And we’re back! In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we get a recap of everyone’s muzzleloader and archery hunts! It’s been a long season for the crew here at Epic. We have been busy hunting for the last few months and like many of you, hunting the West has been interesting this year. We dive in on some of the reasons why this year was so different.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Josh Pollock. John Peterson and Cash. What’s up fellas? Oh, Logan. Geez. Always here. Always here. I guess you’re a permanent fixture. That’s right. Although we moved your office. How about that? Yeah, I’m doing Got you. Outta the dungeon. We got a little bit more space in here to do the podcast. Yeah. Just didn’t want you to have the nice furniture. I was kind of sick and tired of coming into a nice podcast room and have it be your office. Right? Well, I had the biggest office. Biggest office. Nicest office. Big old TV in here. The most privacy. Yep. We’ve opened you up there. That’s now true. Now you’re gonna have to work. You can’t hide. No more slacking off, no more sleeping. Right. John, we have to sneak out of a podcast. We don’t have to knock over everything off his desk to get out. That’s right. These are good things. We’re gonna get more work out of Juice Box, millennial box. We’re gonna have, we’re gonna get more work out of Juice Box or Gen Z or Brown bean, whatever. Brown bean. That’s not brown bean. I can’t be the new one. Alright, go ahead. Why don’t we talk about the brown beans? Oh man. Where’d that come from? John?

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Do you want to, so apparently we were doing a kind of a lunch order and apparently in the specific place where Logan’s from Pinto beans don’t exist. They’re called brown beans or refried beans apparently. Or refried beans. Those are, no, those are mhy beans. I thought they were the same. No, Logan. No. I’m sorry. Here’s a test for you. So here’s a test. Logan, do you know what the minville sandwich is comprised of? The minville sandwich? Yeah. Your dad taught me this. Is it the one with bottled deer meat and mayonnaise. Okay. That’s disgusting. Yes, he did make me have that. And that’s, no, that’s so good. Speaking of mushy, that’s the mussies meat ever. I can’t eat it. It’s have anybody out there in the big wide world eating bottled meat on a regular basis about, it’s something you put in your food storage to. Yeah. And it’s a last rainy day. Very, you know, the atomic survival bomb, whatever, A bunker. It’s bunker food. Bob, Jeremy, me is a delicacy to me. I love that stuff. Okay, well no miners will sandwiches made up of, of like, like miracle whipper mayonnaise or whatever. And, and mustard and meat and cheese. That’s it. Meat and cheese. Well, that’s what my dad eats, but I don’t like mustard. So he always call it the minville sandwich. Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, so anybody out there you can, those miners will sandwiches are something to behold.

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The kind of cheese and the kind of meat you get might be important. That’s all. It’s all it’s in it. But anyway. All right. So then we got the mushy meat, mushy beans, and then brown beans. What else? What other kind of lingo do we got over there? We got minville milkshakes with the, which is when you dump a bag of peanuts in your bottle of Pepsi and drink it. That one I don’t like. It’s not as good. Yeah. But that was, I was raised with that. Really? Yeah, I was, yeah. My dad always did it. Yeah, you always, you have a little bit of minville heritage. Yeah, I do. But I didn’t know it was a minville milkshake. That’s what they call it. That’s what I grew up calling it. It’s not, doesn’t even make sense. So those of you, not from Southern Utah, Minville is a small, small town. 800 people. There’s there what was an hour’s that? Yeah, I think it’s probably one of the few towns that’s losing population. Probably. Probably. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t argue with that. But it’s a very significant Beaver county in general’s. Very significant. It’s an hour. It’s an hour too close. That’s all I say. It’s not either. We can’t be talking about if was three hours would be the only thing they’ve got is, I wish Nevada would take them. I kind of wish Nevada would get a cut a finger outta Utah.

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Really? Take pig beaver with ’em. They have to take Southwest desert. Don’t you want that? Brutal. Have it. Josh is willing to make sacrifices to come with it. Horses said Heaven begins on the west side of the tracks. I, which is Southwest desert. I toured, I toured the pig farm once when I was in high school, like in an ag science class. Well, they’re, I’ve never even done that. Don’t scarring. If you get bit by a pig, you’re gonna have some disease. I, I saw things like, my memory is not the greatest. I’m not Wyatt. I don’t believe that. But there are things burned in my mind from things I observed at that pig farm, from people from Beaver County. Whether it’s Milford, Minville, beaver, whatever. I can’t, I can’t unsee what they did to the pig, what they did to the pigs, or I just, I just can’t The processing. No, no. They’re, they don’t, the massive mass killings, what is it? No, they don’t do any of that. There just prop, the propagation and I dunno, I don’t know. I don’t wanna know. Now I’m kind of disgusted as a young was shocking. This might explain Josh a little bit. Yeah. And, and Josh’s, he was scarred demeanor, his personality and some of the things he’s thought processes. There’s like 10,000 sows or something per, per per barn. Have you ever heard the sound of 10,000 sows doing an Estes scream at once?

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What does it sound like, Josh? It it’s, it’s unimaginable. Wow. I mean, I have permanent tinnitus from in there. The one time there’s 10,000 sows and they’re all in these little like pens that are like all side by side and there’s rows between ’em. Yeah. And they, they obviously do all their breeding and stuff in there. Yeah. And so I don’t know if this is standard for every pig farm in America or just in Minville, but they would then turn like a boar loose and he’d just take off running down the row and 10,000 sows all women at once trying to court him. Wow. Yeah. That is unimaginable. That is unimaginable. Yeah. That’s how, that’s how it feels when I walk into class. Wow. I think there’s probably lots of believable, Logan. There is. There’s a lot of people that listen to this podcast. I think there’s maybe not even one that would believe that. We might, we might cut that. I’m just kidding. Lo Logan’s mom might believe it. There you go. Yeah, he’s a nice boy. Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. But it, it was just because beyond that, it just got weird. Oh. So all right. Wow. Well, okay, here we are. We’re sitting here at October 20th. It’s been an absolute grind for many, many people, including us. It was one of those years where we were, everyone was so excited. Rain equals antler, antler equals happy hunters, yada yada yada.

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But rain also equals a lot of feed and, and water everywhere. And the game spread out. The game doesn’t have to come to, you know, here in the west we have a lot of burns and chainings and what they call, you know, a reseated type areas and things like that. And so there was nothing like that. Those didn’t matter on, in many parts of the western states here, especially this, the, the arid parts, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, things like that. So anyway, it’s interesting. Interesting year. New Mexico had an incredible elk here. The guys, you know, the, the outfitters are happy. Hunters are happy. They’re having, you know, good success, so to speak. I mean, there’s a lot of misses out there. I’m hearing a ton of that, but that’s kind of normal. I think generally speaking, there was good quality bulls for anybody that hunted hard. Is that what you guys kind of, is that your feedback? Yeah. From talking to a lot of others. Yeah. It seemed like Arizona did really well too with the elk. Yeah, Arizona. Arizona did good. There were some units though that was interesting. Ar the rutt was off in a lot of the units. Yeah. And then the Rutt was on in some of Unit nine was incredible. Giant bulls, incredible rutt, archery, hunters, whatever. Every, you know, people that had kind of the earlier hunts just loved it. Right. Yeah. It was incredible. Yep.

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Unit 10 had a little bit of that, but then some of these units, they killed a few very, you know, giant upper echelon bulls. And then it was just a, a good year maybe so, so to good year, not, not bad, not incredible. So it just kind of depends. Seemed like unit by unit didn’t seem like it was 2023 was what we were kind of thinking. A lot of people were gonna be the year to remember. Similar to like 2019 kind of thing. Right. And it, I don’t think it was, it wasn’t like it was bad by any means, but it was a weird, a weird year, especially for elk across the west. I think a lot of guys had complaints about some rutt, some weird rutt stuff going on. A lot of guys were, or lack a rutt. Yeah. A lot of guys were saying, oh, it’s late, it’s late, it’s late. And then it occurred at some point. But I think it maybe happened in the middle of, oh, the cow cows get red in the middle of the night with the full, because there’s thoses calves with cows every year. Yeah. And you’re like, how did they get bread? They didn’t even have a rutt this year. Right? There was, yeah, we did have that big, huge moon kind of right during the sweet spot. A lot of the rutt.

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And so, I don’t know, I don’t know how that’ll play, how that played into it or not, but fairly warm temperatures too. We did have a few cold days, but some warm days with Moon and I mean, we can come up with all the excuses we want, but I think that definitely affected a few things. It just didn’t seem like it was really hard. Rutt, you know, for a week or two straight or whatever. It was pretty well across the board. Yeah. Cash, you get the same vibe. Yeah, it seemed kind of sporadic where I ended up on a unit in Arizona and the year, the year that we spent last year down there, man, there was, it was going on and everything. And it was the same time this year. And you would’ve done anything to go back. This is very right lower tier unit. Yeah. Considering Arizona. It’s a lower tier unit. Not, yeah, not one of the best. But you were like, I’d absolutely go back. I loved it. Yeah. We, yeah, we were excited to go back and everything and man, when we got there, you go to every water you go and you look at tracks and wallows, they were all a week old. Crazy but crazy. But the hunt was pushed back a week, so we thought it’d be fantastic. Yeah. But it ended up all the bulls, you know, they’d moved off the unit.

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They were, there was a few scattered around, but man, it was very desolate for ru rut action compared to the year before. And, and did you guys get into bulls or a couple like it, it wasn’t near what we expected. Like a, to be like a, yeah, like maybe that, maybe a 10th and then just kind of called it a eight. Did you hunt the whole time or how So I was down there. I spent a week with my father-in-Law. Then he went back down and he got into a couple bulls. But I mean, things happen. It’s hunting didn’t kill, but it’s, it is what it’s, but man, the rutt just wasn’t there when we were there. It just, it was a week. All the sign. It was a week, 10 days earlier than when we were there. Yeah. John, any experiences you’re hearing or Logan? Just ghost deer man. Ghosts. Yeah. John John’s been helping me a bit here and there. I’m sorry. Scarred for life, Logan. That sounds about like what I’ve been doing. Just chasing ghost bucks. I managed to get one in the general muzzle loader. It was awesome. Last day. Yeah. Yeah. Buck I hadn’t seen before. So I was pretty excited about him. And then just got my dad and brothers I’ll be helping with here the rifle. So yeah. That’s awesome. So the rifle starts tomorrow here in Utah.

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We have a rifle hunt that starts tomorrow for generally the, the majority, the lion’s share of, of our rifle hunts here for mule deer. And so there’s a lot of excitement in the air. There’s some of these units just didn’t produce the very top end deer that we thought they would, that they would produce. And not that we just, generally speaking, the industry people were super excited about the sco. It was good, not great. So what it kind of felt like to you guys? Yeah. Yeah. I think it was definitely, definitely a good year, but, but definitely solid year. Again, like not a 2019 I, I don’t know, you know, one of those kind of things. Yeah, definitely. There were some big deer kill for sure. We were here. How many two 20 type bucks were archery muzzle? Not one right? Or right close? Yeah, there were a couple. A couple. There were a couple. So a lot of, A lot of like 200 inch deer. Yes. 2 0 5. 2 2 0 5. Stu Starbucks, one of the best units in the, in the state. Really managed somewhat tight. Oak Creek. Similar, you know, similar results there. Henry’s very solid. Very solid. San Juan. Very, very solid. Yeah. Yeah. You know, that’s what it feels like. And so there’s a lot of anticipation. What’s gonna die tomorrow. Guys are working hard and there’s gonna be some great bucks taken tomorrow. The rifle hunt always brings some great bucks.

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So pretty, pretty fun lot. A lot going on. Pollock, you were in on your brother’s elk hunt kind of ended up drawing a tag. One of those, you know, mid rifle seasons. So one of these new, the new seasons that you had available to us. Yeah. Yeah. It was, didn’t really know what to think about it. They’ve had a few on a couple of these units. I’d say kind of more of our mid to lower tier units, younger age class units where they’ve been, and they’ve decided this, this last year to do it statewide on all of the units. I don’t know, didn’t really know what to expect, but it was exactly what I had in a way dreaded or was worried about in a way. Well you mean with all the spike hunters out in the field? Yes. Yep. Yep. It just, I was worried that it was gonna be a mess. Obviously we kind of thought my brother didn’t have a, a pile of points, but he had a lot of points, enough points that he wants to draw and sick of not drawing kind of thing. And he still got lucky and drew a random, we, he was, he really wanted to draw a tag. And so I said, well, our best chance is probably going to be, ’cause I knew this unit was gonna jump and like some of ’em did this year quite significantly.

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And I told him his best chance would probably be this hunt. And he still got a random tag, still got lucky. But he was, you know, in the upper tiers of point stuff. So he had a good chunk of names in the hat. Yeah, yeah. But he still got lucky and I don’t know, here in Utah. Yep. We were kind of worried about it. But it’s one of the, it’s one of the units that’s just new this year then start like October 7th. Yeah. Started October 7th, which the bulls were actually still quite screaming their heads off. But we were in a unique portion of the unit where there’s a lot of private and it holds some milk. And so it causes a little bit of a rutt fest that that lasts longer. But oftentimes you can’t get in on it because it’s the elker in private. So it makes it a little bit tricky that way. But yeah, you know, the one thing I’d think about that I think would be kind of nice is when you get these limited entry tags, you want to go scout, I, I get a little paranoid thinking, if you don’t have a bull found, you’re behind the eight ball on it. And this hunt was a little different. ’cause we were trying to think, you know, a lot at this point, that’s when bulls start leaving cows. So there could be bulls all across the unit or out wandering.

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Some still might try and be with cows. We were kind of thinking, well, we’ll use it to our advantage having a bunch of other guys out there. ’cause we got a lot of friends that hunt this unit. We thought they’ll, you know, if they see something, they’ll let us know. Kind of use some of those hunters to our advantage a little bit. But probably the biggest thing that I, I’d like to recommend for ’em or wish they wouldn’t, they won’t listen to me. But who’s this game and fish? Yeah. Yeah. One thing that they may want to consider about that hunt is, is they don’t care what you say, Josh. No, no, no. Absolutely not. There is a, but I do surprise, and in my opinion really does not matter, but there’s one day break in between the muzzle loader hunt that’s just occurring and this hunt. So it’ll go up and the muzzle loader hunt goes up till Thursday. There’s Friday, and then this hunt starts on a Saturday. It’s one day break. It’s not gonna do anything to the elk as far as help ’em out or hurt ’em, whatever. It’s one day they’re not gonna know us a difference. But it would make a significant difference on this hunt because if you happen to have a bull found, then that gives you one day to potentially get a bull killed before the onslaught. Because basically that’s kind of what had happened.

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We’d, we’d gone in a few days and finally got on some bulls, found three good bulls that were in this particular canyon. And for two days, you know, our mornings and evening watches, those elk were doing the same exact thing. So no brainer. You’d say, okay, if this was the limited entry standard, limited entry hunt, you just go in there and let ’em do their thing and, and kill an elk. And it wasn’t, wasn’t gonna be that big of a deal. And, and so that’s what we did. We got up really early one morning because we knew at the same time, I, I just knew this was a spot where s spike, hunter hammer. This is opening, opening morning. Yeah. So we, we had, and the s spike hunt starts the following day. Yes. So the s spike hunt starts Saturday. Yeah. Which is the same start date as this hunt, which this is a limited entry hunt. You’ve waited 20 years, whatever you’re So your point is just back do ’em back to back. Do ’em back to back. You’ll give us one day. Yeah. Give to kill our target bowl before the s spike hunt. Correct. And then whatever happens happens after that. But if you could have that, that it would’ve been significant. So give you a better experience than use. Yeah, yeah.

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A little better limited entry type experience, which we do that on like say the archery or things like that, they’ll give Yeah, yeah. There’s some lag time and such. But anyway, so we did that, got up really early, hiking in the dark for a couple hours to try and get in above where these elk were gonna be to put us in a position. We were sitting there for a while. Cash, cash came up to kind of get up behind us a little bit. There was some stuff where those elk might be if they pushed behind us. And so we had him on a point back there as well. And my brothers and I got in and we get in there and all of a sudden the bugles start happening. It’s still pitch black. So you’re kind of in your mind thinking, okay, and you’re remembering what that one bull, ’cause like I said, in this area they were bugling just a little later, what did old lump lump sound like? And it was like, okay, that’s kind of what that bull he, he, you know, each bull kind of has their distinct bugle sometimes. And we’re like, okay, I’m pretty sure that’s him. That’s where he’s been. So he’s doing what he’s been doing the last couple mornings coming up outta this bottom, up towards this timber. So we were just similar to the sow barn. Yeah. Very similar.

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Like you got some, you’re starting to recognize these. Yeah, exactly. You starting to recognize the voices. So we, we got over there off to that side of the ridge to where we could get a shot, being able to shoot across the canyon, just kind of sitting there waiting. It got light enough. We picked up the bull. He was, I mean he was still a good 1200, 1400 yards away from us. You know, he was your target bull. Yeah. You knew what he said sounded like. Yep. And he, we saw him, picked him up. He, he had an extra point coming off one of his fourths. So he was pretty recognizable even in really, really low light. So he’s coming up the ridge and we’re just, I just told my brother, I said, let’s can wait. He’s gonna come to like 500 yards and we’ll shoot him when he gets there. So he’s coming up and just working with the cows and, and then all of a sudden it started to happen like orange, orange just starting to pop. You know, people are guys aggressive. Guys are coming out. I think people put more effort and energy into a spike hunt or a cow hunt than they would a branch bull hunt. Well it is unbelievable. In Utah Lakes, in, in Utah, it’s your only chance to kill an elk. Yeah. In every year if you want. Or year.

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And whether it’s a spike or not, like it’s your only chance to elk hunt in Utah. So Utah’s take it pretty serious. This is the pumpkin patch. Yeah. Yeah. I would say it’s, I would say the spike hunt’s significantly busier and, and people are a lot more aggressive than even the deer hunts and stuff. Yeah. They get pretty crazy about it. And so anyway, guys start coming up and at that point that’s, they, there’s some guys came right up over the ridge and, and they do weird stuff too. Like everybody’s just, because everybody’s trying to get in front of everybody else, you know? Yeah. And maybe somebody’s already in your spot all while you guys have got a branch bull tag. Yeah. And so, so we’re all hunting the same elk. Not the exact bull, but the same elk anyway. Yeah. The, the, that elk got pushed, he got bumped before he could get into where he was at. And then it was after that it was a nightmare. ’cause there were, there were probably 70 or 80 cows easily. And they were in some different groups where they all kind of got bunched together down off the ridge below us where we couldn’t really see ’em. It was thick timber. They started kind of going nuts. And then all of a sudden shooting started significant amount of shots above us, in front of us, below us.

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All around to the point you’re kind of like, gosh, I don’t know what to do. Like, you almost want to get next to a tree and just hope that it’ll get shot. And so there’s elk running everywhere. Hundred everywhere. You was a good tag. So you probably didn’t have orange on. I hate wearing orange. I, well I did. You probably, I had a spike tag. Oh. At the same time. But I incriminating you. I would, I would wear it. Even, even if you didn’t have a spec tag. Yeah. I told cash to wear it. Oh, I’m so glad He told me. Yeah. I was sitting on a ridge and I could see four different groups. I’m like, man, I’m glad I have orange. Like holy crap. Because you crap got elk under you, you don’t even know it. And somebody’s gonna lobber around over you. Oh, I’ve got people coming under me over on the ridge elk running through. And I’m like, man. And this is like aack premier limited entry experience. It’s a, it’s a premier limited entry unit for giant Bulls. Yeah. Yeah. One of the best in Utah. Yeah. I’d say. And, and I, and this is our, this is our once in lifetime type experience. Yeah, keep going. I mean they made, yeah, so, so I told cash, I’m like, make sure you bring some orange. And it was also to maybe deter some folks as well, if he did.

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Like, and that’s the knob we were gonna hike too, was ah, somebody beat us to it. Darn it. And it’s just a guy with some vinyls, so he’s just got a gun laying down in the brush. I don’t see. Yeah. It’s just a, a guy with vinyls, but who knows. But anyway, so we, we did that. The elk came out, they took off, we spotted him again. He was taken off and they were on a beeline for the private basically. And it was like, well the morning’s over, like it was over before it started. Literally the sun wasn’t even close to coming up. And it was, we figured it was kind of over. And then I started to get a little bit nervous or whatever. Anyway, they el kind of pushed over some as they, as soon as they rounded the ridge that way, obviously a bunch of more shooting occurred and they started to work their way back. Found that bull again. He, but he was kind of hanging up. They didn’t know what to do because as soon as they came back around to our side, they started getting blasted again. They were surrounded. So yeah. They, they were just kind of sitting there. Well, at that time I started just cow calling as, as hard as, ’cause we were probably a good thousand yards of milk.

00:21:31:06 –> 00:22:22:15
But I just started laying on the cow call and just hoping that like the lead cow would hear me and think, okay, let’s go that way. Because it is kind of their, the reason why we were at was kind of in a place where they, if they don’t go to the private, they come up past us. Yeah. So I was hoping maybe I’d get them to pull and come that way pretty hard. Well, out of, kind of nowhere off the top of this other ridge, a couple cows came flying up over the top of the ridge that wasn’t with that big group and the bull that my brother shot and another bull were right behind him coming to pull over. And it was like, ugh. A after he’d killed the bull. It was one of the bulls I’d seen the day before. But it was madness. Like, I tried to get him in a spot, you know, he’d, he’d practiced shooting and stuff. We knew where he could shoot and I told him, I said, they’re gonna come through the ridge right over here. They’re gonna get to 700 yards or whatever and we gotta let ’em get to there first before we get a chance. And so I just had him get all set up on that and we started waiting and then it was a matter of guys still shooting or whatever.

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And, and we told him, we’re trying to decide and size up this bull as he’s running to us on this ridge and trying to figure out if it’s something we really need to be killing opening morning, whatever. Anyway, he was a big enough bull. He was, he was a plenty good bull. Different bull, but different bull we hadn’t seen. And so we’re kind of in a frantic, you’re on the fly judging him on the fly, telling him to get dialed. He really wasn’t looking much. He could kind of tell he was big, but my other brother and I were kind of getting him sized up and we both decided, yeah, if you wanna kill that bull, he is definitely not worthy of the tag. He’s one. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. So anyway, shoots the bull hits him one shot just cr just crushed him. Yeah. Yeah. It’s one of those things, you know, guys, Jason, you’re a firm believer in a 300 rum and a lot of guys, you know, I like a 30 caliber bullet. Yeah. But you know, a lot of guys are going a little bit lighter, don’t want the recoil, wanna be able to get back on their, you know, target acquisition for the second, third shot, whatever. Yeah. But it feels like with a 300 rum, a lot of times you don’t need a second shot. No.

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You know, and that was exactly what, it’s hard to, but on paper, you, your energies might even be similar, but it just 30 caliber bullets just it’s big. They do something to ’em. So I bought a gun at your, your advice and, and even got made fun, heavily fun. A little bit like, oh, you, not me the other boys, yeah, you’re gonna shoot that thing. Oh, you’re gonna do you like your teeth or all this stuff, but, and they’re not here today. So we can say whatever we want. And I, and I do have a little more man meat and stature about me. You’re a significant human. Yeah. So I could probably, Josh is a significant human. I can take a little more force. So honestly, shooting that gun, I don’t, it’s just like shooting gun. It’s a muzzle break. It doesn’t matter. Yeah, exactly. It’s just like shooting any other gun. So, but anyway, so he, he shot that bull and it actually looked like he’d spine him the way that it was. And this is why I say I’m, I’m a, I’m a, I’m a firm, firm believer in it because he hit him high in the back of the lungs. But there was like just so much force when that bullet hits and, and I mean we’re talking at 700 yards when, when that bullet hit, it went in just high lungs.

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But it had enough force that it actually went up and broke his spine. Is that unbelievable? Yeah. It just blows my mind. So it hits high long and that one bullet, he just like it ruptured. Ruptured it. Yeah. Cool. It pushed the spine up enough that it, the bull hit the ground. He was trying to get up, we were thinking and I thought, oh crap, he’s spine shot. We’re gonna have to get another shot on him. And that sort of thing. And the bull’s trying to get up and he’s going down the ridge and actually died because of a lung shot. Yeah. And so we were getting out there to him. We kinda lost him a little bit ’cause he’d gone into some dead fall and my older brother could still see him a little. I told him, well, we’re gonna have to go over and get another shot on him. So we take off down the canyon, start getting up, and as we go down the canyon, a spike comes squirting out. I thought about shooting him because I did. How big a boy are you? I did have attack. How? Because you’re not just, it’s not just you Dr. Just driving the side by side up next to you. No. How, how we felt eight hours later when we got to the trucks. Glad you didn’t shoot. Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t have any other meat on there.

00:25:12:27 –> 00:26:03:07
And so remember you had, didn’t you have a guy walk up to the bull? Yeah. So we’re getting over there to him and my brother, my other brother, he stayed there to watch and he said, Hey, wave your hands. And so we’re waving our arms and he’s like, yeah, I don’t see you. I’m like, well, we’re in a, it’s like in a burn, yellow grass burn. And, and he couldn’t see us. He’s like, but there’s, he’s like, I see somebody close to where the bull was at and I don’t see you waving your arms. And I’m like, there’s no way. And so we get moving farther up the ridge, he’s like, wave him again. He’s like, okay, I can see you. But he’s like, yeah, there is somebody up there where the elk is at. And I’m like, oh, my head standing at the bull. Yeah. And there were shots after he shot that bull too. And so I’m thinking, oh man, here we go. We’re gonna have to, he put one in him right there. Yeah. You know? Yeah. He was dead and put one in him and you’re gonna have to tell him. No, this isn’t your bull. Yeah. So, so thanks for the shot in the butt. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Ruin some more meat. Thanks for the got shot.

00:26:03:10 –> 00:26:58:07
So we get up there just to cuss this little rise to where I could just about to start to see where the bull was at. And here, here’s the guy standing in orange. And he and I, I thought about yelling at him. I was just the point to yell, like, stop, don’t, like, well I don’t know what you’re doing, but we’ve got a dead elk or an elk right here that we might have to shoot again. Just stop messing around. I dunno if he’s a s spike hunter or another bull bull hunter or whatever. Well, as soon as he sees me, he turns and we’re 50 yards. He just turns and starts walking as fast as he can away from us. So I’m like, okay, I guess we don’t have to fight him for an elk or whatever. What did he do to our bull? But yeah, what the heck’s, anyway, I don’t know where he came from, who he was, the mystery man, what it was. But yeah, he was, he was standing, he was standing over the bull. Do, do you think it’s possible he was, was thinking the spike I’m about to shoot could be like this majestic bowl, but, and I could be that guy standing over a majestic bowl, but instead I’m gonna go shoot a dean. Think go shoot. I mean, do you think any of that crossed his mind? How many of these majestic bulls are dying as spikes?

00:26:58:17 –> 00:27:57:06
I, yeah, I think a lot. So yeah. I don’t know. He, anyway, he went down there and just walked off and, and literally just as soon as I was watching him walk off, I could see that bull’s handler sticking up from the brush. I’m like, oh geez. Well the bull’s dead, I guess so. Yeah. But yeah, that’s when we got up through and discovered he was shot high in the lungs. He just needed a second to die. Just ruptured his spine and yeah. And it was crazy ’cause pulling the backstraps off and stuff, there was no, I mean there was nothing wrong with him. They were pristine, perfect, whatever. Just that force and the concussion. And it was loose. Like it was broken. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It, it was broken for sure. And it was, it had just pushed it up and broke, snapped the spine. So why don’t you, a little shout out to, what bullets were you guys using? Yeah, we started using this new Norma, it’s called Bond strike. Yeah. I think they’re similar to, they’re supposed to be similar to an Accu Bond. Yeah. Kind of more like an Accu bond. But they have good, like a bond good piece. They have a lead core. Yes. Yeah. It’s a bonded lead. It’s similar. They’re, they’re saying better VCs and flight kind of similar to like the ELDX.

00:27:57:06 –> 00:29:01:19
The ELDX is a pretty popular bullet that gets shot, but it, it has, it’s more, it’s bonded more so holds together. Yep. And you felt like, was it a complete pass through? Do you remember? Probably. Can’t remember. I’m trying to think off the top of my head. It probably was where you were. It was, it was, it was ’cause I, I looked for it and it, and it wasn’t in there anymore. Okay. So it, yeah, it was a, it was a great bullet and one that the, the gun shoots good. I’ve been shooting it outta my gun. I haven’t killed anything with it with that gun. But I was extremely impressed on a, on a bullet that bag. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Rupture some spines. Like, like power. So it was good. We, we got down to the bowl and, you know, obviously celebrations and stuff began. So that was pretty, that was pretty awesome. So was this before or after the medic flight? Oh, man. As if, as if it wasn’t enough of a circus in the morning. Yeah, exactly. So cash, this is where you come in. Oh man. Yeah. Did you happen to hit your SOS button? No, I did not. So we, I mean, they, they get the bull down. They’re like, Hey, we’ve got him down. Come around, come over to us. I say, okay. I grab my stuff, I drop down off the ridge. Bring your frame pack. Yeah.

00:29:02:00 –> 00:29:58:00
And so that’s why we, before I drop down the ridge early in the morning, there’s, I mean, there’s people walking in. There’s three people that walk underneath the ridge I’m on. And they go out to this kind of lip. Yeah. And they set up and I’m like, okay, there’s people there. They’ve been there all morning. So I packed my stuff up, I drop down off the ridge and I gotta walk right through ’em to come around. So I’m like, well, I better go talk to ’em, not screw ’em up, maybe help ’em out or whatever. Yeah. So I get over there and there’s two people standing there. So I’m like, well, okay. Like, didn’t even think anything of it. Didn’t even cross my mind that there was three people before until after. But I talked to him like, Hey, hunt spikes, I gotta walk through here. Like we have a big bull down and this guy’s face lit up. Like happiest guy you’ve ever met that I just told him we killed a big bull. Nice. And he’s, and I was like, Hey, we just killed a big bull. Like out, by the way, grab grab your frame pack if you want. Yeah. And he like, lights up and he’s like, there’s not a big bull hunt going on right now. He thought 100% he was getting a tag. Oh no.

00:29:58:00 –> 00:30:59:22
He and I, and I said, no, the mid rifle started today then it was the pure opposite. Pure disapp. Nope. Pure disappointment. Crossed his, we ruined his hunt. It was so funny. Ruined his spike. Oh my god. Yeah. He thought he, he, he, he was looking for that poaching reward from him. Oh. He was stoked. Stoked. And so anyway, I get a free spike tag. Wait, wait. That’s given to me anyway. I dunno. What, what do you want? I, I guess a bull tag. A living entry bull tag. I don’t know. Yeah. Game fishers your spec tag. So anyway, I get over around the ridge, get over to the bull and we’re sitting there working on him for, what, 20 minutes maybe? Yeah. And all of a sudden we can hear a helicopter coming. Well, I guess keep in mind, so when we had done that, my wife, brother-in-laws, my dad, those kind of things we had, we didn’t have service up there. So my brother and I both had like our in reaches. Right. And so I was trying to get my text, whatever, and I just hit the check in slash Okay. Button or whatever, just so that they could all have a location. Sure. ’cause I told her, if you hit the short, if, if you get this message, you need to come to this point and, and yeah. Bring the pack. We’ll bring whatever.

00:30:59:23 –> 00:32:02:17
We’re gonna be packing an elk out, so come here. So we had just kind of done that and, and yeah. Just chilling for a minute. Cash had got there, whatever. So anyway, keep that in mind. Just hit the check-in button. Yeah. On the, not the SOS button. Yeah. So about, I mean, 20 minutes working on this bull, a helicopter comes over and they’re circling right over top of us. And we’re like, that’s a freaking life flight helicopter. What is going on? Yeah. So they’re circling and Josh is like looking at his in reach. I know I didn’t hit it. You have to flip this up and hit it. Did you hit it? We’re like, man, are they gonna land on us? You know, somebody owes somebody 20 5K. Exactly. They were circling us. No, they’re no joke. Yeah, they’re circling us and low too. Like they were looking for someone. Yeah. And so they go over and eventually there’s a metal over, not crazy far, but they go over and they land. About 10 minutes after that UHB helicopter comes, circles the same thing. We’re like, what is going on? Like, wow, man, we might’ve screwed up. Yeah. But we’re like, there’s no way. There’s no way. So eventually their circle kind of gets closer to the, to the life flight and they get really low and they start lowering someone down. So I see that and I’m like, whoa.

00:32:02:21 –> 00:33:09:10
They’re lowering someone down on that ridge right. Where I walked across. And so I get my spotter out and I’m looking, and there’s people, I find the people through the trees sitting there and they’re working on, like, there’s life flight that’s walked over. They’re working on a guy in the grass and I can’t see anything or whatever. And so we’re like, okay, well it’s not us. That’s good. That’s a good thing. We’re like, man, with the water, we’re not looking for Josh back spike tag back to back to eat. You’re in granola, we’re good. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. And so we’re like, man, did someone get shot? Like there was a lot of bullets flying around. Someone might have got shot or broke their leg or something. And so anyway, we’re looking at the ridge and I’m like, man, I walked 20 yards from from where? That is from like where they’re sitting. I within 20, it was basically where it was where we were shooting, was going through something bad, A heart attack or whatever. Something while you walked by him. It was pretty much where we were shooting from. Yeah. Where, where, where my brother had shot was the same kind of point. Yeah. It was basically all right there. Yep. And so, man, I got thinking about it and I’m like, man, there was three people that walked under walked underneath me. Yeah. There was two.

00:33:09:10 –> 00:34:10:01
And I went through it’s gotta be one of those three. And so anyway, later we find out that, I mean, they load the guy up and everything. Found out, had a heart attack. You did find out. Yeah. Found out. Had a heart attack and died right there. Yeah, he died. He actually died. I didn’t hear this from you guys, but we just found this out the other day. Just, yeah. Oh wow. So man, I’ve dang thought about that. I’m like, man, I walked 20 or so within someone dying, you know? Yeah. So like heart’s out that if you’re listening, man, if that happened to you and your family, I am sorry. And man, but man, I think about it. I’m like, man, I walked right there. Probably, it had to have been right around the time it was happening. I mean, it could have been earlier. It had to be within, it could have been laying within two minutes or something. Oh yeah. Easily. Easily. Oh, I mean it, they have, they weren’t you, did you hear the guy’s name? Do you know? I, I, I, I know people basically that that know him that yeah. Know people know people that know him basically. Yeah. Kind of thing. Sad deal. No kidding. I did not know. I don’t know exactly where they’re from, but I know some people that I know. It’s like somebody, somebody’s dating somebody and it was her dad. 50 something years old.

00:34:10:06 –> 00:35:10:16
Oh wow. Early fifties. It sounds like. I had no idea. I didn’t know you, you guys figured out. Wait, we just found that out the other day. So, so yeah, it was an eventful morning. Like it was just wild. It was the weirdest, it was just a weird morning. Like it all just happened so fast and it was over and done with. And now looking back at it, it was a tough hunt for quite a few guys. I think there were a few people that I heard of and knew that didn’t, didn’t kill a bull. It just, it just gets weird because those elk will just start leaving and they don’t go to, they’re not on a winter range yet. They could be just a lone bull walking through the timber. And that’s hard to glass it. It’s some thick country. I don’t care how burnt it is. Oh, it’s whatever it is. Wherever the whole unit’s just thick. Yep. It is. You know, and there’s a lot of flat stuff that’s thick with the burnt timber and, and yeah. So it’s, I guess if you’re listening, I, I don’t know. I if you’re thinking about one of those mid hunts, definitely 15 points or less. Definitely something to think about. Something like you’re not, it’s not a limited entry experience, I guess is the main thing. Obviously we got lucky. Killed a great bull and it was awesome.

00:35:10:28 –> 00:36:09:21
But John, you were hunting in that safe spot with your muzzle loader. Oh yeah. And how many people were back in there? Nobody. It was awesome. It was, it was like the hunt of a lifetime. Just pristine. Felt like it was wilderness. We didn’t see another person. Just, it’s awesome. You know, Jason came up, you know, once in a while and you came up once in a while. John had Yeah. John sets his camp up so we can come and go, you know? Yeah. Plus or minus what we got going on are hunts in an office. So Yeah. I had, you know, a person here there that would come and help me, but they were all, everybody was with me. Yeah. That’s awesome. So yeah, it’s, that’s it. It shows the difference. Yeah. The only bull, big branch bull hunter in there. Yeah. In there. You know. And I don’t think any of those other guys that were there when we were there were big bull hunters at all. I think they were all spike hunters. If they were, they could’ve killed bulls that morning, but nobody else did. We saw a couple dead spikes as we’re going out and all that stuff. And, and so yeah, it’s just a unique experience that I guess still if you want to take those chances and whatever. I mean, it’s a long hunt, so that’s good.

00:36:09:21 –> 00:37:17:01
You get a long days, but I don’t know how many long days you like to be kicked in the butt too. You know, sometimes Jason, how does that feel? 30, 60 blazes or whatever. But, but at some point it starts getting old. I always thought you were a jack wagon at some point. It gets a little old. It does get old. But, but I, I’ve, I’m good with it. I’m, yeah. I’ve like, I’m hunting specific deer. One or two. Yes. And yeah, anyway, it, but you kind of expect that, I expect it with that tag. Yeah. I, no, I expect it in a way. But if I’m, if it’s my once in a lifetime, which I ate my oak tag too, by the way. So I did draw a, you know, a trophy bull tag here in Utah. Did archery and had a three 80 walk by me and I passed him. ’cause I’m like, this is my one chance at a 400. Yeah. Back when Utah was first producing ’em on let’s say a somewhat regular basis. Yeah. It’s never really regular. But that was back long time ago. Long time ago. And so anyway, of course I’m a young kid. I’m like, you know, I’ve got my whole life to figure this out. Well, you know, it’s, it’s no joke trying to kill a 400 inch bull, you know? And so anyway, but it was awesome money. Do it again.

00:37:17:01 –> 00:38:13:06
I’m gonna do it again. Yeah. Do something different. Maybe even. So it was awesome there with, you know, friends and family and, you know, my brother’s been waiting forever to do that. It was a significant stress relief off of his life. Just because when you get a tag like that, it’s, it is stress no matter what. Well, yeah, you, you pressure made his year maybe, maybe his next five years percent. Like he was just hundred percent so appreciative and, and it was an awesome bull. You know, big bull. Just, you end, end up measuring him. We didn’t kind, but just significant. Like he’s a 360, 3 70 bull’s a Yeah. Easy. Yeah. Like super heavy. Heavy, heavy, heavy sucker. Yeah. That was kind of one of those things I think about him. Not, there wasn’t anything that was hard, a little bit hard to judge him on the fly. There wasn’t like, oh, he’s got a big back end or he is got big thirds or his fronts are big. You know, usually a lot of bulls will have something that’s, yeah, that’s a little bit like John’s vault. Unreal. Unreal. Front heavy. You know, that kind of thi the heavy, heavy fatties, you know? And so there’s something that you’re just like, ugh. But he was just like, you’re just like, man, he’s just a big six point, you know? Yeah.

00:38:13:06 –> 00:39:07:06
But when we got up to him, that’s when you kind of, you know, appreciate it a lot more. I mean, you can put your hand like up against his fourth and his beam. I love that your hand just gets hidden, you know, just heavy. And that’s the kind stuff you don’t necessarily see a lot of times tell you get up to ’em and then you’re like, whoa. Like mass is something you don’t often realize until you get ahold of ’em. So that was awesome. Just like a big old heavy sucker and so great. So yeah, it was good. So great. Yeah. Just awesome. And that’s, you know, that’s a one of your, you know, stomping grounds. We kind of, some, we all have our favorite units, you know, that we know well or spend a lot of time in. And so it’s nice to actually take one off the mountain once in a while. Yeah. Oh yeah, it is. Yeah. It’s weird. So yeah, now it’s kind of, you know, my brothers and I all started putting in for elk a billion years ago when we started. And that’s where we start now. All three of us have killed a Utah bull I guess now. So it’s a little bit almost weird to think like, ugh, you’re done now. You’re like, ugh, geez. What do we do now? ’cause you always just kind of plan on one of us. We were, you killed branch bulls before.

00:39:07:06 –> 00:40:13:10
They’re branch bulls. Well, this is a 400 inch, I swear it guys, we got bigger spikes than I’ve seen in a long time. Yeah. We got a beam on this spike. I just smashed an incredible genetic bull. Yeah. But I mean, with that being said, like, you know, that that unit had a big burn on it a few years ago and it completely changed how those elk acted and what they do and their habitat and all that stuff. And so Yeah. Honestly because of years of spike hunting, and I haven’t killed that many, but whether it’s archery, muzzle load or rifle, whatever, all those years of hunting those elk, which I guess that’s the benefit to doing that. Yeah, sure it is. And hundred percent. And gen deer. A hundred percent. Yeah. We knew, that’s how I knew that morning. Like, this is the point we need to be on because, because if we come down here, we’re gonna be with everybody. If we come over here, we’re gonna be with everybody. We need to be already up there and in a position with those, if those elk bump, this is what they’re gonna do. And so that’s what you call local knowledge Yeah. From all those years. And that’s not something that, and I, and I even told cash, I’m like, Hey, cash, cash. I don’t remember what I told you basically about that spot. Yeah. No, didn’t, what’d I tell you?

00:40:13:10 –> 00:41:15:22
Cash shut your mouth. Oh yeah. It’s not, it’s not secret. It’s sacred. Yeah. Oh, there you go. I, it’s not secret. It’s sacred. Yeah. Obviously there’s a few other guys around. Yeah. It’s not, that’s why I told him, I said, it’s not a secret spot, but the knowledge thinks from, I think you’re publicly knowledge that you’re gonna castrate him if he says anything. Oh, if I see him up there again, I think you’re saying that the podcast, I mean, I’ll remember that next time, Paul, it’s thing to say it say it man to man. But it’s another thing to say it to 15,000, 20,000 listeners all of America. No. And you know, I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he did. No, I, and I was just meaning to the fact that, you know, what we did that morning was, was a secret in a way because it’s taken all those years to, it’s everybody can hunt yourself position. Like we’ve been hunting specific areas. But there’s a difference when you hunt an area and you hunt it, you hunt it, you’re constructive, smart about it, you know it, you know what the deer are gonna do or the elk are gonna do or whatever, versus somebody just driving down the road and they happen to be in your area. Yep. You know what I mean? There’s, there’s just a difference.

00:41:16:01 –> 00:42:14:09
And, and the way you go about it and whatnot is why, you know, that area will produce for you is ’cause the way you go about it, you know, you know what the game we’re gonna do, you know, the area. And, and that’s local knowledge. It’s, you can, we had a guy, you know, we’ve helped a lot of, lot of guys, you know, each and every year on their tags and whatnot. It’s one thing to tell ’em to go to this area. Yeah. And they do it. They, they, we talk to ’em on the phone or whatever. They’ve gone to the area. I haven’t seen anything. You know, and it’s another, it’s another thing to say, yeah, but did you do this? You’re still within that area, but you just take it for granted when you look around. Like, I should be on that knob glass, and by the way, it’s gonna take me 45 minutes to drive here. It’s gonna take me another 48 minutes to hike the knob and then I’m gonna wanna be there at this time and I’m gonna wanna look at this direction at the crack of daylight. Yeah. You know, so it’s another thing to know the area versus just send people to the area. Yeah. You know, and so anyway, I’m sure those spike hunters are smart though. They learn fast, you know. Oh yeah, yeah.

00:42:15:13 –> 00:43:15:24
You know, you got guys that are make a, make a family tradition out of this. Oh yeah. It’s a big deal. Cash is welcome to go hunt there anytime he wants. ’cause he helped us get that stupid thing off the mountain. And and you’re gonna a day long word pack his spike off his future branch Bull. Branch bull. Yeah. Branch bull. Oh, he’s gotta draw a branch bull. Yes. Oh, you’re not just gonna go help him pack a cow off the mountain? No, because that’s not a spot where, no, that’s not a spot where it’s brutal to get outta. I’ll go. I will about all the other hunters that are willing do it, of places to kill a spike. They, there’s you guys, there’s like 20 other people in there. They are. That were willing to work harder than you. That’s okay. That’s okay. That’s fine. Oh, I don’t need, but we killed a bigger bull in that. Yeah. That’s all matters. That’s all matters. Yeah. Oh boy. Okay. All right. Well, let’s see. Cash. You spent some time on a whole different elk unit here in Utah. Yeah. How’d that go? That was really fun. We spent, we spent a lot of time in the summer and scouted archery tag, right. Archery tag. Yep. My uncle in-law drew it.

00:43:17:09 –> 00:44:24:11
I want to, I, you know, I know it wasn’t a random text, so I think he had to have been one of like, I think he was, he was one of three. Geez. And there was one in his point pool that didn’t draw, I think. But that’s what people struggle with Max. I think there’s a lot of people out there that, yeah, the drawing odds have two sides to it, the number of applicants. But then you’ve got a number of tags and when you have spy hunting, like we have, or say rifle rutt hunting, muzzle or rutt hunting, archery, rutt, hunting, whatever, all the rutt hunting, the mid rifle, which was tail end of the rutt. So we hunted them pre rutt, rutt, mid rutt, post rutt, you know what I mean? And you end up ha and then you’ve got the spike hunters in the middle. It ends up the, you know, the branch bull tags and the trophy premium quality tags are, are, you know, it’s very sought after and very, you know, minimal in number. Yeah, yeah. Right. That’s, I mean, so it’s hard. Our elk management’s awesome in some ways and, and it’s frustrating in others because it does become a once in lifetime type tag. Yeah. Like what you’re talking about. Right. You waited for, who knows, 20 something years. He waited, I mean it was over 20 for this archery, for an archery, for an RY tag.

00:44:24:14 –> 00:45:27:09
You know, in a lot of states you can get an archer tag over the counter or whatever, especially as a resident, but Yeah. Especially as a resident. And so anyway, no, we spent, we spent a lot of time up there. I went, I ended up, I got the text, Hey, we, we hit a bull. I was sitting here at my desk and I just told Wtt, I said, Hey, I’m gonna pack out a bull, see ya. And Wyatt’s like, go ahead. You’re fine. We went up there and made the trek in there and man, it was a sweet bowl. It was like right around that three 90 ish type bowl. And it wasn’t even the one that, that he was after going in there. He really maximized the tag though. Yeah. Those archery hunts are no joke. They’re not, not easy, right. They was not, no, it wasn’t easy at all. There was, especially with the weird rutt kind of didn’t kick in great, but it started to, towards the end stuff, he ended up calling the bull right. In, you know, and 15 minutes before, before that called in the bull that he was after in that area wasn’t the bull. He was ultimately after, but another bull that he spotted from a long ways away and they went in, called him in, didn’t get a shot, and thought they called him back in, ended up being a different bull and he smashed him. Geez.

00:45:27:09 –> 00:46:33:16
Like 45 or something Yards. Yeah. This, this hunt had some ups and downs. Yeah. Like this is one of those that had the highs and the lows. Like we found them. Absolutely. We didn’t get ’em. Yep. We found some, you know, and it was, and, and it gets to be day after day after day after day. Yeah. And you look, you, I mean, after, I mean 2020, looking back on his hunt, man, that was, you couldn’t ask for a better experience. Yeah. As far as the emotional roller coaster. Yeah. And being able to come out with a bull that you are super happy with and everything. Yeah. Yeah. It ended well, you know, it ended really awesome for him and, and he learned a ton. Yeah, a ton about the unit. I mean, he lives in general, lives in the unit, you know? Yeah. Has the local knowledge stuff of that. But he still learned a ton. And man, he, I don’t know if he’s ever had a better experience on a hunt than that, you know? Wow. Overall, overall. Middle of the hunt, man. He kicked him right in the butt for a while, you know? And it turned out, turned out pretty good for you. Yeah. So, oh, it’s all good. Geez. It was fun. We are gonna wrap up this part of this episode right now in an effort to get it out to everyone a little bit faster.

00:46:33:24 –> 00:47:46:00
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