In this episode, we dive into the first part of the questions we’ve been collecting from all of you over the past few weeks! Whether it’s discussing our favorite piece of optics or revealing this year’s hunts we haven’t shared with many people yet, we had a blast going through all the questions you sent our way. Make sure to tune in next week for another exciting Q&A segment. If you missed the chance to ask us your questions for this podcast or simply prefer a one-on-one conversation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 435-263-0777.

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew. Pretty much the entire crew. Who we missing today? We’re missing? Wyatt. Wyatt. He’s doing domestic, domestic duties. I think he’s doing domestic duties for half a day. And then he’s being selfish for the entire weekend. Is he? Yeah. Is he? Oh yeah, he’s headed out scouting. Is it selfish or is it just Well, I think personal. I call it putting food on the table. What do you call it? Sounds good to me. Anyway, this’ll be an interesting Devon’s practice slip over there. There. What he doing? He just, he’s ordering, he doesn’t, no, he doesn’t wanna be on record to say anything about what he think personal or domestic, but what, what he’s doing. We all have our personal lives and he’s stuck. I just, my advice to him was, let’s flip a couple coins and make some decisions today. Okay. We didn’t have to do a chose, right. Whether you stay married or what. Well, there’s, there’s deadlines in returning tags and not returning tags and things like that. So anyway, I don’t know. We’ll find out later what he decided. All right. Well, anyway, here we are. We’re doing a q and A podcast. It’s kind of interesting.

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We held off a little bit just to make sure we get, you know, people are off vacation and whatnot, and now we’re headed. There’s some of us headed out and scouting and it’s, it’s hard to get us all in the same room. So here we are. What are we gonna start off with? Bronson? Well, Q and i dunno. It’s q and a. Do you need to do any lead up to that? Build up? How? I didn’t even read the questions yet. I mean, just, I, they’re better that way. They’re raw, unfiltered. There’s a few I’ve read that are very targeted in their, who they’re asking questions at. And yeah, if you read and we have like, I know some are for you, some are for Wyatt. So I like those questions. Some are like, where’s Jason? GPS coordinates of Jason’s favorite. All right, so let’s just start, let’s just question reader guy. Remember? Oh, you’re question reader guy. We have a new moderator now. Josh, you’re the question reader guy. Josh, did you have some questions about vernacular usage that you were not comfortable with a minute ago? It’s, it’s gonna offend some folks. So what, just what terms that are thrown out in the hunting world? What don’t you like? Drive me nuts. Don’t what drives you nuts. What turns you off? I know what drives Jenna Nuts. And it’s the word Jason. I use it all the time. Prec scout.

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She thinks that’s like a double. Double what? Double positive. Well, she’s scouting. Is scouting. How do you Prec scout. That’s all pre scouting. Scouting means you’re going out to, that’s pre. Yeah, but I don’t know. We’ve used it for 20 something years. And okay, for you, you can scout during the season. I feel like I’m just scouting with, it’s kinda like that thing we found the other day, a ram and a you. Oh yeah. And you, yeah. The old version of, whenever a word starts with a vow you’re supposed to use normally, who’s gonna gonna say that? Or a vowel sound? Apple. Apple and orange instead of a banana carrot. You know this. Nobody likes this conversation. Josh, let’s go to yours. Nobody, nobody. Not even an Englishman, but the word is he’s already EW is, we’ve already lost him. His tick. ’cause we’re way off. Josh, do you wanna just blow over that? We’re, we’re gonna, so what we’re about, he’s about to say it is the reason I keep thinking and I’d like we, I’ll, I’ll use, I’ll say one of ’em. Devon can or Logan can delete anything. No, we know that the word run, run, run. Yeah. A you mean like de do you, do you do I look like I have anything to do with running. So when a guy calls me says, so when they say run, lift, and shoot, it bothers you?

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No, because that’s, that’s a physical thing that you do. It’s like it. No, don’t. Running is something that you dot Well, I don’t, but I hike fast and breathe hard, so, so you’d rather say hike, lift, and shoot. No, it has nothing to do with physical. The lifting bother you. This is strictly to do with, I wanna know which pack you run. Oh, I wanna know which rangefinder you run. It’s the term run. It makes my How many miles are you running? It is when I hear, when I hear someone say it, someone ask it. Literally it makes my spin skin golf. We’ll pack you rocking these days. What monster are you running right now? I just say, Hey, I’m rocking the twelves. That, that bothers me too. Like, I free, I just use it. I put it on my pack and I use it. I don’t run with it. I don’t rock it. I just put it on my pack. Are you rocking a flatty? Do you rock out? Do you ever rock a flatty Flatties? No. Flatties are rocked and ramped. What if somebody says what tires you’re running? Yes. Yeah. What truck you running these days? That’s, that’s a good news. No, it’s pretty proper. It still kills. What tires are you putting on your vehicle? What truck are you driving on a daily basis? What tires? What tires are on your truck?

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What’s your daily, I don’t what tires are on your truck? What tires do you have? I don’t know why I don’t run into what tires you run on. Don’t, I don’t run any What tires you run? I have no problems with that one. I get snacks out of a backpack. I don’t run a backpack. I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t run a rain fire. What kind snacks do, do you like button? I click, click a button. It gives me normal. What kind of snacks do you like? I dunno. Anything. Okay. Everybody, everybody has their, their thing. Everybody has their pet. We know that. We won’t get into the other one. ’cause there’s, what is the other one? Well, there’s a question that talks about it. That’s, that’s set it off. If there is we’ll get it. We’ll get to it then. You guys reread? I have not pre-read these. A pre reread. I have not. I don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into. I like question reader guy Joshua. I’m not, I don’t know if I can say the name because these are like Instagram. You don’t have to goes. So, but there, there, there are some maybe follow up questions. ’cause some of these I’d, I’d like to know the question is, how did you get your Instagram name? It’s Hussein. I mean, really it’s house. Oh, sorry. Okay. I thought it was Saddam. So here we go. Sorry.

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Let’s go with this first one. I don’t know if it’s Csar or Caesar. It’s probably Castile Csor J Cast. It’s, so we’re gonna go wave whatever. I mean, we know of it means a client. How, how is the IC peep site? Is it worth the money for extra shooting distance? Thank you. You know, I, go ahead. You were gonna go. Somebody was breathing heavy. I was just gonna say, I haven’t used this. No, I was, I was leaning in to hear what you’re gonna say. Well, don’t, we haven’t used it, but I think I haven’t ran it yet, so I don’t know. I can’t, I can’t speak to it. Well, I, I’m, I’m not, I’m not rocking it on one of my muzz orders, but I, I just, but I have, we have talked to guys that use it and it’s revolutionary idea. Yeah. It’s basically dialing a turret for an open site. The problem with open sites, as you can only see so far, right? Yes. Like it’s really hard. I’ve shoot a concept of adjustment and holding is right, but you still have to see the animal and your eyes have to be able to focus on where you’re aiming on the animal and all of those things. Yeah. The ratcheting of it thematics work. And it, and it probably is amazing if I was 35 years old with an open sign. I mean, I was, I was a killer.

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Now I’m like, nah, I put my glasses on. I feel super human. Really? 125. Well, I have to shoot a peeps side with glasses on. Yeah. What kind? Can’t glasses like normal prescriptions see or anything? No, I haven’t had the problem. Open sites are significant. I mean, this is, this is a great question. We’re gonna run into it this year maybe, but I, but yeah, I, I mean I think it’s, I don’t know if it’s worth, I I can’t tell you it’s worth the money that it’s made out. Maybe that site costs more than most Muslims. Yeah. So, but we are rocking some pretty expensive muzzle orders. Yeah. We’re talking a grand for that site, right? Muzz scope, the grand to 1200. What is that for that site? It’s a, it’s a thousand dollars rebar it or whatever. You’re, I mean, you, you know, got some money in mind. You guys do too. So anyway. Anybody else have anything to add to that? I tried. I haven’t used it. So I, I, my, you know, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve maintained my globe site peep rear for me and my eyes. Schaffer and Williams for my eyes, that feels like I, I I can’t shoot farther than I can with that. I don’t feel my eyes in that. Yeah. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m missing something. I’ve got another system that’s, it’s actually, you know, anyway, it, it that people come up and down too similar.

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I think it’s, I think it’s a great idea. Just think, well, we’re generally, we’re be, you’re able to shoot 200 yards with an open site just by a little bit of holdover or siding an end so that it’s, it’s a 12 inch drop of 200, you know what I mean? With these new new age muzz loaders that are shooting, you know, 2,600 feet a second. I mean, they’re pretty legit. So, and I do like a, like a peep or the standard, you know, open site style. You know, you gotta have a peep over the blade. Yeah. You put the whole back, the whole rear site because then you cover your front site’s. The only thing covering anything. So peeps are good. Let’s run to question number. Okay, two second question. NorCal underscore vineyards. Are we reading these guys? Okay, I guess we’re doing that. Go ahead. Says how often is Jason Meli Carter shooting his bow if he has an archery tag? Not often enough, but I’m scouting really hard now. Everybody, but starting around, starting, starting right now. Basically tomorrow. Start today, Monday. No, I’m gonna be, no, you’ve got weddings and No, I’ve got problem. I’ve got, I’ve got normal life problems. But you got gathering of cameras starting August one. Heavy, heavy shooting, but generally in, in July. But dude, we’re running so hard. I’m ragged right now.

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Well, the other, the other thing is, and, and I don’t know, I’m, I’m not a tweaker, some people tweak their bows every single year. Ah, and, and I grab my bow and it darts from the year before. I’m not a tweaker. Is that a bad term? I’m guessing with Josh is when we’re, is a dual meaning for tweaker. Just Google. Oh, go to YouTube and view Google tweakers. Hey, I’ll bet you I’m almost, I’m almost in the 50 crowd and that isn’t in my vernacular. So we’ll teach you, you can tell me what it means, but I don’t tweak my stuff. I run, I run the same stuff. How’s, sometimes you need some adjustments. Usually you strings stretch a little bit. Yeah, I mean, there’s some, but, but I mean, other than that, I, I love my sight picture. I have two bows. They have the exact same rest, the exact same sight once August hits. I know you’re thinking Carter, don’t say it because you know, once hits though, you don’t wanna touch anything. And when I’m in the field, I’m shooting every day. Like midday, midday, wham wham, wham. So what I’m saying is, I mean, I shot last night, but, but I, you always can get better. But I’m never, I don’t find myself having major overhaul problems.

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Like I have to do major shooting and recalibration and, and these are, I get my boat set up very similar and I shoot the heck outta me, shoots great. And I shoot, just keep in shape. And like Jason said, when you’re out hunting and you hunt for two hours in the morning, and you have so in the middle of the day, so hot. You got I do a lot of shooting during the, I do a lot. Yeah. And I’ll shoot now too. But the, the, I’m really, I’m run ragged scout at Pres scouting, running hard. I, I honestly, I don’t know. I guess I have some different things too. But I think, I think sometimes guys almost shoot too much. I was just gonna gonna say that. And that’s when you start getting, I don’t know, this is just my personal theory, but like, oh, you hear all this target panic and things like that. Yep. Works and just weird things. And a guy will shoot till he starts to get exhausted and, and I’ve done it before. You shoot a rifle almost too much and then you start getting frustrated because, gosh, when I first started shooting, I was doing this and now it’s doing, and guys get frustrated, then it’s all in your head and you get weird. And that’s not the right answer. The industry answer is you shoot nonstop every day.

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Well, and what 60 saying about not tweaking when I pull up and shoot five hours or five arrows and they’re like that. Yeah. And I’m like, do I need to shoot 20 fives? Well, that way and that night, their point is, are you shooting a hundred? Well, you know what I mean? Like, no, you know, but, but I don’t need to shoot this at a hundred. I mean that’s, there’s so many variables. You’re 60, 70. If I’m shooting a camp, 30 to 60, I shoot a tight group. I’m calling it, you’re confident. I don’t wanna grab, cut my string, whatever. Well, or mentally psych yourself out ’cause you’re not shooting good. Yeah. You shoot one or two mud shots when things are going good, let it keep going. Good. Yeah. That’s what I meant about not tweaking. I’m not looking anything up on the internet. But that’s, but I also have my form set from when I was younger. Yes. I shot my crap away. I shot How many, it’s like rifles. Well, we shot, how many times do I need to shoot my rifle? I shot hundreds of ki shot fingers. There was so much variation back then. Like you had to tweak. Well, if you weren’t tweaking, you weren’t, you weren’t shooting. That’s right. ’cause you had the aluminum marrows. You had what? Brass size. So you were formally a tweaker. So you better tweaker. Absolutely. Okay.

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Before equipment caught up to where I didn’t need to tweak back your early twenties. Yeah. I don’t know what I’m incriminating myself to say. Even say I am that naive and maybe that’s a good thing. But I You’re gonna have to tell me I’m not googling anything. You can claim naivety. I, but you’re gonna tell me off the air. ’cause I ain’t, I’m searching anything. So. All right. Question reader, guy. Have you been triggered or are you doing okay? I’m fine. I’m okay. So do we go through all these? Yeah. So I like this next one. Well, don’t have to go pie. There’s lots of questions within that. I like it. ’cause I have an an one word. I have an answer. Here we go. Jared or Tyle. Jared says, who in the office is going to kill the first 200 Insure this year? Geez. Wyatt. Wyatt. Did you say Wyatt too? Same time. Me too. I said the same thing. You don’t think so? Go ahead. Oh, he’s nine days behind. Some guys out now. That’s what I was just gonna say. Oh. For August 10 opener here in Nevada. Yeah. But I’m also more realistic. There’s a lot of good deer this year with, with, I mean, they’re coming on pretty heavy. The difficulty of certain things. Unless I accidentally I’ll go ahead and say it’s not gonna be me.

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I mean Yeah, I was gonna say, unless I accidentally get into a bad accident on the highway with a 200 inches and it’s not gonna be me. All right. So, oh boy. I think, I mean, that’s the goal. But Wyatt won, won the vote. We’ll, see, next question. I like it. I I, I think he’s, I I, I like it. We can say what we want. He’s not here. He’s not here to defend. So these are like the only podcasts he listens to are the ones He’s not here pretty soon. He comes in, he can’t, he’s ready. He can’t tell Logan to edit him. He’s on the fight. He’d be on the fight Monday or Tuesday. Teach him to go fishing today. That’s right. Go build the family. All right. Okay. So the next one would be best way to learn primary food sources in a new unit. Ah, that’s an interesting question. Only because I don’t, I don’t look at go to, go to go to Hobbs, New Mexico. They’re probably going to eat some different things in our dairy. Yeah. You know what I mean? You’ve got that. It’s almost, you’ve got the white till mentality a little bit that chennel be coming out Mule. It’s somewhat alive down there. You just never know. Yeah. Like there’s, but generally, I mean, it follows a species too. You know, primary food sources of what, you know, bitter brush.

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I mean for, you know, I think he’s probably Yeah, beer. Get, get there a day early and watch, I dunno what he’s talking about. Yeah. Get there a day early and watch, see what they’re eating. I mean, who knows? I mean, you gotta know the species. I I mean mule there this year. There’s so much feed. It’s like there’s, there’s nothing to key in. There’s, they’re not keying on anyone. And it, it can vary on one unit, but it could be a dry pond. Like a dry pond. Like they, they come to a morning glory, morning glory and leaves. So they love it. All that little stuff. Even a Yeah, it’s all weeds. It’s junk. Not even, it’s all weeded. That’s green and, and stubble, I mean, geez. Sometimes kosher that morning glory and a kosher is crazy. Well it was like when, when you and I were in Nevada, we went there early on and they were hammering a dry pond bank or dry pond quite heavily. And then it got some early snow, moisture wet stuff. And then some of the forged kosher, some late weeds and grasses popped up later toward the end of that hunt. When I went back, they were no longer, you know, in the same places. They had moved quite a heavily ’cause the amount of feet had come back. Which normally late October, you don’t think of some new fe forces popping about.

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Oh you think through even cheat grass green up changes. But a new burn will be, you’ll have that green in in November. Cheat grass, you know, you know a crested wheat or cheat grass it greens up against. So it also depends on Yeah, your, the tag gap. August hunt, October hunt. Yeah. They change up. They change it up a lot. A lot. So anyway, it just kind of depends. But there’s a gut feel when you’re, when we’re rolling through some of this stuff that we know what so well you just know, like you just, the bitter brushes pinstripe in your doors. Yeah. Nonstop. Yeah. And the tracks are just everywhere in it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. If you could only own one piece of glass, what would it be? Alright, we gotta go around one at a time. Logan, you’re first. Even though I don’t personally use ’em right now, I’d probably have the NLPR twelves. Okay. Amen. Vinos. Like a, like a high power vino. Yeah, because they’re, if you had to, they’re good on a tripod. Oh, really good. And they’re good enough that you can hold them. I’m not very steady, so I can’t freehand them as well as some people can. But some people would say spot and scope. But if you had to pan with a spot and scope only, you gotta find them before you look at ’em in a scope. I want a, I want a tripod mount bin ’em.

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I want the 12 piers. Yeah, you gotta find ’em first. If I can’t quite tell how good they are. All right, well I’ll walk closer. Yeah. But I’m not panning the whole alt 24 7 with a one eye, well, I guess BTX. But even then it’s overkill. So had me thinking for a minute. But they’re still zoomed in too much. I don’t run the BTX all the time like that. Well, and do we even need to go around the room or is everybody gonna say the same thing? No, no. I mean, does anybody have anything different? If anybody daress say anything otherwise cash you? Have you used yours chef? Yeah, I’ve been using mine. I love ’em. I would go, I’d agree with the NL twelves. You gotta hands down, you gotta spot ’em first. Whether it’s the twelves or not. Just a high power. So let’s move it trip vinyl. If you have one piece tripod min vinyl. Oh yeah. Past 12. But let’s say you could take a a bino and a spotter, what would it be? A of each? A Bino and the spotter. One of each. Oh, one of each. Oh, what, what would be your choice? Just to expound a little more. I’d have to have a 95 Roski. 95. 95 is my scope. It’s heavy, but it’s awesome. Oh it is. I thought that I would put my 65 a lot on a lot more to save weight when I’m pack.

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No you don’t. It’s new in the box. And I’ve been for two years. I can’t leave my 95. I know, I agree. Can you? I can’t leave it. Do you have your 65 too? Yeah, I sometimes I’ll throw an 85 on, but it’s 95 is just 65. You also lose the light gathering and it’s lighter. But it, like you were going for a moose hunt up in the Yukon. You don’t need a 95. No. You’re gonna tell it in a No. You probably don’t need much more in a buy now. You see plywood out there anywhere further than a mile. You don’t even go after it, right, Devin? Yeah. I mean you don’t go. We were up there. W it brought a his A TX in a 65 and I never saw it once. No, we used our tens and fifteens. Yeah. Well to me a moose is, you got 60, 70 inch spread. I guess. Spread. Guess they’re good. It kind of depends on the hunt you’re on. Definitely. If you’re in a tree, stand for whiteys. We’re using an eight. You’re hitting shammy in, in New Zealand, you might want a 95. Tell if it’s a what, 10 inch or if it’s a what or an eight and a half. Eight and a half or 10 inch shammy. I still don’t know if I could tell the difference. Alright, keep going. Question reader guy.

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What obtainable bucket list hunt are you planning to do in the next few years? Obtainable. Hm. Oh geez. I’m not starting John. I, yeah, I don’t know. In the next few years. Few. Let’s put it, I don’t know. I guess three. The next few years. The next few years. I don’t know. I’m doing a white tail this year. That was kind of one of those next few years type plans. Is it also parked out less well, Iowa and Canada, I mean, yeah. I mean a bucket list giant at some point. Huh? You’re right. 200 inch whitetail or something. Black tail. Black tail. Yeah. Thinking about that. Yeah. Yeah. Kill. I mean, I’ve done it, but I want to kill a giant Blacktail. What’s a giant Yeah, Oregon. I’ve been up there screwing around up in the jungle. Yeah, you need to know somebody. You need to phone a friend. You know, if you want a good one. Okay. Alright. What about you guys? Josh, what are you gonna do? I kind of roped into some of your plans as well early on in the year. So what do you mean? Well, I’m probably gonna be Alberta following you following next couple years. I just wasn’t Canadian, Bush Canadian. Did you forget you had a travel partner? Stow away. He’s running with you. I’m glad he, I’m just glad he’s still planning on going at this point. Oh, come on. What do you mean?

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What do you mean? You’re going, I didn’t think you going, I, I never changed my plans. I booked that spot with the guy, another guy. So, no, that’ll be a good, good one. It’s, it’s gonna be awesome. Hopefully a big Canadian white tail in the future be That’s kind of a bucket list thing that was, I guess obtain now gonna be awesome. I don’t know. Bronson, what are you gonna do? Bear Alaska? That you gonna do something like that? I can feel it. No, it’s not, I don’t have that itch yet. I don’t know. Just haven’t got that itch. Another two hun. Those are always, those are attainable of course. But, but that, that’s hopefully every year I have a hunt with a potential of that. So I don’t know if that counts for, I don’t know. Honest, in all honesty, I’ve done enough sheep hunts that if I all am going next year, but that was, that’s a different story. But I don’t, I don’t need to do another one of those, I guess is, yeah, I hope to, but they’re, I don’t know. It’s not, wasn’t what it was 10 years ago, but that way. So I, I’m, I’m back honestly, to hunting big deer and elk is probably gets me more excited than anything right now. I know sheep are great. It’s just that the cost of them.

00:22:28:01 –> 00:23:48:19
And I’ve been fortunate to go up a number of times, you know, for do a couple stones. It’s like I’m I at today’s prices, I just can’t justify some of ’em. And so I don’t even really think about ’em like I used to. Cash. Cash. You got any bucket list items? Alaskan caribou. There you go. That’d be one that I’d love to do. Yeah. But seems like Wyatt. Yeah, we could speak for him on that. Oh yeah. Yeah. I’d like to pull a goat tag somewhere. That’d be cool to do that pull. Yeah. Well I either draw or buy or who knows what dude. Yeah. Well John, we know people. Yeah, I know. We’re talking the next five years. Let’s make it happen. How far out Devin do you think? Oh, we can, if you sit today. I want to go on a mountain. Go hunt. How, what year do you think you’re looking at booking a goal? 14, 20, 24 next year. Yeah, John. Yeah. It’s a possibility. A is in the next few years. BI think it’s obtainable. It’s obtainable. Yeah. Make it happen. Okay, let’s do it. I like spending people’s points and people’s money. And then Logan, this is obtainable. I would, I would like to draw something that is a surprise. You know what I mean? I wanna get lucky on something, but draw a random time. A shock. Yeah. Something like, I don’t know, like what your brother’s been drawing.

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Honestly, that mean charges me up as much as, as anything that does. Meaning that it’s something you don’t deserve. Yeah. Yes. Not that you weren’t thinking, I’m gonna draw this. That you check something and you’re like, what? You know? Yeah. Or you get a phone call or you get a phone call. Or a phone call. Yeah. For what? Hypothetical raffle or something. Yeah. Yeah. Are we gonna dive into that? Sure. Go. Go for it. Bob. What do you mean? What’s your most epic hunt of the year? Bronson, for this year? Oh, is that, oh wait, no, it’s just my question. Is this the next question? No, it’s just my personal question. Oh, I thought we were going off of the list. This next one’s this, the next one we’re probably have to skip for another day. Yeah. That’s gonna be deep. That’s gonna be which one? That’s for a our podcast. Where we each tell one let’s story let just die. Let’s just, oh no, that one’s, that one’s lengthy. Most epic hunt in your past. Tell the story. I think we should do that. That’s that be standalone podcast. Yeah. When Wyatt needs to be here too. Maybe we’ll do that one September one. Okay, let’s do it. Okay. Sounds good. Standalone podcast. Let’s do that. Make, make plans there, Logan. All right, next one. Question reader guy. It’s house in what? Whatever that is. What? It’s Instagram. Sand. I don’t, I don’t make ’em.

00:25:11:13 –> 00:26:22:03
I just say outdoors. Outdoors. Should two points or younger deer not be included in the management hunts? They should not be included. They should not, but you can’t, they should not be included. Different people. Oh, meaning. And ideally you wouldn’t be shooting a fork key until he’s matured enough to know that he’s gonna be, he’s got badge should not be included. I don’t think they should, but I mean, how do you keep him out, out Yout? You can’t exclude him either. I’ve got a, a picture of a two point that needs to be killed. I showed you that. Yes. You I saw the other day mean that being he’s that tall and he’s top belly and we’ve, we all, yeah, but I mean he’s like 5, 6, 8, who knows? Years old. But I would say in general, you’re saying year, but young on management hunts. I think most people kill older deer. I would say that’s the intent of them. But I would contend in some cases they’ve lingered a little longer. Like in Utah, not, I don’t even know if another state even has ’em. But there’s, to be honest, but the average hunter, and we’re just talking about the guy that stays in Utah only Hunts Utah, whatever, whatever the home state is. You know, he could you, if he shot a for key and, and a yearling was not, or a, you know, one to 2-year-old deer was not acceptable for that particular tag.

00:26:22:06 –> 00:27:21:09
How, how, how you gonna, how are you gonna teach people that that’s a young deer that that’s a young deer with potential instead of an old deer. You like, that’s the point of you can’t ex you can’t exclude him. Right? No, you can’t exclude a year and a half old dare. How do you do it? You can’t, well, I didn’t know it was a year and a half old. Dare. I don’t, I didn’t ask him what his age was, but some people just can’t see it. You know what I mean? And most of these management style hunts, I don’t know, I can’t speak for all of ’em. But the ones in Utah in particular, they’re, the tag numbers are so limited that if somebody does happen to kill a 2-year-old, two point deer, it’s not overall no effect. There were a few years where they stayed high and it kind of became problems because I think they killed a lot of two and 3-year-old deer on the headers for Yeah. Three by fours with potential or something. Just, just a buck that hasn’t even had a chance to Yeah. Manifest any kind of what he’s really gonna be. So the idea of it when they first started out was it was, you know, in theory on paper kill bucks, nobody else is shooting. Yes. On the, on the kill one ram hunts in Nevada. Yes. Whatever, similar type stuff, utilize the resource. People love it.

00:27:21:09 –> 00:28:34:11
But the, but maybe a trophy tag one, you know, a regular tag on the Henry’s or whatever would, you know, people wouldn’t shoot a for key on an old for key or whatever anyway. Yeah. So technically, I mean, you know, ideally you want a three and a half, four and a half, five and a half year old deer. That’s, you know, whatever. Three points on one side. Okay, here we go. Okay. Jake Firestone, Mt. Asks, there’s two two, there is a two week deer hunt in September and you get two weeks of vacation. Would you scout a week and hunt a week or hunting two weeks with no scouting? High country mully hunt. Get two weeks. When are you gonna burn ’em? I’d go five days early before the hunt. Seven. I don’t think I’d go a whole week. Eight, nine. Yeah. Five and nine or whatever. That works to be. Yeah. 14 days. I like that. Five’s. Five’s a lot. It’s a lot. A week is’ even more if you give five solid days of scouting. But the answer is though, don’t show up the night before the opener and start you, you want some, whether it’s five or seven days, I would take that too. Anything you get ’em in their, in their, their normal pattern before the pressure really shows up and then you can, if you’ve found one target or two it buck you stay there. Yeah. It makes you stay.

00:28:34:27 –> 00:29:36:20
He’s here somewhere. He is just, he’s just here. He’s just dug in the timber, whatever. Yeah. So yeah. I tell guys that a lot on like October 5th rifle hunts. If they’re gonna start on the opener, it’s better to go three days earlier than hunt the whole eight days you have or whatever. Right. The pressure pushes them in the trees for a minute. They’re just cautious and you wouldn’t know to stick it out. And there’s frankly Yeah, an opening day smash and grab Yeah. With a little bit of cattle. That’s right. With a buck. You know, right. Where to be. Yep. I like it. I’ve done that in Colorado before that four season buck. I mean, yeah. You know. Yeah. If I wasn’t there, knew he was there, he would’ve been, well he already got missed by a guy the morning I kill him. So, I mean, plus there’s multiple times that I’ve seen a deer a day or two before. They’re like, alright, if I want that deer, I’m gonna better be on him. And you cross a lot of country after list of checking. Yeah. Than you’re in the right place during that with the rifle or bow or whatever in your hands. Does anybody have a different take on that? Nope. Two weeks with a gun in your hand. It’s not terrible either. The second week you’re, it’s gonna be different than the first week.

00:29:36:26 –> 00:30:49:06
But two weeks of high country every day hunting early season. A lot of guys can’t do mean mentally, physically, I’d say it’s hard. I, I mean, I don’t Oh yeah. If you’ve got self service and a little bit of Instagram, why maybe. Yeah. But it’s, it’s hard to do. It’s hard to do. And a good variety of freeze dried. Yeah. It keeps you up there. There. Now if just had straight Snickers, hopefully probably not gonna last too long. At least one tree for some shade, you know? Yeah. So, so for, for you guys, how, how long before you’re going crazy? For me it’s seven days. If I’m there seven days hunting. Hunting straight, you know, especially, it also depends if you’re seeing and hunting or like both stalking the deer every other day. And it’s happening. If you go four, four or five days, you blow the deer and don’t see ’em for four or five. That, that gets to be, that gets to be a rep. But you sometimes you need a little bit of reset. I killed that forks buck on day eight and I felt like, like that was a chunk of time. I felt like. Yeah, like it was. Which book? Forks? Deep Fork. Sucker. Oh, archery. You know. Yeah. Archery especially. And it was, but it was day straight eight straight. Yeah. It was just a lot. It’s just a lot. You know. Were you hunting him?

00:30:49:13 –> 00:32:00:04
Remind me, were you seeing him most every day or every other night? No, just, but we got also could run cameras during the season and so kept you nowhere where he was coming. Yes. He gives, he’s still here. You know that confidence coming night. He’s coming tonight. We just didn’t see him today. He just wasn’t right in front of visible today. I just remember you and I did like 2012, same tag. And I just remember our target bucks. Oh we were lucky to see him. We had like five, you and I wide open like three or four other people glassing and it would be sometimes three days before we’d see one of the dealer of, and it’s the them the most, most wide open glassful country. I think of that all the time. We had two of us and three to four others. We had AZ buck, we called. Yeah. We then the one you killed, typical we had and now other bucks too, but only two deer not, it was kind of a drier year. Yeah. 2012 wasn’t a stellar year. The buck was aud attack, but but anyway, it was sometimes three to four days before we’d even see one of the two bucks. Yeah. And it was, they were most glass country running the generator in the trailer in the day. Just with the a c on remember stupid. You couldn’t get out of it. No. 105. No. Anyway, so yeah.

00:32:00:22 –> 00:33:01:00
But then the next day you’d see ’em and it was like game on. One of us would have a stock. Yes. And then that wouldn’t go good. And then there’s three, there was a shot you should have made. What was that show? I was alone was about 70 yards. 67, 70. Yeah. Well I wasn’t alone, but I found the deer and I betted him. Yes. And I texted, I think it was Chris. Yeah. I said, I need, I need somebody get out here and spot for me. I got the Buck betted and this is only one. We were there. I think I watched it. Yeah. I was there too. No. Yeah, yeah. No. Yeah. You came in from above it. No, that’s the one I came rock that down the rock and I, oh, that was down the knife back on AZ. And, and I had the, well remember the rock? I, I stepped on a rock and it TAed and I had to jump off it. And a boulder this side rolled down right over the dirt and about hit it. You remember that? I do. And I just like, I deer after four days, it’s in the ear and knocks it out. It almost hit kills it. You guys said it went right over the ledge. It was bedded right up under about eight foot. It was under the ledge at the base of that giant mountain.

00:33:01:02 –> 00:34:00:13
And you were going along eye level with him all across. And I, and I’m jumping on boulders ’cause you’re in socks. I’m in my heavy socks and you’re quiet on rocks. You, you’re catlike until, whoa, this is rolling. And I jumped off the back and just went. And I just, and we were all like, and I just said, we were all like over boys. And they’re like, what do you mean? And then they started hearing it with their own ears, like 1400 yards away. Finally we’re like, I’m go sit into the AC again. That was no, there’re three days. We’ll see the gear I was telling, talking about. But I had a shot. It’s one of those deer, you know, six or seven I think that was actually on the deer. I ended up with the muzzle loader. I think that was him. That was that. I blew the boulder on. Yeah, the AZ buck. We call it the big wide deer. I had embedded, but I was, I know I was alone that day. ’cause it was deep into the hunt. 15 plus days. And you know, a pretty, I thought we saw, I thought we could see him and you. We were like, he’s gonna kill that deer. And then you elected not to shoot or something.

00:34:00:19 –> 00:35:03:16
And anyway, the best chance I had, I was alone and I had to call the spotter come out and Chris got there and he watched while I made the stock. And, and the deer was feeding towards me at about 60 or 70 face buried. And he’s the leader of the pack, the big, I’m like, he’s bringing ’em all right to me. So you’ll kill him. I’m knocked up, he’s like 60, we’re gonna wait. I’m waiting. And right then all the other fit turnaround went over the ridge and he picked his head up and saw the left. He did an about face and walked over the ridge. So it was the end of it. You, you never know when you’re best and only shot and sixties. A not an easy shot. Not like he was a dead, but he could’ve made it no problem. Not, like I said, guaranteed dead deer. But like Right. Feeding broadside faced. I couldn’t even see his head. He’s buried in a bitter butt. Shoot that deer. And I just wish I had that over ’cause but he’s feeding my way and he’s been coming that way for 80 yards over the ridge, like 10 more. And I’m not letting ’em get any closer. You know, you’re just, you’re feeling that mental, you never know when you’re black, when you’re only, or your best shot just left you. Yeah. 33 inches walks away. Never over the hill.

00:35:03:20 –> 00:36:13:13
I never shot a arrow on that shot. Yeah. Anyway. All right. Kay. I don’t know why we got talk about that. All right. Question, question reader guy. Kay. It’s house in outdoors asks, should suppressors be allowable hunting big game? Are they not? What do you think, Josh? Yeah, of course. Absolutely. I don’t, it doesn’t change anything. Although it doesn’t run everything out of the canyon you’re shooting in. Yeah. You know, I guess. But it’s not like it gives you a real leg up. It just allows it so you’re not blowing your ears out. Right. I don’t, I view that on the spectrum of technology advancements that are too much. It’s way low. That low given the game, the advantage. It’s way low in my opinion. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s what more for the shooter? Does it give what it Yeah, just more for our comfort ears. Your ears. Ears. And, and it does not rock everything outta the canyon as much, but compared to a lot, whether it be optics, whether it be thermal, whether it be, you know, bathing. Yeah. All the other things, whatever cameras I think really give a lot more advantage. Yeah. I don’t know much an advantage it gives you don’t think your gun doesn’t shoot better with, with the suppressor. The only thing, the only thing is just yeah, when you, when you’re shooting ’em, like they don’t leave recoil noise and it makes recoil noise.

00:36:13:13 –> 00:37:25:13
Put more pleasant experience you can get back on animal faster. Just everything seems like, so we agree. They should be allowed. They should be allowed. I don’t, I don’t have a problem. No problem. Personally. Okay. Underscore Brando underscore D asks, you don’t have a bull elk tag for this season. What would you guys do to get one? Well, talking about this year for this guy? Well Steve, what did you do this morning? Josh bought exactly. Hey, what tag did you get? Did you get a multi or the regular? Oh, he spent the money. Oh yeah. Hey, I heard Dave still hurts. I heard. So he got a great bargain today. I heard. Was it 200? That was, well I had, I heard from somebody today that, because you know when the fees came out early in the year, it was, they’re a 150 bucks and then they bought it today it was 200. Yeah. Because the license fee increases in Utah. The legislature passes going effect July one. Oh. And that went up 50 bucks. Game fish. They right. He called. Oh he did? He called. Oh, he chewed up. Mike, how do you bait switch? He’s like, well, legislature does a permit or permit fees and they go up on July. July one. Yeah. It was a, a surprise. So that’s surprise. You got surprised today. He could’ve got one for 50 or three for 256. I heard it went 56. 56.

00:37:25:16 –> 00:38:26:23
And he is like, yeah, I’d have totally, if I’d have known that I’d have bought the 56. ’cause he had a buddy, I dunno, I don’t know if he was in the line line or whatever. He only one of the seasons. No, he wanted the multi, but then when he found out it went to 200, he would’ve just bought the 56. But his buddy had the instructions to get the multi, so his buddy bought it for it 200 bucks. And now he’s like, I’d have just bought the 56 and called One Hunt good enough. But hey, somebody else is gonna do your dirty work. You just gotta accept. Yep. That’s exactly right. Josh, they got a, they got a couple of, well they actually got four bills outta your family. Yeah, they got a few. Did they, it this the spike pull some of that cash ambridge money out. What’s that? No, this is for rifle today in Utah, the archery are unlimited archery. Unlimited and youth. So a youth could go onry, archery. Yeah. So archery in Utah. So I guess the answer is, I mean, you got one. I have an out text, just archery. I’m not gonna talk. Awesome. You’re gonna what? I have an out text so I don’t need to answer this. Yeah. My kids got elk text. There’s some general stuff out there. Just, I mean it’s, it’s just like this spike thing we talked about.

00:38:26:24 –> 00:39:24:06
It’s, oh, it’s a spike bull. It’s nothing. It’s, it’s not sexy. I mean, but the thing about it is sometimes if you don’t have much, it might be your excuse to get out. Yeah. Yeah. But at the same time, it’s a hunt I like to use for potential scouting purposes. I was gonna say about you, you, you hunt a unit that you, not every year, but more often than not, hunt on a general seasoned deer. So you’re out in the mountain, you’re, I already have a deer tie hunt with a bow hunting with a rifle. And you’re my kids. You’re learning dear. My kids got Archer. ’cause they have tax. Yeah. And it’s teaching them how to, I mean, you’re getting archery experience. You don’t often get that very often. So you get a spot stock, you can call a little bit, even though it might be a ca or a spike or you could even kill a cow if you wanted with it. But please don’t. I mean, I have standards. You had some fun. You, I, I have standards. I got, I’m going for an eight inch or plus. Are you, shoot, have you ever tried, have you ever tried to haul out 14 inch spike or what, what, what? How big a spike are you holding out for? Not the lead cow. Have you ever tried to haul out a lead cow yourself? They’re like 7,000 pounds.

00:39:24:28 –> 00:40:38:27
I’d rather shoot a spike any day. I some of these late cow hunts, 18-year-old. The biggest elk I’ve ever shot in my life is a 26-year-old hundred up cow. Some of those lead cows deserve a bullet though. I will say drop a bomb on a lot of hunts. I can think of a few in September that I’d love to catch up. If Arizona, if I was to drop a bomb on a mom, I could think of a few cows lead cow in archery season. If you, you’d drop one on a grandma. Well, I would, well like these, like these white to states like Iowa and that, that force you to pay another a hundred something bucks for a dough. Oh, just to draw. They, if they added one of those on like an Arizona elk, at some point a cow is dead would die. That blew the bull, right? Is what you’re saying? Yeah. Yes. I could think of a couple. Oh, I think we all can. So going just frustration then you’d be like, what did I just do? I could, yeah. So going down his question, what other, what other states can we add? Colorado. Colorado. There’s landowner tags. Colorados for an over the counter tag. Over the counter without Yeah. Having to pay thousands of dollars for landowner tags. A good option turn. It makes your $200 tag look pretty, pretty awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I went over there and blew, blew some money.

00:40:39:03 –> 00:41:57:05
’cause I saw a phantom bull. That’s true. I saw a bull and I’m like, I have to have it. Yeah. I would’ve killed it if I’d have had a tag in my pocket. Yeah. Or at least shot at it. Or if Walmart could issue a tag faster. Well, oh geez, our printer’s broken. Sir. It wasn’t even that same right here. What do you mean? Oh yeah, you’re gonna have to see if Game and Fish tomorrow. That’s another day. Wasn’t it like a Monday? My eyes weren’t so bloodshot, man. Which is my own faults. I could see the screen, man. I thought it was, I used to be a tweaker man used to down. Yeah man, I just had these brownies on my break, man. I’ve been rucking these brownies. I’m running these greenest brown brownies. Have you ever had these gummies here, man? Just have a good, oh geez. Anyway, they are in Colorado. What else? Plenty left Colorado. Is there anything in like Idaho? Turn back the second draw. But you’re not gonna the second draw, odds are terrible in Idaho, but some people draw tag. But turn back. Liston, Colorado play that. Colorado’s gonna be your last option this time of year. Yeah. I mean pretty. I mature Bull’s gonna be a little Guys are doing OTC in Arizona. How about that? Not I said to cow, people are doing it. I mean, they’re killing half developed. Yeah.

00:41:57:22 –> 00:43:19:03
I don’t, come on, find another solution. Well, anyway, all right. This one’s a good one. Pistol underscore sand says ancient 180, typical buck last day of Colorado third. Will Carter smash it or do Muley matter? Lys matter man, right? Oh God. Hey. Hey. He’s ancient. Have I done? He’s ancient. I would 9-year-old. He’s not young. It’s, I know. And I think it’s awesome. And if you were to smash one, if a guy were to smash one smash that one smash an ancient one. Like that’s awesome. That’s awesome. Personally, you know, I’d probably let it go. Maybe next he’s gonna ask us personally, I, I was waiting for him to say, well, how’s it built? It’s true. There three. So there’s only, only 21. There’s 180 bucks that we’ve all seen that you got out. It’s 36 inches wide. He stupid. Yeah. Yeah. I’d shoot it right now. Slick shank. I a 32, but still goes 180. I got a 32 like that. You’re okay. So let’s just talk about Devin’s buck. Which one? The boxy 180 8. 180 7. Jeez. Which one? Oh good. Grease. Well, but that, that is one best looking deer. Deer I’ve seen. It’s 180 8. That was day four’s. Definitely bigger day four. And, and when you shot it and you were sending out the photos, we were all just like, geez. Even despite dad’s tape being used, it was still, it was big. Yeah. Yeah.

00:43:19:11 –> 00:44:20:13
Regardless of what Dad’s tape said it was, it was two 10 Slick Shanker. What do you mean? He did? And I looked it, well, he was like, you were showing I I nineties or 200. Were you It was like 2 0 4 or something. 2 0 5. And we were like it, everything of it. Oh, we didn’t even question it. Well, when your tape starts at one, that’s what you get. I know. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t, I’m not even saying it was your fault, Jason, what is 180 8? Add 15 inches. That’s how many measurements you get. And then we got back and Yeah. Remeasured it. Luckily Yeah, it didn’t matter that day. I was like, this is, I guess that’s what my point is. The tape doesn’t matter on that deer. No. Yeah, there’s not all, I mean, there’s bucks I have killed that maybe have extra stuff or whatever. If he was standing mixed ’em, I’d still shoot the Slick chain. Four point mm. Would shoot the SL for over that Nevada buck. Yeah. For example. Oh, and that at Nevada Buck Ancient too. Even even the six by six. Probably the three. Yeah. All four of those in your office. Probably. Probably that typical buck. Stupid. The six by six is cool though. Four four. Four is a cool buck. It’s, it’s hard to, it depends on how they’re built. That’s your answer. That’s right. It does.

00:44:20:27 –> 00:45:27:05
It would, it kind of does depend on how they’re built. Say he’s a three point, that’s like 23 inches wide. He’s got four stack kickers, three point and 23. Probably not. He said four stackers on both sides. Pipe mass. Yeah, pipe mass. Two point. This pipe gets, I’m six inch chi guards with chicken feet. A stupid mass. There’s some bucks that I would shoot just for the eye guards and soft the rest. Yeah. See and use ’em as a door handle. Right. Put I on your cabinet. Well, this says, this says typical though. He did say typical. Oh. Just like your classic 180. If I knew it’s a hun a hundred. You know, I mean, I, I don’t know. Again, you’re, you’re filling that tag. If you got another hour, it’s the best hour of the day. Really? The last hour is the best hour. Nobody’s in the field. It’s the latest possible. I don’t know, whatever. I, I’ll just go ahead and answer and say, no, he’s not going to, I’ve, we’ve had videos come through on me, text messages of bunch. I have shot shot him. We were all just book typical. I don’t know what that one was in. I don’t know. He had a cheater, but he was, he was bigger than 180. But that was like day one or two though. Yeah, that was early. A little bit different. It was gross. Way bigger. Yeah. Huh. Yeah.

00:45:27:06 –> 00:46:37:23
I feel bad about that. Well, but it was, it was early. The only, if that was on day six or seven, you’d have smashed it. You, you would’ve guaranteed. The problem with those Colorado deer is that was a one 90 plus deer for sure. Oh yeah. But the problem with them is their body size. So like, you think it’s such su, you know, whatever. Whatever you think it is. And then you walk up on ’em and they’re like ground gage. You know what I mean? They’re steers. Yeah. They just got bigger bodies than we’re used to in Nevada. Nevada. You got little dainty deer with anyway, you know. Right. Am I wrong? Lot of, no, you’re not wrong. So. All right, keep going. GCO 90 asks, what’s the best tasting monster? The cookie monster. I was gonna say big old fat antelope. Buck. Oh, white. White. Oh, white, white. But this, this white, what do we call it? The patriotic pack that’s going around right now. Four. Four whites, four reds and four blues. And the 12 packers. They’re pretty good. They are good. I like ’em all. I like the blues and reds. And I’ve never tried. I like, I like a white in the morning and then I like a blue. Blue or red in the or. Purple. Purple and orange. Yeah. In the middle of the day. I don’t know why the white in the morning though is, geez, good grief.

00:46:37:29 –> 00:47:55:03
Don’t get started. It’s not good. They’re not healthy for you. They do have some pretty amazing vitamins. Hey. But geez. And then, and then orange, when it’s really hot, it’s a hundred degrees. That orange. What you freaking good. And then purple. This is always good. Oh yeah. So this is interesting. I totally read that question different. I was thinking what monster animal. Me too. I read same way. That’s why Devin, chuck there, start drinking. They an I get it. De I was thinking, I teased, wait, you all about Devon and Antelope? Pete. But his true courage came through right there. I cooked these back straps and they blew my mind, and I’m just, yeah. I want more antelope. Speaking of, it’s insane. Does anybody, does anybody here have an antelope tag? I don’t think we do. Do anybody? No. Nobody. You can’t. And if they did, they would they say it? Yeah, but I mean, I think everybody’s had, well, we’ve had two or three year, it seems like for the last two, three years. I turned one back. You what? The minute I drew it. Oh yeah. You, I mean, we’re talking within you pushed it back. Pushed it before you even had to pay for it. I was gonna kill a giant before. Well, it was 20 something points. The saga continues. How many times has this happened? Two or three at least.

00:47:55:13 –> 00:49:12:09
Did I just, when they all of a sudden went to non-resident quotas, you know, instead of having us all on the same plane beat system and you showed, you beat the system. I showed, proved it. And now I’m, I’m fulfilled. It’s just funny. Early, early in the spring when your mind’s like, Ooh, yeah, I’d do that. I’m gonna do that. You talk yourself foot. My, my biggest problem is I wanna do everything. Yeah. And here I am 20 years later, still trying to do everything, you know what I mean? I got tags in precarious places. That’s the next question. Right now the next question is strictly for Wyatt. Oh. This is kind of something I feel like he’s slow rolling The pines. Yeah. Luke, Luke Tingy says, tips for scouting that, tips for scouting bucks that live in Ponderosa pine country. I love it when Wyatt says slow the slow roll, the pines. He is the master. And there’s validity to it. And, and, and honestly, that’s about the, if, if you’ve had, if it’s been raining a bunch and you have a chance to get out there and actually still hunt and walk, but if it’s el flood it, you don’t have any other better option than slow road. Because remember in Arizona walking through those ponds and sound like we’re walking on tinfoil. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s, you’re wasting your time. Yeah. But slow roll, preferably in a pickup truck. What kind you run.

00:49:12:09 –> 00:50:15:19
Wouldn’t you agree? Yeah. It just depends on, it depends whatever truck you’re running. I guess it just depends on Oh, right. Why two? Like some of these guys run electric bikes and stuff like that, but it’s, but, but animals hate stuff that’s sneaky. Like a segway just on a Segway. Yeah. Could you imagine? Could you imagine My kids can run those, those little one wheeled segways. Oh yeah. Daughter. All right. You guys got any more tips? I think there’s also feed within, there’s, there’s places that, just like everywhere in the world, we, we have places and units that always produce, it seems like big deer or big elk. Like this is a common place. There’s been this buck, this buck, this buck killed in this particular burn or this particular area or whatever. And I think it’s the same thing with the Ponderosa. There are places on the Kibab that seem to be always good. And there’s places two miles away that look exactly the same. That you’ve never seen a bucket. Yes. And you’re just like, how? You know what I mean? And I think that comes with just the intimate knowledge. The local knowledge of an area. And then how to hunt that. How do you best hunt that? Are you gonna elmer up and walk around?

00:50:15:20 –> 00:51:18:22
Well, I think, are you going to, you could that way because if honestly slow rolling it, you see what you see and you don’t see what’s a hundred yards off the road. Right. But, but if you do see areas that are loaded with bitterbrush and all that, which Ponderosa pines in a lot of areas is, can be fairly loaded. Oh. In other, in other areas there’s none. But if you get in those bitterbrush areas, you’re like, there’s plenty of tracks and they’re big here. All right. At least you have, you know. Yeah. A reason to believe they’re, they’re feeding here repeatedly or, or living here versus the other stuff that, and get aggressive with. Because early they’re gonna, they’re gonna, oh, they’re gonna, you’re gonna bump up, but they’re gonna readjust. That’s what I mean. You could jump one in in July and early August. It doesn’t affect your hunt one bit. Yeah. So grind it out, hike the crap out of it, grind it out, learn it. And then like, yes. For some reason they like this ridge. This ridge might a few water waters, you know, reason or ridge lines that are coming off the ridge down. Just something for some reason a place they’d like to bed. Yeah. And I like what you said about the rain. ’cause after it rains in those ponds, oh, you’re a ghost anywhere. It’s like you can do anything the fast.

00:51:18:24 –> 00:52:21:27
If it rains, you got a chance. Even pin juniper, you got a chance in that for sure. Like, which I like the rain normally the rain opinion. Juniper has a lot of open dirt and rock doesn’t have as much ground cover. So it’s normally loud until it rains sometimes. And then you got a chance. So, okay. Speaking of it’s getting to be monsoon season. Starting popping. I love it. Popping. I love, it was nice yesterday. I about got pounded. Like it was, I was on it with a T-shirt. Right. And I had no other clothing. What in a side-by-side open cap. Yeah. Okay. I wondered like, why is he telling me what he’s wearing? Because you were an open cap. It was open cap. Side side. Get 60 mile an hour. Now I get it going into this black wall. A black wall. You’ll be, I’m like ground wrap man. Oh, oh. And I’m like, I’m going into the eye of the storm. Makes sense. And it happens out there. It happens. It’s monsoon season. Oh yeah. It’s crazy. Now it makes sense. You were, and then it feels good. It’s like you guys said, boy, that’s kind of a refreshing picture right there. And it does feel good. Geez. I like if you’re in the cab, your truck, it feels a lot better. Yeah. That’s what you mean.

00:52:22:08 –> 00:53:37:27
But in some of these units, well some of these units are, are, I mean, are prone to more monsoon. I like that about places like unit 2 31 in Nevada. I love that about it. It is. It rains there when it doesn’t rain anywhere else. And I like it. Boulder Mountain in southern Utah stand up too sometimes after a little. Yeah, they, they always do. They’re frolicking up and down a couple times. Freshens the tracks up. Any of these words trigger you poll frolic. I’m good. No problems. I’m good with that. Okay. Watch for deer. Asks what elevation should I be looking for? Bucks second and third season Colorado. I had a guy ask me this. He says he hears stuff that, you know, on second is really up, you know, is up high versus hunting the traditional winter range stuff. I tell him, you know, look low. But it depends on the year. It depends on the weather and the year. And look low for a minute. If you don’t like it, go high. Do both, whatever. You’re gonna have ’em scattered from 10,000. It’s harder to, to 7,000 to high generally. Because they’re usually not above timberline. Right. Second season where you can actually glass ’em. They’re usually mid zone, which is usually thick. That’s the hard part about, yeah. And they’re coming low depending on the year. So that’s a hard, if they stay high, they’re usually not above Timberline.

00:53:38:03 –> 00:54:54:08
’cause usually that’s the first frost all that burnt, you know, debt kill everything up there. Right? Yep. So usually that’s not a feed source any much late October, early November. So they’re gonna drop down in the, you know, Aspen Spruce F zone. That’s a tough zone. I mean, I’ve hunt that 10,000 feet kill bucks on four season before in Colorado because we just had to keep going higher until we found deer. And that’s, that was rough. mid-November hunting to 10,000 feet and they should be down sniffing d in 7,000 foot winter range. Yeah. So, I dunno, I, and obviously every unit western Colorado, close to Utah, you know, certain units don’t get above eight or 9,000 feet. It’s high as they get. But other units, that’s the winter range, you know, Gunnison. So it’s kind of hard to just say one elevation to split our across. ’cause Gunnison, the lowest elevation’s eight or 85 most units. And that’s the summer range on a few of the Western Colorado units. So that’s say eight to 10. And I know that’s still big range, but Oh, I agree. 10 and under. Yeah. It could be, you could have a town buck 7,700 feet or whatever, depending on the town, you know what I mean? But it, but 10,000, there’ll be bucks at 10,000 there, there will be and, and a little bit higher.

00:54:54:13 –> 00:56:08:26
But I mean, I, I can tend feet sources, decay, whatever the word is really high. You’ve had way too many hard freezes Yeah. By late October for them to want to be up there. Yeah. And I think sometimes you can get a little bit of an early migration on some units and some of that stuff will trigger that is, it’s not necessarily a, a depth of snow. It’s a, a feed issue. And if it freezes that some of those deer just say, I’m done. There’s, everything’s browning dead up here. Yep. So they’ll just go, they don’t have to have snow to push ’em on. And, and that’s unit by unit, but Yeah, totally depends. All right, let’s just finish this page. Yeah. We’ve got about 14 podcasts. Oh yeah. Cluster. Well here you get these last few. Okay. Nick y sucky says COOs glass 12 nls and a 95 STX or tens on your chest. 15 SLCs and 95 tens on your chest are useless personally. Yeah. Hunting cos deer. Yeah. I would say, don’t you? Oh, the 12 NL on a tripod is where we would choose. But sometimes that three power, I mean, I could see on a coo deer, but generally those twelves we, we’ve used, we would choose, we would choose the twelves over the 15. We, we do, I’ve had fifteens that haven’t been used for two.

00:56:09:12 –> 00:57:16:06
Whenever, whenever the NLS came out, two and a half years, whatever, it’s, they’re crisper, they’re clear. And so you don’t feel like you’re losing three power. It does. It’s, yeah. That’s the fact. Yeah. Try it. And the color, the color is so much. And then you have a chest, vinyl, you have a chest, vinyl and a tripod. Vinyl. Yeah. So I just think tens for COOs, deer on your chest. Like you’re just, that’s a waste of a piece of glass. Yeah, I agree. Unless you’re a bowl hunter and you’re in the trees. I mean that, I guess we’re assuming your rifle hunting COOs deer guys are using BTX too. Like sir, you know, serious COOs, deer guys pretty beefy glass. If you, if you have it, I don’t know that I’d go out and buy it for that necessarily, but dude, if you hunt ’em repeatedly Oh yeah, you should. Yeah. If you hunt ’em once every 10 years, it’s hard to justify. But coo deer guides coo deer hunters live behind a BT 12 NLS and the 95. And that would go from mule deer, coo, deer, kde elk or anything. Pretty much that’s, that’s what we’re using right now. Yeah. We’re everything. Except probably switch that S to an A though. Yeah. I’m, we’re reading this right. Come on. Yeah, I don’t, what’s that? I’m with angle. This is STX. It should be a TX. I’m guessing that was a typo typed up.

00:57:16:12 –> 00:58:33:16
I He must have accidentally a SD That guy knows all. Nobody’s out there looking for, I know that pots of gold somewhere. Binoculars, periscope. Hey, I’ve got an angled harpy. I’ll say you harpy has only come angled. And I thought I could get used to it. Harpy is, Hey, announce it on the podcast. It’s been used. Has it even been in the, the field? Yeah. Yeah. It has. But not maybe half a day truck glass. Like it’s off. Make a great, it’s awesome. Make you’ll make a great deal with somebody. Is that what you saying? That glass is superior to anything else, but I cannot get used to the angle. You’ll sell it. So anyway, email Jason sell it. Yeah. Seriously. This is not a joke, right? No, it’s no joke. Okay. It’s incredible class. Oh it is. Just, they’d only make it an angle if you put ’em side by side, it, it’ll, it’ll surpass anything. It’s just, geez, it’s crooked. That’s all. Yeah. It’s, it’s just, I’m a straight guy. Okay, let’s, let’s move along. Jeff. Jeff unk, screw 88 says, best tripod for a vortex. Razor 80 or vortex razor HD 85 millimeter spotting scope. How about this? How about we got some epic tripods coming. That’s gonna be the best for everything you just said that We do. We got ’em coming. We ordered pallets there. You hear you here first. Did I do something bad?

00:58:33:17 –> 00:59:39:21
I mean, am I, am I gonna get a pink slip? I mean no, no, but hey, so yeah, I guess to answer your question, depends, depends. Regardless of this X razor, if you had an 85, that’s a, that’s a bigger spotting scope. Not normally used for exclusively a backpacking situation. You might use it on a backpack, like a little gizo tripod that we’ve had for backpacking in our day. Like if you could get by with it. But then we do, even if they’re 90 fives, we use ’em at times and we just can’t pack the weight. But you need a, there’s a call kind of a medium tripod. It would be the dayak truck tripod. Yeah. We may have named it. What did we name? We gonna divulge that yet? No. Well, I don’t know. Go ahead. No, I don’t remember. Wanna wrist the pink slip? You guys gave me the look like, geez. No, I mean, no, that’s just, you guys gonna clear out my desk tomorrow? No, absolutely not. We’re actually within maybe a what month-ish. We’re could, could be. Yeah. Coming out out. We are coming out with our own tripod lines, so That’s right. There you go. It’s gonna, it’s awesome. The tough part about tripods is there’s so many of ’em and they each have their own little, and we tweak buttons and things and we tweak it, it for our use.

00:59:39:22 –> 01:00:46:25
And some people could probably look at ’em and like, I don’t, that’s what I don’t like in a tripod. Okay. It’s like, who, who’s gonna do that? I don’t know. Nobody, none of us here in this room. But, but somebody, we got a light one and a and a normal day hiker, you know, just a normal tripod that we use for a daily use somebody anything. Two hour hiking under, you could throw a BTX on it to a, an LP, whatever. Somebody that’s right-handed, but pans with the left and left eye dominant or something like that and pans up and down versus left. Right. I mean, somebody might, might have a problem with it. Okay. There’s any scenario. It reminds me of Chris shooting a, a gun that I, he shoots my right-handed rifle, but he’s left-handed and left, but he’s right eyed. So I think he’s right eyed. What is he, John? He’s, he’s, he’s only got a left eye. Is it? So that’s why he shoots left-hand. So that’s why he shoots left-handed because, so, but he’s right-handed. So he likes a right-handed. He’s handed when he Right, he’s right handed all that stuff hand. But, but yeah, when he was 10 he, he put a knife in his eye, right? Oh yeah. Just a little pairing knife. And, and I You guys think a couple little scars are cool? Oh yeah. He, yeah. So poke your eye out his, your badie. Yeah.

01:00:47:04 –> 01:01:54:09
So his left eye is good eye. So we had to, and he’s righthand to shoot ’cause that’s what he sees good with. But his body all wants to run the boat with his right hand and it’s a, it is. So that reminds me of this, whatever you’re describing, this janky, that guy’s gonna look at our tripod and say that’s all bass awkward. I don’t know. I don’t know. Alright. But hey, it’s coming. Stay tuned. Stay tuned on that. And that’s another question. Logan says, we get a lot. Where’s Chris? So anyway, Chris still, still does freelance for us and works for us. Actually puts a lot of our story composition, whatever that term in art department is called. Right. Composition of the stories. Yeah. Yeah. He works on lot. He’s a heck of a great knack for all the art stuff. Look and Phil and turning words and pictures into works, works in John’s department. Yep. Still does a great job. But he’s also business, you know, he is also got a lot of other things going on in life. Yeah. He’s subcontracts to us. It’s awesome. Yep. He subcontracts to us, but man, he is singing like crazy. He’s doing concerts all over the west. Summertime it’s, yeah. And so yeah, he, he spread spreading his wings a little bit and, but still, still works for us in 14 pots. We’re just glad he is still, we got got married a year ago.

01:01:54:09 –> 01:03:07:04
Was it just last summer? Got married a year ago, so, right. Was it one year ago? Yeah. Might be two now. I dunno. I dunno. It’s been a couple, two, yeah. Two years that I wanna say two. I wanna say two. Two, three. Yeah. So, but he, he’s, he’s running hard. So he has an attack. How long have you been married? How long have you been married? Two years. Three. Okay. Did he got married a year after you? I believe so. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Who did not get married? You guys didn’t get all married. You see how fast I answered that? You ever, you know of, you know, your relationship points for you, but if it is four, you’re dead. Two years, 11 months. And come on. It was August 1st three. Well, it was, you know that. Yeah. Well he got, him and Wyatt got married like within three days. Early August is all I remember. Remember I was gone. This year’s cutting to close. How old were you? Was that 20? The covid year, year of covid 20. That lasted for 10 years. I think it was 2020. Yeah. The heat of it. So how, where was I? So how did you, what, how old were you when you got married? Tell me. Rough. 31. Okay. Right. And why it was whatever, 33. And you guys went to college together and you were twenties, early twenties for a long time.

01:03:07:04 –> 01:04:16:15
How is it that you get married? You both within three days? The one bless my wife, rub that apart. I put her through some seasons, but, but how is it that you and Wyatt decided to get married within a week of each other? Because once August 10th hits, we’re waiting another year. I think it’s, I think it’s an amazing phenomenon. I’d like to know more about it. It’s true. It is true. An excuse I love in the air. I had to wait for some snow to melt to do some things and Oh yeah, I remember that. Remember tr cams and surprising. Yeah. You I had pre carved a tree. Hey. Oh, I remember now I know where her tro cam scare comes from. Exactly. What’s a scare? That’s very, she doesn’t like going with them in the mountains because she’s scared the cameras are on random, random trees. Yeah. She’s like, don’t you think somebody’s gonna get my picture? I’m like, no, there’s not cameras everywhere. I promise. So give, but he’s give a little back story. He had a story operation on his proposal. Yeah, yeah, that’s true. She’s been spooked ever since. Do you hide cameras in the house? Do you have random cameras scattered in the house last weekend? She says, I don’t wanna go over there. There’s probably cameras. I’m like, there’s not show cameras everywhere. She goes over there and she goes, there is one. I found a camera she did.

01:04:16:16 –> 01:05:36:04
And I’m like, bull crap, there’s no water. It’s just like an old camp spot. She’s like, it’s creepy over here. And and there’s like an old sheep, her her bed and then an old mattress frame tied with ropes. Yeah. Hanging. And I was like, where’s the camera? And she goes, it’s right here. And it was an actual camera, a Kodak camera about disposable. Devon has the foot real, I mean had a screen. Oh, a digital, digital camera. And I’m like, what? Well after I tell her there’s no cameras. So did you pull that card that was missing? I checked That can’t be covered in the antiquities act because digital cameras are, were pre, you know, post eight. How weird is that though? That’s weird. The weirdest crap happened. Paranoid. The weirdest crap happens to you, Devin. It’s true. But this is from a guy that starts off, he’s looking at stinging operation trail. Cameraing his proposal in the mountains and wonders why his wife spooked the trail cameras when she doesn’t expect them. It’s very true. Chased by a Turkey. Looks into the soul of an owl. They were speaking to each other, their souls were speaking to each other and his wife’s Yeah. Night blinded from ir, you know, flashes all, all guys. All right. This is probably the last one for this one. Hunter. This is an easy one. Hunter for, yeah. A hundred for life. 87.

01:05:37:00 –> 01:06:45:05
Why is it that point creep was so much more apparent in this year in Arizona? It’s unbelievable. I think the anticipated the anticipated. I think there was a few things, don’t you bro? Like the anticipated antler growth, the low tag numbers and but yet we’ve kind of got past this drought Yeah. Era. And, and it feels like there’s decent numbers of wildlife and in in, in conjunction with the antler growth in conjunction with people are knowledgeable, waking up, realizing they’re never gonna gonna draw the strip tack. That’s right. They’re not gonna draw deer on that. Those are all factors on elk. We saw it happen too. You had the elk dates move a week later on the archery. Yes. On top of the wet year on top of moisture. And people, the same thing. Like I’m not gonna catch those 20 point units. I’m at 16 or 18. I’m not, I’m not catching the 21 or two. It’s a geo pet year and people are just, and they’re wanting to go, the demand for tags is higher than ever and the 2020 plus availability is less than that. Well in a lot of these units with say a hundred, 150 elk tags, you’re talking with 10 to 15 non-resident, but half of that in the max point pool. So you’re talking seven, seven people, five to seven tags.

01:06:45:05 –> 01:07:44:29
You could change the point level needed to draw in nothing with a group of three people putting in with 18 points. And it happened for theory. Yeah. And it happened. Yeah. We know people, yeah. None of us here, but I mean we know groups of three with 17, 18 kind of coming outta blue and and doing something different. ’cause they’re wanting to force a force a draw on a year when they need to be there. And when people aren’t thinking, when people are thinking, I have just enough to draw and this is my year, I’m gonna do it. And then they they act shocked that they don’t get it. You gotta be more people though I think are are being less concerned of that. It used to be people wanna come in by the skin of their teeth on a 10 point point unit. I had 10 points only. Why only comes to mind. But it feels like people are realizing and like, I don’t care that I got five extra points, one or 19 for the Kaibab early. Right. I wanna hunt this year. Took 13 last year. Well, especially well when you look, when you look at what it’s been taken and now lower tags than lower tag numbers than ever on the Kaibab. Right. Repeatedly for a couple of several years. Well we, we’ve gone back, Jason in our lifetime 15, 20 years there was there used thousands archers.

01:07:44:29 –> 01:08:49:01
There’s a thousand used to be over the counter and there was a thousand early tags. Yeah. 15 to 20 years old last time. Now you’re 3, 3 50. What’s that? Last time I hunt it it was 700. Yeah. Like seven 50. And then you take that and do a 10% non-resident quota and then, you know, and half the three 50. So you’ve got 35 17 tag max point go to max point tag. And then you doesn’t take very many in the whole world to have 17 guys. Yeah. There’s just been there. People are more educated than ever. We’re also more educated on, on moisture and, and the effects of that on antler growth. Well, and we’ve also been pinned up. A lot of people pinned up the last two or three in those days during the drought to hold back. Ah, nah. Not it. And this is, and now they’re just raring with less tags than ever. It’s just, there’s there’s a number of reasons. I don’t blame anybody for doing what they did. No, I I we in fact, either in print or on the podcast, we’ve encouraged it be real guys on what you’re gonna, we’ve, we know max point holders that did the Kaibab late, you know, which I mean Oh yeah. Instead of waiting for, well we know guys with 20, the infamous stroke 23 and four that did that. Yeah. Early on the early on the early, what was it?

01:08:49:01 –> 01:09:58:16
You need at least 19, 19 and a half. Partial of 19. 19 and 2020 was guaranteed. Yeah. Last year it was 13, 14, 13 ish Car 12 a west or which one are you talking about? 12 A west, I think it was on 13 last year. So yeah, you’re just, anyway, you know, just, it, it’s just interesting. Nothing, it was more apparent, let’s call it that he’s saying why, why is it that it was such, you know, more apparent than this year in Arizona specifically. We’re seeing it dang near everywhere. It just feels like tags are being restricted. Long-term, drought, winter kills, things like that. But, but if you look at the tag numbers for the, we call ’em the top tier quality deer units in Arizona for non-residents. The kibab is the highest at 35 non-resident tags. Right. Half of those 17 can go to that on hunt that on the early, there’s only 17. You look at Colorado, you have multiple units that have 30 to 50 or a hundred non-resident tags. Yeah. Being drawn. It’s really hard to change crap. Doesn’t, it’s, it’s hard to change that. Too much point creep. We sell a lot of units come down depending on the unit. Yeah. Oh yeah. But oh, Colorado, we see it every year. Oh we’ll see, come down this year. Some units came down a lot like the point creep happened heavy a couple years ago.

01:09:58:16 –> 01:11:04:28
But you also like what we’re talking about with, with elk being a later season and all of a sudden everybody wanting to make sure they get into the rutt. Same thing with deer Deere. We’re later. So now they move later. You’ve got more, more ru potential. Try move six days. It goes into what, fifth or sixth of, I don’t know what it’s, you got late season dates, you got great antler growth, you’ve got low pressure in the field, lower pressure than there’s ever been. It’s just kind of ripe. And everybody realized that, you know, and then Colorado, that happened how? Two years ago ago. Three years ago roughly. Yeah. Three when you had the really late dates kick in and everybody jumped in and then you’ve just seen, you’re seeing some relaxation in because people have burned them. Yeah. And, and you just have way more tags in Colorado to satisfy the cross out crossover outliers with high numbers of points. Arizona, you know, you get, you get a dozen crossover outliers of 20 points that dodges your tax. Yeah. ’cause you got strip what do you got? 5, 6, 6 tax on 13 B? There’s just no, there’s no options. There’s no tax, there’s no the, the very top tier units. There’s just, there’s very few options. You got the early kibab and three three C, you’ve got the whole state, but we’re talking about a, a 15th of the state. Yeah.

01:11:05:06 –> 01:12:06:07
You know, you got three, three C with a hundred tax. So there’s five max point non-residents non, and the difference in quality is, is there’s quite a difference. More of an upside of a really elite deer on the kibab. Yeah. Great chance. 1 71 80 bucks on three a, three C and people wanna go hunt the famous kibab. You waiting that long, you know, I wanna go, I wanna hunt that. You know, just experience it. Whatever. Maybe. So those are some of our thoughts on why you talk about other areas. I talked to a guy and I could be off, you know, a point or two, but he, he didn’t draw the same hunt that Pengu lake muzzle loader elk hunt in Utah. And he had 24 I think and didn’t draw this year. What did you draw with two? I drew with 18 two years ago. So he had 22 points that year. But we knew this was gonna happen. You were privy but you were privy on to some info. Yeah. That that unit was peaking. Well the other thing is, is you had the early rifle in your, your your time. You had an early rifle that was, had a lengthy season. Now we’ve got early rifle kicking down to five days. You’ve got the muzz that’s been somewhat prime days now.

01:12:06:14 –> 01:13:21:19
And, and you’ve got people worried with, with the, the mid rifle and this December archery and all of these things that they’re just thinking that the elk are great now but aren’t always gonna be great. And so I need to burn my points and muzz lord’s the best season. Seems like a natural and we’ve got, we can use scope still. Well at some point that might end. And so they’re thinking, okay, this is my chance. So there’s a rush. Yeah. You have a, you have a rush and then you have a point jump that’s somewhat significant. Uncontrollable. Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s crazy. Lot of variables. True debt. Yep. The one interesting. Well anyway, gotta finish it. No, just, just what we talked about. There were some surprises on the mid rifle, on the elk. You know, there were some things and if you think outside the box and you can, and we help guys all the time think outside the box, think about all these different variables and then come down to a collective, this is my decision, this is what I’m gonna apply for and this is why, and and kind of projection. I think that’s kind of what we’re good at is projecting not, not, not that we nail it every time, you know, but you know, it’s kind of projecting these particular season dates and how that’s gonna affect your hunt and what it, what it means.

01:13:22:02 –> 01:14:31:11
And throwing in a full moon here and there or whatever. You know what I mean? So, you know, all the, all these variables go into what am I gonna do and what year am I gonna burn my points. And, and hopefully you do the right thing and make the most of it. So anyway. Josh, you’re, you’ve been thinking, did I use the word that triggered you or no? No, I’m just thinking probably I probably ought to run. We’re about there. Well we’ve got another what, 17 pages? There’s like three pages. Yeah, there’s some good ones. There’s a few in here. Address the, you know, what tags did Jason have for deer tags in and the future. Love when he gets nervous. Haha. That’s from a buddy Jason when, who got nervous. Just the next page. Just he loves when you get hot mic. We about went there with me earlier when you guys, but then you moved off subject, but, oh, are we going back to that subject? What are you most looking forward to this year? Bro, we can always New Mexico deer hunting. I like it. I like it. There is a question about this later. There is New Mexico deer hunting. So we can answer, we can go dive into it. What’s the best rifle deer unit? That’s it. Rifle deer hunt in New Mexico. Oh, it’s, let’s just do that in, somebody has middle, middle of page two. Oh.

01:14:31:11 –> 01:15:40:18
The best one would be like drawing the raffle tag. Okay, Jeff, hope we got an announcement process. Extended. Extended season dates. Well I like it. Let’s go there, let’s get this out of the way. Right. You really, how much tweaking did you have to do to your schedule or Bronson draws the, not a raffle. Not a lot. Governor Deer tag new. That’s everything was set and, and you get a call outta the blue. I think it was June 30th. I mean, what is it now? I don’t know. July 20th. This just barely happens is what I’m trying to say. My season was a hundred percent set. Arizona shut the door. I had false hope of anything, but I used to have hope. So that was my last what if, you know, I draw a tag that I shouldn’t draw like you’re saying. Yes. And then I got a, i I was scouting Nevada. I got a, I actually got a voicemail. I didn’t get a live person tell me it was a voicemail that said I got good news. Yeah. You forwarded me the voicemail. I’m like, I forwarded all, I forwarded people and in an odd way, it’s not an uncommon thing to get a call from somebody in New Mexico this time we’re, well we had already been calling, you know, we call enough outfitters and landowner something tags a missed call. 5 0 5. I just, whatever. That’s nothing.

01:15:41:10 –> 01:16:52:19
It was that time of year where, you know, had a few callbacks from land owners, so Geez. But yeah, changed my, so here you go. It went from a very, you know, almost nothing, you know, a forced dry elk tag in Colorado General season deer tag and tried to supplement it with a landowner tag. So I don’t feel like that’s enough. Like a call or a Nevada and then looked for something in Colorado. Turn that every state gives raffle special raffle tag or Well we, we just got done. It’s interesting. Do you remember when did Nevada Dream close that day? Yeah, like the 30th. Yeah. Like we just did a podcast and we’re talking about, hey, it’s one of the last hurrahs and you don’t, you don’t expect you’re gonna draw. No. Hey, I had a guy hit me a week after that. He drew the out tag. Yeah. Remember. So I got the call and yeah, it changed my life. Get New Mexico for five months. Drew a New Mexico governor. Dear tag. The, the only, so, and, and we had a story last year from a member from Texas, Jared Hick question earlier. Oh, he’s got this question. Yeah. That drew it last year. His story was in last year. So it’s just, and he killed pretty humbling really? Because he killed the freaking giant and you killed it on a Chi Pet year or excuse me, drew it. He did. He did.

01:16:52:22 –> 01:18:04:05
You drew it on a Chi Pet year. I hope. I mean, I don’t think you never, everybody’s told me it should be great. And I, to answer your question, Devin, I obviously you could start in September. I don’t have plans to have a September one buck found because I have way too much going on already, already in stone between, you know, know Nevada, Utah, you know, Colorado Elk starts the first September. Not that that would trump something that showed up in New Mexico, but basically put out a bunch of feeders with people I know. And then hopefully many of us at this table, if we got time, we’re gonna head to the land of Enchantment sometime in the You’ve got two weeks, which two weeks are you gonna choose? Right before the late archery December. Say December one to 15 is what I was gonna say. But you’d be down there with a youth and a lap and a laptop for the magazine. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t wanna shoot a buck out from under a youth. Throw a youth Ask John. They don’t, they don’t deserve it. Anyway, take it. Talk me into it. Push, push against don’t. Yeah, you push them down a lot more opportunity in years than you do push them down. That’s right. That’s not what I meant. I’m just saying walk over top of ’em. Yeah, push tag it. They’re little tag and drag. You’re big tag and drag.

01:18:04:15 –> 01:19:10:27
Anyway, it’s, it’s still really smashing ground sunk in. It’s really been. It’s, but the paper came in the mail while we went on vacation. I go home and it’s there, so I got it. It’s awesome. Wow. So it’s pretty surreal because I mean, let’s do this when there’s only one of something like, I mean I, I applied for the sheep down there. It, I don’t do every state raffle, but I’ll put several hundred dollars in some of that elite sheep like New Mexico sheep or Montana sheep maybe. Well, Arizona’s different. ’cause you can’t hunt all the elite ones you play. You try, we’re always trying to put our names in the hat stuff that I want. But like, there’s some states I don’t, I don’t play Washington, Oregon, nothing against ’em. I just, I don’t, but I do, you know, Idaho, I did win a super tag one up there one year, but they draw 10 of those so it’s a little bit, little different. Maybe eight on the first draw. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve drawn several of those too. Elk and a deer or two. Yeah, elk and two deer. Yeah. So overall you’d never expect it. And, and you know, just like the people we called for a hunt giveaway, they don’t expect that call either. That was, I never went anything. You screened her, you screened her call like some guy screen ours ’cause they don’t recognize it or whatever.

01:19:10:27 –> 01:20:24:07
Yeah, I didn’t even, I I I, I, I got the message sometime when I’m driving and, and Flick had some service, but then when I saw my phone that it was there was that before the AC that went out or after the ac I had no ac but that was actually in late June 30th and it hadn’t even got hot yet. So I just drove around with the windows down about Cool. 75, 80. Probably went and found service real fast. Well I didn’t have service. Yeah. When I saw it and, and could listen to it, I didn’t have service. I driven through service, boom comes through and then it left service again. So yeah. That’s why I am freaking out. If anybody hears of a giant call in, we’re interested. Bronson, you’re interested. Let let my agent know Jason Muy Carter run it by me. Triple I guards pipe mass, 35 wide inlines hangers plus have and a drop time. What picks or it doesn’t didn’t happen. Absolutely. We’re not, I don’t chase rumors. Send picks chasing it. Epic It’s gonna be fun. I mean I’m gonna I’m so excited for you. It’s flood. It’s gonna be pretty Jeez. Fun. I mean I anticipate it wearing, wearing me and maybe us out, whoever’s able to go down a few different times, but not gonna, we’re gonna a hurry. Gonna shoot the right deer. We’re gonna finish your truck off. It’s been worn.

01:20:24:13 –> 01:21:30:15
I have to buy a new one. Before we, we were looking at your truck and it’s got, if you look in the front, there’s like a chipmunk nest in front of the Raider radiator. Have you driven out in the prairie right now? The grass is this high. It’s stupid. I’ve got ’em in every radiator. And you and try getting those out. You pop your hood. Yeah. And it’s covered. You can’t reach in. I know. The ones with like the big long, I think it TI think it’s needle and thread. They’re sharp. You need to put leather on needle and thread. Josh, you need to put leathers on first to mine about this high and it, the seeds actually this week when I went out, most of ’em are off now’s so the stalks of the grass are there. But those seeds are, they’re falling off your truck’s full. It’s, it’s scary. I’m afraid it’s gonna catch on fire. Yeah. Oh, I’ve done it. Like a friend of mine said he had a, you park there fire extinguisher in his truck and I thought that was a pretty good idea. Oh because you know you Yeah, well yeah, I, I was thinking of my truck, but yeah, I don’t wanna start a wildfire either and you know, have to outrun it all. Let’s call it. We good. We good. It’s awesome. Have a great weekend everybody. You Utah people. Have a great holiday celebration.

01:21:30:15 –> 01:22:42:28
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