It’s been a busy few weeks and we are more than excited to be back! In this episdode we get an inside look at the Epic Crew’s last three weeks, the good, the bad AND the ugly. While frusterating and difficult, we wouldn’t give up hunting for anything.

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Here we go. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew. Well, pretty much the main guys, except for who? Well, Jan will take a major offense you said guys. I know. Oh, we’re good then. Guys.

Got all the guys here.

Got all the guys. No women, no children.

Not very often this time of year.

No, it’s pretty rare. What is it? It’s

Been like a month.

I don’t know. Is it November 8th?

It is.

What are we

Doing here? I don’t know. Somehow we got off track. Cause we should be trying to get tags in Nevada right now. Yeah.

Well somebody, Paula, let’s see your hands. You got your phone, you logged in. Okay.

He is, he’s got his wife on it.

She should be working.

Let’s call her. It.

She tax. Be careful about the dough. Dough, deer and cowel.

So anyway, it’s been a while. We were, a lot of us, some of us got home from Colorado. Some of us been in Utah. What other states have we been Devon, Nevada, Devon, smash and Grab and freaking Nevada. I don’t think a nine day grind is a smash and grind. No, no.

It doesn’t. Doesn’t cow. Don’t

Call it that. And maybe I’ve heard that there was some warm barrels barrel during that hunt. A warm barrel.

I love a warm barrel.

So I don’t know. It was a nine day,

If you can work the bolt real quick, you can heat him up pretty


It was a nine day multiple shot and not a smashing crab. Right. Oh. What’s the definition of a smash? Like a gun? This is going in and out.

Yeah. A smash and grab is you, is a, is an antelope. You basically drive to unit, start driving around, pound something and leave quick.


Like in a day and a half. Yes. Minimal effort in a smash and grab,

There has been no smash and grabs has no Bronson.

Not really. I hiked, I think a, a smash and grab means you don’t leave the truck kind of Right. If

You’re out of the truck, it doesn’t qualify. You gotta define

It. You’re not, it’s not legal to hunt out of a truck.

You know what I mean?

Some sticks, you know what I mean?

You jump out, you walk your 51 feet from the shoulder, plop, put your shooting sticks down and heat the barrel.


I don’t think that that’s, I mean, I think that’s more of a definition of a smashing grab. You can, you can show I can AEP hike in six to eight hours and kill the sheep and get out the next day. That’s not a smash and grab. Cause I was gone for 36 hours.

So, which, which story we going with first? Who, I don’t which smash and grab, non smash and grab story.

Are we going with? I don’t, there’s no smash and grabs. And I, and I know you don’t have one.

I don’t, but I have a new plan. I have a new plan. You know how excited. Okay, so let’s just say we’re 50 years old, which we’re far from 50, but let’s just say we were, that’s like minus let’s say 15 years. Your first 15 years, you’re just, you’re still crapping yellow. Right? And so let’s just say, you know, you have 15 minus 50. That’s 35 new plans.

That’s assuming you gonna live to 85.

I’m as excited about my new plan as I’ve ever been.

Okay. Is this when we’re divulging a new plan? No. I kinda like,

I don’t know what it is. I don’t, I don’t know what it

Is. You have one but

You haven’t. Yeah, no. You know, I’m gonna have one. And I’ve been contemplating some things. Don’t have anything to do with milder because they’re in a slump right now. And I’m sick and tired of it. I’ve

Got some prong.

No. Although that pronghorn that came in today,

I’d forget the theme. Governing my plan is gonna be simplicity

That you sp upon that.

My wife, my life’s been chaotic this year. Oh wow. I’ve been ricking around. I don’t know how many states, provinces and, and just trying to do everything. And please everybody take every family member. Really.

I don’t know anything about that.

And I know you have too, but

No, no, I’m just saying. I’m just saying. You and I both,


Want no more pleasing any family members. Kids have killed enough. Not saying that doesn’t need any,

I’m just saying I know simplicity. However I can get to that. I want a little bit less chaos in my fall.

How about dance? Maybe a couple less dense.

Sometimes dance happens. I, I, I used a truck harder than I’ve ever used a truck for a while. The roads have been greasy the last two weeks.


When it, when it’s that or walk out 20 miles, you’re gonna give it some

Gas. Well, what I think what I think’s funny is I didn’t know all the dents occurred. I didn’t know you were slammed up. I just heard like 48

Hours ago.

Oh, well, in, in Colorado, right?


But like, and so on your way home, I’m like, Hey, how did you do? And by the way, I texted so and so and so and so and you were like, what’d you say? Didn’t kill nothing on

Our way. Home headed. Hope.

Well, that’s it. Like it was over. And Im like, I’m, I’m also, now I know why

I’m almost so short. I’m,

I’m also,

You dictation just driving. If I wanted to be full disclosure, so I’m not gonna tell you

Every I thought it was. Which quarter panels were you gonna be replacing? I maybe you were just a little bit frustrated. I

Just knew that the first morning I pulled into work, and I’ll be clear, you know how Colorado went


When you saw

My truck. So yeah. Colorado was, was interesting to say the lease. There was, you know, I, I heard it put well from a good friend of ours. The, maybe the average size and numbers was up. The numbers were up and the average size was up, but the top end was gone or wasn’t there yet. But for second season, what do you expect? Right? What do you think? What was your

Takeaway? We were, well I was with my son and we were in a, I, I’ll call it a good unit. Not an elite unit, but just a, a good one. One. And we saw plenty of one to three year old bucks. That’s, we didn’t see anything I thought was old at all. Yeah. Normally, you know, back when the kids are 10, 12, 14,

You’re doing a smashing

Girl. The smashing We were home. Yeah. And I was a hero to somebody else. Yeah. But this went to the end and I was zero to anybody. I was a zero to everybody. Oh. Couldn’t guide my son and couldn’t get home fast enough for my wife. So I was just like, I couldn’t please

Anybody. Well I, and I went, we did Janice Hunt for how long months, should we say? Months Three.


Said months scouting and hunting and a couple of close encounters and just didn’t make it happen. And it, it lasted till the very end and then tried to do a smashing grab.

But now, and this is also a multi-season. Be

Careful for

Hers. Yeah. What you wish for.

Yeah. Never again. And not, we’re gonna hunt. She’s gonna hunt a lot. Just, just even me. Like think about that. You do you want a premium? Yeah. Do you want hunt every season in one? I like closure. Like, hey, you know the five day thing into Mexico. I’m a big fan of that. Cuz in five days you’re done.


You can’t hunt anymore. Legally

Got a real tight


But when there’s an open season from 28 a, it’s Nevada Ooc. October 5th to November 5th, when do you start and finish? You don’t show up. Opening day you feel guilty. Yeah. You go home on the 20th, you feel guilty. You know what I mean? Yeah. So you’re gonna have 30 days, you’re gonna put 30 days in there.

Multi-season, you got 28 day art. And

Then you push it to the end and all of a sudden you have less than five days and it’s over. Yeah.

That happens. And we all know the last day is the best day. And what happened with you?

Oh, it was pretty much to the end.

But then how close?


Days? Well, two days. But with

Weather. With weather, it was hours. Yeah.

It was over

That night. That end of that day might have been your last full good day, honey. Yeah.

So we, I was in there the next day and it was snow. Snow

Inside packing it out. Yeah.

So we went over, I took a couple of kids and just went for a two-day smash and grab. Didn’t smash anything. Did

You grab,

Didn’t even grab anything. Grab lots of monsters. Didn’t smash. And Jenna’s like, man, you got, so she’s like, so I’ll drink Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke and Monster. And she’s like, you have lots of 12 packs of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. I’m like, when things get really rough, that’s the only enjoyment I have. It’s the only thing going that’s positive. It gives you something new to think about. You pop the top, the hardest. How cold is it? It’s the only thing new to think about.

You know, they take the first two drinks and then open a new one. Yeah. Because that first two

Drinks are the best. Oh, they’re the best. And, and Coke’s cheaper water. So whatever. So anyway, that didn’t happen. And then came back and then ran to Sean’s hunt. He had a, the late Muzz hunt. And then that was a grind too. It was good. He killed a nice buck and just, you know, had a good time. And it was awesome. It was, it was nice.

Finally. Good. You had some pinned up aggression when that deer was falling.

Yeah, but was calm.

I was just like, you know. No, but I mean yeah. You had two other kids. Women and children. Literally. Yeah. For, for weeks. Pinned up weeks.

I can’t even explain it. I can’t, I have never ground on a hunt like I did for Jan on my all,

And I never done

It say weeks. That

Could be an understatement. It could be an understatement.

Literally you had a, I mean, I was with my brother on part of, for his rifle nine days. Yeah. But the amount of days that they spent there in the summer. Yeah. Which a lot of it’s learning unit, a lot of it’s running cameras. A lots been pulling cameras out. A

Lot of the entire muzzle.

You know, you have the entire muzzle then an entire rifle. And it was, it was a grind. I

Well you were there.

We both thought, we both thought one of us would kill and then would gang tackle and help the other one. Oh, we never saw each other. The whole hunt.

Never saw each other. Never. Like I was just like, and the, and and Aaron, Aaron’s, we both, Aaron Aaron’s the oest guy ever. Like, he’s just awesome. And you, and you wanna like, and, and the ideal thing is no problem. Jano will killing the muzzle. We’ll help Aaron on the rifle and this and that. But anyway, there you have, that’s the way it works. And, and then, and then you get guys like Wyatt go down and do a smash and grab on day five. It’s the last day of the hunt. Day five smashed one. He’s a hero. We’re a zero there. We are.


Know that I quite call that a smash and grab, I was about seven miles from the truck.

Why? Why it came back. So this is the funniest thing, why you didn’t hike that far every day. No way.

Huh? We put in a lot of, lot of steps that day. My phone kept telling me my step count was way up.

Way up is very relatively


See, this is a little more than going out to the, your

End step count.

It does tell you, I’m sure when

Wyatt parks out in the gravel, his step count is up.

I park in the gravel every day to get my

Step count out. So anyway, so anyway, Wyatt says, I said, well what are you, what are you doing now? And he goes, quite frankly, I’m just happy to be right here in the office. Yeah. That, that New Mexico wore me out.

Yeah. I was, I was content after that. So

You’re that’s when you’re glad it’s a five day hum.

Yeah. Well we had three days of bad weather though too. I mean, those first two days were 40 plus mile an hour winds. And those elk could just barely come out of the timber kind hugged the edge of it weren’t really being elk. And then the next day we got six to eight inches of snow and kind of a kind of a tough day there. Had a few truck truck problems. Yeah. Got stuck. Ended up having to walk out and get rescued and couldn’t get the rescue truck back up to the other truck. And,

But didn’t you, were you walking?

Yeah. Yeah. We had to walk outta there and to get to the other truck, the guy came and luckily there was a guy there in town that came and picked us up and drove us back to where we could get into to my truck for the evening and hung out of that. And then they ended up rescuing that truck the next day as I was hunting. Hunting still. So I got two really good days elk hunting right after that storm. Kind of cleared out, looked over handful of bulls, 30 bulls probably in those two days right there. And, you know, kill a lot of bulls. Yeah. Right at dude, two days, 30


That’s a lot.

So I

Mean, that’s where we need to go. Minus the miles. They make B TXs for a reason.

Oh, I know. I tried to tell him that.

Did you take yours? What?

I did have my btx. Yeah.


You use it? No,

I love it. No, he’s, he’s threatened

To sell that about five times.

Looked like some


Country too. Not somewhere you’re just, it was pretty thick. A lot more broken type country than I imagined. Last day we ended up killing a bull. We got on a big ridge that, you know, ran miles and miles and miles and just kind of worked that ridge all the way down for the second half of the day, turning up a few bulls on it. We probably saw what four or five bulls in that walk. And then ended up getting one about 20 minutes before dark that fit the bill. So

What did you think killed it? This is your first time in this particular part of the state, but what did, like, what’d you think?

I thought it was awesome. I mean, I, it was different than what I had imagined. A lot thicker. Probably, probably a lot steeper too than, than what I had kind of imagined. I imagined it’d be more more rolling Yeah. Than, than what it was.

Yeah. So you were in the sixteens part? A 16 unit one. The subunit is 16 in the hla and just one of the better units in the state. It was turned out awesome. You killed a great

Bowl. Yeah. Got lucky. Had a, had a great outfitter down there too with gt and yeah, we had had a good

Time. Yeah. So Pollock smash and grab

This, this is where we meet the definition. I think

Pollock loves this

Smash from what I know. I I I can’t wait to comment on one of the stories of his, but I’ll say that. Continue Paul.

I don’t, I I don’t have anything too crazy I guess as far as that goes.


You had a, what I think son, what I think’s funny is with Pollock, he doesn’t want to go anywhere else now. Ever.


Why? Hopes and dreams came true. Hopes and dreams. Women and children are ecstatic, huh?


You had a son and your wife both had second season tags. Your son had basically told you what if it has four points, it’s going.

Yeah, it was four points. He was dying and,

And he got warmed up here in Utah.

He did? Yeah. He, he killed a little buck here and that freed up some room, I guess for his trophy standards. But he, yeah. So we went over there and yeah, shoot, by about 30 minutes the opening morning, first four point we saw he had him dead. And that was exciting. That was always fun to see those guys. He’s 13, so like he,

He’s walking up to that and he’s just freaking out.

Yeah. It was pretty fun. And then, yeah, the

Next, cause he wanting a pair of NL Piers yet.


It was pretty funny. So I was not out of the year in, in the haste of trying to load everything because we had just, it was kind of one, you know how it was just like you guys were saying it’s from one thing to the next. You know, we were down there at Lake Powell and just finished up down there helping some friends down there. And I got home and was in one day, thought I had a whole day and then my wife informed me, no, actually we’re gonna leave tonight. So

She informed

Yes. She wanted to go halfway. So I’m like, oh geez. So


Colorado. Yeah. And

We’re leaving. Do you even wear one leg of the pants? No. I’m just lucky they, I’m thinking no, we’re gonna go when I’m d i Good. Ready?


I’m the dad’s was I, I’ve crushed.

I was gonna be ready by five. And so as, as the so-called guide, I guess I had to be ready by five. So I had a lot less time in that haste.

I didn’t, you know, families don’t tip well either. No. But anyway, keep going.

No, I didn’t get his binoculars put in. So he actually, he was the holder of the pure down there.

No, I’m kidding. Oh yeah. That’s awesome. He’s

Convinced he needs a pair now. Duh. Because they’re a lot better than the, the B knows he has.

Did you tell him there’s lawns that need to be mowed and Yeah. I mean, trust me, this might be the best deal you’ve ever made.

Oh yeah. It could be. So the

Comment I’d like to make is after Josh then tells the second half of their hunting story about his wife’s. But then I’d like to say a few

Words. Okay. We’re gonna reserve a spot for Adam.

That it was exciting. It was good. I’m on the way down there. We had a good frank talk.

Oh, what, what do you mean? A family meeting?

Yeah. A little bit if you will

Rearrange a job chart. Patients.

My patients had gotten quite thin

Before you’d even got caught there.

Yeah. Just from activities from future hunts with certain folks in my family, you know, and I’m just like, okay, when I tell you to be ready, that means you’re out of the truck, you’re out of the thing. Like the gun’s out the’s case. There needs to be a bullet in the gun and it needs to be off safety. Those are the three when I tell you to get

Ready. Well in the chamber because Yes. And off safety. Yes. You’re out when you’re out and on the gun.

Yeah. That means the only thing you have to do is pull the trigger when you feel comfortable. That’s what, when I say get ready, that’s what that means. Because there was some, some issues with that definition several times.

Call it miscommunications.

Yeah. And none of it was my fault. I’m sure

Jen and I had one miscommunications. Go ahead.

We’ll call her

In a minute. Remind. No, we should go. No, it’s a little too fresh. I’m gonna, what do they say too? I’m gonna introduce, it’s too soon.

I’m gonna be like


Not a good idea.

So we

Were down there going to a, going to a place where we were actually trying to look for a good spot to hike the next morning. Ran into this buck and I didn’t get, he, he just jumped. He just, he was beded right there. And, and he jumped up and I saw him just for a split second. And I could tell, in my mind I thought that’s a 30 inch deer. So I just said, shoot that deer. And I didn’t know what was was going on behind me. She was in the side by side in the backseat. And I just heard a lot of commotion, all kinds of things. And, and I was talking to her and I was trying to say, oh, he’s probably gonna be about 200 yards. And he had turned and he was still trotting. I was like, there’s no way. With previous encounters and things like experiences,

Experience told you this deer’s gonna keep walking.

This deer’s gonna breed forever.

He’s, he’s, he’s good to go.

Whatever. And Waka and drunks Waka

And crushed him. She crushed him. I

Turned around fully. Yeah. Fully thinking she’d shot from the hip or something. Cause it was fast. I was, I was really impressed because in Colorado, side by side it has to be in a case, unloaded all that stuff. And somehow she had managed to get it un zipped outta the case. Get

On the bullet, bullet chamber off

Safety, offhanded it. She didn’t have time.

This is where I want to talk.

Can I She offhanded it. Yes.

This is where I want to talk about

Bronson. You got the, you got the floor.

She doesn’t even have an ankle in the pants,

Let alone

One leg.

His wife,

He doesn’t even own a pair of pants. He doesn’t even own a pair.

If I was Pollock sleeping in my house with if, if I was him

Sleeping in Pollock’s own house.

Yep, yep. With, with that woman that jumped out and took care of business, offhanded deer running it to

Was sleep at one eye open.

I would be scared to

Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

That’s all I’m gonna say. Have you,

Have you redone? I’m feeling it, I’m feeling


I’ve tried to play it off. Like it’s nothing like she didn’t do anything.

You are scared.

Yeah. You got it. Otherwise, who

Am I? Who am I? There’s like movies made of this. Remember where the people like all a sudden, what are the movies? I’m like, you know, somebody kicks in.

I’ve been listening to Ahl n I know. Hey, hey, the murder stuff on satellite radio. It’s legit, dude. Well, I’ve had a, a lot of windshield time. I your, hey, if you wanna feel a little bit better about your life, pop a monster and listen to the murder stories. There was one in Swatch. Yeah. It it, it spoke to me. I mean, I on it there. I know these people.

You’ve stayed in that motel

One too many times. Yeah. All right. So anyway, Paul. No, it was good. Offhanded

It. Yeah. She, and it was 200 yards and she, the only thing she said, she says, I just told myself I couldn’t shoot in the buck cuz then I’d get yelled at, which I

Oh, you’re, you’re a jerk.



Held just above the white spot and rolled him.

No kidding. And

Then there was a point, there was a point of nervousness for me that I was like, I don’t even know what this deer is.

I hope it’s a P buck. She shoot the right one. He looked, yeah.

There was only one luckily. But he was, he was heavy and wide. And that’s all I knew. And yeah. Anyway, so it was, there was a little bit of nervousness too, I guess after watching such a cenic occur, I’m like, I hope it’s the least. I hope she’s happy

By the way. Take the next one out of the chamber.

He’s dead. How would you hand me the gun? All the bullets outta a gun. Leave the gun over there.

Right. Kids, give me your bullets.

So it was cool. He was an old buck. I mean he, he’s one of those deer you walk up to and say, geez, that thing’s gotta be 300 pounds. I mean, he was fat and

He was

Heavy. Seven, eight plus year old deer. You know, really worn. Just an old heavy sucker and biggest deer she’d ever killed. So she was ecstatic and she wanted to take care of it herself. So she,

It was absolutely You want a quarter. Absolutely.

I sat back and held the toes.

Had to taken some video, did Jod with the kids.

Yep. That’s,

Did she put her scrubs on to take

Care of it? No, she didn’t put gloves on. I was impressed.

You don’t wanna mess with her dude.

So it was, it was, if

You’re listening to this, I think you’re awesome.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You have to deal with Josh. We, we get him eight to 10 hours a day.

We know a little bit about what you go through.

She gets him the other 14 hours a day plus weekends. No, thank you.

That’s a lot.

It’s a lot. So pretty good. I been, yeah, two days we were done and

Smash two of them on the way home. And then you were gonna hunt elk a little bit.

Yeah, we tried that. That lasted

Three hours. Three and a half hours morning.

Huh. Morning

Hunting. And my son’s like, this sucks.

Well he just too deer old. It’s all in two days. You know, I really, I’m a deer hunter dad. I’m really a deer hunter.

Yeah. So anyway, we beat the storms home and Yeah.

Oh man. Good stuff. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. I’d call that a

Smashing grab. Yeah. It’s the closest thing that anybody has to, that pretty much was in the last month.


Were pretty lucky. I don’t know Bronson, you made a speed trip to Idaho.

Okay, we’ll call it a speed

Trip and let’s call. Okay. You drove all night. Yeah. That night I reluctantly hit you and you’re like, ah, all done. Where

Was I?

No, you didn’t

Me don’t. What day of the

Week was that


I was heading up there, wasn’t

I? Yeah, you were headed. Well you said it was after Aaron’s

Hunt. It was like 10

O’clock and I’m like nine, 10 at night. And you didn’t want Aaron to feel like he was rushed and so you didn’t even tell him you had this tack. I didn’t. And the tag ends in two days. It ends in two days. And so I asked Aaron, I said, well, is Adam on his way to Idaho? What he and why would he go to Idaho? I’m like, cuz he is got a tag that ends on, I think he’s out the wolf. Yeah. And he’s like, he does, oh no, he ain’t going up there. I hit you dude. You’ll never believe it. I’m on my way to Idaho. Well it was the

Perfect storm. My, my wife and kids were outta town for that day. And so I’m like, I only have two days. So

What’s, what’s wrong with watching whatever TV show you want? I’ve,

I’ve been gone for 15 or 16 straight days at that point. And so what’s one more day? They’re not even home. So I might as well hunt the next day when they’re not there. And then the next day when they are i’ll, I’ll hunt that day and drive home. Yeah. Well so that’s what hap

So you, so you made us and

I was ready kind of like you with Sean after.

Oh yeah. You’re

Ready to, you’re ready to get a bad taste outta your mouth. Cuz we had just hunted for eight and a half days or whatever it was. And man, it was, was a grind. Saw nothing that even, well he put a bullet in the chamber because we’re, you’re tracking bucks down there at some point you don’t know what you’re about to jump. Oh yeah. You know? Yeah. But that doesn’t count as almost shooting a deer.

And I don’t thought he wasn’t even that picky. Like it was, wasn’t like you were looking for the biggest thing on the unit. Oh yeah. Well you know, he’s pretty picky. But

It’s 180 5 plus year. Something is gonna probably die.

Yeah. It was just a tough year in some areas. And, and we all get to watch Instagram. Right. In some areas. I mean you’re seeing the highlight reel and the highlight reel’s. Awesome. Always is, always will be. But you kind of feel like you’re the only guy that’s not killed one. You know what I mean? After a while. And you realize there’s some units that were just flat tough. And then there’s some units that were awesome. A few of the best units were awesome.

Speaking of Yeah, I haven’t, so I don’t, I have, that’s why act surprised when you guys talking about this and that. Cause I haven’t even looked

Since social media. Yeah. Like three weeks. Why it’s the best.


Josh is second best when

You have buck and dunk in here.

You don’t need, you don’t need anybody else. I was thinking star sprinkles. Hey, but we like to choose these guys.

But you’re, it’s not, not because you feel bad about yourself, but it’s just man, when you’re, you can get behind, you can get so far behind. How do you catch up during

The, so you’re on your way to Idaho. You by daylight. Did you make it

By daylight? Met one in the morning. I got there.


Reclined my seat in the truck till about five 30 or six and unloaded side by side and went for a ride up on a high ridge and started glassing

Really? And

Saw some bucks that, you know, we’re, weren’t that good. And then I ended up a little bit later in the morning, saw this buck. It just, it was really cold. You know, it’s hard to call ’em heat waves. There’s a cold waves, you know, it’s the

Opposite. The closer you get to the ground or if you’re on a window

Mount. I just,

The trucker,

I was out in un obscured air. What do you, you mean looking across the canyon? Two miles. So, but they still had a big frame, big airy, wide frame tall. But I, I just couldn’t see. I could still only had big backs, but I thought, I think he’s just got singles and I think he’s a three point, but you never know. He get over there, he is got cheaters and

Ba base points. You killed one of these.

Who knows what he’s got. If he’s got a achieve about 11 o’clock or 1130. And you, I’m like, well I’m, I’m done. I’m, I’m at least drive down. I’m gonna hike over there. He followed a over the ridge and all the other deer stayed kind of where I could see him. So yeah, I hiked up in there, went on there, got lunch, whatever, loaded my pack. It was probably, took me two hours to get over there. And then it was, you know, 1, 1 30 and I couldn’t ever find him. I could find all the little groups of deer that he had kind of left.

But, you know, it’s the middle of the day. They’re probably just laying down. So probably three 30 or four o’clock off the backside I glassed up a single dough down in this scrub aspen. She’s only like 3, 350 yards. I’m like, oh, he’s, he’s right. He’s right here. So I figured as soon as she gets up, he’ll puppy dog it around. Well she got fed nothing and nothing. It’s getting dark. It’s like, you know, 30 minutes, 45 minutes before dark. She stands up, walks back up through the saddle that she came over and she’s alone. I’m like, this freaking thing left her during the day. He’s not, he’s not back here. Yeah. So I’m like, well I gotta start gathering up. So yeah, I started hiking back and there was one little group of seven dos with a little three by four. Something that, that I, that I’d left. You know, had to walk past to get over to look in this back canyon. When I got back to, I could see him, I just pull up my binos. He’s standing right in the middle of him, like right with those seven

Big old back.

And I’m like, crap. So I, I’d put my scope and everything away cuz you know, I got it all

Out. What do you mean

My spot in

Scope? Like it’s over you. It’s

My pack. No. Oh,

You’re, you’re grit it out.

Yeah. Getting, I’m like, I gotta get it back out. See what is this thing. And he, he yeah. Impressed me a little bit more. Big white frame. He had a, he was just a three on one side, which that’s like the third buck in a right in a row that I have shot. It’s a three by four frame and I’ve got that problem right now apparently. Wow. But anyway, I’m like, well, and I thought he had a two or three inch in line, but it was, the sun had just barely gone down. So I, I, I had 30 minutes. I had 30 minutes here. So I throw all my crap back in my pack.

It’s over when you do that.

And I’m like, I gotta cut the distance. He said 1100 yards or something

Like that. I’ll look. I’ll look again. Look a little closer.

Closer. I run off, I run off the hill. Left my, I think we were talking about this. I left my tripod adapter, which is the first one I ever had. Weren’t we just talking

About Helo stuff? I like that stuff.

It’s gone. It’s, I know where I,

I would go get it. I mean I’ve got the some of the first, right, the first stuff.

It’s the first one they ever made. I had ’em with my fifteenths 15, 20

Years. Now you’re using ’em with the Pures.

But yeah, now I epic new one. And they’re the new one though. Little and lighter. So that’s what

I tell myself. Yeah.

Yep. Great. I’ve got all the abuse.

Anyway, we’ll cut you a deal.

I had one at my house for this occasion


I knew I always had one. These days were numbered. Well you just know if you ever lose one, I always take one on hunts. Cause if you ever lose that, you’re

Done. I take extra stuff way too much. And

It’s been in the box for five years. But

Anyway, so anyway.

So anyway. Yeah, Chris of the ridge and said, right. I thought, did think, thought did cross my mind. It’s gonna be a long night. I just, you

Know, do I really want this?

Do I, do I really? Yeah. Do I really want to go through this?

I’ll at

All. I’m probably gonna have to pack part of him out tomorrow. But anyway, those thoughts were

Fleeting. Yeah. And

Proned out 480 and dropped him. So, and it was a long night getting back, you know, 1130 or

So. So he didn’t have the inline, but he’s still big

Four by three, like 28 and a half wide boxy and oh dang. Just a cool buck. And for what I had to do, I had the next day was the last

Summer sausage is the whole thing. Are you gonna feed the family steaks

Or what you doing with I haven’t decided yet. Yeah. But

I know we just got a picture and I was like, I don’t even know where this is from or where

This is at. I

Didn’t even know Adam

Had to,

How long have we all been gone from each other months? Yeah. A long time,

Months. I was gone long enough that the rats felt comfortable. They ate the entire wire. They ate all the wiring in my four-wheeler. I need a new wiring harness.


Yeah. It doesn’t run right. And then the fan comes on nonstop. Well I took it all apart. You know when you take ’em apart after those rivets, those plastic rivets have been oxidized for so long, you just rip ’em out, break them. Right. And I’ve got pieces everywhere, plastic pieces and I’m, I’m looking at it and there’s a, what do they call a thermal? Like a thermal couple or a thermal sensor, whatever tells, tells the computer how hot the antifreeze is and whatnot. And when the fan needs to kick on and the wires are just cut right off.


Nibbled off,

Nuts not

Clean and then it doesn’t run right. And I’m like, yep. So I call the dealer said, ah, we don’t sell just that. You know, these are whole wiring harness. He says, by the way, that wouldn’t make the bike run rough. There’s other things he’s chew, you know. And I’m like, yeah. So I started setting traps. I crushed. I’m so tired of it. I’m so sick and tired. I had, there’s some bad experiences this year that I’m not gonna talk about on the podcast. But anyway, I’ve gotta drop my bike off getting you all I wearing and I could do it and I might, but, but I probably won’t.


Get that. That’s way far

From don’t get us

My area of expertise, get told. So anyway.

Well if you plan to use it in the near future, get it fixed.

Yeah. Cause it can haunt you. So on that arch ball you were, you knew you needed new tires for how

Long’s I, how long I’ve been waiting for this story. How

Long did you need new tires before you ended up buying

’em up there? Well did

You remember Devon telling me? He’s like, man, these tires, I got so bald. But I started putting plugs in it. It was like new

Tread, just like little rubber tire chains on with all plugs. My biggest,

I did that and I waited into Arizona and I had 12 plugs in this one tire. Finally I had to go get new tires down on Flagstaff. You know what I mean? Because we want to get the most out of them. Yeah. So tell us about getting the most outta your tires. Well

I popped it in Arizona. Like I am parched dead. My hardest day. I get to the side by side and go to drive and I’m like, I’m like, that ain’t good. Sure enough. Flat. Flat plug it go to, that’s

Like Broon doing it. Racing trains on the train track. Remember that?

We didn’t

Wanna talk about, okay, we’ll move on. Go

Ahead Devin. Anyway. Yeah, I was fine. Scary. So the last thing I told John when I left was I gotta go, okay, I gotta start over. I left my side by side on the other end of the state because I was going to Colorado here in a couple days.

Okay. And

Sense. And this was

With family.

With family, okay. My wife killed a buck over there so

That you don’t have to be a hundred percent transparent on podcast if you don’t wanna be like, if you don’t wanna tell the truth, you don’t have to. No,

This is the truth.

I don’t care.

I think there’s a lot of people that like to try to put xs and nose to get her fronted out where stuff’s dying.

We killed a bucket Utah with my wife. Okay. She was awesome. Where

In Utah?

Over by a place called Wellington.

Okay. Which

Is where I left my side

By side. Okay. Makes sense.

So she kills this buck is awesome. She smashed it. I was so proud of her. Now I have nothing for literally almost three and a half weeks.

No, you have no tax. I have nothing to do. You have nothing to do.

Talk to Colorado. Third

Till, Colorado third. Anyways. You even bought a puppy to try and fill the time.

Did you did

Bought a dog. One of I men dude

We’re parents.

It’s thing’s a fricking monster dude. What

Is it? He almost cost me a tag. What is it A bull? No, it’s a mini.

It’s a doodle.

Doodle. It’s a doodle What it’s

Name? Yeah. Little. It’s a doodle palm


I don’t know dude. These are like st. Be

Doodle. I just wanna know, were your in appear more or less than this dog? The

Thing was free.

Oh, out.

Okay. So she kills

Her. But it’s worth good money. Yeah. We send down my

Aunt’s house, Cindy say hi, talk to my grandpa. Everybody wants to see her buck. She’s excited. Yeah. And she breeds these dogs. Who? And and I, I’m walking in and I see this puppy and I’m like, Hey don’t, don’t let Miranda see that I go in their house. She’s got like three of ’em in her lap.


The runt just is like

Honor, honor.

So anyways, yeah, we got a dog that kind of superseded her

Except got around the deer.

But hey, if that saves you from having 14 children,

It’s helped.

That’ll save you a lot of

Money. So some things we are so off track here.


Get back to hunting, talking we’re talking about.

Yeah. And now we’re, we’re wondering when you guys are gonna start families.

I’m bored out of my mind. Wyatt’s telling me to watch Nevada first. I’m, and I have watched that for so long. It’s the biggest waste of time. This

Year’s changed.

It’s, yeah. I’m just not feeling it. Yeah. And Wyatt starts hollering that morning. Yeah. About 10 minutes after one of your favorite units.


Are coming up. Yeah. And I’m just, there it is. Yeah, there it was. And I’m just sick.

You missed

It. I still didn’t log in. 20 minutes goes by. Whyt goes, there’s

Another one again.

There was twice the, it was like your false alarm but real when you’ve been yelling at false alarms to Devin.

What? False alarm. Oh yeah.

This was real though. Was so anyways it kind Wyatt kinda lit a fire under me cuz the second time I missed one I wasn’t watching. I was kind of kind of 10.

And then you’re like, I’m getting one

Of these. Then I said, okay, if there’s been that many, I am gonna get one of these. And I dedicated a lot of time.

Okay, so you logged in

A couple days later. Yeah, every day after work.

Even with your wife kind of dozed off at night, right? Like she, oh

She was dead asleep. The dog’s attacking me.

And you’re over there clicking.

Yeah, watching.

Just watching


Ready to

Click almost 10 o’clock at night. At night? Yeah. Late in bed. Bang. I got it.

Nevada, I was asleep in a tent in New Mexico and get a phone call March ball. They look at Wade and I’m like, he’s got the tag answer. I got it. I had to go outside to talk to you. I

Did. I had

To go in the garage. I didn’t sleep all night.


Remember that. And I couldn’t leave. The season was going, I couldn’t leave cuz I, I couldn’t’t have my tag till Monday or whenever. But I didn’t leave till like Tuesday.

Yeah, it’s one of those things, I mean, you know, the last, the last,

I know I probably even went too early to begin with, but, so I have to go. My point is I have to go across the state to get my bike. And I had already called the dealership and said, do you have tires? And what’s the last thing I told you when I left?

You said I’m gonna have tire

Problems. I got it by new tires. Yeah. So I’m driving hours and by the time I got up there I thought

I’ll make it.

I thought, you know, I’m not,

I’ve got a

Compressor, I’m either burden half a day hunting to get these tires or I’m just gonna go for it. And I just went for it.

How’d that go? How’d that go for you?

I, they held for, I plugged the first hole

And then after that the guys just got too big. All

Sudden I’m going along and it’s, and I’m like, man, there’s five plugs in there. Like this thing ain’t leaking, there’s another hole. So there’s two holes. And that was Thursday. It got me through Friday. And then I called, yeah, by sun. It got me through the weekend.


And then it was about every 15 minutes I, I had to pump the thing up. It was a nightmare.


That reminds me of then you order

’em, then I had to order ’em drive, you know, two hours to the town in the middle of my hunt. So it burned half a day anyways, middle of the day. So anyways, other than that it was, yeah, it was

Fine. Let’s fast forward to the following Thursday and how that day started out

For you. So this was

Special. Guys know these days I, I’m so lost with this. I don’t even know what day

Is Call and tell someone what

Happened to me. He called me multiple times this day and tell me what was going on. And we’re gonna start before daylight.

Before daylight. I’m up. I already know I’m going to this place. I’ve prepared myself. My lunch is made. It’s snowed four

Inches. It’s gonna be the best day of hunting ever.

Partly cloudy. It’s the deer hunter’s

Dream. You’re gonna kill

It. I’m gonna kill today. I am gonna kill Thursday. I knew it. So I’m up early. I’m spry and this is 70 miles pulling a side by side and then another 1520

On the side by side.

On the side by side.

What’s funny is how did we ever hunt without side byside?

We beat the crap out of all our little trucks and four-wheelers.

How about the old rancher? How about the old rancher on the Henry’s that you didn’t even have no suspension. The mono shop. Well I had

A model and

I wrote that under your Arizona. Oh you negative seven? Yeah. Yeah, for like 40 miles. If you told me it was negative seven, I ain’t ain’t leaving the truck. It’s probably mine. I don’t care. I don’t

Know what it was.

You were on a five, you’re not leaving the truck. It’s negative seven in Gunnison. We were on four

Wheelers. Both of us. We had to

Stop and Yeah, yeah. Without tires warm up her hand. I don’t care if you had remember though after that I started driving the truck. Yeah, we were all ruined. The rear end on that ruined the rear end. So I don’t want, I don’t want to stop. Keep going

Anyways. It is gonna be the day. I just know it. You just know it.

So you’re driving 50.

So I’m driving, I’m flying, going


Archibald. Yeah, I was flying for Arch. He’s

Got new skin. He’s still under, he’s got new skin. He’s still under the skin.

I’m in my truck.


Flying. Anyways, it’s a long, it’s two hours in the dark. I,

I’m, I’m tried

To pitch arch boat flying, going faster than normal.

Right. I like it. I like it.

So I get there. The sun’s probably just, just gray light. It’s perfect. Right. I got a time

Unloading your side by side.

I get all my puppies on. I look like, you know, I mean it’s trucks. Eight degrees. Yeah.

It’s you’re even sweating maybe cuz you’re getting around. You’re walking around walking. Undo

My stuff. Yeah. Undoing straps. Throw the, I got two ramps under my side by side. Grab, undo the straps, grab the first ramp, go to grip the second ramp, and I reach into there and there’s nothing there.

No, this

Have one freaking ramp.

That’s when you gun it.

I thought about it.

You do, you put it in reverse and you gun it and you just called.

I thought about it. There was a ditch and then I thought, then I gotta get the thing back up there. Yeah. It’s kind of harder to gun it to get it in.

Yeah. So now you’re

In the truck. So now I’m stuck. Well I’m, there’s no way you’re And the possibility you’re not getting a truck to where I wanted to go.

So you didn’t, you didn’t.

I loaded up and



I was, was upset. Right. Well this out. I wasn’t in my right state of mind. I was pissed.

So you gotta backtrack. Find out where it fell

Out. Yeah. And I was 120 miles the night before.

Where, so you backpack backtrack The 50 and didn’t find

It. I found it at mile like 45

That morning. And it’s

Thing I leave and I pass these two ranch hands that I, I met before I seen him around there. Live out there. Yeah. I wave them down. I’m like, did you see a four wheeler ramp? And they’re like, no,

Just take a WeCh

And let them go. Like, okay. So I go and I had to take a little break in between the drive and I’m checking my, my straps and I’m like, it’d be just my luck. The other one’s missing. I look under there, it’s gone.

What the, this is

The stuff I’ve been waiting for.


What the heck on the most on the mulder hunter’s dream. It’s perfect

Dream. The sun’s peeking out bro.

Bronson, everything win. So no win. I wanna say one thing before you keep going Bronson, you have a mulder hunter’s dream in Colorado. You told me about and I think the gun was locked in the truck. You told me about it. Right? You told me. I don’t like to talk about it. I want to go back to that story after this. Cuz this is the only, those are the two rival stories. I don’t wanna talk about it. I value a friendship that I have more because, cause you told me, you told me, I know

This guy listens to the podcast. I don’t wanna talk about it. Cause

I like him. He’s my friend. Don’t talk bad about him. Just say accidents happen. I

Think the scab is he fully

Heeled. He locked your gun in the truck. And the

Keys, my, my gun and the keys were, he had his and outside in the inside

Keys were in the truck or whatever.

And my guns in the truck.

And it’s the Muller hunter’s train.

Oh, fourth season.

Okay. Okay. So let’s go back to that.

So anyways, at this point, I know I’ve got a ramp behind me. 40, 20, 20 something miles. Yeah. I have another ramp between 80 and a hundred. I don’t even know. So

You gotta stop and get gas. I just drove. You gotta go get gas to go find these

Ramps. Oh, I, I pulled in on fumes. Trust me. So I, I’m at this point I’m like, well I don’t need to drag this side by side. So I park it, get in my truck and flying 40 something miles. There it is. Middle of the road pavement. Middle gravel on gravel. And I thought for sure I had lost it the night before, which is, it’s so far 80



This was, this is that mornings now. You know the other ones the other way that

Yeah, it’s, I’m thinking it’s right where I left it. Like where I didn’t put it. And then I’m like, oh my gosh. And I left it. So anyways, you went back, throw it in the truck. I fly back, get my side by side. I go all the way to where I unloaded. Gone. No side. No. Oh.

Somebody found

It and I could see just right where I left somebody hit the brakes and there’s some foot

Tracks. They threw it in. Yeah.

So I’m like, no way those, they, I know these guys, they found it. They had to Oh, it’s farmers. Yeah dude. So

I’m flying. And they thought they’re doing you a favor by gonna bring it to you. Yes,


And you’re wishing they’d have left it there. I’m

Like, you guys, why didn’t,

Why didn’t you leave it? And they’re like, because we were bringing it to you. Yeah.

You told me they thought I was gonna be somewhere else when they, cuz they were going down that way the next day. This story’s so,


I up to another ranch where I track ’em through the snow. Mind you, these are virgin. You

Tracked it down. Nobody’s driven on this. You have my ramp, I’ve tracked you

Down. Yes. There they are. Come down.

Hey, hey, hey. Here we go. You’re like, so, and, and you’re like, here’s a hundred dollars bill. Thank you. And you’ve already spent 300 to go find the other one.

Yeah. I have 120 miles, a hundred miles left on my tank now. I mean I’m Oh, so you’re getting ready Toph the, is that that in the back of the truck? Cuz I don’t trust the pins anymore. Like

The rat and loose.

They’re kind of curved now. And

Nevada. And Nevada roads, I mean

Dashboards, man. And had to have popped it anyways. So you get

Back and unload the side by side of

This perfect morning. It’s a miracle now. It’s so perfect.

It’s a miracle. It’s 10:00 AM

Yeah, I get all the way up there and it’s just the mountain. I could see it. It’s black and it just comes over. Snowing. Fog. Can’t miserable wind. I miss my window man. I mean I was just

Cost you 200 inch

Maybe. I don’t know, two 10. So anyways, long story short,

What 90 frame with, with 30 inches of trash? 35 inch, eight by eight Triple agars. I don’t know. Could have been something special.

I fight through wind and fog.

You’re going more though, but you’re re-energized.

Yeah, but you’re ready to go. You’re gone.

You’re salvaging the day.

Freaking cold and windy and all the ic. One, two point all day Beded.

That’s when I pop a diet coke or

Diet A monster. I try, I’m starving. So I go to eat lunch. I find this old mountain dude that’ve been rattling around in the back. Oh. And I’m like, yes. I don’t just have to drink water, ice. It’s frozen solid. So I go to a Gatorade. It’s a block. I had nothing.

Oh, no fluid.

It’s so cold. So anyways,

These are in your cooler. Yes.

Yeah. Anyways,

Whatever. There I was. Those days are just,

And you just, yeah,

It was rough. What next? This is what you,

It could broke, broke

Leaf. The cloud start to lift and I’m just, I’m hunting the bottoms cause it’s so windy. And I glass up about four do glossed up another buck. Beded above him about 300 yards. Nice buck, big basis, heavy. Just not, where

Were you at

Again? I didn’t wanna shoot him.


Of freaking nowhere. Okay. Okay. Anyways. And I’m thinking why is, why is this buck so far from the doze, you know? And tried to get outta the wind behind a rock. And I look up and there’s two deer and just a studs down there. Ru a dough. So yeah,


Rest. Is it the rest?

No it’s not.

Cause I don’t think, I thought he had to use the barrel to warm himself. I had,

Josh is coming into a new segment. It

Wasn’t that bad. I’ve had much worse.

Wait, the tires are still holding.

Although brand new dude I remember of town.

Okay, so you got those a week ago. You’re all done. Yeah. Tires are

Problem. I’m golden now. Yeah.


This is what I meant about new skins, but it wasn’t on the truck. But side by side is just smash it and drive it however you want.

I’m golden now. I’m

Golden. Okay.

Anyway, I think I have all the time in the world. I sit up the phone, go, I verify ’em. I’m like, oh yeah, this is a book I wanna shoot. And

These are video clips. So there’s video clips to prove, oh there’s video to prove the,

I could show you

Some. I wanna see some stuff,



It. Well he’s up there. It’s only 400 something yards, but it’s like major wind. So I was like, you know, I get my ride, I’m taking my time. And all of a sudden he just kind of looks around and he just starts walking

And you’re like, I need to finish this.

He’s gone. Oh, I had time to if I, you know

You’re sick.

Yeah, he’s gone.

I’d like to just hear the audio with these videos. I don’t necessarily

Need to hear. There’s a lot of rolling around and zippers.


I like some of the audio of that.

Cause you gotta dial rear range, dial, rearrange, dial. That’s what I was doing, Sean. I tried to video the kill and by the time he decided to kill, it’s time to kill. It sucked. Oh it sucked. The dos left. He’s leaving another bucks leaving. Anyway,

Keep going. Anyways, he, it’s like 10 minutes. I can’t even see him. And it’s super thick

In these blocks because of the fog?

No, he just left. Oh. He just started walking down.

And so, so

I’m trying to pick him up and I’m kind of mad now cuz I’m like, if I wouldn’t have set up the phone scope or

The got greedy.

I got greedy. I thought I had all the

Time. Pristine kill scene. Yeah, you’re gonna be a hero. He’s gone. You’re a zero.

All of a sudden I catch movement literally right below me. 110, 20 yards. And he’s just cruising through this mahogany. And I’m a mass dude. I don’t know what was, I was gonna shoot prone off. I

Grabbed my rifle. But Josh’s wife did it at 200.

Yeah, she did. I did.

Okay. Well I

Grabbed my rifle and now I gotta fix the turret. And now he is in the thick and I go to put, I

Sometimes all of this extra stuff just slows you down. It does. You got a rain finder. You got

I I’m, I have a little chair. I sit on my chair and I put the, I got him in the scope and I put my, my gun on the handle of my tripod. As soon as I see him in the scope thump, it just drops down

The leg wasn’t tight.

No. The Yeah. Post. So my handle went down.


And now he’s gone again in the thick cruising. I, I, I pick him up and he’s going so fast. I think he heard me. He was going so fast. I thought this is it. And I mean I’m picking gaps and bam, I must have sailed it right over him. He takes off, disappears from about 20 minutes he hit. Then all of a sudden there is a 20, it was a while. He was holding tight. Goes up to the dough group. Everything’s perfect. 560 yards

Chip shot,

He’s dead. I’m like, this is a miracle. I’m so lucky.

Dough drops. No, I

Just dial the tur. I’m, I mean I’m at this point, I’m just ready for this to be done. I lay down. I mean I couldn’t be more, it was easy, you know? Yeah. Benched in, shoot nothing. He goes like 10 yards and looking around, I thought, what is going on? Boom. Shoot again. And I sign, jump just a little bit and he takes off and down in the thick again and I’m thinking he’s gotta be dead down there. And geez. So luckily I was filming. I watched the video and I’m hitting like six inches high.

Oh yeah.


So then you gotta know your limits arch you ball. Yeah.

I guess. I dunno

What happened, ma.

I need to shoot, but I need to shoot here in the next two or three days. Anyways, he comes. Luckily he was ready.

Let’s just, I here. That’s amazing. I’m so tired of tracking Smart buck. That’s amazing. Sick of it.

He came out with his doze again. I hiked a couple peaks, ran, torched my legs. I mean, no angle here. Ran around, got to this perfect little, I mean just a dream rock pile. Peak over and there’s 10 dos and he’s gone. I don’t see. And all at once, he just pushes through this mahogany, comes out, broadside the dose scatter around him. Boom. 300 yards. That was it.

This shoe high. Well you dial or did you go by then? Dialed,

I dialed for 300 and he was at like three 30. So yeah, I, I hit him.

I mean, I smoked him just gun shooting high. Jump to me. You’re right. End at the end of the day. The gun shooting high. I did that. If you want to take one of my guns, I’ll let you sell it for dirt cheap right now. And there’s nothing wrong. Who knows? Maybe the stock’s loose even. I don’t know. You don’t know. Cuz you’re like, oh, your bases, the rings the scope, obviously. But I mean the bases, the rings, the stock. I mean, you’re just wrong. Yeah. I got something, got a loose muzzle break. I

Had that, I had that happen on a sheet phone this year in the dark. We’re getting out. Rudy

Saddled up. Didn’t hear this one

In Utah. And myself, one of my guides in the hunter and Rudy start backpacking in. It’s dark. We get headlamps on. We’re gonna backpack in for the day. And I said, let’s have liquor scope. I just you a gun. I just wanted, you know, you gotta be somewhat familiar. What, what are you shooting? Is this a bold action?

I mean, we got a 3 0 8, what do

We do? I grabbed it and then I grabbed the scope and it moved. And, and I

I’m wondering about Yeah.

That that didn’t happen. And I grabbed it again. It wiggles ever so slightly in your hands. And I’m like, Wayne, you got your gun in your trunk. Yeah. He’s got his, I said, no, we’re bringing your gun. It says fill this. He grabbed it wiggles the scope was, was wiggly. And I don’t even grab scope. I mean, I don’t even know how

It’s not even something you would do.

I don’t even test that.

No, you don’t even wanna I don’t

Do that to my own, I don’t even do that to my own gun before any hunts. Wiggle the scope to see if it moves.

That was

Lucky. No.

And luckily he’s like, you got any tools to just tighten that? I says, yeah, it’s not that simple at this point. I says, who knows where you tighten it to. You’ve gotta shoot it. It’s pitch black. And it’s, it’s like we’re leaving in five minutes. And

You know what I think’s crazy is you start to tighten a scope down and they’re rock solid. Like when you’re setting a scope up, you just barely, you don’t even tighten ’em to torque and you cannot turn them. I don’t know. How does

It, I

Do. I mean, I know

And he doesn’t Of course.

And it happens. It happens.

And so anyway, just all the twerking and wiggling and all the something,

Four-wheeler rides and those amazing cain freaking plastic bins. I go,

Well I don’t even use this anymore. But I don’t know. Yeah. But that saved us a, when you’re in a backpack, sheep hunt. And if you had a, that happened when it’s time to shoot, cuz you know, it’s five or six days into it, we found around and he killed it with my guy’s gun. But I mean, if you get to that point and then you shoot and miss after all the Yeah, it’s,

It’s, it’s tough. There’s so much riding on these hunts. All the,

There’s no smash of

Going on. There’s

Something so simple.

Yeah. So you got a gun that doesn’t shoot. No.

Well it it’s huge.

It’s just, something’s something.

Right. Yeah. I’m just glad I’m not the only one. Cause I mean, I went back to a 3 38 old dude. I was, and that thing’s freaking disgusting.

And he, he came out at six to 10. I didn’t even shoot. I was like, I’m not, I’m getting, I can get closer, you know? It’s

Not worth it. Yeah.

And normally you’re, you’re, you’re shooting thousand all the time. Like, it’s not like you’re, your equipment’s not capable. It just stuff happens. Yeah. You’re in the field, you’re side byside

For days,

Weeks, yeah.

Weeks. And you, how often do you really shoot your gun during a two months season? What you cited in like sometimes never. Yeah.

No, it’s true. And even when after my antelope punt, my wife wanted to go shoot and we go shoot. It’s like way to the right.

Remember when I told you that? How does it happen? No. And I’ve been going years and never even shot. I don’t even get ’em, I don’t even shoot ’em. I know they’re dead on. I And then the last couple years it’s been slightly off you. It’s making be so

Mad. I would shoot before every hunt no matter what. If you can

Yeah. Check it. All right. Well, so bro, do you wanna tell us about your story? I bet the most amazing winter day ever.

The perfect deer hunter day,

Didn’t he? Did he tell you? Who, who did he tell he told Paul about This has already came out on a podcast.

It did not did it. Huh? It did. That’s why I’m not so sure that I wasn’t here.

I’m not so sure that scab isn’t quite

As healed as I think.

Well, it was healed

Until about a month ago. And now

You’re bringing it back. I didn’t, I wasn’t here. I didn’t hear it. Well, it was after I remember you telling me and you said, let me paint this

Picture. That was about 15 years ago.

Well, we can get your side to it right now. Well,

This is after

My muscle loader,

After the muer hunt with my boy and my wife on Theon Sagon. Okay.


Josh shared some glassing time with this friend that I keep referring to that locked the keys in the truck. That story came in.

I told that story at

This point. Point, that story came up while, while we’re out stalking. And Josh hears it

For first time. It did apparently.

I, I’m, I mean they’re not, they’re talking face to face. It’s

Not all I wonder what his side is. Well,


Was only one side. It’s your side.

There’s only one side.

Should be call him.

We should call him. No, but go ahead.

He’s a great guy. It’s just, it did what anybody could do.

You’re doing the best you can. You’re trying to get the crap outta camp,

You know. Well, we had driven out outta camp or town, whichever we were doing at the time. And up there, you know, a mile or two until the snow started getting so steep. Like, we gotta stop. Yeah. We, we gotta stop this. Yeah. Because you know, you’re gonna get up a, a two track and you’re gonna be pulling an enclosed trailer. Yeah. And, and,

And gonna be

A problem. You can have a problem. Yeah. And, and literally later that day, not to digress, but there was 18 inches of fresh snow for season.

It never happens anymore. We’re in this drought. We don’t even know what snow is. So anyway, so there you cold

Somehow hit. I don’t even remember the sequence. It’s been that it’s that it’s,

At the end of the day, you had no rifle. Right. At the end of the day, it’s

Not sterile. Locksmith could get them

Out. Had a broke tag on window. Huh?

Joshua bid. Got it. Quiet.

It did.

Is that insurance fraud? If you break the window and then claim insurance?


Or you know, I don’t know.

Only if you say your gun was stolen.

I have moved on that. I’ve never, I’ve never had ill feelings about that. No. And it’s now come up twice.

You and I never have talked about it since. But I remember the perfect day. That’s what I remember

For But what you don’t know is that the perfect scenario just played out 30 days ago on this podcast.

I didn’t No. I didn’t know. Did you guys It was not talked about it with me.

I I don’t think we really talked about that.

Okay. I’m gonna, the story

Short. I was, I was, we’re gonna move on. I was very frustrated that morning. It was, it was

The, the dayss were coming up the road or something. Was this a smashing grab That

Was, it was just the perfect morning.

Was there any track in front of you?

You were the first guy up the rail.

I think that’s what I remembered was

The first guy. They

Were the first guys there.

We were the

Started getting out. Like just talking about how amazing this was and then you hear coming up behind

You. Yeah. And then was which, what does everybody do then the flurry started. You freaking get in the side by side four-wheeler truck, whatever you’re doing. And you go, you’re number one on the road. Yeah.


And guns and,

And locks stuff just


There. There’s one gun and two dudes. Okay. I got it. I’m pretty well there. Was it a good day though?

We’re still friends to this day. If it matters, if you guys wanna

Matter, did locksmith have to go?


Do they even make locksmiths over there? What

Do you mean? Yeah, they have ’em

Everywhere. Where, what town did he reside in?

That was in Glenwood Spring.

So. Right, right. But anyway, well, it happens. It happens. I don’t, I’ve got some frustrating things to talk about at some point in my life when I get over ’em,

It, that’s just, I’ll end it with this. Sometimes behavior or frustration boils over. I wasn’t proud no. Of myself for a minute. But it was just one of those, it was one of those mornings, aren’t you bald?

Had nothing to do and

You did it to yourself. So it’s like you had to just, there’s nobody to,

You kind of, I kind of had to laugh about it. Yeah. I you’d have thought I was bipolar cause I’m driving, I’m laughing and then I’m pissed and I’m laughing. Like, how does this happen all

The days. Okay, let me paint this picture. Let’s say you’re hunting with one of your brothers. You brothers are all younger than you, right? I’m the oldest. Yeah. Okay. So you’re,

You’re lighting them up

Trying. You’re, and they had left it back at base camp and they had left it there and not put ’em in the back of the truck. What

Do you mean you didn’t strap the four-wheel

Round down? What would you have said to them? The

Pin ain’t gonna come out on its own.

What would you,

What do you mean? What do you mean you didn’t strap it down 14 different times? Who doesn’t, who doesn’t strap the wrap

Down Hack that, that Well,

He didn’t tact. Well that before we got started, boy,

That would’ve been a little hot yet.

Okay. That’s all I’m gonna say. But it’s over. And

We almost got a taste of some of that. I remember a bull getting across the power line that was like,

Where did, did he

Not see that? Where what?

Oh yeah. Our Bull Archibald family reunion down.

My brother was like, oh, let’s have it Archibald. Well, that’s

What brought this story up. That reminds me I’m on Theon of God and we’re hunting the buck that we know is in this 10 yard circle

Of brush. And that can’t leave. You

Guys have eyes 60 degrees. There’s me, there’s Ty, there’s, we’ll just say Gary. They’re the same. Gary And there’s, then there’s Josh. Okay. This deer is dead.

He’s, he’s dead.

Six hours later.

Josh, we need you.

We are back off a little bit. We got eyes on the buck. Okay.

Okay. Problem’s.

He’s about 800 yards up the bridge

In the h Did he get there? So

That’s how

I was at that point. I was, because the radio, there’s two chairs like this. I’m Gary near me. And he had had the radio at one point. Cause he was talking and when I, when I was like, oh no, Gary, that buck’s Cliff there. You call him, you tell

Gary’s at a flashback and I’m like this, I’m ready. I’m, I’m like, Gary’s flashback to the winter day, the dares.

That’s how this story comes up.

You tell him, you

Call him you, you tell I’ve been on Josh. Josh is like, had a little PTSD that day.

That’s poor Josh.

It’s always just there when these things happen.

And that’s when that story that came out.

Yeah, he told them that because he is like, well this is, I’ve seen Adam upset before. Oh.

Then Adam walks up to him and says, we’ll talk about this later. Keeps going. It keeps going.

Hey, I was there glassing too. He slipped out from behind my, underneath

My nose. I’ll catch up with you later. Josh is like, I’m looking around going, you at the opposite. Well, I’ve got 30 minutes of pickup around here and I guess I’m gonna go home and meet with my wife.

And it ended good. We all were standing around a deer about an hour later. Well,

Yeah. Luckily, literally they went home. They did.

Luckily, luckily they

Said we’re

Gonna, they got outta our hair.

We’re gonna drive to the other part of the unit’s, see if we can turn up the other buck. That’s meant a go. Which was meant to be. And we drove right up on it

And killed a better buck anyway. Probably. I

Don’t know. Ty, Becky, we’re doing this on our, by ourselves. Let’s

Call. No, I did

Didn’t say that Josh. I don’t care what you do. It’s so fun to talk about it when you, when you realize there’s no ill intention. Just, just hum. Just

Hunt. I would’ve been a fla on the wall. I didn’t know this was going on up there to those guys. But the, the shaking and the drawing of straws, the flipping of points you had to tell me on the radio,


Know how that’s so, you know hows, that’s why I said maybe that scab wasn’t quite


Yeah. You know how things just happen in the field when they’re not really, you just hate it when it happens. Well, and when it happens and it’s your kids or wife or whoever


You go, well, 1, 1, 1 story. You don’t, I’m just gonna, one story you haven’t heard. I

Was gonna say,

It’s me that made a mistake. Okay, good. When I never make a mistake. So as far as I’m concerned as a dad and a husband, I never make a mistake. And so you’re so hard. You know, the kids are like, dude, even Sean, we were stalking his book. I’m like, can you air yourself like quiet down? I mean, I’m turning back to him all the time. Quiet down. So just picture this. We see target buck. It’s Janice’s hunt. We make the long stock. Okay. And it’s perfect. What? Go ahead. You’re going there? No, I’m not. No, it’s mine. It’s me, me. This is Oh, okay.

And, and, and we, and we, we get over to where we think he is and it’s just her and I, Wyatt had left us. What? It’s gone. And I’m like, it’s just her and I. That’s it. And I glassed him up. I don’t know how. I don’t know how. So, anyway, it’s an hour and a half, two hours to get there. We get there, we see nothing dead calm, nothing, nothing moves, nothing was moving. We leave. We sneak outta there, dude. He’s gonna be there. He’s gonna be there. This is before we’ve tracked him a hundred different times and now really know that he’s never gonna be there. He’s moving major, major country. We go in there and it’s, you can hear a pin drop. You can hear a pin drop. Just picture the whole morning. You’re getting in there and you’re like, and I mean, she’s quiet.

I’m quiet. Everything’s perfect. And we get up there and we, we just get up there and I’m like, I’m working my tripod. You know, and we’re tight cuz you have to be tight cause it’s super thick. And I’m like, I’m working my tripod. And I had loosened the neck cuz it was tall. Cause I’m glassing as we’re going in crack a daylight. And then it needs to be, we’re gonna sit down and it needs to be, you know, shorter. And so I’m working the legs and stuff. I work the neck and it’s sideways cuz we’re trying to be really not low to the ground. And I, and I can’t get it to, I can’t get it to collapse. Collapse.


Some I tilt it up. No, I tilt it up and it, you can hear a pin drop. It’s perfect. I tilt it up. You, you, it collapsed on its own. And just, and the weight of the BS and everything come. And I look at Janet and she looks at me like she’s gonna kill me. I’m tell, and I was gonna kill me. Yeah. I mean, I’m like, you’re like, I am the biggest idiot. And I’m like, it’s ruined. This deer is freaking smart. It’s


And I’m like, it’s done the whole mor I just, I wanna walk out right now. I just wanna leave. You know? And she looks at me and I, anyway, I, we haven’t really spoke about it, but I wouldn’t mind one of these days calling her and just asked her about that moment.

Maybe one time what you do is you walk in with a tripod from the optics store and say, Hey, this is stuck. You help me. Well,

What I think funny, she understands it now. Like the frustration a husband or, or, or dad feels right when you’re, you know what I mean? I mean, and here I am the one doing it. It just happens. Right. Ruined it. And this deer has been weeks of frustration and it culminated with this tripod collapse. And you could hear it for miles. It felt like

It echoed off

Echo walls. Oh, it echoed off the walls. It echoed off everything. I wanna, I should call her right now. Just ask her about that. But you should ask her, see what she says. Pretty funny.

Well, good

Story. Deer wasn’t even there. Deer wasn’t even there. It’s no problem. We went to track. And even 14 miles later, it’s no problem. All right, well let’s see. What other stories are we waiting for? Josh? That’s a good rap on some couple.

That’s three weeks

Of good enough. Got a lot more stories coming a

Going on here in the next two weeks. Still.

The one thing I, you know, we’re hunting a lot of states and we’re doing a lot of different hunts. Every one of us, like, I mean, it’s, we’re grinding. We’re out and about and doing it. Got a lot of hunts coming up for you guys. Especially John Wyatt, you getting excited? Yeah.

Third season right around the corner.

It’s pretty awesome. Devin, you’re ready to go again? I’m ready, man. Yeah, I gotta cut up some meat and


But I’m ready. Josh, you’re gonna hit a unit that you don’t even care about now because you only wanna go to one unit. Josh is not even excited about it. No, no, I’m


It’s a fourth season tag in an amazing area. Well, I

Didn’t get the greatest report from someone.

Sometimes finding stuff. Hey,

Sometimes from a second and third and fourth season can be monumentally different. That’s true. Just, just, you know,

I’ve been trying to, to split


Well, anyway. All right. Well, sounds good. Let’s see, what have we got going here?

Yeah, we got it. A couple shoutouts. Let’s, I’ll give a shout out to Red Rock Precision that, that new gun I’ve got. I’ve talked about it before, but it’s been a killer this year. Caribou, sheep, deer, what else Am I missing something?

No, it’s killed mine. Red Rocks. Unbelievable.

Yeah, there. Six five prcs been I, I’m more and more a fan of these cute little

Guns. Come on.

I love them.

I like the big ones. I

Don’t, I like when

I want a bullet, when a bullet touches them,

I, my scope and it’s, and my bolt has already

Ran fire to that the second time. No, there’s something said for that.

And, and they

Don’t jump on you

Two pounds lighter and shorter barrel and brush. And I’m just getting a bigger fan and I, for me, I hunt elk with a bow 80% of the time when I hunt out, I have bigger guns. I have a 300 ru I have seven mag stuff. If, if I do need to do that. So for, for sheep and antelope and

COOs, deer

Mul, the COOs deer, mule deer. I mean it’s just, I haven’t, I haven’t had a bad performance on the bullet either. It’s nice to just be able to have a gun that you can hand to anybody though to shoot my wife grabbing whoever

You can. Just

Generally, those are out of the box guns and, and clients. I give my wi my wife and kids, yeah.

Have a lot of clients shoot our guns on she hunt. Especially guys that maybe live back east. They have a white toe gun or they don’t hunt out here a lot. They don’t want to go invest 2, 3, 4, 5, whatever thousand in a new long range setup or, or when I say long, just a western gun setup. That’s a three to 500 yard gun. Which for the most part, that’s kind of a must when you come out west. So anyway, shout out to them. Kurt. Kurt and his son Josh and the crew there make awesome guns so they can kind of, they got a custom gun builder on the website. Red Rock We’ve worked with them from the start. Actually got to hunt with Kurt this year himself as he drew his desert sheep tag in Utah and helped him take an awesome Ram himself with his daughter there as well and with Josh. So we had a great time with them. But Hunters first gun builders as well. So give ’em a call, check ’em out. Good people.

Good people. I like supporting good people.

Awesome. Another shout out I wanna give to Ho Hoit archery, even though I guess archery season for all, most of all of us, we don’t do a lot of late season hunts. Us here at Epic Outdoors. There’s a lot of late season archery stuff in Nevada. Kicking off here, wanting a couple of days, November 10th I think has a lot of archer hints. But anyway, awesome bows. Most all of us here have LX five s or seven s and I’ll flat out say that my bow shoots better than I can. And I mean, I’m not saying that takes a lot to out shoot me, but I mean the bow’s capable of some, they’re, they’re awesome. The balance and everything they put put in there, the r and d ho’s kind of been at the top of their game for a long, long time. We appreciate them being a sponsor of us here at Epic Outdoors and the podcast and everything like that. So I know you other guys are pretty fond of those. Those as well. So

You guys are gonna be using yours here? Coming up? Maybe. Who?

I still go bow hunt.

What? What?

Kansas. You’ve

Got a dog and a Okay. Okay. A lot. I’m missing a lot. Okay. Kansas, sorry. Yeah, that’s right. You do have that Kansas whitetail when you said you guys, oh why possibly. Yeah. Wisconsin. Possibly. Why? It’s just gotta

Go dust them off of

The bow. Adam, you and I a shop mine, you and I are gonna have to freaking work the office while these guys are gone. Hey, it’s getting,

I’m, I’m

These guys, these guys

Are, I’m this close. Usually,

I mean when you being, when you hire guys, you usually know, like Josh was a situation where he doesn’t even own one side of the pan. You know what I mean? On you kind of assume everybody’s like that and you, no problem. Everybody’s gonna be able to work the office. These guys can leave for months and you and I are gonna be here. Fun.

I’m at the point of my year. I’ve had a fun year, a taxing long year and I’m, I’m frankly, I’m about ready. I need to

Be You started pretty

Early too. Yeah, I started early. I’m did, did I’m, I’ve got ailments and I don’t even want to get into that on the podcast, but I’ve got doctor’s appointments lined up on top of each other. Really?

Yeah. I’m getting a heart scan here

Soon. Well, yeah.

See how much calcium’s in there?

So anyway, just old ailments that you put off and Yeah. Problems. I thought

You had those major, major doctor appointments with John and I.

Those are, yeah, let’s hear those.

The rubber got rubber rooted a little bit.

You guys hit 45 to 50 and you’ll be there. But no, let’s move on now. It’s fine.

Are you okay? Yeah.


I mean, how big a specialist are you seeing?

I don’t know yet, so,

Geez bro.

That’s true. I’m trying to

Medical history personal, but good grief. We need to know. I

Might be trying to schedule something over. Let’s just put it that way. What? We’ll see, dude.

Anybody, anybody out there need a job while I give us, John, you’re taking resumes, aren’t you? We need a writer and a research guys that’s hunted the

Crap out of stuff. I can talk on the phone, I just may, may or may not.

Just give me a desk and a wheelchair. I’m fine.

That’s fine.

Geez. You know, get

A, if

You need one, this is a game changer. You guys might, I’m nervous.

You might have to be bringing me jello to this Jello and apple juice. John,

We need to have some visits after this. The health of the business may or may not be Jeopardy.

No, I’m just, it’s just procedural. It’s just, but it’s

Just, what do you mean? I’ve got, I’ve gotta take time off. I’m

Just Christmas. No, no, I’m just trying to pick a he he just be gonna tell you an appointment that dealt with gloves, jams,

And jellies.

Come on.

Does this step the rotor rooter?

No, nothing.


Nothing. Nothing like that. Oh, let’s, I’ll call a shadow. Maybe bone, bone and joint pain. How about, we’ll just leave it at that.



Shout out to our license app service. How about that? If you guys are looking, you know, I actually have guys that are hitting me and it’s that time people, you, you think we’re coming up with new plans? Everybody’s coming up with new plans and each year it’s a new year. Got guys out there, they’re saying, hey, just take care of it for us. No problem. And we do that. We do a dang good job at it if I might not. The best we know of. And we treat your application as if it’s our own. So anyway, no matter what point in life you’re at, if you just gaining points or if you’re wanting to draw, easy to draw tags or, and or maybe a little bit of both. Or long term plans. Sheep on sheep only. Some guys only have supply sheep, no problem. But anyway, we do that here at Epic Outdoors. Why it kind of heads up that department. Adam and I, and of course Josh and Devon, we all work on it and these guys are our friends. I mean, they’re long term clients and you know, if they draw the right tags, we’re heroes. If they draw the wrong tag or don’t draw it all, it’s not so good. So it’s our job to get you, you the right tag. That makes sense. Why you wanna jump in on this?

Oh no, I just basically add to that we’re super competitive as far as pricing. I think we’re the most knowledgeable in the industry when it comes to license application.

Yeah, a hundred percent. I, we know this. So anyway, give us a try. If you’re looking for, you know, somebody to do your applications or even possibly to make a change, why, you know, give us a holler. We’d be happy to help you. We’ve got a great staff, we’ve got a great group of gals as well that are administrative as assistants that help us with this as well. Of course you’re gonna be dealing with us and, and we choose your units personally and go through and make an initial strategy. And then, you know, as time rolls are all long, things change. And of course we want, we want to be able to adapt and change to your schedule and, and preferences and things like that. So anyway, license application, we we’re, we’re $50 if you’re one species a hundred, if it’s two or more in a state. And that’s one per state with a $750 max. So can’t spend more than $750 with us as far as the regular state applications here in the west.

I think one of the advantages, you know, people, people don’t think, well what can I gain by having somebody else, you know, manage my applications in certain states. Maybe you do your own, you know, your your home state and let us do a couple states. But a lot of times what’ll happen is kind of the, the synergy that we have on the podcast here. Why? It’ll be looking at a guy’s applications and his points and things like that and have an idea about where to apply him and, and you know, say something to Jason. Jason will chip in and you’ll get some special treatment and, and come up with, hey, an idea for a a specific guy. Let’s apply him here. And, and he’ll have, you know, a better chance of drawing a specific tag.

That’s the truth. And I think too in our office where our offices are basically open to each other until that, you know, if Wyatt’s working on somebody or I’m working with somebody or what Adam’s working with somebody, a lot of times it’s like, yeah, but remember this option of turning this tag back or we’re doing this or we’re doing that. And, and you’re like, oh yeah, that makes sense and this is what you know, he should be doing or whatever. I mean it’s exciting to, to draw guys tags and to work on, you know, other people’s dreams and hopes and whatnot and trying to grab tags. So,

And we try to be super personalized. We try not to apply everybody for the exact same unit or the exact same way. I mean, we’re, we’re applying you for goal to meet your goals.

Yeah. We like to spread everybody out. I wanna draw every single non-resident tag in every single state. How about that? Yeah. You know, our, our guys. That’s good. It’s good, right? We don’t, so like you’re saying, a lot of services out there will say, here’s a group of three units. Apply everybody for these three or whatever, for example. So anyway, we’re definitely not doing that. And, and very customized. So a

Lot of the time we’ll have an outfitter for you before you even apply. That’s true. That’s another one of those things.

One of those layers of information that yeah, if you’re willing to go guided or even maybe guided in horseback wilderness, that just is a whole different, you know, angle that we can look at applying you versus somebody that just says trophy elk 340 inch or better bulls. Well, there’s a lot that can happen to that. But if you can give us a little bit more information about you personally, not limited physically or are limited physically wanted to use an outfitter or prefer private land hunt, wanted to pay for that. There’s just layers of information that we have and store in your database so that we know how we can apply you. And let’s face it, the goal is not to just get your wraps done. I mean, that’s part of it. You want ’em in, you want ’em done on time. You want, I’ve been accurately. So you gain points and applied for the units that fit your criteria. But the real goal is to get you drawn for hunts. That’s, that’s we’re trying to improve that. The odds of that happening more instead of just rubber stamping. Yeah, we got everybody’s apps done.

I’m gonna need help cause I’ve got a lot of tags and none of ’em are punched. That’s, I’m gonna need some help. Bronson, I want you to help me get better tags.

Just gimme all your personal information.

I want the ru things, the rut hunting we’ve been talking about. I want that.

Right. Give me

Fashion and grabs. I want those. Hey,

I wanna simplify your life. Just come to work next year. Give your logins and I’ll do good

Things. How about this? You gimme yours. I’ll give you mine.

No deal.

You’ll be on some, I’m scared you’ll be hunting some crap. I’m scared, but hey, there was a big one there 30 years ago.

I’m gonna be hunting a I’m gonna be hunting genetics

For, you’re gonna be hunting bucket justices great, great great, great great grandson. Yeah. That, that nobody even knows

From the eighties.

Yeah. Hey, it’s a special country. Yeah.

Well anyway,

Shout out to you.

All right, go ahead Josh.

Just to shout out to, to ku you. They’ve actually just had a big sale this last week and may or may not have got a few things.

No kidding. Did the wife let you I come out of the Christmas fund.


Jason, I don’t know. What, what are you doing to the guy? I’m just asking a few questions. The guy already, the guy already feels

Like he walks around his house with crossers on the back of

His head. Do you feel like a prisoner in your house? Never drive that. Never drive that truck to work again, Josh, no matter


Gee, tell us about this truck you got. Oh,

Ku, you, they have good equipment, A big sale. No, actually, you know, a couple years ago I, I got one of their packs and I always used to tease my brother cause he’d always have like 5,000 or

Whatever pack 7,000.

What in the world are you packing that thing around for? And you know, I kind of graduated to that one of their packs that’s a 5,000 and it’s just nice, suck him down if you don’t want to pack stuff or when it starts getting late like this and or you’re jumping in with somebody else, you know, and you have to throw 17 things in it really quick and two jackets and all kinds of stuff. Pretty awesome to be able to go up or down with that. So yeah, just check those guys [email protected]. And

Sean’s had had his for four or five years and it’s literally worn out and it’s nothing against cu It’s an amazing pack. Sean’s hard on stuff. Really hard on stuff and it’s been incredible. Must get that from


Mom. Yeah. What do you mean? Whoa, we might need to cut some, what, what did that mean?

Just hard on things. I don’t know.

Janna just seems like she’s

Really rough on equipment.

All right.


John, save us. Yeah,

Let’s one last shout out to St. James Sporting properties. If you’re looking for proper or ranch, a sporting type property, that’s what they specialize in. And he’s just a good guy. We’ve had him on the podcast several times and knows his stuff. So, you know, if you’re looking for the perfect, you know, hunting, fishing type property, then give Blaine a call there. Check out their website. It’s sj sporting Phone number is eight five five seven one one s js p. Shout out, shout out to blame too. I think he just finished his North America Super Slam 29 with his


Part of his family up there and that’s awesome. I think Kodiak, wasn’t it with Theca Black till? I always have weird thoughts like, don’t wonder how many people finish their North America 29 with a Sitka Blacktail. Like, probably not very many. I know guys have finished it with a cougar mountain, a mountain lion. Like, like one of the easier, I don’t


It’s just kind of, we’re sometimes you think it’s like a stone sheep, a brown bear. Like a, like

If I’m doing it, I’m, I’m hoping to, like I’ve killed a mulder, but I wanna finish it with a milder, you know what I mean? So I don’t even wanna go for it.

I think that would be impossible though. Cause if you already killed one

Yeah, I know. That’s my point. I don’t even wanna go for it now. No, I, I wanna finish with a Mulder, you know.

Well why don’t you finish with a Blacktail? It’s a subspecies of a mulder.

They’re like a wannabe mulder. Okay, well hey and the Blacktail guys are now cringing cuz they love ’em. They’re addicted to

’em. And a Sitka Blacktail is another subspecies of the blacktail I know.

Which all gonna look like a mealer and they all wanna be a mule deer,

But they’re

All just about little half pints, half pins. That’s right. Little shout out to the peak sneak too. How about at Matt Messerly built us this podcast table. It’s freaking awesome. It it’s just a, we we just

Wave roomier than the other one.

Yeah, well the other one was like, it couldn’t even fit two people around it. We had six of us. It was just a, it wasn’t even really a tables, it was a Walmart put together.

Who knows how many, you know, with all of our cans on there. And that shirt. Who, dude,

This has got four monsters and everybody’s happy. Got,

We shared drinks at that other one and we didn’t know it.

Well I happened.

Yeah, that’s what I mean.


I I know why I didn’t drink any of our monsters though.

No, you know what, and what’s funny is, I mean he’s had more kidney stones than any of us. I don’t even know what a kidney stone is, which is one I haven’t had had water in six days. Okay. I’ve had nothing but tough hunts. Which means Diet Coke, diet Pepsi and Monster. Anyway, he did, Matt did an incredible job. We’re gonna, of course we’re gonna freaking take this up to the expo. Who knows? I mean, this is awesome. I just love it. Did a great job. Kind

Of a good looking card plan table if we ever Oh yeah. Here to the expo poker. I,

Yeah. Col Colton and Chelsea Christiansen did some of the work too on it. He worked with them. Double C Steel on Instagram. You go check ’em out. But anyway, you can see the post. It’s awesome. I mean, hey there’s, it’s the little stuff. It’s cool. I like this kind of stuff. People might think a a table. What do you mean? I think it’s

Awesome. Pretty awesome. It’s on the table. It’s

So, anyway, good work Matt. We sure appreciate you. Just incredible. It’s awesome. And it’s the little details. He’s a detailed guy, so, and a good hunter. Again working with good people. I like it. All right, well we’re supposed to get some storm. Everybody. Yeah. Huh?

Had to bring the truck truck today. Cause if I gotta get over the mountain, the green lantern wasn’t gonna, wasn’t gonna make it

The green lanter. What’s on your mind?

Let’s just a fall. He doesn’t even know about that. So let’s just move on. He

Doesn’t, Josh knows about Tell me. He knows about everything. No, you’re not getting anything back. That

Was, that’s the green car. So let’s move

On. Is this the one that John


John lifted this car and pushed it over four feet by himself and his bumper.

Never been able to get that thing to balance since.

Said flat spots to the tires ever since. All right.

The real reason John Josh brought the truck over. He’s got a long list of honey is thing to pick up after work.

Are you going to Walmart? Yeah. Cross diapers and formula

Cross There

Is right here. Diapers and formula hall mail. What are you getting Josh? Eggs.

You needs a hug? Yes ma’am. That’s what my chicken, yes mama.

Hey, I think your wife’s awesome. You guys have a great relationship. We just, this is all a good fun. So don’t want her over here

Supervising. Pause guys. If you’re listening, it’s all in fun. That’s

The last thing. Any of ask that

Woman over here’s Lou,

That woman over here,

It’s the 10. This is my freedom. It’s my job and my freedom. I just, I

Just like to, I’d like to know that if you’re coming to town, I’d like to,

I’d like to be. I like to be the man. Leave my office like to leave. Please stay outta my office. I like to be the man here. Right. Everybody. Good luck.