In this episode we sit down with Cheston Davis and Jason Bairett from PhoneSkope and talk about the new Carbon Pro series of cases and accessories. PhoneSkope never disappoints, with their digiscoping capabilities, this new line of products is no exception. If you want to take your glassing to the next level, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah here in Cedar City. Bronson, we woke up to six inches of snow. How about that? Nice to finally shovel something. Yeah, no, been good. It’s not nice to shovel. Well, we gotta have some. If you’re gonna grow something this year, you better shovel snow. Hey, I got out the skid steer. We’re freaking cranking here at Epic. But anyway, pretty awesome. We’re kind of cranking through some applications, doing a lot of strategies for people and talking about states, species of all varieties. Big game. Of course, we don’t really care about small game, do we? Unless some states call a lion small game and I kind of care if they’re dead. You know what I mean? But anyway, it’s been fun. It’s, it’s a new year. New slates, new plans. You forget 2023 Carter. You can officially forget it all. Yeah, I’m over 2023. 2020. Well, when was that? I’m not even thinking about new slate. We’re all batting a thousand again. I ate a lot of tags in 2023. It’s not gonna happen again, Bronson, one way or another, does that mean fill freezers? You’re gonna hashtag really fill freezers. Yep. I can’t wait to see that clean. I’ll believe it when I see it. Protein, I’m gonna fisheye some small bucks and make ’em look big. Bronson, you wait, kill some stuff.

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I can’t wait. Anyway. Mark this down. What podcast is this? This 302 1. This is, this is Numero 300. This is 300. It’s gonna be easy to find. We have the man, the myth, the legend, fricking chasin from phone scope on 300. Let’s make this 3 0 1 Bronson. Let’s do it. Good one. Hey, come on. No, I just, 300 is an easy one to remember when we have to go back to pull Carter’s audio about him, fill freezers, punching tags, punch and tag all the stuff that he said. So, unless it’s a dough tag or a cow tag, I’ve never killed a female. I can’t, I don’t know if I can do that. I’m not necessarily against, it won’t, but I mean, if it’s proper management, I’m private, but I don’t wanna do it. We’re gonna hold, we’re gonna hold you the fire. You’re gonna shoot. We’re gonna have, we’re gonna talk you into shooting something that, Hey, I killed a white tail. Well, that was 194. That’s pretty easy to shoot. I mean, plus or minus, you know? Yeah. Anyway, I can’t believe, here we go. We got Justin in the house. Justin and Jason. Phone scope. Welcome fellas. I can’t believe you’re on podcast number 300. This better be a good podcast. You know, I feel pretty privileged. Not gonna lie. Well, just saying 300. Congrats to you guys. Well, we were gonna do, yeah, it’s been a minute.

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You know, we were gonna d dig up some We did for 200. We did like the 200, those 10 or 15, 200 mul deer interviews with guys that had killed them. It just kind of cool. Talked about stories of killing ’em all that 300, we couldn’t do 300 inch bulls. That’s pretty anti-Climactic. So, and then 300 inch deer. There was like two, like, like one or two living people. Yeah. And, and we still should have ’em on the podcast. So we couldn’t think of any other significant number. That 300, you know, kind of crazy deer. You know what caribou? That’s not a very big caribou. Yeah. 300. 300. I don’t know what else would be, you know. So there, it’s kind of anti-Climatic. Well, except for ton’s here. Yeah. Yeah. We’re here. We’re gonna talk on 300 for some. Yeah. We have to do some kind of giveaway. New model 300. There we go. Something. Yep. The demo model. Yep. That we’re talking about. The three. Well, we’ve seen, so with New years, new plans, new products for chest, you’ve, you’ve innovated the digi scoping world. Clear back win. When, when? 2010, 2011. Was there anybody doing it or were we all just, I, IPVC all made PVC stuff. Adam and I, we were just holding our phones up and, you know, shaky footage and showing clients and ourselves and each other. And that’s about what we did. Yeah.

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You, you know, you, you’re dead on the money. And it’s funny because I think back to those days, I remember calling Carter that says, Hey, I need a favor. My dad gave me so much money to start this company and I have none left. If I send you one of these, will you take some pictures post on the internet and help me sell some? He’s like, start talking about it. Yeah. Tell me what it is. And I show him. He’s like, yeah, I’ll use that. I went over to his house, we played outside. Yeah, I’ll, I’ll use it. And played outside. Said like, we played the sandbox. Yeah. Yeah. We threw, we were the, hey, you know, sandbox and played 2010, let’s see, that would’ve been 35 years old. How about that? You’re a grown man. Justin old might. How Justin? 25. I would’ve been, yeah, 25. Really? Wow. Well, plus or minus. Well, now I gotta start doing some math. Doing math. Well just tell me without a calculator. Yeah. So 10 years in eighties, baby. No, I’m, I’m 35 right now. So 10 years old. There you go. Yeah, that’s right. Geez, 25 years old. 2022, then 2 21. Oh, yeah, yeah. We’re, yeah, we’re talking way long ago. 2010. I was thinking 10 years. 2010. So anyway, yeah. 13, 14, 13 years ago we started filming stuff. The thing phones have come far. You can actually take professional photography.

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Did you have a flip phone there or was it something you had I wasn’t at that meeting. Was it on a camera or was it on a No, we had solid, we didn’t have flips his, it was an iPhone four. Right when, right when iPhone four, Justin, do you really remember that? How good is your memory? Do you remember? I do. It was a Sunday afternoon, the type of phone. It was a Sunday afternoon. He lived, well, we lived down here then, right? Yeah, yeah. Just lived down around the corner. We were working on Sundays. But go ahead. I, we weren’t, we were hanging out. You playing, you were playing, you were playing in the sandbox. Yeah, we were playing in the sandbox. Okay. And yeah. iPhone four. Yeah. Wow. I know that. Because that was the only phone case I had probably had. So I know he didn’t have anything else. Eight gig memory or something dumb. Yeah. 16. 16 stain. Anyway, yeah. So we took, so we, we were taking, it made us to where you could actually grab video and photos and whatever of game. And it looked good, actually. A steady looked, you improve what you saw. Steady saw fit image. Yeah. Yeah. It changed, it changed the world. It really was revolutionary. I mean, there’s a few products in life that you can say, this changed the hunting world.

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Well, it was one of on x Well, it was one of those that you, when you see it, you’re like, why didn’t I do that? Yeah. Why didn’t I do that? I, how many people told you that? Over the last 13 years? I’ve, I’ve had a lot in my responses as, as I shake their hand is, I’m glad you didn’t. I’m just being honest. I’m an honest guy. I’m being honest back because we were all fighting with it. We were all doing this thing, you know, that. And it revolutionized the hunting world. It did. And everything. Right. All aspects of life. You know, being able to birding, birding. I mean, Justin’s got a car with birding stuff on it. I do birders. The greenies are supporting Justin birders, you know, recreation matter too. Car. No, I know. Hey, at the end of the day, if they’ve got a dollar, then they need something. I mean, you are there. We’re gonna help them. You’re there to serve. Yeah, we’re gonna help him. It’s awesome you guys. And hey, you know guys from Beaver County. I’m, you know, my roots are from Beaver County. We’re, I, we’re pretty innovative guys. I’m only, I’m the only one in this room that has, is not from Beaver County. Even Logan. Even Logan, the only one Mins, Minville sandwiches and whatever else he innovates. Hey, let’s even dial it down even closer. All of our roots come from Minville. Yeah. Really?

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Yeah. Let’s even get, what’s the population land? The land? 900 ish right now. Yeah. Yeah. 900. Has it always been nine? Have you always said 900 for your 25 years of your life? So there for a little while, I was saying it’s about a thousand. And then people were yelling at me, they’re like, it’s not that big. And so I had to dial it back to 800. And then if the, if y’all go to the county fairgrounds on July 4th or something, it’s half probably. Yeah. I don’t know. You know what I mean? When there’s a mass exodus out of town, well, I feel, I feel like I’m the third wheel or the fifth wheel in here with all you Beaver County. Its, I’m from San Juan County. Just hold on your wallet we got, oh, innovative. Trust me, I’ve got it right here. Here’s your wallet. Oh, there’s a new product. So Justin, here we are, 2024. You, you, we talked about the innovation here in the hunting world. You revolutionized phone scoping. Now it’s kind of, there’s some other companies out doing that kind of thing. You know, that’s a natural, you, you gotta expect that. And so you gotta stay on top of your game. And I know you got some new products coming out, but it’s pretty cool to to know where you came from. And then, and you’re still here. Here we are, 20, 24. You and I and Adam now.

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And, and Jason and Logan are all in a sandbox having a good time. That’s right. You know what I mean? So anyway. What, what, what I don’t, I don’t wanna say, where’s your future going? Because dude, you, you never quit thinking your family brother, dad, wherever everybody’s always thinking and doing, but new products and whatnot. I guess we’ll kind of give you the mic for a minute and you can kind of tell us kind of where you’ve been, but then like where are you going with all this? No. So, you know, one thing I love is I love hearing problems and how to solve ’em. And so one thing we’ve heard over the years and another thing, another thing is how to make our product a little better. And so there’s a lot of products that we’ve created and shelved because they may solve one problem, but create another or create two problems. And so just ’cause there’s not something new always coming out doesn’t mean we’re not continuing to innovate. And we’ll never release something if we don’t believe that it’s going to actually fill a void or create a solution. So what we’ve got here is our new Carbon Pro series. And as you can see, I’ve got some carbon plates that you guys can go ahead and play with and you can fill how tough they are. Oh yeah. We know that. First time you boys have ever seen those. Yeah. Yeah. Really?

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Yeah. Yeah. Just so, so the first fingerprints that have been on these Yeah. Sell outside of the shop. Outside of the shop. Yep. Nope. I, Logan’s been bugging me a little bit to come over and do a podcast and I says, listen, let’s just wait. I’ve got a perfect time. Little did I know it was gonna be 300 or I Well we are launching the phone Scope 300. 300. Yeah. I mean that’s what we’re launching. Yeah. Model 300. Model 300. Can we name it Epic Condition? Is it already three? Is it already named or can we name it? We like naming stuff after ourselves. You said something pro, what did you call it? It’s the Carbon Pro series, but I’m, I’m thinking this. So it’s gonna come out basically in a stealth black. So it’s gonna be a black aluminum frame with the black carbon fiber backbone blacking. And then it’s gonna have black buttons fully blacked out. I think when you do a 300 epic edition one day, that’s gonna have a colored frame of your choice, whether it’s tan or olive green. Cool. So that’s something we’re gonna play with down the road. And, and we will all, we’ll launch when we see fit. And you can color carbon. Yeah, we can do different strands in there. Or we can also do through our SCO company, we can do the sponge.

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So you can, you know how like on the rifle stocks we’ll do like the sponge sco. Yeah. So we can do something along there and then have maybe the epic logo popping through. Do what you like. Yeah, you do. You I’ll do me. That’s right. Well, we don’t wanna get too colorful. Well, I mean, you don’t know who’s gonna go with pinking. Purple black. I’ll do rainbows. Orange and black. Well mean Carter likes they all colors of the rainbows. I like orange and black. Come on. I like orange. And black is a good looking color on carbon. It’s not gonna lie. It’s, yeah, it’s, so what we did is, yeah, you’ve got an aluminum frame. We’ve got basically shock absorbing corners. And then one of the coolest things we’ve had everybody tell us is they hate the dirt getting in their power button. Hate that. Or in their power cord where it plugs in. I agree. So we created a plug that basically plugs it off so nothing can get in there, including moisture. So that way when you’re out in the moisture and you go to plug it in and it’s like you gotta wait for it to dry out. Problem solved. Lightweight, but it’s super thin as you can tell. So yeah. So generally, so my, that’s the old phone scope case right there.

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And and this is always, I mean, year round we’re throwing these, I don’t know, this is a giant, what do they call this? The plus that’s the promax pro Promax. These are both the same phone fill, the feel the different, that’s the same phone. They’re the same phone. Get that skill in here. Yeah. Anyway, the the old one, I mean it was awesome, right? And it did have, I always liked these little cushions on the old one. I felt like it was indestructible. It felt it protected. It was giant in my pocket. Pencils bulk here it was giant. And then this little one, I totally, I I get it. I like it slim. And this is one you would have on your, a phone case. On your, on your phone year round. Regardless if your phone’s scope or not. You put this on your wife, kids, whatever. A hundred percent. Yeah. And that, that’s the other other thing. You don’t, don’t have to take ’em on and off when you go to the mountain if there’s something. ’cause if one felt bulkier and all that it, you felt like, yeah, I don’t want that 24 7 when it’s not hunting season. So, exactly. This one’s just a bone case. Yeah, no, a hundred percent. We’ve got a, in the very top, you’ll see this cut out. So that’s basically going to be an antenna amplifier to help your antenna basically get more signal. Wow.

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Because does it work? Work? Have you try it? I cut by covering that out. You mean I got full bars here, but Well, you, when you tested. Yes. So our first ones was basically that cut out and so we basically everything that we could possibly do. You know, so listen, you know that that would hurt yourself. Think really that that’s an what do you mean he wouldn’t do it? I have a Wilson antenna. You think we should brought, could compete. We should have brought gen one. Gen one doesn’t have that. And then that’s how we got there. And then walk out the, just keep walking into the Canyon Canyon. So this is what, so you can make, that’s what, let me look at it again. So this is exposes the top of your feet. It exposes the top so you can get better reception of That’s that’s where the phone antenna is. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I mean basically moral of the story is, is we’ve been working on this for well over a year and making a lot of different tweaks and all the above. And here we are ready to hit the, the trade show circuit, show it off and get a bunch out there. But one of the biggest things we get a lot of people telling us is, is they want to be able to use their MagSafe accessories in their truck.

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And I’ve never used one, ’cause I’ve ran a phone scope case since 2010, 2011. Yeah. So I’m like, okay, well what is it? And the second I started learning about it, I was like, oh, I gotta have this, this is cool. And so I’ve been running this phone, this exact frame for probably since July, early spring. I bet this one’s probably early spring. Okay. Anyways, as you can see, so this is your truck mount right here. Sticks Right on. Now the cool part about this, so, so folks, I mean people that are just listening. So we’ve got, we’ve got basically you’ve, I don’t know who, whose truck you tore this out of, but basically we’ve got a vent. Well you should look in his truck. We’ve got a vent. Right. And this vent has a little attachment that basically has everybody’s accessory, everybody’s phone holder up for your truck goes on. Keep it a little bit more at high level instead of down. Yeah. And you can use it for you. Somebody mentioned OnX maps, right? Yeah. So if you’re driving off road, it also has A-U-S-B-C plugin. It’s made out of an aluminum block. It’s got super strong magnets. So we were out on the desert. Oh, hunting, what’s, oh, what’s that animal that I hate? What? Don’t really care hunt. Oh dear. That’s right. Mule deer. You don’t like mule deer. And we were out chasing mule deer.

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Saw ’em in my general, I was like, let’s see what it takes to pop this thing off. Well I’m doing 65 on a two tracker and it’s not coming off. Yeah. I’m like, okay, that’s fast enough. The cool part is, as you can also tell, when you tighten this down, hear that breakaway. Yeah. That basically lets, you know, it’s snug. It’s got a self absorbing, almost like a silicone gel at the back. So that way it’s dampening itself and it won’t back off. So let’s explain this again. Like verbally, because people are in their vehicles listening to us. True name of it and all that. Yeah. This is an attachment basically this is, this goes in your heater vent and it’s a magnet attachment that you would slap your phone on. We’re not talking about a case, we’re not talking about phone scope accessory other than this is a magnet where it, it, you would attach your phone, the phone scope case would attach to this magnet and you could plug it in your charging cord into this magnet that’s attached to your heater vent. And you, when you slap your phone on it, it’s charging just like your, the trucks are now made down low, like in a center console. Just so your phone’s a little bit, not eye level like I said, but slightly below in your, your panel heater vent. Yeah.

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So it’s a little bit more, you can glance at it without looking down and you can adjust. Looking down on this thing also has a little ball on it. So you can put it all around, adjust it around and whatnot. So you sell that. Yep. Even though it doesn’t have necessarily anything to do with phone scoping, but it’s a, it’s a phone case attachment. Yep. And it’s one that we basically took some other ones that were on the market and made it better, made it stronger. It’s built out of Bill aluminum right there. As you can tell on the sides. It’s got some of the, it’s got a lot of magnets in there, but it’s the MagSafe magnet. So it’s really strong. And that was the thing is, is you can buy, you know, some cheap ones that the phone will fall off when you hit a bump. This one’s you’ve done some testing. So this’ll replace like the cup phone. You know how they have the cups Exactly, exactly that. Hold your phone. I’ve got one right now and I’ve just, I that way. Yeah, you can run your mapping. I don’t want to give anybody any, you know, free shout outs, but let’s just say Onyx or Base Maps or Go Hunt or whatever. Anyway. Google Map. Google Maps. Google Map. Okay. There you go bro. It’s something generic. Anyway, this, this is pretty awesome. I’m gonna see this Walmart, huh?

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Yeah, I’ve took my chances on, I played the Walmart game before and fired ’em once. That’s a whole other podcast. Okay. Alright. Well anyway, this is pretty crazy. This is pretty awesome. Really? What, what did you call that? What’s your, what do you call that? We just call it the, just the vent. I think it’s the Vent Pro or something. So it’s all part of the Car of Throw series. Somebody’s, yeah. So, so the cool part is, is we got a bundle that you can buy all the stuff we’re gonna talk about. So we’ve got this carbon fiber wallet. Right? So it sticks right on the back of your phone because, and I thought I would never use it. I always have my id. Do you trust it? Oh yeah. I’ve been running. It’s not, I ran this through Disneyland, through baseball. Come baseball games, major league baseball parks it. No, lemme see your wallet here. Yeah, that’s stupid. Speaking of purchasing stuff, we did do a promo code for this podcast. I did just have it changed to Epic 300. Oh good. I like it. Duh. We like it. Is that what does that, we’ll talk about that. The details. Details at the end about whether that’s kid only Phone. Phone. Yeah. We’ll go over that and we’ll go out here in the end. Yep. That the only way to get that is for listening here. ’cause there is no discount on this.

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Nobody can get a, except for, no kidding. These guys right here. Podcast. I like it. We got a cool, we got a cool wallet. Right. And the presale right now does come with a free wallet. So $20 value comes from me. So, and you let’s this, so I run that. I use a traditional wallet guy. So right here. So when we talk, we, when we’re talking wallet we’re talking it’s like what, what do they call it? It’s not a real wallet but it’s, it’s wallet. It’s, it’s a Gen Z wallet. How about that? That’s right. It’s, we didn’t, everybody looks over there. I never had one until we created this. And I was like, okay, I’m gonna try it ’cause I don’t trust it. First thing I said Yeah. And I will never live without it. Now it’s just a Yeah, it’s a simple little Carter. Looks like he has his library card from Moab Elementary in there. Hey, every card you’ve ever had, you know you, it’s a thick soccer. Okay, you, you give me a hard time. But I am gonna show you guys something Blue card. I’m gonna show you my original Hunter ed card. I heard that. Okay. My original, this was done 86 in 1986. And that’s the original paper. Was you born yet? No, I was two. I had two more years. I would be born two more years. I wasn’t even conceived.

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Mine was at 85 and it looks just like that. So you’ve got some documents there that like you probably don’t need to carry on your person. Hey, 365. I’m just saying, hey Colorado had me jumpy till it had verified situation going on. Anyway, this is a nice little, like most people have two, three cards in there. You driver your license. Two, three cards. It’s a few, a couple of hundreds and a couple hundreds And some cash for emergency. Yeah. And you know why I started using that type of a wallet. It’s not an open wallet that goes in your back pockets. Your front pocket is when I started hunting Mexico, I wanted everything in my front pocket. If I have to walk back to the states, I got everything. And you can’t lose stuff in your front pocket. And they’re usually a little deeper sometimes. Yeah. So ever since then I’ve been running with my front pocket in one of these. But anyway, this has got a magnet inside this wallet. Let’s call it a wallet. It’s very thin, very slim. I would say that’s the, that’s probably five credit cards deep. Or 10, not seven. I probably do’s three. There’s three in there right now. There’s three in it. But I mean the entire depth of it. Oh yeah. Super thin. It’s thin and it’s, it’s five credit cards. It’s barely bigger than a credit.

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The your credit card, it doesn’t have a lot of waste of space around. Barely bigger than a credit card. You’d slap it in there. You could go to, it’s on the back, go out on the town vacation doing whatever you’re doing. But then it also attaches to your phone. Yep. Yep. Next thing. So this will be for when you’re going on vacation, don’t need those documents. Yes. You’re just taking what you’re needing. Yeah. Just take what you need. You don’t need your hundred ed card to California house. Like you can’t even take your gun across the state. I’ve went from his house to work today and he is got blue card. Hey I’ve got my blue card. What else do you wanna know? There’s some stuff in here. I could tell it’s way thicker that take you to lunch. That’s as big as my old 200 times my traditional wallet. Well anyway, but but we got, we got a Gen Z wallet here. That’s funny. With the magnets now, right on the back of your phone case. It’s awesome. It doesn’t really add too much bulk. No, no. Bulk smooth, easy and really cool. You always got it ’cause you never lose your phone and it’s free with the package. So don’t, you don’t want it. And you like your original wallet, whatever. Have your leather wallet that sits in your back pocket. Yeah.

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You know another thing about the back pocket wallet, it freaking causes SCIA problems. It does Well and, and you get that weird white, you know, wallet square etched into your pants. Yeah. You know, like, like a Copenhagen ring except for a wallet ring. You get that. Yeah. So if you know it makes it hard to run a gun. You got a wallet in your back pocket and you’ve just got a lot of truck time glasses. Stopping glass. Stopping glass it gets you. Alright, what else we got next thing. So got an awesome image on there. Replica gold near and dear to your heart. Yeah. Triple, triple bull. I arrowed last year. You know, triple brow. Triple brow. Yeah. Geez. Anyways, cool part is, this is a basically a mag safe compatible battery charger. So you basically just click it on watching charger. Boom. Wow. Wow. Roughly So right now, many charges now in my pack right now I have a, yeah, I need to know that too. A brick’s, 10 pounds. I have a brick with a big old long cord, you know, and yeah. Anyway, but like Bronson, Bronson asked how many charges, what do you, so it depends on the size of your phone, right? The smaller phone. So it’s 5,000. This is a max. Yes. So this a 5,000 milliamp one milliamp. That’s a terminology. It’s, it’s a lowercase MA bigger big case. A whatever. Right. H Yeah. Look at him.

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So how smart unit of measure that I don’t use. Well I look at it and I’m like, I’m like, I’m in Walmart. Make it easy for, for me. But a guy’s parent carrying a paper blue card from 1986, but he knows what a milliamp I need. I need them to know that I am safe in the field. That’s funny. Okay, so, so 5,000 mil amps, but that the size of your phone. But have you, have you taken this out on a hunt where you haven’t recharged that for how many times? You get three or four charges? I would always just tell everybody to be safe. You’re gonna at least get one charge on it. Right. So that way and then it’s got A-U-S-B-C charger to where you can just plug it in, recharge it back up from your truck or whatever. Yep. And then you’re ready to go again. That’s zero to a hundred. What’s that? Yeah, that’s zero to a zero. The current, the current phones are pretty legit. You get two to three charges, you can go, you can usually go with full day using heavy, heavy mapping. Yeah. Oh yeah. You know what? They’re much better. They are a decent phone. Yeah. It depends on if you’re in cell service and have to leave it on or turn an airplane boat. Like you down in precarious places in Arizona that was on airplane. How often would you have to recharge your phone?

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Oh yeah. I, I had an airplane mark because I wasn’t, I wasn’t trying to keep service. Bronson was disappointed. He didn’t download any podcasts. He had, he had his XN radio went, went out the day before I get up in the morning. So just a little deviation, Justin. We can get that. We we’re all over the place. But yeah, that’s all. Went down there to hunt cos deer and I woke up and start driving. It’s like six in the morning and I’ve got like a 10 hour drive. Yeah. My series xm, I, I have, you know, it’s out. And my daughter was in town for Christmas, so she’s borrowing my truck to run around and visit friends and stuff. And she’s like loving the XM and all that and I’m, yeah, it’s nice that I can’t live without, next day I get to drive down there and it’s gone. But, but I’m actually selling the truck in this Saturday. It’s, he, okay. So I knew he is, I I knew sometimes it’s gonna expire, but not the day I go down. But when you’re down in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have cell service, you can’t listen to any podcasts. You don’t have any exit football games, you’re by yourself. It’s dark at five 30, dark at 5 30, 7 30 at 14 hours hours of darkness. And so, and and he’s sleeping outside just in the bed of the truck. Pretty soon he is.

00:24:26:06 –> 00:25:29:09
He comes back and he’s like, I’m not doing it by myself anymore. And I wanna only go where there’s cell service. Well, plus or minus plus or minus. I, I need to be better prepared podcasts and got a down one. Don’t let my se I would’ve, I would’ve paid for a full month for those four days. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So really what happened when he got back is he had to see therapist Paul. Right? Oh, oh. Which is Logan’s dad. Yeah. You know, we were doing a therapist little, we did something once we did. And we were having him talk to us about some therapy ideas and given the epic listeners some ideas self, it might be a good idea to give, give therapy ideas for hunting widows when we’re gone in the fall. Good point. When they need, when they’re shouldering the load kids, we could tell our wives, Hey, four kids, four, when I’m gone, I want you to download the Epic podcast. There’s gonna be a few things that you need to listen to. Four kids in diapers, getting ’em all this, you know, couple letters to school every day. And how do you, how do you cope with your husband calling? How do you cope with 30 days? Is he a bad guy or not? No. Alright. Well, let’s see. Okay, so therapist Paul, has he ever done any therapy on you? Logan?

00:25:29:27 –> 00:26:31:03
I think my whole life was therapy and I just, it become a mean to it at this point. You didn’t know what he was trying to do. You didn’t turn out weird, did you? Well, you tell me. I I don’t, well, I think you’re all right. See you Larry. I’m nervous about a shrinks kid. You know, you gotta be, we’re dangerous. Alright, so Chasin Okay, you got some more problem now we’re gonna go to another one. We’re gonna go to the Nemo. The Nemo. Right. Okay. Watch that. This clamps around your tripod. Oh, okay dude. Now watch. So when I’m, when I’m videoing and I’m done, instead of having to put my phone in and outta my pocket, I just snap it right here onto the leg of your tripod. Yeah. So now it’s no longer point in my pocket magnetic thing pocket. And then all of a sudden I’m right back out. Boom. Right back to there. Done. Wow. This is probably gonna be one of the biggest game changers for us because what happens when we’re all out and we harvest an amazing animal, we want everybody in the photo, but it’s hard. Well, so it’s another self-timer. You know that self-timer? We just ordered something like that. Right Bro, we just ordered these manual little things. I put a little plate. I I was by myself. It was awesome. Justin’s already shortcut us.

00:26:31:06 –> 00:27:29:13
So look, you put that on your tripod and it’ll pivot like the other one. Right? It’s got a ball and then you hit self-timer. No. Then you buy our Bluetooth shutter button and you put it in your pocket. John does that. You click, this is all in the package in the Epic 300 package. Why not? John’s a little bit. He has that, John has the shutter. You can sit there and actually smile and push the button instead of run and make it chaos. Yeah. And then you miss one person. You gotta keep doing it. Then you got the 10 shot burst. So back in the day, phone scope made that shutter button. It had a little white, the white battery, a white shutter button stuff. You’re still doing all that? Oh yeah. We, it’s still one of our number one sellers. I mean, we sell a ton of ’em. Yeah. A lot of people love them anymore. We keep talking about, with John, we’re just talking about point shoot cameras today as the advancements in phones in the last even five years in terms of quality of, of photos that we get in for the magazine and all that cover shots. Like, I’m, I’m not, and John doesn’t want us to say that. Well, you should only take doesn’t to but Nikon or a whatever, you know what I mean? But dude, come on. But I take incredible pictures of my phone. Oh yeah.

00:27:29:13 –> 00:28:35:24
And I didn’t pack a point and shoot this year’s the first year. I’ve never packed one. You’ve probably even edited some of your own photos. Well, I, I only have limitations, but anyway. But that’s awesome. Yeah. And you can call it the Nemo partially. It was What, what’s Nemo? It was spelt demo. But it looks like an, I thought it was the Nemo. I know Nemo. It was a demo. I dunno. But you put it on there. And what happened to Nemo? He got lost. Well, your phone doesn’t get lost hanging on your, oh man, listen to him. Geez. Give him a pen and paper. Come on. You bet. It’s kinda like naming a buck. You name someone named something Ralph. Like how do you name him Ralph? And he has 14 generations of stories to get to the name. Why he named the Buck Ralph. That’s, you never know. This pretty simple. You don’t lose your phone. It’s a, it’s the name all hold. That’s pretty good. I like it. I like it. Okay. Then the, then the cool part. So the way that it attaches, right? So you’ll take it and you’ll slide it up and it’ll just lock into place using that mag safe. Okay. So that’s lens. Like it can’t be off centered. When you say lock in, it finds the, the centered portion, whatever. And Wow. And you fill, there’s a visible tangible feel. Yep.

00:28:35:26 –> 00:29:39:07
Now the cool part is, is every phone has three lenses nowadays. Anymore, right? Yeah. Now the bonus is if you want to video further away, we, we let you pick which lens you wanna use. Right. So right now I’m on the one x. If I want to go to three Xs, which phone or which one’s that on? Right? So that’s on the very bottom. That’s right. So now if I wanna go to the very top one and if I’m already on my spotter, alls I do is this, oh, there you go. And, and yeah. Done. We’re getting high tech here car. So when would you wanna do that? But you can only swap camera distance with your app. Right? With a phone scope app. Depends. Now if you’re videoing using the iPhone camera, you can manipulate it to where if you, as long as you just click on the three x or the one x, then it’ll let you, it’ll pick the lens for you. Yeah. But if you want to take your photos, you’ve been using your app and then you, you pick Yeah. If you wanna use the our phone scope app, you just basically pick the lens and away you go. Okay. Now when you wanna use different lenses, so if it’s low light outside, you always wanna be on one X. So it got a bigger sensor. Okay. I’ve been videoing stuff and I don’t even know all, all this.

00:29:39:11 –> 00:30:32:25
I just throw it on and it works. And and we’ve had how many podcasts on this do you Two lenses? Well I have the, their app and you. Well, do you have three or two? I don’t think you have two. Probably only. I only have two. See that’s part of the problem. So I’m good. See when I got the is this never change? I think you called me and said, Hey, which phone to get? And me and Adam started laughing. I says, get the one with two lenses. ’cause we didn’t wanna complicate. See that’s why you’re alive. You know, for a guy that carries paper blue cards, I’m safe. Get, just stick with the basics. I can prove that I’m safe. I can prove it. You don’t even have to go log into my Utah BWR account. I can prove I’m safe. I got it right here. Blue. He keeps pulling his wallet out for everybody that can see this. You were, you were, you’ve seen it 12 times now. It’s awesome. 11 years old. ’cause I know your age. You’re 11 or 10 when you passed that. Yeah. Okay. Shot 20 outta 20. How safe could you, Hey listen to this. I shot with a 10-year-old with a shot. I shot 20 outta 20 with a 22 with the Winchester pump. Open sight. Open sight. Okay. Open sight. How many people have done that means you’re accurate. Doesn’t mean you’re safe. Okay.

00:30:33:29 –> 00:31:33:13
Shot where I wanted it to shoot. Okay. Alright, keep going. So this is pretty awesome Chein. Yeah. So yeah, so you got, you can see some of this and I’m sure you’ve, you, you’ve either have already, or you’re about to release some of these on your website. You’re like I said, you’re gonna be at, I know you’ll be at Western Hunting and all that. But to see some of this, the, the way you pulled that up to go from lens two to one to two, it’s, it’s, it’s simple. There’s not going into the app and doing anything like that. You just wanna immediately do it. You do it. Yeah. No, and that’s one of the biggest things that a lot of people, so you mentioned, you know, we’ve got, you know, a competitor or two out there, but we hold the patent to adjustable lenses to where it’s critical to use the right lens at the right time. Because if you don’t, you’re gonna end up, start zooming in and totally get that black circle to where you can’t zoom anymore. So there’s no reason to buy, you know, a Porsche and only be able to drive 60. Makes sense. If you want to go fast, you gotta have both lenses and be able to sense, really reach out there and touch some. Makes sense. So that’s the key part isn’t it’s just simple.

00:31:33:17 –> 00:32:32:22
I mean it’s just boom and boom, boom and boom and it locks into place. Those magnets are freaking strong. I mean it’s just like your wallet slapping on slapping on there. Yeah. You can feel it when it gets into the right spot. You like it. Yeah. And so that pops, that piece is gonna be an aluminum piece as well. The slider. So, wow. Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s basically gonna be one of those, I mean we wanted to call it like the guide or the outfitter kit, but at the end of the day it’s, it, it’s the pro kit. It’s not, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s everything. It’s, there’s more bells and there’s, for some people, like you say there’s stuff, they’re not gonna use it. It has everything. You’ve thought of a lot of stuff and maybe that’s why you say it’s been, I dunno, it’s been a long time coming. A little bit coming. You wanted to anticipate maybe the next couple of things or you know, whatever. Yeah, you’ve thought a lot about it. Yeah. And even leaving this piece on there, then we’ve also got that to where it’ll still connect right to your tripod. Still got enough juice to go through so you can leave your phone scope on it, still slap it to your tripod. What were you gonna say?

00:32:32:23 –> 00:33:34:23
I was gonna say it won’t charge through that, but it will go, you can even put it on your dash, you know, obviously it won’t charge, but lapse all still there. So even with your phone scope adapter on there and now it’s a heavier phone altogether. It’ll still hold it on your dash mount. Yep. Yep. There. Yeah’s pretty crazy. And it’s an individual magnet out here on its own too. Oh, that one. That’s why it, that’s why going through the back’s, that solid connection. Yeah. Wow. Lot of ingenuity. A lot of, lot of, oh, and there’s more brain. There’s more coming. Don’t worry. Really? Oh yeah. This is, this is just our first launch of the year. We’re just getting started have, have this on three or four times this year. I want to give you boys credit for inventing the magnet. That’s what I, I mean this stuff’s crazy, you know, next level. It’s, it’s just something that we’ve had people ask for. And at the end of the day, that’s one thing we’re grateful for is every person that supported us and helped us get to where we’re at, get feedback and given us feedback. At the end of the day, I will, I love constructive criticism. Yeah. And it’s for sure it’s, it’s not me. We don’t bron we don’t like constructive criticism. Well it, it is a motivator. If there’s validity to any of it. Very true.

00:33:34:24 –> 00:34:41:19
It’ll motivate you to improve and fill it in your, your case. A niche. Avoid a gap, a barrier, whatever. Yeah. And in our business, we have similar stuff. If we, you know, whether it’s an error, a commission or omission, just you didn’t do something that you maybe should have or you, you made a error, you know, on a drawing. OT never, never happens. Never happened. But yeah, it, it’s a motivator. Yeah. Alright. Step up your game. I like, I really like the batteries. I’m telling you, I’m using, you use a battery? Yeah. Okay. Nowadays, if you don’t have your phone and, and or let’s say your phone goes dead. Oh, you don’t have mapping, you don’t have GPS you don’t have a way to call home. You don’t have a a now app to work with. Your entry chapter en entry is a pain. Henry sucks. You just want to hit SOS and be done because you can’t come get me. Just come get me. I’ll call, come get me. I got, I got, I got a dead phone. I got a sliver my finger. Exactly. So you, ’cause you can’t type without it, without using earth mate that you know, or whatever You can, but it takes 14 years, you might bleed out before you do. It does. So anyway, I really like the battery thing. ’cause I’m always taking an extra battery because that’s life and death.

00:34:41:24 –> 00:35:55:21
And then you got the cable that goes with it, that’s 14 feet long. And this is just lapping life. It’s just crazy. Yeah. It’s super light. Yeah. That’s awesome. Yeah, a lot of of cool things. Chance get a mule deer on there. Maybe the 300 I think. Why? You’re out quick. Why not? My deer So chief on that. Which one? Chief? Yeah. Carter. How do you pick? You can leave one out if you one. I’ve got a favorite. You know my favorite? I got the sheds to sitting in my office. You do? Yeah. Brutus. You have ’em in your office. Why aren’t they in my office? You haven’t asked nicely. I, I tried to get those. Oh, before. Have you really got ’em? I, the originals? I got repos. Oh yeah. Yeah. They’re 220 inches. You can have ’em. Yeah. But how many times did you drive past him? And so did I. Lots. Yeah. On a daily basis. And Logan did too. I know, I know. You guys slept within. Oh yeah. Logan was a baby. Five to eight miles. I say I might not have been around enough to remember this whole experience. Remember? Was that No you weren’t. What was that? Back in the Brutus days? 2010. 2010. Oh, that was back when you had a text. A picture was back. Logan was 10 years old. I was 10 years old. I was a man. Yeah, man.

00:35:57:01 –> 00:36:55:27
I had my hunter safety lined out. Did you have your blue card? My blue card is in my wallet. You got it. You had a wallet. There’s no way He had a wallet at 10 years old. Hey, I’ve been stacking bills. He had a coin. He’d read one of those little rubbers rubber coin versions. Oh yeah. That’s what wa that’s what Logan had. It was awesome. I was putting away quarters like you wouldn’t believe. Yeah. Anyway. Well that’s too funny. Good stuff. This is a heck of a kit. So let’s talk maybe about, I mean, we’ve talked about a lot of things. You wanna land land it out again and talk about this promo code and what we’re gonna offer, what what you really want in the kit. We don’t let us put words in your mouth. Just tell us what you’re offering. That’s on me. That’s what I mean. Yeah. What your intent was here. Well put the gun, put the gun down then. ’cause you’re telling us we have to offer something. You was thinking I wanted shutter button. Jason, Jason teed up the, the promo code. Yeah. So what are you gonna buy with the promo? What, what does that that get discount on? So it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be storewide promo code. Okay. This would be Jason with Phone Scope, not Jason Carter, but it is the only active promo code on the website for the carbon series. So there you go.

00:36:56:08 –> 00:38:02:13
Website wide. But launch the only one active today with us. But yesterday, I mean it’s been January 2nd. Yesterday. Yesterday there was basically the, the launch. Soft launch. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Okay. That’s the hot item to be looking for right now. That’s your new And so what does this kit include with this promo code? Are you making or is he doing a kit? We put, we’ve said the word kit and then are we buying what’s, oh, does the promo code go for any and all pieces? So Jason, to the carbon stuff we’ve talked about today. Yep. So, so it’s priced individually. It’s probably all on the website. Oh, look at right there on the website. You got, except the wallet. You got a case, a charging bundle, a mount bundle, a master bundle. So your master bundle is everything we talked about. Everything okay. Here. Everything we’ve showed you today and then this and the case and then the phone case. Yep. So that’s gonna be your master bundle right there. It’s gonna be your case. Your tripod adapter, no shutter bundle. A battery bank. But we haven’t got the Epic 300 bundle yet. Okay, here we go. There. See this was just magically created. So Well that’s we’ll find by the, who knows what’s gonna show up. What else is there to put? I mean it That’s what it is. It’s the, what’d you call it? Pro what bundle? The Carbon Pro Series. Carbon Pro Series.

00:38:02:14 –> 00:39:11:22
Yep. So everybody’s interested. Go to phone P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P-E. Just scope is not spelled. SKOP. Why do we do, Hey, is there an origin to that or is it just, did one of you spell it wrong to start with? When you bought the domain and you had to stick with it? It, I, it’s School and Beaver. You know, I, yeah, actually it’s catchy and it’s different. So it, because that basically, I mean I it is good on it was on purpose more just because I get trademarked. Yeah. And off. Yeah. Brand type not a norm. A different word. That’s not generic term. Yeah. Yeah. Phone scope. I love teasing it. That’s K-O-P-E-S-K-O-P makes you. But we’re gonna stick Beaver education. You misspelled it wrong. Bought the domain, paid way too much for it. And you have to stick with it. Juice box. That’s over story. We know, we know we’ve seen What do you gotta say about Beaver Education? We’ve seen about, we’ve seen those graduates over there. He’s actually killing it. Just teasing you a little bit. Hey, and guess where all the phone scope ships out of Beaver, Minville, Utah. Minville it. Yep. It’s Minville Minville post office. Really? You want, you want to, hold on. Is there a rationale for that? Hold on. You know how they got the new building coming? Hold on. You want the real story or the fake story? Hold on.

00:39:11:22 –> 00:40:20:00
Let Jason tell the story why they got the new building. They got the new building one six. So we were back in early days, early, late, early hunt full days before it was named Hunt Full. It was named Newsletter. Right? It was named newsletter. Was it Carter and then Carter’s Hunter. It was Carter Carter’s Hunter Services. And then, and then this named Max and under the newsletter was, was newsletter. And then we named, once you start, well I wanna say was 2003. Okay. But anyway, we ran all of our postage through Minville and shipped a town of eight, eight to 900 people. Yeah. Oh yeah. Tiny, tiny town. Yeah. But I mean, sales Crush sales were off the roof and that and they became the richest post office in the world. Well, in the west. Well it just, it required that meant lots and lots of business that required a bigger building and a new building. Right? A hundred percent. No, he’s, he’s telling the truth. Is it, you know how a lot of it’s a nice brick little building. You know how a lot of federal buildings are named after past presents? Is is that named after? Well, I mean, I don’t family. No, no, no. Heck no. We wouldn’t even want that. It was just more or less. It was just cool. You run it through your local Carter venue and, and, and we enjoyed a nice new little post office. It was awesome.

00:40:20:01 –> 00:41:26:10
Carter right? It still stands today. It’s full brick. It’s awesome. Carter Federal Library. Mind me, Utah, I think it’s full brick. I haven’t been through mine. No, it’s full brick. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. It’s nice. So now we’re gonna Bron. No, no, listen, I’m not listening. It gets better. Listen to this. Bronsons. So, so that was, that was good Applic. Yeah. A good explanation. But now listen. So he’s telling 100% the truth. Okay. My in-laws live in Minville and my father-in-law calls me one day. He says, Hey, I need you to start shipping some stuff through Minville. I says, okay. This was after, you mean you did everything through Beaver? Yeah. Yeah. This is, well this was probably Shop is in Beaver. Yeah. Our shop’s in Beaver. That’s what I mean. You’ve been doing it all there. But he wanted you move and we’re talking how many miles years ago? 10 miles, 15, whatever. It’s, it’s four or five years ago. How far is it Logan? 18. What’s the drive? Yeah, it’s like 20 minutes. So like 15, 20 miles. So 20 miles. And, and what’s the, what’s rational? Well, you know, everybody’s got a 22, 2 50 in there. You’re smashing dogs to and from school, right? Logan it? Yes. Wet in a line at Minville. Drive by, look over where Brutus was harvested. Oh, sheds little the hey two 50 bucks. So what was his rationale for saying you need to ship some stuff out.

00:41:26:26 –> 00:42:29:25
Okay, so government thought there was not enough sales. I don’t know. So he says they’re about to shut this post office down because Come on guys left. We used to ship a lot. Guys left. Well, you left them. Er so I mean that was a lot of years. So guess what Big Brother Chesterton does over here? You you, you saved the day. So got Carter’s back. How about that? More less one. So it’s the, you you continued the legacy. That’s right. That’s the Carter Davis. Federal, federal Post office. They don’t I know it. The government doesn’t acknowledge that. But that’s the name. Carter Davis. Yeah. The Carter Davis Federal bill. Which which includes when you shut that down, you you take one or two jobs from Minville. That’s, that’s a, you know, a government job. Well significant. Well now what your mail, you gotta drive to Beaver. I mean, where’s your, if it’s closed just enough. Just doing enough, Fred, you’re not doing all of it. He’s saying if it gets shut down, I’m saying if it got shut down, you got miners drive, forget their milling beaver. Yeah. No. And the end of the day, that’s how small towns are. Like we’ve got each other’s back. So whatever we gotta do, we’ll help out. So. Well cool. How long ago has that been? Probably four or five years at least. Doing you still you keep doing that till Yep. Still help out. Yep.

00:42:30:10 –> 00:43:34:23
Probably just got drawn off. They look at, they look at sales. They look at sales. They’re not looking at the little cameras of how many people are, are It’s not warm bodies not walking in it, it’s receipts. No, it’s just receipts. Pretty funny. But yeah. Wow. I’m proud of you. That’s an untold story there. I’m proud of you. I didn’t, I didn’t know. I actually didn’t know that I, yeah, I didn’t even think about it until I just put two and two together. We got to that. It’s pretty funny. Don’t want Biden never get his name on that post. You guys do what you need to do. Keep keep your names on that place. Okay. No. Well now with, you know, then we, then you get periodical rate and, and life just changes. And so now we’re, you know, here we don’t have a choice. We don’t, we don’t. We buy stamps. Bronson, you and our company buy stamps. We do lot of posters, but our our magazines get, get shipped from the printer. Yeah. So they leave there take too much time. But they used to used not we freaking stapled them. Yeah, I know Kinkos. I mean it was, you know, this child sweat labor laws, stuff like that. Yeah. Hey, you live in a farming community. Everybody believes in working at age two. Then you, then you had kids drop ’em off at a federal building. That’s a federal crime. Whatever, bro.

00:43:34:25 –> 00:44:40:19
So come on. Hey, I still have kids, so be careful. You’re making me uncomfortable over here. Beaver County, we, we still just, beaver County still believes in kids working. Yeah. Yeah. That’s you. The rest of the world can go ahead and coddle ’em until they’re 25 years old. We don’t all well this’s a lot to digest A lot of cool stuff. Yeah, it’s a lot, lot. It’s awesome. So anyway, we got this Carbon Pro phone case. You can get it on phone like we talked about. You can use the promo code. Let’s say it again. Epic 300. Epic 300. And you can get a discount, right? Yep. 10% off. It’s the only discount code that’ll work for the new The carbon stuff. The carbon. Yep. So it has to be carbon. Use the Epic promo code. Get 10% off of anything you buy under the carbon series. Could be bundles, could be singles, could be whatever, right? Yep. A hundred percent. And you also, you’re gonna be at Western Hunter, right? So we’ll be at Dallas Safari Club right this week. Yeah, we’ll be at Reno. Well, our company’s headed there. Yeah. And we’ll be there too. Sending the kids down there, it sounds like. Well, well they’re, I dunno, old guy. Be honest. Old guys can’t go to three in a row out of four weeks and still function. So that’s, that’s why we’re staying here. Well, we’re putting out magazines. Yeah.

00:44:40:19 –> 00:45:41:15
We all crazy stuff to do. But I mean, we’re trying to be everywhere at once is what we’re trying to do. But, so you’re going Dallas Sheep show sheep. We’ll be in Colorado at the, what’s the show in Colorado, Jason? Oh, ISC International sports. Yeah, we’ll be there. We’ll be at shot. We will be out in Nashville. SCI shows that. And then, and then Western hunting. Western hunting. Actually you, we got some other lined up after that. But, but those are a lot of shows. So you guys, anybody’s listened to this and wants to come see it for, you know, you can see it all on your website. We’re looking at it on the screen here. Yeah. So it’s not a lot to, there’s nothing left to your imagination. You can see it all on your website right now. It got launched yesterday. But if you actually wanna see with it, play with it, you’re gonna have it all. You probably have tripods and everything set up at your, do you have inventory ready to go? Things like that? It’s on just pre-order right now. It’s pre-order. The problem is, is we’re hand making each one of them on a mill. So it takes some time to make them. That’s what you started. It’s not like ours. Injection molded start 2010 or whatever. It’s a hundred percent. So that, that’s why the whole pre-orders there.

00:45:41:15 –> 00:46:32:25
And so it’s gonna take us some time to get caught up, but we’ll get there. You’ll get that’s, I don’t know. It’s what’s what you phone scope in this time. It’s not, we need it in June, July and that’s why it’s a prime time. Yeah. Yeah. So Winter’s the time to get it. Get it going, get it. Come get it. Order. Logan’s gonna want phone scope. Some halina in Arizona or something. Are you going on there? Oh absolutely. You going hunting? That’s some good memories. That was my first ever hunt halina in Arizona. Oh, okay. I can’t, I’m just guessing. Logan, I’m glad that we we’re dead on. Oh well you were there when we went hunting. Halina last. I thought you were referencing. I was. Yeah. I think it snowed. It did. We had to leave early. It actually was terrible. Halina and snow don’t mix. They all huddle up and just sit there and you never see ’em. Right. We did see one. Yeah. Geez. Anyway. Wow. All well cool. A lot to, a lot to, you know, look forward to. Appreciate you guys stopping buying Justin. It’s been, yeah, we appreciate it. I a lot of work. I mean, you know what I like about you guys? You guys are hunters. You actually are out there doing it.

00:46:32:25 –> 00:47:40:28
And Justin, when you say a lot of people are out there asking us to do stuff, a lot of it, I think you guys push yourselves to the next level, you know? ’cause ’cause your mind’s always working that way. But tell us maybe some of the hunts you went on recently and then what you’re looking forward to. Maybe each of you if you got Yeah, no. You know, last year I had a fun year, had a Dutton elk tag harvested a, a sweet bowl with my bow. He’s gonna be on the battery bank. Triple, triple brow. He is got a double third. Will you sign this one? Yeah, I will. And Costco’s double killed a nice buck in Colorado. Had a good time out there. Awesome. Colorado’s always a good time. I’m having a hard time drawing a Utah tag, so I haven’t hunt a Utah for a while. But other than this bull right? Yeah. Other than this other than Elk in Utah. Yeah. Conservation carrier. And then my dad drew a $5 expo tag this year for the Vernon. Wow. This last year. Yeah. Muzzy Techs. We went out, he killed a nice buck. Nice. It was a, it was a grind. Yeah, it was a grind out there. I’m not gonna lie, but we, we definitely put it in the time and turned out some good bucks. Good full moon pop and, and Jason killed a stud Utah archery buck.

00:47:41:00 –> 00:48:50:11
You got to be behind the glass for me for once. Really? Yeah. I don’t know if I liked it or not, but it was pretty cool. It was pretty cool. I, I felt weird. Well, it’s always nice if you’re behind the glass. You get to eat treats, drink pops yeahs and stuff. Chill out. Listen to me. It’s like playing chess. Like, okay, go over here. Hey, how come it’s taking you that long to get there? Oh yeah. Until you’ve done that. You go to your patch, you eat treats, then you look back through your 12th, you’re like, where’s the buck? Yeah, exactly. Now your job seem like that happened with, oh, Paul Pollock and Gary Cy. They were on the, they were on the glassing side and Bronson and his boy we’re mid stock Committ or mid committed mid stock. And, and they lose the buck. They’re like, we just picked up the buck. He’s like 800 yards away. Like, what do you mean? I thought he was about to kill him right here. So yeah. So Pollock hands the radio to Cy and says Good luck. You talk to him, you tell him. But anyway, so yeah, he, I think you came across the radio and said something like, how does that happen? Well, in the moment you can’t be held accountable for anything you say or do. No, no. In the, you’re about to kill something. So how is Cheston on the glass?

00:48:50:13 –> 00:50:02:12
Yeah, he was better than I thought he’d be. I like it. Well it’s because I’ve yelled at him. I’ve never heard him there before. I’ve yelled at him so many times. I’ve for Don’t take your eyes off, don’t breathe, don’t drink, don’t anything. Don’t use anything. Don go to the bathroom. Nothing. Go in your pants. If I’m gonna walk clear over there, you are gonna make sure it’s still there. Yeah. And I’ve yelled at him a time or two because I says, how’d you miss him? He says, I just blinked. I promise. You know. And it’s like, oh, that’s funny. I think anyone that says they haven’t lost a deer in the glass, hasn’t been behind the glass too long. No gonna happen. At some point it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen. Yeah. And so anyway, then you ended up smashing the buck on this particular stock that ton was behind the glass on. Yep. And it technically wasn’t me stalking the deer. He was stalking for a buddy. Blew it out. And who was, oh, whoa, whoa. I killed it. This is interesting. I like this. So you guys are gonna, so get this, this sounds like a soap opera. Somebody’s mad right now. Real quick. This is gonna be even funnier. Okay. So there’s chein and then my two best hunting buddies is named Jason and Adam. No way. Not, not me, and not you. No. But how funny is that. Okay.

00:50:02:12 –> 00:51:08:23
And I just put that together too. That’s interesting. So, so you three are hunting together? Yes. Adam’s putting a stock on a buck. Okay. And I And you’re flanking him on the side, our tree and I, yeah. And I’ve got phone footage. I’m spot, I’m spotted number spotted two. You’re spotted right here. Oh, no kidding. With an arrow knot. An arrow knot, and then a pawn. And I’m just sitting there with a bag of treats and, and my 12, you’re not I bought from you guys. You’re not fully engaged. Justin’s got, you’re the, the only spotter got one Justin spotter. Justin’s got satellite radio going in the background. It’s right. You hear AirPods, he can’t hear the radio. Exactly. Yeah. All the times I tell people hike up to that tallest knob. Yeah. I had to be the guy to hike up the tallest knob. Right. Brutal. So you guys were watching Adam stocks doesn go, right, it’s bow hunting. Yep. Whatever happens doesn’t go right. Oh, it’s better. I got phone scope footage that Buck Beded and Adam right above it. And he’s, I’m like signaling to him ’cause he is so close and he is like putting his bins up and I’m like, he’s right there and just bow stuff. Next thing you know, it blows out. And I see this in the glass, you know, hands up. And I’m like, he’s running right to Jason. Oh dude, Jason sees him.

00:51:08:23 –> 00:52:22:07
He’s coming right for him. And you saw him far the time He saw me again. Are you from I’m on a full sprint, Adam, to get in front of these deer with your bow. With my bow, it reminds me of your first TV series. Like when you’re just full on running everywhere you went. And I was like, that was with John and his Elk’s. It’s like the intro to the last of the Mohicans. Yeah. You know percent that Indian that’s running, you’re running, he shoots some five point bull. Like the first four minutes. You’re like, this is captain. That was John on Southwest Desert. Oh yeah, there was, there was also some there. Anyway, keep calling. No, we don’t wanna blow that one. No, it was, it was, there was, there was, yeah. It was a, it was intense. Coughing, running coffee, blood, blood. Keep going you guys. Yeah. So you’re running now. We’ve been watching these there. This was the fourth or fifth stock attempt. Yeah. So I knew they were gonna go one of two places. At least you think, you know. Yeah. So I, I literally run full sprint. He’s actually trying to get my attention back on the hill. I found out afterwards I was chest and rat trying to get chest and was okay. And I literally went to where I thought they were gonna go hit the deck range where I thought I was going.

00:52:22:15 –> 00:53:33:19
He was gonna come out at, set my rangefinder on the ground and both deer stepped out. No way. I drew back 61 yards. You’d already ranged at 60 or something. Yep. It was, I arranged the, the bush. I range 64. Like And you were a good friend and shot the small Just a saddle. Yep. Saddle where you thought right there coming through. Wow. I I did shoot the smaller deer. You did? But it was probably four or five years older. Oh wow. The other one was heavier baby giant. Yeah. Heavy wide. So is baby giant alive? Yep. To my knowledge. Ooh, look at that buck. Oh, that’s not it. Geez. There you go. What’s the other side? How is it? Geez, how wide iss that three by? He was 29. Oh, no kidding. Justin would’ve got 39. And the other one’s there’s Justin with the, with the glasses. I like it. That’s right. Yeah. The other, the other buck’s probably is that Adam a solid 180. Just beautiful four 40 but young. And, and I told him, I says, we’ve cuddle. Let that buck live. Yeah. Well that deer’s always gonna be probably if he’s that big as a three Carter. So was it a perfect shot? 61? Would you shoot that deer this year? Well, I mean, yeah. Okay. Pures protein on planet Earth gonna fill freezers. Hashtag I’ve never heard him talk about hashtag freezer buck beating freezers. It’s gonna be easy to find.

00:53:33:19 –> 00:54:44:01
This episodes at 300. Anyway, we’re gonna, we’re gonna go back to this many times. Hey, he’s looking for 300 pounder next year. That’s what 300 represents. Spike Elk. What’s about three oh pounds? I dunno. I’ve got new, new plans. New new year, new plans, new meat. Well that’s awesome. Buck. So yeah, I, I smoke him. I can see it. It’s awesome. Smoked him. I dunno if that’s the entrance or exit right there. That’s exit front of the shoulder. Right. And the shoulder. That’s the exit. Smoked him in about 15 seconds after I pulled the trigger. My phone rings and chest and screaming. He’s dead. He’s dead. He, yeah. Yeah. He ran 60 yards and tipped over and Wow. That’s awesome. Well those are freaking fun hunts when you got tight buddies there and it went to, oh it’s, this went to crap. And then all of a sudden the deer’s dead bad. It’s second scenario. You know, it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever that’s ever happened. Had that circus type happen. So dude, that’s, I like our little computer system. Might the one and only. Yeah, Logan. That’s awesome. Brought Logan brought up your Instagram. I’m following you now. I’m gonna freaking check it out. Yeah, that’s pretty, that’s pretty, pretty high tech here for you guys. I’m pretty impressed. Hey, for somebody from Beaver County running, you know, phone to a big what? Flat screen? What’s that?

00:54:44:01 –> 00:55:45:04
We just, we just tell Logan and John 60 inches. What is that? Yeah, I don’t have a big old tv. Yep. So it’s nice TV, computer. It is nice. The real reason we had to do that is so Carter and I from this distance can read it the old guys. So Well we wanna have like zoom meetings and stuff like that and have a, a whole full on meeting, you know. Yeah. I like it. Looks good. So anyway. Very impressed boys. Well that’s an awesome story. So anything big planned for this year or is it gonna have to line some draw stuff? Just that relax, draw general stuff in you, Tom. Maybe, or hopefully an archery yolk tag for me. Oh, you got a bunch of points, Jason? Or not, not a bunch. Start enough for the unit. I want my help. Start flirting with some dam. Yeah. To do damage. Well, good enough. Get get chest behind the glass one more time. Oh yeah, I will gladly, I’m looking forward to it. There’s, there’s merit to being behind the glass. No, the pressure, the props. Yeah. You get amped up. But it’s really, it’s fun to be back there just playing chess. I prefer to be being behind the glass. Yeah, I do too. I feel like I almost feel like the Glasser plays a bigger part. Yeah. Honestly it does. You know, and when you’re the shooter guy there’s just pressure.

00:55:45:04 –> 00:56:55:11
Like if I let all these guys down or, or myself down or just the pressure, you know, there’s a lot of pressure. There’s also communication. We should have a whole podcast on radio communication and just communicating on a stock period and stalking or signals or however people do signals, whatever, you know, you know, a lot of people use radios but it’s legal in most states. So anyway. Can you think of anything else we should talk about? No. No. You would be proud of my elk. I killed last year though. You always gimme crap because it’s easy to kill an elk. ’cause they scream where they’re at. They part the country. They’re yellow, they pee everywhere. They’re yellow. They’re yellow school buses. And so I spot and stocked with no cows with him. In August? No Bugling in August? No. Wow. August, September. September. Like 10th or 11th. Wow. It still wasn’t, it was a delayed rut. We all know what the rutt was last year. What? What’s slogan? I do not know what I’m watching right now. Logan’s got his ground going. Logan, be careful what you’re surfing Logan. Who do you follow surfing. That is one of my friends who’s a model. But okay, now you are gonna be in trouble ’cause we haven’t talked about your latest girlfriend. We’re gonna cut from about Yeah. He’s got the power to do that. Oh yeah. Trust me. None of this will see the light of day.

00:56:55:23 –> 00:58:06:24
We’ll see. We’ll see. That’ll, it’ll be fine. What’s a good test for her? Yeah. What’s a good test for her? No, just all this. Oh yeah it is. Anyway, anyway. Spot in stock. 13 yards. Whoa. Wow. Was he betted? No, he was, he was just feeding, feeding raking. Feeding. Yeah. Feeding. Great shot. Oh yeah. He went 60 yards. Nothing. There’s both there it is. Wow. That your boy, oh, you got the whole family? Yep. Your dad. Oh geez. More than that. Fat I guards. Yeah. Oh yeah. He should love those things. He was, he was a beast. So. So was he feeding there Feeding or what was he doing the whole time? Single solo. So not, not moving. Stalking like a mul basically, huh? Yeah, he was honestly beautiful. ’cause I have to worry about a ton of them. You see the two hands up like, like mule there. Let’s rock. Rock. Yeah. It’s awesome. Well that’s a great scenario. That’s awesome. So I, I did think in the back of my head I was like, well this is one Carter can’t take away from me. I hunted him like a mule there. Maybe he’ll gimme some respect Justin. And I’m a nice guy. I’m not that hard on you. Yeah. When the mic’s not off, it’s all about deer. Nothing about elk. So if you liken it to stocking a, a lone mul deer buck and that’s how you killed it, he might respect you.

00:58:07:03 –> 00:59:05:18
I don’t know. They’re 4,000 pounds. It’s a little different. See here we go. And they’re yellow, they’re not gray, you know, all this stuff. They stand out like a sore thumb. They tear apart their bedroom. The kill zone, that’s what it was. Kill’s about 24 inches versus is 12. They tear apart their bedroom. The funniest part was is Jason was actually with me and we’re like cutting over and like literally we had no phones, no radios, there’s no service where we wrap and we’re like cutting over this canyon. And we didn’t know where the bull was at. We just knew he was feeding down. And I was like, okay, there’s the bottom. He’s gonna be coming out. I got 60 yards. There’s only one little teeny tree. And on decide here, well out the corner of my eye I see something on the same line I’m on. I’m like, oh crap, he’s gonna walk right to me. And I could see him about 80 yards before he did because he’s way, he’s way behind me. I’m, I’m like 10 feet behind him and I don’t dare do a thing. Yeah. And I’m just hoping he sees it. So he comes and he literally walks right past me and I wait until he is kind of pointed away.

00:59:05:19 –> 01:00:01:12
So he is not gonna, and I draw and I turn and luckily Jason did even stop knows what’s going on and he lets out a little teeny cow call. It’s the second, the second I knew he was turned. I don’t even if he had a cow call, he let out some type of noise stopped. And he luckily was in the open, turned and spun and probably a buck grunt. Burnt. Yeah, he was in the open. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. It was top pin low and let it rip only. Well I actually had the garment site that year. Oh, oh yeah. And I was really nervous using that site. ’cause I was just like, I don’t know if this is gonna be, they’re pretty legit. Good. I’ll tell you what, that saved my butt because that bull is so close. I wouldn’t even known what to use. Yeah. At the top pin low. That’s top pin low. Yeah. Top pin low. That’s right. Little bit though. So tell us a little bit about, just really briefly, like you had scoped vision and doing things like that with, you know, videoing through your rifle scope. You know, you’ll actually like the story and anybody else might like this too. So scope vision. Okay. Right. Should cuts you off because it Oh good. It kind of drives me nuts. It’s kind of, this is a story. We haven’t even talked about this. I’m just throwing it out.

01:00:01:19 –> 01:01:06:11
No, no, no. I know. And you told me like, hey, we’ll spend 15 minutes and you can head home. Yeah. We’re 59 minutes. Yeah. Sorry. Hopefully you’re home for dinner. We hijacked the whole, we hijacked the whole story. But anyways, so we have scope vision. It’s a rifle oriented product. We’ll Google because it’s rifle oriented. Did they like straight up cut you off? Shut down our whole website last year. Entire entire website Because of why? ’cause we’re selling rifles. So this Well just companies, I mean, I’m just trying to understand why that It’s good question. ’cause you’re selling boring rifles. You’re but I mean, Winchester Brown, you’re showing a picture of it on a rifle. One of our scope visions a picture on a rifle. Oh. And we mentioned in description rifles, you’re videoing killing stuff through a scope or whatever. It’s just because of, of who we are. And they did not like it and said the Dems got you. Oh yeah. Yeah. It was crazy deal. Wow. It was a crazy 30 day fiasco there, I’ll tell you. Was what? Yeah. They just shut your down. Shut happened shut, shut you down. It. It basically just blacklisted us essentially is the best way to put it. Still blacklisted to this day. No, no. Not to this day. But we had to do a lot of changing and basically adjust. We had to rebuild our entire website.

01:01:06:18 –> 01:02:06:19
So, so had to create a scope website and then it redirects the very end to to pay through our shopping cart. And so it’s not as easy to find anymore as it was before. And we can’t advertise. We can’t spend any You’re scared to getting Yeah. You’re scared to getting Can’t locked up again. We’re scared to shutting. We could advertise with, we could change up your ads with us. That’s right. Do straight up paper. We’re going back to paper ads for you boss. We do do paper ads with you. I know, but I’m saying for scope visual. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I mean you do. But I mean, print ads for Scope visual, they can’t stop us, right? No, no. And that’s so that’s the power to think Carter. Hey, they’re not gonna get us off. Hey, that’s, that’s the old blue card mentality right there. That’s the old blue card. That’s right. I’m safe. Here it comes. The wallet. You can’t use technology and information. I’m safe to, to promote that company. We’ve got a paper magazine, we’ll put an ad in. But you, but you know, you, you’ve nailed it on the head. That’s a hundred percent it. Like wow. There’s certain things that’s just crazy. The world we have, we have the same thing. Well it’s like, well we had the same thing. I think Logan’s had, you had to do some work arounds. Oh yeah, yeah.

01:02:06:20 –> 01:03:10:07
Any of our ads for our hunt giveaways are a really big deal to anybody that wants to advertise because not only do we advertise guns in those pictures and in those hunts, some of the giveaways because some of our, you know, extra kits, our optics kit includes a gun or a bow oftentimes. And yeah. So it takes a lot of work to get ’em up just so people can see it. So the ads will stay up. Yeah. Or the regular listing. It’s another reason we got people like Logan. That’s John. You gotta have a Gen Z to work on that. I don’t even know. Are you Gen Z or what are you officially, I, I am officially a Gen Z. That’s why we call him that. What mean Juice Box or Gen Z? Because he, but he Mels, he drinks Capri Suns around here. He really does. Yeah. Oh yeah. Juice box and the juice boxes. Like we all drink Logan, you shouldn’t do that. I’d in Funny of you too. Yeah. I mean, Capri son and jukebox like, and then he called himself a man at 10 years old. Yeah. I, well I’ve been a man since birth. I just, I just changed your name to Juice Box in my phone. Well that’s that. And I don’t think we gave you that. I think it was some of the ladies that was Josh. Was it Josh or the lady was Josh.

01:03:10:09 –> 01:04:17:22
And they, they, the ladies got hold of it over here. The license out department used the video. They don’t, we used to video these podcasts and, and Gen Z over here would have the videos right on himself. Only Sparely. Oh, that’s low. T’s and G Box. Oh, he’s a single guy. He had to increase his exposure rate. Yeah. Eligible Hunting Bachelor. That’s right. Oh, that’s funny. Oh. So anyway, that’s a good time. Are you still a Bachelor boss? No. Well no, I’m not on the market right now. Geez. Wow. Who’s the lucky gal? Who, who’s the lucky gal? Jason. He can edit everything. Anything you ask him. We weren’t even the final guy. We weren’t even giving gonna give him a hard time. ’cause we want this one to stick around. I know, but hey, that’s all right. We’ve run a couple of ’em off actually. Alright, well cool stuff. So you’re still doing the scope vision where you’re, where you can have a doctor for your, for your riflescope. Yep. Still got it. A cool one we got out right now is Scope Micro, I dunno if we’ve ever talked about it. But it basically lets you use your phone on a microscope. It’s created a lens that just twists in, in place of basically this adapter. Okay. And it’s cool how many, you know, hunting camps?

01:04:17:29 –> 01:05:23:06
I was down in New Mexico a few years ago and there’s a, there’s a doctor down there that, that’s what he does. He reads slides and he like, dude, I need send. Then he sent to the next doctor for second opinion. Yeah. Or is that type of stuff Doc doctor sent it to him for so he can the slides. Yeah. And so like, what am I looking at here? What kind cancer cells video am I look the video? ’cause it’s moving the well, so normally I’ll organisms in the slide don’t just cut it out and actually overnight it to the actual sample. Yeah. And with this now they can do it and have real time result. Save the day basically. Or overnight. Yeah. Yeah. So a lot. It’s really big in the veterinarian world. Oh. So vets are really using it because now you can have like vet techs actually doing most of the vet’s job. So now when he comes in, he’s, all he’s doing is looking a video prescribe. He’s ready to rock. Yeah. He’s prescribed diag, whatever. Yeah. So it’s been, it’s been a really cool, something way outta my element. You know, he’s doing this Carter next. Next what? Next? He’s birding. He’s doing doc. He’s messing, saving animals. The doctor’s industry, killing animals, whatever. Medical, the medical devices. Saving stuff. Killing stuff. You, you know, a funny, I’ll tell you guys a funny story since we got a second.

01:05:23:15 –> 01:06:21:16
So I had my screensaver once and it was a picture of my wife and a big buck. She killed me and her and I was at a burning event. Ooh. And I go to, I couldn’t think of, I, I mean normally I’m top of my game and I go to open my phone and the lady’s like, whoa, whoa. Is that, is that deer asleep? And I says, yeah, we’re just taking a picture. It is interesting. I’m trying to hurry and show her. And like halfway ended up with a bloody nose. Halfway through the demonstration she’s like, how is that deer asleep? I says, did you hear what I just said for the last three minutes? Have you been dwelling on that picture? You know, lost the cell. Yeah. Lost the cell. Do you think these do, you’re birding, you’re birding people Are the same people that have blocked you on Google the Google searches? I don’t know. It could have been a report of a bunch of people saying, Hey, there’s a gun. I feel unsafe. I don’t know. But at the end of the day, I, I just wonder birders applied by. I just wonder which side birders are on. That’s all. I guess, you know, they’re, they’re really good people from nice, from most of the shows that I see. Yeah. And they’ve, you know, they care about environment come from all walks of life. Yeah. But there’s definitely some that Oh yeah.

01:06:21:16 –> 01:07:31:16
They’re extreme. That have a different, you know, belief than, than others and teach their own. I like birds. I like dead ones. You know. Bronson, when’s the last time you went bird hunting though? Dude, I’ve been with my kids. Chucker quail. A few things. So we got a couple turkeys. Pup dog. Yeah. Turkey. I’ll blast the turkeys. I needed a bird. Dog. Dog. I love killing a Turkey. Yeah. Stupid things. People, they they’ll school you, school you over and over and over. So. And they got a peanut sized brain. I can’t handle the humiliations when I hunt turkeys. Exactly. I’ll just be honest. So you buy three and halves and you can rock, reach out at 85 yards. You rock ’em at like Yeah. 80 plus yards. Alright, well I think we’re, I think I’m, I’m walled out. Yeah. This is, this is a lot to take in. Chester. Walled out Justin. That’s, that’s an elk terminology there. Yeah. I think you’re kind of deer elk wall card. Yeah man, he’s coming around. Listen to this. Hey elk. Make me tired dear, dear. I’m re rejuvenated, but, but they fill freezers and meat card. Yeah. Freezers elk, dude. Yeah, that’s right. That’s why that’s your pure for protein on planets, freezers and plural. That’s right. Not just a one half a freezer. Well, hey, new year, new me. New slate. New you Bronson. Huh? I I can’t wait to see it. New products.

01:07:31:19 –> 01:08:27:23
You are writing a lot of checks today that I want you to cash later on ’cause you’re, I don’t, I I know you well enough and I know it. Hey, I’ve done some weird stuff. Believe it this last year. And there’s more coming. Weird stuff. You hunted a white till couple of ’em. I can’t call that A couple of ’em. Boss. I can’t call. That will weird. Did you get to sit in a blind? Weird is when you say I’m going back over and over and over. Weird is weird is when you tell me I’m only hunting. I like it. I I I fell at home in a tree stand. Yeah. That’s not weird but weird is when you say I’m only hunting Africa this year. Okay. When you tell me that I’m doing that. Okay. That’s weird. Although there’s some cool stuff. No, I’m just saying you as a western hunter and you tell me that like I’m not believing it. Just like I’m not gonna believe you’re hunting for meat this year for all this free thing freezers. I don’t believe it. We need some meat here at the office. That’s just, you know, stuff to snack on. Well I’ve already told you when we’ve already gonna solve that problem. I’ve got, I’ve got kids leaving the house and I’ve got a meat problem. Much Justin too. We’re old enough. We have, we’re getting to be empty nesters. Yeah.

01:08:27:25 –> 01:09:25:13
Kids leaving houses and you’re your meat. That used to just, you know, even a teenage boy, one teenage boy. Yeah. Clean you out. Take care of a couple deer, four to five gallons of milk and a half gallon, half a half an milk a year that goes and you’re like, what are we doing with all this meat? We’ve got too much meat. So anyway. Yeah. First world problems I guess. But I mean, hey, life is good. We’re gonna start bringing, life is good. I’m glad you’re doing good Justin. Yeah, I appreciate it. Jason, what do you do at phone scope? I’m the general manager. Are you? Yep. You have to hang out with this guy huh? When he shows up. Oh, I like it. Truth, back when you used to live here, like it was a little bit, now you’re up there, right? I think I saw him more when he lived here. Really? I, I get more done when I’m at my home office than I do in my normal office. Oh, here we go. Yeah, I’ll give it to him. He does. He works at two in the morning. Yeah, yeah. These guys will just direction once in a while you gotta set your alarm chest and send out an email and go back to sleep. Just, just so it keeps it real. I don’t need to ’cause I stay up.

01:09:25:17 –> 01:10:31:10
I mean I, I operate pretty good on four or five hours of sleep still. Yeah. But the older I’m getting, the more I can feel like, oh that extra hour’s feeling a little better. Yeah, you’ll get a few more hours than now. Bronson and I we’re we’re talking the other way. We’re we, we can’t bad old people. They wake up, they go to bed kinda early but they wake up early. Oh 3, 3 30 un faced. We’re turning into, oh no. And I don’t know where it’s coming from. I don’t know if you like there’s no more growth in the body and mind. It’s now deteriorating so you just don’t need as much sleep. I don’t know why that, what that phenomenon called. I don’t know. I know I need a nap here pretty quick. We’ve been up since three. Well. Oh that’s too funny dude. It’s already four 30 in Utah. Anyway, we’re excited. We appreciate you guys coming out. Awesome products guys. Yeah, great products. A lot fun. Thanks for taking time. It’s great. Appreciate it. Glad you came here. You, I dunno, it’s different when everybody jumps on your website, they’re gonna see it. But it’s nice to see it here firsthand instead of talking to you conceptually over the phone. So it was kind of neat. You live 45 minute drive away from us, so thanks for coming down. You bet. Been awesome. No problem. Okay, everybody, anybody that’s interested. Phone P-O-N-E-S-K-O-P

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