On this episode we get an insight into some of the crews draw results as well as their expectations for the rest of the draw results coming up for this year. We also talk about what steps you should take after drawing a tag, especially when drawing for the first time. Here at Epic Outdoors we have access to information that nobody else in the business does, hooking you up with outfitters and people who have hunted your exact units before, as well as top shelf research in our Outdoor Publication. With Logan gone the crew talks about his most recent adventure of being stuck in the hills with a new hunter. The crew sits down with our close friends Ben Hepworth and Craig Sanchez to talk about the state of wildlife in Idaho and New Mexico, getting a first hand insight into what those states are looking like heading into the growth season. We also discuss all things Big Game here in the Western US and give insights on recent changes to guidelines and policy.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson coming at you from Southern Utah. Lot of stuff going on here. Bronson. We got tag results left and right. It feels like every day, although only one, only one state at the moment. But hey, we’re excited about it. Hey, it was Montana. It was late last week. Good point. But we got Wyoming today for elk and any day we got Idaho, moose, sheep, go, Utah, Nevada. It’s all, it’s all coming. Friday the latest for Nevada. That’s the one Sure thing, right? Yeah, it’s the one sure thing. The other two are just whenever it happens. I want to ask the question, Bronson, to you, I’ve got nothing. Well, okay, but this is what everybody’s been wanting to know. Did you finally use your max points for moose in Montana? No. Okay. This saga tried, continues. I tried. Did you? Oh, of course. What do you mean? I applied? You applied for the best unit in the state. Second best. Pretty good one. Yeah. Did alright. It was not going for something for me, let’s put it that way. And I, there’s a lot of beautiful red, dark red meat. They’re amazing. But they, yeah, no, I’ve got a lot of that in the freezer already, so, well, I look forward to talking, not moose, talking about it for another year.

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I, dude, I was all in on that one. I’m excited if that happens. It’s the, the, I’m already excited if that and that ever happens just to the fact that they’ll be gone. The point he’s probably worried he wasn’t gonna have enough room for all that moose feed. If he had that 30, 30 pounds of Nevada antelope. He’s, well that and Nevada antelope, everybody’s all in on this hunt. He’s got everybody wrapped, wrapped in and he’s only got like 13 points. Right. I’ve already made concessions to Archibald that he can have a meat, like, like, I mean, you guys, neck meat. Don’t try to hone in on that neck meat, rib meat, whatever. Tenderloins. That’s the real I might get. The inside tenders is might all you might get. All right. Okay. So no, no. So nothing there. Nothing in wild, none of us, if I’m not mistaken. We did have members draw in Montana. It’s pretty awesome. But us here, none of us. Yeah. And not, not that I was expecting it, but double digit points. You’re still a little shy of what you really want, but why is it that I’m always surprised when I don’t draw. I’m always, wow. I think I’m gonna draw every tag I put in for. I think I’m gonna draw. I’m the opposite. Maybe I’m pessimistic on it. John’s figured never draw. Some 12-year-old got his tag. Yeah. First time player that applied.

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The last five minutes of the draw was open for the record. I’m not bothered by deer and elk and antelope and Yeah. All that. Oh yeah. Just those cow. Well, it makes me sady to see a 70-year-old die with, you know, never drawing John. They had the best hunting of their lives. They were killing big stuff before you and I were even four. They could kill three bucks a year. They were party hunting for deer here in the west. Okay. You changed my mind. Legally. Well, okay. Okay. No, you’re talking more like I don’t sheep dog. We don’t. Yes, yes. I’m talking sheep tags and, and what’s a lot of thing. Maybe that’s being selfish. I’m like, I’m never gonna draw a sheep tag. Let’s take it forever. And I’m with John. They did it to themselves. ’cause I’m sure they all killed 17 deer a year to have to feed the family every to themselves. Yes, they did. And, and they’re complaining. And now they’re, and they’ve done it to us. They did. They did not have a meales matter program. No, no, no. They didn’t think the only thing, the only meales that mattered were the ones upside down in trees. Yes, exactly. Randomly scattered across the landscape. Going home in the bottled bottles of venison, bottled bottled meat. I mean, hey, we got some bottled meat, you know, bottle meat. It is good.

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So that is a a, we should all have some food storage. Yeah. Okay. We’re taught, should have some food storage, right? Yep. B that means bottled meat. Yeah. But have you ever had the, like the texture of bottled meat? It’s up. I’ve had, I grew up on it. So Have you ever ate wet cat food? No. The stuff in cans when you were a little kid, what do you do with the slime on the top? What would they feed? What do you do with dump it? You dump it out. You dump it in there. That’s calories you pour. You pour about a half a cup of mayonnaise in with it. Stir up, stir it all up, throw some pickles and throw it on a sandwich and call it a day. It’s like a tuna fish. That’s sandwich. What you do with it. That’s how I cook. Or you do it. And with barbecue sauce, it’s just like pulled venison. Yeah, pulled venison. Yeah. Yeah. In my house. Nothing ever makes it to bottled meat. It’s, my wife is like gone, makes every steak. She’s a carnivore and she like straight up. Yeah, raw. She probably, she marinade that stuff. Tenderloin right out of the antelope and eat it straight and that Yeah. Raw. Yeah. It’s good stuff. Stuff too. I’m a con I’m a convert to raw meat. Are you? Oh yeah. Straight raw. It’s good. Sadie is still like terrified.

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She is from that night where? Come home from the expo and we stopped and Jen got raw meat. What do you mean you gone where? Well, we stopped and Yeah. And then John actually didn’t you guys send it back because it was cooked too much? Yeah. So usually I don’t, I hate sending stuff back. Where is it? Just on the way back. It was horrible. And we were just like a Wendy’s hamburger. No, what are we talking about? It was a steak. It was a steak. Yeah. But it was, it wasn’t, yeah, it was or something. You guys stopped at an actual steakhouse only because of remember the storm and we couldn’t get out there and all that. Well, I was with Wyatt and it was, we were, he was spurring the little pony. I think he had car’s, car, you guys, you guys almost took, it took flight right here between here and Beaver. Remember remember all that storm and whatnot? Oh, weird vibrations. You guys got out and checked the tires and that. We thought lug nuts were loose. Okay. One hour prior to that, or two hours prior to that, John sent in a stake back. ’cause it’s not raw enough. Yeah. That was Post me, just about getting shanked by the security guards of the Salt Palace for driving my truck in there. Remember that one guy, dude charged it wasn’t the right guy. Yeah.

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The one dude charged the mound on me. Yeah, he did. He did. He did. And Pollock’s in there in a diesel. Just rumbling around. Yeah. Driving around the expo. I don’t know. Everybody’s without proper authority’s rolling coal through the roof. Roof non Does your truck roll? Coal security, because these new trucks don’t roll coal. But they’ll, they don’t, they’ll smoke most of these trucks anyway, so any new trucks got going on. But yeah. Anyway, Sadie observed Jan at her fine seat. She’s still talks about, I mean, you just gotta still talking about it. Oh yeah. When you, when she orders it, how does she order it? Because I had blue. I took it blue. That that’s the term. Yeah, I was gonna tell you. And it’s, it’s, I’ve had a deer hunter show up at camp, said, how do you like your steak? He’s blue. And I said, what, what is that? So it’s basically grills super hot, 20, 30 seconds, 23 seconds, and you’re done. And you, and you see it. Is it cold in the middle and that’s, or is it warm in the Sometimes it’s cold. A little bit cold. And that’s good. You’re happy with that? You can get away with that with beef. Try doing that. Yeah. I, I like it a little warm, but she’ll, she’ll eat it cold. Yeah. Only beef, right? Oh yeah. Not pork and chicken, I hope. No, not pork and chicken. Yeah. Okay.

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No, but it’s, it’s gotta be frozen before, so everything’s dead. Really? So there’s no cysts. Yeah. So there’s no, I mean, I guess she’s, she’s saying that, I thought that’s not, our government always says we’re gonna get sick from raw meat, but if it’s beef and you freeze it, you’re not gonna get sick after. What about pork? Frozen? I don’t know. We don’t mess with pork that way, so I don’t know why. And we eat raw fish, right? Yeah. So, and raw fish all the time. But I mean, you, you can gut a deer and you got all that contaminate on your, and you don’t get sick to your stomach, but you see a piece of meat on your plate that’s semi bloody and you’re like, huh, I’m gonna throw up. I don’t, I mean, I don’t get over it, but I don’t like it. Blue, eat that, eat that. So good. So much, much better. Rare is good enough for me. That’s a couple steps above blue. I like medium rare. Yeah. Close to rare. But yeah, no, I don’t know about blue term. I like a warm throughout, let’s just put it that way. I don’t wanna have it chilled. I don’t wanna have ice crystals in the middle of the section from the freezing. I don’t care if it killed something. It’s usually warm if it’s, unless it’s frozen or something. But before, well, we had some dry results.

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We had the Wyoming elk, of course our guys did pretty good. Bronson, I mean, really good people. Drew some tags. A lot of happy people. Not, not at this table, but that’s all right. No, I mean, like I said, I don’t think anybody was, I don’t know. Pollock. Pollock. Did you officially state your results? Yeah. Unsuccessful. Yeah. Okay. I just didn’t hear that. You officially, you say Jason. Yes. For you and all the children. All the women and children. There’s zero. Okay. No tags. Me too. No tags for the record. Saving mine off for Nevada and Utah. That’s what I, every time I, I think I’m in a driver tag. I then, soon as one slams the door, it’s like, oh, well it’s everyone from now on. I’m gonna draw that. I don’t, they really care about Wyoming on Yeah. Wyatt. Wyatt did give a good statistic yesterday while we were going to lunch. She said, we have officially drawn sheep tag or multiple in every state this year so far. Wow. Nice. Huh? Doing good. Keep the streak alive. You know, Bronson, so the one thing we get to look forward to is these turnback tags. One thing I like, what are you looking about? What do you what? I just realized we’re not on camera today and I love it. We are. Yeah. There you go. No problem. We can do what we want at, at, to take the day off.

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So everybody, just so you know who’s listening, we won. Typically, you can also watch the episodes on YouTube. Yeah. But it has changed the dynamic. I don’t it, it’s like putting a governor on your car. A hundred percent. Maybe that’s a go 98 miles an hour. I know you wanna go watch 20 sometimes you shouldn’t go too fast. It’s just, I don’t, don’t wanna be governed not diesel. Well, I don’t wanna be analyzed all my bodily movements. That’s why we turn their lights down way low. That’s one thing. I mean, we call ’em juice box or whatever. Logan. He gets to choose. And it’s Bronson. They get to choose. And this is the one thing I remember about the guys that edit, video, audio, whatever. Yeah. Is if you bug ’em one day, they get to choose how you’re presented out the real wide world. Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Bronson. That was the only video clip we had of you. You know, you looked like an idiot. Yeah, you look like an idiot. I think you look fine. When you were picking the scab off of your arm, that was the best video I had of you today. Really, Logan. I’m just made wasting time. That is how John and John St. Graphic designers, video editors, whatever. They get to choose a few things in life.

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And it, depending on your relationship with them at that moment, the final say might dictate what you look like in the real life world. Yeah. I take care of you guys. You do. And they, they can even choose to delete things from themselves. They say, oh, that didn’t happen. Oh yeah, that’s happened before. That’s happened. Yeah. Few luxury. We’ve lost entire episodes. Chris. Chris, oh, most notable. We’ve lost entire episodes. He, he lost in order for like Yeah, anyway. For what? In order to get Gunnison last year. Not on the podcast. Before I went. It was like every podcast had to be like, oh, you take that Gunnison out there. You did. Oh yeah, John. And then afterwards it was fine. But geez, you did that. Geez. I didn’t know that. I, does John have editing? I don’t privileges. Apparently I can suggest heavily suggest Logan. Well, no wonder time you came that you went to Gunnison, that you had notes left on your truck, Wendell, every night. I know it’s still, still. I had truck notes. Hey, well, and we had people leaving on ’em thinking they were your trucks and they weren’t Well, they thought they were mine and vice versa. And Wyatt and Yep. People at Texas plates getting epic notes on their thing. Utah plates. Texas plates. It is good. Not, not that it’s a big deal, but I’m just like, I’m an introvert. So really? I don’t necessarily like Adam.

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Is he an introvert? I’m an introvert. I would say I’m an introvert. No, you’re not an introvert. I’m don. You gotta take it. I walk in. I have to be somebody. I don’t don have charge yourself up. Yeah. I have to be somebody. I don’t want be. Maybe you are. I dunno. I’m totally as Janna. Well, you’re not, nobody’s an introvert. But I do like Yeah, you don’t mind hunting alone. You’d like a little bit of privacy. Yeah. Yeah. I mean afterwards, I Well, we’re not gonna bring that. What? It’s over. I was just gonna propose that if you approach me on the mountain, this is a, there’s ground, this is a Chris moment. There’s some ground rules. You guys, you guys have got DN in common. What do you mean? It’s like there’s some ground rules being laid. If you, if you were able to ask a dumb question that you shouldn’t ask, geez, then I’m, I’m allowed to lie to you. Like what? Give me an example. I don’t know where at, Hey, where were you this morning? Was that you sitting on that knob? No, it wasn’t me. I followed you last night. Night. I don’t think where you, last night. Where are you going? I don’t think John lies. Do you, Adam? I don’t, I no comment. Do not recall. I’m gonna say it like during a hunt. Do not recall. Like I do not recall John ever lying.

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Let me chew on that. Depends on what the definition of lying is. I’m just saying. I, I think Would you please define lie? Why are the hunts on? You have immunity? What’s difference? John usually sits or stands. He doesn’t lie. Right. I’ve never seen exactly lie on a hunt. No, never. No. I’m always sitting or standing. Oh geez. Wow. Well, well to lie is to speak falsely or utter untruth. Knowingly. Except during a hunt. As with intent, everything has to To deceive. To deceive. That’s what it says that is. Yeah. That exactly. Well, so that lie to what you say, if you remove the intent there, then maybe it’s not a lie. ’cause if you don’t intend right to mislead somebody, if it’s during the hunt, I intend to mislead them, then that’s a lie. According to that definition. That’s pretty black and white. I mean, I don’t care if you’re sitting, talk to me after the hunt. Geez, I don’t care if you’re sitting, you’re lying. Why is, why is Pollock silent? I don’t know. He’s researching. What is it? Are you immune pollock during the hunt? He’s researching game laws or something over there. Probably. So what do you think? The diff pollock hears the one for you. What do you think the definition of a fib is? A fib. So, you know we’re talking about lies. I want to hear it. Fibs.

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Fibs might be where you at more pertaining to you and I. Are you on Merriam Webster or Wikipedia? Well, just random Google where all truth is told. Okay, what does it say? Well, app Pollock. What do you think A fib is? It’s a definition. Kind of a white lie. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like a, well what’s a white lie? Well look it up after. But I mean that seems racist a little bit. Just, just just, I dunno. Yeah. Yeah. You probably shouldn’t say that anymore. Right? You can’t say those things. Minor deception. Okay. A minor deception. So it does say an untrue statement about something minor. Can you believe that? Yes. Or unimportant. Unimportant. Yes. Where were you sporting? It’s unimportant. That if, if I was on that A or not, don’t, it’s not important. Not where I was at this morning. It’s not, that’s would be important is if this road was closed because the canyon from Gunnison to Delta, whatever is ha, has road construction in it. But I told somebody a lie and told ’em it was open so that they would get So it wasted opening morning going that way. Yeah. Yeah. Stuff like that. Right? That might be John’s definitely. You’re typing like it. Well, he’s trying to justify his actions. Go ahead, John. What do you ling? No. So case in point, I shoot the deer last year.

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People come over the ridge, you shoot the one with the cheater on it, you know? And I was like, yeah, I’m okay. No, he had 14 cheaters and base points everywhere. Well, not just one and his Yeah, you could say that. So not just one. I he had at least one. Okay. It’s all in, it’s all in the presentation. It’s all in the presentation. Yeah. And if you’re married, you, you are a really good presenter, right? Yes. Josh, do you wanna elaborate on this one? That, that are you gonna talk about? I’m, I’m strictly monitoring volume levels. Really? Where’s your, where’s your juice box? I’m supposed to be level. You have your sippy cup? Yeah. Where your cap, your sun, your Capri sun. Then we’ll let you off the, but if not, you’re one of us. Hey Bronson. What? It’s customary that when somebody’s normally here and they’re not here, that we talk about them. You mean like Logan today? Yes. Like Logan or maybe his date. He gets stuck in the hills. All right. We teased him on the last podcast and then he went out and got stuck literally that night. Maybe we should even with this podcast load, that little video clip my kids took of him. Oh yeah. How about that? Maybe. Well, who’s gonna load the podcast? Well, any of us. Shoot. Can you Oh, these kids? Yeah, you can, you can load it on Instagram. Yeah.

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Whatever the tie, the tiles of the different pictures that get to summarize this episode. Yeah. Well now you brought it up. You gotta tell the story. Oh, well, go ahead. What? It was kind of fun. Well, I don’t know it. I wasn’t here. Remember he was gonna remember I was riding back from lunch with me and you Logan. We all went one day and then he said, yeah, I’m gonna go try and get somewhere. I need some spots for a friend of mine. It’s a new hunter new. And I just said, what’s her name? And his eyes got this big. He’s like, well, and he didn’t want, and for some reason it’s my lab. It was my chemistry lab partner, something like that. Could be, could be a girl. We don’t know. On the face. It looks like a girl, obviously it was a girl. And he was taking her, it was a date slash on. And hey, it’s then I get home and I said something at home to the office and he turned red and was like, Adam. And he looked at you and he’s like, ’cause you heard what I’d said. And I’m like, you know him and his family way too much. So now you’re gonna ride him hard. Well, and that’s what he feels bad. I guess I ride him a little hard. I don’t even mean to Well, it’s one thing to have Adam and I tease you.

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When Jason knows something, it’s another level. Well, and he knows dad very good. Fred. Paul. Paul is worse than I am. And so then he’s like, well, we have a deal. We’re not gonna tell Paul. And I didn’t tell Paul, but Paul brought it up and, and then I got, and now we’re telling it on the podcast. Paul listens to the podcast. Well, I mean, so he comes to me and ask for some spots. So Jason get a few Turkey spots. I think my kids might be out there. My kids might be out there, says, well, I don’t wanna bother ’em to Logan’s credit, I’m, oh, it’s freaking turkeys go. There’s plenty country too. And like, what if your kids whatever, don’t go that night. I dunno. Whatever. Right? And it’s an evening. Yeah. A windy evening. Yeah. And so I’m like, you can’t hurt. I go out there, Logan, they’re turkeys, you know, let’s all go have a good time. Whatever. Sure enough, Sean and Justin, so they take a video for Snapchat, of course. For the world. And we’re not on Snapchat. You and I, they come so they, they have to send it to me. Yeah. They come around the corner and there’s a, and there’s Logan, a red truck. Oh, flat stucker than stuck. And with his lab partner and exciting chemistry. Chemistry lab partner. Chemistry lab partner. And so then we’re all just like, oh my gosh, here’s Logan.

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And so, but he’s foiled because now he’s rescued the best part. His plan is foiled. And now he’s like, says, this is going straight to the Epic office. Told Logan that this is, and he’s like, please don’t. And he goes, no, no going. The best part about that story was though Sean, Sean said they heard Logan before they saw him. He said they were Turkey hunting and heard audible what sounds of someone stuck not, and it didn’t sound like, well, trucks revving or things. It was screaming wailing ing teeth. And then Logan came clean. He says, I had flashbacks of Arizona when him and his dad got stuck down there like two, three weeks or, or what? Yeah. And so he is like, oh crap. Yeah. And I’ve got this. And if you know the als, they’re very verbal. Are they at all? So he’s, he’s the only one that can, well, he is got a chemistry partner, but she had cat probably partner with incredible chemistry. Yeah. Going on. But, but he’s outside digging and shoveling and yelling. All screaming. He didn’t even have a shovel in the new truck. I, I’m gonna say Sean probably said he had turkeys shot gobbling as much as he was screaming. So, so funny. And it happened to be right where Justin put a hole in the radiator, two of your thumbs hole, the same trench, same trench, same trench. And that, by the way, that’s still going.

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That JB weld hold, like held like crazy. Of course he broke off some ball joints. 14. Mark my words. He, he’s kind of, he’s proud of this. You should be to get the truck comb that way. That’s a very proud moment. Well then get the dink, get it, get it fixed. Well it is, it’s fixed. 12 welded a bird. A bird be weld a bird, a big, a big bumblebee flies through your grill and hits that spot. It, it could puncture again. Oh, that stuff. I can’t mark my words right now. It shows that will leak 10,000 pssi or something. It’s like rated crazy. That stuff is amazing. I agree. It is. Until it testimonials, it is’, until it isn’t. I will probably swear if I have to go find him on the Kaybob or something later with that hole resurfacing. I filled a big hole in a muffler once with that stuff. You did not. I did. And I got like some, some mesh metal mesh, put it up inside and then JB welded it held forever, but it dripped on the cement on the driveway because it got hot. Never could get it off. Just ’cause mean when it was drying a little bit dripped down. Yeah. I could never get it off the cement. Wow. Even snow shovel and stuff. Yeah, it was, it was at a rental, so geez. Wow. Well, well anyway, so yeah, we got vehicles running. Logan’s not here.

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Logan’s awesome. He, he’s great, but, but provides a little bit of entertainment for guys like us. We were all there. Right? Yeah. Maybe not with lab partners, but I mean we were all out and about doing dumb stuff. Anyway. All right. Well what do you think Bronson? I think we should talk about what we do in these tag moments. Yeah. Like when you draw a tag or obtain a tag of some sort, how do you make the most of it? That’s a good question. Because sometimes you know exactly where you’re gonna go when you draw a tag. You know the hill you’re gonna wanna go glass from and other times you never set foot in your unit and everything in between. And sometimes there may be a, a rare tag, whether that be, I don’t know, mountain goat, sheep, something like that, that you might even consider getting an outfitter on, even though you’ve never been on one of those just because of the magnitude and the uniqueness and the logistics. Sometimes you’re packing in 15 miles or whatever. So there’s a lot that goes into what do I do now? I drew a tag, what do I do now? Yeah. And there’s a lot of apprehension for people even worried that they’re gonna draw because then there’s pressure, right? These tags are hard to, hard to come by. Like never harder. I mean, these odds, I mean they’re terrible. It’s never harder.

00:22:29:09 –> 00:23:35:04
So you wanna make the most of it. Absolutely. And whether that is with you family and friends, whether that’s with an outfitter, whether it’s you all by yourself, there’s tools you should be using to try to make the most of it. And don’t, it feels like we used to wing more 10, 15 years ago. Well, tags were plentiful because we feel like we could get ’em more often and yeah, go strike out and hey, I’ll do it again. Now you get a general tag and you think you’ve done something. Yeah. You know what I mean? Which I’m excited for. Pollock says cards are gonna be charged here in Utah. What any day? Huh? He’s affirmatively said that boldly, if I might add probably the most recent ex-gay in the, we got here in the office says, I’m just saying it’s the 16th last year we had results on the 13th. So hey, so we got some general texts coming guaranteed. We know, right? We’re running the odds. We know it’s preference points in regards to general deer, so you can kind of tell. And we got kids, right? We’re living vicariously through the kids Pollock, you’re excited about it, aren’t you? Yeah. Oh yeah. There’s, well, Utah’s one our home state obviously. So it’s where we have probably the most lines in the water. Monks family and, you know, legitimate chance of the draw.

00:23:35:15 –> 00:24:35:04
Like we said, a lot of ’em being general deer tags or, but not always. It’s got, you know, Pollocks and frail Carter named for deer. John, you’re back in for deer. Yeah. Minimal points I might add after drawing. I’m gonna draw a deer tag. I’m not gonna draw John. You’re gonna draw Bronson, you’re gonna draw. I’m, I’m a positive thinker. Every tag I’m still in for I’m gonna draw. Yeah, that’s all. I believe there’s, there’s some way it’s gonna, I’m not gonna draw it. I dunno, something’s brewing this weekend. If it’s not, I’m gonna be really, I brilliant upset You are. Yeah, but I just, I just had a, I’ve had a big, well you’re, there’s two out of the five states are already gone now. Out of these five that are coming up, we’ve got Nevada, Utah, and Idaho sheep, which I’m in for this year. How about that? So I got three out of five still. But I might say that two of the, two of the, three of the ones that I thought are probably the best chance. So we’ll see. So when you get a tag and it’s somewhere you’ve been, then we’re fine. John’s favorite rock, he talks about that people ask if he’s on and he says he is not. No. And he, it’s a little white lie or a FIP or whatever. It’s okay.

00:24:35:04 –> 00:25:44:22
So, so just to support my claim a little bit, we’ve also had people follow us to the point where we’ve had to have decoys walk off the mountain and drive the truck away to be alone Anyway, sometimes it’s pretty extreme. That’s right. You know? That’s right. It’s, anyway, so that’s not fun. So, so if you were gonna go back to gun send and, and do the hunt, you did again, you wouldn’t call anybody, you wouldn’t even, you already have the maps like right. Yeah. You already have the got it all. You would start where you left off. But a really good example is when I drew that archery tag in unit 15 in New Mexico, I You went and laced a place with cameras. I did, but I also got onto our member experience database and I got five people who had recently had that tag, texted ’em all, said, Hey, I drew this tag and I got so much information back before I went to put up trail cameras. It probably saved me a day and a half of Yeah. Driving roads, finding stuff. They’re on it down a little bit. It was amazing. I was, I was shocked. And I don’t think it was because I’m, you know, John and Epic outdoors or anything like that. No, they just, and it’s always slow.

00:25:45:01 –> 00:26:39:07
Like you contact ’em and then they give you a little bit of information and then you start talking back and forth and then the floodgates open and they’re like, let me help you. Well, especially when you go out and if you help yourself a little bit and you’re running cameras and you, you familiar familiarize yourself with the maps and you have something to offer like, Hey, I was thinking about this or I was thinking about that. People are like, okay, yeah, that makes sense. Yes. And this is what I found there. Well, yep. And along those same lines, if and when you wanna call a biologist or a game warden, that is very important too, because I’ve been in that position. Josh has too. And you get a guy call you the day the results come out and say, Hey, what do I need to know? Where do I need to hunt about, you know, the gon archery and he’s, I’ve never been there before. Where do I need to be? That’s a lot different than a guy that calls you a couple weeks later, has his maps. You can tell he is spent a lot of time, he knows about the dynamics and let’s use that. He knows basic know he’s got a rifle hunt, muzzle loader, ri archery. He knows that by the rifle they migrate down south.

00:26:39:09 –> 00:27:44:17
He knows, you know, he’s asking a lot more intelligent leading questions as, as opposed to just, you know, calling you the day before the hunt. Where do I need to have my go to make my hopes and dreams come true? So educate yourself, familiarize yourself, whether that be online on Google Earth or something like that. Have some educated leading questions. You will get more out of a game manager. Do it that way. Absolutely Not because they’re waiting for you to do that. But that, that you’re gonna ask better questions if you’ve, if you’ve really analyzed the unit, the road access these trails, you know, you know, maybe done overlays of winter range. If it’s a meal, deer hunting Colorado or something like that, you’re just gonna get better information as opposed to you just call and say, where do I need to go? Well, and that’s hard ’cause you could tell ’em, I’ve had a lot of guys do that like over in Nevada and stuff. Where, where should I go? And, and if I tell ’em the best place, it might be the place with the least amount of deer. Yeah. And then they might say, well, and they, and they have, they might go not see anything and tell you you misled ’em. Yeah. And not feel, no, like why don’t you go there, drive around for a minute and then let me tell you about the places you’ve been, you know, or whatever.

00:27:44:24 –> 00:28:51:22
And so, and sometimes they can change during a hunt. So just, just to my point, it it, it feels like it’s very hard to get a hold of a biologist or a game warden for unit. It’s hard. I mean, there’s some plot out that, that don’t return costs. Oh yeah. I’ll, I’ll be as bold and say that. They just don’t. Yeah. So not saying that’s the above all and beyond all. I think the epic member experience database is, is definitely gonna get you started in the right direction. Especially if it’s rare tag people aren’t gonna have every, all the time. Well that’s it. You’re not ever gonna compete with you. No. Yeah. You know what I mean? So if you remember that and use the biologist to supplement it, sometimes these biologists are hunters and sometimes they’re into it like you are sometimes they’re absolutely not. Don’t, I mean, they’re, they’re gonna have knowledge about it, but they may not talk the way you verbally talk with your buddies about hunting and how you assess a unit. You start talking size of bucks to somebody, you, you might lose them completely. Yeah. Other guys, they know everything you’re talking about. So it’s all just a randomness of who you get. But, but before you make that call, be familiar with your unit map wise and access wise where you think the deer gonna be.

00:28:52:06 –> 00:29:59:21
So you’re confirming, or, or he’s, he’s confirming, no, that’s not where you need to be during this hunt. That’s more or less what you’re doing. I like it. And for those, they’re gonna talk in general generalities for the most part. Yeah. For those that haven’t heard of the, the member experience program for Epic Outdoors members, it’s a free, the free, free part of our service. If you join, then if you join and pay us money, it’s free. Yes. That what you’re talking about, John. Well, but you get, you get everything else. But that one, you don’t have to pay extra, I guess. Yeah, you get that for free if you member just part of the member part of the membership and giving it out all morning today for Wyoming Elk, people that, that drew a tag want to talk with other members. It’s normally, not always, but it’s normally something that people do if they’re self-guided. Yeah. Because if you’re gonna go outfitted, you’ve got a lot of these things taken care of with by your outfitter, your scouting, your camp, your logistics, your access, your guides for the day, all that. So it’s more geared to do it yourself. Self-guided person, somebody that’s been there, done that. When you call and get the list sent to you, you’ll go on that list as well and have to be willing to reciprocate information from people next year and beyond that might call you.

00:29:59:28 –> 00:31:02:21
So that’s the nuts and bolts. I like it. And what else? You know what I like to do too is, and I get, it’s, it’s easier to do it on these awesome wet years. Lots of moisture out there. But if you haven’t heard, so what I really like to do is start early. So it’s just like, it’s like anything, even though they’re not grown out at the end of may or first part of June or whatever, if you start July one or July 4th or whatever, a lot of times I’d run cameras after July 4th because you have less of a chance of getting ’em ripped off. ’cause people are out and about recreating and whatnot. There’s just a lot of people in the hills. But if you start early, it just feels like you’re on top of the game mentally. Like you can run cameras, you can rotate ’em, you can find new areas. You can, you just, you just feel like, whereas if you start July one, you gotta take cameras down, depending on the state. By August one or by the end of July, there’s a, there’s a rush and, and it’s a mental rush and it’s, you can’t cover everything fast enough and whatnot. Where even though they’re not grown out in June, it’s just being prepared. It’s just like being prepared for a test or studying in advance and, and just, you walk in with confidence.

00:31:02:21 –> 00:32:02:28
You, you know, you walk into the season with confidence. Like you’ve, you’ve set the cameras or you’ve been out glassing or you’ve done the combo or you’ve booked somebody in advance as fast as you can and you’re prepping, you’re starting to shoot your bow. A lot of times if you shoot your bow a week or two prior, you can still make that shot probably. But it’s, it’s different when you have this mental confidence that I’ve been shooting my bow all year, I’m, I’m ready. Or the last four months or five months, whatever’s realistically I don’t, I don’t know if all yours realistic it is for some people and some people say they do it and don’t, but, but at least you know, a, a good amount of prep in advance. Yeah. Makes a difference. It does. There’s a whole lot. Well, and then you can get into the whole gear preparation, all that. But we’re talking mainly I guess this initial phase is wrap your head around the unit you’ve drawn. In some cases though, you need to make a decision pretty quick on whether you’re gonna go guide it. If you, if you’re kicking that around, sometimes you got time to play around, let’s say you’re the only sheep unit in the unit or draw and draw, alright. There’s not a lot of people that can book that.

00:32:02:28 –> 00:33:08:01
But there’s also outfitters that may guide that unit, but also five others and they could get booked on those other units and not being able to add you on. So sometimes you think you got the world by the tail and or is a cat by the tail, whatever. Some world in the Palmer man something by, by the tail, by tail, coyo by the tail. A wounded coopt by the tail and the world in both hands. I don’t know know, but sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it feels like I’ve drawn the best tag in the world and I am in the control here. And you, and sometimes if you think you’re gonna use an outfitter, time is of the essence because you know, great outfitters and the best guides, the best outfitters will get filled up quickly. What drives us crazy, Bronson, you and I have talked about this, Josh, you as well, ’cause you’re consulting a lot, is when guys draw a tag or purchase a tag or get an expo tag or whatever, they think they are in control. They think I people, people are gonna flock to me to, for me to book ’em. They want, if I drew a PIW in Nevada or there is some, some truth to that. A silver state is at times, times you are in a driver’s driver’s seat, but sometimes you’re not, you’re passes. You’re not the only guy willing to pay or book a hunter.

00:33:08:08 –> 00:34:05:29
You know what I mean? Or willing to book a hunter. Well, day and age it feels like more, it feels like more people because of the rarity, scarcity of tags and especially great tags are willing to, to pay for that because they don’t, they realize I’m not gonna get this again. And that’s not a bad frame of mind. I, I mean I’m not, even if you’ve been a self-guided deer, elk hunter your whole life, right? If something comes outta blue in Arizona and is really special, you might really consider it. That’s just being frank years like this. Well, you and I would like you, you years like this buying, paying for the local knowledge. Well, and you may have already, like in the case of a later year or later in the year, draw like a, you know, we’ll put, we’ll put Nevada somewhat later, but Arizona definitely later. You, you may have other plans and you’re not gonna have the time to do justice there if you’ve already got other plans here and you’re gonna just go try to make the best of it. And sometimes those hunts work out, but sometimes they don’t. So just don’t wait too long. Have your have a mental game plan in place.

00:34:06:29 –> 00:35:13:23
IIII they’ll with dozens of hunters, whether they’re talking to me or hundreds of hunters, whether they’re talking to me here at Epic or guys that are calling me specifically that have drawn a tag in say Utah or maybe a sheep in Nevada that are looking to hire me or one of our guys to help ’em, Bronson outfitting. And then I hear from ’em two, three months later, yeah, I’d like to do that. And I’m like, what The best I can do is keep you on speed dial if we get done early, just, just ’cause you draw an elite deer tag or an elite elk or an elite sheep and then you go look at it over and then you wrap your head around it in two, three months and then you, you’re not in the driver’s seat. At some point people get full outfitters get full. They do. So have that in mind. Don’t don’t delay. If it’s something special enough that you think, I don’t wanna mess this up, I need some help. I like it. So we talked about shooting bows a little bit. Bronson, you’ve been shooting your new hoy. How’s it going? Shout out to them. This is gonna be quick talking about it. The bow is awesome. I I, we all have the carbon bows, but this year I also wanna shoot their aluminum bow, their VTM 34. I have a longer draw link, so that’s why I went to 34.

00:35:14:13 –> 00:36:20:03
It’s awesome. I got it back. I had Bobby Fromm a performance archery, put all my bells and whistles on it, we’ll call it. But shout out to Hoyt. It’s an awesome feeling bow. I love it. I haven’t even put an additional stabilizer or anything on it yet. And it shoots great and I’m gonna, I play with those always when I get a new bow front stabilizer, maybe a, you know, rear facing one off the side bar or whatever. But I, I don’t know that I’m gonna do anything with this. They have that little one that comes with it. I love the way it felt. I only shut it one night. It was super windy and then I, then I screwed up my elbow. Yeah, it’s been a chronic problem for me for years. I’ve had a, a bad bad elbow. Bone spur. Yeah. And a bone spurt. It’s been growing like an inch hook on it. And I tore part of my golfing of all things. I’m supposed to be an old man. Anybody does that. You can’t get hurt doing that. No. Blew my elbow. And it’s a s swing. Lots of people get hurt golfing. I’m never gonna golf lots feels like, I don’t know. I don’t know one other one that’s done what I’ve done. You’re and you’re healthy. Well yeah, but this is, you’re a healthy young man. It was, it was just a lot of stress on that tricep tendon.

00:36:20:03 –> 00:37:25:06
Anyway, tore it, broke that piece off. So now it’s a inch piece of bone broke, broke his kicker. Broke my cheater. I broke my cheater floating around in, this was the thing, as I was growing up with kids, we wrestled with your kids boys predominantly. And I would use that as my deadly weapon. I’d put that rin back or his, and, and, and he would cry uncle fast. It was just the thing. It’s not fair. You got that sharp thing and you know, well, I don’t have, I’m not gonna have it next week. It’s gonna be cut out of me and fixed and everything else. So I haven’t shot it. I can’t pull a boat. You need to be shooting a bow on a regular basis. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t do that. I can’t golf. Maybe acu bow. What? Yeah, I don’t know. It seems to work for a lot of, maybe, but anyway, people, I love the bow. Shout out to Hoyt. They make awesome stuff. Obviously hoit.com. We’ve used their stuff for years and I’m looking forward to getting back and I, I don’t have, well, I’m gonna have some archery tags. I just don’t got ’em yet. Within the next couple weeks I should So apply accordingly. Accordingly. Okay. So, all right, so well, so yeah, so I would go into your plans, but I don’t wanna make you tell a fib I, I, we, why I won’t.

00:37:25:13 –> 00:38:36:25
And so anyway, while we, we also brought up cameras. We sell stealth cam. And so anyway, shout out to stealth cam.com. They support us here at epic outdoors, gsm outdoors.com as well. And we’ve got a stack of cameras, if you’re looking for cameras. We got even incredible brand new, everything’s brand new obviously, but even 20, 22 models that are awesome. The G 30 twos max, they’re a night glow. Just an incredible camera for dirt cheap. 65 bucks out the door. So, we’ll, these are not gonna last actually not quite out the door. It’s gonna be shipping. Yeah, a little bit of shipping, but yeah, might just add on some of these. You’re saying these, they’re not gonna last some of these No, we’ll call ’em older models. They’re brand new in the box, but we got 20, 23 cams in, so we wanna blow some of the other Yeah, we’re gonna give good deals on the 2023 cams too. We have other, yeah, we are, so we have other cameras also with cards and batteries for 50 bucks a piece. And then even the DS 4K is 149 bucks. I I mean, just the, the, the best camera they make. So if you’re interested, just give us a holler here at Epic Outdoors. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Also any optics, things like that. Optics, it’s kind of the same thing as, as people say, well, I’ve got money I’m willing to buy. I can get this at any time I want.

00:38:36:25 –> 00:39:46:23
Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes it’s, there’s things on back order and whatnot. And so you order while the supplies are there and people are getting ready for the fall hunts. They’re getting ready for scouting and buying stuff. And we’ve had multiple years where we’ve had, we’ve had stuff in stock, everybody’s had stuff in stock and it seems plentiful. And if you wait, you know, another month, yeah. You might not be able to find something. That’s right. Well, let’s give a good friend of ours, Ben Hepworth up there in Idaho. He smashed another giant there in Idaho. Mule deer. It’s in our, in our publication, 34 inch, two teens. He says he didn’t score it, but I don’t know. We’ll get it out of him today. Yeah, maybe. Maybe. He’ll tell us. I know it’s not under, we’ll make it squeal. He’ll talk. Yeah, no, I don’t know if you can make Ben Squeal. He’s, he, he knows what he’s doing. He, he gets the game. But anyway, he’s, he’s one of the best up there in Idaho. Just, just an, a great friend and you know, I’ve come to have a huge amount of respect for him. Been out there in the hills with him out and about with some of our clients as well. So let’s just give him a holler or see, it looks like, I don’t know. I texted him and said, you around. And he goes, yeah.

00:39:46:25 –> 00:41:41:28
And he sent me a picture of a couple of dead coyotes and another dog or something. So I don’t know, I just kinda want to see what’s up. If he’s Kyle hunting or what he’s doing. Geez, I’m gonna have to call him back. Your call him. Maybe he’s right in the middle of smashing another couple dogs. Maybe if I say I’m around, that might mean something else different. You know, I’m around in the belly. Let’s call Craig Sanchez real quick from New Mexico. See how things are looking. Hey man. Hey, what are you doing? Oh, up in the mountains, looking at some properties, looking at some deer and looking at some milk. We’ve got you on the Epic Outdoors podcast. That’s wonderful. Why would you be looking at Darren Elk when they’re not even grown out yet? He’s retired. He is just going out and doing stuff. Well, well, I gotta sell some land and if we don’t have any critters on it, I ain’t gonna be able to sell it. Oh, all, all right. Well, how sink’s looking down there this spring? Is it pretty green? You know, they’re starting to green up. We actually been getting a little rain the last few days, which is gonna help for the most part.

00:41:42:13 –> 00:43:00:19
A lot of the snow has gone in the lower country and higher country’s still got some snow up there, but rivers are still running pretty good and lots of water to fill those lakes that were desperately needing it. So Craig, you, you, you retired from the game and fish department. How does it feel? Do you miss it? Oh, you know, it was a good career. Wouldn’t have traded it for anything, but at some point in your life, the older you get, you just, you wanna do something different and get to that retirement point and, and move on. So it was a great career, but happy to be retired. Yeah. Great. So you’ve, most guys when they retire just can hardly, can hardly figure out how they had the time to have a full-time job. Is that where you’re at on things like how did you make time to have to, to work? You know, because you’re still plenty busy. I’m sure it is. Yeah, I think I’m working more in retirement than I was, was before. And as you guys know, I went to work for Whitetail Properties real estate based out of Illinois, our headquarters. And we’ve got two agents in New Mexico and it’s, it’s been really rewarding to be able to still get out and get in the woods and get on these big private ranches and work with landowners and buyers and sellers.

00:43:00:21 –> 00:44:17:12
And I think I work more than I did when I worked for the state, but it it’s all good. It’s, well, doesn’t everybody work more in the private sector than when they work for the state? No, Jason? No, it’s not true. It’s not true. It might be, it might be. I think you guys go in at nine in the morning, don’t you? Yeah, no, no. Well, all right, well I know you’re, you know, you hunt a lot yourself and whatnot. The overall outlook for New Mexico guys that have tags in New Mexico or obtain landowner tags or whatever, things are looking really good. They’re looking really good with all the, you know, the moisture we’ve kind of had back to back years on good moisture and body conditions should be great on these animals. And I expect some really good antler growth this year. In fact, we, my, my wife saw a bull last night on our way home and she said he already had seven points showing on one side. So come on, looking for some, some, some good things to happen this year. Wow. Any devil points or was it all in line beam? It was all in line. She said the top ones, you know, they were still kind of short because they were still growing. Geez. Able to count. I think that’s significant growth, if I’m not mistaken. If I’m not mistaken. That’s good. Yep. That’s gonna be a good one for sure. Geez.

00:44:17:15 –> 00:45:23:24
So yeah, you don’t need to tell us where, you don’t need to tell us where, but do you have an elk tag in New Mexico industry? I do have an elk tag. Whoa. I did not know. I’m not leading it at all. I’m just That’s good. That’s awesome. Well, unfortunately none of us do my unit, but, you know. Yeah. Well that’s good. And so in your estimation, I mean, you’ve seen a lot of years come and go, like you, when you guys get water in New Mexico is, I mean, is it night and day the difference in trophy quality that you find? You know, it’s definitely significant. We’ve got a lot of units in New Mexico that are arid. You know, they don’t have running water, running creeks. So when you do have good moisture and you know, it all comes down to body condition when those animals, you know, when their body conditions top-notch, they’re gonna grow the best antlers. They, they can. And you know, we’re two years going on on good moisture. So, you know, there’s gonna be exceptional growth issue in my opinion. And not just in one place, but across the state. Yeah. Well it’s pretty awesome and, and you guys have a lot of different species and whatnot. Everything’s looking good. Orx seem really good. Barbery sheep seem really good.

00:45:24:12 –> 00:46:35:01
Yeah, the orcs are thriving and you know, it’s a testament to the number of tags that game and fish issues on those once in a lifetime hunts when they’re issuing that many tags. That means the population’s thriving and you know, barbs, you know, the barbery, they’ve really expanded and into different areas and they’re doing really good. Lots of guys like to hunt those and New Mexico’s a place you can actually draw a tag and go do it. That’s what’s crazy. I just, I think New Mexico’s one of the, I think got the most untapped potential. It feels like there’s incredible potential for most species across the entire state, you know what I mean? Absolutely. There’s lots of potential. It’s just time and effort you wanna put into your adventure. Yeah. So why do they call it the land of encampment, Jason? I don’t know why they call it that, Craig. Do you know? Why do they call that? Well, it’s an enchanted place. Some people call it land manana. Can, you can articulate what that meaning is in many ways. But yeah, new Mexico’s great. We got, we got, you know, as far as I’m concerned, some of the greatest food to eat, you know, in New Mexico. And you know, some people will say, well, you got great Mexican food.

00:46:35:01 –> 00:47:47:00
And my response is, well, it’s actually new Mexican food, because if you eat food from Mexico, it’s actually a little different than our red chili and our green chilies. So I love hatch green chilies. They’re, they’re, there’s nothing like ’em. They’re amazing. Yeah, we’re pretty proud of our new Mexican food. Okay, well this is a hard, let’s talk about big deer or big Elk or something. Hey, it’s almost lunchtime, so it’s hard not to get preoccupied. But yeah, so, so Craig, you guys have, you guys have big Deere throughout the state, even though it feels like there’s only a few units that everybody concentrates on, but there’s, there, it feels like there’s potential everywhere, even in the thirties units, there’s a lot, you know, absolutely there is, you know, the, the Deere numbers just aren’t as high as they are in some of those units in the northwest part of the state, like the two Bs, the five Bs, and, you know, two C doesn’t have extremely high numbers, but they’re obviously known for their quality of, of bucks in there. But yeah, I would agree with you if a guy was to actually put a lot of effort into any, any unit in this state, there’s no telling what kind of buck you can turn up. Just gotta, gotta work a little extra hard to find them. Well obviously I’m gonna have to get a little bit more thinking outside the box.

00:47:47:13 –> 00:48:57:17
’cause I’m not drawing deer tags in New Mexico, so I’m gonna have to start doing that. I know Carter’s been, you haven’t consulted with me, Adam, that’s why. Well, Jason seems to do pretty good. He does, but he’s, I don’t know. Have you seen one of killed, I mean, I may do Okay on tag. I may have a tag in my name. Yeah. But no, Craig, I let him be the Guinea pig. But problem is if he ever hits a home run, then you’re not gonna be able to draw it. Follow it again. So it’s like, yeah, I’m looking for something different. I’m gonna have to do something different. That’s, that’s for sure. Well, lots of different opportunities over here, so, you know, just, you’ll, you’ll get there. Just, just, you know, follow Jason’s lead. He knows how to do it. Craig, you’re, you’ve, you’re, you’re hunting some big deer and some big animals in some, you know, just off the wall units. And I think it’s just a testament to the potential across the entire state. And it’s not like one, you know, it’s not like a formula for it, it’s just a matter of getting a tag on the right year. Maybe not forcing it, you know, Adam and I have hunted deer in some of the 23 when it was less than desirable to meet. Well, when your kids are nine, you’re just whatever you can get, basically. But it was terrible. Terrible.

00:48:57:24 –> 00:50:08:21
It’s when your kids are that young. Yeah. Kill the coyote in two point buck. I mean, that was a, that was a, that was a, but for a 9-year-old that was pretty epic. Yeah. Pretty crazy. Jeez. So, anyway, but yeah, just the, we’re just super excited I guess. And just wanted to kind of visit with you and I don’t, do you have any fun gaming fish stories or anything like that? Well, I probably have a few, but I don’t know. Some might be have gag orders. I don’t disclose any of those, you know. Oh, it’s gotta be kind of a rewarding career really. I am the one game warden that got rushed off in an ambulance of the hospital after an antelope beat me up. So what? There’s always that one. What? Okay, you’re gonna have to an antelope, you’re gonna have to dive in because Antelope, I, Adam, I know Bron is all about the pro Adam’s all about the pronghorn right now. And he’s already counting his chicks before they hatch. He’s already planning on some tags and some succulent an antelope meat. But tell us about this. And if I, and if I could remember what happened, I would share it with you guys. But I had a level three concussion from it. Were you trapping? Were you trapping transplant? No, no. It was a, it was a buck that was caught between the right of way fences.

00:50:08:21 –> 00:51:17:15
And he was gonna cause an accident with a vehicle. So you decided to go full line backer. I went down there to, to get him across the fence and next thing I know, I wake up that night in my bed at home. No way. He, he came you line, you got linebacker mode and he ran you over. I did. Oh, that’s exactly what I got. I was the quarterback and I got sacked hard, went straight back my back. Whoa. So he was the aggressor locked. Oh yeah, absolutely whiplash you. He all did. Did you have somebody there watching it? So, or did you lay there in the bar ditch for 20 minutes? No, so, so what happened was, apparently I kept calling the dispatch and asking him what I was supposed to be doing today. And I call him over and over and over and finally the dispatcher’s like, yeah, something’s wrong. So they sent out the airplane and state police to go try to find me. They knew, they knew where I was at generally. Yeah. And when the state police officer found me, said I was hunched over my steering wheel, I was dirty, my ass was expanded, my door was open, thought I was dead. Dead. What was expanded? Beat me up my baton. Oh. Oh, I thought you said expanded like you were trying to fend him off. I thought you said so you’re, yeah.

00:51:17:17 –> 00:52:24:23
Well, what I think happened, what I think happened was, ’cause I had some photos of my camera. I took a photo of that thing before he beat me up. I think what happened was I got outta my truck and I got my ass out my baton and I expanded it and I tried to shoot it across the fence and he was laying there and I think he jumped up and hit me right in my gut and knocked me straight on my back. Whip blast you to the ground. And, and that was it. Lights out. Whoa. Geez. I’d give video to see what happened. Oh yeah, well, me too. And I’d like, you’d like it to be a, you know, 800 pound elk. But it was a, it was an ope it was an it is what it is. Yeah. Well, 73 pound. It wasn’t a co deer owned. It wasn’t, I was embarrassed to admit that, but yeah, I got whooped by an antelope. Was it a buck? Was it a buck? Did you say it? It was like a 96 inch buck. Oh yeah. A hundred inch. Yeah. It’s huge. I’m sure it’s probably a fawn or so. I don’t know Greg. Tell the truth. Was it, was it a buck? Yeah. Oh, it was a buck, absolutely. Okay. Alright. Of course. Stocky. I got the pictures somewhere to prove it. Have you seen them New Mexican buck? They’re big husky.

00:52:24:25 –> 00:53:40:09
They are on right here. They’re big and I think they weigh like 600 pounds on the hook. Wow. Well that, that is a first, that’s a cool story though. It is a cool story. Yep, yep. Well guys, I’m, I think I’m gonna lose you. I don’t even know. Sounds good, bro. Before we get any more embarrassing stories. Yeah, we’ll see ya. Alright, take care. Alright, thanks. Bye. That’s some funny stuff. That’s a good one. Yeah. Oh geez. I’ve done, I’ve done that. Not got knocked out, but those antelope trapped park, they can get Western. I mean, you get, you can get, there’s a lot of hair and well at body parts flying, all their blood sheets are coming off. They’re blood flying. So’s just like 10 inch daggers sticking off their head spikes and they’re bleeding sometimes. Jeez. Because they just popped off and hair their hair’s flying off as you’re grabbing. I wonder there’s an affection for these things. No, there, there’s no affection. No, i i, it was fun for about the first two times and then I just was like, yeah, you know, I’d like to coordinate which ones are going, which trailer? You could even occasionally get a helicopter that has a hard landing on one. Trying to her one in Okay. Put down. I was put down an a star right there in front of everybody. Oh, that did happen. Yeah, I was in the back seat. Oh.

00:53:40:14 –> 00:54:40:21
So let’s dive into that real quick. Don’t leave us hanging. It was like the biologist that was there, he wanted to have play more of a role inside. So they, they herd the antelope for miles and miles and have the big winged fences that are built. Yeah. They’ll stretch out like a two mile opening and then you just get ’em herded into that. So they just herd it with a helicopter in anyway. Yeah. And, and what, what, what’s what for, what’s the purpose? To reduce, reduce densities there on that unit and then transplant other units. And they were full fuel and four, four people in it, wasn’t they? Yeah. So we took off and he was trying to teach me, well there was a, the pilot brought somebody else that was there today, that day that wasn’t really planning on being there, but he was maybe gonna be a potential pilot or something. And anyway, so there was, there was four of us in there, so it was a little bit heavy. And it was the first group antelope we saw for the day. And we went up and got him herded in and they started going, well, the, the trap, it kind of, this particular trap, it kind of takes a pretty good hard left turn. And we kind of came into it anyway.

00:54:40:21 –> 00:55:48:17
He got around, well there was somebody, there’s some big gates that they’ll close once they get ’em into this little stretch. There’s some gates. They close. Well there was somebody that was there, they have like some brush that’s piled up that they kinda hide behind. And when the antelope Paul get past ’em, they’ll run out and close the gate. Well, somebody like anticipated a little too soon and like got up, freaked him out. Right. The antelope were coming and it spooked him. And so they all just kind of blew up, came back. And so we went back around to get him. He kind of like flew back to get him. Probably went with the wind lost power or something. Yeah. Anyway, I don’t, I’m obviously on a pilot, but you fly back and we kind of got into a little bit of a hub position where we were backwards and went to go forwards again and he just lost all his lift and we just went straight, bam. Smacked the ground. You still got back problems? No, no. For a few days I did. Did you? Scary. Wow. Well, it was just, it actually wasn’t at the moment you’re just like, wow, did this really happen low? Because when you’re doing surveys, you’re low, you’re, and flying that stuff, like, it’s always, you know, it’s always a little bit on the edge of is this right or not, you know, so you just don’t know.

00:55:48:20 –> 00:56:52:04
But all of a sudden it was like, oh, we’re not going up. Well yeah, we’re definitely not going up. Oh, we’re gonna hit the ground. And it just, but it hit but enough that it, the tail tail boom broke, offed down and broke. So there we, there you, we were, geez. Trapping was done for the year. Well, no. So we had another helicopter there by new, my God, try the second one. Fire. Well they had another he helicopter that was there and that’s what it was. They’re like, well Josh, why don’t you go ahead and jump in with him? I was like, all right. So you did, you went back up? Yeah. Oh. Like act the whole next day. And we flew and that was, and then we were sitting there flying and you’d be heard in these antelope and they try not to get ’em to run fast, you know, they just get ’em moving. Yeah. So they get back quite a ways. And as they’ll get moving in the same direction, the pilot like move off. And he was a South African guy, really cool dude. But we were sitting there flying and all of a sudden he’d be like, oh, there’s a coyo. And he’d like, whoa. And he’d leave the antelope go down there and just start chasing the coyo. And we were, I mean, from six feet off the ground. Oh my God.

00:56:52:09 –> 00:58:18:12
He’s just like, I’m like, please just go back up in the air. Please don’t do this again. Offload some fuel. Kick out anybody. I can’t even shoot this thing. He’s gonna get away. Yeah. The sky’s getting away and needlessly, needlessly harassing wildlife. Pull off and, and go non get back with the animal non gate. Anyway. Yeah. What are the percentage of people who survive a helicopter accident? I mean, I dunno, pretty low Or is it, I mean, I don’t have a lot of experience. 50 50 might be even high. I don’t know. Wow. All right. Let’s, let’s try Ben again real quick. See if he answers. Talk about some deer up there in Idaho. Hey, Idaho Gold. How about a, oh, hey, what’s with the coyotes? Oh, I’m, I’m out calling coyotes today. Are you? Yeah. You don’t work on weekdays? Hey, I work harder on the weekends in the evenings. Oh, do you? Gotcha. All right, well we don’t want to get you in trouble. Everything going good? Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s going real good. Hey, why don’t we just wanna talk about a 34 inch or do you wanna talk about one? Oh, sure. I mean they’re always worth talking about, aren’t they? Yeah. You had good luck last year. Maybe just, I don’t know, Ben, you’ve been a part of some big deer up there and of course we’re, we’re all getting ready.

00:58:18:13 –> 00:59:42:12
We’re kind of excited for this year, but I don’t know, you know, it seemed like a, a decent year. Last year wasn’t great, but then you ended up finding a giant, so there’s always, there’s always potential. Well, and that’s, you know, that’s something that, like I say, I’ve always, it’s weird here ’cause you do see the years that it’s not, and you don’t have very high hopes, but you get a, you know, you, you still run across them. So it always gives you the, the mindset to, which is hard as if it’s a good year. Yeah. And I guess that’s what keeps all of us going. Yeah. You know, we did had a buddy that had a general season tag and you know, everybody’s talking about how horrible the general hunts are and what they are really rough and, you know, we killed a 205 inch buck on the general tag last year. Geez. On an over the counter. Yeah. On an over the counter tag. And Wow. And you know, it always just lets you know to keep, keep pushing. You don’t know what what’s out there if you don’t, if you don’t go. Yeah. You specifically had a muzzle tag, right? Was it muzzle loader or rifle? Yeah. I had, I drew a muzzle loader Yeah. Tag last year. And that was, that was kind of nice.

00:59:42:18 –> 01:01:14:11
A good buddy of mine that had some property or that had some property, he, you know, allowed me to hunt it. And that was, that was super, super special. I’ve, you know, I’ve got to be a part of some really big deer in 45 and I’ve never got to take one myself. So that’s my first personal 45 deer. For me that was a big deer. So that was really special as far as that goes. And I, I mean, you, like you say, there wasn’t many that came out, so makes you feel that much more fortunate about it. Yeah. Well, and I know you wrote a story for us, but maybe for those that haven’t heard it, you, the deer, you seen it earlier in the summer, but you took it down to the wire of the hump before you got him killed Dewire. Yeah. It wasn’t like, yeah. Opening day, smashing, grabbing head home, you know, it was the whole, the whole hunt. No, it, it, it was, it, you know, I didn’t even actually see him lay eyes on him in the season until oh, oh, until like the 10th day or so. It’s 14 day hunt. That’s, I mean, it was, it was starting to be a, a real mental grab and grind and you know, it’s, you know, at that point in time it sucked and I hated life, but now look back and, and it was sure rewarding. Pretty awesome.

01:01:14:17 –> 01:02:40:23
You know, you killed a, it wasn’t a two 20 buck on one of those general over the counters there, what, five, six years ago it seems like. Yeah, yeah. A great big, heavy old, heavy gnarly. Just a, just an old school. I call him an old school buck. Just one that you see back in the gray and white pictures that score don’t really do injustice. And yeah. And you know, I, I mean I, I never thought that I’d even get to shoot one comparable. And, and this happened this year and so I, I hold them both. Matter of fact, I haven’t had the one mounted yet. ’cause I, I like going in and holding them about every day, maybe twice a day. Oh yeah. Don’t, don’t tell your wife. It’s more than once though. Don’t tell her. My wife always likes when I get ’em mounted, ’cause then I don’t do, can’t do that anymore. Now they’re up on the wall. Just look, you’re not packing them around like a, like a little kid with a new race car. Pretty much. Yeah. What about, what about this wide? Wasn’t it a three by last year? I wanna say this giant wide. Yeah, so I killed a, I was super lucky last year and drew the, drew a 45 muzzle loader tag on the, on the second chance drawing in Idaho. And, you know, it was, it was the same kind of deal.

01:02:40:25 –> 01:04:19:04
It was a, it was a really rough season last year as well. And, and just couldn’t, you know, couldn’t find anything that that really tripped you through. You know, it really was big and mature and, and I was, you know, I had seen that one through the summer and scouting him as well. And you know, on the last day of season, I, I decided to go harvest him or at least try to harvest him to, you know, just, just ’cause I mean, he is a, he is a big old giant deer. Just, you know, I didn’t have what it takes to, you know, wow. The world. But the, yeah, the whole wide factor in three point, you know, is Yeah. Is wowing enough for me. I, I like chasing mature deer. It’s not necessarily the number. Yeah. And so it was, it was a fun, that was a super fun, fun as well. And I, I don’t know, they sure they sure. Get in in your blood and, and make you push hard. How wide was he? Remind me That one’s like 33 and some change, you know, 33 and a quarter or 33 and a half. Yeah. Something, something to that, you know. Yeah. Heavy and big eye guards. Really just a, a cool buck. You know, I, I always wanted one of those pack frame mounts and that’s what I mounted him wanted. Yeah. Paul, he takes it.

01:04:19:11 –> 01:05:12:28
Josh has got one of those in his office. They look pretty cool. You know, it’s something that I don’t feel you’d want to put a buck like this year on one, but just an old bruiser. Oh, come on. Sure. Throw a two 20 on a pack frame and just chop him off at the skull. Call it good. I like holding them. I don’t even wanna mount ’em real. I like holding them. I do too. But you like, but they sure look beautiful when they’re mounted up too, because it’s like, oh, they do. You can’t have it both ways. Unless this day and age you can get some repos, man. Yeah, that’s, that’s me too. The, I get, you know, the older I get, I just wanna hold ’em all the time. I don’t want ’em to be on the wall, so I can’t. So Ben, how do you, what would you recommend to guys, like, besides hiring people or whatever, but how do you make it happen? Like how do you go about scouting once you find the tag? Like, or or you get the tag, find the tag per acquire the tag one way or another.

01:05:13:07 –> 01:06:42:22
You know, there’s a lot of ways to acquire tags across the west, but I mean, once you have the tag, you know, what do you think about, I mean, you know, obviously local knowledge I think is, you can’t trump that and that’s definitely what you, you’ve been successful with, you know, as you just have knowledge. I mean, you, you live there and you live for it and whatnot, but what do, what’s your suggestion to guys on how to scout and, and when do you start and how do you make it happen? You know, I, I mean, I, I look every day that I can and I think, I think that’s the biggest thing that, you know, I don’t claim to be other than anybody or, or anything. But I, you know, I just, you just put in a lot of time and, and I think at some point in time you’ll get rewarded. You know, you can’t be out there, you can’t be out there a whole pile of time until you know something, something good happens to you. You know? And, and I think that, I think that, you know, that’s, that’s what I always claim for that’s helps me is even when I’m feel like I’m getting my butt kicked or whatnot, I just, you know, you just wake up and go again and, and at some point in time it, it pays off.

01:06:42:23 –> 01:07:56:25
You know, it might not pay off this season, but I mean, no matter what, when you’re out there, you, you gain a little bit more knowledge of the area and, and I think that’s key. Yeah. So if you didn’t draw a special tag, you don’t draw a 44, 45 or whatever, you know, a bunch of different country in Idaho, then you’re, you would be making the most out of even a general tag or whatever and treating it like you won’t treating it like it’s a special draw tag, just working it hard. I, I do personally, I mean, as much as I can with guiding and stuff and I treat, when I get an over the counter tag, I, I try to spend as much time as I can up there and I try to scout and I mean, just ’cause I just, ’cause I have an over the counter tag, you know, it doesn’t change my expectations. It doesn’t change my mindset to hunt. And for a, for a mature deer. I, I mean I like going up and I enjoy seeing deer just as much as killing one. And so, you know, over the tag it does get a little overwhelming.

01:07:57:07 –> 01:09:31:26
’cause you know, you might not, you might not see, you know, you definitely won’t see the numbers and you definitely won’t see the decent deer, but you still, you know, there’s still that opportunity that I feel, you know, is to running into a great big buck. Yeah. And you know, when they start migrating outta some of our high country hunts and stuff into more of our lowland draws it, you know, you never know what can happen if you’re just there, you know? Yeah. I, you know, I don’t know, it’s just, it’s just mule deer hunting to me rather. I rather I see one or get one up there and I, I think, you know, it’s, it’s helped be able to shoot some more mature deer in the over the counter stuff because, you know, I don’t, I don’t feel like I need to harvest the deer. And so, you know, it’s, it’s treated me right. That’s all I can say is it’s treated me right on it. Well, and that’s part of the reason, I mean, you can go 10 days into a deer hunt without seeing your target deer and you wouldn’t have killed the deer if you just shot a nice deer on day one through 10, 12, 13, whatever, which you attempted. You were 10, you probably shoot, I mean a nice deer. You might’ve had opportunities at 180 or something.

01:09:31:26 –> 01:10:44:06
But when you see something special and you know, like you say, you don’t don’t have to shoot one if it’s not what you want. Old, mature, whatever. It doesn’t have to be a scoring buck. Like you said the year before was a big white old four by three. But that’s, that’s hard to do, to hunt 10 straight days for a deer, you know, is somewhere around, has not been killed, but you don’t have any eyes on it and you haven’t, and then all of a sudden one day it changes again and you got a buck to hunt for a day or two is until it’s over and got lucky and made it happen. So wouldn’t have been, you know, you know that, and I mean, as I get older I just, you know, I get better about, you know, if I see a really nice duck, you know, not that, not that I don’t like seeing him and like enjoying what he has to offer as far as a visual, but I always sit back and think, you know, am I, you know, am I gonna go back and tell my buddies like, oh, the last day bucks. You know, that’s not, that’s not what I want to do. And I don’t, I always am super happy no matter what anybody harvests, you know, as long as they’re happy with it.

01:10:46:01 –> 01:12:23:10
And so I, yeah, I I think as you’ve, I guess for me as I’ve matured it, it really helps just being okay with not being successful as far as notching the tag. Right. Amen. I like that. I like it. Yeah. What’s the outlook up there, you know, for 2023? Can you tell yet? You know, I’ve heard some mixed stuff through, you know, people that’s talked to fish and game and people that’s done this or that. I think our low country deer did really good. I think they got potent or, you know, some of them have got potential. Yeah. I think some of our deer that tried to hang up in the high country, I think it, I think they got hurt. So I do think that over time we’re gonna see, you know, we say this every year, we need to have something break through for ’em so that, you know, at some point in time our high country deer need to take the stress off of our low country deer. You know, ’cause I mean us as us as hunters start going after, you know, what, wherever they’re at, wherever they’re at. And so we, you know, the low country deer the last few years have just, they’ve really just taken a beating. And, and so you hate to, you know, you hope that one of these years, the darn things will catch a break.

01:12:27:15 –> 01:14:04:05
They, you know, the, the positive things of fishing game did start cutting some, cutting some dough tags and stuff that, that I think will eventually help. And I, I hope they continue. A lot of people reached out to ’em this year and said, you know, we want help for the deer. And, and I think they were starting to get pretty open armed to, to helping the deer out. And that’s a good feeling, you know, for our, our kids and younger generations to come on on that too. Yeah. In, in my opinion. Yeah. I, you know, I think there’s some, there’s definitely, from what I’ve seen last year, if they made it through, there’s some rising stars. I hope one of my kids or something, one draws a tag. Yeah. Or maybe yourself. Well you won’t be able to actually this year. No, I won’t. Not unless I could get one on the second chance. Yeah. You know, and, and Yep. That would be, that would be a super cool deal. Tell us, and I mean, tell us the story on this double double dog set that you, you just smashed a pair of dogs. Tell us a quick story on it. Well, over the past, you know, five or six years I’ve gotten into Kyle hunting pretty bad. It’s became a horrible addiction. And about a year ago I decided I wanted to get into decoy dogging. Yeah.

01:14:04:06 –> 01:15:22:08
’cause I saw one of your dogs off to the side, so I didn’t know you were into that. Yeah. I, you know, last year he was a pup and I, I went through this fall without killing a bunch of coyotes. I I called quite a few in and he, you know, he got some exposure to it. And just, just today, matter of fact, he just turned it on and, and has done it. You know, I i, I just, matter of fact, I missed the first phone call ’cause he was running sick or running four coyotes. Geez. And you know, it’s, it’s a little, he’s turned into a family pet, so I get, I was a little nervous, you know, trying to, trying to cover him, get for a second one, one on six. Yeah. But let him, but let him do what he’s supposed to do. And, and I mean, it’s, it’s, I mean my heart was racing. I I I just, you know, I killed a couple this morning and just maybe 20 minutes ago I, I killed two more out of a four pack that, you know, and it’s, it’s bad ’cause my heart’s racing and Jeez. And, you know, lights me on fire. It’s not for everybody. But What do you mean it’s, I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like to shoot Cotes. Yeah. You’re talking to a hunting crowd right here. So pretty much everybody’s gonna like what you got say.

01:15:23:13 –> 01:16:43:12
So what breed you got? What breed a dog you got? You know, I, I got a border collie. I got a border Collie just ’cause I, I was hoping that he would be a dog that could be around the kids and be around the family and, and you know, I know some people run some pretty hard charging gritty dogs and, and be really super cool, but it’s also cool ’cause this, you know, like this dog for me, just, he goes with me every day. He, he does a ton of stuff with me and I mean, you know, watching him do what I actually got him for was, was super cool today. And did he bring him in on a string? Is that what you mean? What’d he do? He did. I, I took about a five minute video that, you know, he’s chasing these coyotes out there a couple hundred yards and you know, and then he brought one up to probably 20, 30 yards from me and, and you know, trying to get him to do the right thing. I’ve been pretty patient about not shooting him and trying to get him to understand the game. So that’s a little like, you want him, like, you want him close, you mean you letting him bring him in close before you shoot? Is that what you mean? Yeah. You know, just letting him working, really working, working. Yeah.

01:16:44:15 –> 01:18:08:07
And so it’s, it’s a, it’s a new game for me for sure. And, and like I say, I, I mean I feel like you, you get to kill some coyotes and maybe, maybe help a deer. You might, you know, maybe pull some pressure off a deer and one will, one will give you an attaboy one day. Yeah. Maybe. Yeah. Make it easier to kill him. I don’t know if we can interpret that, but Yeah, it’s, it’s wishful thinking, but hey, taking the pressure off deer and fawns getting close to that in the next month, Hey, that can’t hurt. You know? I, I don’t think it can either. And, and it’s, you know, it’s becoming a, a, a big path in the mind that to to call a bunch of coyotes and, and chase them and I mean, next to a mule deer, I feel that, you know, I definitely feel they’re the smartest critter we chase. Oh yeah. Just, just the amount of pressure they get and so it, they intrigue me because you can go out and just absolutely win one day and think you’ve think you’ve reinvented the wheel to it and then the next four times a call and coyote to you, you get your butt kicked and and they win. Yeah. And so you’re, you’re, you start back over the next time. So it’s cool to me. Yeah.

01:18:09:06 –> 01:19:17:29
But, you know, nothing, nothing will ever take the place of deer hunting, that’s for sure. But yeah. Well there’s obviously when deer don’t have out, there’s enough stuff all winter long spring like this, it’s a great thing to be doing. Okay, I agree. Okay, well, we’ll let you get back after it. Kill some more. We appreciate you spending some time. Probably all well probably cost you a killer or two. Don’t, you don’t want you to stop the momentum. Yeah. Alright, well thank you guys and you have a good day. Okay. You too, Ben. Congrats on the deer. All right. You bet. Thank you. You bet. Bye. Kind of makes me wanna get a dog. Oh yeah, you got couple of dogs. It’d be amazing. Your dogs would be amazing, bro. You one, they’re the yapp dogs. You can put one in each cargo pocket. Those are, those would be classified as bait. You can’t bait. And and that’s the next step for Ben. He needs to be baiting those wolves somehow. Don’t those wolves hate dogs? They come straight. No, your yers, the prob the problem with the, with a dog is they’re like, you know, what’s, what’s the border call? 40, 50 pounds? I don’t know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, they’re like a third this size of a wolf. Like, oh, and the wolves can run ’em. They’re, they don’t got a chance. Oh no, you don’t. You don’t. Oh.

01:19:17:29 –> 01:20:18:25
But if you could get ’em to bark and just Yeah, just get ’em to howl. But, but you better have their back. Yeah. Your heart’s gonna, yeah, that, but look at that picture that’s gonna happen. Or the coyotes in the border quality. Right. That’s gonna happen by accident. You throw that on. Yeah. That’s awesome. So what’s the basic idea with that? I, I’ve never, well, you either see’em, you hear ’em how, and then you get out and you send your dog out and do a loop. And then this time of year, especially as they’ve popped and so they’re yeah, they’re protective. They’re very protective over their territory and so they see another dog or coyote even in there. They’re coming to their territory. They come to run them off. Yeah. And then that dog plays with them stays out and brings, lures ’em right back to you and you dump ’em. Yeah, that’s what it’s, that’s what he said. Yeah. He had five minutes of cat and mouse bring them back and Right. And then gets it close enough. The dog’s gotta know to egg it on enough. You can’t just, just outrun ’em and smoke ’em and run back to you. You’ve gotta be bringing the coyote. But it’s, it’s fun to watch. You know, John Bear does those too and we’ve talked to him about it, but it’s, it’s a whole different thing that didn’t exist.

01:20:19:11 –> 01:21:29:21
I mean, have to really sink some time into it. Yeah. It’s, those dogs are like a, you know, in terms of training, like barren line dogs, they’re a different, you, there’s a lot of time that goes into making one a good one. Yeah. How much time do you have in a day? You know what I mean? Yeah. It just boils down to you gotta choose your poison. I mean, are you gonna be a shed hunter? Pick your hobbies. Decoy dogging or meal deer hunter or golfer. Yeah, I’m not that for a minute. Not anymore. You’re gonna be fine. You could take this up. Huh? You got some time now I gotta do something. I’m gonna go crazy. Lots of scouting coming up. All right, well speaking of that, we want to shout out to Triple S Polaris 4 3 5 8 6 5 0 100 and they’ll set you up a bike, you know, whether it be a razor or a, or a Ranger or whatever, whatever it is. You need four-wheeler and customize it to your needs, whether it be gearing and lifts and tires and all kinds of things. So anyway, really good at what they do. Colton Francis is a good friend of ours anyway, down there at Triple s Polaris, they’ll take care of everything you need. And we’ve got one from ’em that, that has the lower gearing a razor and just, I took it out on, was it Friday night?

01:21:29:22 –> 01:22:42:21
My kid was like, yeah, hey, let’s go. So we went, it was like rock crawling and I was dang glad we had the lower gearing. Yeah, it was awesome. Just awesome. It was just like, that thing can go places, unimaginable. It’s just awesome. I like it. Yep. All right. And I’d like to also give a shout out to Fierce Arms. I’ve got one in the box I still need to set up. So excited about doing that. I’ve set mine up. I just need to shoot a little bit more. Yeah. Pollock, you’re set up. Yeah, I’ve shot mine. Shoot’s. Awesome. Comes, comes May. We’ve been in the office so much. Yeah. And it, you know, got so much to do. I gotta get that thing set up. So that’s pretty awesome. Shout out to them. We’ve got several in stock. We, we kinda stock up on the ones that that, that we like specifically. So if you’re looking for a new custom gun, give us a call, see what we’ve got. Or Special Office can special, we can set you up with a special order. We can do a special order as well and, and get it to you quick. So anyway, you can go check ’em out. Fierce Firearms, we appreciate them and their support here at Epic Outdoors. So. All right guys. Well that’s about good. Let’s, yeah, it’s time for lunch or something else, huh?

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