Adam and Jason sit down and talk about the possible changes coming this year in Wyoming, as well as what you can do to maximize you hunting potential in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. We also take a dive into what you’ll see from us at the Utah Hunt Expo, so make sure to grab your tickets quick! We also get a much needed update on “Johns Border Patrol Battle” bringing that Epic saga to a close.

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. That’s it. Brons, since you and I buddy. Well, how you doing? I, I’m, I’m good. Yeah. Although we’ve been, we’ve been grinding in the office bit better than two days. A really aggressive grind. Went down to shot show. It was awesome. Seeing a lot of our partners down there. Super good partners we have, and, and met a lot of people too. But then other than that, Bronson, that was like, what a, a 16 hour smash and grab? Pretty much. And it feels like you’re a week behind when you come back. Right. This time of year. Right. With the magazine we’re working on getting her the printer with just the volume of calls that are people calling in, members. Time of year, Arizona’s on the front burner, Wyoming’s on the front burner. It feels like everything else is right on its heels. And then, you know, it’s just a busy, busy time of year. It’s hardly, there’s not a busier time than January through about March. It’s been fun though. Everybody’s so excited. I can’t get over. I don’t know what it is. And I, I know I’m a huge fan of the prior year going away and the new slate. I love that.

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But, and, and having said, and we’re talking about the same freaking stuff shouldn’t, we’ve talked about every January it, every January, it shouldn’t make us that much more optimistic. But somehow it is. When you’ve turned the calendar, it’s, you forget the last year may have been rougher than you want it to be. No. And you look back on it and you think, you know what? We’re talking about doing stuff right now that we talked about doing last year. And if we would’ve done it last year, we would’ve been way more successful. Whatever. I don’t know. We’re turning, we’re turning a page and here we are. Well, and we’re answering questions about Wyoming deer and, and antelope and, and stuff. That is a long ways from now as far as deadlines. Yeah. But we’re also watching it Snow and snow and rain and snow. And snow. Yeah. Especially in the southern, southwestern states. Southern Utah, Arizona, New Mexico. Yeah. Nevada. Wow. What a turnaround. And I know that even the northern states, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, you know, they’re, they got plenty more. There’s not a state out there that, that is under, under normal right now in the terms of the Western states. The only negative I’ve heard is potentially possible, and I don’t even, I haven’t even verified this. I want to drive over there. Maybe we should drive over there. Take a little break Where? Over to Eagle, Colorado.

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And you hear that there was snow, rain, rain condensed, everything. Hard crust snowed on top of it. Maybe deer can’t get to the food source. Potentially. That’s the only thing I’ve heard. Well, northern, Northern Utah, parts of Southern Idaho, we’ve heard a little bit of concern. And looking at the weather right now, looks like we have about a 10 day window. It’s colder, but no new snow. Snow or storm coming. Bit of a break. So, and those deer in southern Idaho, Wyoming, they’re, I mean, 25 degrees, 10 degrees or zero at night. That, that’s not They’re built for it. Yeah. They’re built for it. But hopefully, what I think is funny is we get an inch in our parking lot and we’re wondering if there’s gonna be a die off somewhere. And, and we, we gotta remind myself what’s normal. What, what was normal 15 years ago? Would that have been normal? All of this was somewhat normal maybe 20, 25 years ago. I don’t know. But we’re back at it. We have had, we have had wetter storms in southern Utah, wetter than we usual. Like a lot of ours have had rain mix. It melts the snow from the previous storm three to five days earlier. Rain’s an inch. Yeah. You have no snow mud everywhere. Over the last, last 20, the last three, four hours, 20% of the storm turns to snow and you got another five inches. Yeah.

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And then, then it rains again. So it’s not piled up at all. But our mountains are stacking it up. So what does that mean? It means range conditions can usually be optimal, which usually means antler growth can be optimal. We’re also coming off in these states we just talked about phenomenal monsoon summer and fall moisture last year. Phenomenal. Well, you’re, look, we’re looking at the harvest photos and there’s tall, green, beautiful grass in every photo. Yeah. And you just remind you that these animals have incredible body conditions going to the end of the fall, winter. Yeah. And then, and then if we can have a winter that we haven’t had for since 2019, which that was more of a spring than a real winter. We just haven’t had big winters in springs. No. Which is usually critical march to May to get deer and elk really off. So I wanna talk about something that we didn’t, we didn’t say we were gonna talk about. Oh. When you and I were conjuring stuff up, but we took the other morning and we get on these tangents once in a while. Of course we got you. Because we’re freaking grinding on, on the publication. And there’s only so much typing we can do in, in a, you know, for hours in a row. So we have to digress once in a while. Digress.

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And so we went and we did, remember we went to that year to date this year? Last year? Yeah. Year, year, year. Oh yeah. Remember this hotel stuff? Oh right. Okay. And we went through and we looked at the percentage. And anytime, like right now, let’s just call it an average of 180% of normal. We’re 200 plus now. Yeah. Right. 200. 200 now. But when we were looking, yeah. What, five days ago, four days ago, it was like 180 and we were like, cake. Now correlate that with the good years. Okay. 2005 we went clear back to 2005. 2005 was an incredible year. We killed several, two 20 bucks that year. Saw a two 50. The largest buck I’d ever seen in Nevada was in 2005. And then we went through the years, remember the good years and we went through the years. 2011 was incredible. 2012 sucked. Yeah. Like, you know, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 were all pretty good years. But then you’d have a couple, one or two terrible ones. And it would be, 2013 was rough in Utah. It was tough. I just remember that. People, people, family members turned back tags. Yeah. 2016 was incredible in Nevada. Remember? Yeah. 18 was terrible. Yeah. 2019 was phenomenal. Phenomenal. Killed a two 20 buck down in a desert unit that never produces it. And really has not been at since then. Since 19. And these we’re talking these southwest states.

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So Arizona, Southern Utah, Nevada, Southern Nevada, elk have had differences in those states. Mexico, but New Mexico, the deer have really been Right. Terrible. Or last year was moderate. Last year the strip moderate tiba was better than the strip. Well gon was. Okay. But it wasn’t Kibab had a good year. It did. And, and we’re seeing, you know, those tag reductions and things like that in the new burn and whatnot. There’s just, there’s multiple few factors that dynamics for going on there. It’s higher elevation, it always gets more precip and 13 B and a anyway, so, right. But there’s a direct correlation. Those incredible years directly correlated with, with 1 75 plus percent moisture this time. Yeah. Except for 2019 that had the moisture, which came in March and April. Mostly that’s, it was a a hundred percent or 110. It was fine, but normal. But not the pretty blues and purples we’d like to see. Yeah. But then if you changed it from say, January 10th when we ran the query the other day to April 10th, then it was like 200 plus. Right. It had in incredible wet March in April. Incredible. That year. Which is great for animals too. ’cause normally they don’t have to fight snow for very long. But the bad years were all the terrible colors. Right. All the burnt oranges, crimsons crimsons and blood reds and all that. All the nasty. And you’re just like, Hey, that those were bad years.

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Those were really bad years. And it’s really hard to get in your mind. Is it even possible that Nevada would ever be good again? Ever. Ever. Okay. Now, now there’s another aspect that we’ve never really dealt with before. Is this long, whatever drought you wanna call it, whatever long stand, a pretty, pretty aggressive drought has also affected populations. Yeah. So when you have two bucks. Yeah. You got two good ones now. Yeah. Yeah. There’s, there’s only two of, there’s no competition for feed. ’cause there’s only two bucks to eat the feed. That principle is what you’re saying. That principle to some extent, the same thing goes like with sheep in Nevada. They’ve, they’ve had die-offs. Literally die-offs because lack of water. So, and that, you see it in the checkout summaries for sheep in those, oh, we just looked at some kind of a preliminary checkout. There was 1 180 ram kill out of 300. Right. Which is absolutely incredible. Right? Yeah. But nothing even got close to it. No. Mid low to mid seventies abnormal. Yeah. But, but you can talk, you can testify to the drought that you’ve experienced. No. When you’re running cameras, which you can legally do, everybody, you can legally do it at a certain time of year up until the end of July. So you’re running cameras, you know, you’re, you’re, I know what I’m used to getting pictures of and what I do now.

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How about the dry guzzlers you walk up to? Oh yeah. You know, and dry ones. And then what you find walking around them or people even find later, you know, ’cause you pull ’em down in July. I, I usually don’t go back. I don’t live, I’m two, three hours away. But I I, I don’t go back until a month before my hunts. Right. Some of those years in August and September, they’re dead, dead sheep and Yeah. Pile tight little draws and whatnot. And you’re just like, man, it was hard. It rough on ’em. You’re Yeah, it was. Absolutely. And we all want to just scream game and fish and hey, they’re not perfect. But having said that, it’s really hard to, it’s really hard to beat a drought. You can’t trump mother nature when it’s that. When she was that brutal. Like 2020. 20 and 20. Yeah. 20, 20, 21. The deer we hunted over there, the how deep was the powder dust in, in Nevada? Oh, I, I don’t know. Still still at whatever truck. Whoever’s driving the trucks we drove back then. I’m sorry, I’m still blowing my nose and getting that dust out of it right now. It’s three years later. Feels like it’s brutal. And the strip everything else, we, and, and the strip’s another thing. Like think about how good the deer are gonna be.

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Plus we’re going on what the second year that you can’t use trail cameras and trail cameras are responsible for all the death that occurred down there. Pretty much. Pretty much. Yep. There’s no, you know, very little, if any live water. So you’ve got catchments, you got ponds that have been built by, by the ranchers and different things. And so anyway, it it, a lot of reasons, cameras were very effective down there. Yep. Water and consistent water. Now if we can string three to four normal years or somewhat normal together, we can start growing deer herds back. But I think, yeah, yeah. The antlers, especially in units where have good buck populations and good age structure already in place. That’s probably a point of emphasis when you have those things already in place and now you add water, it’s immediate. It’s one year in those types units. Now. That’s what I think’s. Interesting. Quinn, we, we love to tease Wyatt. Can we throw Wyatt under the bus while he’s not here? Well, he said he was too busy to be with us today. So let’s talk about that. Let’s have it. Well, what I love about Wyatt, he’s very careful on where to use his points as, as he should be. It’s easier for us to burn his 20 something points. It’s easier for me to burn everybody else’s points, but mine. That’s right. You know, and so it’s normal.

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And so he’s like, he, his point was, Hey, we’re burning him on, or is it, we are. And so it’s like, hey, you know, is it, is it the second year? You know, you have one real good moisture year. Is it really the second year if you have a decent moisture year, two years in a row that you see that real positive influx of quality and it’s just not Bronson. We were looking, we not for deer. I mean we, well, and it goes back to that what we just said, units that are already have a decent age structure. If you, if you’re a general season unit that’s had three terrible years of, of production, most of your deer on those units anyway are yearling to 3-year-old bucks. And if you don’t have any of those living to four to five because of the drought, it’s a different story on a general Yeah. You just don’t all of a sudden have giant bucks on a general everywhere. No, but I really like it when they grow 40, 50 inches. Oh yeah. A one seventy’s not, I hate to say two 20. Okay. But I have seen 180 sevens to 2 37. Oh. And we’ve seen two tens in Nevada. Two fifteens go to like 1 60, 1 70 the next year. Same split air blind bucks that are the same thing. What about the one I’m sitting in the blind and he comes in and always see is ribcage.

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I mean, he’s is the worst drought and I don’t know how long. And he’s a three by four basically. And I have sheds at two 20. Yeah. I’m just, I mean, these are documented. I know that deer, like I know that deer, he’s blind in one eye. He’s on the same water with three other bucks. Like that is the buck. And it’s not even recognizable. And we talk about it a lot. We utah’s the dry second driest state. Nevada’s the first. And we live right here basically. Yeah. So we, we live praying, we dig our, we dig our wells deep and we live praying for rain every day of our, of of our lives. Do we do, it’s just what we’re to do. I go back to it. Remember Game and Fish back in the day, and I don’t even wanna say his name, but he was, you know, we were talking about management and he, he would tell people, people that we know well pray for rain. You know, and it just makes iTrick you a little bit because it’s like, that’s a crocker crap. And, and, and if there’s not other things being done at all Yeah. And you just say pray for rain, it’s like kind of a Oh, it’s a stick in the eye. Oh, that’s not your crutch. Oh yeah, that’s right. Yeah.

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But I mean, if you’re, if you’re working on predators, you’re working on habitat, you’re working on other things and you’re doing what you can, it goes back to controlling the variables. You can control, like you do the best at controlling the variables. You can control control, maybe that is habitat restoration or chainings or reseeds or burns or controlled burns or, or making the best of a natural burn or whatever. Control the variables you can control. Yep. And then go ahead and probably ought to pray for rain. But Yeah. But, but mother nature can trump a lot of other efforts and tag cuts and season adjustments and weapon restrictions or all the other things that you intend to limit harvest or change. Harvest or whatever. But so before, long story short, we are excited. But you want to kill still hound Wyatt for a minute? No. Oh no. All I wanna say is he’s not right. The second year. The second year can be awesome, but honestly you take advantage of it on the first year. I just think if it’s good, the first year point creeps gonna be so bad the second you won’t draw. I think, I think this is when, this is times when people are like, I’ve never seen that buck before. And all of a sudden he’s, there’s a two 20, where’d he come from? Oh, you saw him. You saw him last year. Yeah. He’s just not recognizable. He’s 1 65.

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Just a four point. Yeah. Yeah. It’d be like a dude going from 1 65 to, you know, 310 pounds. I don’t know, maybe. Or vice versa. Vice versa. Unrecognizable. Yeah. Where did this guy come from? Alright, that’s probably a bad analogy. Anyway, so you can tell we’re excited. I know you’re hopped up on Monster. I drank one a few hours ago. I don’t know if we could even run this business without Monster. Do we owe our business to Monster? Hey, speaking of expos coming up. Okay, so yes, let’s talk about that. And then I want to go back to Utah. All the excitement we have in the skews in Utah and Wyoming. Let’s, so let’s jump Well, no, no, no. Just don’t. Let me forget the monster topic when we talk about the expo, those of you attended last year, let’s talk about it right now. Go of, let’s go to the expo and then come back. Let’s crush it. Okay. Alright, here we go. So here we are, what, February 2nd to fifth. It’s coming right up. What is that? 10? I don’t know. It’s the 19th. Today it’s 11 50, 10 50. It’s about last time. Two weeks from now. That’s where we’ll be. But we’ve got a big booth as always. We’re gonna have some the biggest animals harvested, killed in North America in the last year or two. Yeah. Always fun to see some of those. All finished dried lifelike in our booth.

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We have some great taxidermists that a 50 footer man. Yeah. That worked stuff into our booth quick. But we’re also, you may remember we had coolers last year there. We did, didn’t we? And what did we have? This school monsters. Okay. I think from what I’m told that’s happening again. We got a lot of free monsters coming, everybody. So stop by. You can stop by when you’re feeling down and need a pick me up. Or when you’re feeling great, you just want to go higher. You know? I don’t think Jan’s gonna let people feed their kids under. It’s nine and a half years old. They’re gonna have to show some proper ID before she’s gonna divvy those out. If you walk up and open your kid’s bottle and start putting it in a sippy cup monster in there. She might stop. She might, it happened last year, guys. Just letting the kid sip on just a little. I’m not saying he was too much. I don’t know what the proper, what would be the proper dosage for a 3-year-old. I mean, I’m just saying it happened. And a lot of vitamins, kids need to, it did raise, raise. You just don’t want family services on your butt. So anyway, but, so that’ll be there. But I guess more importantly, but that is important. More importantly, we’re gonna bring a lot, we’ve gone out of our way.

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We’re about in our, what, third year, three a half years into our years of being optics dealers. We’ve added, we’ve added companies. Yep. And we’ve also gotten a little bit smarter. We’ve also lived past the covid supply chain nightmares that impacted optics and a lot of other things dramatically. And we’ve stocked up big time and we’re bringing that to the expo. And that’s, we want to, we want to hammer that home. If you’re in the market for new glass buying on spot and scopes, range finders, whatever it’s, or trail cameras. We’re bringing it. And we’re to make deals. Look for our whiteboards daily. In fact, I think Devon Devon’s daily deal, whoever has the best, it might be Josh, whoever has the, does not wanna attach to his name. I don’t know why. Yeah. Deon’s daily deal, Bronson’s bundle, things like that. Right? Yeah. Pollock Pollock’s package. Package. I don’t know. Hey, there’s just gonna be a lot going on. We’re super excited. And we’re gonna have our optics trailer there. So we’re gonna have our 50 foot booth. We’re not gonna, and then we’re gonna have our enclosed trailer. It’s gonna, it’s black. You can’t miss it. It’s got all the optics logos on the sides of it and it’s gonna be freaking jam packed. Yep. We’re bringing it. So we’re probably gonna have, we shouldn’t have very many instances. We’re gonna have to say, we’re gonna have to order that there.

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There may be, you may have an obscure one power red dot somewhere that you want that we may not have there. You never know. But hey, we might, Utah change in potentially changing the technology or something. Maybe somebody’s stop buying. Try us. Just see, see if we can pull it outta the hat. Yeah. Right. Look for the whiteboard. We’re gonna have some deals of the day. We are actually authorized by a lot of our companies to have show specials at these. And in some cases we can, you know, bundle them with trail cameras or things like that. Bronson, we could do what we want. Yeah. We own the place. That’s right. We we’re gonna make some deals. We’re gonna bring the cameras. We have, we have the QSS twenties, the qss eighteens, which are actually a brand new camera, but they’re discontinued, but they’re new. We bought ’em. We have ’em. We’re gonna be giving some of those away. Same thing with the, the max 30 twos. It’s incredible. Great. Great for kind of a long distance shot. I love those cameras and quality pictures and video, but, and also lockbox for those. Sometimes lockbox has been hard to find and expensive to ship. Yeah. Come there, pick ’em up. Yeah. You know. Yep.

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Did a duffle bag to pack 10 trail camera boxes around or, but yeah, you’re getting, you’re gonna get a workout carrying out somebody is, maybe it’s a Y or kid, I don’t know. But anyway, let’s run through the companies as well for all those that may not remember. But we, we are gonna be selling Zes, Swarovski vortex, Leica, some sig range finders, Revit Range finders Vortex. If I did say that, I think you got it. The SIGs, we really, we do have the eight Ks and 10 Ks, the 10 K bios. I mean, those are really hard to find. The eight K. It’s incredible. And we’ve got those. So anyway. And you won’t find a better deal. That’s the one thing I like. I I don’t know what, what, what do you call our business model on the optics Bronson? Well, it’s kind of a same pricing. Whether you talk to Adam or I or Devin or Wyatt or Josh or anybody is, you know, it’s kind of a no dicker bottom dollar. Yeah. Guys know their members are no, they’re gonna be treated. Right. Yep. So, and there might be even some incentivized deals this weekend on certain, certain things that we have a lot of, we bought a lot of on a discount, we’re authorized to discount ’em a little bit. Or they were on last year’s prices before things went up on 1st of January. Things like that.

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So if you’re in the market, stop by. Pretty awesome. You know, would love to save home, it save on shipping and all that type stuff. I like people, I like, I like, I I I could’ve sold trucks. You know, you know this right? You like make, Jason is a deal maker. I am. He likes, well, so he says on one hand no haggle, pricings no haggle pricing. We’re all the same. On the other hand, he’s inviting you to come make a deal with him. We can’t let people walk away Okay. Without filling their arms full of stuff. No, it’s all good. We’ve also got a lot of swag gonna be there. Lens cleaning kits, all kinds of stuff sponsored by Zeiss. Pretty awesome. I I mean our partners are, are great. They’re excited too. Actually, Zeiss is gonna have a booth. S Swls gonna have a booth. Vortex is ha gonna have a booth. You’re usually they do. I don’t know for definitively. They normally do. They do. So you can, if you wanna see a full product line there and you know That’s right. Look through things side by side. We have, we, we stock definitely the most important SKUs for, for every optic line in binos. Spotting scopes, things like that. Stuff that people use. If you know what you want, come and check with us first or last however you want. Check us first or last, we’ll send it home with you.

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I guarantee it. I am gonna be offended if you don’t buy from us. How about that? It’s offensive. And while you’re sitting there shopping, drink a drink a cold monster. Alright. Yeah. And those are two 50 a piece or whatever. So anyway, that first come first serve pretty awesome. It starts on a Thursday, ends on a Sunday. We’re gonna be, have the entire crew there for the most part, plus or minus the entire time. And I don’t know, kind of excited. Everybody’s excited. Of course we’re, we’re diving into the publication side of things right now and we haven’t even started packing the trailer, but I’m sure probably midnight before the night we’re supposed to, before the day we’re supposed to leave. We’ll be packing a few things. So Bronson, you said something about SKUs. Okay. We liken the SKUs. I like talking about SKUs. Utah is like famous. I love all the little knicknacky hunts. All the little opportunity hunts. I love that because it spreads out the applicants basically your first choice count, then they go to this next applicant. And so, well I love that it makes you really apply for, for what it is you want. And it might be an odds skew. Well, and Utah’s had to do that. They don’t issue a lot of limited entry deer tags on the traditional limit entry deer units. You know, I think it was like a thousand to 1500. Right.

00:21:52:24 –> 00:22:54:18
If you wanna count the, there’s only like six or eight you, you spew, you spew out 2%. And I mean we made Yout be fact check myself. I didn’t make you do it, but, but if I just it you can’t help it, you have to do it. I think it came out so added 2.4. Yeah, it was so, I mean we figured 60,000 generals plus or minus, you gotta deal with dedicated lifetimes and a few others, right? 65,000 something maybe 70, 75, whatever it was, you know, 1500 ish limited entry. But they’ve added skews, if you wanna call it some ham sum, some late muzzle loader hunts on the general seasons for deer. It’s not improved drawing odds dramatically. But it does spread out some people, it gives some people in the mid tier point options, some other options to, to look at, you know. But the biggest change coming for this year, no question is with elk. I mean this magazine that’s getting ready to go to the printer the next day or two is the load section for Utah is unbelievable. The options that are in there now, most ever, you got six archery in December. Like who wants to hunt elk in December? Somebody does. Well I might be raising my hand boss. Yeah. Well are you? No you gonna leave deer and go down?

00:22:54:21 –> 00:24:00:10
Oh no, you know this, but I’m just saying if I didn’t have deer point, that’s the one thing about it with, with residents, we have to choose. Yeah. We can’t be doing deer and elk and so, you know, other than general or whatever. But I mean you have to choose and it doesn’t overlap any other hunts. I will say that. And, and in certain units, we’re gonna talk about this newly formed decem mid-December, Rio, Arizona has one. I think it’s more late November. It’s not December, it’s in November. Huh. But it’s just mainly to give some opportunity, well basically it’s to take your money and take your points and not kill any elk. And not kill any elk. And that’s kind of what we thought. But honestly Bron, there’s gonna be some of these units that bulls are standing around. They are herded up. Yeah. Never been hunted in their life in that they’re never, their guard is down. Opening day is gonna be interesting because you’re gonna have, you’re gonna have scouted people, people scout. Right. Scouting works early and scouting works late. Yeah. This is, well post rut. You’ve, after the, it’s it’s three to four weeks. Three weeks or so after the late rifles are over, maybe some storms have moved elk even into more weird places. That’s a new hunt form this year for Utah.

00:24:01:25 –> 00:25:15:06
You know, if that’s not appealing to you, how about the October rifle elk hunt, which is gonna have half of the rifle tags are gonna be in this October hunt or more. So they’re repro, well appropriating, let’s call it reallocating. Whatever they’re gonna, percentage wise, gonna put a good chunk of the tags in that October hunt. Yeah. And it sounds great because it gets ’em outta the peak of the route. Utah’s always struggled with being able to add tags and add tags and maintain quality because they’ve had the archery hunt for 28 days and you know, an 11 day or a nine day, sorry, early rifle hunt. Right. In the peak of that. And then another, you know, 10 or 12 day muzzle loader hunt finishing up September. Yeah. There’s no more days in September. Yeah. To kill elk. We’ve talked this October, this for years. So, so here we go. That finally changed the, the fi, the management plan, which is usually approved for five to some cases, seven to 10 period year period. But this case five was changed and part of that was to increase opportunity without MA crushing the quality. Some of the very upper end age objectives on units, like the top end units like Boulder, San Juan, beaver, Pavan, Monroe, knock them down a year, book cliffs, roadless, knock them down a year. Yeah. What’s that gonna do? Get increased tax?

00:25:15:08 –> 00:26:17:12
You can give some more tags but, but you gotta distribute ’em and then you gotta decide how are we going to have that take to bring the age class down and where’s that take gonna occur. Yeah. Is it gonna occur archery that now goes to September 19th in large part so that a five day early rifle. Yeah, the 20th to the 24th of September now is gonna be a five day and they’re gonna bever like 10% of the rifle tax. Yeah. Not 10% of the rifle tax. Yeah. 10%, you know, and then you’ve got the October and then you’ve got the lates. Yeah. And then you’ve got the late archery. Yeah. Have I got it right? That’s right. Basically. So you’ve got an early archery, you’ve got a five day early rifle, a 12 day muzzle loader all in basically the in September. Okay. Then about October 7th you’ve got a mid midseason rifle. They call it a mid, which is gonna have the bulk of the rifle permits. Yep. Then you’ve got, after that you’ve got a late, which has always been there in most units in November. And if that’s not enough, like let’s throw some arrows at ’em on the end. That’s right. So when my percentages we’re spewing, you know the, the other big change about Utah is there may not be perfect uniformity within units.

00:26:17:14 –> 00:27:22:05
There hasn’t been in the past, there’s been units like Wasatch and others that they’ve been really sensitive and not given too many late because they’re prone to snow and they get very vulnerable. Right. Every unit’s got a achieve unique set of circumstances, dynamically vulnerable. But there’s some guidelines given to, you know, the, you know, 15% muzzle loader, 25% archery, 60. So basic guidelines to help help the biologists and whatnot. And then they can make recommendations based on that. 60% of the tags go into rifles and then that’s gonna be split up up between three ENTs now. So the, the biggest other takeaway is that Utah has now shifted their application period from end of March to the end of April. Yeah. April 27th. So you’re gonna now be able, and the purpose of that is so that you’re gonna be able to see permit numbers recommended and go through some of the public meeting process by the 27th. You may and may not be fully ratified by the wildlife board, but it’s been vetted heavily and you know Alright. Roughly what you’re up against. I’m applying for a unit that now has one non-resident tag and I thought I was gonna get a tag that’s gonna go on a random draw. That’s right. I’m not, I’m switching it. Which the early rifles is probable. Yeah. A lot of the early rifles just as a warning are gonna go to one tag for non-residents. Yeah.

00:27:22:06 –> 00:28:22:24
And so if you apply for it and see that you’re also gonna be able to go in and, what’s the term you like changing your application a lot during that plug and play. Yes. You’re gonna be able to apply, be able free of charge, not have to pay 10, 15 bucks every time you get free in charge. Just like Nevada. I love it. Sometimes I plug and play just for fun. Like come in, I’m change my fifth choice to my fourth choice. Right. And then, and then with when the period actually comes where you can’t change it anymore, you’re like, oh, wonder what I ended with. I don’t know. You never know. Utah’s gonna allow you to do that and it, it’s beneficial. It’s nice to, you’re still gonna find out the draw results the same time mid to late May, but you’re gonna be able to make a better informed decision. Especially it’s gonna be especially important this year on Elk to see, alright, well what permit numbers is gonna be out there? What I, what do I wanna put? What I love is the questions that are coming, what’s gonna be my drawing odds for the late archery? I mean, or I don’t know how many points is it gonna take? How about the early rifle? Who wants a five day hunt? Yeah. Not a lot of guys but New Mexico it’s worked well for but people are wrapped their head around it. Yeah.

00:28:22:24 –> 00:29:24:25
Nobody’s wrapped their head around this yet. Yeah. How about the archery? It now goes to September 19th. That’s a big deal. It’s a great season. It’s a big deal now. So you’re gonna have people that did do the archery or did do the rifle or did do the muzzle change. They’re gonna change. I think you’re gonna see more people that did the early rifle in the past switch to the archery and the muzzle loader, you know? Yeah. The muzzle loader 12 day hunt is still the 25th of September. It opens and goes early October, whatever, early October’s phenomenal dates. Yeah. From a rut standpoint, but, and it always was and the mid was available but not on everything. Yeah. You know what I mean? That’s right. It was only on three or four units. The, the biggest thing to remind you on the mid-season hunt in, in these u limited entry Utah units is it corresponds identically to the general season spike hunt. That that is on all these units. Right. San Juan, you think you can go to San Juan October 7th just chased screaming bulls with no now 20, 30 people there’s gonna be hundreds. You reminded me this is the way Oregon works. Yeah. That you know, they’re dealing cat dealing out, you know, spike and cow tags at the same time as the trophy rifle. Yeah. And you’re just, it, it’s frustrating to the hunters. Yeah. I’ve got all these points.

00:29:25:08 –> 00:30:30:03
I’m gonna go out there with 35 people. Oh no, no box. There’s four or five hundreds spike hunters. Look through there. Whoa. Where’d all these camps come from? Well, they’re all hunting elk. This is the, this is the opportunity family hunt. The spike hunt in Utah. Yeah. I wish I saw the three 90 bull. But we gave her heck trying to get the spike running with him. We blew him out the country. Yeah. I mean right. Logan, you’ve done that Logan. You have blown big bulls out and ruined somebody’s hunt. Tell us you have inadvertently, we’re not saying deliberately. I mean who does it on purpose? Nobody does it. Yeah. So how it happened. But it’s right that the mid, I can’t confirm or deny that hey wow, he’s actually, he’s going to law school. That’s a Gen Z right there. I just, I do not take responsibility for my actions. Logan, do you take responsibility for your actions? I try my best to. That’s why we like you Logan. Well anyway, so what I guess you can sense the excitement and I think the excitement is just excuse everybody trying to guess what everybody else is gonna do and how this is gonna affect odds pulling tags, lowering the age, lowering the age class that changes everything. We lower it, we need to have more take.

00:30:30:13 –> 00:31:32:03
Okay, well it’s anybody’s guess what the late archery’s gonna do to take it’s anybody’s guess what the five day rifle’s gonna do to take Right? Yeah. Probably still gonna be a hundred percent or dang close. Yeah. But you know, it does change people’s mindset. How big a boy am I? How are you gonna hold? How long you can’t hold out for nine days now am I gonna go to day three and a half two On day two and a half you’re halfway through your season. Yeah. On day three at noon you’re halfway down. Yeah. I got 20 points. I’m at day 3.5. I was gonna go downtown for lunch, but now I think I’m gonna sit here for a minute this wall and shoot the next ball that comes in. Right. I dunno. You know, lots of fun stuff going on. And so anyway, but the skews are nice when you’re dealing with a state like Utah. It had in the past has had very few tags because we hunted the rutt. Very few tags made it to where people were scared to apply, thought it was a waste of money. This that you add all these extra skews. A lot of times you can have the same, the same take but take people’s points and take people’s money. Right. You get to have and and have different things to apply for options. Yeah.

00:31:32:03 –> 00:32:45:11
I did to hopefully have maintain roughly the current quality that’s on these units. Some of the midterm units only drop like half a year at the average age, you know. Yeah. The, the actual oldest. Those old what seven to 8-year-old units they, they drop the most, you know, I already listed them off. There’s only five or six of those units. So potentially could see more tags on those units than some of the mid-tier ones that were already Right. Within age objective, you may not see overall permit numbers increase, the distribution’s gonna be what changes the most. Again, lots of fun. It’ll be a lot to pay attention to after you apply in Utah this year up until the deadline there’s gonna be plug a lot of plugging and playing going on. Lots of it. Well, do we want to talk about, I don’t know, maybe, maybe something that’s non-state related and then go back into Wyoming. Yeah, let’s do, let’s talk about mama. Well, or let’s talk about John John’s got his wife back. Okay. Alright. So anybody that listened to our earlier podcast, John basically had to leave his family for two weeks. Well, I mean, itlaws, you wife, would you ever leave your wife, wife and mother-in-law? Would you ever leave your wife? John did. Okay. Alright. Just tease it. John had no choice. He had to come back and talk with senators and governors and maybe even the president. Yeah.

00:32:46:07 –> 00:33:51:29
I mean, could you imagine there was a resolution that could you imagine? Could you imagine asking Biden for help? What would he say? Remind me your name sir. Remind me your name. It took me a year to get a, you know, where you going with this WNBA player to come home because I thought that would buy me a bunch of votes. So it took me a year to do that. Tell me why I should get your wife home and your mother-in-law who’s not, not got her all of her papers to be here as a US citizen forever. Okay. Okay. Tell me why she do that. But John, no. Hard. No, I don’t think he’s even with it enough to really ask any, any of those questions. But anyway, keep going until his aide would ask you the questions. Yeah. Not him. And then they would spin it and then they, but John got one day we’re at work and there John wasn’t here. Right? Where’d he go? Well, he went to California Tiano more, more, more specifically. He drove to California, got out of his truck, I think walked now he bought some ponchos, bought some ponchos. ’cause it’s, it’s like, what are you buying Poncho? It’s raining. I but what are you doing? He’s like, I’m walking into Mexico across the a well-established entry point. I will say that he was not, didn’t have a shovel in a pick.

00:33:52:10 –> 00:35:03:03
He flew his wife and mother-in-law to basically they said it’s okay. So John’s not here and he’s authorized us to go ahead and spew to the world that he has his family back and that we could say what we wanted. Right. You heard it, Logan? Yeah, I can verify that so and so we get to tease just a little bit. But having said that, Jen said, get me, I am done with Mexico. Right. Basically, basically they’re at a resort. It was a fun family vacation and Mexico is a blast for when you’re vacationing. But when you’re detained or not allowed to come back, you start to get very frustrated very fast. And that happened and John says, I’ll be there in five minutes, I’ll be there in five minutes. So they flew, he drove, they flew to Tijuana from wherever they were coming from. Cancun to Tijuana. And after two weeks I might add. Oh yeah, I think it was like two weeks. Oh yeah. So anyway, John went over there. John went in there because apparently the paperwork was more in order than it was before. Which, well, and apparently I guess certain land crossing, you know you’re dealing with airlines and in an airport the first time and everybody’s in a hurry and it’s safer to just tell you to go sit down, I can’t help you.

00:35:03:09 –> 00:35:54:01
And we’ve been down there broing, you can be told one thing and the next attendant tells you another thing and tells you another thing. And your pro, your paperwork’s not a problem. Right. And at some point you make it right. Yeah. So I think he was just trying a new port, new port of entry so to speak. So it’s kinda like when one of your kids comes to you and mom, mom tells ’em one thing and they said, well, go ask your dad. And then they come to you and you don’t know what just transpired. You’re like, yeah sounds, well mom go have says, no, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Have fun. Go ask your dad and you say, yeah, you don’t know. Just you tell him, go have fun. The kid’s like, yeah, I love, I love dad. What? And his wife’s like, what are you doing to me? You’re back. You’re usurping my, I said, I didn’t know what you just told him. I know you gotta ignore me. I know, I know. I didn’t know that. You just said no. That’s right. Stay home and do your homework tonight. Same principle. So John walks, he gets in line and he says the line is three quarters of a mile long of people trying to enter, this is not vehicles, this is body bodies. Body to body. Yeah. Three quarters of a mile.

00:35:54:14 –> 00:36:57:22
What I thought was funny is why it’s like, did you go, did you go in the tunnel? I don’t know what he was talking about. I don’t know. I haven’t done it. Eric’s the question. Wyatt, how do you know there’s a tunnel? Have you been there? Yeah. I don’t know. What were you doing in a tunnel down there? So anyway, John’s in this line that’s three quarters of a mile long. They end up working their way up and basically they open up the little, the passport and the proper stamp was happened to be there guys like after some, after some initial indications that it was the same problem that they had before. The guy brings and says, well this is what, this is what they’re looking for. Oh yeah it is. Alright see you, you’re good. Oh, they’re stamped. It says they’re good till November 20, 23. They walk in, they walk in, where’s the first place they went to eat? Do you remember what he said? No. What’d he say? I think it was McDonald’s. Don’t. How American is that? Well I was American. I don’t, I, I think John offered Mexican but Jen was not having it. She had enough beans and rice. Anyway, way fun. They came back. Of course the dog was happy everybody. I mean the dog freaked out, started eating like normal dog did. John didn’t have to feed it with a puppet that looked like Jen’s face or something, whatever.

00:36:57:22 –> 00:38:10:04
He was doing one kernel at a time. Anyway, fun stuff. Everybody’s happy, which means we’re happy Bronson. Yeah, we’re happy. John’s getting more sleep I think now. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. You know, he’s not, he was a little peeked there for a minute, but he’s, he’s catching up not working on stuff one half hour at a time. So anyway, let’s dive into Wyoming really quick. There’s lots of questions. Of course. Bronson, we’re dealing with the Wyoming Elk application deadlines January 31st. Everybody is cranking and thinking about using their points. Everybody’s nervous. A, that there’s gonna be a price increase on the special elk deer antelope as they’ve worn and, and indicated that’s gonna be going through this legislative session. Yeah. On top of potential tag allocation, quota adjustments, something on the 90 10 split. That hasn’t happened with those yet. Yeah. So and then even potentially a point system change, preference point system change. And so all of this, let’s call it rumors and more rumors. Rumors, but but is potentially in the works down the road. Yeah, there is. And obviously we don’t have all the answers. The number one thing is get an application in for elk by the 31st. There may be some much clearer decisions you can make, you know, clear up until May 8th when you can amend your application after seeing what goes through the legislature this year.

00:38:10:05 –> 00:39:17:16
Might be clear if they pass permit increases for regular expression or anything else severe, it may motivate you even more. Yeah. You’ll have a few months to plug and play with your application. Change it to a unit like I’m done with this and be guaranteed to draw or hopefully guaranteed to draw. We’re anticipating pretty good, really good point. Creep more in, more than in normal years because of just the uncertainty. And it’s kind of rightfully so. I mean we’re all feeling the same thing. We don’t like change after you’ve invested so much into a point system. But there is no gu guarantee in these states. There’s, there’s just not that, that it stays the same forever. They, they Arizona’s made changes to their non-resident allocation. You know, that not all the nonresident quota, you know, can go in the maximum point pool for like elk and deer. It dramatically, it lengthened the log jam for strip deal hunters. It, it took off the people with lots of points for deer, but it also made it more equitable and feasible to apply. It’s, and it’s probably a fair system. You can’t have ’em all go into max point hole. There’s, you know, kind, you get some of the same arguments in Colorado like for deer, elk, you know. Right. But, but anyway, regardless of that, we’re getting a lot of questions. This stuff can change literally daily.

00:39:17:18 –> 00:40:17:18
They have votes in, in committees and then on on the floor, you know, daily this time of year and stuff gets shot down daily. So, and then modified and hybrid type things come out. It’s hard to, that’s why you don’t see if something out in print, by the time we put something in print that this may be happening in Wyoming, it’s all obsolete and it’s half, it’s a hybrid of anything that just went. So we’ll try to keep you up to speed on the podcast. Like now we’ll let you know what, what changes, what happens and, and the implications of that. But the bottom line, the potential for change is, is what people are nervous about. Yeah. And so they’re saying, do we use the points and you’ve got this influx of people that went from either points only to actually applying for a unit or choosing units they can actually draw in. And so you’re gonna see a bump that’s, and you can cut on artificial or whatever. But I mean just kind of this bump of a perceived change brings in more people willing to draw. Yeah. Or or or just the nervousness. Yep. So if you are into that category, make sure you just apply either in the regular or the special draw for hunt. You think you would like now by January 31st. And if you modify you have to stay within that price bracket.

00:40:17:20 –> 00:41:15:05
If it’s regular or special, you can modify but you have to stay within it or you can withdraw. You can withdraw all together and do a point in the summer or switch the unit up until May 8th. Right. But if you withdraw, you’re not gonna get your refund until after they run the draw. So anyway, very, very interesting. The other, yeah, the other thing with Wyoming, you may have noticed they, they moved the deadline for the mo moose sheeping goat, but moose and sheep most notably to April 15th or 17th. Yeah. I think it’s the 15th. Maybe 17th because of a Monday. I don’t recall. Right, right. But anyway, later than February 28th, which has always been, and the main reason for that, they haven’t come out and said it, but it’s obviously to be able to see permit recommendations like they recommend in April as well. Much like what Utah’s doing because the 90 10 split did occur. They made, it did happen. And there there’s a possibility based on overall quotas in certain units. There could not, there may not be a random moose tag or two at all in the entire state or if there is there is one. Yeah. And so those, those and one or two units and where is that?

00:41:15:05 –> 00:42:15:28
Therefore you better modify to that unit or you’re actually in for a moose tag, you literally have 0% chance because you’ve gotta have at least four the way it is now, at least four non-resident tags for sheep or moose for three of ’em go to the max point holders and one of ’em to go in the random draw. That’s right. Well you gotta have four. What is that gonna be? 40? It, it tells you it’s gotta be 40. Yeah. ’cause we only get 10% of the total now. And so Yeah. And there anyway, you’re gonna have to gauge of challenges of that or sit it out. I’m telling people just sit it out till April and if you’re, if you’ve realized that there’s not gonna be a random tag, you just do a point in hopes that this rumblings of the point system going to a squared point system happens. Because then you’ll actually be able to draw, have a chance. But there still may be a four year, you know, implementation period. Yeah. Basically when they change it, they’re looking at letting people wrap their heads around it for four years. Burn your points for four years and then it’s all squared system. Which means you’d have to buy four years of points for moose. That’s 600 bucks. Well 600 bucks for sheep just before you again have a random chance. So just keep all of this in mind.

00:42:16:12 –> 00:43:18:13
There’s a lot of, there’s a lot of moving parts and, and is decisions, is it worth it? I mean, you know, for moose? No, no. I’ll answer that question. I don’t know. You got max points in one Montana. I’ve one state I’ve ever kind of fun. Kind of fun. I think I played Idaho once in my life. I fear the year You get it ’cause yeah, I’m scared every year. My plans will change whenever you decide to go up there. We’re gonna be in a swamp. I’m gonna get, I promise you’ve heard it felt I do not have to buy head waiters, but I don’t know. I’m gonna probably do it. We’re gonna be out there and get in a swamp donkey. So I don’t know, kind of. We’ll have chili for the whole office. Chili meat for the whole office. Just promise me you won’t be too picky. Okay. Meat’s meat deal. Alright. So anyway, kind of fun. There’s a lot going on. We’re super excited. Obviously deer and antelope. Wait, it’s no big d don’t, don’t be applying yet in, in Wyoming. Let’s wait. See what the winner does. May 31st. They hold your money long time anyway. Might as well just apply. Yeah. In the end of May when you may know of any permit, increase fees or things like that, you have to front the tag fees. Yeah. So why would you pay ’em now and let and go forever?

00:43:18:18 –> 00:44:30:05
So anyway, wait a little bit, but hey, whatever we’re answering questions on the daily about it and we’re fine. Do it. We’re kind of excited actually, if it’s a decent winter, but not severe, we’re gonna see some big deer coming outta the state of Wyoming. We all know this. There’s some big deer in the winter range. I mean there an average, an average winner in Wyoming, you’re gonna have a little loss. I mean it’s, it’s Wyoming, usually the Fs of the first and then the old second. But, but they have had, it has been a big enough animal since what, 20 17, 18, that you’ve got some older bucks there that haven’t been through a tough, tough winter. Hopefully this one doesn’t end up that way. It’s, you know, could go either way At this stage right now it’s, you know, not critical by any means. We stay on top of that daily with people we know that live in, you know, it’d be nice to have a, be able to do a podcast that we could spew everything like we do in the magazine. But maybe it was a paid subscription podcast where we could just freaking really talk Jason’s meandering. We’d call it Bronson’s. Oh, this is, I don’t know, rumblings. I don’t know. I don’t know what do, what do you call it? I don’t, I’m just saying it would be, I, I think there’s some validity to it. So I don’t know.

00:44:30:05 –> 00:45:33:16
We give out a lot. We’ve been accused of giving out too much information on the podcast for free. If you think this is a lot of information, join epic Go go on there, join $150 a year. You get the publication, get get our take. And then you call in, get the call, call in and talk to us too. It’s email. I mean, we don’t like being mean people. We don’t, it’s been, it feels like maybe though this year recently we’ve had a lot more non-members calling in and want to go over all their scenarios in states. Yeah. And it’s just, we, we try to be nice. Well that’s kind of hard, try to address that. But I’m, we’re starting to get over that because when I’m talking to you, there’s a member waiting line on hold. There has to hang up and I have to call ’em back later. Right. So it’s just not that we wanna be ignorant and say, are you a member but our girls, girls are gonna probably be, reinforce that a little bit more. It’s not because, you know, we, we don’t like to talk hunting and all that. But, but man, you don’t call your doctor up on a cell phone and want, you know, diagnose your whole, you know, everything without going into Zy. I like him to gimme z-pack without going in. Like, just get a z-pack your health.

00:45:33:16 –> 00:46:38:05
So you’re one, are those guys Well, I mean, I pay, I pay for what’s a z-pack? I don’t know what it’s, well, it’s like a big, like a boost, A vitamin boost. Let’s just, for all intents and purposes, it’s a prescription tion vitamin boost prescription monster. I know. I drink those too. My nails grow like crazy. That’s good as prenatal right there. I swear it is. And the girls don’t have any. Shannon can’t even say anything about it. Did you take prenatals? Yes. Why shouldn’t I? I identify as prenatal taker. I don’t know. I’m just saying. Wow. I’m just saying Bronson. I would pay for it. I would pay for it. I would pay for, to be able to get a Z-pack at wheel. Especially right here at the expo, we’re gonna be passing around, don’t say 14 variants of Covid. Yeah. You know, well, or whatever. We do seem to always get sick after one of those things, so, but before you straighten my hand, wash your hand please. All right. Everybody. I don’t know what else to say. We sell firearms here. Fierce firearms as well. Kind of fun to do. Yeah, we don’t do it. We dabble in it. It’s pretty fun. We can make custom orders. We have guns here in stock. I have our FFL and whatnot. It’s fun. It’s fun. I, that kind of stuff’s fun.

00:46:38:14 –> 00:47:47:16
We, we frankly have had a hard time pilfering the inventories as that comes right off the assembly line within, within the, Josh wants everything that comes in. It’s firsthand. Gets to run the bolt first. But if he falls in love, know we can’t even touch the gun. Like, Hey boss, don’t wear it out. Geez. Good grief. That’s brand new. Pretty fun. It’s awesome. But anyway, everybody, anybody that’s interesting going to the expo, go to hunt It’s February 2nd to the fifth as Adam said earlier, 2023 at the Salt Palace here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hunt You also get to go there and apply for the little $5 tags. $5 tickets to get in for the different tags. And there’s a lot of hunts available to apply for. I think that’s the other thing, Bronson, you should have your name in every hat you can have it in, including our epic hunt giveaway. We’re in our membership drive. We’re giving away dang near $200,000 worth of hunt. Some of the best stuff we can find that we want to go on ourself. And a lot of ’em are this year too, to where the inventory of incredible hunts, if you said, I just, I just got gifted or whatever. Right. This amount of money I wanna go spend on a great hunt. I won the lottery and Biden wanted some taxes and after the taxes I had a few bucks. So, right.

00:47:47:16 –> 00:48:59:12
So yeah, go try to buy some of these hunts. It’s not possible. And it’s mainly because these outfitters are great. They’re popular. Right. And we’ve had to secure these years in advance. And you know, now we’re looking at some of these states like Nevada Deer, Utah, deer. Yeah. Nevada Elk, you know, others that like should be off the charts like, anyway. So yeah, the principle and, and we do it ourselves. We obviously don’t play our own draws. We can’t do that. But we play the, the raffle. It’s funny, Logan asked Utah, Logan, no employees can’t play the draw. That’s right. Well I had to ask. Yeah. But anyway, to the extent possible, it’s another name on the hat, whether it be this, whether it be different organizations or things like that. We’ve each won some wild stuff. Things like this. Yeah. You especially really? Yeah. You’ve played a lot. I haven’t You won that Sheep hunt. You won, you won the Sheep Hunt. Yeah, I did. I won a, she did win a sheep hunt. Yeah. I forgot. Yeah. Couple of them. Bronson. Well, no one. Yeah, we had a sponsored package. We won one in the early days of Epic. Oh yeah. We did win that at the Full Curl Society. Yes. Called Sheep Camp. We did one of those at Epic. And we gave that away and we gave it away. Membership drive in the early, early days. Yeah, we did.

00:48:59:14 –> 00:50:09:07
But I did win. And then you won one for 2024. Be going up to Northwest Territories. I did. Yeah. So it happens. I mean, yeah. And yes, what you’re talking about has happened to us too, is playing some long shot odds. Yeah. And, and some of the raffles, right. Or things like that. But anyway, it’s, it’s nice to keep the dream alive. That’s really what it is. And early in the year, the dream is alive. May, June, it’s not it. I, I am so freaking excited for 2023. I can’t stand it. And it’s not even, dude, it, I mean it’s not even that much different other than the moisture. It’s just, it goes back to the kills though. Like if I could just get tags and not go, I’d be probably happy too. Yeah. You like, I like the kill, kill the not meaning a dead animal. The kill of acquiring a tag. Yeah. Acquiring a tag. You buy a tag, you feel like you’ve done something. I mean, it, it’s hard nowadays. Yeah. There’s money pe I don’t understand it. There’s, it feels like there’s a few bucks everywhere. The Sheep Show money was Unbeliev proved it. The tags that selling governor tags 300 plus thousand on a regular basis. And there’s used to be Montana only. Yeah. For Rockies. Now there’s a handful of them. All that broke. 300 plus handful for Rockies and Cali’s. So, and Cali’s, a Cali really over 300. Yeah.

00:50:09:12 –> 00:51:18:29
It happened. And so anyway, it’s just, it’s just crazy. It’s fun times, it’s really fun times to be a part of. And there’s just a lot of opportunities out there. And that’s our job is to capitalize on Western big game hunting, all the opportunities, anything and everything to do with Western Big game. We also apply guys, we have an application service. We charge $50 a state for the first species in a particular state. And then if it’s two or more, it’s a hundred bucks. So you can apply for all species in a state for a hundred bucks with a $750 cap. So the most we charge you is $750. And then you’re responsible for your only your own state license fees and application fees and whatnot. But we apply you as if you apply yourself similar to, you know, a tax accountant. So anyway, and we choose most guys, we choose the units, we kind of get what they want to do and then we play it as if it’s our own. And, and we’ve done this for 20 plus years, dang. Near 30 years. So anyway, anybody that needs help, I, I think we’re the, the most affordable and and knowledgeable application service out there. Well we, we live for it and we love to draw our clients’ tags. You know, that’s our job. Get ’em the right tags. If they draw the wrong tags, it’s not so great.

00:51:19:18 –> 00:52:32:16
And so anyway, we work hard on it and we touch every application. Alright, Bronson, I’m about done. Yeah. I’m calling it you happy. It’s lunchtime. Logan, are you happy? Of course I’m all good. Yeah. Logan just, ever since Logan came, the video cameras showed up. All kinds of weird stuff. I’m kind of, I don’t know about this. I feel, I feel like the government’s spying on this room. I just, I just learned that he adjusted this camera over your shoulder and I says, oh, I, I know they’re here, but I didn’t know they literally were being used. The video. Yeah. They’re used. So apparently these are on YouTube and whatever I’ve said or done or, or Yeah. Looked like you’ve been on YouTube Boss, I apologize. YouTube, epic. Epic Outdoors has an account on YouTube. Right. I don’t remember signing a disclosure that’s saying I could be videoed during a podcast. Do you, do you mean, you mean you’re worried that you’re, you haven’t given your rights to use your image. You haven’t given Epic My likeness. Yeah, that’s right. To use your image. Well and hey, you own it’s epic boss. It’s kinda like a radio voice. My wife is in radio forever and she could record her country’s show for four hours. She could do that in our, in our house. Right. In a closet. Right. Okay. Okay. Didn’t have to get makeup, did hair on nothing, hair done. Nothing like that. Nothing.

00:52:33:09 –> 00:53:37:00
I kind of thought podcasts were like that too. Well you have to just work here and talk. Only now I have to think about, alright, what am I doing? What am I Right, right. What’s Logan gonna portray your image as? Yeah. You know, which clip is gonna be used. Yeah. The one that I scratch my nose a little too vigorously. The one you just did right now. That’s right. I always, I always make sure you guys look good. Okay. It’s pretty hard sometimes, but I do it. I wanna, that’s what I wanna hear. That’s and that’s a good answer. ’cause I am not for an hour. I’ve never, I’ve never, how many of these we’ve done? 250, 300? I don’t, I don’t How many, how many, what are we at 2 64 is this one I’ve never had to think about, about what I’m doing. I can scratch something. I can take a drink on the side. I can, you know, whatever point a finger at Jason, whatever. Any of my five fingers, fingers, any of my five fingers. We can laugh when it’s inappropriate. I don’t know any of my five fingers. Right. If, if I laugh too much, I, my, he can cut my mic, but now he cuts my mic. But I’m over there laughing with my, that’s why you only hire people that have your best interest in mind and the interest of the company. That’s your job, Logan. That’s right.

00:53:37:03 –> 00:53:57:21
Make us look good when we don’t look good. Logan’s killing it. We’re proud of you, kiddo. Thanks a lot. We’re teasing. But anyway, all right, everybody looking forward to seeing everybody bring some, what? Well, don’t bring Bitcoin, anything about Bitcoin and we’ll, we’ll send you home some op trade and barter. All right, sounds good. We’ll see everybody February 2nd to the fifth on Expo.