In this episode the entire Epic Outdoors office sits down to call the winners of our 2023 Summer Hunt Giveaway, and as always we are so excited to be able to give these away and share in the excitement with the winners. Thank you to everyone who participates in our Giveaways, we appreciate all of you! There are some hunt winners that don’t answer our calls during the live podcast, every measure is taken to reach out to them after the fact and inform them of their win. All 2023 Summer Hunt Giveaway winners have been contacted.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, and the entire, I mean, entire Epic outdoors crew, with the exception of Pollock. He’s down in Mexico, who knows what he’s doing down there. Scouting ranches. Scouting ranches on the beach, huh? That’s right. Summer vacay. So, anyway, here we are. We’ve given away a bunch of hunts. We’re gonna start calling these guys and letting them know that they’re going hunting either this year or next year, depending on the situation. Of course, we also gotta gear package. We’re gonna give away worth $15,500. Actually, we’ve already given it away. Whether he wants it or not, he’s getting it. And so anyway, we’re super excited. This is one of those times that we’re just kind of makes this last few months worth it. It’s just awesome to be able to call guys and, and let ’em know they wanna hunt. And we appreciate everybody out there that supports us here at Epic Outdoors and has done for years. Again, we couldn’t do it without you, so Yeah, we’ve got everybody here. We got a lot of hand signaling going on Juice Box yard, right? Just, bro, I just noticed this camera pull right at me, Adam, and I’m like, what is going on right here and here. Adam must have done something he didn’t like. I mean, I didn’t like it.

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I just, it’s kinda like there, you knew you had a, let’s just notice the side of John’s head. It’s kinda like you knew you. There’s a, it’s kind of interesting. You found a grenade that had four seconds left of detonation. She’s looking right into your soul. So what, so what we’ve got going on here for everybody that’s listening is we’ve got the artistic side over here, and it happens to be John and Logan for the most part over here. And they decided, Bronson, that they wanted a video. Everything that we do, we, we hadn’t had cameras for about a month. Am I right? I mean, now all of a sudden, and it’s changed the dynamic and I’m making, I’m used to just interacting with my comrades. Adam’s Adam’s hitting the wall, hitting people. He, he talks with his hands. Well, I’m just, we’re talking about the stuff on here and then I look up and it’s staring at you. Hi. Hey. Right there. There’s a, there’s a lot of complaining going on when the cameras turn on. So we gave you a break. So I just wanna know, make you guys feel, Hey, we are hot break’s. Done. We Yeah. And there’s our gals. All the gals right there. Jason figured out how to pivot the camera. It’ll never be straight again. Yeah, it’s a little, how about that? How about that, Logan? I get on that one. How about that? Alright. Alright.

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So, and I’ll, now that I know I can seriousness, I’ll brighten my goofiness. Alright, let’s give some hunts away. So the first guy we’re gonna call be Scott Jones. He won the barb sheep hunt. Wyatt’s dealt with him a bit in the past, also has been on this particular hunt. Just so happens he won it. It’s just awesome. What a great hunt hunt. Why? It’s a great hunt. Yeah. Hard, hard to beat for a barber sheep right there. Great crew of guys. Yeah. World Cross Treatment down there. Hunt West Outfitters. Anyway, we purchased this hunt for full price. It’s good for February through April of next year. So it gives him plenty of time to make plans. And he’s back. I think he lives on the East Coast. Lisa’s number is, which would be good, Mississippi, because it’s about 3, 3 36. Dang. Near five o’clock somewhere. All right, let’s give him a holler. Somebody’s breathing deep. Be Bronson. One sec. Hello? Hey, Scott, it’s Wyeth Epic Outdoors. How are you? Hey man. I’m good. How are you? Good, good. Hey, I was just giving you a call. We’ve got the entire Epic outdoors crew here, and I’m just wondering if you had any time in between the months of February and April this next year? You know, I do, man. You do. Would you be looking, looking for a barbery sheep hunt? Possibly. I would be. You’re the winner. What I did was I did that online.

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I’m actually, I want my daughter to go. Oh, awesome. So my daughter Chandler will go. But yes, I was really excited. I booked with those guys for this year, and I saw that hunt on y’all’s giveaway and I set it up for trying to win that for my daughter. Well, yeah, you you did do that, so it worked. Congratulations, man. I’m thrilled. That’s awesome. Yeah. Thank you guys. No good. So you’re, you’re booked to go yourself in 24 already? Yeah. Oh, geez. Yeah. I booked for February with that guy. And then I saw y’all had a hunt giveaway with him, and I kind of thought maybe everybody gets sucked into the sexy stone sheet. Pine and I would jump into there and get chamara a ride, so, oh, there you go. Well, now we know the secret way to win a hunt. You book one and you win the second one. That’s the, no one’s ever told us the secret before, but that’s big secret. I guess I should have booked a stone sheep, I guess. Yeah. Well, lucky girl, Jack Doman, man. We might have one of those coming up. Let’s try it again. Try it. I’ll, I guarantee you I will. That’s pretty awesome. Those guys down there are first class. You’re gonna love the hunt. Oh, we, we heard great things about ’em. We’re pretty pumped. Okay. We’ll be So yeah, we’re real excited.

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We’ll be getting an email out to you guys and with all the details and we’ll go from there. Congratulations. Hey, thank you so much. We appreciate what y’all do for us. Okay? You bet. Thank you. Hey, thank you. All right, bye-Bye. There you go. Some stranger things going on in the background right there. It sounds like he’s at the ball. Huh? The ball. All right. Something like that. It’s pretty cool though. Take his daughter. Oh, geez. Yeah, I already have one. How about that? He books the hunt and then like, oh yeah, they’re gonna give off. See if I can win another one to take, take somebody along. Okay. This would be the new tactic. Antelope. Bronson, do you wanna, or somebody? I dunno. Alright, well anyway, yeah, let’s give Randy hops. What’s next? Randy hop. He drew the antelope here in Utah. Pair of antelope tags, vouchers. And so pretty awesome. Great opportunity for, for a couple of guys and family members or whoever, let’s give ’em a hollerer. Hi, this is Randy. Leave me your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you. At the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. Randy. Hey, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the Epic crew here, just giving you a holler. Wanna visit with you for a quick sec.

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If you get a minute, give us a call back. All right. Talk to you later. Bye. I thought you were leaving. Strike one. Well, the hell ine. Yeah. You’re our antelope guy. Everybody knows. Everybody knows that. Yeah. I’ve shot three in my life. Big one more than me. Slopy, same. Sloppy, sloppy bugs. All think you’ve killed the most. Jason, I thinks killed four or five. That’s the same I have, but they’re like, huh? I only killed two. I think I’ve killed. Oh yeah, I’ve killed three. Number three. Yeah. Where are we? What’s this you, Utah, Wyoming, and Arizona. Mule deer. It’s the mule deer one. It is. Would be archery Colorado. Yeah. The white ones are archery Colorado. Right? Lots of breathing. Lots of breathing. No, I mean, everybody, everybody. You want us to hold our breath? No breath. I thought I was gonna pass out on the last call is trying not to breathe away. Well, in the, let’s have a, okay, I’ll just, I’ll turn Jason down a little bit so we can’t hear the breathing. No, I’m okay. No, now I can’t hear myself. Let’s go back to giving away a hug. Focus, focus. Okay. Sorry. So here we go. This is going be lots of breathing here. That’s got us sidetracked. Alright, here we go. I, I agree. We need to breathe. Okay, here we are. We are gonna give away an archery deer hunt. Okay. We got, we’re not ready.

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I just, I think I have six already. Okay. All right. Here we go. All right, Bronson. All right, Bronson, let’s give away this archery, archery, deer hunt out on, out on the planes. Josh Westergard. We’re gonna give him a holler right now. Hey, is this Josh? Yes, Josh. It’s Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the entire Epic crew. How are ya? No way. Oh, oh, it is, I mean, just, I literally making, just wondering if you got a credit card hit for Arizona. Oh, I just had a Cedar City phone number, just barely called. Oh. And my, I got a big pit in my stomach and it was one of my customers, so I was pretty upset. Oh. Literally two minutes ago. Wow. There you have it. And now you can. All right. Wow. Well, you, you wanna hunt? No way. Any, any idea? I don’t, I don’t know necessarily what you applied for. Do you remember what you had applied for? Maybe a bunch. I did quite a few of them, but I only put in, I know I only put in a couple, yeah, a couple in each, so yeah, could be anything. How about the Eastern Plains Colorado archery deer hunt? That’s the one you’ve got No way. Yeah. With ECO Outfitters. Yeah. Includes the landowner, tag E everything all inclusive out the door. So pretty, pretty awesome hunt. And that’d be for this year.

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So I don’t know what you’ve got planned this year, but this ought to be part of it. Oh yeah. I’ll, it doesn’t matter what I have planned this year, so I’ll be good. All right. All right. Okay. Sounds good. Have you been shooting your bow? I will be starting tomorrow. Alright. Yes, I am. It’s time. That’s right. Little motivation. All right. Well, we’ll be emailing you all the details along with the outfitter, but should be awesome. EO outfitters, Alec Nester, just putting down giants, as you know. And so it’s just, just a privilege to be able to give this away. So anyway, I’m glad you got it. We wish you the best on it. Wow. Thank you guys so much. You bet. Thanks. Answer those Cedar City. Anything from Cedar City? Probably answer I made sure. Yeah. I, I normally let ’em go to voicemail, but anything Cedar City, I’m answering. Well, cu customers are good people too. Yeah, exactly. All right. Okay. Sounds good. Well, thanks Jason. Thanks guys. Yout bet. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Oh, was that the Beaver Dam guy? Yeah, beaver Dam. Yeah. I wonder, he sounded like Utah. What does he No, I just mean little janky. I could tell he wasn’t from Mississippi. You write that down. A little janky. No, pro profiling Utah. No, I just, he just, Hey, we’re one of ’em. Yeah, we are. He sounded like one of us. That’s what I mean.

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You can usually pick just kind of a game we play sometimes. Alright, so let’s give away. Now we’ve got this, the Colorado rifle Deer, third season up with, yeah, clay Hill. Clay Hill. So who’s talking? Douglas Stanley, do you wanna talk here? Arch, have you talked yet once we start talking about you won the hunt or like why it did and then Sure. Jason did. Okay. Okay. Here we go. Douglas. Hi. This is Doug. Please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can. Thank you. At the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. Doug. Hey, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the outdoors crew here, Southern Utah. Just trying to get ahold of you real quick. Give us a holler when you can talk to you later. Bye. Maybe we ought to run this more like Arizona. If they don’t answer their phone, we move on to the next. Just give ’em kind of a, well, let’s, Arizona’s never done it right? Just No, that’s true. That is very true. Not pattern in our drive to them. All right, let’s, okay, here we go. We’ve got the New Mexico elk. Ronald Owen, let’s give him a holler. Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system. 8 6 3 4 4 6 0 8 2 3 is not available. At the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options.

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Ron Hey, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the epic outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. Just trying to get ahold of you. Give us a holler when you can. Thanks. Bye. Let’s go to the East Coast. That was, I mean, they’re, we’re all within 10 minutes. We’ll be done in 10 minutes. We got an Oregonian in there somewhere though. He’s just on lunch right now. Probably. This, this is California, Wisconsin doll. Yeah. About Collin Broadway. How about, oh, I was gonna say Harris. Where was he at? We’ll hit him in 10, seven minutes. What’s this one? This one would be Nevada deer. Archibald. Just hit him until we get ’em. I feel like a bad luck. Hit him until we get him. What’s the guy’s name? Jason. This would be Dennis Deaver. Dennis Deaver. Nevada Deer Fra. California. California. Okay. One more Out the country. It’s California. Yeah, that’s same difference. That’s the same thing. Just let it beep out of the country. Yeah. Rings like that when he’s outta the country. Is that what card book Justice class teaches you? I don’t know. Maybe hit it again. Hmm. Double check that number. That’s right. He’s probably kicked back with Josh right now. Yeah, he could be. Yeah. Pool. Looking at the ranches. Yeah. Something I will have to check for an alternate later. Should we mix it up? Let’s call Paula real quick. Yeah. We might not get back on track. I think you’ll answer. Good.

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Not having luck with anyone else. That’s the, is that what that means? That’s the beep of what? International. Another country. That that’s how what? Hello? Does your drink have an umbrella in it now? I’m waiting in a house to go back across the ocean. Whoa. You’re out on an island somewhere. Well, you guys on a podcast. Oh yeah. Yeah. We gave away some hunts. We’re giving away hunts. We called the, just see how the scouting’s going down there. I I did try to get a selfie with a karate earlier. That didn’t happen. What with a what? Quad. Those are the things, Cody. Big looking things. Tails. Yeah. The raccoon. Oh, wrap monkey. Little things. We’re looking for selfies with porcupines. Not the quads or whatever those are. Don’t bring up another memo. I thought nobody knows anything about. I I thought I I thought I You wanted to be a first. You wanted to be a first. Josh. Pioneer it. Yeah, exactly. Y’all good word. I’m thinking we need to start being more karate aware too. I, I find it interesting. You’re getting cellular cam picks down there. I mean, you’re running your cameras down there. You’re scouting. I, I’m scout. I’m scouting from Mexico. Her name. Are you wearing your sunscreen? Yes, actually. Good. Have you had a credit card hit from Arizona? Gee, that, wow. I, you know what’s gonna happen to him? Check.

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Think he’s in Mexico charges and now Arizona’s trying to hit like he can’t be in two places at once. Decline Arizona. You’re out. Yeah. You gotta tell him when you’re going outta the country, though. Geez. That was bad timing. I felt the deer in the headlight Look, I, I felt the deer in the headlight today. No. Was actually yesterday. As your wife charges another drink to the family credit card. I have, I have a swimsuit, a chapstick, and a mustache comb in my pocket. That’s all I have. Can’t go anywhere I without the mustache comb. Why do we have to paint a picture, Josh? We’re disgusted right now. Get in and out of salt water. Its humidity’s. I got, I got my mustache. I got a mustache brush. It looks like a, it looks like a little knife. I found that once. It does. Yeah. They didn’t take, they didn’t take that in airport security. They didn’t take that. Did they try? No, they didn’t. They didn’t keep it this time. But they’ve seen enough of ’em. Huh. Worried that the la the LA’s gonna throw me out anymore. Have you been keeping the stash gr greased with the Baird’s beard oil? Yeah. You gotta combat that frizzy frizzy humidity effect down there. Trying to, we were just barely doing some snorkeling and it kept drawing in the stingray. I was getting nervous. All right, guy. Well, we’ll, well, we’re just checking on you.

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Keep us posted with these truck cam picks. Okay. I, I’ve been trying, I I would’ve helped you guys out. Yeah, I’m gonna have to have Hailey get on this credit card. She’s on full credit card duty this time, so I would be concerned. I’d be concerned. We don’t care about selfies with critters. We don’t know anything about. Okay. I’ll, I’ll work on that. Alright. Enjoy. Whatcha you guys doing? We calling, we’re calling winners right now and take a, a quick break. A lot of ’em are, well, a little too early in the afternoon for some of ’em to be home. So we’re buying 10 to 15. That’s what we’re doing. Talking to you. Oh, well, I’m glad I can be good for something I suppose. All right, guy. Sounds good. Send a selfie with a stingray. I’ll do that. All right. Talk to you later. Okay. See ya. Bye. I hate stingray. They say they freaking paralyzed a guy. What do you mean it killed Steve IWiN? Yeah, it killed Steve Irwin. What do you mean? C Crikey. C crikey, mate. Jeez boy. Me. This is, this is a big old alligator. Who’s talking right now? Gosh, Jesus’s pretty good. Geez. Another guy had rest in peace. I mean’s true. That’s freakiest thing. He’s a legend. He’s a legend. Adam spent a little time down there. Yeah. An accent. No. Okay, here we go. They said I sounded Canadian when I came home.

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That was, I don’t know how to know how to take that Utah elk. Here we go. Let’s call Sean Harris. See if he answers known him. He probably doesn’t even have any time on the schedule to do the hunt. Okay. Bronson, you’re up. We should plug in your phone. He’ll probably answer yours. Just, hello. What are you up to, man? I’m just out here looking at my dove field right now. Your dove raining over here. Your dove field. Like what? Do you got sunflowers and stuff planted in it? Or what? Uhuh what, what does it take to it? Milo. Milo. Okay. Yeah. You can’t hunt them till September though, can you? Yeah. Labor Day weekend. Yeah. Well, hey, I got, I got the whole epic out doors crew here. How? How No. Say hi to everybody. Say hi. Say hi to Sean. Hi, Sean. Hey, Sean. What’s up, Sean? On now? Yeah. And from what I just heard, you might, I know you might be too busy to go on the hunt that I’m about to tell you about, but, but I don’t know. Come on. Talk, talk to me. Tell me something. I don’t put in about a million dollars in that thing. Well, hey, something worked well, what are you doing in mid-September because you won the Utah rifle elk hunt September 16th to 20th. You got to be kidding me. No, how’s that sound? Oh my gosh. You can, that’s unbelievable.

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Well, it’s a great place. It’s actually, you get to hunt two states. You get to hunt both the Nevada and Utah side of the line there on Pilot Peak oh nine one Nevada guided by pilot peak ranches with the landowner tag, some big bulls. We had members killed some giants there last year. So you’re the one man. We drew your name about 30 minutes ago, so whatever you just started to tell us about your schedule, you need to make room for one more. That’s, oh my gosh. Significant figured out. That’s a significant hunt. And if, yeah, and if you need to tell Amy, the stone sheet’s gonna have to wait a year. I know a guy. Yeah, I know. She’s, she’s put it off one time, but I wouldn’t dare take one of her hunts. So you better take one of yours, not hers. ’cause I don’t wanna face That’s face her. Yeah, no. Oh my gosh. That’s unbelievable. Well, well, I didn’t think my name was ever in the drawing. I’ve put in so many times. Well, it only take once and this is the $30,000 hunt with landowner tag and everything included. So, I mean, it’s, it’s a great hunt. It’s a great moisture year in that part of Utah and Nevada both. So Bulls shouldn’t be lacking anything, so should be a great opportunity to kill it. Oh man. You know, 3 50, 3 70 kind of bull. I mean, maybe better.

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We’ll just have to see. But that’s, that’s what, that’s the goal, so congratulations. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That’s just phenomenal. That’s great, man. That’s wonderful. Well, yes. Well, better than Dove. And you can still be there for the dove opener. And Utah feels better than Doves. Maybe even a little more important. That’s exactly right. Well, all right. Well, we appreciate it. Hope you have a good rest of the evening. Tell Amy hi from us all, and congratulations and thanks for your support over the years. Hey, man, I appreciate it. Thanks, Sean. All right. You bet. See. Alright, bye. Bye. Okay. See, you know, when someone’s from Utah and someone’s not from Utah. Yeah. By their voice. It’s just a thing. You know that he’s from Georgia through and through who’s gonna talk. Hello, this is Aaron. Hey Aaron, it’s Wyatt with Epic Outdoors. How are you? Hey, good, Wyatt. How are you doing? Good, good. Hey, I got the rest of the crew here too, and just wanted Aaron, Aaron, Jason Carter here. Adam Bronson. Just guys, how we doing? Kind curious. Have you’ve ever been to Alaska? Oh, geez. No, I have not. You have not, huh? I have not been to Alaska. Would you like Nope. To go? That would be, that would be a good trip, I would imagine. Yes. Well, did you play our rifle? I did play your Rle. Yes, I did. That’s what we’re calling you for.

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We’re sending you to Alaska to chase a doll sheep. Oh, thanks guys. I appreciate that. I, I would’ve never guessed that. Yeah. Yeah, you bet. So hopefully you have an opening next August. August of 2024. Yeah, we are good to go. That gives us plenty of time to get, to get in some sheep shape and, yeah. That’s amazing. I can’t believe that. It’s awesome. Well, I thought, I thought maybe you were gonna call and or ask me. I’m looking for all those over the counter Colorado spots where them 400 inches are, but well, no. Yeah. Is there, is there some 400 spots? Do we need to know? What do we, what do you leading on to there? Well keep it between us and 15,000 other people. Yeah, yeah, right. Nope, nope. Just the one experience a few years back. Let’s Sam, what the hell was it? But no. Yeah, this is certainly unexpected, so that’s awesome. Well, congratulations, appreciate that. It’s with Alaska Perimeter Expeditions, August 10 to 20, which is opening day of 2024, like you said. Got just over a year to get geared up, you know, in shape, whatever you need to do. But congratulations and thanks for your support here and the epic awesome outdoors membership drive. Appreciate it. Ah, appreciate it and appreciate everything you guys do. Thanks a lot. Thanks Aaron. Okay, thanks. We’ll be in touch.

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We’ll be sending an email with you and the outfitter together, just so kinda introduce each other and you guys can kind of take it from there. But congrats again. Okay, perfect. Thanks a lot guys. You betcha. You bet. Bye. Alright, bye. Oh, sch White’s been doing ’em all, but he’s doing a good job. Dave can’t. Okay, here we go. Bonus package. Who Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system. All right, everybody. That’s it for now. We’ve got a few voicemails we’ve left and we’re gonna wait for ’em to give us holler back. But always fun to do. Always fun to do. Yeah. Oh, who’s calling me back? Who plug it in? Dave Kent. Oh, call him right back. Hit it. Hit it. Missed. It’s the biggest cluster in the world. He doesn’t answer. He thinks you’re definitely a robos. Scammer. Oh yeah. He’s blocking your number. Well, I think when you get two Utah very similar numbers, you’re like, something’s going on. Yeah. Well, when he’s chilled and he’s probably thought it was a Yeah. Normal call. You see a name, it’s different. Yeah, it’s different. Yeah. Try it. What now? This guy’s probably like, what is going on? Five times in five minutes. Headphones. Headphones. And you go, oh, he probably got ’em on. Have we talked to him? Him, your call has been forwarded to an He’s probably calling you back. He’s calling you back. Right there. Answer it first.

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Answer it. There you go. Hey, is this Dave? Yes, Dave, this is Adam Bronson and the Epic Outdoors crew. How you doing today? Oh my freaking no way, way. Did answer your phone. We called you police call, we called, we No, no way. One strike left was all, yeah, we we’re just wondering, we’re just wondering what you’re doing. We were wondering. Yeah, I’m, I’m digging, I’m digging a trench. Oh, okay. Well, not near as important as what we have to tell you today. No, it’s not. Holy crap. My was fun. Well, yeah, we tried and which one, which one did I win? Whoa. Whoa. We were just wondering if it’s don’t how hot’s it. Don’t be greedy. Come on. What would you wanna win? Well, we, well, he probably played, he probably played a bunch. I know he played at least I want that in Nevada. Oh, Jason, why didn’t you? What, what? I didn’t, I just, I do too. Just don’t want him to be upset if he guesses the wrong one. I’m not gonna be upset, but you asked me which one I want. So any win, any win’s a good win. Yeah. I mean, would you be in the market for a new bow, a new rifle, bunch of optics and rifle? No way. Bow everything. You won the bonus package. Oh my gosh. $15,000 worth of optics, rifles, and bows. How’s that sound? Hey, I’m gonna take it and not look back.

00:31:05:19 –> 00:32:33:21
Yeah, well good. Well, you’re, you’re close enough. You might just be able to drive on up. Probably ought any, any of it too. Bring a trailer. I’ll come right to the office for sure. Bring a trailer. There’s a lot. Okay, so well con congratulations. Yeah. You won the $500 ticket package with all the bonus optics and Fierce Rifle Hoyt Bow. So we have it here at the office. Just make arrangements. Oh my God. With us the day you’re coming up. So we kind of know you’re coming. We get the background check done when you get here and Awesome. Send you home with it all. I appreciate it, guys. You’re not a felon. I mean, it’s personal, but No. Okay. Not, not today. Alright. Alright. Well let’s get it done before it happens. You’re not bury a body in that trench right now, right? No. Okay, good. Well then you’ll probably pass. My gosh. Okay. Well, congrats. Thank you. Yeah, you bet, Dave. Talk to you later. Talk to you later. See ya. Bye. Bye. Okay, here we go. Let’s call the Colorado rifle deer. Somebody feel like they wanna do it. John, do you wanna do it? Yeah. All right. Am I too loud? Oh, test, test. Yeah. Here we go. Hello. Hey, is this Doug? This is Doug. Hey, it’s John at Epic Outdoors. How you doing? Good, John. How are you today? I’m good.

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He left out that there’s about nine other people on the phone too. Doug. Doug, I’ve got a question for you. Have you ever won anything big? Yeah, I have. You have? Whoa. Everybody always says I never win anything. Okay. And you have? I’ve won the mountain. I won the mountain goat tag in Oregon one year. Wow. The raffle tag. So that was pretty big. But that was a long time ago. I’ve had a real dry, I’ve had a real dry run since then. Okay, well, so tell me, this is good guys. That’s good. Well, you don’t have nine people together in a room to tell me that I’m a loser. No, we just need to update your, your address here. You’re really, really a bad guy. How about Colorado? Third season rifle Deer Hunt. Awesome. It’s awesome. Yep. With Clay Hill Hills Guides and Outfitters includes the landowner tag. November 11 of 17 this year. Third rifle hunt. Awesome. That’s a $16,000 hunt. So you want it, buddy? Alright, love it. You guys put it on your calendar. You got any plans for Colorado? Hopefully not, except for this. No, no. I mean, no, you guys have been doing my applications. I’ve been, I’ve been swinging zeroes on everything. There you go. Saving up for this. It takes one to make a good plan. All right, well I appreciate it, man. That’s great news. That’s awesome. Okay, sounds good. We’ll, we’ll be emailing you the details.

00:33:55:00 –> 00:35:15:04
Alright guys. Appreciate the call. This made my week. Awesome. All right, thank you. Alright. You bet. Thanks again. Bye. Alright, bye. Like, yep. Yeah, I want, yeah, this is the best. I mean, sure thing. Well, that was pretty fun. We gave away eight Hunts, awesome gear package and it’s the one of the funnest things we do twice a year. And we like to thank everybody for participating and all your support making it possible that we can give away these hunts. I mean, they’re just the best hunts we can find every year and it’s fun making some people’s dreams come true. So I’d like to, to thank y’all and congratulations to the winners. I like it. We’d like to thank all of our sponsors here at Epic Outdoors. For top of the line hunting, clothing and apparel in every environment, visit under We’d like to thank Under Armour for being our title sponsor and making this podcast happen. Visit our website epic for discount codes to Under Armour Hunting apparel, handcrafted quality precision rifles from start to finish. Red Rock Precision is one of our sponsors and many of our staff uses Red Rock rifles. Visit red Rock to find out more. If you’re in the market for a hunting property, our sponsor at St. James Sporting Properties specialize in premier hunting properties throughout the west. Check out available hunting properties at st. James sporting Good looking comfortable.

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