In this episode we introduce the newest member of the Epic Outdoors Podcast, Logan Marshall, and discuss the upcoming opportinites for you to get some end of the year action in Idaho and Arizona.

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, Wyatt Bowles, John Peterson. How y’all doing today? Good. Good. Yeah, we’re here. Couldn’t, couldn’t be better. Bronson. First day in the office. What were you loaded with? Calls about First day in the office. Since what? Last week? Well, I don’t know. First day in the office. Since, since your last, before the last time. Since Tuesday and a week. The last podcast probably. Yeah. And, but, but I, but I’ve been at this table just as much as you allall. Oh, that’s not true. We were, we did one without him, didn’t we? I wasn’t involved. No, we didn’t. There was, I haven’t missed anything. Did one in my sleep. Had a weird dream last night. I had a weird dream. But anyway, go ahead. You can’t just say that you didn’t get into that. I don’t dunno. I watch what you say. So what I was thinking about is getting done a pot something. Well, that just happened, Logan. I tell people, people when they, when the keyboard goes to Portuguese, how do you fix it? Just search keyboard in your settings and change it back to English. And you deleted some keyboards. I did. Yeah. Had a couple. That’s pretty, that’s why we pay you the big bucks. That brings up a pet peeve that I have. Okay, go ahead.

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When the Siri or the, the person that’s Siri or whatever other individual on your tv, phones or all thing. There’s, there’s dudes, there’s ladies, whatever. They have names. Okay. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why can’t I just speak regular American English? Oh, news. They’re, they’re Australian. Or they’re British and stuff. Report. And it drives me crazy. It’s the, hey, they, I hate to say it, but it’s this woke environment where, give me one. That’s a, if you deep south Texan, if you have a, if you have a little slant to your English, you’re gonna get hired. Give me a deep south Texan, Louisiana. Gimme a Cajun somebody. I just want to know that’s an American. That’s, this is going down a bad road. We’re an equal opportunity employer. We are, but it just, I, if you’re in Britain, you want somebody that talks like you. I’m in America. I want someone that talks like me. That’s not too much to ask. Only you’re gonna get us in trouble with the HR department. There’s only 300 million people here. There’s get one of ’em. That sounds like me. That’s, most of them aren’t. Most of ’em aren’t from where you’re from. I don’t know about Deep Cajun. I went on a, I was in a hunting camp camp once with someone who was deep Cajun. I could not understand. Yeah. I was kind of joking. But at least I’d feel like he’s an American.

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So I had a dream about a lion. Like a African lion. I was a pet lion. And it slept in Sean’s room. I was the weirdest thing in the world. And then I’m like, man, he’s gonna smoke Sean in the middle of the night. He’s gonna be hungry. And then I woke up. The line was fine. We let him out the door ’cause he needed to use the bathroom. Go eat. What’s that? What’s that reality show about the husband and wife and they, I don’t know. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. Tiger King. Tiger King. Come on. There you go. Isn’t that guy in jail? That guy’s in jail’s. Somebody. The both. He’s in jail. He’s in jail. Because he was bad. He tried to, tried to kill somebody. He tried to put out a hit on Carol Baskin. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And I get call you Tiger Key. I kind of was rooting him on. I’m lying key that landed him in jail. So don’t do that. But anyway, so I’m thinking this thing’s, so we had a couple horses and I’m like, this thing needs to eat. You know, it’s gonna smoke something, whatever. It’s in it path. He went up to our favorite horse and started slapping it on the side. I get going. Just playing with it. Yeah, playing with it. And I’m like, no. And then it went over and smoked the other horse made it. I don’t know why.

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What does that mean? If you’re interpreting dreams? What does that mean? I do, I do know a guy that can interpret dreams for you. Bs who? The Epic outdoor shrink. Who is that? My dad. Wait, we, we have called Paul. So what do you think he’s doing today? I don’t know, Paul. I, I’m a little scared to know what the dream means too. I may not wanna know. I’m scared of the invoice. You want me to ask him? I’ll bring it back to you next week. Yeah. Bring it back to me. All right. Yeah. Do a third party. So Logan, why we’re on that subject. We have never officially introduced Logan. A new voice on the podcast. Logan, just tell us a little bit about yourself. Well, my name’s Logan Marshall. I’m from Minville, Utah. Born and raised there my whole life. I’ve been hunting about as long as I’ve been born. I think my dad has pictures of me in three months old in a tree. Stand with him. Geez, there. I didn’t even know they had cameras back then. Wait, you’re a millennial. Yeah. They had cameras back then. Am I a millennial? I don’t know how that works. Or is it? You tell me. What are all the gens? I’m pretty sure millennials and what’s, well, I can say, or you might Gen Gen X, gen X, Y, Z, Z, Z. I don’t fit in very well with any of that much.

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Keep going anyway. Yeah, you’re going to school and Yeah. Yeah. Going to school. Took this semester off. Took a job here at Epic and I’m liking it. Doing some social media marketing stuff. It’s amazing. We got a pretty brilliant, you know, hands-on computer, whatever. Helps John a ton with kind of the side of things that you and I don’t like. Fixes, fixes. Keyboards. Your English D Port got me a computer. Seconds. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Got me a computer. Whatever. Got a wazoo. You know, all I knew is it has a beefy fan. That’s a big deal. That, and keeps it cool in rock. And, but anyway, it comes, comes from Minville, Utah, everybody. Google, Minville, Utah. And that’s where a lot of my family’s from anyway. And I’ve known Paul, his dad for freaking over well over 20 years. And then Logan comes along and, geez, Facebook, you, Facebook wanted to hire you at some point, right? The church of Jesus Christ, Latterday Saints for their Facebook side. Yeah, yeah. Oh, so it wasn’t Facebook itself? No, no. They Zuckerberg Or that he not even know. I think he still own it. He’s, he’s still the king of, he’s not the King. Musk hasn’t made an offer yet. You know, I heard Musk was gonna come up with his own phone. You want to delete the Twitter app? I’ll make my own phone. I mean, could you imagine he could do it. Anyway, keep going.

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After dealing with Facebook advertising the last few days, I think me and John are rooting for must to buy on Facebook. Yeah, yeah, that’s true. So anyway, I just thought, Hey, Logan’s got a knack for this kind of stuff. We ought to least visit with him. And so here he is. We’re gonna give him a little bit of a hard time on this podcast because we pretty much give everybody a hard time. Except for Wyatt. We never give Wyatt a hard time. Not Wyatt. That’s true. Wyatt. Just too hard of a target. Wyatt paid his dues. I think if you go back a year or two. He did. He paid his dues and we’re on the find me a year. What happened a year or two ago? Well, when they were all single, when you had the three single boys. Yeah, it was, it was some fair amount of teasing. I, I don’t know, truly been single. I don’t know if it was too harsh. I mean, I think it was spread out equally amongst him, Chris and Devin. But whatever. Yeah. If it, if it was what? I publicly apologize. Thank you. If it was hep upon you, thank you. Accept it. I, I apologize. Will you accept nine? Yeah. Accept it. Yeah. Does that mean you’ve forgiven me? Yeah, it’s all forgiven. Forgiven. Are we on a new slate? We’re we’re drawing a line. I like this. Hey. Okay. Most of the stuff Dr.

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Phil tries to get people that takes him a whole episode. We did it in three minutes. Yeah, exactly. All right, well, well, speaking of giving people a hard time, let’s just call Paul. So Pollock’s on vacation in a foreign country, probably in the sand parts of his body are in the sand. Should we call him and just see if he answers, like just, just see if he answers. Ask him if you know, if he’s gonna get a general Idaho elk tag or deer tag or something. You know what I mean? Can you imagine if he’s on vacation and he’s playing that game tomorrow and his wife. I just gotta give a few work things over here. Yeah, exactly. Josh paints whatever picture he wants to paint. Hold on, let’s get him holler. I don’t know. What do you go to the gym and work out? Well, you gotta do a little bit of work. Oh, looking good babe. Looking good. I have no idea. Field answer. No idea. Did you drive? Huh? Yeah. I’m trying to, you may not have service. The country prefix. Yeah, I thought we’d get the out country. The beep thing. He’s probably lied to us. And he’s in the states, laid up the house with Utah Rose forwarded to automatic. Nice job. Oh, should have left him voicemail. Darn it. You should FaceTime him.

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Maybe, you know, ’cause when you’re on wifi Yeah, but wouldn’t it still ring if you’re on wifi? If it’s iPhone? No, but if you do FaceTime, it’ll ring. It should still ring. FaceTime calling. Do FaceTime calling audio. Not video. Audio. He’s thinking right now he’s thinking, oh, something serious. He’s, this is round two. She’s my spouse is floating funny. Must be in the pool. Yeah. I didn’t have a waterproof case on the phone. So he left it at the, he’s probably onto his 15th. 15th. Bahama mama drink that they have down there. All right. Well anyway, we were gonna give old poll guard too. We can’t be on vacation. Not not expect a little something. But anyway, there’s a lot going on here. Bronson, first off, first off, let’s talk about ourselves, John, talk about ourselves for that. I, I’m Mimi. Well, we have just launched our winter membership drive. And so we’re giving away about $160,000 worth of hunts. So, oh, a little more than that. A little more than that. So, but some phenomenal hunts. We’ve got a stone sheep hunt, Alaska Mountain goat hunt, Nevada elk hunt, Nevada mule deer hunt, the Akima reservation, elk hunt, and a Utah mule deer hunt, as well as an optics and weapons package. So the weapons. Weapons, I love you said that weapons let’s guns and bow guns and bows. Yeah, we found anyway, if you join, I thought old Logan wanted a boat.

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Well, Logan here, you could buy it. Oh no, I was told I couldn’t put it yet. You’re excluded. He’s excluded. Were you actually looking into it? Well, I already bought a bow, so I guess I can’t put it. It’d be no use now, but I was thinking about it. You can get it and sell it, but hey, but if you join, you can get a free ticket into one of these drawings. Or you can go to our website. You can buy tickets or you can refer a friend Yeah. To get tickets. So all up until February 28th. But hey, tis the season. Tomorrow’s December. Yep. And you want a gift, a subscription. It’s that time of year. A lot of people renew around the first of the year or buy memberships just ’cause they get all the state issues. Rather than do it later in the spring when you miss a few. But yeah, a super good lineup. And in the December magazine, which is viewable online, right, right now, John, for EAG version, you can read up mailbox, little bit more detail, we’ll mention it. But it’ll be coming out paper. Everyone should be coming in your mailbox any day. Yeah. So if you buy it as a gift, we will make a gift certificate, mail it to you so you can wrap it and give it to somebody. So give it to your friend. Yep. Or your wife or whatever.

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Women like the subscription store magazine. There’s a lot of tresses out there. Lots and lots of ’em, boys. All right. Well anyway, so what else are we, we, Bronson, you walked right into a firestorm of Idaho questions. Well, I came back thinking, all right, I’m gonna start getting a lot done on the January magazine today and returning calls from licensed application clients and going through the portfolio today. And I’ve, I filled it a lot of questions about two things today. Two what? What was the second thing? Well, Arizona. OTC. Deer. Oh yeah. Archery only. A lot of people are thinking they’re having to apply, buy something tomorrow and, Hey, I didn’t get my stuff to you, but you applying me for that. It’s not an application. Don’t worry. Right. First come first serve on what was over the counter type tags. They were over the counter general deer tags archery in Arizona. Now they’re allocating the cap. 28 90 2,890 based off of 10% of the past demand, past sales. And so anyway, that’s what we’re allocated as non-residents. And, and they’ll go on sale at midnight tonight, December 1st. So you only got about what, from the time you hear this, you got hours to make up your mind if you’re gonna do that. But again, this is nothing new. These roll of the counter unlimited up until recently. So not like some brand new thing that they’re doing. You gotta get on.

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There’s no, I mean you just get a tag if you have room in your schedule this throughout this next year to go hunt archery deer in Arizona. The other thing is the Idaho general deer and elk tags emphasis again on general season deer and elk tags. These are tags they used to go on sell in the summer. A lot of the deer would linger into August and September before they’d sell out. And they just kept going earlier and earlier and earlier in the last couple years, they moved it to December one. And well, they put caps on these general areas for us. Yes. Now they, now they, instead of a 15 or 20,000 general deer cap statewide, they, they did it by unit and can’t just give unlimited tags and have it decent management program. And at some point there’s just too many tags being issued or you got the complaints of the residents and too much, you know, crowding issues and things like that. Yeah. So, so tomorrow morning they actually 10:00 AM they go on cell. But you can start getting in the queue at 30 minutes before nine. So nine 30. So there’s nine 30. This is mountain time for all of you. That may not off the top of your head. No. Idaho’s on Mountain time. Yeah. So starting at nine 30, log into your account and bounce around. You might just add a hunting license to your cart. Don’t check out.

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But just have that ready to go. You’re gonna need one anyway. You’re gonna need one anyway. If you wanna check out with your deer tag and then at 10 o’clock, boom, you’re gonna start, you know, it’s usually countdown, run, what do you call it? Running man. Yes. Well, there’s a running man. There’s a running man on there. I mean, if they might mix it up this year, maybe. It’s kind of a fun game. Not burning man. Running man. That’s right. So funny. I went and gave blood and talked to this guy was talking to me about Burning Man and then it turns out relative of mine and go to a burning man. I didn’t even know it happened. So anyway, kind of interesting. But hey, whatever. I just think of this little green man running along and you’re in your queue. I was 11,000 thousands or something. I was 11,000 last year. You gotta remember there’s thousands of these tags spread out over a bunch of different units for deer and elk. Some people ahead of you are looking for elk tags, some are deer tags and other units don’t. If you see you’re in the thousands, just, you got nothing to do. But sit there and watch it and wait. But there’s a lot of people this doesn’t affect, these are just GE general deer tags and, and elk tags.

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You know, when we talk about Idaho and it was one of those things, very few people did. But it is something that is kind of, you can do to have, just to kind of have it the back burn for next year. Yeah. A backup plan. Right. And if you want to get rid of it, you can still do the controlled hunts for deer elk next, next year up until June 5th deadline. If you draw one of those, you surrender the general and you got the controlled tag. Yeah. If you want to turn it in, there’s different timelines. You can turn it in for a 75 or 50% refund. If you’re like, I am not gonna go use this, which I may or may not have done. I actually even know people that have bought in single track motorcycles to go use on some of the trails in Idaho on general season deer tags. And then I’ve never gone and done it. Come on. I did hunt. I did hunt. I was loaded down. Can you believe people would go to that extent? Come on, Bronson. Hey, there’s, how many miles does your, does your TW 200 have 50? What did you buy it for? What do you mean? This exact thing we’re talking about? I, I was, I I just said 50 miles people. How many, how many years have you owned the bike? Maybe one. Well, I bought it few over one over a year. Yeah.

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50 miles. Good job. There’s a lot of places with single track places open in, in Idaho, Wyoming, in theory. Idaho, cool places. Yeah. In theory. You’ve used them before. Before we had the tw, but I did, I had a, I had an air cool Honda bike that I loaded down with a rack and stuff. It’s pretty awesome. It was awesome. I’m prepared, but I do not plan on being online tomorrow morning. Although you don’t in this room. You don’t. Yeah. No. Well, the thing about it is, I I, I’m, I’m resisting what? I’m resisting funding a state when you’re not even gonna go. No, no, no, no. Not to have nothing to do. I’ve done plenty of that. But I know that you and white are gonna be doing, and I’m just gonna just say I’m not doing it just to get sucked in. You guys have sucked me into some things. I just, just for the sake of doing it. Well, I had, well I had Clint, I had Clint call me and grind me out on which units and this and that. And I’m thinking, God, now I’m, I’m starting to talk about it. I’m kind of getting excited about I know, I know. That’s what I mean. And it’s the first thing of the year. And a lot of us in this office, I think still have Montana General. Come on. Really? You’re gonna bring that.

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None of, I turned mine back for a refund. ’cause I, the writing was on the wall and I know they have a late muzzle hunt that has not occurred yet. Which some of us in this room could still go home waiting for those Saskatchewan giants. I don’t know. Why do we have to rip up these scabs about funding states when we’re not even showing up, Wyatt? Exactly. I’m saying, what I’m saying is you call something something or do it a new way and all of a sudden there’s demand is different part. We’ve talked about this part of, we fallen into the same trap. We had the option to go. You, you didn’t even have the option. That’s a good point. We bought that option. Go for it. And we chose not to. You didn’t even get made the commitment. I’ve made the commitment. Didn’t even get commitment to myself. You didn’t even get into next year what gonna do less? No, I didn’t say that. Oh. But I’m gonna be a little bit more, I’m not gonna discriminating impulsive. Okay. Right on some books. John, come on. I don’t know. You got talked into like muzzle loader hunting in Colorado Animal, get excited about some antlerless point. You know, I’m like, really? How does this happen? No, I got talked in by the best back strap I’ve ever had Antelope points for in, in Colorado though. That’s by somebody. Okay, well that’s another, you’re welcome.

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I did. You’re welcome. Well, anyway, the problem is that’s a nine is we’re trained, we are trained to get points or tags and then all of a sudden when there’s a finite number of them, it’s a part of the kill is getting the tag. I have the option, like why it said we have the option to go to Montana. Do you, did you go? No, no, no. Not even really interested in going. Right. But I have to tag and we have to do Harvard survey for six 50 bucks. I’m doing Harvard surveys. I’ve never even, yeah, I don’t have to, never. I forgot I had tags for, so anyway, whatever. So anyway, that’s But the deadline, reiterate that 1, 9 30 you get in line or in the, you can start logging in at 9:30 AM mountain time tomorrow. And tags will start being available at 10. 10:00 AM This is, this is where ride home. Good stuff. Good stuff. Yep. Far as Arizona, like Adam said in the first of it, it’s archery co deer or mule deer. And there’s quotas attached. Basically kill quotas based off of, you know, the different units and whatnot. And when those are full, you’d, you’d pick a different unit to go to. So anyway, there’s options in August, December, January. Just depends on where you want to go or, or what have you. So anyway, Brunson, you can be all right, you’re choking. Choking on your tongue over there.

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Trying to do that very discreetly. You couldn’t even hear me. I even Oh yeah. Couldn’t hear you at all. No. Alright. We also are pretty excited about a few things. We’ve got the Utah board meeting coming up. It’s gonna make some major decisions on management here in the state of Utah. Of course we’ll be covering that probably, I’m guessing February issue of shouldn’t change. Even though the application periods moving later. That’s right. This year their board meeting is the end of the week. I believe. So. Same with Arizona at the end of this week. So we’re, gosh, here it is. Office time. It’s honest. Tomorrow’s December one. Wow. Wow. We start playing Christmas music around the office or what? No. Huh? No, I’m not a fan. I’m alright. I came home, my lights were up. I don’t like, I like it when they just, the magically come, they, they get put up somehow. What they’re, what do they Isn’t the magic it’s called the handyman. What was that joke? Something about the magic gr or something. Anyway, magic table. Magic carpet. The magic table. Yeah. Tell us about that. Give us a little depth on it. I dunno. Oh, it’s so funny. It’s story about a guy that, you know, just leaves his dishes on his table, leaves everything on this table and he comes home at night. It’s gets gone. Magically, magically clean, gone. Yeah. The dishes or the table and everything.

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Just the table’s clean. Got the dishes are put away. Yeah. Done. They can’t figure out how it’s done. And you know, starts telling his wife, he’s like this, this is my secret. You just put ’em here on this magic table. And they, they disappear. They’re gone. They just themselves wiped. Didn’t think that was very funny. He’s like told that story to Carter. I’m sure she’s heard it. My whole house is magical. It’s, yeah. Can’t find anything. Me too. Janet. Laundry room, the magic room, the kitchen dude. It’s like, you know how when your gear is where your gear, wherever you put it and you remember, I remember where I put this stuff and then I’m like, Hey, you know I’m looking for something and it’s like 14 hours later finally I just have to ask Jan. She’ll be like, oh yeah, it’s over in this cubing around this corner and on this little shelf somewhere. And I’m like, well if you clean up your stuff, you ain’t know where it was. An intense game of height and seek it’s marriage. Married life. It’s marriage. Let’s see what you gotta look forward to Logan. I’m excited. I can’t. So anyway, now they have those things for your keys and stuff like that. Like he probably has a bunch. What’s that? Those air tags. The air tags. The tags. Yeah. But people get, they’ll have ’em on anything valuable that he has.

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People get stalkers off the air tags. Right? They throw something in a bag and then follow you home and steal your stuff or no, dude, that can happen. Do bad things if you put ’em on stuff deliberately yourself that you want to keep track of. Yeah. Stalkers, I mean, doesn’t come into play then. Yeah. So have you ever tried to get a new iPhone? Just, I, I mean, I just, just saying my weekend was terrible. Logan, I needed you this weekend. Should have called me. It was unbelievable getting a new phone. I mean I had one that blew up and then it just, when you say blew up, what? What happened? Got hot cold, hot cold. When you go to plug it in and then, and you can tell it’s a battery problem, then pretty soon I turned it off ’cause the battery was blitzing in 30 minutes. And you need onyx like you need, you know what I mean? Or, or whatever. GPS the GPS program of your choice. And so I’m, I’m out in the hills and I’m like, hey, I gotta turn it off ’cause I need the auto, I need the point on my bike. Da da dah da. Which canyon? There’s 14,000 canyons and you don’t wanna walk out in the dark that way. And so anyway, it was getting taxed. Yeah, it was getting taxed. Turned off, turn on. I turned it on. Could not touch anything on the screen.

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It stayed on that screen that shows either you call for emergency or you turn it off. Stayed on there till it was dead. Never turned back on again. Plug it in. Doesn’t, doesn’t hear nothing. See nothing. Nothing, nothing. Nothing. It’s, it’s the most terrible thing in the world. ’cause I What’s the iCloud case? Yeah you do. In fact, thanks. The orange black is the hit. Yeah, I kind of thought you’d like it. I thought you’d, I kind of want it’s impulsive. I know you won’t. I had one like that remember? Yeah, we had, it’s just impulsive. I kind of wanna grab it. Don’t grab it. But I won’t keep your hands to yourself. I need a new one too. So anyway. Yeah, to transfer that stuff over and 14 trips down there. The gals couldn’t figure out how to get my text logs back. And for, I mean dude, we’re using texting apps and all kinds of stuff and 14. I’m telling you it was terrible. It’s the most terrible experience of my life. Photos, figuring out the photos, the videos, you know, it’s more than the extra iCloud that I buy. And anyway. Well I have 128. I’m glad you’re 120 gigs of text logs. It’s pretty hefty anyway. It’s just, it was the most brutalist thing in the world. What’s that? That’s spam. It’s spam on You wanna enter it up? See what they want today. What number? 0 0 1 start. 0 0 1. It’s not poll.

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I don’t know where he is. Probably probably recovering. So anyway, so that’s, anyway, it was a bad, it was tough. Yeah. Needless to say. But we’re geared up. Everything’s good. I have hard to believe since I have since reset that iPhone, they’re giving $800 a trade-in because they need the chips. I bet Logan doesn’t even know this. Logan. They need the chips. I traded mine in a few weeks ago. You did? What’d you get? I got like the 14 pro. Yeah. See I only got the 14. It’s nice. I just got this text while we’re talking. BS C, that’s my point. It listens to you. How? How does this list from Verizon upgrading up wrap up to 800 off the new iPhone 14 with a qualifying trading? It’s like 5G unlimited plans for limited time. You can, there you go. That that’s amazing. That’s what dude, that’s wrong. But I’ve been getting these a lot. They are listening to you but it’s not from that number. You know how they send you for a different number. I’ve been getting these for a month, but I have no time during the hunts to stop this. Well on Saturday. ’cause I know the process you went through. It’s never, I was two days, five minutes and everything off your phone’s on your new, I was lost in the wilderness for two days. I reached Jen and said go by the phone fast.

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And so it’s sitting there for me to deal with tonight at Saturday night. And so I did it and I ended up with whatever she found, which was a 14. Not the pro. I think you want the pro it’s got the better cameras. I like it. But I like mine. Yeah, that one’s good. They’re Tell me what the difference is. I honestly don’t know what the 14. The 14 pro three cameras versus two. It’s the camera deal. One of them. Well three cameras versus two. Why is that so cool. What is yours Carter Bro. Mine’s the regular 14. His is the guy. Oh actually I do know the difference. I just remembered. So one of the, oh go ahead. Oh, I just say you got the fish eye. The super fish eye. Yeah. And the salmon eye one’s. Your zoom one’s your normal Hey and one’s your fish eye. Tell me what this one, this one starts out at three times zoom. And so if you’re zoomed in up to three, then it’s like you’re not zoomed in at all. ’cause it’s a different lens. And then this one’s your like fisheye wide angle and then this one’s just your normal one. So they’re making, because of hunters, they’re making a setaside camera for the fisheye. Wow. I don’t know. Wasn’t that’s a large demographic for that. We have single handedly changed the iPhone world.

00:25:05:27 –> 00:26:05:27
Why didn’t you tell me I needed that one when you didn’t get it? Because it makes our animals look bigger. Don’t want that. Well I don’t know Broon. I just think that the pro sounds better. It’s supposed to be better. Why didn’t you get it? Because I sent Jenna down and I don’t dare tell her that I’m disappointed that I only have the 14. Sorry to make you save that Maha. All I said was if there’s 500 gigs plus get it. And she went down and got it and she says, here you go. And I said, you’re the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Smart man. But then transferring over was the most horrible thing. How did you transfer over? No big deal. Logan. You just did from the iop. I dropped it off. You airdropped it all my airdrop wouldn’t see each other. They wouldn’t see each other. ’cause this phone’s kaputt just put down battery. I did. I went down, got a new battery. They even warrantied it. ’cause I just had a new battery done in September. Not working. I don’t care anymore. That phone’s, I reset it. I reset it in. Yeah, it’s gonna South America, somebody else is gonna have that chip. It would probably be Colombian drug. Lord, somebody in Washington making a deal. Probably be Pelosi’s relative. Try the iPhone or Samsung to iPhone transfer.

00:26:06:03 –> 00:27:05:11
Oh yeah, you wanna talk nightmare guys thinking wt, how about Wyatt? Even learning how to do the iPhone and you don’t think it’s that big a deal. But I did the transfer years ago and I was gonna shoot myself. It was unbelievable. It was, I was the last one before Wyatt. I remember to switch of you guys. I was the last one and then I finally did and and it’s hard to go. That’s why they make you do Don’t they make you do it for 30 days. Give her 30 days. Yep. And you gave it. And about the 28th day you finally pulled your head got, well I’m still wrapped your wrapped your head around it. Wrapped your head around it and got figured out. We’re just talking about clean slates still. We’re we’re clean. This is the way to go anyway. Well so you, what do you mean you, you said the other day you, you found, remember that that whole picture thing, let’s talk about that. Where you like touched the picture. It automatically outlined the deer in the hunter. Put a black background in the background. Yeah. Cropped it out. That was cropped it out on its own. So I don’t know why you’d ever use that, but it was kind of, think about that.

00:27:05:13 –> 00:28:10:15
You just touch it normally put down to make people not know that you shut it in a burn or, so normally we make normally, normally John has to do all kinds of altering some kind of emoji deal looking thing. I don’t know what it was. Look at this still on the ground. Let’s dude really? It’s almost, oh you touch it. It was on Devin’s white tail. So by the way, Devin, so he sent me these pictures of his whitetail. Okay, touch it. Yeah, this picture now hold it down. If you touch it, hold it down at it gives a little highlight thing and allows you to copy Devin out of there. So, and then where I did copy him out there on a couple of these pictures and it just look at that cut cuts him right out. Hopefully the upgrade, it does a little bit better job on cutting out antlers like that. It was a nightmare. If people are doing portrait mode. Yeah, the portraits. Because didn’t see little blurs out points, which are the most horrible points on the freaking, take that off. Yeah, take that off. Hey, can you eliminate that? Just like all foreign languages off your phone portrait mode. Never to be an option. Because that would be good. Yeah, especially for Logan has no answer. He just figures it can be done because he loves Steve Jobs. I don’t, I don’t know.

00:28:10:19 –> 00:29:18:03
You just swipe over the regular camera mode in see what I’m, I know, but man, sometimes you’re at night. Jason, you could speak port Portuguese if you want to. I don’t want it. Well then just swipe. Everything’s a swipe. You’re the swiping generation. Yeah, I am. Yeah. No swiping, swipe left, swipe right. I like you. I swipe right. Yeah, if you like you, you swipe left or right. Certain age. Yeah. Door. The, on the dating apps. Is there a swipe left or swipe right? It’s swipe right. If you like ’em, swipe left if you don’t like you are on the dating apps. Yep. Yep. Wow. We’re gonna have to talk more about that so far. Oh no. All right. But anyway, that’s where we’re at. We got a lot of things going on this week. We kind of starts off the year here December 1st, Robinson, we also got Alaska coming up. People are, yeah. You know, considering that although we have talked about the sheep in Alaska is almost like the state of the Mulder herd really tough. They’ve been tough in lots of parts of the state. The draw units aren’t, aren’t even exception to that. Some of the areas like the, to have really taking it on the chin, which were really popular draw units for a lot of years, having a couple hard winners and really reduced the number of older rams there.

00:29:18:03 –> 00:30:26:04
Some of the units down in the thirteens or fourteens not as bad. Those are still exceptionally good quality hunts if you were to draw them or some of the better goat, goat units. But yeah, deadlines the 15th of December, 15th, 5:00 PM you need a hunt agreement signed with the Alaska guide outfitter for goats and sheep if you’re gonna apply for ’em. So if you need a recommendation, feel free to give us a call. We can give, can give you our 2 cents on that. Anyway, yeah, so that’s coming up soon. Pretty interesting stuff. Pretty soon. Alright, well things are happening. I know Devin just smoked a white tail. We’re gonna have to get that story outta him. Sound just an awesome experience. John, you want to give us a little spiel about photos and stories? Missions? Yeah, now’s the time. All the, oh well a lot of good percentage of the hunters are wrapping up. And if you were successful, we’d love to see your photos and if you killed something exceptional, maybe a story from you. So email those to [email protected] and make sure you include, you know, the hunter’s name and the state and if you know you’re gonna do it, but you don’t have the full story together yet, and you’d want to just send us one or two photos right now, send this to us.

00:30:26:04 –> 00:31:34:18
Say, Hey, I just harvested this animal wherever to let us know the state and hey, I intend to do a story. Get that to us now. So we kinda get that in the system and then we’ll check back with you and, you know, several weeks as we start approaching the state that we might cover that in, I guess most urgently, if you do have Arizona, elk and antelope or moose, sheep, goat, bison, elk for Wyoming. Yeah. And Wyoming. Get that to us quick. Yeah. And that’s, yeah, real quick. Yeah, that’s on the front. Front burner. Yeah. But if you’re, if you wanna get it off your mind, anything you harvested this last year, whether you just wanna submit it for trophy room or story consideration, send it to us now and then get working on the story in the meantime. So anyway. Awesome. All right, well this is kind of a short podcast. We just wanna basically talk about Idaho, Arizona, a few backstories on a few things. Give people, you know, some people, some grief. We’ve got a lot going on here at the Epic Outdoors office. If you’re interested in any applying in these states or whatnot, definitely give us a holler. Of course, we’re membership based, it’s $150 a year and you’ll be able to, you know, get our publication research publication and the critical times before it’s time to apply in all the western states for big game species.

00:31:34:25 –> 00:32:50:04
And then we also have a service, a license application service where we help guys apply, we actually apply ’em and choose units for ’em. It’ll be as aggressive as you want it to be. You can be a part of it as much as you want to be. And, and of course we’re here to help you draw and obtain tags, hunts, guided situations, whatever it may, may be, anything western big game. So I think that’s about it guys. Anything else you guys can think about? Yeah, just one more plug for camo with the holidays. No better gift than camo with the holidays. So maybe jump on one of our partners Under Armour or q You and you order directly on their websites. If you want a coupon for a 40% off Under Armour, go to our website, epic And right at the top of the homepage, there’s a link to a personal coupon for you for 40% off. Yeah, good stuff. All right, sounds good. Everybody, hope the holidays are good to you. I know there’s a few guys wrapping up Hunts. Wish you the best. Of course. We wanna hear from you. And we’re, we’re, there’s a lot of planning going on right now for next year. Year. I don’t know why. I just don’t, I can’t wait for it until December 2nd. Why? Because these little two things are over with these questions. Well, yeah. And then on the next stuff, that’s just awesome.

00:32:50:06 –> 00:33:26:24
But nothing’s on December 2nd, so that’s gonna be good. There’s gotta be something that’s all I there, there’s gotta be something on, well there’s Arizona deadlines. No deadline. Why can you think of anything? No deadline. The the second. Maybe not until the 15th. The 15th. Okay. So we got all, we got 10 days, 14 days to ride a public publication and write nobody’s frolicking. We’re right. I call working on a task that, that you’re intending to work on versus getting distracted on these deadline things for all. Yeah. So, yeah. Good stuff. Anyway, but good stuff. All right, sounds good everybody. We appreciate you.