in Utah. Smash

An awesome

Bull. Just an awesome stud. Heavy sucker. Anyway. Pretty awesome. So good time of year. Everybody’s been, everybody’s kind of out. We are taking care of the office here. We are still open Monday through Thursday even. Maybe sometimes on Friday. But generally we were doing four day weeks and, and just hunting a ton. But if you do need anything, optics, wives, of course we’re stocked. We’ve got some new Vortex Fury. Yeah, Abs come in,

Just came in today. A whole bunch of ’em. Some of ’em were on a pre-order, I guess you could say. They left the second they came outta the box, they went back into a different box and out the door. Went out the door. So yeah, we’ve got a few of those. Give us a call on that. A good deal on those.

Pretty awesome.

And they have been scarce.

Yeah, well that, that’s the first ones we’ve seen.

Scarce is not even the right word. They’ve been on it.


Rare. Yeah, rare. So anyway, glad to have ’em. Anybody wants ’em? Give us a hollerer. Glad to send ’em out the door. John, we have a few questions. We’ve

Got little segment sponsored by Vortex where we, we’ve got a little question for us. So the first question is, if you could have only one magnification power of Bino for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Just wondered. Magnification if it’s all gonna be the same for everyone.

Well let’s see. Adam, if you could only have one, what would it be?


Yeah. Bnos. Yeah. Binos.


K twelves

12. I’m

Similar. And a lot of it is just because

I wouldn’t have said that two years ago.

I wouldn’t said that.

Would’ve said, I would’ve

Said twelves have gotten very popular and they were kind of like the least popular. I of eight were like,

I probably would’ve picked fifteens then just cuz I felt like I used those


Than 10 to more than 10. And I would, If you could only pick one, Are you gonna say tens the rest of your life? No, I, I couldn’t said

That. Probably not. But I like ’em. How


My eight? I love my eight.

Pick one. Well

I’m not picking them. They’re pretty.

I’m talking about ’em. They’re

Pretty awesome. They’re awesome.

Well they’re good for,

They’re good for a lot of things. Hey, I was showing ’em, the guys in camp good

For rabbit hunting

About some five pair came away with no money.

Josh, you guys

Would say 12. 12. I’ve fallen in love a little

Bit. Fallen in love. Okay. Like it, What

Was the question?

Sorry? If you could only have one pair of BALs for the rest of your life, what power would you get? Magnification. It’d have to be twelves. Cause you’re kind of a hybrid.

Yeah, yeah. Best of both worlds. You can handhold ’em but you can put ’em on a tripod and you’ve almost got 15 power. And with the new clarity, let’s call it a new clarity, it’s just, it’s just the new technology. It seems like every year things get better and better. Pretty incredible. I take that, you know, crisp 12 over less crisp 15. You know what I mean?

Yes, exactly.

There’s still state of the art. It’s unbelievable. So, alright, John, moving on. Right?

Okay. Yeah, that’s it for, for the vortex section today.

Okay. Oh it is. Here’s the, unless you wanna some other, Well we have not from them. Well we have some other questions, right? Do we? Oh yeah, Josh,

I think you got those.

We had one guy asked us yesterday if you were magically be able to pick residency from whatever state, you could just pick it off the wall and just be like, all right this is, this is what residency you can have and whether you live there or not, what states that going to

Be? Based on my current points, I’d be in Arizona by tomorrow night.


Based on my points.

I agree. I’m so,

I would, I would,

I would have a cheap

Trophy. I would have a deer tag next year wherever I applied. Yeah.

Even when we were hunting down there, we talked to some,

What’s that worth


And they remember that one guy said, I’ve killed five bulls here in the last 15 years.

Yeah, they get a hunt all the

Time. They hunt all the time. And

You got one

Tag. I probably have a chance to get a desert sheep tag much more likely. But it’s that deer tag that I’m sick of about. But here we are talking about it then you’re gonna be a cooi freak. No, no. Well


Was the question, where would you be? I mean I’d probably leave after I drew.

Oh I think you gotta stay there don’t you? There certain periods of time. Okay, well let’s drop the state and leave.

Okay, well let’s answer it from the perspective of if you’re gonna move somewhere to live for let’s say the rest of your life, if that may be what he had mine. Where’s your best?

You’re gonna move somewhere for d

Elk or whatever.

For hunting purposes.

That was his question, John. Yep. Pretty

Much it was just which state? And it didn’t say you’ve had to live there. If you could just pick a shelf residency off a shelf, what would it be?

I’d have to say Colorado or Wyoming probably. Yeah. Than myself from a deer and elk perspective. Cuz once a lifetime species are still hard to drive everywhere. But I’d say those two

Be hard. I agree. Wyoming,

Man. Probably Wyoming. Yeah.


Elk are good. General, even general. And they’re deer general. Where can you hunt? Hunt those two things? Generally Colorado, you still have to draw the deer tags.

Quality deer. Quality oak every year. Yeah.

Just where

You still have pretty lawns up there. He like freezes all the time.

Where are you gonna live?

It’s a cold. Cold sucker.

Let’s just say you could still live here in Cedar at your house, but you have a residency somewhere else.

You just drive enough that it makes it legal. Yeah.

Figure and phone enough.

Or like Nevada. I I live, I love

Nevada. Yeah, but you still gotta draw though. Like then they draw way more frequently than us. But they can’t hunt anything every year. I’m talking to those other states. Hunt good bulls, good bucks every year with a tag at Walmart.

Trap bobcats. You can non

Resident and you can hunt him. Lance Ock when you realize

Yep they are. That’s a big deal. I don’t know if you don’t if you know that, but that’s a big deal

To some people that do slams that are be named by them. Upland slams and bird slams. Sure.

There’s a coin you can get

For that.

So anyway, we’re

Going down

Some, what do you guys think? No arguments out of Wyoming are possibly Colorado. Yeah, probably not. No. When those people who moved from Wyoming and lose

Their residency, it’s

Like weeping whaling national teeth.

Well that’s the only reason to live there.

I’ve had a couple hunters this year that they’re gonna retire there for that reason. They pulled you,

There’s no enterprise. I mean where’s, what’s the big

City? Wind farms.

You know you get the wind farms. I mean it’s just, but the deserts are full of wildlife. That’s what I like about Wyoming. Crazy. Got ducks in the desert. You

Get are you were just up there boxes.

There was animals

Everywhere. Everywhere. Badgers everywhere. Cool.

Cos elk, you name it. How many, how many bucks did you pass up?



Hundred 48 killed. 140 ninth.

They were different.

A hundred percent cookie

Cutters. We

Never, we never went to the same place twice.

Okay. 48 places.

Two giant loops.


That’s impressive. I remember I

Got that counts like not the fields. We didn’t count that. That’s in scopes or binoculars.

Like you could actually get out and kill

’em ev It was almost exhausting. Yeah, I was, Dang. It was fun.

Dang. So

Tell us a little bit more about how you took your wife and you

Took Yeah and I told her, I said, besides seeing antelope, I want you to count today. We’re probably not gonna shoot one and we’re not gonna shoot one until we hit 50. And the first day we hit 101 by dark. It was awesome.

Geez. So

About four o’clock she was getting pretty tired like there swan, we gotta stop there. One hand me the scope, she’s like, my arm hurts from

Grabbing this thing in the back seat. Tell me what the difference would be when gonna get

Excited. He looks pretty good. I’m like, yeah, he looks like the last 70 bucks we’ve seen. Yeah, it was fun.

So you killed day two? Yeah.

The next day. Right before dark. Yep.

Oh you milk two days out of Scott. You had your dad and brother come up just on day two,

They got their part. Yeah. The would’ve been Friday night

And you were two or three weeks into the season. So this is not like your hun just opened. This is what they, they may have taken, I don’t know, I think I had hundreds of bucks off your unit already. Four

Tags that started the same day. This tag started.

So you mean four other species? Yes.

And states. Two states. So only, yeah, it was last. So we went, yeah. See what mean the season been going for a month before we even

Got what I mean. So you’re seeing tons of game and like the only one there and everybody’s already shot bucks and lot. We’ve

Actually got

Some besides elk cutters.


Cutters on, I’m talking antelope. Yeah,

Everybody. I didn’t see anyone that looked like they were looking for lop.

How did, what would they look like if they were looking for Al inside the truck? Trying.

That’s true. Yeah.


Glassing like six miles away. Did I have

Decoy maybe in the back? Did you ever use a deco flick The tail.

But granted, you know what’s funny is everybody was looking for elka in the hills and stuff.

When they’re on the S bro, they’re

Out in the antelope flats.

Yeah. Fring. Fring

Bull screaming with like 20 cows. Really? Antelope all around thinking they’re part of the herd

Is funny. It’s exciting. Yeah.

These guys are cool.

Somebody’s getting bread

If they see

Something I run. Who is it? Who is it gonna be? Yeah, it was funny. Oh,

Pretty cool place though.

Even had alop. Don’t know what they identify as.

Okay, we’re not going down that road. Or I’m gonna, Janet’s gonna get mad.

We, we pride ourselves on the ones that where we say you don’t even need to edit that one and just, just

Go to, And then she listens to ’em anyway. By the way, after they’re published I try,

I try to tell her they’re good and

She doesn’t take my work. I wonder why, I dunno,

Probably Logan or somebody’s the only one she’d believed.

I’m like, I don’t even, she might even think he’s dated. Who knows? Might

Think for Brik just to, hey rubber step this thing, let’s move

On. Exactly. Well why we’re on the subject Antelope. Should we give wide a call and see how he helmet with, See how many he had to pass. I don’t know if you’ll even answer.

He will.

He’s gotta be getting close. I bet he’s within an hour of home.

We can let you talk for a second.

Don’t what to say. Hey wait, here it goes.


What are you doing?

Oh, just got home getting cleaned up a little bit.

No kidding.


So. Well you’re on the Abi

Go podcast. Let’s hear about podcast,

Huh? Yeah. Devin told us about his frolicking antelope hunt. We wanna hear about yours.

Well, frolicking antelope everywhere is how my hunt went. I looked over a lot of box. Yeah. Can

You be 149? I don’t,

Two days I didn’t count but I bet total I was over 500. I probably saw that many on Devon’s unit driving home.

500. 500 total antelope is what you think?

Yeah, it was. It was crazy. I mean I didn’t go 10 minutes yesterday without seeing a different group of antelope.

He’d kind of consider ’em range markets. Wow. I mean, can you imagine what kind of feed they he put down?

Wow. So you didn’t have one of those little silver clickers like Devin had given Miranda to keep track? No, I had

No, no clicker. Just, just to guess right there. It was definitely, definitely hundreds and hundreds of lops that were, geez, rolling around out there on the planes. They

Need to give more tags.

Did you get up there yesterday, Wyatt and Smash one and drove home today like, Like Yeah, 20 hour ago.

Yeah, Sunday night I drove up there and I got to the area probably around midnight. Just threw out in the back of my truck and woke up the next morning and started glassing and I mean I had him glassed up right for my truck the next morning.


So spent all day looking over, looking over goats. And then last night about, you know, hour before dark turned up a pretty good one all by itself and snuck in there and shot

It. Did a smash and grab.

Did a smash and grab. Yep. It was, ended up being, I ended up making about a 300 yard stock on it, but I ended up getting a truck within about 200 yards of it. Found a little two track that took me over there. So worked out pretty, pretty good. So quick little, little run to Wyoming and back.

Well we haven’t seen a picture yet and he So what’s he look like?

Oh, I was pretty biggest

Sport point you’ve ever seen.

So Yeah, it was, it was kind of tough to get pictures but I, I did get some and I just, he’s a, he’s an average goat, probably a little bit better than average goat I guess. So yeah, mid to upper seventies type type goat.

Well yeah, sounds, I mean sounds like a great one. We’re

Looking forward to the jerky because we’re eating jerky that Devin brought in and we have no idea what it is.

Yeah, I need to, need to get some recipes and, and maybe try a few different things out with him. See if we can get him out of all those things up there. They were rotting hard. I’m sure Devin kind of told you too, they were rot like crazy and running around and I mean those things only stopped for about 30 seconds before they tried to run to the next group of those and

Run a buck off.

I mean Yeah, they were, they were just running everywhere. It’s hard to keep track of ’em so much. So much just going on.

How far of a shot did you have to make?

Three 50. Three

50. What gun did you use?

The six five prc, The new one. Fierce. I just picked up. Yeah.

Wait, it worked.

It worked. Yeah, it’s, it’s good. Out to three 50

For sure.


Haven’t really stretched it any further but yeah, it’s good to,

It’s on the board good.

Yeah, it’s, it’s gotta kill.

Good deal. Well

You were telling me you might have let it just a little far.



Know I might have.


All well

But still

It was a one shot right? Saved a lot of meat.


That’s all. It’s all about saving that meat while

It folded pretty, pretty hard. I probably hit a little bit even forward of Devin.

Oh no kidding.

Devin was a, was a Devin

About 10,

What was yours? About

Five, 500 on the do that’s what I dialed to anyways. He might have been about four 70.

Well range finding them. Things are hard.

Mike and I never have an accurate range. What is

My, It’s a flat and low country’s hard use

The range finder

Number one. Well I did, you could see the video. I’m

Archery shots and I’m not so sure.

Click it, click it, click it. Devi deviation of 60

Yards. Josh, you were there.

I I was 30 yards

Behind him and it was so thick I couldn’t even see him half the time. So I don’t know. You

Out the archery elk. Yes,

Right on the archery elk and i, on me when there’s a bull and you could see into his eyes you


Need a range. I don’t rag joke.

Well, and it doesn’t range him. He doesn’t kill him. So I don’t know.

It’s true.

Hey, he’s dead though. Did you? I get mine


The, Did you range yours cuz if yours was mo on the move, What, what was the range when you, before you got on the gun? Did he, was he moving?

Yeah, so he had,

Oh he was moving. I

Seen him, seen him really quick and he kind of went down into a, down into a little ditter ravine wash thing right there. And so I was sneaking up kind of, kind of slowly to the wash and kind of range finding as I was going. So I just had the wash and when he came up out of there, he came up kind of, kind of running. I don’t know what he was running from, if he’d seen me or was just running to find the next group of antelope or what was going on. He came up out of there and so I just got down on the gun and put it on him and pulled the trigger. You

Didn’t rain,

He was front of him. Totally. Yeah. I just, I just was three 50 is what I had the, the gun turned to. That was what the wash was.

Oh gosh.

Did the whole Devon thing dead


You ain’t gonna kill anything if you don’t shoot. Right? Why?


Kind of guess Close enough.

It worked. It worked well. Sounds like. So you got the meat on ice, like we wanna make sure you, you properly took care of it cuz we want a good tasted antelope in here.

Oh. Oh yeah. I had a, had a cooler full of ice right there and I got it with on on the ice within a half hour probably so.

Well good.

It’s pretty, pretty fast and in the truck and I’m home, so.

Nice. Okay, well you gonna be in the office in about 15, 20 minutes? Yeah, I might just after

We get showered up a few other things cleaned up. Might come check in,

Come and defend Your Honor.

You’ve always will probably still be in there.

Good chance of it. All right, well good. I’m glad it was successful. Did you learn anything else on the way home or check any other units out? Did you see any big bucks while you were out there? Any big bulls?

I saw a handful of elk. I saw a handful of mule deer. Just average type mule deer. Yeah. And lots and lots of lop. I mean, Wyoming’s loaded with them.

Geez. Isn’t that crazy?

It’s scary to drive at night, huh? While

Yeah, it is. It’s almost like Wyoming. People don’t drive at night, I swear to drive it up there. I saw I didn’t pass one vehicle in like two hours of driving.

No, if you got broke down out there you’d it’d be a while getting any help.

Yeah, that’s kind, kind what I thought I was going. It’s kind of eerie. I thought the next thing that was gonna roll up behind me is that truck from the hills has eyes kinda deal or jeepers creepers. That’s the cheapest

Creeper. I don’t know.

They’ve lost No one here knows what you’re talking about. Why? But I do.

Which is scary. Is that back in your college days? No, it’s a creepy, jeepers creepers. Creepers.

Yeah. Creepy little van that runs people down on the

Road. Well it had bad nightmares

For so why it pulled over immediately in dark. We’re too old for that.

They’re jeeper creepers. It’s terrifying. Well, good job

On let’s get a an ounce of sleep by yourself in the back of that truck. Quiet.

Oh yeah. I sleep really good back there. So slept there two nights I guess now. So

Do you lock yourself in the camper shell at night?

Most nights I leave it up. It’s nice to have that little breeze

Kind. Just didn’t know how jumpy you were.

If you and Carly were to ever get in a fight, would you end up out in the camper shop?

I might. It’s probably not a bad place to go. Just have that canvas cutter unrolled in there and go.


Still haven’t had a fight. Can you believe that it’s coming wi

I’ll let you know.

All right guy. We’ll see you in 15.

All right,

Let’s talk ate. I’d love to have been there. I’m not sure how it went down. Where’d you

By yourself? It’s,

It’s like I bet he didn’t recover a bullet. You know what I mean? Job or something. I don’t know.

I just wanna a suit picture man. Yeah.


I was just waiting to hear if there was foggy or not. If it was Misty fds or you know, maybe. I don’t know. Guess not.

Oh, Josh Misty Fs. Do we have to, we have to vet that out a little more for the people that

Aren’t No, they’ve already familiar the story of shanks shakes

All. Well that was good. It’s good. That’s funny.

Devin, I have, I have to ask Devin a couple things about this Arizona hunt, but you

Were there. Is this the one you were there on?

I was there for

A minute. For a minute. And then you took off? Yeah. Or there some things you were gonna tell us

That you

Were saving for the podcast?

I’m excited. Devin and I were able to come up with, we came up with a couple potential investment. Is

This my genius idea? Yeah.

Oh. Because we were wondering what it was a little bit random. You know, you’re out there in the middle of nowhere and we really didn’t see that many people. No, but you would come across a tank and there would be a, not a a hunting blind there, but just like a brushed in type blind. And so we were trying to think of the etiquette on that. First of

All, for a brush. Yeah. Well we,

We, you wouldn’t put a blind there cause there’s

Already one there brush. Does the brush have dead leaves on it? Or is

It fresh? Fresh. And we freshened a couple up. Yeah cuz it’s like we were gonna sit

There, but then you never sat there. So then never once. But if a guy was showing proper etiquette and didn’t go sit there because you,

Because now he sees really fresh bruns that

You actually screwed him and he was being kind.

Well the plan was cuz I’m not patient enough and I didn’t wanna sit there. We’re gonna chasing bugles and then sit and then if, if they start going to water, I’ll race back. Getting the blind. Yeah. And then I told Josh like, Dude, did we just, our luck. We’ll get there

And somebody will be,

Somebody will be sitting there. Yeah. So we had this, I had this idea.

What’s okay, gosh, I know what I know what you’re gonna say. It’s kinda like when you go to the movies and there’s those reserve poster cutouts of like, you know, the rock or something. You’re gonna get one made of Devon Arch ball that just sits over the blind. A poster.

We’re gonna take posters of yourself. We’re

Gonna call. So my brothers were coming out, we’re gonna call ’em and tell ’em to swing in somewhere.

Vegas or something. I dunno.

Oh come,

What was it called?

Blow up and put

Come on. Would work. Work. Right.

Cause if, if you come rolling around the corner, you

Just, we called it an inflatable figurine.

Come on. Because

Ben, you put a hat on it, you put it

Mask. She has a job.

She doesn’t need to see this one.

See we’re good. I, I’ll let her know we’re

Good. A crash dummy, you know, with a mask on. And then somebody be like, Oh, somebody’s in the blind. And then if we have to run back and get in it, you just push the crack dummy over and you’re

In a male version of


Remember your old CPR doll and in, are you


There were two things we had discussed. We were trying to figure out what to name it. I thought maybe the blind buddy would be a good one. Come

The blind hunter.

The blind buddy. But then that could take on different connotations and it’s

Not a bad

Idea. We also figured, depending on the model that his brothers brought down, we would probably need a face mask because

Come on

Face then

If you

Rolling around the corner and you can’t even say it, then you’re side by side

That a guy was in a mask


You’d probably need a mask.

Are you videoing this Logan cause this is? Oh, Cmon

Need a mask for it. So yeah, we we’re gonna have to work on design and, and some of that kind of stuff. But I think it was a good idea. Well if, because the first night we were there, we did, we wouldn’t chase bugle. You,

You guys definitely need to register a patent and get things rolling because this is, somebody’s gonna steal this idea. You guys.

So good. If you guys, if this was your unveiling and you’re gonna start asking for, you know, capital I, I’m out.


Is your shark was shark. I’m out, I’m out. That’s what we were hoping

Jason, you this never even made Shark Tank tv. I mean they laugh this right off. Okay.

I’ll be Mark Cuban right now, but I would, I’m outta I would take a couple, I’m gonna get a pause,

Take a couple. Don’t

Make thousands of them. Just

Make, I like the Montana decoy. You could buy your Montana decoy and this could be in that.

I’m telling you, if you roll up to a tank and you look over and see a ball guy with a mask

On ball a ball, the wind hook it up. Yeah.

And the winds, whatever, side

To side. And you’re like, oh, that guy’s in a blind. We’re

Gonna go to the, I have that goes up about every five


That’s weird. Thinking’s like get some fishing line to the hand tied to a branch. So that’s a wave.

That’s the

Wind blowing.

You do it on points. And you could have clothing. Like he could have hunter Orange, Orange just acquired.

Well you could dress him, you could put him in whatever.

But because one night we beat elk to the, to a water and it was unreal. They

Just, Is that where this this idea came from? Like, we want to save our blind?

Well then we realize, like I had, I had three or four blinds with me. We set one up, never sat in it and the rest already had little blinds made. So it’s like we fixed most of them or built them, but,

But who and what’s, I didn’t

Wanna go in a blind put a note.

They usually put a note in a bottle, eh, so and so, and I’m planning on being here for the archery al Oh. And then if you’re an elk coming, you’ll be like, okay, that’s an old notar. And you know, and didn’t

See any of that.

But it got tricky cuz that particular blind had a chair in it. Like Yeah. But it was, I think it was a chair years old from Yeah.

Somebody years

Or something. Anyway, we were just a total,

We never sat water one

Time. We were just trying to make it easier for guys. So they

Would, would you guys have to blow it? Like here comes an arm, here comes another

Arm. This is kind of product design that maybe we were thinking you guys would want to get in on and how

Want behind you. Yeah, we

Were maybe gonna grab a decal and slap on the back of its head

Already told you. I’m out,

I’m out. I, I know a guy that might be interested. Who? Jeff? John? Yeah. Let’s call him. I, I dunno. Let’s see, let’s just see what he says. He loves inventions and he hasn’t been on the podcast for a minute. Should we give him a hollerer? Yeah, let’s

Just, there’s a reason. Well,

I just want to

Get his He’s not gonna answer your call.

No, we’re good friends.

What you doing boss?

Well, we’re we’re hunting. Sitting in a blind glass. What are you doing?

You’re you’re full of She is.

Hey, don’t swear. This is a podcast. This is a family friendly podcast.

You know how close I came to just launch it off there.

Where are you at? Are you glass

A No, I’m working. Are

You in a what think

Just seem quiet. Are you shovel’s house in a basement or you’re shoveling outta septic tank in the crawlspace

Somewhere. I just stepped out of the truck. Was walking, walking through a parking lot you called. So,

All right, well make sure you talking into the mic. But we’ve got really good idea arch

Ball and Pollock had a really dead afternoon on the Arizona hunt and they have some ideas for inventions. And so we wanted, they wanted to run by you. They’re looking well is like a sharp pink

Moment. You’re always thinking, I don’t know if somebody thinks more than you do about little knack inventions. So we wanted run this idea by you and see if you wanna be

I’m not, not we Paula and Archer Balls. This is not, this is not Alright.


I’ve already

Told Adam’s already. Shark tanked

Out. I I’ve already told them I’m done and I I went and got a drink and he’s, they’re politic and the other shark tank provoked right now. All

Sweet. All right, I’m in. What are we doing?


We first, it started off by talking about ethics of blinds and not like a blind, somebody has set up just a brushed in type blind over a

Water. There’s a fresh, fresh brushed in blind Jeff that’s green, got green greenery. Do you feel like you could sit in it even if it’s, if it’s empty? You know what I mean?

Ooh. Like it’s obvious that a previous hunter,

The week s but it’s been there for years. Yeah. It’s a common blind every year.

It’s fresh new greenery gets freshened up to

It. Yeah. Not, you know, the way I see it, if no one’s there


It, no one’s there. I mean that there’s, that’s what first one there. That’s the, that’s the,

There’s some UFC fighters that live in Arizona be like, Ah, hey, get outta my blind.

Well that’s the thing is, is I think it would be obvious that I, I mean yeah, somebody’s working it hard, but if they’re working it hard, they could,

They would already be there. They could be home. They could have killed their elk or, and be home. Yeah. So you don’t,

Or go Devin

Or, Now here’s the plan.

So Jeff, we spruce up this little blind on a water hole and then we leave because we want to chase bugles. Right, Right. But the elk, if they go back that way, I’m gonna beat ’em and I’m gonna crawl in the little blind and wait the last 20 minutes of light.

You want that blind reserved,

But I wonder. Yeah, like we just fixed it. And so we just had the idea to just have a, what was it, Josh? A blind buddy inflatable. A blind buddy figurine or a blind buddy.


A blowup. That’s

A blow blind buddy. Jan is making us call it an inflatable figurine for the podcast. I

I think it’ll be more like the blind dummy.

I just,

Yeah, that works blind. Hey, push hat and a mask on it. Tie its hand up to a tree and it waves and the wind and Yeah.

Put hunter orange on it if it’s you need needed or, or it could be full camel. What do you think? I

Mean Oh, that’s hilarious.

Montana decoys. You could get your antelope decoy your L decoy and I’m figuring

Silhouette up there blind

And you’re blind on,

You gotta send them a a for full frontal view and they’ll make a figuring match.


Do you think’s so hilarious? Maybe

It’s, think it’s a great, I think it’s a winner. I think it’s a winner. Well


Got only would buy one.

No, I wouldn’t.

I I was gonna say that’s three.

Josh has got a couple inflatables he can sell you.

Cause I’m not an archery hunter.

I actually like killing stuff.

Oh, good point. Well, we’ve told Devin you gotta, you gotta range finder. You’re gonna kill him. You gotta rage find him.

So yeah, no, yeah. Those are so spots, man. They’re


But you know what Devin has? Devin is, he’s, he’s gonna start a mobile butcher shop this year with

All stuff I know on

The ground. Yeah,

Good grief. We tease him, but he’s about gotten North America 29 this year. Yeah.

Which is funny because I think he took half of Cedar City with them to Wyoming to chase a freaking antelope is what the pictures

Look like.

Oh, that’s just half my families.

I was like, for the

Packout I

Could get You

Were hiring guides in Utah. That’d be illegal. Devi. Yeah,

We were, we had four of us.

He’s done, he probably bought him dinner to go up there and that’s probably too much. Of course in Utah now.

That’s just don’t incriminate yourself.

I mean, I bought my wife dinner, so.

No, she owes you. Yeah,



You. She was, she was stuck to a

25 limit. That’s Taco Bell.

Hey, the value

Mail. Anything over Taco Bells away. Is there,

Is there any other like, important things you guys are talking about today? What do we got going? I mean, I’m shocked that there’s four of you in the office.

Well that’s the only reason we’re in here is we are all

In here. We’re, I don’t know about the hunts. You’ve been on some hunts. How’s, how’s it been going this year?

Well, I got my butt kicked on the elk hunts. That was, that was a bummer. But that’s alright. We still had fun.

I think it was by choice. You guys were picky. You guys were picky, right?

Yeah, we were a little picky. We could have laid down bowls, but you know, when you draw the limited entry tag tougher elk and, and you know, you wanna be a little picky, but maybe we were too picky. But I mean, we, we really weren’t, you know, it, it was a fun hunt. We gotta chase bugling bowls and that’s what we were after, so, Yeah.


It was a good time.

And it was with the kids. It was awesome. Yes. Your kids are growing like crazy. They’re

Good old. Oh my heck. Yep. It’s true. That’s all true as

Far as, I love your hunts for five. How about casing going back down and treking halfway across the state or more on

I’m blowing a tire. We’re still trying to, we’re still trying to fix all the

Broken parts.

Blew a tire, kept driving,

Blown out tires and all that stuff.

Didn’t have a spare, spare was gone. Oh, then they

Called Jeff Cable is just snapped.

Oh, I,

So I have no idea where the spares at.

They call it. Say Dad, come get us. Oh, you’re 400 miles away.

You know, you know you’re driving down the road and you see those spare tires laying off the side of the road.

You grab everyone What’s going on




Everyone. Let me just lose a spare tire. Well, I get it now. I totally get

That’s always and a place of origin for that spare tire started. Leave the vehicle. Those cables break.

Yep. That’s when I figured

Did you get the truck back?

Oh yeah, we got her back. We, I went down, did a drive down after work one night and then drive back, you know, drive back home the next morning and then tried to go to work afterward and geez. Yeah, that was always an adventure.

Still suffering. Yeah. Yeah. That’s fun.

Well, Jeff, give us, give us a northern Utah mul deer report. Like what, what you’re thinking this year’s, like compared to past years or whatnot.

The forecast

To, I would say in, in northern Utah, I would say horn growth is probably average. I wouldn’t say it’s really good. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. I would say we’re average. The deer, I’ve cut up five gears so far this year and every one of ’em had fat, not as much fat as you would see later on. And they, you know, they just weren’t, they just weren’t rolly fat like you’d like to see him, but they did have good fat along, you know, across their s and whatnot. So they, you know, I would say they, it’s it’s average, you know, not great, but average, which is good because we are still in relatively, we’re still in a drought, right? Yeah. So, you know, I I would say we had some good rainstorms that bailed us out. You know, I always say you gotta have two good rainstorms in June for deer. And, you know, we got those just, they weren’t quite heavy enough and they were a little spotty, but to, to be good. So

Sounds like southern Utah. I mean better than LA last couple years for sure down here. But

You ever seen to

Deer? But they’re actually fat down here. Yeah, I think we, our deer way fatter because the lawn moisture. Yeah. They didn’t get, didn’t do as much for the antlers by then, but they are, they’re really polar.

I saw a buck so fat this year. It kind of wied me out a little.

Yeah, well, I mean, down on, you know, down by there, by Moab. Holy cow there. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve never seen green like that in Oh yeah. Anywhere down. It was just amazing. Amazing.

It is. And it’s got the animals spread out. There’s been, you know, tougher hunting conditions actually.

Yeah, well, they can live anywhere. I mean, there’s enough, there’s don need to move moisture in that feed. They’re, I mean, there’s,

They’re not, they’re not hunting water. They’re not hunting feed. They’re just existing. Make it tough and

Yeah. And you know, sometimes you see those Fs and they’re, you know, you see a few ones that you’re like, Oh, that one’s still got, you know, especially there at the end of September, you know, and you’re like, you’re seeing Fs and you’re occasionally you’ll see one with just, you can tell they got a little bit of spot left and whatnot. That’s nonexistent this year. Those fawns down there are freaking healthy that they’re gonna have a great crop.




Like it. Well, can these guys count on your a hundred grand for a startup on this blow up, buddy?

That’s, that’s a, that’s a hard pass.

Wow. So into it. I’m gonna go on. You just want Josh’s freebies right here that’s already got,

If it ever took off people for getting shot with arrows, thinking they’re blind buddies would not

Be good. Oh man.


You imagine like, like we all need one more reason to be hated in the hunting world. You know what I mean? When you’re out there, somebody’s in your blind. Oh no, I wasn’t in your blind. That was my dummy.

That was my blow my mannequin. Sorry. Jesus.


Okay. All

Right. Well sorry, Paul march of ball. We’re still hunt.

We’re still hunt. We’re still somebody that’s looking to, I only

Wanted to get one of them. That was it. That was the idea. Not start enterprise.

You had an idiot and yet you thought you found him, but

No, we were just wondering your opinion and then if you’d have enough excitement to keep it going now, now, Jeff. Oh, it’s awesome. You thought you had to, Jeff, you could use it for others.

Septic tape.

There you go. There you go.

Well, it’s that feller. Wait, Jeff, you could, Hey, you could use the blind buddy on your property. What tree? Jeff? We could, we could put a gun in its arms and put it on your property.

Oh, it would keep people out of there. That’s

Not a bad idea.

See, he’s in Hey, he’s in. Yeah,

It’s not put a square gun. An ar square gun. Yeah. I don’t know. Squi

Suit. Gil suited him.

Yeah. There

You go. Pro him mountain.

Hey, this is a lot of uses. We keep going. We really got something here.

There you go.

Somebody’s gonna steal your idea now you’re putting it out on the podcast though.

All right. All right guys. Okay. Sounds good. Touch later. Be good. Catch you later.

Yeah, thanks.

There is another one.


But we’ll, we’ll wait to call Jeff on that one too. But it was kind of another situation I’d ran into while helping Adam over on the pot.

I do not know where this is going.

Yeah, I know where this is going. Oh no.

Well, Broon,

What happened

On the pond? I have no idea where we’re going. That thought that was a squeaky clean hunt. We only honest, we only hunt of 48 hours. Was

It was, I just felt like maybe, maybe there was a situation with one of your spotters that may

Benny, he, he blow that blow this spot. You give him one job. He blew. I

Haven’t heard him, I haven’t heard him finish his question. I don’t know. Still don’t know where we’re going.

I, I was, I I happened to be there with, I would say Adam spotter, his first letter G and last part of it ends with, Okay. Still blame it on Gary, but he, I think he had lost the bucks at one point. Maybe

That’s a problem.

So I was just thinking at what point could the bucks have gotten lost? And it could have been while maybe we were going to the bushes or something, you know, to take care

Of ourselves. Oh yeah. Well you stuff could happen.

Yeah. So that’s what I was just thinking was maybe another invention. I don’t know. We could call it the glass cath or I don’t know, something.

What glass? That’s catheter have to leave the glass. You never have to, your eyes never have to leave the deer. Oh. At

One point during the sign at about 10 hours into, they call


Gatorade. They call g I

Was gonna say they have a sheepy thing, right? Like a

Yeah, yeah. Well, but

He likes the idea of a catheter. I I have a feeling Josh likes it.

Well the problem was there was two of us at some point and, and I don’t feel that comfortable with you and I and together, together this close doing certain

Things. Oh,

I see what, So say I just had a hose running down my pant leg and out into the

Bushes. You’d never know. And

We’d just be talking about

What’s going on. Oh. Does anybody like getting the catheter put in? Has anybody had one put in?

I mean,

No, let’s change the subject


I’m gonna take some Advil. I’m gonna take Advil right now. Just, I’m starting to feel like I’m gonna

Get hurt. A feely, Just put me out Anyway, me out. Just

A two things, a couple things that I think maybe could have helped the hunts this year because at one point, well there were, I’d lost a buck. There

Were about six and a half hours there of heavy investment. Still heavy, heavy investment that you’re in a killing. We were in a killing distance. Two 50 to two 80. And we see flashes of one buck. That’s with the buck we’re trying to kill and we

Can’t find the buck. We’re

Like, and my kids, he’s trying, he wants to kill it at that point cuz you, it’s after six hours, pretty

Three by two he’s looked

It was pretty big buck. It was a good buck. Yeah. But it was not the other one. I’m like, he’s gonna step out any second. Well he did, but he is about 600 yards.

My spotters, who are the best in the business had blown it well too. Must have been a guyo or something.

Yeah, I, I don’t know how it

Happened. And I, and I

Eyes never left the deer. Okay. Well added it another 600 yards away. Those are questions

In their, in their defense that you never, you could not see the deer in its bed.

That’s right. So you,

You get tunnel vision to 20 yard section if that deer leaks out of that peripheral No, you’re done. Yeah, because


You’re, you’re honed in right here so

You can feel a little better. Yeah.

And I was, when I was there all for about an hour, hour and a half, I did a stock for probably the hour and a half to get that close. And then I was right there too. So I’m to blame as much as them. So it’s not

Like, but it, it kind of is a rookie mistake. Right. Well,

I know

What, what vinyls were you using? What were you using? The kid vinyls. He don things. He

Stopped and got some cascos. I know Gary brought them up. Whatever he had,

Whatever he They’re really

Good. Yeah. Whatever he had.


Everybody had the glass. This for the glass wasn’t the problem.

The glass was not

The problem. It was, it was pretty crazy though watching those bucks because that, the one buck that he was with, that deer got up and bed

Five times,

Five at least

All there more. We saw him every hour within every 30 to minutes to an hour. You guys had

To been thinking like,

Something’s not right.

Well, at some point I’m like, how is he this tight, holding this tight when the other one’s up and down after you’re done, after you’re

Gone. He’s, he’s off. It

Made sense later. Yeah. Like he wasn’t ever there. That’s why we never saw

Him. He’s never there.

But it was just crazy. He did some weird things. At one point he got up like he had winded us or blown some, something had spooked him cuz he got, he had just kind of walked around into this and he was into some mahogany and, and he was had gone behind it. So we’re like, okay, that’s the last time we saw him. So you just leave the binocular and

It was possible he kept feeding and moving and he was always over there. Yeah. Maybe he made his way over

There. Oh, at some

Point he never did bed. Right. Where

Exactly. But this, this was the other buck. And all of a sudden he came shooting out from those mahogany, like on a hard trot and ran like 25 yards and then just dove straight to the ground and just plop

It didn’t paw or nothing, didn’t

Paw didn’t stop and feed something. It was the weirdest thing. And then he just stopped and turned from the direction that he looked and he just sat there. So it, it was pretty interesting. Just sit there and watch a deer that long up all day long and Yeah.

I wonder if like that moment maybe those other deer blew.


And he heard him but didn’t know like, I’m just gonna lay down now. I don’t know what they’re running from. And yeah, two hours later that’s defense mechanism. He got up and maybe in

That could have been one that don’t happened. But I just happened to sit back for a minute cuz it was prime time that other buck had gotten out and he was starting to feed across the flat like any second, this other buck’s coming up. And I got outta the glass for a second and leaned up and I look and here’s this buck coming down the ridge over there, 600

Yards out in the sunlight with the naked eye. You could see the 30 inch track. It’s just glowing in the sun. That question glowing in the sun.

No, he,

He said rude was, and I looked up there and I’m like, okay. Yeah, yeah.

The best part when Gary goes, you tell Adam, you

Tell Adam you

Can’t tell Adam I’m not. So I’m like,

Gary, I think I got that freaking buck. And he’s like, What Buck? I’m like, the fuck we’re glass for where? And I’m like, clear out by the fence. And he’s like, No. And I hurry and grab my btx and put them up. I’m like, that’s him. And he’s just like, You tell Adam,

Gary Fra. I love it.

I was like, I love it.

Excuse me, sir. There’s

There’s a beer.

There’s been the family emergency. Gary and I are not longer to be able to stay on the knob.

Gary, Gary flubbed up beer and he’s been at home. So, but I I’ve got you, I’ve got you. This

Phone’s beeping. I’m losing batter. Hey,

Good luck the rest of the night.

We’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Look, 600 yards ahead of your arm now.


Hey bud. You, you spotted for me one day spotted for Adam one day two dead bucks.

Yeah, that’s true.

Josh was there few days. Well you haven’t, haven’t spotted for me.

I haven’t been invited.

That’s not true. Oh, you also little

Smarter. I looked up and Josh had one eye in binoculars, one eye in a scope. And he’s filming at the same time.

That might be on, this

Happened, there’s a coyo coming in from the east. There’s 20 do to your left. The bucks are group, they’re moving this way and it’s, and

He’s all

Over it. Next thing you know, they’re just a herd of like 30 deer. He was all over it.

Josh, he’s like a dispatch. I love it. Call you the dispatch.

I did tell him the story about that owl a little bit.


Yeah. Well on the podcast.

I was so long ago. I totally forgot about that.

But I tear


Vision, your version,

My camp all night.

I hate that when

They do that night before the muzzle loader hunt, me and Josh are there. It’s almost dark. You may have already told

This. I didn’t, I didn’t elaborate too much.

This thing comes, we hear this just, and it come out like looked right into my eyes. Well,

And what eyes? They could fly a certain direction and look

Out the side. He was flying past us and he just looked and

They got those big yellow eyes.

I looked into his eyes and I was like, Josh, that’s the tactal out. And it, and it goes out and we have it on video goes out and comes back and flies right at us. And then it tails off like 10 yards. And it’s just, I’m just looking into this

Distinct soul. Oh, he, they’re

Meat. It was weird. It was like a weird,

They’re meat eaters. He’s looking for flesh. He’s looking for a ailment of some sort

Or, Well, I don’t know. I felt like he was just like, Hi man, because I’ve been living there.

Oh, you think he was just,

I slept under his nest for 11 days. So

You think he’s just saying all,

I don’t know. It was just,

He’s imprinted, he think you’re thinks you’re one of young,

There was a connection then he was

Communicating something with us was a connection. He was

Communicating something. Dude, he’s coming over the ready to

Regurgitate some Jack

Rabbit. Then it just went and it was gone to camp. I think he, he was there to tell us, you boys are doing the right thing. That’s what it felt. God, he was the, the deer’s gonna be dead

In the morning. Oh. And he was, we saw cool al one night driving back to camp over there on the p and we stopped and videoed it. And anyway, it was really cool. Stood on the, the main forest service sign we pulled. That was like here to the door woods. He

Woods he


Yeah. But anyway, it was awesome. I You don’t see him No. Like that. Yeah. No. One of our, one of our guys showed up at sheep camp. Six in the morning down there in the desert. They were all Aaron. Aaron and Wayne were down there making plans, Senator, but looks at the grill and is like, what’s outta your grill? Walks over there, there’s a wing and a talent sticking out. Freaking grill. They pull out this freaking owl

Of the grill, of the truck truck.

He’s like, Oh,

I thought we missed that. No, it took out, They’ll take out your


They’re no joke. All right. You

Don’t, Mike, Mike might need a new grill.

All right, let’s all well, let’s John. I’m done. Those are my only,

I’m done.

Well let’s, I mean, are we gonna talk about triples Isn’t triples down for like shoot shovel and shut up. Shut up. I love those guys.


We should, we shouldn’t talk about that right after we talk about als.

We should know. No.

Or it’s, no, we’re not transitioning to

That Devi’s Wild Horse meet that he fed us today.

I was burrow. But anyway, we to, Wendy really likes it. We told hers Wild Burrow and

That she was not such a fan.

Yeah. Yeah. I don’t think she trusts us for some

Reason. I wonder. Anyway, these guys, I mean that’s the best name in the world. We should definitely support him. John. Yeah. Let’s,

Let’s give a shout out to Triple S. Polaris. Jason’s been running our machine

Really hard. By choice. By choice. I like

It. What do you mean?

One of my other ones is in the shop. I’ve had no choice. I was grateful it was available. Yeah. Like, anyway. Cool. Keep going. Well,

Tell us about, at one point you were telling a story and you said, normally for a normal side by side you gotta win chat

Of a certain place. Yeah. I mean there’s some places, Well, it’s nice, it, so the big question, like do you go with the wazu, you know, razor fast, razor type? Or do you, do you grab a ranger or something. That’s, And, and there’s good applications for both. The nice thing about this, I mean you can, when you step on it, like you’re gonna get somewhere and you’re probably not gonna get stuck. And there’s places Yeah. That you would get stuck in a normal machine, like a normal hunting rig. Our rig, this is built, It’s built, He geared it down. It’s got the, it’s got the travel and suspension and the clearance and the speed. And you can check a lot of cameras and run a lot of miles in a day. But then, you know,


I think just depends. Every, Depends on your application.

Yeah. 33 inch tires. Yeah. Colton knows how to build them custom for hunting. And so if you’re in the market support, the guys who support us call Colton at four three five eight six five zero one hundred.

And who doesn’t wanna buy from a company that’s named triples? Seriously. Huh?


The best. Protect the game.


They’re basically southern Utah, but they’ll, they’ll ship and do, Yeah. Nationwide

Stuff. Anywhere. Nation, nationwide.

We will. So anyway,

Another shout out. We wanna give to the folks Kenneth Trek, Boots minor, a little bit stinky cuz you get this time of year,

They’re, you’re running hard, they’re

Ripe. Let’s just put it up. But hey, they work great. And anyway, mine, mine rode in the back of my truck, the whole home from, she hunt from four days. Cause I’m not gonna have ’em inside my cab.

And you’re not gonna keep wearing ’em when you’re in the cab. No,

That’s right. But anyway, Awesome. Awesome. Boots got a big assortment. Whether you’re looking for hiking boots, insulated, non insulated waterproof membrane or not pack boots later on in the year, which we’re starting to get closer to that time of year. Look ’em up [email protected]. K e N e T R e You got social shows, Facebook, Instagram as well. Probably no need to call ’em and tell you you’re ready to order. But just go to ken, look out their different assort, the boots that they got there for your application. You’re looking for good

People and

They hunters, they’re awesome guys. Jim Benjamin Crew.

Let’s talk a little bit about our license application service. You know, it’s that kind of time of year where we’re sending out our renewals for guys that we currently do their applications. If you’re looking for somebody to do your applications, you know, definitely give us, give us a holler. That’s what we do. We’ve done it for years and years and years and we’re, frankly, we’re pretty good at it. Like we, we treat it like you treat your applications like they’re our own and we help guys make plans. Short term, midterm, long-term plans. We’re $50 per state for the first species. If it’s one species in the state, it’s 50 bucks. If it’s two or more, we’re a hundred and then 750 max. So we, we tap out at 750. So anyway, that’s for unlimited states and species of, of the states that we apply guys in.

So, which is a lot of them e everything here in the west. So anyway, if you’re interested at all, let us know. 4, 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Or you can email us info epic and we’ll definitely get you hooked up. We’ll get you some forms. Easy to do once you’re on board. It’s easy. It’s no big deal. We simple renewal process. We, we are very aggressive. Take very good notes and, and cuz there’s a lot of things that change as your hunting schedule changes and the, and the years go by. And so anyway, Adam and I and Wyatt, Devon, Josh here at Epic will definitely help you customize it and keep it customizing as the year goes along. You can call us a as often as you need and, and make adjustments. And so anyway, we help guys with it. And it’s quite frankly, you know, time is money kind of thing. And as you get older it’s just, it’s just nice to have somebody that’s looking out for your best interest. And I would say definitely have your best interest in mind. We want happy clients, not just clients that draw tags. We want ’em draw the right tags and that make sense. And

I think one of the things that, that people forget on that is it’s like having a financial advisor for your hunting tags. And we’re going to see the whole picture of what you’re applying for, what your goals are. And we’re gonna come up with potentially some opportunities that you’re missing, you know, and, and say, Hey, you’re really trying to kill a 180 inch mule deer. Why aren’t you doing this opportunity or that opportunity? So we’ll we will kind of, you know, do some, some guiding on that, on, on which applications you might add or which ones might, might be

Wasting your money. Yeah. With this Arizona deadline in Texas, definitely talk to quite a few guys that we’re considering to adding it. We give ’em the pluses and minuses every, every state and every application has pros and cons to it. Maybe cost, it may be drawing odds, it may be whatever. And we go over that and we’re well versed in it and make a living doing it. So anyway, we also have the regular membership, 150 bucks a year and of course we print the drawing odds and kill percentages and best units and kind of our take on everything. But then we’re also available to visit as much as you need. And so anyway, check it out. Epic 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.

Yeah, I think if you’re not familiar with our magazine, pretty much what it’s gonna help you do is when it’s time to apply we go through state by state and, and we go in depth changes and you know, regulations, things like that help you put together your plan for applying, you know, each

Year. And it’s so much more with, with tags and hunts and different things too as far as booking fully guided hunts and whatnot. So anything western game, that’s what we do. All right. Bronson

Also want to, I guess give more or less a heads up to an event that we’ll all be at, which we’re always at. And that’s the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. This year it’s a little bit earlier, it’s February 2nd to the fifth. So all you dudes out there that have always relied upon the expo to take your wife on a Valentine’s event, not gonna happen this year. Can still have to do that later for Valentine’s Day. Cuz this is the second to the 5th of February. Moved it up a little bit. But in all seriousness, it’s a great event. We’ll be there. We’re always there. We’ve got a booth, we’ll have us a lot of the biggest, you know, deer and elk or sheep or whatever in our booth. We like to try to amass to bring there to kind of show off or let some of the hunters that we’re fortunate enough to take some great animals to bring them there, to be able to let ’em be seen.

Also have great deals on optics and whatnot. But one thing, if you are from out of town and all that, you’re gonna also want to go [email protected], get your hotels, we’ve learned by experience. We do that way early because stuff better ones and the stuff right close fill up. So jump on hunt, they’ve just got promo stuff at some of the hotels there. It’s all online web, their website. And then at some point, I don’t think it was turned on yet, but they’ll have the $5 tags, the raffle tags that we turned on. You can start applying for those usually it seems like in, I don’t wanna say November, but anyway, we still got a few months ahead of that, but let’s just get it on your calendar. February 2nd to the fifth Salt Palace Convention Center, downtown Salt Lake City. We’ll be there if you haven’t been there.

Those are premium draw tags in Utah and there’s about what, 200 plus of them that that, you know, get into the raffle there. Five bucks each and great price and the proceeds, a lot of it goes to support wildlife in Utah. And so at really good cause one of our members actually drew an elk tag and has a story in the magazine. Adam, you want bla woodton. Yeah, he, he drew a covered at Southern Utah Elk tag here that would’ve been in 2021 at the Hunt Expo. And his story is in our October November, 2022 issue. It’s called Go Big then go home. And he did that. He went home with a 390 plus inch six point bull. It was an awesome bull. And got that at the Western Hernia Conservation Expo. Those tags are totally different than the regular state draw tags this year. When I say this year, I guess 2023, the Utah application period’s gonna be shifted due, not due till later April.

So these tags will all be drawn like they always are in February and are totally independent of anything in the regular state trial. There’s $5 per hunt you put in. Nobody can put more than one per hunt. If you win one of those, you buy their permit and go hunt doesn’t affect your points or anything like that. So check out Blaine’s story in our newest magazine. Just an awesome bull. And we’ve had, I’ve had a lot of hunters. In fact, Aaron, he’s got an out or deer tag this year. He won last year’s at Expo, so it’s gonna be something here soon. We had a,

Had a guy call in that, we’d actually ran his story last year in the magazine. He’d applied and drawn an elk tag in Utah and basically that was his one elk tag in Utah, you know, I mean a premium unit. He got lucky and drew it randomly 13, 15 points or something. I should have taken him 27, whatever. Yeah, he drew that last year, killed like a three 80 something bull. Goes to the expo this year, just throws in a $5 ticket for that same unit, draws the freaking expo tag this year. This year. Goes over there and rolls a three 90 bowl, two bulls on the same unit, two years in row. And you couldn’t do that unless you did this thing.

So what’s you’re saying, Carter, it’s

A crazy opportunity.

I don’t know. Apply, apply, apply,

Fly, apply, apply,

Or you gotta have a name in the hat or what’s, what

Do you say? For 20 years now I’ve been applying, applying, applying. I’m just wrapping my head around asking Jenna if I can invest in this blowup business. I was thinking about calling her on podcast, but I’m not

Try to change the vocabulary

Inflatable. Figuring,


I don’t, Hey, what if you remove the term inflatable, they’re just green. Yeah, that works. The the, the decode Montana don’t have air in them, do they? No, they’re just a silhouette. Just a,


Silhouette. The best part about that whole story too is we just talked about this, that we’d chased elk forever. It was hot long days. We weren’t in our right mind. Several times Devin was having some vivid dreams. We’re not even getting into that Devin.

But Devin sleep with some very interesting sleep attire. We

Get back,

We get back

That night though, to the side by side. We just get back and start to drive literally from like by the tank where we were talking about and putting Delilah our inflatable figurine and all of a sudden we stop for a second and hear this.

Yeah, that was weird. I don’t, still don’t know. Did did

You hear that? It doesn’t get,


Like, what in the world is that? We decided it was just Delilah, a little bit arrogant now,

Like on a balloon, little gassing. It had to have been the heat, it had expanded. It had to go and go somewhere to

Have been a fond or something. Bleat

Or something. Another reason don’t have any air

Right from the blind area. They’re

Gonna pop and you gotta remove the air factor.

So that’s what SIL saying could be. That could give you away if all the sudden

We were severely, we were doing legit 10 miles a day. Yeah, I chose a camp spot in the dark. That was the worst place on

The unit, but I had a lot of shade.

What you set up, you can’t

Move. We had to migrate to get cool air.

Well, and you were chasing nomadic elk. You weren’t just covering mount, you’re just, you’re just chasing Roman. You know, Roman being,

What I like is there’s big bulls in about every unit down there. Well, on the right.

So That’s

Right. It’s just awesome. All right, well I’m good. I’m tapping out. I’ve way too much fun for me. Well, you guys good?

Yeah, yeah,

We’re good. Oh, I guess the only thing I could say, go along.

Come on. Send, send,

Send in your photos. No,

Its that.

It’s sending in

Your photos. We’re getting photos, We just

Stories photos.

We’re getting a lot of stuff on Instagram guys. Sending us just pictures, you know, And send those to [email protected]. We, we’d obviously love to see ’em on, on social media, but make sure we, we’d love to put ’em in the magazine, that sort of thing. So send in those email

Full size. Yep. Photos epic All right, fellas, let’s get back in the field where we belong.

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