This episode we have a few more members of the crew than we have had lately. Jason, Adam, John, Josh and Logan get together and share stories from past kills and how cool it can be to relieve those hunts years later. Josh talks about the potential drought alleviation for the upcoming year and shares stores of how weather played a role in his days as a Forest Service Fireman. The crew gives Logan dating advice.

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, and Josh and John Logan. How are y’all Doing good. Doing great. I like it. You know what I think is interesting? Bronson. Bronson tells me to bring a monster, bring her in a game. Like he’s gonna have one, right? I walk in here. He’s got Fresca who buys a fresca? The Bo I, I’ve given you’ve heard of intermittent fasting? Okay. I fast from a monster one day a week. That’s today. Just today. That’s right. Oh, isn’t that, why did you have some bloating and retention of water, bro? I don’t know. Recently. I think my body at time gets confused. I love salty snacks like pistachios, like a lot. And they’re super salty. And the wife is thinking she’s buying or she’s buying her way to your heart by buying you the biggest bag possible. And she is. Yeah. Yeah. But, but then what does, what does super high amounts of caffeine do? It’s like they’re diuretics. They say yeah. They say it’s diuretic. Yeah. Yeah. Which you do. You have to pee. Like, okay. And so your, your, your body’s, I eat a lot of salt. Like it’s just a tradition. You can’t call it a tradition. It’s a nightly ritual.

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So you’re doing, you’re doing salt tablets for all intents and purposes, while I’m drinking bo and you’re not doing, my body doesn’t know what supposed to do. You’re not doing a hundred k. That’s the only reason people do salt tablets. My body doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do. And I’m not even sweating. Yes, you, to your point, I don’t need to replace salt. So you’re doing a dribble, you’re doing the little, you’re trying to pee, but it’s a dribble having a full bladder. I don’t know. I’m just wondering what the, what do we have to look forward to in our fifties? Fifties? I be officially probably putting myself through almost what Wyatt went through a while back. But there’s, you know, but you need to go. You feel like you need to go, but your other parts of your body are holding every drop I had, I had kidney stones. There was no problem at all. You did? Yeah. And it was no problem. Really. I had kidney stones. It was a problem. You two did that. Oh, it was like child labor, women. Well, all I know is there that too loud. I’m not gonna tell you. Women don’t wanna hear that, but I’m pretty sure they were kidney stones. They measure it in microns. They measure, you know, heads and centimeters in centimeters. Yeah. Okay. Anyway. Oh yeah. But anyway, Nope, no problems here. So I just kept, kept drinking them.

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So anyway, so Bronson, let’s see. I did not know you two had both been through what might had been through. Well, I hadn’t, I never crawled to my truck. I walked, I didn’t have any problems. I didn’t have any major pain. There was just a weird, just a really weird sensation. I was like, dude, I don’t know. You didn’t really have them. Yeah. You had a, well, they, they, John, you can pass three millimeter ones or centimeters micron, whatever. Maybe it’s a baby one. Yes, yes. You have a And there was other evidences spike that I had ’em, and I’m not gonna talk about it. Okay. And, you know, so anyway. Alright, well, so thus I’m drinking a feca. Yes I am. And it’s delicious. That’s where we’re at today. Josh, what are you drinking? Yeah, diet mountain. Diet Mountain Dew. Not too hot. Disgusting. But disgusting. Sometime you need a break. Yeah. Mix it up. So anyway, all right. So we are getting prepared for the expo. We’re kind of excited about it, actually. Although there again, kinda like Bronson and his salt tablets and, and a caff caffeinated drinks. Like my, I’m a little conflicted there. It’s really exciting to go. But man, there, it’s a grind that show’s a grind, you know what I mean? So there’s kind of a just four days of talking and standing on your feet. Yeah.

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It’s good to see everybody that you see some of ’em once a year, sometimes longer. But yeah, you’re worn out. We come back Monday and it’s one of the few shows that goes through Sunday so we don’t get home till wee hours. Yeah. Monday. And then Jason expects us sit in our seats at 8 0 8 o’clock on Monday morning. So, you know, if it was up to me, I’d probably do some different things. But come on. Like what? Tell me when I can come to work. 8 0 5. Okay. Hey, I’ll, it’s 8 0 5. It’s grind all time. It’s a grind. But anyway, we’re looking forward to that. To your point. Yeah. See some of the biggest stuff. Biggest stuff. Yeah. And we’re, we might, Josh, we thought about some new stuff we might start doing. We’ll maybe talk about it at the expo, but maybe some new what? Well, pulling some old relics up, you know, a lot of times we maybe we maybe bring stuff of the last year or so or two that to the expo and it’s really cool to see that. And we’ll never stop doing that. But Yeah. By popular demand. We’ve had some requests from you, bucks from 2007 or something like that. Almost Josh. Josh garners it up on the web. Instagram. Hey, there’s multiple people in this office that have a password to that account. Prove that it came from me. It did.

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Alright, well anyway, so yeah, we’re gonna be there. We got a big booth, 50 foot booth. We’re also gonna be there. We’re gonna bring a stack of freaking optics. A stack. Are we gonna make that announcement about the oh seven buck? What’s up? Oh, the oh seven? Yeah. Let’s, let’s consult, let’s consult the gram and see what they say. Okay, go ahead. 93% of people that voted say yes. The other seven friends and haters, other 7%. I haven’t even Democrat seen this today. Tell Democrats they’re not, they’re they’re actually just haters. They’re just wondering. The survey was, ’cause I didn’t even look today. I didn’t see it. What is it? Meir John in the dark. What are we voting on? The question was, who thinks we need to bring chief to the expo? There was a picture of two young men sitting real close to each other behind Big. Well, I mean, ’cause they’re trying, Bronson’s trying to not have the rack cover his face. That’s all, that’s all I’m doing. A little bit of, little bit of support there. Don’t want the tanks covering my face. No, that’s all I was trying to do. That’s all. Was And it clear it was like seven degrees that night or, yeah, that goes down another, I do believe we’ve never had chief at the expo. Oh, we had him there. Years. Years. Are you sure? Years? Yeah. We did years maybe year one.

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I do not remember so long ago. Wow. Maybe year one of, of Epic outdoors. I don’t remember why. Anyway, so long ago. So what’s the 90, should we bring him 93% of like 7,000 votes. Say 7,000. Yeah. How long has that been up? A couple hours? No, since yesterday. 12 hours. Huh? Since yesterday. So anyway, keep going. 93% of people say yes. What? 7% say they work for PETA or their Democrats or whatever. I dunno. Hey, we have Democrats that we help get on hunts. I want, I want to, let’s vet the seven I, it kind of begs me to wonder like, who is that? Oh no, they’re, they’re friends. They just guys, I think there’s a couple people. There’s a couple people I know that, that wouldn’t wanna see ’em. Well, I mean, yeah, I guess. No. Yeah. You know why? Talk about the negative. No, we just, basically what it means is we’re maybe each year we’re gonna have to bring a throwback buck with us to the expo. Well, why don’t you bull, Josh. Oh yeah. That’s not a, that’s not a buck. We have, this is an expo, Western hanging conservative expo ball. Species. Species. What did you kill? You killed him in 2007. Seven. Did you kill the bull in seven? I was. Oh my gosh. It’s meant to be. Josh, are you bringing your bull? What day? November something. It’s like five days after Thanksgiving. Plus or minus whatever, Thanksgiving.

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All right, we gotta go look right. Hey, open your calendar. Did you tag him or not? Jason? What day did you kill him? Come on. What kinda question is that? I know it was about approximately three to four days after Thanksgiving. It’s amazing how fast your phone is. So it is either the 22nd or 29th. So it would’ve been the 22nd. So we smashed him, what, on the Monday at 26th ish. So something like that. So how about you? Plus or minus? Yours is already dead. Yeah, he was dead by 12th or 15th ish. Looks like 12th. Yeah. Geez. Because my, my wedding anniversary is the 11th. Oh. And we celebrated on the 12th. You do. I mean, there’s only so many really happy days in your life. The twelfth’s kind of special. But the 11th was nice too. So lemme So the 11th happened one year in 2007. And in 2008, the 11th came around and you kind were excited. But, but the next day, that was the best, that was a special day when the bowl came home from the taxidermist for a year out. It was amazing. Yeah. And ever since you just asked your wife, can we just celebrate our anniversary on the 12th? Just to simplify, there’s certain days in a young boy’s life that he’ll never forget. 400 inch bowl at the top. Okay. I thought you were going down the 11th road. Oh, geez. Oh, Hailey, we’re sorry.

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We’re, I’m just, I mean, dunno what we’re, you know what’s funny is she knows exactly what she’s getting. Like Exactly. She’s pretty fun to be around. She knows good grades. Well, I don’t know. It’s different to throw a, a buck in the backseat of a truck versus a a 400 in the backseat of a truck. It’s gonna blow in the back of the truck. What is that bull? Where did he go? 14 ish. He was 16 ish. Four. Four gross. 17 and seven. Eight gross. He’s acting like he doesn’t remember. Four 17 and seven. Eight gross. What did he net? What’d he net four 11 and three Nont tip. Yeah. Non-Typical. Geez, geez. Well man, I guess I kind of makes me want to go try to duplicate it. Find an elk tag somewhere. Guy needs one of those in his life. Unbelievable. Yeah. Well, we’ll we’ll work on that after the show. Yeah. We’ll see what, we’ll see what’s possible. But anyway, but we’re looking forward to it. Hopefully many of you’re been able to join us up there at the expo this year. Life for the five though, we’re gonna bring that little bronze. Yep. Had a little bronze made of me. It was pretty awesome. These guys are, they’re incredible. They came in, they scanned him and, and I had him, I had ’em scan another pair of sheds just, just for fun. But anyway, it takes some time. It’s crazy.

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Yeah, it took, I don’t know, they were there for a couple hours. It’s crazy. And it’s scanning. I mean, it’s lasers and sensors and computers. Bells, whistles. Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s so impressive. And so every little divot that, I mean bloodlines and all of that shows up is awesome. It was amazing. And knowing Phil, it’s gonna be a hundred percent, like nothing, nothing’s gonna get by him. Right? He’s, yeah, he’s pretty OCD with model stuff. And the crew and the painters, I mean, met ’em and they’re gonna make it right, or they’re not gonna, they’re gonna keep working on it. Yep. Anyway, and so what I thought, what I think’s amazing, and it is, you know, back in the day, bronzes were neat and they were done by artists, you know, and you could, Phil’s an artist, I mean, for all intents and purposes Oh yeah. Left brain, super detail oriented guy. But you had to make it by hand or Yeah, it’s like before it’s like you were taking a spoon clay over there, you know, making a, what it looked like an animal or whatever. And now, I mean, with, you know, with computerized technology and whatnot, you’ve got your exact set of antlers and, and they scanned life-size animals of sheep and deer and other things. And then they’ll slap those antlers on a, on a, you know, an animal form or whatever. And it really makes ’em come to life.

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Chief was freaking ugly. I mean, bull ox headed, you know, split ear, just giant old sand dweller. Yeah. He was a sand people person. Sand person. And just like, just like people we’re not all the same. He was a different breed. I mean, he’s, he reminds me, I dunno, this me big old farm boy, I mean, just ass have milk cows for 50 years. Bush just a, just a burly old bigheaded sucker. And so anyway, and you can see that in the photos. And so face only a mama could love. Yeah. And so, and Jason and you did, you were there. Well he is, and, and the mount was very similar to how he looked. And so certain mul mul deer mounts look very pretty, very showy. Glistening in their eye. All that chief looks more like a freaking sand dweller. Oh. Face floppy, mul hair. And remember, I mean, his great big old chest just went right into his gizzard and neck and I mean, it just, there was no neck or anything. It was just because he was rutting and just, you know, in the height of the rutt and, and breeding. I mean, I mean sw we basically, yeah, we basically witnessed that. I mean, he kicked another buck, 31 inch or out and, and that kept the dose left, never came back. You know what I mean? Chief was just listen, boss and anyway, pretty fun. Those are great experiences.

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And so yeah, I mean you guys, you know, with that bro coming back and bringing him back to life and those guys are getting cranking, doing just incredible work and, and approached me and said, Hey, let’s, let’s maybe put chief in a bronze form. And I never even thought of it before or you know, and kind of the farthest thing from my mind why we did it. And pretty incredible. So I don’t know, maybe we could, maybe we could call Phil and just visit with him for a quick second. They’re gonna be at the expo. Anybody else out there that wants to maybe scan their animal or whatever, they would come and, and work a deal with you and, and you know, different from just buying a bronze of a sheep or buying a bronze of a, of a, an elk or deer, whatever. You can have yours bronzed for all intents and purposes. And it’s, you know, it’s different than a real bronze, it’s, you know, it, you’re one of one and that’s yours. Yeah, exactly. And anyway, did a great job. But maybe we’ll just see if we can get him on the phone. Just visit real quick about it and just in large part ’cause they’re gonna be there. They’ve got a booth. What? The Aler Aler Tech. Yeah, that’s the name. Company name. Name, right. Andler company name. They kind of just got recently kicked up.

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They brought some other stuff with him that day too. Yeah, that was pretty cool. That little miniature, he killed that giant 400. It was like one of the first 400 inches I think said it was like the first, you know. Yeah, yeah. It was late, late nineties straight six. Remember that? He was tiny seven basically. Little tiny. But it’s Pavan Bowl that was, you know, I don’t, he looked like he was 16. Yeah, he was, I think he was about 16 or something. Yeah. It looks like, you know, those antlers that are hanging from your mirror, the kids will hang from their mirrors or Yeah. Adults or whatever. Anyway, it’s about twice that size and the bloodlines. Yeah. Detail the little burrs and knobs. Geez. You know, if he’s up. All right. Well anyway, let’s just give him a antler tech holler and harass him. Phil Tuttle. He’ll be at the expo. Yep. Hey Jason. Hey. What are you doing? Just working away. Well, maybe you need to clock out. We got you on the Epic Outdoors podcast. Do you gotta, we’re just excited about chief and renditions of Chief and lots of other rendition possibilities. So we’ve been talking about it and what you got going on there at Antler Tech. Sweet. Yeah, let’s talk about it, man. So we’ve, we’ve talked about that you’re gonna be at the expo. We’ve talked obviously that this is very custom.

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I’ve reached out to a good number of my friends that have, you know, killed some special animals that I know would appreciate a bronze like statue of, of whatever it is. And you guys, I know you guys called it kind of a statue in your little writeup, but anyway, anything’s possible with the technology you guys got going and, and you’re an artist feel like, you know, I mean you have a, a super appreciation for, you know, fine quality and whatnot. And I think that’s what kind of set this apart is, I mean the, the, the attention to detail, the little basal points, the little bloodlines and all of that in this tiny, and it’s really not tiny. It’s, it’s, you know, what is it 14 inches long or whatever, but maybe, maybe even a little bit bigger. 12 pounds, I mean, pretty legit piece of artwork. But, but the attention to detail is just in incredible and something that we really haven’t seen before. And I think what makes it neat is that you could go make any kind of thing like that for anybody’s trophy room or, or go to their house and do a scan and, and end up with a product like that. Yep. Yeah, absolutely. I mean it’s, you know, one thing that we kinda wanted to do is just sort of have a, an alternative to replicas.

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You know, I mean, I know a lot of guys that have replicas all over the place. They’re almost even running outta room, you know, for, for replicas. But yeah, just to have a different option and be able to create something that you can, you know, put on your bedside table or your office and, you know, if you have an animal at, at one place, but want to have an animal at a different, you know, at your house or your office, and you can do, you can do any of that. So that’s, that’s kind of cool. That’s the idea. You know, it’s, it’s totally custom. It’s your animal, you know, so if it, if it’s got a little bump here on the outside of it’s G two, it’s gonna have that bump on the outside of its G two, you know? And so that’s, that’s, that’s cool, you know, to be able to, to create something that exact but just scaled, you know, scaled down and, and we could do it even, we could do something even bigger than yours. You know, your listeners, Jason, that have seen yours. We could do it even a little bit bigger. You want a life-size elephant? I mean, talk to Phil maybe, I dunno, something he might, you can dream it kinda like Phil can.

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I don’t know how much resin do they make out there in the world, but yeah, there’s, and you gotta, it’s kind of one of those things you have to, you have to see and hold it. I mean it, it’s just like the really good replicas these days, they’re completely different than 15, 20 years ago. And this stuff is, you know, next level new age. We’ve all know of, you know, 3D scanning, printing, all that type of stuff that we’ve seen in other applications, whether it be mapping and things like that. But this takes it to another level of personalized exactness. That’s the best way I can come it personalized exactness. And you’ve got it, you’ve got it in your house in a much smaller scale than if you had a life-sized beded bedded chief there that was five feet long and you know, the base and everything else. Jason Jana would be hitting with a vacuum every other day, but now you got it in your desk, two feet by two feet or whatever. It’s so, well she makes the kids vacuum once in a while, but yeah, it’s scary. So yeah. But anyway, pretty much, I mean pretty awesome the Implic applications, right Phil? I mean, and this is, I believe your first time at the expo and you know, being able to show off and talk with people about what is you can do and, and recreate for him. Yep. Absolutely.

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Stop by the booth. Stop by Jason’s booth. Check out that bronze we just did for him and we’ll have a couple at our booth too that you can check out and, and yeah, we’ll just, we’d love to talk about a project. So, Hey Phil, this is John. I’ve got a question for you. For some of us who don’t have a 270 inch deer, you guys made a big deal out of this is exact proportions, you know, for an extra fee. Could you maybe Oh geez. Stretch that a little bit. You want the fisheye bronze John? Yeah. Maybe a fisheye bronze, you know, for those, Phil will do whatever you want, a one, a 170 inch bunk that you know, John, with money, with money, you can have anything you want. I, I answered it for you, Phil. Yeah, no, yes you can. No, I, I appreciate that. Yeah, we can, we can do that if you want to, you know, scale down the body but not scale down the others quiet as much. Yeah, we can, yeah, we can make that happen. That’s what I’m talking about. Trust me, you’re gonna get a lot of those requests at the expo. I mean there’s gonna be a lot more of those than say, hey, duplicate my two 70 bucks. Anyway. Pretty awesome. I know you’re busy.

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I probably cut you at a tough time, but anyway, we just wanted to say hey and just allow the world to know that you’re gonna be there and, and what you guys are up to. No, I really appreciate it. And yeah, come check us out, we’d love to chat about it, so. Alright. Okay. Talk soon. Thanks you guys. You bet. Bye. Yep, see you. Bye. So anyway, you know when they got started they basically wanted to kind of duplicate a shed. Like if somebody found a shed out in the hills. Yeah. You know, mirror image it. Yeah. They could mirror image it and then that morphs into the next thing. Into the next thing, into the next thing. And who knows where this is gonna end. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. They can do anything, right. Pretty much. Yeah. He’s, and he’s a talented dude. I mean I think there’s him and another couple guys that video fly fishing. Yeah. Videos and stuff and I can’t remember, I think they’ve won like the last 10 in a row. Like these nationwide fly fishing video things that they get together and do and it’s pretty unreal stuff is you watch one of his videos and you’re like, man, I kinda wanna go fishing. Yeah. So anyway, pretty, pretty awesome. Super good people. So anyway, Phil Tuttle, he’s got a antler tech partner there at Antler Tech and just man, just soul. The earth guy.

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So anybody wants something special or to get your husband something special, why might think about it is what a, what a great opportunity you have to have a custom piece of art in in your house. And I love it. Like I and I guess Bronson maybe that just speaks to our age. Back in oh seven, if you told me you want a bronze, I’d be like, I got the real thing. What do I need a bronze for? Yeah. You know what I mean? But the older you get you just appreciate just a piece of art like that. So that’s true. Anyway. Absolutely. Alright, what are we talking about next? Stacks of optics at the experts, about all those boxes out on that table out there. Josh, you’ve been busy getting ready, getting loaded up, but let’s thought it might be interesting. We have a lot of stuff, but rather than say we have a lot of stuff, I want to ma maybe we’ll talk out about a few specifics for interviews that are gonna be at the Western Hunting Conservation Expo and you’re needing some kind of optic riflescope, binocular rangefinder, rangefinder and bin spins, spinal scope, anything. Come check us out. Here’s some of the, maybe the highlights and I’m, and I just chicken scratch some things down. We have Swarovski, nl, piers, twelves and tens. We got whatever you want and yeah, twelves and we got, I dunno, we got 10 plus pairs.

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We got, we got vets in the office that they won’t last the expo. Yeah. But hey, it’s been a while since we’ve had ’em on the shelf. We’ve had ’em for the last few months, but have a lot of people that have bought ’em from us over the last couple years. We’re gonna have those in stock. Also the El range TAs, BTX, you know, all the, all the app, all the swirl bios, Spoto scope, everything like that. We’re gonna have two. Speaking of Apon scopes, two Zes Haria. Jason, how hard are those to find? Extremely hard to find. Yeah. Like even put ’em on order, we’ll have ’em on order for dang near a year. Yeah, you have two Haria that nine and they’re incredible. That’s actually, I mean, 95, right? I hate to be on record saying something things, I probably won’t put ’em. Maybe it’s the best spotting scope they make in of any brand anywhere. Super unbelievable, super crystal, crystal clear. Gonna have some of those on there. And a and a big assortment of Zes rifle scope scopes, sorry, v fours and v sixes got a huge shipment into those. I feel like Zes, I feel like Zes kind of has a little bit of a corner on those rifle scopes. Like they have incredible les, they have incredible glass, they have incredible work well in, in a mid mid-range, mid-range price point too, you know. Yeah.

00:23:42:12 –> 00:25:11:00
They’re not cheap, but they’re, they’re not 3000, $4,000 scopes either. So what you get for one of those scopes is well worth the price. That’s right. Oh, it’s illuminated, you know, the, the, the range of dial ability, God whatever the adjustment of the elevation adjustment is unbelievable. Yeah. Yep. I mean, anyway, great. Absolutely incredible long range scopes before we left spotting scopes. One, we’re gonna have some awesome deals. We maybe even have some daily deals on some of these optics, including maybe some vortex razors, both 65 and 85 millimeter objective vortex spotting scopes as well as we have the 500 Fury a BS 5,000, 5,000. That was Bronson, how long did we have those on order? Those were on back order forever as well. And for the money, they’re the, they’re the least expensive range finding ballistic solution vinyl. Yep. And they’ve been tested extensively in the, the programming and, and software compete with just the very top end equipment. Unbelievable. You know, accuracy on that. That’s right. If you’re after standalone range finders, we’ve got Revit BR fours there, we’ve got SIG eight KABS and 10 KABS stuff there. So I mean a lot of stuff, some of it was hard to get for a lot of time. Some people might have gave up. A lot of it’s got back in stock heavily in the last several months. And so we’re bringing it all there.

00:25:11:10 –> 00:26:23:01
If you’re interested, stop by, see it, check it out, make a great deal with you. There also a bunch of trail cams. Carter, we’re from steal stealth cam. Yeah. Bunch a lot of trail cameras from stealth cam. Obviously there’s a few regulations. Arizona doesn’t allow people to use them in regards to hunting. Of course some people are still running some here and there. But anyway, there’s seasons here in Utah and Nevada and other places can obviously use ’em. You know, New Mexico doesn’t really regulate a whole lot, although they did go to iron size for Muzz orders. But that’s a little side note. But anyway, generally speaking everything goes there except for actual baiting during the season. You know, it’s kinda like they’re, you know, little old school a little bit like haven’t, you know, we’ve got, we’re seeing a lot of regulation changes and, and things happening and and whatnot and so yeah they did, they did work over the primitive, you know, going back to more of a iron side or whatever for muzzle. But as far as trail cameras and all that, you can use all that stuff year round and, and cellulars no problem. Things like that. So we, we sell ’em, we’re gonna have ’em up there. Incredible pricing as well. And so if anybody needs any of that kind of stuff, why, you know, stop on by of course. Probably can’t take everything we got.

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And so, you know, even if you wanna make an order or whatnot, we’ll be able to help you when it comes to scouting and man, I can’t wait for freaking scouting season. I’m ready for this winter to end. I like, well I need longer days. I got, I got a new Scott, I got a new Scott Bond scope for you. I’ve got an at a couple at TC oranges that just came in today. Carter one might have your name on it, it might orange and I’m fine with the orange. Orange. It’s not bright orange. It’s not like counter orange. It’s pretty cool. More burnt. It’s a burnt, it’s, it’s not fluorescent. It’s not, it’s more like the orange. You like your truck. Yeah, it’s in between. You need that but yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not quite as poppy as that would look good on a window mount out outta that out. Out of Adam orange. The R two. Yeah. Anyway. But we got a couple of those. We’re gonna have there, we, we have a few extra oranges. We have had people that specifically ordered oranges. Yeah. And they’ve got ’em. We’ll bring some of those. That new A TC Searl, slight weights, tiny spotter. Put it in your back pocket. And we don’t have the normal color because they, they go pretty fast. Greener. Greener and more demand. No question. You’ll be able to look at it, hold it, but you’ll look at it. See it.

00:27:27:23 –> 00:28:31:19
Well you will until the two that we were three that we bring there are sold and gone. You might have to be there Thursday morning to see it. Yeah. But if you want one, be there at Thursday at 10 o’clock. We should keep one and not sell it and just let it, let it breathe for the whole show and then sell it on Sunday. Gonna, are you gonna commit Cool to that right now? Right now? Okay. We’re gonna sell one on Sunday. The first one’s there. It’s Tuesday. What? Thursday at 10 o’clock. The first one there gets it gets one gets one. The other one will the end of the show silent auction and we’ll sell it on. We’ll sell it like you’re thinking online. Hunting No. What do you mean epic auctions? We could give, we could give it away. Bronson on, on Sunday for you know, I don’t know. We could give it away for new members. Okay, we will, we will promise that that one of them will last all four days. We three. That’s right. Four days. And then what happens to that? We will talk amongst friends here and decide and as in the flurry of forklifts buzzing in and around a booth dropping, we’ll go live name. May may or may or may not be. We have usually done some type of giveaway. We may or may not do that.

00:28:31:23 –> 00:29:33:16
Stop by Thursday to figure it out Thursday, Friday or Saturday, then Saturday. There you happens. Good idea. But hey one that’ll let John think about it because he usually we’ll over, he tries to bridle you and I Bronson. No, we can out vote him. Might just be as simple as say you make an optics purchase or something over those four days you get for it. That’s right. Something like that. You never know over a dollar amount. Something that, and now you know, we’ll dream it up. You get a glimpse of what it’s like to work here. What everything for No at any moment. What could be coming out of that back corner. Hey lemme, what do you guys think about this? Oh yeah, we got the Bronson bundle. Yeah, Bronson are, you have some, we got bundles there. We’ve got whiteboard. It’s now called Devon’s deals. Yep. Devon’s deals. We’ll be in Devon’s handwriting. We got him a couple whiteboards. He’s gonna hang one around his neck. I don’t know, we’re gonna have some new, some hunts too. Hunts to book. That’s right. Hunts openings there that you can talk to Devon and any of us about just a lot. You, you guys, most people know what we do on a daily basis. We’re talked to a lot of people. We’re researching and writing the magazine but we’re also talking a lot of outfitters that have guaranteed tags, hunts to book, things like that.

00:29:33:16 –> 00:30:42:29
So devil will have some of those there too. In addition to all the other draw related questions that we have. Wyoming, thank goodness the Elk application will be over with by the time we go to the expo. I don’t know, there’s always guys like February 2nd, Hey I’m thinking about Wyoming elk for next year. Well you know the question is wore out. You know what the question is? I was like yeah, alright, I’ve applied but I’m thinking of amended. Can I go over some, you know, adoption. So are you reminding everybody they can amend right now Bronson, because you’re causing us, I think, I think Wyoming took that option away this year. You can only go till May 8th. I mean good grief, this will never die. I don’t know what it is. I think it’s just the first, the first, you know, well first good restaurant in town, everybody goes there and you can tell when you can get drawn. You can look at it and say what can I get that’s similar to Colorado, Colorado Deer. Yeah. And you can look at it. I like that. I like it. I like saying I could get that tag but maybe I wanna stretch myself and play the random over here on this tag or whatever. That’s interesting. If it’s straight up random, you’re just like ugh. Yeah, there’s nothing. Just pick one and let her rip. Yeah. Can’t plan for it. You can plan for Wyoming.

00:30:43:07 –> 00:31:53:24
And so as such, outfitters are booking up, we’re helping guys book outfitters. You got the threats to changing fees and draw systems and all that. Even spur people on maybe doing a 90 10 maybe. Maybe changing up the point system at some point. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Yeah. You know what I mean? Potentially. And so we do have some things going through the legislature. Who knows what’ll come out. Even a new rendition. Bronson I think you heard of potentially. Yeah. There’s a lot been kicked around. Different price structuring fees, different increased rates or levels going to a straight squared bonus point. Or maybe a 50 of ’em, 50 split instead of a 75 25 like it is now. You know, just, we’ll wait, we’ll wait and see what happens. But just the rumblings of change are, are spurring people on more. But I think Wyoming’s trying to keep the non-resident support to keep their budgets alive. No question. Yeah. I mean they’ve changed, but then they’re trying to answer to the need for change what their perceived need for change. Well yeah, you can’t eliminate basically random moose and sheep tags almost entirely perhaps for this year. And not think you need to change. And just leave it that way forever and think your people are still gonna Right. Pay your state 150 bucks a year for points and apply. They’re not right. So don’t even have to enter their state.

00:31:53:25 –> 00:33:02:03
You get $150 each for that’s a cash cow. Nothing. You know? Yeah. Anyway. Blue sky. Yeah. So kind of fun. Anyway, that’s, you know, we’ve had a lot of, lot of consulting going on here at Epic. That’s just that, it’s that time of year where there’s just a lot going on and making plants, Arizona, making, making a front burner two. So yeah. And then it’ll change to the next thing. But hey, we’re there. We’ll be there to talk with y’all, you know, or just meet and greet and drink a monster. Like we’ve, we’ve already advertised we are gonna have pallets of those, right John? Yeah, we are. Jeez. Pallets is a, did you say pallets with an S or a pallet? I don’t know. You have to come by and see a stack. How about we just say that Stack stacks upon stacks. Okay. I don’t believe we’ve given the exact dates on this podcast yet. It’s February 2nd through the fifth at the Salt Palace Convention Center. We did. You just weren’t here. Salt Lake City. I just missed it. But But say it again. All right. And hunt if you want any more details. That’s right. Get in for your $5 tag hunts. If you know you’re gonna be there. Don’t go online and buy those. If you’re not gonna come to Salt Lake Validate a couple years ago, remember they let you go do that? Yeah. Covid, they didn’t have it.

00:33:02:03 –> 00:34:07:09
You could just buy ’em online. You’re in the draw. Not anymore. Don’t buy ’em and then not show up to Salt Lake. You just made a nice donation, which is fine. Well and it should. They like literally doubled the size where last year we were parking trailers in that back. That is all booths now. It’s literally double the size of what it was. So hopefully it’ll spread some guys on Saturday. Double the expo is double Yeah. Size. Remember where the trailer was last year? I remember that. That’s all. All booths. That is all booth now back. So they doubled the expo. Like truly doubled space square footage. Geez. I don’t know how many booths and the actual exhibitors. That’s sick. Yeah, but it’s size wise it’s significant. Geez. You’re gonna have PTSD from ShotShow when you walk in there. I dunno. Nothing. Compete. Compete with that. All I know it was, we walked a few less miles this year. Didn’t you guys fill like five and a half? Five and a half. Yeah. We got stuck in that stairwell with the bathrooms last year. Like remember we were going up, up and down down, there’s the two stairwells in the bathroom in the middle and it’s just, I think it was probably the dribble from Bronson. He’s dealing with that whole, the whole salt. The salt pills and the, I guess that was it. When you’re there with three nearing 50-year-old men.

00:34:07:10 –> 00:35:33:23
Kinda like I The Bron and Dribble. Yeah. The back of the stairwell. Hey that might stick moving on. Jeez, your feet definitely dead on the floor. They did in and out remember. Felt like walking through the slush in our parking lot. But yeah, it should be, hopefully that’ll help alleviate a little bit of the crowding issues. ’cause sometimes Saturday, Saturday gets very busy. I think that’s mainly what it’s targeted at to spread out people more. I don’t, yeah, the doubling might be area and, and it, it was tight that that original was tight. The first extension made it better but it’s still just as busy it feels like. So spread ’em out and put put, you know, you know, whatever it is. Those freaking almonds that smell, smell like freaking, you know, amazing put put them in 14 corners there and let the people, let the Midian spread out. They’ll spread out. Yeah. Pretty awesome. Pretty fun. We’re all excited, super excited for this this year. You know, it feels like I, I, I guess maybe we should dive in just a little bit. Paul throw you on the spot for just a minute. But weren’t we talking about maybe potentially. And I want to, I, you don’t have to have exact figures ’cause we didn’t prepare for this, but just basically that potentially this drought phase could be coming to an end. And why and who told you that?

00:35:33:23 –> 00:36:43:21
And what, what Have you kind of done a little research on that? Have you been out at Market Grill? No. No I haven’t. Where the farmers. Okay. I just didn’t know the Farmer’s Almanac. No, but that that’d probably be good because the Farmer’s Almanac you’re talking about been the, the been rough temperature of the ocean. I mean you came in one day and I were like okay, I don’t know when you, I used to do wildland fire stuff. So weather is always big. You doing a wild wildfire. Did you ever do that with Whitworth? No I didn’t. My brothers did. Okay, well anyway, keep going. And so weather you like you get a daily weather or an hourly weather update when you’re on the fire and stuff and I’ve seen some crazy crap and we’ve out by enterprise wouldn’t qua out there. That place is cursed. Oh yeah it is. Oh yeah. We had, what do you mean what the word? Like skin walkers. What does the word qua mean? I mean that’s really close to the Schivitz reservation. Well mats, not lot of stuff that happened to Schivitz maybe got video of a Bigfoot that was down there. That guy said that. That’s a good point. Yeah. And Bron Bronson just right off discounted it. Yeah, exactly. And Devvin was that where that supposedly was Devvin thought it was in Nevada? No, it was. No, come on, just let us believe in Santa Claus. Bronsons.

00:36:43:21 –> 00:37:51:18
Yeah. Why do you have to ruin it for Devon was down casting tracks. That’s how, that’s how we were Devon down there, this Gilly suit. And, and you know, he’d, he’d be a good guy to hunt something down if it was real Devon’s superstitious. Devin would find he’s superstitious. Well he also grew up as a big baseball fan and that also taints you for superstition. Baseball players are very superstitious and it carries over to other phases of his life. It’s true. All right, anyway, I guess here’s just a story for you. I guess we have a minute for a story. Yeah. Did you, so on fire, did you ever find any big sheds? Yeah, because every firefighter big. We were looking for that one time. I can’t remember the year 2004. Space shuttle. Space shuttle. One inch, one inch piece of tile from the bathroom floor. Not one in the space shuttle tile. You were looking for lots tiles. A certain tile. That’s, that’s I found some picked looking for. I picked up a piece from the space shuttle and it burnt my hand. It’s it hurt. Really? Yeah. Yeah. I ran, it was, it was right that timeframe. Yeah. And anyway, long story. I don’t want to kind of, I don’t wanna really talk about it ’cause there was some big bulls right there. Yeah, yeah. We picked up our crew.

00:37:51:19 –> 00:38:51:17
So we went out there to the grid for this little, it was literally like a piece of tile, I dunno where it came from but something off the space did shelf. Did they say you could touch it with your bare hands? Oh no. It was like you see it then we had to call in. See that’s how I wondered if I got radi or somewhere something where, ’cause it did, it burned my fingers. It explains a lot. It explains a lot. Alright, keep going. No we found, we found a giant set of elk sheds out there while we’re there. And not only that year but the year previous and Oh yeah, this one of this girl tossed about this. I thought we’ve talked about this you pictures. It was a giant big, huge heavy bull Nevada side, honestly. Yeah, I think so. Very close. Well we were somewhere right there. Okay. It was alright. It was two weeks of It’s debatable. Just dreading. Yes. Walking tiny for trying to put out a fire. Looking for, well, looking for tile. No, there was no fire. There was no, it was looking for, you weren’t even on fire patrol. You were just looking for They hired wildland fighters to find parts from space. Okay. Did you have to wear your big hot suit too or just No, whatever we had to like our packs on. Okay. Can it keep going? Okay.

00:38:51:25 –> 00:39:51:01
But no, anyway, we were on fire out by Minocqua once and we had just been all day long and they called over over the radio and they said there’s this big huge storm front coming through. And we were way down there. There was me and another guy. We had a, oh, a crew of 20 other like seasonals with us and we were down there working and they said, yeah you guys, we need to pack up and get outta there. ’cause the storm front was gonna be coming through there and you know what it’s like out, I’m gonna talk with junk out there. So we got all loaded up. We had You mean like flooding flash floods and stuff? Yes. Well shifting winds so the fire could Yeah. Be going opposite direction. And so we were, we were literally probably two miles from the way the f the fire was burning away from us and we were at the back end of it working the edges. The fire was burning away from us and it just hit this big huge kind of a ridge up there. And so it wasn’t even, the fire wasn’t even a threat to us. And we’d got in the trucks and we were starting to leave as we started to leave right about then one of the, the four wheel drive on one of the trucks just went out. Just went out as we were trying to go up this hill.

00:39:51:03 –> 00:40:47:17
Was it a Ford Ford? No. Or was it the big Mercedes? No, it was a Dodge. No it was a dodge. Come on, come on. We had four door. It’s the best truck I’ve ever own trucks. And anyway, the four wheel drive went in out on it and the kid that was driving it hadn’t had a whole lot of experience I guess with driving ’em like that anyway. And they ended up getting stuck and when they couldn’t get out, well me and the guy I was with, we had a winch on the front of our truck. So right about then we said we’ll we’ll come down and get it. Well literally within seconds we looked up and the wind that front came over right at that point and the fire that was up on the ridge came and there was this big huge green F finger that was unburnt. It was burnt all around us except this big green finger right back from where the fire was literally to that truck. And so, wow. We looked and we told all our crew and stuff. We’re like, you guys get all, get all your stuff and go into the black just as far as you can. ’cause obviously it wasn’t gonna burn that again. So we told them to go back there. We hurried and jumped in the truck and went back down there to get it.

00:40:47:25 –> 00:41:49:24
And it was within seconds and I was outside trying to hook the winch up and it was, I could see from probably here to that the smoke and the wind and everything I could see from about here to the all. Yeah. And trying to hook it up. And it was getting hotter than heck and you couldn’t see the fire. It was just there somewhere. But it was making all kinds of noise and coming hard. And I was sitting there trying to hook the winch up and we were trying to pull and back up and pull and I jumped in and trying to drive it. That truck got sw and we finally decided if we’re gonna make it out with this other truck, we had to leave. And so I hurried and went and jumped in the truck with him and we tried to back up and he couldn’t even see backing up like the bed of the truck. He couldn’t see past the bed of the truck. So I jumped out and ran back there to the bed of the truck and was like backing him. And as I’m backing him there’s flames like hammering that other truck and the front of our truck and we’re trying to get back and it was literally within seconds of, we said the heck with it. But anyway, I’m walking backwards and I, I kick something and there’s this rabbit that’s on fire. Oh yeah.

00:41:49:25 –> 00:42:53:03
This whole thing was on fire, took off. Running was and the faster it goes, the more flames go. It was just running. It’s, anyway, we ended up, we got bell buckle, got back to the top of that ridge and ate rabbit. Yeah. They let us go home after that. We had to have some Did that truck get smoked? Oh yeah. It burned to the ground. There was and there was chainsaws and packs. Wow. Was scary crap. ’cause you, it was, we’ve always seen some of these monuments. There’s one going by Glenwood, that King Mountain one there obviously driving by. There’s places like that and you’re like, you know, it’s two miles away and then it’s not. Yeah. Oh yeah. It’s unbelievable. It was, it was the weird, you don’t believe it till you see it and it’s like, this is, it’s no joke. It was crazy. So anyway, everybody was good. Everybody lived. We had to go sit in hotel rooms for a couple days in St. George and meet with a bunch of people and tell ’em about how we tell your story and and whatever else, but tell and bringing up these weird weather events. Yes. Talked about LA or El Nina or O El Nina. Yeah. So the last few years that that they talk a lot about lot. Let’s talk about, which is a dry pattern basically. And it has to do something with warming and cooling of the ocean. Currents.

00:42:53:09 –> 00:44:09:21
Currents near the equator and stuff. And when we’re in, in a La Nina, basically it means we’re gonna be dry El Nino masculine. Yep. Now Nino means we’re significant moisture. Yeah. So we were like in El El Nino in 20 16, 17. Really? It was like a temporary Yeah, it it happens. It switches usually. Yeah. These currents, they, it’s basically every few year thing and there’s nothing you can do about it. And yeah. And that’s where our weather comes uncle and pre Yeah. I mean so Al Gore has a lot to do with our weather. Yeah. Remember he was, he invented the internet and you know, global warming really took off during when he was around. But anyway, so yeah, Noah who monitors basically the weather in the is saying world is saying that it’s like an 83% chance that La Nina is going to end and we’re gonna be Summer o Yep. For right now. Right. This year. Next year. Yeah. And generally that has more to do. Does that have more to do with spring and summer moisture? Yes. Than our winter because we’ve had a big winter or does it bleed over? It’s both. It’s, it’s just wet a lot of times What it, what it means is on those El Nino years you would get a lot of either winter moisture or spring moisture and then so we’d end up with six foot tall Cheatgrass down in St.

00:44:09:21 –> 00:45:11:10
George and you’d spend all summer down in St. George fighting those fires down there on that kind of stuff. So you guys would pay attention to those. Whereas La Nina, you end up a lot of times in Idaho in the timber because the timber takes a lot longer to dry out after a couple years the timber dries out, then you spend more time up there kind of thing. So that’s why you always look at the weather stuff, kind of predict where, where the fire seasons are gonna be Latitude in the U Western US is gonna be Yeah. Hope maybe worse than others. Yeah. Yep. And so it affects that stuff. Anyway. Well, so hope we’re having a great winter. Hopefully we can string a few together. Yeah. Like to go to Lake Powell and use the places I’ve been to before because right now I don’t even recognize the place, but yeah, no, you might hit rocks. I mean it changes the whole lake. Oh yeah. Yeah. And it’s tinier. Everybody’s on top of everybody. Yeah. It’s just not, it’s only 130 miles long and 15 feet wide. Right now it’s, it’s river wide, mile wide instead of three or whatev. Yeah. But then you got rocks in the middle. It’s the Colorado River right now is what we got down here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep. Lake on the side of your boats. Just to get past antelope right now. Yeah. Oh yeah.

00:45:12:10 –> 00:46:18:27
Greatest lake on earth. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Beautiful. When it’s, when it’s rocking, but it’s, well hopefully that, that keeps up Josh. Yeah. So you were saying something about like, we have cooler ocean water out there now, right? Yeah. So it basically changes the current from where the moisture goes. When it’s lania it pushes up higher. That’s why we’ve seen sometimes like Idaho’s been getting good moisture and then Utah goes over, all of us get skipped and so now it’ll be more of a southerly flow that comes up southern, southern coal and, and that’s when we get that it’s, those are big wet storms for us. Yeah. We are hearing though, since we done the last podcast Oh yeah. We are hearing it’s tough, tougher on tougher conditions. Northern Utah, Southern Well we, we knew that Wyoming, we didn’t want to, but our excitement couldn’t be contained. It’s tough. Can be. We’ve had a rough freak. It’s still, if, if you, Northern Utah people have been down here. You’ve got influenza from our dust on our roads for the last three, four years. Its been unbelievable. Yeah. Yeah. So, and it’s just different break up there. Obviously those deer, they’ve got nowhere to go. Yeah. Their valleys were all populated Also, you got heavy amounts of private land and or you know, management that sage changed it differently.

00:46:18:28 –> 00:47:28:29
So sage brush winter range is where, you know, got developed and it’s what, that’s the winter range feed that’s gone the longer the winter gets the stuff gets a little more deer get, you know, they get more nervous and stressed. In fact, I saw a KSL video today of a bunch of elk like the mouth of Parleys Canyon. Somehow they’d funnel their way through stuff and they’re about on the highway, a bunch of highway patrol. I don’t know how it’s gonna end up, but like a whole herd elk. There was some couple bulls that showed up in the avenues or whatever they had to go. Yeah. There’s there’s gonna be restaurants selling Elk’s gonna be red. One elk burger, there’s gonna be red not avenues. There’s gonna be red spots on I 80 by by Dart. The good news is, I guess if you’re optimistic about it, you know, the deer have been in great condition the last two years. So they’ve, they’ve got a lot of fat going into winter. They’re so fat. If, if it’ll warm up a little bit, which we’re getting into the end of February to the start of February, into January. So our warmer months are gonna be starting daylight’s coming Yeah. Longer. Hopefully. Hopefully we can just, yeah. Don’t get any more critical Southern Idaho, Western Wyoming, Northern Utah parts pockets in Colorado. But it’s not severe catastrophic, scary yet. Like those other years, it’s already been scary. Yeah.

00:47:29:12 –> 00:48:47:23
By now. But hopefully if we can, it’s not, not a lot forecasted in the next week or 10 days either. No. So hopefully mill ’em out. But anyway, the southern states are just licking their chops. When I say southern, I don’t mean Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, I mean New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Utah and southern Nevada. For sure. We are licking our chops for no offense. Do people in the deep south love your food? Do you, do you? Yeah, I do. I love all food, but I just Yeah, especially pistachios. Where do they, I think they’re from California, but I don’t know. Everything’s from California. Milk, cheese, all the happy cows. What else supposedly is from there? That’s good. That’s good. Yeah. I dunno. Well, all right. PR pretty awesome. We’re, as you can tell, we’re pretty, pretty excited about everything that’s going on. We’re excited about the show. It’ll be interesting. And it’s always fun. We got a lot of tags gonna go up for sale too, and that kind of helps, you know, guys are obviously trying to apply and potentially get one of these $5 tags as, as well as what I just say. Yeah. All are one in a thousand odds, but, well, they’re tough odds, but, but then you buy your way into Bronson here and there, like meaning, hey, well my, you have, we have those opportunities. My brother’s drawn two, the hardest ones you can draw.

00:48:47:25 –> 00:50:00:17
So I mean, it’s hit close to home a couple times. There’s something, and, and my son drew an antelope expo tag, like, and that was probably one a thousand or two, right? But it’s hard, you know, but, but anyway, you gotta have your name in the hat. So we, we do kind of fun to have Phil on there too, talking about what, you know, the exciting projects they’ve got going on with their business and, and the bronzes and whatnot. Again, antler tech on Instagram, you can hit ’em up on the dmm, on the imm dmm. What else? Remember when Im was a thing Instant messenger, but not on the dl. Anyway, super good guys. And of course I can see this is gonna go down some crazy, who knows, paths of pretty, pretty awesome artwork. Yeah. So anything, any they can do about anything. Bronson, you were talking about what you, you need a trigger guard. Well, that’s like he said, that would be like the smallest thing we’ve ever done, ever, or thought of doing. But they can do it. So if you think, I mean, if you need a truck part, hey, hit ’em up. Maybe. I dunno if you, if you need a steering wheel, custom steering wheel, Hey, if you have something to scan that you want duplicated, you know, go walk by. Who knows? Scan my dog. My dog’s getting ready to die.

00:50:00:23 –> 00:51:17:11
I want, I wa I want a bronze of my dog. I wonder if, I wonder if Jana would like a life-sized bronze of you. Don’t question. She would no matter the cost, no matter, you don’t matter the cost, do it. Does he want, does he want 21 disgust? Does she want in 23, Jason? Or 48? What does she want? Oh seven Jason, she says, she says, you’re only like a fine wine. I don’t even wanna bring this up on a podcast. I actually a little bit scary about how many people listen to this thing. The other, the other thing I keep getting is pretty sick. We had our wives on it feels like 10 years ago. I don’t, one was, we need to do that again. And I keep getting people asking. I don’t, I’m scared. I’m scared. I don’t know what they’ll say. Well, they’re two kids. Don’t, just don’t be two troop don’t be true truthful. Sometimes they don’t hold back the older they get and you’re gonna listen to what they have to say. And yes, they’re gonna say it and you’re gonna air it. And so anyway, it’s better just not even to go there. Yes ma’am. Josh knows. I love November at 12, but November Eleventh’s my favorite day. But I love November 12th. I’ll never forget that. Well, neither wise. All right. Anyway, pretty awesome. Anything else? I think we shouted out enough.

00:51:17:22 –> 00:52:24:25
I told Logan we were gonna throw him under the bus and talk about his personal life. No, well, he’s gonna be there at the expo though, so you know, Logan, I was hoping you’d forgot. We want something. We want something. Give us an update. What do you, what do you want an update on? How many honeys you dating? Oh, I’m down to zero right now. Hey, did you know? So come by our booth. That’s basically check out, look, that’s basically an advertisement. He’s, he’s smart. He’s got a hot mic. He edits this stuff. It will be on the final cut and he’s gonna be at the expo. I mean, he’s not stupid. I mean, so if you’re a honey and you’re single, come by got doors booth, leave your Tinder app open. We’ll sit down there with him and go, Hey. He laugh about Tinder. And Tinder was one thing 10 years ago. Now everybody’s on it. That’s single, right? Logan? Yes. Logan. Do you have an app? Do you have a tender downloaded onto your phone? Yes. Well, I don’t even think it’s, I mean, it used to be funny. It’s not anymore. It’s serious. It’s serious business. It is. It’s not, not, it’s just normal. So Logan Logan’s working on some developments for Epic. We can’t say everything that they are, but he’s brought up some pretty good ideas for being a Gen Z.

00:52:25:20 –> 00:53:48:28
And just wondering, you know, Logan could come up with some pretty crazy apps that, you know, could potentially be Logan’s dating app or something. Hunter’s That probably exists already. Find a little hunter, little honey, that’s a hunter. Females only if you swipe up, you’re subscribing only to me. There’s no other men on the app. Pay to download. Yeah, you paid app. The Mon, the monarchy dating app. He’s the only one on he he Key. You have to type in how much land your family owns before you can subscribe, land, upload some financials. Daddy’s financials. That’s, isn’t that called Fans only Logan? Something like that. No, welcome. That is not where I was going though. Only subscribe to me. That’s, I, I don’t think guys do that well on that app though. Well, I don’t know. There might be some, well anyway, some guys are doing some, you know, some paid apps for, you know, know videography and photos of big animals and stuff like that. There might be something to that. Maybe. Who knows? Maybe guys can offer people something for money. John, maybe we don’t go there. I don’t know. We’re going, Hey, I could see a guy that does stuff on their videos, how to fix your truck. He could make money on that. Yeah, I could make money. No question. Know what you’re doing. Especially if you only have one garage in one city.

00:53:49:10 –> 00:54:19:01
But you can make money on everybody else in the US watching your stuff. And I know there’s YouTube, but I mean, hey, some guys, yeah, you’d learn a little bit. Hey, if you’re a mechanic out there and you took this as an idea, I want 10%. Yeah, exactly. I want a royalty. All right. I don’t know. Logan, you got anything else for you? For us? I don’t think so. No, you have to come talk to me at the expo, I guess. ’cause I’m dry. Hey, you’ve been eating too many pistachios apparently. Be careful you have the pros and dribble. All right everybody, see you. The expo.