A few of the guys sit down and talk Mule deer across the West. It’s been a busy early season for the entire crew here at Epic Outdoors with Wyatt and Adam ringing the bell early with their archery Mule deer. The others are jumping from state to state, both hunting and guiding. We also put a call in to Clint Lindstrom, who has spent plenty of time this year in Wyoming and Northern Utah. We get his take on Big Game in those areas. Finally, get all the details about our license application service.

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. We got cash. And Wyatt here too. Logan. Of course. You’re always here. Always here. How’s your hunts going, Logan? Oh, it’s going good. Trying to get close on some bucks, but haven’t made nothing happen yet. Yeah. Welcome to Archery. Yes. The only person I know that kills opening days, Wyatt and Adam both. Well rather be lucky. Good. That’s twice in my life in whatever, 30 something years, 35 years, geez. On with a bow. I’ll have to grow up to be a little bit like then the first one when I was 14. But the first thing with antlers died that days. I put away the bow. Now I’m into the Muzz loader. Have you blown any smoke yet? No. Oh no. Just, I mean, decided in one month deep. I got a question for you. Oh yeah. With a muzzle loader, how many days of hunting do you feel comfortable leaving a charge in your barrel before you wanna play it? I out. That’s a good question. So like rain shine, I’m, I moisture everything. I’m pretty particular. And where I’m hunting sucks. So sometimes I don’t even take it outta the truck ’cause it’s raining and you don’t wanna have a problem. I’m like, yeah, I’m gonna g glass him up.

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Bet him I’m gonna walk back to the truck, get the gun and figure it out. Yeah. You know what I mean? Have you ever thought that once in a while, like, I don’t want to go out, like the rain is violent. Oh, it’s violent. These last storms we’ve had come through have been unbelievable. So have you since whatever, Sunday, Monday, when this hunt started. Have you, is it the same charge in there? Oh yeah. Okay. Oh yeah. So we’re only three, four days in. But I just, yeah, it’s fine. It’s fine. Might be in there a while. I don’t know. I don’t know. I, I wouldn’t go. I’m not a fan like you. Okay. Here’s another question for you, Adam. So you shoot that one charge, do you swab it or do you just reload it dirty? They say, you know, load it dirty. Yeah. If it’s, if it’s literally, you probably have it shot already fouled it once and then loaded it, right? No, I shot it and, and cleaned it. I swabbed it and then loaded it. And that’s the end of it. It’s clean. Yeah. Okay. It’s pretty accurate that way. Yeah, but I’m, but it’s also bullet to bore Very tight. Yeah. I’m resizing. I know. The more you, the more you gets tight, the more you shoot, the harder it is every time to load. I only have four Macs and after that you’re breaking Ros. Okay. Yeah.

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I’ve had muzzle loader like that. You turn it upside down and hit it against a rock to get it sealed. Yeah. So, so the other thing is, if you load it dirty, can’t you, in your mind just picture the, the barrel deteriorating from the powder. Yeah. If you keep it a while, but I mean, I mean, it’s hard on stuff. Yeah. I think it takes a, takes a little while. Yeah. I’ve, you’re gonna be done in three weeks. It’s over. I know. My old MK 85, I mean, it finally pitted the barrel out so much you could look down the barrel and it was, you could see the pitting and then pretty soon it just lost its accuracy. I’ve had to retire it to the grave. But then I walk into John’s office and he’ll have a muzz letter that won’t have been cleaned for a year, year and a half. And it’s fine with the most corrosive powders. No. The man residues and stuff. No. The man. Yeah. And it’s fine. Smoke full powders. We can pick on John ’cause he’s not here. We can’t pick on Wyatt. ’cause he walked in. Anybody Devon? Devon’s not here. Devon’s not here. Josh. Josh. Josh. Yeah. Josh would be a good one. Right. The only time we get something on him for Yeah. What do we have on him? What should we talk about? He’s usually pretty quick with a comeback. He is. Oh, he’ll crush it.

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Definitely. Yeah. There he thinks about things and saves it. He’s the one guy that saves the memes. Like he’ll save him. Anyways, there’s some pretty exciting things going on. Hey, how about Utah? The technology committee finally coming out with a recommendation on Muzz orders, huh? Yeah. What’d they vote on Jason? Well, they’re voting to have open sites. Go back, go back open. Just go back Even, even prior though. Eliminate one powers even. Yeah. So not even going back. Which I think, I think it’s awesome at they’re, it’s fine. I think it’s awesome. They’re, they’re know. It’s been a long time coming because there’s so many opinions. You know what they say about opinions and probably can’t even say it on the podcast. But I mean they’re just, everybody’s got one and, and so it’s hard. You can’t make everybody happy. But anyway, there you have it where they’re come come out with that recommendation and to the wildlife board and we’ll see it goes, let’s go through the rack in the board this November. Yeah. And then if the wildlife board ra and racks, you know, decide they like it enough that they can approve it, then off you go. You know, lot. So anyway, a lot. Good job. Good job To the technology committee. We’re all behind you. You know, Nevada, of course they’re still open sight. Never have changed. And New Mexico changed to open sight iron sight’s. Only Colorado has always been Colorado is.

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So we’ve kind of got an industry standard really. You know, primitive weapon. We’re talking about primitive weapons. At what point don’t they become primitive? And that’s probably multiple power scopes and turrets. Yep. You know what I mean? Especially with the technology behind the muzzle loaders now. Yeah, yeah. Bullets. I mean, you’re not shooting a round ball. No, we shot those when we were kids. Oh yeah. Yeah. You could re-shoot the ball after. After. Yeah. I know we found one out of a buck, Aaron shot when he was 14. It had the perfect little circle on top from the metal R mod hitting it. But it was perfectly, we round it, gave mushroom, you could shoot the round ball again. That was pure lead. That pure lead. Pure lead. What is lead what? What’s bad about lead paint? All I know I used to put little lead pellets in my lip when we were hunting birds when I were kids. I used to suck my pellets and bb, I’d carry it in my mouth and I’m fine bet pellets. I’m not looking for a place to die loose. Now I’m fine. You don’t wanna be trying this for a P. You just, yeah. You always have em in your pellets. In my mouth. Mouth always had em in your mouth. I mean this lead things just, it’s, it’s garbage. Nobody knows what found to cause cancer in California. Yeah. Something like that. Exactly. Like everything.

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Condors only in California. It only affects condors. It does not affect humans. It doesn’t. So anyway, there you have it. So yeah, we’re going back to that. And remember even the patches you used on those round barrels, like if, if you went a certain grain Yeah, it had to be like you went across grain with the patch, then you’d always go across to, and it had to be perfect circular. If you had it, if you seeded it with too much of the patch on one side of the barrel versus the other, it would shoot different. You had to have that patch perfectly centered on the be ball use double F or triple F, you know, double F, triple F gs generally double F. Nothing fast about that process. No, no. That’s the reason to this day. My dad hasn’t had with muzzle loader since those days because of those days. And they used to have wooden ram rods too. Oh yeah. They were wooden. They’d break. Yeah. Pretty sketchy. They’d have brass ends. Sketchy. They would be wood in the middle. There’s not, it’s amazing. More people aren’t dead from, from using primitive weapons or serious injury to their hand from trying to push that wooden or wooden ram rod down. Anyway. Yeah, pretty fun stuff. I’m just, I’m gonna be interesting. I’m proud of them. Hey these guys, you know, did good work.

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It was a long time coming and it’s not easy to come out with recommendations like that. ’cause your head’s on the chopping block if you do it or if you don’t do it or, or you know, everybody’s got these, of course these opinions and whatnot. So there you have it. Right. At least we’re moving on. And, and you know, the, I guess they’ll have this technology committee’s kind of in place for who knows how long forever until the next invention comes out and then they have to address it. ’cause and they’re, let’s face it, within three to five years, there’s new stuff we’re not even using right now. They’re still, they’re still addressing, you know, they’re still addressing center fire rifles and a few things like that. ’cause people get, are wound up over long range hunting and whatnot. And quite frankly we’re hypersensitive as, as a community, as a hunting industry when you’ve got long-term droughts and then winter loss No dear. And things like that. Yeah. You’re just angry. Right? So I think it’s admirable that the hunters are looking at themselves. Not only are we gonna blame game and fish, right? I mean of course we aren’t. But the, it’s easy to blame game and fish and want to have different management styles. But then the hunters are looking at themselves saying, are we too effective?

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What can we do to see an older age class buck during the times of drought and, and you know, winter loss and things like that. So I do want to throw a little shout out to these quick, quick loads. Okay, cool. They’re legit. Did you see, did you see I I’ve seen ’em. Yeah. I, I, anyway, it doesn’t, doesn’t sound like you’ve used them much. Oh, if you’ve got the initial no charge and you’re done, ask cash. I was at the range and cash was there. Okay. At the range. Oh yeah. Gotcha. Alright, good dude. So my, my problem is I have the old reloads, you know, whatever quick, close, they’re green, quick. They don’t hold, they don’t hold enough powder with the Sabbath and bullet. They don’t have enough room because of technology and whatever. We got guns that are 14 pounds that’ll shoot 122 weighted grains. Like we used to do like 70 to a hundred volume greens. Yeah. Yeah. Back in the day, 90, 70, I did 70 shot a spike elk in the heart, thought it was amazing, you know, volume. Yeah. Which is probably like 50 grains of weighed or something. I don’t know. It’s probably not even fair to the animal. Not legal doesn’t out the side of a lion or whatever. Luckily it was a spike. I remember I killed my lion with them freaking muzzle, but it thought I did something, you know, at 50 yards.

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So anyway, so these reloads I haven’t kept up with the, the capacity that you need. Yeah. You need a legit quick load. Yeah. And anyway, this Cedar Mountain quick loads here in our hometown. These are the best quick loads I’ve had my hands on. They’re unbelievable. They, they’re somewhat watertight. You can load ’em. It’ll take the full load. If it’s a magnum, they makes a couple different versions. A hundred, 120 grains of, we’re talking like Wade black horn, right? Weighed black horn 2 0 9. And then you, the long bullets, they’re 300 grain parkers. I mean long, long plus a plus a little felt patch. I mean, it’ll hold that. It’s, it’s pretty awesome. And then you, you, you know how we all have muzzle breaks now, right? So you can, I don’t, but I probably shouldn’t. You can stick it in the barrel and then twist it up and that it’s got a kind of a, probably three inches, three inch funnel, two and a half inch type funnel already. Doesn’t all go out courts. Yeah, dude, it’s, I mean, he’s thought of everything makes him right there at his place. It, it’s pretty awesome. I’m just saying Cedar Mountain quick loads. If you need something, I don’t know, reach out to him. You can find ’em online. It was, it’s impressive. I’m not gonna lie. And so, yeah, I, you know, that’s I guess my gear upgrade for the year. How about that? All right.

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Gear or not. So anyway, all right, Bronson, why don’t you, well, one thing, maybe we do a quick shout out for Arizona or Wyatt, maybe you want to do it. We, we came out the magazine about two weeks earlier than normal, mainly because of Arizona’s. It’s the fall draw, which is what? Bison bull bison B. It’s got Turkey heavy. What else? Why Yeah, bison, Turkey, halina. So most part, yeah. Usually do about the 10th or 15th of October. And now second Tuesday. Now it’s the first. Tuesday it’s the third. Yeah. 3rd of October. Moved it right up. So, so anyway, we’ve got, they’ve only got, they’ve reduced it from a, from like three bull bison hunts down to two. So there’s two options, you know? Yeah. And anyway, we covered it in the publication. Our EAG online. That’s right. So, and we’ve sent out a, an email alert in invariably somebody will, will miss it just because of the change. People get really ingrained and we had that happen on the deer. One particular guy just, just missed it. And, and you know, we’ve, no matter how much email and Well, and that’s why that tentative draw schedule in the magazine, when we come out with it, we, it’s only, it’s only accurate up till the time the state announces their deadlines. Right. And so if, so, if you keep that in January and keep it posted up there and never look at it again, you’re gonna have a problem.

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Yeah. And that’s kind of what happened in that instance. So, you know, then they come out with the deer drawing. It was a week earlier or whatever it was this year. And, and we still come out with the mag, the EAG emails, text alert. We always do a text alert. Yeah. So, and you know, here for the Epic outdoors members, obviously if you’re listening and you’re not a member, we do do that for our members. So Yeah. But anyway, it’s open right now. Right. Why you can apply, right? Yep. Up until October 3rd, go get it done. Get your bison application in if or Duke point only if you do that. Yep. 1159 Arizona time. Yeah. 1159 October 3rd. So pretty awesome. Anyway, we’ve covered all the, you know, that’s the, all the other stuff we kind of covered, there was interesting information actually that we ended up including in there. Including like salt locations and a few things like that, that are really, that are online. Yeah. On Arizona’s website. They have legality regarding that. Well they do other species. Not them. They want ’em dead. Well, I mean it’s just, yeah, they come out of the park and they hit salt and they, you know, and they generally come out when it’s hot and dry and, and need water. Yeah. ’cause you have water, manmade water outside of the park.

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And so, you know, and then they’ve got these salt locations that they’re so used to hitting and stuff. And anyway, Arizona published the GS coordinates of that kind of stuff. So pretty interesting. It would help a guy, you know. Well it’s the only way they can kill those bison is if they leave the park. Yeah. They did the one year. Yeah. What was that? Whatever that little smash and grab whatever. Probably got everybody in a frenzy really got quiet during, during and after that hunt. I know. My guess is some stuff happened they didn’t want, talked about, got files everywhere. I don’t know. It It did get real quiet. Yeah, it did silent after that year. They opened it up. We can’t even get the people we know that had to attack. They know personal people that, that won’t talk. They, they’ve got, they’re on gag order. Probably court ordered. It feels that way. Probably court ordered. It feels that way. It does. I mean, so I don’t know. It’s as if the hunt never happened. It’s as if the feds are looking into something. I don’t know. It seems It’s just eerie. It’s eerie. No, they were, the feds were the ones that put the hunt on. I know, but like, just like, they’re like, we made a mistake here. Don’t know. There’s carnage, there’s, I don’t even want talk about blood carnage. Yeah. Calves bawling for their mob. Come on. I mean, what?

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Tell me I’m wrong. No, they’re part people anyway. So pretty awesome. We also have some point only deadlines. We got Montana, Oregon, Wyoming. If you’re looking to, you know, grab some points, then obviously, you know, everybody in Wyoming. If you want a 0.4 dro canal up, you need to do it and, and get after it. Montana, of course, you know, if you didn’t apply and you wanna grab points, you can. And Oregon, same thing. Normally people apply in Oregon for points during the application period. But, but nevertheless, there’s an option to do that as well. If you kind of feel the super urge to hunt that state. One day. I, I actually liked hunting Oregon. I hunted it. We hunted it quite a few times there in my earlier years. And it was fun. It was a good, good time. All right. What else? What else are we gonna talk about? Why? What have you been up to? Oh, not a lot. I’m just chilling in the office right now, making sure everyone’s points are bought and Arizona deadline’s met. Staying close to home. Why? Staying close to the phone. Yeah. What you got going? Why? What’s going on? Oh geez. Well I’m gonna have my first kid, so geez, I didn’t plan it, you know, exceptionally well. What do you mean it’s not bad diving, hunting season don’t about don’t get to choose everything. Think about this. That’s true. Hate this in a different picture.

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’cause your wife occasionally listens to these. She will listen. Your son. Yeah. She occasionally listens. She’ll just, just psych. Be careful ’cause we don’t wanna have to edit stuff. No, I’m not. I’m not. But you’re gonna have a son in mid to late September and think of the hall pass. You’re gonna get that time. You’re I gotta take junior. I gotta go hunting. First birthday. Yeah. You’re always gonna get a hall pass. It’s a good point for that is a good point. It’s not like an anniversary in September. I like it. I’m gonna buy him. Yeah. The anniversary for his birthday anniversary is not gonna, boys are gonna be boys. We’re gonna hit the hills. Yeah. I mean, this is his birthday hunt. Mom’s not gonna gonna get between father sometime they’re not. Or daddy daughter. It doesn’t matter. His mom, you never know. That’s, that’s in the future though. Now I gotta look forward to the, the baby phase the next two days where I hear there’s not a lot of sleep. Don’t I, don’t I, okay, well there is that keep in my, I do wonder if she thinks you’re not capable of feeding and cleaning the kid properly. Well, I guarantee she thinks that. And so I don’t think you’re gonna have to do much. In other words, she’s not gonna, she don’t trust Wyatt. Good to get to give Wyatt the raise.

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I’m gonna give Wyatt my firstborn to take care of for one night. No, I don’t have a lot of faith in myself to be honest. You know, I can’t even cook a meat, a meat pie or a pop pie. Yeah, a pop pie or a freaking pizza. I can’t start babysitting until I can eat a meal from a sack. Because that’s basically what I know. Whenever, whenever you can eat a burger and fries when this kid can wipe its own rear end and, and make a sandwich. But we’re gonna be hitting the hills until then. Carly is all yours. Well, it’s, it’s it all serious. It’s pretty fun. But you, I know you’re ready. I mean, did you decide on a name? There has been a name. Yeah, I thought there was a couple names potentially. Yeah. Now you see, you do kind of, kind of see the kid. I say it but I can’t release it. You know, I can’t say it. Oh, I’m not asking you to. I’m just wondering how about a middle name? Is it gonna go for what, what I believe my, my name will be the middle name. She’s allowing it. I like it. Yeah, I believe so as of right now. But it’s also hunting season, so I’m not gonna fight her on a lot because I gotta pick my battles right now. So this kid could be named whatever. Yeah. It could be Ray, Charles Ray.

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Well that’s exciting, fun stuff. Fighting times. Yeah. We’re excited for you. When are you gonna be able to leave the house and go on your next hunt? Oh, well hopefully by late September. You got some plans, right? Yeah, hopefully very shortly after. Some, some when mom and kid are healthy and Yeah. Settled. Yeah. All, all goes well by the end of the month. That, that is the one thing about having one in September is the actual year you’re having it is could be a little bit Oh yeah. Touch and go. Yeah. But from thereafter, if it hits the ground running and everything’s good and all, all systems are a go, you’re pretty, you’re pretty sound, you know what I mean? Yeah. Yep. That’ll be, that’ll be the case. Yeah. You’ll be, that’ll that’ll be case. It depends, you know, guys I talk to, they’re like, yeah, you could probably leave that that soon. But if you talk to a girl and say, Hey, I’m going to Alaska that soon after, I mean it’s, it’s not good. How’s your wife handle that? What’d she think about that? Yeah. And all her friends are your worst enemy. Yeah, that’s what, that’s what I found. Just don’t talk to your friends for a minute. ’cause they’re not, they’re not us. You know what I mean? Yeah. You guys are a better influence on me. They’re removed from the situation. They’re too far from the situation to get. That’s right.

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They don’t know. We do things different here. Cash. How’s your hunts going? Good. I actually haven’t hunted for myself hardly at all. Oh. Been, I’ve been helping a lot. I’ve been hunting quite, quite a bit. I think some of the biggest bulls in the state even. Yeah. Or at least I would been helping people with good tags and yeah. Spent, spent the first few days of the archery hunt up helping one of my family members that has a limited entry elk tag. Very good. Archery. Archery. Still going right now. Archery’s still going. Yep. And it’s been a grind for him. The Ru’s just slow, slowly getting going. It’s been, you know, really spotty. Not much going on, but hopefully this little cold front coming through. We’ll kick it in later this week. It should be good, but we’ll see. Hopes awesome. High hopes. Is he pretty much hunting every day? Even like today, this morning or? No, not every day. Kind of going to work and yeah. Kind of in spurts doing that. Yeah, he, he kind of planted in spurts so he doesn’t get burnt out ’cause he’s a doctor and so he’s obviously busy. It’s like the last six or seven days though here it’s pretty much Yeah. Just about getting about to where you quit work for a minute. Go. Yeah. Gotta be there. Yep. The last, I think’s the last six days he’s got straight off, so, okay. So that’s good.

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But he is hunting today. Run right now he’s hunting, so that’s awesome. I’ll go up tomorrow and help for the end of it. And then it’s probably take you a nap right now. Probably. Probably. Yeah. I probably, yeah. Making a sandwich maybe. There you go. Hunting his dreams right now. Yeah, diet. Well good. And then you, you’re gonna do general elk? Yeah, I, I spent one evening so far and I’ll probably spend tonight and that’ll be it. And that’s all the time I got. So unless, unless he kills quick. And then you got a few days, does that end? 20th, 20th, 19th or 20th? The general, yeah. Yep. So I’ve got a few days left, but I’m not holding my breaths over it. You like my kids the same thing? Yep. Yeah. Yep. So, and then, then where do you go? You’ve got, you kind of stacked up further a little bit. Yeah. Sunday I’ll head down to Arizona with my father-in-Law. He’s got a archery tag down there, so, oh, I, he doesn’t have anyone else to go with him, so I said okay. I’d be like, I guess I’m in. Yeah. Oh yeah, that’s good. Awesome. So should be fun. I forgot about that one. Yeah. Year. Yep. We hunted it last year. It was fun. It was actually above our expectations of what we heard, so we decided he’s dump his points go. Especially here like this. Yep. It should be great.

00:20:43:16 –> 00:21:56:06
It should be fun. That’s right. Arizona starts Friday. Yep. So it’ll be a couple days late, but it’s all right. There’s some big animals that have hit the dirt this year with special tags, you know, governor type tags, raffle tags, things like that. And then also regular draw type tags or landowner tags. But I heard just yesterday there was a big old bull in Nevada kill like 4 34. Wow. Geez. Crazy. Yeah, just so anyway, who knows? It’ll be, you know, there’s, there’s just a lot that, you know, that top end is there, but it does seem just slightly slow. Well, yeah, that for the average. Yeah. Especially for elk. And, and I think, I mean deer, deer been pretty good. I mean the Utah Limited entry deer units were great. I mean we talked about Wyatts Hunt, it was a great year. Gon was good. Oak Creek killed a bunch of two hon type bucks. But Elk is definitely, I mean, I took a stint to Colorado for five days and it was pretty rough. Yeah. Quiet. Yeah, you used to, I was time clear. I mean clear over, I mean, I was early, I knew it. I just had time. We killed the sheep and I said I, I got a week to go give her heck. And yeah. And luckily those Colorado archer tags are like 12 months, 29 days or something. So I’ll get done with some other things and head back.

00:21:56:16 –> 00:23:01:17
So yeah, that’s pretty, pretty awesome. So yeah, there’s a lot going on. I know Devon’s, Devon’s, Devon spent some time in Nevada’s kind of scouting for a tag that he, he’s gonna grind on a little bit later potentially. And then he’s also headed to Colorado for elk. And so there’s a lot of, lot of tires being worn right now. There’s a lot. We’re yeah, we’re here this week, the next day or two and I don’t know, I’m wondering if next week, if anybody’s there literally, I mean, Wyatt’s probably gonna be gone, you know, some Yeah, we help and then we’ll see. Jason, you’re hunting deer. Yeah, I’m, I’m elk sheep and hunting elk. And you’re hunting elk. And Devin’s gonna be hunting elk and Josh has got kids with a deer tag and elk. Youth elk. I mean, youth elk starts this weekend. Yeah. I mean it’s, oh yeah, it does. I, I don’t know who’s gonna be here. Oh well I’ll have to come in the day or something here and there. There’ll be one or two, but don’t let that the tree from calling ’em buying some optics or something. We got, I do think we ought to talk about the optics just a little bit. Like I’ve been using the BTXI used it this morning, like it’s pretty, it’s there’s, do you got the one 15 on there now? Yeah. Yeah. Are you changing your mind a little bit?

00:23:01:19 –> 00:24:17:11
Well, I mean it’s both. I would say it’s just slightly sharper. Slightly sharper. ’cause of the lighter, is it light lighter? Not lighter and weight, but lighter edge to edge clarity. Like the edges gathers more light. Yeah. And, but the edges aren’t crisp, crisp, like, like the, the bulk of the center. Like, but it’s good. I mean you’re 115 whatever. It’s, it’s giant, but it’s worth, it’s Yeah, I’ve got it on there. I like it. It’s, you know, and then of course you’ve got your 95 for a, you know, spotter straight guy, so it’s ts x xtx and, you know, anyway, it’s good. But I do, but anyway, optics are, they’re, they’re imperative. Like you gotta, you know what I mean? So anyway, if anybody’s out there looking for anything, you know, SRO or Zeis or Leica vortex or anything out there that, you know, Devin, he’s got, he’s got that new Vortex rangefinder, the 4,000 GB blown away. How awesome it was like, anyway, he bought one for himself. So anybody out there that’s in that, then that’s affordable piece right there. I think he was just using it late for, for archery and his muzzle loader stuff too. ’cause he’s got, you know, piers, he didn’t wanna always have to pack his rangefinder. They’re right. The piers are a little lighter. Yeah. So he just wanted a standalone rangefinder. A standalone rangefinder. Yeah.

00:24:17:11 –> 00:25:23:27
And he, his the Vortex four thousands very affordable and, and does has all the ballistic data in it. Yeah. Capability. He might be using it with rifles too. I haven’t asked you that. Yeah. So anyway, really impressive. All I think the speed of the range too. Like he would hit it and it just immediate. So just the speed of it was pretty awesome. And of course we’ve got the new EL ranges coming out, the eight and 10 power eight eight by 32, 10 by 30 twos that are actually smaller than the normal 10 by 42 Yale range. Ta a a lot smaller and are beautiful. I mean it inch Yeah. And it’s shorter and I forget the, but it seems when you think about an inch, like it seems like nothing. Right? Well, yeah, but they’re only seven inches, so you go seven to six or whatever it is percentage wise, like that’s 15 or 20% shorter. But, and what would you give for an inch of clearance on your truck or whatever, you know what I mean? I mean it seems a one inch is nothing. I want 30, I want 30 fives. Oh yeah. And hey, 30 threes aren’t enough. Sounds to me like Yeah, you’re gonna be top heavy in that little truck. There’s a point when there’s a point when they’re just too small to be that tall. It’s like this new Yeah, I agree.

00:25:24:04 –> 00:26:34:04
These Chevy Z twos are coming out with that bison edition and it’s gonna be, they’re coming 30 fives from the top. They’re no way. Come on. They’re just, just gonna roll it. You’re isn’t a 12 inch lift. I be nervous about I you I’m driving a monster truck. I’m gonna draw it, drive it. Like usually Chevys are really glow to the ground and it’s safer. Yeah, it’s safer till your pumpkin hits a rock and throws you off the road Anyway, so yeah, lots of, lots of good stuff happening. What else are you guys hearing out there? Just everybody’s waiting for, I did get a couple pictures of guys from New Mexico, 16 a killed a couple great bulls. They said it was phenomenal. And that’s this early hunt. The September 1st to 14th when they have grass, it seems like they rutt well yeah, well we’re not hearing that here in Utah, but down there. Yeah. Yeah. Arizona, New Mexico. Yeah, when they have feed, it just seems like it goes early. But anyway, that’s crazy. Bug one ruing. I mean one killed like, they had a three 90 bull. They were hunting a couple great bulls. Yeah, we had our hunt winner too from Utah Mule deer send in a picture. Killed a great buck. Geez. Yeah. Another hunt winner. He did actually. Yeah, I know who you’re talking about. Yeah, he did. He he killed a great bucket. Another hunt winner killed a stone sheep.

00:26:34:04 –> 00:27:41:10
Another hunt winner killed like a 70 inch moose. 70. It’s a giant. And it’s not 70, you know, a lot of times it’s when when you picture 70, it’s just kind of flat. It’s not built well in the middle. This sucker’s big. Why? Yeah, you’re a scorer. I mean, I don’t, what’s a moose Boer? Like 224, some weird number. Yeah, 2 24. Yeah, that thing has to book. I mean that thing’s a big, that’s, that’s a hard thing to do to kill book moose. It really is. And it feels like a four 20 caribou or something. Did he? Yeah. Oh no, no. That was someone else. I’m mixing. I’m mixing stories. You’re mixing. That did happen. Yeah. Somebody else, but it was a very different guy. But anyway, had a bunch of hunt winners kill good stuff already on these, on these early hunts. So anyway, yeah, we’ve had a lot of that fun. And then there’s also been some pretty good opportunities coming up available at the last minute. We had a couple of Utah oak tags on A-C-W-M-U that were pretty impressive. Yeah. That we just sold two days ago. So anyway, if there’s, if you’re out there and you’re, you’re needing something or looking for something, you know, of course we’re in the field, but we do check our emails and whatnot. You can always call into the office and, and you know, our desk, I’ll have a few sticky notes on ’em.

00:27:41:10 –> 00:28:40:29
That’s fine. When we get back in the office, we’ll try to take care of you and whatnot. So anyway, we, we always check our emails when we’re out in the field, so pretty awesome. But yeah, if you’re needing optics of any sort, give us a holler. And we we’re stocking a lot of things. We’re going through a lot of optics too. It feels like it, you know, a lot of guys were holding off making sure they kept their tag or or whatever. I don’t know if it’s the economy or whatnot, kind of waited to order optics and then yeah, then there’s been a huge flurry, big flurry here recently, but we’re well stopped. So if you been putting it off, find yourself able to give us a call or, Hey, I’ve got a sticky note on my desk right now. Somebody, I don’t, I don’t know what the circumstances, but somebody broke in their truck, stole their glass and they needed some na optics. I mean, whether it be that or Jason, you dealt with the guy in the field that broke a, broke a pair of optics and needed a pair. You did, you had delivered up there in Nevada. Yeah. And he ended up, you know, we talked about getting some twelves anyway, and his fifteens ended up tweak getting tweaked and, and yeah. And delivered a pair. Yeah.

00:28:41:15 –> 00:30:08:23
Anyway, Jason, I’m sure we’ll get paid for him at some point, but anyway, that’s, Hey, whatever. We’re he’s a good guy. I wouldn’t have done it. And just, you know, we’ve got ’em if you need ’em. So I’m just wondering, should we, should we call clan? He’s got a moose tag and then he’s also got a, a deer tag up there in Wyoming and just kind of, you know how Wyoming’s gone through tough winter and whatnot and kind of on everybody’s mind. That’s about to start September 15th. What’s that? Two days with the rifle? Yeah. No, that’s tomorrow. Wait, Friday? Yeah. Pretty crazy. So, well let’s hit him up. Let, let’s give, let’s give clinical. I’m not sure if he’ll answer. It’s been long enough. He doesn’t, he’s not spooky right now. Probably. He probably doesn’t even know what’s about to happen. Hello. Hey, how you doing? It’s been a while since we’ve had you on the Epic Outdoors podcast. Are you in a blind? I feel like we need to whisper. You’re talking quiet. Are you in mid stock right now? No. Oh, you in church? What are you doing Clint? Sitting at home. Oh, getting ready to go get my mail. Oh, okay. Well we were just wondering, you know, well I had heart surgery yesterday, dude. I You did. I did nothing for like five days. I forgot, dude. How did I forget Jason? He’s been warning me sensitive. No, I’m not.

00:30:09:06 –> 00:31:18:27
How insensitive guys are guys? Clint. Clint. What? I would not have called you today, but since that we have you on the phone. What? I mean, are you all right? I didn’t know about that. Oh, you didn’t know that? What did you have he, Clint and I’ve talked about it every other day leading up to this point, but I forgot it was today. No wonder he is quiet. He has no breath. Carter. Well, we don’t wanna make you laugh too loud, but hadn’t I think could, can we, can we divulge your medical records right here on the Open Air podcast? I don’t know if we need to do that. There’s a lot of HIPAA laws that I don’t want to be violating. Well, we want, I wanted to talk, get your take on Wyoming and Wyoming, kind of your experience up there. Of course. You, for, for for deer, elk. Whatcha talking about moose and deer and, and just what, what your, what your take is, you know, after the winter loss, of course it’s on people’s minds. We got the rifle for deer getting ready to get started and just kind of get your take on it. I spent some time in Wyoming this year. Some high country stuff. Didn’t see what I thought I should be seeing. I was seeing probably, I’d say half or less of what I should have been seeing.

00:31:19:03 –> 00:32:26:23
I, I’d almost say the areas that I’m used to looking at close to 70% type die off. Yeah, I’m sure there’s still big bucks there, you know, but that’s just kind of an average feel. And I’ve talked to a lot of other people that have similar, some people say 80%, some people say 50%, everybody’s a little bit different. And I’m sure the die off was, you know it, I think it’s gonna take a long time for it to bounce back. Yeah. Not a whole lot of fawns out there either on the land, but there are a few good bucks being taken here and there and there’re always Yeah, I’m sure there are. I mean there was, there was some of the bucks that survived. A good chunk of them were mature bucks and they were set to be really good bucks this year. So they’re, but then the has kind of have in the back of your mind that, you know, body condition and stress, you just feel like it may maybe affect their antler growth. Right. Yeah. I’ve heard the LER growth hasn’t been affected. A lot of people have said that they were pretty, pretty slow. They’re behind. And a lot of people that we’re seeing repeat deer that I talked to, they were saying that the bucks seemed to be horn growth not as good as it was last year. Okay. It was not going down.

00:32:27:02 –> 00:33:39:21
And I’m sure it was just stress on him. Yeah. And that was, and that’s, I mean I was, I was in G I’m not, you know. Yeah. And I’ve talked to a lot of guys in H too, but that’s that whole Yeah. Part of kind of Wyoming. Well they all, yeah, they, I mean they winter from Big Piney to the Colorado line and I mean they win in such a huge area that uniformly they don’t die the same everywhere. And then they disseminate throughout such a giant summer range. It’s hard to isolate. Like Yeah. Where’s it really gonna be any different or better than, yeah. Another, so I don’t think the moose got hurt as bad. I’ve been, I spent some time up there. I got a moose tech. I’ve been a moose hunting look. Mostly scouting moose with a bow in my hand mostly. Yeah. Right now it’s awesome. But it’s, but you’re seeing, you’re seeing some good bulls. Yeah, I’ve been seeing some good bulls. Good there’s, but in those same areas when I’m looking for moose, occasionally you used to see deer. I’ve seen, I’m seeing like nothing for deer. Like no deer. Not even one deer. I’m, I saw like two, two points and like 10 dos. Yeah. And that’s like a week. Wow. It was like, it was now this is kind of, you know, more of a lower elevation stuff and it’s not your classic. Yeah.

00:33:39:28 –> 00:34:46:03
It’s probably more of a mid-range or winter range. But on a normal year. But there you would’ve seen 40. Yeah. Normally there are some resident bucks that hang out in these places and you’d expect to see ’em after you kind of grind through a lot of it. Yeah. And not seeing any So pretty crazy. Pretty rough out there. Yeah. Pretty interesting. Pretty crazy. Well, good. Have you heard anything about Northern Utah and some of that, some of that stuff I haven’t heard much of Northern Utah. Heard it. It, I think it was real similar to Wyoming as far as what the winter till was supposed to be. I haven’t talked to anybody that’s actually hunted it. Some of the places I’ve been in central Utah, I’m seeing bucks. In fact, I’m seeing better deer on some general season Utah stuff than I am in Wyoming. So I got a general season Utah deer tag and I got a, that G tag in Wyoming and I’m laid up right now, so I’m not gonna be up in G for the opener on the 15th this week. But yeah, I don’t know if I wanna go anyway. I think I have a better chance of killing a buck on general season in Utah. Spending time around scouting down here versus hunting up there.

00:34:46:07 –> 00:35:55:07
And I’ve, yeah, from, if I just went off based off of scouting, I’m gonna be going to Utah before I go to Wyoming when it comes to deer right now. Okay. At least with the general season tag that I have. So that’s what, that’s what we, that’s where I’m at. Which doesn’t sound, you know, you got a Wyoming tag that takes what, eight plus points or something to get and you gotta over the counter. Not over the counter, but, but kind of an easier to draw general, very easy to draw. General. Yeah. Like every, you know, every few years you can get, and I’m seeing better stuff on the general season in Utah this year. Did you hear that? I’m sure it’s all winter related. Did you hear that the Utah Technology Committee come out with the recommendation of open site muzzles? Open openside muzzle loaders? Did they recommend it? Yeah, they recommended it. I’m just wondering what your take is. Eh, I would prefer sculpts, but at the same time what I don’t like is they just keep changing it. I have to have a different muzzle loader for every state. It feels like I got three. Well now you’re Nevada one to work in Utah’s. Yeah. Now you’re Nevada wanna work in Utah. Clint, you could sell one on eBay and take that cash and bank it now with an interest rate and put it in a cd.

00:35:55:07 –> 00:36:56:23
Now Y all of a sudden you can buy two or three guns, but you can only, but you can only sell it to someone in Arizona. Yeah. It could be your Arizona gun now without Kansas. Kansas. Okay. Yeah. Okay. See did, did New Mexico just change theirs too? Oh yeah. That’s iron. Yeah, but these guns will still work. You just pull the scope off. It’s no big deal. Yeah. But I shot mine cash. Watch me actually we, oh yeah. It’s awesome. Yeah. So my last one though, I got like a CVA that it doesn’t even have a, it didn’t even come with a front side on it. You know, it’s meant to be a scope gun. Those are world, those are the worlds. You glue a BB to the front. I do Sell it to your neighbor before the laws and enact before the laws and enact. Let him think that I actually think it more deer will survive. I’m actually okay with back and back some technology. Well, my thing is everybody says, well the percent kills the same, doesn’t matter. And my point is, is you’re a human. You know, you, if you have the open site laying up against the wall and a turd, multiple power scope muzz or that’s well dialed, which one are you gonna grab? You know, you’re more effective. Right. I’m gonna use the most effective technology that’s available to me. Right.

00:36:57:07 –> 00:38:03:10
And yeah, I do feel like now take Colorado for example, Colorado MUS loader. I do feel like that it’s just a little bit better than a bow. Yeah. With the loose power looses. What’s bothering you about color So primitive is what you’re saying? Yeah. Like a primitive weapon like it’s supposed to be. It’s yeah. And that’s what it’s supposed to be. You know, and, and I think more stuff lives and as a result, I think less people actually wanna do it too. Yeah. That now people are more picky when they’re more effective with a particular weapon. You know what I mean? It’s easier to be super picky. ’cause you know, you can roll up the last day and smash when it’s 500 yards or something. Yeah. So, and I, I think so it might make the muzz loader tags a little bit easier to get the muzz loader season. I think you need now you’re gonna have to be a muzz loader hunter to want to go. Right. Not just a center rifle. Right. Yeah. You don’t have to be a little bit more, a little bit more emitted Yeah. To it, you know, and, and then it’s iron. I mean, I’m sure you can still use a peep, right? Yeah. So yeah. Iron sites peep. Can you still use palletized powder? Yeah. Don’t they haven’t made any, any. Can you sabbath still, you know, I mean is this just the site?

00:38:03:10 –> 00:39:05:16
You’re gonna have to start just the site. You shouldn’t start dialing in a new, a new system, you know, and people will dial ’em in and people will still shoot farther than they ethically should shoot. That’s just, I open sites are to Sure. To game. No joke though. When you go looking down there Oh yeah. Down range. Oh yeah. You’ve got this little post that, I mean, you know, it, it does affect you versus, you know, 16 power scope. I’m getting older now. You know what this, this is like age discrimination. Somebody this case, what mean? Just because, just because I can’t, it’s harder to focus on somebody else can shoot with an open sight. Doesn’t mean that they’ve gotta make provisions for you so that you can shoot a muzzle or two. Maybe they’re maybe the disability waiver or something. Yeah. That’s when they say you not with a rifle. Yeah, exactly. If you can’t pull a bow back, you should count with a rifle. That’s a whole nother topic. We could talk about the crossroad exemptions for people. Well there’s just so much abuse. That’s all. This is the year though too, that Utah’s deer plans up. So imagine a bunch of changes to watch forward. Yeah, there’s there’s definitely.

00:39:05:19 –> 00:40:12:09
And that, and I think part of this, there’s the change, all the change, Clint, we’ve been talking about this and I know what you think because we talk enough, but I mean, it’s just people are angry with the droughts and winter loss and things like that. We’re hypersensitive to anything and everything. And everybody, even the hunters are looking at ourselves saying, well what can we do to, to, to help the deer or whatever. Right? And so anyway, it’s good. Have a little reset. Well if you wanna kill big deer, the more you limit stuff, I think the better off. Yeah. The, the greater chance of finding big deer. Now, is it gonna, going from iron, going from a scoped muzzle loader to a iron site muzzle loader, is it gonna change the total number of deer we kill? I doubt it. Yeah. I think we’re still gonna probably kill the same amount of deer. So from a management standpoint of if you’re just looking at straight deer numbers, it’s probably not gonna change it that much. But I do think it’s gonna put, allow a few older deer to live older deer on the landscape. Yeah. Okay. It’s gonna, people are gonna, they’re not gonna be as picky. People start to become opportunistic more. They’re like, you know, I’m just gonna shoot little bucks now instead of, or the first buck that I get, the first buck I can get underneath a hundred yards.

00:40:12:09 –> 00:41:16:25
That’s not a two point guy. I’m killing it thing I’m, yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Now you can pass ’em knowing you can shoot at 300 yards the last two days somewhere with the scope. But the other thing is like, you got some options, like this new elk structure that we have in Utah, they limited the early rifle to five days because that is the most effective weapon. And they shrunk it from nine to five and cut the tags. And now the muzzle loader is 12 days. Right behind that. And you can use scopes. It’s really two rifle hunts. It’s a rifle hunt that’s now, it won’t, won’t be as much anymore as appealing. Now it won’t. Elk plant will actually take hold a little better. They might kill a more uniform, you know, splattering of elk instead of three 30 bulls will die instead of everybody holding out for three 70. Yeah. I mean I’m, there’s some things like that, you know, if you start looking at other, so intangible species instead of just deer hunts like that elk, you got 12 days worth of scope of muzz litter right now. It’s pretty awesome. It is. It is open sight now. This open sight, it’ll be, you’ll decide if you really want hunt with that. Yeah. Some people, and I think there’s, I think the leg, there is a legitimate argument on these draws. Everybody’s really concerned that drawing, drawing is tougher than it’s ever been.

00:41:17:12 –> 00:42:31:25
And so, you know, for a muzz or hunter to be competing with rifle hunters too, because in theory, you know, for all intents and purposes, muzz, it’s just a single shot rifle. That’s right. Yeah. Right. So anyway, there’s, I think there’s a lot, there’s some positive things. I think kind of the most positive thing is just that, just the, the hunter’s willingness to look at themselves and curtail ourselves a little bit to try to ease up on the, on the game a little bit, you know? Yeah. I haven’t really cut much over, over the 20 years I think. No, I still think those gotta eliminate all or the seasons. Okay. Yeah. I know there’s space Colorado’s big, keeping those just on rain land for like, not if you’re trying to build a herd back, there is no reason to shoot antlerless anything. And I know there’s some, you know, you know, crop landowner conflicts and there’s, there’s a whole nother can of worms that we’d like to talk about. But, you know, let’s just pony up the money and pay ’em, you know, just that’s raise the price of tags. Pony up the money, pay ’em, let ’em grow more dear for us. I don’t know. Yeah. Well yeah, yeah. There’s some landowner tag systems that work better than others, you know, so anyway. And I, those are more items for discussion coming up. I’m sure. So. Well good, Clint. I’m feeling guilty.

00:42:31:25 –> 00:43:30:24
Well, I’m feeling guilty, but we called him, so maybe we should just let him get some rest. No, he’s, he needed something else to think about. He was gonna go get the mail for heck’s sakes. Yeah, well that’s what I gotta, that’s gonna be my activity for the day. Drive, drive to the post office box and pick up the mail. That’s gonna be my out, well, Clint’s healthy sucker and he can grind in the hills. And so yeah, we all have a little whatever. So I told him I can’t do anything for two days. They don’t really want me to do much of anything really for a week. But day five I’ll probably, what have you told? What have you told your wife? Does she think it’s two week? Nothing for two weeks around the house. I think wants, did they say it was okay for you to go to higher elevations and test out your heart a little bit. So you needed to go on a hunt solo? I can. It’s secured now. We’ll see what’s, I’ve been doing some solo stuff before this, but, well, we might as well say it. You had a, you had an ablation, right? Yep. And so these are just electrical impulses. There’s kind of a common thing, but it’s Did your have that? Yeah, my wife had it and she had it since she was born. Like it.

00:43:30:27 –> 00:44:41:29
But it’s one of those things, it’s nerve wracking for the individual, but for a heart doctor, they’re like, ah, it’s a walk in the park. Fix that thing. Yeah. Cauterize nerves. They, they just went in there and caught. They didn’t cauterize, they actually froze it. They used like helium and Oh, and they freeze it now. So he went inside and froze part of the inside chamber of my heart on the muscle there. And then it’s, it’s supposed to whatever part makes my heart beat. Irregular fire weirds. Yeah. That, that’s supposed to be stopped. Yeah, because what I was doing is anytime I get over about six or 7,000 feet, I’d basically go into AFib my heart, you know, start beating twice as fast as supposed to without moving. So when these issues were starting to occur, Clint, Clint went in and got checked. And of course the natural thing is, is that because we like to eat a lot of red meat. I got it. They’re probably clogged up walking or whatever. He’s as clean as a whistle. Like he’s, he’s in better shape than most teenagers. And I’m, and I’m not, I’m not that clean, but I don’t know the difference. They just, monster can’t dissolve anything. I’m trying, it’s trying, it’s working, working its way into some things. It’s like Dre So there wasn’t no bypass. Hopefully bypass is not in my future, but, or something like that. But yeah.

00:44:42:09 –> 00:45:40:13
Well we, hey guy, appreciate it’s real. It’s gonna hit you guys someday. You know everybody. You gotta set of reading glasses yet, Adam. Oh yeah, I’m started, I’m the one in Adam office. Adam, I’m the only one here. Well, Adam, I need ’em, but I don’t wear ’em. Don’t don’t you go through a year where you, where you struggle and then you finally just have to get ’em right? Yeah, yeah. I’m in that phase. I’m in the struggle phase. I, you know, but now I have a pair of home here and I actually need to take a pair of, you might need, you might get an exemption and be able to use a one power scope. Come on Carter. Yeah. What do you mean? So Adam, are you, do you get like a 1.25 magnification or have you had to move up to the one point fives yet? I mean, I can’t believe we’re talking about, that’s all they are. They’re just like the 1.2 fives cash is like, what are we talking about? Oh, I know what you’re talking about. They’re, my eyes ain’t good. Really? Oh no, not that good. They’re young, they’re light. Well at distance. I can see close. Good. Oh, you need less read’s. Fine. You need to get less. Well, that’s how I was ’cause I, I used still wear contacts. Yeah. Yeah. Every time I go anyway. All right. All right. Okay. All righty. All right guy. Sounds good.

00:45:40:17 –> 00:46:55:19
Easy feeling good? Yeah. I think I bump great right now. Good, good little sore, but sorry to bother you. But hopefully you’re back in a week and go kill a moose and you could always do the dishes or something and earn some more privileges. No, that’s, you breathe. If you, you breathe soap or something, don’t give an inch. Don’t give an inch. Two seven days. That’s what I heard. Jobs or jobs. Your job chart’s. Your job chart. My job chart’s mine. The mail. He’s doing the mail. Just do the dishes are too heavy. That’s right. They’re too heavy. I can’t do That’s right. Alright guy. In case it sounds good one. We’ll see all. Bye Bye. I forgot it was today. Why you lose track of time when you’re in the hills. Oh, you do? And I, this is the first day back and I’m like, anyway, we’ve been talking about it every day, every other day he’s quiet. I’m like, this not, I’m What’s blind? No, he’s trying not to get his heart rate above. No. 63, you know, I don’t know. Oh, that’s good stuff. All right, well, well, interesting stuff. I’ve, I’ve heard, you know, talk a little bit about more Wyoming. I have heard the similar thing. People are encouraged about seeing some mature bucks, but overall numbers are no question lower everyone like we all thought they would be. Yeah. Right. We all thought they would be. Yep. All right.

00:46:55:19 –> 00:48:13:11
Well, a little shout out to St. James Sporting properties. Sj sporting properties.com. Good dude. Of course, you’ve heard us talk about him on the podcast. I guess you could call him the epic outdoors endorsed brokerage. But if you’re looking to buy, buy a ranch or sell a ranch, you know, super good guys to talk to and they know their stuff. Just, you know, it was kind of a must. I mean, of course he knows hunting. He’s killed a lot of big animals and can definitely help you broker property, buy or sell if you got it. Buy or sell. Yep. Good dude. So anyway, another shout out to Ken Andre, boots Jim win. Jim and his crew there, longtime supporters of ours, met great boots, high tops, low tops, more of a all terrain pack, boots, anything, but check ’em [email protected]. K-E-N-E-T-R-E k.com. It’s that time of year. They, they make hunting gators. They make a lot of stuff. I was on their website this morning order ordering Gators for Alaska. Did you? Yeah. There you go. Yeah, that’s good. Well, anyway, it’s that time of year, you know, don’t, don’t put it off. I mean, they have had good, good inventory. I haven’t had any problem. I order a new pair of boots this year. I used the desert guides for a lot of my desert sheep hunts. The non non insulated non membrane.

00:48:13:16 –> 00:49:21:18
I don’t need a lot of any waterproofing out there, so love them. Use the mountain guides when I’m in the mountains. I like it. So anyway, I think we should talk about our, our epic outdoors license application service because we’re, we’re gonna be into October pretty soon. That’s generally when people start thinking about renewing or joining or whatever and, and potentially having somebody do their applications for ’em. So I don’t have to think about it anymore. Why? Do you wanna talk a little bit about the Yeah, so we, we may try to make our service as painless as possible to sign up for so we can help you transition from another application service. We, we’ve done that in the past and, and do it quite often actually. So able to do that. Our pricing is as competitive as you’re gonna find out there. We’re $50 for the first species, a hundred dollars for two species or more in that state. In that state. Or $750 for unlimited states and species. That does not include your non-refundable state fees. Of course, your license fees, everything like that are all paid for directly the client’s credit card. We let clients be as involved or uninvolved in this services as they want. They can have guys that go through and, and kind of finalize their whole year right there saying, I wanna apply for this state, these particular units, and then that’s it.

00:49:21:19 –> 00:50:31:21
And we just basically file that for ’em. Have other guys that just kind of give us the, give us the criteria of what they’re looking to hunt or what kind of hunt they’re looking to go on. And we can go through and pick their choices to, to fit those criteria so we, we can handle about anybody. What I like is just, if I’m personally, y’all are gonna be doing my applications at some point, really? No, no, but maybe I, Wyatt, I, I called do Jason’s, turn it over. I would trust, I would love to plug and play with this. I would trust Wyatt with my, with my life. Come on. He, he lays awake at night thinking about clients, particular specific clients. And it doesn’t even, they’re not even people that maybe he necessarily knows, but if somebody’s looking to do something, Wyatt, he has a knack for it and he’s treats it like it’s his own. I’m just saying he sure does. Well, and obviously, you know, cash is here to help me and you, Devin, Josh, we’re all trying to help Wyatt, but we’re all doing it. Yeah. Point, man. But like he alluded, you can be as involved in the unit selection process as you want, or give us the sets of criteria that you want. I’m a archery hunter for elk. I’m a rifle hunter for everything else. Here’s my size criteria for deer. Here’s my size criteria for elk.

00:50:32:07 –> 00:51:42:07
It doesn’t matter. I’m cheaper to go self. I wanna go. Yeah. I’m a self-guided guy. I, I have heart problems. I’ve got, you know, you know, whatever, whatever. I can’t get hunt high elevation over seven or 8,000 feet, whatever it is. You know, there’s a myriad different layers of information that we all store in your personal profile so that when come time the regulations are finalized, we analyze the units, it’s time to apply that state. We use all that information to try to be as aggressive as we can. ’cause Yeah, there’s one thing we’re trying to, we get your applications done and on time, but the real goal is to draw you tags. That’s really what we try to do, is to go use all those things to, you know, spread out applicants, but get you in the, the unit that we fill fits you the best and not just throw everybody in for the same, you know, San Juan Elk and, you know, Henry Mountains deer and call it a day best, best in state and move on just to get it done. I mean, that’s not what we do. And, and there and that happens out there in the industry, but it’s very personalized. Yeah. Cash, you can attest to this. This is Yeah. You, your first year basically with this, very impressed with, with, with you and your knowledge and work ethic and whatnot. But I mean, you can attest to this.

00:51:42:07 –> 00:52:50:01
You’ve worked with Wyatt on a daily, daily basis. Yeah. Yep. As well as the other team of great people we have working on applications. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, I would argue to say it’s probably the most personalized service of any of them. Yeah. You know, that, I mean with Wyatt Wyatt’s, mine is a steel trap. Yeah. There’s things that he Remi recalls from conversations. Even just me and him have had that. I’m like, how do you remember that? He doesn’t forget anything. Doesn’t forget anything. Nothing. But I’ve had some conversations about, right, exactly. And, and man, that’s so valuable when it comes to people’s license application because if we have a question, he knows, you know, well we have a great system that stores the data too for guys like me, right. That don’t have this perfect photographic memory and, and so very organized and, and very personalized and so, yep. Anyway, just a great team as well as, you know, a whole group of gals that just kill it behind the scenes. And so anyway, it’s awesome and Adam and I are right in the middle of it as well. So anyway, it’s awesome. Just wanted to throw a little shout out if you’re thinking where you need some help or just, or don’t even need it. You just want it, it’s fine. Cheap outta convenience because of your life or your job or whatever.

00:52:50:03 –> 00:54:10:13
Or if you are with another service, invite you to, you consider switching it, you’ll save some money. I pretty much guarantee that. And like’s been said by you all, we, we do feel that our knowledge and expertise base and personal insight is second to none as far as picking units and stuff that fits you. So yeah, we take it personal. If you kill or you’re happy or, or you know, heaven to bid, you’re not happy that, I mean, you know, we take it personal. So we just absolutely do our best and, and we’re here as owners, as consultants, you know, answering those calls too. And so anyway, it’s, it’s very personal to us. So if you’re, if you’re interested, go to epic outdoors.com or you can call in (435) 263-0777. You can also email info IN [email protected] and of course that will be routed to Wyatt or Cash or myself or Adam or, or any, you know, any number of our staff where it belongs and we will get you taken care of. And so also in this newest publication, there’s also some license application forms you can fill out and, and you don’t, you just fill ’em out, get basically, and then, and get ’em to us and then we’ll contact you for the rest of the information and develop a personalized profile for you and get that conversation started. Easy to do, not a big deal.

00:54:10:27 –> 00:55:26:15
And now’s kind of the time to start thinking about it. People are generally going on a few of the hunts that they got going or maybe even are, have finished up, you know, and are thinking about next year already. And that’s, we’re getting those calls, aren’t we? Wtt crazy. Yeah, we are. Oh yeah, I’ve been getting ’em this week. Guys are, you know, maybe had plans up north planned this year. They went on a, a hunt in Alaska or Canada, so they kept their plans really, you know, loose points only or something like that down here. And now that just happened and they got, they, they wanna all talk about next year, so, geez. Anyway, don’t wait. It happens fast. Yep. It’s, it’s about to turn over. So Yeah, consider you, consider give us a call. Okay. Alright. Okay everybody. Well Bronson, I guess that’s about it. Yeah. Should wrap it up. Yeah, let’s wrap it up. Good luck everybody on the hunts. Take good pictures, send ’em in into us and everybody here too. Good luck, Wyatt. Good luck Wyatt. Good, good luck Wyatt with naming at Naming the Kid. Have you decided what outfit you’re gonna wear? You gotta go naming. We gotta go. Yeah, yeah. Middle name. A lot of big decisions. There’s a lot of decisions. It’s a big, looking forward to it. It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal for us. Wyatt. Yeah. All right, everybody. Keep your powder dry.

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