Some call it Thanksgiving weekend, some call it Black Friday, but the one and only Jason Carter here at Epic Outdoors calls it “Freaky Week”. Tune in to see what the Epic Outdoors crew is up to this “Freaky Week” and the INSANE amount of mule deer that were taken in the past couple weeks.

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Anything to do with Western Big Game. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the entire Epic outdoors crew except for Pollock. He’s in Colorado. Trying to make good on a tough year. It’s kind of tough. I, Devon you could say that. And for guys like me that didn’t even have a tag. It was really tough. That’s true. John, how are you doing? I’m doing good. It was nice to have you out there anyway. Yeah, I was out there a little bit helping us. It was good. Yeah. Here and there. It didn’t help you much. Helped Wyatt a little bit. It was moral support. You know, it goes a long way. Moral support of good dinners. Why? It made me pack more weight than my fair share. Yes, I did. We we’ve had to pack it all the way uphill too. Yeah, it was uphill. Did you? Yeah. Yeah. It’s 123 yards. We don’t need to talk about that far. So we didn’t even range it. Top pin I. Yeah, top pin. You could not see the truck from the dead buck though. That’s the truth. You could not see it. That’s the truth. The Rolling Hill was significant. Hey, anyway, whatever. Alright, so before we get, go ahead Broon. We killed the Ram Sunday with a blind. The blind in one eye. But don’t think less of us. I mean, stand up.

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You don’t, you don’t feel bad about it. The Ramm or the Hunter. I mean, he didn’t even have a fair chair. The Ramm. Yeah, I know. That’s what I mean. You guys talked him on the blind side. I thought he was telling the Hunter’s next level right there. He wasn’t. Did you oc I’ll, I’ll show you the kill shot. It was his good eye. He could see everything you wanted to see. Who does that stocks a ram on his blind side. Did you know he was blind? No. No. We didn’t know until we got up to him. He was blind, but he’s blind on cloudy. Anyway, it’s funny stuff. Well, I had a smashed him too. He is kind of a, kind of a giant. All right, well, before we get cranking John, Adam, guys, we want to talk about the the optics deal. And I want to, I, I’d rather, I kind of like freaky Friday instead of Black Friday seller, whatever that is. We’re calling it Black Friday week. ’cause it’s a full week. Let’s call it a freaky week. How about that? So tell us what we got going, John. So we’ve got a spectacular deal. We got a bunch of trail cameras for this. Oh no. We got hundreds and hundreds. Hundreds. Yeah. So every $500 you spend in our optic store, you get a free trail camera and it’s like $150. Trail camera. 160. 160 M.

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This isn’t some, this isn’t a, this isn’t a John Peterson refurbished. No. Jason’s used. Camera 32. Megapixel n ib hdv. It’s, it’s a good one. Well, and hey, we’ve, we’ve even got some fierce rifles. What don’t we just say, Hey, you buy one of those, we’ll give you patrol cameras. Oh, 10, I don’t know. Five. Well, one for every 500, right? Yeah. Right. So you get six cameras? Yeah. There’s 7, 6, 5. What calibers do we have from memory? Maybe we should look real quick. Well, you guys are always six five. Six five. You guys are always six 300 rums fans. There’s some, I think there’s a seven. What is it? Seven. There’s a seven BR bag. There’s a 300, 300 rum that, which I’ve really looked at constantly. That thing’s been lightly fondled by now, but it’s still new. Come on. We’d look at it and put it back. Yeah. I mean, that’s six extent of it. That’s that one, right? That’s a sweet rifle. I love it. Couple six five prcs. I’m about to tell you right now. Let’s do this. Let’s do it. See Accurate. See, got carbon edges. We got twisted Rivals. Rage. Rage, Nosler. 28 Nosler 300 drums coming out. Lots of different places. Twisted rage, twisted rival Carbon, carbon edge, twisted, rival twist. A 300 rum, 26 inch barrel. Twisted, rival, twisted sister. If you want a new gun, want to give a new gun. Maybe holiday Christmas coming up for somebody. Yeah.

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Okay. We’ll extend that to that too. Optics or, or fierce rifles in stock. I like it. While supplies last, meaning the truck cameras apply, we’re already on top of that. We’re also there. There’s some freaky Friday freaky week special deals too. On top of that. Yeah. So anyway, if you’re looking, call us from the time you hear this podcast. Until what? November 30th. That’s what it ends, right? Yep. November 30th. I just, I mean, mentioned we do have a couple extra deals. A couple of those, like a ox infrared sites or, or whatnot. They, we’ve got spectacular deals on, on those on top and a couple of other Swarovski codes. They’re pretty unbelievable. I grabbed one, quite frankly, like you can hunt wolves with this kind of stuff under the proper permitting up there in Idaho. And I’m like all about it and then never made it there. But, but theory, in theory, it’s, it’s there. It’s unbelievable. I’m ready. Yeah. Whenever I can do it. And it’s there. It’s an unbelievable system. You can use the current scope you have, you can see the radical, you can dial, use a turret, all of that. Kind of gotta think about range finding, you know? I mean that Yeah. In the dark. Yeah. Yeah. And there’s ways I’ve learned, some guys have taught me some ways. But anyway, there’s, it’s awesome. It’s pretty incredible. And the guys outta Texas, we, we sell a few of those in Texas.

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You know, predator hunting guys. Yeah. Same thing with Nevada. And so those calex, they just go right on the end of your scope, correct? Yeah. You get an adapter. And so whatever scope you have, you can a SWA with ice or vortex, whatever, whatever it is you have, they make an adapter and, and you can take it on and off. You can hand hold it, you can put it back on your, your rifle scope or whatever. And just unbelievable, unbelievable technology. It’s rechargeable. It’s not, it’s not got removable batteries or anything like that. And anyway, having said that, we have ’em in stock as a special, like, you know, likea likes to call it the Black Friday deal. You know, freaky week, whatever. Call us up. We’ve got it. So amongst awesome, great member pricing. Just, you know, plus the truck cameras for every 500. Geez. You might somewhat, yeah. You, you need a response, Logan. You need to spend three grand to get five, six cameras. I need to start spending something. Yeah, you do. How are we gonna get some of Logan’s money out of his pocket? Hey, we could even, I don’t know, we could even hold some wages and put it toward, do you have a girlfriend? I’ll, well, once I pay tuition in January, I might be spending some money here. So keep that deal. Don’t avoid the question. Do you have a girlfriend? He’s freezing by that.

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Does she care that, that’s saying, I know if I can talk about this on the record, he’s like, oh, he’s not committal. He hasn’t had to determine the relationship talk yet. That’s what that means. The old cts DTR wants to be committed. She doesn’t, we’ve been too many of those in our past, but you guys, that’s what that answer was. We don’t talk about that. W Devin, do you guys have any suggestions, advice for Logan? If we, if we get going on, on relationship talk with these guys, we would do a week long podcast with these two. Because they’re the specialists. They’ve had many relationships. Is that what you’re saying? They know what they do Well, they did it for a long time. That’s a video on these guys. Let’s go back to Logan. Yeah. That’s all we’re saying. I’ll, I’ll tell you what, once a week you guys can come up with a piece of advice and I’ll listen to one piece of advice from you every week. Well just question, have you had the DTR? No. Okay. That answered yours. Why question? What’s DTR again? Find the relationship. Oh, monumental moment. It is, yeah. M and ms. I’m just glad to be deep in marriage. And the worst thing we’re talking about is my participation at the house. You know, what do you have to make the gravy for Thanksgiving or not? Yeah, no, that’s the deepest.

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That’s not even, it’s not even, it’s not even been on the docket of discussions. No, I’m not sure. I’m sure we’re gonna have a discussion now ’cause she’s gonna listen. So. Well, you’re capable and able. Yeah. It’s just a matter if you’re willing, but I’m trying to get that electric, I’m trying to be outta the gear and take the kids looking at deer calling coyotes. Well, Janet does all of the dinner. Hell no. No. She’s gotta make candy too. I’m gonna take care of the kids this morning. She’s gotta make candy too. I’m been take care of the kids they’re making, they got candy making weekend Christmas because it’s Christmas candy. Probably. They don’t want me around when they’re making candy. Yeah. I’m gonna take care of the kids. Well, Jason’s kids are like 23, 20 and 18 and 16 or something. Like, they drive him around while he sleeps in the back seat. Okay. Okay. Bronson, you have old kids. I know. Do you ever cease being a parent? No. No. Don’t. In fact, it probably even gets a little more aggressive before it gets easier. Yeah, because I thought once you kick him outta the house, you kick him outta the house. No, no. Hey, you just got one married off though. Yeah. Hey, you’re standing out the herd, aren’t you? I could tell you one of the story that we’re going through at my house right now, but I’d probably be fired.

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Fired maybe by the end of the podcast. Oh, Jana. She’d have me. Okay. Well Justin, he’d have me. All right, let’s don’t go there. It is interesting though, it doesn’t have to do quite an artist and made a T-shirt. And it was somewhat questionable. And that T-shirt got found and it’s been a subject, a sore subject for both parties. High school graphic arts class or something. And he, and there was copies made and distributed and And distribution. Yeah. And there’s sales. Yeah, there’s cash sales. Yeah. Yeah. Entrepreneurs affected some people. You mean you got cease and desist letters? Yeah, pretty much. It resembles too many other t-shirt. Hey, all I know is parental. The the, the parents are heavily engaged at this point. Wow. Hey, hey. Okay. Hey all I, the minute you think you’re free sailing, you’re not. Well let’s say we, we talked about the optics and we wanna sell some optics. Of course we’re smoking ’em out. Christmas is coming up and whatnot. Of course. Thanksgiving. It’s awesome. We’re, we’re actually in the office at the moment. We do have a few other little lingering things going on. Mostly, I just wanna watch Bucks. Rutt. That’s not an obligatory appointment anywhere. I don’t know. I don’t know. But anyway, thought we’d have that We’re here for the most part, is what you’re saying. Yeah, we’re here for the most part. We’re mostly back and better than ever.

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So before we get cranking on some of these Colorado deer stories, some of which are great, some of which are not so great. Bronson, you did great, Wyatt. The end result was good. It’s kind of fun. A great experience. But I’m wondering if we should call Jeff and kind of hear about this bully killed up in northern Nevada. Killed, had got a late season tag. And you know, lacing tags are a challenge a little bit. Of course we all know that you’re dealing with broken bulls and non rutting, but, but lots of glassy and a lot of hand warmers. You know, Nevada late season, it’s, it’s a cold man that dry air does. It could be, it could be negative 10 to positive 10, but not much above. No. Oh. Huh. No. Devin, I have some bad memories of that. I know it anyway. For being one of the hottest states in the nation in the summer. It’s one of the coldest in, in later in the winter. It is cold. I remember wearing a full body Carhartt insulated overall. Overall. That’s what I wore. ’cause it, that’s, that’s the only thing that kept me alive. Was it the same color as a blonde bowl? It was Dan. That’s what I mean. Dark Dan. You gotta wear orange school bus over there. Don’t you don’t have to wear orange Nevada though. That’s all I had. More like a cow color. Not really a, a bowl color.

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Want a yellow four wheeler? You don’t have to wear orange over there. But if you wear that, you might wanna throw some on, you’re gonna be looked at through a rifle scope. So if one of us gets a first come first surf tag, you guys saying you’re not gonna help the other guy where we’re still playing that game. Let I, who’s playing that? Gamet know and Wyatt plays it. I feel like it’s done for the most part. Wyatt knows when the dough tags are still available. Wyatt, there’s a, I did point something out for today. There’s snow cau tag coming out. Why? It knows about it. Snow cock in the winter. I heard the plumage is off the charts in January. I don’t know anything about the snow. If a snow cock came up, would you take it though on that list? I don’t even know if there’s permits for ’em. I just think you gotta go. You do buy don’t you? I think you just go do it. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s a special permit or what it is, but the Himalayan snow cau has not been on the first come first service list that I’ve seen. It’s one of the secret special species in Nevada. The hidden gems of Nevada. Alright, well let’s, let’s just call Jeff and see what he has to say.

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I know he had a pretty good time, but he also, so, so, so Jeff’s wife and my wife are sisters and I know he wore Angie out, went to the very time just because he was being gone a lot. Well, you know, Jeff can get lost over there. Wow. You mean not check in? Just, I don’t know. Let’s, I don’t really wanna go there. I talked to him before the hunt and we were, I was talking to him about it and he’s like, you know, I think I’m gonna go in the morning. I’m like, well, you just told me he had a deer hunter coming in tomorrow. He’s like, yeah, but I, I can get out there. I love his, his positive just for like two hours. And he, he burns up the highway. Yeah, I, I love his positive attitude. So anyway. And, and bless Angie for dealing with him. Alright, here we go. Have you decided how much a divorce is gonna cost you for hunting so much? Oh, you know, I don’t think the attorney quite got there. It was getting close though. Oh, you settled. You settled? I settled out of court. Settled. Good boy, Jeff. Good boy. Oh man. Do you still have your gun? You know, it gets stressful by the end of the season, dude. Oh yeah. Yeah. We don’t need to talk about that. I know everything you’re talking about. Well, yeah. Really?

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Adam started on sheep hunts, like in caribou hunts in August. Sure. They’re like, at least I made it. No, it wasn’t no archery hunts this year. I did not have anything in August. You know what I feel bad about is Jan and I’s relationship is the subject of many people’s marital discussions. Is it? Yeah. They’re like, can I give any glove? I’ve friends that wives go, no, trust me. Yeah, same thing. I’m sorry I’m not like Jana, but you need to come home. And little do they know it’s taken years to get to this point. Well, they walk up to you in the street and you’re like, how do you let him get away with being gone so much? Becky, you’re like, shut up and get outta here. Why are you trying to ruin my marriage? Uhoh, these are real stories. Like, like I’ve always been able to say always forever. I’m at least, I, I always tell my wife, well at least, at least it’s not your sister’s situation. Like, I don’t hunt like Jason Hunts. I don’t hunt like Jason Hunt. See why, why, why me? Why do I, because you, you guys think that those discussions don’t happen at my house and that only amplifies things. I have to get her, get it back to where we can live with each other again. Oh, she’s good one. That’s no, no question.

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They should be you dedicated a lot to, to her, her hunt this year. Oh yeah. You dedicated a lot to her hunt this year. 17 days hunting. Actual hunting mama with kids chicks still in the nest. Geez. That was brutal. Good man. Plus scouting, huh? Yeah, it was over a month and a half probably. Alright Jeff, well let’s talk about you. I don’t wanna talk about me ’cause I’m gonna get in trouble if I keep talking. There you go. So let’s, and it is the year of the point burn, isn’t it? Oh yeah. Like I, I thought about it and, and realistically I think I’m at 42 points that I burned this year altogether. Wow, that’s impressive. You add ’em up. Yeah, like if you add up all the points that I burned on everything this year. I think I was at 42, shit. And I’m like, what do you got to to show for sick? A little bit. Yeah, I got one. One. Why do you think of it that way? Well, geez, that’s brutal. Yeah, it is. Like Jason, how, how many points? I don’t wanna, I’m not gonna, I know this isn’t, I’m not gonna talk about what we burned. One tag is 24 points. Geez. Pretty soon you’re at 42. Really fast. Really fast. Yep. Oh, I burned Angie’s 20 points. I burned my wife’s 20 points this year. It was, it was intense. So very elk tag. Okay.

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And that was an elk tag. We have nothing to show for it. Well, I guess let’s talk about that before your elk tag. So you, she ended up basically going to kind of, I don’t know, donate it to a kid, whatever. I mean, she has to go with them obviously. Yes. And either one of them could kill. It’s kind of a unique situation here in Utah that you can do well and it was kind of a, you know, you’re, you’re trying not to manipulate the system too much in any kind of weird ways, but you, you know, you’re trying to get the most out of him. So, so my boy had two points. My wife had 20 points. I team them together. They draw together. Okay. This is my younger boy. This was planned though, Jeff. You this was planned. Yes. And that’s where father of the year comes in right there. Yeah. Well, yeah. This part of it. And so you, you burn 22 points right there. Right. And you get, and then you take the wife’s tag and you mentor that tag with my 17 barely, you know, June 19th birthday turns 18. Have to hurry up and get the, I mean, we pull it off. I, I I didn’t think you were gonna pull that one off. I didn’t think you pull, I was getting stressed because Utah’s just lackadaisical about getting those tags printed.

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But you have, they actually have to just push the button print before the tag number is assigned. But you gotta have the tag number to mentor it to the kid. Right. Okay. So, so you’re just waiting on somebody somewhere at some company to push the print button to be, to mentor number in time where your kid is still of age still 17. And you did that and had one day to spare. Yep. One day to spare. Then the other kid And then the other kid drew. Right? The other kid Drew. Yeah. So he had, he had two. So in other words, I got both my boys, my boys had up tax, you know. All right. But there’s still a lot of complications and you know, I got one kid playing football and the other kid at school. How about, how about, how about business? How about I need a couple of muzz loaders. Oh yeah. There needed a couple muzz. So I got, and they need to be twins, different loads tos for each one. Oh. And he did the same load pellets for one loose powder the other. And then he called us about the same scopes and this and that. Right. Everything. Yes. Yes. I was always taught, built these muzzle loaders. Perfectly identical. Yeah. The only difference that you can tell between the two is, is the one I put a black muzzle break on the other one.

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I put a matching muzzle break on. That’s the only way you can tell. And they shot good until they didn’t. Right. They shot good until they did. Well when you’re trying to put a cookie cutter load in both just one size fits all. I’ve, I’ve heard you can’t do that with muzzle loaders. It worked for him for a bit. Well, it works, it works good. You can hit a pie plate at 48 yards. Hey, it worked until it didn’t. Go ahead, Jeff. It worked until it didn’t. Yeah. So I don’t know if we want to rip off all the scabs. What do you mean? But, but we’re already there. But here I am, you know, like we’re, we’re two days into the hunt, you know, we’re bouncing around in the side by side. We, we pull the scope out and I heard something funny now, I think you guys even talked about this last Oh yeah, I, I talked about a sheep hunt that episode. We’re loading in the dark, loading our backpacks to pack in. This is not like Robinson grabs the dude’s gun grab. I, the, I grabbed the gun somehow. My, I don’t grab the scope. I grabbed it and it moved. And I’m like, did that really move? I move, moved again. I said, we’re done. We’re not taking this thing and luck.

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You know, we always bring another gun on our hunts in case you fall on the middle of a hunt or you fall coming off the mountain in the dark one night. You don’t have time to shoot it for the next day. But yeah. Anyway, continue your story. So that’s what I did. So in other words, like I bought these guns, I mean this strength from CVA, they came, they had the, they had the scope rails mounted on ’em. I thought, sweet, I’ve actually stripped out a barrel before, not being careful, like just over torquing. And so I’m just like, Hey, these are factory mounted. Leave them. You know? And, and then since I’ve talked to Devin, he’s like, oh no, no. You tear those things off and you do it right. Did it. And I’m, and I should have anyway, two days in, pull out the scope and I hear a little jiggle, like I hear ticking. And I’m like, what, what was that? And my kid’s like, I think my scope’s loose. Sure enough, man, that sucker is loose. And I’m like, you have got to be kidding you. So here we are in the middle of the hunt. Take the gun, tear it all down, like put it all back together. And then we had the matching one. And I’m like, Nope. Tear it all down. Put that one back together.

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Like, anyway, it cost us, you know, it probably cost ’cause it, it took me a day to, you know, get off the mountain, go get things sorted out. You had to kick, had to shift one kid here and, and wife here and everything. And anyway, it probably cost us a bowl, to be honest with you. ’cause you know, we lose you. Were down to one gun, we lose a kid for a day. All that, all that just, you know, everything that you don’t want to happen in the middle of the hunt, you know, of course it’s gonna happen in the middle of the hunt. And, and so anyway, but got both of I’m, I’m getting, and Angie and Jana are talking a little bit between the trips back and forth. Oh dude, it’s somewhat stressful in your relationship from what I heard. I don’t know what you heard. Well, no, it was stressful. It was stressful, you know. Well, here’s the thing about these, your, I’m dragging my wife up the mountain. That’s what I mean. You gotta legally, these men hunts Utah, they have to be there on the hunt. Yeah. They have to there, they have to be there. And it sounds good. And it, it’s gonna be quality family time. And when you draw the, you could’ve had three MZ quality family time. Really? You could had three muzzles. She could have been packing. Yeah, he’s pack. Yeah. You could have three. Yeah.

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Well, and, and so it sounds really good until your wife’s sitting on a mountain just with your son while you’re down fixing scopes. And she’s up there just hanging out with, she’s trying to fill judge a bull. Father-in-Law. You know, whoever else you’re, you’re scared that you’re gonna hear a shot in that direction. ’cause you who knows what Aw man, what She’s like, good thing we married tough women, Cutler. Oh shoot the bull now we’re done, we’re done tonight. Shoot that bull now. There’s just a lot to it. Luckily my dad was there and was able to kind of keep things sorted out. Like, well, I’m trying to fix stuff, put stuff together, ship kids here and there. Try to keep life salvaged. And anyway, what did you stay in? How did you, what’d you lodge? What were you lodged in? Oh dude, we were, my an easy gesture chef. Jeff is very simple. Where, where you standing? When an, when Angie, when my wife wasn’t there, we were stay, we’d just stay in the camp trailer. But there’s a couple issues with the camp trailer. We’ve had, you know, mice, few issues, you know, so we, we, we drove when she was there, we were driving to freaking an hour and a half to town to stay in a hotel. Oh my. Okay. Yeah. Well we gotta take care of mama. Three hours, drive time and summer hours. There’s no, there’s no dark.

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It’s all light. Yeah, it’s, well, yeah. And it was just, it was a grind. Lots of early mornings. Luckily she was a trooper. She pulled through like, like she actually did better than I thought. I think she saved the, the complaints hopefully for her sister. And not for, I didn’t hear a lot of, I didn’t, I didn’t hear a lot of that. But it was possible that it, it was possible that you might’ve been home and then gonna be headed back down. And there was a little, you know, anxiety y Yeah, there was a lot of that. There was a lot of that there, there. And she, she pulled through like not many complaints. And so anyway, but okay, so, you know, we go through and we burnt, burnt the tags. You know, we had a couple opportunities at smaller bulls. But you know, when, when these kids see these big, like good animals, like, like they’re not like me. When I was a kid, I was just throwing lead at stuff. Like I, I just, all these kids are looking for eye guards and brow tins and stuff. Yeah. It’s got a broke gwan. That’s all he’s got. He’s got short beans. He’s a 300 inch bull. And my kid’s looking at it like, I ain’t gonna shoot that piece of crap. And I’m like, he looks spindly. He looks a little spindly that I think we’re gonna look around for a minute. I know.

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And you know, 140 yards standing there broadside. And it’s like, you, like, I don’t know. But, but I mean, I’m fine with it. They’re, they’re picky. They’re proud of what they kill when they kill it. So I guess, I guess we just roll out, wait, you know, wait for another 22 points to come around. Wink. Yep. Yeah. That’ll be your grandkid. The next mentor, mentor program. Be a grandkid. Next elk meat. You taste will be from the grandkid. But, but you know, like, I get it, I get it. I, I do it myself sometimes. And you know, and that leads us to the next talk, you know? Yeah. Jeff, there’s been nobody, there’s nobody like you that can pass stuff and wait till the very end. You’re sheep here in Utah. I mean, I don’t know. You’ve been, it’s impressive how long you can go. Well, and so, you know that, and that’s always in the back of your mind because I’ve got some, I mean, even 2012 till now is still too fresh on some of these scabs. I swear they, those wounds are still hurting. Man. From who? From Angie? Or, or, or you from cer, certain tags I drew and then in Kill. Oh, Henry’s Jason. I, he’s gonna need a transfusion pretty quick. I’m just throwing some stuff out there. I don’t dunno where he is going with it. Trying to be a good host. There you go.

00:25:25:14 –> 00:26:38:04
So, so you know, like, so we come to the next elk hunt, which was, you know, Nevada. And I’m telling you, I guess I gotta think about it this way. You got a lot of people listening. Nevada sucks. Nobody wants to ever draw there. It’s horrible. Don’t go. It’s cold. It’s cold Now that, that’s outta the way That Huh? Nevada is freaking awesome. Amazing. Geez, geez. Just, there’s not many people like scouting. There’s nobody, like, you’re driving around for a day and you no, if you, you better have supplies in the truck. If you don’t have some major plugs for the tires that Devin goes through. I mean, who’s coming? Devin, if you’re not self-sufficient, you’re not getting in trouble, man. But I, that’s part of why I like it out there too. Yeah. You can always rely on a ranch or grab, see some, see buddy, they’re nice to you, right, Jeff? For the most part. Yeah. Yeah. They are. You know, people weren’t too bad. I, I liked the ranchers. Like they were, they’re pretty good meat. There’s some people though that are running from things that are out there. Yeah. Especially, well, you don’t go in the, you don’t go knock on the wrong door, that’s for sure. Mean. Well anyway, so anyway, like there, there’s plenty of people that you probably, there’s a reason why they live out in the middle of nowhere by themselves with nobody around them.

00:26:38:05 –> 00:27:50:15
Like they, there’s probably a good reason for that. You probably don’t, they probably don’t wanna talk to you. No. But, but anyway. No, no, it was awesome. There’s, there’s lots of critters. Like, so you had an elk tag, late season elk tag. You’re late season, you’re, you’re sending some bulls our way here and there getting people’s opinion. Deon’s helping with a few areas. I mean, anyway, Devin loaded me up. It was awesome. But like, like yes, I did pick on you guys a little bit, you know? That’s cool. Yeah. The, the problem is, is when you start to look at lots of animals and you’re like, you start going blind a little bit. Yeah. You know, you’re like, what is this thing really like, like look at this with me and make sure my brain’s working right. You know, gotta get your membership dues worth, you know, that’s what we’re here for. There you go. You got a hundred dollars outta Devin right there. 150 bucks right there. I got, I got plenty out of both of you. But, but, but anyway, it was fun, man. Lots of bulls. There’s a reason why you apply and build points in these states because, you know, sometimes you luck out and I’ll tell you, I mean, I don’t know what the draws, I think I had less than 5% draw odds. Even with 16 points.

00:27:50:22 –> 00:29:01:00
I, there’s just no, there, there’s, there’s a reason why you build and build and build and build and then get lucky and go and, and once again comes back to your guys’ theory on points and states. It’s nice to have a variety. It’s nice, you know, where you can get lucky and all that. ’cause it’s a fun hunt. Lots of bulls, lots of broken bulls. I mean, I probably sent you guys a few pictures of them, you know, like bulls with busted main beams that, you know, one side’s gonna be a 360, 365 bull. The other side is snapped off halfway up the main beam. You know what I mean? Yeah. Lots of cool stuff like that, you know, and you just don’t wanna shoot a spike by six if you can help it, but no, no. You know, so you gotta be somewhat picky. Yeah. So we ground through it and looked at a lot of, I mean, had a couple guys come help me out, you know, looked through a lot of bulls. Yeah. A lot of bulls, you know, 15 to 30 bulls a day and, and you know, a lot of ’em knew bulls every day. Geez. Different areas. That’s a lot of game. It’s a lot of game. You just, it’s hard to, it’s hard to believe that you’re really looking at that many new critters every day.

00:29:02:19 –> 00:30:16:23
But it, it was fantastic, you know, and then I found myself truly doing what I did in 2012 where you see a lot of animals and you just haven’t seen that perfect one. And I find myself just picking every animal apart, oh man, these all, all these bulls got weak bags. I can’t find a bull with weak bags. Then you find one with good bags and you’re like, oh, that bull’s got 10 inch fronts. I mean, what the heck? You know? And then you’re just picking every animal apart. You know, it just gets there where you’re just kind of Yeah. Yeah. You know, and eventually you gotta make a decision and pull a trigger. ’cause and, and ’cause why Jeff? Because why? It was like a, why, why did the hunt have to come to an end? ’cause it was time to, for the hunt to come to the end. That’s all I’m gonna say. When the retainer’s been paid, you know what’s next? You’re like, they’re gonna start making draws on that, on that retainer. Yes. They’re gonna start making their money, you know, so at some point they spend more than the retainer. So. Yep. And so it was like, hey, you know, I went home, I grabbed my kid. I had, I’d seen this bull a couple times. I grabbed my kid and, and it was as good a bull really. He was put together. He’s just a bull. Yeah. Awesome bull.

00:30:17:02 –> 00:31:19:29
But you wanted to hunt a while too, just case it turned up something. Yeah, that’s right. Really exceptional. Right. And we’re getting down to it. I mean, there was a few days left of the hunt, so, you know, there was still plenty of hunting I could have done, but Yeah. But you know, I mean, when you got, when it’s the best bull you’ve seen. Yep. Like really it’s the best bull you’ve seen. You probably oughta kill it. Yep. You know? That’s right. So, so, and it worked out. Killed him and you know, he was a little bit bigger once we got on the ground than I thought he was probably so even better news, you know? That’s awesome. It just worked out great fun hun. And Cason was with you, was it Cason that was with you? Yeah. Yep. I grabbed Cason. ’cause the guy had to have, you know, your oldest, it’s nice to have a spotter, you know? What do you A spotter. He was a packer. Come on down, you’re going to kill an elk. Similar, similar to my job with Wyatt. There you go. You’re going there to kill an elk. And ah, I don’t wanna be alone. We try not to swear on this podcast, but I was the pack mule. You go. It’s no fun to carry out a deer by yourself. It’s nice to have one other guy to put. That’s right. Right, right. It’s good.

00:31:19:29 –> 00:32:24:03
But no, it was super fun man. That, that, that hunt’s a good hunt. That’s awesome. I highly recommend Well, love it. Hard to have many bad outcomes in Nevada. There’s a couple fringe ones, but 90% plus of them are legitimate elk hunts. They’re pretty conservative on elk tags overall in Nevada. That’s why you get one or maybe two in a life, is it? Yeah. But it’s like they say they like to produce a quality product. Yeah. And I mean they, they look at it as a product. You know? How awesome. Doing a great job. So Jeff, Jeff, what do you, how much of Thanksgiving dinner do you have to prepare this year? Is there any dude really? Nobody wants to eat when I’m cooking, like for Thanksgiving dinner, like I don’t mind cooking out if we’re camping or something like that. What do you mean? Yeah, we’ve had you in camp. You’re freaking awesome. I mean, you could, I mean, I don’t know if you have a food handler’s permit, but I’d pay it a couple. Put on a hair net and wash your hands anytime. Yeah. Come on, come on now. Hey, you’ve never, you’ve never eaten a pie that I’ve made. I guarantee you that and you won’t be. Well, I’m not much used to. Those are easier to buy some pastries and things. Yes. But pastry and a coke.

00:32:24:08 –> 00:33:39:05
You gimme a Dutch oven and a camp chef and we’re gonna eat, we’re probably gonna eat pretty good. But, so what are your Thanksgiving obligations as a husband and father? We’re just kind of wondering what people’s jobs are. I’m gonna talk to Wyatt about his jobs and Devin, what’s it Now I’m gonna highly suggest this. I I, and I didn’t necessarily plan this out perfectly, but it worked out perfectly. So we got a little trip planned here in another week. We’re going to Hawaii. Oh. And mama’s, my anniversary was in August and we went to Florida and I’m like, I get to envelope this hunting season between these two perfect vacations. Okay. That, that I’m hoping erases everything in between. Right. I’m just, I’m hoping it becomes a void between, between point A point B. Jeff, you’re, what you’re doing right is you’re, don’t they? They say elephants have good memories or something like that. They have nothing on women. Yeah. But you’re doing it right. The last thing of the year is not one of your hunts. It’s taking her to Hawaii. It’s so good. That’s the right way. It doesn’t hurt. Let way that taste will linger for hopefully the rest of the winter until you want to go Turkey and bear hunt next spring. Yeah. You know, and every time she brings up I’m gonna bring up Hawaii. That’s, that’s what I’m doing. So. Well. Well that’s awesome. You know, should be good.

00:33:39:21 –> 00:34:54:05
But yeah. What else you got on the docket today? That’s what we were wondering about Your 2023 application and hunting plans. You got anything fun? You’re kind of thinking about year? Well I’ve already, I’ve kind of hit you up about the one Utah hunt and I’m just kind of wondering what that’s gonna turn into. I’ve, I’ve bugged you a little bit and anyway, I can’t even remember. Remember? I can’t even remember. No, it’s kind of a weird October 1st date. Like elk tag. Oh, well anyway, assuming you mean assuming some of these new changes get passed, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m not tracking what you’re keeping track. Yeah. Keep tracking. But yeah, that we’ll, we’ll see. We’ll see. I might go out cutting again. I might burn my points. Oh, all. I don’t know. We’re debating. We have talked, well poor debate, a lot of potential changes here in Utah for next year’s season. Structure on out. A lot of options. Yeah. Lots of potential options. So yeah, I’m a little worried about it so might be time to use them, but Yeah. Yeah. Burn ’em. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. What have you heard on Wyoming? Is it, are we gonna stick with our current allocations for Deere elk? Yeah, for this year at least. I imagine this year that’s not gonna end though. That talks gonna, talks are gonna continue.

00:34:54:08 –> 00:36:11:29
It’s always gonna, I think the outfitter tags and things like that are up for major discussion. But I think, or just percentage not, you know, percentage cuts. But I’d, I’d use them. Especially if they’re having mild winners for general, Jeff, we don’t wanna talk about Wyoming elk yet. We’ve already kind of, we’re fielding some calls and man, I don’t know, between Colorado deer and Wyoming elk. I’m not sure how many I I mean very close to Idaho general stuff going on right now too. Yeah. Jeff, are you gonna December 1st, come around? Are you gonna be getting your general tag? I don’t even wanna think about it. I’ll be, I think I’m gonna be in Hawaii maybe. I don’t know. That’ll be interesting. They have internet down there. Internet connection. Yeah, they have internet down there. So Wyatt, let’s talk about, so, well anyway, I don’t want it, I gotta deal with Wyatt every single day, so I don’t wanna say much. Hey Wyatt, be be on it. I promise you Wyatt will be on it. I know. I’m just wondering if his, if his wife is as supportive of his internet addiction to getting turned back tags as he, you know, you know, we should all just make a plan to blow up Wyatt’s phone like at like 1159 ish and just, just keep ringing through, make sure he is got some distractions so he is not too quick on the drop. You can’t beat Wyatt.

00:36:13:04 –> 00:37:26:15
No, he’s good at what he does. I’m not gonna lie. He is good at what he does. Okay. Heck yeah. All right. Well, sounds good Jeff. Okay guys. Okay, sounds good. Alright, well pretty good. Good luck with that retainer. He might wanna throw a little few more bucks at it. Right here. There you go. All sounds good. Alright. Catch you later. Yeah. Bye. Oh boy. Well I like the technique. We call it the Jeff John technique. You why sandwich your hunts in between two vacations for your wife? Geez. They’re significant Vacations could get expensive. They said the Florida vacation was unbelievable. Really? It was awesome. Yeah, so, well I sent my wife and daughters to Florida last spring. Not me. That’s that’s what I do. So is that good or bad? You know, it’d really be bad if dad was here and really, well they spent time. They say that, but they still had a great time. But they enjoyed your credit card. Well that’s the Bronson technique that was sent without you. Well yeah, it was to like mainly Disney World. So it was like, yeah, go Tell me how that is. Just tell me. I’ll believe you when you come out. Seems like they’ll tell you some forward vacations too without you Oh yeah, there was France. I sorry John. You, you know, but I just, I don’t have any, I don’t have any desire to go to Europe.

00:37:26:16 –> 00:38:34:09
Don’t, not one, I don’t wanna leave the states. No. So I just, yeah. That I, I really don’t wanna leave the states. I set my mom with my wife and daughters to that one. Such a good guy. Good memory Jason. Such a good guy. Well hey, they’re making memories right? But some of my memories people aren’t so glad I remember but whatever. Well, I guess what we talk about you, I just say my wife, she brings up a trip and I just convince her that’d be much better off as a girls’ trip. You girls I’d head down there. That’d be, that’d be fun. But Wyatt does a lot. I’d hate he does a lot of concerts and smiling and waving. I would hate to get in the way of your fun with the girls. Right? Exactly. Yeah. I feel like I’m a burden. Let her let her go do her thing. No, you want to go, you know, on Alaska cruise for your birthday. I’m in. We did that. I want, I’m I’m going be doing that hopefully. But that she picked that one. Literally I had no involvement. That’s what her, no, I think you’re trying to sell some optics to some people looking at mountain goats. Oh, oh we did. Yeah. We were on the top deck. Freaking glass and goats. It was awesome. And El pure. Yeah. Well and then that was another trip. Yeah.

00:38:34:12 –> 00:39:39:25
We were looking at stuff on land another time and phone scoping. Plug out to phone scope. It didn’t phone scope, it didn’t happen. Be, yeah, we were phone scoping goats and bears up there and we had tourists coming by. Just were blown away that, you know, ’cause all they gotta watch is your phone on the back. They don’t even need to get down and look through your scope. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Yeah. Could’ve made some cells there. Set up the kiosk outta the back of my U-Haul. You gotta talk to more more people, huh? I hate talking to people. Well, yeah, but if they want to give you money, especially the foreigners, the foreigners that don’t know how to speak English, you’d be like, they spoke English, but they were, oh these are very nice. You know, Mr. Bro, they very nice. Well they like, okay, can I buy them gold? Yeah, you need $5,000 to buy this set. And they’d be like, oh, that’s all here. Maybe these people make real money. Bronson, some of them, but, but most people, if you don’t have Aki 90 Hunter Biden’s kept them. Well. Alright, well anyway, well we’ll just finish, plug out for phone scope. But it was awesome. It was great. You know, and good Christmas idea too, coming up for somebody. If you’re getting them a new iPhone, it’s somebody in your family or a new whatever phone.

00:39:39:29 –> 00:40:48:19
I shouldn’t just be, Hey, w loves the iPhone. Shouldn’t just be Apple, you know, plugging. ’cause Apple doesn’t pay any our bills, sir. It could be Android, but hey, get ’em a new phone scope. Check them [email protected]. P-H-O-N-E-S-K oe SKOP Phone Yeah, they do have the the iPhone 14 cases. I need a new phone. Yeah, I I do too. I’m sick of mine. I it. Yeah, it’s just time. I’m mine. Maybe 10. Mine’s 10 Maybe We all go Android this time. Come on. Idea, idea. Let’s just start the new group message. Come on, all go Android this time. It’s not a bad idea. Not gonna happen you guys. I don’t think the government and China can dive into Android is easy, right? Supposedly. No, it’s way easier. What if you we’re, what what? Deep dark websites. Logan, tell me. It’s way easier to get into an Android phone than it is an Apple phone. It is. Oh, a hundred percent little. How do you know? A little bit. He knows everything. I got a new Hey Jason, what Deep Logan places on the internet you play. I need a new computer. And guess what? Guess what? Because of Logan, I got a gamer’s computer. Okay. I don’t game. I don’t game, but he’s like, dude, the fan is beefy. I can understand that. I can picture the fan being b, it just keeps it cool and calm and cool.

00:40:48:19 –> 00:41:55:28
What other good things about gaming? Computers. It’s just made to be worked on. Like the keyboards are so much more durable. And I’ve heard you type before Clopping away. So you need, we’re gonna become inve heard. He’s gonna be playing like Zelda Warcraft come, they got, they got some really new games. Those are our age games. But there’s ones game, something like that. Gamers jealous of video games. Gamers would be jealous of my computer. And all I do is build a magazine off it. But anyway, when I sent the link to John, I did put two in the cart. He caught it and reduced it to one. So I didn’t get a new laptop. There’s no one of these thing, these lights and remote controls. So anyway. Logan, what, tell us real quick about iPhone versus Android. I wanna know this stuff real quick. How do you know it’s way easier? What, what do you know? Apple has basically an unbreachable firewall in their system. Not even Apple. People can get into your Apple phone without your password and stuff, which is why cops and people struggle getting their right. If you remember that big case a few years ago when they wanted information off of a somebody who committed a crime, their phone and Steve Jobs said, if I gave you that information, I’d have to basically build a virus that could crack the Apple’s firewall. And I’m not gonna do that.

00:41:56:12 –> 00:43:06:25
Android is an open, open source system, so you can put whatever you want on an Android phone. Jason, I have a question for you. Where do you hang out in the dark hours at night? I’m hear this rumors of phones and tracing and hacking into phones. Where do you hang out? It happens. Well, no, I, you’ve, you’ve talked about things you’ve heard about, about Fox News. Have you ever watched, I mean, have you ever looked at Newsmax on Instagram? Don’t, but then if you don’t have, everything I see on Instagram is true. If you have an iPhone, then you get TikTok and have that. It doesn’t matter anyways. Right. Because I don’t have to talk. You’re just giving them I know, but I’m saying if you did, yeah, it cancels it all out. You’re letting everybody quiet. Has TikTok, have you seen some of his, his dancing videos have come on. What’s your name on there? I I have no TikTok and no desire to ever even look at a TikTok. I I hate to break it to you. Epic Outdoors has quite the presence on TikTok. So you’re all on TikTok. Thanks Logan. You’re welcome. So China can hack into Epic. Well, I don’t know about that. It’s on my phone, so I’m the only one that’s toast. We, Steve Jobs saving us. Okay. Whatever. I love it. Okay. Sounds good. Well, we got that out of the way. Hmm.

00:43:07:09 –> 00:44:10:09
Okay, let’s dive into Colorado, huh? Yeah, everybody’s over there. People, were over there. People are now finishing up fourth season, getting ready to start tomorrow. Today is Tuesday. Starts on Wednesday, goes through Sunday. Been a cold year, not just in, man, it’s been cold. It was. We’ve had weather, but we’ve also just had cold, cold weather and it kind of started off with a bang, like it seemed like second season there was some Oh yeah. They had some good storms. Pretty decent bucks taken considering not, not a time. Yeah, no, they did. They, they got off to a good start. It was the end of October. Open of the general deer hunt was brutally cold and snowy. Remember here in Utah? Yeah. Yes. Hit Colorado and it really hasn’t warmed up since. I mean, it’s been cold. I’d say it was almost perfect mule deer hunting weather over there. I mean, it was just cold. Those deer were on their feet all day moving around. It was fun. Yeah. Yeah, it was. I thought what was fun was we didn’t have to leave the truck wide if we didn’t need to. No, we, we did not. John, talk about John had a similar experience too. Didn’t he didn’t have some rocks. And so Jason, if he could get on that rock and be my eye in the sky, it’d be great.

00:44:10:16 –> 00:45:14:09
Hey, one time I needed to go to town to buy an over the counter oak tech. Okay. He’s, and I went and came back to my post and Wyatt never knew I was gone. Really? Hey. I did spend the first day out in the cold. 90% of it though. He did. I watched him. I glass him. Yeah. Out glass. Oh. I came into town and Wyatt told me where to go and I glanced him out there on his perch. Yeah. Good. Jason, he text me, he says, as soon as I put this last chair away, I’m gonna start driving from the wedding reception. Oh yeah, you married, that happened. That’s right. That was, yeah, my kid got married and then I the night before and Yep, that’s right. And the night before it started and then I that’s de right there the morning and I rolled into town and Wyatt, Wyatt had seen a great buck. Yeah. We’d already turned up a, a good deer. I guess we can go into kind of the story. Go ahead. I turned up a pretty, pretty good deer. Had some, some cool extras right there. Rutten Dough was pretty hard. Figured he wouldn’t go anywhere. So little did we know it was gonna be the biggest buck that Gunnison had ever seen. I don’t know that it was that big, but for the, for the year, it felt it’s was he was a local legend. Huh?

00:45:14:14 –> 00:46:13:23
Such a tough hunt in regards to the amount of trophy bucks available. Yeah. That it was, it turned out it was a significant deer. Right. Yeah. We saw a lot of average quality type deer probably. Yeah. But that next level type stuff was, was pretty hard to turn up. So anyways, we, I said we saw a good number of 1 50, 1 60 bucks. Like there was, there was a couple of bucks. I was like, that’s a nice buck. Yeah. You know, just not the next level. Yeah. Just not that, that kind of next level more that we kind of kinda hoped for. But anyways, on that, that day we turned him up the night for the hunt. He was chasing doze, figured, hey, he’ll be right there in the morning if we want to go back and look at him or we go back and kill him. So we go back the next morning and that deer is nowhere to be found. Right. I spend all morning just glass and staring into that country, turning it apart. Typical migration, walk and look for those. We start walking through that country trying to figure it out, get to high points glass and actually kind of a cool story that morning, two, four points came in and, and kind of took over his d so know you figured he’s either off with one dough or maybe he left the whole country. Yeah. Maybe.

00:46:13:23 –> 00:47:14:15
Maybe he’s gone and these two, four points move in, take over the D and anyways, the towards, you know, later in the day I’d kind of worked my way up to a, a very high elevation point and was glassing down into that valley and glass up a another group of hunters or two hunters putting a stock on one of those four points. And I was across the way. I didn’t get to see the, I didn’t have ’em right under me like you did. Yeah. I was probably, what, two miles wide? Yeah, you were, you were away looking all the way back across. Yeah. And then seeing other hunters. If there was stacks of hunters actually LA layers. Yeah. There was no shortage of hunters in, in the area. But anyways, those two hunters got on that four point and got in there and they got it killed. And as before they made the final crest of the ridge, they drop their backpacks, a bunch of gear there, so they shoot the buck, do a little celebration and they go back to get their backpacks. And as they’re going back to get their backpacks, another buck gets up about a hundred yards away, actually. Bigger buck. Yeah. Nicer. Four point gets up and walks over to the buck they had just killed and just starts beating the crap out. Yes. Raking him. Just, yeah. Just going to town, just fighting him.

00:47:14:15 –> 00:48:16:23
Like he’s, he’s alive, but he’s, he’s laying there dead. And I, I think the buck probably thought he killed the buck. I, he’s betted and I just killed him. Yeah. He he gets up and Mulder is stupid. Yeah. He just starts attacking this deer. And anyways, those guys, they come back over the top of the ridge and the, that deer is standing there over the top of their deer and you, and you’re thinking they’re gonna pile this deer. Yeah. This could be a disaster. Like, like I’m gonna turn somebody in. Hopefully they realize that’s a different deer. And sure enough, they did realize that’s a different deer and they just keep walking, you know, down to their down deer. And they get all the way to their down deer and they are standing 10 feet from this deer, and it is still standing over their posturing. Their dead deer just postured up. I I can see ’em at that point. Take their cell phones out. There’s somebody out there with some pretty cool footage of this. Yeah. ’cause they take their cell phones out and they’re filming this other deer just looking out, standing over their dead deer. Geez. And eventually, you know, like it probably, you know, 15 minutes of them just kind of filming the deer face off kind of deal. Throwing rocks maybe. Yeah. The deer, probably white tail hunters saying, see George, I told you these mul deer are stupid.

00:48:17:24 –> 00:49:22:00
Whitetail are amazing. These mul deer are stupid. These guys that killed big deer, just, they think they really got something. Look at this. Probably exactly what went down there. But anyway, so they, they finally pushed that deer off, but he doesn’t leave. He goes like 20 yards and just starts trashing bushes. So these guys are taking kill photos of their deer. And we got some phone scope footage of this. They’re, they’re taking kill photos of their deer and this other deer’s just standing there just trashing breaking brush. Photo bombing. Yeah, photo bombing. It’s crazy. Trashing bushes all, all the way around this’s. It’s a pretty awesome video. Yeah, it was, it was a pretty wild deal. And then probably it finished, they finished the whole butcher process and he still hung around right there. Yeah. So I had to, I had to actually go back by him to get, to get out there. So I’d walked off the high point, got back in the truck, went back by ’em, and if you look at our two different videos, it’s, it’s like two and a half hour difference. They’re still quartering up that buck and the, the live deer still just standing there walking around them. Like, it’s probably like, come at me. I wonder if after they left, they went up to the pile of carcass and still started goring. That thing. It made you wonder. Yeah. I, I wonder what, what went down there?

00:49:22:05 –> 00:50:23:09
I mean, I went, I I did look there the next day and, and there was no, no carcass, no buck. He, he, he, he was no there no longer there. Yeah. He, he wasn’t standing similar to the non-Typical he moved on the next day. Yeah. That, that non-typical. He ended up getting killed. What’s we figured seven miles away, by the way, the crow front, you know how we tease Wyatt about knowing everything? How does Wyatt end up with the kill photo of the buck We watched in a place we’ve never really been, just knew somebody over there in Gunison and they ended up firing me a photo. So how did that happen? Wyatt? Here’s, I just got sent the photo of the buck. You were looking for Buck, looking for some kid holding it not to be man. Yeah, sure. But so you had to, so you found out that deer was dead and then had to move on. Yeah. Then, then moved on and, and as luck would have it, we were ending actually driving up to try another area. And a buckle basically walked across the road in front of us, just in an area we could not hunt. That was you and spare. Yeah. I’m off looking at Vince Barry. I’m off looking at over the counter bulls. Yeah. Strolled across the road in front of us in an area we couldn’t hunt. Actually walked by us at like seven yards. Wasn’t, geez.

00:50:23:14 –> 00:51:24:28
Well you sent the picture I got, I could tell was not phone scope. Yeah, that was straight out the straight camera. Straight iPhone. Why not? Not a bad pitcher. Yeah. Straight out the truck window. There was some heat waves from the heater inside the truck and the heater didn’t get turned off. I mean, the heater was on the whole entire hunt. So mean it was cranked. But yeah, we decided if we got a chance at that buck we would, would hunt. And there, with the migration and everything headed kind of south, we, we figured he might work that way. He just looks at you. That sucker just looks at you, you know? Yeah. He, he had a really, really impressive head on big old long G twos. Tall box, tall, boxy buck. And like, like I said, we figured with the migration, he’d, he’d work his way through eventually. So we, we sat up on top of the ridge all, all that day and had another buck, another nice four point come out. But never, never had him come out. So we, I was running Wyatt’s sitting up on post and I’m running around the base in case he did move. Yeah. There was, there was only one other way. I figured he could’ve, could’ve got bias and Jason kind of had that covered. So we just kept working it and working it and then it got dark.

00:51:25:19 –> 00:52:25:13
So the next morning we decided to give it one more, one more shot, just kind of a real quick morning morning look and see what was gonna take place. And rolled out on the point and started g glassing and Jason rolled out on another point kind of little bit to the south of us there and, and started g glassing to a different canyon and there was nothing. Yeah. Really. I mean there was some dough without a buck like it appeared anyway, pretty, pretty slow morning. But I’d been sitting there about 45 minutes maybe, maybe an hour. And I glassed up a buck bringing some dough up over the top of the ridge. Smaller buck. Probably the same four point from the day before. Brought ’em up over the ridge and as he brought the dough up over the ridge, he just locked up the brakes. The D continued on and he just locked up the brakes. And I’m like, ah, that’s kind of kind of weird. He’s not gonna follow his doze down into this draw. Do come down into the draw. And they’re just feeding around working. And I’ve got the point to where I’m glassing everything else. I’m glassing the neighboring unit. I’m glassing the quake. He behind me. I’m, I’m about done with it for the morning. Just ready to about move on and just look back at the do.

00:52:25:15 –> 00:53:24:09
And here comes the buck from yesterday, just bringing the doze up the ridge to me. I was able to, you know, slip down a couple, I dunno, 50, 60 yards down off the edge and, and get a good rest and, and kill him in front of some other hunters. Yeah. In front of some other hunters. Yeah. Meaning in front of ’em. They, if they looked over, they’d have seen you prone, laid out, but they didn’t even know the difference. Yeah, they, they’d worked out on another knob there, but they ended up, luck would have it. They were glass in the other direction. They probably would’ve saw the buck before me. That’s just Colorado. You’re on top of each other. Better angle and how, I mean so many deer. It’s just crazy. So ended up taking a 270 yard shot and killing the buck right there. So Jason kind of moved on and went and looked at some other bucks and had to call him to come back over there. Well I called. He goes, ha ha I killed him. I smoked him, I smoked him. I’m like, what? Nice. What? I like those calls. It was was it was still in, still in the heat of the moment. I had to run back to the truck. I’d left my cell phone in the truck. So I had to, I’ve never seen white without a 50 yards uphill. Yeah.

00:53:24:09 –> 00:54:22:07
I had had to run 50 yards a holiday. I saw a nice buck. It was actually, what, what was I probably, let’s call it three quarters of a mile aerial from you. By this point. I’m like, Hey, you stay here. I’m gonna go look for deer. I’m gonna, I mean somebody’s gotta go look for deer ’cause who knows where this buck is And seen a couple of nice bucks anyway. And then Wyatt calls and I’m like, no kidding. He’s like, yeah, get up there. That was your new rifle too, right? Yeah, new new rifle. We’d actually, we took office vacation or field trip I guess. Yeah, well it was off, right? It was, yeah. And I was shooting high just before, so I was gonna take my other rifle and he’s like, I’m gonna take my other rifle. I said, Wyatt, get in the truck. Like let’s go. Truth, this thing. Those were freshly painted targets as well. Yes. So because I painted ’em that morning. Yeah. But then you didn’t paint ’em after you got done. So we painted ’em when we got there, only shot like five times. So we, we made a quick trip out there to, to paint the targets and, and shot shot. And it actually shot really well. Adjusted it. So adjusted it and took it out there. Changed the zero and it was sick. Yeah. I mean it went, oh, he shot 840. It was sick.

00:54:22:07 –> 00:55:35:04
When you get that, it’s fun to go take to gunfield. It’s like bring it on. Yeah, that’s exactly it. And then I had to dial all of 0.75 MOA to pick out that box. So like, that’s one thing about the new age hunting. He’s 270 yards. Kill it. Yeah, just kill it. But we don’t think that we’re like, oh, it’s 223 yards. I better dial two clicked. I better click here. I’m give it and a half quarter m mo a of windage people. I guarantee you people have lost animals trying to figure out what to dial at 223 yards. It’s kind sided in. It’s kind like when zero out, when your bow hunting in a deer feeds out at 22 yards. It’s in your mind. You have, I could range find that. It’s in your mind. I think it’s good. It’s intuitive, but it’s just, it costs you time. Just kill it. Tough pin it. It’s 223 yards, 270 yards. Kill it. I mean, but anyway. Good stuff. That’s awesome. Tough tough year. Overall I, in other neighboring units spent, I, I spent money on an over the counter elk tag. Well why? Well, I saw, I saw decent bull. Yeah. I saw good enough bull to bottle go buy a tag. I don’t know what that means, but I saw a giant Bronson. Whoa. The G word got dropped. I did see a giant, I told you. I know.

00:55:35:09 –> 00:56:41:04
I’m just didn’t know you’re gonna tell the whole world right now. Well, I don’t care. I don’t care. It’s over the counter. You’re gonna go, you’re gonna go beat 102 hundred people on the same hillside. What do you mean that’s conservative? That’s probably four or 500 because, so I go to Walmart, I go to Walmart. Don’t ever go to Walmart to get your tag. But I go to Walmart and I’m like, Hey, I’m gonna get a tag because I, I could have killed this bull. And they don’t, their printer doesn’t work. This guy doesn’t know how to check me out. 14 layers or you know, he’s, he’s not even a hunter, which is fine, but the system, I’m like, this system. I’m like, he, he was, you gotta tag in your account, but you, we can’t print it so you gotta wait for tomorrow. This was evening. Yeah. This was when the game and fish wasn’t even open. Yeah, I was gonna say this was either Friday or Saturday. It’d have to be Sunday, Saturday or Sunday. One of them. And they’re not even open, like everything’s locked down. And he’s like, you’re gonna have to wait till tomorrow. I’m like, the Bull’s walking right now. What do you mean? You know, I’m, I’m going to anyway. And it was the most frustrating situation to ever Didn’t even buy it. Right. He says, it’s in your account, but I can’t, I can’t do anything with it.

00:56:41:11 –> 00:57:34:00
You gotta see game and fish. I’m like, you put up I’m ring. You were gonna ring me up a quantity of one. You know, like ring me. Did you think you go to another agent in town? Oh I did. Oh, okay. Yeah. He says, yeah, go down to these other people. They know what they’re doing and they could. I’m like, okay. She goes, can’t even see it. Like I can’t even see, okay, start over and just sell me out town. No, can’t do that because you have one. What do you mean? It said you had one in your cart, you’ve got one, you’ve got one. She goes, you’ve already hunted oak. I’m like, no I haven’t. She’s like, I said, it’s, he says it’s in there. He just couldn’t print it and couldn’t charge me for it and couldn’t consummate the deal. And he said you could fix it. And she’s like, I can’t fix it. She’s like, I’ve heard this story before. Which luckily what? We smashed your buck, right? Yeah. I think it was that next morning, which is great. It’s a plan anyway. And I’m like, but then you round down. But I’m like, yeah. So then I go into Game and Fish and she goes, yeah, oh yeah, it just says here, didn’t print. I’ll just print it out for you. No problem. We can she hands you the tag.

00:57:34:13 –> 00:58:44:23
She would’ve, she well she never basically then I said, does it say say that I paid for it? She goes, well yeah. I’m like, nah, I didn’t. So she was gonna hand you the tag. You could’ve walked out. But of course you didn’t do that. ’cause because I’m a good guy. It’s wrong and it’s not gonna get be good karma. But having said that, that was mistake. I shouldn’t even have printed. I should’ve just drove home or helped John. Because have you ever went back and tried to find an over-The-counter bull that was on the run from somebody else chasing me some somebody else, or a lot of somebody else’s. You got try. I don’t think they ever saw him. I don’t think anybody ever saw him. But it was, it was long distance class and most people are just kind of posted up, you know, which we sometimes you post up like Wyatt posted up his buck, never left this grove of trees. Like sometimes you do that. But anyway, you’re one of the few guys glassing and anyway, this, this bull is a giant freaking wel tail, giant wel tail shoot him anywhere. Huge fours built, not broken, like shoot him anywhere. Any tag. I was just, I was shocked. And then I’ve seen some over the counter bulls. Somewhat impressive. Really? But I know. What are you saying? No. Are you saying something about what you’re gonna do next year in Colorado? No.

00:58:44:23 –> 00:59:48:28
I mean it’s an, I almost almost thought you were going down that road. It’s always an option. But I, I want see that. Well just gonna buy one in August. Hey somebody paid $700. And I’m just saying it was a waste. I I just, I, I learned another lesson. This one of those knee-jerk things. If you have a tag, kill it. If you don’t have a tag, don’t go get a tag thinking you’re gonna go back and kill it. ’cause it’s not gonna happen. It’s like what I donated to Colorado Parks and Wildlife probably parks is where the money went. Yeah, you’re probably that $700 probably probably went to the parks that 700 went to Wolf, went to buy radio call for wolves for the Wol. We went to the wolf free introduction and it’s just frustrating to me. So anyway. Oh, it just is what it is. It was fun and, and I think, yeah, I think if, if you’re elk or deer hunting in Colorado and you’re in an over the, you better have it to begin with, don’t you should. And it was, and I know it was just unusual year, there was this snow we talked about earlier. Bronson and Wyatt, you saw it and how the weather conditions were perfect and it did. I talked to elk hunters, they’re like, oh, normally we’re up in the thick trees, you know, everybody’s making elk drives, you know what I mean? Way high.

00:59:49:06 –> 01:00:57:17
And, and they were down low. A lot of ’em, a lot of ’em were down low and people were seeing good elk numbers and you know, there was some years that are just really tough elk cure and people are whining and then there’s some years it’s stars align and things are good. So let’s talk to John about his. Yeah, John, I had probably a similar experience as far as deer numbers. I’ve never seen so many deer. Just every draw you think, oh, maybe there’s one group of do and there’s three, you know, just, just tons and tons, but lots of average bucks and you know, just nothing on that, that next level. I did end up shooting a deer. That was a good deer. Had a three and a half inch kicker on one side. Did cheaters get you killed? Did yeah. I thought was he was, was he looking away when you first saw him? Well, I had to maneuver around some private and stuff, and it’s closest I could get was 600 yards. And then I’m like, I I just look at him in my scope, you know? Okay, that is awesome. He said, he says, I’m just gonna look at him in my scope. And I’m like, that’s the big, that’s, that’s the kiss of death Cardinal said, I mean I was over down on, had him range John looked at went scope.

01:00:57:17 –> 01:02:05:13
John was, was the wind 25 or 27 miles an hour? One of those two? It was. Or somewhere between. Yeah, the wind was going like cross wind. Cross wind too. Yeah. And colder than cold. So anyway. Well once you did that, if he did any kind of a lip curl action of nose in the air, I can tell you the powder is about to burn. Right, right there. Yeah. So, and he, it warmed the barrel in negative 10 degree weather. It did. And so, yeah. Anyway, so I killed him. But, but it, it was a good buck and I stayed another Are you really gonna blow by the kill? Don’t I? I was gonna say, I don’t know the story, so Yeah. I’ve never heard the kill story. There was a pile of warm brass that found dirt through a foot of salt. Did it melt? It melted a by. Ive seen that happen before. It’s true. The wind was going like crazy. And I actually, I missed the first shot and then I’m like, okay, I gotta adjust. I aimed off the deer, you know, sideways in from of his neck or his butt, whichever way he was facing Yeah. To compensate for the wind. And I hit him on the second shot. And then it was just, he, he was not going anywhere. I would give money for the video. Don’t give money for this. It is their video. It’s their video.

01:02:05:14 –> 01:03:10:09
There’s no video. Oh, there, it’s, that was it. That was John will take it to his grave, shut the cameras off. John will take it to his grave, but no, then yeah. Yeah. So anyway, then I ended up there the end of the day. At the end of the day there were, there were multiples in them. Well, so anyway, but it ended up being good. Yeah. So some guys came up and one of the first thing they said is, did did you get him? They came over to you? No, I I I had to drive way around the kind of the, the ravine to get closer to ’em to go get ’em. And I parked next to another truck. And anyway, after, after they were looking for that bug. Were they? Yeah, they’d, yeah, they were looking, they were like, oh, is the one with the kicker on it? And I was like, yeah, that was it. Stickers is dead. Stickers is dead. So you know, John, did you at least give him a tenderloin? No, I didn’t give it. I didn’t give my front shoulder. Front front did front. I did, they asked if they could see the buck and I let him see it. So I thought that was pretty good. Good. Where did the rounds end up hitting the deer? Five by four. Yeah. We’re not good. I mean, he was dead, right? Yeah, he was dead.

01:03:10:10 –> 01:04:14:18
So I hit him in the spine and so he the first shot in the first shot and he wasn’t going anywhere, but he was thrashing up. Yeah. So then I just let it fly. And the last time you hit a deer in the spine in Colorado, he walked away. Yeah, he walked away. So I, I just like keep shooting until I can see him laying there crease the spine versus It did, it did not hurt. Rupture. It didn’t hurt him, but it kind of, it shocked him down and we’re like, oh, good shot. Oh, he’s good. You killed him. Done. Yeah, we went over there and there was just little drops of blood. Yeah. He may or may or may not have had a hole or two in his head, so. Yeah. Who, which one? This last one. Oh, I was talking about the buck over in 18. Yeah. I, I just kept shooting until Okay. It was just, geez, John, I wasn’t even going making you go down that road. I was talking about another buck. Yeah. I hit, I hit him four times. What number were we, it’s kinda those state that, like those State Farm commercials, when they reveal too much information, you blew his brains out. That is a kill. That is deadly. Yeah. That’s a clean kill. Anyway. Yeah, he didn’t, he didn’t move. He was done. That is a kill shot. Well, good Robinson. Cool buck. Awesome. Three inch cheater.

01:04:14:20 –> 01:05:17:15
Yeah, three and a half. It was good. It was good. 3 0 3 and a half. Yeah. You cheat Cool. Buck five by four With eye guards. Yeah, with eye guards. Good eye guards. And, but yeah. And then same thing, I I, I scouted for the next two days and for fun he was about the best buck. You know, there’s maybe one or two that were in the same, same kind of ballpark, but all I know is there’s so many bucks and there’s so many deer for how many tags they give. Yeah. Like how if they have good warm weather conditions throughout the winter, how could it not get better? Yeah. Bronson, that’s what you saw in the same unit John was in when you were there. Yeah. But it feels like it hasn’t got better. It hasn’t got better. I know, but how like a lot of these units feels like, oh, next two years is gonna be good if we just have mild winters. Feels like we’ve been saying that for Yeah. Four or five years. And the winners have been nothing but mild that last morning, I think I counted like 43 bucks. Not counting, like spike Isn’t that insane? The spikes insane. And the little two points. And that’s till noon you said morning. Yeah, till noon. Yeah. That didn’t happen to me on a second season hunt or you know, when I went over with my son.

01:05:17:22 –> 01:06:15:18
I mean, it was, it was tougher where I was at. Yeah. It was tough. We’d see 10 to 10 to 14 maybe. Yeah. But I think is, you know, if you’re, if you’re burning, let’s say you have to burn 12 or 13 points and you go to this unit that’s supposed to be shangrila. Well it’s still, you’re, it’s not like there a big, big bucket. Expecting 80 bucks out of a truck is what unfortunately a lot of people expect. And whether it be out of a truck or, or a multiple bucks to pass. And finally you shoot in 180 buck in the last home because the last day home, that that doesn’t happen. But John, I don’t know if you saw 180, did you? No. And I think that’s the point of all of this, Devin. I mean, did you see a 180? No. And I think, and, and, and when I was there, it was just like, man, this is a really tough year. The the end results in some cases were good, but it’s just even Wyatt night, like it was a tough year where we were at. And, and a lot of good hunters people know what they’re doing. And I think that’s another problem. You’ve got guys that are not killing early. They are waiting to the end. They are knowing what they’re looking for. You know what I mean? Yeah.

01:06:15:19 –> 01:07:22:07
Well, a pile of points, especially in third seasons, most units take a lot more than seconds. So they wanna, they wanna hunt to the bitter end, try to get what they feel is worth out of what they spent in points. Yeah. You know, that’s, that’s how most people do. So, bro, or Devon, which one of you guys is next? Devon kind of just went. Yeah, I told my story. He just said no minute ago. Well, okay, there now I That’s what, but keep going down the list and I’ll keep answer, answering on, hold on. There’s to be a good, I we’ve gotta bring out the truth. But I did talk to Yeah, you had a, there was some new tires bought. Well that was, and then a tire got, and then you went through a tire, right? Oh yeah. I bought two new tires. They maybe had 50 miles on ’em and Oh, for the pioneer? Yeah. It’s dead in my backyard again. That was a Did you run over a stick? I didn’t hear how happened? I have no idea. I had to been a rock and I didn’t run, I don’t run a lot of air in ’em. You don’t want to, right. So I’m just like, how does this get redwall? They probably cold spongy, sidewalls hanging out the side side. This was right in the center. Oh it, wow. Right between the tread brand new tread that deep. I have no idea.

01:07:22:19 –> 01:08:28:23
I’m going up this hill. It’s perfect moring. And I’m like, my steering wheels going this way. And it was weird. I was like, something ain’t right. I jump out and it’s just put air in it and I could hear it just can’t even air it up. You’re in one of my favorite units and, and, and just, it, it just, and it wasn’t a big buck killed in the unit that we know of. Like, it was just a tough year. Right. Saw plenty of bucks. You guys talk about nice bucks. Like when I saw nice buck, it had a three on one side. I mean, I don’t know David, why No, I, why so picky. No, I’m not. I’m just telling you what had ha what happened one day. Didn’t you tell me one morning that I, I called you when I came home or you called me. I called you. Oh yeah, that was an afternoon. I think. I think it was just a, I don’t know why. That was a nice three pointer. I, I got from these guys and I said, Hey Devin just needed a friend. I just needed, I’ve been alone for four days. Devin got a pep talk from Josh. He got a pep talk from me. He got a pep talk from you. Did he? Oh, okay. All right. Oh, it was my turn. You guys kept me going, man. That’s what friends do.

01:08:28:26 –> 01:09:31:15
Well, I mean, I would like cops giving him a pep talk, but that day didn’t you tell me you saw like 300 deer that day? It was a lot. Yeah. That day. A lot of deer. And that was considering, you know, I was on BMA lot of those and then I went by some private and I counted those just Yeah, that’s how many in, I mean, the best buck I saw was a three by 4, 21 inches, 20 inch. Or he was like three years old. He was the old, one of the older deer I’d seen maybe. Yeah, I think deer that you wouldn’t even think about. Like you didn’t go to Colorado for that. No. Yeah. And nor would I, and if you told me, you know, and, and Bronson and Ty were there earlier on second and they didn’t see a big shooter buck. And nor if you would tell me, you know, Hey, we didn’t even see a respectable deer. I’d be like, poor job. What were you doing? Yeah. You know, I mean it’s just those kind of years, some years you can’t make it happen. And there was some areas and we’re hunting hard and I had my dad and brothers, my brothers were looking for the first couple days and same thing. They’re just like, oh, we just saw bug. We wouldn’t even, I just, you film it, they’re like, you’re not gonna wanna see it, you know?

01:09:32:07 –> 01:10:33:06
But I’m talking hiking mile or two into somewhere. There’s no road up getting into dough getting picked up and just two point rutting like crazy. Wow. Yeah. You even felt like two points were breeding, right? I saw a fog. A what? I saw a button buck. He had come on one button that was actually like, come on, antler. The other one was fur. There was no antler. But he was puffered up. He was iTalk. I swear I’ve never seen anything like it. He was stalking his mouth. Do you think it was a yearning or a fa? A hundred percent. A fawn. Like, well, he had a horn, he had a little, and he’s feeling it. Piece of antler like that don’t think was a year and a half. You think he’s a six month old? He was an early born buck. If dad’s not here to do it, I’m, I’m gonna man up. I should have filmed it. I don’t think that’s possible. Oh, I don’t know, man. I’m telling you dude, he was big like for a fawn. Well, he is probably just, you know how they puff up their, he was, he was just, I mean, I don’t know. He’s gonna take care of this. I should have filmed it, but it was rough and hunts like that. Like I kind of had two in a row. But one time, one, one day I found a big one. And that’s all it takes.

01:10:33:15 –> 01:11:43:27
So you just keep going. But it hurts your confidence, man. I mean, you’re out there and it, and I’m happy for all you guys, but I’m talking to you and you’re like, yeah, we saw this fucking, this fucking, I’m like, I saw a three point, you know, Devin, think about my confidence. If you want to make yourself feel better, been a long old go. All right, Bronson. Well, I knew, I knew because I had a couple real quick, hard hitting good days at, of course we have a text log and we shirt some pictures. I knew they were gonna be received mixed. I mean, what do you mean, like salt in the wound? Kinda, I mean it, Hey guys, whatcha gonna do? Hey guys, I’m having a good, I’m not, I’m not gonna hold that on you first three. I wish this one had a little longer G one, but anyway, just it was my, it was my turn today I get this year. It was, it was good. So yeah. Well, yeah, we’re, so anyway, I’m hunting for one day and Adam sh you know, shows us two giant fucks dead. And then why it sends it up a big buck and, and, and then I’m driving home and I had to stay for three days after that. ’cause Aaron decided, well I’ll come down then if it’s gonna be that good. And I said, well you better get here.

01:11:43:27 –> 01:12:52:15
We don’t have anything to do. ’cause yes, but get here. And three days later he is like, all right, I’m, I’m, I’m going home. Someone gave my home and I’m just jealous. Y’all got tags. Yeah. So I do think we could talk about like when we’re there, we’re just hearing a lot of, of feedback from people. Got John, I got a guy emailing me and then he meets me. We go to the motel and he comes out under the, and meets me and I’m notes under the windshield wrapper. Well we got a note for Wyatt. He wanted to talk to Wyatt. Me and you, you know, just, and guys are, I mean the guys that are struggling, whatever, you know, not finding the kind of bucks they’re wanting to find in other units, neighboring units to us are expect you to have the answer. Well, I mean, they don’t expect it. They just want to hear something positive. Like if you got a place I could check or whatever Pep talk pep talk a little bit. Yeah, that’ll, and it’s hard to pep talk guys. They’re going the exact places I would go to like, I don’t know what else to say. It was just a really hard year last year, the same unit, you know, there was a dozen that were 195 to two whatever taken in all the seasons combined.

01:12:52:16 –> 01:14:02:00
Not just one season, but I mean all the seasons combined in one particular unit. And this year, I can’t think of one. And, and it was just that kind of year it seemed like in a lot of places. So Bronson keep on going. Well yeah. So this year, you know, finding a landowner tag that’s, I I burned my points a couple years ago. So I mean I had to be a landowner tag. Yeah. And, but it’s hard to find multiples in one unit so you can hunt together. It’s very hard in most units in Colorado. So I found one and then, you know, decided, well if we can find something either in that unit or neighboring unit, at least me dad, my brother couldn’t hunt, go hunt together. So that was kind of our plan and that’s how it worked out. So I had two tags in their unit and, and one where I had mine and Aaron wasn’t gonna come down for a couple of days, just, you know, let the rep build. And, and one of the units is, you know, I more lightly hunted and the other one is crushed, you know, with a lot of tags. So one with a lot of tags generally Aaron hunted it last year and just hunted like the last four or five days. ’cause that’s the deeper into the rep. Let, let’s something stupid happened maybe as the rep builds.

01:14:02:21 –> 01:15:07:27
Well, so we’d line out my dad with points and all that and this where to go to sit. And he got down there, I got down a couple days early to start looking over my unit and I actually threw, you know, some cameras around and, you know, didn’t really bear anything out ’cause it was, you know, water was non-issue this year. And that’s really the only thing you might do. But in pre prior years you can hit some of that lower winter range country and some transition country and they’re, they’re hitting water. But anyway, long story short, dad didn’t see any deer that day before. And I’d seen a couple of really nice deer, but nothing I was gonna shoot. And so here comes opening day, he’s gonna go back to the area and you know, he’s, he’s pretty patient. He can sit, you know, he can sit a long time. I mean all literally all day. Well I get a text about four 30 that afternoon on opening day. Hey, I got one, I need some help. And you know, four 30 is prime time because it’s dark in about 45 minutes or an hour. This with, with the daylight savings. And you know, if we’re in reach, I barely have cell service. They’re not coming back. So I’m getting some inReach and some texts and, and trying to, you know, it was he dead well?

01:15:08:03 –> 01:16:07:09
And he said, what you did well, he went right down he spine. I can’t see him right now, but I know he is not getting away. And I said, okay, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna stick it out here then, you know, it’s not like, you know, he’s, he had to drive around to, to get off some country to get down and get a, get a truck closer to the deer. So I said, well I’ll just meet you down there. So anyway, in that back and forth time, I glassed up a really, really good deer. And, and so if I would’ve just taken off right then that and left the 45 minutes, I wouldn’t have glassed the deer that I ended up killing the next day. That was kind of interesting. You’re saying it was heaven sent I well I’m just saying or good luck milk the last 45 minutes of life. I mean it’s prime time. I mean I’d been there for two hours and it was awesome and I’d seen it turned out perfect. ’cause he ends up Yeah. And you end up both being successful. Yeah, so go ahead. He, he ended up, you know, once I knew that he really didn’t need help, he just needed help when going to get the deer. Yes. You know, it’s not like he’s trying to track one before dark. I couldn’t have got there before dark anyway. But it’s hard with the delay on inReach.

01:16:07:11 –> 01:17:04:06
It’s just hard. Yeah. I couldn’t have got there before dark. It was an hour drive or more for me to get to where he was. So I, once I understood all that, I just said, Hey, just wait, I’ll meet you at this point. After dark, I’d seen three or four doors coming outta some, some trees and looked over there. There’s this big frame, long time deer just rotting them. And I’m like, that’s what I come to Colorado for. Yeah. And I’m, you know, I’m 1500 plus yards. There’s nothing I can do that night other than I’m watching him tell dark and he feeds up an over ridge into kind of some live trees. And I’m like, all right, well at least I have a deer to hunt. That’s all I, I have a deer to hunt. I got six more days. So we, we get off the mountain and, and you know what, you know my dad, he’s not hunted Colorado for quite a while and you know, he is, he’s used, used to hunt with a bow more than anything. Yeah. He had some shoulder problems and all that. So he’s kind of reverting to the gun more. And I didn’t even know what he had shot. So I get down to him, we meet him and so we’re driving up into this road up to where his buck’s at. He’s not even been to it yet.

01:17:04:12 –> 01:18:08:04
’cause he’s, he had to drive off the backside to meet me and then we’re gonna drive up to it. And I’m like, well, ah, that’s a good buck for me. You know, it’s not, not nothing you guys would be that excited about, it’s a good buck for me. We pull up there and get out and I’m like, what the, I says, what do you mean I’d shoot, I’d just shot this thing anywhere this morning at freaking five minutes after daylight. It’s a 30 and a quarter inch six by five. Well add ’em back when I was a kid we had these kind of bucks everywhere. Partially that, I mean, good grief, partially that, but I mean he hasn’t shot one of those for a long, long time. It’s a and but in his defense he saw it’s, he’s really excited ’cause it’s it’s a big heavy buck. It’s it broken eye guard off. But it’s a but it’s a great buck. Heavy and old. And anyway, we take care of it all. Take some pictures and get it off the mountain As we’re doing that, I said, well I found a really good deer af right after I got your text within 15, 20 minutes. So yeah, I need you to game, I need you in the morning, but I don’t want, I want you to talk about the shooting system. Well, so it turns out yeah. Hey, that’s what a good host does.

01:18:08:04 –> 01:19:08:22
He brings out all the good details. Well it, it, well part of it turns out he’s, he knows I’m doing my thing and he’s on another unit. Yes, yes. And he’s, I guess just thinking respectful. He saw that deer at like 11, 10 30, 11 in the morning. Yeah. And never even enriched me. Text me. I would’ve been over there that night to make sure we killed it. He videoed it all that the buck just frolicking with notes How far? 600, 500. Five five or 600 too far for him to shoot. But a real angle too far for him to shoot. He he’s, he’s got a, he’s got a, you know, a radical system. He’s not gonna dial to it. So he is got, and he’s ground true to, but he’s ground true. Like, you know how we’re using the electronics, he’s, hey and it works. He’s taken it out. You know, he know, you know, the, it comes with a pre, you know, a pre, you know, tick marks down, down there. It’s a vortex scope with kinda like a 300, 400, 506 in my mind. Like the, like some of those scopes come with like if you put this on a 2 23 or whatever, this is where they come in at roughly. Yeah. Depending on the animal. But it’s a big game rifle. So you’ve got a ground treat your gun.

01:19:08:28 –> 01:20:07:06
’cause this cross there that says roughly 400 might be 4 25, might be four 50, might be 3 75 depending on caliber and all that. But he’s done all that and it cheat. So he knew and he has it taped his tight and it’s good. But a non angle range finding. Yeah, right. Non angle range finder. Just the straight up range finder. So just, yeah. Awesome. Because so he, he hit a little, he’s old school, but he knows what he’s got. Yeah. Like you’re not changing that system. Yeah. He crushed it twice. Right, right in the spine. Right. Hit it high both times. I mean, just hammered it. Oh, both, just, I mean, drop like a ton of crap and then hit it again and then it just thrashed outta sight. And he says, I can see parts of it, but it, but I, I I, I think it’s dead there, you know, but it, it hit it’s not getting up. I, I’m telling you, I know where I hid it, but yeah, it didn’t, didn’t tell me all day long and I guess very well if he would’ve, I would’ve been over there that night to Yes. Either help him get set up or maybe even use my gun or something like that. ’cause if I knew that deer was there, I would’ve been over there that night to make sure he killed that deer. But hey, didn’t need it.

01:20:07:14 –> 01:21:07:29
So that evening it feeds out at about three 30 and just gets closer and closer, closer, closer to it’s like 460 yards and he smokes it. That’s awesome. Anyway, it was pretty fun. It was fun for him. But that’s patience, you know. Oh yeah. The rest of us were thinking, this dude’s gonna move on. I bet I only have right now to kill it. He had a few dough. But anyway. And he’d been there the whole day before, not seeing, not seeing that group of dozer buck or anything, this same exact spot. So anyway, really fun night. Get him back kind of on the board, so to speak. So yeah, fast forward to the next morning, we get up there and drive into my unit and just, it’s getting light and I can see doze exactly where I left, left that buck. And I’m like, okay, there’s three or four doors and I can see as it’s getting light, you know, it’s 1500 yards. I can see straight neck bucks pushing them. But I can’t, I I, I’m not even gonna put my spotting scope on. ’cause I, there’s ruing happening Yeah. With my 1212, but I can’t, with my twelves, I, I can see that. But I know I’m gonna see less light with my scope, so I’m just letting it get light. But I’m like, he’s right there. It’s like, oh my god. And then it gets light and he’s not there.

01:21:08:22 –> 01:22:10:10
It’s like three or four those and, and a couple dink fours and you know, 20, 22 inch fours and a couple dink bucks and they’re just ringing around the rows and they’re all doing their thing. Raking brush. Like, you know why it’s talking about. And and I’m like, where’s this thing happen? Pretty soon it’s, I’m realizing, like you said, why is the other, but this deer, he either has one dough somewhere or he’s left this group and moved on and moved to something else and what direction’s that, you know, so, but I’m gonna sit there all day long ’cause it’s the last place I saw him, you know, 12 or whatever hours ago, 15, whatever it’s been. So, but you know, now we got two of us there and like you can stare at that area and you’re not gonna miss it. You know, so we’re looking everywhere else. And I’d seen some other deer in the area. I’d been there, well the night before of course I’d seen some other deer and there’s a mature buck with another group of six or eight and seven do’s, whatever. And probably an hour, hour and a half after light. You know, I looked over there for probably the third or fourth time I finally saw some deer over there. Oh, that’s them.

01:22:10:13 –> 01:23:07:27
I wonder, wonder if that’s a And when I glance, I see, I see a buck from the side working through this burn and I’m like, that looks buck looks like a big buck. Pretty big tangs over there. But, but you know, you guys have all done this. You, when you are looking for a buck. Oh yeah. You’re think you’re wanting it to be something different. Oh yeah. Than the buck was there the night before. But when you put your scope on it, you’re like, yeah, that’s the buck from last night. And you just got excited how many times? Yeah, but I put my scope on and, and about crap. ’cause this is about 1500 yards away and not only is it hundred I’m looking for, but it’s as big as I used as I thought it was. Yeah. Now it’s now the sun’s on it, you know, it’s not getting dark. He’s big, he’s rutting. And I get my dad on, I said, you’re gonna wanna get this in your scope fast because I says he is way more killable in the location where he is at today than where he was last night. And he’s got eight or eight or nine dos that are new to him because he was up here last night, so sometime in the night. So, you know, usually if they do that, they hang around for a better part of half a day or a day or two.

01:23:07:27 –> 01:24:10:22
Who knows, sometime before they just keep bouncing around. Well anyway, watched them and go, go outta sight and do a back draw and we can’t see him. But luckily I had my dad, you know, to stay there and watch. So I gathered my stuff, went down, had to go past my truck. So I got rid of, I, I left my spot in scope, I left some stuff like that. Then I’m like, well, I, I don’t need this, you know where I’m going. I’m gonna have be within a thousand yards and I can, you know, all I need is my twelves. I’m lighting up, I’m going into kill. I left some, a little bit of other stuff. So I looped way over and got up on top. And as I’m climbing up to, you know, it probably took me an hour to get over on this ridge and look, look down. Now they’re trotting out into this burn. You know, I just thought I’d have to spend all day there, you know, looking needle in the haystack trying to find him. And no, he, he got ’em up rutting again and or, or Dough was leading them out into the end of this big burn. The burn’s giant. It’s not like it’s some postage stamp. It’s like giant gargantuan, you know? So, but anyway, they got out there and kept getting further and further away. And it was like you, but I had a headwind.

01:24:10:22 –> 01:25:14:22
I had a headwind right into my face. It’s not gonna affect your bullet, I didn’t think. I don’t think so. I’m sure somebody can tell me the exact what, what you do for that. But anyway, but he’s getting further and further and further away. And so he’s actually getting closer to my dad or, or equal distance. And so I’m starting to think, geez, do I climb off of here and get clear back over there where he’s at? Is that what’s gonna happen here? But by then, then they all ended up bedding down and when they stood up, they actually started, this is just cold, like we’ve all been talking. It’s a nice thing about being cold when it’s warm. Those deer are laying down for four to five hours. Yeah. When it’s warm. I mean, when it’s cold, man, it, they’re on their feet. They’re, they’re, you know, they’re just restless a little bit and body temperature or, or or want to get it going or fill the sun or just the rutt or there’s green sheet grass. You know, there’s just, it’s, you know, a lot going on. Anyway, long story short, they closed the distance back to under 600, 550 yards laid down again. And I’m like, all right, I’m in a position now. I, when they did that, they, they, it’s just thicker. I could not get a shot and the buck went down quick, beded quick.

01:25:14:27 –> 01:26:21:16
So anyway, I only stayed to sit there for another probably 45 minutes or an hour. He had ’em up again, rotten again and arranged this opening. It was dead on 600, like 5 99, 6 0 1, 600. I mean, I was confident I was hitting ground and not limbs of trees and that, that’s hard glass there ranging into a burn. And he got into that thing and just stopped right outside and just hammered him one shot, put him there, there it was awesome. And then, I don’t know, it was kind of surreal ’cause yeah, from whatever, four 30 that night, I think that was 10 30, 11. The next day we had two, two big deer down. It felt like, holy cow. Well that’s a classic example, pretty awesome example. It wasn’t like you saw tons of big bucks. It was just one buck made the whole hunt. Just, just like, kinda like what Devin had in Nevada, you know, had high anticipation going to Colorado. Yeah. ’cause the, the weather and all that, and you always do when you’re hunting the rutt. But I’ve hunted so many times in Colorado and ate my tag and hunt, hunt till the end of the hunt. And I was fully prepared to do that. And this time it, it all went well. You, it was just, you know, luck, luck plays into it. You get out there, you hunt hard, you glass hard, have good equipment, all that.

01:26:22:03 –> 01:27:24:28
But to have two deer like that happen in whatever, 16 hours, just, just good fortune, you get lucky sometimes. And hey, that’s why we like to go to Colorado. I’m like, can apple that way? Well, and that’s the one thing that keeps resonating is, is you guys are hunting bucks and, and I’m hunting bucks generally that you scout all summer for here around your house. Like, you know, like you killed a buck that you would, you can’t scout all summer for. And then, and then when you finally kill it a month later, you know, is it’s awesome. Yeah, you, but, or you can go do it in a couple of days. It’s like, like the ponson buck that, that my son shot. I mean those are deer that we spend all summer trying to keep track of and all that. But we can’t do it that maybe Utah, Nevada’s, we live real close to Nevada in this part of Nevada down here. You don’t need gonna to scout the rutt, but you can’t hunt, you can’t scout and these deer are gonna move. And so we, we talk about it often. I did hunt muzzle letter last year, but we mostly show up and hunt, hunt rifle hunts in Colorado. And that’s what can happen if you just go show up and hunt. Pretty awesome. So anyway, all this talk of cold weather reminds me of Trek. They’ve got some packed boots.

01:27:24:28 –> 01:28:49:12
They sell grizzly packed boots up there and have a lot of different boots from hot, hot weather type boots all the way through the winter. They’re awesome, great products. Check ’em out K-E-N-E-T-R-E or call 1 802 3 2 6 0 6 4. Jim Windham, good dude, great hunter, you know, owns that company, headed it up, makes great products, good friend of ours. And anyway, just does a great job up there with his business. So anyway, show ’em a little love. If you’re looking for any boots, Kenna Trek, go check them out. One thing I might mention about them is they’ve got a great selection of women’s boots too. So we’ve talked about taking our wives or or kids into the field. Daughters, check them out for, for good boots. Nothing worse than having, you know, bad boots on your wife and might suggest that to Jeff. Jeff for a Christmas. Jeff, wonderful. She had hand-me-downs and he, she threw three pairs of his wool sauce on I women get tired of dish towels and stuff. So I think a pair of boots would be awesome. Yeah. Yep. So, and they’ve got really good ones. My mom bought a pair from him. Did she? Yeah. Awesome. At the show. Yeah. Really, really awesome. Okay, let’s give a shout out to Triple S Polaris. It’s located here in Cedar City, but they do ship nationwide and they’ll deliver, they specialize in setting up hunting rigs and performance machines.

01:28:49:13 –> 01:29:59:29
So, you know, you’re, you’re not just buying bone stock, he knows what to do to it for what you want for hunting purposes. Colton over there is a hunt hunter himself, so give ’em a call. They’re big into track machines too for the winter. And we were just talking about that, like if we’re, if you’re looking for, you know, doing some winter wolf coyote or late season elk or deer, whatever, I mean, they’re, they promote that they, they know what they’re doing with track machines, whether it’s track four wheelers, track side byside, whatever. So yeah, give him a call. 4 3 5 8 6 5 0 1 0 0. So I also wanna give one more shout out. I got a email over, well sometime in the last two weeks as I get, looks like registration. All that’s open for the Western Hunting Conservation Expo. You guys might’ve all seen that and it never fails. Some of the better, closer hotels fill up a lot quicker than you’d anticipate. You can’t wait till the last minute. So if you’re wanting to go February 2nd, I their fall to the fifth heard. Huh? I heard a lot of the motels before already. Yeah, it’s gonna be a big show. Well, they’ve expanded it. I don’t remember how many booths, but a, a bunch. And it, and it has been happening that pretty much every year. But this, this year it’s gonna be a little bit earlier.

01:30:00:28 –> 01:31:03:29
We’ve joked and said, you’re gonna have to take your wife on a real Valentine’s date this year because this year at the expo, it’s February 2nd to the fifth. And then you’re gonna be home and you’re gonna have to really take care of her in a real proper way instead of just, hey, come to a hunt show with me this year. Huh? There’s a concert. A concert. Yeah, it’s a dinner. But anyway, we’ll be there. As always we will, we’ll talk about that a little bit more as we get closer about maybe some deals. And obviously we got optics there now, but go to hunt if you want to get registered, buy your tickets. I’m not sure if the $5 hunt thing’s open yet. I had Wyatt, if you’ve looked there. I don’t believe so. But usually it’s like towards the end of the year, December. But anyway, you can have a bunch of [email protected]. Those $5 go raffle tags or whatever we want. Call ’em Bitch Wyatt. Huh? Well, just because Wyatt usually knows he’s the tag junkie. I’m dude, I mean I, he’s my source of all knowledge. It’s his job to knowledge. Yeah. So anyway, I looked to him ’cause he might’ve just given me a no, but I don’t think it’s open yet. But anyway, you do have to be present to validate that.

01:31:04:19 –> 01:32:13:23
So you can, you can buy your entries online to save that, but you do have to validate those in person when you go there. But hey, you know, we know my brother doing one of those last year. We know people that win ’em every year. So yeah, kind of an extra tag you can get before the Utah draw even kicks off this year. My son grabbed an antelope tag one year. Yeah, it just is what it is. Exactly. It’s another opportunity. So go to hunt, get your registration, your ticket bought to the venues. ’cause those nights fill up too. Especially Friday, Saturday night. Those tickets they fill up too. Be a great event. Always. Is February 2nd to the fifth. 2023. Right on. Well, let’s, let’s talk about ourselves. Haven’t we done that for about an hour now? I mean, whatcha talking about Hump? Okay. I don’t know. I just think it’s time to start thinking about license application. Wyatt, we can talk about that a little bit. I think we’ve got a lot of people that are looking to have us do, you know, file their applications for ’em. Of course they’re in charge of as much as they wanna be or they want us just to do it, kind of give us their credentials and, and what it is that they want and, and some of their goals. Short-term, midterm long-term goals. And we are very aggressive in that.

01:32:14:06 –> 01:33:20:09
Of course we also have the regular publication and membership you can be a part of that. Basically just talks about all the draws in different states and whatnot and big game species and they can apply themselves. And so anyway, it’s what we do here at Epic Outdoors is, I mean that’s why we do these podcasts is ’cause this is what we do for a living. Talk about hunting, deal with hunters, help hunters have a membership based service that we help guys all the time. Why? Maybe you wanna talk just a little more about license apps. So our license application, we like to keep it more personable. We like to be a one-on-one with the clients. Actually go through and, and create a hunting goal hunting strategy. So what we’re gonna look at your applications in, and like Jason said, the short, mid and long-term goals, the, the short terms might be a few of these states that we can keep you hunting in. And while we’re waiting for a few of these longer terms, you, your long-term goals, your true trophy states, your Arizona’s Utah’s Nevada’s to, to hit maybe a tag of a lifetime. But we’re gonna keep you hunting. We like to evaluate these goals with you every year. Be as personal or, or multiple times a year.

01:33:20:09 –> 01:34:18:21
You can call in as much as you want and go through the strategy and, and we can kind of explain what we’re doing or, or why we’ve went this route in those states with your applications. I’m all over the place with it, so it’s awesome. So we’re $50 a state that’s for one species. If it’s two or more, it’s a hundred with a $750 cap. And so you can do all the western states and all species. And the most you could spend with us on regular state applications is $750 a year. And then of course you’re responsible for your own tags and you’ll get your own refunds and and whatnot. And if you wanted to hire an outfitter, why you sure can, you can find your own, we can help you with that. We work with the best outfitters here in the west. We’ve been doing this for decades. And so, you know, I definitely want you to call us and visit with us about it if you’re looking to choose an outfitter. And, but you’re, and by no means forced to go with somebody that we work with or you don’t even have to go guide it at all. The tag’s yours. You get to choose how to make the most of it. So we’re here to help guys with that and that’s what we do. Anything else?

01:34:19:05 –> 01:35:28:28
Yeah, and just wanted to reiterate that if you’re one of those guys that’s got plenty of time and likes to be involved and do your own applications and, but you’ve listened to the podcast and have never joined, encourage you to maybe do that there. I i, I can pretty much promise you there’ll be something that we cover. ’cause we don’t write the magazine ahead of time and just rubber stamp it from year to year to year. There’s tight deadlines that we gotta go to print literally within days of, after these regs being released. And so you’ll learn something or you’ll hear something or read something in the magazine in our, in our take on the states that that makes you probably think about something different. Maybe it just, just simply saves you money from applying aimlessly or maybe a little bit, you know, for a state that maybe you’re, there’s no hope in or something like that. You, you, you’ll learn something. You get your money’s worth. I I can guarantee that. There’s always the ability. You get the magazine, you get the information in it, the statistics, the the in-depth research and then the ability to call in and talk with us throughout your own application here, you know, hey, I’ve got 10 points in Colorado deer. How do you guys talk about that? What should I burn? Sounds like it’s, you know, nothing’s a slam dunk. I’m ready to use them.

01:35:29:08 –> 01:36:20:16
Or the next state or the next state. So we’re here to do that. That’s involved in the membership. We encourage you to use it and encourage you to become a member. And we got a membership drive going right now with get entries in for that. If you join right now, if you haven’t done that in the past or if you wanna buy a gift membership for somebody going into the holidays or things like that, keep that in mind. Sounds good. For more information go to epic Of course there are some 40% off coupons so you can go right on their front homepage. There’s 40% off on anything on So again, for the holidays, another way you can kind of save some money. Epic Of course we explain our business and everything we got going on there. Appreciate y’all. Hope everybody had a great season. Send in your photos. [email protected]. Photos and stories. We wanna see ’em, we wanna showcase ’em in the publication. We appreciate you again. Happy holiday, happy Thanksgiving holidays, everybody.