In this episode the Crew takes a deep dive into the new system for viewing draw odds on our research website. Going over some of the most likely scenarios you’ll encounter while researching for your 2024 license application plan. We call up Kirt Connelly, web programmer for Epic Outdoors, and get his input on how to become a research expert, with the tools available to our Epic Outdoors members.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson. We got Logan Logan’s at the keyboard. I like to say keyboard. I don’t know, it’s kind of janky looking to me, but whatever. I don’t know how to use it. Logan does. They’re called boards of some kind. Sand board. Got probably some chips and stuff in there. It’s keyboard enough for you. It’s good. Yeah. Do you even know how to play a keyboard? Logan? Play a keyboard like the piano. Yeah. I dabble. I thought you might. I can do like chopsticks and you, you, you are guys. John, do you know how to do that? I could. I figured you did too, Bronson. No, no, me neither. My, you need my wife some right brains and left brains to make businesses work. Everybody. We figured that out. John, do I missed it? Did you say you’d actually do little bit? Oh yeah. Oh, of course. Yes. But what with the caveat what, what I can, for some reason my brain can’t do it has to be like symmetrical, right? So I can play the piano one hand at a time. If the hands are doing different things. You’re, my brain just is like what the, yeah, well anyway, my brain can’t do either, neither or none of it. Well, my, my wife’s a really good piano player and so you only need one in every family. That’s right. Yeah.

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That’s what I say. You don’t need, you have nothing to prove. No nothing to prove as a dude. But I am impressed with y’all, you two who very impressive. Logan for trying. John. I mean, anything John tries. He’s a naturally good at Logan. We’re starting to see what his talents are. Seems to be doing pretty darn good. Alright, well this particular podcast is gonna be a little bit interesting, by the way. Let’s just talk. Can we talk about the snow Bron? We bring up moisture every time. It’s on top of our mind. Well, nonstop. We had a long stint of, we’ll call it, very mild. I mean they were golfing right up until Christmas around here. Yeah. Yeah. John, you, you’re in Mexico, so you were golfing down there. But nobody was, nobody in my family’s golfing. I wasn’t, but I mean, but it was that kind of weather. It was like fifties, you know, through the end of December. Yep. And then we’ve had three storms in 10 days and Yep. Six inches, four inches, another eight inch. So hits. They talked about this El Nino pipeline starting first of the year, going for a few months. And so far they’re right. Got quite a pipeline going. We watched the radars crazy. This one woke up at like 4:00 AM thought we’d get something done. Come to work. And what? There’s eight inches laying out on the ground.

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So then you gotta get in a whatever skid steer with a plow and put coveralls. Bronson likes to tease. Put on feed the cow. Put on my work hat. Yeah. Freak. No, you’re the maintenance, maintenance guy. Yeah, the maintenance guy came and pushed our stuff together. Well, John and I are gonna give you a hat one of these days. I have plenty of hats anyway. Bald guy. I can’t be caught without a hat. I have, I’ve got plenty I don’t need anymore. Got plenty of hats. Don’t need anymore. Plenty of hats. Keep your hats. Speaking of which, I’m just getting over being sick. Bronson, you’ve, you’ve month or so ago had the, Devon was there, Wyatt? I mean, I’m just getting over too, just geez. It’s gonna perfect. It seemed like we’re gonna go to the expo. Everybody else is gonna be sick. We’re gonna be perfect. Yeah. Have immunity built up immunity. 14 variants of covid. Been through us. We’re good herd immunity. And at its finest. I’m like 95% back from, and it feels amazing. I’m like, I haven’t felt this good in years, but it’s just normal, you know? Oh yeah. After you’ve been sick, you, you get our age, John. You go three days less than average and you’re about really do, are you guys just taking your daily aspirin, Jason? Like you’re supposed to As, as an older person. No. Yes. It’s the 82 little 82 wants to do that. Yeah.

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It helps you not have a heart attack nearly as many times. Times. I remind you, you’re like 16 months younger than us. I mean, I don’t know. I’m just wondering. I’m saying you guys, you year younger than John of us. I take my daily aspirin. Do you? You should. You should. Yeah. I don’t either. You should. It’s good for you. But he’s talking to John, folic acid. Do you take two over there, boys? You got your men, your ger magnesium. Your magnesium. What’s the, what do they call the hair? Grow the, there’s some hair grow stuff. Minoxidil. I don’t know. I don’t know. You would know. No. Well I don’t use any of it obviously, but I don’t know what you’re going for. Chia Pet. What do you after? I’m not, Hey, we should invent epic chia pet. Epic. The epic. All right. Well anyway, kind of kind of fun. We got, we got a lot of moisture out there. We ended up cranking out plenty of work this morning. Bronson and I are working on Utah, New Mexico, Oregon. Got that. Coming down the pipe here in the next couple weeks. It’s a lot of fun. It’s kind of a great time of year where we’re crushing the odds and and looking at stuff. And when you’re doing that manually, you see things. I mean, you notice every little detail.

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And so it’s kind of had top of mind of Yeah, our online odd system, Bronson, it kills it and we’d never talk about it. I think, I mean, because we do a regular podcast, you know, you feel like you kind of get tired of talking about Epic outdoors. But then we, then we gloss over some of the main things that we do and these online odds. We’ve had a lot of great comments we’ve done. We’ve made leaps and bounds, huge strides in our online odds and the way they’re portrayed accuracy, things like that. And the timeliness here, it was what, January 10th. And they’re all online. All the 2023 lives are live online. Alls are live online, including like Nevada guide draw, if you wanna know if the Nevada guide draw the rifle hunts for deer in Nevada are better odds in the guide side versus the regular side. Go look. You can look at every single hunt on there. Yeah. Really encourage everybody to do that. It’s, you know, if you’re, we’re getting calls for, from people that are three or four magazines ahead of where we’re at right now. And most of the reason for that is, you know, we don’t just come out with a rubber stamp magazine and then have a state monumentally change something and change units, change dates, change fees. Any, any change. We don’t like we, we do ’em calculated in order.

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John, roughly every 28 days or 30 we go into print with a new one so that you have fresh that year stuff. But with the odds those will be reflected in the magazine. But those are there now for those people that just can’t wait for the march, April, may magazines me, me, I don’t wanna wait. Do you wanna wait? No, wait. Hey, I mean this is 2023. Do we have to wait for anything? 2024. My wife called Walmart. Walmart delivers now. You know what I’m saying? I mean, not just meet you out front like they deliver. So anyway, they charge you for that. I don’t know. They deliver. I don’t even ask. Well, I pick it up ’cause I don’t like going in that store. It’s just so busy. I hate it. But I hate Walmart. I won’t even go there. I’ll pay $10 extra for a bag of, of cat food to go to Lynn’s or somewhere else. I hate Walmart. Yeah. I hate it. Yeah. You know what I mean? If they deliver, I need to ask her if, if they charge extra. That’s a question. We’ll call her. It was 20 bucks. They do flat fee. That’s what Jen said. Well we were, she was having deliver. There’s a percentage of, or is it a percentage you say flat fee. It was, she did say something because this, this last delivery they’ll delivered to our office. 20 bucks.

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Well we had cases of Monster we had. Yeah. Had a truck full. Yeah. So anyway, I mean instead of having her go do it and deal with all that and have her clock out, not worry Well, or whatever, you know. Yeah, that’s a good point. Point. I’m not gonna tell her when to clock in and out. Are you guys, she said kind of, kind of need her. You’re talking like you are now you need, there’s other times you talk about, okay, well we’re good, we’re good. We can blow right by this. So the state’s available for the online odds is Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming. That’s what’s live right now. Yeah. And it’s been fun. Bronson like, we’re gonna call Kurt. He’s the mastermind behind a lot of this stuff. But I mean, you can, you can go on here and, and do minimum point searches and when you do the minimum point searches, you can say, I want to know everything. Let’s say you had 15 points for elk in Wyoming or whatever. You said, well, you know, I would take some, there might be something awesome at 11 point here. I’ll take, you know, show me everything from 11 to maybe 16. ’cause I don’t know what would I be close to in the next year or two. Right. And so you click on that, boom, up comes everything and it tells you the points needed off onto the right.

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Regular or special. Yeah. And regular and special and you, and so anyway, I mean, I don’t know, jump in. No, that well that’s great. And what it allows you to do. And there, there’s some things like that, some of the, some things in the, that specific example of Wyoming. You’ve got the increases in the special fees this year, which is a whole nother thing. You gotta kind of superimpose after you see some hunts that you think you might be in the running for, then you gotta be thinking, all right, that went way up this year in the unit I’m in. And the number of tags that they’re giving. How, how many people, if there’s three tags in each pool, yeah, sometimes the special’s harder to draw than the regular. Just That’s right. Just because that’s the way it goes. There’s two sides to the equation. Yeah. There’s a number of applicants. There’s number of tags. Number of tags. But if, if there’s, you know, a unit with six, 800 tags, you know, special and regular, usually special is almost always better in that case where there’s enough tags to absorb the weird crossovers. I’m doing it no matter what. Get outta my way. Yeah. But, but just for the purpose, you know, of Wyoming, but then going to Utah or Arizona and whatnot, see what you were flirting with.

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And one thing you do have to remember, which we, we, we consult on this a lot too, is your point total today at 15. You were 14 on the screen that you’re comparing that with. That’s right. You gotta remember those are go the odds as they happen going into the draw. You didn’t get your extra point till you’re unsuccessful. A lot of people don’t fully understand that. And that one point sometimes is monumental. It’s huge. So it’s huge. And that’s exactly right. So a lot of guys are saying, well I have 14 today. And they, they don’t even tell us that bro. And they say, well for this year I’m gonna have 15. And you’re like, what does that mean? Okay, what do you have? Like two day, like two days? I You’d log in right now? Yeah. What do you have? Well, they have 14. And so in every case, with the exception of Montana, you’re going into the draw with what you have today. That’s right. Montana, if you participate in that system, preference system, yeah. Choose to participate in it. You’re going into the draw with one extra. And so they’ll award the point, basically you’re in advance. But you’ll go into the draw with a point. Let’s like, and we need to call Kurt. I want to, you know, get him in on all this. ’cause I mean it’s fun for him. He loves this. He geeks out on it.

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But Bronson, we’re, we’re consulting people on Colorado. We do a say a Deere minimum points query. You click on it, boom, you hit you, you’ll hit a point range from let’s just say four to six, I dunno. Four to six. Like four to six every third season of, you know, third rifle. That might be what I might be interested in. And you could really do two to six or something like that. But O three R. So when you, when you click on those, the O oh one a’s oh one s obviously archery, muzzle first, rifles second archery, all these, these are kind of generic for L Private deer and antelope. Yeah, exactly. And things like that. So anyway, we’re gonna go the O three R, most popular for deer four to six range. And we’ll click non-resident. Right? Really this is like automatic for resident. We should swap that where it’s automatic for non-resident. Celebrate the non-resident. All right. So anyway, on this four to six up pops. What? What do we got here? Bronson’s six choices. Yeah. 43 third solid options. Yeah. 43 third, 62, third 63. Third 68, third, 73rd and 1 61. There’s a couple on there that I believe I would, well I mean there’s most of’em on there. We have, yeah. Okay. Like I think every unit, but one of those we’ve been to. Okay. 1 60, 1 70, 68, 63, 6 3. John, I’ve been there. 62 is 62. No, 43. 43. Yes.

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I mean, so anyway, those are four, five, and six point type options. If we went ahead and just clicked back, we go to O2 R. Boom. Oh, two R list is gonna grow big. Yeah, it gave us what maybe just not quite double unit 5 22. I like it. 30. Yeah. Unit 30 kind of produced this year. 40. Not, not my, one of my favorites, but it did produce, you know, 40 kind of a great right there. Gunnison second. I’m skipping super profit. 54, 55. Dude, A lot of people like him. Hey. Yeah, they complain. That’s the one thing, bro. Some people talk about they hate it, but they will never quit going. They go back every time. But I don’t blame ’em. Local, you kind of get to where you have local knowledge after a period of time you feel like you’re a local, you hunted it so much. 63, 67 seconds. 76, 79, 8 3 79. Well, seven, eight. There’s some options there. I wouldn’t say there’s as good as a third in my opinion. It’s so fast, right? So fast. You can go on there. Boom. Done. I just think it’s interesting. Not a lot of people know that it’s out there. In Bronson, we can only put so much on paper. Yeah, exactly. In the print magazine you can only do so much. And we put disclaimers in there. There’s, there’s some states that we can’t cover every single unit in the state.

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And for sheep and moose and go, we usually always do that in the magazine. The non-resident units available. But for deer, elk, and antelope, we don’t have enough pages to cover Every unit State, Colorado, Wyoming, they got dozens or a hundred plus, I don’t know. In some, in some cases. So yeah, play around on there. Tell your heart’s content. Plug and play. Like Carter loves to say I like it. Hey, you know one of those things I, I don’t really wanna call Kurt now because you get going on down these thought processes and we just wanna crush the place. He’s gonna slow us down. I can fill it. Why? I don’t know. You just get going down these thought processes. But what I wanna talk about is, this is all included in your $150 membership. So there’s a lot. You go on there, you’ll, if you have a membership, we need your email on file, we have your email on file, boom. You make up your password, send you authorization, you make a password, and off you go. And you, that gives you full access to all the online stuff. So most of you out there listening have access to this even if you haven’t used it. And if you need help, call in. We’ll throw in a password real quick. Boom. While you’re on the phone, you’ll be able to log in, change it up to whatever you want. And off you go.

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Let’s just call Kurt. He’s probably ice fishing. Who knows? He’s not coughing probably. No, they got snow dog. Dang it. Hey man. Are you even working today? Yeah. No you’re not. You sound like you’re in a, you sound like you’re in an ice blind. I don’t know. I’m freaking right in front of my computer. Oh, well that doesn’t mean you’re not in an ice blind. That’s exactly right. I have starlink. That’s why I have star, star Strawberry has starlink. You Did you take starlink when you ice fish? Yeah dude, we watch TV on the ice. See? So let’s just answer the real question. Are you on the ice? No. Oh, I can, I can even send a picture to prove it. We don’t need any picks boss. We don’t need any s Well we just, while it was ringing, we were wondering, I, I said he’s not golfing, they got snow. But he but just said I got money. I got money that he’s ice fishing. Oh, you never know. I always sounds ice fishing, but we got too much snow. So, but I like what I think Kurt, I think Kurt Ice fishes and does some of these things on purpose just to make us jealous. I don’t even think he likes to do it. I think he just likes saying he does it. Ah, I’m on strawberry. I get to that here in about 20 minutes. Yeah, CURT’s our age.

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You don’t go, you don’t go freeze your butt off if you don’t like it. That’s why I’m No, it’s a good, that’s why I it the tongue, remember I don’t do that. I don’t freeze my butt off either, dude. We, we have monster tents with floors in ’em and ca cameras and carpet. Carpet cameras. Yeah dude. Yeah, yeah. Carpet cameras. I just got a carpet. I just got no carpet and cameras, you know, down the hall down, we’re not gonna fish unless you can see ’em. Got a 12 vol tv. We plug in and watch football with starlink. Oh my gosh. We literally have four cameras. It’s like a video game. You just watch the fish, eat it and then set the hook. It’s almost like playing. Where have I been? How big a fish are you catching? I don’t know, 20, 25 inch cuts up on strawberry. Wow. Dang. Oh that’s a blast. We have lots of fun. But yeah, we’ve snow. Don’t worry about us down here. We’re just pushing snow and working. Yeah. Oh dude. Yeah. Yeah. Then come August. I don’t think you guys poke your head in the window and Yeah, we’re all jealous Of the 43 tags that you guys are, that’s chasing, lemme tell you how many, lemme tell you how many tags I had last year. Zero. What do you mean? One tag? Come on.

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You need to consult your, you need to consult your online odds a little better. Didn’t you go to kidding Kansas or was you just with your boy? I thought you were in Kansas. No, I was just with my, no, I didn’t have a tag. I was just with Trevor and Kenzie. They both had tags. Okay. Geez. Well, and then I didn’t go to Ohio. It’s still over the counter for now. We’ll see, they’re talking about changing it, but I didn’t go. So no Wyoming stuff last year, the home of the, you know, the home turf? No, didn’t draw anything in. I mean I went, but I didn’t have a tag so I didn’t, I mean I went on a lot of hunts, but I didn’t have any tags, so. Okay. It was bad. So I golfed a lot. Kind of crazy. Well, Kurt, maybe, you know, since you do a lot of the behind the scenes stuff with some of this, we’ve kind of been crushing our online odds and the coolness of it all. I don’t know if maybe you wanna dive into a little bit of it or, or how we insert you some of the, some of your comments on this stuff. Yeah, sure. Some of the new stuff you added this year too. We talked a little bit about it, but tee it up. Well, let’s see.

00:17:30:19 –> 00:18:37:12
Well, well, I mean, nothing really new just yet this year, other than all the states are up and loaded and, and good to go. Usually a state like Nevada, we have to wait until almost the last day, you know, to get that stuff up and going and, and we’ve already got that out there. So that’s kind of a nice little special add-on. I mean, every year we go out there we kind of we’re just kind of tweaking things and, and making adjustments and well, like some of the just getting better and better. So you’ve added some minimum point queries and things like that though too in some of the states where it makes sense. Yeah. Where they give, you know, yeah, 20, 50, 75, whatever percent to the max point where it’s possible to do, you’ve added all that too, and, and point ranges. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. If, if anything, that’s probably one big thing is, you know, maybe two years ago people maybe only were really relying on Wyoming or maybe even Utah, but now we’ve, with Arizona kind of changing up some things that’s actually a state we can do a minimum point query on now as well, we can actually dive into the data and figure out the resident versus non-resident breakdowns, which allows us to do that. So that’s probably something new for, for people if they’ve not been out there in the last little bit.

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If Arizona’s a state that you’re looking to apply and we’ve got some minimum point query stuff there, you know, Colorado’s added out there as well. So Yeah, I think we’ve expanded Oregon, so can I in the past, if you’ve put in for just the kind of more the, you know, what we kind of call those lifetime, you know, those species like sheep and goat, you know, moose and goat kind of stuff, you know, now there’s elk, deer and antelope out there as well. So, so we’ve just, there’s just expanding and making it better. So Yeah, and I think, I think it’s important to know, like Adam and I are cranking on these nonstop, Wyatt two, Devin Pollock, I mean everybody, and, and we want it to work for us. I I’ve hit you put two or three times today or yesterday and we made changes like on the fly. That’s what I think exactly. We want it to work. You know, we’re, we made it to where Utah, you can click on the CWS for residents. You can either include C-C-W-M-U options in the draw or not you say residents because it’s not even available to, to draw as a non-resident on A CWU. But anyway, just some of those cool features that, that make it to where it kind of sizes and, and consolidates and makes it to where you’re not coming out with a result of 40 deep, you know, that don’t make sense.

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Yep. You know, and I think just for some background, Kurt, just tell us like, how long have you been really an odds geek? Like it’s, it’s forever. How long ago you started? Oh gosh. Well, let’s see. I am probably back to, I would say probably 2006 Adam’s brother Aaron and I kind of formed if people remember that old legendary. I still own the website. It’s kind of fun. Do you? Yeah, but we own, we own you Kurt, so we own That’s true. Well sorry. Yeah. Epic owns the website. Come on. If anything ever happens to me, you know, ready to come find it. But I mean, yeah, so I’ve been, I mean, what is it? It’s 2024. Holy cow. I’m old, but I mean I’ve probably been crunching odds in spreadsheets for almost 20 years now. And yeah, I just wanted to, I kind of have an analytical data geek brain and, and so yeah, I mean a lot of these things were we cool? We were cool before odds were cool, if that makes any sense. Yeah. And you were, and you’re a coder too. I mean, you can do something with it. You can’t, you’re not just putting stuff in spreadsheets. You actually can build what you build website, I think. Yeah, like Kurt’s, one of those interesting guys, Kate, he likes to fish, but I think the reason he likes to fish is ’cause all the crap that goes with it.

00:21:05:17 –> 00:22:13:01
What do you mean? Okay, well I can take Starlink, I can plug in this. I have the cameras, I all the equipment, 14 cameras down below. Some people like to hunt and, and fish to use the gear. He’s big into the odds, but he didn’t have a tag last year, but he geeks out on all the stuff goes with all the, just really all of these, all these kind of analytical stuff. Do you del Yeah, dear till, speaking of starlink, I, I bought a redneck blind or two last year for our Kansas leases and we literally have a place to put a little TV and we’re gonna slap our starlink in there and just come on, you know, sit in there and watch football. We’re I, I hunt whitetail, I hunted tails and you’re supposed to be always alert Kurt and you never know when it’s gonna happen. You are gonna start missing. I’ve got another good example of way. Yeah, but that’s why you kill giants and I just shoot deer. I’ve got another example ’cause I think you’re onto something. I see where, where you’re going. Jason, Kurt likes to use the gear. He is gadget Saudi. He loves all that stuff. Yes. Kurt aren’t, you’ve got a couple video games you like to play. Right? What’s one of those that involves a, a, a gun, a weapon of some sorts? Do you remember? Oh, all of ’em. I know of them.

00:22:13:01 –> 00:23:14:17
Well, you know, you know the one I’m going for? I know Cod huh? Co Yeah, yeah. War Zone. Yeah, we play, well we play Warz Zone and, and Escape from Ovv. So when it came, the time, when it came time to ordering a new fierce rifle, how did you pattern that new fierce rifle? After what, what did you pattern that after right? Yeah, the T 5,000 on Escape from Ovv. That’s why you bought it, right? That’s why you bought it Reaper. That’s exactly why I bought it. I must own this. I, that’s my point. My kids, they’re like, you’re a fierce firearm. Custom decked out one YI said because it’ll match my escape from Tarka. Okay. Okay. Kurt and I and I want to know, have you shot it yet? Well, hell no. That’s my, that is my point. That is my point. But he’s got it. It’s in his, but he’s got it. I worry about people like you, you yeah, I the scope on it yet I worry about people like you. Jason’s like, Hey, how does this shoot? I’m like, I don’t know. I’ll find out someday, someday. I asked him, I said, I’m gonna order one. And by the way, we did and they’re badass. They are. And I’m just like, oh, it’s Bron Bronson has one. I don’t know. We’re, anyway, who knows how many we’re gonna end up with, but kind of interesting.

00:23:14:17 –> 00:24:27:06
We’re gonna shoot ours before you and you’ve had our yours a full year before us. Yeah. Time. Well no, I didn’t get it until June, but I keep in mind I got it around what, June or July, who buys a, I didn’t have any tag freaking awesome rifle and hasn’t shot it yet back in June. Yeah. I’m kind of a, I’m a gadget guy. So, alright, so these Arizona odds, I just clicked on ’em real quick. I mean it’s just, I mean so fast. Anyway, I did Deer point range of 12 to 18 non-resident boom, up comes 12 a East 12 B West 21, 23 27, some of the limited draws within those units down to 12 a, 12 B archery, which took non-residents 13 points by the way. So anyway, and then there’s some random odds obviously as well. But, but there is a, up to half of ’em go to people to most points. And so you can kind of tell when you’re gonna get drawn and, and we’ve incorporated that into the Arizona minimum points queries on the website for all Epic outdoors members available, all epic outdoors members. So pretty, pretty awesome. I just, I guess I can’t get over, we’ve had outfitters in Montana, especially working with Devin recently. They’re like, I cannot believe the ease of these odds on the units that I’m guiding it. Yeah.

00:24:27:06 –> 00:25:33:10
We’re they’re in, you know, eastern part of the state and most of their archery areas, they’re take between one and say six or seven for some of the harder archery areas. And they want, if you jump online on Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website and know how far to dig and how deep to dive you can find, you can find ’em, you can find the spreadsheets on there like Kurt can get. And then if you have a way to view ’em, they’re not always easy. They’re just data in columns and rows, but a little bit difficult raw. We’re used to looking at ’em ’cause we’ve dug it, we’ve dug them up for 20, 25 years. But it’s a nice way to visually portray it so that they can then send, send a screenshot or something to the clients that, that are applying for their units. Say, well here’s what has taken guys, you know, this is the guys at Epic and you might trust them and things like that. So they’ve they’ve loved it too. That’s just one example. Other outfitters and other states have done the same thing. Well, and we did this one back to Arizona. Oh, sorry, remember before we leave Montana, remember how we did it where we were looking up the odds, here’s what the theoretically the odds are. Yeah. But then here’s the actual draw odd that actually happened. Yeah.

00:25:33:18 –> 00:26:41:19
So guys with zero didn’t draw four 17 dash 21 guys with zero. Nobody drew guys with one. Nobody drew 13% with two 30% with three. You can see what actually happened when reality, just ’cause nobody drew doesn’t mean you had zero odd, you actually had 13% tr chance. Yeah, exactly. Just nobody drew, that’s, that’s an example. They square your points and so you can, you can calculate a mathematical probability it’s 99% but that still doesn’t mean you’re gonna draw. No, it’s still, and you can see here, it doesn’t, doesn’t, doesn’t happen sometimes. So anyway, so if you see the 99% or you saw it in the past, you thought, okay, once I get to three plus points, I’m guaranteed, well no, it may not happen that way. What actually happened was over on the other column. Yeah. It, it’s more like 67% really cool stuff that comes from using it and saying, well, there’s a little more to it. What were you gonna say about Arizona, Curt? Well, I mean, if we’re talking about, you know, cool new features for 2024 in some of our states we’ve had this, but a big project that John and I have been working on, you know, all the odds are out there now for all the states. But if you go to Arizona, you’re going to see, and well you’re gonna see this for all the states as they kind of roll out with the magazine.

00:26:41:21 –> 00:27:25:24
But you know, the all, if it’s a, a unit where you guys or any of the consultants have talked about it, I mean it’s gonna immediately pop up the unit information. There’s gonna be maps there for you to glance at real quick. And then the epic notes are right there. So you don’t have to go thumb through the magazine. Now keep in mind, you know, there’s some guys that like to thumb through the magazine, check out all the arch units at once, but if you’ve got like a couple units you’re locked into, you can just run out online real quick, pull up, you know, say three A, three C and see exactly what the consultants think about it. You immediately can see how many points it took for a non-resident. You know, we’ve got other information from the state out there, you know, like what kind of habitat is in three A, what kind of, you know, is there some camping options? You know, what does the state of Arizona even feel about the Elk? Her?

00:27:25:25 –> 00:28:26:10
So you, you’ve got a lot of this information at your fingertips all in just one spot, you know, so, so, so you know, as you thumb through the magazine and you kind of lock into three or four units, go out there and utilize the website and you know, see where this is located in the state if it’s new to you, see what we’re saying about it, see what the state thinks about it, you know, and this kind of information we’re currently cranking it out for, for all the, you know, Wyoming’s out there as well. You know, we’ve got this same information for Wyoming Utah’s right around the corner. So, so as we, as we roll out things with the magazine, keep in mind that the website and the magazine, they’re kind of synced together so that they’re used as, as kind of a tool. Yeah. Where, you know, we can’t print everything in the magazine, right? No. So make sure you lean out onto the website to get that little extra minutes. We even have tentative app schedule. You can click on that boom up comes to 10 10 tentative app schedule. We put tentative on there because in, in the event there’s a, a typo or, or maybe a state doesn’t do exactly what they said they were gonna do, somewhat tentative.

00:28:27:06 –> 00:29:41:18
And we try to come out with it really early so guys can kind of make plans, but they are subject to change a little bit based on final regulations. So anyway, there’s so much on there. We also have the emag, you can go click on January, 2024, December, 2023, or you can go back x amount of years and, and go look at stuff and click on that. And then you scroll through the emag, it gives it to you early a, you know, printers take time, mail delay over Christmas, things like that. You can click through it, read the stories and, and, and Super Clean magazine. That’s the one thing I’m, I guess we could brag on John A. Little bit here, although it doesn’t need to occur. He, everybody knows this. That’s the away the last 25 years is John’s got a great design, something I guess Adam and I are partial to where it’s super clean. Everything’s super clean, easy. It’s not quote gaudy where it’s just loaded with garbage, you know? Yeah. We’re busy. Like, I just strive to make it so it’s just super fast. You look at it, your brain processes it very quickly. You find what you want very quickly. So there’s a lot of guys out there, maybe Bronson and I and John our age that, that we like, I like paper stuff. I, I like to write on stuff. I like the paper stuff.

00:29:42:01 –> 00:30:45:28
But then once in a while I like to get on my phone in a pinch or if I’m in one of CURT’s tree stands and I think I need to go look at an EMAG real quick, I can go look at it on my phone or whatever, you know, grab some odds or, or whatever. And one last thing I’d like to to mention is, you know, I get asked every once in a while, Hey, what’s something out there on the, you know, in the member tools that just maybe I didn’t know about or I’m not using? And I think the big one for, to tell, you know, to let it remind everybody out is, is our little, we call ’em our epic scout maps and you know, they’re on that front research page when you go down there. But like, if you look at like a state like Wyoming, you know, you can, they’re very interactive. You know, we didn’t go out there and build the maps that we thought people would use. What we did was we built the map, you know, those were actually built, you know, with, with with Adam’s brother Aaron, who he’s been a buddy of mine for, you know, over 20 years. And we’ve worked in the mapping industry for a long time. So one thing about these is they’re not built the way that we wanna use them.

00:30:45:28 –> 00:31:40:05
They’re built with all the layers that you can turn on and off so that the, the hunter can use ’em, that they want to use ’em. So, you know, I can, if I do antelope, I can go in there and turn on all the antelope units for, you know, say for Wyoming and I can zoom into, you know, my favorite area, 93, I grew up in Kemmer. And I can literally start to turn on other layers. Like we’ve got, like for Mule deer, we’ve got like migration corridors, we’ve got walk-in areas for Wyoming. I mean, we’ve got all these things where, you know, I just pulled up area 93, turned on Walk-in, and it highlights ’em in red. I didn’t even know, like growing up in camera, I didn’t even realize some of these were kind of that walk-in area. So this is in my backyard. And so it’s, it’s super handy if you’ve never been into a unit, you can see all the BLM boundaries, forester boundaries, campgrounds, ways to get in and out. I mean, that’s one tool that I think that a lot of members or a lot of people don’t even realize we have. And then when they do pull ’em up, I don’t know that they realize that, you know, it’s custom to kind of how you want to use it.

00:31:40:05 –> 00:32:42:27
When you pull it up, you just click on, you know, which state you want, and there’s a little tab in there called content click on that content tab. Yeah. And that allows you to kind control the map and you can build the map yourself. And what’s cool about it is, you know, you build you a little map with the layers you want on. You go up there and press the print button before you know it, you know, you’ve got, you’re off and running. You can save it as a PDF, put it on your phone and you’re, wow. You know, you’re good to go. So it’s, it’s a tool that I don’t think a lot of people realize. We’ve been building those up behind the scenes and, you know, yeah. They’re pretty slick. So anyway, pretty awesome. Yep. There’s so much, there’s so much there on there. Also, I guess I wanted to talk about this a little bit is, you know, and Devon’s updating this all the time, but there’s a guided Hunts tab and he, he brought it to Adam and I’s attention today. He says, go look at the white tiled deer. You know, course that’s on our brain a little bit. You are. But yeah, well, I mean, you too boss. You’re gone. Well, yeah, you’re booked possibly. Okay. Well, I mean, yeah, for all intents and purposes anyway, you scroll through those boom and he’s uploading them.

00:32:43:10 –> 00:33:59:03
One of the last hunts he just barely uploaded today. I mean, he’s like, oh, it’s not on there. And he, all he had to do was click off of his computer, he clicked off, boom, it uploaded off. We, you know, off we go. We saw everything. And so pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. And he’s, he’s updating these pretty regular, this isn’t everything he has, it’s just kind of what’s on top of mind. He’s customizing hunts for people all the time. There’s a lot of hunts that we book that never make this necessarily, but if you are at home, 9:00 PM midnight, whatever, and you’re, you’re bored and you’re looking for a mulder hunt or elk or antelope, sheep, moose, bear, white tail, whatever other, click on it and start scrolling. These are updated, you know, I don’t know, maybe 10 years ago or something when we were really, you know, getting our feet wet in this and trying to get a look and feel of exactly where we wanted to go with the future. I mean, it wasn’t updated as often. Now this is on a daily basis, we’re crushing this thing. And so anyway, there’s a lot out there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whether it’s odds hunts or anything, if we’re doing it, if you guys are doing it in the office or if it’s something that, I mean, it’s, it’s live and immediate there. All of our stuff is, you know, there’s no lag time anymore.

00:33:59:07 –> 00:35:09:19
Like there was 10 15. I mean, it’s all, that’s the Gen Z way, right? That’s that’s right. That’s right. That’s the Gen Z way knows it’s gotta be now can’t be yesterday. And as far as they’re concerned, their way’s, the only way it is. Yeah. So Well, let’s just remind ’em that it’s a z there’s a reason they’re last. Oh, on the optics. Jason, one thing about that, I know you know, John to some extent, Kurt, everybody there, we’ve, you know, many of you know, we are also optics dealers. We talk about it all the time. It’s in the magazine. We came up with new tripods and all that, but want to impress upon people’s minds, if it is a weekend or if it’s a night and, and we’re not here to call and pick up the phone and get a price quote or something like that. Make sure you, anybody can go to Epic Outdoors and click on optics and look at our inventory, make an order and buy it. Make sure if you are a member of Epic Outdoors, that you actually log in when you go to our website and then click on optics. Because the member pricing is different than non-member pricing. Right. And the difference is usually more than the price of a membership. Yeah. So it’s just, if you’re a member and you’re in a hurry and just click on there and order. We, we’ve caught some of them actually.

00:35:09:20 –> 00:36:03:29
And actually you’re, you’re fine. You’re gonna pay what everybody else is paying in the whole world. Yeah. Yeah. The best price. Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. It’s, but anyway, just make sure you log in so that if you’re comparing our price to anywhere else, log into your member pricing, you’ll see a personalized quote for you. It’s the same one you’re gonna give if you get us over the phone, but we’re not, we’re not here sometimes over the weekend. Just make sure you log in. I like it. And these, these prices aren’t just available to the whole world. And we also can’t like, publish these prices out in, in the magazine per se. So log on, just like Adam’s saying, go log on, sign in, and then go click on that and it’ll say members only price and it’s all in red, and so you’re good, you’re good to go. And then you can filter the products and whatnot. Also on there, if it’s not showing in stock, it’ll say call to order. There’s some things that we do on a, on a order by order basis because maybe they’re not super popular at all. Not popular. Yeah.

00:36:03:29 –> 00:37:12:09
It’s a, or it’s a, especially like rifle scopes where you unique, radical, very different magnification levels, objective size and radicals that we’re not gonna have five or 10 of everyone on the shelf, because sometimes they’ll stay there for years and then they change a new model and then you’ve got scope. So just because it’s not on there doesn’t mean, I mean most of the time we could have it shipped from drop ship to, and it the same time whether it comes from us or or them directly. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t see the exact thing that you’re looking for too. That just doesn’t mean we can’t get it quick. All right, Kurt. Well, one of the things I was trying to bring out with Kurt’s background and how long we’ve been working with Kurt is that all odds aren’t calculated the same. And we’re hunters, we spend the majority of the year researching going through really how draws work. And so our, our formulas are specific to us. Yeah. And, and we feel that they’re the most accurate that there is. Yeah. Well, and yeah, so anyway, yeah. And I, I, it’s one thing to calculate odds and it’s like Adam always says odds are odds or odds or odds. You can get odds anywhere. And, and, and it does feel like that to a degree.

00:37:13:01 –> 00:38:17:24
The one thing I like is the way we portray ’em, the ease of looking at ’em and then you add that with the consulting or comments and things like that. Then you add a personal touch of like Adam said, we’ve been to five outta six of these units. Yeah. I mean there’s things like that. Do you have anything to add on that, Bronson? No. Yeah, it’s what I mean what I mean, sometimes odds are odds. Some people, you know, and even Kurt, they’re hung up on odds. Yeah. They’re hung up on odds as as everything. Well it odd, you know, you look at some years, one years versus another stuff will jump two or three points and they’ll go back the next year of point and a half. Like it, it, it’s a snapshot in time of what something took. And in some cases there’s a very linear trend of point creep, all that. That’s very predictable. There’s other places where it’s not, but it’s a piece, it’s one data piece in making your decision Yes. On where you should go hunt. But there’s a whole lot of other things from terrain to physicality to wilderness to whether it’s got grizzly bears, whether you’re gonna go guide it unguided public public land versus private land. Anyway. So I thinks is one piece. That’s right.

00:38:17:24 –> 00:39:25:19
And I think we can offer a whole complete passion that’s, which is consultants here and as a magazine, when you talk with us, there’s, and what I meant by that Yeah. To expound upon that is some guys will call in and say, well you offer odds, but I can get those anywhere. Right. And that’s kind of kind of true and I think that’s what Adam’s explaining. It’s just, just there’s a lot to it. It’s awesome. I feel like we’re extremely refined and then, and then you add the, a layer of personal information from being out there and doing it for so many years. Yeah. How much more is Yeah. And that’s a key, that’s a key piece. When I talk to different people and members, they’re like, they, it’s a big deal. Like they’re like, Hey look, I can go figure out that it took three points to draw in Wyoming on such and such a unit on my own. But what I don’t know is like the sum of all the parts, right? The drawing odds is just one of those parts. But what makes it awesome is what you guys are talking about. Yeah. If you add up all those other parts, that’s when it becomes unique. When it’s Yep. The odds combined with the, you know, consultant notes combined with the harvest statistics combined with, you know, all the things that, you know, just because you drew a tag doesn’t mean anything.

00:39:25:19 –> 00:40:19:21
Or just because you can, that’s just the start of it. So. Yep. And that’s what we’re trying to do out on the website with all that, like I said. So as we move forward, that’s one thing that members may see a lot more that that data expanding the mapping stuff and the land ownership stuff like you’ve talked about and the Yeah. Habitat, you know, different things about the unit. Where do I camp and you know, combined with the epic note. So, you know, when, when, when you, when we, when you land on a page, we want you to just be able to click some buttons and just get all the information you can right there. And it goes back to what we talked about a minute ago. You know, you can’t put that in the magazine. You can’t go out there and ride out this, you know, 14 pages on a single unit. Well, and it’s part of the reason. Yeah. We also don’t talk about unit by unit. Every species on the podcast too, because the podcasts are free reframe. Exactly. And you know, we realize there’s member benefits that you should get for paying your membership of the year. One of these is the online odds. Another one is build to call, pick up the phone and talk with us. And another one is the, yeah.

00:40:19:21 –> 00:41:26:02
Some of the other online tools that Kurt’s talked about, you know, whether and and optics pricing and all that. So anyway, that’s good stuff. Appreciate your work you’ve been doing. You’ve one, one thing I think Adam and I have a question for these guys. Like how is it that John ends up with all the epic sweatshirts and we don’t even know where to buy ’em. And then I see there’s an op optic store and maybe even somewhat of a gear store Epic store. It also happened during that time of year. Kurt alluded earlier from maybe August or September that we’re gone October. Yeah. And then they have free reign of the place and they need samples. Yeah. So what is it you guys been working on with the store upgrades and things like that? And then how can we go get sweatshirts too? So if you go to our, our, if you go to our main epic does it word, if you click on store, is the word merch, John, is that come back up again? No, that’s, I hate that word. I hate that’s actually gone now because we, we are also transitioning all of our optics to that store as well. So if you go not to there, but you go to our main site. Okay. So I’m gonna go back, click up here at the top. Yep. And then click on store. It’s the first menu item.

00:41:26:28 –> 00:42:31:18
So I wanna go back to this, ’cause this took me a minute to get used to. So here we are on epic hunts and I want to get outta here and go to the main, there’s not a home button, right? Like, like guys like me need to see something that says HOME. Yeah. But, but up in that upper left logo, it actually turned logo is the, is the, is the home. Yes. Which, you know, has been standard in the internet world for, you know, like what, since the beginning of time. I want something that says HO Home has been gone for like 15. Come on. It’s not been gone on the websites I still go to, they were probably designed in the nineties. That’s why I like them so much. So in the upper left that’ll load you up and then off you go back to the home. There’s a place called store. Yep. Okay. I like it. Just like home should be four letter word. Yes. Okay, perfect. Well and one key point to that, and maybe John’s getting to that is he mentioned it a second ago as we’re transitioning, you know, if you’re, as we transition, if you want to get that member price, make sure you go through the re you know, the, the, the, you know, the epic members page right now. Because as we transition those good pricing Yeah.

00:42:31:20 –> 00:43:44:03
Will be behind, you know, on, on that research page and all that. But whether it be cameras, whether it be tripods, whether it be optics, correct, whatever. You can do it on the other way in the optic store. But as you transition and you hit store. Yes. First thing there’s a little dude with shoulders icon right there. That that’s where you hit. I’ve learned that. You hit that to log in. Yeah. I wish it said sign it. That’s right. Log in here. Right. I mean everything’s an emoji now. I mean, geez. That’s right Bronson. I don’t know. I’m glad somebody else sees it the way I see it. Hey Kurt, can I ask you a per kind of a personal question, are you always, are you, are you 50 yet? No, I’m only 47. I’m still young. Whoa. Nevermind. Alright. He does grow up gray beard early in the rest of us the last year. Well, no, I’m just, I for some reason we haven’t worked. I worked office by office for 10 plus years now, but I thought you were closer to John and I in age. Dang. No, no. I’ve a feel like a really young buck and I love it. John and Adam are Gen A and I’m gen B. Come on. Yeah. What’s sad though is I think I have more grandkids than you guys. This is true. Oh, they got started. That’s not, not that is amazing.

00:43:44:13 –> 00:45:00:00
You all got, you all got started. Everybody kids are the bomb. I tell you what Are they covered? Oh my gosh. Yeah. Yeah. The grandkids are like going from shooting a little old Remington 700 to a brand new fierce firearm. A brand new fierce that you’ve never shot yet. I like them. Yeah. I only have two. I have one of each. Oh, that’s awesome. Boy and a girl. But they are like, oh yeah, I would Do you say you’d do anything for your kids but your grandkids? Like I’d travel. You run over your kid to take care of your grandkids a hundred percent. Pretty much. Yeah. That’s, yeah. That’s sad to say. What do they call you? Are they old enough to call you something Grandpa? Oh yeah, we have it’s Nana and Papa. Nana and Papa. Alright. Oh, like that’s good. Are always still older than getting a nickname as a grandparent. But it’s awesome. So are you guys, is this still a work in progress here? No, it’s, it’s fully functional. It’s just the member pricing is not engaged on our normal store yet. Okay. So eventually you’ll be able to eventually, very soon. Meaning a day or two? Yeah, a week. A week Kurt. Yeah. Yeah. I’d say a week. Ah, it sure. It depends on the weather, strawberry and a few other things. Yeah. It might be nice fishing this weekend, but I’ll get it done when I get back home.

00:45:00:07 –> 00:46:05:21
But all, all of the, all the products are live, all, all of the prices are the best pricing that it’s legal to, to publish. That’s, but if you go log in at the main home, you can still go purchase optics at at at Yes. Member discount. Yeah. Right now. So I mean if you’re listening to this a week late, then you know all this not gonna make a difference. It’s not gonna make a difference. You go to the store, go to where we told you go to login, but the only way to get this new mer you’re talking about is to go to the main site and hit store. Yeah. What, what do you got there John? We, yeah, what, what do we got? It’s, it’s pretty awesome Jason. It’s the stuff you guys don’t have yet. Well you have down apparel, down all the T-shirts. We got Muley Matter t-shirts. We’ve got, who are these dudes? Those are special models. They’re called models. What? Did you get ’em John, other Gen Zs that we don’t know? Would we pay ’em? I mean, yeah. Did you know where did you get these guys? I don’t even know these guys. I think AI did that. I think John’s just, they actually are those are provided. We don’t have anybody. They’re provided the manufacturer. They’re not our company, but clothing. That way we don’t embarrass anybody either.

00:46:05:21 –> 00:47:13:15
If we don’t have ’em in the right color scheme that they did, wish they would’ve had a different one. We don’t have to deal with that. I just wondered if we have rights to their image. I guess we’re good. I think they are ai, so that doesn’t matter. They don’t have rights. Okay. If you’re, I don’t If you’re artificial. If you’re artificial ai sue you right now. Bring it up. Yeah, they’re AI generated. Alright. That’s not, well, anyway, it’s there. You can get a little bit of merch. We’ll probably bring, well we might have a few things at the expo, but best thing to do is to get on there, get your right size, color scheme, all there, hit order, have it shipped out to you. We will have one of every size at the expo, so you can try on sizes and then you can order right at arch kiosk. Then maybe somebody could buy that sample at the end of the show for half price. Wow. The one that’s been fondle for four days. Hey, that’s tried on and off. That’s why it’s half price. Everything’s for sale’s. So you get, tell somebody to meet us at our booth Sunday at four. Everything’s for sale. Alright, so anyway. Wow. If you wanna buy optics at member pricing and do it online after hours, go to the main home site and click login in. Log in first. Once you log in, there’s an optics store.

00:47:13:18 –> 00:48:17:03
Go to the optic store. You’ll see it in red members only pricing if you wanna go buy merch just from, from the main home. Just his store, his store. We’re good. All right, Kurt, you got anything else to add? No, no. That’s, that’s it. I like you said, it’s what do you, what are, are you gonna do to make sure you’re, you get a tag or two this year, Kurt, since we don’t, we don’t wanna repeat. Not that you didn’t. Well, I’ll draw Kansas because every Oh, you got your one point every other year. Yeah, I got my one point and yeah, we excited about that. And, and then hopefully in Wyoming, I’m very curious to see how these general, this western general stuff that usually up that into the state. It might jump higher than it used to be. Cano, you’re competing with all the outfitters up there and their clients and they’re competing with you. Yeah. I don’t know. I might sell a kidney and put in for the special and see what those off. Come on guess. Well, or maybe I’ll sell like one of my gadgets or maybe do a little few more little knick-knacks on the Epic Outdoors website. Yeah, we know, you know, and lie and I won’t sell a knick-knack. I’ll probably go buy another one in the numbers. Yeah, I was just say don’t get rid of that gun until you at least shoot it. Pretty soon.

00:48:17:03 –> 00:49:24:22
I’ll just be playing deer hunter on my computer and that I’ll call out my hunting season. Yeah, no, with the grandkids. Take kid hunting. My grandson’s already. Awesome. Log on, son. We’re going hunting. Yeah, speaking of Kansas and my grandson, they don’t have a minimum age out there. You can mentor him. Yeah. And so how old is he, Kurt? How old is he? He’s he’s three. But my buddy that lives out there, my buddy that lives out there, his daughter shot one at six. Don’t you guys, he’s probably a bigger white tail than most of us will ever shoot. But don’t you, other than Jason, you and Trevor usually hunt archery or can they use crossbo? I mean, what do you think? He’s, yeah, they can use a crossbow, archery crossbow. Just put it on a tripod, you know, draw locks, whatever. Yeah. Close your grit your teeth son and pull the trigger. Kansas, you can use smokeless powder, muzzle loaders, who knows. Whatever. Yeah, everything goes No, it’s a, it’s a fun state. Well, so that’s coming up. Yeah. So I should have a couple tags. I’m hoping, I mean, I could, well I was gonna draw a muzzle loader Utah this year, but now that they decided that technology’s stupid, come intro cameras or, you know, what were you gonna draw power scopes? Hey, you can use a scope. Nobody saying probably can’t use a red dot elk, Wasatch, elk. Oh yeah.

00:49:24:22 –> 00:50:31:27
Nothing against it, Kurt. I mean, up until 2015 or 16, you probably hunted muzzleloader time or two, didn’t you? Yeah, but you gotta remember, I suck at hunting, so I gotta get back there at like 800 yards. They say success rates were no different. 3% different. There’s no different. You’re good. You’re just as effective with open sight. That’s what they say. Yeah, I can, if you say it, you’ll believe it. I can tag soup, I can eat tag soup with or without a powered scope. Well, all right, well, I, I believe I would. I I’d go for that, Kurt. You got 12 days. Yeah, so 12 days. It’s really hard. I don’t know what else you’re weighing out. You know, it’s either that or I have 23 sheet points for Rockies. Rocky. Geez. Well, yeah, let’s draw that. Let’s go have fun days. Let’s go have fun. Draw a tag and call up the Bronsons and hope they can squeeze me into there. We’ll be there. We’ll make fall schedule. So we’ll make room. You bring the starlink, we’re in Starlink camera. The tv. The tv. Could you imagine me on a desert hunt? And all of a sudden there’s a helicopter drop and these guys are like, what are we doing down here? We’re down in the middle of the Escalade somewhere. Yeah, I had a firmware update. They were just bringing me in some cords real quick to do something like that.

00:50:32:22 –> 00:51:38:18
But hey, yeah, you drew that rocky hunt. That’s like November 1st. That’s always like the tail end of the MLB playoffs World Series. So we’re gonna need that TV and stuff. All right. Yeah, we’re gonna need that. And football started up. Yep. So, exactly. Yeah, that’s good. I, I have, I have the whole starlink ready to go. Like we backpack it in on horses, so it’s got its own little container and everything. Wow. You guys think I’m kidding, but I’m not. It’s, I believe you. No, I trust me, Kurt, you, you’re not sounding farfetched one bit. Have you, have you got a Tesla saw everything Musk, everything made by Musk, Kurt? No, don’t have, don’t have a Tesla. I’m still an old GM guy, so, oh, I like it. That’s not true. I have a to, I have Toyota everything now. So do you. I’ve gone overseas. He, you can’t beat ’em. Oh, you can’t. Okay. You can, but we’re gonna, no, I got a little, I got a little Tacoma and you cannot beat those things are the way to go. So that’s my opinion. All right. All right, guy. Thanks. Can’t anything, but who cares. Yep. Thanks a lot for your work. Have guys you’ve done on the website, appreciate it. It’s looking awesome. And we, you know, look forward to adding a few more things. Like I said, as we use this stuff, we find things ourself, we pass on to Kurt.

00:51:38:18 –> 00:52:42:11
It’s not like we got to go through 15 layers of red tape to get something done. No. We’re, you know, you’re, you’re talking to the, the company. That’s what I like. We’re doing it, we’re writing it, and we’re on there doing it, and we’re making changes ourselves stuff. We, it’s easier to look, look at. Yep. So, so, yep. All appreciate and always remember as obsessed as you guys are with what you guys do, we’re obsessed. John and I are absolutely obsessed with what we’re doing out there on the website. I mean, if, if anybody meets me, they know I’m a geek and I, we, that just goes right into all the hard work we put into these drawing odds and all the information out there for people. So anyway, we geek out on this stuff, so, good stuff. Well have a good one. Good talking to you guys. Talk next. Yep. Appreciate you. Yep. All right. Pretty cool. Pretty awesome. Yeah. Well, it’s awesome. Yep. There’s a lot there. Encourage everybody to go out there and check it out. You know, there’s gonna be times that there’s not something we cover in the magazine or, you know, all the general season deer units in Utah, or every dedicated a hundred unit in Utah or whatever. There’s things on there that you’re gonna have find a few gaps in from time to time that we don’t cover everything in the magazine.

00:52:42:18 –> 00:53:47:00
Jump on our website, log in, go check out the odds on there. We have two states that are gonna be day near right at 40 pages each. And, and we’re still not covering it all. And so that’s why we have this and it’s awesome and it’s ease. You can plug and play and just crush it 150 bucks for the membership. I mean, come on John. You’ve spent 150 bucks in the last hour. You didn’t even know it. This is true. Most likely. One of, one of the things that I do wanna mention that we didn’t, Kurt didn’t bring it up either, is really cool tool we’ve got in there. If you hit your name Jason there. Hmm? You in that emoji dude? Yeah. Okay. We have a point tracker inside your own account. So private to you. You hit that point tracker. I, Jason, I’d like to see some of your points instead of, we talked about spreadsheets in the old day. I have a Google sheet. Whoa. Well this is the new way to do it. You keep it all in here. You can go in and in one place, you’ve got all your state IDs, you’ve got all the points that you’ve got stuff people, they, they loaded this, who did. And so it’s an example. Jason’s is the test account, actually. Oh, I’m like, wow. A lovely elk state. I’m gonna change my passwords.

00:53:47:15 –> 00:54:47:06
I’m gonna, I’m sick of you guys infiltrating my personal space. So point is if, if you want one place to track everything for every state when you go to a, you know, to apply, it’s, it’s all easy right there. Well, and the reason we did this is a lot of times you’re sitting down researching, you know, querying a bunch of odds, seeing what it takes. And you’re like, how many do I have now? You gotta go find your odds somewhere, wherever you store ’em in a spreadsheet or somewhere and or go log into the state website. Well here’s a place to just load ’em all right here. Of course every year you’re gonna have to update ’em as you get a extra point. Or in some cases, like Arizona, you might get two points a year if you take their ethically hunting Arizona course or something like that. But it’s all right there. Point tracker keeps it there all in one spot. There’s a place for state id. Yeah. State IDs and there’s a place for notes. So let’s say you’re researching odds and you come up with three units you wanna look more into, you don’t have time at the minute. You just put in the notes there. Check out, you know, unit 63, 68, 70, you know, something like that. I mean, Arizona. Interesting. Yeah. Like Arizona looks unit seven looks like.

00:54:47:13 –> 00:55:53:07
So I had to actually, so on here, when you first look at it, you’re like add state id. So you can click on that and add it. Then it says add points, click on add points, and then there’s dropdowns. Okay, I want to add my Arizona, I’m gonna in, well you know, Turkey, tell everybody how many antelope points I have anyway, so I can go add antelope and I can put 26 points. No, I’m not far. I drew it back in the day anyway, I can put some notes. So what I’m thinking about add, there you go. Boom, up it comes there. There I am, antelope, points, notes, yada yada. So anyway, you don’t, you don’t have to use it. It makes no difference to us. Just makes it, it’s nice though when you’re on the website querying a lot of stuff for Colorado and you want, I need to double check where, where am I at or where’s, you asked me, where’s my wife at? Where’s somebody else at? You asked me today where your points were. Yeah, yeah. For Wyoming or something. Yeah. What was it? Wyoming, EL 14 or 15 you thought, but what? What? Yeah, so you didn’t need minus or anything. That’s right. 15. So anyway, you know, and I didn’t know, right? I went to my document Google sheets or whatever, right?

00:55:53:16 –> 00:56:55:16
And so anyway, you just kind of, it’s just an easy way to put, I should use this actually. Well you should accept we use it for testing. So yeah, we need to don’t do it. Or they’re gonna mess up your points. Use your own for testing. What’s on John? John, let’s log. Let’s log me out. Re gonna have 14 kids. It’s true Grandmas. It’s true. Point boosters. Well your notes say point booster one point booster two point booster two. Okay, we’re not gonna go, this is going down a really bad road, Bronson, let’s get out of this. Basically it’s 150 bucks for an Epic membership. It’s worth it. Go do it. Get online time of year to do it too. Start plug. It’s the first of the year. All the magazines are coming out. January through June is when we cover all the state magazines. From a 2024 perspective. You’re gonna get the drawing odds benefit online. You’re gonna get the optics pricing throughout the whole year. Call and consult. You know you’re gonna get a member experience database when you draw a tag in some state, you’re gonna be able to call, say, Hey, I drew unit X. Can I talk? Get a list of other members that have had Unit X in the past. Their names and phone numbers. We’re gonna send that to you. That’s a member benefit.

00:56:56:11 –> 00:58:05:21
Might be one or two phone calls that changes your whole hunt just because you talked to somebody that’s been there, done that in a recent past. So anyway, well worth it in our opinion. Welcome. You jump online or give us a call. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. So, yep. The other things are, we should probably tell people where we’re gonna be the next let’s two, three weeks. So I’ll it right now. We’re gonna be here. Where are we right now? Well, we’re in the office. No, we’re at Dallas. Well, parts of us. Yeah. Pieces. Yeah, that’s right. Dallas Safari Club’s going on right now. Thursday through the weekend we got a crew down there with the net pick outdoors booth. What’s her booth number down there? 5 5 3 4 5 34. Go stop by and talk to Cash. Josh Colton, whoever else they got there, standing there with them. ’cause who knows, they might have recruited somebody on the drive down. Yeah, you’ll be able to visit with them. They’re selling optics. They’ve got a stack of optics there as well as our new tripods. You can check ’em out. All new gadgets. Of course. John, you’re the gadget guy. We got Bronson, we got gadgets. We don’t even know what they’re used for. Phone holders, scopes stuff. Yeah. All kinds of the phone holders when you use some bad A, they’re so cool. But, but when you use them, that little orange thing’s. Cute. It is cute. Purely in the front pocket.

00:58:05:25 –> 00:59:08:24
It is cute. Yeah. And Adam used it on, it reminds me of a fire starter. Like you used it. Yeah, I might myself. What do you mean you’ve seen the pictures, what would you say? I use the rubber band snubbers and I never get it right. I never get it right. Okay. Grab one of those terrible. Next time I used one on my COOs deer, I’m on by myself. I’m rushed. It’s like pushing five o’clock at night and it’s gonna be getting dark. Yeah. Anyway, threw that on there. Put it on the patch. Little foam Clint foam. 10 clamp 10 shot, 10 shot bursts. And then you kind of scroll through and you know, you rotate slightly. Yeah. And pick the ones you like and the 10 shutters and awesome. You know what? But John has his actually little, the thing we talked about with chest and John has the little photo shutter thing. I’ve got my Apple watch and I do the, the delay. I don’t have phone course from that killing stuff. Just to use the Apple watch. The cool thing I, you guys are killing animals just to use the Apple watch. And Apple is freaking loaded by lips. You know that if they knew that you knew, knew that I was using it to call take, kill falls. It would. They’re saving the images. They’re saving the images. Joning. They’re gonna use ’em against you. Yeah.

00:59:08:25 –> 01:00:18:04
So hell, you know, I’m still old fashioned hitting the 10 set second. Jumping around running like a old man. I thought you old, old fashioned like 35 millimeter. Well no, just the hit self-timer. Run back. Both get blinks. I’ve done, here’s the coolest thing on the Apple Watch. Okay, come on. It gives you a preview. Okay. You sit behind the animal and you can tell if you’re in a shot. I’m not a watch weather and I’m, and I’m gonna tell that my wife, it’s not, I’m not gonna get in trouble by saying this, but, but I got one of those for Christmas last year. And what you gave away put two months later, I give it away. Two months later I give it to my daughter. Give it, I don’t wear watches either. And I don’t want a big Me neither. When I say big, it’s slim. I just mean, and you know where this is headed, right? What? Where? Harvest Surveys. Knowing exactly where you’re at. Sending you a ticket in the mail. Yeah, because I forgot ’cause you do it at the Keel site. But I’m driving home. I’m gonna do it now. And they’re like, my phone’s on airplane mode 98% of the time when I’m hunting. Oh my gosh. Just saying it is mostly just for that government. But anyway, uncle Sam, I don’t know. China, China, China. You know, I don’t wanna be, I wanna be ized.

01:00:21:24 –> 01:01:37:00
You’ll find me in a bungalow out on a strip somewhere. Alright, we’re gonna be shot dead right now. Sorry. So yeah, so Dallas and Fire Club this weekend. Next weekend is the We Sheep Foundation Sheep Show in Reno. We’re gonna be there away. 35, 48. 35 48. We’re gonna be there as well. We’ll have a crew there for the first couple of days. And then more of the crew will show up probably Friday, Saturday. Just simply because, you know, it’s a very busy time for us to shut the whole office down for two straight weeks. ’cause by the time you drive down to Texas and drive back from Texas, drive to Reno, it’s, it’s two weeks. We’ve got a magazine to put out. We got a lot of consulting due, got a lot of license application clients that were consulting. And it’s, frankly, Arizona opened up yesterday. It’s time to apply. Starting to start getting applications in. It’s just, you can’t just shut down and this time of year and have everybody leave. Some people do well, some people do. We don’t. So how about that? So then we’ve also got the Western Hunting Conservation Expo. It’s pretty awesome. Huge one for us. We always have a big booth there. 10 by 50 or 20 by 50. 20 by 50. Yeah. So anyway, every one of these shows will be selling optics, tripods, and also consulting. Having a good time with everybody. We, we really enjoy that one.

01:01:37:02 –> 01:02:49:27
We shut down for that one. And yeah, it’s in Utah. It’s a great show. We’ve done it forever anyway. And it normally, I forget, that’s like 12th to 15th or something in February this year. Yeah. Don’t know exact dates, but we’ll be there. You’ll find us. You can’t miss us. Yeah. Anyway. Looks us up there. Need to do one. Anyway, so that’s what we’re doing. The show circuit for the next short while here, next four weeks we’ll be at three different shows and covering the countryside. It’s pretty fun. Good times. And I wonder, was there anything else we were gonna talk about today? I don’t know. Do we have time for a Christmas story? What? Oh wow. Like Mexican story? No, no, no. I had a, oh, John I story, I did go to Mexico. Mexico, Mexico. This was actually when I was back and having Christmas with the kids. Wait, real quick before we, before we stop, just a little shout out to the western hunting expo. February 15th to the 18th. 2024. Found the dates. Yeah, I found it. I knew it was, it’s always around Thanksgiving. ’cause I think it’s always the most wonderful thing I can do for my wife is take her to dinner on up there. Okay. We usually do that, don’t we? Yes, we do. And it is wonderful. What’s their reaction? And it’s thoughtful. You know, I’ve been there, done that. Kinda like, really?

01:02:50:15 –> 01:03:59:00
You know what people do for a steak dinner? I mean, these cows act like, come on. I mean, be grateful. Be careful, Jesse. Oh, they’re good. We got the best wines in the world. Anyway, so John. Yeah. So anyway, give the shout all. We found it there, but what were you, so I I, is this a hunting story or were you sound pause? No, but there’s blood involved. Oh, okay. Let’s do it. This is good. Be careful with that stop record button over there, Logan. Be careful. I, I was Ralphie from a Christmas story. You mean bundled up like Tracy was? No, that was his brother. No, that was his brother. Okay. Ralphie shot his eye out with the BB gun, remember? Oh, he wanted the red rider BB gun. Yeah. Everybody said, but what, so that was me. So where at home here? Or you had a lion in the backyard? I can just picture where this is going. No, no, no, no. Literally. So we’re having Christmas with the kids, right? Was this before or after? And they give me the coolest present I’ve ever got. You know, I’m, I’m really into knives, right? No, no, I don’t, no, I didn’t know. That scare scares me now to know that. So I love knives. Right? You do just all different kinds, you know, of stuff. Anyway, they, they got me the baddest day night. It’s so cool. John.

01:03:59:00 –> 01:05:12:06
Like, well, you know how well we know each other and how do I not know this? Well, anyway, he plays the piano when he left knives. I mean, but only with the left hand. I mean, jeez. So what they got you. What? So it’s a, what is it? A it’s a gravity knife, which I don’t have one. And they’re illegal in some areas, right? What is it? What it do? So it, you open it and it, it slides straight down. Oh yeah. And it’s gravity feed, but it’s super fast. Like, like a switchblade. So you, you, it’s like a switchblade, but not, but not so when you pull it out, it’s locked. No, you pull it out and you have to flip it with your wrist and it opens and the thing shoots out straight, like in one motion. It’s so cool. Okay, because, anyway, John, I’m scared to go to lunch with you when you, when you’re the driver. So you, you, you, you, you bend over and something falls outta your pocket. I’m getting shanked right there. Oh yeah. So, you know, and my wife’s like, Hey, you’re gonna shoot your eye out. You know, this kind of thing. Whoa. I’m playing with it. It’s just like those butterfly knives when your kids, the butterfly switch. It’s like the step above cooler, I mean, anyway. Because there’s some automation to it. Yeah. And they’re, you know, these are like 160 $200 knives.

01:05:12:13 –> 01:06:16:27
Well, I’ve got, yeah. Anyway, keep going. I’ve got a story about those. So anyway, I’m, I’m just kind of getting the hang of it. Right. Oh man. And it’s out and I drop it on my foot barefoot. And it’s locked in place. I’ve, I’ve got slippers on and it hits right between the slipper and the thing. And it goes in and what thing? And there and, and like my pants, right? So like right at the top of the slipper right in the top of my foot. And it straight down Blade down. Straight down. Yeah. Blade down. And it goes in deep. I grab it and there’s already my socks full of blood. And I grab it and the kids are like, and I’m like, shut up. Shut up. Don’t tell Jen. Don’t tell Jen. They saw it happen. Yeah, they saw happened. And they were laughing. Did you pull it outta your phone? Oh no. I’m grabbing band-aids and surgical tape out of the cupboard, you know, and wrapping up by the time I got wrapped up. And then she’s the one that stores that stuff. She’s the nurse. Oh yeah. She know, she knows where it is. And then she just starts laughing, you know, but I’m like, I felt I’ve, so she knows now. Yeah. I felt like Ralph Ralphie. Oh yeah, she knows. So you hit it for like 30 seconds is all okay. Yeah. By then.

01:06:17:04 –> 01:07:22:17
But I was Allen don’t tell, don’t tell you. I was shooting blood everywhere. Anyway. It was pretty funny. But anyway, coolest. One of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. I’m gonna have to look ’em up. But do you have it on you? I don’t have it on me. Good. Don’t. No. You know, I’ve been banned from playing with it for a while. So Do you, do you normally carry a concealed weapon? No, but I, I do carry a knife all the time. Do you? Yeah. Okay. And I’m good with that one. I’m good with that one. But leave the concealed weapons. We should put no concealed weapons on. No concealed. Jason, you’re the packer. I know, but I’m safe. I’ve got this blue card, bro. Bronson, you talked about it last time. That was from 1975. I’ve got this blue card that says I’m safe. Yeah, you were 10 years old when you got that. Okay. 10 years old. I was safe then. And I’m, you’re now 49. I got, I’ve got my tot and chip from the boy scouts. But that doesn’t mean I’m safe. No, no, no, no it doesn’t. No. Okay. Bradon, you had a story. I got my sip. Well, it’s, it’s nothing that big. But we went to, we on a trip to California with one of my friends around sixth grade in their motor home. Me and him and his parents. He was like the youngest child.

01:07:22:18 –> 01:08:37:18
And his, actually all of his siblings were already out, you know, school. So he was like sixth grade. And we went to San Diego and then we went into Tijuana. And of course I can’t envision this now, but yeah, his parents just turned us loose. Adam is back here at whatever time in Tijuana. Yeah. You heard me right? I’ve been to war. Oh my gosh. I’ve been to Juarez too when I was like 12 or 13 with young men’s groups. I remember this. This is insane. I mean, just having been there last year. Yeah. I mean, maybe it’s gotten a little worse, but still meet us back here at whatever time. So picture two. How old are you? 12, 13. 12. 12, 13. We just graduated sixth grade graduation. Sixth grade is, sixth grade is 11 to 12. ’cause you’re five. We’re older. We’re older. We’re kindergarten. We’re older. You’re 12. We’re older. We’re older. We’re both October, November, birthdays ish. You’re 12. So we’re 12. So we own, we own the place. ’cause you leave elementary school. What? You’re the top doc. Right? Okay. Okay. You leave it and we go down there and we buy these switch plays. They’re, I mean, we’re buying stuff. Okay. What happens when you go back into the us? What, what are they, who’s there to beat you? Border patrol. Right. And we’re just, oh, we, did you guys buy anything? Yeah. Look at these. Ah, let’s have them.

01:08:38:24 –> 01:09:53:06
Let’s have it. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Let’s have it. And we’re so dumb. I mean, but you’re just, you’re just, you don’t know any better. All full of, you know what Yeah. At that age. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, John, they were not legal in California. So the, they got their money in Mexico and they kept their products in Mexico. So sold them again. You just send it back. Hey, there’s some more American kids. Sell ’em, everybody. So you’re, you’re quasi switchblade. That reminded me of that. It’s been a source. Said I’ve never been back to Tijuana since. No. They kind of thought about hunting the guy down like 10 bucks. Yeah. They, they owe you something $10. At least right now it’s like fear for your life right there. I mean, yeah. If at least if you’re in the immigration line and you have to, you know, wait and walk six blocks like we did. Yeah. And we had a motor home. Picture was nuts. You’re not walking. We have a motor home. We, we could’ve had hit a dead body in that thing and they wouldn’t have found it. Probably. It’s, yeah, that much room. Just put ’em in there and shut your mouth. I mean, what would I tell my kids now? Put ’em in the drawer and shut your mouth. Let’s just, let me do the talking instead. We’re there to meet the guys. Hey guys, look at these. So it’s so dumb.

01:09:53:21 –> 01:10:53:25
It’s awesome. I love the, the stories. I love the stories. I really, I like John’s stories too. Yeah. John has, John, are you healed up? Did you get a te have to get a tetanus shot? No, I just, just, I, you know, wrapped it really good with the 3M tape and stopped bleeding all over. And it’s sealed up good now. But man, I put on my sock was a little rough ’cause I forgot. And I was like, dang, it still hurts pretty bad. Geez. You know? Did you ever catch up with the mountain lion that’s been lurking around your neighborhood? No. No. But yeah, all, all the, we’ve been researching some air guns. There’s some legit 50 cows. Yeah, there’s some 50 cows. So I get one of my wife calls and she said the neighbor just saw a mountain lion in the backyard. I was like, really? So walking their dog? Yeah. Walking their dog. And it’s not a good combination. No puppy on a string. So, and, and my wife’s dog is, you know, all of about 20 pounds or something. So I mean it’s, it’s not even a it’s cat food. That’s when the cast was on it. Yeah. I mean, anyway, so, and then didn’t someone else see it was that there the next day? They, they saw it just, just down the ridge a little bit that day again.

01:10:53:27 –> 01:11:56:18
But they said they called the DWR, they came out, but nobody came. You know, nobody came to choose the lion. It’s still there. Well, they’re not even protected. What are they gonna protected right anymore? Like no, they just want you to take care of it almost. If you have a hunting license. I mean, which you have to have to apply for anything. Yeah. Well watch, watch John shoot it and his expired the day before and it goes back to the scenario. And his Apple watch knows that because he bought it on his Apple watch. That’s my point in the, in the, the, that’s my point. And then prove that you were protecting the neighborhood and the Apple watch senses percussion from a firearm. That’s right. It’s so close to the gun. That’s right. That’s right. I mean, I think I could legally shoot it with a bow from my deck, but not a firearm. It’s legally you think’s inside the, there is some kind of code and conduct within the HOA. There’s no HOA That’s exactly why I bought this place. John is anti-government. And that’s why I can’t believe you’re so into these watches. All right. So, so I, I was the HOA president at my last Oh yeah. Residence for five years. We, let’s tell a story. King John. You mean King John. King John. I love it. I love it. So John, tell the King John story.

01:11:56:18 –> 01:13:07:24
Alright, I gotta preface it a little bit because I love this story. You know, I hate, I hate, okay, here’s what I hate overreach. I hate people who, no, you love to control other people, but that, yeah. Okay. So that’s it. I wonder why. So we move in and, and the HOA is just like a, like a Nazi, a bunch of like Nazi wannabes. Yeah. And, and they just like it, it’s so bad over the top. Yeah. Yeah. So my wife was like, you know, why don’t you run? Why don’t you just become the president? And then that way we can use the swimming pool when we want. Yeah. We can just do, you know, without, you know, without, without a 48 hour pre prior notice. Right. Or whatever they were getting on your, we don’t have to clean it. Whatever. But, but that’s the great thing is, I mean, anyway, they just come up with rules that, you know, for no reason. Like no reason we, we had like a, a big clubhouse and a theater and all this stuff, and it’s like, nothing’s being broken. We have video cameras everywhere. Why do we need someone from the board to approve everyone who uses it every time and unlock it every time. There’s no reason for it. Right. Anyway, so Yeah. I slowly, so you worked my way in and became president. Just everything with the stroke of a pen. Oh yeah. They hate you.

01:13:07:25 –> 01:14:27:04
Yeah. King John. So yeah, there were, so once a month it was the worst. And there were like six really old people there. That’s all they had to do. So they were at every HOA meeting and anyway, yeah. So they were anti John Word thing. Oh, I, I knew the bylaws and everything by heart. He memorized it and everything. So anytime they said anything, like you’d correct them. Oh, I, I just knew like, well, only people on the board have votes technically, so let’s vote right now. Anyway. And you’re the only board members sitting there? No, no. I had five board members, but Oh, they had, they had, they had clarity of thought. They had really bad presidents in the past. And so, okay. So yeah. I mean we just, they ran awesome. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, but how did you get label after five years of dealing with this? I mean Oh, so you don’t even got labels got in one of the, in one of the meetings it got pretty hot and heavy and the guy stands up. He’s like, Hey, you’re just King John. Do whatever you want the King John story. Like, I’m like, okay. Before we had a ton of problems. People were getting towed all the time, like for no reason. We had plenty of parking. Like we just, people are going out. There’s boots on the Yeah. Wheels. Anyway, so, but it was funny.

01:14:27:05 –> 01:15:29:00
Yeah, I was King John from, you know, what was the, what was the issue that caused that? I don’t know. Something to do with that swimming pool. Yeah. And well, they wanted to fill, here’s an example. They wanted to fill in we’re, it was the only, the only complex in Cedar, there’s like two that have swimming pools. Yeah. And so that’s one of the reasons that we bought there originally was because we had teenagers that just, you know, loved the pool. The pool pool. The other one was three fountains down there. Yeah. And so I used to have one too. Yeah. So it was, it was awesome. These guys that was had a swimming pool when I was a kid. Yeah. Was it? Yeah. Oh yeah. It was what? It was a, there was a swimming pool there when I was a little kid. Yeah. Well, yeah. Anyway, so it was awesome. Huge hot tub. Just anyway, it was great. But they wanted to fill it in with dirt. The swimming pool. Yeah. To be done with it. To just be done with it. ’cause they’re old, they didn’t use it. And you’re just like, dude, just to, just to do it. Yeah. Just to say, hey, we don’t use it. We think because cost too much money to heat and stuff. And we had, you know, I had all the bills and stuff receipt.

01:15:29:03 –> 01:16:47:01
You’re like, Dion, you’re all, you’re like, Dion, it’s costing you 30 cents a month. You know, like, it’s, it’s nothing. You’re like, coach Prime, I got receipts. Yeah. And Right. Like, I got the receipts if you wanna see it cost, you know. That’s right. And because that place had a pool, the value of your property is a third more than it, you know. There you go. Yeah. Pull out some survey on the internet. Throw it out on the internet. But we’re never leaving in the Yeah. What’s the price of live? Just sell. Yeah. The ruckus that causes out there, the splashing. I mean, come on. Who, what the, listen to that. I’m trying to go to bed at 6 35 every night. Yeah. So, yeah, they’re doing a cannon ball. I wouldn’t fill in the pool with cement. And one kid did a belly flop. Can you believe it? That’s a hazard. We need to protect his life. All right, John. Well, I, I should have, yeah, I should have been telling stories the whole time, but Oh, it, it was that bad. Yeah. Well anyway, yeah. So now you move to an area. So now I’m anti HOA, so I moved there. Anti-government anti, ’cause there’s no HOA, but you have all your locations on, you want all notifications. You have Life 360 or whatever that those apps are. Find my phone running. You don’t want twenty six, twenty four, seven, three, six five. You don’t want Biden knowing where you’re at.

01:16:47:03 –> 01:18:04:05
But we’ll tell China everything. Yep. No, I don’t have TikTok. Oh, I downloaded TikTok. Well, you did. Just to see one video. Now I’ve gotta get rid of it. So I never locked in. I was just know, like, what was, if somebody sends you a TikTok, there’s a lot of hunting. TikTok. Well, I mean, we’re on TikTok, right? Logan? Yeah. We’re, what’s our, for heck sakes. What’s the word? What’s our, our tick? Yeah. Or no? Well, it’s up the top. Just epic outdoors. Epic underscore Hunts or whatever. Epic Outdoors. Yeah. Okay. Oh yeah. I’ve never even seen that. Yeah, that’s a Gen Z thing, but hey, yeah. Hey, we’re on it. It’s a little bit more modern, but we’re there. We’re there. They’re never, but anyway, so yeah, sometimes you got a lot. Grab an app to do that, but then you’re run the risk. So being annihilated. Alright, are we done? Are we done nuked in your sleep? Nuked. I wanna be the last guy nuked. Actually, I don’t, everybody worries about dying. Like, I don’t know that I care. No, no. We’re all gonna die. Don’t wanna be. Why are we living in fear of every little thing? It’s like the, what was the big trays movie? Online? Oh, I’m bad. Pascal dudes in it. You know the apocalypse? Yeah. What’s, what’s the series? Yeah, there’s like a whole series. Pedro Pascal dudes. Oh, oh, last of us. Yeah. Is that what it is?

01:18:04:05 –> 01:19:09:00
Yeah. Like who wants to live in that condition? Nobody. Yeah. You don’t, you don’t wanna live in that condition call. Yeah. Well, and I don’t think we get religious very often on this, but I think that’s, if you are and you have faith in the, in the afterlife, I think it gives you at least a little less fear of that. Well, if you’re trying to be a decent dude. Yeah. But you know what I mean? It’s like nobody’s perfect, but like, but you’re also, even death is not the end of like the worst thing that could happen anymore. That’s a fact. That does, that does add confidence. You’re right. Yeah. Confidence. But it also, but it also is the reality side of the brain. Like you wanna be hiding around from spores and stuff that you can’t even see. You don’t even, I mean, you’re the last person. No, whatever. Food storage is getting old at that point. I’m sick of heart potato, pearls and freaking whatever else. Hey, you know, some of it needs to be rotated. I just hope I get all mine rotated before I die so I don’t waste it. Better start boss. So I don’t waste any. You better start. I got tubes of toothpaste. I don’t know, a mile deep. That stuff turns to concrete. You can use it for, you can use it for, you know, tile. Yeah. Clock and cement.

01:19:09:00 –> 01:20:34:19
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