In this episode the crew sits down to discuss what the Utah Hunt Expo will look like for Epic Outdoors this year. We will have some great deals on optics available at our booth so make sure to stop by and check out our inventory. The crew discusses their plans for the coming year and talks about some tough decisions with applications.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Aila. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, and the entire epic outdoors crew. Minus John John’s getting ready for the expo, by the way, everybody, are y’all ready for the expo? I’ve been taking all my vitamins. Yes. What’s, what’s your berry? You talk about, what’s your go-to? Sam Mucus. Sam Mucus, yeah. Elderberry, elderberry, elderberry. Vitamin C through A through Z. I mean, it’s just of supplements. Not that we fear people we come in contact with, but there’s just a lot of hands shaking and talking that goes on there. So we like to boost the immune system. So we got, we got Devin’s eyes squared away. Devin, you’re not, we figured out you’re, you’re allergic to some kind of acid. Possibly. What? Boric acid. Dang. Yeah, he, he’s been okay. So I would think everybody would be allergic to boric acid, but I guess not. It’s good for some people, not me. Maybe. I don’t know. So Devin has recovering from LASIK a month ago and you know the treatment after, after you have that is to keep your eyes wet with certain drops. Some of ’em, which have boric acid, which is not good if you’re allergic to boric acid. He’s been a long 35. And we have a little local doctor that’s like, Hey, by the way, try these. Might be allergic to something. Stop taking everything you’re taking and I feel better. Imagine that.

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And you’ve already had another appointment up north for, with the main doctors. Oh, and they didn’t catch it, right? They didn’t, I mean, without being there. They know it’s hard to see. Yeah. Yeah. Just really bad, bad luck Looked like a tweaker for 40 days. He was pretty Well, yeah. If you saw me in Reno at sheep show, I, I’m not a crack head. I mean it got bad enough. He had a dentist looking at his eyes. Well, and a dentist was trying to prescribe medication for you. Shout out to Ryan. Thank you my friend. Don’t say he’s helping me. Don don’t say his last name because they might jerk his license. He was trying, he was trying to prescribe stuff for I was outta antibiotics. That’s a big deal. You start crossing from mouths to eyes, that’s when liability insurance policy quits. Okay. Malpractice stops. So we are gonna be headed to the expo that is happening this next week, February 15th to the 18th. 2024. That is this year. Can you believe it’s already 2024? And we’re gonna be having some deals. Josh, you want to kind of talk about a little bit of that? We have a big booth, 20 by 50 every single year. Epic outdoors, same spot. We’ll be talking to people and we’ll be selling optics and memberships and all kinds of things and talking, hunting and there’s gonna be some crazy good deals. Yeah.

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We’re gonna be on the corner selling optics again. You’ll see us there. We’ve been authorized to have some special pricing there and you won’t beat it anywhere else. So there’s no reason to even look anywhere else. The only reason you need to look anywhere else is go find a Zeiss booth or AUA booth or something. And if you need to look there and then just come buy it from us. ’cause they actually don’t even sell product. They’re good to talk to though. They are. Yeah, they are. And they have, they have usually one of about everything, which, you know, even stuff for a, I dunno, burger, ICUC burger type stuff. Come on, we’re gonna give ’em free shoutouts. They’re probably selling more product because of us. The I-C-U-C-I guarantee. Monster is, why don’t I guarantee, why don’t you explain the I-I-C-U-C? Let’s just give ’em a free shoutout. Go ahead. If I’m looking at an animal, I could put something up to my face and you can look, I have to put my cheek right next to yours, basically. Yes. But you know, hills, that was always a problem I thought, in the hills. People are, it’s a good, friendly, good husband and wife tool, I think. But that’s where you draw the line. But anyway, here’s the buck. You don’t see it? I do. That’s cool. All right. So anyway, we’ll be there at the Hunt expo. Go to hunt

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There’s also QR codes listed in our publication. We have a, a full page ad in there. You can kind of check it out and then go register for those tags. Right? Right. Absolutely. We’ve known a lot of people to draw, including my son Colton, drew an an animal tag, Southwest Desert. How about I, geez, kind of crazy. I’m still unsuccessful. It’s one of our years telling, I feel years. This has been around every year is deon’s year. Yep. It’s gonna be my year. Oh, 24. Like Josh, like Josh said, we’re gonna have some great deals on optics and we are authorized to at the, at this show, it’s gonna end what, Sunday at four o’clock. Whenever it ends this show pricing’s gonna end. So stop by. We also offer a few little things to sweeten the dough. You want to read a few of those off, Josh? A couple different products maybe? Yeah, we’ve got, we got a lot of zes rifle scopes. Several of us have those scopes on our guns and we really like ’em and use ’em. So yeah, every, every Zes rifle scope you buy, we’re gonna throw in a free set of rings, zes rings, and those are not cheap rings. They’re, I mean that’s $180 pair bubble levels on ’em. Everything. Yeah. It’s got a little bubble level built onto it. And I’ve used them on both of my rifles that I’ve put together as of late.

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So that’ll be some of the things. As well as just some special pricing on some of like the SFL binoculars and stuff, knocking those down a lot. So if you’re looking for some, some binos or rifle scopes, anything like that, spotting scopes, we’re gonna have all that with Xi stuff there. Ro, we’re, we’re just gonna have some pretty phenomenal pricing that, and our inventory is no joke. Yep. I mean we we’re gonna have plenty of it. Whatever you need Bro’s told us we’re to come back with no optics left. Right. Well, we’re also gonna have a new tripod. There we go. Yeah, exactly. Tripods, plural. We got a backpack and accessories and a regular one. They can, yeah. All the accessories. They, they’ve been a big hit. We’ve sold a lot of them at the, I think that regular tripod will fi like six foot eight guy. Oh. Easily. I mean, I don’t know. You can have a Utah Jazz team come by and do it while roast. I don’t think we’re gonna advertise at all. Greg Ostertag is gonna be in the booth between, on Saturday between one and three. Hey, he’s a tripod, but they are legit tripods. If you want to come check ’em out. There’s some scientists here in the room that have built it and it’s amazing. It can be seen on the back cover of the magazine. Yeah. Back cover. I actually love the, the return tension.

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We can talk a little bit about that. Why dive in on it? The return tension? Yeah. Or anything about the tripod that you like. No, I just know the scientists here at Epic Outdoor of design. Oh, the scientist. The tripod. Okay. So let’s just talk about that. How did that get authorized? Can we, there’s only one person in this room that knew about that. Who was that? That’s not in this room, I admit. Oh yeah. There’s only one person, two people. John and my wife. And we didn’t know about it until it went to print. Yeah. And then Jenna’s like, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. John told me to keep a secret. Okay. No secrets. Now we know why husband and wife were supposed to have no secrets. Yeah. Anyway, it was fine. It’s all in fun. But it, it was good. We all be expect at the expo. We all expect to be addressed as doctor or professor while we’re there. What would you prefer? Bronson? Professor Bronson pro. Probably Doctor rolls off the tongue easier. Dr. Bronson, if you were a doctor, what kind of doctor would you be? Probably be a dentist that tries to prescribe eye medication for people. That’s, I was gonna say, so I was gonna say Devin’s even we’re, we’re actually bringing a special little corner of the booth. We’re gonna have some black screens. If you need to talk to someone, Devin can pull you in there.

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Look at a rash. I don’t know what else. Like the blue 10 on the football game. Yeah, we can zip it up. He is in there. Yeah. Looking for Devin. Oh, he’s in the Blue Tech. Go ahead. Yeah. Can’t see what’s going on in there. Oh, he’s got a concussion. You’re out. So he’s been concussed for many years. Anyway, what else did we, yeah, yeah. We come by, check out the tripods. They’ve been a big hit. We’ve sold a lot of ’em already so far. The few of the shows we’ve been to. And so we’ll have those there Also. Vortex, we got a few cool things with, with Vortex going on. Basically we’re feeling generous. And for every vortex piece of glass you purchase, come by the booth, you’re gonna get a free ticket into a bin. We’re gonna give away a pair of the Fury. 5,000 abs. That’s joke about that joke. That’s for Vortex Glass purchase. Not Yep. Yeah, just something we’re running through VOR Vortex. So have you buy a Vortex piece? You get a ticket in for the Yep. If you buy two pieces, you get two tickets in. Yeah. How, and we’re gonna have like some other giveaways. We’re giving away like three other spotting scopes. Oh yeah. Yeah. We’ll be doing three spotting scopes.

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I, I, I apologize on all the details on that, but I know it’s, if you purchase over a hundred dollars a tickets, sign up as a new membership. Buy an Optic through us. You’re gonna get a such a SRO or something. Yeah. Anything you’re gonna get bunch of instead a free ticket in for a Rev 65 spotting scope. And we’re gonna have three winners on that. Yeah, we’re gonna have three of those. So we’re just gonna be giving all kinds of stuff away. There. Feels like, feels like a giveaway. It’s a straight up giveaway. Anyway. We’re gonna be giving away Free, free if you need glass free monsters. Yeah. Free monsters. That’s kind of a standard, isn’t it? Do we even need to announce that anymore? Yeah, we, this is gonna be no joke. Is it? Yeah. John John’s working on some stuff behind the scenes. What about my idea for children? 14 years of age. Earl Earl. Yeah. It monster. There we go. There are some standards Disclaimer there. Little time that 7-year-old, just, there was one time that the Monster girls were possibly gonna show up at the booth and that, that Yeah, that got stopped just in time. That’s good. That got stopped. It is. But there’s gonna be pallets of monster pallets. And then probably the last thing as well, for any optic that we sell, we’re actually gonna be teaming up with phone scope.

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They’re gonna be just across the hall from us right there. So it’ll be easy. If you buy an optic from us, you can take a, your receipt, a piece of paper we give you and walk over to them. They’re actually gonna give you a free adapter for that, that optic. So the ring that goes on the, the optic for that. You’ll just have, you have to obviously have to buy the phone case, but you may already have that. But if you’re buying a new one and you wanna make sure you can start. Yep. What are we gonna start own charging for? Stuff like that’s, I don’t know, like we’re supposed to sell stuff at some point. Yeah, I guess we’ll get to that. Yeah. We just talked about free monster. Free free this and that. What else? What are you bringing for Free Carter? I don’t know. I’m bringing a couple rifles. I wanna show people. Are you Well, the Fierce and the Red Rock rifles all set up with the ZI sell. No, I’d never sell those guns. Okay. We’ll be giving away one of those too. In our hunt giveaway. Yeah, we are Rifle. Yeah. Yeah. I thought you were gonna say we’re giving away one of Jason Carter’s rifles ars. Yeah, I’ve got, geez, Devin wants to look at my arsenal. Is this the time we play the George Strait song? Just give it away. Yeah, just give it away.

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So I want, right before we leave what we’re talking about, we’re, so we have member pricing on optics, right? Yep. We sell optics, we have member pricing. It, it’s really, it’s not beat out there in the industry. This is better. The expo pricing is better than that. It’s So you have to tell Sunday to figure that out. Come by the booth. If we don’t have it, you can order it through us. We’ll put an order in right there. Swipe your card, whatever. And you’re, you’re locked in at Expo pricing. After that, we changed pricing back to member pricing, which is incredible. It’s better than anything you can find online. But having said that, coming by the booth is a big deal. So come by the booth. Not, we’re not just optics dealers. Of course we’re talking hunting. That’s, this business was built on hunting information Western big game hunting information, right, Bronson? That’s right. And Monster. It built on Monster. It was built on Monster. Yeah. We, we always say they owe us for freak shoutouts, but really we kind of owe them the whole, the whole business fueled by Monster. And now, I don’t know, Bronson drinks all kinds of crazy drink relight. We got Redmond. We got relight. Those aren’t the next phase is built on relight. Good. Those, those aren’t crazy. I I just have a, I like it. Sometimes the pellet’s craving a different taste. Stay hydrated. That’s right. It’s unbelievable.

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I actually like it. I actually, you guys like it Drink for your water too. We appreciate hurt Blake Butler stopping by loading us up with Relight and some of that other, all their other products. Now we’re just, we’re kind of getting hooked on it. So we got between Monster and Relight. I’m peeing all night long. I’m just gonna tell you as old man syndrome. It’s every two hours. Now we know why. We got a, got a couple of pistols I guess. What do you Oh, hiding in the woods. Alaska on What? If you’re gonna be up all night? Oh yeah. Zip. You got one from both hands. Zip. Josh, you and I, you and I are gonna be fully loaded and ready to go, but we’re gonna have the buddy system. Do I have to hold the light? No, you’re, you’re getting up every two hours on the hour, boss. Okay. You got the handgun and that new flashlight. You guys have to light up Alaska. I’m gonna be safe. I’m sure we can. And Wyatt, how many hand he can bear? You know, get, you know, just tackle each other. Just wrestle. Wyatt said he’s Wyatt. You’re the last one to, to buy a pistol. We got Devin that’s gonna save you, but you’re not gonna save Devin. And he’s self-proclaimed shaki ast hand in the west gets in a bad situation. He can just toss it out, you know, dress on a bear.

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Just toss it over over to me. Still pistol whip. It’s that simple. It’s true. Oh, hey Wyatt, here’s my gun. Shoot the bear that’s laying on top of me. I gave, I gave Wyatt permission today. If there’s a bear on me, shoot it. If you hit me, you hit me. It is what it’s, it’s kind like, and I kind of agree with that after listening to that last podcast. Kind of. If it’s your time, it’s your time. Just go ahead and pull the trigger. It’s kinda like the do not, I’d rather DNR take on your do not re resuscitate. It’s kinda like, just, just authorize somebody. That’s true. We, we decide to your paperwork before we go. I mean, just try not to hit me. But don’t, don’t worry about the risk if it goes through the bear and comes into you, you might, that’s way I go. You might live, it’s not gonna go, it’s not gonna kill you. That’s my, unless it’s, it’s gonna be slowed down to 700 feet a second at three feet, it’s still might kill. So anyway, these 10 mills now we’ve, we’re, we’re, we’ve single handedly sold what? Six or seven of those today? Well, today. But yeah, anyway. You’re welcome Gary. Lots of people want to be prepared. Gary, Gary’s our gun pimp. Alright. Hell, he is, he’s selling them like this. Anybody needs a pistol? Let us, let us know.

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We’re gonna refer you to our buddy Gary. There’s not even a gas station on the corner in LA that sells more pistols than the Sinclair. That’s right. Ruby’s hand. Well, and if we ordered them ourselves, it would look, we’d be red flagged. We didn’t want to order that many all once. ’cause pistols were treated a little bit different with the FF Well, I mean, and we just, we’re not really, we’re not in the pistol game. We we’re not really a gun. We could be but salesman, but we sell hunting rifles. But Gary, start off sudden Gary, Gary treats pallet pallets of 10 mm. Show up with ammo. You know, anyway, stuff’s gonna happen. We, we just, I I want Devin to attend one of those front site courses before, just for safety for what? I can hit things I just shake a little bit. Especially when’s, especially when it’s a bear. Yeah. 800 pound bear in the heat of the moment. If that a, I think you’d be shocked by it. That Bear podcast was heavily, people are, it’s jarred. Some people, people are buying pistols that are never going in the bear woods. Just in case they go in the bear woods, they live in South Texas, but they’re buying em. It’s true. All right, well anyway, so let’s also, let’s talk about our epic hunt giveaway a little bit. Why? Okay, you want to start us off? So deadline’s coming up February 29th.

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There’ll be options to enter there at the expo. Of course, you know, buy a membership, gift a membership or sign up for license application service. We’ll give you a ticket as well, or a refer a friend, I guess is the other, other way to do it. Giving away some great hunts. First one I guess is gonna be, I guess the first one. And the big one would be a British Columbia stone sheep hunt with some great outfitters that we’ve worked with for a long time. Folding or stone? Folding mountain outfitters up there. They’ve had a great season this last year and I expect it to continue. How about John Hymes coming in the office? Yes. Coming in the office. And he’s right there. He’s the poster child killed a dark, beautiful big ram. Fun to talk to him. Fun to talk to him about his hunt. He said it’s the number one, his number one all time best hunt of his entire life. Just an incredible experience. Well, and we all, if you paid attention at all on the prices of sheep tags, whether they be doll sheep, which are double what they were seems like five years ago. Yeah. But stone sheep double what they were four or five years ago. It feels like. Yeah. This, these are no joke. And it’s slightly unfortunate that maybe they’re getting, they’re pricing a lot of people out of it.

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But here’s a way to, here’s a way to win one with whatever you means. You got to put a few tickets in, join, refer people to join, whatever. This is a no joke. You know, 80 grand, $85,000 stone sheet hunt. And, and it’s not like it’s bad dates, you know, it’s, it’s just, it’s a hunt. Anybody would want to die to go on August 12th to the 24th, 2025. It’s not like we got you in October. You know, in BC snow, no up in the clouds. Really want you to have a longhaired cape. It’s not. So anyway, it’s an awesome hunt there. So maybe de what, what else? Keep going down the list real quick, quick doing, doing two elk hunts this year. A pilot Peak, Utah and Nevada. That unit runs the state line runs right through the center of it. So you can actually hunt two states. It’s super awesome. Solid hunt, but some giant bulls kill out there. And then another elk hunt in Nevada. Oh oh seven six to oh 81. I love that place. It’s an awesome elk outcome. And you get to choose your season. So if you’re an archery guy, you go archery rifle muzzle or whatever you want. That’s in 2024. So the last hunter hunt winner on that one was just completely shocked on the number of bulls he was seeing a today. Yeah. We’ve had a hunt winner. Kill three 70 bull in that hunt.

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Nobody ever fact it might be picture right there. Nobody ever complains about. That’s one of them. Yeah, I believe it is. Yeah. That’s one of them. Yep. Pretty awesome. We’re proud. We’re proud of these hunts. Just world class elk hunts. And so anyway, it’s awesome. What else we got on there? Oh, we’re also giving away a Nevada deer hunt there in 2 31. Some great deer getting pulled outta there on a landowner tag there. $21,000 hunt. Incredible opportunity. If you can’t afford 21,000, then here’s an opportunity. Throw a ticket in the hat and Greg Kro try to get there. Muggy on Rear Outfitters. We, we appreciate our partnership with Greg. He’s just, he’s one of the best. I feel like he pioneered Nevada even though he was a non-resident when he was, when he started there and, and currently a non-resident, but has a, a local number. I mean, ’cause he is been there so long. But anyway, what a, what a great hunt. Great people. Some of the best in the industry. Unit 2 31 produced 215 inch of this last year. You pick your season on that one too, right? Yeah. Pick your season and once your guide, you know, time with the outfitter comes and goes. You can stay, you can stay until you kill. As long as the season’s in progress. So anyway, it’s a landlord tag that’s in your name tag alone’s worth probably 17 five if you could find one 15.

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Plus some guys are up over 20. Yeah. So what else do we got on there? Got another meal there. Hunt. This one’s in northern Utah with bucks and Bulls Outfitters. September one to five, which is one stuff gets going on. CW Mus in northern Utah, you’re hunting pre scouted, summer bachelor bucks, velvet hunt, first crack at things on the place. It’s a very unique opportunity to kill trophy velvet, mule deer there. September one to five of 2024. It’s gonna be, it’s always another popular one. You know, fairly moderate terrain on the ranch. So anybody can do that. And Nevada’s not rough either. I’m just trying to, just trying to give you an idea. These are not like, you know, anybody can do most of these hunts. So, okay, next up we’ve got cos deer hunt for two hunters. You know, we’ve, we bought this hunt for two guys instead of giving two individual hunts away, which actually for a party of two we, we will draw a name and that winter we’ll be able to take a family member buddy or whatever. So anyway, pretty awesome. Mexico K deer with cuco. Sid Rancho Benito trophy hunts. December, 2024. This upcoming December through January, 2025 with real flexible dates. So you’d work out a date with Cuco. One of the best guys in the industry down there. God, we had a hot winter. Killed an absolute monster with him. Anyway. Pretty, pretty incredible.

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I think it was in the one twenties, if I remember right. Do you remember? It was, yeah, it was right at one 20. 2021. Yeah. Kind of crazy. So pretty awesome. Just, just an incredible hunt that any one of us would want ourselves. So we’ve got that one. And then we also have an Idaho wolf hunt for two hunters. Five day hunt with Heart X outfitters. Gus Thorson just up in the Frank Church wilderness. It’s just, what an incredible experience he’s touting. He gives every single hunter that goes with him has an opportunity to wolf, but people just lose their mind. And sometimes getting him killed can be a little bit western, but pretty awesome. What an experience. You’ll be able to go with a buddy as well on that. That one that’s, that’s for a party of two, be two winners. But don’t, we’re gonna pull one ticket and be for whoever wins it. Plus somebody of their choice. We also have an epic gear package. Bronson, this is no joke. Yeah, the last package there, we got a fierce firearm twisted rival 300 rum. We also got a 2024 Hoyt compound bow. You know, you’ve seen the new bows being released by Ho Hoyt or being announced at least. And so you’ll be able to pick your, your model there that you want, that fits you, things like that. Like a geovid Pro 30 twos ZE V four rifle scope six to 24 by 50.

00:21:25:10 –> 00:22:23:28
Vortex U hd 18 X 56, and a swirl spot and scope and ip. So anyway, $15,500 gear package there. So lots to win. Lots of great hunts, obviously great gear. We also got a bonus hunt for, if you buy, what a lots of four to $500 package. You get a $10,000 hunt credit to book toward any hunt of your choice. Choosing on there with any outfitters that we have. Doesn’t have to be this year, but we’ll write the check when you tell us who to write it to. So that worked out out really good for the guy who won it last time. Yeah, he did. He he smashed it. It, yeah. Mid three forties, three 50 bull in Utah on just put a, and we wrote the check, check. He a cancellation hunt up paying like five grand for the hunt. Right. And then we wrote a check to the outfitter. Yeah. And then he paid the difference, like maybe four or five grand. I can’t remember what the difference was, but yeah, he stole that one got a good, it was an awesome bull man. So anyway, there’s no strings attached. It’s not like, yeah, we’ll give you a little bit of hunt credit. And we work with the outfitter on it. We write a check. We wrote a check for 10 K on that one. All right. Pretty awesome. Again, deadline’s February 29th.

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There’s a variety of ways to get your name in the hat, get your name in there. Just an awesome opportunity. We believe you should have your name in every hat draws across the west or whatever it is. If you’re, if you’re ever gonna win it, you gotta have your name in that. Where do you draw the line personally? I don’t know. I was, I was thinking, I knew this was gonna, do you have antelope? So I knew this was, I knew this was gonna come up. I knew you have sticky notes you haven’t told us about. I don’t have stick brought it up. You said every, so I had, but we all had lines. I had, there was no lines last year. And this year’s, there’s lots of lines. Let’s, I had every tag known to man last year. And you reminded me. Hey, did you have a Navajo tag? I may or may not have. Did you have a New Mexico deer tag? I may or may not have. What, what tags, how many tags did you have in, in January alone? Quite a few. So I feel bad right now. February, 1st of February. How many tags do you already have? I don’t know. Too many to count. I do not recall too many to count. No. I’ve got a couple, not enough. With the weather. Three, at least three gpe, gpe weather. I’m looking for more.

00:23:28:09 –> 00:24:46:01
Yeah, I have, things have changed a lot in 30, 35 days around. Well Utah, especially central and Southern, we were all hovering about 40 to 50%. And ever since January we’ve kind of ever had four or five days. That’s another storm. And this last week’s been just nonstop, crazy, crushing some wet, wet, soggy snow. Not having to fight it in town, which is kind of nice. At least in Cedar City. Other towns, Bryce Canyon and all that. They’re sick of pushing. Nevada’s got a foot on the level down in the bottom of the valleys and parts of it. It’s crazy. Brand new snow, wet snow. So these later winter storms are always usually wetter. And they, let’s talk a little bit about what your, what our theory is for last year’s weather. Last year was supposed to be a chia pet year. There was the chia pet grew a little, but it wasn’t crazy. Crazy. Most places that, well yeah, Idaho, Wyoming, Northern Utah. Southern Utah. Everything’s 200% plus a norm. It was, it was unbelievable. Dare for Lake Powell. Too cold in the summer. Great for Lake Powell. We needed some hot weather, we needed some water there. But I mean, honestly, it was late May some places early June before you saw any green up on summer ranges. It would just late even winter range, mid-level mountain stuff. Yeah. It was like, you couldn’t even get to summer range till July. Yeah, it was June.

00:24:46:04 –> 00:25:52:07
I remember the first cameras I put up were mid-June and there were 30 foot snow drift still on the north sides of stuff. And so, geez, it was a great thing. ’cause we were coming off, what, three years of really, really rough snow pack years and you know, compromised, you know, range conditions, antler, growth, all that. Farm production, we’ve talked about that. And deer, hertz in Nevada, Southern Utah really being hurt and coming down. But I mean, it probably, I mean, it, it had, it had an effect on, you know, bucks probably Bulls was more than anything, but getting off to a good start. I mean, I think they were eating winter range and browse till May in a lot of places. Yeah. And when they shed in in March, I mean, it’s hard get going. Their body maintenance comes number one and yeah. What were you gonna say? Cash. It gets hard to get going on that undergrowth. Yeah. Yeah. I think we saw it. And I think some units, the deer obviously there’s other places was good. Really Well, little incidentals, like they’re just intangibles sometimes that you don’t think about all the time. And I’m thinking, how can a summer be too cool? Or how could a early spring be too cold and too not and too much moisture and maybe not the right moisture. Maybe it was snow instead of rain.

00:25:52:10 –> 00:27:01:16
And, well, if you remember when this started, it was like opening weekend to the deer hunt in Utah. The late October rifle hunt. I’m talking that first storm hit and it got cold and it honestly never warmed up until spring. It was, and spring was late. It was like we didn’t have a spring. Yeah. November. Our snow started crest degrees. The people that were hunting late season elk tags that year, remember it was like Antarctica. They were on like ham places. And it was like, I do not wanna be what, what I’m seeing in the picture. Yeah. If, yeah, if they would’ve had the, the, those late hunts that year, the archery hunts, that would’ve been rough. Those late. Yeah. And so it started in early November, late October, early November. And the storms just came relentless. And that’s why it was so hard for the deer and antelope in Wyoming and other Northern Colorado, Southeast Idaho, Northern Utah. It, it just lasted as long as it possibly, it got started and then lasted as long as it possibly could. It’s a bad recipe. This year feels completely different. We were warm and mild in almost every state, but, but it also now it feels like all these storms, some of ’em are going above us. Northern Utah’s getting crushed. A lot of it rain in the, in the valleys. I don’t think they’re piling up quite as much as they had last year.

00:27:01:16 –> 00:28:00:24
The mountains are getting a lot of snow. They’re just not gonna, when you start getting it in late January and February, they just don’t have to, you don’t have that extra two months to fight it. You know, they, they had nothing to fight until January. So I think it’s, I agree up to be a How big said all that? Why you smashed, how big was your there? It just over two 20? I mean, okay. We’re not complaining. They, he had a little bit of a chia pit here. Well, you know, Bronson, you killed a giant, that unit as well. That unit as well though. The Henry’s, I mean, it was Right. It’s a desert, you know. Yeah. Southern, southern Utah. They can be down getting green up on a unit like that. Some units you can’t. So there’s a little bit of that. San Juan had an incredible year. I mean, there’s a number of units that did good there. Bulls there was a number of giant bulls killed in Utah. There were pengu produced. Well, I mean, you guys, I mean, so it’s not like it was bad. It was just statewide though. It was, it was off here. There’s no pressure. Yeah. More of the northern part of the state, you know. Yeah. I 70 north definitely suffered. You definitely could see that. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe even a few. And Nevada is really good in a couple of their units for deer wise.

00:28:00:24 –> 00:29:09:16
And I thought it would be better. But then you start to realize, well, maybe just numbers. Not a lot deer, big deer. That’s right. That’s right. I think that’s what we’re Yeah. Talking about. But anyway, I think there’s a lot of optimism. Of course we’re, anytime it rains in Utah, Nevada, we’re, I mean, we’re the second and first dry estates in the nation. So it’s like we talk about a lot if it feels like we talk about a lot ’cause our, we’re excitement, we’re affected by, we’d live around it. Whether it be your, your farming ranching community, whether it be recreational lakes, whether it be hunting and antler growth and all that. Like we, we pray for rain drought years. You hunt stags, sheep and goats. Okay. Maybe a bison or two years like this. We’re hunting deer and elk. Right? Oh, I I, huh. I really think it’s gonna be special milder or depart. Are you calling it a cheap that year? Yeah. I think it’s gonna be phenomenal. I think elk cheap gonna be unbelievable elk. We have, especially in Utah, we have a good age structure already. It’s there. It’s just like some of our limited entry units. We already know. Like a Henry’s or gon or Oaks age structure’s there. You just, you get the right conditions. Stuff can just be next level. Unbelievable. Oak Generals. Oak Creek’s actually kind of was rough last year. It was tougher.

00:29:09:17 –> 00:30:13:15
Might be ’cause it was a little further north. Remember those, that was, that unit was also better in the drought years than the other units to the south. It’s a little bit further north, but being a little bit further north maybe it, maybe it just, it’s an ice that valley below that’s an ice box. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like it just gets held up with snow and it sits there and snows on that thing and gets a little bit more than other places should or do. I think that one’s maybe it and, but it, for the same reason, slightly further north’s a little bit better precip in the dry years than the others that did better in those dry years. So anyway, lost anticipate. So we’re expect really good things outta New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Utah. By the way, we have some landowner tags in New Mexico. Unit wide tags. Muzz order. If anybody’s interested, why give us 10 15? Yeah. Give us holler. It’s gonna be awesome. In fact, you know, with the new muzz restrictions down there, there was a, a lot of bulls that made it. And, you know, a little bit of time. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be interesting to see how that works. But there’s it. They had a great year down there last year. They did. There were some great bulls. So anyway, we’ve got that, we’ve got some landowner tags here in Utah for elk.

00:30:13:16 –> 00:31:30:13
So anybody that’s interested, give us a holler. I wanna, should we just change the subject real quick? When are we ready? Depends on what you want to change it to, I guess. But what are we gonna talk about? What do I restricted to boss? I don’t know. Logan. Oh, Logan Logan’s fair game. I heard that you participated in a mosh pit recently. I, I did. Yeah. Why don’t you tell us that story? It was a really good concert. I What, what would you like to know Why I’m a little sore today? Tret Boys’ hit you dis Reet boys. Did you dislocate your jaw? I might have ended up in a hospital after the concert. What are you crap. Me? Geez. No. What? Nope. Taylor Swift went too hard. Taylor Swift was amazing. Geez. Urgent Care in Idaho did, did pretty good. Yeah. I, I went to a concert and there was a, there was a mosh pit going on and I, I had my little sister with me and one of my friends who, who aren’t quite, is this your girl friend? No. Oh. Oh, okay. I didn’t know one of my man friends. And yeah, I was trying to get them outta there because they’re not, they’re not accustomed to that type of behavior. And so I So you were being kind? I was, yep. I was trying to get ’em outta there.

00:31:30:15 –> 00:32:30:29
And some guy, just as I was moving, some guy just whipped his elbow right into my jaw right here. And I started bleeding and I could, I could feel that it was, it was pretty bad. I was trying to hold onto my jaw and went into the bathroom and couldn’t close my mouth all the way and couldn’t open it all the way. And so I, I didn’t wanna miss the show though. So I stayed for the rest of the show and then went to an urgent care afterwards. And the doctor said that based on, since it was a flying elbow and it just got hit perfect going this way, he thinks it just displaced it temporarily and then it went back in. And so that’s why I was in so much pain. But yep. I’m on soft food for a couple of days. And soft food. I mean, yeah, he’s taking his peas and grinding ’em up. Yeah. No one Well, got plenty of Capri Suns and juice boxes. Yes, we did. Yeah. That did happen to Archibald one time too. I was Oh really? Man. Oh, I love these, these stories. I love these guys stories. Many stories. These guys have unlimited stories. I just said this morning, I’ll bet I’ve heard a thousand stories of these two and I’ve never heard the same one twice. And I love it. Me neither. I wasn’t in a mosh pit.

00:32:31:05 –> 00:33:43:04
I wish I would’ve been, that would’ve been a cooler story. He was in a very safe environment in an Eric Church concert. That woman did fall off the balcony though. What? Yes, she did. What happened there? Eric? Church? What? The chief, go ahead, Wyatt. Just tell the story. Oh, well Archibald’s always been a big fan of Ray Wiley Hubbard. Oh yeah. And that happened to be Eric Church’s come out to song or walk out song was was Snake Farm. Really? Yeah. And I yelled too loud. Yes. As soon as it started, Archibald started yelling. I gave a big woo-hoo. You know, and all of a sudden I’m like, man, my eardrum hurts. I thought I hurt my eardrum, but it was my dislocated, my jaw munch. Physical therapy yelling. I’ll talk to you out. I know how to fix that stuff. You know, saw food, diet, jaw, saddle. Yeah. Yes. Oh, so wow. Just by yelling. Yeehaw. You dislocate some around. Yeah. I mean, seems like you guys have another adding up. Seems like you guys have another concert story. Some guy. Oh, lots of them. And some guy about die or he did die. It’s arms. Yeah. Not in quite in my arms in front of us right there. Yeah. Got drug out of the front of the cops. Literally. Yeah. Outta the ambulance. Yeah. Resus. Did he literally die Ated resuscitated. Yeah. Brought him back. Said it happens all the time. Yeah.

00:33:43:04 –> 00:34:42:21
Then he celebrated, they they let him come back to the concert. He was there by the end of the night. Yeah. Wow. Did they actually shock him? Defibrillate? He said they burned him. Right? He had some kind of pacemaker. I can’t remember. Pacemaker. Yeah, he had a pacemaker or something. How, how they restarted it. They got him restarted and I mean, let him come back out. We just thought he died and we’re just like, kind of ruined the night. Like, holy cow, this is happen. Didn’t he give you something that could be able to participate? Didn’t do his rodeo. All rodeo. I, I can’t remember at this time what, what all took place there, but super nice guy outta Colorado. Made sure you were welcome at all the rodeo events. Yeah. Good. That’s awesome. Secret pass initiated, I guess kinda deal. You watch if you watch me die, I’m gonna give you three days. Logan, when can you have, when you get, when can you have a good chunk of meat again? He said about, he said probably four days on soft food. So I’m probably Saturday I’ll be good. Well, Wyatt knows all about soft foods. Wyatt, did you give your kids some soft food last night at two in the morning? Is he eating soft food? I didn’t have to feed him. No. I just had to watch him play in his bouncer for half the night.

00:34:42:21 –> 00:35:50:06
He was just ready to play, I guess. Well, hey, he’s taking after his dad, you’re supposedly a night al back in college days. The complete opposite of a night owl now. So w Wyatt hasn’t baby sat the kid for probably two or three weeks. And I think he’s looking more out this morning. He hasn’t been that long, but let’s put it this way. He came in whatever this morning, wiped out he was, he basically went on record, says, I am not responsible for the lack of productivity that I might have today. He did. He did. My wife is a saint for being able to take care of that every night. She’s awesome. No question about it. So, well we yeah, and Case is lucky to have her. Yes. Well he’s like, we, it gets better, Wyatt. Just, just hang in there. We’re almost months. We’re to five months, so, geez. That’s time flies. I still, I don’t, still haven’t seen seen the little fella. Still don’t know if you even have a kid. We, I have a photo of him, him and Wyatt in my office if you wanna see it. I also know that you work with John and he can make anything happen on a, on a graphic screen. That’s true. That’s true. So I need sometime you need to bring him in. Is he gonna come to the expo? Wyatt? I don doubt he’ll come to the expo.

00:35:50:06 –> 00:37:07:11
He is not into crowds yet. Wonder he gets that. Oh, I wonder. He needs exactly. Why? When are you gonna have another one? Oh, maybe never. He almost had to beep him. Logan almost had to beep him. Oh shit. Yeah. Oh shit. I don’t even know how to reply to that. Yeah, it’s just such an overwhelming thought. How wonderful. We’ll ask you again in six months. He’s gonna listen to this podcast in the future and realize that he was hard on me. He was no joke. Yeah, but once every two weeks. Wiping a guy out when you guys, I’m proud of you actually. I’m proud of you. I don’t know that I’ve gave it a full night. I didn’t give it quite a full night, but I gave it long enough. Oh, good stuff. All right, well Bronson, you’re up. I’m I’m out. What do you mean? I don’t know what other, we had some subjects we were gonna talk about. Well you, what you wanted to bring up was Logan Logan’s mouth. Mosh pit. Okay. Talked about that was one of them. Talked about that. Yeah. Let’s talk about some plans. Seriously. I land some of mine and it’s probably in the Fit Brewery magazine, which y’all might’ve just got. Is that that one? I did, no, that was January. I did that. I’ll go first. What we’re gonna draw in Arizona. That was well completed this week. Arizona came and went.

00:37:07:29 –> 00:38:11:27
Thankfully, it’s nice to have that Occasionally that’s been open at the Expon and it’s not anymore. Some of supplied where we don’t even know if there’s ever been an elk killed. No one of us did. Not. Some one. Okay. And then good luck. Did you apply? Oh yeah, of course. Did archery hunts down there this year? I really want an archery Elk hunter two this year. It’s kind of been my, I think I’ve been on record saying that partially because some of the deer hunts, you know, I killed a couple good ones last year, but, but one of ’em was kind of a total extracurricular tag. If it wasn’t for that one, it would’ve would’ve one day hunt in Nevada and then the rest of it would’ve been grind. It was a grind the whole rest of the year until the, I got to end with that. Nevada or New Mexico. We all got to end with that. Yeah, but I mean, I was grateful to be there. Yes. I, I mean, so you really can’t ever plan on ever duplicating that experience. So I am gonna have two, three deer tags this year. Maybe four. We’ll see. But they’re gonna be quality. Yeah. One of ’em is gonna be Utah General, which I still think is quality. You know, we all have a few places we like to spend and chased a good deer around last year.

00:38:11:27 –> 00:39:10:13
But anyway, nice to be able to pick, pick a unit, having a lifetime license. So building my year round that and have to see, see how the draws go. But I, I hope to have, yeah, Arizona Elk or maybe Montana Elk. I want a couple elk hunts this year. Depends on if I can change it up just a little. Well, it’s just, I I think they’re gonna be big balls, man. I mean, I’m, I’m much more of a deer guy than an elk guy, but I just can’t get over how good I think some of these elk states are gonna be this year. I think they’re gonna be next level. Yeah, I really do. So anyway, that’s me. I’ve already said I am going up north this year to hunt, hunt, dol sheep and caribou. That was a hunt. I won actually three years ago. I keep forgetting you have that. Yeah. Hmm. Yeah, that’s, that’s a full year. That’s what do you mean? Well, if you do that, you’re gonna do Canada. I will be home by August 10th or 12th. So like the rest of the stuff having done it. Yeah, you can’t say that’s a full year sheep and mountain caribou and Yeah. Looking forward to that one. That was a hunt. I actually won. So, I mean we just got, you know, your principal of having a name in the hat.

00:39:10:14 –> 00:40:22:00
Well, whether it’s hunt expo, whether it’s the sheep camp they have up there Saturday, whether this one happened to be at our Utah Wild Sheep Foundation banquet. They, you have to be in the room every year to win that hunt. Three years ago or so. I was, I want it. So it’s time to go and do that. Looking forward to it. I’m gonna pay for a few extra days where that whole base hunt was paid for. Appreciate sheep camp and all them for stepping in, helping cover all the rest of the stuff there in addition to Utah Wild Sheep Foundation. But anyway, yeah. So I’m gonna extend it to a 15 day hunt and try to hunt for a big ki mountain caribou there in early August. Full velvet. Anybody else wanna have him fill out their tickets? Yeah, drop bis please. I, I’ve had 99, 90 9% of my tickets lose just once a You gotta have, that means you gotta do a hundred of ’em to win one. That’s way, that’s why I look at it. I think they pull mine but they can’t read it. I’m, I’d second that. That’s a possibility. You need to go there with, with address labels. Pre-made. Yeah. That that might, you might, Dr. Kaja. Dr. Kaja, you in the room? Okay, moving on. Next guy. Nobody by the name of that. Oh, A Dr. Bronson. Oh yeah, number one, one of these four. They’ll do that.

00:40:22:14 –> 00:41:39:28
Big Big B. The big DI like it. So anyway, that’s, that’s the foundation of my year. But that’s a, that’s a late, late July early August that I’m looking forward to that. And then, yeah, get back into, you know, archery deer hopefully. And then archery elk and other deer and see what else happens in the draws. So somebody else, tell us what their plans are. Ock, you’re up. I don’t have anything. I got, come on, I got some blackout dates. You guys are talking. What do you mean you four have options. Oh, that’s what mean I got some blackout dates. Dates. What does that mean? You guys pregnant? What do you mean got another kid coming? What if not me, if we, if we are, there’s some, there’s some major I got, I got a lot bigger plans. You lose your assets. No, I’m gaining half. I’m not losing anything I’ve already lost. You gonna get half back? Yeah. Hey, we are waiting on the Alaska draw. They’ll come out next week, the expo. So that’s what’s awesome Expo you guys. And I think, well all of us. Well I didn’t this year. I’m not, I don’t have time to go there to elsewhere that timeframe. But anyway. No, just, they’re gonna do some work. Gonna go up and shoot a moose. Yeah. So I don’t know. I don’t know exactly the timeframe. So blacking out some dates there. How many to black out?

00:41:40:00 –> 00:42:45:11
I don’t know. But after, well it was talking about September one to first to the 25th. 25th by the time we got home. Yes. Yeah. So that’s why, I don’t know. I’m, it’s looking, most people look at that long in a tent as I’m not gonna sleep. Well that’s too long. Why? It’s like that’s peace and quiet. 25 days. These guys didn’t see a bull for what, seven days? Yeah. He’s gonna do the starfish in there for 25 days and sleep like a baby. Wyatt wants to scout we two in July. A long streak of not seeing a bull up there. But when they did come out, there were some good ones. Yeah. I don’t know if we’re going hunting or on an episode of loan. I don’t, I don’t know what we’re getting into. None of us know. That’s the adventure. I’m just naked and afraid. Yeah. I’ve been told to be brutal. That’ll probably be like, it’d be interesting to watch. Why Don have a little, a little, a little. It would be dash cam in these guys’ camp. No, you got the with Arch Pro GoPro heads. What did you guys get dropped in from four separate instead of being in pairs, just four separate places and alright, why let, let wakes up. Let’s get real wild in it. Let’s, let’s get real mono mono here. You guys up. Why it wakes up and wants to know where the Oreo cookie went.

00:42:45:24 –> 00:43:56:28
Don’t Devon took that before we got dropped off. Why? Why it got left with all, all, every, every mountain house is the same flavor for 15 days. No, remember he lives on Snickers bars. I did. Mount or peak refuel is a little bit different. I I actually enjoyed those meals. Mountain house was not my cup. But you’ve lived on Snickers. I did on my doll Sheep hunt. Yeah. Straight up Snickers bars. Yeah. I’m gonna live off those little birds this time. Grouse some gro taking a 22 looked bird shop. I looked at those things for so many days and I was just like, I’ve never GaN never thought about fried chicken and greatest churches, churches, chicken churches, fat, Alberts, Chesters, Popeye’s, whatever. TFC. You wanted some poultry? Yes. Are you gonna take a 20 tooth birdshot or something? Probably. I would Gonna taking a 10 millimeter. Well look in the morning. The river beds were just chuck full of ’em. They’d all fly down. They’d just be sitting out there kinda up themselves. Yeah. Oh, I would, that’s free protein man this time. Yeah, you can’t pack enough. Give, give us your best moose call. Not on the podcast. I think we’re gonna save that for the summer. I think that’d be a good one. Lemme practice a little ka And I, we’re not going up there part of that this year.

00:43:56:28 –> 00:44:55:19
But those that are, we might, we did, we did this infamous taste testing water test about two, three years ago. And Devin Crush crushed. It was impressive. I’m just gonna say that. I’m, I’m gonna give that to you. He, he was able to nail every kind of bottled water known to mankind. And anyway, you throw some relight in there, he wouldn’t be able to tell. Oh, it’d be tough. It’d make it a little tougher. But I think we could do cash and I could get blindfolded, face the corner over there and have these guys walk in one at a time. Yep. And we just hear the lonesome cow mos and, and vote for up or down who we think’s the best. Is that, is that a challenge? Yeah. Is that a challenge being an issued right here you guys, how many moose calls have you heard? Devons in the wild? Devons has proven, I’m worried that our judges aren’t seasoned enough. I’ve spent hours and hours of my life we’ll be into the trees like a cow. So you’re just saying you’ve won no matter what No moose. No, I’m just saying I’ve, it worked. I told you I’ve got two hours a day to practice a good Este extra moan by myself in the, in the Green Lan in Yeah, in the green lanter going up.

00:44:56:00 –> 00:46:00:03
I could even stop and see if the elk like it or the We still won’t know if it’s proven until September. That’s right. That’s true. So I guess we just decide. Been there, brought a 65 inch out of the trees. He’s no joke, love struck. He is no joke. Yeah, he was well and he was getting up all night. Right. And you were le you were laying in the tent letting him, that’s just a ta teaser right there. Teaser. Just a teaser. I prefer the bull magnet to really reach out, but, alright, well I like it. I I I think we need to have that, Logan, you need to put that in your phone sometime the end of August before everybody goes their separate ways on the four corners of the earth. We need to have the moose calling unveiling for these four guys. We see if you’ve done your homework between now and then, I don’t know if why I could physically do it. Yeah, that’s what you told me. I can’t get my voice tones that way, I guess. I don’t know. He just did that so he could lay in bed while you went out. All that. I was at Raker. I, I had a scapulae just up and down on the trees. Just working it. Yeah. That’s another thing. We physically harder than that. We need to get a, somehow get a big scapula and get it dried out.

00:46:00:10 –> 00:46:56:17
Any of you beef butchers out there right now, they’re listening to the podcast that you trim, trim and all F on there and you wanna box box three or four up, throw ’em in the mail, have to visit with old TNA or something. Be much appreciated. Right. That or we just cut off the bottom of a oil bottle, we’d probably be just fine. You get to carry a bone this big in your, in your carry On our, well we did. We did. Oh, none of them carry on. We found the scalpel up there. Yeah, we found one randomly. Yeah. I mean to me, but it’s also the color when they, when they come out, you hold that up like the paddle. See that? Yeah, that’s right. Like flagging an animal. You wouldn’t want a blue one. You don’t want a yellow bottle of Prestone jugs to come like dello 400 or something. Anyway, I think you better have the real thing. Real bone. And why I don’t I You hunted both with your dad like two years, three years ago. Maybe it’s four. I dunno. But you could have kept those two right there. That would’ve been perfect timing off your dad’s mo. They were shiro and I said that deliberately for all you guys. They were, it’s gotten detachable. Somebody it on the phone this morning.

00:46:56:26 –> 00:48:00:18
Shiro, you said it somebody, you were certain people call him Shiraz moose, but like you’re now getting in the habit where it’s just rattling outta. I think it was me. I thought about that. I was like, I need to stop saying that. You do. I think it was because people are gonna be like, really? They don’t know what they’re even talking about. Doesn’t how to say. But anyway, your dad shi shi. He said it this morning. Would’ve been great to keep those. You, you packed them off. It would’ve been a good thing. Throw them in the beetle pile and slick them up and that’d been good. Maybe we’d go back to the kill site. I could find it. Huh? Really? Maybe go back. Did you? Oh no, I did. I quartered it. So they made it to a butcher shop. Dang. Yeah, they’re long gone. Yeah. I don’t know if a beef scapula’s gonna sound the same as a moose scapula. Why? It’ll have to test that one out. Okay, well that’s pretty, just saying we’re getting pretty particular beef. Beef might be thick. It might not have the same tones and all that. It just might be blocky sounding. Maybe it’ll be closer to act to actual antler though. Maybe. Yeah. Never know. It might, and it might be more like an Alaska Yukon moose, a shiro scapula might not, might be like a whitetailed deer. They might not really buy it. Shiro. Oh boy.

00:48:01:16 –> 00:49:06:03
I do know they’re shiru. But we’re just having fun here. People, before we get the comments. Oh, who else? Somebody else talk about your year. I divulged cash. Let’s, I should have an archery deer tag this year in theory. Nice. I convinced my brother-in-law to point boost me. Okay. Just enough to where I think we’ll both draw. So is this a limited entry or general? No, no. Just general. No, just a general. So any more. That’s kind of a, as a big win, you know, with the tech, so Yeah. Yeah. Other than that, nothing really set of luck. The draw. Luck of the draw. Luck of the draw. Hoping, hoping for random tags somewhere or whatever. But there were some big bucks killed on the general last year in some of these units. Yep. Great opportunity. I think it’s one of those overlooked opportunities when you don’t, don’t have the commercialized pressures. What else did you say was the most underutilized opportunity for non-residents in the state of Utah? The other day that I said, I want you to say that on a hot mic. It was this morning. Dedicated hunter. Yeah. The dedicated hunter for non-residents. Go look at the odds. Dedicated hunter. You can get a point for dedicated hunter. You can get a point for general. You can get a point for limited entry deer. Three different deer points.

00:49:06:03 –> 00:50:11:01
And I’m just saying you get to have a deer tag for three years and you can have all the seasons and he killed two deer in three years. Yeah. You gotta buy your hours ’cause you’re not gonna be able to come here and work them 40 bucks an hour, 32 hours. I mean, but but dude, that’s a, that’s one of the most underutilized opportunities. Look what people are doing. It’s a in virtual waiting rooms in Idaho. Oh yeah. Yeah. And in the Arizona. But the, the reason for that is it’s a set aside number of tags. It’s not like an up to like some of these. Not like you’re out residents. It’s a popular program. The non-residents get a set aside for the tax and most units, they don’t even have enough applicants for the tax do they? No. We’ve looked at the odds. I’m just saying it’s, yeah. And, and we’ve got the odds in our publication. We’ve talked about it. Got ’em in the online. If you wanna research one, do it. Honestly, there’s some of these limited draw units. You asked, you asked me would you rather have a X tag or your general, I’d rather have a general in a lot of cases. What, what X tag? What was we play the, would you rather game down here quite a bit? Sometimes you and Devin play that right now. Go ahead. But would you rather, okay. I’ll play it.

00:50:12:02 –> 00:51:43:13
Would you rather have Who you asking? You you. No, I don’t wanna play anybody. Okay. Okay. Somebody else. Floyd a Floyd Canyon Hams. Oh, come on. Tag. Well, hey, it’s a limited entry deer tag. Would you rather that or your pick of a general seasoned deer unit or dedicated question? No question. What? Say it? I mean, not the hams. Okay. I think I’d say this absolutely the same thing. I’d take a hams and others, but not that one. Yeah. Well that narrows it down to two. Two others. I know Morgan, south, rich, rich. I just don’t wanna say it. The Morgan South threat. I don’t know. Maybe. So anyway, let’s, let’s move on. Bronson, would you rather, would you rather have and I and you have to answer it. So just be honest with me. You’re gonna say you’re, you’re gonna be honest, right? Honest. No, he has to be, it’s the wood. You rather would you rather have a book, cliffs, whatever you’re about to say. Whatever you’re about to say next. Whatever the second option is Vernon Archery. Vernon Archery or, or a Pine Valley. Any season on Pine Valley. Pine Valley. Yeah. That’s also biased. ’cause I live close to that and can put time into it. Scouting. And I’ve never been on Would you rather have a book Cliffs Archery or the Bajo General Archery. A bajo dude. Yeah, that’s legit. That’s saying a lot. Not even Wyatt. You’d answer the same.

00:51:44:00 –> 00:52:53:16
What? I don’t know. He’s the book Cliffs King. I know he’s the one, he’s the one trying to get his going on book. Why is actually he a friend of the book Cliffs? He’s looking at book, the book Cliffs in a positive Light. Well, with the Chia Pet Year, part of the reason is tag numbers have been, he tags cut over there the last few years. And the archery and muzzle loader, you can hunt the whole unit. You don’t have to do north or south like the rifle. So, I mean, I’m not, once again, you picked the wrong unit. I grew up on San Juan Bajo. No, I picked the right unit. I knew what you meaning I was, I would pick that over a lot of things in Utah. So Wyatt, k Bronson, you, you put Wyatt on the spot. I has a good one. The other they used to have to do with like spotters and stuff on the boot Cat. Talk about that. So who would you rather be? Your wingman? It was kind of in the spirit of talk Top gun. Who would, you’d you want your, be your wingman, but I I don’t think we’re gonna go down that road. Shouldn’t go down that road. But I don’t know. I I, there’s a lot of cool scenarios. Why would you rather have a, a LaSalle Dolores Deer or a Pine Valley deer attack? Ooh, that’s what season on Dolores. Yeah.

00:52:53:16 –> 00:54:21:15
What season? Whatever. What do you, what do you think that rifle or muzzle? ’cause it’s deep, deep. I would say that the, the late rifle on Pine Valley. Oh, the October rifle on Pine Valley. I use both of October. No, there’s yeah, the later one. Yeah, the later October. Or Dolores. I take the Dolores. Yeah, you get Dolores is freaking fun. Yeah, it’s But there were bigger bucks killed on Pine Valley than Dolores. Yeah. Yeah. Probably true upper teens. Yeah. All right. It’s getting a little stale in here. Yeah, it’s a little too serious. I had to put the thought into it. Okay, Josh. All right. Josh, would you rather give us something? What is something for good for Josh? Who can think something? Would you rather have a ponant? Hold on, hold on. This is, this is a strange question. Management back. Oh, would you rather have a ponant archery deer tag or a Pengu Lake archery elk tag? That’s a hard ah in. I like it. And it’s in the same year. So both of them are growing Chia Pet your this year Fullest potential. You have five seconds left. He loves, he loves Spanglish. You gotta decide. That’s a tough one man. Or you ain’t gonna get either if you don’t answer dude, come on a deer probably. Ooh, wow. Why would you say that? I need to kill a big deer. Okay. Yeah, he’s got a four 15 ball.

00:54:21:15 –> 00:55:40:01
Oh, hey Jason, you got a four 15? No, I do. So who needs, who needs another one for hell sakes. I need milk. I do. I need smoke tags. Well, this game has been fun. I like it. Logan, what do you got? What are your plans this year? What you thinking about? Hoping for an archery elk tag this year. Wow. In Arizona General. Mm. Arizona or Utah? Where are we talking? Yeah, Arizona. Oh, cool. Well hopefully you got it. Yeah. Your dad, I think he got you kicked. Kicked off at 10 years old, right? Oh yeah. You probably didn’t know what it meant then, but now you do. Oh yeah. You’re pretty appreciative. Yes. Got some points to play with. So yeah, guy in his mid twenties with points and hunter ed points and did you Points and a gas court. Did you apply? Is the deadline already passed? Ha. Oh, he wants to break it to him. Logan, not in Arizona. Logan, are you going to buy a custom gun before you get engaged or after the marriage? What? Did she listen to this podcast? Oh, when I tell her that it’s about her. But we might not tell her this. Well, she’ll be listening to this one then. What were you telling me this morning? You’re saying like you had a whole list of stuff that you were gonna, there’s list, list of financial priorities before. You know what, what were they?

00:55:41:08 –> 00:57:04:23
Well, nice gun first. Okay. And then, you know, maybe side by side. Four wheeler. Geez. Trailer. You’re gonna be side byside are worse than your truck boss trailer. That’s fine. Just as long as the truck pulls into, I mean, it’s good enough truck. You, you’re giving him, Hey, that’s this. Isn’t that describing you pretty much Truck? I just said side by side, trailer guns, all that. If you’re, if that’s your plan, you’re gonna gonna get married till you’re 29 and a half and down talking, speaking from experience. Is that bad or good? Devon was a lot older than 29 and a half and I got married. Yeah. Oh really? Yes. Yeah, you’re right. Think about it. Maybe it’s, when I graduated college I was 29. I can’t remember to get those two mixed up. Oh boy. This is the best boy. You got married two days apart. I was in my thirties. 30. I was gonna say, I looked at 29 and a half and I’m like, I don’t know. You haven’t been married for five years. Devin, would you rather have a Northeast Nevada rifle deer tag or a Zion Deer tag? Seasoning your choice. Does that include the late muzzle dedicated tag of my choice? Yeah. Tag of your choice. I love Nevada. I’d be in Nevada. Geez. Doesn’t include the late muzzle though, huh? Because that would be tough. Yeah. Depends on how east you’re going. I don’t know.

00:57:05:04 –> 00:58:19:12
That’d be declared limited entry I guess, too. So That’s true. Okay. I I, this would you rather games a little off. I love it. But everybody palms here though. Say my unit, don’t say my unit. Don’t say my edit. Don’t edit this podcast. Yes. When I leave, these guys are gonna ask you to edit. So no I’m not. I’ll ship it through as is except for Jana. Run it by her. We did talk about a couple of things. We have to. Yeah. Do we probably been good? No, we’ve been good. Alright, we gotta move this thing along. What else are we gonna talk about? Bronson? I can’t think of anything else, but it’s kind of a February anymore is a little bit of a, I can’t say it a slow month, but it somewhat is. I mean you can apply in states like Oregon and New Mexico if you really want to. But Oregon’s deadline’s, mid-May and New Mexico’s the 20th of March, so might as well we, Arizona come out and see if you have to alter plans. Right? Unless you’re Jason did you, did you really apply for New Mexico? No. I’m like, man, you’re left loaning. I’m you’re loaning. I’m like, I’m so eight grand for like an extra almost two months. What? I’m so excited. I don’t know why. I mean, I, I, but I actually am gonna have a lot less tags this year.

00:58:20:00 –> 00:59:38:18
Last year it was like Mark, mark the minute he said that right there Last, what number is, what number is this podcast? We’re gonna write it down. 3 0 3 or so. Three three. 3 0 3 whatever minute. ’cause that is gonna be played again and it’s gonna be a lie. It’s so many. It was. Yeah. And I’m, I’m over it. I proved I could do it. I got ’em and I ate ’em. So anyway, got some plans this year. Okay. That’s good enough. Well anyway, did, did apply for Wyoming Elk and you know we can amend That’s, I can withdraw. Okay, I can withdraw. How want you, that was my only request today. Don’t talk about the amend. I, it’s kind of you pre I’ve already changed my selection three or four times. You have? Yeah. My only, the 31st. I want, I want Why don’t just ’cause I can. Well, but just, I love the option to plug and play. I, I’ve been very vocal around the office about some things I’ve done within a 15 minute shocking period. Things I bought or things, things that you guys talked me into. You. You have an amazing gun with some cool imagery. Yeah. Devices on it for wolves in precarious places or, or predators. Yeah. Texas or Utah. And now you’re trying to give it away. Well not necessarily but it’s just, I did something within the 15 minutes.

00:59:38:27 –> 01:00:41:21
You know, some people say sleep on it like, like if we get in an argument with your wife or you think about Deon has a 30 minute rule. Usually mine’s 30. I might eat more than that, but 15 minutes. If you get within 15 minutes of a really hot good idea and a unique product, I’m very vulnerable. Yeah. And you guys pre upon that, how about those 10 by 32? EL range? How about those 32 el Hey El ranges 10 by 30 twos. I got a pair of those too. They’re unbelievable. But I, I will not regret those. But may have talked you into some things here and there. What do you think Aaron? But you’re not alone. What are you thinking? Like you’re not alone like this pistol. Okay. I mean Aaron told me he bought, he did all the research, the ammo and then you reminded us you also have a 45. I don’t know where that came from. I don’t have a 45. No I don’t. I thought you said you did. No, no I don’t. Oh, I don’t have 45. What do you have? 30 eights and nines and stuff like that. Yeah. Anyway. What, what are you referring to? Deon? We don’t need to park up that tree. Just talking each other into weird things. Well luckily I was guiding you put in for apply and buy like what?

01:00:41:21 –> 01:01:44:23
Just for tags that I find in the folder that I forgot I bought because we all decided to do that. Like Idaho. Yeah, I know. Yeah. And it was after the 75 and 50% re refund deadline. So it was like, you might as well just keep it. Yeah, there. Let’s just say there are, put it this way, plenty of tags for people to get. There are plenty. People complain. You can’t get tags. It’s not true. It’s not not true. Well I was, I was guiding a, luckily I was guiding a desert sheet punt November 1st and was, ’cause I would’ve bought a deer tag there. If you just had my login information, I would’ve bought a deer tag without my knowledge. The OTC Arizona. Yeah. How many of you by raise their hands in here? Got that? Well I mean, yeah I did. Everybody met me and Logan. But we’re excited about it. I got one. Anybody here? Not five? I will say I am. I’m excited. I’m still excited about it. We just let January go by, but I’m still excited about it. Yeah, I’m glad let January go by. We kind of have to every year. Yeah. Certain units are closed so it’s not really letting it go by. But Christmas week next year or August? August in Arizona. August when every other hunt in North America is just kicking off.

01:01:45:04 –> 01:02:43:15
But we have a new fresh set of, it’s like a fresh set of downs. Huh? Of the football field. Oh no, we have a fresh set of quotas. Yeah, I know, but okay. I didn’t Anyway, but anyway, don’t ruin our excitement. Well I’m not, we’re excited to eat this tag. Hey I, I got one of those tags and I didn’t even give em any of my information. I don’t know how they got it but I’ve got one of these tags you laid down on deer. Why? Why was I was in the heat of a moment. We were trying to get a beer killed and I’m getting a phone call. I forgot Hurry. They’re selling out tags. Okay. I mean you have a matter of minutes. Are you gonna do this or not? We’re all doing it. You’re not. Wyatt Adam, dramatic. Adam, Adam, Adam. Were straight up voicemail. I had no voicemail dude. I had to FaceTime Devin. Remember Devin was in the field too. I scared a lot of D away that time. ’cause I was like this has to be serious. Why would he FaceTime me? Why it’s FaceTime. Why did it need to be FaceTime? It wouldn’t go through if I called him normal. It really, he was on silent mode. I thought. Thought that took like better service than a just a audio call. He said he called like three times and it wouldn’t work.

01:02:43:15 –> 01:03:53:12
Then he FaceTimed you and I get this FaceTime. I’m like, why? Where’s Wyatt? Whoa. This is something yeah, maybe he’s in trouble. Something CPR R advice or I don’t know, maybe case was choking. It freaked me out. How do you do mouth to mouth? I don’t know, but I answered, I’m in a concert here and it’s weird getting weird. You’re gonna have some liability if you decide to do mouth to mouth. No, it’s a good Samaritan law I that we learned about. You learn about that in CPR first aid. There’s like you’re protected if you’re doing the best you can, you just don’t want floaties in your blood. That’s all. Okay. Alright. I guess we’re wrapped up. But anyway, we’re about there. We got, we got a lot, lot of stuff to go but I we’re, we’re just gonna challenge everybody. Challenge. Yeah. Just be accepted a little bit more excite exciting when we talk about the wood rather game scenarios. Yeah. Maybe. Well these guys brought nothing. Maybe we should have some listeners send them in for Carter. Some would questions. Carter, come on. That’s a good send it in. Would you rather for anybody direct it? You kind of get to know everybody a little bit. You know their likes tastes. I would say would you rather for anybody here at the table? That’s what I mean. Not just me, not anybody. Everybody yeah.

01:03:53:12 –> 01:05:08:21
Send a van and then we’ll give you reasons of why you chose what you chose. So more than just the answer. Yeah. So you’re saying it could be educational for people Educat. Yeah. This is why this is my thoughts behind this particular hunt or why this species this year. I like it. You know what I mean? Some years you just don’t wanna do an antelope. But then there’s some of us that do antelope paper. I was just gonna give you one. Here’s wood rescues. No, I put all my Colorado points. Would you rather a Colorado muzzle loader antelope hunt in one of the better units. The state. Come on. Come on boss. Or I got all my antelope points back. Don’t that means you got options for this shit. Okay. I was busy. You’ve got that or this is not for, this is for the listeners Or what? Or what? Go ahead. What? A fifth. A fifth meal deer tag for the year because you’re about on number five if you add another deer tag. So is it a fifth meal deer tag or a muzzle loader? Open sight, loose powder, full boar. Bullet to boar. Bullet to boar loose powder. Yeah. Which one you picking? I dunno. What tag is it? This is part of the game. You only have eight stack. That’s right. There’s a gun to your head. This is Wyatt. There it is for okay, it’s in.

01:05:08:21 –> 01:06:19:07
Alright, well he’s he, he’s on record going to milder tag number five and he’s right after he promised I’m not gonna have as many milder tags. Not all of us are after antelope like you are. Trust me, I I killed three I think in my life. Maybe four big ones. Well one. Yeah, one big one. So we call it 33%. Shot him on the run. 33 after I missed him. Broadside at 300. But hey Yeah, brainstorm lightning storm like just gave him a chance. Proportions. Well that was packing him out and Eric, Eric Hunt in Arizona. Contested to that. That was kind of sketchy. We both, yeah. Ran life wonder. Yeah. Told each other to tell her wife. Alright kids. We love him. If it happened, yeah, it was sketchy anyway. Alright. Okay. Sounds good. I, I don’t know what else to add to this crazy podcast. It’s kind of in, we do have the February magazine out covers Nevada guide drawn to Mexico, Oregon, Utah. It’s pretty, pretty exciting. Utah just came out with their rakes aren’t you? Can’t even apply yet for quite some time. Month and a half more. 21st or something like that. Can’t apply for bear though. Why? Yeah. Utah Bear is now open though. Used to be kinda open at the same time. It was nice to knock ’em both out.

01:06:19:07 –> 01:07:30:27
Now bear’s a standalone and it’s gonna make all those people that think they wanna put in for bear but they gotta buy their license to do it. Do I do this and give up the two for on the big game draw? It’s a big decision for some people if you don’t know what we’re talking about. So would you rather have to, would you rather buy your license in February this year just to get a bear point or Or skip a year. Put it in April to get a two for next year. That’s cool. Oh, people are laughing ’cause they know what we’re talking about. They’ve thought about it. So I got one for Wyatt before we close. Whoa. Oh yeah. I love it when Josh speaks it. It’s gonna be slightly edgy, forever tall. Not worried about it. Wyatt, would you rather eat a fresh jalapeno from the garden? Oh Wyatt. Wyatt is not a spice guy. Wyatt can’t even have a little debit pepper. I feel ranch. There is no pepper. Devin, you know him better than anybody. What? What has been his, his maximum spicy limit is orange chicken at Pepsi. Come on. And he start and he sweats a little. It is, we were at Outback Steakhouse and the ranch was spicy for us. Yeah, yeah. We’re eating. I look at garlic on bread it at the sheep show. Garlic bread. Yeah, the garlic butter on bread’s too much.

01:07:31:01 –> 01:08:40:05
You gotta act like this. This is something I can help. It’s called, it’s called Tough It Up. That’s that what the jug of milk on the milk. The jug of milk and the fridge is for not for me. That’s probably the whole milk that Devin’s not whole milk, raw milk. That one’s been bringing I’m pasturized. Let’s hear the option B for what that was gonna be. It jalapeno or jalapeno or the ranch from Outback. That was gonna be it. Oh geez. Geez. Can’t have either. Probably have to choke down that ranch. I didn’t go to the hospital. I laughed so hard. I was eating it and I looked at it, I’m like, there’s some red flakes. It’s kind of like spicy. And I immediately looked over at WIA and he’s just kind of playing with it and I said, do you guys have red flakes in your ranch? He’s like, yes, I thought so. It’s spicy. I’m sorry, that was it. Not a bite. More on a scale of zero to wimpy, how spicy was it? I thought somebody had, I thought I put a little pepper. It was very mild. I didn’t even notice. Had to express orange chicken. So I mean it’s not like I’m trying to be brave here. Alright, it’s time to begin. It was funny. I liked that one, Josh. That was good. Beautiful. I would pay so much money to watch you eat a jalapeno. Oh, me too.

01:08:40:29 –> 01:09:47:12
I couldn’t do it. Even just a slice. Couldn’t. That’s another dare I did as a kid. You might have a seizure or something. Maybe. Literally it’s, he’s already past wise, it could be detrimental. You gotta decide if he’s white right now because he’s thinking about it. Or if it was case last night, then he’s still, when you’re up with case tonight again and you can’t sleep, just going to YouTube and and query those. Like pepper eating contests on YouTube. Oh my boy. Ty used to watch those. All the ghost peppers. Carolina. Carolina, reapers, all those. It’s next level. Yeah, the Scoville units or whatever the unit of measure for hotness that they have in a pepper. I mean it’s pretty wild. Yeah, I couldn’t do it. I mean it’s, it’s unbelievable to watch these guys. Anyway. All right. Well do we, we don’t have a code word for the optic deals, right? Coming up on the expo? No, no, we, we talked about it. We talked about it little bit. It’s up there. We’ve said it. I mean, you better be a listener, but if, if you can’t, but if you’re not, can’t come up and partake of something that we’re giving away. I don’t know. Don’t know what whatever. No hope for you. It’s not much out there. Yeah. For you then we’ve joked about, we’ve joked about playing King George. Just give it away. But over the booth we’ve got a bargain bin.

01:09:47:12 –> 01:11:08:23
I don’t know if it’ll be out front and center, but if there’s something, it’s a little bit interested in odd stuff in there, maybe odd stuff. Parts, pieces, adapters. I’m just gonna kind of clean up the office and whatever gets thrown in there, who knows what’ll end up in there. That’s in addition to all the real stuff. Dunno, don’t get rid of our new Phoenix lights there. Next level. All right, well let, let’s call it. See you next week. Everybody. See you at the expo. If you hunt in multiple states or want to expand your hunting portfolio, the Epic outdoor license and application services for you, we have dedicated hunt consultants and a team of application specialists to help you develop and achieve your short, medium, and long-term hunting goals. We do the work, you draw the tags. Epic Outdoors license app 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. The Utah Hunt Expo is right around the corner. Head over to the Epic Outdoors booth. Chat with us and get access to exclusive optics deals. Don’t miss out on the 2024 Utah Hunt Expo at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City from February 15th to the 18th, handcrafted quality. Precision rifles from start to finish is Red Rock Precision Rifles. Many of our staff use Red Rock rifles and we are excited to announce the new Red Rock, epic Mountain Rifle 2.0. Visit red rock to learn more.

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