It’s a rare occasion when the podcast table is full here at Epic Outdoors, but when it is you’re sure to be entertained. Jason, Adam, Wyatt, Devin, Josh, Logan and Cache all get together and discuss hunting plans for 2023, what their excited for and what disappointments they’ve had for draws. Cache and Logan share their favorite kill stories. The crew dates themselves with what technology was available to them growing up and what they remember using to hunt and scout in their early years! For mentioned picture and video references, watch The Epic Outdoors Podcast on Youtube or check out @epic_hunts on Instagram!

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire Epic Outdoors crew coming out. You from Southern Utah. It’s awesome. We’re kind of in a little bit of a lighter mood, right? Wyatt? Why? Yeah. A few application deadlines have now passed. Got a few more coming up. Yeah, yeah. Start with Nevada coming went. Nevada points only. Still coming up. We missed the actual application deadline. We do points only June, fifth to the 12th. So anybody that missed that, while you can get back on board, hopefully they slow down with the emails on the reminder, the IT only app deadline. Texts, texts, alerts, deadlines. If you, if you miss the first deadline, you’ve got problems. Yeah. Well, yeah. I mean, between us, them, everybody else been more, gets a problem. So anyway, so anyway, pretty awesome. We’re excited. You know, as we get started here, we wanna let everybody know how much we appreciate UA for their sponsorship of us here at Epic Outdoors. You can get UA codes on our website, 40% off everything on their website. You can download your codes. I think they’re what good for two grand what? Up to two grand. Up to two grand. So it’s a one time use. That card goes to nothing. If you buy a simple little pair of socks or whatever, then that car’s no longer valid.

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So anyway, make the most of it. Download a code if you’d like, a little coupon code and off you go. So, pretty awesome. Great company. Proud to be affiliated with them. Let’s see as we get started here. Cash, you were on a prior episode, but we didn’t really have an official introduction. Audible Grunt. This is the unveil, it’s audible grunt. I got a couple little spics in there, I guess. So why, why don’t we go ahead and let you just tell us where you’re from, what you’ve done your whole life, A few little things. And then of course, these guys that know you pretty well, why they might chime in a little bit too. Alright, well, do you want me to introduce myself since you threw my name out there? Or, or should we go with cash here? Oh, did I say Wyatt? You did? Yeah. Oh, I didn’t realize it. I, man. Cash. Well, yeah, cash. Wyatt, we all, they you from the same town, so yeah, maybe that’s what it was. I don’t, maybe I’ve been talking about talking to Wyatt about Nevada for a, sorry. Wyatt Cash. We wanna hear from you. Wyatt. We don’t wanna hear from, they’re all, they’re all knee fights, but if cash says something that’s not quite accurate, Wyatt, you jump in or if he forgets to tell us one of his good stories while you, he, you call me out on my bss.

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I didn’t know him back then. Really? No, no. Knew the family but didn’t know him well. I’m sure you know a story or two. I don’t, oh, I didn’t call. I’ve, I’ve kept good secrets from Wyatt. I didn’t call any connections. Probably nobody keeps secrets from Wyatt. That’s probably goes the other way around. ’cause Cash is younger than Wyatt. And Wyatt had moved on. Wrecked the town. Moved on and cash. Cash. Something about Wyatt out his carnage. He knows the stories. That’s right. Which is why Wyatt’s here to make sure we can’t talk about it. Wyatt was not gonna stay in there in Co. In Arizona today. He’s gonna be here to defend his honor. That’s right. Doesn’t want to hear about it on podcast. All right. All right. Cash. Take it away. Tell us who you are, where you come from and all right, all that. Awesome. Well, like, I mean, you know it now. My name’s Cash. Last name’s Lynn. I come from Nephi. I grew up in Nephi. I grew up farming, ranching there for my whole life. Still do it even now. I grew up and help once in a while. Grew up playing any sports I could. I could handle baseball, football, basketball, stuff like that. Mainly baseball. Spent a lot of time in Spanish for where Devin’s from. Know pretty well all the streets in that town. All the main ones. At least he’s asking me about Main Street.

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You Nephi guys like to come up there. I know it’s a good spot. See the Midnight Lights, it’s a good spot. The Midnight Streetlights, especially Wyatt. He was older than me, but he ran with a rough crew. There you go. Gee, you didn’t go to the Shopco parking lot. Here go, this is why you’re here. Wyatt Shopco was gone by the time this kid grew up. I know. But when we were there, Shopco, I already love this podcast. I love it. I love where that continue. Anyway, yeah, grew up in Nephi, farmed ranched, all that. Grew up playing baseball. Grew up hunting a little bit. Not, I mean, when I was a young kid, I remember going on a few trips, stuff like that. But until I was actually able to hunt myself, I didn’t do very much of it. A little bit. I remember when I was a kid, just always my brother and my brothers and dad would go and I’d be like, I wanna go. And they’re like, oh, you’re too young. Hike up back, end of Nebo. It’s too steep for you. It’s like, all right, whatever. And so I stuck with baseball for a long, long time. Pretty well did that. Focused my life around that in farming. And so once I got into high school, got a little more into it, started calling Coyotes. My older brother did a lot. Got pretty into that for a long time. Still do.

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Then went on a mission into Oregon. Came back from there. And then I got into hunting a lot more Seriously. It kind of like, like real serious. Yeah. It consumed me. It’s consumed me ever since then, since I was, you know, away from the farm. The farm took up a lot of time. So there wasn’t really much time to hunt at all. And so once I was kind of out from that a little bit, kind of had some room to stretch my legs, stuff. I had moved here to Cedar and then it consumed me. And that’s all I’ve done. Adam said he’s seen you casing there out over there by the golf course. Pretty heavy when these bucks were wintering bro’s. Like I see cash all the time. I don’t even know where cash lives. You might live over there after I do. I live. Oh you do? I think you live in the bottom of street. He’s like, I dunno what he’s doing. No, not the bottom of street. These bucks out. No, these, those bucks were over there. I’d go over and look and, and I had heard, I actually heard about you that told me that one of my neighbors chimney was on fire one night. Yeah. I didn’t, I’m like, okay. I didn’t know that. But he told Chimney fire. Yeah. Now we’re giving away some secret haunts. Yeah. Yeah. So much for that spot. So much for that spot.

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Cedar Golf course ever. Everyone, any golf course, Devon, Devon’s been Oh yeah, a duck hunting’s. Good hunting. Devon’s been swearing us to secrecy without swearing us to secrecy. If anybody tells anybody about this, I like it. No, I could, I could throw a rock a few times and probably hit Adam’s house. We’re not far really? Logan’s got his maps up here looking for the golf course. Right, right. That’s the problem with Logan. You keep your eyes on cap. He’s out marking spots. It’s critical winter range from Canaryville to Pereg. It’s nothing new guys. It’s on the whole front. I know, but I mean, come on. It’s not, it’s not a Logans got sippy cup over here. Well, okay. Capri Sun too. Sorry. Capri Sun. Anyway, how’d this get turned around on me? Go back to cash. Anyway, so, so cash then we were obviously advertising for having an opening here at Epic Outdoors. You applied and were vetted extensively, so Perfect. You know? Yeah. I came over, it was actually my boss that brought me over. It was actually funny. I was working under Casey. Yeah. And I was sitting in his office. I was like, Hey, epic Outdoors is hiring and I might apply, I might stick my foot out there. I was like, I’ve seen other places hiring. I was like, I’ve always wondered what it’s like. Yeah. You know, work for those guys or whatever.

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I was like, and out of all the companies to work for, that’s, that would be my pick. Yeah. I was like, I’m gonna apply. And he’s like, all right. He is like, I can’t hold you back from chasing the dream. He’s a pretty good boss. And so, yeah, so we actually, we were coming over actually originally for business. We were coming over to get some binos for a, for a giveaway there. Yeah. And you know, I just introduced myself and then Wyatt and put, put his name in the hat for a grilled. Yeah. They grilled me for a minute. And I was like, oh man. That was kind of like an interview in and of itself. Well, yeah, he came in for just a minute. Yeah. Yeah. And while he was standing there, while we ground him out a little bit, hung Yeah. Yeah. Definitely put some tester questions out there. Yeah. Wyatt knew your family a little bit. Yeah. Not, not tons, but if, you know, he knew enough of your background and whatnot. So it was definitely, but then obviously Bronson, we, I don’t know. We had went, went over about 30 applicants. We had a lot of applicants and a lot of good ones. You know, we did, we didn’t, you know, we don’t really take any hirings here lightly. We, we go, we don’t like to do it often. We like to get it right.

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We like to get the right people and put a lot of time and thought into it. Involve all, all the crew. And that’s what we did. And this was a specific need or, or just, just as we’ve grown and any business grows, and especially in a customer service based business, like we are, you know, we’ve gotta be able to meet the needs of our members. Whether that be, you know, people calling in about how to apply or needing outfitters or, you know, needing help with their license application portfolio and things like that. And so that, that’s specifically the kind of the job that we hired cash to do is working under Wyatt. And in that part of the, the, the business bid is, we’ve talked about here. We’re, we’re jack of all trades. We kind of do a lot, even though everybody has specific, you know, responsibilities. And this is their, their main, you know, division if you wanna call it. We do a lot of cross everything. I mean, especially if somebody’s gone or something like that. So anyway, that’s what we hired cash to do. We’re excited to have him on. He’s been here, what, a couple months? Has it been that long already? Yeah, two months. A little over two maybe. So probably overdue in terms of having a unveiling of cash on a podcast. But hey, we didn’t wanna scare him off too.

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You said for two months we think we here to stay over. We’ve kept him pretty busy too, I’d say. Yeah. It’s like the right in the furnace, right outta the gate. You know, there’s a, there’s a lot going on as we’ve alluded, you know, we had a holiday that we created here on Uno de Mayo after, you know, some other things passed, and then Nevada passes. There’s even lightening up more. And so as state deadlines pass, you know, there’s only so many states left to be applied. And, and for all of us here, that, that means a little bit of, I guess, reprieve from, from some of the, some of the schedule that we’ve been living. But anyway, glad to have cash on board. And, anyway, what else? I mean, cash, we got, I mean, I know you’ve, you’ve told us a little bit about obviously your family and hunting and all that, but what do you tell everybody? What do you, what do you like to hunt the most? If you hunt one animal and one animal only for the rest of your life, what would it be? Man, I’ve actually can’t say Antelope. Carter’s already said that. Well, I will. I wouldn’t choose antelope. Honestly. I’ve actually, the last few years I’ve kind of gone back and forth. I’ve, I’ve like friends and stuff, asked that question, what would it be? You know?

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And I’ve kind of gone back and forth until, until I killed an elk. I would, I would’ve said elk. And it was just, I’d been chasing ’em. You can hunt ’em every year over the counter or stuff like that. You can chase elk every year. And so I was chasing elk for the last few years and everything. And I would’ve told you elk. And then last year I killed an elk. And then for some reason, I don’t know why, my mind has just switched over to mule deer. Back to mule deer. Yeah. I grew up hunting where we deer elk cutter on. Yeah. It wasn’t just an elk though. That was an awesome bull on a tough Yeah. Over the counter unit. I mean that, that’s not, there’s a lot of guys that hunt that for a lot of years. Yeah. And never even see an elk. Yeah. Everyone kill with their bow. Yeah. He that good. So he made me happy. I honestly didn’t even really know what he was until I got to him. I just kind of got a glimpse and, and saw him, you know, there was, he was a branch Atler bull. My goal was a branch Atler bull. Yeah. On that unit, in that area. And so killed him and walked over there and taped him out the next day. Surprisingly he was over three 15. So yeah, it was good. Pretty awesome. Over, over the, over the counter.

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Over the counter unit here in Utah. Yeah. It went out pretty good. But yeah, I would say probably mule deer. It would probably be, that’d probably be it. Just ’cause I like it. It is. Join the crowd. Yeah, exactly. I think so. Pretty much. Yeah. I mean, so anyway. Well it’s nice to have young blood here at the Epic office. Logan nice to have somebody else. Nice to have somebody else with a sippy cup Caprice on or whatever. He’s got a full blown tan. Oh, it’s a monster. Monster today. White monster. Yeah. That’s a man’s drink. Did somebody, did somebody card him before he got the, I was just about to say, I had to ask Jason if I was old enough. Can I see sir? I, it kind of speaks those bites. Yeah, I was gonna say Janna cards him pretty heavy, right? Right in the pocket. As I’m walking down the hall, she cards me. Really? Yeah. Pretty much. I can tell her. No. But anyway, we appreciate you. You guys are, you guys are awesome Addition here at Epic Outdoors. Just, just awesome. Of course, you know, Wyatt’s gonna work you a bit. So anyway. Yeah, good luck over there on that side of the office. You got a lot, a lot of bosses over there. Hey, that’s all right. It’s been good. I’ve honestly, there’s a lot of bosses. There’s at least five I can think of.

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I’m tired of being bossed over there. What we gotta go through, I guess. Geez, there you go. So control, I believe on my introductory podcast, I had to tell a hunting story. Should we get one of those outta cash? We’ve got a little bit of one, but yeah, let’s get one. Okay. What do you wanna hear? I don’t know. Something you wanna tell us? That bull or something else? I don’t know. Unique or whether it be that bull, whether it be something else or something with a family hunt. Something that would stand out or we can let you chew on it and come back to you either way. I don’t know. I could think of a few, but I’ll have to pick one out. Alright, lemme chew on it for a minute on. I’ll pick one out. Well, let’s, let’s talk about the mule’s matters a little bit. Josh or Wyatt or whoever wants to chime in. We did have some more donations yesterday. We have, yeah. Had one come in today. Another one? Yeah. That new, that other rifle. Oh yeah. Well that one. Yeah, that one. That was a Mossberg rifle. Yes. Right. Yeah. Yeah. We had a Mossberg rifle come in. That’s a seven, seven mm PRC. Pretty awesome. We’re super excited about that guy called in. And of course that’ll all be announced officially on the Instagram. Yeah. Yeah. We’re just getting rolling on some of that stuff. Summer.

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Like it’s, they’re, they’re coming in pretty much so hot and heavy. Like you can’t just keep telling them one by one will be here. Yesterday we had sheep’s feet, you know. Yeah. 10 pair of sheep feet. We talk about the puppies puppy. No, I don’t think so. We had a puppy come in. Was it a dog? Remember you picked a thousand Devin’s donating moose, remember? No. He decided that this morning. My wife heard you say that shouldn’t have ended to these. He donate the dog. He was a lot tougher when he wasn’t on air this morning. Wasn’t, lemme tell you guys something. Six, seven in the morning. I was, yeah, I was kind of, he, he’s got two strikes, let’s just say that. What’d he do? He just, it doesn’t matter. We don’t need to talk about it. He on the carpet sometimes. It’s just difficult. He’s a good, he’s a good dog though. Yeah. We’re not giving away moose. I thought a great period. No, but anyway. We’ll, we’ll go through ’em all later. But like I said, we’re just creating a page on a website too that will we’ll end up un unveiling. There’s not a lot to really, we’re gonna wait till we’re pretty much, you know, to the point, I mean, by the end of summer can, I mean, you don’t have to turn a tag in as we well announced until by November 30th. But we, we’ve announced some of the highlights.

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But man controlling in off stuff did last time. We did last time. Talk through quite a few, like Yeah, cash, five days backpack meal, fierce rifle, Hoyt, VTM, vortex package, bronze books and a painting loophole range. Find a trail Cams money. What, what was the dog? A wine Weer Heimer. What? What was the breed of dog on? Golden. Somebody really donated dog. Yes, yes. Oh, golden. That’s news to me. Or choose to breed was a golden doodle or weer wine. Or weer. Yeah. Which I don’t know, Mike Wier. Wine rhyme. Wine rhymer. Wine rhyme. Close enough. Mike’s from, he breeds dogs. And so that’s gonna be, you know, as we’ve talked about, winners are gonna be drawn in order and they’ll pick in order. So there’s two lion hunts. If you want a mountain lion hunt. If, if you want, I dunno, tattoo. Yeah, if there’s tattoos. Yeah. That’s awesome. Freeze dried meal. Starlink in a pelican case. I mean, yeah, that’s, there’s a, got Elon Musk in the middle of this. Yeah, Elon called us up. He’s like, Hey, I love Elon. Hey Josh, how’s it going? Let’s take this to the moon. Well, well we had a little mishap, but hey all. So anyway, hunter Biden’s donating that penalty case. That’s pretty awesome. Yeah. So I just wanted to talk about that. And a laptop. Yeah, those guys are getting couple hard drives. It’s heavy. They’re, they’re, I mean, its nasty.

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They’re getting Oh, they’re getting roasted. Yeah. All right. So anyway, mule’s matters. Of course you can follow that. Josh, you wanna throw a little, even Logan, you’ve been working on a website. Yeah. Hopefully the website is up and running in the next few weeks. You can go on there and take a look at the prizes we got available, what, what category, the tags you have might go in, what prizes are available in those categories. So pretty awesome. Excited for that soon. It’s just kind of new and, and it’s gonna get ramped up more. We’re obviously gonna have more time here in the next month or so. You know, we’re trying to finish up a bunch of deadlines and draw results and things like that kind of hitting the end of our busy season. So we’ll have more time to, to put some of that out there. So keep watching our Instagram page. Muley matter that Go, go make sure you’re following that. ’cause that’s where a lot of those posts are gonna be. Obviously we’re gonna, you might see some double posts because we’ll have some stuff with Epic. ’cause it is ours, you know, so we’ll push it there. Just wanna make sure everybody that we can knows. And, and I guess to make it clear again, I know we don’t have to keep saying it, but it’s, this isn’t a, we don’t want you to go hunt thing.

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We, we want you to go, we want you to go hunt, hunt your guts out. Yeah. ’cause we, we, we obviously want to encourage people to go hunt. It’s something we do. It’s something we love and, and we’re all gonna be out there doing the same thing. But we, we want you to go, you know, use your tag, but just, we want you to be selective and, and have a good time. But, but also if you decide not to kill a buck, shoot, send it. Send in your tag. And, and there’s gonna be some awesome surprises. That’s before. That’s right. Maybe a little incentive, little something something. Yeah. Anyway. For sure. But yeah, so keep an eye on that. Like I said, we’ll, we’ll keep, we’re gonna go over everybody that has gave, given us donations and, and continue to, to hit us up if you have something you wanna donate. It can be anything. I mean, we’ve got concrete lifting, we’ve got all kinds of things. I mean, like, there’s a lot, somebody’s gonna need a project that Yeah, they’re gonna pick something. That’s why we’re gonna let ’em, we’re not just gonna say, Hey, you get the puppy and you’re a cat lover. You know what I mean? You get to pick the puppy. Yeah. Or the tattoo or the concrete lifting, whatever it’s, or you know, there’s cash, not cash. Lynn. Cold, hard bench cash.

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You can, my wife might be mad if you try giving me away. Really? Well that’s good. Might come knock on the door. Yeah. She’s a one. Guaranteed any of our wives would give us way in three seconds. Good. Yeah. Well anyway, well quick shout out to, before we continue on, I want to give a shout out to St. James Sporting Properties. Blaine and his crew there. Great brokers there. Licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Basically, if you’re in the market, either looking to buy or if you’ve got family property or property, you’ve got inherited whatever you’re looking to sell something, give Blaine and his crew a call 8 5 5 7 1 1 7 5 7 5 7 7. Or St. James or just SJ sporting Great crew to help you be able to, you know, come with a plan to sell it. They’re good marketers, they’re hunters. They know how to tap into recreational farm and ranch properties. So anyway, might even, every once in a while there’s ranch their Jason’s pretty interested in too, including, what do you mean? Like this one? Yeah. Huh? This one’s in unit seven. Yeah, that’s right. New Mexico. New Mexico Unit seven. I’m like, geez, that’s seriously interested in that. Go all in Carter. Whoa, it’s $4 million. I’m out. I’m out. Hey, don’t round up. It’s 3 6 3 3 6. Well, the time you get tax license and registration. Prairie duck closing. Yeah, exactly. Water or whatever they got there. Lawyers, attorney. Archeological clearance fees. Geez.

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Anyway, well, Bronson we’re, I, I guess we’re kind of tired about talking about how incredible this year’s gonna be in a large portion of this southern part of the US for we’re ready for it to happen. We’re so excited. And, and we just had a, a new magazine come out covers Arizona, sheep, deer, and bison as well as California. And there’s some incredible trophies featured within the Arizona section. So much so we even held back on some, maybe even a future cover and, and just, just unbelievable animals killed last year. And we’re seeing, you know, some of those tag reductions off of the drought. And then when you combine that, you know, with, so you got lower, you know, hunters in the field, plus you combine that with incredible moisture levels, maybe even record in, in some cases. And especially the Chiba and the Strip. I mean it’s so exciting right now. Just think about that. It was a pretty solid year last year. Not, not phenomenal, not the numbers of giant bucks, but, but it was better than the previous two, let’s put it that way. But yeah, this year we’ve had not, you know, we’ve talked about it until blue in the face. So yeah, we’re absolutely excited. But give up a tag somehow fired up also who, who’s trying to get an Arizona deer tag this year.

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I mean, when I say trying, I don’t mean I’m putting in for 13 b and a ’cause that’s not even trying, but, but I mean, who’s actually gonna try like you, you namely, well, I’m gonna, I have points to protect, you know, I’ve gotta have, I mean, when you’re in the plans 20, you gotta have plans 24 5 plus range. It’s like I’m not just gonna burn ’em on something. So yeah, I have hopes and dreams, but, but not maybe like some of y’all that have five to 12, there’s a lot more damage you can try to do. So, pretty incredible. I think. Devin, you’re gonna be trying, everybody’s gonna be applying. I just throwing that out there to Jason. I’m gonna apply. Yeah, you’re gonna apply. That’s the end of it. I just, I love teasing them. Comes from the guy that I love. Tea has probably been there how many times in a row. So many times. I I hate to even talk about it. That’s right, that’s right. You know, I have, I’ve been there a lot. How many years? I think it’d be a great year to be in Arizona with any tag. I know. Yeah. I always do things wrong. I always hunt years I or states in tough years. And then the good years I sit out and that’s this year you’re doing it differently. I’m gonna try to do it differently. Okay.

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Places like Nevada, Utah and, I don’t know, Arizona backwards, you know, probably won’t be there this year. So anyway, it’s just one of those things. Pretty, pretty awesome, you know, and the sheep, desert sheep unbelievable record feels like they’ve never been better. Really never been better there. Certain units have have come and gone, but other units have come on strong. But collectively, numbers wise, they’re as high as they’ve been in it seems areas like quality in 22, 24, some of those 28 curb just a little bit. But then other units are just coming on. Just, just unbelievable. There’s a number of 180 plus rams taken and more to be hot. Yep. A lot of splitting of units just to, just to maintain hunt quality basically. When you start getting 4, 6, 8, you know, nine tags, Arizona’s always been kind of more in favor of splitting instead of just adding tags and having a bunch of people all there at once. They’ve always kind of done that whenever you get to whatever that trigger is in their mind. So you got a really good hunt. But anyway, and yeah, of course there’s 137 desert sheep tags gonna be issued throughout the state. That’s 17 tag increase. And then the highest number of total sheep tags ever recorded. Yeah. In Arizona history. The Rockies and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. So unbelievable. Just, just an incredible opportunity.

00:23:22:07 –> 00:24:30:07
And like, like I was listening to their commission meeting and commissioner says, you know, it’s kind of their goal to make this a once in lifetime experience for people and feels like everyone should have that potential at a book gram. That doesn’t necessarily happen, but just to hear that that might be one of their goals or, you know, aspirations, whatever for, for the state is just awesome. Yeah, that’s rare with sheep. You don’t hear that a lot. No, never, never, never been better sheep wise, deer wise. You know, chive tags are extremely limited in comparison to, you know, in the recent decade or whatever. And so the people that do draw are gonna have an incredible experience. That’s, it’s ripe. The early seasons are a week later this year, which just means might Yeah, even the conditions. Yeah. You might flirt with a little bit of pre rutt this year going into the first five days or so in November. Not that that’s a huge selling point, but it’s a bonus. I mean if you’re gonna have some weather last year that early hunt had some weather and it definitely, it definitely kicked in some stuff, you know, just for fine. A bucks you just, you get some snow in the middle of a hunt. Anytime mul deer hunting is usually better.

00:24:30:11 –> 00:25:34:23
Well you get, you know, some of that stuff like those gon bucks and that, you know, they cross, they cross and once they get down there they, they’re there for run, they run a lot sooner. I know when, when we were down there classifying that stuff, I would have to be basically done classifying those deer by December 1st. They were done Rutten by then. When a lot of our deer here in Utah up this way, they’re still going at Christmas. You know, and so yeah, when you migrate that far, there’s far as some of those deer do, they’re only go there for one reason. That’s to winter and breed. Yep. Breed then. So yeah, by the end of October, if, if there’s some weather, like Adam’s saying, you can have some good hunts down there. So Yeah, even early, like those early hunts. I mean realistically it’s from an odd standpoint, if you like to hunt a big meal there, they’re odds wise about the only realistic thing is some of the late hunts. Yeah. Most of those have, but there’s a lot of guys look gonna be looking early because you start to realize that I’m max. That’s what I’m saying. Yeah, you’re, you’re not, when you’re realistically the odds wise, that’s all you got the, the late hunts have one or two tags, right? Yeah. One to three tags in the random draw. Yeah.

00:25:35:03 –> 00:26:40:17
So, and you hear, I’ve talked to guys a lot, you see it a lot with Colorado and hear about Colorado a lot guys always feel like they have to have a third or fourth season or something like that because they really want a deep rutt type hunt. And on a year like this one with good antler growth, those deer, most of them are down there for the most part. They’re already on the unit and so maybe it’s a little harder to find a out, out as much or whatever, but they’re already there and so yeah, you just to have a tag, you like this, you should probably be there if you could force the draw. You should force the draw. Yes you should. Bronson, you’re forcing the draw. Devin, I could bring like six people I pull, I forced a lot of draws through the drought years. That’s my point. That’s my point. I, I’ll, I’ll get two and three tags in places. I shouldn’t be getting tags at all. I should be hunting STAs goats and sheep and I’m hunting, trying to hunt. Yeah. Deer dear. Velvety growing mully box. Ugh. So anyway, Devin, why don’t you expound upon that a little bit? Oh, what do you mean hunting tough years drought. But you still freaking, are you talking Arizona? Like Arizona specifically? It’s just a last, are you talking Arizona?

00:26:40:17 –> 00:27:46:11
Are you talking Nevada or when, where do you forced some of these draws that you maybe in drought years. Tougher years. Yeah. Or the reason I even got to hunt me is ’cause it was a drought. You could look at it that way. Turn back tags. Oh yeah. Things like that. I see what you’re saying. Yeah. Oh that’s true. Some people that have maybe I’m not gonna kill at home max points and have the ability to draw in, have turned tags back in, in drought years in states like Nevada, you know, or Arizona. Yeah. And it’s led to some of that. Yeah. But Arizona specifically was just awesome. It was so fun. So which particular hunt are you thinking about? Archery elk. Oh, oh, the elk. Yeah. Oh yeah. I’ll onboard on that one. Cool opportunity We kind of overlook too in Arizona’s the co deer down south. Yeah, they’re incredible too right now. Especially if you don’t have a lot of points. So, and let’s say you apply Josh Aren. Didn’t you make a fairly bold statement? I thought it was a pro proclamation. He said there was a declaration. He said he was declaration. That’s one of the, weren’t you doing the cab claim? He was crazy about co the last, I’m too large to live in the desert. You don’t see large things. Live camels in the desert ca. Well, okay.

00:27:47:22 –> 00:28:52:06
I don’t preserve water in a hump, but yeah, Josh, to your point, not too large. Continue. But just, you know, that’s something that for a guy that doesn’t have a lot of points and you’re, you’re honestly, you’re never gonna catch the strip or something. We all wanna hunt that. But let’s just say you apply in three or four other states for mule deer. Why not say Arizona? That I, I feel like I haven’t officially pulled the plug yet, but I’m getting there Close to say plug. Yeah on entered the plug plug, entered. Plug that yet. Plug, plug. Pulled the plug on a MUE and entered it into oh their cows. You know, that’s what I mean. Yeah. So, and just say, Hey are you gonna do that? Yes, he said that I’m gonna do it. When did you do that? When did you guys talk about this? Because I thought that was the day, or no, this was a day or two ago. He made a declaration or, or proclamation. One of the two. It he’s going, he’s all going all in on what season? I, I’m honestly, I’m not gonna be too, too terribly picky. I don’t, the later it gets, it gets tough for us again. So I would rather go down there. We better, we better put this on our schedule. Him. Are you the October 27th? I’d probably go down there. I’d probably go down there.

00:28:52:26 –> 00:30:02:05
Tend to go down there more often is what I would probably do instead of wait for something and I’d, I’d probably go down there. I like it. Talking to people. I mean, have you got a unit picked out? No. No I haven’t. He’s just saying in general. Yeah, it’s a great option. Especially because they grow later too. And, and mean monsoons can really help them significantly. Why don’t we talk about the early monsoon that’s supposed to happen. Didn’t you have some predictor? I don’t think they used the term monsoon, but it was, look outside, there’s a monsoons this morning was yesterday. Not a cloud in the sky. Now there’s a storm building out there. It’s about yesterday. It’s monsoon ish. It went, it went from sunny tooth that you sent us. I was legit post that up on Instagram. Did you already? I did on my end. You did? On the story. But we need to do that with this podcast yesterday did the same thing thing. But if you look at the, the weather people shorts, golf and by the end of it they were hypothermic. Yeah, that’s the truth. It was cold starting spread Saturday in southern Utah. But it’s into Arizona, New Mexico. There’s a big green tropical plume of something. Yeah. Which talked about what? Moisture. Moisture. Yeah. For the next tropical month or 10. 10 days or months. Well for the next, well for the next week. 10 days.

00:30:02:08 –> 00:31:08:10
It was like the 18th through the 28th or something. It’s May is usually like it’s over to the To the farmer’s. Farmer’s Almanac Cash. Yeah. Did you guys ever go by the Farmer’s Almanac? You hear about it all the time and you coffee shop all the farm like in the farming, you hear about the Almanac all the time. Oh have you ever Actually a big, did they make like a book? Get it in the ground? Yeah, there’s a farmer’s arm book. You can Google it. I don’t know if it’s a book. It’s all Google. It’s all virtual and online. Sure. Back in the day it was a book, some kind of print all where they sell ’em at the auction houses probably handed. Yeah, it IFA feed stores. It’s on the dash that most farmers would have the King James and the Farmer’s Almanac. That’s the two thing. Two books they have. That’s right. Farmers Alman that was wore out. How to fix an Alice charm Charmers, you know, tractor swat or something. That was probably another manual up there. But if you look, look at this like next week Saturday, starting Saturday. Well this Saturday the 13th Saturday, every afternoon. See that big thing of moisture rich Percentage of percentage of moisture every afternoon. You see that in July? We don’t get building in May. So just think about the last year.

00:31:08:10 –> 00:32:12:07
So if we get it in May and then we get it in July and August again and the last year, which last two years have been incredible monsoons. Yeah. But the last time we had monsoon moisture in May was 20 20 19. 19 April and May. What I, what I feel bad about is how many tags I ate when I was a kid. Because out of ignorance, even knowing out of ignorance, I like we’re an educated a hundred. Now you every year was the same and you’re just gonna go the dude and then if I didn’t find one it’s because I suck. Yeah. You know what I mean? That I didn’t, I don’t know how to hunt or whatever. Or just bad luck when really there was nothing big alive. Oh yeah. You know what I mean? You just, well we didn’t chalk it up to that because we, I mean and you hunt the same spots. We don’t have these reports now. You know what I mean? I mean they were keeping records but where did you find them? We, I’m gonna ask 2003. You couldn’t, you couldn’t Google it on your mo Motorola chocolate, your razor, whatever those phones used to be. lg. Oh you talking Blackberry phone. A Blackberry. I think you gotta go a little further back. Even the Nokia, the first Nokia, when you were a kid, you couldn’t look at an Nokia. No, you played Atari. Yeah.

00:32:12:07 –> 00:33:19:16
Your phone was plugged into the wall. We didn’t even have, we had nothing like that. No Internet was vetted while we were, you know, yeah. 20 year olds. Anyway, I just feel like, I mean there was tags wasted in drought years. What did that mean? We didn’t even, we didn’t know how to quantify that. We didn’t know what it really meant to add our growth. Some people thought, well, during drought, drought years you might even grow better because per leaf built there was more nutrition. You know what I mean? And it could happen ’cause there’s still always a giant deer killed on drought years. But you always gotta, especially in Sandy crazy country like that low density airs. Usually if you have a lot of deer in, in places like we’ve seen it on the Henry’s and stuff, like some years it’s dry down there. The oak is high lined everywhere between cows, buffalo and deer. Yeah. You’re like, yeah, there’s too much. There’s too much. Too much. Trying to get what outta what feeds that, trying to eke out a pound of pound of beef for flesh. So now when you’re getting these tags and it takes so many points to draw ’em and it, and it is just a well thought out process. It’s a, it’s an educated dump of points or plan of attack or, or you have to adapt. ’cause we’re also big proponents of being risking a little bit too.

00:33:19:19 –> 00:34:18:23
I mean there’s times when you’re packing Wyatt’s number of points, which hey maybe that’s a good segue where Utah we’re talk about this. Is is this or is this you to defend yourself? How many points he wants? Does packing Adam? No, I’m, I’m just talking about in general packing a lot points. It’s a thought out process is what he’s saying. That’s right. Oh, he’s not saying that you have a lot of points. No, not saying that you’re planning on thing passed going there at all. Just saying when you have a lot and you’re more in the driver’s seat to force something, you’re, you’re not risking as much naturally. But when you aren’t, don’t wait for the moon, the, the stars and the weather and the sun and the weather, your shadow whatever to all, you know, line up like groundhog day or something. Take the tags when you can if it gets and make the most of them go hunting versus Yeah, for sure. Kinda like Jos was saying about if you’re go down there more often, if you’re just starting Arizona, it really is. Well especially when you’re never gonna get a strip tag or a late Kaaba or something like that. Exactly. I think there’s also, you’ve gotta know the system.

00:34:18:25 –> 00:35:21:22
Like you’ve gotta understand like for Arizona, you’ve got a max point draw and then you’ve got the regular random and if you are gonna draw, let’s say your second choice on the max point draw, you’ll never be in the random for your first choice. That’s right. Doesn’t you get a bit 13 B, if you have 10 points and you’re putting in for a cous, deer is your second choice on an early co takes points to draw. You’re right. Exactly. You’re gonna draw that in the max point draw. What did you 13 B was for nothing. You need to be in the random on both. Might as well put two pretty good, you know, early cos so that’s that you’re, you know That’s right. Interested in drawn to make sure you get one of ’em. But that’s right. So there’s a lot that goes into that whole thought process of, it’s not just, well I’m gonna throw in and you can, you can just blindly apply and, and that’s good. That’s better than not applying. But, but there is a lot of thought that goes into it. Speaking of, we, we also heard from a lot of people after the oak draw that are just beside themselves that they didn’t draw the tag that they were quote guaranteed to draw. Who you Adam? Well, I mean, I don’t know. No, maybe you were one of them. You I was going, I was going.

00:35:22:04 –> 00:36:20:13
You now have looked at the odds and how many, what were your odds? 50. 50. 50. Not talking about me. Okay. I’m talking about those guys that Wyatt has talked to. I talked to several with 20 to 24 archery points and they thought I was guaranteed. How did I get not get attacked? Well you were guaranteed last year when it was a a drier year and by February a lot of people just sat it out and did points only ’cause it wasn’t looking like it was gonna be phenomenal. And this year is the exact opposite. And those people and others came to play. Boom. And that’s the same thing that’s gonna happen this year with deer and draws or draws. And every year’s a new product is certain, nothing certain. I was guaranteed. How did I not get my tag? Well you guys told me I had to draw. No, we told you what last year’s odds were. Yeah. I told you what happened last year. The thing what I’m saying with Deere, like we’re talking about the early kibab and those things, you know, it’s taken, those are gonna jump 13. Oh yeah. Or so it’s gonna jump. So, so and and maybe two or three points. I don’t know a because it’s a couple of years into these low tag numbers. Really low. Yeah. I mean really low. Yeah.

00:36:20:14 –> 00:37:22:03
And it’s been producing well and the dates are a little bit lighter and it’s just, and last year and you eliminate and then you eliminate a state like Wyoming for a lot of people that is always a last resort. I’m gonna why go north plans fizzled. There are no go, go go North Planet. There’s some people that are always gonna try to go there because they always try to point booster and go to GRH. But I mean collectively, how many calls have you got people clamoring to go to Wyoming this year? Not a lot. No. So then, then all of a sudden Nevada, which we had all kinds of hype about Arizona, there’s all kinds of hype. It’s gonna be harder to get to get back. But don’t you think that the best year for Wyoming regions year age, let’s just take those for example, would be this year or next year. Yeah. In the next four to five years. Because the next four to five years you’re now hunting fawns that died. Yeah, you’re right. I I do think this year, next year I absolutely, the ones that lived are in that middle age class that are healthy, healthy, healthy. Yeah. Yeah. So you’re just, your experience is gonna go down because you’re not gonna see game. No, you’re not gonna see game. But it’s not gonna be better probably in three or four years than right now. No it’s not.

00:37:22:09 –> 00:38:27:21
And so people should do it. Yes. Either go now or you’re gonna long time or you’re wait five to seven years and if you want next couple years, farmer’s Almanac is saying what We’re gonna continued wet pattern. Am I wrong for a couple? No, no. What’s that called? Well, El El Nina or Nino? El Nino. Yo. We’re going yo. So who knows what if we’re gonna fill Lake pound two years. It’s predicting. Come on. It’s been, I’m predicting a day. Really? It’s been over, it’s over a foot a day right now. But I mean that happens every normal year, doesn’t it? Doesn’t that happen every normal year? Yeah, but it might last for seven days some years and goes for, you know, 40 days in heavy years like this. They’re pulling, we’re we’re, I’m pulling three. Well you go down there need to a hundred foot increase in Lake Powell. That’s what I’m hoping. Well, and you go down there. I’ve been down there before. We’ve taken little boats and you haul ’em up on the shore and you come back three days later and it’s the back that’s in the water. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Little fishing boats and you go backpack for sheep for three days to come back. Oh yeah. And it, you know, you have it 20 feet out of the water, but that’s kind of horizontal distance. Right. So vertically three feet is moves at 20 something feet. Oh yeah.

00:38:27:21 –> 00:39:34:00
It’s a problem. One more day. And that thing was floating. Well, serious little 15 or 20 foot aluminum fishing. You just drag it up on there, flip it over and throw some, a cooler and a couple drinks under it, come back and it’s got problems. It’s just about you had no way to get home and no way to get home. Thank you for Henry. Well hey, that was 20 years ago. Oh that’s, what do you got? Good point. A mirror and some matches. Smoke, campfire smoke. That’s right. Hey, there’s not very many of those on Lake Powell, so I’m sure you’ve been found. Oh geez. Anyway, I don’t know why we’re, anyway so ki it’s kind of interesting. There’s a lot just talk in Arizona. Yeah, it’s, that’s why we’re talking about it. It’s the last, I guess we call it you go mule there first in gives you second. Yeah, yeah. Whatever your points or dear points and change your mind next year. You, you know, a lot of people talk about that, especially if you think you’re gonna go guided on a COOs deer hunt if you drew one, we always do like to point out to people Yeah, you should, but you can also go to Mexico for about the same price if you’re willing to wanting to go to Mexico. And a lot of people when they kinda look at it that way, like, okay, I’ve already got 10 or 15 points.

00:39:34:15 –> 00:40:31:00
Yeah maybe I will just save money to do a Mexico co deer hunt and do and use these builder hunt here. These, so just things to kind of weigh out in your mind. But, but if you are self-guided, good grief. I mean there’s more, you know, obviously I’ve got some friends. Yeah. Now they’ve just told the towel and, and they go down every year and they’re killing some pretty good bucks. Like one of ’em out of their group, they’re killing an over a hundred inch. And this is a zero point stuff every year. And Well, and if you, if you apply consistently, if you did the hundred ed, you go back to two points every year. You got your loyalty in a hundred ads. So you’re starting at two and it’s pretty easy to go back ethically hunting. You know, you’ve had a guy go and do the hunter ed getting ready to sign up for the actual day course and you’re like, whoa, you’re doing the wrong program. He already did did it. It used to be hunter ed. He already did it. Yeah. And he, I mean I took my whole family down there and grabbed hotel and I did too. Tick me, ticks me off that you can just pay to play now. You get a send of a reimbursement for him for what you paid. It’s 300 bucks a piece. But it still came out cheaper, slightly bothered probably.

00:40:31:13 –> 00:41:37:25
So I, I would say jump on that while you can. What ethically hunting is Yes. 300 bucks bro. And what is it like five hours, four hours? Just depends everybody at their own pace. Sometimes you can speed it up a little bit. Well hey, if you take it as a family, the, the there, you know Yeah. Things go faster. Alright. Logan, have you done that yet? Have you got your extra point in Arizona? So that’s what I was gonna ask. Actually I did the hunter ed thing a while ago and you’ve got that. Do you do, can you do both? No, you can’t stack your, you Yeah I do. Yeah. I went down, stayed in the hotel, did the day downtown Fredonia. Did you, was it Fredonia? I I, so I can’t remember. Oh, it was probably Kingman or Paige. It was so long ago. I was little passed so long ago. Dad, you’re only 19 years old. That was like four years. How long are you, how old are you? I’m 22. Oh, come on. Well that’s a good dad though. He was hauling him down there early. His dad’s a good dad. Paul. Paul knew what points man. World class. World class. Every, every time I open up my points dashboard, I think Paul’s a good dad. Taught you to tie down a tie down a side-by-side property. Well there’s some things he taught and some things he did.

00:41:37:28 –> 00:42:50:27
And sometimes you learn by experience cash. Have you got that extra point yet in Arizona? I haven’t yet. No. Do it. Okay. You need to do it. I need to do it. In fact, you’re gonna do it this weekend. Okay, perfect. Because you, because it takes 30 days, two weeks might not get it. They say 30 but it shows up earlier than it shows up earlier. But they but they only guarantee it 30. Right? It says 30 days. The website. Well they say 30, but it, it, it’s always been faster in my experience. Just saying get it done. So we Yes. Go to Arizona to do it. No. Did you do yours? It’s online. All good. Yeah. Yeah. It’s online. I’ll get that. So you need to be doing it. Yeah, it’s been online. It’s forever. All species. Yep. Anyway, pretty awesome. You know that test. My first try. Nice. Awesome. That’s, we’re proud of YI did it alone man. I don’t, didn’t have family home meeting with nobody. I love it. Tonight we’ll be doing dad’s Got the lesson. Devin, are you holding family home evenings Boost every Monday night. Scolding the dog for a in the mailbox. You call Becky. Hey Becky, I’ve got family home evening tonight. I’ve got up for the next two months. I love it. All right, so let’s move on. I, you know what I really like in Arizona is these over the counter tags.

00:42:50:27 –> 00:43:50:19
Just the over the counter kind of on a first come first serve. We’re under a certain quantity that non-residents are limited to. And like 2,800 off the top of my head. 28 something. Right. Bronson, you remember right in there? I, yeah. Anyway. And so 28 90 and they go on sell December 1st. At least they did this last year. Kinda like your Idaho. Yeah. Dinging. Dinging bell in your head. Yeah. Think about the same time you do Idaho general. Yeah, same. It was same day. Yeah. Yeah. And you can have multiple deer tags in one year. You can only kill one deer per year. Yeah. So you can get one of those in December before they sell the non-resident quota. What It took it. Oh, it’s a day. Day whatever. Let’s call it a day and three quarters, something like that. And then you can hunt any, in any open unit. But in individual units they have separate harvest quotas that fill at different times. So whereas in Idaho you get a tag, it’s good for one unit. Arizona’s aren’t, they’re good, they’re good for t the harvest quotas limits met and they fill one area. You gotta go to a different area that’s open and so, and but don’t be getting one of these and hunting the veap. Yeah. You know what I mean? Don’t be doing that. No.

00:43:50:19 –> 00:44:48:01
And it’s clearly in the regs what units you can hunt and the harvest quotas that are in there. Yeah. But if you harvest a deer in say the January season, you can’t harvest another deer in that calendar year for that particular calendar year. So you’re gonna have to do points only that year. So keep that in mind too. A lot of people don’t care. Say Hey, I go down every January and that’s my hunt and that’s understandable. But if you like to apply in the draw, you may have to target the August and December seasons and Yeah. ’cause then you can kill one and it won’t affect what you do next year in Arizona. But what I, I honestly feel like that’s one of those opportunities that’s gonna go away and we’re gonna wish we’d have done it more. And the guys that are doing it, it’s a, it’s a great well kept secret even though it’s not a secret that there’s pretty big deer dude. I mean we’re hunting fun time. We’re going to Mexico and hunting big deer on the right year. Well and it, it’s hard. Always hard been hard for us Jason and I over the years to do it. ’cause we get super busy and even all of us now here, maybe some of you have done it before in the best. I personally haven’t but let’s call it 20 years. Yeah.

00:44:48:04 –> 00:45:48:01
My schedule, it’s been terrible from December to May has been really jammed. I mean I don’t even trap bought cash anymore and why it’s not gonna let cash go in January. January or December. Right. Why? That’s a busy time. That’s all I was gonna say. So cash, like it’s not gonna work for you. Ah, it’s alright. I guess I’ll do what I gotta do, but it is a tough time. So, and then I’ll blame my and and it’s also archery. So you don’t do a two day weekend smash and grab usually No. So time guys are gotta plan a week and a weekend on each side and go spend some time and, and, and build upon it year after year hopefully. But it is for, and and for a lot of people, I mean most, I dunno, probably 45 outta the 50 states is a lot colder than it is in Arizona that time of year. So it’s a good place to go in December, January, the rest of the United States is cold. That’s right. Maybe not Florida, Hawaii, whatever. But that’s right. You know what I’m trying to say? It’s a good place to go play around in the desert and things like that. Pretty awesome. Well, you know, I guess, Wyatt, dive in, dive into our giveaway a little bit. Yeah.

00:45:48:01 –> 00:46:55:19
So, you know, we have our summer drive coming up, so if you join the membership or refer, you do get a ticket or an entry there. We’re giving away, what is it, how many punches of this year? Tons. Tons. Yeah. Eight doll sheep, Utah elk, eight tons, Mexico Elk, Colorado, mule Deer, Nevada, mul deer, another Colorado deer. So we got archery. And then, and then we’ve got a third season hunt. Yeah, a couple antelope tags to go with your buddies there. And then Texas Barbery sheep. Pretty awesome. Bronson. We changed it up a little bit and did the double on the antelope tags. Well, I, I mean, we’re always at, at times looking for something a little bit different. I mean, we figured landowner tag only in a very heavily public land dominant unit in Southern Utah, might as well give a pair of them, like two buddies or husband and wife or father son, father daughter, whatever, to go do something like that. That’s just kind of a, a unique, unique hunt there. Fun, fun. Self-guided hunt. We, we’d always look for a few little different things. And then a bunch of the others, the bulk of them would be honestly hunts that we would all just die to go do ourselves. That’s why we, it’s kinda like when we go quote shop for these, which is a little bit what it is.

00:46:55:19 –> 00:48:01:13
We gotta talk with our outfitters about who has the best openings and when, and buy ’em years ahead of time and claim those and buy ’em and book ’em. It just like a normal person’s, it’s fun to buy. It’s kinda like doing it like, yeah, we would be doing, I get excited doing it every year ’cause it’s like I let, I got it, I got a guy to commit for 2025 or 2024, and then the hunt comes around a year or so later. We do the drive and it’s always fun making the call. So, yeah, the deadline is what, the day after Father’s Day? June 19th. So June 19th. I think that’s one day after Father’s Day. Yeah, I think it’s a Monday. But anyway, June 19th, whatever day that is. The drive’s going on right now. I can join [email protected] or give us a call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. If you’ve, if you’ve been a listener of the podcast forever, need a reason to maybe join, maybe that’s a reason to get your name out for one of those too. You’ll get your name in the hat, plus you could, you know, sign up your buddies or, or purchase additional tickets. Of course. We’re also giving away a rifle bow optics package that’s over 15 grand just for that package. One wa excuse me, one winner gets all awesome. Just an incredible, another incredible opportunity if you’re looking for hunts to fill up your fall schedule.

00:48:02:11 –> 00:49:16:24
Speaking of fall schedule, lot’s about to happen here really fast. We’re here now. I was wondering what are, what are you guys all most excited about for these draw results coming? I mean, we were, I’m excited for Montana and Idaho ’cause you got sheep tag writing, but the odds of that happening, I mean if I, if that happens, I’ve off sometimes I’m Montana. You’re really excited about No, the only, maybe I’m excited I wouldn’t have to talk about it for the rest of my life if that happened. But, but I would say, yeah, Utah, Nevada, I’m most, I’m really excited and they, they’re gonna be out, they always are out within like five to seven days of each other. When I say always for the last, you know, 10 plus years, Utah moved their application period later this year. But their results should be, you know, within the next week or two. They say May 31st. They’re always usually bit earlier than that. Cards or something if we’re lucky. But I would say that, and then of course you got Wyoming elk coming out next week, you know, Idaho’s sheep, moose, goat, Montana, sheep, moose, goat, bison, you know, and like I said, we said Utah and Nevada a lot in the next, what, seven to 10 days? Yeah. Even Kansas whitetail guys. Yep. It’s pretty fun, you know, which is, you know, not as, not as exciting. Well, it’s predictable. It’s more of a plan. Yeah.

00:49:16:24 –> 00:50:19:15
You know, when you’re gonna draw usually, but, but I guess, you know, maybe we’ll let Devin talk to this too. There’s a lot that’s gonna happen and a lot of stuff that, that is you expect that you’re on the bubble of, but there’s a lot of stuff that comes outta left field and you gotta react and, and make a plan and give us a call. Whether it be a self-guided approach or a guided approach. Devin, maybe just talk a little bit about, I thought about that. I thought you were gonna ask him how big the ticks are in Kansas. I thought that’s where you were going with that. But no, Evan will never grace that state again. You know when you eat something bad. Yeah. You never forget it. You mean like apples? You like apples that airport. What’s my wanna go to that airport bets for me. I hates, I hate beets. I hate Apple. I love beets. You love ’em. Adam will lot ’em him A salad barn card or dry heaves over there. Well he’s almost, Adam doesn’t just get a salad. That’s true. Okay. This is a bowl. It’s like for like a one scoop ice cream thing. And I mean it’s heaped with like right on top are two giant freaking beets. Anyways, anyway, what was I saying? Back to ticks and can slogan before I want you to think about a hunt story. Okay.

00:50:19:16 –> 00:51:20:07
So you and cash are gonna tell us hunt story for me. You and cash are gonna tell us hunt stories. I thought go ahead. You were gonna say I was just gonna say, just wanted to tee it up. Basically. A lot’s gonna happen. Yeah. Especially in that real fast. Especially once in lifetime tags. Those are the biggest curve balls for anybody really. Well anybody every time. Like we just, we just had some Wyoming stuff come out and those are fun calls to make. Well, and it turns people’s, your whole life schedule. You, you think you know that all of a sudden, ba you guys made some awesome calls. Why? It had guys over in Europe or wherever they were calling ’em, telling to do sheep tags and it it, we had a guy they wound up calling yesterday for a sheep in Unit 17 in Wyoming. Wow. Yeah. Resident guy talked to guys at 2, 3, 5, several. So exciting. Anyway. And it can be a, a deer and elk tag could be labeled that there could be certain absolutely certain places, you know, Utah or Nevada are, they literally are one or two in your life. You know, maybe. So if you’re, if you’re thinking about using an outfitter, just don’t delay because either your dates or, or you know, your availability of certain outfitters or guides can change. If you wait and think about it for a week or two. You deal with that.

00:51:20:07 –> 00:52:20:04
That’s what I was just gonna say. A hundred percent what you just said. Well say it, say it again, Devin. Say it in your turn. We say it e every year all the time. Don’t wait even on draw tags. ’cause I mean there’s a lot of outfitters that cover a lot of areas, but we want you to be with the guys who want to have that tag in that specific unit so they beg be bigg. Yeah. Find me a hunter that Yeah. Call quick. So you get to go with those they call Devon or one of us to say, find me hunters for this and this and, and then other people are slightly different. There’s a lot, there’s some overlap. It’s not like there’s only one person for the unit or tag you’ve drawn, but there’s some places there’s clearly a number one for sure. Absolutely. And if you wait too long, you’re, you’re going with somebody that’s probably, that’s their secondary unit or something like that versus their baby unit. So a lot of good news hopefully coming somebody’s way. Somebody at the table. Yeah. Answer your phones when we’re calling you. Yeah. Might be something good. Check your emails a couple weeks. Check your credit card, check your email call. You know, might be cash. Trying to get a good credit card. You never know.

00:52:20:15 –> 00:53:33:15
Hey, I’ve made a lot of calls for credit cards and I’ve left a lot of voicemails and I’ve got a lot of, not non-return phone calls, but hey. But we’ve, we’ve made sure everyone got in so we’re doing good. Maybe it’d be better just tell, hey, this epic outdoors got some, got some news for, for you. If you just wanna gimme a call. Even if it’s just, you need to gimme a credit card. You need to be way more vague. There you go. That’s right. Yeah. If you’ve got some good news, a deadline would be way higher. It’s coming past, but the next one it’s on the table. What, what, what draw results are you most excited about? Ooh, probably Sheep, Montana, Nevada. Top of the list. Top of the list. Already broke my heart. Waiting for that one for all my life. 20 years. You know, Arizona’s gonna have some sheep results here in a while too. I love it. What they are. Wyatt, you’re right. He’s wanting the sheep hunt. That’s what I’m getting outta it. He’s sheep, goat, moose and stags. Yeah, because once in a lifetime species, these guys draw. It’s a wet year. I’m really excited about sheep, goat, moose and stags. I did buy silver state tags in Nevada too, too. I did too also. I did too. I’m excited about that. Yeah, me too. Could you imagine if you drew that?

00:53:33:19 –> 00:54:33:10
I’ll probably buy a dream tag or two when they come out here. Are you? Probably, how many you didn’t draw? ’cause I’m gonna double what you do. You didn’t draw the, I’ll keep that number. I close then Arizona. Raffle deer tag. Yeah. Yesterday didn’t get the Arizona raffle. Deer or elk. Arizona did that. You did that too. You drive down there. Gotta follow the law. Jason. What do you mean the rule? The rules are you have to be in Arizona to get those raffle tickets. I took a picture of where I was standing with location services on. Kidding? Yeah. Seriously. I wasn’t out. And did we win? No. No, but hey. No, I felt I would’ve felt better if I won. And they say which where’d you buy your ticket? I’d just said just send ’em a picture right here. That’s right. What would you do? Even took a picture driving back through I 15 of the welcome to Utah. Sign one of us. One of us is gonna draw one of these kind of tags someday. Someday. What would you do? You’ve already drawn one. Which one? You know the feeling of opening up an email and saying successful for sheep? Well, sheep, yes. A once a lifetime tag. Yes. I’m talking about like one of these raffle deer tags or something crazy. Oh. Oh Jesus. Well, I can’t think of a single tag I’ve ever drawn that wasn’t forced. Who can I just say?

00:54:33:19 –> 00:55:41:05
Yeah, in my life Keep in your life happens. It happens. It’s happened. We’re living through, I mean that’s, that is the by and large of the majority of mine too. But there’s been a few wilders. But then you’ve got some guys, this has got two sheep tags. Adam can’t do a 50 50 flip. He cannot win. I’ll pull some. He cannot win. We were talking about it the other day, but the one in a hundred, he wins. Yeah. I’ve won goat tags in Alaska owning 150 or something. Yeah. Antelope in Arizona. I did get a sheep tag in in Oregon. Yeah. I’ve had a few big, big elk tag. I’ve in New Mexico, but, but my, I get down to the 50 50 almost. Yeah. I don’t even wanna get excited anymore. It doesn’t happen. You, you gotta go for the long shots. Yeah, always. Always. Because that’s the only ones you really get. Which tells me when I’m on the verge of drawing something, I’m gonna be 50 50. I should probably apply dual with somebody, splitter points, dilute ’em and be in the random draw and I’d have a better chance. Okay. I like it. I’m gonna change my rationale. Hey, anybody wanna use my points with me now? I’ll join you. I can help a little bit. You got 10. Hey Adam, you need to go do silver state. Well, you can’t what? It’s just Did you do, did do Silver state antelope?

00:55:41:28 –> 00:56:50:05
No, I I don’t do that one. Those long shots. I do some of the silver state. Well, I don’t know you the whole office. I can’t wait for our antelope choices. You were applying for. Well only because I, we talked about it probably the most points in this office, which I’m not saying that’s a lot. Teens or wherever, but, but I mean, hey. Yeah, they killed some big, I’ve been watching Devon, Wyatt, some of these guys killed giant bucks in, in Nevada and, but then we throw out options and you’re like, that’s not close enough to home. I want something. No, no. I’m not close to home. You saw that list. Well, well I’m contractually obligated and promised to go with him. So there’s nowhere too far. I’ve got blood oath and I may or may not have Devin just offered, donate him to meat. I may or may not have offered that in writing already. I’ll bring the cooler in the ice. That’s a deal. Hey, it’s pretty easy to get a guy go along. She’s just gonna keep cutting out the rib meat. I told you. But anyway, only neck shots. Headshot. Yeah. Head shots. So I can’t mount it. I’ve only do a euro on this. I can’t use a cape. Ah. You know somebody’s gonna draw something though. Oh, we are Say at this table something. It’s about to happen. It’s about something good’s brewing.

00:56:50:09 –> 00:57:50:16
I already got, I’ve said that all year. I’ve, Josh and I are doing Alberta. Why too, are you? Oh yeah. November passport renewed. Wyatt and I did that. Yeah, we did online. That was awesome. It’s kind of cool, Wyatt. It was cool. Why did you, do you got plans? Where did you get your passport renewed? Just 10 years. Yeah, 10 years. Wyatt keeps thinking about that tunnel. I think the minute we talked about the tunnel down at Tijuana, he realized I need to get some my affairs in order. And we went and applied. Got it. Why? It just expired. It’d been 10 years. But we’re good to go. If some hunt comes up, we’re good to go. Yeah, exactly. When somebody says, Hey, I can’t go, go to Mexico or whatever. Oh yeah. That’s the only place outta the country I’ve ever been is Mexico for hunting purposes. So title you’d mad if you didn’t have that. And guy says, Hey, I need another gun in Mexico on an awesome ranch. You know, some friends down there, good friends while, so that could happen. Yeah, I did the exact again. I did the exact opposite. Well, chia Pet year and I’m going to Iowa and Alberta going north, I mean in, in prime deer hunting. And he’s taking a friend with him. Yeah. And I phoned a friend and he said yes. I mean, dude, think about it. November 20th to the 30th, I’m in Canada.

00:57:51:26 –> 00:59:04:09
The end of October to the first part of November. I’m in Iowa. That’s good to, it’s a Chiia pet year. I didn’t know that. Huh? I did not know that. Oh, I’ve already applied. I’ve done deal that opened up over weekend. I wish you could point boost in Iowa. I had a point boost at somebody right there with me. You had seven, didn’t you? Yeah. They don’t point boost. No they don’t. So anyway, where were we? Let’s move on. We’re just talking about schedules and what you’re excited for. Schedule and white tails. 30 days of whitetail hunting came up. That’s what you brought up. Yeah. I got that. So anyway, I know I’m a little disgusted. I know a guy in Ohio, if you want another one. No. How about Kansas? You could do that. Illinois. December one. Ticks December. Tell us about those ticks. What about They’re just ticks. I mean, usually ticks don’t really, especially December. We’ve talked about this before, haven’t we? Well, not on a podcast college. Wyatt. Me ticks. Oh, we better not even go with that. We What? What? Oh yes. Who checked? Who checked who? That’s why I wanted, who was checking? Who? Oh no, there was, I didn’t check nothing. Guys. You guys are disgusted. We got a whole Brad Paisley song written. There was none of college. Check you for ticks. No ticks don’t typically latch onto me. But they did in Kansas. They liked me.

00:59:04:26 –> 01:00:13:21
No kidding. And I, I had never had covid. You know, he had a double whammy out. Oh yeah. And I, I felt dizzy and I’m like, I don’t feel right. You know, and I just felt yucky. I’ve been butchering my buck all day. Googled ly. Because before you left or in Kansas? In Kansas, Kansas, your fucking killed Kansas. Kansas. Yeah. And I just felt funny. And then the next day, creepy crawl day on day. Yeah. I just, let’s just say I brought some home with me. All the way home. All the way home. I told Miranda my wife not to get, you know, way down that road, but I said, Hey, if you lemme put a little song on for you. Yeah. Lemme put a song on. Like check my back. Like, she’s like, what do they look like? My little black bug? She’s like, like that. And I look at my shoulder and a big old whopper on him. Mind to check his back after what? She had to go get a hair brush. Jaws. How did she get it? I mean, ’cause by then this has been a day or two. Two hair. Two days. Two days. Shave his back first before she could check. This was two days there. Two days. This thing was plumping up. Probably. Probably. Yeah. On my leg in the night. It was terrible. I just grossed me up. And you literally had covid right then. Yes I did.

01:00:13:29 –> 01:01:11:04
I felt, yeah. Very strange. Maybe it protected you. Yeah. Anyways. Yeah. So the thought of killed. Killed the tick. The ticks got it. Ticks got covid. They died. Yeah. Could saved you disease. That’s how the world works. Sure. It was fun though, to smoke a bucket like 28 yards with your bow. It was fun. Yeah, that’s good. Little bad. Kind of a similar Kansas incident where I was, went back to the lodge after sitting in one of those big blind box blinds all day. Went back to the lodge and went to pull the hoodie up over my head. And the brownly cruise came out of what wall? It hit the floor right in front of me. This big old bl or brown. You’d wor worn that in that wall. It had had crawled in there when I’d all day long it had been there. Yeah. In the hood. Crawled into the hood. Yeah. So it was sitting in my hood. There’s no joke. You’re lucky they’re no joke. Go. Go get the outfit. I’m like, what the hell is this? And he looks at it. He’s like, yeah, that’s a brown recluse. Geez. Good thing he didn’t like you like the ticks dude. Yeah, we was just chilling in my hood. So we got another story about these two. I would go shed hunting and come home. And me and Wyatt were roommates obviously.

01:01:11:04 –> 01:02:23:12
And I lived way down the hall and I had a little storage room and I’d throw my pack in there and my camo and whatever I was wearing, the storage room was perfectly but halfway between Devon’s room and my room. No it wasn’t. It was in my room. No, the storage room they were coming out of was the, oh, the dungeon. Maybe. We had a lot of dungeon trap doors. Don’t the layer, the layer dungeons. Anyways, they, they would migrate to white. Don’t incriminate yourself. He had to quarantine them. Yeah. So I had to clean the whole entire house with tick killer. Get rid of all these ticks. He brought a whole nasty in one day. Didn’t you guys bring one in? And it’s like some gal left with the tick or something. I forewarned him. I saw one and he fell off me. I couldn’t find him. Brown carpet in the seventies. And sure enough, one of the gal, she found it right on her neck and found her. She was latched, huh? Yeah. That’s disgusting. Did she ever come back to your place? No. Not that I remember. Don’t blame her. Yeah. No. All right. It’s that time of year. She’s a nice girl. Shoot. It’s kind of disgusting. Spring Turkey hunting and bear hunting brings out the ticks. They find ’em every year. May bad turkeys. It’s been kind of fun. Yeah, you guys, Justin? It’s been fun. Geez.

01:02:23:14 –> 01:03:33:06
Ashley missed one called one in. She’s disgusted with herself, so she have to redeem herself. But pretty fun. Justin’s truck that’s Yeah. Let’s stop talking about trucks. I got done. And you started with another kit track Probably. Oh. But yeah. Yeah. When they busted ball joints and, yeah. Anyway, so, all right. Should we talk about a couple of stories? Cash? You got a story for us? Sure. Yeah. I’ve got a story. We got a goodie. Oh, I don’t know if it’s a goodie, but it’s, it’s one that I hold and dear to my heart. Could it be fact checked? Yeah, it could be fact checked right here. Alright. What’s that mean? Day and time and everything. But I’m not going, I’m gonna get too deep into it. Oh. Locations or nothing? Not locations. I won’t give you locations. I’ll give you day and time. Timeline. Well, right. If we know the rough year, you can find out where. Yeah, I was gonna say, you know who you’re talking to. Yeah, I know who’s, I know who’s in this room. Wyatt, you were going out into detective. What were you, what was your criminal justice? Criminal justice. I did take criminal justice classes. Isn’t that your degree? I, I took some criminal justice classes. I honestly wish something went we’re back to cash story. Sometimes. Sometimes I wish I went out into that. It’s kind of, it’s a, it is fun. Red books about terrorism in college.

01:03:33:18 –> 01:04:34:22
I remember that. I did have to do terrorism classes, classes. Did ever, did you ever read those handwriting analysis books? Have you ever seen those where you, like we talked about handwriting stuff, but Yeah, we never, they’re like profile, like all the serial murders. Do they all that? Yeah. There’s all these different, I, I’ll write a quick note to my wife. Like, you know, this is before texting. Yeah. But when you had to leave a note for your wife on the kitchen counter when you went out at night, right? Well she kept it one night. She was reading one of those books. She’s a reader. She kept it and internalized your writing that I some felon claw. Felons claw or whatever. The way I signed it. And I’m like, you’re lucky you got a note because I, I could have not told you where I was going and I just scribbled one out and left it on the counter. Don’t, don’t judge me by that. But anyway, don’t make me mad. I’m gonna become a felon right here. And now don’t know where we got to that, but that, that, you know, didn’t know if you had one of those classes. I wish, wish I’d went out in that sometimes. Yeah. It was pretty cool. Pretty interesting. Did you have the crime scene class from Williams where you had to go in there and we did have process evidence. A few of those. Yep.

01:04:35:00 –> 01:05:46:29
Paul took some of those classes too. How come you didn’t go out into that field? More like it was, you just kinda like, because I’m here with you guys. I know and I love it. He works in that field every day. I’m actively working here with you guys. He didn’t have to get the degree Joe Joe’s gonna to the hunting world. Alright. Okay. He, he learned how he also learned real life about that same time. How one receipt can, can change, can be a big lead in the case. What’s, what was this, we did talk about that on the podcast already. We have Yeah. One of my all time favorite white bull stories. It’s, that’s what he turned anti, let’s just cash. You probably haven’t heard it. It has to do with the FBI. Oh, perfect. Yeah. But anyways, anyway. Just the smallest piece of evidence can be found. It can in the middle of the woods. Probably way do that. Huh? What’s that? This is funny. It wasn’t my receipt. Tried, tried, tried to set the whole forest on fire. Well, a point A 32nd of an acre. 1, 1 64, 60 fourth of an acre. Basically a campfire that burned a little bit of pine. Dang lucky pinon noodles. Yeah, we got dang lucky. But it was raining so hard. I don’t know how anything, have you ever started a fire since? No, I didn’t. Never have. He’s frozen a death on every hunt.

01:05:47:05 –> 01:06:58:29
Make sure he uses the receipt. You never have started another fire. No, I don’t start a fire glass rain. He would never start another fire. Why? It’s, I don’t either. It’s scared the crap outta me. Have you ever started another fire like at an accidental fire? No. On purpose, like a fire. Oh yeah. One time roasting marshmallows on a So Nevada there six inches of snow and you had to felt safe. Do or die? I felt safe. Do or die. Yeah. What? I felt safe that day too. And next thing you know, next thing you know, not so safe. All right. Okay. Fun stuff. All right. Cash. Okay. When and where? When and where? Well, where was the Utah? Where was Utah? Okay. And when was 2020. Wow. Wow. Recent. It was recent. It was actually the first deer I ever killed with a bow. There you go. And I have, I have had some heartbreakers with a bow when I was younger too. Yeah. Just other ones. But that’s, that’s a different story. But 2020 killed my first archery buck. Still actually my biggest buck to date. Which is somewhat sad, but That’s okay. Yeah, you’re young too though. You’re very young. But I got the hunt that year for maybe 15 minutes. Whoa. I like those. That’s about all the hunting, all the legal hunting light I got that year. Geez. So was there some illegal hunting lights? No. No. It was all legal.

01:06:58:29 –> 01:08:16:24
It’s a weird, weird way to phrase rumor day Frazier. We were 15 minutes into legal hunting light. Oh, I see. I see. Legal hunting hours. It was opening day buck opening day opening. Opening day buck. And so thought there might be a poaching reward for full moon. No, we’ve got some basic questions for you. Cash. No. Anyway. No. I had, I guess found a buck backstory. Yeah. I found the buck actually the year before. Me and my buddy have actually hunted the area for years now. And we’ve killed some good bucks outta there now. But found this buck the year before with my wife went up one night. I was like, I just, sick of being at home, I had to get out, get scouting or whatever. So I said, we’re going and we’re glassing this metal and we’re gonna see what walks in. Because we knew, we knew of a couple good bucks that have been around and, and one in particular had started out really well. So I was gonna say, go see if I could see him in person and and figure him out. And so we go up glass into this metal, can’t see anything. And I adjust by like 25 yards. And here’s this buck sitting there feeding. I’m like, what the heck? I have not seen that deer. And he is tall and narrow, like super narrow and super tall. Just a straight three point.

01:08:17:13 –> 01:09:29:01
Elli was younger, maybe four years old, probably not super old. And so we watched him, watched him, ended up calling him towers just ’cause it was just straight up, straight up and just cool deer. And so that was actually the only time I, I’m pretty sure the only time that year that I saw him in person, he was in some really flat stuff. Thick pines. They could go 20 yards and be gone. And so we knew where he was, knew roughly of, of him. And so never saw him during the hunt. Ended up killing a buck later that year. Just a little four point kind of wish I wouldn’t have killed him. Yeah, he would. He would’ve been good. No one. No one now. But could have entered your tag and the meales matter if there was a I know I could’ve, such a thing. It could, it could’ve paid off such a thing to not, to not pull the trigger. Yeah. But anyway, the next year that was, I mean that was 2019. So 2020 rolls around. We start our scouting, throw some cameras out and on that, that same metal threw a camera in there. And sure enough, this butt comes up and it’s early, I think it was like June, end of June. And he gives us a picture right there and shows his left ear really well. And his left ear, he has a big kind of cut out of it.

01:09:29:06 –> 01:10:37:07
Not a big cut, but just a little cut in there, notable. And so I was like, that buck looks really familiar starting out. And so I went back to that particular video I took of him zoomed in, found out he had that cut in his ear knew it was him. And so I was like, well he is in the same general area. We hunted all of this area last year. There’s this ridge that runs down to where we’re thinking they’re bedding. And so as the year winds down, we, we run our cameras. That doesn’t do us a whole lot of good, but we, we see him as he grows and whatnot. And so we, and we actually got one day, a picture of him in late July there on the travel corridor where we were thinking they were using it. And so opening morning rolls around or day before the opener actually the evening rolls around and my buddy goes up this different way. I go another way and he sees another good buck and it’s right near this water that’s not far from there. And so we kind of get a game plan together. The opening morning comes, he goes over there to kind of go after that deer and I decided to play the travel corridor that this buck, we were thinking this buck was using. And it, it could have been, I could have missed him by 40 yards, you know.

01:10:37:27 –> 01:11:43:12
And so end up in this little pocket meadow and sitting there waiting and I can kind of hear some crashing. ’cause we know a lot of people come up over top and they’ll push deer down quicker in the morning. So we got in there in the dark and I can kinda hear some crashing coming down through. So I was like, well it’s either a person or a deer. And I’m sitting there just behind this little tiny pine tree that’s maybe a foot and a half wide and just as tall as me, just kind of as a blind. And I’m standing on a rock. And I figured, you know, if they come in this medal, they’re we’re good. It’s just a little pocket across all the furthest shot would be like 40 yards. And then there’s one strip where you could shoot out to like 70. Geez. And it’d be, it’d have to be a miracle for him to stop in it. And so I get everything ranged and I end up hearing the crash and he comes and I can see him about a hundred yards sitting there. And I’m like, holy crap, that’s towers. Like, whoa. He’s standing there like a hundred yards and he’s looking kind of down into that meadow. And normally after looking at it, he should have just normally stayed right on the elevation. He was going right down and right into his bed. And instead he jumps over this log.

01:11:43:16 –> 01:12:58:10
I mean big old log hops over, takes about five jumps. And he’s like on top of me, like covers ground. He’s busted from something above it? No, he just decides he’s gonna bounce through and it’s a lot of deadfall. So he just bounces through really quick. Yeah. And then he hits the edge of the metal and kind of goes into a trott, starts walking. And we’d seen this particular group of bushes, whatever we’d, we’d had seen that they’d just been feeding on him like crazy. So that’s why I wanted to sit there originally. And they’re sitting at about 30 yards. Is he alone? Alone. Completely alone. So he comes trotting in, walks in, gets to that. And I was shaking so bad I drew back. But when he is behind the tree and when, when he gets there, I gave him my best right out there. And it was like, love the shakiest little like, so I’m like, he probably thinks there’s some retarded sheep over here sitting in the trees. Like what was that? Yeah. So he stops, looks over and I smacked him. Really? I put him at 30 top 27 yards. Yeah. So I put him for 30. Ended up him barely higher than you’d want to. Really? He takes off and crashes through these trees. Goes over there. And so, and, and we had told each other at, I think it was like seven 30 or something at seven 30.

01:12:58:10 –> 01:13:55:09
We’ll get on our radios and we’ll just see how we’re all doing. We won’t turn ’em on until then. And, and we’ll just check in. So I, it was like a little, little bit before that. So I turned mine on and that time hits a few minutes after that hit. And my buddy’s like, Hey, how are you guys doing? My other buddy reports, I haven’t seen anything. He was hunting alk. And so I get on there and I was like, oh, I just shot towers. I’ll calm just playing it out. Like I just shot towers. They’re like, no you didn’t. You’d be way more excited. I was like, no, I really didn’t. And I got really excited. And so they you hadn’t even started tracking ’em yet? No, I’d, no, I’d went over and, but you knew you smoked and found blood? I went and found blood. It had been probably 15 or so minutes, whatever. I went and found blood so I knew where to start. And I actually didn’t bleed for like 80 yards for, for a minute. Slightly high. High. Yeah. Little high lung or something. Yeah, it was high lung. So his lungs had to fill on a few things. Yeah. But so ended up they did your buddies get there? Got over here. Okay. And we get over there and I could hear him. I heard him crash when I was looking for blood.

01:13:55:15 –> 01:14:55:13
I was like, he’s gotta be right there in that pocket of trees. I was like, I know he is gonna be. So we start tracking it more and more and more blood as we go. And sure enough, we’re walking over up there. He is laying there. And I can even tell Devin to fact check it. We took pictures. I’m not the fact checker. No. Oh, right here. Here’s a picture at 7 44. We were taking pictures in the morning. Whoa. And that’s after waiting a few minutes and those guys getting over here and track. So you’re sick of a book. It was like 15 minutes for these. Does it have, does it have locations? Has locations on? I don’t know. I’m not sure if it does or not. If you, well you should know. Screenshot that. Send it to Jason. We need to work on your settings there. Yeah. I haven’t dug t deep deep into that. That’s awesome. Was he a three point that year? He was a three by four. Four that year. He actually split. He, it’s actually kind of cool. I can show you. He, he, let’s see, there’s a picture somewhere right here. But he, on his three side, he looked like he was gonna split but it never actually blade it out, out separated. It just kind of separated with like a, a bulge, a circle tie on the bottom. It’s kind of weird. Interesting.

01:14:55:27 –> 01:16:00:01
But yeah, you can kind of see it there. But it never like we could, you can feel under the velvet and everything. It never separates. So it’s kind of cool that way, but jeez. Yeah. Super tall. Yeah. Not super wide anything but, yep. Dang. That’s probably looks like a good one of my favorite hunts that tower. 15 minutes. Yeah. Tower. Like a good photo to use when we announce that there’s a new podcast out. That be a good photo. Yeah. So what we call that central photo. Yeah. We recall that. We’re gonna use a couple of pho. We’ll use a couple of photos, right? Yeah. Yeah. Why not? I’ll have cash send me that. That’s good. Air drops. So it keeps the location on. Good. I get you. I can get you a tick photo or two. Be careful. Yeah. Be careful loaded, right? Yeah. Gotta watch out. Now he knows how to work all these phones and stuff. I, I didn’t grow up with them. What do you mean? You didn’t grow up with those? I didn’t. No. In high school I had a dinosaur phone. What was that? A flip? It’s just a flip phone that I’m kidding. I could, Wyatt knows above where the gym is, there’s a stairwell. I could drop that thing from the front. It did not break. Not ever. How old are you? Was that the test? 25. There you go.

01:16:00:02 –> 01:17:03:10
That the test there to you had, it wasn’t a test when I was there. ’cause we all had just the old flip phones that were invincible anyway with me and my friends. That that was kind of the joke. I couldn’t break my phone but they could break theirs. So we did all kinds of crap for that thing. I have a question for you guys. You and Logan, you brought up the cameras and we, you guys came up hunting through the ranks and cameras were already cranking, right? Right. You’ve never hunted without cameras. Did it make you nervous or bother you when they were doing camera restrictions? No. Me not one bit. Could care less. You could care less. I could care less. ’cause because last year we didn’t even run ’em. Or I guess the year before we didn’t even run ’em. Okay. We, we decided that me and my buddy in the area we’ve been hunting, they did a no good. We knew what bucks were there. We’d go up, scout our ourself. It’s way better that way anyway. And, and so because guys like we Bronson, you and I have talked about it, we hunted way before cameras. Oh yeah. And then you’ve got a segment of the population that started. They were cameras were going. Oh yeah. It was part of what you did. We had the evolution of film.

01:17:03:21 –> 01:18:09:11
Then we went to the evolution of CF batteries and CFSs with like three C’s and four D’s or four dss. Oh they were Cs or whatever. Four pounds. What were the brick ones called? The big old brick batteries. Oh, those were six volt. Six. Six volt batteries. Had couple. That was my first cameras was I had to hook the wires up to ’em. Wires. Yeah. With little alligator clips with film. I think had to go to Walmart. But these guys grew up in SD cards. I mean they never even, right. Those cameras are the definition of janky for sure. Janky. Janky cam for sure. Look it up. So Logan. You guys like cameras. I know. Yeah. You can’t freaking pull the wool over my eyes. No, we like cameras. But the more you twitched a little bit when they were gonna take those away. Well it’s more of like, it’s fun and it’s nice to see what’s there and when. Yeah. But the more you think about it, it’s kinda luxury. And there you can go find them either way. It’s not like, yeah, I don’t think it’s taking bucks outta anybody’s hand either way. Yeah. I think it’s just a good luxury to have still there. Just fun. You can still go. We always used to hunt with without ’em just like bait or everything else. You used to hunt without it so you can do it again. Well I love checking check cameras.

01:18:09:13 –> 01:19:26:04
So that’s all. But these guys never hunted without ’em. That’s what I was. Yep. Kind of getting at. You guys have never hunted without ’em. My earliest hunting memories is those big giant black flash trail cameras with all the D batteries on the side. Yeah. And those checking those as my dad. That’s what they were. They were. Yeah. Does he still have ’em? He has two of them think guaranteed. He does. I think just for memories, we don’t put ’em up anymore. Those are good deterrents in your, around your house. People think, oh geez, I gotta get cat flash is crazy. Take a picture for 15 years. That’s a good point. They got big flash on those things. Yeah, they do. White flash. Yeah. Like the colored night photos. Yeah. Pretty sweet. Probably weigh now eight pounds with the box on them. All right. So let’s see. Logan, you’re up, you got a hunting story for us. Yeah. Yeah. I, one of my favorite experiences is that Buck right there. That was my first mule deer I ever killed Like a Colin. Yeah. Yeah. It was, whoa. Well we got poll, got the, we got the camel up and going. Okay. Is tonight is tonight the, he’s off tonight. He’s off air. Tonight’s the game. We’re gonna announce it. He had to run. Josh had to run. He tried to sneak outta here. He’s, he’s, he’s, he’s right now he’s, he’s walking on his own legs.

01:19:26:09 –> 01:20:28:21
The camel tomorrow the camel has left the building. He’s like this. I, he’s like, tomorrow you’re walking in here. He’s going to a celebrity softball game. Hey, don’t hurt yourself. The parents play the kids at pen, which high and barbecue. And hopefully hey, be careful. Hopefully you’re not out for He’s gotta out. Yeah. Be careful. Stretch. He’s gotta go do some yoga and get ready for the game. Guys aren’t young anymore, anymore. He tries to nimble out here. He handed me a note and he said the dinner, the dinner thing. And I really, I forgot but he, he’s got a softball game with against his daughter’s high school team. I’d go there and I’d give it a hundred percent. Man, I would just, until you hit line one off off of a girl’s face. That’s not fun. I did that to my buddy in high school. Yeah. I told I we were playing softball for PE and I said don’t pitch me outside. I said just keep it middle end. Otherwise, where was he playing first pitch? He was, he was pitching. Oh. And if you did that, you’d send it right up in the middle. Oh yeah. I said I’m a pull hitter. You know that. I was like, don’t pitch it outside. She pitch it outside, pitch it outside. I’m not taking it, it the right field. I’m going. Yeah.

01:20:28:21 –> 01:21:37:10
I didn’t push it and it hit him right in the side of the head. Geez. It’s crazy. I felt so bad. Yeah, you can’t control. I was like, well I kind of told you about all that after he comes to anyways Logan. Yeah. Back to you. Oh yeah. So that was my jam has left the building. He was like, what? What? I got distracted when Josh knocked everything on my desk. Over your desk is something. Oh it’s so funny. We’ll put it back together. Could you imagine him in a blind? See, hey. Let alone with a blind buddy too. Blind buddy and Devin. I mean, gee, it’s a solid deer for a first deer though. Oh yeah. I can’t complain. Are we talking about Yeah, that, that was my first deer right there far left far. What’s his name? What’s his name? Tin Can we called him Tin. Okay. What about the five gallon? Five gallon gas can Gas. Gas. So that was gas can. So tin can gas can. That’s kind of where the story starts is me and my dad were hunting this buck big old hook cheaters on both sides. Five by five. We called them gas can because when we were initially looking for him on the watering hole, we knew he was at, somebody had left a full gas tank sitting right there. Fiverr. Yeah. Cool. And you know, we’re good people so we didn’t even take it.

01:21:37:12 –> 01:22:36:06
We just put it up underneath the tree so that they could find it when they came back. And so maybe that was an old school deterrent to gas fumes leaking out of the water. Keep the deer off it. They were really getting, wanting to force him to do a different water. No, I didn’t think about that. And over was gone. They’d steal truck cameras in that vicinity. I had to put gas and diesel together, throwing it out there and let ’em throw it in the truck. Yeah. We, we didn’t steal it but they came back back and got it. Yeah. And so we called that buck that five by five gas can, which my dad actually harvested the, the year after I got that one. And anyway, through trail cameras and scouting, we found this one and we were saying, well he is kind of like, they were definitely brothers or father son. And so it’s like we gotta call ’em mini gas can, but that doesn’t make sense. So tin can Sounds good. Anyway, there’s an insight, there’s an insight into the naming convention in the Marshall House. I like it. I guess. I guess pretty sweet gas can. There we go. Yeah, they’re in depth conversations. I like it. And this, this was the year that I really fell in love with hunting. It was always something I did with my dad.

01:22:36:08 –> 01:23:41:25
But this, this buck showed me the challenge and the, the con the contest about it. And I, I really fell in love with hunting this year. ’cause we had to work a specific buck. There was one deer or two deer, I guess two or three deer. Yeah. And you, we had to hunt our guts out. We were walking miles and miles every day and getting skunked and getting close and the excitement and disappointment. And finally, so I was young so that when I had a rifle tag, you could hunt all three. Right. As a Utah. As Utah Youth General, you can do that. Yep. Yep. So I hunted all through the archery hunt, snuck on a buck a little smaller than him, got like 50 yards away and just shot right over his back. And then muzzle loader hunt. Nothing happened. Rifle hunt comes and goes. And it was the last day of the rifle hunt. It was actually the Saturday, but we don’t hunt on Sundays. So it was the last day for us. And we’d saw him in the morning sneak up into the trees and so we knew he’d be right there the whole day. And so it was about 11 o’clock, it was late. This is it man. The last day that you Yeah, it was late in the morning. It was 11 o’clock. We knew he was in those trees so we just pulled out for a day.

01:23:42:01 –> 01:24:44:12
’cause we didn’t wanna blow our shot. We knew he’d be more active in the evening. And so we pull out, we come back that night, we’re on top of a knob and we’re glassing, glassing, glassing for hours. And I’d hunted so hard that year and I was pretty young so I was, I was pretty disappointed that too. How young. We weren’t even, I was 15. Perfect. And that’s sweet. And I was just sitting on that knob. The sun was starting to go down. It was starting to get to where I could see the end of the tunnel. And I was super disappointed. And my dad’s glassing and all of a sudden he goes, okay, I got him and he’s a mile away. And we got an hour maybe to get him. And so I remember he, we had the two way garments. We had the garments. He puts a way point on his Garmin and says, this is about where the deer is. You mean this is where our stuff is. ’cause we were running. Oh, okay. And so we take off sprinting and he is, so we’re on top of a knob. There’s a ridge and then there’s another hill and he’s on that hill. So we gotta go down and up. And then our plan of attack was, was a rifle hunt.

01:24:44:12 –> 01:25:43:11
So we were gonna get on the other side of this ridge and hopefully be within shooting distance, shoot across to the hill and get him on the, as he circled around that hill. Well, we get down to the bottom and he’s gonna kill me for telling this. When we get down to the bottom these, we get down to the bottle, throw the pole under the bus, and he’s got, he’s got his gun. It’s a big old long 300. And he’s, he’s kind of holding it ’cause it bounces on his shoulder. And so he is holding it and he’s got both of his hands behind his back holding it as he sprinting faceplant. And he hits a tree root and just boom, boom and bounces face close. Yeah. And he, his, he literally bounced. He was running so fast at the bottom of his and he’s going kill me. Oh, but nothing. He can catch your phone. Yeah. But anyway, so I stop and he’s like, keep going. You know where it’s at. He says, keep going. So I keep going, I’m gonna put my teeth back. Yeah. Well he took, I didn’t hide my teeth. He took his scope cover off and he made sure he didn’t just crack his scope. And so I keep running. This is how I got ahead of him and how I ended up eventually getting the buck.

01:25:43:24 –> 01:26:49:11
So I top out over that and he hits my radio and he says, pull out your shooting sticks. Have ’em down. ’cause I had that Harris bipod, he says, pull him out, have him down. So when you see him, you can just sit ’cause he knows we’re coming. He’s gonna be running or you know, moving or whatever. Yeah. And so I, I get up over that ridge and I’m gassed. I’m just breathing like no other. And I pull out my bipod, I have it so I can just sit down and put it on there. And my dad catches up to me and I’m sitting behind this big cedar tree just at the, just as this ridge starts to go down, I let my dad catch up so we could kind of poke out and see this hillside. At the same time. I remember I, I peek around the cedar tree and I can just see him. He’s walking fast, dude. He’s not running his buck, dude. Yeah, he’s walking fast. He’s not running or anything, but he knows something’s up and he is trying to get outta dodge. And so I just sit down and shoot and it, it hits him and he hunches and then shoot again and it hits him again. And he lays down. And after everything was over, we’re kind of sitting there and my dad says, well, I don’t know if he’s dead, dead.

01:26:49:21 –> 01:27:53:10
We waited a little while, but it was getting dark. So we had to do something because we didn’t wanna, we didn’t, we wanted to get it all finished up this day. And so this is the only part of this story I don’t like, I could tell you’re trying to, I hates Quiring. He’s, he’s quiring thinking my head. I hate, I hate this part of the story because it’s not something I like to do. But you know, it just happens sometimes we, so he says, I’ll go over there and make sure he is dead. You stay up here where you got a good clear view. If he jumps up, hit him again. And so my dad walks down into the bottom and starts hilling up the other side and the deer picks his head up. And I radio on my dad. I’m like, stop. He just picked his head up. I’m gonna shoot him. And my dad goes, hold on. I think I can get him and or I think I can see him. And so my dad pulls up his binoculars and the deer just takes off. Oh. And it is like, and he takes off and we got 15 minutes of daylight left. You’re like, dad, why did you have to look at it? I know. And that’s, and he said the same thing. Like, this is when you never listened to your dad again. It, I shouldn’t radio you trust was lost.

01:27:53:16 –> 01:29:01:16
I should have just ended it. I shouldn’t have radioed, but you know what, I was young. Hey, you’re Yeah, yeah. I didn’t want, I didn’t wanna do something wrong. And so, you know. That’s right. I wanted the clearance first. So he takes off and it’s dark and we ha we got headlamps and we’re looking for blood and we’re like, well, we’re just gonna keep pushing him. So, you know, what do you do besides leave it and come back in the morning? And anyway, so we get, we round up church must’ve been empty in Minville that day. ’cause we round up everybody we can think of to go look for this deer. And we come back out the next morning and he ran maybe 50 yards and died. He just piled up right there. So that’s good. Yeah. Just one last adrenaline push, push get out. Just one last adrenaline push. And he was done. Yep. Yeah. And so anyway, we find I’m, I’m a hundred yards away and they walk up on him and they’re screaming. And I remember as soon as they started screaming, my heart just dropped. And I just start running and I get up there and one of my dad’s buddies has a video and I’m just like, holy cow. Holy cow. Just screaming and that’s awesome. It was awesome. And might need to find a piece of that video, huh? I’ll have to ask around. It’s old.

01:29:02:05 –> 01:30:17:21
Speaking of te, it’s only seven years old. It’s like seven years old. That’s a long time For a video to days. That’s I love. That’s still on digital. We’re not even talking tapes. What I love is when he says, when I was young, iPhone four I You’re 2020, you’re 22 boss. The resolution way bad. A young hunter. Yeah. It was only seven 20 p. Yeah, no, I know what that number means. Hey, the millennial talking and we don’t even know what you mean either, but that’s an awesome story. Tin cup. I like it. Yeah. Or tin can tin. Sorry. I mean, yeah. I like, it’s cool. Good work. Now I know the story. Good job. I like it. I like stories from you guys. It’s awesome. All well Bronson, we’ve been plenty hopefully in a week. Dunno how long we’ve gone. Good. It’s been plenty through our results. We’ve been gone long enough so plenty. A little shout out to phone scope. Hey Logan, why don’t you do the phone scope. Shout out you, you know them guys from Beaver County. Yeah, of course. I love phone scope. Really good scope adapter for your phone. We don’t leave how, we don’t leave home without it when we go hunting. So definitely something you need. Check ’em [email protected]. They got some awesome examples of what they’re, what their hardware can do on phone scopes Instagram. So pretty awesome. Check that out. Yep. You can go at PhoneCo.

01:30:17:25 –> 01:31:23:10
P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P-E. Misspelled. I always like it. Beaver County misspells their stuff, right? That’s right. Pretty awesome. I also wanna throw a shout out to Red Rock Precision. Super good guys in the industry. Custom rifles, incredible. Been building cheap rifles for years. Of course we use ’em to kill deer, elk, and anything else that comes in front of us. Get ahold of ’em at 8 0 1 4 2 5 6 5 7 4 at Red Rock. Red Rock What did I missay anything? Mispronounce something or anything like that? No, I think it, I think it was good. Had a little You saw him, I saw him flinch. No, I, I think think it was good. I think he just, you probably just wanted to say something. Yeah, he just went in here for a minute, so just getting a little, he’s sick of it. Wyatt, do you got a quick story for us? I don’t, I have a, a quick story. Tell, tell us a guided client story. Gosh, I don’t, somebody that spit one too many seats, maybe one day will call up a, a client or two. I’ve got some, some good ones in mind who could call you. Do. That’d be awesome. Let’s do that. So let’s do that next week while we’re, you know, in a week so when we’ve got some drought results coming out and all we got to do is let’s look forward to Hunts and we’re gonna talk about Hunts gone in years going by.

01:31:23:15 –> 01:32:37:01
We like it all. Anybody out there that’s interested in more information about hunting, it’s not a epic outdoors member, you can get ahold of us. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Go to epic Want you to join up. You’ll start getting a publication. It’s heavy research based. Of course you can call in and visit and we can help you make the most of the tags you have, line you up with Hunts. Devin, you just send out an email in regards to some incredible openings. Yes, sir. That we’ve got, two of them are cancellations. You’re saving 8,000 bucks on a brown bear hunt or no, a moose hunt. Yeah. One was a brown bear. One was a moose. Yeah. Yeah. 7,500 off of a moose hunt, so that’s awesome. Guy can’t go. He killed one in Alaska. This one’s the Northwest Territory, so he’s legit. He canceled and yeah, you’re saving, they’re giant 7,500 bucks first class outfit. Alaska Yukon Moose. Yeah, giant brown bears, you know, nine and a half, 10 foot potential. Absolutely awesome hunts. So yeah, mule there. What else? Muskox Muskox. Muskox Deer in Muskox in July. Yeah, that’s my kind of muskox. I’m just saying. Me too right now. Me too. And they’re archery, they’re killing them. Almost all archery hunters. Yeah, I mean, giants like 90% night Boers Big Bulls and I mean, they’re rewriting the record book. They should change that. No snow score or something. I dunno. Something. I agree.

01:32:37:02 –> 01:33:45:24
If you’re interested, hit Devin. [email protected]. D-E-V-I-N com. Hopefully they’re available, but they may not go fast. They just emailed out I email today and if you, if you’re looking for something specific, call me. I mean, stuff comes across my desk every day. So we ain’t working with janky outfitters, Devin. I mean, if they, if there’s somebody that I’m pretty, they’re looking. If they’re looking, we all are. If they’re looking for something, you can definitely help ’em. We have generally, these emails can go out weekly or biweekly, well bimonthly, I guess every other week or every week depending. It kind of depends on the schedule and the email blast that we got going, so. All right, that’s enough. I agree. Wyatt, we’ve been in here just a little bit too long. Yeah. Back to the sticky notes. All right. We’d like to thank all of our sponsors here at Epic Outdoors. For top of the line hunting, clothing, and apparel in every environment, visit under We’d like to thank Under Armour for being our title sponsor and making this podcast happen. Visit our website epic for discount codes to Under Armour Hunting apparel, handcrafted quality precision rifles from start to finish. Red Rock Precision is one of our sponsors and many of our staff uses Red Rock rifles. Visit red Rock to find out more. If you’re in the market for a hunting property, our sponsor at St.

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