In this episode the crew sits down and we get the full rundown of Josh’s recent Colorado Mule deer hunt. From hiking his guts out in the snow to encountering what may be the largest Colorado Black bear in existence, he had no shortage of entertainment during the 2nd season. The crew also discusses what attributes a Mule deer can have that will immedately “trip the trigger”. We also get a little taste of what’s to come with Jason and Josh’s upcoming Whitetail hunts!

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, cash. Wyatt, Josh and Logan. How y’all doing today? Good. Good. Great. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Really good. Yeah. Good. Some more At the end of a long work. Hey, I just wanna know, have you missed the office? How does it feel to be in the office? I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard to get back in the flow. I, I mean, I feel like I’ve been gone probably more than anyone. And I, I appreciate all you’ve done to keep the oil machine dry. Hey, I like it. But I mean, keep going. You’re buying lunch. You’re buying lunch from a firm next. It’s been a rough two and a half days. Let’s just say the same, the same light switch works for mine and his office. The light bulbs would not worked anymore when he came to turn back on. If, if I wouldn’t have been turning ’em on, the ballast would’ve went dormant. Pretty, pretty black in that corner. Rusty wires. That was a good run. What the one you had the good run on the field. Find good just to find good because I guess run were long run. There were good moments. And there were some, I know this, he’s, he’s gonna make some adjustments.

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You know what’s funny is when we get done, Adam, every single year, you guys, every single year, it’s like, I made all the wrong decisions and next year I’m gonna make all the right decisions. These are the things I’m not gonna do again. And we don’t do the same things, but we hate our lives. At the end of every year, we do different bad things. Yeah. Make bad choices all the time, right? Yeah. Not intentional, but new plans, new Years require new plans. And I can’t wait for the new plan. I want ’em to help you make your plan. I’ve got some things in mind. For what? Hunting? Yeah. Species. Species and sexes. Doze, bug doze and bucks and, no, we crosses, we stags and stuff. You said? Oh yeah. Horn game. Horn game and sex. Let’s just say he was full panic mode yesterday. He was like, you guys, what do I do? Well, it’s just that, what do I do? And it’s like, what do you mean the year’s not quite over yet? Yeah. Still you got one of the best tags in the world’s in your pocket. Still, if somebody would’ve had a mildly decent hunt yesterday, they could’ve sold. Oh, anything. Oh, Wyatt trying to do me to do a, a grand slam of antelope in like six states next year. He, that was his first idea. I like that idea.

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And then he went like, that idea from there went to waterfowl. So that’s how we got and waterfowl, emperor goose applications in Alaska. The anchor goose. Yeah. Like Wyatt, I got off to with a bang and I hunted one day and killed the great buck. And that feels like two years ago. Now. It does. It is amazing that you both did that. Yeah, but how long ago does that feel like? It feels like forever. Because why? You’ve had a kid and haven’t been sleeping for two, three months. How long does that feel? Wait, wait, wait. Wyatt had his first babysitting stent. Oh yeah. Women hate it. How you call, call it babysitting. Don’t call it that, Wyatt. Just if you have, you know, you’ve made a mistake, but just don’t say because it’s not babysitting when you’re babysitting your own kid. That’s right. But there’s no guy out there. It doesn’t feel like they’re babysitting. But you had the solo solo adventure. Yeah, the solo adventure. Why? It’s so funny. I’m gonna talk about it because he won’t is he’s like, I want him to just sit next to me. And like, you have your chair. I have my chair. We both look at social media and everybody’s happy. What is he is even three months for while he’s almost, he’s almost two months. He’s August or September. September. What? Did you have him? S September 17th. Oh wow. That’s my birthday. I forgot.

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Well, I’m thinking, so we’re still shy. August. I was thinking August. But Bronson’s been in the field a while. No, I just, on his, on his deer hunt. We were on pins and needles. Well, yeah. ’cause she was, well she was threatening to go early. Yeah. And it was like, I just have August 20th ish in my mind. But, but, but anyway, so there’s there, there’s the other month I seen it. So he’s too, so you’re not yet to the point. You can take that big plunger of rice cereal and throw it, force it down his throat and let him sleep through the night. Prophet says, this thing should be meat already. I’m like, it’s only two months old boss. But I just remembered that was a, that was a mo moment. I think it’s about three months. Hey, I’m not your pediatrician. Why? I’m just giving general advice here. So, but, but, but yeah, when you, when they can do that, they sleep better through the night. Right. Cereal. They throw some, you throw a little solid in their gut better. They have those bigs taking notes. Mental notes. Right. Taking mental notes. Oh, you look like you are. Ask ask for another solo night. See what you can get away with. What I wants to say. I’m gonna ask Jan if Jason even knows a thing he’s, he’s talking about. And I don’t, I’m gonna freely admit right now I don’t.

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Well, I just remember it felt, I remember this Minutes, minutes add up. I remember this. We were young and broke and we had our first kid and we were, I was getting the credit card bills and they were, you know, it wasn’t, we didn’t have credit card debt per se, but just, we used a credit card to buy stuff. And I was wondering what these Walmart, all these Walmart charges were. Right? I’m like, what is this? And she goes, it’s diapers. And I was looking at the receipts and it was disposable diapers. Well, I was raised on cloth diapers. Don’t tell me you brought this up. Oh, I said, why can’t we do cloth diapers? My mom did. Oh my gosh. Okay. Not good. Not good. That’s as bad as it not good. Hey, let me babysit a kid. I’ll put ’em in cloth diapers. Her points, what, what kind of optics are you using? How many extra guns do you have? ’cause we’re gonna sell ’em so I can have disposable diapers, whatever we need to do. And I’m like, yeah, no problem. Well, I like ’em. I like the system roll with them anyway. Just saying, Wyatt, don’t, don’t tell her she needs to go back to cloth diapers and wash ’em and reuse ’em. Well, I, I don’t tell her much. Yes, ma’am. Do you sound like a hunter in the middle of hunting season? Yes, ma’am. Do do what I’m told?

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Yes, ma’am. Did you go trick or treating? That’s very important. Yeah. Did he dress, get dressed up? He did get dressed up. He was a bat. Yep. We did. Did go up to the, in-laws. And did you dress up? No, I did not. But did you walk around the neighborhoods with him? No, we stayed in indoors, trunk, or treat, or just in the house. The family came through, gives us family members, things like that. So we stayed home. That’s good. Two months. Yeah. You, you did case like it. Yeah, I think he enjoyed it. Did did you get, did he even get a taste of like a sucker something? I mean, just something that you could just give him a lick. I don’t think he’s had anything besides milk. I was gonna say it’s their first. He’s pure, like he’s the purest, purest child, purest, gutted child there is in America. Yeah, I know. I mean, but I mean, it’s just fun when they can start eating stuff. It is. By the time they have their fifth one, you know, it’ll be, it’ll be eating Skittles already by the time it’s two months old. Wyatt, have you got five, four or five more names picked out? No. Alright, let’s move on. Alright, so here we are.

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We’re back in the office just for a quick minute and then a lot of us are going back out and so we’re trying to get this December magazine done and fast, fast, quick order of time, a lot going on. And just wanted to kind of have a podcast because we have a decent crew in the office today. Of course, it’s getting toward the end of the day. But anyway, I guess we should talk about some hunting experiences. Josh, we were kind of half thinking about starting with you, but I don’t know. We don’t have to. Bronson, what do you think? Him or cash? And then you, I don’t know. You, you’ve had one. Let’s do, let’s, let’s see. See if we can get through these two first and we’ll save mine. Maybe we’ll see how much time. Well, okay. But we can do whatever. I’m open. I’m free game. I’m good for cash. And Josh and his brother, you guys went to Colorado already, right? Yeah. Yep. Smoke some bucks. Yeah, cash. Go ahead. No, Josh. I mean, I’m gonna back up. I talked on the last, on the last episode. You did. We did we. Sorry. And Adam missed it, so I think you’re all up. I think you’re up. That’s a good point. K. It’s a good point. Was this on the, on the and hey, it was on the Epic outdoors box. Yes it was. By the way. I did.

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I got to do this. Hello everybody. I’m my name’s Adam. Welcome back. Hi Adam. Hi Adam. Hi. Alright. Now that we all know each other, what are we gonna talk about today? Well, sounds like, sounds like Josh has got a couple of bug stories. I’ve got one quick story. You know, what do you mean? You don’t have two stories? No, Josh, you don’t have two stories? We’re no. Okay. Tell us one story and then we’re gonna play a quick game. But go ahead. No, we, we, yeah. My brother and I, we, we got lucky and got some tags in Colorado this year. And so we went over there second season leftover Your brother owe owes You we’re talking leftover turn. You, you helped, you helped him get the tag, right? No, so he got his first. We just kind of, he got his first. Oh, okay. He got his one first week it came out. And I said, well, I guess that’s what we’ll try for, you know, none us expected to get one. Yeah. And so it was a week or two later. And then I, I got one That’s awesome. The same unit. You know, it was kind of like, well we, we’ll try for a decent unit that we, you know, never been to a u never been to the unit before. Learn more. Yeah. So, but we thought it’s, anyway, we’ll go back. Give ahead, just try something else.

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So yeah, we went over there. We thought it was gonna line up. Perfect. Obviously pretty giant storm came through there. It was unbelievable. Yeah. For Central Chicago. Yeah, it was, it was pretty big. I know there was three feet in the mountains and, and better You were hiking your guts off. Yeah, well it was weird because, so opening day of the hunt just rained all day long. Which actually, actually, in a way it was kind of nice for the fact that we weren’t able to get out there days in advance kind of thing. So it was actually perfect. We just kind of stayed in the truck and went and hit four or five spots that, that we wanted to just look at to see. Which it was nice because we were able to check some stuff off the list that we didn’t go back to that we thought were possibilities. So it narrowed down to like, I’ll say three areas and we just thought we’d go to that. So then, but then that switched to snow that night. And then that, that’s where it kind of got a little bit crazy because as you guys know, in Colorado, just, I don’t know, I don’t, I don’t know, like there’s some serious elk hunters over there. Oh, they outbreak a truck. No joke. They’ll break trucks and jeeps down for cows. And I saw, I saw trucks on roads that, it was just unbelievable.

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I mean, we, we took Friday night, we got up there and we took this road and it was the rockiest road I’ve ever been in my life pretty much straight up at one point. I didn’t Were you in the side? Didn’t tell my brother side. Yeah. We were, we were in my brother’s side side. And at one point when we were going up through there, I literally, I didn’t show my cards, but I had my hand on the door handle. ’cause I’m like, if this thing starts to go and you were unbuckled, he’s Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I was like, he’s going, I’m, I’m just gonna sit here on the hillside and watch it go. Like it was pretty sketchy. Right. Anyway, we get up there and we were thinking, oh good, we survived that. You know, and all of a sudden we come around the corner and here’s like three wall tents, and I’m kidding you. Like a Ford F 2 54, oh, a four door long bed diesel. Come on. Dodge truck. Like a 1984 Suburban. That’s even longer. Oh. And they’ve gone up this road and it was to the point, the turns where hair pin turns to where even in the side by side, you’d have to go up kind of back a little to get it out. ’em, I don’t know. And that was the only road up on that mountain. Wow. So, so pretty mind blowing those guys over there.

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They’re pretty nuts. All hunting and cow elk. Yeah. Oh yeah. I’m sure. I’m sure. Yeah. But it’s true’s true. But then, yeah, so anyway, it was just kind of a storm that just made everything nasty for a couple of days. A couple roads were blocked. You had to, then there were guys that were parking and walking around them for miles because they were stuck in the road because they only had a truck. Yeah. They were, there were trucks. Literally just stuck. You couldn’t go on either side of them. They were stuck in the road and basically had to wait till it froze. And that was three days later. The camp was right out the door. Yes. They literally threw the tent two feet from the, from the truck door. I get up, I’m camping and I go to shovel. Yes, exactly. They didn’t hunt. I mean, I go to bed. They didn’t hunt for three days because it was a, it was a huge rut. The truck was completely buried. Just, it was like buried, slashed, high centered. They were cutting logs, hauling ’em down the mountain on a four wheeler. There’s no winching racking it up. There’s no helping. No. And that’s the thing you felt back were like, you, you either call a tow truck or we just Yeah. And we felt back like, could you drive around them? Help them. Yeah. Could you, luckily, luckily in that spot you could Okay.

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With the side by side only, like no truck. But there were guys in trucks who were having to park down the road. Did you at least toss ’em a drink as you drove by? We weren’t very good. I had things bugs to go Yeah. With an as I, I was, yeah. Yeah, exactly. And I was, anyway, I mean, it was one of those things that you clearly, you could tell, like, that’s not, there’s nothing we could have done. If I can lend you for couple hours timeframe or get you out, fine. Help but help. But you need a tow truck, you need a freeze. You actually need the freeze. Yes. It was three days. They were jacking it up, putting logs under it, basically building a the road every day and to enough to get four chains on it. And then it froze and they were able to pull out once it froze. But Wow. Just some of that kind of stuff. It’s just wild over there. Well just place back. We were talking earlier, Carter, like it was during that weekend. It was the Monday, Tuesday of that weekend. Even in Utah, I was guiding desert sheep. But I’ve had my stuff packed for two months. I I’ve been running from personal hunts to sheep hunts and I have my call it early season gear, right? Yeah. And that Monday, Tuesday, I was caught. I was caught.

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And I froze to death because I hadn’t yet switched the brain to Colorado, Wyoming. And I, and I froze. But anyway, so kind the same thing. You feel it’s the first, and it was a big storm. It was a, well you guys had the other podcast I talked about. Yeah. How, how severe it was in the high country of Colorado. So it was a, it wasn’t a dusting, it wasn’t a little dusting, it was a, it was no downing muddy mess. We were down, we had 10 inches at our camp and we were fairly low. You know, it melted fairly fast down there, but still, it just makes everything muddy and stuff for a while. But, but yeah, we hunted and, and it, you know, it pushed a lot of deer outta the really high stuff. But you still, we still were hiking high and knee deep snow going to 10,000 feet because it pushes ’em out of 12,000 to 10, you know? Yeah. And so, yeah, it was good. Saw, saw, learned a lot of about it, but it was pretty crazy. It took three or four days for those deer to, for the storm to stop for them to get up and I think decide it’s time to go. This is enough. So it didn’t happen as fast as I thought we were thinking by, I mean, the hunt started Saturday.

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We’re like, oh, oh yeah, by Monday we’re gonna be covered up in deer. And it wasn’t the case. It wasn’t until, didn’t feel like that anywhere really. Yeah. Yeah. We, I I, we all, we all thought, oh, what is gonna happen in Colorado? And it felt like, yeah, it just gradually warmed up and it was kind of tough again. Well, yeah. ’cause those deer, they were coming down to like 9,000 feet and there was still green grass under the snow. You could see dandelions and things like that. ’cause it had warmed up so fast. Like it went from fall to winter in hurry. That’s what I find interesting is you hunted all elevations. Oh yeah. Yep. And, and it was all over the place. And so we kind of started high, I guess you could say. We, well, we started kind of low around thinking, oh, stuff’s gonna show up. And it clearly wasn’t. So then we went as, as high as we dared, I guess you could say. And then just, just worked lower and lower as, and, and deer started to show up low. But anyway, we were yeah. Find found, finally found a spot and kind of actually we decided, we’re like, let’s just go find some food. You know, where these deer are probably gonna be hungry anyway, got into the oaks, have a pile of acorns on ’em this year.

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So went down there and, and yeah, I was with my brother, we separated and just started hiking some ridges out. And he calls me on the phone and, and he’s like, Hey, if, if I shoot a buck, will you help me pack him out? And I’m like, well, what? Why are you calling me? Is he, what kind of question is that? Yeah, I was, that’s why we’re here, basically. But we kind of did have a gentleman agreement. Like, what, let’s just, like, what size of buck would, would you guys, neither of you shoot. We, we were saying like a, a a 1, 180 plus in, depending on the situation, okay’s, because we’ll get to that later. Otherwise if it’s one 70 plus, you’re gonna keep hunting and let him pack his own deer out. It’s gonna, no, well, maybe, I don’t know, maybe unless it’s Oh yeah. Close to a road, whatever. But yeah, I just didn’t know what gentleman’s agreement. You mentioned that, what It was informal, but it just like, we’re not shooting this or below. Well, and the other thing was a lot of it was so thick of oak. Like it was just a nightmare too. It wasn’t just like, make sure it’s worth it, boss. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We wanna make sure it’s worth Yeah. It wasn’t, the distance needs to have an inline or something. It does for typical. ’cause that makes a difference. Yeah.

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And so, so anyway, he calls me and I’m like, well, yeah, how big you think it is? He’s like, I don’t know, he’s big. I’m like, well then yeah, shoot him, dump him. So he shot and, and he calls back and says that he’d hit him and stuff. So I hiked back up over to, to where he was at and back then, then kind of just sat on the side by side waiting to hear what he needed or what did he me to do. And he calls, he says, oh, he is back up again. He is back up. And I was like, oh, crap. So I just hurried and took off and went down there. Anyway, he’d hit him, he’d just hit him, hit him low, and the buck really couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. But he was still very much live. So we had to go finish him off. And at what point were we trying to get this OTC Arizona? Yeah, it was during all this. So my, we were calling him the whole time. Yeah. The whole time. And he kept putting us off like, dude, dude, I’m, I got a big buck in my sight. Yeah. Which you’re basically just saying, I’m not gonna let the buck get away. No, I don’t wanna see my brother’s buck, but I’m not gonna let him get away because he’s in thick old question. You lose sight of him walking up walking there. Yeah.

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So he’s gonna have to go 400 yards down and across his canyon and would not be able to see him till he got within 50 yards of him the whole time. So I stayed on the point and I just got down on my gun and these guys need yes or no and they need a, a v code and an expiration date from you? We do. No, actually we, we took care of that. Yeah. We actually just needed his ID number and his birthday. Wyatt. Wyatt has all my information. Really? Oh, so his brain without Josh even knowing it. That was the requirement. I had to give all my hundred id You have nine one. Oh, come on. For sure. You, I don’t, I’m just wondering this. Okay. No, I’m just, do you guys were calling me apparently, but I had no missed calls. Calling had Yeah, you did. You weren’t in service boss. Oh, okay. Anyway, we had to FaceTime Devon because he had his phone on silent. Dev was on silent. So finally Wyatt thought, I’m gonna try FaceTiming him. So pretty soon they’re FaceTiming, he’s out in the hills of Nevada. He’s like, dude, these Arizona tags are going left and right. Do you want one or not? So anyway, you’re telling us on for a minute while Wyatt are watching hundreds of tags disappear. And they’re like, but these tags are going.

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I’m like, but I’ve got a 200 inch deer in the scope that I don’t want to move. I’ve got pretty shirt, bird in the hat. I’ve got a priority here. Do you want one or not? Stop calling me. So I hang up and you want me to go to the bush and I’ve got a bird in my head. My brother’s calling me. They’re calling me. I’m trying to make sure the deer doesn’t stand up. I almost thought at one point when he finally, I finally got a good enough look at him. I was kinda like, I’m just gonna shoot this deer and cut my tag and he’s not gonna have an option. Last bullet, he lifted his head and last bullet the law on Utah. Yeah. I’m giving the old arm Benedict. Just, sorry, I cut that. Anyway, that’s all there. So I was just like, we covered that topic. So anyway, I was gonna kill him and cut my tag at one point, but I, anyway, just waited for him. The deer couldn’t get up and he went over and and got him killed and, and it was awesome. Three by it was also four. Yeah. Oh, I mean, yeah, he had a score busted. Busted. Yeah, he was, yeah, he was a giant four, but busted to a three by four basically. Yeah. He could score in 194 inches. Yeah. Yeah. As he was broken. So a tank.

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Did he have, did he have fat? Oh yeah. Fatter than fat. Yeah. Fat, fat. Yeah. He looked like a tank. Did he look pretty like in his prime? Was he fairly five and a half years old? He was five, 6-year-old there. Probably just looked at his teeth. He was, I mature. That’s rare. That’s awesome. Oh, he looked awesome. It’s just what you could call out. Oh, it is. Yeah. Yeah. So you helped him pack it out and all as well. Yeah. Got got him out and all was good. So yeah. Jason and what, well then I think you saw a big, did I think you saw a big bear? Well, yeah. That was highest the first confirmed gris in Colorado since 1930. Biggest bear you’ve ever seen. And you were like the bear biologist for all intents and purposes. Well, yeah. For many years. Yeah. As, as, as a biologist, I had bears and so saw a lot and it, it was gigantic. Yeah. I mean, we were, we were down there glassing the next day and, and glassed him up. I thought it was a cow at first. Geez. And he stuck his head up. I’m like, that’s a bear. So then we were sitting there in the process of trying to figure out, ’cause I have never got a bear tag and Colorado, I’ve never really dreamed of it or thought about it.

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Well, you didn’t have one and they’re now, now they’re trying to give them away. Yeah. Yeah. They’re basically a hundred something bucks. Yep. And so then we’re sitting there on the side of the mountain trying to decide, and because season’s going, we needed to go down, get one physically printed. And it’s kinda like shooting a coyote in your honey hole. Yeah, yeah. You know what I mean? Well, and the thing was too, just the way it was, we’d have to get it checked in and a lot of those kind of things. And it was, you’re have to eat the meat. Yeah. And it was a Friday, but there’s some real questions. It weekends coming up too. Yeah. So now it might turn into stay, have to stay around for Monday. Yeah. Oh yeah. A hundred percent till you gotta check the bear end. We sat and talked about all that stuff and there was, it wasn’t just simple like, oh, we’re gonna shoot him, run down. But this is a get his hide off. But yeah, it’s a once in a lifetime bear. I mean, well over 20 inch goal, I guarantee you that. Wow. Oh, he was, and anyway, so, but we ended up, so you decided not to so you could hunt deer and then, and keep going. You’re hunting deer. You’re, now you’re back to hunting deer. Yeah.

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So go around the, we didn’t want a deer hunt to turn into a bear hunt, but so you go around the corner. Yeah. We, we actually decided in the end, we’re like, we’re gonna make it happen. Whatever. We’re gonna kill this bear at least. So we, we went to take off to go to town and we actually ran into two other hunters, A guy and his daughter. And they were from Utah. And she has a bear tag or they have a bear tag. Yeah. Yep. They, they, she has a bear tag. And I was like, okay, do you have a bear tag? Like, I asked her and she’s like, oh yeah, yeah. I said, do you wanna go kill a giant bear? She’s like, yeah, absolutely. So I only want cubs. Yeah. So we, we went back and, and, and got down on him and stuff. And unfortunately she, she missed him. But it was a, it was a big old, big old bear that solved your problem in a way because like, if they killed it, like, all right, we can go back to deer hunt. That’s, it’s their problem now Monday. And if you would’ve killed it. So you got a big bear now what? Not that big a deal. Exactly. Right. Exactly. Yeah. So you got a world class bear who caress. It’s like anything antelope, bear, anything big you appreciate. You do, you do.

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Just, I didn’t even see air under his leg. No. Under his belly. The ground, you know, when have you never seen that? I don’t know. The, the legs were on the ground. The bears, the belly was dropping long legs. The bears, the belly was so low and big ears. I didn’t, you could not see under his. That’s true. Yep. So, and he was giant. It wasn’t just like, oh, I had a weird angle and he had six. Let’s keep talking about what a mistake you made. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, should have shot him. Should, should have shot him. So anyway, but you made up for it and you ended up smashing a deer. How’d that go? Then you had a gun that hadn’t been shot or killed an animal, I guess. Oh, good point. That was, that was, well that, that was the game I was gonna play. Yeah. Like, like let’s play it. If you guys ever been like, when you’re hunting, whatever you’re hunting, deer, elk, antelope, coyotes, bears, whatever. I know you, these matter is kind of another topic, but what sometimes trips the trigger to where I gotta, I gotta shoot, I gotta shoot this, whatever I’m at some point, I would say an inline Okay. For deer. You talking Yeah. For Deere in, in line. Yeah. A cheater. Cheater. Stickers. Dropper. Devon’s talked about droppers. Get you killed with like his Nevada question. Yes. Yes. Not tall, narrow.

00:22:59:14 –> 00:24:11:16
There’s some characteristics that you have to have. Well, it was an eight or 10, 10 inch or, or whatever. Dropper. Yeah. I’ve seen the double throat patch used before too, guys. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good point. Big justified body. Big body deer. Yeah. Sometimes beautiful cage. It was big body, beautiful cake. What turns your crank, Josh? It, it, I don’t know that so much. It turns my crank, but there’s just, just feelings that I get sometimes urges. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Sensations, urges. I don’t know what caused those urges and sensations. Well, I, when you get a new gun, like you should, I don’t know, at some point you shouldn’t go hunt with a new gun. I, I want you want break it in on a cow elk first. Yeah, that’s right. I mean, yeah. I’ve got one. I’m gonna break in. Come high water this week. Are you taking a new gun? Come on. This is a bad, something’s gonna happen. Are you taking that? Oh yeah. Red Rock first. Yep. Maiden voyage. Yeah. I still like, I can’t, I, I am gonna talk to, to Justin and, and Sean and I’m gonna swear ’em, I say, you tell me what that too, I need a report. Anything that you would withhold, I’ll pay you a hundred bucks. But you cannot keep a secret from me of whatever your dad shoots anyway. But, but back to Josh.

00:24:11:19 –> 00:25:17:27
So you had a maiden voyage, a a new, which gun was it? Oh, it’s the new, it was a 300 rum. Fierce. Fierce. Your new fierce. Yep. One, one we sell. Yep. And it’s, I don’t know, it’s next level gun. Yeah, it is kind of one of those things. I’ve always, I don’t know, wanted to see what a 300 drum would do to a deer. Yeah. Of any size. Pretty much. Pretty much. No. Not of any size deer lines, but anyway, anyway. So new Norma and Norma ammo. Yeah. Norm to travel the new ammo. Sounds like kind of, it kind of performs a lot like an Aon it sounds like. Yeah, I’d recommend it to anybody. 180 grainer outta of the box. And it’s shooting a thousand yards. No problem. Super accurate. Oh yeah. Yep. Geez. So it actually, I had, I had some aons and that’s what, when they, when they sent the gun, that’s what they shot through it. And they just said that’s what had shot the tightest groups. But I dunno whether they shot the norma through it or not, but it shot, it actually shoots better theon. And you chose the norma just because you, you don’t want to have to reload it. You wanna just go ahead and, or was it Well, you can’t, you can’t find the components and I couldn’t find components to, to some of the aons.

00:25:18:01 –> 00:26:23:04
And so that nosler stuff is, the Norma ammo was factory, so Yes. So I figured if what, you know, Norma brass is good brass, so if nothing else, I’ll get a bunch of good brass outta it. And it was, it turned out awesome. Yeah. And to the point where I’m like, I don’t know that I could reload anything. Do you remember what the speed is? You’re getting outta that for a 180, 30, 31 or 32? 31. 82 I think is what, it’s almost 32. That’s good. Yeah, mine. It’s, it’s moving. Yep. Good. 32 50. So tell us how, you know, how how it went and, and the testing on that. How, how, tell us how, how, you know, the bullet performs. Well, so I was sitting there glassing there I was, I was sitting there, glassing was on safety and we’d, we’d seen another buck that had been, they were starting to cruise. So towards the end of that hunt, they were a lot of deer moved. And bucks were actually starting to think about a little bit in cruise. And there was this buck that, that I’d seen that morning looks similar to this cover of this October, November issue. Oh yeah. Inlines, yeah. Two, yes. Like two 60, whatever.

00:26:23:24 –> 00:27:13:09
But no, there was this buck that was down there and he was, he was trying to come up checking do, but he was almost 30 inches, but he was barely like a three point on the, on the one side, like an older deer. Two, a big older deer. But he was basically a giant two point. But he did fork at the front. Did he have a, a good looking Cape? Cape? He was almost 30. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That was one of things. I mean, I mean, he starts checking boxes here pretty quick. And so I thought, well, I’m gonna see where this is going. So I was like, I’m gonna, worst scenario, I’m gonna shoot that deer. I’m gonna eat that one. But yeah, so I, but I didn’t, I didn’t, at that point I had some restraint and I held off. And so my brother went down to go glass some other stuff. And I was up there and by myself and I was sitting there glassing. All of a sudden I could hear like rak something. Yeah, like a buck raking. Yes. Sit on my questing and running. What the heck? No, I, well, at first I couldn’t tell if it was, it was raking, but I couldn’t tell if it was raking or two bucks just like sparr. I didn’t know if it was a couple little two points or something. I just hear antlers rubbing.

00:27:13:13 –> 00:28:13:17
I’m like, what in the heck is that? And I looked back behind me several times and I couldn’t, I never could see anything. And finally it got just louder and louder. So I actually, I got up and walked over to the edge of this ridge and as I did, I walked over to look and there’s just this big white face buck sitting there and he like stops raking and just looks right up at me. And I was like, yeah. And I was like, Hey, how far? 300, 200, 300 yards. Perfect testing range. And so I, I didn’t, he was, he had oak brush behind him, so I didn’t even extra line, I, I could just see like big white face buck. And so I didn’t even put my vinyls up. I was just like, oh, you saw that with naked eye. Big deal. And decided I’m with the naked eye. Yeah, I’m shooting the deer. I think it, no, but I just thought I need to, to look at this deer. But keep in mind, we’re in Colorado, so my gun’s in the side by side in a soft case. In a hard case. Oh yeah. Three cases. Deep locked with three locks, whatever the bullets in a different lock. One bullet, nothing in the match, the bullet at camp and whatever. But, so anyway, I had to run back, get it outta the case, you know, get bullets in it. Put on your hunter orange.

00:28:14:07 –> 00:29:10:12
Yeah, I had all that on, but I, so then I just hurried and, and got back over to the edge. The time. What was he doing? Doing raking again? No, he was just standing there looking and there were some dos down below him and a couple dos above him. So he was just kind of watching them. And so I didn’t even, I didn’t even put my binos up or anything at first. I just hurried and got the gun already. I, I just dope. I didn’t know. Yeah. Well I didn’t know. So I hurried, I have the range fighting vinyl, so I just put it on his body in range. I didn’t, and look at it, you were going to turn and cut tourists. I could picture all of it. Yeah. So I mean, you’re fighting cases, you’re fighting the cases. Then you’re trying, you’re trying to panic. Oh, you’re panicked. You just killed us. Things aren’t working. Right. You would call me your just killed unzip stuff. 95, 200 inch plus buck. So day or two, the faster you try, the slower you feel. And now you’re wound cutting corners. So yeah, I was, I was jacked up and like I said, I could tell he was a mature deer just from his body and stuff at 300 yards. He was standing there and so I didn’t even do anything. I just, ra got up, ranged him. He was right at 300 dial.

00:29:10:16 –> 00:30:13:13
I didn’t even have to dial. I, you know, my gut zeroed at two. So I was like, ah, I just hold, hold a little high. So I just got down and cranked the scope to 24. ’cause I always shoot it on 24, whether it’s a hundred yards, 200 yards, sighting it in whatever I always did. Did you, did you look at the head? No, not, not at this. Not to this point. No. You, you’re piped up and dialed the 24. Basically kill here. This is the other thing. This goes back to the phone call of should you should pack out. You should always identify your target. So this goes back to the, should we pack him out thing This deer was in easy spot, A great spot compared to where he could be in the not so greatest spot. He’s thought about this. That’s another boss. It’s another box. Great cape. He’s thought about this for days. White face a great cape. Big body, deer easy spot to get out. My brother’s here, I get to go home. I might be home early. I’m a hero. Certain. All of these things are at a certain point. There is no return. And Norma wants to eat. Norma wants to bark. So this was where, so that’s just it. Like that was why I didn’t even, I was like, I don’t care then I’ll, I’ll look at him, I’ll look at him now.

00:30:13:13 –> 00:31:19:27
So I got up and looked down the scope. As soon as I went to go turn, he turns his head to the left to go look at the dough’s back above him. And as he does in his back fork, he had big back forks. And he’s got an inline what on his three, on his right side. What you said Jason. Wow. Inlines get you killed. And so at that point he like turned back around to look at his doze downhill. And I was already looking at him in the scope. It’s over. That was already weak. That was already on his shoulder at 24 power. Yeah, that was already, and so I 200, 250 24 power. And you know what, for all we know Bronson, it might’ve been 120 yards. It was, it was. He said he, I know this. Josh is a good storyteller. It could be, it could have been 50 yards away. It’s 100 to 300. We already know his gun. He was cited in it two. So from one to three, you don’t even, so let’s just say it’s 75 yards. He’s got him on 24 power. Yeah. And he sees a two and a half inch in line. Looks like he’s 10 inches. A non, a non scoreable point. This long at that range looks this long. Oh, it was a 10 inch in line. Okay, keep going. So I just, there’s just certain things I, I’m, I’m weird about some of that stuff.

00:31:19:27 –> 00:32:15:07
Like my gun, I shoot at 24. I don’t want because I’ve messed up before. If I go, I go to long range and, and it’s stuck at 12 if I don’t dial it. Well and that goes back to the radicals. You want all the les commands. So it needs to be high power. I mean there’s some other shoot those types of scopes. Yeah. And you Yeah. Yeah. And you were probably raised on something like that. So it’s just all of those things are just, I just, I try and keep things the same every time I shoot. And just those, some of those kind things. Was your brother right there with you? No, he was down. He didn’t even know this was going, this about to make him proud though. And so I just held a little high ’cause I didn’t want him to go far. So I put it shoulder, high shoulder and did it crumpled, did it do what what it did to that elk? Break his back with one shot? No, that, that elk, I mean that elk was able to still get downhill and move and stuff. This, this deer I washed and dropped in the scope, like wow. Slammed him. Just folded. Wow. So did you walk up before your brother or on your own? You waited for him? So I waited for him. I called him and told him, hey, ’cause he is like, Hey, was that you that shot?

00:32:15:07 –> 00:33:09:28
And I was like, yeah, I don’t know. Of course it is. We’re the only side-by-side up here. Yeah. I said, I don’t know. I don’t know what he is. I don’t know what he is. I know he had an inline and he had big back forks. ’cause I didn’t, I just, like I said, I didn’t take much time. I love these stories. Who, well, so we get walking down there. I sympathize with you because I have, I I’ve done it. I have one, I have done it on the podcast. We both, we’ll talk about him in a minute. We got down there, we walked, walked down there to him and we get close and he was kind of over to my right, right. Because it was in the thick oak. So we kinda came, he was, the deer was for sure dead. We were just trying to come on different angles from him to try and see where he is at. Just to sure. If he jumped or whatever. Yeah. But he, he, and he looks at him and he has a pair of 18 by 56 on his chest. He’s like, oh, he’s good. I’m like, is he really? Oh yeah, yeah. He looks good. Well, how far is he? Oh, we’re within a hundred yards now with 18 pounds. Okay. So let’s call it 40. 40 on 18 pounds. Anyway, that’s, I don’t believe anything at that point. We packed him out.

00:33:09:29 –> 00:34:17:13
What do you mean? We packed him out and came home. It was a good trip. So the deer, we skipped the part where you actually got to him. Did he have an inline? He does. He did have the inline. It was not a piece of, it has an inline, it’s scoreable. Oh yeah, possibly. Okay. It’s scoreable. Sorry. Yeah. Jerked oil off the table there. But the good thing is, is you can’t eat the horns. It’s right. The meat will be delicious and it’ll taste well. Yeah. So anyway, with Josh, it’s just, it’s not a, it’s not 500 pounds of bear meat trying to haul up the hill. Yeah, it’s, that’s a good thing. Jeez. Greasy sausage meat. Be grateful. Who wants to eat 500 pounds of bear meat? So yeah, he wasn’t what I thought he was, he had like two inch g threes and Yeah. It’s, but what, what happened to the big back forks? Well, they’re there two inches, two inch G threes or I mean, sorry, G four. G four. Okay. Alright. I just heard big backs and then it’d be two. No big box is, you know, relative to the buck. But it’s what it is. Remember when you, you were great. The first thing you text me was that it was a buck. I’m glad you’ve done the same thing or I’m glad I’m not the only or something like that. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

00:34:17:15 –> 00:35:37:03
I should, I’m one of those anyway. And it’s true. We’ve all, I shot a, a German shepherd with horn is, is what I shot. You remember it was, I can’t say I made a mistake on what the deer was, but the proportions of everything on him were 70% of what a normal deer should have been. Yeah. Body head. Which buck was its, remind me. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. Remind me. It’s just a buck. Just a just a four by four side guard. It’s just a buck. But it, when I walked up on him, I, I I, I’ve never seen, I’ve never seen a smaller bodied call it mature deer in my life. And I don’t know what the deal was. Remind me you’ve heard it with sheep. Just, just remind me. I don’t engage with you here. I’m gonna have to scroll for a minute. Why don’t you jump into ears. Okay. Here’s the text from Josh. First text. First text. Remember the time you big-eyed, A buck, a close range with fifteens. Okay. So he puts it on me right off the bat. You know, remember the time, Jason, don’t be so hard on me. Remember when you did it? But remember Jason Neely Carter, when you did what I just did. Right? Remember the time you big eyed a buck, a close range of fifteens. I screwed up big backs with an inline. Doesn’t make them a big deer. Anyway. Good.

00:35:37:06 –> 00:36:50:22
It was pretty fun text. But that it, the thing is though, you hunted your guts out and to the very end and you, one of the two of you came home with a world class dude. That’s true. And that’s, it’s awesome. I think it’s great. Learned to use new unit on a, I can’t, yeah. Yeah. It’s not a freebie tag. But I did no points burnt. No, I did, didn’t buy. I was in Gunnison in the height of its glory. And I was amped up. I mean, I was amped up. There was big deer dying. Two 20 bucks or whatever. I glass up at a hundred, a hundred, 110 yards with a pair of fifteens. I glass up a buck that has, it is like a six by five cheater. Oh. I’m like, and I dumped that deer so fast and I, I walked up to it and it was, I don’t know, 21 inches wide or something. The the biggest baby giant in the world. And I was just like, oh man. You know, just gimme the, gimme this tag back. Gimme some give These next days are gonna be better. Was that the chance that your buddy, your your buddy killed a big deer on that? Yeah. Oh yeah. It was like 33 or four. Four. Yeah. Big deer. Yeah. Anyway. And it, and you know, my dad ended up with a two 20 buck. Like there was with no eye guards. Slick shank.

00:36:50:22 –> 00:37:56:05
Two 20. Like it’s just, geez. You know? Anyway, it was that kind of thing. And here’s mine. And anyway, it is what it is. Like it just happens. And, and it’s fine. It’s not a big deal. But, but just high power, close range failure. Yeah. You know? Yeah. Failure to identify your target properly. Identify your target. Yeah. Luckily it was a buck. It’s not in my phone and I know it’s wrong. So which buck was it real quick? You act like it has a name. Wasn’t the 25, 26 buck 10,000 feet. Yeah, it was. That’s where it was. It’s what? No, like 10,000 feet. You were on fourth at 10,000. Oh yeah. That wasn’t, yeah. ’cause Aaron had shut one the night before. It was a, a pretty nice buck wound up, up because there were some big deers showing up. It was a fourth season. Yeah. They were running and then you saw him through And I killed a real, I killed a year or two before I’d killed, killed one within 200 yards of there. It’s like a six by four. That’s like 180, 180 5. Really nice buck. Yeah. And it was same general area. And it was just, you’re they’re in the Quakers. Rutting snows in the quake. How could it be a small dude? You got Colorado. Yes. You got big deer. You don’t have, and that was back in pretty good days. Well, yeah. I don’t know.

00:37:56:05 –> 00:39:00:16
It’s been 10 years ago, but whatever. Yeah, but Amy, and so you’re laying down prone and they’re rutting back in the quakes at, you know, 500 yards or something like that. And so as soon as they get to a gap and stop, that’s your shot. But, but I’d looked at the deer. It’s not like I had a rush job. I just, I thought he was a 180 inch, you know, type four point. Well he wasn’t trust me. Well what I never did find out what he was. Do you know how big your deer was? Let’s call it one 30. This deer was, I bet he wasn’t over one 50. I remember. But you were good about it. You just said he’s not quite what I thought you did not ever really expound upon what it was. Jeez. And you hiked your guts out to get to him. Oh, it sucked. Yeah. Yeah. I’m by myself. It was heavy snow year. 10,000 feet straight. I don’t know where Aaron was, but he might have went home that day. Oh. Bumped him out. You bumped him out. But I had the full, and, and you’re hunting in November, mid to late November. You have a lot of clothes and crap in your pack. And then the gun spot and scope all that. And a full deer. Yeah. It wasn’t, it was no joke. It wasn’t a fun No joke.

00:39:00:16 –> 00:39:56:18
It wasn’t a fun, I I was mad the whole drive home. But you, I’ll bet you, you identify your target better next time. Oh, because of Well, and me me too. Yeah. I, yeah. It’s not, but you still mean it’s judge. Everybody gets excited and I, I, I still don’t know if, if I find the pictures, I, I’ll show you the deer and you can kind of see the body. Like you’ll see what I’m talking about. Yeah. And, and it doesn’t, it’s not just me talking now to make an excuse. This was a dwarf deer. It, it was like a sheep. We’ve seen ’em in doll sheep probably more than any other sheep. But there’s some doll sheep. They literal our dwarfs. Yeah. They’re, they’re a, a curl in a house. They’re 24 inch Yeah. Curl, full curl. Yes. Weird little stuff. Yeah. 26. But deer like that usually die in Colorado. ’cause their winters are so harsh. They need those big, bulky bodies. Well, a just push ’em to the ground and go ’em. Yeah. I mean they’re, they’re literally an overgrown COOs deer. I don’t know it. They’re, I’ve never seen anything like they’re a black tail. I’ve never seen like, but anyway, Columbia, but, and I had a friend and I’m not gonna say his name, he’d kill me. But anyway, he did what you did.

00:39:56:18 –> 00:41:03:05
But he did, he looked at a buck with BT X with BTX at about 200 or two 50. I remember. I remember. And that deer died within, well it’s 35 power plus. He probably had his doubler on. ’cause he likes the doubler. That 1.7 magnifier at 250. It’s dying. I don’t know if he did not, don’t you could see blood lines. He thought that was 180 blood hundred 80 and 185. Four point 20 sevener. And if you pray hard enough, it might make one 90. I’ve still never seen a picture of the deer. I know. So be careful. I am so scared of doing that. And the rest of my life. And, and you know, a lot of it I did. There’s one other story that I’ll never tell, but it it, it’s when they’re compact. Yeah. You’re in trouble that you really need to go over this, these compact air. If, if, if that’s what you’re after. If you big airy thing, you can’t miss a big airy as much. If you’ve got a tag that takes 20 years to draw. I mean just try. Don’t be shooting compact deer unless you know he’s got a lot of trash and really is gonna make it what you need to be. Yeah. You know. Any stories? What cash? Wyatt has one like that of this on this topic. Like what? It seems like he’s got one. Mine’s.

00:41:03:09 –> 00:42:16:23
I have a lot less of an excuse than you guys do. I didn’t look at ’em from like with like a BTX or anything like that. I just straight up got excited. Oh, this year Wyatt, this is, or excuse me, cash. This is your story. You can make it what you want. I know. Well I have the, the issue is I have witnesses. They call me out pretty easy. Okay. So it’s hard for me to lie on that one. ’cause I went so well that again, this was a gun that I had never ate before. Yes. That that was another new rifle. Yeah. It’s not a good call. You’re in trouble. Trouble. It’s not. It’s really not. If I were you, I’d take an old gun. 3 38. Rob. See it’s in the truck dude. That thing’s disgusting. Get 225 grainer going 32 60. It’s a hammer. Go. Go shoot a little theories. Get a blow nap. I’m just saying. Oh boy. Excuse me sir. Where are your hind quarters? Well, they’re still somewhere in the brush. Alright, well you got excited. Yeah. New guns got excited, but it still awesome dude, you gotta, you built lot factors. You had, you had time building that gun yourself, putting it together. I did. If I remember right. So it’s like I did. And you had Halloween knocking on your door. What? Right? Yeah, just for the people in my group, but I could have stayed. Oh, okay.

00:42:16:23 –> 00:43:31:27
Who I could’ve stayed. I thought it was your, maybe your wife wanted you back. No, my wife didn’t. No, she okay. She, she would’ve rather me had it there. Just variables. Just variables. Yeah. Just a few different things. It was good to have them there, whatever. But yeah. Yeah. I got excited with a new gun and yeah. I have a feeling the rest of my year I, I’ve gotta hunt with Aaron and I have a feeling how that hunt’s gonna go. We all know that. We know him. He’s probably picture than me is what I mean. He’s Oh, he’s picked, he’s very patient. Yeah. He, he’s not gonna, he’s kind of picky but’s so patient. He’s not gonna make one of these mistakes. No. There’s some people that don’t make mistakes. Well, but he’s, I would, I would contend He’s, well, I, I, I’m not even contend, but it also should have killed certain butts. I have stories when we were kids, 200 inches because probably, oh, what about 190 inches? He, there was a buck in Colorado. That right. That. Oh, there was that buck too. But, but there was one when we were, I was probably 16 or 17, so it puts him whatever, 14. And we’re hunting with my dad, general Utah. I glass his buck up and I’m, and I had already put it in my scope and got him over. He’s only a couple hundred yards. Yards. It’s thick oak.

00:43:32:07 –> 00:44:43:11
It’s a Pollock B and thick oak, gray oak, gray antlers, every inlines and split. He was afraid that he was, he’s 14. Yeah. 15. Okay. Yeah. Who cares? Shoot it if it’s a little smaller. You haven’t killed 20 deer yet in your life. Yeah, but this deer’s big. I’ve seen, I saw it through it. He wouldn’t shoot it. He would, he’s on his gun. The deer’s just staring, just like that. Stair stairs there. Turns to leave runs and he emp his gun, you know, forever the other side. Yeah. So, got a yard sale going on by the time you’re done. Never touched it. Never. Never touched it. So, but anyway, he’s just more conservative. Oh. So anyway, I just, you, I kind of wish there was a way to trip his trigger. I’d like to see him shoot a deer, but I think, how could I do it? Find a big one. Take a new gun, feed him a white monster, and then amp him up just a little. So you know, you’re gonna have to, I mean, you’re his brother. If anybody can do it to too, I’m gonna have to take responsibility like this. Buck’s betted. Trust me. You want this Dude, don’t look at his antlers. You’re gonna see that patch hair you’ll miss. If you see that white patch of hair may four inches to the left. And squeeze. Don’t look at the antlers. Don’t look at the antlers.

00:44:43:17 –> 00:45:57:28
’cause if you do, you’re gonna miss, I hope he has. I I have identified your target. I haven’t even looked if like wolf quotas are open up there, but might have a better chance killing a wolf than a deer where we’re going Wolverine maybe, or something. Well, they’re elite Carter. We’re Alaska. Well, I mean, if you misidentify your target, it’s, but I’m just saying, I saw wolves when I had Wyoming, you know, last time this place. So, I mean, yeah, I’m excited for you guys anyways. But, but then, then Colorado. So anyway, anyway. Jason’s going to Colorado and I, and I’m not taking a new gun for a specific reason. I don’t wanna be, I’ve only got one, one gun in my safe. There’s there’s another reason. Yeah. That gun, the bolt doesn’t come out. Okay. Well, but, but, but that, anyway, but, but I, I’ve only had one gun that hasn’t killed something and I, and I wasn’t gonna take it. ’cause I don’t now. It’s not operable. Well, I hadn’t used it enough and really doped it. I, I don’t, I don’t need to rush, do a rush job. I haven’t worked up my dope and all that too much yet. Confidence isn’t quite there. I haven’t even, I haven’t even chronograph the gun I’ve cited in a hundred, 200 yards. So it was just, I’m excited. I love this. I love these hunts. But yeah, some extras and eye guard, big eye guard.

00:45:59:13 –> 00:47:05:09
It’s easy to, it’s easy to, I’m just thinking of stuff that gives you, you’re already dreaming about. Yeah. I’m dreaming of what I’m, what I’m, what I wanna shoot in Colorado and what you’re gonna find for air. I’d like to know what you would like to shoot in Colorado. Colorado. ’cause I know how picky you are. It feels like nothing. You’re wasting your time going there. No, I’m not taking my boys. Yes. That, that is. But you have attack. They’re killers, but you have a attack. Yeah. Hey, this is the place that could kill something. It’s stupid big. And, but most likely it won’t. But I, I’m excited to go. Yeah. It, I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I love taking my boys daughter just because, oh, this is a hunt. To hunt with them is, is just what I live for. So I’m, they’re, I’m, we’re gonna, we will knock down a couple of bucks. Yeah. For them two outta three at least. I’m so excited. 67 percent’s not bad. I’m so excited. Plus I’m gonna have the half the state of Utah there. And that’s really exciting. It’s gonna be a reunion. It’s gonna be a reunion of sorts. It’s gonna be like another expo. I even set up a booth. I don’t know. I’m gonna take some decals. Take some optics. I’m gonna take some de decals and some hats. Somebody is gonna back over their optics with their side by sideand.

00:47:05:09 –> 00:48:09:07
I’ve trust. Take a pair of fifteens, twelves i’ll, and a spot in scope I’ll, and a couple tripod adapters. I actually think it’s not a bad idea. ’cause I do, I mean, these guys, they’re good hunters and, and we know a lot of ’em. So it’s, it’s gonna be fun. I’m, I’m really looking forward to it. You also gotta just be realistic in your expectations. You know, we expect the world from Colorado and we don’t scout it. And we go there for only the season, five to seven days. Five to seven day seasons. Right? Yeah. And we expect the world. We’re disappointed when we don’t kill a monster or, you know, a three by four that goes 1 94 broken. You know what I mean? I’m looking for that buck. Yeah. Intact. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You chew down. That’s a book typical, probably intact. Two four inch. Typical. There’s hardly any deduction on that deer. Yeah. What was the other G 4 10 11. There we go. I mean, it’s stupid big. It is. It’s 2 0 4. It’s kind of those net net 2 0 1 95, 1 of those bucks that when you look, I don’t know, book you, when you’re looking at it, you’re kind of like, it’s my, what is it? You know? I don’t know. It was just hard. But then you walk up in the body. Yeah. And that’s what I’ve done. I don’t know how many deer we’ve shot in Colorado. Me as friends, giant bodies.

00:48:09:19 –> 00:49:20:16
And so the, the anomaly, you never think about it in certain places. Yeah. There’s other places. You, you do, you go to, you go to some of these desert areas. You go to some maybe desert to New Mexico and all that you prepare or, or Southern Arizona. Yeah. You prepare for smaller body deer. Yeah. Not, not Colorado. It definitely because, because this summer I saw several of those type of bucks in that 200 to 2 0 5 range that we were helping with. And I saw ’em, you know, a lot, quite often. And I, I definitely contend that they looked that big. But this deer, because of its body being so big, I felt more like it. It felt more like a high one eighties buck. Just with, because of the size of the body and everything. ’cause our Utah deer definitely. I mean, some places are big, but, well, and a lot of ’em they’re not. And it just, they’re a little more impressive that way when they look. Well and Jason, I know he’s, he let it book typical go. We’ve talked about it to this day because of you under, under judge Somebody’s Colorado out Giant bucks. Yeah. You remember the book And probably Aaron, the one I’m talking what you talked about in Colorado can right now. And yeah. That’s why it’s just sad, you know, beautiful blocky faces. They and necks and bodies.

00:49:20:18 –> 00:50:15:03
And I like ’em to have 10 or 15 points on each side because you know, they can at least have that. Can’t, you can’t misjudge ’em. If it frames 180, you still got a 1 95. Yeah. Typicals are the hardest thing in the world to judge why they are. You’re an official scorer. Tell me why. I mean, it is so hard to judge a typical, it is so hard to judge a typical. You’re not adding all the extra inches on top of the frame frame. You’re not guessing a frame and adding all the extra inches. You’re trying to guess a frame. Dead. Dead on like beams. How do you tell long beams? Like what do you, what do you, let’s talk about a few of those things. You’ve been on a lot of big deer kills. What do you, how do you judge a bug? Oh, what do you initially look for? Well, a lot of things play into it. As you guys have mentioned. You know, the body size definitely plays into it. You’ve gotta kind of look at ’em from all different angles too. I mean, one angle I’ve, I’ve seen a lot of deer look good from, from a certain angle. But then you get another angle and then you kind of gotta mix those two together and kind kind of form an opinion on what it is. But of course you’re looking for everything along, you know, all the time.

00:50:15:03 –> 00:51:21:28
Over 10, you know, G twos 18 plus would be ideal. Yeah. I mean that’s, that’s what you’re hoping for. Eye guards. I mean, eye guards are huge. Oh yeah. If you have inch and a half eye guards, no eye guard extension halves. Okay. But, but think about four inches now you got eight inches total beams inside. I mean, but beams, you’re talking like if you got a compact deer, you got no shank. A non wide deer is hard to have. Long beams is hard to have beam. And then you also lose the inside on a non wide deer too. I mean you lose a lot of air right there, which is a, a big measurement for deer. They’re the scarier ones. Yeah. And then if they’re super heavy case, select that Nevada deer in my office that nets 1 98 or whatever. He’s so heavy. His tines don’t look that impressive. Yeah. Mass hides inches. He’s got 29 inch beams and you’re just like, eh, it’s nice. Mass is something. Yeah. I mean you get eight, eight inches on a buck from from from Okay. To de good. So if you have mass and I guards now you’re at 16 inches. Yeah. It add, it adds a significant amount. Which is, which you think is the smallest thing on to make a buck big. Yeah. Yeah. You, we think tines timely. Like that’s what I think long times adds up inches. Well yeah, you need it.

00:51:22:07 –> 00:52:23:10
But you add like I said, just an half inch, a half inch to an inch on a mass measurement on each one and an extra three inches per side of I guards from one to four inches. And you’re, you went from a nice buck to stupid big. Yeah. Yep. Went from a 180 5 to 200 plus fast. It’s so hard to judge ’em the body size, head size, ear size time of year too. Because sometimes you get August year, a lot of times you, you, you don’t, body size isn’t what it is in the end of October, November. Let’s face it, I don’t know how much deer, I mean you’re talking 50, 50 plus pounds and bulk. And by then when they’re finishing the summer, two, three more months of feeding. Plus if you get an acorn year, they just Yeah. Pack it up, Flo up. Well they, when we were doing like collaring those bucks Yeah. And stuff, their, their necks would go down to like 17, 18 inches in the winter, in the, in the summer. And they could go clear up to 26 to 27. Yeah. Same buck 28. Same deer in the winter. Geez. With those expandable cars put on. Yeah. So they had to have those big elastics and stuff in them.

00:52:23:21 –> 00:53:37:27
So yeah, we’d put ’em clear on ’em then and so we’d measure ’em to try and so we could get a good measurement of how much elastic and all that. But yeah, I mean easy 10 inches of growth on their neck from summer to just August. I do, I do feel more and why it looked at a ton of o bucks this year. But I do feel more uncertain then because they aren’t as big and blocky deer. Yeah. Yeah. You know, in August you’re dealing sometimes, you know, deer’s just, you know, from August to October they can just, you know, 50, 75 pounds it fails. Like, I don’t know that it has to, ’cause they just turned from a kind of a lean thing with not a lot of fat to something rolly poy pretty fast. Well it’s just awesome. Yeah. But fun to talk about Josh. We’re gonna be hunting some whitetails here shortly. Oh, you’ve been hunting whitetails though. You’ve been, yeah. Well, yeah. And I think we should save that story really. I think we should. We got talking about good high guards and being, I mean, we’ve already talked about everything. You’re gonna turn, you’re gonna save that a a 60 minute podcast. Something that, that took one day to kill. No, there’s a lot that goes into those things. Hey, I’m here to tell you, whoever’s whitetail hunter that’s out there listening, like it’s addicting. It’s, it’s intense.

00:53:38:15 –> 00:54:46:05
It, they’re, they’re, I’m not gonna say they’re smarter than a mule deer. It’s just, there’s a lot that goes into ’em. What’s a scrape? Why are they scraping? Yeah. Your brain is programmed to interpret mule deer behavior and mul mule deer. Yeah. Habitat usage. Yeah. Mule deer cover all usage, all that. And you have to switch it in terms of corridors in terms of pinch points, corridors, scrape food sources, scrapes, boots, sources, scrapes, rubs. You know how big a rub? Like oh that’s a giant buck. What do you mean? It’s just a tree that if fork, it could do that to him if it wanted to. But no, it, there’s so much more that goes into it and you know, old deer and then igar. You think they all whitetails? I’m, I love the white tail igar. Yeah, but I mean, stupid big. Some of ’em, but a lot of ’em are not. Oh yeah. And, and then they fork. Some are too, some of ’em are forking and that’s then beams. How do you judge a beam on a white tail? Like there’s, there’s some judging problems. Yeah. Oh yeah. And so luckily I have a really good friend Roger Smith that’s taught me a lot in a short amount of time. And anyway, but maybe I need a lesson before you’re, you got some, just listen to me. Lifetime, listen to me and I shoot a second.

00:54:50:27 –> 00:56:02:28
’cause dude, because we’re going to, we’re going to where they make 300 block pound block bodies or plus. Yeah. And they’re gonna look small and we’re gonna question ourselves, I think. But anyway, we’re excited. We’re gonna go late season white tail hunt up north. But then, yeah, so I did kill a world class buck in Iowa and a a lot when, a lot of luck. A lot of, you know, nothing to do with me. Nothing to do with me. Just, but it was such a good story. So I, I don’t, anyway. You do wanna put it off for like two, three weeks. ’cause that’s when we’re gonna be talking. We’ll have a white tail podcast. Okay, well let’s just do, Hey guys, we can about yours. We can polish off our Max Whitey matter podcast coming up. Hey, it was, I, I watched the movies and it worked. It felt, it feels so good to shoot something with a ball. Well it does. And and I, I, that morning was, I woke up at my house that day, which seemed rare. And I texted to him ’cause I knew he was out there and I knew he was sitting. ’cause the day before he was hanging stands and all that. And I’m telling, yeah. Yep. I’m in the tree. And literally within like two hours I get a picture and I’m like, is whitetail hunting that easy? No, it’s not. I know it’s not.

00:56:03:09 –> 00:57:05:10
But I mean, it’s not, but it, it was just one of those things that you went from hunting mule deer from like, for like 60 days. It was first sit in the, the first stand. First sit, first deer. I saw only, only deer and from a stand. But, but we would go hang stands and there was deer everywhere. Just, they were just everywhere but was warm. 70 degrees. The big bucks aren’t gonna move. You’re not seeing any big bucks because the big bucks don’t move when it’s this hot. All of those things that I, I’m learning, you know what I mean? And then the first cold snap, first morning you’re supposed to hunt on the first cold snap nearest Halloween. And then you got a lot of pre rutt and they move a lot. And so you’re just, you’ve you’re seeing bucks from other farms wherever they’re coming from all places. Yeah. And they go crazy. Yeah. They go crazy. I learned a little bit that way too. They’ll, you’ll get your buck will get road killed three, three miles or two miles over here because they’re so crazy at night. Right. And a lot of guys will kill ’em early ’cause they’re, they’re habitual on a food plot or whatever. You, we don’t live out there. We don’t live out there. We don’t have that luxury necessarily.

00:57:05:22 –> 00:58:12:22
So you’re just gonna get lucky, relying on a few people point if a good piece of property and the sign and hunting, good genetics. And then, you know, we did have this buck on camera early, you know, just off a trail. Just the way it kind of shoot. Knew he is alive. Yeah. Knew he’s alive. Knew he is alive. And anyway, geez, dumbest luck ever. But anyway, so it was good. But set the bar high for you two up north of the border. I’m excited to do more. I I’m telling you, I’m excited to do more white till I’m, I’m like way excited about it. Wyatt, you’re excited too, right? For to, for you guys for some whitetail hunting, for you to do some more whitetail hunting. Tell me you’ll have a bug a little bit. Well, he does. He’s I’ve done it. I’ve had a good time. I’m just cursed. He’s, I’ve not killed one yet. He’s had hunts he has for past two years. I know, but he hasn’t had a 200, you did two, you went to Iowa. He hasn’t had a 200 inch on camera, so we hadn’t left the office. I don’t even need a 200. I just want big solid deer. 180 5 triple I guards, 27 inch main beams. It would get shot, it would be nice. But even a heavy, heavy 1 75 or just a good deer with a good luck.

00:58:13:22 –> 00:59:19:04
We’re pretty picky because we’re trophy hunters by nature. But when you don’t live there, you don’t, you can’t make it happen. You’re not driving the ship. No. No, you’re not. No. You’re at the mercy of way more at the mercy of white till what comes to you. Yeah. Yeah. You are pretty fun, fun stuff. All right. Okay. What are we doing now, boys? I don’t, I don’t know. We calling it a day. We can’t talk anymore about that big whitetail. So what, I guess we’re done. I can tell you the story. Are you wanting to go there? No, I don’t. I don’t. If you want to go have a whitetail only PO podcast, let’s do it. When we get done, we can Yeah. Have three, three of them. So hopefully three of another place that we have no influence. We’re just gonna be, I’m just gonna say this out, I know this. I’ve ordered electric socks with nine volt batteries, a lot of them and, and, and, and Logan, I want you to be able to, what I’m about to say, I want you to build to find in about three weeks when we do this next podcast, okay. We’ve talked on this podcast about accidental discharges of firearms. God, you guys are hunting in blinds in very close range. At, at at at deer.

00:59:19:09 –> 01:00:33:10
It’s gonna be dumb because Josh and I, Josh has been looking at ’em on YouTube trying to figure out how to judge ’em. Okay. But I’m saying you’re gonna shoot a deer at 50 yards. I’m just warning you use caution. I don’t, I think I’m gonna take aids. I do not want tens or twelves. I’ll use an open size. I’ll, I’ll decide should I look through the scope and I I probably don’t need to crank it up to 24 to shoot 50 yards. Don’t, don’t. But Josh is excited to shoot one and I’m excited for Josh to shoot one. Well, there’s gonna be deer to shoot, but if you, if you’re, you’re going for like 10 days, aren’t you? Oh yeah. Yeah. So I mean, you’ve got time. Don’t gonna have the Canadian experience. I’ve got the, I’ve got warmer clothing for parts of my body. I didn’t even know I had like, heated things. I don’t know. Oh boy. Well anyway, good times. I warned them. I, I’m saying I warned ’em if something happens, I, we tr we had a whole podcast dedicated to stuff that trips the trigger inadvertently. I won’t do it again. Okay. But, but hey, also don’t let a letter 180 buck walk because you’re scared don’t dump him. Yeah. That’s what I’m more scared about. Well, third season’s about to start and then fourth season Bronson in, in Colorado.

01:00:33:10 –> 01:01:50:05
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