In this episode the entire, and we mean entire, Epic Outdoors Crew get together and call the winners of our 2023 Winter Hunt Giveaway.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Jeeze its the Gen Zs. How are you? Gen Z I’m doing good. How are you? Right on. I like it. Hey everybody, Jason Carter and the entire Epic Outdoors crew. And I mean, when I say entire, I’m thinking we’re not missing much men, women and children in here. Who’s the child? Child? There’s a couple. Oh, the Gen Z. There’s a couple. Oh, and we got one back there. How are you, Kate? Kate. I we’re they’re children. Did you guys sign a waiver? We’re gonna get you on camera. Oh, do we do that here in Southern Utah? I guess you can’t use their image or likeness thereof. I don’t know. We’ll blur You nod your head. Okay, continue. So we’re, we’re pretty excited right now. We’ve just had the Epic Outdoors Membership Drive contest conclude. We basically pulled all the winning tickets. We’ve got ’em right here. We’ve got a stack of them all on this pretty little piece of paper. And we’re gonna give ’em a call and kind of have a little fun with them today. Today. So we’re pretty excited. You know, we take Pride. Bronson in, in picking the best of the best. I mean, these are hunts we’d want ourselves. Yeah, we’ve said it over and over, but it’s true. Every one of us in here would die to have one of these hunts.

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Of course, we can’t apply for ’em, but we pick outfitters that we know well that are gonna produce and the caliber of animals in the units that they guide in, or the hunts. If it’s a Canada, Alaska, something that is gonna set yourself up for success. So, yeah, let’s get on. Let’s Pretty awesome. We’ve paid, like I say, we’ve paid full price for these. When you win one of these, you’re not getting a second Ray Honda. This is, this is a big deal and super exciting. So anyway, we’ve got everybody. Wyatt, you excited? I’m here. Yeah. It’s fun to make these calls. You never know about here. He’s here. Well, what are we keeping? He’s being honest, excited. It’s almost like we’re keeping him from a tile project or something. That means he’s ecstatic, right? Yes. Yeah, he’s ecstatic. ’cause most storm, most of the time when you come in the morning, you’re like, morning. Why? And you always have to be the first one. Well, he does hit me first. He does. I will say why? It’s always like morning. Either a Pop Tart or Fruity Pebbles. Yeah. If he’s out of Pop Tart so morning, you don’t want to ask how he’s doing. No, it’s not good one. Are the rainbow colored Rice Krispies called Fruity Pepper Fruit. Okay. That’s what I thought. Yeah. Is that what go to? I haven’t eaten those in a long time. Go, come on. They’re amazing.

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Anyways, this is like a chicken coup. And, and Wyatt’s the hymn that’s got a little blood show and everybody’s pecking on him. What does, what does we do exactly? Yeah. Cheese. A target painted on me. Haven’t even said a word. All right, well, we’re having a good time. Here. We are. We’re gonna call the guy Bronson’s made mention. We should probably call the guys back east and I think he’s right, just so we can, I don’t know, maybe they’re home from work. It’s nighttime. It’s dark in places like, well, I don’t wanna say the state ’cause the guys are gonna be on edge, but by the time they, where let’s watch the, we’ll say Minnesota. Okay. All right. Let’s call the guy from, from Minnesota Dark, isn’t he? He drew the Akima New Mexico elk Count. Let’s just give him a holler and see what he has to say. Let him know he is want hunt. We’re sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected. I thought it was an, it’s actually, it’s what I started. Hold on. Now we can, we don’t have to edit that. I actually type that in wrong. Jeez. You imagine. Could you imagine We caught fat fingering over there. He halt some gal that’s trying to make dinner or something. And Hey guys, little Scotty, you guys are hunters. She is. We don’t believe in hunting. All right. This is the Humane Society of Minnesota. I got it.

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I got it right this time. And I’m my own se Second check right here. So, all right, we got it. This’ll be Scott. He’ll answer Wyatt, keep an eye on him. Wyatt. Never know. Waiting for a weird sound effect. Pick up. Come on, guy. You’ve reached the voicemail of Scott Dewiz. I’m unable to come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name, number, and time of call, it’s alright. Back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day. Scott. Hey, Jason Carter and the entire epic outdoors crew. We’re in the podcast room. We just wanted to give you a call, kind of visit with you a little bit about maybe, maybe a hunt. So, plans for 2023. Yeah. So give us a holler. You got my number? Don’t wanna say it out loud on the podcast, I guess. All right. Give us a holler. Talk to you later. Bye. We, we did that before, didn’t we? Or three five. He got halfway through it. I thought maybe that wasn’t a good idea. Five. Nine, three. All right, so I’m gonna put it down here. Lmm, do you know what that means? Gen Z. Left message. Oh, he’s, he’s gonna speak here. No, he always has to speak. You have me take my headset all the way off and then ask me to speak. Huh? Okay. I’m gonna type in this contact so when he calls back, we know who it is.

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You know what I mean? We need to coach guys. There’s certain times of year when you do answer your phone and you can always hang up. And Utah numbers are never spam. That’s true. Well, we should, I think we already talked about that this afternoon. Adam had two coming from the town today. Two from Wyatt’s hometown today. That I wondered if his wife was trying to call or something, or not. His wife, his mom trying to call us and make sure he was at work. I didn’t know what was going on, but I let it ring and they didn’t leave a message. And then I Google it, typed it, Googled it and it was a, yeah. Spam robo. Huh? Was it from Nephi? They called you twice? Once yesterday and once today. Different numbers both from Nephi though. Okay. We’re gonna call the Nevada Dear guy. Sneaky, sneaky folks from Nephi. Does that sound good? Gotta watch them. Yeah. Nevada deer. This guy’s from Nebraska. Quiet. Do a second check. I can, can’t see your screen. There we’re thing in the world. Oh yeah. Give away. He, he blames Janet Every time she got me a private screen, I, I wouldn’t have done it. I don’t know. I think it was the only option. They, I can’t hear her. That’s amazing. I can’t hear her. I like it. I like it. We could say whatever we want. Bronson just get the right number. Okay.

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Okay, here we go. Let’s give away a Nevada deer hunt. Let’s do it. Bronson. Hello. Is this James? Yeah, James. It’s Jason Carter. Adam bro, on the entire Epic outdoors crew here in the podcast room. Oh, how are you? Yeah. Good, good, good. Do you, how’s, how’s Nebraska this season? It’s cold. It’s pretty nice. Is it really? It’s 45 degrees. It’s pretty nice. That’s balmy. Yeah. Yeah. That’s good. Hey, do you have any idea why we might be calling you? I’m too scared to say it. Well, go ahead. It’s true. Are you serious? There’s only one reason we’d be calling you on what, Thursday night at, you know? Yeah. Wintertime and 1st of March. Yeah. Okay. Well you, you won a Nevada deer hunt with Greg Kro. Muggy on Rim Outfitters includes the landowner tag for Unit 2 31. You’re the winner. Oh my God, that’s unbelievable. Well, congratulations. It’s true. Well, thank you. That’s unbelievable. Well, we appreciate you and your support of Epic Outdoors. And so yeah, it’s one of the best hunts a guy can get, you know, for mule deer with guaranteed tag, you’re going this year, choice of season, archery, muzzle or Rifle. We’ve given away a couple of, Hey, archery. Is that what you’re doing? Archery? Yep. Oh, I like it already. Good choice. First choice. My first crack. Yep. Yep. Oh yeah. Greg has taken a couple of our winners and he just loves ’em.

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Like, he loves the guys that win the hunts. Of course, there’s not a lot of pressure, you know, it’s a free hunt. And so anyway, it’ll just be an incredible experience with him and his team. There’s some of the best that Oh, yeah. That Nevada has. And so anyway, we’re proud to give it away and we’re glad you won it. Wow, thank you so much. What do I do next? Well, we’ll probably tomorrow we’ll shoot you an email, put you two in touch together through the email and let you guys just start making plans. But yeah. Hey, that is so awesome. Yeah, we’ll get a landowner tag out to you as well. It’s a voucher and you’ll turn it into the state and then, you know, they’ll basically issue you a valid tag for Mulder and unit 2 31. And then for now though, you wanna put August 10th on your calendar? That’s opening day. Unless you can, can’t go till later. It’s a 30 day long season, but, okay. What, August 10th through September 9th. Yep. Yep. So that’s, that’s the dates. But you can work that out with Greg, but it’s a seven day span. I’ve been in Nevada. Yeah. It’ll be a guy to hunt for seven days. So anyway. That’s sweet. You’ll probably fall in love with about it. Unbelievable. Beautiful state. Lots of flowing, flowing water. Well, there is this year, there’s, who knows, there might still be runoff in water.

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It’s an incredible year to have a tag out there. You know, it’s, it’s a state that’s very susceptible to moisture and when they get it, they have big deer. So anyway, that’s, yeah, and they’re getting some moisture now. Oh, it’s pretty incredible. Yeah, it’s, yeah. Nice, nice. Good. As we’ve seen in a long time, so. Well that’s awesome. If you, if you decide to sell it, why Adam might want it. I don’t, I dunno. I I don’t plan on doing that. We’re just teasing. We’re just teasing. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. Pretty awesome. Hey, thanks guys. You bet. Yeah, it was. Congratulations. And yeah, we’ll be in touch tomorrow through an email, but thanks again for your support. Thank you. All right. Sure. Appreciate it, Jim. Bye. You bet. You bet. Talk to you later. Bye. Pretty awesome. I need to How? Huh? He’s, I need to put him in my contacts here. Might already been green up over there a week ago. In Nevada, huh? Josh? Yeah. There’s no green up anywhere. There’s not Josh. I don’t care what you say. Your trip home there is no green up. I saw some yesterday, so, well, where? Come on. Where? Oh, down south. Well, yeah, yeah. Between here and Josh’s house. And not on Josh’s route. Josh came back and said, yeah, I saw some green up two cities in the state of Utah. Well, that was just some, some car oil. Saw some shining off.

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Northern Randol Christmas. The Southern Utah, the Randolph version of Southern Utah is, is Penit. So you got Randolph and Pengu, basically Antarctica. That’s right. AKA an I’d say it was green over there. And this was probably three weeks ago. Not, not March. This was about February 5th through the 10th that the statement was made. It was, it was a wreath that threw out, threw out somebody’s truck, somebody lost, you know, Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations that were plastic wreaths, you know, that were per permanently green. He was green. And I’m sticking to it. We’re going on a field trip. All right, Josh, you’re up. Sound good? What? Let’s do the optic package. It’ll be a guy by the name of Nick, Wisconsin for optics. Yeah, I just had guy last what’s name Jason. I just had a guy trace back for the ec mile Elk. Call him. Call. All right. Yeah. Here we are. New Mexico Elk. Let’s give away a hunt. Hello? Hey, is this Scott? This is Scott. Scott. Jason Carter and Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew. How are you? I’m doing fantastic Jason. Really what’s so great about today? Tell us about it. How was dinner? Was dinner good? Dinner was good. Dinner was really good. Nice. Hey, we’re just calling you, of course, we’ve run our membership drive here at Epic Outdoors and, and you won, I don’t know if you remember which hunts you applied for. Do you remember a bunch of them?

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Okay. No, right on then. That doesn’t narrow it down at all. I jumped in every one of my guns. Okay. Alright. Well you are the winner for the New Mexico Elk Hunt on the Yakima Reservation for five days September. So September 25th to the 29th this year. You won that. That is awesome. So pretty awesome. We’re super excited for you. What a great year it’s gonna be in New Mexico with all the moisture they’ve gotten, so Yes, it is. Anyway. Yep. Do you remember applying for that one? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Right on. Okay, cool. Well, sounds good. Yeah, so we’re super excited for you. We’ll send you out an email, be tomorrow, give you the details. Okay. And, and our contact there is super good guy, his main bio for the, for the area. So anyway, just a, just a great opportunity for you and we have a great relationship with them and it’s a, it’s a hunt that we book each year with them. And so anyway, they’ll treat you right. We’re, we’re way excited for you. Awesome guys. Love it. Love it. Okay. Well have a good rest of the night. Alright, you too. Thanks. Alright. You bet. Bye guys. Thank you. Thanks for your support. You betcha. Bye. Alright. Two for two. Pretty fun. Alright, who’s up? Josh, you gonna do this one? Sure. Optics. Optics is that we’re optics of gear, gun, weapon package, gear, everything. Yes. It’s probably not even legal in Wisconsin.

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What’s not legal? Everything’s legal there. It’s too close to the Canadian border. We don’t care about what’s legal there. Yeah. Here we go. Start to talk about truck cameras right now. It’s Nick. Hello, it’s Nick. Hey Nick, this is Josh Pollock with Epic Outdoors. How are you? Not too bad, Josh. How are you doing? Doing good. Myself and Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, everybody with the Epic Outdoors Crews here on the podcast with you today. Oh no. You gotta be kidding me kidding. Yeah. What? We’re really here. Oh, we’re just, this is like the best phone call to ever get. Really what we were just wondering if you wanted more tickets. Absolutely. I’ll take more. I’m hoping maybe I don’t even need more though. Oh, bro. Probably don’t. Not this time. I, I know you guys in Wisconsin like to go into black boxes and hide for a month or whatever you do there, but That’s right. Yeah. I’m glad you came out to answer this phone call. Yeah, you won. Well, I don’t know, do you wanna take a guess? Did you win anything in particular? I honestly couldn’t tell you ’cause I sprinkled them in everything. Okay. All right. Well we have you as winning the optics and weapon package. You’re kidding me. No, that’s awesome. Oh yeah, it’s read it off there. Yeah. So you’re gonna be getting a Swarovski 95 spotting scope with an, with an objective or excuse me, that’s the objective.

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And an at TX or STX IP, you’re gonna get a Vortex Fury 5,000 range finding binocular, like a 35 range finder, XIS conquest V four six to 24 by 50 rifle scope. Probably need something to put that on. So we’ll throw in a fierce twisted rifle choice of your caliber. And then a Hoyt RX seven bow. Wow. Oh my goodness guys. It’s like the most incredible gear package we’ve ever given out ever. This is pretty awesome. Absolutely. You need some of that stuff or time to upgrade, I guess. I absolutely could use, I absolutely could use some of that stuff. Alright. I know you probably tell your wife that stuff only costs 200 bucks, but it’s a little more than that. Yeah. Yep. We’ll keep the, we won’t let her listen to the podcast. Never let the wife listen to the podcast. Never. Nope. That’s right. Except for my wife. She edits it. Not fair. Not fair. Good stuff. Very cool guys. Well this is awesome. Well, we may shoot you a quick email tomorrow. We’ll give you a call actually we’ll get the details on the gum. We’ve got a lot of the other optics in stock so we can get those shipped right out to you. But we’ll need to get some measurements and stuff for, from you for the bow, you know, draw weight length. Yep. Stuff like that, that you’re gonna want.

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So we’ll give you a call tomorrow on that in the rifle. But yeah, congratulations and thanks for supporting our membership drive. Absolutely. Thank you very much guys. You bet. Thanks Nick. Have a good night. Okay, you too buddy. Talk to you later. Yep. Bye-Bye. All right, bye. Love that bitch. So good. What are you doing here? Going down S-E-G-B-R-E-C-H-T. Where are we at? Tejas? Should we go to Tejas, Texas? Yeah, do it. It’s probably an hour. I gotta save these contacts while I got ’em right here. The rest of ’em I think are out west. Yeah, they’re even further Call the call the white. The white one. Texas one. Yep. Okay. Kind of fun. The lone star state. We should have one of the girls like tee it up. Make me, they would be, who was this? No, I just wondering if you want you just call auto name or not. Just seeing if you really wanna apply in Montana or not. I don’t know. Just something, Hey, did you, I didn’t hear back from you on your weapon preferences for New Mexico. You still wanna use a Mau? Wyatt? Do you wanna do this one or? There you go. Devin. Wyatt. What? Okay. Have Wtt. He knows me well. He may not be. Want his license app side of, oh there you go. This will be good then. Huh? You wanna do it? He wouldn’t suspect it or Devin? No, I can take, take it away.

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Wyatt. Devin, you gotta pick, pick something too. But this would be a good one. Okay, we’re talking mu Utah mule deer. Where’s that one? Right. Okay, good. Don’t start reading another hunt off to him. Never know. Hello. Hey Chad, it’s Wyatt with Epic. How are you? Hey man. Good. How are you doing? Good, good. Hey, our membership drive just ended You calling me with good news. Well, I might be. We don’t call with bad news man. Just wanna tell you. Thanks. Might wanna slow down on the applications. I don’t know. Yeah, you blackout news. Yeah. We better make September one through five a blackout date on your applications for this upcoming year. Wow. What does that mean? I don’t even know what that is. You won the Utah Mule deer hunt. Holy cow. The one with bucks and bulls. Yes. That’s it. Pretty incredible hunt. You’re kidding me. No, no. My gosh. That’s incredible man. That’s awesome. Yep. Well no good chance for a big velvet mule deer here in Utah, so, wow. And you can, I can drag a bow for a couple days and then give up and shoot him with a rifle, right? Yeah, we’re 10 minutes. Start with the rifle. I guess I’ll talk to him. I’d start with the rifles, whatever. I’m get kind of old and my eyesight’s not very good, so I’m not very good with my bow anymore. Okay. You answered your own question.

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Don’t mess around for two days. Just kill him when you see him. Okay. That sounds like a plan. Wow. Pretty awesome. That’s so cool guys. Man, that’s, that’s awesome. Pretty awesome. Y’all are, y’all are. And I almost didn’t enter so man, tell everybody they need to enter. Okay, well you just did. So. Yeah, like I never win anything. My son wins everything. Well you won this one buddy. So anyway, you Utah Mulder hunt with one of the best. It’s Worldclass hunt, very expensive hunt guaranteed tag. September 1st with a rifle this year you’re going. And we’ll drop you an email tomorrow with all the details. Okay. Holy moly guys. That’s awesome. Thank y’all. Great. Pretty awesome. You bet you. Thanks Chad. Yep. Congrats you all appreciate it. Talk to you later. Alright, bye-Bye. That was good. He did not see that coming with Wyatt’s voice. Yeah. Who’s next? Where are we headed to? He’s a licensed application service client. Sorry. Okay. Just make sure the spelling’s right. Let’s see. Maybe do this one. Which one’s that? Do you wanna do that one? Yeah, I’ll do that. You, he’s probably gonna remind him. We call the get the ball rolling. We called him a year ago about today. Hey, we’re just calling you. Just say, we’re just calling you on this anniversary. Was it last year? Yeah. So tee it up, tell, tell the world what we’re about to do. We’re gonna call Jim here.

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Which one did he win? Bonus. Yeah, the bonus. The bonus credit for any hunt of his choice. 10 K. Right. It just so happens that he had won once before. This is like the only the, is it the first guy that we’ve ever had? Yeah. Win twice. It’s the first guy. First guy. Since I’ve been here. The only two time winner. Yeah. That I remember. Yeah. So here we go. Don’t gonna need anything else other than $10,000 to, for credit toward a hunt of his choice with an epic outdoors outfitter. Yep. Maybe ask him how his last hunt went just to, yeah, yeah, we’ll do that. Okay. Arch did all yours. Hopefully he picks up. He’s got this number saved now. Oh yeah, he does. Geez. Yeah, that’s true. If he starts six seven, they won’t answer. Hmm. Probably shoveling smoke. It’s not even five o’clock in Utah. Sorry I missed your call. Please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able. Thanks. At the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. Jim. Hey, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. Just wanted to visit with you for a minute. You’re probably out shoveling snow, so hope things are going well up there. But give us a call when you can talk to you later. Bye. I better save his number.

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I have it in there. No, he’s probably in there. No, really? I don’t know. How’s that possible? I don’t know, I’m just, just the guy saves numbers here and there. Okay. Bonus. Put a little note there. Where, what are we on to now? Okay, you wanna do that one’s even earlier than here. So, Nevada elk. Casper, maybe do that. That guy. Okay. Bronson, you ready? Or who? John, why don’t you do it, John, which one is it? Yellow Nevada elk? Yeah. Old yellow. Lemme see. Lemme see. Ben’s name Mark is all that’s did a snow report for Ka. This is Mark au. I’m not by my phone right now, but if you’ll leave your name, number and a short message, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks. At the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. Hey, mark, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew. Just calling you from Southern Utah here. Hope things are going well up there in Casper. Give us a holler when you can. We want talk to you. All right, you got our number? Talk to you later. Bye. Let’s do this guy. Guess okay, I’m getting in the mountain time zone. And which one it is in these almost five o’clock. It’s five o’clock somewhere. This is the big one. Ooh yeah. Dumb broon. 24 right here. Do you want 20, 24?

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You got it Teed 24. I don’t wanna freak you out too bad, but what his name. Gotta make sure be ready. Ducks are in a row. Four months we’ll be P 90 x. Here we go. Giving away, that’s giving away a duck hunt for a stone sheep winner. I dunno. Gotta make sure you got everything you’re gonna hate the next 90 days. Hello? I I’ll pause. Hello? Hello? Hey, is this Ben? It is, yeah. Hey, this is Adam Bronson, Jason Carter, and the whole epic outdoors crew. How are you doing this evening? Oh, I think I’m doing a lot better than I was. Really. Why would that be? We were just, we were just calling, we know Northern Utah has been crushed with snow and wonder how bad it is in Cache Valley. I hope you’re calling me about my vehicle warranty. Well, that was a second question, but with first thing’s first. Are you, are you doing all right? Your, your family’s safe with all the snow and all that? Yeah, we’re, we’re managing. Okay. Well, the real reason we’re calling is we did have our membership drive draw just a minute ago, and you won the granddaddy, the Yukon Stone Sheep Hunt for 2024 with Jarret doing. How’s that sound? Oh my gosh. I, that just made my year. Wow. Well, hopefully, yeah, it should. It’s might be more like a year and a half. Well, however long it takes. Yeah. Well, that’s awesome.

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You’ve got till August of 2024 to wrap your head around that and, you know. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Well, it happened. Appreciate your support and Yeah, I don’t have you hunted sheep before any other sheep? I, I have, yeah. I’ve, I, I actually guide for dolls in Alaska. Okay, gotcha. And I went on a, a doll hunting in the Yukon two years ago. Gotcha. There you go. Well, you’re heading back, so this time for a little different color. I actually talked to, to Jared at the Hunt Expo in Salt Lake just a few weeks ago. So, gee, well this is pretty teed up pretty good for you then. We’ll, we’ll, awesome. We’ll send an email to you to tomorrow, CC him and just kinda introduce yourself through the email. Like I said, you got a little over a year, year and a half roughly to plan for that one. But we’ve, we’ve paid for that for you. There’s a few minor details have to work out, you know, getting yourself there. But hey, the tough part’s over for you. Other just stay in shape. Oh. Oh my gosh. You guys don’t know. I was actually watching a video recap of your drawings from other years today, and I was just thinking what would, who does that say you’re gonna look? I, I didn’t You get, you didn’t gimme enough time to prepare. Wow. Well, hey, that’s good karma. I don’t know who else. Yeah.

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Have anybody tell me they watched those for fun. Just kind on the draw day, watching somebody else be successful seems, I don’t know, anti climatic. Hey, you’re gonna, you’re gonna see yourself on the next one we put out on YouTube, so. Oh my gosh. Awesome. You’ll hear yourself well. Thank you. Well, you bet, man. Thank you so much. Yeah, you bet. It’s pretty awesome. We appreciate you and your support here at Epic. We sure appreciate that. Well, yeah, thanks for putting it on. It’s, it’s, I put in for quite a, quite a few raffles and drawings every year. You know, there’s always a chance and hey, you know, this is why it’s one ticket right there. There you go. It paid off. It paid off. Well, congratulations, you and You bet. Thanks guys. We’ll send you an email tomorrow. Okay. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. You bet, Ben. You bet. Yep. Bye bye. Get it. Get Sean. Sorry. Let’s get Sean on the podcast. Hey guys. Hey Sean. Hey, SHA, you’re going hunting. Shawn, what up? What up? Nothing much. What are you doing? Hey, well, you’re on the Epic Outdoors podcast, Sean. Hi Sean. Hey. I just come change the light bulb. What are you guys podcasting on today? We were calling the winners, but Jason thought you were broke down somewhere, so we better take your dog. I sent you a voicemail once and then I’m finally like, geez, I better answer this. It’s important.

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Oh no, I was calling to tell you about the dog. Oh, okay. This news. He’s getting a dog. Oh, good news. Okay. Anybody out there having any ideas for shed dogs? Sean wants ’em. Is it a hound? That’s right. Sean wants a shed dog. Bad. Okay. Just don’t get a hound probably. Yep. You got two months to get it trained up. I know, I know. What else, Sean, you doing all right? Yep. Got any hunting plans this year? Just say yes. Yes. You got a lot of plans. Yeah. Got, trust me. Trust me buddy. You got a lot of plans. Probably ought to go back to work. All right. Yep. All right, guy. Appreciate you guys. Talk soon. You have a good one. We’ll see you. Bye. That’s a hunting fanatic right there. All right. What’d he get? What do we got next? What breed? He doesn’t, he’s looking right now. He’s right in the middle. Oh, I thought he got it. And the, the thing about Shaw’s such an animal lover. I mean the first cool one that backs his eyes, dude, it could be a poodle. He might want it. And I said, Sean, it’s a 10 to 15 year plus commitment. Like this is part of the family. Like this is no joke. Don’t just pick up the first little stray that comes along. That’s what I did with my shed dog. Picked up the first one. First one in reservation.

00:34:31:24 –> 00:36:01:13
Yeah, I was on the reservation. That’s a reservation. I haven’t heard this story. His name’s his name was chief. Kidding. Okay, well well let’s go down this road. Go ahead. About tell a little, I trained him. He didn’t know what a ball was, but if I said find a bone, he knew exactly. No kidding. Yeah, he found sheds. Well, no kidding. Yeah. Chief was it? You don’t know. Well, he had, let’s call it, he might have a little coyo. Pluck him out of a pile. Let’s call. Let’s call it a res dog. Yeah. Alright. Best dog I ever had. Was it? Yeah. Wow. Geez. Anyways, no longer didn’t to bring up a source object or it’s all good. Yeah, probably. Dogs are awesome stuff in his day. Special place in heaven for a good dog, that’s for sure. Okay, here we go. All right, Bronson, let’s give away this mountain goat hunt. What do you think? Yeah, let’s talk. We already gave it away. He just doesn’t know it yet. That’s right. Who’s on? Who’s on John? I could do it. Goat Mountain Goat right there. I’m gonna hit send that one this October this year, right? October. Greg Nevada, 23 Dillinger River Outfitters Pink. Super good hunt. Really good hunt. Awesome opportunity right here. Hi, this is Greg. I can’t get to the phone right now, but if you’ll leave your name and number, I think he’s us.

00:36:01:13 –> 00:37:11:14
I’ll call you back as soon as I can. I think you did screen us. I think we should call him right back at the tone. Just hang up. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll do what you guys say. The robo calls. Don’t do that. They don’t. We need you. Now. Run to the phone. Greg. Hi. This is Greg. He screamed twice, right? Now’s gonna, they’re pretty strict about, he might answering calls when you’re driving. Better leave a message at the tone. Yeah, please record your message. Can’t up Nevada message. No message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up or press one for I do all the options. Greg. Hey, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors TRO crew coming at you from Southern Utah. Hope things are going well over there in Nevada. You’ve won a hunt. We just wanna talk to you. Give us holler. Talk to you there. Bye. We’ll see you. Just see how yourself, let’s try on the national podcast. Let’s try a couple of guys back. What I do, you say you talk on the phone all the time and about it. You might get a ticket in the mail. Well, they gotta prove it. I had to go to the courthouse happened to me. You just heard it outta your lips. Day and time. Day and time. I would say anytime I’m, anytime they pinging my phone in Nevada, it’s probably driving. That’s pretty easy to do. They pinging your phone.

00:37:11:16 –> 00:38:15:02
They look at your phone records. I don’t think pinging your, I know that you’re on pavement that much in Nevada either. That’s a good point, John. I love John. You know what I like about John? He always makes you feel better about doing bad stuff. Is the law that if you’re on a two track’s, I don’t know the law. I don’t know. I know it’s talking on a phone’s. Just say if you don’t, if parked the laundromat and Ely and went up, went like that to hear to voicemail, you’re, you could get a ticket. Trust me. Really? If you’re parked, did you get one? Yes. He, first thing he said was, you hunt now. ’cause I was Where out? You a guy? I’m like, yeah. Alright. Gimme your license. Registration I’d to go to the courthouse. Pay a bill. True story. Were you idling or driving? Or you parked? I was slowly entering. Slowly entering a parking stall in the laundromat. Archibald has the most crazy things happen to him. Archibald about an hour and three minutes ago. What happened to you? Well, I was talking to guys and I mean this guy, this guy, he’s unbelievable. Got a little snacky bit into a Kit Kat and it didn’t taste normal and had no wafer in it. Pure chocolate like a Hershey’s bar. I’m like, he’s lying. Nobody. Nobody shows us, nobody me. Oh, a hundred percent chocolate.

00:38:15:10 –> 00:39:25:13
I broke off the other piece and broke it in half and yeah, so I went in and ate the rest of the bag, trying to find another one. See I’ve ne these guys all ran in there and ate ’em all and they were all wafers. Have you, how many Kit Kats have you had in your whole life? And never have had one without a wafer. I told him that’s an Oman been worse. Oman. He knows it’s in those things. Arizona, draw something that’s an Oman. That’s one. I hope so. I hope Willy won. ’cause Willy Wonka have given you a million bucks for that golden ticket. So anyway, I tried to tease him, told him I watched the Super Bowl commercial and said if any, you know, it was a pure, solid Kit Kat chocolates were a million bucks and he didn’t buy it. No. So should we try somebody back? Yeah. Yeah. Who pick? There’s only the two. Go to the Utah guy. Which one? Yeah, him. Is that the bonus? The Nevada Elk bonus and then, and then this guy’s in Wyoming. Yeah. I mean, they want to talk to us. Well, I think they do, but I’m always a positive thinker. Who’s doing this one? Devon. Devon the, which one is it? The bonus bonus, Jim? Yeah. We need to get the ball rolling on this one. If we try two times, we could give it away to the next guy.

00:39:26:05 –> 00:40:38:15
That’s why we draw. Change it up. That’s why we draw an alternate. Just teasing. Just teasing. Everybody. Just teasing. Sorry I missed your call. Just like when we take pictures with the Biden hat, we’re just teasing. Do we have to clarify that? We kind of did. Yeah, but we lost some followers. What happened with that? He said we lost Gen Z lost followers because he’s gotta put on his headset. It’s making a, I love it when he gets Can’t fire back and he, you know, he, we can just kind of have him, I’m beginning to think he did that on purpose at the beginning of this thing. Alright, so tell us about how we lost some followers. Well, Josh decided, prove it. Prove it. Well, Josh, an unnamed epic employee that also has access to the Instagram, posted a picture with a beaver in a Biden hat. And that was the first day. We have lost followers in like two months and it would kinda of make me proud. You know, at least people are standing up for something, but they’re not reading. Like, we’re just joking. And if you’re that big of a snowflake, maybe we don’t need you. Anyway. Josh, geez, I second that. Josh totally with you. Hey, Janet is in the room. We can’t just say, oh, there’s nothing to edit today. She’s listening. Oh, that’s true. Sorry. She gave the edit sign.

00:40:38:17 –> 00:42:09:25
She’s given the, just like every time I leave the room, Janet, we, I, at 33, we’re gonna be looking at that. Jana, we’re we’re good. You can trust me. Gen Z right down. 33, 39. I got it. Is that where we’re at? Yeah. Was that a Valentine’s Day post? What was that? Post President’s President’s Day’s day. Oh. Oh, that’s right. Fer. Our illustrious president. I forgot. Yeah. Alright. What? Bless heart. Tell me who, tell me who. We only have this other guy. Guy, right? The yellow. The yellow one. We’re gonna have to call it. We talk to, that’s the Nevada elk All wet. Talked to him. Either those three. Some of these I haven’t saved. I didn’t save one of them. Let’s see, that one did pretty good. Five out of eight’s. Not bad. We’ve had a lot worse. I always like leaning on the table, but it’s not good for video. No. Yeah. I want John to lean in a little more. Block the camera. Well, this is Mark au I’m not by my phone right now, but if you’ll leave your name, number and a short message, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Very best. Yeah, pretty sure. Off he goes. Well, that’s all the fun for now. Sit here and call these guys all night. Yeah, you guys, we gotta stay till midnight till somebody answers. I mean, who’s getting pizza? Just tease. Just tease it. Usually Janet does this.

00:42:11:08 –> 00:43:45:20
Just tease it. Pizza. Hey, Nevada. Nevada Elk with Hogie. Yep. Well, do you want me to do it, John? I can do it. I got it. You need his name? Mark Yellow. Hello? Hey, is this Mark? Yes it is. Hey, mark, John Peterson. Adam, Jason, and the whole epic outdoors crew here giving you a call. Okay. Pretty. Okay. So we just had our membership drive and do you have any tickets in? Yeah, I put some, yes, I did. Alright. H how do you, how do you feel about hunting Big Elk. I love it. Did I win? I can’t. I think it was Nevada or Arizona or Nevada or New Mexico. Which one? Nevada Elk. You won it. You won it. Oh man, I can’t believe it. You won the Nevada Elk Hunt Unit oh 7 6 0 8 1 with a landowner tag with Deadline Outfitters, Northeast Nevada. Fantastic. So just an incredible opportunity up there. It’s a six day fully guided hunt. And then you get to choose archery, muzzle, or rifle. It’d be, it’d be the rifle. Okay. Well, what we’ll do is we’ll send you an email tomorrow, put you in touch with Hoby, the owner of Deadline Outfitters. But we’re gonna pay for all that. We’ll get you a landowner voucher when the time comes. You can redeem that with the state for the actual permit, but you and him can make your plans for the dates you’re gonna go hunt.

00:43:45:21 –> 00:44:58:20
But yeah, you got a great hunting store. Oh man. Unbelievable. What kind of businesses are you looking for? I wish you could see the smile on his face. Seriously. Hey, we’re on speakerphone. I like it. I can’t hear the smile, but I imagine it’s there. I mean, it is the biggest smile I’ve about ever seen. Hey, yay. Well you’re gonna, you probably already had a happy husband, but you have a happier one now for however long this, he’s very happy. Good. Sounds like you got good home support there, mark. Yeah, I do. I do. Well, it’s for some background, this is a $22,000 hunt. Yeah. This’s just, oh my word. Yeah. This is, no, this is no joke. Great hunt. Great chance to kill a big bull. We’ve had many members draw this over the last what, few years. Yep. They’ve killed some great bulls. So you got a good one in store and good timing. You probably haven’t had to apply for a lot of your hunts up there yet in your home state as a resident, so you can plan around this knowing you’re going to Nevada. So Yeah, fantastic. I, I, I, I can’t, I still can’t believe it, but Fantastic. That’s, thank you. I’m starting. Thank you so much. I’m starting to hear the smile. I like you lot. I like it.

00:44:59:29 –> 00:45:49:00
All right, mark, we sure appreciate your support of us here at Epic Outdoors and what a, what a world-class hunt. We’re excited for you. Alright, fantastic. Thank you guys. You bet. Have a great evening. Be in touch soon. You too. Bye bye-Bye. Bye bye. I like it. Let’s try to get one more call. That guy we, we had, we didn’t call him for 20 minutes, at least 20. We skipped him the second go around. Bronson, what’s his name? Devin. All right. Okay. Sounds good. All right.