This week the Epic Crew gets an exclusive look at a new rifle announced as part of Fierce Rifles 2023 lineup. John Mogle sits in with us as we take a deep dive into shooting long-range rifles and the importance of trusting your rifle as you head out on your long awaited hunts.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew. We got Devin, Josh, Wyatt, Logan. And we got a special guest. John Mogul. Hey buddy, how are you? Good, how are you guys? Doing well. We’re doing good. We’ve just been cranking in the office. Well, that’s, that’s good. I guess you’re making money, but it’d be better if you were out shooting stuff, wouldn’t it? Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. The office, we, when you’re done with the hunting season, you kind of wanna kinda look forward to the office about three days into it. About a week of sleeping in your own bed. And then you’re thinking about where you would rather be. Yeah. Hunting, killing. The only steps we get from the parking lot to the door here. Yeah. To the, and we’re counting every one of them. We were at lunch today and we had to like peel him away from the window. ’cause he’s like, the sun feels so good because you get here when it’s dark, you leave when it’s dark. We don’t see the sun all day. We had to peel him outta the window at Costa Vita. That’s for you. Those, these short days are not good, are they? No. No, they’re not good. And your separate counts. I’m sure a few of you’re doing that. They’re not good right now.

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So, in fact, it’s the shortest day of the year today, I think. Is it really? It’s only lighter from here on out. That’s the good news. That’s awesome. A minute and a half a day or two. And then when is it the lightest? Not quick enough. July 20. June 26th. June 21st. There you go. Yeah, there’s your moon phase guy right there. It tells you the best days to hunt, doesn’t he? That seems, I don’t know. He’s a little bit of everything. Whatever you need to know, I can tell you. That’s true. A, that died in Nevada last year with a crescent moon sitting in a pretty sunset, wasn’t there, Josh? Yeah. Yeah. What? It wasn’t the elaborate Misty. Misty Fjords stuff. Oh, that was 2021. That was, that was two years ago. Yeah. Misty fjords buck. It’s pretty awesome. Well, all right, since we’re talking about killing stuff, John, you’re here for one reason. That’s to talk rifles. Okay. You guys make some of the finest rifles out there. I don’t know, maybe give it a slight history. Whatever it is. Set the stage for what makes you guys awesome there at Fierce. Oh great. Thank you. The thing that sets us apart at Fierce is we built a custom grade rifle at a production rifle price. That’s really what it is. I feel, well, I don’t feel, I know our guns are built as good as some of the other brands that are six, $7,000.

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But we sell them at a great price. We’ve got a new rifle here that we’ll talk about here later. But you know, we have guns starting just over two grand going up to our most expensive gun now is 35, 3600 bucks in our carbon barrel titanium action. But our tolerances on our actions are as tight as anyone’s are. All the carbon components we build in-house, the, the barrel with the C3 carbon barrel. I mean, when you look at what we offer the consumer, we give a half MOA accuracy guarantee, which is really as good as it gets in the industry. Very few people do that. And we stand behind it. We do stand behind it. And some people say they do it. Yeah. But maybe don’t do it fully. I mean, you guys stand behind every every guy. We do. And it’s been extremely hard, as you can imagine, during these covid years with the ammo availability, because we’re not in the reloading business right now. ’cause you can’t get components. So we’re doing it with factory AML for the most part. Geez. Which is really unheard of. But luckily there’s a lot of great factory AMLs came a long way as well. And so when you put that with a good rifle, we feel confident about it. And not to say, you know, we don’t rebar a few guns or do whatever, but to get that to where they need to be.

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But we, we stand behind it. And so that’s what we’re proud of. And, and once again, for the price and, and the customer service and the product that the consumer gets, I think that’s why. Well, that’s why we’re doing so well, man. Yeah. That’s incredible. I know these guys have killed a lot of animals with your rifles. Devin Lots. Wyatt Bronson. I mean everybody’s, you know, been laying stuff down with your rifles. Yeah. I’ve had one for what, what was the first year you started? Yeah, you, we were just talking about it. Serial number 95. 95. So way early years ago you got one of the OGs B OGs. Yeah. It’s killed a handful of stuff. Been been all over with me. So it’s a pretty, I tried to buy it from him for years. He wouldn’t sell to Which caliber was that original? Just the seven of them. Remington. Yeah. Good old seven Mag. Yep. And that shoots hard to beat everything. Anything. You feed it, it goes, doesn’t matter. Yeah. It’ll do that half inch m away with anything I’ve shot out of it, so. And so what did you don’t tell people that they’ll all think it can do. What did you shoot your buck with this year? Actually the new six five PRC. Yeah. The new one you got. Yep. So sweet.

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So you’d think that, you know, Wyatt’s a creature of habit and, and so to make a change, like that’s pretty, you can find him in the water hole. Well, yeah, he’s killable. You don’t even know what that means. 9 33 whyt would be there. Water only. Water only. That’s true. He doesn’t hit the Buck Jam. You can pat, you can pattern Wyatt Buck jam. Get your kidney stones. Just the water. What are we gonna go down that road? What, what did Cause the kidney stones, Wyatt, you ever, did they ever break ’em down? If you go back probably 10 other podcasts. We’ve brought that up on it. Well, we, we heard the tank and stuff like that. But I mean, root of it, what developed, you’re the only water, pure water drinker in the box. So we, we thought it was creatine, remember? Oh, that’s right. Geez, that’s a lot, lot of podcast to go when you bulked up, you’re not drinking enough Diet Pepsi. That’s probably what it is. Monsters and Diet. Quit, quit the hard stuff stuff. Yeah. It’s like a good solved. That’s all we drink and we have no problem. So I’m just saying. No, no monsters here. So, all right, so what bottle was that? Your six five PRC? That’s a, it’s the new, or no, it is the Edge, the CT edge, the car, the Edge. Yes. Oh yeah. So that’s, that’s both my guns are both the CT Edge. Fantastic.

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We made a run out to the range with Wyatt and it was unbelievable. We smashed that 840 yard target. Oh yeah. Like nothing. Just quick too. Yeah. It took like, it was a hundred yards factory wide. Or were you reviewing reloads? No, that was factory hornady, ELD xs after you scooped some up about from under my nose back in the, yeah. About six, eight boxes of that. Yeah. Six or eight months ago when they were hard to find. Yeah. That’s another thing we, you know, we offer our, that customer that is unique to us for you that have been up to my shop, we built that kind of in the middle of nowhere so we can have that one mile range. Right. Really? We can shoot from inside. Yeah. But we do our shooting schools out back. But you know, that’s the, the business we’re in, we have, we found some great niches, you know, the Cabelas of the world, the, the big box stores to the mom and pop dealers sell our rifles. But also we make long range packages kind of a turnkey system for the guys. Because I mean, your customers, especially the guys listening to this podcast Times, times Limited. Right. And that’s why they use you and your services. And that’s why they use us on our long range packages.

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If you go into a sporting goods store, you buy a gun, then you have to worry about buying a scope and you have to buy, worry about mounting the scope. Right. And then you have to figure out how to do this long range shooting stuff. So then you, you put your scope on, then you gotta get a buddy or two to come out and spot and see if you can even figure out the long range deal. And so for us in-house, we’ll get ’em to scope. We cut turrets on a variety of different scopes. We truly can give them a, a long range system when they get it and pull it out of the box. It’s ready to, it’s ready to go. And a lot of guys don’t recommend doing this. A lot of guys get it and head out right out on a hunt and start shooting. Right. 5, 6, 700 yards. We, you know, we’d like to see go practice. I buy a car, I wanna be able to drive it. Yeah. Right off the lot. So people are just grabbing a gun and going, hitting the field. And like you said, you need to be familiar with your gun. Like to do a Tesla lap, at least a Tesla. Yeah. You shoot five rounds at the range or something 10 like Wyatt did. And then he goes and smashes a great buck. Yeah. You know, where they’re shooting. Well, it saves people time and money.

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I mean, I remember people, if there was an accuracy problem, it was always rings and bases. Yeah. They wrong rings, wrong screws, something not torqued like that they’d put on themselves. And then they go on a 20,000 L cut and that doesn’t go so well. Yeah. So we’re not talking about the fierce package. We’re talking about them buying a Yeah. A raw gun and Correct. Putting it on, putting it on garage. Yeah. A lot of the, you know, as you imagine with that accuracy guarantee, we talked about a lot of the guys will send in guns and say it doesn’t shoot. And just like Devon said, ’cause Devon used to work at Fear, so he knows, he knows well get some of those calls. You know, the first thing you do is check check level if everything’s tight and if they mounted it right. And, and I would say seven out of 10 times stuff’s not put on correctly or torqued to the right spec. Oh, it might have been eight or nine out of 10, you know. Yeah. Probably. You know what I mean? But 70 percent’s pretty bad. Yeah. I mean, I’m just saying. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, you know, so, so that’s a great service, you know, and in today’s world service is what I think our customer is your customer. And I think those people want service. Yeah. Right.

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They want, they want time is precious in this world today, and we don’t have enough of it. And so if you can get the package ready to roll, saves them time. And with the availability of ammo being so scarce, that’s another problem. You know, you have in, in trying to set up your own rifle and, and get everything dialed in. So, so we can help them solve their problems in a lot of ways. Yeah. So when you said cut, cut her, it’s like you, like some guys want to cut, want ’em cut to a specific elevation, whatever yardage you’re cutting a yardage turret. We’re cutting cutting a yardage. Tur Yes. Versus an MA shooter that you don’t have to do that long. That, that their mode of, you know, a lot of first timers though, they don’t think that way. A lot of people like the cut turret, which, you know, elevation doesn’t, isn’t huge unless you’ve got huge differences in elevation from, you know. Yeah. And, and it’s interesting with your experience, right? I mean, your experienced long range shooters, I feel want the MOA turret and maybe have the, the ballistic, like an BS range or something that are programmed. They, they have, they’re savvy enough to program that and stuff. But still, nine out of 10 packages that we send out have the yardage turf. Oh, no kidding.

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And so what we do is that, you know, we’ll find first off, whenever someone buys a package and people don’t realize this value, even though we guarantee the half MOA accuracy guarantee, there’s only one gun that comes out of our shop with a certified target now. And that’s the CT rage or the edge. Oh, the rage is now taking the place of the edge. The edges used to be made in Canada. Now everything’s made in our shop in Utah. And we’ve changed the name to the CT rage just to differentiate. But that’s the only gun. If they buy just a bare gun, it comes with a certified target. Everything does not. And so when they do the package, we, we certify it for ’em, we’re gonna find wa aml shoots the half MOA first. So accuracy’s number one, when they order a package. So we’ll find the half MOA accuracy could be, for example, the new seven PRC, we’ll shoot the 1 75 ELD XS are the 180 matches. It’s the only two ammo available. And so far, either one of those is bit in half, no problem. And then, so then you, you solve that problem and then we chronograph it. So we find out how fast that exact bullet’s going through their gun. So they’re getting an exact speed, not just a guess a guess.

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And then we go and we find out from the consumer, you know, what average elevation they’re hunting at and temperature to try and get that a little more dialed in. And then we cut the turrets on a laser machine and, and then we’ll re and then after we do that, we put the turret on and then if the customer wants it zeroed at 100 or 200 yards, we’ll zero it. And then we verify the cuts. Right? So we’ll take it out to 500 yards, 700 yards. So it’s just a simple tur. It’ll have 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. So crank, crank yards, anything up between, it’s dead on. Yeah. You’re on seven and you’re on a zero, you’re there. So we’ll take it to a thousand. And that’s the process. So when the guy gets it, and, and my guys are awesome. They are, they’re into this more than anyone I know. And they will not let a gun go out. That’s not good. They just won’t. And you know, there’s really not any cut in corner. Sometimes I have to fight with them a little bit because it’s like, come on, this one’s close enough. No, it’s not. You know, and so, so my guys are awesome. And so when a consumer gets their gun, they can be confident, you know, that it’s a thousand yards ready to go, whatever. And everyone wants to go. It seems like at least to a thousand yards nowadays.

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And the scopes and equipment has changed to do that in our industry. I know I was pretty shocked when we went up there for those that day and just the shop and I mean, just the handmade custom. I was, I was pretty blown away. Yeah. Honestly. Yeah. At the detail and the work and, and yeah. Anyway, I was just pretty impressed. Awesome. Thank you. With a, with a, you know, production type rifle. But you say, but it was custom. I mean, there, it’s a custom rifle. Well, how many stock? I mean, you got different stocks and Well, and here’s the thing too. You up stocks and I hate to get too techy, but that’s why I’m here, I guess, or you wouldn’t have me on your podcast ’cause I can’t talk hunting as good as you guys. But our stock is as high end as they come. So if you take this barreled action out of the stalk, most car composite stalks, what they do is they’re going to do this flat, a flat top per se. So it’s gonna have the carbon look here, but the top will be a flat top. And they will go in and then cut into, they’ll foam fill this hole area. And let’s say they want their stock, they’re building the gun for a short action steel barrel. So then the CNC will go in and cut this area for the action to sit in.

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It will cut the barrel channel to either a steel barrel, carbon barrel. So we make molds for each one. So as you pull this barrel to action out, instead of seeing foam, you see actual carbon fiber. That’s why there is no give in our stocks. They’re as strong as they get because yes, it is foam filled, but it’s fully encased by carbon fiber. So the strength is all around that foam and it’s encased and it’s, it’s the strongest stock on the market. So once again, we’re selling it for at a great value to the consumer. Once again, I com when people ask, you have to compare this to a six, 7,000 and without mentioning company’s names, most of you know who they are. But honestly, in the tolerances and the actions exact same. The, the way our stock’s built better, the way our barrels wound, we do our own C3 carbon barrel technology the best. So, dang, it’s, it’s good stuff. Maybe talk about that just a little bit for, you know, basics of still barrel versus carbon. I’m sure guys that are naive to that, that’s a one of the initial questions they ask you. Like, what, why should I go carbon other than aesthetics or whatever else looks cool. What do you, what do you talk ’em through? How do you do that? Well, we offer both, right? We offer a a, a twisted barrel.

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It is funny though, nine out of 10 sales are carbon guns. No kidding. The market, the market is, that’s shifted completely. When did you see that shift? It’s always been strong, but it’s almost that bad now. I mean, we to seal sell steel, I’m the steel one in 10 guy, I need a carbon barrel. But here’s the, here’s you’re an outlier, dude. But here’s the thing. Jason might be half my problem. The steel barrel chute as good as the carbon barrels. Well, and that, I don’t know why I just, when I, I just, they don’t look as sexy to me as a, as a steer steel barrel. Like I don’t know why. It’s just what I grew up with. Right? Yeah. I don’t know why you like that more traditional look and what, but you’re carrying half a pound more. Yeah, well, yeah. So the, so the advantages as a carbon barrel, obviously carbon fiber, when you say when you do comparisons per weight, right? So it’s five times lighter than steel. It’s five times stiffer, it’s four times stronger. All those technical things. But the biggest thing, it has what’s called a zero coefficient of thermal expansion. Meaning it doesn’t expand. Yeah. Steel can grow. Right. It can actually grow.

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Back in my earlier days of making carbon barrels, when we didn’t kinda lock it in with the carbon fiber lock here, back in the day when you got ’em hot enough, you could see the barrel grow and protrude and, and come away from the carbon. It’s just, you know, it’s just steel grows. Carbon does not. So it, as your barrel heats up it, it maintains its stiffness. So with that, you know, you can argue you get more first shot accuracy, cold boar accuracy with a carbon barrel. ’cause it’s not affected if you’re outside today and 10 degree weather, you know, your barrel’s shrinking, that cold boar barrel can be a little further off than a carbon barrel. And then in the heat at the same. So, or if you’re one of those guys that takes 10 or 12 rounds to kill something. Right. You have less variability. Yep. Who we talking about? I’m just saying those guys, I didn’t look at any, happens to all of us. Just Mr. Bowl jangle that pile of bras, you know, sitting there melt snow right next, next to you guys melt snow. That’s right. There’s from shot one to 12, they’re all more, you know, precise. Yep. Oh these have a steel barrel. Right? It’s lined inside. Like you’ve got a very thin steel. So it’s like a number. How are you getting it it not to protrude, how are you getting it?

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We do some mechanical locks, do some bumps in the steel. Okay. So as you lay the carbon and it’s cooked and cured around there, it has some locks. Okay. So it doesn’t, mechanical locks can’t move or can’t move. It overpowers it. Yeah. And steel, you know, doesn’t cause it, you gotta do it in the right way. So it doesn’t, sometimes you can do that and it really fubar stuff because you’re just introducing more stress and problem the way you bond bond similar to a bonded bullet. Not all bonded bullets are created equal. Yeah. You know what I mean? Exactly. And so it’s how you bond that carbon to the steel Yeah. Liner, let’s call it. But it’s amazing, you know, as you guys probably go to shot showing different things as you walk the floor this year, you’re gonna see, well you already have, almost every manufacturer now has a, you know Yeah. The weather bees remington’s not really around much anymore, but the, you know, most manufacturers they have savage, the, you know, every bagar, everyone’s got a carbon barrel now. So in my history it used to kind of, we we’re kind of the out outliners with the carbon barrels. But now it’s like I said, just become the norm. Whether they’re sexy or saves you a little weight. Yeah. And, but they’re cool. Yeah. Oh yeah. What about picking calibers and stuff for guys?

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I mean, how do you talk that through with people? ’cause I mean there’s the full gamut and then obviously you make, I haven’t had ’em up six or eight different guns, you know, packages, you know, whether it be, you know, steel and carbon and titanium and knot and obviously long action and short action. But how do you, that’s another thing. Like what’s hot, I guess maybe that kind of tells and there’s, you know, every year is another something else we’re dealing with. But how do you, how do you walk that through with somebody? Because some people want to come out west and get a gun that’s, you know, I want a western gun. I’m a, I shoot three eights for white tails out here and I don’t wanna bring that. Where do you start with them? Yeah, I mean first off, just like you guys with a customer, you know, putting ’em in for hunts and things, you have to qualify ’em what they’re hunting. Right. And see what, you know, a lot of guys will, oh I only hunt small game antelope and coyotes. And so, so you know, for us, just to tell you what’s hot is the prcs are hot. The six five has just dominated the last probably two years by a long shot. It’s pretty much killed the creedmore. Yeah. Our creedmore sales are gone small. Yeah, very small. Where they were way up there.

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So the six five PRC, I think Hornady kind of, I don’t know. I mean that creed Morris, there’s so much many rifles out there. They’re gonna sell a ton of ammo, but both are their calibers. So the PRCS just, you know, a couple hundred feet per second faster. And it’s, it’s a phenomenal cartridge in the, for mid-size game. I know that a lot of people shoot elk and stuff with them. My son likes to shoot elk with them and, but for me it’s a little small for elk. But it’s fantastic to shoot off the bench just ’cause as we get older, you know, I’m not as tough as I used to be. The recoils no recoil ISS awesome. I don’t want mouth don’t tell your kids that. Tell your kids I know. Yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah. Don’t show listening. Don’t show weakness in front of my kid. My kids haven’t taken me up on an arm wrestle yet. I fear the day they do. But for heck sake, I’m not gonna lose. I don’t think So there’s old man strength. Yeah, there is such a thing. Where does that kick you at? Mass? Mass wins, is that what you That’s right. He might have to there. 1 45, 50 pounds. 35. Yeah. Ain’t no 31 35 gonna slap my arm on the table. Oh yeah, that boy. Yeah, we don’t want to show any weakness.

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So the six five PRCS has been by far the number one then it was the 300 PRC. There’s, that’s a great cartridge. They’ve once again designed that for long range with that two 12 and 2 25. It’s got high BC and now just because of what’s out there and what’s being pushed, everyone’s into high BC long range, whether they’re gonna shoot long range or not, it seems like most of them want that. And then probably third 300 wind mag and then the 28 nosler. But as you guys know now, by far dominating our sales in the last, since Hornet announced it in October was the, the seven PRC. I mean it’s just crazy. You know, we have a gun builder on our website now where a customer can go in and build their gun and they can place their 500 deposit order and the order comes through. And so on my phone just, I mean there’s four or five a night, bing, bing, bing binging and seven P Rrc, seven P rrc, PRC just dominating. And that’s a great cartridge. I took it to Africa, shot a shot an elk. I think it’s on our YouTube channel. Got a lot of heat for it on there as well. But shot an elk at 1,023 yards. The, there was heat from just two. You shouldn’t be shooting that far. I was like, okay. It was shouldn’t be. But that was an ethical kill. No problem.

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Oh, one shot kill. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so New Mexico you said? Yeah, the muscular air shot a bull down there. Matter of fact, horn, he told me he was the first guy to shoot a bull with seven PRC. So that’s cool. Really Pretty cool. And a leopard took it to Namibian, shot my leopard with it. But we’ve been really impressed with that cartridge. And if you look up the ballistics, I mean you’re shooting a 1 75 and the 180 is about the same. With a 24 inch barrel, you’re getting about 3000 feet per second in speed. And it’s giving you tons of energy. If you look at a thousand yards, your energy and your your feet per second and all that stuff. It’s above what most people teach is the ethical threshold for killing animals. In that far, once again, I’m not advocating shooting stuff at a thousand yards by any means, but put pounds of energy in all those arguments. Yep. But with the BC it’s probably holding, it’s, you know, giving you maybe even more foot pounds of energy at a thousand than a 300 rum even maybe. Or it is, yeah. Yeah. Because the rum would give you another have to pull out my ballistic calculator when we start getting serious. Geez. We get, he’s prepared. I don’t know. Well I wasn’t but have to get by maybe even Yeah, compare it to like the 28 or the regular seven.

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’cause those are what it kind of, I mean filling this void of, for people that know me, I’m a, I’m a 300 rum guy. So for example, a 300 rum with a 180, you can write this down at 30, down 200, mine’s 30, almost 3,300 feet per second at a thousand yards. I’m getting 1300, just over 1300 foot pounds of energy. And my speed’s 1810. So let’s look at my seven PRC and see where it compares to the room. Got my data here. So we’ll look at it with the 1 75. And we’re getting at a thousand yards speed. I’m getting 1942. Yeah, you’re another a hundred and something and 1465. Yeah. You’re, you’re, wow. A hundred foot pounds more. A hundred and something than a hundred foot per second. I know another 300 rum guy sitting around here. I don’t care what those numbers say. That 300 rum smokes it. What Smokes it Barks and bites, huh? No, Bronson, you’ve got a problem with the barking and biting. I think it’s off that, what did you have? You had a browning chambered in the 300 rum. And it does, well it, it, it’s fine. It does hammer you. I just don’t hunt. I mostly hunt elk with a bow. So, and that’s, that leads to your question earlier about what do you hunt the most? I occasionally, one of my kids will hunt.

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My boy shot one of 300 rum a year ago, but I mostly hunt elk with a bow. So unless I hunt a moose, which I’ve already done, I don’t hunt with a big gun much. So, I mean that’s six five is my little baby. Those six fives are fun to shoot. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you can see the animal die in your scope most of the time. Isn’t that awesome? Yeah. Or you can see your point of impact and you just chamber and you watch it. You don’t watch it die in a 300 drum. It’s like, I gotta find it again. So I mean, I like that the older I get and I don’t like to put a mouth guard in before I pull the trigger on anything anymore. And that’s, and that’s why we teach in our long range schools, you know, because if you can stay in, follow through, if you have follow through, who’s the best spotter? Yeah. You Well, and, and a lot of times, and if you can see where your bullet’s hitting you make a follow up shot, it seems like, I mean, over half at least it feels like I’m by myself. And so when, and that’s a big deal. Yeah.

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If you can see your point of impact and it hits right over the back, you know, okay, I adjust, I was a little bit off, I just, you know, aim low, don’t even die and I kill it. The second shot, 300 rum, you’re picking your stuff up and you’re coming back in your scope and you’re like, you’re, you’re cranking your power back down and all that. ’cause you gotta find it. So you just put in the same spot and shoot again and missing and hitting the same fuck. We know the story and I’m, I usually put it back on rolling down the hill. The only problem, Jason, I’ve never missed with my 300 run. No. That’s the thing I, and I don’t miss with a little one either, but I like shoot and I like packing ’em shorter. 22 maybe 24 barrels short action. It’s true. They’re all light little, I call ’em my little kid guns. And they, but they kill. And I mainly hunt sheep and, and deer and antelope stuff. You know, I, I don’t which hunt think most of us do. I haven’t shot enough with it, with it yet. And I, and I wouldn’t, I, I mean I, I would not like, I think it’s unethical, but I’ve got a bigger gun if I hunt, hunt, elk drive. Yeah. Man, that’s seven. I mean that’s, that’s impressive. That’s, yeah, it is impressive. And that’s why that’s watching people’s attention. Right.

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What are you getting? I mean, it’s gonna have some feedback too. I’ve even, well, at 3000 foot, you’re not gonna, it’s gonna be tamed down compared to Oh of course. 3000 at the Noz. It’s gonna be pretty chill foot pounds of energy compared to like a 28 nozzles. Significantly less. I can’t remember the number. I’m not prepared on that. Felt recoils about like a seven mag, regular seven with the PRC. The new one. Yeah. Just similar. The new seven PRC. Wow. Yeah. Are you shooting suppressed yet, Wyatt? No, not shooting. Suppressed. Oh. That’ll change your life. Have your brakes on there. Yeah. What do you And I always say accuracy trumps like all these numbers, if you can’t shoot accurate, it doesn’t matter. Right. Yeah. So you gotta be comfortable and like, that’s what I’ve always thought with those suppressed suppressors, if that helps you in recoil and just comfort, like just feels a little clumsy when you got it out. Like for me, you know? And that’s the trend you’re seeing now, guys is short barrels. Yeah. Everyone’s going. And you’ll see in our model lineup, it’s, you know, even in the seven PRC we’re building them as short on our new mountain reaper, the folding gun 20 inches, which is a little, but everyone’s wanting to suppress ’em now. And it’s, you know, I jokingly say when we first started, Hey can you hear, can you hear?

00:28:34:20 –> 00:29:55:18
It’s like none of us can hear, we’re all shooters. Right? Yeah. But that’s part of it, that suppression not having that big bang. And I think it makes, like you said, people more comfortable. You’re seeing, we’re seeing a lot of ladies and kids really get getting behind the gun. Yeah. We’re not back here scared of it. ’cause of the boom. Right? Yep. So no, it’s been, it’s been cool. We are, we’re all shooting suppressed now and it’s, it’s pretty sweet. My six five PRCI went 22 inches just ’cause I have a, a titanium dead air nomad titanium suppressor on there and it’s, it’s still pretty compact and Wow. Just what about the 20 inch barrel and the accuracy’s? Great speed’s. Great. Like there’s no, what’s your, what’s your speed? So we’re seeing, you know, and that used to be a little bit of a myth, guys would say, like back in the day longer. It’s so weird. Right? So this industry’s so weird because once again you, everything was about speed, you remember lazars Yeah. And you know Yeah. Who can get to 4,000 feet per second. Yeah. And it was all about speed kills and blah blah blah, blah, blah. And now we’re going like just accuracy the other way. Now it’s about big heavy bullets, accuracy, ballistic coefficient. And now when you start looking at that stuff at long range, the slower bullets outperform it.

00:29:55:23 –> 00:31:10:18
These the speed demons, you know, when you look at ’em on the ballistic calculators and all that. So if you got a good BC Yeah. You know, and now, and same thing with that 26, 28, I remember building 28 inch barrels for guys and now it’s just going the opposite direction. Yeah. And, and, and back in those days guys used say, you know, a hundred feet per second per inch. That’s not true. It’s more like we’re seeing about 25. I remember that. I remember people saying that. You remember that? Do Yeah. That’s why I have a 26 inch barrel, one of my old guns. So we got Amon and the boys with our little, let’s saw off next week, bring it, bring it in. I dunno if that worked too good on a Yeah, well chronograph in them and stuff. But we’re seeing 25 to 30 interest inch depending on the caliber per inch. So I mean, you go from a 24, which a lot of the calibers are tested at 24 inches drop down to 20, you might be a hundred to 150, which is not that much feet per second. Slower not that much. And so it’s, it’s interesting. But that’s the trend now seems to be shorter and guys are suppressing ’em. And man, it makes ’em nice and easy to pack around. Right. It’s almost like becoming scout rifles. Yeah. But still maintaining the same accuracy with throughout all those Yep. Yep.

00:31:11:03 –> 00:32:33:19
Accuracy has not diminished you. You’re gonna hit a point of you’re just blowing out too much powder and the accuracy’s gone. So there’s definitely, you can go too short for sure. But yeah, that’s, the accuracy’s been good and that’s why the barrel lengths we offer, we still stand behind that accuracy guarantee. So it’s, that’s pretty bold. Hmm. Dang, that’s a lot to think about. Should we talk about this new, new little lady sitting on the table here? Yeah, let’s do it. So tell us what you’ve got coming out for 2023. Okay. You got it still in 2022. Yeah. We’re, you guys are gonna have the, the first sneak peek to your customers here of, of the new rifle for 2023. One of our, well our, our highest selling rifle is the rival and the rival’s been fantastic. It was, it’s a two lug action. The rival is a two lug action and instead of like a rage is a three lug action, more like a SoCo 85 type. The rival is a two lug, more like a Remington 700. But with the short 70 degree bolt throw, before we start doing all that, let’s check, make sure there’s no bullets. So no one gets scared here. We’ve already checked the gun is safe. We had it pointed at Logan the whole time and we, but we, we checked multiple times. I’m just the intern. It’s all right.

00:32:34:19 –> 00:33:56:23
So, so the row, the intern live matter they do. And the ri So the rival was an awesome, awesome gun. And so for those of you that have the, the rival, it’s got the drop down, the more, not tactical long range shooting stock. It has the big drop down, the big palms, kind of a vertical grip. You got a vertical pistol grip system. Honestly, the longer younger guys love the rival. You know, if you looked at the age group of, of the rival, it’s the younger crowd, right? 45, 5 and older. Like me, I don’t like 45 old. I’m the same. I don’t like the feeling in my hand, I just don’t Exactly. I know it’s ergonomically how you’re supposed to line up a shoot. It just doesn’t feel like the guns we ever shot. Yeah, that’s right. So I don’t, I don’t like the feel. And that’s why our rage was always the seller. The three lug action gun was such a seller for us for the 40, 45-year-old and older because had the traditional stock, smaller pistol grip. And so the rogue is now that we’ve, we’ve heard the cries of our customer, we’ve heard the Adam Bronsons of the world that did not like that pistol grip. Yeah. And so the rogue is, the new stock is more of a, like when Devon first felt it, it’s kind of a hybrid. So it’s got the skinnier palm swell for more of that traditional feel.

00:33:56:27 –> 00:35:00:16
So so the older guys that come in and are just used to gripping their rifle like this, right. Anyway, sound like it went off for a second. Wbo so smack. I mean it’s funny at the trade shows, ’cause you can tell, you know, the older guys come in and grab the gun like this, they wrap that thumb around there and we’re like choking it to death, right? Yeah. Well they might’ve, they’re gonna use it as I was in the military too back in the day and doubled as a shovel handle. And then you get the younger guys that come in and may are into the long range shooting and you see ’em put their hand there and put their thumb over and all that stuff. So that, so this one you can do both. You can choke it. Yeah. Or you can, it has a nice, what do you call it, the shelf here to put your thumb on thumb shelf. So if you wanna shoot it more in a, a, you know, long range shooting style or you want to go more traditional, it feels great either way. It’s called it proper versus not proper. When I feel like when you’re shooting prone that’s what, that’s what I do. I feel like I would use that more. But when you’re like offhanded something. Yeah. You know what I’m saying? It offers both both ways.

00:35:00:24 –> 00:36:10:17
And what’s also cool about this is you can slide your hand up and down the grip area and get it to fit you. Meaning a lot of those vertical pistol grips you one spot put your hand in there and it’s kind of, there’s the spot, right? Yeah, yeah. This one, so like I was telling you guys earlier, for the guys with big fat hands that come in and like, ah, I can’t reach the trigger. Well just slide on up a little slide, slide up the grip a little and you’re gonna get to where you need to be. You know, you can hold back here if you’re a big tall guy with long fingers or if you need to crawl up a little more, it still feels great. So, so that’s why this is an awesome gun. And, and the, the great thing about this gun is the price. So it’s coming in super light. We’ve changed up a few things to get ’em a little lighter weight, like the car. So this is the rogue, this is the new rogue model coming out 2023. And what’s so beautiful about this gun is it’s 2199 retail. So it’s just stupid, crazy affordable. That’s with a carbon barrel. Yeah. We’re not doing a steel barrel on this one only. Yeah. Carbon barrel. And then we’re doing a CT version that’s 25 99 with a titanium action and just super light.

00:36:10:19 –> 00:37:26:07
I mean I think we did a, we built one up in a 18 or 20 inch barrel. It was 5.3 pounds, super wide and steel shot. That’s awesome. It was crazy. This one comes with a three quarter MOA accuracy guarantee. But you know, as we’re getting bigger, we’re getting into those economies of scale, we’re, we’re able to make things a little more affordable and we wanna pass that on to the consumer. We want them feeling a fierce sh rifle and being confident going into the field. We wanna help solve their problems, becoming a better shooter and hunter. And when that once in a lifetime animal comes up, they feel confident that they can take it and, and now really not saying everyone can afford this ’cause they can’t, but if you save your money a little bit, you could. Yeah. You know what I mean? In that price point. So out of the box rifles have gone up in price too, you know what I mean? They really have a lot. I mean it’s crazy. So this isn’t that far off. No. And so yeah, we’re excited about it and we’ve been hitting the dealers up and they’re excited about it. And the size of the orders coming in, we’re we’re excited and nervous at the same time, but we’re geared up to make a lot of these get to work. Yep. Yep. We need to make some orders. But I mean, I mean we’re dealers.

00:37:26:07 –> 00:38:38:18
Let’s be, first I’m gonna order something. Let’s get you to, I was gonna go to 300 rum just to, just to rile y’all, speaking of that, what calibers are gonna be offered in it? Not the 300 rum. Oh yeah. You’ve got offered the 300 C. Yeah. Trying to keep the price. The seven, you can’t reload yet, right? Can you? Yeah, yeah. We’ve got dyes and brass and everyth. Do you? But it’s, yeah, it’ll be a little tough at first. Yeah. But we’re seeing, we’ve got pallets of ammo so it’s good. Most of the guys that are buying the gun, we’re selling ’em one to two boxes of ammo just ’cause it is a trouble. But to keep the price down on this gun, we, we had a limit the offerings, if you want everything under the sun go to arrival or a rage, we offer all kinds of color patterns and calibers. But this one only comes in 22 creed more. Which we just, we didn’t have that originally, but it is crazy how many 22 creed mores we’re selling right now. Funny. Isn’t it that caliber? Who’s doing it? Just predator. Predator guys. Yeah. 22 Creedmore. I can’t even remember. Six five Creedmore. Six five PRC seven PRC seven rim mag 300 wind mag 300 PRC. So there’s like seven calibers and then just two color combos.

00:38:38:23 –> 00:39:52:22
Cabela’s has an exclusive, they’re getting what we call the urban with the tan and black and the black receiver. So they’ll have the exclusive on that color combo. And then this one’s the forest with, we changed up the green a little bit. And then we have our most popular the Phantom, which is the gray and black. And what’s the epic color gonna be? I don’t, we always wanna be special. Come on. I mean lime green. Bronson, what kind do you like? Let’s do something. You know I like orange. No, I’m sorry bro. Let’s, let’s vote Bronco, let’s vote right now. I don’t know. Anyway, but when you look at that gun, it just screams high end doesn’t it? And when you Yeah, it does. Josh did you hear that with a little? Josh has got a little s slobber. He is gotta wipe off. Well, Josh is ready. He’s been trying to buy a gun. I don’t know what the problem is. I think Carter needs a PRC. Go go smaller for a change. Try it. You might never go back. Well, and the one thing too, I didn’t mention, how small do I have to go? Six. Make everybody happy. Happy. I’m not talking 22 more. Six five. Six five PRC. That’s nice. Yeah. I’d have to buy a box of bullets off each to you like that I’d, these guys have bought cedar out. St. George out. I’m, I’m good until the back moul.

00:39:52:22 –> 00:41:05:09
You’d have my back. I could grab some ammo out of the shop. Yeah, we’d take care of you until the next Democrat gets selected. I’m good. Let me tell you about, then the frenzy starts over. Yeah, it’s so true. One change two on this one. So we’ve got the built-in Bipod rail and we slid this one on. This is the only model of our guns that has it. We slid it up to the front. Just most bipods clip on this way. Yeah, but there’s like the hatches and some of those others that have to slide. Yeah. From the front. So now that’s what we dealt with stock in way we were, yeah. And then of course we got the, you know, the quick detach flush cups. I mean that’s just the way to go. The old, the old slings just, they’re not so good. Geez. So it’s got all the cool new stuff. Geez. Oh yeah. I’m thinking somebody needs to kill something in flannel with a Woodstock. Do you make any wood? Six au six. You do shotguns? We have a batch. We have a batch of rifles coming, actually. Come on. Wow. Carter get your name on one. He’s asking for it. We heard this guy’s a guy, the old Safari club guys, which you could fall in that cat. I mean we can get, you get him some. Bronson’s already supposed to already dated us about the stock.

00:41:05:09 –> 00:42:11:17
Which, what grade would we talking? What? It’s, it’s two high grade’s by four ash. Is that, is that, what are we talking, what grade we talking, say three We talking. Ooh, what’s that mean? Is that like grain tightness? That’s pretty cool. What does it mean? What’s what What’s a two by four? He’s a pro. What does it mean? Give us, give us the wood. Great. The wood grain. Wood grains. So with reini shotguns we start out at a one and a half, the cheaper, cheapest guns. One and a half the most expensive. We go up to a five or an exhibition. And what is that? Just the, it’s the grain in the, so you see the dark? Yeah. And the gr the, you know the real, like a number one and a half looks like this right here. Right. It looks like a like our old eight seventies. A two by four. Yeah. Yeah. Two by four. And then as you go up in, you don’t like our quality. Do you think our coasters suck? I think they’re, I thought they, I great thought they were like great. I thought this was amazing wood right here. But the more green and color and all that, the drinking goes up. I mean it’s kind of like a steak. You get into marbling and kinds. I, I relate to that stuff. Diamonds Carter.

00:42:11:23 –> 00:43:19:07
I think you need a number five and some kind of iron wood built pulled out of the Sonora Desert. Something like that. Yeah. Seven something whatever. Seven PRC that would fit you. And then a flannel shirt and a cowboy hat. Flannel shirt, cowboy hat that’s got a sweat ring around it and dust stuck up. Hey, life changes fast. Hey, as long as you’re, you’re behind a two 40, it don’t matter. Right. I’m telling you 300 rum, every one of my kids have 300 rum. I have three or four of ’em. Like that was the caliber, you know what I mean? I still have one with a Thumbhole stock and they’re Swarovski, you guys die on it. And you guys are acting like I got a two 70, geez 36 gonna be like the au six here in five more years. Killed some big stuff at those 300 rounds. I’m just saying. Hey, I’ll tell you though, look at those ballistic charts that four to 600 yards and it’s really hard to beat three. Oh it is. That’s where 90% or shots or 95 are all coming from. So, yep. So you’re still okay. We like to tease, we just want call her to do something. Well, and there’s something to be said for what exactly what Adam was talking about is that, is is those lighter calibers.

00:43:19:07 –> 00:44:32:28
Generally you can continue to watch the animal and a and a lot of it is just that they just like that light little cartridge and it did fine and may not have been exactly perfectly by the book. I don’t know. But you know what I’m saying. You mean a 45? Why? What was your first, what was your first gun? What caliber? 2 43. Really? Yeah. Shot my first gear or the 2 43. And who even shoots a 2 43 anymore model? 700 Europeans. Do they? Yeah. We have some European distributors and they order two 40 threes and you sell ’em 3 0 8 and it’s like, well where are, who even makes those reamers anymore? How are we gonna do that? Is the even made anymore? But I don’t know. We built, no, I started my kids on 22, 2 50. You know I love a 22 where Jason starts his kids on 300 ultras. Ashley’s shooting a 300 ultra, but I tame it down to 3,100 and it it’s awesome. Yeah. Brakes and yeah, I can’t, I can’t argue 300 ultra earplugs and I got kids I can’t even hear. I got better hearing than some of my young kids and it ticks me off. They don’t wanna wear hearing protection, shooting pistols and just stuff out shooting clay pigeons. I’m like, dude, like wear’s some hearing protection. You can’t make ’em. And they’re no, they’re tougher than the noise. Like I was at that age. Wait until they hit 40. Yeah.

00:44:33:24 –> 00:45:32:24
That it’s gone. And you know what’s crazy is one my, one of my ears. I cannot hear birds chirp or a gobble or an elk bugle and or your wife ask you to do things. Yeah, that’s right. Okay, sorry. You got my bad side honey. And that’s happening. She ask her, it’s ’cause I’ll lay in bed on one side and I’ll be like, all right, hold on. I gotta lift my head up and listen And so anyway, but the minute you don’t hear a bird chirp yet, it’s a sad day. You’re kinda like, geez, you know I better take care of my one good ear. That’s true. Right? It’s true. It’s true. It is true. You think I had Ray at Sport Ear? ’cause they do hearing aids too. I got my first hearing aid for the bad ear. No kidding. For the left ear. No kidding. You’ll hear that bird again and you’ll go wow, wow. Just don’t tell your wife pretty bird. I mean it makes you feel like a nature level. I mean I don’t know but I hit 50 so I always told myself when I hit 50 I can get a hearing aid. Yeah. In my left ear. Yeah. And it’s sad. But tell your kids, do they wanna be like John Mogul and have a hearing aid in their left ear at 50 and get some hearing aid, get some hearing protection on?

00:45:33:06 –> 00:46:47:17
Is that you wanna be, is John Mogul when you grow up? So they might. How many guns did John own? That’s true. Well right now he has 4,000. I know. I’d like to be, well we’re gonna have to make some orders. We’re a dealer too, you know. So I don’t know. Marty lead us off. Can we start writing on the paper? I got some in in stock Ready? I think he’s ready too. We got some in stock but I’m not sure. Now you guys about had me sold last night. Before you write that order, let tell you about the rival sold the rival real quick. We’re, you’re probably running outta time, but the rival, you know, we didn’t want, ’cause it’s tough for a company when you come out with a gun that’s more affordable ’cause that you’re getting close to that 2000 price point. It’s like how we’re gonna kill our, our og our our rival, which has been such a stellar gun. No, you know, no one’s gonna buy it. It’s 26.99. Right. Even though it has a half MOA accuracy guarantee and this one’s three quarters. So what we did to the rival, the rivals are now, it’s their same price, 26.99. But every one of ’em now comes with an adjustable cheek piece, which people think that’s heavy and it, it adds one ounce to the weight. So every rival will have an adjustable cheek piece and a detachable box mag.

00:46:47:21 –> 00:47:57:23
Oh I like that. So it’s, the rival is going to be sweet for the rival lovers up there. It just, it got a big facelift and, and once again is a ton of gun for, for what it is. So yeah, you might wanna order some new rivals too. It’s called the Rival XP next year, so. Oh, so that’s another announcement. That’s cute. That’s another announcement. You’re getting all the good stuff early here. Rival XP did you say? Yep. Yep. Did you have to buy that name off of Polaris? Didn’t Polaris have XP Extra Power or something like that? Our’s Extra performance. So we’re different. Alright. Alright. Flares ain’t in guns anyway, so whatever. All right. So the rival xp. Yeah. Nice. You got decisions to make Carter? No, I’m gonna buy one of every kind out boy one for all the kids and no white. No, the kids wife’s gotta add to his collection. Yeah. Never can have too many. But just maybe walk us through just kind of all your different, you start at the rival. So now our baseline guns, the rogue, this one. So be the baseline. Yeah, this will be the baseline gun. We have a lot of new guns next year and then in this gun there’s gonna be the mini Rogue.

00:47:58:02 –> 00:49:08:03
So what the mini Rogue is, is it comes, it’s this gun, it comes with a 12 and three quarters length of pole for your kids and And ladies and then for, for youth and ladies, as we teach these shooting schools, what really becomes a problem for ladies, women and kids is a good cheek weld. You know they’re holding guns, their faces isn’t even on the stalk or they’re leaning way back. So frustrating. Doesn’t fit them. It drives me crazy. So we come out with, alright, get on that gun. Get on that gun. Exactly. So we come out with a mini rogue, which even has shorter barrels And then it comes with 12 and three quarter length the pole, and then an adjustable cheek piece will be standard in it. And they’re around 25 50 retail. So that’s the rogue line. New for next year. And then the, and then it goes to, so the mini will be a little, the mini, A little be a little bit more, yeah, a little more money ’cause it’s got more features. And then it comes with two spacer systems, quarter inch spacer systems. So say for example, you buy it for your sun or whoever, you know, 12 and three quarters might fit ’em great, but obviously they grow real quick. So you can have the spacers as they grow. Oh, oh no. It’ll continue to fit them. Yep. So it’s up to, that’s 13 and a quarter’s. Awesome. Yeah.

00:49:08:15 –> 00:50:15:22
So that, it’s gonna be sweet because we get a lot of, you get, you wouldn’t believe it. You get a lot of, I mean yeah, you’re a good dad and good dads wanna buy their kids. I good guns. My kids have way too many guns. Well you don’t want problems. Yeah, you want, you want their guns to kill stuff like yours do. You don’t wanna say, well I’ll just get ’em a basic gun and throw a scope on it. ’cause they’re a kid. Yeah. ’cause you want it, still want it to be good. But anyway, so then you go to the rivals like you said. So then we go to the rival, we got the new XP on that version and it has a big array of calibers. Big array of color schemes. And then you get into what we consider our premium gun, our highest end gun, which is the rage. The three lug, more like a sock 85 action, just smooth as butter. That action, that’s what Wyatt shoots that action, which is smooth as butter. It’s got the three position safety and that’s the rage. And, and that’s the more, a little more money that goes up to, you know, a little more money. Our CT version goes up to 3,500 bucks, which that’s the titanium, when you compare it, you know, it’s, it’s a great price. And then we get into our compact guns, our chassis guns, the new mountain reapers.

00:50:15:22 –> 00:51:13:10
And we just announced that in November. And that’s selling really well. ’cause it’s, that’s the folding stock. And those are also for older guys. I’m lumping myself into that category. They’re harder for me to wrap my head, head around ’cause they’re not any, like anything we’ve, I want a two position safety. Yeah. Well and it just tell me, feels like I want, Hey, hey, when they first saw you lost me, saw all the three position safety’s like what’s this? This is stupid. Like I’m gonna, I’m gonna be shooting at something and be like, that three position safeties cost me a 200 inch going through my mind. So tell me, there’s not that big a deal, right? It’s not that big a deal. It’s still front and back. Front and back, front and back. I like the front and still front and back. It just has an extra button. When on the rage, when you put it on safe, the bolt actually logs. So for a guy like, so when you put it on safe and wanna open the bolt, so for the guy you’ve hunted Alaska, right? When you go hunting that thick alders. Yeah. I mean how many times have you taken your rifle off your shoulder and your bolt’s open and, and, and you had a bullet in there and the, you’ve lost a bullet. Right?

00:51:13:22 –> 00:52:25:22
’cause the alders grab it, the rage, when you put it on safe, the bolt logs so it cannot open. You have to, if you want, you can take it off safe and it opens fine. But if you want to keep it on safe while the bullet’s in the chamber and and unload your gun, you hit that little button, extract it and the hammer still blocks. So it’s just an extra safety feature. Most guns, when you take ’em off, you know when it locks the bolt you have to take ’em off safety to open them. So, but it’s still front and back. Front. Yeah. I can see old guys just, ugh, you know? Anyway, so there’s some guys like me, there’s some advantages to that three position safety. But yeah, to some people it’s no big deal. Yeah. Yeah. How much do those mountain reapers weigh with the 18 inch barrel? They’ll get down to 5.8. So for a chassis system, stupid light. Yeah. And the chassis, like you said, hard to wrap your hands around. That’s been extremely popular. Once again, gotta think about the people, the shooters coming up. What did those shooters do? They played video games. Oh, I know know. So those chassis looking guns just look cool. I know it does. Me and to an old guy. Go ahead. This is like going back to the wood. It was hard to go from like a military guy.

00:52:25:22 –> 00:53:32:24
It was hard to leave the wood. Just spray and pray and hope you hit something is what you think in your head. But I know that’s not true with them, but it’s just like, I want my bolt gun that is gonna snipe and kill something. You know what’s funny about that is I gotta call the other day. A guy wanted one and you know why? ’cause his exact gun he has in his, in his game. Yeah. In whatever game it was. Yeah. He wanted exactly. He ordered it. Come on Call of Duty or something. Yeah. That’s what he uses. No, and that, that’s a big part of it. But you know, you’re so ingrained from your video game that it dictates your, all your rifle purchases for red long. Now you got the real deal dude, you’ve got a problem, you got the real deal. But it, it’s true. And so those chassis guns kind of give that ar look. But the problem with the chassis is they’ve been so beefy and big and and impractical to hunt with. Right. Or just a bench gun. So now you’re starting to see the chassis systems get lighter and, and, and the chassis system, because it’s all aluminum or on our mountain chassis, it’s magnesium. So it’s super light, but it’s such a solid frame that everything’s bolting into. They’re super accurate. Even even the mountain reaper on that magnesium frame. So looks cool, shoots good.

00:53:33:02 –> 00:54:41:21
It’s just like Adam saying though, they just, they look heavy, unconventional, heavily mechanical, lots of iron and steel components. But it’s essentially the same bolted action. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. So that’s, and so that’s our lineup. We do offer, we do offer for those that don’t know an an AR 15, it’s called the side winder. And once again, I changed that just ’cause I’m not a big tactical guy for those that are great. But our, our AR 15 isn’t a tactical I did away with the rear charging handle. Yeah. Just ’cause I don’t know if you guys have shot ’em before when we put a scope on it. I mean if you’re in your scope and you forget to lock one in, you gotta take your face off the sc charge it. Ours is just like a bolt gun. We got a little side, you just side charge it. And then we did away with the forward assist. We’re not going to war with our guns. Yeah. More for coyote hunters. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, they want to have, so you just boom, boom, boom, boom. And so, so our AR fifteens and we have a, a side winder in a, in an F tens in 3 0 8 and six five creed more. Honestly they outsell the fifteens. They, a lot of guys like those. So it’s cool. Hmm.

00:54:42:08 –> 00:56:01:01
So that’s kind of our line and a muzzle loader, which we haven’t, that’s probably a whole nother conversation. Yeah, it is. Then you also, I mean are you coming out with that in 2023? That’s sellable. I know you’ve been muzz playing with it a little bit. You know, in the muzzle loader we’ve struggled with ignition systems. Right. We came out with the ultimate muzzle loader was kind of the muzzle loader, what, 4, 5, 10 years ago. So when we first come out with the muzzle loader four or five years ago, we kind of used that ultimate muzzle loader ignition system. And then what happened? Remington went, went under you could be, and the reason we did that, you could go into usually any store and buy the brass for your ignition system. Then Remington went under and they were non-existent. So we’re like, okay, this isn’t working. So we changed the muzzle, the ignition system didn’t like it and now we’ve changed it again and we love it. We’re using the Arrowhead Ignition system. The guys are getting out 600 yards accurate, which is stupid Now, and this is not smokeless powder, this is the Huntable Black Horn 2 0 9 stuff. And, and my son Gage that guides for Doyle, he, he’s had two clients shoot elk of one at 500, one at 600 and he got complete pass-throughs at 500. Wow. Which on the shoulder, so Wow. So cool.

00:56:01:01 –> 00:57:13:28
Well I, I’m using, I’m using a gun with the Arrowhead Ignation system. It’s unbelievable. Yeah. I mean we’re ringing the dong at 7 25 but it’s, and it’s unbelievably accurate, but you do, when you start running your ballistics on the, on the calculator, it, I mean they’re falling off pretty heavy. They drop off earth. Yeah. But at some point they’re gonna be a rock bouncing off the side of them. You know what I mean? So we’ve got that figured out and and next year we’re gonna have some muzzle orders to set that are awesome. Yeah. That are awesome. Okay. They’ve always been awesome. They’re just gonna be more awesome. Always busy, always thinking. Yeah. So, so tell us a little, I know you’re scoping ’em out like you got a conquest V six, I’ve seen your guns have the v some guys probably request it, but are you finding a difference between the V six V four, any lineup that you specifically like We have a great relationship with Zeiss. You know, it’s funny, I just had the Swarovski guys at, at our office last week kind of saying, Hey, how can we Yeah. Work together, get, get up to the times. It’s like, right. I mean anyhow, zes has been good. Their scopes, the V six has the glass from the glass from Germany. It’s better glass than the But you’re finding good accuracy on either lineup. Yeah. And we’ll put whatever scope the customer wants.

00:57:13:28 –> 00:58:23:01
Right. We, we push and sell a ton of zes but we do a loophole. Right. Another scope that’s coming on strong and I think it’s gonna be big next year, is the night force NX eight. That little two and a half by 20 guys are loving that in either the first or second focal plane. So they’ve, they’ve got, you know, in both focal planes for some people like first, some people like the second, some people don’t like the radical to grow and blah blah blah blah. So there’s argument. That argument. But yeah, whatever the customer wants, we’ll usually put it on except some stuff. Alright, well good enough. You think something from your childhood ask him to put it on. He might say he might draw a line Simmons straight eight, you know, like Tao Fix for loop Hold V VX one. That’s it. Is that what you had? Well yeah, mine was a two Simmons straight eight. I don’t know why he did a freaking solid eight Power Redfield. Yeah, Redfield Widefield. My dad had those on a couple rifles. It looks like a TV screen. Exactly. Like a like that. Yeah. My dad had one of those too. I thought it was a coolest thing. tv they were kind of yeah, like a tv. Yeah, they were. Oh yeah, they were, your eye box was like looking in your tv. Yep, that’s right. You’re comfortable. I missed a lot of stuff with that skull.

00:58:23:02 –> 00:59:41:28
The gamers nowadays would love that. That’s it. I missed a lot of stuff. I mean I, yeah, you talk about warming up some barrels. Oh, we wore out barrels didn’t even know it. Yeah. Well, all right. Walking guns is, I’ve got voids probably I need to fill after talking today. It’s addicting. There’s some gaps. What about a, like a predator gun? Like you talked about the 22 creedmore or a 22 2 50. I mean, is there a model you’d go with or you have a different model for that or? Yeah, so the rivals we do in the 22, 2 50 or the 22 Creed more. And like I said, I really don’t, the creed more just came out of nowhere last year. Yeah. And was our number one predator gun by not even close. It’s just fast and it’s a barrel burner though. But yeah. Hey whatever people are liking it so we give ’em what they like. I’m, I’m a 22, 2 50 guy myself. Yeah. But either the, so if you want a barment gun Yeah. That would be in the rival in in those calibers. And, and like I said, the Rogue, we, we had a lot of guys asking, saying, Hey you, you forgot the 22 creed more in your caliber lineup. So we just added that yesterday. So what if we do we have, can we do a special request, what? 300 rum and a 22, 2 52 22 70. The only two calibers feet. They’ve killed everything. Alright. Yeah.

00:59:42:02 –> 01:01:06:29
Well good stuff. So then one product we haven’t hit on yet, your shotguns. Yeah, the semi-autos. Yes. The, yeah, we came out with the, the mayhem shotgun and that was a partnership with a, an overseas company. You know, one of those things, my son Gage is a huge waterfowl. I mean the guy’s stupid about it. And he killed a giant buck this last year and killed a giant, what does he not do? He’s crazy. But he loves hunting birds. And so we’ve always, you know, liked the semi-autos and like the bread and benellis and so we wanted to dabble in the semi-auto market a little bit. That’s why we teamed up with, we don’t make those, we teamed up with a partner and kind of gave ’em our design and they made the mayhem for us. Obviously at the price point doesn’t really, you know, eight, 800 bucks, 7 95. But they’re a great inertia driven gun. And so I wanted to test that market to see if we wanted to make our own high-end shotgun. And that might be, yeah, shotguns. That was the last one we think did bring up. So, but my other company, Reini, USA, so I’m the dis we’re the distributor for Reini, which for people that they’re factories right next to Reta in Italy. And we do over under and side-by-side shotguns, sporting guns, different things like that. So that’s another thing we do under fierce products. This is Fierce Firearms.

01:01:06:29 –> 01:02:21:04
We have a separate company called Fierce Products and those guns are phenomenal. The nice wood, the different grades of wood. Yeah. And there we’ve got to the point now, which is fantastic. We sell more than they can make, so that’s a good position to be in. But the brand Covid really helped us with that because the big boys, Beretta and Browning really struggled on delivery. So the little guys kind of in and we grabbed a lot of market share with Rini. Wow. And it’s cool though. I mean it is, you know, you got these guns that you go, I love to upland hunt and have some dogs and different things and hunt PhETs and Chuck go hike the hills for, you know, free range chuckers and that’s a workout and do that thing. But also we sponsor and follow, you know, a lot of these Olympic shooters that go shoot the sporting clays and trap and skeet and that is amazing to me because to be able to hit every clay, can you imagine the, to watch those guys and the, the discipline and the focus it’s on Unreal. And so those are the type of guns the Reini side is and, and that’s been phenomenal. But yeah, that’s, it’s cool stuff. The whole shooting sports just awesome. Those sporting clay guns are, I mean they’re designed to take a, I mean think how many times they shoot ’em in a year.

01:02:21:23 –> 01:03:27:18
Dude, some of those guys, it’s incredible. Blow your mind how many rounds? Tens of thousand they put in tens and the hunting guns, like you can tell ’em geek out on wood, but like Really? Yeah, hundreds of, so those guns are made to shoot hundreds of thousands of rounds. Geez. Can you imagine that? No workhorse guns. Yeah. If you think you’re deaf now, oh yeah, you gotta wear something. Turn up my mic. Yeah. But that’s cool stuff too. So yeah, so thanks for asking about the shotguns. They are doing really well and just an awesome brand and, and it, and they’re beautiful. You know, it’s, it’s kinda like Christmas to me opening up some of those higher end guns and seeing, did you know you’re old coaster class? I can say this to you and maybe Adam, did your sisters get cedar chest for Christmas back in the day? That’s, can you remember that smell? Oh I loved it. I mean you, it’s a big go to Christmas and they got a cedar chest and you’re like, I don’t know that smell. Get cedar chest burned nowadays. Do they get cedar chest nowadays? I don’t even know what the hell that is. No, it’s still like diamonds. I don’t know.

01:03:27:25 –> 01:04:27:15
But to me, when I open up those shotguns, it reminds me of when my sister’s got a cedar chest and that looking at the wood and the smell and, and you know, you get the, a shipment of guns that come from Italy and you get those grade four or five wood and you open it up and you look in the engraving and that smell is just like dang sweet. Brings back childhood memories. We’re gonna need to get MLE of cedar chest. I have a feeling he was jealous of his sisters. I was Maybe get him a small one, like you get the jewelry ones, but I don’t know. That’s right. I made one in the wood shop. Did you? I have to say I have opened those gun cases and they do have a good aroma. It is, it’s crazy. I don’t know what it’s gotta be. Just the varnish or the probably and you just look at ’em and they’re, every single gun is different. Yeah, that’s the cool part. That’s the, you kind of, yeah. I guess if you worked there and you saw a good, when you picked one, well there were some secret piles sometimes in the inventory, maybe different swirls we might have when you get a new pallet in, we might have to come over. I was gonna say dev. I mean next time we get a shipment in, you can stop buying. Just smell crack the, just open something.

01:04:27:15 –> 01:05:52:04
Just crack the crate dev. You can Joe Biden them bud. It’s true. Take a take a whip. Oh des good times. Stiffer Biden sniffer. I like it. Well pistols, are you going down that road at all ever? Or no? Maybe. No kidding. Is that 2024? We can announce that right now. Yeah, we were shooting, we were shooting for some cool pistol stuff shot show this year, but it got the back burner for this gun, but yeah. Yeah, I think keep your eyes open. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Maybe a 10 millimeter bear pistol or something. I dunno. They’re going lr lr grizzly on us now. I dunno. Geez. What are we gonna do? What the nine? No, let’s just, well maybe we’ll do a python. Yeah. All right. I’ve got, oh, I took my nine off earlier. Yeah, thanks. We, we, we feel better when that’s not pointed at us in podcast. I I don’t point it at you. It’s, it’s a fun industry just like you guys, I mean you probably feel like you’re in the dream industry. You get to talk hunting and wow and stuff all day and, and that’s kind of how I feel being in the, in the gun industry. We get to talk a lot of hunting and build guns that we want to hunt with. Right. And so pretty awesome. It’s, it’s, it’s a dream. It’s, it’s an awesome field and, and and we love it.

01:05:52:04 –> 01:07:04:23
We’re passionate about it and so I think that’s why, what helps us bring out some cool stuff. Yeah, no question. Wyatt, you got anything else? No, I think I’m good. You brought out a good couple of good points there Josh. I’m good. You still, you still there at the sewer ponds? He’s clipping the wire. He’s gonna put his order in. I can see. Oh yeah, I, what, what are you doing? I dunno, come on. That’s what he said. This, this is disrupt. He was, he was dead set until this baby got laid on the counter I think. I think so too. Yeah. So he’s gotten out decisions. I don’t know if I can divulge that on a hot mic. I have to be Oh your wife listens to the Oh yeah, that’s right. Women and children get for her first. She already heard the price points a minute ago. There’s the small length of pole she needs. There’s no excuse now. She needs a hunting vehicle. She needs another gun. Yep. Yeah, good stuff. Well we appreciate you stopping by John. I know it’s here we’re Christmas time, new Year’s time and everybody’s busy. But it’s good to go through what you got on, on tap for the future but also what’s, what’s hot right now. So we appreciate your time stopping with us. Your knowledge kind of, you know, spills over pretty obvious so yeah, thanks for taking time with us today. You bet.

01:07:04:23 –> 01:08:08:05
Yeah, thanks for having me guys. You bet. Appreciate, appreciate the partnership with Epic. Hopefully we can, you know, hopefully you’ll let us advertise on your pages and you’ll take our money and we can, you know, show people we’ll take your money but we want some epic colors. What a color schematic. Yeah. Alright. It’s all good. Well we appreciate you. You bet. Yep. Thanks for having me. Thanks a lot. Hey everybody, thanks for listening to the, to our podcast and being a supporter of Epic Outdoors. We just wanted to remind you that we are an official dealer for Fierce Arms. So if you are looking at getting a rifle and have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Devin, we got any in stock? Yeah, we’ve got a couple. Chances are there’s a caliber that somebody’s gonna want too. We, we kind of cherry pick those. We know the fierce guy’s pretty good. I used to actually work there so we have the luxury going up and grabbing some ourselves. But yeah, give us a call. We, we know the rifles well. We can help you with caliber choice model. There is several different models as you heard in the episode. So yeah, anything you need, give us a call.

01:08:08:24 –> 01:08:44:07
A lot of what we do is, is we’ll stock the, the models and calibers that we like and that we would use and so we’ve actually got a lot of those in stock and, and you know, if we don’t have it in stock we can get it quickly, but a lot of times we’ve got what you need and we can get it out even same day sometimes. Yeah, they usually carry a pretty good inventory so I can call those guys and say, Hey do you have this, this, this? And it might check all the boxes for you and we’ll have it here in two days. Yeah. So if you wanna order or just have questions, wanna wanna talk about guns, give us a call. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.