Scouting season is upon us and there is no better way to kick it off and get a head start in your units than by putting up a few trail cameras! This year we may see technology at a disadvantage while old school hunting methods and knowledge from years previous are more useful than they have been for years.

Here at Epic Outdoors we are lovers of all wildlife and want to ensure that certain species don’t become forgotten, so this week we shed a little light on something Josh has had on his mind for some reason. When is the last time you’ve seen a porcupine? For Porcupette Awareness day (Holiday invented by Josh) we are giving away something special, here is how you get in on it:

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew coming at you from Southern Utah. It rained all night. It’s crazy. Bronson, we’re out here trying to run some cameras and we got nothing but rain streams, water copious amounts of water, exactly what we want, but then we don’t want, why. Well ’cause certain things you’re looking forward to, then you maybe can’t, you know, cameras, they’re not gonna be as effective this year. No, absolutely not. They’re just, there’s water everywhere. It raining all the time and that’s okay. Yeah, I like glassing bucks up anyway. Why? What do you think? What’s your favorite way to find a I I would agree. I’m much more of a Glasser than I am a trail camera guy too. Yeah, I do have a few out this year, so, well anyway, well we’re here. We’re gonna talk a little bit about that later. But yeah, a lot of draw results. Wyoming just came out. If you find yourself where you don’t have a hunt, you might consider putting your name in the hat for Epic Hunt and optics giveaway, our summer membership drive here at Epic Outdoors. We’ve got a lot of hunts. We’ve got doll sheep, a couple of elk, three mulder, if you can believe. It’s kind of crazy. A couple of antelope tags.

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We’ve got a Barbary sheep hunt, as well as a optics gun bow package Includes ’em all. It’s $15,500 type package. So anyway, we’re coming down to the final four days. Basically today’s the 50 15th. It expires on the 19th, midnight, 1159 we should say, I guess on the 19th. Monday is the last day to get your name in the hat. So make sure you, you get your buddies to join and, and you get credit for it. Of course, you’ll get a ticket for one of the hunts hunt of your choice in there for doing that. And get as many of your buddies to join as possible. Whatever you can send it as Father’s Day gifts, pay for ’em. Whatever you wanna do. No problem. If you want to purchase tickets, you should can sure can do that as well. One ticket’s $25, five for 110 for 230 tickets for $500. With the 200 and $500 package. You also get a headlamp sent to you. Epic Outdoors, logoed out wazoo headlamp. Pretty awesome. And with the $500 package, you also get a ticket into the bonus package, which is the rifle, bow and optics package. Yeah. So coming down four days. That’s right. You can call us either at office (435) 263-0777 or it’s probably easiest to go [email protected]. Follow the links on there. You can do that up again. Again up until 1159 on Monday the 19th. But if you’d rather call, we’ll be here Monday. Yeah.

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And we’re, we’re well, yeah, we’re Monday. Yeah, I’ll be here. We’re not here tomorrow. Yeah, we we’re doing four day work weeks during this We, which is, I mean, traditional, there’s gonna be somebody answering the phone I think tomorrow. Yeah. Not gonna be us. Yeah. It’s time to scout. And you know, the last deadline of which was Arizona usually means a little bit of reprieve and it’s time to start scout scouting and either finding something big, shooting your bow, shooting your guns, which there’s a lot of that. That’s gotta happen. Yeah. Everybody’s got toys to do that with some of us new, some sold speaking. We need to chronograph some things. Yeah, we do. I was thinking about that the other day, yesterday. Go some powder. It’s, yeah, it’s time to do that. So anyway, if you’re looking to get a name in the hat, why now’s the time to do it. It’s awesome. I mean, dang near $200,000 in hunt, so, so PR pretty great opportunity and man, odds seem to be pretty incredible. So something to consider. We do have some more draw results coming. Iowa, Idaho, Arizona, namely Wyoming just came out. And if you’re lucky, hopefully you guys got the tag of your dreams up there. Antelope and deer just came out and even though they had a tough, a tough winter, there are gonna be some, some good animals taken and, and there’s plenty of guys that have gotten tags.

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We’ve had quite a few calls today, so it’s been fun. Anyway, I guess, what should we talk about today? Bronson, do you have any ideas? Well, kinda what we’re all maybe up to scouting time of year, how to scout what, how to take on a new unit or an old unit? Old unit One you’ve been been to in a while, maybe or brand new. I’ve got a couple new ones. Well, couple which ones. I’m not even, I can’t even think about which ones. What don’t we just keep doing between us? Oh, come on. What you mean. Okay. Well, I mean, so what are you gonna do? What do you got, Carter? Well, I’ve got some tags. Everybody knows I’m hunting white tail. Okay. How are you gonna scout those? I’ve got more tags than I know what to do with. What are you doing to scout the whitetail right now? You’ve got some cameras I think in I’m, I’m texting and using social media. No, it’s been, it’s, it’s fun. That’s a different one. There’s a lot. So, so there’s some tags you can’t scalp. There’s just some things you, you know, like these guys that drew 1 28 in Wyoming. We’ve got lots of people that have drawn that. Yeah. Considering how, how few tags considering there’s 50 tags. Yeah. You know, there’s, we’ve got a lot of guys that have called in and, and how are you gonna scout the rut?

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Like you’re not, you’re not necessarily gonna Right, but you’re gonna call us, you’re gonna talk to people that have had that tag in the past. You’re gonna book an outfitter and you’re gonna have your gear ready there. I did have a guy call in and say, you know, hey, I’m gonna go with so-and-so what can I do? Like what, what should I do to be prepared to go on this hunt? And I’m like, well you should. He was a muzz loader hunt. And I said, well you should have a turd scoped muzz loader that’s capable. Okay, he’s, let me use my guide, you know, I’m gonna be using the guides muzz loader. And then I said, you should be physically capable, you should have your optics ready to go. And then he was gonna do some scouting on his own, even though he’d booked a hunt. It’s, you know, it was up here on the, but anyway, and, and so he’s gonna crank, you know, he is gonna come up here, bring the trailer up and even though he’s booked a guided hunt, he’s gonna come up and, I mean, that’s part of the thought. Participate in your participate. I get guys ask me every year like that on sheep or stuff.

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They wanna maybe come scout a weekend with you because when it’s, when it’s go times it, if you’ve hopefully done your homework, it might, might be done fast, it could be a short hunt. Yeah. But that’s what you’re there for at that point. So yeah, there’s a lot. You mentioned a few other things. You know, your gear rifles, bows, optics, all those types of things. But also physically, I dunno about all you guys, but after, you know, six good months behind the desk, I could lose a little grease. So, I mean, this is how bad it was. I was hiking a couple weekends ago, you know, like your Apple watch. It’ll give you, it’ll tell you what you’re doing or whatever. I need one of those mine. And it’ll give you an alert, like what you’re standing, like what are you doing? You’re standing, you, you should be sitting, you’re holding still, you know? Yeah, no, it’s like, what are you, why are you standing? You sit, you’ve been sitting the last six months, why are you standing now? But the other day it gave me one, it was like, I think your watch is stolen because clearly you’re not wearing it anymore because someone is physically walking and their heart is beating more than 60 beats per minute. I’m like, never beats in the last eight months. Yeah, yeah. I reached some whole new level.

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So when you live a sedentary lifestyle for six months and then you just walk, did it say something? Oh yeah. It’s like your activity has dramatically increased. What’s changed in your life. Yes, yes. That’s why it was giving me rapport. Like it may be stolen, you may wanna look into this. I might need one of those Apple watches, but I don’t want Biden knowing everything we’re doing. No, it’s, you just give up and figure they’re gonna know he’s, he’s the least of your worries. That’s true. Who’s the most, not him. He not Chyna. He doesn’t even can’t remember your name after he hears it. What’s the doctors? My wife. My wife. I mean, what do we It was, it was good though. I took my dogs out. I have a couple younger dogs and then this big old fat lab and I hiked him into the dirt. So that made me feel good. At least I wast the only one that this old lab stop every 20 feet to, to breathe cancer, lay down cancer tumors. Oh yeah. It was pretty bad. It was, I actually thought for a minute I was like, I don’t, I might lose that dog today. Yeah. I was like, I’m gonna, I’m probably gonna kill him today. Geez. And we were only halfway into the hike and I had a lot farther to go and I wasn’t going back to the truck.

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I was like, either are gonna stay up or he is not going home with me. Then you got back up in there and what cellulars wouldn’t lock onto a cell tower? Yeah. It was a, it was a mess. And then I didn’t, I dunno, I I didn’t have a pistol or anything with me. So then there were thoughts of what do I do if he like goes down, I’m not gonna sit here and rub his head for six hours while he dies. And I’m not packing him outta here. ’cause he is like a hundred pounds. Geez. You thinking you went to that level? Geez. You were thinking about doing your own doggy. I was worried I was gonna have to kill him to eat him for one. ’cause I didn’t know if I was gonna get outta there. Hey, life is, life is hard. Well, life is hard. Well I had a, I was outta shape feeling last weekend, but I didn’t get to those depths of despair all. I didn’t either. I wasn’t about to shoot my dog and then shoot myself. Paul’s I’m Paul’s ready to do his dog and then turn it on himself. Yeah. It wasn’t a pretty weekend. Geez. We got cameras up. He’s going don, party on. I’m still here. I’m still here. So you got cameras up. Everything was good. You had a couple of extra cameras laying around in the pack. Yeah. Threw ’em up. Everything’s good.

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And then you’ve, you’ve also were the first guy in the office to have pictures to share. Yeah. Or at least let me say this, you were the first guy to share. That’s true. Because I’m sure Wyatt’s got something we don’t know about. I think Wyatt’s just got him out. Barely got out. It’s got a two 30 bucket. It’s barely got rolling. Wyatt’s already got something. Who knows? I wish. Well it was pretty crazy though to see like the feed and the water and like you were saying with the trail camera thing even I’ve just noticed, you know, having some out and some of ’em are on spots where I had ’em last year. Like the activity, you kind of get ’em and last year when you’d get a notification, you have pictures and you’d go look at ’em and you’re like, oh, this is exciting. And now it’s like, oh, there’s a dough there. Yeah. It’s just, there’s water not gonna be as effective this year. Yeah. There’s water running in places that never have had, hasn’t the last four to five years back to these iWatches. So Shawn’s girlfriend’s brother was up north and he wrecked on a, on a dirt bike. And it notified her, said either the watch has fallen from long distance, whatever, like, like he dropped it off of a bridge or something or so-and-so’s got in a wreck and yeah, he got in a wreck. So she got on.

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Yeah, sure. Enough’s the ambulance was coming, selling points, yada yadas on the commercials. Oh. I mean, here when car you go off the car and your wreck and it rolls, it it knows. Geez. But I’ve never rolled them. Really? But these Apple watches, they, they make I guess some wazoo cases. ’cause I’d break that sucker. Yeah. I don’t know if I could physically wear one. I don’t, I can’t either. I can’t wear watching. I got one for Christmas about a year and a half ago. I’ve never used it. Do you wanna sell it? I just gave it to my daughter. Oh. Re-gifted. And that doesn’t go over well when your wife gets you a no well thought out gift. You’re like, I’m sorry, really watches, what am I gonna do with this? But, but I think she got over it. Yeah, for sure. So they have to. But I, I I told ’em man, Mike. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t wear watches. I just don’t. So we’re gearing up Bronson, you guys, everybody’s, you guys shooting your balls I’ve shot once. Okay. It’s time. Yeah, right. It’s getting, getting there. I’ve gotta do the same thing. My kids are shooting long distance right now and they’re gonna smoke me if I’m not careful. So it’s time. But it’s also that time where like, I was out last night and you know, you guys are too.

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Everybody’s out and going and, and it’s juggling that time of being in the hills scouting versus, and then making time to work out and shoot your bow or shoot your rifle, chronograph everything. Make those adjustments. So there’s a lot going on. Bronson, you’ve ordered some new boots. You did? Yep. Got a new pair of desert guide Ken and Tricks. That’s the ones I use usually for my desert sheet hunts. They don’t have any insulation or waterproof membrane. I don’t really need that on those. Just keep ’em a little bit cooler and Yeah. Should be here today. Get ’em broke in before September, so. Yeah. Right on. Well, Archibald, what have you been up to lately? How are you getting ready to scout? You guys talk about all this fun stuff. Oh, you got your race coming up, you’re training. He’s been on school playgrounds. That’s, no, I didn’t bars the monkey bars. I was gonna go to the monkey bars. Never. Some people I’m like, I’m not doing it. Do you wait a grown man on the monkey bars? I thought this was like a running race. Do you gotta do Yeah, pullups and stuff in the mountains. You do? The only one I won’t do is the rope climb that goes like, I don’t know, 20 feet. You don’t, I won’t do it. I can’t. I could probably do it, but I’m not doing it. Yeah. So break my leg season ender.

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So what are these races? What? I thought they were a mountain run is what they were. Yeah, it’s like three, 4,000 feet. Yeah. But as you go up and down you have obstacles. I didn’t know that. Oh yeah, Trump fire kinda like a he pathon. Yeah, just monkey bar type stuff. I’ll have mustard packets this year. I mean, I’m gonna be prepared. When’s the date for? When’s that coming up? July 9th. So I’ve been Wow. Same place as last time. Yeah, I think so. Wasn’t that on the It’s a ski resort. Oh, I thought that was what was on the one on Nebo. Was that just a training? That was endeavor practice. That was my practice. Okay. It was when you got on pass to fail. Well you got on a knife edge and basically you had to turn around. I didn’t make it to the knife edge. That’s right. Blisters. Well, yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of training for that. Well, yeah. Family stuff and I’m ready to get out. Well it’s, it’s time. It’s, it is a good time of year. June’s June’s a big family month for, for a lot of us here too. I mean, it’s the heavy lifting if we wanna call it that is somewhat over. And you got time to breathe the daylight’s getting longer. Like you, like I said, time to shoot the boat at night. That’s, I, I’d get a few hours in every night.

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Now the backyard’s nice. But gathering the gear. I don’t think I need gear. I thought it was raining. What? But I, but I know a lot of other people do tripods or optics. All that’s that time of year to upgrade. Maybe you, maybe you got a great tag and you feel like, hey, this puts me over the edge. Or maybe you’re just like, Hey, I’ve saved up. I worked hard or I need to do it. But we are, we are well stocked up. This is a, you know, what, third or fourth year now of selling optics and we’ve lived through all the covid crunch of supply chain stuff. Very little of that remains. So anyway, give us a call if you’re looking for, for something, whether it be spotting scopes, whether it be regular binos range, fine and binos standalone range finders, you know, spotting scopes of all makes models and sizes for backpacking all around whatever. We’ve, we’ve got it. And we’ve got some tripods in stock too, so don’t wait till it’s too late. Inventory does change, but I mean, we’ve got a lot right now and it’s, and it’s time to use it and you know, that’s, that’s right. I mean we’re, we’re loaded best pricing out there. There’s nobody, nobody better priced. And we can get it to you right away. So if you’re looking for something, why let us know for sure. And anyway, so PR pretty awesome.

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There’s a lot lot to, there’s a lot going on, lots of moving parts preparation, a lot of moving parts. Arch Archibald maybe talk about too is if people don’t have hunts, when there’s plenty of things coming down the pipe, you, you’re constantly getting new openings. Oh yeah. All the time. I mean, in a wide variety of species, you just never know. Yeah. Keep, keep guys on a hot list. And we also, I mean there’s gonna be a lot of New Mexico hunts coming out soon. So Yeah, if you’re looking for something, there’s, everything’s out there still for the most part. Yeah. Yep. Yep. Get in touch with us. Give Devin a call. If you’re on a hot list for certain species, you know, we’ve even had a couple sheet punts come up. We’ve had a moose hunt cancellation, we’ve had some great, a couple of pair of great Utah oak tags a couple days ago. And we’ll say it’s also the time you can’t think about stuff too long. You’ve gotta kind of have a, have your mind made up of kind of what you really want. You may get a call and it, it may be minutes or hours. You’ve gotta make a decision on that because stuff doesn’t stick around in June. There’s too many people wanting it. And if we’ve got a list and we’re going down it, there’s not a lot of time to hold it. And anyway.

00:16:10:06 –> 00:17:13:21
So hopefully you can, you know, be there to take a call from Devon if he calls you or one of us and jump on something here. So let’s say you, you know, guys that are getting tags, I mean the first thing they should do is call and let us know, right? Like they should be calling visiting with us and, and maybe there’s somebody here that has gotten a, the type had the type of tag they’ve had or whatever and can definitely give them a headstart. And we of obviously know people that have had their tag most likely and then can give ’em a list of members who’ve drawn their tag in the past. That’s a huge resource. And you know, you need to get the maps and whatnot and you can call a local biologist or gay warden, things like that. But what do you guys do? Like, what do you find that’s helpful in scouting? I, I mean obviously you gotta look at like when the season dates and when that tag is to occur and then that dictates a lot of things. Is it, is there migration or not? I mean, you’ve gotta kind of learn everything about the dynamic of, of the game that you’re hunting and the season date and the unit and things like that. But, but what, what, how are you going about scouting your tags?

00:17:14:28 –> 00:18:21:17
I, I’d say one of the first things that I would do that, and guys at the same time guys sometimes don’t like it or they mock it a little bit, is I would try and contact the biologist. Even if, and they, I guess a lot of guys don’t like it because they say, well, all I do is I call ’em and he just tells me, well, I see elk here or see elk there, whatever. But there are some particular things about certain units. I can think of a few, a few instances where like say the, the pongan antelope, there’s the pongan iss a significant unit and it rolls down. We’ve clear down by Kanab and all that and there are some out there south of Canna. But I remember as a biologist once, I had a guy call me and he’s like, Hey, I’ve been scouting all this, doing all this, these scouting, look at it, there’s some, looks like some awesome antelope country, like down through a bunch of that buck skin stuff and all down through there. I’m like, yeah, it would be, but there’s actually no antelope there. Well, he had planned his whole, it’s within the unit boundary, but it, yes, he had planned his whole nine days to go and he was gonna go start there. And I’m like, you’re, you’re, the odds of running into an antelope is almost zero down there, you know?

00:18:21:18 –> 00:19:19:27
And so there are actually sections of units where there could be void of the animal that you’re trying to hunt. There’s certain, or like elk on bowler or whatever. Like there’s places you’re not gonna go or, and with the ponant the, the migration stuff can be tricky because depending on if you’re there September 15th or October 15th, you’re either gonna be in deer or out of deer. And it would be, it’s good to know when those triggers are. You don’t, so just to, to get that sort of information from a biologist is good so that then you can narrow down where you need to be or where you need to start from. There’s some of our general season units that, some of our general season units that are do the same kind of thing. You know, you could have a whole section of a unit where the deer migrate, but yet other portions of the unit, they’re, they stay. So I would think that’s a good one to get, even if, you know, you don’t get some kind of a honey hole and everybody always thought, well you have collars on ’em, don’t you know where they’re at? And yeah, we do. But a lot of times just some good general information like that about a unit so that you can narrow things out and cut parts of a unit out that you don’t even have to worry about.

00:19:19:27 –> 00:20:23:16
Because we’ve all spent a lot of time looking at stuff thinking, oh, that’s gonna be a great spot. And you get there and it’s not so well, and I think, like you said, well you have colors on ’em, don’t you know where they’re at? Well, yeah, but like if you just take a drive through your unit, you’re probably gonna see some gain. Yeah, yeah. So now you know where they’re at, right? I mean No, no, that’s not, you know, there’s a lot more to be gained. Exactly. And and I think the creative questions, I think there’s, there’s a, there’s guys that grind biologists out. Yeah. Or they grind us out. Yeah, right. They, they’re just grinders. And when you, when you’re asking for too much, for too long and you’re not considered of somebody’s time and they can feel that the, the, the answers are gonna come really short. Well, and the part is if, if as a biologist you don’t know who you’re talking to either, you know, you don’t, you, you literally don’t know who that is. Their abilities, their, their skill level, all that kind of stuff. So to get some good, just solid information to go start with is, is very helpful. And a lot of times that’s what you’re gonna get by calling a biologist and you can’t really expect a lot more than that to, because at the same time they’re talking to 400 other guys to the masses.

00:20:23:23 –> 00:21:15:21
Well, and if you, if you ask leading questions that, that they can tell, we’ve talked about this before, they can tell you’ve perused the maps, you know enough about the unit to ask leading questions and all that. You’re gonna get a little bit more out of ’em. Yeah. If you ask very generic, where should I be? You know, where’s the, you know, very generic stuff. You’re not gonna get anything out of it. But if you, you talk about specific access or maybe this road or this road, or if it is a, a certain hunt or time of year that deer or elk are gonna move from one end of the unit to another. And you ask leading questions like that, Hey, I got the late hunt Yeah. On this area, is there gonna be a shift in any time, you know, from north to south, looks like the best summer range is all up in this part of the area. Do they move outta that by the time I hunt? You know, those types of leading questions, you’re gonna get a lot more better discussion out of it than just generic.

00:21:15:21 –> 00:22:17:24
Because the guys, you know, if you’re a grinder, a lot of, I mean, sometimes they’re grinders and they are well prepared, but, but sometimes, you know, grinding, you know, just long, long-winded questions or just asking every basic question about where should I sit up my tent or wanna come, where should I sleep at night? Wanna, and then all of a sudden they’re coming to your house. What do you mean nobody’s throw you in a side-by-side and go, you know, and you’re pretty soon you’re out and about on your, you know, precious time of your own. Like you, I mean, you know, it’s every right well and thing that can happen. And the thing is too, like stuff can change significantly from year to year. Just like we’re talking about to where patterns and movements and migrations and things can change with feed and water and all that. So really a biologist could be telling you something that happened from last year’s movements or whatever, and it could be totally different from this year. And I think that’s one thing that I’ve, I’ve noticed that it’s coming down. Oh yeah. That’s, I don’t know if you everybody can hear this, but it’s stupid water. I had all my golf gear and bed on my truck’s shining. You look like you just ran a spart rice. I did. Really? Did. You ran out.

00:22:18:14 –> 00:23:23:01
Well, I had my shoes and, and it doesn’t matter too much, but your golf gloves get drenched and then they shrivel up like a Yeah. OJ Simpson gloves. Yeah. And so I had to go put it in the back seat. So anyway, that’s why it was gone for 60 seconds. Everybody got their windows up, I hope. ’cause it’s, it’s bad out there. But anyway, anyway. But I guess the other thing too is from that, don’t be afraid to fail. Like every, I feel like these kind of, these these days, everybody wants everything they can and they want it now. They’re there in 15 minutes. People, I would say that, I love that saying don’t be afraid to fail. Yeah. People are scared. You’re gonna, you’re gonna fail. You’re gonna fail. And, and and honestly, but quantify fail. What does that mean? You know what I mean? And you’re gonna have the greatest idea in the world about what you’re gonna do when you get there and you get there and you’re gonna be doing something totally different if you’re willing to adapt. And I think you should be willing to roll. Yep. I mean, why you’ve looked at some stuff, even just, just stuff around here even and you’re just like, hey, you know, like it’s different. It’s different. I’m looking at stuff. It’s different. It is not different. Not the same unit year to year. It’s not the same unit.

00:23:23:10 –> 00:24:33:19
I mean, year to year everything changes. I mean, you might have a hotspot one year and the next year it might be void of life. Yes. Well, yeah. This year’s just, I can’t think of two in the last 22 back to back different years. The most different Yeah. Than we’re dealing with from last year, the last two years to now, you know, in the, in the southwestern states you’re talking about, I don’t know what the Garden of Eden looked like, but it’s similar to out here in the desert. Yeah. Let alone the mountains. Did you eat the fruit off the trees? You could. I wanted to last night. I’m like, I wanna taste that flour. I mean, juniper berries are that big. Yeah. Look like your cherries here, they’re stupid. So I’ve gotta show you a video. But Josh is out there running cameras and he, and he and he put a lag bolt through a, a cottonwood and pulled the lag bulb out, drained water. And it’s gurgling water. Gurgling water. Out of the tree. Out of the tree. Wow. I’m gonna show it to you and we may even post it up. Wow. For a teaser on this freaking podcast. Yeah. Isn’t that how they get, like don’t they ditch syrup back east outta trees like that? Well, they milk ’em. Yeah, they whatever. Is that what it’s called? Yeah. Milk. Yeah. Well you can milk, milk anything prefer No, it’s not like that.

00:24:34:09 –> 00:25:51:11
Not like, not like meat. The Fs. Look at this here. I’m just gonna, all right. I mean, pretty amazing. Okay. Did she do this once? Watch, she’s got a gurgle. Did he pull it out? Oh yeah. Look at the gurgling. Yeah, I see it. You can see it. So anyway, whatever. Pretty amazing. Wow. What Josh, Josh is, you’re gonna have to adapt this year. Watch. Yeah, you are. Well, I know I can’t show you. I I, I said it today that I have a 50 50 bet with myself that in two weeks I’m pulling my cameras down and saying, this is a waste of time. But, but I’m still putting cameras out for, you know, in other units to, you know, this weekend next cameras don’t work anyway. They’ve never, they have never shot a deer. They’ve never pulled the trigger. Well they’re, they’re, it’s also exciting. It’s early part of summer. So the, the bucks have not, I’m not gonna go glass every morning right now because a lot of stubs that have a lot of potential right now and lots gotta finish. Right. What about three five inch tri guards on bull sides? Well that looks good. But we’ve all that’s a buck you probably wanna find again. Yeah. But you still can’t say, well there could bes seasons. Your camera right now’s not really gonna help you during your hunt or anything like that. Yeah, I’m talking about deer.

00:25:51:12 –> 00:26:56:04
Like that’s what, that’s what we’re all talking about right now. But it’s, they always do help just for the fact, if nothing else, you know, I’ve talked to guys and it’s like, look, we’re gonna have to take these, these cameras down well before your hunt starts. And the elker obviously they’re gonna be moved from wherever this camera is at. But at least you’ll be able to gauge what Aler growth looks like. And maybe you’ll be able to tell potential of, Hey, should I be shooting this buck if I see it or not? I know this, when I start early, I end, well yeah. I end my scouting well prepared. Yeah. But when I start late, which late would be primetime July 4th. Yeah. Whatever. Right? I don’t like getting stuff out before or right after July 4th. ’cause they get stolen July 4th. ’cause people are out and about. But when I start July 4th, I end behind. I just don’t, there’s not enough time to get to do everything and to motor through everything. Well, and we’re, we’re dealing with maybe our Utah state and maybe a neighboring like Nevada or something right now too. So, and Arizona hasn’t even come out yet. So who knows? One of us might have an Arizona tag. One of us has or two New Mexico tag. I mean we get tags tax one of us. Oh yeah, you do? No, let’s go through the list of deer tags.

00:26:56:09 –> 00:28:11:17
I mean, or start with Wyatt. No, you, no, I’m just talking. Let’s just count the number. We won’t need to say, I don’t know. I can’t, I need probably two hands to count. Yours got a lot. Go ahead. I guarantee they’re not on one. I’m, I’m just doing them in my head. You tell me if I’m wrong. I can’t read your mine. I’ve got six states in the Canadian province right now. Am I right for you? Let’s a good chance of it. Yeah. Wow. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten two more anyway. Same with you boss. Same with you. No. Oh, WTT Devin. Our job is to be out and about and to hunt as many states as possible. So more or less is more. It doesn’t really pertain when you’re trying to be everywhere. It’s good for us to be out and about. Oh it’s, it’s our job. And there’s been places we haven’t been in the last two, three years because of some of these dry years that we’re gonna be this year. But there’s also tags that we’re really concentrating on. I think it’s a mindset. It’s one thing to have those tags in your pocket, but it’s another thing to really put the time in on the specific tags that need the time that you wanna put the time in. You know what I mean? And be okay with eating a, a two or three or $500 tag or two or whatever.

00:28:11:19 –> 00:29:22:07
If it makes sense because you spent too much time on your favorite tag. You know what I mean? Should we just go through by the show raise of hands by species who has what Species tags? It might be interesting. Who has an antelope tag in the office? Geez. By raise of hand, nobody. Well this is a boring podcasts. Not nobody can see. No, but we, we are gonna say the results we’re gonna ’cause sometimes I lose track. Wait, you had an antelope. Did you turn it back? Pushed it back. Okay. The second. So nobody has an antelope. We all have deer. Who has an elk? Somebody’s not being honest. Oh, Colorado. Over the counter. Yes. Well that could be. I haven’t bought yet. I mean just elk. We’re talking elk. We don’t have a lot of elk tax do you Carter? I can’t remember. I don’t dare say everything. What you want me to say? What do you want me to say? What do you want from me? Spikes. I want your say spikes. Who’s got, I just wanna know who’s hunting, what species in the office? ’cause it’s kind of had cash. Cash chime. Cash has deer. He hasn’t said of word since it’s Wait. Any, any bull elk? Any bull? Yeah. Yes. Do you really? Not yet, but I will. You okay. July 11, whatever. Well that’s good. I just honestly, why? Why? It’s starting to surf. I’m looking at the weather.

00:29:22:17 –> 00:30:45:00
Just seeing this rain really doing for us. I just wanted to kind of know like who, how many’s you got elk. This we have no once in lifetime tags in the office, do we? No. That’s a bummer. Yeah. Do we? I think that’s a bummer. I don’t think we do. You know, none of us drew sheep, bison. It’s not over yet. We got Arizona, so gotta think like that. But yeah, none of that heavy on deer. Feels like a lot of us have multiples. Heavy on deer. Plenty on elk. Plenty. Plenty. Yeah. Plenty would mean everybody has one. I don’t know if that’s definition. We’re not even 50% anyway. So back to scouting. Bronson, how are you gonna, how are you scouting? What’s your plans? Well, I’m gonna go out this weekend in an area I haven’t hunted before. And I know what it looks like. ’cause it’s not too far from here. It is in Nevada. But I gotta How do you know the way I first, my first overview? Yeah. How do I know why? Yeah, how do you know where, when, where do you stop and say I either need to put cameras here, glass here. I like this. How do you know this first trip? There’s gonna be, it’s gonna be a lot of, I’ll probably gonna know more Sunday. Yeah. And I might even backtrack by Saturday night or Sunday and, and re reem re yeah. Reemphasize a certain area.

00:30:45:00 –> 00:31:57:16
Whether it be glossing or you put cameras out once you, you’ll be like, I need to go back. Yeah. That actually where I was over there Friday midday is the best looking stuff that I feel in my fill. So a couple of things. The feed should be really good, but, but even when it’s really good, they’re still really, really incredible places. So this time of year when everything deer are keying in on, especially if you’re in areas where, if you’re in areas like, I don’t know, let, let’s say Bow Creek or Henry’s where the whole unit’s been burned and, and and essentially has incredible summer range all over it. It’s gonna be amazing everywhere. It’s really hard to say where’s the deer gonna be because they could be about anywhere on that unit. But in some of these other units, yeah, like in that you got sea’s opinion Juniper. I, I, I’m not gonna be able to do anything with that with a bow. I’m not, you know what I mean? More, more than likely you’re gonna key in on alright, burns chainings, where, where’s the attraction gonna be from a feeding. And then where’s the bedding? That’s where my mind’s going first. Yeah. Is that you gotta key in on that. And even though it’s green in a lot of the places, you gotta, you gotta be able to do something with it. Do you remember where we killed the stack? Yeah. Okay.

00:31:58:15 –> 00:32:58:12
That proves to you you shouldn’t discount. That’s my point about these places. You can’t discount anything. Not this year. They can live in any, any place. Well, and that year looked like the moon. It did. It was terrible. It was unbelievable. I I I mean I would describe it as terrible shizzy terrible, crappy, terrible. I still think I’m coughing out dust for my hunt. And and you deer was eating rocks. It was. And so that’s what I’m, that’s what I’m saying. And some of this stuff is like what causes you, and I think that’s where the local knowledge comes in. And by the time you get done, you are gonna feel like you have a little more local knowledge. Yeah. You’re gonna cut tracks, you’re gonna maybe find some waters that stuff stuff’s using. But it’s gonna take multiple trips for me to feel like, all right, I think I have a game plan. And then, and then by early July when I actually go there and stay overnight and try to be on a glassing, I’m gonna locate glassing knobs Right now. I’m not gonna spend a lot of time doing it. I’m just gonna locate the air. That’s a problem, mark. So you could hit it at two before daylight. I can get there in the dark and get to it.

00:32:58:15 –> 00:34:04:21
I’m doing stuff like that because I’m talking about early season, August, September deer hunting where, where they are now is where is where they’re gonna be then they’re, no, not migratory, nothing. This is the biggest wrench I have with Nevada that it throws it a wrench into the all your plans. Is it those archery hunts start August 10. Yeah. And between August one and August 10, boys become men. They’re still growing. Like they grow 20 inches sometimes. And, and you’re just like, what wasn’t in your top five is now your number one. Well the good thing this year is I think you’re gonna maybe have a top five. Yeah. You’re gonna have, you didn’t have a, you didn’t have a top No. In the last two years. No, you didn’t have. Yeah, maybe so. So that’s the good problem is you’re gonna have options, I think. Yeah. Don’t give up on a buck too early. ’cause yeah, we’ve seen it and they do start early and there are bucks. We’ve all seen it in other states that they, it’s the 20th or 30th of of August. And they’re still Bali on ’em when you’re, when people are killing ’em and they had room to grow a little bit. So Yeah, that’s true. But it’s, I don’t know, you just gotta, there’s a gut feel too.

00:34:04:25 –> 00:35:14:13
It’s a gut gut feel in what you’ve seen and, and it’s the feeding bedding routine and, and overall this year’s gonna be a totally different thing. It’s not like the dry years where drier years a little, the, the little bit of better feed usually stands out this year. It’s not gonna do as much. Like you say, you might find something in the desert floor that would never be living there except for this year. And I kind like years like this for that reason. They’re not, there’s not one place to be. Things can happen anywhere, you know, on a, on a good deer attack. Things can happen in a lot places. I like both ways. Sometimes I like it where they’re so concentrated that you, you, yeah. If you’re the only one with attack, but, and I hate, but if everybody’s hunting that same buck and because they’re so concentrated Yeah. That’s not funny. But like for example, we have clusters over here that include five units. Right. And so like that’s where the biologist comes in is you, you really only need to concentrate on two of those units. You know what I mean? You’re not gonna, if you concentrate on all five, you’re gonna do nothing justice. But why you made a good point. You when you know, you’re thinking about whatever scouting and, and you’re out and about and you’re like, this year’s so different. Like, who knows? Stuff’s green. That’s never been green.

00:35:15:08 –> 00:36:31:01
Who knows? You have to just broaden your mind a little bit. Yeah. Check places you’ve never checked before. And I mean, just concentrate on the feed. Just kind of like, like Adam’s been saying right there. Just concentrate on the feed. But it’s everywhere. So Yeah. It’s just gonna be, but even though it’s everywhere, there’s gonna be some, there’s stuff that, stuff that’s always a little bit different. Yeah. You know, cut above. I mean there’s green, tall grass. Green tall grass isn’t always it. It’s pretty and green, but it’s not always deer, deer attractant feed either green tall grass, whether it be that rye or, you know, needle and thread. It’s like it’s green and pretty, but it’s not necessarily deer feed. Yeah. You know, you get a lot of the flowers globe maow, a lot of the flowering stuff underneath it. Of course bitter brush is yellow flowers everywhere right now. That type of stuff is, that’s the ice cream. That’s the stuff they’re, they’re gonna key in on this time of year, you know. Crazy. So do you have anything else to add? It seems like, I mean, we were talking about even tactics and, and you just gotta, like, when you’re laying awake at night, you’re just thinking, and there’s places that I thought about last night that I’m like, I need to check that hasn’t had water for 10 years. I need to go check that. You know what I mean?

00:36:31:06 –> 00:37:32:05
And, and I have a place, I have a place that had cattails and it hasn’t had water for 10 years. You couldn’t ever even tell there was ever a cattail there. You, it’s just in three years they died dead. Well, like 10 whatever. Oh, longer. I’m just saying longer than the last three. Yeah. Oh yeah. And, but it had water and there was, there was a couple of giants there. It was like one of my favorite places in the world. And, and it was weird. The water just kind of seeped up. It was kind of level, it wasn’t even in a draw. I mean out in the desert and then, and then now there’s not, you can’t even tell there’s a cattail. But I’m like, I thought about it last night and I’m like, I need to go there. Like, this is one of those years, you know? And maybe knowledge from 10 or 15 years ago comes back to you on something. You know what I mean? Even general, general stuff here in Utah. Yeah. Kind experienced that too this last weekend of scouting a unit that I’ve been familiar with and just and know I felt like I had it pretty well covered with cameras. And then I get home and get thinking. I’m like, gosh, I didn’t even check any of this stuff. And it’s been stuff that’s just been void of life for void of life. Yeah.

00:37:32:09 –> 00:38:42:27
A handful of years and, and this year it might be completely different. Yeah. I think there’s gonna be a lot, lot more surprises this year on some of these units in the southwest. A lot more the dispersion of, of animals. Deer, we’ll call it elk. Elk. At some point you start getting to the rutt that refocus ’em in places where the big cow calf group. So we’re, we’re talking about August, September deer. Like when they can live and thrive in a lot of different places. Yeah. I think there’s gonna be a lot of surprises show up. You’re not gonna have, not everything’s gonna be named and earmarked and all that. There’s gonna be their fair share of ’em, but there’s gonna be a lot of, lot of, wow. I just, I got a buck to myself. I found him over here and I’m, it’s me and him spread out in a weird little places. That’s the one positive about less tags. You know, when you got these major tag cuts, if you end up with one of those tags or you know, a lot of these states, if you end up with one of those tags, you end up with less pressure, you know, less deer and you know, less deer, less pressure. Oh. It’s not good to have less deer, but, but sometimes it’s nice to have less pressure. So, all right. Well what about you cash? Just a deer tag. That’s all I’ve got.

00:38:42:27 –> 00:39:44:17
He’s, he’s already told us he’s got one. Yep. You’re hoping to, it’s a long way Survive the winter, right Scout? Yeah. Yeah. It’s a later, later season tag. So I don’t know if I’ll scout it much. No, I’m gonna get there a few days before It was all but got my usual spot that, that we’ll scout this summer. For my wife. For my wife and a couple other people that I’m gonna help out on hunts, help them scouting and whatnot. But I agree with everything as you’re saying. I think having a lot of green feed, you’re gonna see a lot more dispersion and, and you’re gonna have to check weird, weird areas like that. So I like years like this. I was like liked back when we were guiding on the Henry’s heavy. It was years like this. You could literally feel like you could kill a buck about almost anywhere you could Spreads out the deer. Spreads out the hunters. Yeah. Couldn’t put you on the buck. And those dry years when it’s just tough. It, everybody’s just looking at the same five to seven really elite bucks on the unit. It felt like I didn’t, I didn’t like that. ’cause then you’re like, alright, everything has to go right. Everything has to go right. So I think, you know, Pollock, you were talking about that on elk.

00:39:44:21 –> 00:40:48:12
Like you were just like, you know, where you’re seeing elk, you’re just like, man, they’re just onesies. Twosies five. Yeah. Yeah. They’re really, really spread out. Not running together. A bunch of ’em. There’s a couple of ’em here and there and I, I’ve seen it’s, it’s pretty crazy with the feed. Especially on the winter range. Yeah. You’re still seeing them the other day. Yeah. Just, just scattered out. And I think, I think the other thing that’s interesting too was with feed, literally I’ve seen, I’ve seen that. I was in an area the other day where there may have been five to 10 summering deer because it was just kind of a sea of pinion juniper. And they’ve done some habitat treatment stuff in there. And, and, and the growth that’s in there now, the feed that’s in there that’s never been in there in 40 years is there and there’s 30 to 40 deer in there and, and it’s not a summering place. It’s, it’s a winter range deer. They, they just didn’t move up. They literally didn’t move up to their summer range. Yeah. Because it’s, they’re, I mean the thing is those doughs, it’s like they’re not, they’re gonna have their fawns there and those fawns, like that’s, it could be a whole that’s their summer ground. Yeah. It’s gonna be those new fawns summer ground and they’re gonna be standing there summer and winter ground. It’s pretty interesting.

00:40:48:12 –> 00:41:57:25
What could, could change on a year like this with the feed like that and Yeah. It’s, it’s strange. Yeah. It’s interesting. There’s gonna be, you know what I like about this kind of stuff? I mean, it just, it felt like the new age, new age created cameras and all the, and some technologies and things. But now you, it’s kind of has a reset equalizer almost. Well it’s, you’re gonna have to, you’re gonna have to be glassing. Yeah. And you’re gonna have to spend like, like we’re gonna do, I I’m gonna do, you know, before mo before work and after work, can’t do ’em both in one day ’cause it’s too hard. But like, you know, before work or after work and kind of toggle that and, and be glassing dude, like lots more lot, a lot more days and hours on the glass. Well that’s something that’s even, there’s, there’s areas that are better morning glasses than evenings, you know? Yeah. And you could go there in the morning and, and not see anything, but then you could go there in, in an evening and see a lot more and, and just even there’s comes down to the direction of the sun and the way you can pick things up, you know, or just all that kind of stuff. So you need to even think about that sort of thing. Yeah. A lot more old school tactics. Yeah. Four cameras. Yeah.

00:41:57:27 –> 00:43:01:06
Which if you were around then you but, but Logan, you’ve never hunted without cameras. No. Nope. So my earliest hunting memories are hanging cameras. Yeah. My kids following your dad before you could even hunt. Yep. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. My kids were too, Onyx is huge for scouting too and that’s something we didn’t have, you know, 10 years ago. Onyx is animals paper maps on the hood of the truck and well, and just aerial, aerial imagery, you know, and the new burns, you know, things that you don’t have to go there. You used to have to drive to unit with your own eyes to see the burn, what it looked like. Yeah. One thing I do with OnX a lot, like, especially even like late season Colorado, where it does you no good to go there in August, September, I’ll map out all the places I want to hit, say the day or two before the hunt. Like, does this road really truly get me or is it locked or whatever. You don’t know those things without being there. So I’ll usually, I’ll have notes all that marked and I show up and okay, boom, boom, boom, I hit all that. Yeah. And then, you know, it instantly we it out before opening day. Yeah. You don’t wanna be, that’s the worst. Hitting a dead end or one ray road, gate or lock or who knows it.

00:43:01:18 –> 00:44:02:21
I think it’s the road could washed out, but if you can have time to hit it now and then you call it waste in a day or two or three or an entire weekend like that. No, do that in June. Yeah. Like you’re gonna wear a truck out this weekends. No. Like you’re gonna hit it hard. Better not, you’re gonna finish off over orange. It needs to last, last me 20,000 more. But, but you do, you hit it so hard. So you, you’re, what you do this weekend is different than what you do next weekend. Yeah. And is different and you’re just gonna kind of dissect it and grind through it. And you’re gonna mark, by the time you’re gonna mark glassing knobs you’re gonna mark or places you wanna put, well this is the time to do it. ’cause even if you do glass of bucks, what are they? You’re not gonna know. You know, that’s the deer I gotta go find. But mid-July on, that’s when you have your phone scope and you, you have everything there with you because this is when All right. July 15th on. Alright. These are, now you’re gonna start to see this is definitely a candidate when Wyatt has a phone scope attached to his phone here at work twenty four seven. We know it’s getting good time. It’s getting good. But so far it’s got the old standard case. Yes.

00:44:03:00 –> 00:45:05:27
That fits good in his pocket at lunch and everything else. Kinda like Groundhog Day, whenever that goes on, everybody’s packing. Well, I’ve been watching and last night I was looking for my phone scope case and I, I, I don’t know, I put it in another truck or something, but I’m gonna, I haven’t in my pack. It’s time. It’s time. Yeah. But why it doesn’t think it is. And so I don’t feel so bad yet. It’s getting close though. Nah. What’s the biggest buck you saw this last weekend? How developed? I didn’t even really glass. I saw bucks out outta the window. I out to their ears. That at I guess first fork, were they fork in all fours yet? Yeah. All first Forks. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, feels like things were a little late shedding from in our world. I think they’re a little behind, but I don’t think that means they’re gonna be behind at the end. I just think they, they were all right. That’s exciting. I can’t wait for fresh phone scope video here in a month. Are you gonna share it? Absolutely. Media. Why wouldn’t I, I want you guys to tell me whether I should shoot a deer or not. I wanna be as excited. If I find something, I mean, I, we always usually do that. I’ve sent you guys videos of bucks, three point on a side, I’m not gonna shoot him.

00:45:05:27 –> 00:46:21:25
And then the next day I saw brow tin or discovered. Then I saw the brow tines and a little insider and decided on shooting him. But couple of you told me I was crazy. I mean, it was just basal points everywhere. Like 20 of ’em. I kind of turned my head anyway. So yeah, it’s fun to share. It’s, it’s a fun time of year coming into lots of family holidays. We’re all, we’re all juggling that too. You know, weddings, Archibald had weddings, we got other stuff coming up. But it’s that time of year. It’s a lot going on everybody’s life. But it’s, it’s time to make hey, really soon. And I’m not a farmer. What did we cover everything that we were on? Any sticky notes? Oh no. Do you go out there? It’s, it’s really irrelevant. Just like Scott Van Pel the best thing I saw all day. What is this thing? It was best, some of the best things I’ve heard all day. Go ahead. I know Adam’s usually the one that brings in sticky notes with other people’s sayings on, but what were you, what were some of those. There’s, this was, I’ve had to promise to why Devin are just gonna be nice and easy. Nothing personal today. So I left everything in there until he started making us list off all our tags. We don’t have, he was gonna hit me pretty hard. I just wanted to know the species.

00:46:23:09 –> 00:47:37:23
I didn’t know the unit I wanted know that quantity. Makes me feel bad. Well, you got more than the rest of us. So we’re the ones feeling bad. Okay, so this was, this is a qua. I’ll let you guys, I’ll let you guys decide who it came from. I’ll, I’ll read this off. It says, the older I get, it’s the simple things in life. I appreciate like a cold fridge on a Monday morning. Oh boy. That’d be, bro. That was me. And then it was followed up with, just so you guys know, a, a fridge that’s three. That’s the fridge is three to five degrees colder on a Monday morning. It absolutely it is. It, there’s no, not even a, that’s not even a mix. Less bores and soss open in it. That’s right. When it sits unopened for three to four days. The first drink you get outta there that day. Pretty legit. Pretty, pretty crisp. It was then followed by, man. The Monday fridge is the best fridge of the week. It’s not even, not even de debatable. I, I challenge y’all to try it in your own house. Ratchet, strap your fridge shut all weekend. Make sure your wife and kids can’t open it and have your favorite beverage in there for Monday morning. You open it up, it’ll change your life. I, I agree with you. Actually, I cheated the system. It’s a noticeable difference. Archibald. I know, I know you.

00:47:37:23 –> 00:48:42:28
Three to five degrees on water bottle. Verge of ice as monumental. Oh yeah. Archibald puts in the freezer. I have a mini fridge where? So that it’s always perfect house. Yeah. What? Why does the mini fridge just ’cause it’s, what is that? What is the mini fridge? It’s little fridge. It’s just a little fridge. Put waters. I, why can’t the big fridge do what a mini fridge does? Because it’s open all the time. I to walk upstairs for drinks only you mean? Yes. This is the mad fridge drink. Only is allowed to open it. Yeah. A couple combo. She doesn’t, it’s not ratchet strapped. But she doesn’t feel like it’s hers though. Right. Hey, you stalk it. You get a drink. ’em, I keep it s stocked. Alright. I like it. What else? Sometimes it’s the simple things in life. That was, that was, that was about it. But, and then was just followed up Easter Monday. It was 7:33 AM on Easter Monday. What? And it said, we’re going back, man. This first monster was so good. I think I’ll have another Bronte. That wasn’t me. 7 33 in the morning. That wasn’t me. That that was you. That was an Easter. That wasn’t that in April. Geez. Yeah, it was a long time ago. It’s been a while. Geez. You’ve had that on your desk a long time, Paul. I was, I was doing like, what?

00:48:42:28 –> 00:49:54:06
Why I didn’t, I started cleaning and I exhumed them from somewhere. Oh, okay. Yeah. We did have some spring cleaning here. Round week. Yeah. As soon as Arizona was done. Yeah. We’ve all got stuff out of our office that we don’t want. I do have a legitimate question for you guys though, because June is kind of a month of awareness, celebration. Come on. Whatever. Come on. It’s a, it’s a flag day. Yeah. Well, no, there’s just armed forces. Oh yeah. I see what you, certain days. We better just write this time down. Right down. There’s days. No, this is all politically correct. There’s lots of rainbows in here. This is politic. Is that where you’re going? No. Nope. Now I gotta write it down. Nope. June 15th. I don’t know what to calendar. Let’s see which June 15th. Juneteenth. No. Oh, that’s a different day. Jude. That’s a different day. I wanna make sure today’s not okay. June 15th. There’s nothing today I wanna make today. June 15th. An awareness day for certain species that I want to know physically. When the last time you guys have seen a porcupine? Eh, when what? Why? You pointing at what, 20, 20 September saw. Yeah. Alaska. Where I took like a thousand videos of him. ’cause it was the first living creature we’d seen in days. Where was this? What state? Alaska. Alaska. Oh. It was chilling by our 10. It’s kinda weird looking Southern Utah in general.

00:49:54:08 –> 00:50:57:17
When was the last time you seen a porcupine on the road? It’s hit on the road. Just it’s been a while. Porcupine. Where are, where are the porcupines? Has anybody even thought about porcupines? I don’t. 2021 Porcupines lies. You sew 20 matter. I saw like 15 in a night. We were driving in the dark. We saw I’ve never Did you kill ’em all? No. No. Not They do look like marm for you. I kid you not. We saw the guy. I don’t want kill, I don’t wanna kill them. Badges. Nothing. They don’t do anything. No. Unless they’re by your cabins. Like up in, in Canada, they chew, chew all their cabins off. They hate ’em up there. But yeah. Don’t hear them do anything. What you getting at? It’s been a long time. What are you saying? Well, I’m getting that. Just saw the other day. No, I didn’t. I, that’s why I was thinking about it. I was like, I have not seen a porcupine. Poll’s got a porcupine fetish. Yeah, they’re older. Cute. There’s something odd. What does this have to do with June 15th? They’re prickly. They kind of have little mustache. I don’t dunno. We the porky days. I don’t know, but I’m just, I was just thinking about that. Hiking through the trees the other day. Okay, so do you want guys? Well, part of part of it was I was like, man, I hope my dogs don’t get into Porky.

00:50:57:17 –> 00:52:03:27
But I was thinking, oh, I hate that they’re all gone. Like, I don’t even have to worry. I don’t know where they’ve went. I don’t, I don’t know where they vacation. Sure. I don’t know if they’re dead. I just have not seen a porcupine. I I almost to the, I just feel like we need to make an awareness of porcupine. I don’t, I don’t think it’s a species that’s celebrated enough. Well, don’t, don’t raise it too much or let our forests down for yellow belly Mars. Endangered species research. So yeah. Anyway. Are you wanted guys to send you pictures of porcupines? I kind of wanna do a giveaway. I kind a giveaway giveaway. Let’s do a porcupine with what if they send in a picture of a porcupine? You get two trail counts. It’s gotta be, it’s gotta be what you gotta How do you have a date and timestamp on your pictures? It’s gotta prove that it’s in 2023. Just send one in Do first guy to Pollock’s inbox. A dated porcupine picture. Yes. I I I think spines of pine. I think we need need to flood social media with pictures of porcupines. No. Where, where are we going today? I’ll take a direct message, Josh at Yeah, just throw it at Josh’s email. Just josh at epic door josh com Anyway, I just want everybody to take a deep thought about what this begs the question, Paula.

00:52:03:27 –> 00:53:05:10
What, what, what they think about, you know, I didn’t know what, where this, I don’t know what to say. There’s just some long hours hiking by yourself in the hills. You were really worried about yourself dog situation. You had your dog and kid. Yeah, I was just thinking. I was just thinking, man, it would suck. ’cause I remember back in the day, I’d take my dog, we’d go on the boulder mountain fishing and stuff and it was like, they would get into a porcupine. You’d have to keep your eye on ’em at all times. Or they’d get into a porcupine somewhere. Yeah. We high hiked for different days for all day long with a couple of stupid dealer processes. You were in snow drifts. Well, part of the time. But anyway, I don’t know. Just the thought. Do have to say that one critter. I just don’t think about when I’m out scouting. No, pretty much. Gosh, I didn’t see a porcupine today. I wish, I thought, how about a skunk? I saw one, but I mean, how about a skunk? It doesn’t feel like there’s, I saw one right by my house. I think the, I think droughts sunk are everywhere. Droughts killed. Skunks. I think I’m dead serious. They didn’t have cubs, kittens, litters, whatever the heck they have. Yeah. Pups. Yeah. Pups and that like, ’cause yeah, we live out close to the fields in Penguin every night.

00:53:05:10 –> 00:54:09:13
You couldn’t even, I dunno how we went. Went from big game to vermin just like that. I, exactly. That’s, I see. That’s what I’m trying to tell you guys. People we’re not thinking about some the keystone, I wish I thought about keystone species. Porcupines a lot more and a lot less cornerstone snakes when I’m out there. Yeah, it’s true too. I’d love to be thinking about porcupines instead of why I found on the first trip. Yeah. One for Juan, the infamous albino, but it lived in a white, near in white rocks. Yeah. Kind of a white environment. White shell. That’s what I think. I think they become part, they’re really good at adapting and becoming part of their environment somehow. I, some of them seem to be more green change color like that, but they do. Yeah, they do. That’s what they do. Do’s. Interesting. Let’s not talk about all, is it raining again? Coming down again? I don’t know, but yes, I can hear It sounds like it. But anyway. Alright. Are we gonna give some, I think we should give something away. Bronson, for what? In the light of It’s gearing up. Okay. Gearing up. Not in porcupine. No, I don’t awareness porcupine. But I’m glad they’re not around. See, I, I actually like ’em. The, i i, they’re cooling us. I, I like they were showing videos of, you know, badgers getting ripped apart and this and that.

00:54:09:19 –> 00:55:19:12
I, I like, I’m, I don’t know if I’m getting soft. The older I get, I don’t want ’em killed. I like ’em. Yeah. I like badgers. Do I like porcupine? What? What did they do? That’s what I feel like. Yeah. They eat. But when I was a young kid, I mean, geez. You know? Yeah. Blood thirsty. I cannot stand now. The older you get, you get soft. Well, parking pains. Yeah. If they’re not around your house cabin, all that. They’re, they’re kind of cool when you see ’em. Yeah. Badges are cool. Yeah. Yeah. They’re cool. Really cool. They’re not chasing you back to your truck. Well, and the milk is great. What? Hell pollock Pollock milk and maple trees and cottonwoods and whatever else. I’m just here to make people think about things they haven’t thought about before. Are we, let’s give away some gear, bro. We talked a lot about deer though. Let’s give away. Do we, you guys know, what do we have on the shelf that we’d like to give it away? Anything you want. Anything you say. Do we have we have it. Do we have a vortex, something or other? Yeah, let’s do it. What, what we it It’ll be a surprise. Just like seeing a porcupine. Okay. Hashtag the vortex. Surprise. Yeah. Yeah. What do they have to do to get it? Come on. Logan’s good at this part.

00:55:19:22 –> 00:56:24:22
Like he’s the one that checks it and queries it so that we don’t leave out anybody. When we actually make the list before we do the random spin wheel thing, what, what are we gonna hashtag? Are we doing submissions of pictures of porcupines? Is that the No, we won’t have anybody enter if we do that, we need, we need it more open. That’s too restrictive. The vortex surprise. I couldn’t even enter that. Doesn’t have a single post. I like, I like vortex Surprise. The vortex Surprise. You can hashtag vortex Surprise. And we’re gonna freaking load somebody. It’s not gonna be a joke. It’s not gonna be a little mini tripod head or something like that. They can post whatever picture they want with that hashtag. It’s not gonna be the new tri we want You can’t limit it to a porcupine. I couldn’t even enter. Could you enter that? No. It’s gonna be good odds. That’s what I mean. Odds are so bad these days. We could care less. This could be a good, good odds contest. Okay, good. Do that. You porcupines matter and, okay. And if the people porcine matter for the people that don’t have one in their camera roll already. You’ve got how long? When’s the deadline to go find a porcupine to take a picture of? And it has to be through weekend. Must be a selfie. Yeah.

00:56:24:24 –> 00:57:29:10
Well, somebody’s gonna get, you can, you can do a selfie with a porcupine. And they don’t, they don’t run away fast. So you can’t just go to a very slow, you can’t go to shutter fly or whatever those on online places and get one and send it into us. That doesn’t work. No. It’s gotta a selfie’s. Legit. I think it’s gotta be selfie, huh? Yeah. Oh, I think so. We’ll give you two, Don. We’ll give them Well, maybe a week. Yeah. We, we might need, should we say next Friday? Yeah. Friday. Send us a picture or post a picture with a selfie of a porcupine. Not this Friday. Next Friday. Which is 1620 third ish. What is that like? Yeah, that’s the 23rd. Don’t get or get too close. The porcupine matter has like four posts. Does it? Porcupines matter. I think we need to maybe open it up a little bit more and maybe go with a scouting photo or something like, let’s let some people enter. Okay. Why don’t do June 30th? So if you, if you don’t get a porcupine picture, what is the other, a selfie of you and was snake a scouting photo. Hey, there you go. Any old scouting federal? No, not old Next week. How about a selfie of you and an animal? Wild animal of some kind. What a butterfly. Yeah. Who caress, mammal, freaking squirrel. Qualify the rock. Chuck. Dead or alive.

00:57:29:13 –> 00:58:39:24
Hey, we went to the yesterday and we saw squirrel. That would’ve worked. It has to be living. It’s the vortex. It’s alive. It’s the vortex. Surprise. Let’s limit it to a mammal. What about something that surprised you while you were scouting? What about a bird? Oh, come on. That surprised me. I was a heck of a big squirrel. I was thinking like a big deer, but, okay. Right, but I mean, that’s your thinking. It’s true. It’s too general. All right, so what are we doing? Say it. So we’re gonna open it up beyond porcupine. I was gonna look up the scientific name, but I bet it’s really weird. If you’re get porcupine extra. You get three names in the hat. Yeah. Yes. Bonus. Great idea. Should we wait this down? Should we, should we square them? Square? Let’s square ’em. Let’s square ’em. If you put, if you load two photos, you get two times two’s, four names in the hat. Plus one plus this year’s application. Plus one for the year. One for the mirrors. Or should we do it like Colorado’s weighted cheap boots and goat shoot, loose and goat. Do it that way. You’ll never cry. Let’s just put, if you have a picture of a porcupine, you get 10 entries in the hat. 10 selfie. Selfie. A selfie with a porcupine. 10 entries. Current selfie with a porcupine. And everything else is just one entry.

00:58:39:29 –> 00:59:47:01
Don’t need, we don’t need to to bomb bartis with 20 scouting photo photos to get 20 entries we don’t need. And then let’s do hashtag epic scouting. Hashtag epic scouting. And then the vortex Surprise. Hashtag epic scouting. Hashtag vortex. Surprise. You better check epic scouting. Is that And, and we’re talking like a, we’re talking like Binos or range find or something. Good. Yes. Not, not something. Something. You actually, you’ll use it. I like it. Gotta tag us. Gotta be following us. And it has to be a feed posts. Epic scouting only has three photos, so it’ll work just fine. A feed post. The stories will disappear before we can get you entered. So make sure it’s posted on your feed. Oh, it’s gonna be a, it’s gonna be a post on your ’cause we’re, this is awareness. This isn’t something that’s gonna disappear in 24 hours. This is, we need to bring awareness. You need proud of this one. Yes. We need to, we’re bringing awareness. I’m scouting, I pray. So epic scouting. See is only three posts. That’ll work just fine. Yes. Epic scouting. I pray I see a pork. I thought I saw one once and it turned out to be a big old Turkey. You’ve got Turkey story. That was the Turkey. Yeah. Archibald. Do you have a porcupine story by, I don’t. Other than that one that I, maybe you will. This week we kind of bonded in Alaska.

00:59:47:06 –> 01:00:51:16
He just hung out with me. And did he? Yeah. You throwing a moose shed to nibble on with you. He, that’s probably what he was after. Yeah. I don’t know. They’re, he didn’t seem to care that we were there. They’re about on those. He felt comfortable. He was not a good looking porcupine though. He was like yellowish. Remember still. Like he was weird looking. Thought he looked like every other porcupine I’ve ever seen. I still like to go back. Did you look into his soul? Like you in the eyes? Oh yeah. From here to that cheap away. Looked right into his eyes and I thought he’s, he’s just different. I don’t know something. Right. Kinda like that snake profile. Ill show you the video. He’s like, you know how sloths get like green fungus on ’em? Okay. No. That’s what he looked like. Something wasn’t right. Still begs the question of how cash soft don’t have slots. 15 in one night. Exactly. Still begs the question of how cash soft. 15 in one night. What is a group of Wass called? Unreal? A hurt. What? A gaggle. A gaggle of porcupine. I don’t know. Oh geez. Well, all right. There it is. We’ve laid it out. I think it’s, it’s time to go find and do and conquer. Right? Somebody do it. If you need a hunt, remember we’ve got this drive. It’s gonna end in four days.

01:00:51:24 –> 01:02:05:06
So we got a membership drive here at Epic Outdoors, world Class Hunts that we’re all proud of, that we would love to go on ourselves. And you can also get ahold of Archibald here, especially, of course, any of us can help you. But Archibald, he’s, he’s the front man on, on getting the openings. He usually hears it before Adam and I do. And, and Josh and Wyatt and everybody else cash. So anyway, if you’re looking for something and you wanna do something, we’re gonna be able to help you. Just let us know. Openings are changing all the time. And of course we’ve got some secondary draws, turn back tags, landowner tags. I mean, there’s a lot of things going on, but we’ve just felt a little bit of reprieve Bronson, when, you know, the, the deadlines have come and gone for the most part. Yep. Few little lingering point only stuff and things like that. But that’s right. Get a few entries in this time next week. We’ll probably make and be right back in here with calling the winters. Maybe Thursday, Friday, summer, like that. Later next week. So let’s do one other call out. If there’s let’s, we should do a question, answer podcast. Some question answers. ’cause everybody’s getting out and getting ready to start scouting. So if you have questions that you want answered, what do they do? Josh DM us or Logan, what do you want? Do post?

01:02:05:08 –> 01:03:17:19
We’ll put when do, do an email. We’ll do a post on it. Yeah. When we do this podcast, we’ll put a little question submission bar on our And you can also DM us. Well, yeah, we will do it. I was just trying to think last time we did some direct messages. Okay. That works really good. And then you, we can go on there. You know, it can be whatever. We won’t call you out by name, but be stuff that we can answer on podcasts. And it also generates a lot of conversation, stories, things like that. It pulls a lot. Yeah. Pulls a lot out. And they’re, they’re awesome. Good. It’s a good time to do those in the summer. Yeah. So yeah, I guess if you, let’s, let’s just plan on that. Let’s just say that here now so everybody can hear it. Hit us up on our, our epic underscore hunts Instagram page. And a question, question you have, whether it’s about muzzle loaders or cross bows or porcupines. Geez. Which it’s called a, A prickle is what cash apparently saw that night. What it’s a prickle of. No it’s not. A group of porcupines is called Prove it. I just Googled it. I swear on my life. Porcupines is called me a prickle. Prickle of porcupine Makes sense. I mean, but I don’t know if it’s porcupine or porcupines. I don’t know. A group of porcupines. Porcupines. A prickle. That’s, is it pretty creative?

01:03:18:12 –> 01:04:35:09
A pokey prickle. The internet’s not always right. No, but good grief. That’s pretty convincing. But people rebuild vehicles. Rebuild engine from from That’s what I saws. How cash. Real quick. How many groups did you see to get up to? 15. How many prickles? One prickle. If we’re counting two as a prickle, there was two within 20 yards of each other. We were driving at that and the rest were solo. Pretty much. The other 13. Yeah. Come on. Serious. Is that believe or believe it or not, we were driving and it was dark and we saw that many just driving in the dark. So we saw ales in the daylight. No actual prickles. Like four or five group? No noles. I’ve never seen a group of four or five. No, I think they’re pretty solitary. Oh, I’ve seen a mom with a couple whatever. Yeah. Prickle ette or whatever with following her whatever. What’s a baby called? Prick pork Cupe. A pork cupe. Oh, pt. I imagine they’re not prolific breeders. I don’t know. That brings up a whole new thought process. We’re gonna talk about it later that what’s the gestation? I don’t dunno. I’m more interested process. Maybe that’s what we need to be aware about. What’s the process? I know. Let’s shut this thing. It seems like a dangerous process. Yes. Good grief.

01:04:35:17 –> 01:05:48:27
I just wanna know, do you, you younger the board, the younger generation, do you guys feel bad when a porcupine gets killed or badger or could care less? No. Or would actually participate in the slaughter of one? Well, I would, I mean, if I’m calling coyotes and a badger comes in, it’s dying. You’re smashing it. I’m smashing it in the face. ’cause it’s a good time. Yeah, but I, I wouldn’t kill a porcupine. Just, yeah, don’t, don’t do it on ex porcupine. But I’m not gonna sob over it either. If you call a big old boar, I’m not porcupine. I’m not sob. I’m not saying you are. If you just call it a boar. Are they boars themselves though? Come on. Me. What? They’re for those of you that porky boar. Hey, for those of you that were curious, let’s just get it over with right now. The average gestation period of a porcupine now varies based on the different species and subspecies of porcupines. But the average is 90 days. Okay. Three months, 90 days. And what is a male and a female porcupine called right here. Pork. Oh, I gotta different deal. Po porcup pets. It’s right here. Porcup pants. Ooh, pets. Pets here. Slow moving and lumbering. Porcupines range from the tundra of Alaska to the deserts of New Mexico. Female porcupines will have one or two young, usually in the spring. These cute babies called Porcup pets. Porcup Pets. P-E-T-T-E-S On the earth.

01:05:48:27 –> 01:07:00:23
Where is it? Okay, so if somebody takes a selfie with a prickle, pets are are born with soft porcine. Soft quills. And they hardened within an hour. Wow. I was gonna say think about giving birth to the porcupine. No Soft. Soft quills. Soft quills. Come on. I mean, talk about the bo breeding mean Talk about the mammoth birthing. Yeah, I mean what, where have we gone? How often they have they breed once a year. They breed once a year. Males compete for, they are called boars and sows. Are they? I’m dead serious. Oh yes. Breeding occurs in October, November. I’ll bet That’s when you see the most of ’em. They’re out and about. That’s when the porcupine ru is. It’s Roman roar. The roar porcupine roar. I, I show here gestation 210 days after which the female gives birth to a single offspring. That’s the longest one. There was a lot of them though. And it said the average was 90. Some of them were like, that’s thes and porcupine. That that’s what you’re looking up, I think versus the, as many as 12 made den communally during courtship. That’s prob That’s probably what you said. What time of year was it Jeff? It was like end of September, beginning of October. That’s what it was. It was a, well see it wasn’t. It wasn’t. But they weren’t together. Listen to this. They weren’t all together. Listen to this. They weren’t all together. They are monogamous.

01:07:00:23 –> 01:08:10:00
Usually the P mates for life. Whoa dude. So when you smash one, you’re ruining a family. I can honestly say I’ve never killed a porcupine. I don’t think I have. I don’t know that I have either. Either. But I’ve cut one with a swather quills. Quill quills. Everywhere. Everywhere. In a hayfield. Oh yeah. And in our hayfield in nephi, one time we cut one up in a swather. Geez. We found we, our dog was out in the field and it came back covered in quills. Like where in the freaking porcupine? Here go down there and pile chopped it us. Here’s a little question, Jason. Huh? See who knows this. Where are we gonna stop? In the wild? How long are they known to live? 18 to 20 years. Holy crap. What? 18 years? As long as 18 years. How do you know this? You’ve done, did you do your master’s thesis on these things? No. No. I just woke up Bernie and had a good, that’s crazy. That’s knocking on chimpanzee age. Geez. No. 60. No, that’s 65 fault. It’s pretty crazy. I watched a documentary about that. Let’s leave that for podcast. Yeah. Why? Why? It’s been done with this podcast for five. He’s had his headset off twice. We go to lunch. Yes. One other thing. Well, I mean, it says here, what are they good for? What are they good for? What do you guys think they’re good for? What do they do?

01:08:10:00 –> 01:09:18:16
Pollinate flowers. What do they do? I don’t know exactly right. What? Good question. I don’t know. What do they do? They just feed coyotes. I mean, mean what are they good for? Coyotes don’t like. So what good are porcupines? Well, I’m glad you asked. They do eat trees, dropping branches along the way. Which turn, in turn provides habitat for other critters. Think of them as tree pruners. Really? So a bull elk rakes a tree and does the same thing. I mean there’s, remember when Arizona and they were trying to save the aspen saplings and anyway. Anyway, alright. Porcup, we’re done. A keystone species in the west we’re done. So we’re giving away something wazoo. If you, if you’re confused about this giveaway, check the check the description. We’ll have all the instructions written down in the podcast description. I’m gonna give you a little video clip of this tree with water bubbling out of this tree from Wow. A lag boat. Kind of crazy. It just shows you how much water’s out there in the world. Open it up, changing of the seasons. All right. We’d like to thank all of our sponsors here at Epic Outdoors. For top of the line hunting, clothing, and apparel in every environment, visit under We’d like to thank Under Armour for being our title sponsor and making this podcast happen.

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