In this episode we sit down with most of the Epic Outdoors crew and talk about adventures that didn’t go as expected. It’s good to be reminded that hunting is hunting, but we love it anyway. With some of the funniest stories from this year’s hunts, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. We also got cash. Wyatt, Josh Logan. How y’all doing today? Good, good. Can’t complain. All right. Can’t complain, huh? Devon’s absent, but he’s got a, he’s got an excused absence. It’s good. Good reason. That’s his birthday. I don’t think we can, you can’t disclose medical records, right? It’s can’t maybe’s. Maybe we call him up, man. There’s hipaa. Yeah. See if he’s in the chair, we should call him. I talked. How’s your eyes feel? There’s hipaa, HIPAA laws. Oh, here we go. We’re already blurting it out. Alright, well anyway, so what are we gonna talk about on this podcast today? We promised everybody at least a weekly, sometimes biweekly, just to try to make up for the hunting season, which was brutal in many aspects. Of course, Wyatt. Wyatt talked about his brutal hunt. But I don’t feel too bad at a 220 inch or on a tough year. One day, huh? One day. You can’t complain about that. Broon had some tough hunts, but he had one of the, some of the best hunts of anybody. I know. Two twos. We talked about both of those, but, but, but there was a lot of, there was a lot in between. There was, if you want to get into that, I’m sure we could talk at length. We do want to get into parts of it.

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But first off, let’s talk Bronson. We always talk about the weather just a little bit because it’s kind of, we’ve learned that it dictates our success in the next year in large part. And I know Josh brought up this El Nina El Nino map or something. We were all hovered around yesterday and the day before. Josh. Explain a little bit about what it’s telling us. Well, it just says it’s, there’s supposed to be a switch in the pattern from what we’ve had, which has been an extremely mild winter so far. Which I guess for Deere and stuff it’s been pretty good up north. It’s been good. Yeah. We want more water. Well yeah, we need more. But I just mean as far as cold temps and snow and all that. Geez, they’ve had a pretty good winter, so Yeah. So the three, as far as that goes, the three deer that are alive up north are fat and happy. Yeah, they are. So don’t they like fat everywhere? Right. And it feels like that’s kind of a fat foard it feels like, right? Yeah, that’s what they were saying. I don’t know. It’s kind of across the board. It all depends on where the deer live and what they have. But yeah, they, I know they caught some of the biggest fass they’ve ever caught this year. Ever in history, right? Yeah. Water.

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See I don’t know where they were coming from, but yeah, I’d seen that. So definitely need some watershed moisture though for the spring and summer if we’re gonna talk about good body condition in antlers for 2024. So, but supposedly this map had a lot of white on it. Was this like a government map? What was who? Who put that out it? The US drought monitors. Yeah. Yeah. Is that us? The DA Noah one? That’s what I meant. Wasn’t the farm you weren’t reading and the farm was all that? No, no. We probably should. ’cause they, I think last year they were the only ones that got last year. Right. ’cause last year Noah’s stuff said we were supposed to be dry and not get anything. And on the Farmer’s Almanac missed every single dead on every single storm at the Farmer’s Almanac. Got it. Last year. So we probably gotta consult that more. So, so what does it actually, what is NOA predicting for the next two? Oh, we’re supposed to just have two, three months. El Nino above, above normal moisture. Two months for the southwestern States months. Yes. Two months through two Southern Nevada, US, Arizona, Southern Utah, New Mexico through June. And then it turns off dry, like a dry fall. It kind of looks, yeah, they can’t predict dry still slight and showed somewhat normal. But it, it said it could go either way. They can’t predict if monsoon. I mean, come on.

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Yeah. Anybody that does that, that’s kind of what we had this year though too. We had that wet late winter, that drug on forever then it seemed to, every day in August it rained every Yeah. And then all of a sudden just turned off. Yeah. We haven’t had anything here. September, December. And it’s dry as a bone out there. Yeah, we did get a little rain. But it’s been, I mean it’s since the water year started October 1st, it’s been, it’s been bad. Yep. Yeah. We drove up over the mountain and there’s like a skiff on top. Yeah, that’s crazy. For January. Yeah. I talked to someone today. They were looking at Rams rutting in Colorado at 13,000 feet. There’s no snow in their house. Wow. Crazy Rockies. Crazy. So that could be good in Colorado, you know, they go through a drought year and it’s just still green, right? Yeah. But here we go through a drought year. There’s been times on, on real drought years. 2002 comes to mind about the time Wyatt was born. You mean cash? Mean cash wasn’t, I’m not the youngster at this table. Cash wasn’t even conceived by then. I was, who knows, I was in the nineties. So we got good. Alright. Logan, what are you in the 2000? I’m a 2008. Does that make you a, oh, 2000 thousands. Did you say 2000 to Yeah. Whoa. True. Millennial. That’s my oldest. Right. See I squeaked into the eighties.

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So did you 87. Yeah. Way. Yeah. You’re freaking so you just don’t even squeak. That was in their way. You’re you’re you’re gonna be 40 in three years. You realize that? Yeah. Huh. I know, I know. I have a 1-year-old, I remember my dad’s 40th birthday party, but my kid won’t be remembering mine Anyway. And those really dry years, there’s not like a green blade of grass. I remember out west, Southwest, desert, nothing. There wasn’t a green blade of grass grown was the same brush dying everywhere. Yeah. So anyway, that’s not the case. We’re hopeful even though it’s a little dry, it’s still not gonna be the case. We’re gonna have a decent year. I think so I hope, hope this has gotta change. The good thing is, other than January, if we start getting storms, February, march, that kind of stuff. Stuff, that’s when you want ’em. Yeah. They’re usually, they’re usually pretty, pretty wet storms usually. And it doesn’t stay on the ground. We need the timely. Yeah. They’re wet. We need the timely, they’re wet snow that usually compacts and somewhat the days, the days are getting longer come February, March. And so they melt in between. They don’t pile up. That’s what, that’s what hammered last year. That’s why it got so bad. Especially up north was we got like the 1st of December. Yeah. It was footers, you know, several feet of snow and that And it stays there all year. Yeah.

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So it doesn’t go anywhere at that point. I think it’s gonna, I think this Noah thing is gonna happen. I’m, I’m positive thinking it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be a light winter from a snow load and then get wet and be awesome. I like it. Wet green. I think you’re right. I hope so. Yeah. Everybody predicted it’ll break in the entire drought pattern for the next few years. And so anyway, we’re ready for that to happen. Yep. I’m kind of sick of the way it gets dark at like five or whatever. Yeah, that’s right. I mean, I told Jan last night, I’m not gonna hibernate Yeah. Projects. Yeah. Bronson, I did. I didn’t tell us about house projects. Well, I mean I don’t, no, I don’t really have to talk about everything. Okay. Yeah. But I am doing stuff clean. Seems like you’re at clean whole depot after dark organization buying stuff for projects. Well you get sick. Okay, so the Christmas season’s great for being Christmas and all, but don’t you get so tired of all the sweetss laying around all your garage is a wreck. 14,000 extra things. Finding places to put stuff. Right. It just is. Are y’all in that mode a little bit? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So ready for the holidays to be over. Right. What? Oh, it’s so, it’s just a matter of anyway, organization and project.

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So yeah, I’m trying not to hibernate because at five when it’s dark outside, you just end up laying on the couch and whatever things, you know, go to bed early, get up early, back to work. Well who knows what to do. Get into this brutal routine of going to work, going to bed, go to work, going to bed, bro. Good thing is, is we’re over the hump too though. What do you mean? December? December 21st. Longer. Now is the shortest day. So it’s getting longer. There’s there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I know. I promise. I know. And I’m glad. Aren’t you guys glad? Yeah. Well it’s hard ’cause who even knows what today is or the date? I don’t know what date for most days. Time of the year. I could tell you what the day is at the time of the week. I don’t even, ’cause there’s so many days off everybody’s days off here and there. Christmas. Well I know when I’m thinking about golfing’s. True. ’cause it’s so nice. It’s a little too nice in the end of December. Yeah. I was thinking about it the other day about wanting teed it up ’cause there was other people out there. Seriously. So let’s, what do we, what, what are we gonna, what are we gonna talk about on this particular podcast? I think have we talked about You’re pointing at Wyatt, which, well, I’d love to hear from Wyatt.

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I’ve point at Wyatt ’cause but I gonna talk about you two bear. Yeah. Not be good prior to our Huh? Okay. Do it in, we talk about that. But I, I was pointing that you two Canucks. The the Canucks. Yeah. Canucks. Did you guys not talk about that on the last part? No, we, we didn’t wanna do it without you. ’cause we know you have some experiences that only happened with you and yourself. A mind Josh’s mind. Josh’s mind is a, is a wonder in and of itself. I don’t remember the one-liners that are about to come out’s are next level. We didn’t want to gloss over anything too fast. So let’s I let’s dive into it. That’s fine. Wyatt, are you okay with that? We’ll cover yours either or. I’m good with, so let’s talk about what you wanna start off with me? Yeah. Start off with yours. Let’s do Wyatt. Gotta go in October. Yeah. I had a pretty cool opportunity in October there to kind of tag along with some buddies for, for Brown Bear. And then if the opportunity arose I could, I could hunt as well. We actually hit and we’re, we’re supposed to be there October 1st, but with weather days, got pushed back and, and didn’t actually make it into the hunting area until October 5th or four fourth right there.

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It was like three or four days where we just had to kind of hang out in Anchorage and, and kill time. And caught a little break a sunny day and actually made it into the hunting camp. Made it in there that first day. Couldn’t hunt because of the, the flow. It seemed like your wait time there. You didn’t miss anything on Instagram. Yeah, I love Instagram. I definitely paying attention to anything that killed time. Why was keeping us up apprised on stuff and in the most remote place in the world. I don’t want, while I was in Anchorage there, but, and I don’t wanna deviate to our hunt yet, but we didn’t, Josh and I didn’t miss anything on Instagram sitting in stands but go. So anyway, so we know the feeling ended up getting flown into to bear camp on a, on a sunny day on flight laws. We couldn’t hunt that same day. So we ended up going salmon fishing. Hmm. Oh nice. The streams were just loaded with salmon kept coming up out of the ocean. I didn’t even know that. I didn’t, I missed that part. Did you catch some? Oh yeah, I caught good fish. Yeah, we caught. Did you eat em right? 10, 11, 12 pounders. Dozens of ’em. I mean it was, it was fun. So they were just kind of, kind of running up the stream and right out of the ocean. It was, it was pretty cool.

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I mean just cast after cast, after cast you catch kitchen these fish and that’s a good way to burn. Afternoon. Almost nerve wracking walking up and down the creek. ’cause there was just big bear tracks going up and down. You could see where those bears had been fishing at too. And gosh, we just thought we were in for trouble. Yeah. An awesome week of hunting too. Trouble with all this action, but that’s what you wanted. Yeah. Yeah. So were all of you carrying guns? Your two guys that had gun, did you take a gun or were you just gonna use theirs? If so, I did have a gun in camp. But you, I didn’t pack it. Yeah. So did you have something with you Wyatt? No, I did not pack. Only when he used the restroom. Right. When you go out to use the restroom, you’re taking No, didn’t pack anything out. Geez. Out there with me man. Right. This why, this is how stories, bad stories begin. You, you got, well I remember when we were brown bear hunting, we would, we glassed over there where at our little makeshift lodge cabin, old cabin and there’s a bear rummaging through where we use a bathroom. And I almost like it reminds you probably ought to be packing. He Yeah. Somebody in the group always had a, had a gun you could holler. You never were on by yourself. Yeah, no.

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Never really ventured off too far by ourselves. So anyways, the next day here comes rain and just storm patterned. I mean we were getting, some days we’re getting eight inches of rain a day. It was, it was kind of unbelievable to see, you know, a Utah guy. We would, that’s 13, 14 inches a year kind of deal kind of deal on a good year if we were seeing eight inches a day up there and it kind of pushed all those salmon back out into the back out into the ocean. Really? Yeah. So it’s kind of crazy because the river’s running so high, river’s running so high, the murky water, everything like that. They just kind of work. They don’t, they quit. That’s interesting. Spawning, whatever. They kind of got pushed back out. So how we ended up hunting is finding pools where the salmon necessarily couldn’t get out. They, they’d pushed far enough into the mountain and couldn’t really get out. So that’s where the bears are gonna be. Yeah. So that’s where the bears were. And it happened to be in super thick areas. So now we’re in super thick pines where the kind of pines you walk into and it’s 30 minutes darker longer here. Yeah. I mean it’s, wow. You can definitely tell the the light difference. You’d walk out of it and be like, oh shoot, do we still have daylight but not in the trees kind of deal.

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So, and that ended up being, shoot, basically the hunt was just that way. Being rained in and sitting there in the rain watching these pools for, for the bears to come in and didn’t have a lot of luck. I mean it was, it was pretty slow going. They just weren’t moving. And everything was happening in these super, super thick trees day after day, day after day. Yeah. A lot of, a lot of just sitting, waiting, being patient. Like no sightings. No sightings. Yeah. We’d sit from sun up to sundown. Not even just little bear bears were you were seeing fresh track, like you knew you were in bears. Yeah. You would, you would see bear trails. You could kind of tell they’d been working. It’s really kind of hard to see the bear tracks in kind of stuff too. Marshy. It’s kind of marshy but it’s more like, almost like a tundra. It’s got the, the green undergrowth in the pines. So it’s noted down where they’re traveling the trail. But yeah, kinda like a carpet. So you could kind of see where they’d been working. We knew we were in areas that were loaded with bears. We’d seen bear tracks. We, we, we knew they were in areas loaded with bears. We’d see moose going to and from camp. Never any legal bulls. Everything’s over though, right? Yeah. Moose is over. No, we could have hunted moose, we could have black bear mountain goats.

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We’re seeing mountain goats up on the mountain every day. You could have shot a moose. ’cause you can shoot yes. Lessers and a brown bear tag. I think it’s the most expensive. Yep. Brown bear’s most expensive. Since you shoot anything lesser, you could shoot a moose or goat. Or a goat. Yeah. So, so we’d see the goats every day up there and the, the rocks. And then we’d see moose going to and from different, different places all, all the time. Never any, like I said, legal bulls. But we’d see bulls were still rutting cows that time of year. Hmm. Geez. And then finally it would’ve been shoot day six or day seven getting kind of towards the tail end of the 10 day hunt at that point. And when did you start officially? So we started on the, on Sunday the 4th of October. Of October. Yeah. Wouldn’t be the official start date. And then we get to, it would go to the 20th or it keep going after that. Who knows. Or it, it kept going after that. But, but our hump was there until the 15th or so. It was a 10 day, huh? Pretty much. It’s what the weather will allow. Yeah. What the weather would allow us.

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So anyways, on day, oh it would stage six or seven, we were, we were sitting in this little, little stream and watching the salmon go up and down working and it was, it was kind of cool to watch the salmon, but also very kind of boring. But you hear that a lot with brown bear hunting. It was, I mean it’s just a lot of patience and sit well they say the spring’s even worse just ’cause you’re sitting in one place for and then so much daylight too. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And, and so then you feel guilty quitting or, or looking around or taking a nap or whatever. So you take shifts. Well, in the fall you’re kind of like, I don’t know, cast and blast comes to mind. Yeah. But you’re jump you know, you’re kind of jumping ’em and, and working normally, but you wouldn’t have that as much because you’re like, you talked about the salmon or going out to the ocean and Yes. And we’re working with much shorter days too, so we’re getting a lot of time back. And you’re really thick in and, and so anyways, day six seven here, here actually comes in a, a really good boar comes in. John was up to shoot and it kind of kind. How did you do that? Just in the same place? Yeah. Just kind of decided. Yeah. Same place you’ve been hunting.

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Yeah, same place we’ve been sitting for a few days. So wow. Bear comes, comes working in and he actually wants to hunt with a, with a bow. And we’re well within bow range for 40, 40 yards. But it’s getting dark, kind of, kind of tougher to see the pins. And that’s also working down the creek in and out of the allers chasing these salmon down down the creek. So he, he opts to shoot it with a rifle and I mean, kills a, kills a really good bear bear. Just barely, barely short of book. So jeez. Pretty cool opportunity to be, geez, I didn’t even realize it was that big, that that close and, and see a bear that size, that close. And then kind of that night we get back to camp and they kind of give us the option like, okay, this is our weather window. You guys gotta fly out tomorrow or you’re here for the next 10 days. It looks like it’s gonna be at least 10 days till our next, it’s that battle weather. Yeah. Our next weather window. So we, we all kind of really got together and decided we, we’d fly out and le leave that day instead of ching it on the next 10 days. So, I mean, do you know what it actually did the next 10 days after you left?

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I don’t, yeah, I, I don’t know what it, what it actually did, but it wasn’t looking good according to radar. It looked like it was actually gonna get worse for a giant storm or giant pattern. Huh. And it’d be another thing if you were seeing Yeah. Get sightings on a little bit of a regular basis but you’re like, man, we got lucky to get one. Yeah, exactly. It’ll be sitting here for another 10 days doing the same, more of the same. Which could be brutal. You know, it’s hard too to, to be soaking wet and I mean we weren’t really soaking wet. We had great gear, but just to just sit there and just get rained dark, you just sweat all day. You just wet. It’s miserable. Yeah, just, just October’s not, it’s colder. Live within a five foot, little square k kind of deal. I mean stand up, stretch your legs, sit right back down, kinda deal. So yeah, tell us a little bit about that. The hunting technique. You know, you exit where you’re staying. It is a little, an older cabin. Yeah, we were standing actually a cabin they just built. So it was, it was a newer cabin but I mean it was a one bedroom basically, I guess not even a one bedroom. It was a one room kind kind of cabin.

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So had a loft up above and then it had four or five bunk beds and just kind of everywhere you could fit in a Woodburn stove. So we’d, we’d leave from there in a side by side. Okay. Really nice. Side by side. Polaris, north star. There you go. Wazoo doors, windows, yeah. Roll up ac Yeah, everything. And we’d, we’d roll back and forth on these old, old logging roads just to get to get to these different streams. We’d walk up and you’ll kind of check these different, different streams. Yeah. Looking for fish activity basically. Or or bear activity looking for those bear trails, looking for the feed, kind of following things up or down. And that’s kind of how we decided where to sit was just, just watching for those different bear trails. So when you’d sit, you would, you guys found little perches, did you guys all spread out? Yeah. Yep. So all the different hunters kind of, kind of spread, spread out. Josh actually, he killed it. Killed a really nice wolf, called it in kind of kind of deal. So I didn’t know that that was kind of cool. So how’d that go down?

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Was it a dying rabbit or what did he So I wasn’t really there with them but they, they did kind of tell you that they saw ’em going to or from the area and they kind of tucked back into the alders whatever, tucked back into the trees there and they just started calling and it was right call before dark. I think the kid actually just did it with his mouth just kind of just squeaking. Yeah. I think it was a howl with kind of his mouth and then kind of a, just kind of a noise. They came right, they came back out of the trees. Yeah, there was two or three of them. That’s awesome. I didn’t know that. Really cool wolf. So black in color, so And who killed her? Was that the same guy that shot the bear? No, different guy. Oh, Sali got some. Yeah, one, one got a bear, one got a one, got a wolf, so. Wow. Yeah, it’s pretty, pretty cool experience though. That’s pretty sweet. Really cool. Really awesome. And so you’d perch up like where you just had a little bit of a visual and sit there for 10 hours, 12 hours or, or whatever. I guess it’s getting dark. It’s not super long days. Yeah, not super long days. But I mean in those pines it was just kind of big drainages that ran up towards the mountain. Yeah.

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So you’d just kind of sit on a high point where you could look down into the creek and try to see as far as you could, but seeing straightaways or whatever. Yeah, seeing a hundred yards was like a super long Oh wow. Super long way. It’s not like you’re watching for a, when we saw a bear it was, it was super cool. Do you feel like the weather’s why you didn’t see more? I do, I do feel like the weather. So you would do it again? Yeah. It’s awesome. I mean you were seeing bear tracks, I mean that day that was, you knew you were Yeah, we were in the right area doing the right thing. Yeah. Just nothing you can do to control the control the weather or the environment. Yeah. Welcome to hunting. So, but it was fun. I mean it was overall a great experience. So it was kind of there. I’d been to Alaska, I’d been through weather days and things like that before, but it was kind of so brown bear with a bow. Like it seems like you’ve been on a big bear hunt with a bow before. Yeah. A hunt that turned a caribou hunt that turned into a grizzly grizzly bear hunt with a bow for somebody. Yeah. For an Alaska resident. Do you want to give us a little bit of a, like that’s a, again without a side arm of any gun of any kind. Yes.

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Right. We kind of talked on that. It was on an earlier podcast. We’ve, we’ve kind of, we’ve, we’ve, we told the story and actually called the hunter on that. But that was a really cool experience. We were actually on a caribou hunt that had the same kind of thing, got, got weathered out, terrible weather, ended up blowing up an airboat, so had that hole in the engine, had to, you know, kind of, kind of limp everything back. And I mean that boat with a hole in the engine made it back to the dock. Still ran, I guess not even the dock but the boat ramp takeout. Yeah, yeah. Takeout, I guess is what they call ’em. So still ran. Still ran. Yeah. We just freaking and Brons and I are complaining about dead batteries with no way to kickstart it. Kickstart a tw so so it it, it made it all the way down there. We got it loaded on the truck and I mean that was kind of the end of our hunt ’cause that was our mode of transportation. Yeah, it was right there. So we were headed back to town. Yeah. Headed out, headed back all the way back to Anchorage. It was a long drive headed all the way back there. And there’s a grizzly there. Yeah, there’s a grizzly off the side of the road. I mean you guys got a bow? Yeah. Not necessarily off the side.

00:21:34:22 –> 00:22:41:14
I mean it was 500 yards, 600 yards off the side of the road. It wasn’t jump outta the truck kind kind of deal. Do you only hunting archery in the airboat too? No. So you had a gun? I had a rifle. Okay. But within the road you, yeah, you can’t can’t, you can’t hunt. I can’t a rifle. We’re fine. Officer. You can’t even have one on your person to protect yourself. Well I don’t know the regulations, but I don’t, I don’t think about it really either. ’cause no, I can’t hunt the bear, but the resident with me can, you’re running and gun it. Basically you’re just jumping out going, we jump out and kind of kind of start the stalk on this bear. And we get down to where basically we’ve ran outta cover. There’s, there’s nothing between us and the bear. We’re at the last bunch of alders and the bear is, I don’t know, 180 yards away. Probably maybe 180, 200 yards away. And it’s, it’s digging up ground squirrels kinda deal. It’s just ripping up the tundra. Ripping up the tundra. It’s kind of cool to watch ’cause it’s, you know, just kind of playing around and all we can kind of think to do is play a predator call. Had a predator call similar to this wolf, whatever. Yeah. So we pull out the predator call, put it in the mouth, start, you know, just crying and dying rabbit, whatever.

00:22:41:15 –> 00:23:42:25
I don’t even know what sound it could have been. It could have been a dying deer. I mean just, it was a just something in distress. Something. Yeah. Something in distress. But this is what I think’s interesting. I love these. I’ve just love to know what’s going when that deer’s or that bear’s head goes like this. Yes. It locks onto the sound and then comes at you hard a then. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s, it’s actually kind of, kind of windy and we don’t think it can hear us ’cause it’s just not paying any attention. Yeah. And we’re all but ready to give up and all of a sudden that thing just picks up its head and just turns and looks back at us. Or not even at us, but just back in direction where the sound was, we can’t see very good. And just decides, Hey, I’m going over there and finally heard you. He makes up some ground for Yeah, yeah. I mean it’s coming 10 yards of bound kind of deal at us. Like it’s, and you’ve got one bow, you’re like, gimme, that’s it. Gimme one arrow with the broadhead. Yeah. You need, you need a knife. Something in your hand. I have a range finding pair of binoculars is all I have. I’m gonna hit it on the end of the nose, knock it out and run back all I have.

00:23:42:25 –> 00:24:48:24
And this thing’s coming at us and I’m just, I remember clicking the button as fast as I can, telling him distances. 80, 70? Yeah. 80, 70, 50 40. All, all the way to some somewhere. Why? Why? It’s a good wingman. Somewhere between 40 and 30, this bear’s still coming straight at us. And he’s a full draw and he tells me to stop the bear. So what do you decide? I, I don’t know how to stop a, a bear. So charging bear. I give it just a, just a ble, like the white tail ble. I like it. Yeah. Just give it kind of a And that sounds like, oh, that’s the dying thing. He kicks it in another gear. Yeah, I know exactly where he is at. No, actually it kinda, why don’t you do that Wyatt, while I stand over here, stand 10 yards to my left. I, I remember the last distance I gave him was 30. And as I made that noise, the bear didn’t act. He kind of kind of stopped it postured kind of like, what was that kind of, kind of deal towards us. And right as the second he stopped, the arrow was on its way. On its way. And the thing made it 40 yards and tipped over dead. It was, he hit it in the heart. Oh yeah. It perfected, I mean maybe 40 yards. Like it was just, did he aim, aim for the heart?

00:24:49:02 –> 00:25:51:16
Like will you aim for the heart or just love brought whatever? He’s a pretty solid archer. I don’t, I don’t know exactly where Justin aimed out on the deal was Justin Schafer the equipment. I’m sure he said it settled perfect in the burn pit. But I mean, wherever he is all he killed the bear. I mean, all reality’s looking. So I mean Justin, but he’d been in those intense pressure situations. Well he’s before, well he’s killed a lot with a bow and I mean, so Justin Schafer works with QU Yeah. Works for QU. Great guy. So he was pretty, pretty awesome to just be there and just watch this bear get, get killed. Why Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong state? I do sometimes. I mean, that’s, you love the wet cold. I don’t know that I love thet cold, but, but I love the adventure of a, you know, I mean just, there’s no way here you can go and be away like you can. No, we don’t even have mountains in Utah compared up there. Compared, we don’t. I mean, it’s just a, there’s stuff up there that probably hasn’t been touched in a long time. Oh yeah. I mean there’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t been touched Can’t do or get something out of so you don’t hunt it. Yeah. It’s just, just cool place to, to spend some time.

00:25:51:16 –> 00:27:06:04
And I, I try to make a trip up there every year, whether it’s going with a buddy or or friends or whatever. Just, just being up there to, to spend some time. Yep. Awesome. All right, Josh, that brings us to you and your piss bottles. Where do we start? Yeah, 10 days in over Thanksgiving. Missed Thanksgiving for this summer. Yeah. Second year in a row. Second year in a row. What was last year? I, I don’t need who’s counting to cry, but who I was supposed, was it you or your wife in Colorado? Me. Did. You did. Could She could care less. ’cause I, what I talked to her about this one. I was like, hey, so how do you feel about this for the second year in a row? Thanksgiving in this year? Second, am I supposed to, am I supposed to care? Like am I supposed to be good one? Wow. That’s when you’re like, am I really needed around the house. House? Exactly. I, I miss which I’m, I’m really not. So I mean, yeah. So she just says it’s easier without you here. It’s, I only have four children instead of five. So you might as well go. Actually it’d be a relief. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Jason, you’re really no help when you are here. So you might as well be gone. How did your discussion with Jana go, Jason? ’cause you had to have the same talk. Well, I mean why?

00:27:06:10 –> 00:28:28:24
Or did you just tell her I’m gonna be gone? Don’t remember. I don’t recall. Do you ask or do you tell I don’t recall. I do know this, this outfitter came up with some tags and was gonna venture into the white tail realm of things up in Alberta. And you know, he knows the country well. He is good dude. Very well versed in, in hunting Canada. Lives there in Saskatchewan. And so anyway, with these new tags, we’re like, why, why wouldn’t we try this? It’s kind of one of those things you want to kill a big white tail, right? You wanna have that opportunity. Those big old dark horned, I guess cold weather. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of cold big body bucks, but giant body blockhead block. Yeah. Yeah. Just a block of meat, eye guards from who knows where, you know, hopefully sick eye guards and stuff. Just, just really cool opportunity to maybe go and take that on. So anyway, we did it right. We jumped, did it. Jason never likes to do anything alone. No, I did. What was my warning? What was my warning? When I go, when I I I should have heated what I do, adventure hunts. Sometimes they just, stuff happens, whether it be weather or intangibles, these don’t always go Yeah, perfectly. Josh. Josh, do you still want to go? Yes, I do. He said, oh yeah. Well that’s just the thing.

00:28:28:28 –> 00:29:40:19
I mean, let’s face it, the deer we were hunting. We were, we were giants. Yeah, you’d That’s right, you’d die to kill one of those bucks. That’s right. And no trail camera rules. You can, like we have down here, like you can run cameras during the hunt, you know? Yeah. Yep. So, so we knew we were on bucks. Absolutely. You’d take it and go no matter what the outcome is. And so, so yeah, we did, we kind of planned it all out for, for quite a while and 10 day hunt. Yeah. It was a 10 day hunt. And so yeah, we went, drove to Vegas, got on a plane. That was all an adventure in itself, trying to get through airports with guns and I don’t know, it was not as stressful as you’d think, you know? But at the same time there are cute few key things and key moments where the people working at the airport make it stressful when one of them tells you one thing and then you go over there, the other guy is telling you, I’m gonna call the cops. So, so I go over it and I’m like, he’s like, well that piece of paper needs to be in your, in your gun case or something. I’m like, oh, okay. You know, but it’s not whatever. And no, and no, that was your particular that was coming back. Yeah, mine was, mine was the That’s not locked.

00:29:40:19 –> 00:30:34:12
That should have been locked over there. And I’m like, well no, because it’s unlocked because they said you might want to check it, you know, and he’s like, well you should have locked it over there. And I’m like, okay. And I just go to lock it, you know? And he’s like, okay, I’ll turn the other cheek on. This guy saw you coming, knew he had a new fresh piece of meat to work with. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know some. Yeah. I mean he read it all over your face and you’re like, you put your gun down like a ho case. Boone case. Well, because the lady like, you’re gonna like, you’re gonna blaze. Well that’s what I almost felt like, I’m like, I’m in an airport like opening up a rifle case. This is the weirdest feeling in the world. Yeah. And he’s like, that piece of paper’s supposed to be in your gun case and you’re like, okay, I’ll just put it in. Yeah. But so you go to near ha in an airport. It was locked. ’cause I got there with it locked. And this was on the way home. It wasn’t on the way there. ’cause on the way there it was pretty straightforward. Really? Well kind of in a, she’s like, oh, your bullets are with your gun. Okay. They need needs to knock.

00:30:34:17 –> 00:31:30:25
Well that’s just the thing, like getting, there was no problem in Vegas other than it took, I went through first the exact same guy did yours and it took Kim twice as long as it did for mine. And we did the exact same thing. But then when we land, we go to get there, we grab our guns, we go through like the tc, how about the face recognition? Oh yeah. You walk up to get on a plane and the computer just sees you and says, yeah, you’re good. You gotta, you don’t even have to show your boarding. They’re getting good. They’re getting good. Yeah. ai, the Biden administration’s finally got things figured out. That’s true. Chi bless ’em, cheaping or whatever his name is. Yeah. That’s what he’s doing. So, but it was funny just because we get off and, and you go to go through and Jason goes like with one lady and I go with another, we’re in the same room and everything, but he has to put all of his stuff, his bags, his gun case, everything through like a metal detector. Yeah. And she just, that’s right. Yeah. She just takes mine to side. She’s like, you’re lucky day. She goes, you’re lucky day and you don’t have to pay the $25. Yeah, we were supposed to pay thing, but I don’t know if it was ’cause it was two in the morning or whatever when we landed.

00:31:31:01 –> 00:32:24:28
I’ve had that happen to me before. And I said, well how come they don’t have to do it? And they just say, we’re here talking about you, not them. It’s awesome. And you’re just like, you’re both carrying guns, you’re both hunting. They’re walking free to get dinner right now. And Drew and I am stuck with you. Why? But it was funny. It was just funny because he had to do, she didn’t even crack his gun open and look at his gun, but he had to, all his stuff in his is the serial number right? And I said, yeah, it’s right. I’ve got a picture of it right here. But she goes, okay, just make sure, I just wanna know if it’s right. She didn’t even look. Yeah. But then she tells him, where’s your ammo? And he says, well, it’s in the case. And she gives him this thing. Well, you’re not supposed to have it in the case. It can’t be with the gun. A case it gets stolen and some guy can’t gets stolen. Somebody’s got bullets and a rifle to work with. Yeah. But the lady I’m with, she doesn’t x-ray any of my stuff. But she cracks open the rifle and, and this was I guess a couple live round, fall out on the ground.

00:32:25:00 –> 00:33:18:19
This is a tip, I guess trick when I put my gun in the case when I cut it and everything, I cut it backwards so that cut it, if you go to do this, cut it so that the serial number’s up Barrel barrel, it was kind of barrel, A Bain Barrel. Yeah. I had mine down. I don’t, it’s just something to think about. And it’s tucked in perfect. So yeah. And it was all tucked in and I don’t, mine’s just in a mine don’t even get checked egg cart. But anyway, so she pulls mine clear out and I had the bolt out of it and the mag out of it and everything. So it wasn’t, there wasn’t no chance it was loaded or anything, but she still, she had to pull it all out and she was looking at it to just get the serial number. But my bullets, like my ammos sitting there, two boxes of it in the same case as well. It doesn’t even say anything to me. Just like, oh yeah, serial number matches, you’re good to go get outta here. So so getting there was just fine, but then getting home. Yeah, so we go to go to the checkout thing or whatever, get our boarding passes, all that stuff, telling we have the guns and the lady just says, okay, you need to put this, this paper in with that gun.

00:33:18:26 –> 00:34:11:27
And my case was locked and everything because it was locked getting there to the airport. Should I do it right now? No. Behind. Yeah. And that’s why I asked her, I said, do you want me do it? No. She says, no, the line’s big. Go over there and do it. That’s where you, they’re going check your gun. So I’m like, oh, okay. So I roll over there and I, so he goes over to Barney Fife and Barney Fife’s, like, I’m watching you open this case in front of my wife. Yeah. So luckily, luckily, supposedly, according to him, he saw me walk up with it locked. But I’m sitting there undoing my locks and you opened it and I opened it to put the paper in and he’s like, what are you doing? And I’m just like, I’m putting this paper in. And he’s just like, goes back to the fresh piece of he loved, he was waiting for those. Oh, he was, he was on me like a hobo on a bologna sandwich. So funny. Eating my legs. So funny. And, and I’m just like, I’m putting this paper in the case. And he’s just like, you can’t do that. If I see you open that case, I have to call the police. And I’m like, well, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do because the lady over there told me to put the paper in. He’s like, you’re supposed to do it over there.

00:34:12:00 –> 00:35:18:00
Well, she told me I’m supposed to do it here. I don’t know what I’m doing. He’s just like, he’s just close the case. And he goes, and I didn’t see this. Yeah. Yeah. Like he was giving me some blessing. Thank you sir. Thanks for letting me go home to my wife and children tonight. Exactly. But anyway, so I throw the paper in the case, lock it up, we shove it in there and we go. So it’s just funny. Like you, you read all this stuff on t SSA’s website, the airline’s website, all this stuff. And I didn’t read anything. Like you just try and plan. Yeah. It’s, it’s all different there. You just show up and roll with it. All right. So there we are. So you made it to the bush? Yeah. Yeah. We got up there and then day one, let’s start from day one. There’s no, there’s no baiting in, in Alberta. Yeah. There’s no baiting. So, so it’s bush, your bush and then there’s, there’s open crops and there’s some guys road hunting. Yeah. I guess you could say. Yeah. But it feels like up there, you know, going off of what, what they’re kind of saying slash what some guys are saying. We actually had a couple other epic members up there. Yeah. Wasn’t the lynches were up there, wasn’t we? And we didn’t book ’em necessarily. I mean it wasn’t so to speak.

00:35:18:05 –> 00:36:25:29
I mean, definitely talk to ’em prior and whatnot. You didn’t have as cold and snowy weather as maybe optimally would want. Right. It was dry. Yeah. Yeah. It was dry. Pure dry. In fact. Yeah. One of the guys in camp said he’d been up there for 30 something years and he’d never seen mild. That conditions dry and warm temperatures. And you’re the 20th to 30th roughly of November. November cold supposed to be. Yeah. You guys had all kinds of contraptions. You had apps on your phones to control different apparatus that were on your body in person to heat and cool. Right? Well, yeah. So I had, I had electric socks. Well, because of Josh. Yeah. Josh had vests. Jo, Josh, Josh Hunts just to use the gear. No, I, I had, I I was gonna be prepared. Basically I could’ve caught on fire and could control you could heat on your as. Yes. I know. This is, this is is the 21st century and I don’t care. It was vital. And I know it was supposedly not that cold, but I swear it was cold up there. It was when you had I don’t heartbeat all day long. For how long would you sit? Eight or 10 hours? I don’t know. 10. About 10 hours. So 10 hours. Ugh. Yeah. Straight. Yep. You wouldn’t move. I mean, you’d just sit there. So Yeah, no heartbeat.

00:36:26:07 –> 00:37:28:29
You just, you just steadily get cold all day long ’cause you’re not moving or doing much. So, I mean, it was cold enough. I remember at one point, because obviously what do you do? That was the first question I asked Jason. Like, so all right, what’s the plan for the bathroom? You know, you pee in a bottle and we’re like, yeah, we’re, we’re in in the bottles. You know, you pee in a bottle and I didn’t take a, like a Gatorade bottle has a good neck on it. I took one of the little, you know, the first day, just the first day, the first day. And I’m like, you, this is a problem. You gotta be careful. I’m good. I had plenty of room. Josh had no problem anyway. I was just like, geez. You know, so Yeah. Yeah. The next day I got smart, I dumped out Gatorade. Yeah. To have Gatorade bottles. Another another tip too is either, there’s two different things because I was taking live Gatorades and just empties and at some point there’s a possibility you could get cross contamination. Yeah. Some cross-contamination. No, you can’t. So no, you can’t. It’s, it’s, it’s, I never cross contamination. I I didn’t either, but I’m just saying at a moment of weakness, it’s possible. So two things or when you’re trying to not your i’s gotta be up there so you don’t miss a buck moving through.

00:37:29:01 –> 00:38:38:29
You could just, well we were taking vitamin C and chems like your freaking, so food, because the color spectrum of, of liquid covers a similar, a different Gatorade colors dude. Orange, orange and yellow. Yeah. So yeah, I didn’t, I mean, it was colorful after the first day I was like, okay, can’t take Jerry had covid. So we were popping these like yes, we were, we were loading up like crazy. So anyway, so my, I guess my other, another tip would be either rip labels off so you know, which Gatorade bottles are the urinals, or make sure you get cool blue. ’cause you recut reach up and look and you say, okay, that’s not cool. Blue purple. I’m good to drink, not good to drink this or good to not drink that. So that’s another thing. So stay away from lemon lime is what? Yeah. Lemon, lime, orange, anything like that. Don’t, yeah. Any rust. Rust colors. Rust fruit punch. Cool blue. Yeah. Yeah. If you, if you’re, if it fruit punch levels peeing in a bottle, you got prob you probably shouldn’t be in the stand. You got issues. So we got going a little, little did I know. So Josh is on a particular buck. He’s, his stands are set up for where he’s at in his area, which is an hour from me or an hour and a half. Yeah. But, but as the crow flies not. Yeah. Anyway.

00:38:39:13 –> 00:39:51:27
And then I’m on a different deer, but I don’t know, there’s locals hunting too. And, and that’s the one thing you have, you have local pressure. Yeah. Okay. And so anyway, some of these locals are pretty diehard. Just as if we would be up there just like we are here. Like very aggressive. So anyway, you’re on a guided hunt, but you’re also hunting against the locals. Same as you would hunt here, whatever. And these guys are, I mean, they’re running cameras. It’s their deer hunt. Oh. It’s their big season for the year. We’re, we’re hiking 15 or 20 minutes through the bush up and over the, you know, yeah. Briers and thistles and freaking, you know, whatever. I mean, it’s, it’s kind of crazy. It’s, it’s a combination of everything. It’s super thick. And we check our camera and there’s one of their cameras just on the same scrape on scrapes. Really? Yeah. These guys are aggressive. And we have pictures and video clips of them checking their cameras and just the gear and everything that they’re using. You’re like, and these guys are no joke. You know what I mean? Yeah. They know what they’re doing. And so turns out my guide was chilling out whatever, checking Instagram, who knows? Who knows. And they come by while I’m in the stand. They come by with the deer. I’m hunting in the back of their truck. And they had smashed it.

00:39:51:29 –> 00:40:55:16
Your guide sees them and my guide see them. Luckily they’re within a mile or two of you were this guys guy. We’ve still never seen a picture of it dead. He just sees him and he’s like, dude, you know, and they’re, you know, it’s the big typical or whatever anyway. And they’re like, they’re like, yeah, we’ve been hunting the sta Anyway, turns out they killed him a few hundred yards from my stand. They had a ground line and this bump was right. The Did you ever hear a shot? Oh yeah. You hear shots, you’d hear shots. You do, they’re hunting moose too. People, residents are hunting anything and everything. Grouse, who knows? Whatever stuff. Stuff. And so there’s shots going off and there’s rows. So you don’t really think about about you’re the, but you’re not too close to towns. You’re not the bush you would think of like in the Yukon. Yeah. Like you’re in the bush. But it’s, there’s ag. Yeah. There’s, you know what I mean? There’s people just shooting guns out to shoot guns. It’s tough. Yeah. Oh yeah. You know, you don’t hear a gunshot and say immediately think one of my buck just dying. No, but it’s always in the back of your mind is he’s running, he somebody did a drive by. Yeah. Freaking smash and grab. Every time you’d hear one, you’d be like, Ugh, that was close. Yeah. So anyway, sure enough, my buck’s dead.

00:40:55:18 –> 00:42:05:11
So I’m like, okay, we’re gonna spend two days checking the other 150 truck cameras you got or worked 180 or whatever. Wow. And we went to checking cameras for two days and there was other bucks. But you know, there was another big deer that I, I liked. But, but they had just taken two big deer on prior, the prior weeks out of this same exact area. So he’s trying to practice good management and not kill every breeder buck in that geographical location, you know? And so some of ’em were just off limits just, just due to conservation or whatever. So anyway, I ended up fighting Josh for his buck. Yeah. We hunt the same duck after a while. So pretty soon I, but I let Josh choose the stand neighboring stands. And it wasn’t my, my doing. He just said the guide, he was awesome. He just said, sit close Jason, Josh can, Josh is sitting in this other stand. Do you wanna sit in his stand? Because the standing rule is somewhat of, if you give up a stand, you giving, you’re getting him patient. Like, Mo, I gotta give him, you move and the minute you move, I’m gonna put somebody else in it and they’re gonna smash your buck. So what do you want? It could happen. Yeah. So Josh was sick of his stand. He’d went two or three days without seeing it dear. Yeah. Geez. So I jumped in his stand.

00:42:06:18 –> 00:43:14:00
No, this is how it went down. Jason, do you wanna sit in Josh’s stand? ’cause I got nothing for you. That’s what was said. Yeah. So I texted Josh and I, is Josh close enough in a new stand that he’s still hunting the same deer? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. There was, there was two possibilities. You’re still hunting. Yeah. So you’re just so, you pretty, and I said, it just feels awkward now I am, I’m hunting Josh’s buck against Josh. I’m using his safe and I don’t want, I’m using his safe. I don’t want to, I would just see Josh kill it using his same bottle that he left in the bar. So, so once I knew that, I just, so now I’m telling Josh, leave the heater. Exactly. I’m in. There’s a new sheriff in town. Yeah. Little does, little does he know. I took all my bottles and emptied them out the windows on all four sides. Exactly. Sure. Take my stand. He’s like, Josh was nice of it. He goes, I let the decoy for you. You’re gonna need a lighter for the freaking heater. And good luck to you. Josh and I we’re having a good time at this point. We can kind of see the writing on the wall there. Toughest conditions, ever new area. Not trying to kill every mature deer alive. It just limits your options up there of that 10 day hunt. I mean, it, it’s a grind.

00:43:14:04 –> 00:44:18:09
You don’t, you don’t realize how mentally hard it is. You’re sitting in the same spot. The farthest you can maybe see maximum is 200 yards in one direction and you’re looking 200 yards down, A 15 foot wide cut. That’s it. And you can’t see anything. Cut the wall of trees to 10 yards. Tunnel vision, 15 foot five yards. It’s probably like 10 to 15 yards. Yeah. Wouldn’t you say why? Yeah, swath. Yep. And, and there’s some that are a little bit of mixed trees here and there, but you’re, and they did a good job. The stands were good. Yeah. They were kind of a box blind made outta canvas. They were, they were good. You know, the clear cut cut an elevated were good. An elevated blind. Yeah. You’re hunting kind of a clear cut that they had made and, and you’re hunting bucks that are, you know, on scrapes and rubs and things like that. Like, but we were kind of at the end of the month. So they’re not as active on that. Come to find out. Yeah. But they’re in the area running. Yeah. And so you’re just basically sitting there waiting for him to come by. Your buck got killed from you. What? They said 200 yards. 200 yards to 300 yards. They had a, they had him on camera. The one day, 300 yards from you. 200 yards from you. And you never saw him. Yeah.

00:44:18:09 –> 00:45:23:22
And they were hunting it and I didn’t even know it, like, ’cause I’m the client, so, you know, you just kind of, who’s hunting it? The locals. Oh yeah. But my guide knows. Yeah. Like he knows they’re, they’re the locals. They know, they know what’s going on and whatnot. But anyway. But it is what it is. Who gets the buck? Who gets is who gets the buck. And it was a, it was a freaking giant. It was awesome. Yeah. But yeah, it’s tough. I mean, I sat there in mine of the, of the nine day hunt. We had five of those days. I didn’t see a deer. Josh figured on average we saw one deer a day. Yeah. So I went and sat Josh’s dough in two fonts. He hadn’t seen it here for three days. Yeah. That’s, hadn’t seen it here for three days. That was the other thing. So Josh is like, what am I doing wrong? I’m like, it’s something you had one mama on a pair ofs. Then we go to, then Josh wants to leak frog out of the, the other stand to a ground blind. Yeah. I jump in the other stand. It’s over. You could now see six, 800 jars. Yeah. It was kind of like an old p like, this is what we’re talking about. You’re dialing. This is, yeah. You could have dial. This is our, this is our style. Josh didn’t see a single deer, right?

00:45:23:27 –> 00:46:30:22
Oh yeah. Didn’t see a single steer. What did I see? 15 or 18 in the spot. He just left. Oh. I rattled by little old, little heavy come by. We had him on camera up at my other blind. Yes. By where I was sitting. Which is the no dear blind for you. Yes. And I, and he comes by me. He’s stupider than stupid. He gets, he goes up on the hill and I’m like, ah. A rattle. Pretty soon he comes, does another stroll right by, well, 10 yards from my step. I’m texting Josh. I on bucks everywhere. I got those everywhere. Action. Were you three years? Thanks for the hot chocolate. Josh made me hot chocolate. You’re still in the thermos. Were you three years deep in Instagram at this time? Or how are you not seeing near, how is he not seeing? I was, I was in 2013, he answered every text timely. Well, it was interesting. I was sleeping. I mean, you guys were, but the thing I knew I needed to get ahold of you. I knew I was gonna get, that’s the thing he can, so he has a 17 deer day or whatever. And so he’s like, okay, that’s day. It’s the last day. I said, you go sit back in that stand. Yeah. So he’s like, you. There’s so many, there’s do trillions. Yeah. Yeah. He’s like, you need to see as a live thing.

00:46:31:01 –> 00:47:42:17
I never took, did number two ever in, out of any stand. No, no. Josh did once or twice. That was a difference. That’s cool. Not bad. Nothing. Once. Once. Yeah. And then you went and found new scrapes. Exactly. While I was out, because I went to the neighbors when I went number two, I didn’t go so far enough. So anyway, can’t get that into a Gatorade bottle. So I told her, I said, dude, I said, dude, I didn’t scare you tried to squat over a water bottle or a Gatorade bottle. You can’t fit it in there. I didn’t do, I didn’t mess one thing up. Like I said, dude, that stand for all intents and purposes is vertical, untouched. Untouched. I, I freaking s flanked out of there. I mean, there was nothing, they did not hear me see me, nothing. And so I’m like, you go sit back in that stand the next day. Zero deer, zero see a deer. Right? Yes. Zero. Zero. And I saw more deer up at the old stand. Yes. I saw more deer at the old stand. Yeah. And I’m like, but it more deers two or three. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, at the one time, I mean, geez, I, I just, it’s, I have terrible luck, that’s for sure. But I, at the one point I saw more guys than I did deer. Mike had some guy come cru up.

00:47:42:21 –> 00:48:38:16
’cause one of the stands was on a, there’s just like these little four wheeler trails, but no deer stand. Yeah, yeah. Four wheeler trails and stuff. And this blind set up. Right. The watch. You’re an exchange between father and son, didn’t you? Yeah. I’m sitting in there. Well, I’m just sitting in there and this guy comes rolling up with the side of a four wheeler right underneath me. And you’d think, I don’t know why you’d stop. There’s so Right. I’d be like, ah, crap, there’s a standing. I’m just gonna keep pushing through and, and, and I hope I don’t get shot in the back of the head. Yes, yes, exactly. He’s like, you’re trying to get out there. And so I’m sitting in there and this guy kind of like pulls up and stops and I’m like, oh, is he coming up here? What’s he doing? And, and so I like unzipped the window just a little in the corner. ’cause I kind of zipped it up. ’cause I knew he was coming that way and I didn’t wanna just be sitting there staring at him. So I zipped up least the four wheeler stops. And so I just like stick my head out and looked down at him. And he’s just looking around all of a sudden. He like must’ve got something. We’d looked right up and we make eye contact from 10 feet. He’s just like, good luck. Off he goes.

00:48:38:16 –> 00:49:47:17
He just turned, just drove. So the next day, then the next day he came through with two of his buddies and his kid. So Josh is more prepared zips everything up. Yes. Because at this point I was hoping they wouldn’t think I was in there and I was gonna scare the hell out of him one day. ’cause I was hoping they were gonna crawl up in there. Oh wow. You don’t know. They might steal the heater. Yeah, right. So anyway, I they stop again and they’re like, yeah, this is where that guy was sitting yesterday was right here. That dumb sucker. He didn’t know that we’ve shot seven bucks out of this place already. He just looked like a uttar. Yeah, exactly. Anyway, geez. It was one of those things that’s, that’s my luck when it comes to most situations. So, so e even though it was dry and dusty, dry, Josh had a pee bottle freeze solid. That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying. How cold it was. It was, you know what I mean? It wasn’t, it wasn’t what you would expect to have to go through up there. It wasn’t as cold as you expect and snowy, but it was still cold. It doesn’t matter how, how warm it is when you’re sitting stationary, twenties degrees in Iowa up there, whatever. You just, you just get cold. Yeah. You just get cold. But that was within two hours.

00:49:47:27 –> 00:50:54:29
I mean, we’re talking 98.6 degrees urine and in two hours it’s brick. Oh, solid. Geez. That’s how cold it was. But it was just, it was like a humid cold too, you know, it was just that It wasn’t like Yeah. On the truck. It was whatever, whatever it was. 10 25, 18 25. Depends on the day. It was just, but it was a humid cold. Damp cold. Yeah. You know, just a damp. Yeah. Anyway, so how about, so we met some really good dudes. Yeah. There was a, they they do mule deer whitetail combo, man. They were, you know, just awesome guys from Washington. Kind of made punk, had Justin up with this. And that’s what we kind of found nch. Yep. We found they, so they were kind of hunting this mule deer whitetail combo. So they were actually cruising a lot of the ag stuff. They didn’t really sit the blinds. And that’s what we were finding. They were actually seeing a lot of deer. They would see a lot of deer, a lot of activity. A lot compared to us, but not a lot compared to what they should normally be seeing because the deer numbers are down in jail. Yeah, yeah. They had a bad winter up there and they’ve got some CWD stuff. And so they were, they definitely were struggling, but you know, they saw a lot of deer.

00:50:54:29 –> 00:52:04:13
But in general, you, in order, if you’re gonna want to kill one of these giant bucks, you have to be doing what we were doing back in the bush in a blind. Rarely are you gonna see ’em cruising a field or anything like that. Because they did see a lot of deer and stuff. Just nothing. Nothing even remotely close as big as what we were, were hunting. Like teasing my guide, he wanted me to shoot everything like this one by four. There was a one by four. I think he wanted you outta his truck. Why? Yeah. There was a one by four and he’s like, Jason, these so awesome. What? And what? I’m like, I am not shooting a one by four. You know? Anyway, because they knew it was cold. The jeans moving hadn’t started yet and we’re just not gonna do it anyway, it was nonstop. He’s like, dude, you wanna shoot a little heavy? No, no, I don’t. I mean, we teased pretty hard. Yeah, it was good. But anyway, how about the last eight? So we had this older gentleman, he’s 81. Yeah, Jerry. And he’s hunted up there in Canada for 40 longer than I’ve been alive. Three or four years. That’s like 45 or something. 45 years. Hadn’t missed a year. Hunted a lot of the Indian reservations. All kinds of experiences. He said some things you probably can’t repeat, but, but just way, way fun.

00:52:04:13 –> 00:53:11:16
But anyway, how about the last day? We’re, we’re waiting to get everybody in the truck and go back to the airport. Yeah, we were, well we ended up smashing, we actually glossed over this. There was a guy there that did kill a buck that intact would be 174 inches broken was 1 66. We had him on a truck. Camera two, his eye guards were 11 inches. 11 inches. Sick eye guards. Like you’d shoot this buck just for the eye guards. If you were to shoot it one by one, you’d shoot him for the eye guards. Yeah, yeah. You know what I mean? It was like they were four inch diameter, 11 inch long sick gl and old dude like teeth. I mean just old China. So anyway, just the perfect buck for him to take. Dan, Dan killed a cool four point mule deer and killed the buck. Yeah, he did. And the, and the mule deer. They, the kind of, the general consensus too, among other issues was just high tag numbers. And we talked a lot about that at nights when there’s nothing else to talk about. Just deer management and stuff and, you know, anyway, so that was awesome. But so we did kill that buck and that guy was on another buck. That was awesome. Anyway, shot the tail off. Shot the tail off of a buck. Okay. So, I mean literally.

00:53:12:02 –> 00:54:21:00
So he shot a buck and it was in a fleeting moment. You have 15 yards to decide, right? He looks up the deer’s staring at him. This guy’s a good dude is hunted aggressively, knows what he’s doing. Looks at the deer. I’m gonna kill the deer. You gotta make these one second calls and shoots. And the deer takes off and we go over there and there’s blood and we’re tracking. So anyway, we round us all together. I was checking trail cameras at the moment with the, with my guide. We get everybody together. We’re tracking this deer blood runs out at, you know, 65, 80 yards, whatever kind of no blood. Go back to where the hair was. And by the way, there’s rubs everywhere. Scrapes. Scrapes everywhere. And we go back to where he had hit him and there was really long white hair, really long, like tail only comes from one place. Only comes from one place, the back end. And then we’re walking back down and there is the tail and it’s skinned out like you would’ve Kyle, like you, you run the knife right up the freaking tailbone and it’s laying there. How does a bullet do that? I don’t know. I mean, we took it back to camp. Yeah. This is the tail is wonder putting a Ziploc, I mean, and there was, and I actually found a piece of bone and it’s like the tailbone.

00:54:21:04 –> 00:55:27:24
It was, it was, I don’t know what it was, it actually, it was like part of a, a leg bone curved anyway, the bone marrow, you could see where the bone marrow was. But it was a little piece like that. Yeah. And I don’t know. Anyway, got lucky to find it. Face the tail or something. So, you know, it kind of went through the back end, blew the tail off and maybe did a little bit more damage. There was a little chunk of meat. Probably gonna live though. Yeah. Yeah. You don’t know with a bone chunk like that, you just don’t know. Yeah. Depends on where it came from. Anyway, he was hunting a big deer. Probably the biggest deer. And, and then ended up killing the igar buck. Lucky guy. But did, used those phonics that we learned a lot about some of the different things. Tactics, tricks and chips. But anyway, how about Jerry at the last day, Jerry, the older gentleman, just an awesome guy. We were teasing him about not buying green bananas and stuff like that. Just teasing him having a good time. And I’m like, Jerry, so we were, I’m teasing him. ’cause we would stop and get a monster at the, at the gas station. Right. We would stop and get a monster and be like, just whatever you want. A little treat or something. You’re gonna be in the stand for 10 hours. You what makes you happy.

00:55:27:28 –> 00:56:27:29
Yeah. You probably ought to buy it. And so we’re like, Jerry, we’re gonna get out. We’re gonna grab a monster. There’s three of us on the one guide’s dropping all three of his soft poor guy. Super good kid. And I’m like, you wanna get a monster? You know? And ah, I don’t know how to do that. But anyway, the last day we’re sitting around, laying around on the couch, it’s just kind of burning time. And I said, Jerry, do you wanna drive down the road and we’ll go get a monster? And he’s like, yeah, yeah, I’ll do that. And he’s like, I’ve done that before. And I’m thinking, you’ve what? You’ve gotten a monster and drank it. I’m, I’m about to say, what color do you like? I mean, ’cause it better be white. Yeah. And I’m like, well, you know. And he goes, I, I’ve done that before. And I’m like, well, well what, what have you done? What are you talking about? And he’s like, A smash and grab. Okay. And we had teased about smash and grab all week. And I’m like, there’s an 81-year-old guy talking about smash and grab. And I’m like, A smash and grab. And he goes, I’m like, you’ve, you’ve done a smash and grab. And he goes, I’m like, yeah. And I’m like, well, tell me about it.

00:56:27:29 –> 00:57:38:25
And he goes, well you drive up and you shoot ’em and you throw ’em in the trunk and drive away. I’m like, he’s like, I’ve done that three or four times. Yeah. And I’m like, you have? And he goes, oh yeah, you drive down the road, see you giant. Get out, smash it, throw it in the back and drive away. And I’m like, okay, that’s a, well I was about white monster. I was thinking Amy was thinking we were just gonna drive down the road and do a smash and grab. So when he grabbed his gun, when you’re going to the, to the convenience store, you’re like, what’s going on here? What’s you think we’re doing? Yeah. So we were headed to the airport and we left our guns out. So Jerry was awesome. Yeah. Anyway, he’ll be back. So what other, anything else? Pollock? No, I think that was about it. Yeah. I don’t know. It was, it was, it was a great opportunity and one, one kill one white tail for six. Yeah. Learned a lot. Learned a lot. It’s not, it’s not what you see on tv. I also now realize why whitetail hunters get so weird when they kill a deer and start crying and make all kinds of weird noises. And you know, kinda like why we, we make weird noises when we kill big milder. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it’s just like there’s some serious time.

00:57:38:26 –> 00:58:42:04
Those guys and a lot of those guys Time and luck too. Yeah. Oh yeah. They’ve definitely, you talk to guys like Jerry and, and those guys that have been up there. They’ve definitely a hundred percent been up there more years and not killed the deer than deer than they killed the deer for for sure. Which is not especially the guys that are selective. Yeah. Which isn’t good for somebody like me or maybe and of us when we think we’re just gonna go show up and smash one. Yeah. Because we all want a big white tail. Who does? But we all get our butts kicked down here and then you’re like, Hey, I’m gonna book a hunt up there and this is gonna be outta your fun control. This is gonna be the fun hunt that we just end the year on. We’re gonna take the meat, we’re trying to decide do we drive up there and take the meat bucket? Yeah. Because here we’re just gonna go watch frolicking deer all day long. Running, rattling, all kinds of wild kingdom. Yeah. Yeah. The highlight of our day was making with preparations the hot chocolate, making hot chocolate. Just, you know, what are we going, what are we gonna do this day? When do you open your sandwich and eat it? Yes. Rationing. Yes. Ration rationing. Your jerry, Jerry likes to put all the chocolates up on a, up on the rail. He takes a little miniature.

00:58:42:04 –> 00:59:44:16
So he counts them miniature Snickers for every of the day. Yeah. Every hour. And he rewards himself for staying one more hour. And I mean, we’re games. Men will games you gotta play. So yeah, Jerry we’re like, Jerry, you want, do you pee in a bottle? He goes, I don’t pee in a bottle. I’m like, okay, well Jerry doesn’t. And he is all knowing he’s got the most experience of anybody there. Yeah. He’s like, I get out of the stand and pee like a man. You know, other than he said Wow. He thought about trying to do it out the window. He did. And they’re like, please don’t, I don’t need streaks down my canvas. Yeah, exactly. But anyway, he is like, yeah, I went first roll today. And I’m thinking that’s a no-no that you sit in the stand. You don’t let your cent out. Don’t breathe. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And he’s like, yeah, I went out and took a walk and went back, got the stand, jumped a few free rough grouse and you know. Yeah. And then you start realizing, and the guides are saying it too. It’s like not a lot of guys can sit there the entire day. They’re getting out but not telling you. You know what I mean? Yeah. We were though, right. I mean, it was 10 hours a day. Well we didn’t get out.

00:59:44:24 –> 01:00:41:15
I mean once I, I did truck cameras for a day and a half was tracked to deer for the evening portion there for a minute. And then right back in the stand, one of Josh’s whatever. Josh didn’t choose. Yeah. We had a good time. It was kinda one of those things here mixed, you know, over the years working with like lions and bears and stuff, I’ve kind of gotten over my fear of the dark, the darkness and stuff. So I’m gonna want to eat me. So I was like, one of the days I was like, I’m gonna, I’m gonna try and hike to the, ’cause the, the moon was full too. So that was another thing. It deer were pretty active at night. So it was bright enough. I was like, ah, without my light. I’m gonna walk to the stand this morning. In the morning. Yeah. So I’m gonna see if I could do it. And I got about 10 yards after Josh had dropped me off in the four-wheeler. And I got about 10 yards. And I’m like, oh no tripping on bros. I was like, there’s well yeah that. And then I was like, we saw a cow moose here yesterday. Like whole new fear with a cow unlocked. Yeah. Because I’m like, now I’m gonna be stumbling up onto her. Yep. Dark bed down body. Yeah. Bed it in the trailer. I learned a lot about Paula knock over.

01:00:41:20 –> 01:01:53:06
I’m thinking, what are wve? What’s the chances my I’m a chance is back on, there’s wolves up there. Well wolves. And then I was talking to a gal on the airplane and she says, oh yeah, we, you’re around, you know grizzlies all the time. They don’t go to bed. I didn’t know that. Well no, but it’s, it’s early. Yeah. November. And I didn’t so young. I didn’t necessarily, I didn’t even think about that. I was just, well whatever. I mean anyway, ignorance was sometimes. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. That’s about it. Yeah. Well, yeah, I think so. You left us, we, we all have more questions now that you’re home than we have answers as far as we all thought we’d be clamoring to go back to beat you back to to book the spot. Which it’s not. It’s just like nothing good or bad. It’s just gotta be there. It’s like a big meal there. I used to hate the fact when people say, well that’s the weather or you know, that’s hunting. That’s why they call it hunting and not killing. I hate that. Yeah, me too. Hate that. But it’s true. It really is. And sometimes you just can’t do anything. Make it happen. Sometimes you can’t make it happen. And it felt like it happened. That’s why I’m so glad for 2024 to be in like it. I’m so glad to see this year freaking close up. What do we got four days? Yeah.

01:01:53:09 –> 01:03:05:06
I don’t know. It’s, Josh says he doesn’t know what day it is. 28th phone says. Says it’s 28th. Is it your iWatch? What does it say? It’s 28th. But no, that is it. That’s a good point. Like you can really, even on a hunt, if you book a hunt, go with an outfitter, go with whatever. I mean you can have, you can spend 25 points. You can, you know, spend 80 grand on a hunt. I don’t know. You know, there’s, it’s always hunting and there’s still things that have to align, things that have to happen in order for you to be successful. And obviously that oftentimes increases your chances of being successful. But you still, it’s just still hunting. And I guess that was the thing that kept me, you know, from getting angry or mad or upset at the time and you just kind of have to keep telling yourself because everybody was in the same boat. Yeah. ’cause just like when Bill shot that buck, you know, it was kind of like the longest day. Hadn’t seen a thing, you know, it’s been eight days, haven’t seen a deer. All of a sudden all you need is 10 seconds and it’s the best time of your life. So. Yeah. And I think it goes back at like, like outfitted reports from clients. You know, you gotta take ’em a little bit with a grain of salt.

01:03:05:09 –> 01:04:05:21
I could write up a, a report, you know what I mean? Oh yeah. Because I didn’t kill a buck and Right. We, and I didn’t even pass. I know nothing about yone hunting. Get up there. Right. Yeah. But I could say, well, you know, we could have done this better, do this better this better. It just is what it is. Wyatt, Wyatt could go through his report and say, well, you know, we didn’t do this. We could have done this. The success isn’t the end all be all though. That’s all we want it. We go, we are going on the hunt to harvest something. Well and certain, certain species too lend themselves more to, it’s a very fine line with success and failure of a, of a big brown bear for instance. Right. That’d be such a fine line. Yeah. I mean there’s not a lot of them, you don’t see, you don’t pass dozens of bears. You don’t see 17 bears a day. Like most places, like you did deer, you know, big whitetailed deer in a hardwood mixed conifer forest. Like that’s, that’s a needle in a haystack. And they have to come by you. You can’t just throw your gun on your shoulder and start walking and go out hunt the deer. Well, and we, no, you can’t. You can’t. And that’s what, and that’s kind of what the outfitter, he is a good, good dude, knows what he’s doing.

01:04:05:21 –> 01:05:10:10
Didn’t do anything wrong necessarily. That’s what he indicated. He’s, man, it must be hard being a mulder hunter. You want to go at him. ’cause he’s a mulder hunter himself. Yeah. And you’re used to doing a little bit more. I don’t know. I was prep mentally. Yeah. I was prep mentally to sit. It just, you know. But like Josh said, maybe thought we would see more. Game is all. Yeah. But there you realize there’s, after doing, there’s nothing. There’s really nothing more you can do. You had B on cameras on the places you’re sitting at. We knew we were hunting big deer. What? Like we were all on Big deer. Jerry was on Big Deer. Jim was on Big Deer. We were on Big Deer. The Lynches were on the Lynches had a little bit different situation because they had the combo, the go hunt meal, deer. They had the combo and they were, dude, they were putting on 500 miles a day. Squeeze me 500 miles a day on truck. Do you stay in the same province or did they go to No units, territories. Different units. I remember where they at by now? 500 miles a day. No, they said they made it almost 500 miles of roads. Not straight line, like 500 miles of driving. So you’d drive an hour and a half, two hours to where you start hunting. And then you gotta do that back after dark.

01:05:10:10 –> 01:06:21:09
But then you’ve got all the driving in the middle of the day. Oh, cover ground. Yeah. And you’re, and and it’s not that, you know, sometimes that is the most effective way. And with the tags they had, that was the most effective way. And you’ll find a big deer and then you gotta figure out how to get permission. If it’s on a piece of property place, you can, huh? Yeah. It’s in non bush private crown land or whatever. And they’re using an Onyx version. It’s a different app. But anyway, we downloaded it and it was good. It’s to learn all that kind of stuff was really cool. They also do whitetail hunts in Saskatchewan. You bait Saskatchewan. And, but generally speaking, the mentality is, is those deer get killed on a somewhat of a regular basis because of the bait. And so your bush deer in Alberta would be bigger. Bigger shot. You’re very top end discriminating trophy hunters are concentrating on Alberta. Although maybe both. Yeah. Maybe you never give up your spot in Saskatchewan and you go to Alberta for an absolute giant back to back. A lot of these diehard guys go hunting Both. Huh? Every year. Yeah. Some. Yeah. Wow. You guys thinking about that? Well, I mean maybe. Okay, I want, I want to go back and do it, but you got, we have unfinished business, but I’m afraid it would take five years to make. Right.

01:06:21:09 –> 01:07:21:25
That’s, that’s just, that’s how you realize that you gotta be into the haul. Go back there and be the first guy. Smash and grab, kill a buck in three hours in a tree. Stand like other people we’ve talked about this year or 10 days of nothing. It’s, it’s, and so, and do it for four or five times. That’s right. Especially if you’re a discriminating trophy hunter. That’s how it’s gonna go. And it’s easy to say you are, but go ahead and go without killing for five times. Well, and it’s, that’s, that’s what it’s gonna take. If you’re gonna hunt a one, say 75 or 80 plus buck a real big deer. Yeah. One of us probably ought try and get up there every year, you know, at least. And, and one of, and it’ll happen. But I’m intrigued. I I’m gonna put that, but I realize my eyes are fully open as to what that’s gonna entail. If I’m gonna actually make it happen, well likely I’m gonna have to get lucky. Oh yeah. We all are. Then, then do it. Well, should we do a little shout out to Triple S Polaris? Well, why You were in a Polaris. Yes. Polaris North Star up there. How about that? How about that? We know guys that sell ’em on a daily basis. Yeah. Very comfortable ride. Had the windows to keep the rain out. Heater.

01:07:22:17 –> 01:08:32:19
I mean, it made the Alaska experience a cup holder for warm beverage. Wyatt, did you ever think that that’d make a good stand? I, I never thought it would. I, I guess the second I got in it, but I never thought about that. ’cause I’m used to the tundra, you know, hope darl, I’d park it just right. Open up the front windshield. Where’s my window mount? Yeah, no, just, no, this is electric windows too. I mean, you were just hitting the button and they would, they would go down. I mean, it was, it was pretty nice. Pretty honest. We’re bear hunting in style there, but you’re right. We do have a buddy here that sells ’em and hooks us up with our, our Polaris Triple s Polaris here in Cedar City. He will deliver anywhere that’s right in the lower 48 as well. So if you’re looking for a Polaris side-by-side, give him a call at four three five eight six five zero one hundred. That’s Triple S Polaris. I like it. It’s awesome. We’ll support him if you can. They’re hunters themselves. We know the owner. He’s, he’s a a, an epic member and a diehard trophy hunter. Just an awesome kid. Colton Francis. And doing great work and specialize in customer service is what I would say about them. Yeah. We also wanna thank fierce, fierce firearms. They make some pretty awesome rifles. That’s the gun that I took up there. I have that 300 rum.

01:08:32:22 –> 01:09:51:09
I was hoping that was gonna be big enough to shoot some of those deer, which is pretty, I tell you, that was one thing we didn’t partner with. Those deer are big. I remember the first two doughs I saw in the headlights. And like, they’re giant. Just the d like they, the, the DI swear were bigger than our mature bucks here. It was, it was pretty surprising. So you need, you need a little bit of lead to take one of those suckers down. Unless you’re gonna shoot the tail off. Keep going. But anyway, I had my fierce rifle, took it up there. They’re awesome rifles. I mean, I don’t know. Killed a deer in Colorado with it this year. Just, how was that? No, no sweat. Knocked him right down. Smashed and grabbed. Correct. Smashed and grabbed him. But went up and grabbed him. Well kind of grabbed him. You’re like, Ooh, what’s that? Yeah. Is there two dead deer? 120 inches? Yeah. I just, anyway, thanks Josh. But yeah, make sure, make sure and give, give us a call if you’re looking for a, a new rifle. They’re, they’re awesome rifles for what they are. They’re, I mean, they’re lights out. We all have have ’em shooting them. They’re pretty amazing. So Kurt’s even got this new Mountain Reaper. Yeah. He apparently wanted a gamer gun. So gamer gun. Yeah. Said he has that off as a Yeah, he game.

01:09:51:09 –> 01:10:56:21
Does he, he play which one of plays Call of Duty or something. I forgot about that. Yeah, he called duty. So they, they even that’s what he patterned it after. Did he? Yes, that’s exactly, I didn’t even know the history on that. Yeah. Oh yeah, that’s what it was. He wanted one that felt’s what he uses in his game. And so he wanted one that matches. They’ve actually been super popular, those rail guns lately. You see those with the folding stock. And that’s this one especially. Yeah, if you’re hiking around and stuff, you can fold the stock on ’em. They got, they’ve got a lot of different options. Anything you’d want, give us a call. We can help you out and get you on. Order it up. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure. They’re awesome rifles. Fierce rifles. Also wanna give a shout out to Ku Ultra High Ultralight Hunting, whether it’s gear, whether it’s, you know, clothing from head to toe. They’ve got it. Everything. That’s, that’s one of the things that we feel kus superior to a lot of other clothing companies with is their, their versatility of their clothing, their layering, layering systems, whether it be hot weather, whether it be, you know, active wear that you gotta layer up and, and pick stuff off, put it back on throughout the day. Or obviously colder later on. They’ve got it.

01:10:56:24 –> 01:12:03:06
As well as, you know, packs and a whole bunch of other accessories. Great guys that are gonna be a lot of the shows. So if you’re, you know, going to all the shows coming up and wanna look at some of their gear, try some of the pieces that you haven’t used or haven’t seen. Stop by their booths at Sheep Show. Western Hunting. I’m sure they’re gonna be at Dallas. SCI, they usually at all of ’em. So q, KU, check it out. So great company, great supporter of ours here at Epic Outdoors. Yeah, I like it. Why? It’s really good friends. We’re good friends with Justin Schafer, Brendan Burns and the guys. They are just serious hardcore dudes. So anyway, happy to support them and we appreciate their support of Epic. All right, well it’s gonna be the New Year’s weekend. Wyatt, you got any good plans? No, I don’t have much. Huh? What about case? What’s he doing? Hopefully bad. It’s still in the, it’s amazing how much Wyatt talks about that. Sleeping still in the newborn phase here, where we gotta get, gotta get some sleep. I saw him wine yawning over there a little bit. So when Jason’s over here talking about it getting dark at five 30 and he’s bored and needs projects to do from then till 9, 9 30, you don’t relate to him right now.

01:12:04:00 –> 01:13:11:21
You, you go home and you’re thinking, alright, if there’s quietness, I might go to bed at six 30, get what I can. I I haven’t ever made it that early. I, I probably nine o’clock a couple times, but the kid. But you’re definitely not looking for projects to do. Yeah, Wyatt was going downtown after work last night and I had to follow him. I pulled in and to do some of my projects at Napa and I just figured Wyatt was going to get disposable diapers or I don’t, I didn’t know what you were doing for sure. I was gonna Lynn’s it got me a nice rib eye to grill up last night. Oh, there you go. Take it. Yeah. Yeah. Was it a bachelor night? I was a bachelor night last night. Oh, hashtag bad times. Yeah, exactly. So hashtag good for you. You deserve it. You deserve it. What? Oh good. You put in some major time. Well, all right. Don’t wanna minimize Carly’s involvement. If you’re listening to this, Carly, you do put in plenty of time. She, carly de just the bulk of it, that’s for sure. Alright, we know that. I’m just, just play the Picton card. All right everybody, well have a happy New Year’s. Hopefully lots of good things happen for 2024. We got a lot going on here at Epic Outdoors. We’re cranking through the publications.

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