In this episode we call up three different Epic Giveaway Hunt winners and have them tell us their stories of winning a premium Mule Deer tag and hunting some awesome bucks. Jason and Adam tell the stories of their first deer kills and what buck fever feels like to them. We also get a chance to hear about why Jason can sit in a treestand for so long without complaining. For those living in states with Trail Camera bans this episode is for you!

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Powered by Under Armour. Big Mac. Big back. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, John Peterson coming at you from Southern Utah. It’s snowing and sunny. Where does it do that? Huh? It’s blowing in from sideways. I don’t know what it’s doing. It’s so crazy. I don’t see as much sun, but I haven’t looked out yet. Bronson, it is sunny on our way. Walking over to this little room right here. Was it? Yeah. Huh. What a difference. Three minutes makes I’d beat you by three minutes and it wasn’t. That’s what we’re dealing with. I don’t know. Logan kind of a nice office you got here. Hashtag spoiled. I know. Probably the nicest office. The Gen Z gets the freaking good office. Right. Exactly. As it should be. Darn it. Quiet where you get work done. Except for we do get forgotten about when there’s birthday parties going. Oh, you know. True. Yeah. Well, Pollock has a birthday. Everybody out there Wish Pollock. Happy birthday, [email protected]. Wish him happy birthday Load. Load his inbox. But you know what? We didn’t mean to forget you guys. Jana’s like, oh, damn. You heard singing and then we heard singing it out. I was like, well, I guess we weren’t invited Logan. Wow. But Bronson, I contend. There’s times we hang up with the phone. They, they probably say Adam and Jason off the phone.

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Hurry, run in there and start singing right now. There was people, that’s how it worked. It was funny. Funny. Yeah. There was people that were still on the phone over there. Like, it’s just so hard. We don’t just shut the phone line off the ladies, get the ladies get impatient with this. Like, quit sending me a call. Yes. Easy. But I be there. But I contend y’all have had meetings and things that you’ve done without Adam and I on this. Oh, all the time. It’s frolicking last night. Yeah. Pie, cake and cookies. You guys haven’t, we’re planning all kinds of stuff. The good thing is there’s plenty of pie and ice cream over there left for today. If you missed it. Well, part of it. Oh no. We, maybe we came over and we partook. We wanted you to sing Happy Birthday. So trust me, you were not left out on purpose. It is. It was nothing private over there. Of course, you could hear it from 14 blocks away, but, Hey. Anyway, Josh. Happy birthday buddy. Yeah. Glad you’re with us. Yep. All right. Well, Bronson, as we get started here, I don’t know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of snow out there. Yeah. We’ve been talking about like, there wasn’t a lot of death. Now I can kind of smell it. Almost northern Utah. Yeah. Yeah.

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It’s, it’s, it’s getting dicey, I think in the northern Utah, Southern Idaho. Southern Wyoming. Yeah. South southwest, Wyoming. It’s gonna be interesting. Utah, I think this last storm crushed Northern Utah. Dead center. Yeah. And they were already feeding deer. So anyway, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, you know? And that’s how we’re, it can be a bad thing in three hours north of us. That’s all. It’s down south. We just don’t run the same issues. We have a little bit more melting in between our storms. Yeah. So we don’t pile up all winter long like they do up there. They get inversions, they get other stuff that trap it. And just generally colder. Yeah. And so Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, Northern Arizona and Mexico, we keep talking about. They, we just keep getting it. And it’s like, keep saying it. Well, but please track South. Let’s just say they have, please track south from now on the rest of the Yes. Please track everything to the south. I was watching Arizona. They’re getting pounded some more. So, but Bronson, let’s just say, let’s just say that they, they have a massive die off and they need transplants for, for northern, for deer. Right. Let’s just say, I know, I know. Just for funsies, right. Where you, they need transplants. Where you pull ’em from, you pull ’em from Oregon and, and Montana.

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’cause I hear those in the top five states of trophy producing bucks. So I’m just wondering if you would pull bucks from Oregon to Montana, or where would you pull bucks from? Bucks and those and genetics. No. Huh? A lot of hybridization going on in Oregon. I don’t think. I don’t. Okay. So you don’t wanna Oregon? No. Okay. How about Montana? Well, never seen what their genetics can produce in most places. ’cause they’re dead before they get four years old. Okay. Well, I mean, so I, so you’re not holding anything against them. You might take, but I think they’re hardy critters in Montana. They’re hardy. I’ll say they’re hardy. They’re hardy. I think you put ’em in. But if I’m pulling to northern Utah, I’m taking some of those eagle, but may like some of those burly fricking 300 pounders. I, I don’t know how they are, but they’re a block of meat. They are. They can handle some weather, huh? Yeah. You got an eagle Colorado? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Something like that. But I don’t know. I’ve got you in a stupor here. Yeah, I threw that out there. I’m sorry. Just wondering by the way, that was out there on social media. It’s not that we’re saying Montana and Oregon’s great. Yeah. Okay. All right. All right. Well, okay. That was a dead subject. Okay, we’ll keep going. What else we got, Bronson?

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Well, I guess before we get into the rest of the pod, why don’t we talk about, because since this might be the last podcast we do before our epic next epic hunt giveaway that we’re doing, let’s talk about those real quick. Okay. Maybe we’ll call a winner here or something. All right. Later on. Let’s, but let’s talk about that. The deadline to enter, we, we do two of these a year. This is the first one. It’s coming to an end within the next week. It’s coming to end on February 28th. That’s a Tuesday at what, 1159 John? Technically? Yep. 11 nine. We’re 11 here after the phone at 1159. No, but John comes here, usually shuts it off. Shut off the, yeah, you have to do that. But sales, if it’s after, say, five or six that night, you, it’s gonna be online only, which frankly, we encourage a lot of online. You can call us during the day. You probably received a ticket mailer in the mail. You can mail back. You better get it quick. But if you’re in jeopardy to that, you just wait, just jump online or give us a call during business hours. (435) 263-0777. But let’s go through the lineup. Let’s do that. It is, it’s an incredible lineup. And not only that, Bronson, you know, and, and Peterson, I guess. John, what are we gonna call you? I need something quick to roll off my tongue, John. That’s one syllable.

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I’m Carter Bronson. What do you got? You know what’s funny, John? I go around in town or whatever, and people are saying, Hey, how’s Bronson? Or whatever. And I’m like, Bronson, the only time we that I call you that or anybody calls you that podcast, podcast, podcast is on the podcast. Well, and so we do. It’s, it’s funny because I call him Adam. We the office side a little bit here and there, but kind of funny. John is a one syllable name Jason. I know, but I always want to add John JP from jp from Jen’s. You can teach JP if you want’s accent. We, whatever you wanna be called John, we’ll call you. What do you want, jp? If you say it’s known like Devon, we know a few names for Devvin. Yeah. I don’t care. He, jp you could say John, whatever. There’s Uson won’t allow. He won’t allow. And then there’s, so we, we honor those. We honor, we will honor him for And Wyatt too. Wyatt too. We’ve tried to give him nicknames and he please shut us down. That’s right. So we want, I mean, you, you could call me star or what you wanna be called Sprinkles. Sprinkles or whatever. Ring on ring. The ones that did with Wyatt. I worry about anybody just kidding. The asks for the name star. It’s joke. It’s a joke. Everybody hit [email protected]. Give ’em your favorite. Should we put it in Spanish?

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I don’t know. I mean, it was funny at the expo, I heard from a ton of people that brought up old stuff from the podcast. Like, weren’t you the one that crashed in Mexico on your four wheeler? Oh boy. Get your wife back. Yeah. You’re the one that, that got the black water all over, you know? And I’m like, holy cow. You guys are going back. Way back. Yeah. Thankfully, you’ve been many showers since then, John, since having the old Blackwater Splash. Yep. Well, let’s, let’s talk about these a little bit. JP Jace. Pardon? Whatever. All right, bro, let’s start with the stone sheep. I, there’s nothing that has been accelerated faster in the world of hunting prices than doll and stone sheet pricing in the last two, three years. It’s nothing. It’s unbelievable. Nothing. Here’s a hunt that we actually’s, kinda like buying a diesel truck. It’s like they’re worth way more, or even a Toyota, they’re worth way more after you abuse it, huh? To some extent, yes. They grow it, it’s gaining value over the course of inflation. Covid times my guess, whatever. Well, and it’s slightly unfortunate, you know, the, the sheep world to kill all four North American rams. It was a stretch for a blue collar working guy before. Now it, it’s becoming, it’s maybe out possible. Maybe. Yeah. Possibly. Doll sheet punts are 30 to 40,000. I know. And and stones are double that. Yeah.

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Or two and a half times more. Yeah. And it’s unfortunate for the dream, but hey, that, I guess that’s Why’re trying to say it away. We’ve got one to give away. Yeah. We bought this hunt two years ago. We paid 60,000 for it. The same exact time. This is your, and now some, some, some giveaways may not pay full price. Oh yeah. We paid, we paid full price. What you would pay, what anybody would pay. We, we just always wanna treat our outfitters like an Hey, we wanna buy your hunt. We don’t want a discount. We want, we want the dates, we want, we wanna play book it just as if a stranger called you and booked hunt. So we booked this two years ago at 60,000 Majet dueling doing Stone Outfitters in the Yukon. It’s August 12th to 24. Next year, 2024. So you have another year to still prepare, prepare for it, get your butt in shape or whatever. But this same hunt now is 80,000. The exact hunt with that outfitter, with this outfit, same thing. And there’s others that are 90. That’s right. Or a hundred to 105. It’s unbelievable. So anyway, it, it’s a chance to hunt stone sheep with a reputable outfitter. Jason and I have been with Jarret, he’s a great friend of ours. He’s lives down in the States. He came and played hockey professionally. He’s awesome.

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Met his wife in the States and said, Hey, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll spend the winters here versus Whitehorse. Yeah. That’s a good, that’s a good plan. Oh yeah, it’s a good plan. What happens in Whitehorse, it’s kind of like what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico or Vegas or whatever. What happens in Whitehorse stays in Whitehorse. Well, in the winter, man, it’s a winter, long winter. Two or three days, hours a day of sun. I felt like here. Negatives. I mean, you get up, you go to, they’re nothing at us. They, this is a, this is spring. This is child’s place. This is spring for Whitehorse. That’s right. So anyway, an awesome opportunity there. Just goes to show it’s, I mean, and we didn’t buy this speculatively thinking, Hey, this, but you know, we give a stone sheep pump away, hunt away every year, every other year. And man, it’s just crazy what’s happened. So great outfitter, great opportunity. August of 2024. That’s the first hunt. So yeah, we both killed sheep with him. He’s awesome. And we’ve killed moose, both of us. So anyway, good, good. Outfitter somebody, I mean, we’re actually, you know, good friends with Jarret, Sony. Anyway, great guy. Here’s your chance to get a thin horn. Ram a sheep, you know, stone sheep. So pretty awesome. Like, like Adam’s talking about. You just can’t get ’em anymore.

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And, and the, you know, they’ve had some tough winters up there in Alaska for, for doll. And we’re not necessarily talking about doll, but thin horns in general. And it’s just the resource, the more finite a resource becomes, it’s like everybody’s jumping on board to kill the last one. Well, and you had a two year shutdown essentially in Canada for dawn and stone, because you couldn’t get in ’cause of covid travel restrictions. So then when that opened up, the flood gates are bookings just hit just because people are cooped up. And so outfitters, you know, when they’re booked out two or three years, alright, I’m gonna raise my price. I mean, that’s just supply and demand and, and Costco up, but it’s just, it is supply and demand. And in the stone sheep world, and especially when you factor BC hunts in, they’re on an actual quota from the, from the government, you know? Right. On an annual, on a five year basis. So they can only kill so many. Yeah. It’s not like that. They can kill all they want. And you have 8-year-old and full curl restrictions as well. So, you know, anything eight plus is also a ticking, you know, got a ticking clock for Ram to survive a winter when they get that old. Anyway. So you’re already dealing with Ram’s, gotta be eight years old, the full crew to be legal. And then you got winner superimposed.

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You want to utilize the resources, you want to utilize your tags. And so it’s a finite resource and they get to charge what it, what the market will bear. And people are paying it. So, all right, next up. So we’ve got this 2023 Alaska Mountain goat hunt that’s with Dill, Dillinger River Outfitter. Super good. Dude. You know, Aaron Dero runs that and owns that place. And just a good friend of ours. This is kind of a very unique opportunity. Just a, just an awesome opportunity for a guy to go up there and potentially kill just an incredible mountain goat. You know, generally gonna be a hundred percent opportunity. It’s just one of those rare, rare hunts that a guy’s gonna be able to kill one and, and have a hundred percent opportunity. Guys, guys have pretty much any physical abilities Yeah. Are able to do this one. This is a, an October hunt, a later season hunt. Yep. You know, Aaron and his crew, they work the Alaska range heavy for their doll sheep and their moose. When that’s over with, they shift down to, I guess we’ll call it Southeast Alaska generally. Yeah. For, it’s a different area. So we, yeah. You can use some UTVs and things like that. You know, lowered glass, the goats generally shorter hikes. This isn’t a multi-day backpack. Goat hunt is what Jason was trying to say. Right.

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You can, you can come back to a base camp every night, you know, have usually a fire 10 10, something like that. You know, things like that if you have to. But it’s not a biv wh out, you know, in October. Yeah. In, in Alaska. So a broad appeal from, from people of, of all, you know, you know, limitations if you wanna call age, whether it be your physical, but it’s also the time when you want to kill a goat, you wanna kill a mountain goat, you wanna kill a good Billy and hair ’em up. October is, is is the time. So, yep. What I like about the hunts, we choose Adam and I and John, you know, and the guys in the office were always constantly contemplating what hunts to, to acquire for our giveaways. We wanna be proud of these hunts that we’re giving away and, and hunts that we would go on ourselves. And that’s exactly what we’ve got going on here. So next up we got Nevada elk hunt, Nevada elk hunt. This is sixth day Nevada elk hunt with Deadline Outfitters. And this outfitter, I think when I get stories or talk to clients that have been with him, the one thing in common is it’s, it’s like they love the guy. Yeah. And they, they build relationships and friendships that are, that go on forever.

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We had, you know, the super tag hunter from last year that said, I spent most of the season with Hoby. So, you know, well he did. That was, that was in Idaho. And he guides on both sides. He guides Idaho and Nevada and Nevada. And he does, he, he has seems like it just a great guy. Lot of repeat clients. I actually had another guy call in, you know, and, and, and he’s at times this time of year, he is hard to get ahold of. They don’t have great cell reception up there. And he’s hunting lions a bit and he’s out in the field. And this winter’s drug on for everybody. It’s, it’s been great for, for in, in some areas for lion hunters in some areas. Seems like it’s too much snow. But anyway, you know, he’s been out and about and so there’s guys wanting to book with the landowner tag. This includes a landowner tag, so it’s a guaranteed tag with the landowner tag in Nevada on elk. You, you get to choose your season. So you can choose your season. It’s a six day hunt. You, you can choose archery, muzzle, or rifle for this year. And, and then it includes your, your guide fee as well. So awesome bulls up there. And the oh 7 6 0 8 1, it’s long. It’s, it’s got a great reputation, good quantities produce great last year too. We know archers that chased giant bulls.

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Then we go, had guys that killed big bulls later on the rifle. So it doesn’t matter what weapon you hunt with that, that’s a hunt that you can pick, pick something to have a stellar hunt. And that is for this fall. And it seems, Bronson, you can, I mean it’s seems, feels as though oh 7, 6 0 8 one’s been doing better and better. Yeah. Like we know of a 400 inch, we got the photos for it and the story, we got multiple other three 80 that were hunted and live videos being sent. Like it’s, it’s been doing good right now. Been awesome. And if, if you go online and you look at the pictures, the, the picture for that hunt is a hunt winner from us right there. Yeah. And you might even say it’s undervalued compared to it’s hundred percent the Ely hunts that are double that in cost of landowner tag. So tag alone and yeah, tag alone and Ely is, you know, half again that. So anyway, let alone guide fee. Pretty awesome. Great opportunity up there with Deadline Outfitters. We’re proud to be given that one away as well. So, all right, we’re up, we’re up here with 2023 Nevada Hunt, 2 31 that is with muggy on Rim Outfitters. Greg Kro, he’s got a super reputation to be one of the best in the industry. Seven days guided with a 2 31 landowner deer tag.

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You know, we’re, we’re touting this as a, as a $21,000 hunt. Bronson, I think it’s quite undervalued, similar to what we’re talking about with thin horns. Well we saw one of those, I think it was the sheep show, a landowner tag only sold for like 28,000. Yeah. Tag only, tag only, not guide feed. Can’t even find one. They’re just very scar scarce this year. Landowner tags in general is, is, is overall deer numbers are slightly down and these counts are based off of, of dear numbers in, in cultivated fields, agricultural type situations. Yep. And not, you know, not talking about mature bucks, it has nothing to do with that on tag allocation. So, you know, yeah. You have poor fawn crops for two, three years, your overall base is a little bit lower and they get, they get fewer counts and fewer tags. And then sometimes it’s just weather conditions and the deer aren’t frequenting the fields late season in November when they have their counts. So you just never know. This year gen in general, besides talking about our giveaway in general landowner tags were, were cut by roughly a third across the board. So there’s, there’s a lot fewer of ’em. And, and again, when there’s so, so few of ’em and you get and get the moisture building in Nevada, like we’ve had all winter and everybody now wants to be there knowing what’s probably about to happen.

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You just, you can’t, nobody’s giving up a landowner tag. We’re hearing from guys that are wanting landowner tags, guys we haven’t heard from, you know. Yeah. The list is as far as the, the Nevada side of things for, for multiple years. ’cause of the drought. That’s right. And now they’re calling and there’s just nothing out there to buy. There’s just, they’re already sold. Yeah. Well anyway, awesome. Opportunity landowner tag. Choose your season again. You can hunt legally, you can hunt all the seasons in Nevada with, with deer tags, landowner, deer tags, but obviously with an outfitter you’ve gotta, you’re gonna have to choose one just part of the game. He’s, he’s got a schedule to keep, if you wanted to keep hunting while you can stay, keep hunting. You choose archery or muzzle, stay through the rifle hunts. Do whatever you want that way. Yep. The tag is yours. So we bought the tag and coupled it with Greg and so we’ve actually got the tag in house. Pretty awesome. Awesome. Alright. Alright. The next hunt is a another September elk hunt for this, this fall. How do these dates sound? September 25th to 29th. Wow. I think sounds awesome. isn good. I think it could be a little more prime if it was the 24th of the Okay. But I mean it, that’s as good as you can get.

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And the unique thing about this hunt on the Acme reservation within, it’s within unit 13 of New Mexico. Of course the reservation you have to hunt on the reservation, but it’s giant. But, but unit thirteen’s very well known for boosting great bulls, as is the Yakima The unique thing about this September 25th to 29, you, if, if you hunt in New Mexico, you know, that’s, there’s no dates that allow you to hunt those dates. You’re, you’re being able to do this because it’s on a reservation and you get to choose any weapon you want. If you wanna take a bow and a rifle and go to the bow for a couple days and, and pick up a gun, doesn’t matter. It’s any illegal weapon. You, you choose your hunt. That’s right. You choose your hunt. You get all the accommodations and all guide and all that. This is also a year. I, I feel, we feel New Mexico is just priming for one of the years that we all all really think about New Mexico as being one of the top three or four elk states we’re filling that it’s gonna showcase itself this year. There’s no question about it. And the nice thing when we talk about the, the Yakima, you know, similar to everything else, it’s, there’s only so much, there’s a finite amount of hunts and, and tags issue.

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And so they’ve got a waiting list of 180 people right now and they’re contemplating changing up the way they divvy those tags out. Maybe do draw or something at some point. Yeah. They’re looking at all kinds of options. They wanna, you just don’t wanna have this list that you, that is a useless list because you have customers, you know, and so anyway, they’re, they’re dealing without, and this year, I mean, it’s just gonna solidify that ’cause they’re gonna kill some incredible bulls. I actually had a guy call in wanting to book a hunt with him and said he, he, his buddies killed four incredible bulls with him last year. Wow. So there you have it. I I know there’s, you know, there’s a lot of demand there. And just getting one of these tags, like Bronson’s talking about, you know, September rifle hunt if you want, you could do Muzz actually, but it’s like Utah is one of the, I can’t even, I mean late September Draw Hunt in Arizona, but you can’t buy your wind. Arizona, Utah, CWU Colorado Ranching for Wildlife. That’s such a unique opportunity to hunt with a rifle. Those dates anywhere in the west. There’s just a very few, you know, limited draw tags in Nevada that aren’t Yeah. You know, not even best realistic opportunities. We don’t even talk about it as far as rifle rutt hunting. So you’re right. That’s the way it goes. So anyway, pretty awesome opportunity.

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We’re proud to be given that in way again, you know, epic’s got a spot reserved with the Akima. We’ve got a great working relationship with him. We got a reserve reserve spot for life, hopefully. But anyway, giving it away to our membership. Okay. All right. Next up we got the 2023 Utah Mule Deer Hunt. This is a five day mule deer hunt with bucks and bulls Outfitters, September 1st through the fifth. And that is 2023, like I said. And we, we had one of the pictures on there is from a member that won this hunt. So pretty awesome. They’ve been killing great bucks. Yeah. Well and it’s unique, you know, we just mentioned Utah CWU program for elk that you can hunt ’em in in the middle of the rutt late September. Same program allows you to start as early as September 1st with any weapon on these, on these private ranch hunts that are contiguous, you know, units basically c WMS or contiguous acreage of 5, 10, 50, you know, a hundred thousand acres. A big yard, kind of an island of property. Yeah. It’s its own set aside unit. Yep. And you get a 60 day window to hunt work your clientele in there. And they in turn have to have some public draw hunters available. Those are res only available to residents of Utah. This is opening day is what we’re trying to say.

00:22:16:22 –> 00:23:18:12
You can archery hunt a little bit for what, 10, 12 days before that. But this is opening day with a rifle. All the prec scouted bucks that September one. I love that word prec scouted. I do too. Jana hits it. But anyway, keep going. She wins, she wins some. She won some this last night. Well, with me, I caved you, you caved. Didn’t put prec scout in there and I like it. I know exactly what it means. The whole used it. And a lot of people might say scouting and pres scouting is the same thing. It just feels different. Pres scouting is like, what does pres scouting mean to you? Like scouting could mean anything. The word scouting. Scouting means to go before it. Maybe I scout last night, maybe I did scout. So prec scout means to scout, scout, scout before you scout before you actually hunt. Now just scouting could be a three month, three, three year, 14 year process, you know. But pres scouting’s, like, I’ve got a tag and I hit it right before the hunt. Hey, can we go to the printer and change those back scouting now, John. Only for the March magazine. It’s too late. It’s too late. Only if you wanna put your foot down and not be running over. Well, I think it’s important you have to live with her. I don’t, I choose to. I think she’s amazing.

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No, I’m just saying if I ruffle feathers, no big deal. I go home to a wife that doesn’t know that I’ve, you know, you know, changed. Does your wife ever say, Hey, what goes on down there? What do you guys, what do you mean course? I don’t know. Yeah. What do you tell her? Luckily she’s busy. What do you going out when I get home at night? And so we don’t talk about work a lot. What do you tell her? We went and spent time in the Gen Z’s office. No, she does ask about podcasts now and then what we talk about, which most of the time it’s nothing truly like your wives. Yeah. Not as interesting to them unless we start talking about them. Yeah. And, and, and then they we’re hyperfocused. We have had people say, we want your wives back on. Yeah. Jason and I have, have been reluctant. I’ve got one. Let’s add Jen. The mix. Oh, have to be on the edit. Let’s do that button like crazy. Let’s do that. Yeah. She could swear in French. Nobody didn’t even know. Yes. It she may wouldn’t even be the 18 plus year olds that could have to listen or whatever. No sense. Or Janet would be like, edit. Edit. Well, let’s do, anyway, let’s plan for that. All right. All all that topic. Got talking about prec scouting. We pre scouting’s. Awesome.

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You’re gonna smash a great bug back to back to the Utah deer hunting. They will prec scout your buck and they will find you one before September 1st. This is literally 190 to 200 inch type deer hunt. It. It is. A lot of people can say that. That’s what it is designed for. The property’s capable and the dates are right. That’s right. Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome opportunity there. The last one, one of those rare, rare. It is rare. It is rare. It’s just, I I guess mul deer where you, I mean, I want to sit here and talk about mule deer if for another 30 minutes. Are we good to do that? Well, I wanna hunt ’em September one to five. I places just like that. Then I wanna hunt ’em in November and other places and I wanna hunt ’em. You know what I mean? This is one of those that they’re, it’s, it’s a rare opportunity. What other places are you talking about? Should we dive into that? What’s your schedule look like? Well maybe we’ll get to that after. All right. Keep going after this. Let’s, let’s, I’m gladly talk about some things. No kidding. Not all. Before you move on, I, I think just to round out what, what makes us different and this giveaway different is every hunt is, I I want it. Yeah. Adam, Jason, any of the guys here want this hunt?

00:25:28:12 –> 00:26:33:23
Well, we, I remember Bronson, its been been several years. Several years ago they, they hit us up and they had this unique hunt and we just, we were like, we wanna give that away. That’s, we wanna buy a hundred a year for sure. At least one a year. Yeah. First year I think we bought a couple ’cause they had ’em and we booked one with the client. Yeah. And, and gave one away. But we’ve kept that spot just like the akima because we know these are rare and they’re, they’re top end. And these are just to tease it up, maybe should we tease up the next drive? We got that Utah slash yada yada elk hunt with the rifle, yada, yada, yada. We’re gonna have one. You teased it. It’s have a rifle with, I’m just saying in Utah, in the rut. These are hunts we want, I’ve, I personally tried to get that tag. Like for Well I didn’t know if you wanted to talk about it yet. ’cause at some point you about using it. I’m just Well, we’re, we’re giving it may or may not end up. Okay. He’s as members with the hot mic. He says that giving, so Jan knows definitively he’s not contemplating spending that kind of, she knows, she knows what kind of money we’re talking about. She knows everything there. I keep nothing from her. How about you guys? How about you guys?

00:26:34:03 –> 00:27:46:05
Have we talked about recent purchases of guns or fierce rifles that have come and left? Does she know you’re going to Canada in November? She does. Oh good. I, I don’t know. She knows all the details, but she will before I’m just waiting, waiting till I do good husband things. And then we’ll talk about some then you’ll talk about it. Alright. The, the one other thing I wanted to bring up is, it’s a big deal and we mentioned it, but we pay full price for these hunts. Oh. Because we don’t want you to have a discounted experience. It’s not the last hard decline. And that’s common. We’ll trade this hunt and then it’s like, let’s put ’em with my cousin. You’ll still be responsible for the tip. But Bronson, some people don’t pay tips. That’s a so subject. Yeah. Hey, hey. It’s only happened once in my life. Once Really? Yeah. We’re still talking about it apparently. Maybe. Well, we don’t have to. Yeah. It it is, it is, it has left an impression over, I don’t know, 150, 200 clients. So it’s not, doesn’t happen often. And, and yeah. And it was well deserved actually. The tip. I mean, being tipped would’ve been well deserved. Phenomenal. Yeah. So anyway. All right. Keep going. The last, you’re responsible for that. The last hunt, the hunt or giveaway as a, as a package.

00:27:46:10 –> 00:29:05:06
We just thought we’ve, we’ve given a lot of optics away before as maybe a bonus item or things like that. We thought let’s just do a package this time. That’s just awesome gear. And this one is awesome. Awesome. That’s right. We’re giving away a bunch of stuff. Gun, bow and optics. The optics include a Swarovski 95 spotting scope. You can pick angled or straight on the A TX or STXI piece. Vortex Fury 5,000 range finding bino, like a 35 rangefinder a Zeiss conquest V four to six to 24 by 50 Riflescope, a Hoyt RX seven bow and a fierce twisted rival in your choice of caliber. So that’s package $13,000. Package gun, bow, binos, rangefinder. I just don’t think this package is getting the love. We, I just don’t feel like it’s getting the love. It’s that it deserves or that we thought it would get. We’re talking a rifle, like basically a custom rifle rifle, a scope and scope to, and a bow cost. Nowadays we throw the rings in Gen Z. What do bows cost nowadays? Like what, 1800 bucks? Yeah. There you go. For a good one. And he picked up, you picked up a good bow the other day. Oh yeah. Anyway, I got so lucky. Okay. To compare when you started bow hunting, Jason. Oh, how much did you pay for your first bow? Oh, mine was a recurve.

00:29:05:07 –> 00:30:06:29
I strung it by putting it between my legs and flexing some weird stuff. Mine did not mine. Mine was not, mine was a caribou car outta Moab. I had one of those, that was my first compound was the carol from Moab. Yep. And retail price on that. It was, you know what the paint job picture this? Yeah. You know the aspen leaf and not the dark one. The light right. One Aspen leaves. Yeah. Mine was aspen leaves and bright, bright green. Like, I’m like, I was glows in the dark green and gold. Or I, I remember I shot, I, I shouldn’t even talk about this stuff, but yeah, I had a big old cork screw drop, so I remember I was, it’s a human trail camera. We’re gonna come back to that human trail camera. This is a good story. This is a good story. Let’s keep going. So anyway, this optics and weapons package come on. I mean, you know, bo bows legitimately, I mean, and, and guys upgrade like yearly. I, I’ve never seen anything like it. But anyway, bow rifle and a stack of optics like Bronson did you read ’em off? But anyway, it’s awesome. I don’t know what to say. And it’s real, it’s a, it’s, it’s here. It’s in house. It’s not getting the love it deserves. I know that. That’s right. Anyway, and, and we do usually do one hunt every time.

00:30:07:00 –> 00:31:09:16
It’s a little bit of a different rotating. This is a package that we’ve not done before like this. So anyway, all right. And then we’re doing one bonus. The bonus this time is if you spend, if you buy the $500 package, the only way to get a ticket in for the bonus entry is to buy the $500 package. We’ve given away a bunch of optics. We’ve given away a 2 31 tag in the past. Under that, we decide to do it different. Let’s just give away a credit for 10 k to any hunt that you want through one of the outfitters that we help help you find your hunt for. If you have a dream hunt, whether it’s, if it’s $30,000, you know, moose hunt or something like that, we’ll write 10 K to the outfit, the outfitter, we’ll pay your deposit. If it’s a $10,000 mul to Kent, we’ll write the check to the outfitter and you go do the hunt. Whatever that is, that’s what it is for the bonus hunt. If you spend $500 and get th you get your 30 entries to splatter over the other stuff we’ve already talked about. And one into the, into the bonus choice. Even if you book a big ticket item, you know, through Epic Outdoors here, and it, the hunts to occur two or three or four years down the road. Yeah. We’ll write the check and get your initial deposit on file. So anyway, anyway.

00:31:09:16 –> 00:32:20:28
Awesome. Awesome. And, and I don’t, we haven’t talked about how to get tickets. So this is a membership drive. So if you, you can, you can purchase tickets, but also if you join our service, then you get a free entry. And if you refer somebody that joins our service, you get a free entry. So there’s a way to kinda work it. If you have a buddy, you both join and you both refer each other. You could both get two tickets, John. Or if you’ve got your buddy that borrows your magazine every freaking month and you’re like, don’t want him to come to your house anymore every month at the, at the deadline night and he needs to borrow your mag, that probably happens a lot in Utah. Yeah. So, you know, get him to join, get a name in the hat for it and maybe get a chance to it. Maybe just buy him a membership. Yeah, buy him a membership and stay, stay home. We’re joking. Leave me alone. It’s still in my magazine. Yeah. Anyway. Or you can purchase tickets. One ticket’s 25 bucks, five for 110 for 200 or 30 for 500. And with the $200 package, you can get either a knife or a lighter personalized epic outdoors on it as, and then a 500, you obviously get the bonus ticket for the hunt credit. All right. Bronson, where does that bring us? I dunno, do you think we’ve done this before?

00:32:21:08 –> 00:33:34:18
Is there, let’s call somebody that’s won one of these hunts, I think last year, year before. Okay, let, let’s do that. Let’s call, let’s call this Michael Melling. He won the Colorado Mulder hunt with Garvey Brothers. And just see what he has to say. I don’t know about his experience. I think he had a great experience. I mean, he mentioned he did super appreciative and whatnot. Those are the kind of reports we like to get back. I don’t, I don’t know anybody that’s gone that’s had a bad experience. So that’s, that’s for dang sure. Well part of it’s ’cause of the type of quality hunts we buy and the outfitters we buy from too. Right. Not your setting. We want it to be set up for success. Right. A hundred percent. Here we go. Is it windy out there? Because you can hear that. Oh, hey, good morning. Hey Mike, how are you? Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, John Peterson. How are you? Hey guys. Hey guys. How you doing? Great. We’re just got done talking a little bit about membership drive, a deadline being next week on the 28th of February and thought it’d be a good idea to give you a call. You were a past winner. And tell us, I guess, about your spirit. You won a Colorado Mule deer hunt. I think it was just last year when you actually went on the hunt with Garvey Brothers and Unit 61.

00:33:35:09 –> 00:34:49:05
And tell, take us through from I guess the time you got the call and, and and how the hunt went and all that. Well it’s, yeah, it’s pretty exciting getting that call saying that you’re a winner. I never expected that. In fact, I almost didn’t apply in that drawing. It wasn’t till the night before that I applied. I think. So just, just made the deadline there. Wyatt, like to be, Wyatt likes to be on top of the pile. Wyatt thinks you, you’re on top of the pile if you applied last. He thinks that, so don’t you just, I heard about he just reinforced his, his strategy. But what is Wyatt really drawing? That’s right. Good point. He thinks it and he always does it. He hasn’t, I’m whatever you do, I’m following you. You’ve drawn some stuff. Well, we both have, but I don’t tell you about everything. I don’t draw. You just find out when I do draw something. So, but anyway, last night you got ’em in and then of course it probably then was only a matter of three or four days by the time we did the draw and called you. Right, right, right. So got the call and then I had already drawn a Colorado Mule deer tag that year. So I had to figure out how to turn that back in and restore my points and everything like that. And you guys helped me through that process.

00:34:50:26 –> 00:36:12:28
And you know, I touched base with Dustin a couple times up until the hunt in November and really, really good guy and wasn’t really sure what to expect though. Not ever being on a guided hunt. So that, that was kind of the cool part. First, first time guided hunt. So that was a, a really cool experience. But we get to town there and meet up with all the guys at his house and, and you know, it’s kind of almost intimidating a little bit. Me being, I was the youngest guy in camp. I think there’s a lot of, you know, guys in their late fifties, sixties, even seventies there. So it takes, you know, 15 plus years to draw if they’re, if you dry the tack. So you don’t, those guys were applying in their twenties. Right. You bypass the system with the landowner tag. So yeah. So that was kind of a cool experience. I wasn’t sure how they’d take the young kid in camp, but kind of made friends with them and told great stories in camp and that sort of thing. So we all got along just fine. And, but Dustin, so we, from Dustin’s house, we head up to the mountain. He’s got another like deer camp up there. Yeah. I don’t know, half hour, 45 minutes from his house there. And that’s where all the guys stay and hunt out of, but really nice place to stay.

00:36:12:28 –> 00:37:32:13
They had food, really great food there. Veggie had three meals a day, snacks, whatever you wanted. So that was a cool experience. All the, all the guides were really cool. So they had a bunch of guides and, and every day you would switch off a different guide. So you might go somewhere one day and with one guy and the next day get teamed up with another guy. Geez. And go a different place. Geez. So that was kind of a deal as well. Different, huh? Yeah. But just the number of bucks and bigger bucks than I, than I’m used to seeing in Washington just blows your mind. You know, you see bucks all over the place. So that’s a, a really cool place to hunt. You’re not a, you’re not a, you don’t have, you’re not known as a top five mulder state up there in Washington. I didn’t know. There’s some, there’s been a few big ones in a couple areas, but anyway, I I’m with you. We’re following. Exactly. So, you know, so a couple guys shot a deer the first day and I think I was the third guy to tag out on the second day and probably, probably my biggest buck. Not a, not a super record book buck or anything like that. But I was super happy with them and awesome.

00:37:34:05 –> 00:38:36:17
Come up hiking around the corner with one of the guides and, and kind of see this buck and all you see is antlers past the ears. And I’m, I’m happy. So the deer’s dying right now. Oh, that’s awesome. But it was kind of a, one of those quick decisions you had to make. ’cause he was about to get out of the country. Yeah. So had him at 150 yards or so and made the shot there. Awesome. Yeah, you’ve gotta make a split second decision on those. Once you, if you were to pass a deer, you may not see ’em again. And that’s kind of that late season Colorado. You just, they, you know, they’re moving around pretty ru rut and it’s like not, they’re not just living and eat Yeah. In the same spot every day. Yeah, yeah. But yeah, part of me versus I would’ve waited, but, you know, I, I can’t second guess myself. And I’m, I’m super happy with the buck, so, well Adam and his brother in that same area or unit. Adam, Adam, remember years ago you guys were hunting and you guys were onto like a two 10 buck and you saw him. Oh yeah. I, my brother had a tag that year, third season. This is 10 plus years ago.

00:38:37:08 –> 00:39:36:29
And of course when you’re there, it’d be like, it’d be like one of you guys, one of your guides still going to look for deer and he sees it. But in this case, I found the deer. I was five, eight miles away from my brother, whatever I was. And it was in the evening. I, you know, last 30 minutes I had no, he couldn’t get there in time. And we hunted there for like three straight days gone. Never, never could see, found the deer again. We had me, my dad, brother, just tearing that place apart for three days after and never saw it. He, he was alone raking brush, you know, acting kind of pre ruddy, probably just roaming through there. He had walked off. So if you had to kill him that night and or you maybe didn’t kill him, obviously big. So you gotta be Johnny on it, you know, a lot of times sometimes you can go back and find ’em again, but Yeah. Yeah, totally understand what you’re going through when you’re, you know, trying, you’re see an antler through the trees and trying to make a, you know, five second call. But, and like you said, you, you said Michael, it was your best mule dear to this to date. Yes. It’s awesome. Yes it is. Awesome. Well that’s, that’s hard to pass a deer. That’s your best mul deer. You know, it just is.

00:39:37:06 –> 00:40:40:19
I mean, if it’s your best deer, it’s, it’s hard to do that. So. Well, you know, Mike, I just wanna let you know of a couple other mul deer hunting opportunities in our membership drive. We’ve got a, a Nevada 2 31 includes the landowner tag in Utah, two different states right there. Incredible opportunities. We could even best that one if you want. I love that. But I put all my eggs in one basket this year and I’m put in for your alcohol. Oh, did you? Oh, which one? The Nevada one. The Nevada or the Akima Nevada. Yeah, Nevada one. That’s a great one too. It is. And maybe, I don’t know what you’ve killed for elk, but maybe that’ll be if you won that one a personal home. Nothing. Well, okay. It would be your personal best elk. Personal best. Yeah. No matter what you kill a cow would be your personal. So yeah, hopefully lightning strikes twice. All people will be mad. And I’ve got you loaded, I dialed your number and it’s still loaded from when we called you, when you were, you know, when you drew this particular hunt that we’re talking about in Colorado. So very close. Maybe, maybe I won’t even have to load a new number. Maybe we’ll just call you again. Right. Crazier things have happened anyway. Alright, well we just wanted to say thanks.

00:40:40:21 –> 00:41:47:29
Kind of reach out to, you know, you had a, a great experience from what you mentioned and sent in a photo and a little writeup on it. We just appreciate that. So anyway, glad glad you had a hunt of a lifetime, Peter, you guys, dude. Okay, well good luck in all the draws and everything this year and, and never know. Might get lucky twice. Might be calling you at the end toward the end of next week. All alright, thanks a lot. Have a good day. Take care. Alright, bye. You too. Bye-Bye. Good times. Oh yeah. It’s awesome guy. You know. Yeah, let’s talk. You love that. Let’s talk about the human tro cam era. It’s the best. The cork true dropper. What I remember the story to. Sure. It came out on a podcast, probably number one. And we’re at podcast two 80. What are we at this glowing? We are, we are dang near two 70 right now. This glowing green bow that you had in your hands. A glow glowing green bow. Okay, so the trail camera and you’re in the, the human trail cam, which we need to go back to that. Especially the guys in Arizona. They have to go back to being the human trail camera. Yeah. Know. Have more kids. You know what cells should be going through The roof. Tree stands all your kids and lash up the trees. Hey, the video camera. Hey. Hey.

00:41:47:29 –> 00:42:48:15
There, there’s, there you go. Tree stands there. There’s a positive to living in Utah and have a ton of kids. That’s right. The human trail camera. Yeah. So Tree explained it for people who haven’t heard it before in trees now. And they just go pick your kids up at night and say, what’d you see? Show me your camera. Yeah. At least they have phones now. They have phones. They can take a picture back then. What did you do back then? You had to a notebook out. No, it was a notebook. It was, it was a, it was a little like, you know how you take notes and, but now all you’d have to do is this spiral. Yeah. Take pictures. You don’t need to take it now. I know. It’d be awesome. Then It was like 10, 15 squirrel. But the problem is my kids are too old. They’ll say, heck no, I’m not doing that. Same years. Well, what are you gonna do? You gonna be turned in for child endangerment. There’s a swaying in the top of an aspen tree. I sat in, I don’t know how many aspen trees, you know, how many I watched fall over while I’m up there. You know what I mean? I mean, dude, multiple boots. You just a wide eyed 8-year-old drew. How old are you? You’re watching a little dirt pit where salts used to be and you’re, tell me what comes in here.

00:42:48:15 –> 00:43:52:22
I wanna every buck dough. Well, they sounds getting hit. You know what, I’ll be back after dark. You’re getting up in that tree. Get the tree. Tell me every deer that came in and what time, how long they spent there. And if the, if the dos were dominant or the bucks kicked the do off, all those types of, I had a great childhood. That was one you’d like to forget. I, well, that period. That’s true. Having said that, he was teaching me what are the three Ps? Persistence, patience and perseverance or something like that. I, I thought you was gonna say anyway. Persistence, patience and perseverance. Something something like that. Anyway. And you know, he did, I can, I can sit in a tree with the best of them. I haven’t in a long time. Yeah, but you can’t, there’s tree stands that are embedded in trees in Southwest Desert. And I’m like, I’m in a little cedar tree or whatever. But anyway, Jennifer, so here you are. One night, you, or morning, whatever it was, you’re in the tree and in walks. Quirky. Quirky. Yeah. Oh, quirky. Yeah. So anyway, we’re on the south mountains and I mean, just, anyway, I’m up there and swaying in an aspen. You’re actually, that’s, I do actually hunting though now. Oh, I’m not. I’m legally hunting not just a human truck. I’m legally hunting. Not I’m legally hunting. Don’t have any idea what’s coming in.

00:43:52:29 –> 00:45:04:21
’cause if we did, Garth would’ve been there. Which is fine. I don’t It is what it is. And this butt comes in with like a 14. I can see it. I can see it right now. There’s some images you have your whole life. Well, sucker close. You don’t need mine. Oh, it was on his left side, comes corkscrew. And it was like a big old corkscrew and it came down alongside of his face. And I’m like, I am shing. I mean 40 14 or 15 Oh whatever legal age. I know I was legal. 13, 14. I know I was legal, whatever that was. And I couldn’t get that bow drawn. Probably think 43 pounds probably. Yeah. I mean, I could not draw, shake and shit. And I, I mean, I’m like, yeah, I’m gonna have to tell Dan. I’m gonna tell him I’m, I’m an idiot. And a giant came in and now couldn’t pull my ball back. I’m embarrassed. And he’s, then he’s gonna ask you what the deer was and he’s gonna say, all right, I’m sitting there tonight. Yeah, exactly. It’s, yeah. So that was your one chance point. I didn’t chance. Nothing came in. Dad, this bow is getting drawn back. Come heck or high water, I finally get it back. I mean, I’m is dude chin shooting fingers, shooting fingers. I had calloused fingers. You know, they, you know how the old men were, they, you’re shooting fingers kid.

00:45:04:21 –> 00:46:11:17
You know, you’re learn and it’s true. And I had calloused fingers. So anyway. Yeah, yeah. I pulled back and I’m just, I’m all over that deer. I’m all over him. But I’m like, I kind of, you kind of picked the path. The path path. You picked the path. Yeah. And when the path came roughly around the kill zone, I let her rip and it bounced, it bounced out off of his hip, bounced out, off went, did it. Oh dude. No problem in mind. Now it shot that arrow again. In your mind now, knowing what you know about be deer now. Game getter. Arrows is aluminum, whatever. Yeah. Anyway, knowing what you know now, how big do you think that deer was? I don’t, if you had to guess, like with what your knowledge is now envision that three and a half inch guards, was he a four by four? Oh, with a corkscrew. Four by four With a corkscrew. Okay. Wow. With three and a half inch Ja guards probably don’t have 19 and a half inches of mass. I’m just looking at ’em right now. You don’t have, you don’t have one of those deer right now. You need ’em all. What? No, I don’t, this would be a very unique collection. Would even Jason Carter’s, do you think it was one 90 plus if you had to guess? I, I mean, yeah, probably. Probably. How could he not be?

00:46:11:18 –> 00:47:18:29
Well, that’s a hundred seventy, a hundred seventy six inch frame with a 14 inch straw. Yeah. Big old backs. And I don’t know what to say. It’s, I was shing down both legs. I know that. And I, and I’m embarrassed. I was embarrassed. Like, and you know, to kick buck fever took me till I was in my mid to upper twenties maybe. And I finally got so mad at myself. I was like, you know, we put how much effort and energy do we put in each of our hunts? Oh. Let alone the dollar figure. We’re talking time, energy. We think about it all year round. And then the moment of truth comes, you’ve, you’ve prepared for this test. You’ve prepared for a year, sometimes five years, three years Yeah. Following a buck or whatever. And you finally get on him. And, and I just thought, you know, like, I have to pull it together. And it was just, I think it was a lot of it was just getting mad at myself in the field, in the heat of battle and just be like, you pull it together, you kill him. And now every time I’ll start hacking, and I mean, right after the kill, I’m a, I’m a mess. I’m hacking and I’m an absolute wreck with fuck fever after the kill. Now this reminds me of my first hunt. It really does. It’s very similar.

00:47:19:10 –> 00:48:15:03
I was, we had, we had, you know, it was more common, our dad’s, I guess both salted back in the day back when you could do that in Utah and hunt over it and you, for bow hunting back then, I think you could hunt. You could hunt. It was like dedicated. You could hunt archery. And if you didn’t kill, you could hunt the rifle and muzzle later. Like you didn’t, you didn’t have to choose. You wiped your rear end with tags back then. Yeah. Like, they were, tags were for whoever wanted to buy one. And I was 14. And, and I remember there was this spot, and it was not even a salted, it was just a livestock salt. But we were packed in a couple miles and there was this livestock salt area that we always knew. You wouldd always the, a trail went might, you’d always be kicking bucks off it all the time. Yeah. And we’d checked it a couple times and you’re busting buck. And we busted nice bucks off it. You know, I’m probably thinking, I think they’re probably one 60 to 80 bucks, which to a 14-year-old kid might as well be a two 20. Oh, I mean, a one 60 buck when you’re 14. Oh, yeah. But, but that was where I was gonna go. My dad and his buddy were gonna go up to high country and spot in stock.

00:48:15:07 –> 00:49:18:05
But I had a tag and, and Aaron was there. I was 14, he’s 11. And I remember making a brush blind. I, it was in oaks. So you had, what do you do? And know you gotta make a brush point. And we all had a little, I mean, you all, we all had little, yeah. And we made a brush point. It was part of your back, an opening day. I’m crouched. I had no stool. Nothing. You’re just kneeling down. And I look over and here they all hear they’re coming on the ground and, and I lost my, my craft. ’cause like you’re just losing it. And, and I’m on the ground. They snort and take off. And, and I mean like that really about happened. And, and so I was walking back to the cabin on a, on a trail and I’m walking. Aaron stayed there all by himself, 11 years old. You know, dad’s gone. I’m gone. I’m thinking now. And we’re back in the back country. Yeah. And I was so mad that, and I’m walking back and I jumped this forkey on the trail walking back. He, he jumped, walks up stops. And I’m like, I’m killing that because I was just so mad just like you After that, I was so mad. I pulled an arrow 44 yards I remember. And then Wow. I hit him. Right, right, right. I thought I drilled him, but I hit him in the guts.

00:49:18:07 –> 00:50:15:05
You know, he probably hit him in the liver. Oh, no, no. But okay, I hit him right, right there. And he took off. And I’m like, excited. So I looped around, went clear back, got Aaron, you know, he’s probably only like a 15 minute hike back up there. Got him, come back. We start tracking this deer. It’d been probably an hour. But we track it down, we get down, we find the deer. He’s bedded down and he’s alive. So we back out, we go back to the cabin, you know, we’re like 14 and 11 years old. Yeah. We’re just like kids. Wow. You know? And so we go back and the deer’s dead right in the bed. I mean, a big buck would’ve blown out. You’d never got him. But a little two point, he’s there, you know, and I wasn’t either confident enough where to get in and try to shoot him again, but I just knew if he’s not dead, it dead good. You didn’t, you actually let him, you actually backed out. And nowadays we’re teaching that. Oh yeah. So this, there’s just before we go back, he, he’s, and he’s like, he’s he’s the smallest. He’s he’s, yeah, little but who caress. But I didn’t, but I was wound up. And so then, then Aaron and I literally, I may have told this on a podcast before. I don’t, but go ahead. We had, ’cause this scenario played out.

00:50:15:14 –> 00:51:22:29
Dad’s like, well I, I’d probably watched him a couple times, gut something. But, but you, when you’re 12 or 14, no you’re not. Now what do you do here? And you may not make attention. You’re just like, hold this leg and you do it. And you’re like, this is kind of, wow. You know? And so now he tell, I got, I remember dad reamed the butt hole on this one. Yeah. Oh yeah. So literally remember that was back in the day. That’s what we did. Oh, I get it. Gen Z, if you, have you ever gutted an animal? No. I’ll course you don’t do that. Kids don’t you do. The gutless method showed my, me neither, but they don’t need to know Adam. So in, out, remember the outdoor life, we pee everywhere. In Outdoor Life Magazine, they had those pages of how to fill dress for animal. I had those folded up in my fanny pack. I’m 14 and Aaron’s 11. And we have the Aaron, we lay ’em out in the brush and like first read the book. Okay. Okay. You know, it’s true because you have to read for like, really why? And you gotta read Behe way for to the very end. Oh yeah. That’s a balance step. Okay. That is, I can’t skip that. ’cause I see that’s gonna come handy later. Then I’m the blend. I’m like, that’s the first thing you do. No, come on, come on, come on.

00:51:23:14 –> 00:52:27:05
And, and that’s what he keep evidence of sex, which would always kept the testicles and they would fall off. I, but somehow after probably two hours, we gutted it and we drug that thing. Probably it’s at least a half a mile back to the capitol. And my dad. And shot it in the guts too. Oh yeah. It was gut shot. It, it was faster everywhere. Oh, we drank it back. It’s August. And we had it, we grabbed some rope. We’re trying to hang it. And I remember midday, this is midday. My dad’s back from the morning hunt. And there’s Aaron and I, we got this forkey at the front porch of the cabin. And we’re trying to, we started skinning it. And he’s like, whoa. And I’m like, and I just like, yeah. ’cause my standards were, it’s a four point, it’s a four point only. But I remember the night before, it was either sex and I said, dad, I might shoot any buck. I’m so wound up, you know, I said, I will not shoot a dough. But a dough was illegal. But when I blew it on those bucks, like you, I was so mad. I was like, freak, I’m so mad. And that it didn’t, it didn’t matter. That buck lit up. And I let one roll. Yes. So those, the buck, the buck fever stuff, I totally get it. And the mad at yourself. I totally get it.

00:52:27:05 –> 00:53:27:04
That two point met his demise because I couldn’t hold it together the first time I opening day of Ry deer season, 14 years old. That’s all it took. But man, I’ll never forget it. They’re good stories. Stories though. Never forget it. They’re good. And that’s probably about the time the butt out tool was made. Oh yeah. They didn’t have that. They invented that. We, we laugh about it, but I mean, hey, it’s probably many people using that to this day. That’s right. But I mean, I, and I probably for the first, at least all through high school, we gutted all, all of our animals back. Yeah. All of ’em. We got ’em until all of ’em. I remember my dad’s probably the first in introduced. It was late, maybe late high school or I don’t know, college or something. It was just not what you did. You gutted your deer and you drug it. Yeah. Wherever to wherever your truck was. Yeah. That’s what you did. That’s what you did. And hair was missing off of sides of deer. ’cause sometimes it was, and if you wanted to mount it, you’re like trying to keep your chest up off and Yeah. You it was a mess. Hurry up kid. Yeah. Well, I don’t have old man strain. It’s, it’s down. It’s like, come on, it’s downhill. You’re like, it doesn’t matter. Some hair on your chest, drag that thing. You know? I mean, jeez.

00:53:27:06 –> 00:54:33:04
But anyway, good times. No, the human trail cam thing. I mean, that’s, it’s legit. It was just, you know, I wish I’d have been the human trail camera on a unit with good genetics. Like, and, and we talk about the corkscrew. Yeah. But there’s that buck and one other buck that was a non-typical cheaters everywhere running like crazy at long, long distance. Yeah. And, and they’re vivid. I remember it like it was yesterday. Other than that, those are the only two animals I ever saw that were in all your years of human Joe Camry. All years, all the years. I mean, I had a lion laying under me. I’m shing down both legs, no pistol. My dad, he like, pistols, lions and bears aren’t gonna hurt you. Come on. Just get the treat. Yeah. He just tell me, Hey, we’re, it’s, have you ever heard of somebody having issues? Well, no. We also didn’t have social media and, and we don’t even buy a magazine. So I only talk to like four people. Yeah, of course. They haven’t had an issue. You know, social media. I mean, I’ve got, I I I’ve got friends and family that are absolutely l scared of, of lions and bears. You know what I mean? Well, it does happen. People have had, yeah. If you hear it now, it’s on every news media. If a bear or a Lion mall, somebody in Western United States, it’s on the news every night.

00:54:33:08 –> 00:55:35:22
You know, Logan, I wanna call you Gen Z, but I haven’t gotten the okay to call you Gen Z. Hey, that’s okay. I’m Gen Z, I’m juice box and I’m Logan’s juice box juicy. So just juicing. Do, do, I mean, are you nervous about bears and lions? Like what do you, or do you pack when you’re in the hills and you’re out shed hunting? I would say I usually pack. So I’m not that nervous. But see, no, I grew up with my dad. He, he just taught me never to care about. Not to. That’s right. Don’t care. He always said they’re way more scared of you than you are then. That’s right. That’s what my dad said. Okay. We, we had a different childhood. My dad was scared. Was he? My dad was scared of the dark. Yeah. And he’s six four. Yeah, he’s a big dude. Oh yeah. And he would carry a 44 magnum, like the big, long hunting. You’re not, you’re not playing a joke on him at midnight at camp. No. One, one time. We’re sleeping on the, we’re sleeping on the trampoline. He comes out with, in his underwear with his 44 strapped to his Oh, your house. And he’s like, the horses are going crazy. Next Your door at your house? Yeah, at our house. At their back yard. Well, we kind of lived in, in the country. Yeah. Okay. And anyway, he’s so funny. Get in the house.

00:55:35:25 –> 00:56:48:27
I’m gonna take care of business. Yeah. Bigfoot, he’s a firm believer. What? Sasquatch? And Bigfoot. Oh my gosh. John, dude, maybe you need him on a podcast. He, he has bigfoot stories like crazy. What, like, they found, he, he was bear hunting in, in Montana. And he swears they found Bigfoot tracks and like they, anyway, they measured stride and stuff. I’m gonna take, let’s, let’s divert this podcast. Go right back into the track. Choke cams and stuff. I’m not crazy. Anyway, I had a different childhood, you know. So yeah, it was, if it, if it made a noise in the night, it was the worst, the worst case scenario. That’s what it was. That’s what it was. So John, are you packing when you go to the hills? Yes. And, and and mostly for those sheep dogs. They give me nightmares. Oh, they are? Hey. Yeah. They’re no joke. My, they’re no joke. I, I’ve been, I I just don’t hunt around sheep dog. That’s how I solve that. Usually the game are gone when the sheep are around. I know, I know. Hiking through. I know that. And I’ll pull hammy. And then what do they do? If you’re your friends? It’s just like, you know, a lion or another bear. What are they keying on? The, the lame, the sick. If I’m running with my kids or something and I pull hammy, bro, which is likely you’re keying in on you. It’s gonna happen.

00:56:49:01 –> 00:57:47:03
It will happen. So we’re talking about, I I guess we’re talking about getting old Bronson. You, you’re, I mean you’ve, you’ve done those kind of things. Stubbed to toe whatever, you’re out can break a toe. You and Ty, we’ve all talked about that on the podcast. Yeah. Why? But remember the other day when we were down at the Mexican restaurant and we were having food, we were grabbing our lunch and we were talking about getting old or something. And that lady just started laughing. There was a gal in there laughing. What hap we’re talking amongst ourselves. And she’s getting, and I’m like, geez, garnishes, whatever. You said something about getting old. And she started laughing and I go and I didn’t think she could hear me. And I’m like, this, this girl’s laughing at us, you know? And she turned to me and she goes, we call it getting mature. And I like that lady. I liked it too. I like it. It kind of, I like it. It kind of did something. Wanted to buy her lunch, but she had already paid. Well it kind of did something for me. I was like, but I’m not sure she changed it from getting old to, I think that’s attractive. Yeah. That you’re getting old. Right. Whether she meant it that way or not. I just, the word mature versus old. I’ll always choose the word mature. Gen Z. What do you have to say about that?

00:57:48:05 –> 00:58:48:10
I would think that you guys are getting old. Yeah, we’re getting mature. Boz. I’m still maturing every day. Oh man. Anyway, I like it. One other, you know what I want to clear sometime, I guess we gotta do these retractions here and there. We’re not doing a retraction today no more. We only did two on our whole podcast career. Well they did involve never doing another both legal hunting methods. So we did have to do that. Yeah. I don’t want somebody going to jail, but you know, you don’t even go to jail for hard stuff anymore. So whatever. I don’t think there’ll be a problem. But what are we talking about? Well, remember when we’ve heard through the grapevine when we were talking about San Juan versus San Juan Bajo and at times people misconstrue what we say. We do a lot of consulting. Bronson, we’re talking to 50 people a day, maybe more. And Fillmore Fillmore, Oak Creek. That’s right. We’ve had people draw the Fillmore unit and go ecstatic with us on the phone. Yeah. And they like, you don’t have an, you’ve got a general season muzzle or deer tag is what you got. And, and it’s kind of not a great area right now. It’s not, not the best. Not not the old creek across the highways. A different story. Right. To your point, that kind of thing.

00:58:48:10 –> 00:59:51:22
Sometimes we talk about things and somebody, we, well I had a guy call call one of the guys and say, Jason’s just an absolute liar. He’s sandbagging on certain units. Yeah. He said, I said, is there any, he told me there’s no 200 inches. You do not expect a 200 incher in the San Juan bow. And that’s just not the case. Look like they were talking about it on the podcast. How many other big bucks are worth? Look at the cover buck. You know, this and that. Yeah. The cover book was on San Juan Oak Ridge. Yeah. You know what I mean? Just like a Fillmore Oak Creek Buck was on Oak Creek, not Fillmore Pavan. Like Right. It’s Fillmore right. It’s only Fillmore. Right. Or it’s Fillmore Oak Creek. I just wanna say, and this is a tit for people, don’t apply for the Fillmore, late muzzle and think that that’s gonna be an awesome rutt hunt on the Fillmore Oak Creek. And the San Juan Bajo is fine for general. Yeah. It’s, it’s fine for general, but know what you’re applying for. But I’m tell somebody to go there for 200 inches even though there has been one killer. Oh yeah. There’s a couple every year. Probably on, on thousands of hunters, you know? Right. But yeah, sorry. So, so as we’re consoling, just give us the benefit of the doubt. We’re not out and outliers hunters though.

00:59:51:25 –> 01:01:06:13
I think they’re programmed to think, well why would these guys tell me the truth. Right. But we’re not competing with you. We’re talking to non-residents. We’ve got our own plans. We like to hunt near our places, houses, whatever. So anyway, just where there’s no sheep dogs that’s don’t like hunting sheep dogs, Sasquatch or, or whatever. Bigfoot. Bigfoot don’t like him. Yeah. Whatever. So anyway, kind of interesting. Well, I’m just wondering, I always get nervous. I like these stories. I get nervous. It’s been a fun podcast. It has, it’s been a fun podcast. Like, I’m just wondering if we shouldn’t call another couple guys outta the February magazine. You know, we’re talking about Utah, Oregon, New Mexico. I’ve got a buddy that killed a big oh dear in New Mexico. We, we deal with him. Both of us. Watson. Him. Yeah. Should we, should we call him? What if he answers weird idea? I I I get he’s he is professional. We edit. We can edit this. No, he’s professional. He’s a good guy. But he also, he might just be, he might be thinking we also, Hey, this is a disclaimer right now. We are not gonna be calling anybody in the next till we do our membership drive because member people, he might, he can start losing his crap on you right now. Oh, good point. He did that. We’ll start, we even call him just from consulting or from license application. What did I win?

01:01:07:07 –> 01:02:10:04
Oh, sorry. Sorry. Your credit card’s invalid. We need a new car. We’re trying to buy you. We’re trying to buy you for Oregon or whatever, you know. Alright, well hold on. Let’s call. He might be a little excited. Let’s call Jared Tyndall. It’s a, it, it’s in our publications in the February magazine. Page 1 24. Smashed a freaking two 20 Giant, giant mostly frame. Yeah. Sick. Freaking basically five by fives. All he is. But he’s, yeah. And he won the raffle. Didn’t hardly put any tickets in. I just think, why does that not happen to me? And it always happens to him. It always happens to him. Alright, I’m gonna call him. He’s, we have the right, he’s been, he, he, he sent me some information on what he’s got point-wise and wants me to consult. He might be thinking I’m just, Hey, I’m ready to sit down and really grind out your schedule. But let, let’s just see what he says and maybe he’ll give us a few tips and tricks. He’s been really successful, dude. He he hunts you. It’s all over the west. He’s go Wyoming, I mean, lives from Texas and applies all over the west. He’s a good example of trying to make something happen. And have your name in everything hunted against each other a little bit in Colorado. Not, not bad. Yeah, not bad.

01:02:10:08 –> 01:03:32:17
Oh, we ended up finding out you’re in the same unit, but not until you got there. Yeah. Yeah. He was in a good area. He and, and I was in a good area too. There we go. Let’s see what he has to say. What are you doing? Oh, I’m just trying to make a, Hey, I got, I got Bronson and John here. We got you on the podcast. Awesome. How are you guys doing today? Good. That, that was a subtle hint to keep her clean. No harder. We don’t have to worry about you. Well, we never know. We just, when you call somebody totally outta the blue, you never know. When they see Carter’s name pop up, they’re gonna just go with a string of, and string of adjectives that you may not be able to repeat. Mention my real nickname, who knows? You know, but no, we’re just talking about, and you guys talking about today, well, we’ve been talking about well hunt giveaway stuff and then we got talking about stuff in our February magazine and we got your buck. We highlighted that page 1 24 in February and thought, well maybe we’ll give ’em a quick call and have you tell us about that awesome experience that you had winning a raffle tag and just all the emotions that went through that. And then, you know, something that you’d never plan on drawing. Right.

01:03:32:27 –> 01:04:44:22
You, you, but you, we teed you up as well that you apply heavily around the west and you have your name in a lot of places and consequently you’ve drawn some facts and you, you do really good. Yeah. You’ve killed a lot of game. And even you and I ended up on the lot’s Gotta be running out. Even you and I ended up on the same knob once or twice. Yeah. Yes sir. So, but anyway, this, this, this specific time is the tag. It’s a raffle tag. You know, something kinda like our membership drive hunts or state raffles. You don’t, you don’t plan on getting a call from anybody, but you got one. Right? When Jared and I ended up, when Jared and I ended up on the same knob, I mean, he remembers that podcast when we told people you beat people to the No, you beat ’em. Oh, right. Oh does, it’s a mental thing. Right. If you’re there first and Jared drives up on me, you kind of keep driving or, or you just, or you just feel weird. So I beat Jared every morning. I I had to sit there for what, two hours? Four daylight. You, you had dinner and breakfast on the same No, I may have Anyway, Jared would tease me about that in the field. I mean, anyway. Right. I’m telling the story. Right. Am I You did, yeah. I think I beat you the last day though.

01:04:45:04 –> 01:05:54:05
I think you did. But you were actually helping me the last day. He had already killed the deer so you could sleep in. He killed one, a spotter. He killed one and he came and helped. Like, and that was a rough old road. And you had this Ford diesel threequarter ton beat you to death to get in there. I know all the roads there. Yeah. But Jared, Jared drove it. Like he stole it. I mean, I was, not many guys can out outdrive me, but he might’ve, he might’ve give him a half ton and he would’ve, all right. Oh, all right. Well, I don’t know where you wanna start. You, you’ve got a lot of adventures. You’ve hunted goats in multiple places, deer, elk, all kinds of stuff. You’ve got a lot of plans and whatnot. But anyway, maybe, maybe start in with this New Mexico deer just ’cause it’s, it’s deer and that’s special. And then it’s giant. Well, I mean, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to have a have a gov tag or a statewide tag of that sort. So you always play the raffles. ’cause I can’t afford to buy one and you never really think you’re gonna win. But sure enough, that day I got the call and just couldn’t believe it. And I had quite a few hunts planned for the fall. But obviously, you know, this had to, this had to take priority.

01:05:54:09 –> 01:07:10:17
So I rearranged my schedule to where I could spend as much time as I could myself up there. ’cause I really, you know, luckily it’s adjoining to my home state, so it’s not terribly far for me. So I wanted to, wanted to commit as much time as I possibly could to it and, and just a dream come true. Really. You know, and, and I was a little worried about the year. It’s been been tough in New Mexico the last few years and just started, you know, grinding country and learning roads and learning units and you know, as fall started coming and more and more deer started showing up from Colorado and, you know, just changing terrain. And I was kind of starting to get nervous, honestly. I wasn’t seeing the caliber of deer that I was expecting to see, being able to bounce from unit to unit and Yeah. You know, just, just keep going is all you can do. You know, I had, I had planned to be off the entire month of December if needed. And so I loaded up the family and we went up, went up, you know, as the story shows in a magazine that people can read. But I loaded my family up and was gonna make them go with me for a few days before Thanksgiving there, since the kids were outta school. So that it was an enjoyable time, obviously.

01:07:10:17 –> 01:08:16:19
They, they wanted to be, the kids wanted to be a part of it. So it was fun to have them tag along and decided to leave for Thanksgiving and been been talking to Anthony Hampton there, Hampton Trophy outfitters. And he’d come across a buck that thought might be, might be the one. So I dropped the family in east Texas and headed back and, you know, I talked to Carter about this deer on the way. And it’s one of those deer that, you know, pictures just really didn’t do it justice. When I got, when I arrived there and I saw the deer in person, it was just kind of a no-brainer, you know, just from what everybody had seen in the year, the way the year was looking. Like you never know what might turn up. But, but man, it’s, it’s a special deer when you see him in person. And so it was a, it was a several day grind there trying to, trying to get him killed. He was living on private and he was, he was vulnerable on private, you know, you could see him every day, but he just never would make a mistake and slip off for us for several days. So that was kind of starting to take a toll on us. But eventually he slipped up, up and we were able to get him killed.

01:08:16:21 –> 01:09:35:00
And just, man, it’s just such a, such an honor to have a tag like that and then also to find the buck of that caliber and get him killed. It’s just, it’s an, it’s an indescribable experience really. It’s just, it’s hard to believe that it actually did come together for me, but something I’ll remember forever and, and definitely we spending more money on our raffle tickets in the future. So we’ve got a couple of deer hunts in our membership drive. If you’ll check the bucket, you’ll see my name on that. Okay. Which ones did you apply for? We haven’t gone through that yet. Oh man. Yeah. What an incredible opportunity. Just you just, you drawing the tag. You, you spend a hundred bucks at least that’s what you said. I, I don’t know. Yeah. Best a hundred bucks I ever spent. I need to send my credit card statement to you. So I, I told him, I told, I told him he is a liar. Jared’s a little bit of a gambler. He, and he wins. So I, we’ll disclose something on this. I’ll tell you this. And you were on top of the pile. My buddies, some of my buddies I’ve told. But I looked at my credit card statement and I think they accidentally double charged me. Oh, 200. I have, I knew two 100 charges knew. I knew it. I knew you didn’t only spend a hundred bucks.

01:09:35:27 –> 01:10:38:22
I knew it, but in his defense, so technically I spent $200. But what you might have, you might have only had five entries though, instead of the double. So they might have charged double charge it, but five, see if you’ll give it five more entries in this next year. I wouldn’t ruffle any feather. I wouldn’t say a’s do the same thing. Nope, you stole it. You stole it. Whatever you did, I stole it. Even at $5,000. You stole it. Yeah. I knew he spent more though. You can just come clean, Jared. It’s not a big deal. And I’ll send you the cards live a is hard. It’s hard. Hey, it gives everybody hope. ’cause a hundred bucks at some point is hopefully somebody you know, at some point in their life can, you know, throw 50, a hundred bucks in some of these elite It’s true statewide tags and, and just true. Forget about it. But, and then all of a sudden you get a call in June or July whenever it was that like, holy cow, you know, your season li or your fall is pretty much set by then for the most part with stuff you knew where you were gonna draw or knew you were gonna book or, or whatever. And now you’ve gotta superimpose that on.

01:10:38:22 –> 01:11:42:28
And of course you’ve got long liberal seasons, which like you said, you may other states and then, you know, hunt the rutt, as you alluded, some of those deer come out of the woodwork out of weird places or maybe even migrate in from other states in New Mexico like Colorado. So, you know, that’s, that’s where your focus was. And it obviously paid off. So got a buck that trailed the dough a little too far off of, off off some private and well, and it’s in a traditionally good unit. And just, you know, I think too, just, I mean, to to explain it was a, this was a, the auction tag gave you very liberal season dates and you could, like, when you said skipping unit to unit, it’s just, it allowed you to do that. But just having your name in the hat, you gotta have your name and all the hats you ever you ever want to tag in that you can afford to be in. So, and you’re good at that. Yes, sir. That’s exactly right. I mean, just really quick off the top of your head, just list some of the tags you’ve had and drawn. You’ve had the good fortune of drawn. I mean, it’s, it’s disgusting. Well, I have drawn, I’ve drawn two, two goat tags in the lower 48. I drew Colorado in I believe 19.

01:11:43:16 –> 01:13:02:29
And then I drew Wyoming last year, you know, the last year before the rule changed. So Yep. Both of those were, you know, just horrible odds. But, but I pulled it off. Yeah, I’ve drawn a random archery tag in Arizona that I didn’t have max points for. They’re in unit one back in 18 or 19. And I’m trying to think of some of the others. But yeah, I’ve been very fortunate. Just, but I mean, like you say, you put your name in all the hats you can and Yep. And then you’re supplement just add up. Yeah. You’re supplement it with the landowner tag here and there, whatever, like you’re, you’re playing the game just like we’re all doing and, and you’re doing a good job at it. So anyway. Yeah. Appreciate that. Anyway. Hunt did some of our favorite units even, oh, even unit 22 in Colorado. Some of that stuff you’ve spent a lot of time in a lot of different units, so Yes, sir. Yeah, that’s what it takes. Just learning new country and just being somewhere. Yep. Can’t kill anything if you’re at the house. So gotta just spend as much time as you can out there. Yep. All right, well you got anything else for him? What other info can we suck out of Jared? Because I mean, whatever you get isn’t as much as he gonna get outta you. You’re good at that, Jared.

01:13:03:17 –> 01:14:19:06
I give him, I give him a hard time. We’re we’re really Yes sir. Really good friends. But no, you probably got a list of questions on your desk from me now that, that I’ll be beating you up on. Yeah, there is, seems like there is an Excel spreadsheet that we need to go over. So come to think of it, why haven’t I gotten a, I’m not getting back to you in a timely manner. Is that what you’re gonna tell me? No, no. Oh, good times. Well, he’s giving you a hard time. Oh, I love it. And just dear, just for for reference sake, give us a few specs on him. Just, you know, when you’re talking on a podcast, it’s one thing, but like, give something people something to visualize. It’s a giant four point frame. Give us a few specs. Yeah, so I actually, I actually had him scored last night and it’s unofficial results, but he ended up grossing 2 21 and eight. Looks like his net typical frame is gonna be, I believe it was 1 91 and seven eight because of, because of the extras. But yeah, he’s still Nets book with 20 inches of tracks. Yeah, he’s still Nets book. Right. And he’s got a huge in line two, he book five by five. You can officially put him in the book at 1 91. Yes sir. 1 91 7 8 I believe it was. So yeah, he’s a five by five.

01:14:19:10 –> 01:15:37:09
I mean he’s got a i it looks like a tencher and a six or eight inch on five, eight inch or whatever it’s, yeah. What did his frame gross? I didn’t see the entire sheet. We had it in the field at two 11, but I, I wanna say he said it was 2 0 8 and five eights then minus the trash. 14 inches ish. Yeah. Minus trash or something. Wow. It’s pretty impressive. Pretty awesome. Unbelievable. Actually. Unbelievable. How wide was he? He is 33 outside, inside of the beams was like right around 26. Yeah. Geez. Awesome book man. I mean, y’all want one like that and you want, then you want his brother. That looks just a little different too. I want one, I want his dad. I don’t want Jared’s, I want to be Jared. Well, that’s first thing Carter said about the deer. He said, oh, you know, I wish he had matching in lights. I don’t even remember that. Did I say that? Hey Jared, you didn’t say that I was a Jared. Wow. Wow. That, that basically you said I wouldn’t shoot that shot. I did not say that. I did not. I’ve got the text log and I said, dude, that thing could be bigger than you think. Whatever it is he did, but he’s missed matched. But he did say, I wish he had matching. Don’t, don’t you. Okay. Jared, it makes you feel a little bit better.

01:15:37:10 –> 01:16:44:23
We just got done talking about some of our very first archery deer hunts in Jason. I I’m when you’re like 13 or 14 or 15 years old, whatever we were. And he still vividly remembers a straightforward point. Why are you telling my stories? Listen, with a, with a cork screw dropper on one side. It wasn’t even matching cork screw dropper. It wasn’t, but he’s still talking about that bucket. And it wasn’t mismatch. It wasn’t matched. It was, I’m talking about it ’cause it was my first Okay. Special encounter. Okay. Well, so sometimes a single of something is all right. So it’s good. Hey, I’d shoot his deer on any freaking tag. Yeah. Any freaking tag. It’s an amazing deer. Yeah. Jerry’s just one guy. We can be really frank with each other. I mean, dude, we’ve spent some time Yeah. Classing against each other here and there, so it’s pretty awesome, sir. Good stuff. Good stuff. Appreciate the time. Well, yeah, the only sad part Go ahead. Go ahead guys. I just say, oh, go ahead. Yeah. Sad part. I was just gonna say the only sad part about the whole deal was I had the whole month of December off and I, and I blew it and killed too early, so. Yeah. Well you don’t, in a, in a less than stellar year. It was better last year than the prior two years. Yeah. You know, in most these southern states. Right.

01:16:44:23 –> 01:17:53:15
But, but it wasn’t off the charts incredible. You don’t pass two 20 bucks in in New Mexico, you don’t, but the governor, you don’t pass them in statewide, Arizona. You don’t. Exactly. So you did the absolutely right thing. You probably, odds are, you probably wouldn’t kill the bigger butt. I mean, I’ll just say probably not, but always makes you wonder. Yeah, well like, like, and like you said, the best times coming up down there, it’s pretty incredible what shows up. And then, you know, you just never know. And it’s fun being out there and I don’t know, I still don’t know exactly what you do for a living. ’cause you have a lot of time. You have ton, ton, a ton of time. Well, my wife might think I’m working more than I’m wives. Don’t know, need to know everything. Good thing she doesn’t listen to the podcast, never let her listen to the podcast. Oh, all right buddy. Well, congrats dear of a lifetime. Yeah. It’s not gonna be your, your only dear of a lifetime. You, you’re, you know, well, thank you. You killed some great animals and more to come. So it’s pretty awesome. Appreciate everything you guys do. You bet. You really do. Good luck in the draws. Thanks man. Thanks guys. Y’all have a good one. You bet. We’ll see you. Bye. Bye. Fun to give him a hard time. He’s just one of those guys.

01:17:53:15 –> 01:19:15:27
You gotta you gotta give him a hard time. We’re gonna give you a hard time. Let’s call one more story. I’m loving these stories. One more. One more. All right. We’re an hour and a half in because well, lunchtime, let’s just do, there was a 220 inch he killed in Utah. Huh? He may, he may not answer. Yeah, may not. Let’s go for it. Let’s try get another one. All right. Two 20. Two 20. Hi. You have reached down there with a Okay, we’ll save that for the next one. Hold on one more time. You know, now it’s going. Hello. Hey, what are you doing? Oh, just getting out a meeting you. Well, we’re doing a podcast. I got you on with Bronson and John Peterson and Gen Z. How are you? Oh, fabulous. I wanna, we just, we’re kind of doing a few stories and you killed an absolute monster here in Utah general season. So general season dear. And just kind of want to get the quick story. I know it happened quick and and whatnot, but just kind of wanted to hear, hear it from you. It’s just such a stud. You rarely find a deer this caliber on a general season. Yes, sir. So yeah, I’d been working with Trevor a little bit, trying to get things organized and we decided we would start opening day. That hunt is short. It’s like seven or eight days long. This is Trevor Hunt, right?

01:19:15:27 –> 01:20:50:09
Trevor Hunt of Pine Creek. Yes. Okay. Yes sir. Sorry. Yep. And we decided we’d hunt the whole hunt and see what we could come up with. So I got up there day before and we went and looked at a few spots and we had been hearing from everybody that it was just a terrible year and that there was nothing to be had. And you know how it is, everybody’s, it’s not what it used to be. All this stuff. It’s true. All of those things are true. Yes. And I’m, I’m kind of the opinion that I don’t, I I just don’t buy it, you know what I mean? Like, it’s somewhere, there’s a big deer, there’s big deer around, whether they’re in cover or whether they’re just nocturnal or whatever. They’re around. It’s not that they’re not here. You just gotta spend enough time doing it that at some point you’re gonna catch the odds, you know? Yeah. And so we went out the night before and we didn’t even see a single deer. And he, I was with Trevor’s sub guide Taryn, and he was like, oh man. He was kind of bummed that we weren’t seeing anything. And I was just, I was, it’s all right. It’s, it’s whatever. It’s windy. Nothing really going on, you know. So the next day we went out and we didn’t see a single deer the whole day. Two days in a row. Yes. Two days in a row.

01:20:50:17 –> 01:22:07:21
The second day is opening day. Sounds like general season Utah. Yeah. So yeah. So that was Saturday opening day. And my kids had the primary program on Sunday. So I told Terran I’m gonna go to the primary program. He wanted to go home. He had something to do as well. And we’d meet up Sunday night, back at camp, not Monday. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, we did that. I got back up there and it snowed like crazy. Well, we were both gone, which is rare. Oh, I remember that. We were all out opening wee deer last year. Yeah, Jason. It was brutal. Yeah. Windy. Yep. Storm. It was so brutal. Those are the conditions, not the windy, but the snow is what you’d dreamed for. Well, and it turned bitter. It turned really windy and then really cold. Like it, it went from bmy to, to like it. And it never warmed up all from that point on last fall anyway. Yeah, I remember that storm. Right. And it was just miserable. And so we, that night, the Sunday night, I’m sleeping the camp trailer, the, I got the heater going, the generator going, you know, the freaking carbon monoxide thing was going off like every 15 minutes. And I was like, I hate that, but you unplug it. You don’t know if it’s true or not. Just I always unplug mine.

01:22:08:23 –> 01:23:21:18
Finally, I, well, I unplug it and then there’s another one, there’s two in this trailer. And I was like, oh my gosh, I might actually, I really gonna die. I really, I really do need to crack the window. So I turned the generator off and just froze the rest of the night. ’cause I was like, well, it ain’t gonna do me any good if I’m dead. So, yeah. Yeah. So we did that. We got up in the morning and Terran come in the trailer and he’s like, it is freezing. We should just go right around the truck. And I was like, nah. We went up this canyon the other night and it is good country and it just snowed. If we are ever gonna have an opportunity, it’s this morning. And I know from in the past, my dad getting me out of bed when I don’t want to go. Those are the, he trained you, he trained, he trained you for this. You could hear his voice in the back of your head, right? Yes. Get your butt out there. Well, my dad would never let me live, live it down if I told him that I rode around in the truck because it was cold or because I didn’t want to go or whatever. So whether it’s out of obligation or getting harassed or whatever, we went up the canyon, which can canyon, are we talking about just, I’m, I’m just teasing.

01:23:21:20 –> 01:24:46:29
I’m just teasing. The canyon. The canyon dog. Canyon. No, tell I’m Canyon. Yes. Alright, keep going, keep going. Alright. So we get cruising up this canyon and we stop in glass, right as the sun’s coming up, nothing. And we keep pedaling a little bit further. And soon enough these two guys on four-wheelers are like right behind us. And we’re like, well, well this cake carrying on. Right? And hopefully they go down a different road. There’s only one road up this canyon. So like, and then it just dead ends and you have to drive back out the same road. Yeah. So we get cruising up that road and these guys just aren’t going away. Like they’re just, they’re 50 yards behind us. And so we’re, we go through like four groups of dos and we’ve seen like 40 dos at this point. And these guys behind us, geez, they never even stopped the glass. They, I don’t know, they even seen single one of ’em. Maybe they were hunting cow elk, who knows. Yeah. You don’t know. Anyway. Yeah. Well, we found out later they were hunting deer. Okay. And so need to do a break trip a little bit further. There’s a water at the bottom of this wash that we’re in, and there’s a camp right on it. Cars all around it. They’re sleeping and I don’t know what they’re up to. Probably, hopefully the carbon monoxide didn’t fail during another.

01:24:46:29 –> 01:26:14:25
Their dad had kicked them out bed when they were young. Yes sir. Yeah. Yep. So then we’re a hundred yards up the road, maybe 200 yards. And I was getting pretty late in the morning. It’s like eight o’clock by an hour or so. Wow. And I’m, I’ve just, I’ve kind of submitted myself to like, we’re just gonna suffer the rest of the way up this road. Like it’s later than anything’s gonna be out. It’s a bad idea. And I’m looking at birds, you know? Yeah. And I felt there’s this huge eagle. I was watching it, I was pretty enchanted with this freaking eagle. And Taryn’s like, yeah, there’s a deer on this hill. And I’m like, yeah, whatever. This eagle’s sweet. And he’s like, no, you need to look. And so I turn around and look and he’s like, we can tell it’s a big deer, but we can’t tell what it is because it, the hill is so steep and it’s got like a little crown on it. You could only see parts of the antlers. And Taryn was like, you need to shoot him. And I said, are you sure He looks crabby on the one side? And he’s like, yep, shoot him. And I was like, okay, I’m shooting him. And so we dumped him right there. And geez, just, he dropped and then we couldn’t see him after that until we got all the way up there. So Geez. We’re Yeah.

01:26:15:11 –> 01:27:31:28
Just being out there, just, just being out there. You gotta be out there. You just gotta, you just gotta be. So you walked up, you walked up and saw, and then what? Then I, we couldn’t, like, the hill was bigger than I, than we thought, I guess. So we were having a little trouble finding him, and it just snowed. Like, it was like, where the heck is he? And then, so I was kind of going around the hill one way and tn went the other way and tn happened upon him. And I just heard him just like, oh my gosh, what did you do? And I’m like, oh man, you thinking small, you’re thinking horn, you’re thinking smaller. And he’s, he’s reacting ’cause it’s bigger, but you don’t know, you think you dumped a forked horn. Right? I’m like, oh my gosh, I dumped a forked horn. And then I get up there and I’m like, oh, buddy. You know, like, this is a deer. Like, I’ve only ever seen one other 200 inch deer on the ground. And this was significantly bigger than that. And I was like, oh my gosh. Like the biggest deer I’ve ever seen on the hoof that I never even saw him on the hoof. Yeah. You know what I mean? Well, you did for about two seconds. Right. In your scope. Right. And then boom. And then he’s gone. Wow. Right. But I never even looked at the antlers.

01:27:31:28 –> 01:28:47:23
Nothing that’s, I just dumped him because he just, I just fall in orders. Were the guys 50 yards behind you or did they peel off by then? Yeah, well they had stopped and I shot and they pulled up as we were gonna walk up the hill and they’re like, did you shoot one of them big four points that’s in here? And I was like, they’re still alive. Mine’s nine by nine. Yeah. I was like, nah, we just shot up deer. We’re hunting for meat, whatever. Yeah. Going up the road. Not bother us. Honestly, they had no idea. You’re not bothering us going up the road. There’s a really cool eagle just up there with deer. Yep. So, wow. So they, they carried on and I don’t, I don’t even know where they ended up, but we went up there and yeah. Wow. Pretty awesome. That’s awesome. Did they come back and get, I mean, never saw him again, huh? Never saw him again. Oh, never. We just headed out and we got back to camp and then we decided that camp wasn’t the place to take care of him, so we took him back to Trevor’s. Yeah. And got him all taken care of there at Trevor’s. And we were good. Yeah. He’s an awesome kind of a deal. You probably just, you know, sticker shock for a minute and might as well take him to town so it’s freezing on the mountain.

01:28:47:24 –> 01:29:52:23
Get back to at least have some garage. Right? I mean, and your hunt’s over, you’re done. So it’s not like, right. I mean, you’re not gonna camp in there with a couple carbon monoxide detectors going off at night and the bad you’re done. Let’s go back’s somewhere in a real house. We can dedicate this dear to all those mean dads that make people get out of bed. That’s right. Hey, it’s okay to be a mean dad. And the other thing, I’m here, you know, I’m picking up from this podcast, this is the second guy we’ve called in like two, three weeks that stopped, went to church, came back and killed a giant buck. That’s a good point. Right? I mean, the second one out of like three, and I, and I didn’t ask Tyndall that just a minute ago on his New Mexico buck, who knows? Maybe he went to church, he might have met home, dropped his kids and went to church. But I mean, I’m picking up a serious theme here. I wish, I wish church was two or three times a week. Yeah. Pretty awesome. Well, I’m a it’s not where my head was, but yeah, sure. I’m a firm believer that the Lord will take care of you. Yeah. If you just take care of your obligations, you do what you’re supposed to do, the Lord’s gonna bless you. Yeah.

01:29:52:24 –> 01:31:06:04
And it might not be right now, it might not be for five years, but at some point Yeah. You’re gonna, he is gonna take care of you. Yeah. That’s awesome story. Cool. Cool story. Good stuff. Story man. And yeah. Nice to have a, a dad’s promptings in your head. Hey, made a difference that day. Yes, sir. Is awesome. And glad you didn’t die or get asphyxiated or Exactly. Whatever. Carbon monoxide. Geez, I hate those. Yes, sir. You never know if you can trust ’em or not. It’s just, I I don’t, so I never, I don’t fall back asleep the rest of the night usually. No. That’s what happens, right? No, you’re scared to fall asleep. All, sir. Well, thanks for taking a minute outta your day. Even know you’re busy. Hopefully the meeting’s over and now you don’t have to go back to whatever you stepped out of the meeting wise. No, now I have to go back out in the wind and, okay. So Yeah. Well, well, good luck with that. We appreciate you answering the phone. First went to voicemail, so I figured you were probably talking to your dad, so I hit you again. Yeah, no, I, you, yeah, I had like five calls right in a row, so it worked out all perfect. All right. Thanks Chandler. Thanks buddy. Thank you. Congratulations. Yeah. General season Utah giant. Geez. All right. Just gotta be out there. You gotta be out there.

01:31:06:21 –> 01:32:07:23
This thing goes 224 inches. I don’t know how many points does he have? It’s like a seven by six frame where he’s got some extra guards. I can see him, but seven by six on the frame. It’s an awesome buck. I mean, another buck. You’d shoot pretty much everywhere. Geez. Carter, I’ve got a stack of people I want to call. I like these stories, but I know we’re done. I’m done. We, I’m done. We’ll, we, we’ll do another one of these, but we’re not gonna do it till after our probably next podcast will be the winners, right? Yeah. Yeah. Probably the winner. Think so. Winners well think so today’s what, Thursday today? Yeah, I think so. I mean, we’re doing this Tuesday. We’re not gonna want call people cold. Call people until that drive’s over. I’m, we’ve already promised that we wouldn’t do. That’d be kind of fun. Well, we wouldn’t do that, you guys. Hey, how are you doing today? Hey, let’s prank. Why are you calling me? Hey, we could prank a couple our friends. You could do it. I don’t want those friends. They know where I live and they, they’ll, you know, they don’t, oh, I’m just teasing because I’m with you. The deadline’s Tuesday, right? Tuesday last last day to get your name in the hat is Tuesday. Tuesday. So I don’t wanna call anybody for any reason. So No, don’t call me. I won’t call you. How about that?

01:32:09:03 –> 01:33:16:16
Go to my desk with no sticky notes. Right. All right. Well we appreciate y’all out there. Pretty awesome. It’s just, it’s a good time of year. We’re excited about everything. Of course you guys can tell that. And it’s just awesome to hear some stories. We’ve, we’ve had some requests for more stories. Probably the biggest request we get just, just more stories. So I’m learning a ton. It’s kind of fun. Yep. Throw it out there. Yeah. All right, bro. Some, what do you think? Got any, any words of wisdom as we leave, remember we were gonna give some warm, fuzzy feelings there a long time. We got PO Podcast 1 73 or something. What? Remember we were gonna be like, eh, I don remember little, little something about parenting or kids or family or being, we’d have to, oh yeah, we were gonna give it. We did. We said, you know, go to church. That’s, that was our good warm fuzzy for the day. Kind of went away from that. I like it. I do too. I know about three or four days a week, Carter, but I, I like it. Oh, church wise. Oh yeah. The Lord’s set one day. That’s what it is. Don’t try, don’t beg for more. Sometimes it turns into three or four. You never know. Well, it does meetings and all that, but as far as, man, we just wanna say thanks to everybody that’s helping us here at Epic Outdoors.

01:33:16:16 –> 01:34:20:13
There’s a lot of stories without the submissions, what would it be? It’s pretty awesome. We appreciate you sending your stories in. If you have photos and stories, send ’em into [email protected]. If you want to join, there’s a lot of people listening to the podcast. There’s a lot of people. And if you may not be a member of Epic Outdoors, you wanna join us, we’d love to have you on board. Go to epic You can join online. It’s 150 bucks a year, and of course you get a heavy research publication and call anytime you want. We can help you with your plans. We’d love to do that and like to be part of the success of the members here at Epic Outdoors. Yeah, and I think, I think one of the themes about all of these guys who are killing big deer are not just hunting one state and, and, and you think, what, what can a membership at Epic Outdoors give me? And that’s it. We’re, we’re gonna guide you through hunting more than one state. So that’s right. That, that you gotta be in the hills and you gotta do it. You know, this is not, when we talk to one of these guys, it’s not, that’s the only hunt they have and that’s the only thing they do every year. It’s, they’re hunting multiple states. They’re getting in the field as much as possible. I like it. Chandler’s from Nevada.

01:34:21:01 –> 01:34:38:09
I wanna Move to Nevada. I love, I love Nevada, but hey, you know, he wants to be here. So there you have, maybe we can do a swap. I don’t know. All right, everybody, it’s time for lunch. Bronson, where are we going? Amen. Where are we going? Do you know? No. Well, let’s go. All right, let’s go.