On this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast; Jason, Adam, Josh and Juicebox (Gen Z) get together and discuss their experience with LARP in the Park and how much social media is actually listening to you. Colorado has been on all of our minds lately as the entry deadline approaches! What is Colorado doing right? What are they doing that isn’t our favorite? All of this and more in this episode!

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What would you do with an over $5,000 Vortex? Optics and gear shopping spree. New razor bins. A spotting scope. How about a new range finder or Red dot For Turkey season, you could get all that and more Plus $500 to shop at vortex’s online apparel store. All you gotta do is swing over to vortex.com and join Vortex Nation. There. You sign up for their newsletter and you’ll be automatically entered to win the $5,500 prize package. The deadline to enter is March 31st, 2023. Go to vortex nation.com today to enter now anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Here we go. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, Josh coming at you as well as Juice Box. We gonna call you Juice Box now. Juice Box or Gen Z? GenZ. Gen Z. Yeah. Yeah. It seems like the office is torn. Does everybody knows how he got the name Juice Box? Did we talk about that? Well, he just sucking on a juice box in the background, but his videos were all front and center right on him. That’s right. Right. That’s right. All over YouTube. Now he’s the internet Cap sensation. Got Capri’s sons. He’s the old TikTok sensation. Speaking of which, Logan, why haven’t they’re having hearings as we speak in. It’s, and I had congressional, I had C-span on in here. That’s Wonder what was going on.

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And we’re like, and Logan is on the clock figuring out if his life is now over. I know. I think my job kind of relies on TikTok, so I gotta make sure you got a Gen Z. Be worried about TikTok and if they do away with it, that’s gonna be bad. It’s gonna be life changing. I know. Is that, does that mean he’s done here? No. Is that what that means? Not? No, you’re not. That’s why we’re, that’s why I’m watching the trial. So, so how is it, what do we, what are we up, where are they at now? I don’t know. The CEO of TikTok hasn’t spoken yet. And that seems like that’s the big centerpiece for today. So just to figure out if they know everything that we’re doing. Yeah. Security and whatnot, which there is no security. Right? Right. It’s probably a little more like, Rob, what were you saying? Bring that topic up. When we were talking about, I was just spewing odd topic and all of a sudden something cop pop up on your phone. But that happens on Instagram and stuff too. And they’re supposedly got whatever, Facebook and Instagram grammar supposedly already sanctioned. What was it we were talking about the other day? Laring. What was the word? Laring. Yes. LARPing. Oh, we did talk about rp LARPers overtaken the whatever. Yeah, castle. The castle downtown. Yeah. And then all of a sudden there was what? Swords.

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And you guys had shields and stuff ads next time. Yeah. Next time we tried to update our, it was the same time we were doing the March Madness giveaway thing. And I tried to open it up to, and put that on Instagram. And I had sponsored after sponsored ad of LARPing things. But do you have TikTok on your phone? No. So that’s my point. It’s not, that’s what I mean. It’s not secure. That’s right. Right. Facebook and Instagram won’t act like they’re being discriminated against. And TikTok isn’t the security. You guys do whatever you want. The security debate isn’t about what they can listen to and what they can gain from you. It’s about if it can leave their, their system or not. So meta is Instagram and Facebook and whatever else Mark Zuckerberg owns. They can listen to you through your microphone. They track whatever you Google, they track whatever you look at on Instagram. Okay. And then they use that to show you stuff, but only on their platforms. But TikTok is giving it out to other platforms to bombard your junk email and everything. That’s that’s wrong. We’ve got But the others, okay. They’re wrong too. They’re all wrong. They’re all wrong. You shouldn’t listen. Well, but we love, we love playing jokes on it. And we’ve done it. We’ve, we’ve done it in our family. And I think the LARPing thing, we didn’t start that way, but it’s a prime example.

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It is a prime example because LARPing never comes up. Ever. No. And its never searched. We never talk about LARPing LARPers. Yes, exactly. The LARPer Josh for the people. Hey, let’s, should we tell everybody what a LARPer is? Well, yeah, I guess. Go ahead. But you’re gonna have ads like crazy. No, no, no. I’m not. I hope they’ll, I hope everybody listening to this, playing it through their, through their truck speakers. 10 some LARPing ads. It, it’s 10 28 right now. We’re all, before we go get off this podcast, we’re gonna check our phones to see if we have more ads for larp by the end of the podcast. Shield, swords and stuff, I dont know, stands for ahead, the live action role play, but it’s the people that meet with swords. Is that what it is? Yes. Live action. How does, did you Google this? You see? Oh, I know, but I didn’t know what’s that’s called. How do you know that’s what it stands for, guys? Lord de Lord Bronson. Yeah. I got my, I I like it. It’s a, if you’re, if you’re, you would make a good LARPer if your mission in life was that you missed out as a, as a, as a stunt double in the movie. Braveheart, you’re a LARPer. Yeah, yeah. There you go. Right. So I didn’t even know that’s what it stood for. Live action roll. I didn’t either until Devon.

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Devon and Wyatt had some interesting college while we were over at the castle. We had a conversation about it. Devin and them, you know, used to watch, I guess a little bit, but in kind of, they did Saturday mornings watched Larp gather. They gather at the, who watched Street Wyatt All over. Who goes Wyatt. Devin drove, I think they down there. They could’ve been invited. They were, they also thought about when they were in the heat of battle, they thought about flanking them, dressing up and just coming in and going. Could you imagine Devin throwing a football helmet? Wyatt, what are you doing this morning? I don’t know. I was thinking about going down to the city park. Grab No, they were gonna rush it and, and like act like they were part of it and just crush people. Oh, okay. It was not, not as a, I’m enthralled by what I’m watching. It was more like, I can’t believe what I’m watching. Let’s go get our own stuff and overtake this kingdom. Visiting with Wyatt and Devon makes me think that my college experience was less than, mine was stellar. Mine was blah. These guys have some stories. Yeah. Gen Z. How’s your stories? Where are we at on your love life? Where, where you at on things? I was just about to tell you about the time I got pelted by a powder balloon at a LARP event. But you’ve been to ARP event.

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Did you, are you a LARP powder balloon full of the chalk? First off, I wanna apologize to my fellow LARPer. I’m not, I’m not a LARPer. What? Me and my friends would ditch class on Fridays and come over here to Panda Express and go eat it at the park right here. Oh, okay. And so we’re sitting there and they start LARPing and I stood up to walk over the trash can. They thought I was in their event. What? And some dude just pelts me with this pink balloon full of powder. And I’m like looking like, what the heck just happened? Like what color? White. It was pink. No, like the powder was pink and I guess it was some kind of spell or something and you’re dead. And I was like, well it was like a grenade that’s grenade. Lay down and played it. Well, I looked at him so confused. He immediately knew I wasn’t part of it. You’re hit dude. Tip over. You’re hit waiting for me to react. I didn’t know what the spell was. What’s 10 points? You didn’t, you didn’t hit the dirt. That’s a much better story than the lovewise. Holy cow. Well see you. Little did. I know somebody was caught up in the middle of a LARPing episode. Don’t walk to the trash can to throw away your pancake. Express. Well there’s larp going on. You will be bus I would love, I would pay money.

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Honestly, I would pay Devin or Wyatt to dress up and just go ru I would, I would pay literal money. How much? ’cause they might do it 50. I would, I’d pay ’em 50 bucks each if they did it. How about a box of shell? Oh yeah. For, for some primers. Devin would do it. It’d be all in. Oh, you get a, you get a pound of H 1000 Archibald to do about anything. Oh, he would, no question about it. Alright, well Bronson, there’s a lot going on. There’s flooding gonna happen. Well, yeah, it’s potentially, no, it’s, I took a trip over to Nevada and there’s water and streams in places that are never had it before. It’s kind of crazy. Pretty exciting. It is actually for the desert country. It’s gonna, it’s gonna be too much if this doesn’t, if this doesn’t start gradually melting and it all comes at once, it’s gonna be interesting ’cause we keep pushing any melting. We did have a couple rain events. Yeah. That started the melting. I mean we’ve already talked about maybe, did we talk about the Penguin valley? That’s, we talked about it a little bit. Got about six feet of per how’s cost? It’s good now. It’s, and it got rained on though. And it frozen ground with, with a foot of snow that gets another inch or two of rain on it. Yeah. You guys had lakes and Yeah. Baseball field was a lake.

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And we’re talking about records potentially being broke or maybe have broke today. I I’m, it’s getting new. I mean it’s supposed to snow all week. We’re talking about the heaviest snow water equivalent. You’re in the history of Utah since they kept these records in 19, starting in 1980 I think it was. Yeah. Yes. Right. Which 82, 83 84 was extreme. They were the highest. Yeah. And we’re we’re cresting that and that prior to that, what was the higher, they didn’t keep these kind of records. They kept snow depth but not snow water. Equivalent. Equivalent. Which we’re pushing like what it 26 inches. Yeah. The record was six of water. 26 inches of was. And we standing water. Standing water. So if you took a 26 inch deep bucket of water, that’s the equivalent of what’s up there on some, that’s 10 to 20 feet snow. That’s also like statewide. So I guarantee you there’s probably some that are higher, higher, higher. These are averages of sites throughout the state. That’s how they do say that Utah is now this. It’s not like they have one spot that this is the only the spot we ever measure. Yeah. It’s pretty, it’s pretty rare to have a uniform uniform south to north winter. We don’t have those a lot. A lot of times if Northern Utah gets a good winter, we can be dry as the bone. Yeah. And sometimes similar to what Idaho parts of Idaho’s dry right now.

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Yeah. You know, and I feel like a lot of the northern Utah storms, a lot of their storms are often drier where ours are coming from the south where it’s got a lot of moisture stuff coming from Mexico and a lot of that. So a lot of times ours. So it wouldn’t surprise me. I haven’t dove into ’em. But it wouldn’t surprise me if some of these up on top of the mountain up here are probably than probably more water than 26 on the bed. Utah, Northern Utah wants the dry fluffy snow for skiing. Yeah. Yeah. That that’s what, that’s what love they want fluffy. It’s powder. We like the dent stuff that breaks your back to shovel. No, I mean we like it but, but we like it to melt fast as it, but it’s apparently it’s over. ’cause Devin summarized his snowblower. He said no winterized. Oh he did whatever he called it. Summarized. I don’t know. I dunno. Winterized snowblower. He put some stable in it. Yeah, he did. And I’m like, Devin, it’s first part of March. mid-March. Devin, we’ve had Mother’s Day storms here. Crushed the place before. Yeah. Like we got two months potential snow. It’s funny. But anyway, you watch, he’s gonna break the, that stable’s gonna be, you’re gonna have to put another cord of oil in that thing and get some real gas in it. It’s weird though.

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I’m kind of, I, I don’t know, cautiously optimistic and slash nervous because I mean, shoot, we’ve got deer that are like, say those ponson deer. They’re supposed to be starting to migrate back here in a couple weeks to summer range and there’s four feet of snow. Oh, be stunned. Growth. It’s not like it’s 10,000 feet summer range. It’s like 5,000 feet summer range. Is there any chance that it won’t be a good growth year because it’s too late of a spring? If they, I think the deer will be okay. They grow late enough. Yeah. Starting to wonder about elk. Honestly. Like, I don’t know when the, like there’s some ranges can even open. Yeah. Because just maybe opening day of the bow hunting about, about the time fully grown. Just like on my commute back home. I mean these deer here have had green grass for well over a month. You guys know that. But you mean, but oh, all the tinsel you were watching as you’re driving home. But driving home, like right now you go in the evenings it’s a little bit green. There’s, there’s a significant amount of deer have moved down. Like they’ve, they’ve come down down on those flats. It’s really, really green. And so just interesting behavior. Right. There’s a significant amount of deer down there, but there’s no elk. So the deer have already found what green grass is available and elk is behavior a little bit more.

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Well not the party’s canyon bunches, but a little bit more afraid of people. Yeah. Yeah. They don’t come right down in the backyards as much, but they have in northern Utah this year. But, well, and that’s, but they behaviorally don’t do that like deer do. And just like that up there, there may not be some of the green grass like we’re seeing here. Some of those higher elevation deer that winter up in some of that stuff up north or they’re not on green grass yet. So Yeah, I could see it kind of impacting them. I think our southern deer, they’re already on hitting green grass and Yeah. Growing. I like it. Yeah. I mean they could be sealing off. They’re getting fat sealing off pedicles. They’re getting fat. They’re sealing off, off PE growing. Yeah. Yeah. It’s kind of exciting actually. It’s nice to have a little bit of a break. We’re obviously, we’re not ecstatic about all the, there’s places dead animals that are ha you know, parts of Wyoming, Northern Utah, Northwest Colorado. I think getting, oh yeah, I heard a pretty tough trust. You guys are talking to landowners and outfitters up there painting a painting. A pretty bleak picture. It is. And even the vehicle and train collisions and things like that that’s going on in Wyoming. ’cause the deer, he’s got a luge elk or coming to any dry ground, appearing dry ground. You’ve got a straight luge for 50 miles.

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A plowed road. Yeah. That’s their migration corridor. It’s their new migration corridor. That’s right. They’re getting And even the, I’m mean I’m here Bronson, you know a little bit too. It’s, the trains are wreaking havoc. That’s what I mean. Migration cord. Now you’re in a luge luge effect and you can’t get out. Yeah. ’cause 10 feet off the sides. ’cause some of those drifts are 20 feet deep. And could you imagine what a train, what it looks like with a train hits a herd antelope the hair. Well, I mean, you can’t get that hair off of you for, I kind of wanna watch it, but I don’t, I’m not happy about it. But it’d still be interesting. You know how much gr now the graffiti is the worst, the least of the problems on the side of the train cars. Yeah, it’s true. It is. Just because remember doing sad. Did you ever go help with those antelope traps up on the park and you’d sit and wrestle those antelope for literal years. All of a sudden you’d be sitting there driving around your truck and you’d look, pluck antelope hair would work loose through the fibers of the coat. Like it’s like a sliver that takes 30 days to work free. All of a sudden you’re plucking an antelope. Ugh. Piece of hair. A smell wire. It’s a wire hair. Yeah. Oh. Anyway, kind of interesting. So yeah, there’s a lot going on.

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We got, of course, it’s nice to have some water down here. It’s gonna be a change. There’s gonna be big deer that have, that are gonna pop outta middle of nowhere. You know, you’ve got a lot of desert arid places that have older deer and they’re gonna reach their maximum potential for sure. It’s, it’s green down south. Two to 300% of normal and all this stuff. Yeah. 300% in parts of Nevada and Arizona. Even uron seeing some high twos at times. Kind of kind of fun. Kind of, you know, it’s also, we talked about it this morning. I mean, these are the years that you put too much on your plate. You’re so excited. The years we, we don’t hunt just sheep, sheep, goats and stags this year. Yeah. This is not a sheep goat and stag gear. Sheep, goat and stags happen on droughts. That’s focus on some deer applications this year. That’s right. Yeah. So anyway, kind of exciting. I don’t know. So let’s, guys, I just wonder if we shouldn’t kind of crush Colorado a little bit. We’ve not meaning positively. There’s a, we we’re answering questions every day. Yeah. Dozens and dozens of guys looking to figure out what to do in Colorado. And there’s so many options. There’s not a perfect answer in Colorado. I, you give guys four or five options and there’s another four or five if you really dig, you know.

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Well, and, and to that point, there is no, for every point level, there is no absolute best place. And I don’t care if there’s a 20 point tier that you’re at. There’s not a no-brainer best place. You know what I’m trying to say? Yeah. It feels like it’s getting tougher and tougher to isolate the best options for each point level. It seems like they’re all blending together to be, it used to be a lot easier. We say, oh, 15, go here. Oh, 20 go here. Yeah, 10 go here. And yeah, it’s a little bit tricky now I would say, well, everything’s just moderated. We’ve, I’m sick of saying that word, but I, but it’s like, oh, okay, the vent. You better look at that. What does that mean? Somebody’s breaking into your place. It’s probably a LARPer breaking into my house. It’s storming the castle. Lord Bronson’s castle Gonna have pink powder all over the place in your house here soon. It was canceled by somebody. So maybe a real, a real nine m went off to a LARPer. Yeah. Something my front door. But wow. I just was sent a video by a fellow friendly hunter. Anyway, he said just a little spring runoff, just put the output to three three 30,000 CFS coming off the lakes. Gonna get Western here shortly. Well that’s what’s, that’s what’s crazy about all the little lakes around us.

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Well, we’re getting the later we get, the closer we are to 60 degrees all of a sudden. Oh, 70 turn it turns summer. Like that mean 60, 70, 80. And that’s, that’s where it, that’s why I’m saying a little cautious little, we can’t get more gradual. Yeah. We need a little bit of warmup and yeah. So the, the, because like you were saying, the Pengu there was still over in Panish. There’s three, three feet of frozen solid ground permafrost over there. So the ground hasn’t even started to warm up a little bit for it to suck up. And if it all of a sudden starts melting, it’s not gonna go in the ground. So, and all these little reservoirs in southern Utah, Nevada, all the, and I’m t talking a little, they’re little, they’re full and overflowing and we haven’t even had to run off here. Oh yeah. Just from ex extra dikes and you know, emergency dikes and things like that are being breached and crushed and like, there’s a lot. There’s a already we’re seeing. So anyway, my volume’s off, sorry for the interruption, but I, I’m waiting for the text from my wife that, Hey, get over here. I just shot somebody. I don’t know if she would, she would she’d, she’d dump a dude for sure. Oh. Especially if they touched the dogs. Who knows? Who knows.

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We all have, you know what, I guess going back to Colorado for, I remember what we look at two years ago, something when we were in here talking. What was the theme of the, the conversation then? It was two years ago. Yeah. It was, we just need that good year. We haven’t had that good year or then it was on the bucks up high and we just, they haven’t crawled out of a timber because of lack of snow. They are not there or they’re not there. They’re, they are not there. What’s the term? Determination? They’re not there. They’re not there. They’re not there. Not even, yeah. They not even a point of discuss, you know, they, they wanna maximize the resource and being able to utilization of it and be able to issue as many tags as they can. And on top of curb CWD, which takes out basically in theory, you take out the older age or, you know what I mean? They’ve definitely done that. Yeah. And I feel like, you know, pre rutt, rutt, post rutt whatever, win winter range rifle hunting with lots and lots and lots and lots of tags. Just imagine what it would look like here in Nevada if we did that. You got five to six deer seasons in Nevada archery muzzle it or 1, 2, 3. Yeah. Rifles. Second, third, maybe an early rifle in a few units in September. Yeah. I mean you look like That’s right.

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You know, archery, muzzle, early rifles and then second, third and fourths. I mean, it’s, it’s an onslaught. And then well yeah, you think about just, just the unit that we had several tags for here in this office last year. We crushed it. Second season, third season. Fourth season. We were all there. Maximum amount of days. You can say it. I mean with good weather and, and I think I was the only buck, the only one that saw a buck that was one in 70 plus one eighties, you know? And I love that unit. Yeah, I know. Which it’s, you wouldn’t have loved it last year. No, probably not. It was, it was brutal. It was. And that’s, and and I think that’s just it. And we, so I, so what I was saying is we’ve covered, we covered, we were there for the entire month of November. One of us was there just about every day and multiple units too. Should we just say it? I mean it don’t matter. Yeah. Unit 22. Yeah. Yeah. Spent time there. Second you Bronson, you were there with your boy third Devin was there fourth, Josh, you were there. Yeah, pretty pretty. It’s pretty fun. And we still ended up, we still ended up with some big deer photos. Yeah. Oh yeah. It’s not like still had big deer killed and we out of there. Well maybe we had a co we had a couple.

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And remember the one guy had a two teens. Yeah, I saw the, the one my showed me some picture of. But I mean, but for the number of deer you see, it was very different. Lots of deer and the miles. I mean, geez, you know, you talk about covering miles or whatever. I was doing 70, 80 miles a day on a side by side and you know, stopping the glass every so often and just going and going. And we saw a lot of deer. There were still plenty of deer, plenty of buck still. But trying to find one older, three years old. But that exact thing idea happened everywhere. We were in the Alamosa Valley and it was there too. It was everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s 68 or 79 or, or 62 or 22 or whatever it is. You know, 30 fives eighteens 35 actually did pretty good. But it feels like it was rough everywhere statewide. And that’s what we’re kind of talking about. Yeah. I feel like, you know, we’ve hunted. I will, sorry to interrupt. No, I was gonna say, I, I do feel I’m getting less calls for, I’m getting a lot of Colorado calls, but it isn’t like it was two years ago. No, it’s not. And if you look at the points the last two years, a lot of units last year took almost the same points as they took the year before. Yeah.

00:21:02:16 –> 00:22:11:12
Which the, that point infusion, when these dates kicked late a couple years ago when the dates kicked late, there was a, there’s people I think that have burned their point. A lot of people have burned them. Yeah. There’s still people that haven’t. I agree with that though. It does feel like a little less, it feels a little bit lighter, I think. ’cause the top point has been knocked off and rightfully so. You should have gone and hunted. And we’re talking about it now. Like, like where do you go? Just throw a dart, make a good education, educated decision, pick second, third or fourth and go give it. Heck yeah. I mean, even us this year, most of us have, don’t have the points to draw what we would really want. So we’re gonna play the turnback tag, which is what Well, that’s one of my point. But what would you really want? I have two points. I mean, so I have what you mean, how many points do we have? What would you really want? Well, so that’s probably not there. Even if I could get it, like I’d take a 44 tag, but even a second takes 14, 15, 16 points. It does. Yeah. So I’m not gonna, doesn’t matter. I’d take a, you know, a solid third in a, in a unit that, that has the potential. But most of those are taken low to mid-teens that the units I would really wanna draw. Yeah.

00:22:12:00 –> 00:23:03:25
So you’re gonna have to try to find a lanor tag or try to play the turnback tag thing like all summer long. Like we all do. That’s, or just even accept a tag. You know, like, like there’s things and that’s what ends up happening. Yeah, yeah. Meaning land, even landowner tags. Like, it’s not like we have the corner, like they change year to year. Some of these landowners takes ’em two or three years to draw a third season tag in their unit. Yeah. So like, you have to take what you find and say, all right, I’m gonna go there. And we do that. We’ve, we’ve gone to, well like 22 last year with some of us, you know, finding tags or turn backs or whatever. You take what you get and then just go make the best of it. That’s, that’s what, that’s what we’re gonna be doing this year. Unless you have a different plan Carter that I don’t know about. If so, I’d like to know what it’s, I’m trying to come up with one. Yeah, that’s, I don’t know. That’s the thing. Everybody, it’s really easy. Sometimes it’s kind of funny. We’ll talk to guys on the phone and it’s really easy to lay plans out for them. Oh, you’re two points, this is exactly what I would do, da da da. And then he’d 14 more questions later.

00:23:03:25 –> 00:24:10:24
You’re like, this guy’s grinding me out and I’ve already told him what to do. You know what I mean? But then I look, put myself in his shoes and I’m like, yeah, I don’t know what I would do, you know, personally if I had two points, bro, if I’m sitting in your shoes, I, there’s a lot of options. A lot of options. Yeah. What are you gonna do? You know, points only. Right. But I mean, are you Absolutely, absolutely. Points only. Yeah. Okay. There’s nothing I want with two points. It’s just, there’s just not, I mean Right. Not that I’m gonna start, start my clock over on. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And the, the thing I, I saw there were some good deer killed, just like you said. I mean even flipping through our magazine, you’re like, man, there’s still good deer over there. Oh yeah. But I think just the unit of this is the unit to be and when, and some of those deer came outta units that are only taken a couple points. You know, look, that’s the problem with using a lot of points. We hunted Gunnison and you know, the deer that were killed in Gunnison, the, some of the better bucks you could have killed in one or two point areas, 35, 36 eighteens, whatever. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yep. Easier. There’s been a slight uptick in some areas we’ve seen with that have had tag reductions. Slight Yes.

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Slight improvements. Slight improvements. So yeah. Maybe unit 70 or something like that. You know, slight improvements. We’ve seen some tag cuts. Save 35, 36 tags in 35, 36 some. Yep. There’s still a ton of tags, but a slight relief of pressure is maybe allowing a few deer grow up. That’s what it feels like. And the good thing about it is too, they do generally run high buck d ratios over there, which compared to say like a Utah, they run a higher buck do ratios compared to our generals. Yes. Compared better than our generals. Which basically tells you there’s more of an opportunity that a Deere, an older age class buck could get by. The problem is they’ve been running these dates so low that a lot of those, that’s when those mature bucks are vulnerable. So a lot of the bucks that have gone home with guys in the back of the truck the last couple years are the mature top end. And so as long as if, I feel like if those dates continue to run late, like they are, that that’s every year they’re gonna take those mature ones off every time or the almost mature ones. Right. And so anyway, it’s, that’s where the problem lies really. There’s still plenty of deer, plenty of bucks, but that top end mature well and people have to take one home, man.

00:25:17:05 –> 00:26:10:09
I mean, I, that’s, that’s, I just, to myself, like when I left I was texting some guy just some bucks I was seeing and, and I, they were gonna, they were headed to dump ’em. And, and guys were like, what if you do not come home with that deer? If I don’t give a, get a text, they’re talking about like the last day. If I don’t get a text at 4 35 tomorrow on the last day without you a picture of that buck, I’m gonna be mad. You know? And I’m like, you know, you’re like, I gotta get out in the cold and Yeah. Deer, I’m like, I’m like, I can just drive home and not have to take care of something and, and I’m, yeah, he’s a colder clean hands. Don’t Yeah. I mean I had this deer, he was cool. He was, but I don’t even think he was one 70, but he, he like grew out and then like his twos almost touched. They were literally within an inch of touching at the top. Yeah. The only, he’s a cool funky deer, but quality about him is his two is about touched and we’re still talking about it. Yeah. And it was just like, it’s, it burned in his mind. Did he have two eye guards because that he would’ve died. Yeah. But it was just like stickers and then you get down this dead.

00:26:10:12 –> 00:27:21:24
But I think a lot of guys are like, I’ve paid good money to come over here. And oftentimes you’re in it a thousand dollars for non-resident to go over there for whatever, food, gas, lodging, whatever. And so most guys feel like I have to come home with something. You came home with memories. Yeah. Did. I did. And that’s why you hunt anyway. Yeah. But just to kill stuff. Did you guys roast a little Cornish game hen over there over a fire for Thanksgiving? You and No, I, we, well we actually had a Dutch oven full of mutton. Whoa. There you go. Nice. Yeah. So that was good. I should, I under underestimated you had Royce involved. Nevermind. Yeah, dad. But I did, I actually, we had a, we had Turkey dinner. I took, I mean it was a bunch of pre-made type stuff and everything would thrown in the microwave to cook. But yeah, we had, my dad and brother was with me, so I had to make sure they didn’t miss their Thanksgiving. I feel like I want to just go unit by unit and crush this place and just give our feel. But I, I also one unit, one top five, but you know, I just top five units in Colorado are, anyway, I don’t know. I, I do feel like we’re way bridal, but a lot of it is we can, we can’t really tell where the next giants are gonna come from.

00:27:21:24 –> 00:28:27:27
Part of that is Gunnison unit 54 just crushed the place two years ago. You know, 2021 was incredible. Pounded many giants last year. Lots of ’em last year. Just kind of one was there that we know of a little bit under chief. But that’s, that’s to be said with everywhere. There’s almost never a unit. 44 maybe, but 44, if you look at the tag numbers are so low. It, it produces consistent, more consistent than anywhere. Just because there’s no tax. It’s fun. 44 is like, let’s set it aside. 44 is like talking about 13 being in Arizona or, or say let’s just the Oaks or Henry’s or Ponts or something like that. Like it’s outta side one of those that it’s an intangible. You can’t, it doesn’t, it’s a non-issue. Yeah. You can’t go there. So the other units that are more, we’ll just call ’em two to two to 15 point type units. It’s like they never have a duplicate great year back to back. Right. They have a good year. The next year’s flat. Well, 44 was unbelievable last year back to 40. And it’s not, it can’t be. They they killed ’em all. It was the perfect case. I don’t know. It was the perfect You said weather pretty good the year before. Pretty decent the year before too. Yeah. But, and it was better last year than the year before. So I don’t know.

00:28:28:13 –> 00:29:35:04
If you didn’t kill it 200 and 200 to two 20, you feel like you failed. And that’s not the case. Hunting is hunting and it wa but it, but with social media and everything, you see every single thing that even wanted to die. Yeah. You know what I mean? Even looked big, you see it on social media and so you feel like you’re the only guy that didn’t kill one, but 44 made that, it made the whole state look good last year. Yeah. And it, it wasn’t so I, I guess just as a, a random thing to throw out, if you are considering, I talked to a landowner that lives in Craig the other day. So up kind of in that northwest corner, you know, be, you may wanna be a little careful up in some of that country. 3, 4, 5 11, 2 11. I mean, Wyatt would tell you to go there every year, but 22, who knows? You know, 22, 23, any of those up in, in that section up there. ’cause we did hear there was a lot of deep snow in Meer that way too. Yeah. We’ve been hearing that for like six weeks or two months and it just kept coming. So it’s been a long, relentless winter in that northwest corner. That’s, that’s the only spot in Colorado I’ve talked to or heard from guys, whatever that said, it’s, it’s pretty bad. Gunnisons fine. But yeah, I’ve talk to guys. Yep.

00:29:35:14 –> 00:30:37:16
Everywhere else seems like a fairly normal to slightly above average winner, which is good. And, but that’d be some of the only stuff up there that I would be a little concerned about. But then even then it’s gonna be, you know, your fawns, a lot of it you’re not gonna see for a couple years anyway. But just deer numbers overall might be down. And if, if there were some older age class bucks in there, they’re, they could’ve have died as well. They’re talking antelope, they’re talking elk even. I mean it’s, yeah. It’s all the species up there. We’re getting what you’re saying, they took the sheep off the winter range. Yeah. Tell us. Yep. He was, he was just saying that they, they have sheep on winter range. The sheep can eat just about anything. So their winter ranges don’t need to be amazing. And they, the snow got so deep up there that they had to bring them back and they were feeding like a semi-load to hay a week just to keep these sheep herds alive up there. And he said he’s never seen it like that. Crazy. Well just north of there in Wyoming, that red desert, that south central part of Wyoming has been crushed probably the hardest too. We’ve all heard about southwest Wyoming and they’ve had their issue, but it’s, it’s worse in that south central Rollins type area anywhere.

00:30:37:16 –> 00:31:41:12
And if you look at the proposed antelope numbers there, we’re not gonna talk about Wyoming yet. We’ll have a probably in detailed talk about the deer antelope there maybe in a few weeks since we Yeah. They’re proposing major tag cuts. Yeah. Major tag cuts for antelope in that part of the state. So anyway, but, but, but that’s what we’re hearing. You know, there are traditional places like the Eagle Valley, Eagle Vale, Gunnison, they’re traditional little bit ice boxes for Colorado. Gunnisons most known for that. But those deer are also born and bred to survive that. And it’s not a catastrophic big winter there. It’s not. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a above normal winter, but it’s not catastrophic. Yeah. So we’re not here in other than that northwest corner. Not nowhere to where you wanna draw the line. But I would also say that a lot of, that part of the state in general too has a lot of mix of public and private land and high tag numbers. It’s not normally, I’m not gonna label deer because they, they, they have a lot of tags, a lot of private land. Yeah. And, and so it’s not normally where we, where we hunt, but a lot of people do hunt there on private land lot. Oh. There are a lot of people over there. A lot. Lot of, and there’s been some big bucks killed in some of that country over the years too.

00:31:42:10 –> 00:32:49:19
But, but it’s not, like you’re saying, it’s not like your trophy destination. These, you know, you normally No. Yeah, that’s right. Yep. So I don’t know Bronson, I’ve, I don’t know. I, there, I think it’s, we take pride in hunting a lot of different units across the state of Colorado and spreading our guys out, kids, wives, whatever. We’ve tried a lot of things and not, not afraid to just go figure something out. We’ve hunted units for the first time and got, you know, been very fortunate. We’ve hunted some units for the first time and never want to go back to that unit either too. And that’s, that’s kind of what Colorado always has been. But even more so now, like there’s, there’s no clear cut, right or wrong for every point level. There’s options and just pick something. And, and that’s, that’s the one thing I love about our, our minimum points query where we can go through and do a query of zero to two and we always kick out to the side what it took to guarantee it. But generally it’s a percentage with one point under and you can go click that individual unit or hunt or whatever and look at it and, and it’ll tell you exactly what the odds were last year. And I just, I love that about it.

00:32:49:20 –> 00:33:46:03
When I’m consoling I always, this guy will be like, I have four points so I’ll do a query from, you know, one to four, one to five or whatever and say Okay, this is what it looks like you could get, and you could do all seasons. You could do just thirds, just seconds, just muzzles, just archery, whatever. And, and I just, man, it’s so helpful to just, here’s your options and it’s generally that long. Yeah. You know what I mean? And, and I don’t think we talk about it as much as we probably should. And a lot of guys I talk to on the phone don’t realize they don’t really utilize the website that we have. It’s unbelievable draws and things like that that we have. Most guys look at the magazine, I use it 30 times a day. Yeah. And they’re like, well I don’t even see half the units on the mag. Well we don’t report that. But if you go on online, on our website, and so if you’re looking at draw odds and those kind of things, if you’re wanting to know maybe what’s the best historical unit or what, what options I have that’s, that’s with your, that’s more like it. Yeah. Throw your points in and you’ll see what options you have and then choose from there. And we’re focused on a lot of our talk right here on, on deer. But same thing goes for elk. Yeah.

00:33:46:03 –> 00:34:57:17
You got elk points, you got five elk points and one archery elk hunt this year. Throw it in there there. You know, there’s a certain amount that we can print in a paper magazine every month. Everything’s online. Antelope’s a little different with now having non-resident quotas. It’s gonna be interesting this year. Yeah, that’s gonna change it up a little bit. There haven’t been a discrimination between resident non-residents and frankly non-residents have kind of dominated the drop. ’cause we have a lot of points and people do And you just saving’s go. Yeah. You’re just buying ’em. ’cause it’s three bucks, nine bucks, whatever. Over the years. We did have Colorado, you gonna use yours? Just buy that pretty fastly. No, I’m going, whoa. Boldly I forgot. I gotta put, let me email myself real quick. I gotta put that on my hunt schedule. Here we go. Right here on a hot light. You never know what video cameras are around here. Yeah. Keep that down between your legs somewhere when you might even have a video camera down there. Who knows? Logan, what have you laced this place with? Well, I can’t see your password right now, so I think you’re okay. How about, how about, why don’t you just hand Adam and I your phone. We’ll go ahead and add it to your schedule for you anyway. I’m just saying I’m ju okay, I’m ready now.

00:34:57:21 –> 00:36:07:24
So yeah, I’m just saying, you know, there was tho that quota had changed and then also for, you know, they changed some 35% non-resident down to 20. They did that new for future. Oh yeah. The ratcheting used to be like set from 2006 nine nine or something, nine. And we were getting a good ride for the last years average, yada yada yada, whatever. And they reset that to 2021 I think. So there’s new units and we highlighted those in the magazine. New units that are going from last year we put it right. We got 35% of the tags went to non-residents this year there’s gonna be only 20%. 20 in some cases in some cases. So it didn’t affect widespread. It, it only is units that took what residents six plus more. Yeah. As of a three year average ending. Yep. Year average 21. Average ending in 2021 and then it’ll, it’ll update one year each after that year. So it’s gonna stay up, up and it’s gonna be real interesting. There’s talk obviously in Colorado, the commission’s approved conceptually this 75 to 25, which would be across the board, but that’s not gonna affect this year’s draw. There’s things that have to ratify first and go into Yeah. Go into place. But, but yeah, you can’t say Colorado’s not fair to non-residents. No, you can’t, can’t They are extremely fair Yeah. To non-residents.

00:36:07:27 –> 00:37:11:00
In, in my mind the, the downside is we all just wish there was giants for everybody, you know what I mean? And the rifle rutt hunting, that’s, you know, right. I mean so that’s, that’s the trick is where, where, where are there a few deers slipping through and that’s what we’re looking through, looking at these units saying where, where are there some deer that are older? Older deer. Older deer that are for the time being because it doesn’t stay long. We, we picked a few units over the last five or six years, some of us. Yeah. And that window seems like in two, two to three years closes. Like it’s, they’re no longer. Well and we’ve killed deer, we’ve killed big deer in, in 22 and 21 and 61 and 35 and 44. And I mean you, you, you know, 68 and Gunnison and I mean we’ve killed big deer in these units, but you feel like you killed the only one available that year, the breeder. And you now have to find a new place breeder. It never feels like you can just keep going back and have an awesome hunts. Even with landowner. And I would say we rarely, we rarely do individually go back to back the same year to the same place.

00:37:11:29 –> 00:38:19:23
Part of it is we are adaptive in our schedules sometimes, you know, a second maybe fits our schedule better than a third or something some years, you know, you gotta do something different. White tail hunt or something like that. People are doing that this year. Hold on, let me myself. Yeah, there are some white to hunts, but point is we have gone back to units often and maybe taken a family member because they got the points to draw it now and all that. We’re not, not, we’re not doing that but ourselves, no, we, we, I can’t think the last, well you killed, you killed a big buck in 43 how many years ago? No, I hunted there twice in row. 2005 or six. Yeah, that’s right. And how many, how many times have you been back since? Yeah. Never. And it’s been, and it was a 200 inches. It’s pretty decent and it’s been pretty decent. It just went from a easy to draw second choicer to not, and at the point I had a bunch of points, but you have two points right now, so I, I know Jason. So there’s options for you. Yeah, I I’m, that’s a great option for me. Thanks for the consultation. Hey. But I guess that’s what I get from my membership. Epic out worse. And, and, and you, you killed a big deer in six one year. How many times have you been back?

00:38:19:23 –> 00:39:20:25
Since I took a kit back, but I haven’t been back and nor nor do you have any desire to go back? Those are the type of, but that’s my point. Just like you and 22, the last probably really I sent, I sent some people there here in the office last year and they hate me now. Well, and I’ve been there with you that year, so I know how it was even better that year. You, and that was, it was even better that year. And we’ve said that story, I don’t wanna go back to it, but like that pumpkin that smoked that deer out from under you. I mean, geez. I showed my boy that I showed him all where it happened, showed him the buck and the video when I, when we were there this year said this is right where it happened. It wasn’t a giant, it was a 180 ish. 180 probably max or, but well built pretty dear. I’m calling it one 90. No, come on. It was legit. No it wasn’t. Yeah, we’re just 300 pound. I would not even have called on the radio. There’s 300 pound block bodies out there. They’re always bigger than you think. Cut Jason down there to maybe video. Geez, I wouldn’t have driven there for a little oh four point. No, you were d you had a dead fire. I thought it was legit.

00:39:21:16 –> 00:40:25:19
I came, I said, hey, maybe get down here, maybe I’m shoot pedal, shoot deer pedal, pedal down. And he got there within five minutes and I said too late. Gober Powell shot it. And I, and I’m not that he’s a bad guy. I’m just saying goer Powell’s, anybody, somebody, anybody. We don’t know every, you know, just a guy, random guy out there. But remember when he was walking around trying to find it, he was just, I mean walking and walking and walking and we’re like, that’s how stuff happens. He’s gonna walk away and go kill another one. Yeah. You know, and we couldn’t see it or we’d helped him. I, we didn’t know. All we did was hear the shot, the deer ran off and Yeah. Anyway, anyway, kind of funny. But I guess my point is you smash a big deer up north then you, then you, you know, and we’re we’re unit hopping. Oh yeah. And I’m gonna, this year I I I have no idea I’m in again, I’m in a different situation when you’re trying to get a turnback tag, you find out, you know, every week we try to get a different tag in our cart in that scenario and landowner tags. It’s gonna be what my season looks like on first part of June. If, if it, this is kind of funny. I I, Bronson can I bring up another one? Sure. So you hunted like 25, 26. Oh yeah.

00:40:26:03 –> 00:41:29:22
Didn’t have great hunts. No. Had decent hunts but went back a lot. I want that was that’s my, but that’s my point. That was also a little bit different era. And you could draw second choices quite regularly at the time, right? Oh yeah. Yeah. They’re fourth a few times. Yeah. But you know, but you knew it had the right genetics. Saw a big, big deer the one deer first year and it had me hooked and then it just wasn’t ever like that perfect conditions. Really big deer. How big? 2 10 15 big geez big deer fogged in, snowed in on a five day hunt. You’d pray for snow until you get too much snow. I’m like the maybe third morning or third evening of the hunt and, and the whole four day four snowed white out the whole day. And the fifth morning, which is the last day of a fourth season, snowed till about noon or one. And I’m like, dude, and I’m just sitting up there, I had a bonfire. I’ll show you the picture. It’ll be a good picture for this podcast. Show the bonfire for me and my buddies built just in a white out. Yeah. And we’re we’re 1,015 hundred yards away from the deer. But you gotta see it first. And then, alright, I’m taking off guys.

00:41:29:25 –> 00:42:34:00
You know, you watch it and finally, you know, that evening it broke and I, I said, all right, I’ll glass for, I dunno, two, three hours. If it didn’t show up on that ridge, I’m gonna smoke a backup buck. And I ended up smoking the backup buck right at dark and had a crappy night all by yourself shooting a 300 pounder packed up in at dark in November. All by yourself full. Were you at like 10,000, 10,000 feet. Had to cross a canyon. This was not that year. Oh. This was a different year. But it, there was a lot of snow and it was cold and it was that, that night sucked. Packing a whole deer out on my back boned with all the clothes that you had and your ’cause four season, you gotta have a lot in your pack. Yeah. Horse cold man. And then you have a lot of, and then you put a bone out deer cape head. Anyway, it was, but I have been back and it’s, I think that ran its core. There was also periods in life and we’ve all been there when you’re early in life. Whether, whether i, whether I didn’t wanna pay, you know, a grand or two for landowner tag or I couldn’t Well I think you knew a second choice was it can happen like it did. Yeah, it did happen. You did see one. Yeah. I’ve done it a lot.

00:42:34:02 –> 00:43:33:24
And so if you could get an affordable landowner tag or a second choice third or something, that was my plan. And, and, and now, you know, landowner tags are hard to find for you. You want Oh yeah. Really hard. And so it’s, you sometimes take what you can find and get and the second choice tags are even harder to get and find and, and maintain points. And generally I’m willing, I’m willing to accept most of us, I think here we’ve been to Colorado enough that I’m willing to accept not getting a second choice tag in the draw so that I have my turn back tag options all summer long and hopefully find a landowner. Yeah. And I think to expound upon that, if, if you have a tag in your name, you’re not eligible to get one of the wazoo turnbacks. Yeah. So if you get one as a second choice, you got one attached to your name, you can, you’re not eligible, you can’t. And add one to your cart and check out. Right. But you can, if you do draw it, you can do the, you know, little pushback period. I call it the pushback period. Yeah. If you draw a tag as a second choice and, and you don’t want to, you gotta buy what, seven days? Well, you can actually 30 days prior and ask for a refund because you already gained a point. You know what I mean? Yep.

00:43:34:02 –> 00:44:29:12
You can do that and you gain, gain your money. Yeah. But, but you better do it well in advance at the 1st of August when the turn back tags start going on. Right. ’cause it gotta get processed by Colorado. Right. And your count’s gotta be wiped clean. And I do no longer have a deer tag and you can start buying ’em. But I I, I was gonna get one of those turn back tags come heck or high water. I even went over there and walked into an office and had the gal help me and I couldn’t get one. Oh, it’s, they’re hard. So we talk about it like that’s our gold. No, it’s, but why, why got one? We tried, Wyatt got one. And, and it happens. It’s very hard. But I mean, I’m willing to play that game and find hopefully a landowner tag that i’s in my price range and the unit I want comes up that, that’s my plan in Colorado. Well, I’d say even some of those, you notice that you can get on a second choice. There’s actually quite a few of those that’ll go in the turn back list. So if it comes down to it, oh yeah. You play it for a while and it comes down closer again, you get that same tag, you could grab the same tag you could have drawn and just saved yourself. Yeah. A little bit of a turnback headache and all that.

00:44:29:12 –> 00:45:35:22
You can just kind of wait and try for a better tag. And then as the hunt comes closer, you say, okay, I’m, I’m gonna try and take that tag. Well, and it’s hard to believe that things change. So, so 20, 25, 26, it’s changed. Like you don’t really want to go back, you know, you also, your knowledge has changed you’ve learned a lot since then. I’m also getting older. So what I mean by that is you’re, you’re in this same boat, Josh, maybe you’re getting there. I don’t wanna squander another year in Colorado. Right. With something that has a right. 1% chance of me. Right. And one percent’s probably too long. You mean you don’t wanna take the meat wagon to a cluster units with all the kids and, and, and wife and everything and come back with no meat. So meat, you’re, you’re in your life. You don’t get back. You do it once. Josh. Josh, you and I did it. And, and that’s what’s funny. We talk about 22. You and I did that. Yeah. Both of us. Yeah, of course. You guys should have smashed a white toe. Yes, we should have. I’ve been And a big deer the last day. Yeah. Yeah. And the big deer. And then I went back on your knowledge and the big deer wouldn’t leave private. Yeah. You know, I think that’s just it. We saw him for the literal 30 seconds that he was off.

00:45:36:02 –> 00:46:37:05
He, the dough left and came up and hooked around. And that’s when I saw him. And he was heading back too. Yeah. And got on that chunk. But yeah, I just meant my being older, I, I, I’ve done a lot of the turnback, second choice, third choice just to be in Colorado. I had a second choice last year. Well, I turned it back. God refund. Did you push it? Did you push it back or did you send it? No, I sent it back later. ’cause I was like, ah, I wanna play the Turnback game. Yeah. It got a kill though. I did. I loved it. I loved it. I beat the system. Yeah. It wasn’t a hundred percent on second choice. So I beat the system, you know, anyway. But there you have it. So there’s a lot and, and, and there’s just a lot of options and things change. And that’s, I guess going back to things change is, it’s hard in our mind. You, you have units. I really have units I loved on. And Josh, you’re watching it in, in some of the country that you’ve hunted Yeah. Recently. And you’ve watched it change to be years even tougher three years. And, and when I hunted it, it was way better than when you hunted it. Yeah. You know what I mean? 10 years prior. And I guess that’s, I don’t know.

00:46:37:09 –> 00:47:34:24
I’m kind of getting the, I think the days of going into a new unit that you haven’t scouted, you know, e scouted or whatever, you just go in there, get some advice from friends or, or whoever that’s hunted before. And you go in there and kind of, as you’re scouting, you’re hunting and the chances run into a big buck. You know, it’s, it’s always kind of used to be the case. So going to a new unit to hunt wasn’t a big, as gamble as it is today, I feel like. Yeah. You could go to a new unit and still kill a big deer with, with some blind luck, I guess you could say. And I feel like that’s gone a little bit. So to me, I’m, I’m almost looking at it. My take on Colorado now is, you know, I’ve been to a few different units. I’ve been to as many nowhere near as what you guys have had. But you know, we, we’ve collectively in the office been to a lot of different units and stuff. But my almost my take now is I might just end up trying to go back to a unit that I know that you liked. That I’ve been here. Yeah. That I like, I like the country, but I’ve also scouted it and learned it. I know where to go, where not to go.

00:47:34:27 –> 00:48:37:04
If the deer do this, if the weather does this, and just the confidence to keep after it too. And just say, you know what, I’ll take that tag and go back this year. Maybe there’s not a giant there, but I know what those deer do there. And the, the odds of a big deer being there are probably just as good as any other unit. Yeah. And I’ll just go and, but maybe I don’t do it every year either now. You know? Yeah. Maybe like I was New Mexico looking at some stuff thinking maybe I just forgo and do something weird and go to try and go to New Mexico on a deer. Yeah. During that timeframe instead of going over there this year and give it a break. I don’t know. Yeah. It’s hard not to try to be there, but it’s harder to be as excited as maybe we once were to be there and that, you know what I mean? Yeah. Like, there’s just good options and it’s hard to sit outta Colorado. It really is. Oh yeah. But, but with some of the other things, I’m just praying that I do better in the draws in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona this year than I have been doing. Yeah. Because I think those are the states I would really love to sink my teeth into. Yep.

00:48:37:09 –> 00:49:48:04
If I can have some deer tags this year that I’ve been basically, you know, we joked last year, go north, go north, go north the last couple years and some of the Wyoming and Idaho’s. And we did that to some extent. Some of us Wyoming’s not a figment of my, of my memory. Yeah. I was, I was basing my whole year around Wyoming. That’s right. This year. 2023. Oh, I know. I was, it’s not even, I was too, it’s not even a, it’s not even a 1% option. And now we’re so excited about these southern states, but it’s also, they’re states that are very hard to draw tags in Nevada, Arizona. I mean, Utah, extremely hard. It’s New Mexico, if I’m talking, it is really good deer tags. And those four states are like as hard as any states to draw deer tag in. So the interesting thing about, I’m still hopeful and you, and hey, it’s always good to have hope. But the interesting thing about Nevada is a lot of times when you see these upticks in moisture, you have an incredible year looming. And now we’re seeing, yeah, there’s an incredible year looming. But man, I mean I’ve, we’ve talked to the biologist at length and there’s not a lot of deer on the landscape in, in a lot of the country. There’s some of them, they admit two forties, two thirties, they are gonna be legit. You know, they’re gonna be legit.

00:49:48:08 –> 00:50:59:10
I’m interested to see how the two twenties turn out. ’cause it’s been so rough with the high tag numbers, the high youth tag numbers. They’ve just pounded that unit. It is a factory. It’s a deer factory. But, but you know, numbers of, there’s enough old deer to just blossom this year. So, right. So we have blossom. What does that mean? What does that mean? We’ve got two and 3-year-old blossoms. Yeah. We got little cheaters coming out the bases there. I mean, but we got big barely gnarly bases that are six and a half inches. You know what I mean? I mean, what does that mean? And so it’ll be interesting to see, I think some of the desert stuff that we don’t even consider, or most people doesn’t even, don’t even consider. We’ll have a few, you know, know really, you know, good deer. But during those drought periods, the, the populations were knocked back even further than a normal desert unit has. ’cause a normal desert unit doesn’t have that many, you know, that good of populations anyway. That’s right. You know, and so what does this mean? What does this chia pet year mean? ’cause it’s gonna be interest, a chia pet be interest, it’s gonna be a chia pet you use, but it’s important to choose the right don’t have five chia pet Chis pets. Pets that can blossom. And so anyway, I don’t know. It’s gonna be interesting to watch, play out.

00:51:01:09 –> 00:52:15:15
It really is in these, and we keep going back to the states that we have. It’s mainly because we haven’t had anything to talk about in those states other than us. We keep trying and Right. And that’s the, and now we have something to talk about and we’re excited about it. You know, we’ve talked about Colorado, it feels like, you know, year after year after year, it doesn’t have the up and down change with some of the, you know, drought. It’s a more of a uniformly better summer range state doesn’t have as much desert country like these other states we’re talking about. So don’t see the ups and downs as much in atler development and stuff like that. And you have winter, winter effect, if anything is the only thing you really usually pay attention to. It feels like when Colorado has an uptick in quality, it’s generally you can look back and say, well tho those tags were cut a hundred, 150. It’s usually, that’s why, yeah. I don’t know. 44 hunting 44 is a unique 44, 35, 43. Those units are real unique in that if you catch the right weather on the right year, you know, there’s, there’s an abnormal number of, of good solid big deer taken. And it feels like that happened in 35 and 44, 35, 36, 44. Potentially a little bit in 43 type country. So, you know, there was a, there was a little uptick there.

00:52:15:15 –> 00:53:18:16
And then other, other areas across the state. It feels like the upticks that we saw are in relation to slight tag reductions. None of them slash tags like we would like to see. Yeah. So usually we’re like, you cannot not go to Colorado. You every, you always go and there’s this excitement about going, it’s just we need drive on I 70 from Utah over and, and every other truck is from Utah or whatever surrounding states in California. And you gas up and people come up and start talking to you. I mean, it’s, it’s a, it’s an excitement in the air. Yeah. Hunting season’s about to be in, you know, people are excited to go to Colorado. I don’t know that there’s that feeling in the air at the moment. You know what I mean? And maybe it’s just our office, but I, I feel Bronson, you guys and Josh, we talked to a lot of guys on the phone. It just feels a little people are gonna go because you’re supposed to go and it’s fun. It is so fun. Well, oftentimes there’s not a lot else going on right there. A lot of the other states or deer tags you have things hunts are over. So there’s a good gap right there. And you kind of put a cherry on the top of your year, go to Colorado and end a lot of guys, it’s their last time for the season, that kind of thing.

00:53:18:16 –> 00:54:24:18
And it’s great dates because most states don’t hunt the rutt with a rifle. Yeah. Great dates to hunt deer. I mean, there’s no wet place. You really wanna be just, maybe you need to have moderated expectations a little bit. Now, you know, Iowa White Hills, you don’t wanna be in Iowa in a tree? Well, no, not really. Okay. Well some years I might be in a tree in Iowa. I don’t know. We’ll see. Not during the third. I’ll be, I’ll be somewhere around in Colorado for sure. Lurking around. But anyway, kind of exciting I guess. Is that, is that kind of, do we feel like we covered it Well, Bronson, we covered conceptually. It’s really hard. Like if, if you’re waiting to hear the best, the top in all joking aside the top five deer units in Colorado, like good luck with that. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t know. It’s, it’s more or less I find myself consulting guys with these are the units you can draw. We can say what the top five R but does it matter? And that, I think that’s what with a preference point state, there’s not even a random draw. No. And you know, could you say that? Could you say, well, I don’t know. Do you want to take a stab at it? No, no. I was waiting. ’cause you said we could, so I was waiting. We could wanted to hear you. We, I think we could.

00:54:24:26 –> 00:55:34:19
But I, well, I mean, I don’t wanna make anybody mad. Everybody hates it When we, when we, you know, that’s the one thing I think we have a little apprehension. We would crush these units and tell you what our thoughts are. But a, it goes out to free to thousands. Thousands, tens of thousands. And so it goes out for free. And then, and b, people are sensitive to us naming their specific unit and thinking that we’re gonna ruin it. That’s not our, somehow we’re supposed to say our personal units though, or else we’re jerks. So what? Don’t be a jerk. Like we have, like, we have a lot of, a lot of today. Yeah. We have. So keep that in mind. And the good thing about Colorado too, if you have youth, youth hunters, I mean, shoot. Yeah. You get a lot of guys complaining in Utah about not being able to get their kids a tag. And we’re, we’re lucky because it’s close to us, you know, a five, six hour drive, you can be deer hunting in, in later. And it’s a good opportunity for youth and to get ’em applied over there, get ’em a tag. You can grab an elk tag while you’re there on some of these units. And it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other states. And so I enjoy, I’ve enjoyed taking my kids over there and watching them shoot deer and just ’cause they don’t know.

00:55:35:01 –> 00:56:46:02
I mean, they’re just, they’re over there hunting. They’re outta school. They’re over there in the wall 10 or whatever. They’re, I mean they’re just, it’s so much different for them. Good. Yeah. They’re loving it. And it’s, it’s pretty dang fun to see them going over there and starting their hunting careers and, and finding a four point buck for ’em to shoot. And they’re just, they don’t, pretty awesome difference. They’re loving it. That’s what life’s all about really. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s good. So I’ve had a lot of good memories there with them doing that kind of stuff. Almost. I feel like it’s important too is like sometimes to, to pick units. Some guys are wanting to pick units that are limited entry for second and third on elk. You know what I mean? Yeah. ’cause you’re dealing with you, you can pick these deer units and then you’ve got over the counter elk pressure. Yeah. Like crazy. And that’s, and that’s, there’s some truth to that there, there really is. But, but when you really boil it down, that’s not very many units. No. Yeah. You know, forty sixty one two ten two oh one. I mean, you’re talking about, and yes, 66, 67 are, but they, they have quite a few tags. Third and second, third season for elk there. They’re not, they’re better than o over the counter. They’re not unlimited, but I mean, when you start looking at 79 Yeah. Whatever, they’re not, you know, 66, 67. Yeah.

00:56:46:02 –> 00:57:48:01
They’re not that many really though. Right. So, I mean, if you, but I was a key in on ’em also, those units also take a lot of points to draw the deer in a lot of those units. They do. And some of ’em aren’t worth it, you know. Yeah. Well, yeah. They take more than, more than they’re worth waiting for just to hunt in a unit that has, you know, limited entry elk tax. Yeah. You like, like 61, you know, 15, 16 to draw a third 10 or 11 to draw a second 40. And a lot of guys wouldn’t like 61. It’s low lower densities. You know, it’s big country. You’re, you’re an hour, hour and a half drive to get anywhere. Oh yeah. You know what I mean? And people are like, what? Like it’s, it’s hard for people to do that drive from a lot of other places. You can drive around winter ranges and see a lot more deer than you can in 61. With ease. With ease and 60 one’s not No. With ease. Yeah. You know, and it’s partially white, you know, it has, you know, top to bottom, a lot of thick oak brush, pennage, juniper and all that. And other units like 40 have some of that. Of course you got state line, you know, stuff to worry about on that unit too. Deer trying to win in Utah or on the Utah state line, things like that. So.

00:57:48:05 –> 00:58:54:21
Yep. Anyway. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t know, you know, if you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out. Of course. Members here at Epic Outdoors, we call in anytime and visit with us about things and we can definitely throw you some options and, and whatnot. We talk to a lot of guys, we hear a lot of stories and then we have a lot of stories on our own and things we’ve experienced. So kind of, kind of awesome. Kind of. It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s just, we wish there was, we wish there was giants like, like, you know, or you know what I mean? Just wish there was just next level deer. Yeah. You feel like you could, anyway, I’m gonna, we’re gonna make it happen. The genetics are so good in Colorado that that’s what you go there today hoping for. Yeah. That a, a good a four, 5-year-old deer. There can be really something in, in Colorado. And, and when I say that, I mean, you know, one nineties, yeah, there’s plus could be a really good deer. There’s enough high country that deer could maybe get, get hide out in a little bit or, or private once they come down to, you know, a buck could get on the right private and that they don’t allow hunting. And he could sit there all third, fourth season, whatever and never get killed.

00:58:54:23 –> 01:00:18:12
So, you know, odd, you could maybe run into him the next year or something if he left. So there’s still, there’s still some places there for some of those deer to get mature because of those. All right. Hey, we just want to take a quick break real quick and thank some of the sponsors of this podcast. Wanna thank, obviously Under Armour kind of the title sponsor of our podcasts Makes great camouflage. We wear it all the time. Check those guys [email protected], like working with them. Have a good relationship there. Also, I wanna thank Blaine St. James with St. James Sporting Properties. He’s got some great properties out there that he’s got for sale and he specializes mainly in, you know, hunting and fishing type properties. So give him a call or look him up, shoot him an email. His website is sj sporting properties.com. Shoot him an email at [email protected]. Look him up if that’s something that you are interested in there. Also, I wanna thank Chester and those guys at Phone Scope. Make any kind of product you want for Digi scoping, hooking up any kind of cell phone or the optics you want, GoPros, whatever. Hit those guys [email protected]. Customize whatever you want for whatever phone and optic you have. They can help you out. So you can get ready to do some digi scoping this fall and summer when scouting scouting season gets started.

01:00:19:03 –> 01:01:42:25
Also, wanna thank Kurt and those guys at Red Rock Precision. They make some really nice guns. Been using those for quite a few years. A lot of, a lot of things have met their match with the end of a Red Rock Precision rifle. So give those guys a call as well. Look them up. Red Rock precision.com. They can help you out and get you a rifle built, ready to go kill something this fall. Anyway, we’ll continue on. Okay. Well should we call somebody? Yeah, call somebody. I was looking for a picture to send to Logan. I’m wondering if we should not trying to ignore you. I’m wondering if we should, I’m wondering if we should call Clint just to, just to just ’cause he’s fun to, he’s just fun to chew the, he’s always thinking, he’s always thinking and he’s got a plan. Come heck or high water. And it’s been a long enough since you’ve called him on a hot mic that he might, and you’ve probably called him plenty of time since the last time for normal stuff. He’s not gonna anticipate that this is on the podcast. Oh, he won’t. We talk daily. He’s not gonna anticipate being on the podcast, so I don’t know. Let’s just get his take. Maybe he’s working and won’t be able to I don’t think he works. Lot chance. What’s up? Hey, welcome to the Epic Outdoors podcast. What’s up Clint? Hey Clint.

01:01:44:18 –> 01:03:01:24
Are you guys really that hard up for information that you, you’ve, you’ve ran out of content altogether? Is that what you’re trying to say? Maybe we’re calling just because we’re, we appreciate your friendship coming. Maybe it’s not that we need information coming to the foun of knowledge, fountain of knowledge. Now you’re just kissing up. Hey. So we just wanna know what your opinion is. Is the state of the nation address for Colorado? Like what’s your opinion is for Colorado? I am not super high on Colorado right now. Okay. I, I love Colorado. I mean, I’ve been in Colorado every year for forever. I’m there on multiple seasons, sometimes helping friends, helping family. It’s, I love Colorado. Like we all do all different units. Like we all do. Yeah. It it, it’s the deer mecca. I mean, it’s, it’s the deer factor. You don’t gonna go anywhere else. It, it’s, it’s mule deer. It’s awesome. Yeah. I don’t think with the, with what they’ve been doing with the current season structures and I think they’re just killing way too many of the older age class bucks out of there. Yeah. Historically there’s been a lot of private that’s allowed a lot of bucks to escape. And if you get a mild weather year, it’s helped a lot of the mature bucks.

01:03:01:27 –> 01:04:17:28
But with the current setup with the dates and how many tags they’re issuing, I mean, we’re hunting, we’re hunting mule deer the whole month in November. Basically. That’s when I grew up. You, you don’t hunt mule deer in November. That’s amen. That’s just, that’s get a hallelujah. Yeah, we’ve said the same thing before we called you Clint. So, and hey, we do not set up these calls. This is just a pure, if if his ex, if his surprise wasn’t evidence enough, if was not a planted phone call, this was just Clint. It’s not. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. We don’t even know what you’re doing right now. What, what are you doing? I’m jobs. Somebody thought you might be working, but between jobs, there’s no way Uhuh in between jobs. Yeah, I just looked at a job and got all wet and everything even so he’s up the drive through. That’s what that means in between jobs. But back to Colorado though, I don’t, unless they do some major changes, I don’t, I see the quality getting worse. I don’t see it. I’m not real happy with the future of Colorado right now. Yeah. I’m, I’m not super happy where it’s at right now. I’m not real happy with the direction that it seems to be going right now. Okay. Next question. And next question because we totally agree with that. It’s hard to stay away from though at the same time.

01:04:18:01 –> 01:05:27:22
Are you gonna try to still be in Colorado? I’ll be okay. Yeah. Get me wrong. I’ll be there. As much as we all say you do not hunt deer in the ru in November. Where are we in November with a deer tag? We’re helping Colorado with their management program. Yeah. We’re just doing what the wolves are doing. If we don’t kill ’em, the wolves will. Yeah. Somebody else will. I’m gonna be over there. That’s the oh. Utah mentality right there. I love it. Well, I have noticed though, the last few years in Colorado, there’s more serious people in Colorado now. I remember a lot of the units that I hunt, you’d start to see less people after the opening weekend. I’m seeing more people that are grinding it out clear to the bitter end. I’m seeing more people that they just hit it harder. They’re taking it serious. They’re scouting more for it. And I think it’s starting to take a little bit of a toll on the place. That’s Yeah. That’s just, that’s just what I’m seeing. Yep. Out there. Yep. Just a hard place to not, not try to be, be there because of the pen potential, because of the genetics. Because, because, because, but you better temper expectations.

01:05:27:25 –> 01:06:41:04
It’s just a good place to go hunt deer in another state and, but you, but it is not as much likely to meet your full expectations or a much smaller percentage of people that go there with a certain level of expectations. A much higher percentage of those people are having their expectations not met anymore. It just fills that way. Yeah. On every unit. Not, I want to kill a monster. Where am I gonna do it? Clamp. Yeah. Good luck. I won’t kill a monster. Yeah. A monster 44. Okay. Next. What’s the next option? Sorry, I, I know we can’t get a 44 text. Yeah, we already said we, we did. Yeah. See he’s, he’s talking just like we said, we already said 44 is over here by itself. We’re not talking about it can’t. It’s a non it all intent. It’s a game preserved to me. We, where am I gonna go? Yeah, sold. Where are you going? Good this year. Where am I going? Yeah, let’s talk about the type of unit whether, you know, ’cause that’s, what do you look for? He’s starting to get s sweaty palms. I’m trying to help him out. What type of unit do you look for, Clint? I mean, you are a landowner in Colorado. So C gets stuck. Clint gets stuck in a rutt. He, he gets cranking on one particular. I have places that I like to go. I get worked up about certain areas.

01:06:41:21 –> 01:07:52:05
I do think you’re better off in Colorado if you can hunt one area more consistently than bouncing around into lots of different areas. I’ll still bounce a little bit. Just, it’s usually helping other people. I’ve kind of started to focus in on certain units, but then when it doesn’t pan out for you, you get really mad and you start thinking maybe I gotta go every year. You’re so excited to go, but really mad coming home. Yeah. Usually I’m mad when I come home. I mean, I had a great time. It was fun but I, you know, I didn’t shoot the 200 insure and I know the guy that did shoot the 200 insure and when I’m hunting right next to him and he drove up the same road two and a half minutes before you did, or two and a half minutes after me and they just happened to come over. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s frustration. That’s Colorado man. Well it is. And people should curb their expectations on Colorado. If you’re sitting on a grindle of points thinking you’re gonna have this super awesome hunt experience over there. I talked to a lot of people that I’m like, well, should I hunt it? Should I turn my tag back? And I’m like, well go hunt it. ’cause I don’t think it’s gonna get better, but it’s gonna be a grind.

01:07:52:13 –> 01:09:09:26
It’s not gonna, yeah, it’s, you might kill the buck of your lifetime, but I’m 90% sure you’re not. Yep, it’s That’s right. Because Exactly right. Some of the units I hunt, there’s, I know that there are five people that shot the buck of their lifetime, but I know there’s like 395 people that had the pretty miserable grinder of a hunt. What is it when, what is, what is it about people that have to come home with a buck? They have to shoot one. I don’t have to shoot deer anymore. I know. Not you necessarily, but, but there’s a lot of guys that do. I think the one that makes me more mad than anything is somebody that if you’re getting down to the end, shoot a big three point. Okay. Shoot something with some bad genetics. Yeah. Don’t two by three don’t, don’t shoot, don’t shoot a young 20 inch four by four just because it’s a four point. Yeah. Shoot, shoot, shoot. The three point please get those bad gene outta there. Like that muzzle lit buck I did last day. He a three by four. He is like 29 and a half. But Josh can, Josh can talk about bad jeans. The bad gene buck sometimes are good gene bucks on Goodyear. The same exact theory. But does Colorado, they’ll really have super bad like drought stricken an some units can, but collectively I can.

01:09:09:29 –> 01:10:32:17
So your point, your point is if it, if it looks like a bad genetic deer, there’s a good chance it’s a bad deer Colorado. Where here in southern Utah, the big deer are three points on dry ears. Yeah. On the ponds. You could go wipe out a bunch of deer. There’s a bunch of weird places. Yeah. I think Colorado, more deer grow what they are got pumping through their veins every year in terms of genetics. I agree. Potential. Then they’re growing what, whatever the Nevada feed Nevada, you could take a drought, urine, a management tag. They’re all management bodies. Yes, exactly. Scary. So, well I think with moisture this year, I don’t think most of Colorado’s affected by drought as much. No, I don’t, I don’t know. Winter Kill’s gonna do this year. I do know that all of the, the Western Edge, anything that touches Utah, those states, those units over there that, you know, the 2 21, 30 61, 40, you know, 72, all those ones on the, that touch the Utah border. I think on a good moisture year, they’ll probably be better this year. Yeah. Yep. I had some of the local lower, they say that about 10 in that they are the lower little lower elevation. They don’t have 12 to 14,000 foot summer range for, for deer. Right. They don’t have that summer range. And the drought’s been hurting those units a lot the last few years. It’s really, it’s been tough. Yeah.

01:10:32:19 –> 01:11:40:18
When, you know, just dust no feed. Yeah. And yeah, I don’t know. Kind of fun. I’m telling you where I’m hunting. I’m there, there’s a few options out there this year. I, I don’t, I reset my points so I only got one point right now. So I’ll be Are you gonna use your points or are you gonna look for a turnback or what are you gonna do? Turnback landowner. I, I put in for a unit. That’s something that I can sometimes get with one or two points. I doubt I’ll get it. I’ll play the Turnback game last year. The Turnback game, by the way was brutal, rough. It’s a pretty competitive, it’s tough. Yeah. Okay. I used to plan on getting a few turnback tags anymore. I don’t count on that as a strategy anymore. Well now you’ll not get one. You can get one, but it’s a, it’s a lottery now. Yeah. Your lottery. And it’s because they’ve gone to a set time. Hey, here’s when the tags are going online versus random throughout the day, Tuesday to Friday, you know. Yeah. Right. That used to be if you had a, a day around a computer and you could sit and watch it, you something could pop up just like Nevada used to do. Yeah. Same type, same principle that’s used. Used to be house Nevada’s, Nevada changed up their system. Now resident tags will be residents and non-residents will be non-residents.

01:11:40:18 –> 01:12:39:19
So it’ll be less non-residents giving it up, especially on white yours. Yeah. So darn it, things change, Clint. We’re tired of change. We want to go back to big bucks and tags for everybody. I think those days are gone forever. I know my friend, they’re never gonna know. They’re, I don’t know, I, I have my own little not so rosy outlook on the future of hunting, but I think that things will, this moisture this year should help things a lot. I think it’ll jumpstart a lot of units. Yeah. But there might be some winter kill in some of northern Utah, Wyoming, Idaho that might Yeah, it’s kind of interesting. We look at the Wyoming snow equivalents, Josh, we looked at those and basically it’s showing just over a hundred percent in a lot of it. Yeah. So it’s interesting. You have major winter kill in with just about average moisture. But I think it’s some of timely, some of it could have been though because those deer didn’t come to the winter range in Very good. Yeah. Very good condition. Some of that part of the country was a little dry. Even northern Utah was drier than we were. They didn’t get the monsoon stuff. Yeah. So if they don’t come to winter range in a normal winter, they could die. They’re also a little bit different up there.

01:12:39:19 –> 01:13:52:10
They, they’re, they had an ice box of winters, so there’s snow they got just, just like northern Utah just kept building and building and building and building and building where certain winters you get, you know, warmups are run, you know, but you get 30 to 40 degree temperatures, you melt snow, you get back down to bare ground in between. Yeah. That didn’t seem like it ever happened in those parts. Yeah. This year, Southern Utah happens every year. That’s why we bring it on in southern Utah. We can almost, almost not winter kill deer down here. They oh they, our, our storms on winter ranges melt in between storms. You get a wet one that’s rain, it melts off. So anyway, a lot of differences in terms of how much moisture you got versus how much it builds up with cold temperatures all winter long versus how much it melts in between every storm. Good point. So Clint, you are one of the few that are gonna hunt Wyoming this year. Really? Give me, I’m, give me a positive spin on what you’re thinking and gimme a positive spin on what you’re hoping for. This is the positive thing. If you’re coming off a rough winter, I think a lot of the mature deer have the fat reserves in the wherewithal to survive a rough winter. Okay. And so when I am seeing deer, the chances of me seeing big deer are gonna be greater.

01:13:52:18 –> 01:15:03:06
I’m not gonna have to weeded through as many younger, smaller deer. How about potentially also less of, of the tags that they issue for non-residents, maybe less of them will be major trophy hunters, maybe. Maybe. Or do you think there’s diehards that are going no matter what and, and just maybe I think you might get a few less. I think your serious trophy hunter are starting to realize that you need to take advantage of stuff. Just hunt anyway. Just hunt anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Because it’s, it’s not, not wanting to wait four more years for it to come back or five or six years. Right. I don’t think, yeah. So like, like if you had a bunch of points, I don’t know if it’s gonna get better in the future. Yeah. In, in most of these, most of these places, the way they’re managing them, you know, with the resident thing in, you know, G and h, they can hunt that as a over the counter and they’re get, they get mad ’cause they’re still non-residents there. And they’ll try and cut the non-resident tags some more and they think that’s gonna make it a better hunt for ’em. But yeah, they’re cutting a hundred, they’re cutting a hundred non-residents outta h is what they’re proposing. And yeah, that’s what they’re proposing. And I don’t know if that’s based on winter kill or if that’s just, they feel like there’s too many non-residents in there.

01:15:03:25 –> 01:16:15:28
Oh, that’s a just an excuse. It’s, it’s an excuse to to cut it. It’s scientific I’m sure. Get us started. So, hey. Hey. The OTC tags for residents are scientific. There’s a lot of, come on, there’s a lot of non-resident hatred right now from a lot of different states. Everywhere. Everywhere. But there’s some states, yeah. Some states that are way worse than others. Is that what you were just about to say? Well, yeah. Some states are, yeah. Like Wyoming, you know, after I hear what’s going on, I’m not much of a shed hunter myself. But part of me wants to say, you know, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If, if a, if a, if a Wyoming reciprocity. Yeah, reciprocity. Reciprocity rules works for bobcat tags, everything. Bobcat tags in Nevada. Does that, does that tick you off a little bit? Well, yeah, well yeah. Non-residents can’t get bobcat tags in Nevada. You know, we’ve got Nevada guys got, yeah, we’ve got Nevada organizations hitting us up for donations. It’s just hard ’cause you feel like there’s just this anti non-resident sentiment, you know? And it’s not shit hunting bobcats all that, you know? Yeah. So, yeah. And these are our little fights in our little world. But hey, we live 30, 40 miles from the line, so it’s kind of Right. And it feels like the residents shit hunt anyway. So do whatever they want. I don’t know.

01:16:15:29 –> 01:17:20:07
It’s, it is, it’s, it’s hard. Well, oh well I positive spin. I like your positive spin in Wyoming. I think too, well I, I think there’s, I think there’ll still be some big deer in Wyoming this year. I don’t think it’s, it might where it’s gonna hurt if you get any winter kill, it usually hurts at two or three years down the road. These hardcore guys are gonna be hunting in Wyoming. Some of ’em that are really hardcore, that are the most verbal about how bad it is and how bad the winter kill is. I, I don’t like winter loss. I don’t, I I don’t like it ’cause it does change something. It does change something. Even like you’re saying, if it’s two or three or four years down the road, you see the, the fawns that would’ve been alive or gone, things like that. But, but I do think there’s gonna be some trophy deer taken. Yeah. Well see the downside is I feel like we’re just barely starting to come off recover from the last winter kill, you know, of 17, 16, 17. Yeah. Yeah. And so it’s just barely starting to get good again. And this is what happens, you know, Colorado made their decision after what oh 7, 0 8, that they basically don’t wanna stockpile bucks anymore. Yeah. We’re just going to, we’re not gonna let Mother Nature kill ’em.

01:17:20:07 –> 01:18:29:13
We’re going to issue tags and kill ’em before, make sure we don’t have too big of an excess ever. Exactly. Ever. Which is a bummer. We’re gonna kill ’em all. Yeah. Alright, well you got Bronson fired up. He even wrote down on my sheet here. What’d you write Bronson? I’m back, I’m back in on Wyoming. Clint, Clint convinced me. I’m back in, I I’m back in, I was waffling. I, I’ll admit I was waffling but I also agreed was optimistic. I’d have some archery oak tag in Arizona, which I don’t know why I thought that that was a pipe dream, but I didn’t. So I’ve got plenty of time to hunt the high country of Wyoming before they eliminate all non re hunting. I agree. I think you should do it. Are you gonna do it? Promise me. Not promising yet, but stuff can happen between now and May 31st. What do it will, you know, something could happen. The other thing that’s gonna happen, I don’t know, in Colorado, Colorado’s looking to switch to that 75 25 next year. It won’t hit this year. But if that hits next year, that’s gonna change the allocation for non-residents a little bit. Some units it actually would be work out. It’d be better. A bit increase because some are already at 20 right now. So it’s depends on you’re, it’s I feel like Colorado’s somewhat faired anonymously. Yeah. That’s generous. If it goes to that, it’s still way generous.

01:18:29:21 –> 01:19:30:24
I’m still, I’m still happy with it. Yeah. You know, but just realize people are gonna be whining about point creep again because their unit, they could get with two or three points. Now it’s gonna take four or five points. Clint, what was your takeaway when they discussed the point banking? I think they wanna, they wanna revisit it. I think it’s probably point banking is complex and I think it’s just too hard for people to wrap their head around how it’s gonna work and how it’s gonna affect things and actually get everybody educated on the actual, you know, how you get to where you’re gonna get. It takes four points to draw a tag and you have 10, you now have a tag and six or whatever, five or something. And they can mix that up however they want too. ’cause there’s a lot of different ways you can skin that cat. You know, at what point, how many points do you lose, you know? Yeah. It is gonna increase point creep though, to a lot extent. And that’s, that’s the downside. That’s the, it’s nice to wipe the guy points on it. A lot of your mid-tier things, it would, but it would also get people out of the upper 0.2. So if I have 10 points, I could go to two point units.

01:19:31:06 –> 01:20:30:11
Lots of times you take three or four points from me and you go back two or three times and I’m taking an opportunity from Adam who’s got two points. Like I’m actually making it tougher. The drawing on’s tougher the guys, but that guy with 10 points is happy you’re gone. The other thing they could do is they could do, you know, averaging people together. But I don’t, they don’t, they’re not happy about, that’s not a whole lot appetite. There’re not a whole lot appetite for that. There don’t wanna point boosting or averaging. Most states that if it’s a loophole, it gets shut down at some point. There’s some places like Nevada took a while. Arizona still hasn’t got gotten to that point. Nevada, you can do it. You just, your grandma has to use her text. You can’t just continue to point, boost to the rest of her life. Yeah. You know, don’t get your points back. Okay. All right guy. Well we’ll let you kind of fi finish through the drive through there. Get your hot apple pie. How’s the water? The water? Yeah. Got plenty of water around. Here’re at, are you, are you guys all up there? Are you reviewing the videotapes from the eighties? 83 when Salt Lake was?

01:20:30:12 –> 01:21:42:00
It’s, it’s snowing on me right now and geez, I spent Saturday over cleaning out a creek bottom for the city trying to getting all the, they’re getting ready for flooding the waterway branches and brush and debris so they don’t plug the culverts everywhere. Yep. That they’re cleaning everything out right now. They haven’t had a good flood here for a while, so it’d be a good clean out. There’s Well they’re cleaning stuff out. They’re getting ready. If if you’re not getting ready for flooding, you’re too late. You Yeah. You need to start real quick. But it’s snowing right now. Okay. It’s, it got snow on the benches here. I mean I’m here in Utah County and there’s, it’s snowing right now. Geez. And I, I looked at the snow survey thing this morning and we’re in record territory and I think after the day we’ll probably break the, the snow, the all time eighties snow all time eighties. We’ll, we’ll probably break that after, by tomorrow. I think it’ll be broke for the state highest ever. And depending on how it comes down off the mountain and how fast it comes down. It could be rivers in Salt Lake. It could, you don’t know. I mean, I remember I was a kid when they had, you know, the rivers going down the middle of the road in Salt Lake. They had a sandbag and they were just diverting water right down, right down the roads.

01:21:42:02 –> 01:22:44:06
Hey Clint, we were talk, I was talking about this with these guys today. I, I grew up in southern Utah. So did Jason. But I was probably, well roughly 10 years old in that year. But I remember, do you remember when Highway six was closed because of the Billy’s mountain thistle slide for like, I don’t know, a year or two. And I driving, it’s driving from southern Utah to Salt Lake. You know, you had to either go over through saline on I seven, go to Salina and up through and hit I 15 and up or we had to go just pass helper, go up to Duchenne and go clear up through like he, and it was, it was a chore just ’cause that that was a big deal. And I mean I’m telling Devin and Wyatt this and they weren’t even born. I’m like, why am I even talking to you two guys? You weren’t even alive. But, and I never but it was a, I remember like, Jason, do you remember that? And I’m like, I never left the town on mo out, but we ate spam. We two for some reason pennies. There was no reason to go to Salt Lake. I just remember I did it both ways and my dad said, we’ll never go the Duchenne way again. I don’t remember why it was just maybe too long, but it was like a five hour trip at 10 years old.

01:22:44:09 –> 01:23:39:29
Adam’s analyzing routes. Well it was like a bad deal man. I just remember this is a bad deal ’cause when you’re trapped in the back seat of a car and just getting yelled at, I don’t know why. ’cause they didn’t tell you to put your seatbelt on. ’cause we didn’t wear seat seat belts back then. We didn’t. We were in the back of a 72 chef with the camper shell in that era. Little donut between the slope slider window. Quit fighting with your brother and sisters all they would yell at you. You shut up. But you, if I have to stop this car, it was a big deal for a long time. I’d like it. I’d like to go research that. It had to take a year or two to get that going again. It’s quite, it was an engineering feat ’cause they started drilling that tunnel for the railroad started tunneling on on both sides. They started both sides due the interest of time. And they met it in the middle of the mountain. Yeah, they started on both sides. Interesting. Started going the same time. But anyway. All right, well we’ve got a little history lesson here, so that’s good. Alright, keep, keep us posted. Alrightyy have good I guys I gotta talk to you. Alright. Do you have someone else? Let’s call, let’s call Cody Dice real quick.

01:23:40:01 –> 01:25:00:10
He came over and shed hunting, looking around here in southern Utah, Northern Arizona just to get out of, well the last few days in Utah. Did you say Utah? Yeah. He, well he came right down through here and then he spent a lot of time right here on the border. Okay. I would say that be a new, a safer answer than, than shed hunting. Well he didn’t, shed hunt Utah, just making sure. But, but he came through our country. Just make, I did not know where, where this was going. Well he just, outside of his, yeah, I hit the pots. There’s nobody around. That was awesome. There was bone everywhere. Alright, hold on. So let’s just call him, just visit about Colorado in general. See what he’s got to say. The winner’s, like he just got us. Yeah, he’s right. Wealth info. Just what’s going on. Hello? Hey, what do you know? Oh, not enough. Did you make it home? I did. I told these guys you went on a little bit of a spree just to get outta, get outta the house, stretch the legs. I got outta the house and that felt good. Yeah. Yeah. That’s good. Well, but none of my onyx pins helped you at all. You know, it was a point of reference and that that’s a little bit of help, but not in the context of being able to get out and, you know, make bare fruit of it.

01:25:00:13 –> 01:26:29:29
So a lot, lot of moisture out here. No browntown points, is that what you’re saying? Yeah. Gave him the best points. I gave you the best places I knew of. It was probably the best time to give ’em up. Oh. So what did you think? We’re kind of in a mud hole over here. Yeah. You know, for me, without much, you know, I don’t have much perspective otherwise, but far as I could tell from talking to everybody and what I observed is that it was kind of neat to observe. I don’t know if it was a historic event, but definitely out of the ordinary for the last couple decades. And so, you know, I know that’s exciting to a lot of people getting that kind of moisture and you know, I, that’s probably the most significant part. But for me personally, selfishly it, it was the, the literal reigning on my parade. Huh? You picked a bad weekend. But, but yeah. I told him you better have tires, winch chains, handymans, you know, 14 days of provisions inside the truck. Yep. Well totally. What is, what is things When I got out I found some big tracks and found good country and that felt good and that was a good place to start with the one day that I did get out there. What about back home? How’s things there? We’ve been talking today quite a bit, just about Colorado in general. Yep.

01:26:30:02 –> 01:27:47:21
You know, deer hunting application periods, open, all that and Yep. How do things, how are things in the Gunnison Basin in terms of normal or slightly above normal or anything? We want you to tell us something good. We just feel like things have changed. Knew the last year. I knew, I knew you would. Well we know we’ve been talking a lot of people about how Colorado’s just a moderated state. It’s got great potential, but the stuff’s moderated. But I guess we’ve been talking about the northwest corner too. That seems to be where things are. Definitely gonna be seeing some antelope and deer, significant winter loss in places up there, not hearing too much about it at any other place significantly. So want you to Yeah. Either echo that or speak to that at least as far as where, you know, in your part of Colorado. Exactly. Yeah. And, and I think you, you made a a, a statement about normal winter and I think that’s what we’re having is a normal Gunnison winter, but based on, you know, the last several years, it would seem like it’s above what the new normal has been. Yeah. But I think we’re right where what I knew as an old Gunnison winter, you know, we’re, we’re right in that realm.

01:27:48:07 –> 01:29:23:28
The difference I think is the snow that we get now is wetter and it does set up and obviously that can lead to issues for the critters, but I think we’ve got enough sunshine throughout the winter and that snow is settled, that feed still available. You know, their ability to move around is becoming limited as it continues to set up. And we get more snow. You know, I think everybody’s kind of on the edge of their seat here and in the, you know, the Eagle Valley wondering what’s gonna happen and nothing’s really shown yet. You know, there’s been no express concerns by CPW that there needs to be any action taken. And I don’t think anybody else is feeling that either. There’s still good distribution and it seems like, you know, it’s obvious that there’s speed available if they choose to utilize it. So, you know, I think we’re in good shape at this point. But as a lot of people know you, you really don’t know until about now. And then as things start to carry on into spring, what your loss is gonna be. So, you know, there were basically at the end of the reserves and the deer came in to the winter. Good. We had a good summer, good fall. I think I saw some of the biggest fat reserves on late season bucks. Wow. That I’d probably seen in the last several years.

01:29:24:02 –> 01:30:54:12
So I mean that’s exactly what you could hope for. And so that factored in, you know, I think we’re, we’re teetering on potential higher than normal loss. But you know, I think that’s, that’s, that would go back to the normal Gunnison winter. Yeah. And just not what we’ve been seeing in the last few years, so to speak to good news is I, you know, I think we’re, we’re, we’re not gonna take a big hit. Unfortunately. I don’t feel like we got a lot of super old deer that are vulnerable to this kinda weather, you know, so we got healthy middle aged class deer that I think will be fine. Fawns on the other hand, for the future, I think they’re in good shape. We’ve had a lot and you know, we can afford some loss even though it’s not des desirable. So I think no matter what happens, even if we bump up a little bit in our loss with the result of this average winner, we’re still in good shape. Well how do you feel, just what’s your gut feel on these season dates, obviously, and, and tag numbers. I mean, are you ha do you like these season dates? Do you think it’s good? Well, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m the same as any reasonable human I think is that I like ’em for hunting them in the immediate and what it does for my success personally or guiding. Yeah.

01:30:54:26 –> 01:32:21:28
But for the overall health of deer and future of hunting and maintaining some older age class deer, I think that they’re awful. Yeah. You know, and I would like to think that it’s making an impact, particularly in the southwest region based on my conversations with hunters guides and staff, that it’s not, it’s not good for our DRL Kurds for a lot of different reasons. And so I am, I am adamantly opposed to these dates for a number of reasons. Well it’s, we’ve pretty much talked over ourselves and say the same thing. We feel that, you know, a few years ago when this two, three years ago when this hit, you know, we were wary, obviously our eyeballs pop out of our heads. They were late as is. As was. Yeah. And then even later, yeah. And then it got even later. So the mule deer hunter in us all got way excited. Of course, like you alluded, but the management or biologist or whatever the, we know that they’re just susceptible. We know it, we know how big bucks, you know, you don’t see bucks all year long and now they’re standing out there dumb. And that’s, that’s there’s a, there’s a consequence to that. And I think we’re seeing, you know, even though they’re not, you know, we’ve had had monumental snows but before second, third, and fourth and, you know, crushing, it’s just collectively they’re all adding up. It’s all adding up.

01:32:21:28 –> 01:33:42:10
And the, the deer that we hoped were just staying high in the timber or you know, we’re not seeing them ’cause we’re having mild years, I don’t think that’s, that’s not happening. I, you’re just not there in the numbers. We all want ’em and are used to seeing ’em, they’re just not. So, no, I, I, yeah, that’s spot on. And I think, you know, what’s been happening too is a lot of people look at the, the later end of it and the vulnerability, the conditions, that type of thing. But another aspect that I, I don’t know that’s being spoken to as much is what’s been happening with our second season, which I think traditionally management wise has been kind of your opportunity season. Yeah. What’s happened is those dates have shifted into that pre rutt staging time. And I think that’s where this would be in dear regards. I think the elk are, are, are taking a hit later in the seasons because of their traditional habits. But speaking to deer specifically, I think that second season people figured that out and with those dates they’ve capitalized on it. And I think it go, you know, obviously a lot more tags, you got a broader range of people hunting and other, you know, and, and trophy hunters capitalizing on, on older age class deer that are coming into country.

01:33:42:20 –> 01:35:02:00
And so to me that’s probably been the biggest concern is, is that season the tag numbers and the amount of harvest that has been happening there. You know, I think the later seasons, you know, they traditionally have good success rates anyway, like you guys said with, with the already what was already late dates, there was already high success there. So I don’t think that’s shifting much. It’s the second season to me where I think we’re wiping out any older age class bucks that come into country. And then that mid-range of the new up and comers is the next segment that we’re taking out. And I think that’s more detrimental than taking the top off every year, in my opinion. Well, and yeah, you’re in some cases not all, but if you look at the tag numbers, you’re talking from second to third, double, triple, or even quadrupling the tag numbers on the second, because what was historically more of a mid-October, let’s call more the opportunity. Yeah. We used to be like the, let’s say the 20th to the 30th of October, roughly is what it kind of always used to be. Now it’s Yep. Pushed a week later than that. And the, that’s always depending on weather a little bit more, the time where the switch, you can issue more tags and not have all the tape. Yeah. In October, right.

01:35:02:00 –> 01:36:03:29
Where now they didn’t really back off the tags in the second season, they kept the same mentality. No, they’re never gonna back off the tags. They kept the same mentality and just shifted it later and, and have a lot of tags. It does feel like when we spent some time in Gunnison this year, and it does feel like there’s a lot of bucks that another year or two could be, does feel like Gunnison could be good. You know, it’s at some point I feel like, I mean, like 55 for example, there was a lot of bucks that made it through and, you know what I mean? ’cause there’s not a lot of tags Yeah. In, in, on the later season of 55. So, I mean, the, the future, the outlook looks good. It’s just that they’re so vulnerable and so easy to kill and easy to hunt, you know what I mean? And so, yep. Definitely. Well, and you know, I mean, if I could have a plug for, you know, encouraging folks, listeners, sportsman hunters, trophy hunters, meat hunters, whatever, to get, encourage getting in the conversation. The big game season structure is being discussed right now for the future.

01:36:04:18 –> 01:37:27:12
And I, I don’t wanna step out of bounds, but I feel like staff could use our support in the southwest region and expressing that, although it’s been fun and exciting to hunt these later dates, if we wanna preserve the health and wellbeing of our deer and elk herds, we, we can’t continue with these dates. And I think, you know, I feel like with the, I hate to say it, but the game that wildlife management is these days, sportsmen really gotta step up and speak up to this stuff. And they are open to engagement and through surveys and comments and, and I think this is where we really gotta tune in and step up. We’re losing ground fast in all aspects of hunting and wildlife management and, you know, I think this would be one simple place that people could get engaged and, and speak up because we continue on this trend with these dates and, and I think we’re gonna be in big trouble. So do you have a, do you have an answer? I mean, w is it even possible to split the elk and deer up? You know what I mean? It’d be nice to split ’em up and hunt deer earlier and not when they’re so vulnerable. But I just don’t know if that’s even gonna happen. I don’t, I I feel like it’s not even possible. So then you gotta cut back tags, you know what I mean? Right.

01:37:27:15 –> 01:38:56:01
Well, the best idea I heard, and I’ll, I’ll give Steve credit, it’s his idea. And that’s five, five day seasons. And so we shorten the seasons, we keep tag numbers and opportunity out there. We do consider doing a deer only. We already have elk only. You know, I think there’s a lot of ways we can get creative, but, you know, I I just don’t think that the, the, the agency is super receptive to that. You know, I think there’s so much going on in this state in particular right now, particularly with wolves, that they, they are just jammed with stuff to do and then there’s just a resistance to being open to new more robust ideas. And, and I think they can do that because there’s not enough people speaking out against it. But I certainly think there’s creative ways to maintain opportunity and consistent and, you know, the necessary harvest that’s needed to maintain these healthy populations. But I, I think that’s gonna be a tough one and a, and a big commitment from a lot of people to, to make that happen. So, you know, I mean, considering if we’re just gonna keep it down to the basics, I think a simple shift, at the very least a simple shift back to the old dates would be the first best move. Yeah.

01:38:56:09 –> 01:39:54:15
Well, and it, you’re, you’re dealing with a state that is the bread and butter has been the over the counter elk for so many years. Everywhere. Yeah. And the concurrent during elk seasons, and they, they love it. That’s Colorado. That’s the, that’s what you think of and that’s what’s they don’t want to eliminate, but yeah, maybe a they changed it up for elk, which is Yeah, it feels like they changed it up for elk and so that they, you know, space on, yeah. Space, the hunts from the first to the second and that’s what it was for. But maybe Yep. Go back and say, all right, the second season you don’t only hunt deer the first five days and the last four days is elk only. And the elk hunters probably like that. And, and that’ll be an easy fish. The deer, the deer hunters get their chance and, you know, or whatever it is, whether it’s five or seven days, you know, just do some tweaks like that still have concurrent. Yeah. ’cause it’s nice, you know, to sometimes throw, throw a deer, you guys are residents, but, but even us, if we take our kids over there, grab a kid a hundred dollars youth elk tag, and if case you see a illegal bull or you know, whatever, but Totally. But there’s ways to do it, but it’s time. Yeah.

01:39:54:21 –> 01:41:12:24
I think you’re, you’re like, like you hunt the first five days or something for deer only and call it a day. Call it. Yep. And then they’ll get the last four of the second. And you’re right, when you made mention that there’s some elk only seasons, like the first, there’s no, there’s no deer on the O one R, you know what I mean? So to speak, generally speaking, statewide management plan. So anyway, interesting. Those are interesting thoughts and some something’s gotta give. Is there, do you know Cody, like when they’re taking, how long they’re taking comment on this shoot, I didn’t mean to, didn’t mean to pin you down just while we had you first comment period. Might’ve closed this week, but it was really initial, I felt like, you know, they, they, they put out a survey and I wish I could tell you details if I, if I dug a little bit, I could offer that up so that maybe folks could get a little bit more streamlined and, and, and, and connected there. But it doesn’t take a lot of digging to get connected if you just look at getting engaged with CPW on five years season structure. So anyways, the process is gonna continue. I think there’s gonna be more time for submitting ideas about alternatives Okay. For, you know, potentially being creative.

01:41:13:06 –> 01:42:23:22
I I, I know there’s been talks about potentially earlier deer, deer seasons, maybe even combining with the first season. I mean, and, and a number of other things. But I think that’s where we, you know, folks need to get organized and just throw some ideas out there. I think we’re working with the commission now, I’ll say this respectfully, that is a little less hunter oriented. And I don’t think it’s, it has anything to do with how much they care or all about money or all that. I think there’s a little disconnect and I think that’s where sportsmen need to speak up and give some realistic ideas for them to chew on and consider in their plan. Now, you can’t have expectations when it comes to that, but if you don’t say anything, then they’ll never know. Right. So, but at least if they were in, that’s my take on all that were, if they were inundated with comments one way or another, at least they would know that there needs to be some change, whatever that may be. We’re we’re hungry for something to change and to get planted. Yep. Yeah. Yep. Without a doubt. Okay. All right. Well I think that’s all we got. You guys got anything else? All right. You got anything else, Cody? Appreciate the update.

01:42:23:23 –> 01:43:37:23
Well, you know, I can say just for the sake of, of of, you know, people wanting to hear good news is I, we’re not catastrophic here and I don’t think in the Eagle Vale Valley either. You know, we’re always gonna have big deer and I think if people are smart, they hunt now and don’t wait for the next glory days, even though they might happen. So, you know, I say have high hopes, low expectations, get out and hunt and take advantage of the opportunities when you got ’em. Gunnison will always be a great place to hunt deer. There’ll always be big deer here. And if you don’t, you won’t get ’em if you don’t go. All right. I like it. Okay. Sounds good. All right, buddy. Okay. Thanks for your time. Appreciate ya. Thanks. Have a good day. You bet. See you. Bye. Bye. There are no glory days coming up. Is there, I think that we’re seeing, you can see these slight little bumps we’ve been talking about, but, and, and use ’em now, you know, regarding the season structure stuff and some of the other surveys regarding Point Bank and all that. We all got random emails. I know there’s some people that say, I never got that. Well, there’s, there’s methodology to their survey methods rather than Yeah. Have 400,000 people you’re waiting to get back from. You do a random sample and if it’s truly random sample, then it’s somewhat applicable.

01:43:37:23 –> 01:44:43:19
That’s what sampling does. It’s what any survey does, polling or whatever. But it looks like, yeah, this, this particular round of initial info gathering closed what the 15th of March 15th looks like. But I mean that if you remember this was, it was this wide for options and then stuff narrows and you have another round of, of comment and public career. So there’ll be another opportunity and maybe we’ll be a little better on it too, and just realize that there just needs to be a lot of comments one way or another. And then that way it can, they can feel like, yeah, the public’s ready for change one way or another. We gotta do something. Try something, change it up a little bit. And there’s a hundred, there’s a hundred opinions and options, if not more, many more probably. All right. Well, sounds good. Bronson. Let’s, Josh, let’s give something away. Should we give something away? It’s been a little while. You don’t want to Sure. Hope we can’t. Let’s do it. Oh, what do you wanna do it? How do we wanna do it? I don’t know. I, I don’t care. I just, I came up with that. You guys figure out what to give away. Well, that’s the thing. Let’s give something away free. You guys take it away. What do you wanna give away? Let’s do something. What do we got? We got a whole shipload shipment of new cameras in.

01:44:44:00 –> 01:45:54:24
I mean, we could give away a couple of trail cameras. Easy enough. No problem. What do you think? Should we do it? How are we gonna do it? Logan Logan’s going, oh geez. That is a great question. All right, we’ll let you chew on it for a minute. Okay. Giveaway coming up then giveaway coming up. I was thinking we could make a few more calls, but I’m about Waller al guys. It’s been a long podcast. We’ve, it’s been easy. It’s, it’s been, we almost been here two hours. Just, just put you no hour. 44 minutes. Okay. I said almost plus a 10 minute. Hey. And we got another podcast in 53 minutes. Yeah, that’s a good point. And we gotta have lunch. Okay. Sounds good. So let’s, how about, how about this? Let’s go, let’s do, it’s easy. Let’s do another kind of a like and subscribe thing. Okay. Run podcast. Let’s do it. We’ve got, we’ve got some, we just got loaded up with a bunch of trail cameras, which I guess is just a plug for that. This year might be a good time to get some out. And with a shorter season date and stuff. They’re kind of, I don’t know, it’s nice. I You gotta put out a lot of ’em. Yeah, you gotta put out lot, even more, more than ever.

01:45:54:27 –> 01:47:02:19
You know, last year I kind of switched to more cellular cameras because I didn’t want to have to go back to the same spot. I mean, you just can’t, ’cause it’s like, by the time, especially this year, it’s gonna be a little later. And so you’re not gonna be able to go back to the camera five and six and seven times or whatever to get it checked. And if it’s not doing anything for you, it was just out there. I don’t know. So yeah, we switched a bunch. What do you can, can we watch, like when people rate the podcast, can we see that? Yeah. Can we see who does that? So what we’ve done in the past, how, how about this? Go subscribe and you have to subscribe to the podcast. Subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. Okay. Screenshot your review and send that in a to epic direct message to one of the epic. One of the epic put on Epic. Epic hunts Instagram. Yeah, on our Instagram. Okay. Just go and give us, give us a like, make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast as well as leave a comment. I can’t, I guess tell you how many stars you should rate us as. But leave us a rating even I will say I wasn’t a five star today even. I’ll say, what do you mean? No, I’m just, you’re a little off. Yeah.

01:47:02:20 –> 01:48:10:05
Well, I mean, yeah, there’s some days you feel like you nail it, some days you don’t. You never admit it depending on how you feel. We nailed this podcast. I’m comfortable where I’m at in my life. I feel like the reason why is ’cause you had water. Come on. I was ready for some more bro. And stories. I think I’m starting to get hangry. That’s all. That’s all it is. Me, me too. Well, let’s give away. I, I feel like, I feel like giving away a good chunk of, I’m not talking one camera. Broon. How do you want to do like 30 twos? Five, five of them. Five winners for 30 twos. 5 32 camera to one to one guy. Oh. Or I want a significant gift. This, you have to go out and make a co and rate the podcast. I think let’s give 5 32. Okay. And we’ll do a random drawing amongst all the people that rate and review. And if there’s 10 of ’em, there’s one in 10 shot of freaking Yeah. 700, 800, $900 items. Items. There’ll be more than 10 of them. Five of them. But yeah, that’s a great price. But it is a good, it is when we’ve done that in, in the past, it’s a, and we’ll pay the shipping. So you’re gonna get, you’re gonna get five GM max 30 twos not That’s the, the best camera we have for all intents and purposes.

01:48:10:10 –> 01:49:18:19
The one we use personally. Put a lot of ’em out on the landscape in a short amount of time. And it’s getting to be that season. You like it? Yeah, I like it. See, leave a, leave a comment. Five for the one, screenshot it, screenshot your review. However many stars you think Adam did this time. Give him some stars. Screenshot that and your comment and dmm us on un epic hunts. And we’ll just take your names from there. Put ’em random and do it by what this is gonna come out when? This will come out today. And then what’s tomorrow? Tomorrow’s Friday. How long they get of the comment review? I’d say do it by Sunday night. That’s short. Like in four days? Yep. Well people, well dude, people are gonna listen to it and then they’re gonna lay around and forget about it. That’s fair. Or they’re gonna do it. Okay. Sunday night. Sunday night. Along with that, I know most of our viewers come from Apple Music, but Spotify only lets you rate something once. So along with that, I say we include our YouTube podcast channel Epic at Epic Outdoors if you subscribe and leave a comment and rating on that as well. Get you into the context. Alright. Topher, I use Spotify’s that already played this game with us once before and you’re maxed out on your comments and rate and reviews, but you can only get one entry.

01:49:18:20 –> 01:50:16:21
That’s we need in the hat. Yeah. Yeah. That’s why we need Gen Z because he thinks of all these things that we’re excluding people. Well, I just hate how without even knowing. He likes to make it complicated. He wanted to throw in TikTok because that’s on his mind. Yeah, that’s right. And that’s not happening. That’s China-based company. I did wanna throw in YouTube pretty bad ’cause our, our YouTube podcast and it could use some love that that’s where I know that I’m not a five today because I most of the time forget cameras. I’m even being videoed for these things. So I know I wasn’t a five. I think that’s why we’re off a little, I didn’t dress for success. I didn’t dress for well and, and I used to, I like to do podcasts like this. Yeah. And it doesn’t show. Well. And, and when we’re, and if we pass notes back and forth, it’s to address something. It’s not like, and if this is affecting us, we’re getting, we’re doing away with it. Yeah, that’s right. You’re taking away TikTok, you’re taking away the cameras. What do I do here? Hey, we do plenty. Still do. We got, you always have a job here. But sometimes if I wanna do something, if I wanna have a you, you want to have hands going wherever, which way? Gestures and stuff. I dunno. I wanna, I wanna be uninhibited right now.

01:50:16:21 –> 01:51:21:23
That’s why you see me fold my arms and I might sit two positions in here. I’ve been trying to sit up straight. I mean, and I hate that he’s Brian. I like, I like Laura Bronson is bridled. I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna feel like I’m in Yeah. My armor with my LARPing sword. It does. I don’t feel like I’m in it. It does feel, so I thrust this PVC and the more you try to whiteboard us, and it’s not you personally, but John John would be all about it whiteboarding us and pretty soon you just take all the personality out. Green discreet. Yeah. You don’t want, yeah. That’s my goal here. Unit 35. All right. All right everybody. Hey, March Madness kicks up again today. It does. Good luck to all your teams. Watch the brackets. Yeah, it’s a pretty tight competition right now. Our top 15 people are within 40 points of each other. And hey, they all start Dublin. They get more points every round. Yeah. So stuff can happen fast. You get on a little streak now. It’s not like the first round. So luck. Sweet luck. Sweet 16 this weekend. Gonna knock out a lot of people. Really make the game interesting. That’s right. I only care about deer, so whatever you guys are talking about, it’s fine with me Pokemon we’re talking about. All right, let’s go again. Have a good weekend.

01:51:22:08 –> 01:52:34:15
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