In this episode the crew sits down and goes through another round of tough would you rather questions pertaining to their own license application strategies and hypothetical situations. We also discuss John’s close encounter with mountain lions near his house in Cedar City, UT. Finally the crew calls up a good friend, John Hymas, who had an awesome British Columbia Stone Sheep hunt this past season. That same Stone sheep hunt is also one of the hunts we are giving away in the 2024 Winter Hunt Giveaway. So, head over to our website, before February 29th, and get your name in the hat for that hunt or some of the others!

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew except for Wyatt. And maybe Cash. Where’s cash? Geez. We get to talk about these two today. If you’re not here in present, you can’t defend yourself. I’m glad I came out anyway. Pretty awesome. We came off the hills of an incredible expo and then just put out the publication, bro. And that was brutal, John. Everybody that participated, all of us here. Yeah, that was, it was brutal. Rough. It was nasty. Not gonna lie. I got expo was nasty. An hour and a half of sleep in the last three days ago today could get interesting. You seen John. You do stuff surprisingly well, John, like you do. I I, I don’t know at what point your heart’s gonna give, gonna give, but Yeah, but you do better than I think. I I would be Don’t don’t go anywhere soon, boss. It’s pretty unbelievable how the taxing that show is just physically and mentally, just the amount of time. I mean, we did those couple weeks before at Dallas and, and sheep show and you talk to people and people come by and, but, and, and it was two long weeks and I was tired after that. But you come home and you work a whole work week and it wasn’t a big deal. But Monday when my alarm went off, I was like, no.

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And, and expo give you spider veins in your legs. Yeah. It changed. It changed my voice. Oh, it changes your life. Yeah. You and Adam are sick. And weren’t you guys taking all kinds of concoctions for the last three elderberries? Oh yeah. We were. What happened? We were preparing. Probably lack. I might as well have been lack of sleep. Probably. Probably. I might as well have been taken smarties. They didn’t. I didn’t. I mean, I’m not really sick. We just both smell. What’s those little Pez candies that are Yeah, little head sugar pills. We were taking placebos such, I still believe in the elder berry, but I, I, anyway, but it lets you down this go around. Well, we’re not, you’d had to start back in December. I will say. Would not. This is not got a grip on me. I’ve got a little bit of a sniffle. That’s about all I’ve got. But that’s all you’ve got so far. I think I could probably say it, but we’re what, Friday and that we’re a week out from that. And I didn’t get anything during any of the shows. I didn’t get anything time, anything boss. Yeah. I didn’t either. How about that? Do you guys ever wash your hands? No. Never. Just kidding. It works. Trust me. If you pee on your hands, it’s like some kind of antibacterial thing, you know? Oh, that’s like if you get bit by aray used.

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I used to ask a relative of mine. You ever gonna wash your hands? I didn’t pee on them. Well, some of those bathrooms there. You gotta be careful. Oh my gosh. I’m just glad I don’t have to walk on those tacky floors anymore. Yeah, you have to have a stiff walk going in there. If not, you stick to the floor, you’ll get stuck. But yeah, it’s a, it’s a, yeah, it’s a love hate deal. ’cause if it’s too stiff, you’re gonna fall. That’s true. That’s true. It’s just, you don’t wanna be, if you in the wall, if the desk clean around the corner and down to the next one and around the next corner there’s a little bathroom and they’re clean. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody knows about ’em. Nobody knows about ’em. Yeah. Good show though. Saw many people there. Talked to many of y’all. It was good. It was awesome. Dug out this week. Got another magazine at the printer. EAG will be live shortly or probably by the time you hear this, it’ll bell probably live today. Yeah, right. I mean, so yeah, E mag’s out. I’m just gonna say it. How about that? It’s out. It’s live. What’d we cover, Bronson? Duh kidding. Ah, let’s see. All species in Colorado. Yeah. Sheep, goat and moose in Idaho. Yep. Montana deer now. Yeah. So it’s all out there for you. Start researching.

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Really the only one, well, I guess mon, you know Idaho, you can’t even apply until April. But it’s done and out. And the others, you’re due first and second of Of April. Montana the first, Colorado the second. That’s right. So anyway, we’re excited. There’s a lot of, speaking of which, we’ve got some tools, Colorado’s ti of the season. People are gonna be grinding, grinding us out on deer and elk options and things like that. And we have that minimum point square. It’s pretty easy, pretty handy. We’ve talked a lot about it. Yeah, we used it when we talked to guys, but it’s still amazing how many people don’t even look at the odds or views them and realize how much is there waiting for ’em. So I encourage you to go online. You do have to log into your members only section to be able to view the odds. You can see the EAG on there, which like I just alluded, gonna be able to see that roughly 10 days before you get in the mail. Two weeks sometimes. Who knows? So check that out and start playing around on the minimum points. Query specifically to Colorado. Colorado’s one of the states like Wyoming, Utah, Arizona. That gives a portion of the tags to the max point holders. So we, you can predictably see where those maximum point tags are being drawn. And you can set your point level at wherever you’re at.

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You know, I would recommend shaving off a couple, two, three points from where you are there to about where you’re at. Or maybe one over you’re at. Just to get a range of, of stuff that’s either able to get or right within striking distance. And then let you, let you decide how aggressive you wanna be. I mean, but anyway, very good tool. Set it from three to five or from eight to 10 points or whatever and set the season if you wanna do that second or third or fourth for deer. I love plugging and playing on that thing. Yeah, I just have fun with it. Even Arizona, there was some guys, I don’t really wanna just hunt Kaibab or the Strip and looking at some other options. There’s a minimum points query for that and it’s pretty awesome. Throw in three to 10 points. You’d be surprised. You know, there’s a got a lot of stuff, decent options down there. So anyway, a lot of moisture going on too. We’re excited about that. More moisture in the forecast, kind of. Don’t like that word moisture, but anyway, precipitation per precip. And then I guess just before we leave the expo talk, John, maybe give us a quick rundown on our tripods. We blew out of ’em, like literally hundreds of them wondering, I like what Adam said. He, he, I had somebody call me while, while we were there and said, Hey, I want a tripod.

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Set it aside for me. Of course we were busy and I thought there’s, there’s just no way we’re gonna sell through everything. So I wasn’t even worried about it. And, and then Adam had people that same thing and he said, I just thought that we, you know, weren’t at risk close stop by here too, to not have an inventory, but somebody stop by the office now I’m gonna be like, what? Even Thursday we blew through more than half of our inventory on, on one day. And I was like, and we was crazy. We sold out, we sold out, we sold the demo models. This is the large, the ultra one. Josh wouldn’t let me sell the last demo. The very last. I’m like turned to bro on go. Geez. Because here’s what’s gonna happen. I thought everything’s for sale. One of his cronies is gonna come in here and then I’m gonna get cussed. ’cause like where’s that tripod you mow on. You sold that. It’s your discretion boss. Hey. Might be clear. Yeah, it is. I sense a little animosity already. It hasn’t even happened. I could see the future, but I, I think it was really rewarding because you spend a lot of time on development. We spent over a year developing this tripod, taking all of our pet peeves and developing a tripod that we wanted to use.

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And it’s validating when other people see it and use it and, and and say, Hey, you guys hit a home run. We had, I had three texts after the show that people took the tripod out, used it and said, you guys have hit a home run. We had a significant friend of ours that go down and glass up sheds with it this weekend right after he left the expo. And it was like, he’s like, dude, this is, this is legit. You know? And then we have another good buddy of ours that threw, threw our little gun claw, little clamp on there, gun clamp. And anyway, he was using his crossbo with it. So that’s freaking awesome. So I don’t know. Pretty awesome. We still have the light, the, the backpacker, the light tripod in stock. The ultra, which is the larger one one you can stand up and glass with. That’s when we sold out of, but it’s not gonna be for long. We already had a big order in before. Before. Probably aren’t standing up with that big one. But six foot. Six foot something. Three and a half. Yeah. Or five. How about five 10? How tall are you Josh? Six, five. Yeah you are. Yeah. No, you could do it with an adapter. Yeah, but he’s ankle so he’s fine. Oh yeah, he’s man, that’s true. Exactly. That’s a crooked guy. He drops that. He drops that. Not straight.

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Can you fit in a super coat? Have you ever tried? I don’t know. Have you ever? I haven’t. This is gonna be interesting based on what I’ve heard for this year and where you’re going, you might need to figure that out. I know, I know. We used to fly one of those stupid, are you six foot five with shoes on? ’cause we might have take those shoes off. Yeah, I have to. I know when we used to fly for the DWR and we’d crawl in there next to those pilots and those little planes and he was grabbing things and pulling things and I was having to move body parts so he could fly those things. It was terrible eggs. It was the longest four hours of your life. Okay. So anyway, so, but, but the good news is before we even left to the expo, we already had another big order in. We had already, we’d launched these wa months a couple of months ago obviously, and we’d been selling them online, but obviously people seeing them in their hands and using them, that kind of sealed the deal at the expo for a lot of people. And so blew out of ’em. But we already had the others. They’re already, you know, you know, on route, I guess we’ll call it that. So anyway, should have April sometime. Yeah.

00:09:17:07 –> 00:10:13:18
Which well in advance we stocked up knowing that we wanted a big supply going into the summer scouting and obviously the hunting season. So don’t be too alarmed. We’ll send a big email out. We’ll probably announce it here on the podcast I’m sure as soon as we get ’em. We do have a few, we do have a few of the lights left. Not many. I mean, it’s only a handful, but we are keeping a list. So we are, if anybody out there wants one, of course we’d charge a card. Right, Josh? Yes. Yeah. If you’re wanting one and you know you want one, if you saw one at the show or your friend saw one, whatever, don’t delay. Just call in and and get on the list and, and we’ll take your money and as soon as they come in, you’ll be the first one to get it. Managing a pre-order list is no joke. It’s so anyway, we just want, if you’re super serious about it, call in. We’d love to get you on the list. It’s your one way you can guarantee you’ll get one. Yeah, yeah. And if you’re into speculation, ah, maybe pick up a couple. Who knows? It might be s you know. Yeah. It’s gonna be like toilet paper and covid. What are we doing here? Yeah, I, it’s just, it was shocking to, we sold out tickets to a Taylor Swift show.

00:10:14:16 –> 00:11:08:29
Hundreds of tripods just gone when we, we’d forecasted. We might have ’em for a couple months, so you never know. And upsell ’em a little bit. That was the other thing people didn’t know either. We haven’t had a chance to really do a, a video or talk about a lot of the other pieces we have too. We’ve got some phone holders that were really awesome. You don’t think you need or know that you want one of those until you do need one. And to have something in your pack that weighs nothing that you can throw your phone on to get some trophy photos. And used all mine this year on my co deer. Yep. We helped by yourself. Yeah, we used it like I used it on your hunt when we filmed that, you know, some of that stuff to do with the kill stuff. That’s right. When we all get in there. Got in there. Yeah. So nobody gets left behind. And who’s the sacrificial, you know, camera, photo taker. Yeah, we, we were trying to race, it’s not gonna be part of the group photo. We were tra racing light and I only had my big camera. I didn’t have time to get clear back to the truck and get back up there. So we threw the phone on real quick. So I had that adapter and we’ve got a gun clamp, vinyl clamp, the window freaking mount we blew out of.

00:11:09:01 –> 00:12:12:22
Yeah, we sold out of the window mounts before the expo, right? Yeah. We had two of them I think or something. Two or three to the expo. That was embarrassing. I mean, and then all of a sudden, you know, when you can’t get something, you want it more and I mean, geez, how many people did we tell know about that? Yeah, it’s kind of crazy tough. So anyway, we’ve got those on order too. Everything’s ordered. Got a big, big, we aren’t gonna sell out before the hunt, so I’m just gonna put it that way. Yeah, it’s no joke. Okay, what else? We’re good, right? We covered that. We’re good. Just, I mean if, if you’re in the market for a tripod, this is a good one and well it’s 466 bucks for the tall one includes the head. Okay. Yeah. Everything. It was funny when you were helping anybody up there, they’d go grab the bigger one, the ultra one and the first word outta their mouth was, whoa. Just like the weight of it. Oh, you know, with the head still glass with the BTXA lot. Yep. Yep. Pretty mind blowing. And the way that head, I showed several guys, but it’s pretty awesome with the head on there. We’ve got the fluid field enough that you can tip it one way or another and the returns and the return and it won’t actually rock back all that weight on the, the ip.

00:12:12:22 –> 00:13:13:23
So it’ll rock back and then it’ll kind of slow down. But it won’t all the way max out. So it’s not gonna fall. It’s pretty dialed. I needed that for the last 20 years. Me too. That BTX, it’ll return that BTX. Yeah. When it’s loose that BTX will return. That return tension is next level. But it doesn’t also doesn’t fight you when you’re glass. No. Really doesn’t. No. So anyway, pretty awesome, pretty awesome shorthand. 11 rated 11 pounds. So is a little hit, you know, and that, that tripod’s three, three pounds, eight ounces. The large one, the little one’s two pounds, seven ounces. With With the head. With the head. With the head, yeah. And it is a smaller head. I’ve had people ask us that if the head’s the same on both. No, they’re smaller. Very fluid on both. But the ones smaller as you would anticipate on a backpack or light tripod. And it’s truly Bronson. Like we were, I mean we have our little favorite GTOs from back in the day. Go try to buy that. Go try to buy that. I mean, you and I bought the same one. I’ve had to use more JB Weld on that thing over the years. Now I’m with you. It’s just getting it retired. My kids are always like, dad, I’m just gonna take this one. No you’re not. One’s been on a lot of sheep hunts here and there.

00:13:13:25 –> 00:14:27:12
So anyway, I think, I think it’s awesome where we did that one, one thing that frustrates me back in the day from buying heads and other places is they, they, they make a new model all the time and you can’t find the one that you liked and you’ve finally settled in on this one particular model or whatever. And then you gotta go to a different head and, and it’s a totally different experience, yada, yada. And anyway, so here you are. Tripod head we like and endorse and Yep. Sell. And it’s very affordable. I’m done with that. Bronson tickets to the, did anybody win an expo tag here? Since we’re talking about expo? Anybody? No thought No at this table? Oh, I don’t know. Just threw it out there. No, there’s people on the list that have had two or three expo tags in the past. They’re just lucky people. Luck finds, find people mysteriously. It’s not found me yet there. You know what’s interesting about that? We looked at the odds. They’ve got the odds at the bottom of the list and whatnot. But we’ve been talking about this, Bronson is you’re just playing raffles and you just gotta have your name in the many hats as you can, somewhat affordably. You don’t deserve one of the tags. Nobody deserves a tag that goes there odds wise. But hey, there’s 200 and something names at the end of ’em.

00:14:27:15 –> 00:15:23:15
I mean, I get did throw in the turkeys and the cow elk, but I mean, yeah, a hundred. And we started adding up the amount of money that was spent on those tickets and it was, it was a little bit staggering. But you know what, I don’t give two craps, so I had to pay double. It would just have my name in the hat for some of those tags. Honestly, really? You think about it for, I don’t care for a raffle. It’s a, it’s a, for the prize and stuff, what it is. I mean, it’s relatively inexpensive and you can shut down by Arizona and the expo in the same week I went from batting thousand. Nobody shut you down in Arizona. You still might get a call. No, I’m not this what does somebody call later on? You been offered, you’ve been offered a tag from Arizona in the past. Tax don’t really count, but I mean as it’s not the same as boom, my card just got smacked. You don’t get the exhilaration, you don’t get the woohoo moment. It’s like when, when it’s strike two and you think it’s three and you walk off and they yell at you. Yeah. And you got one more chance. You’re like, oh, here we go. Yeah, here we go. It’s not the same. But if I get a, if I draw my next one, I’m gonna be about batting about 200 now.

00:15:23:17 –> 00:16:32:19
’cause I’m gonna have like four, I’m gonna have four shut, four strike strikeouts before I get my first hit. Just psychological, my ears off to the bad story. This is the best part. Just correct me if I’m wrong. I love this. Does anybody know if Adam has a single availability week? Well, best part about all of us is I have plenty of availability. How many times have we heard how many times? Any state agency that’s listening to this right now, if he does crush me with whatever you want, give, give me all you got. Ill take New Mexico. I’ll take Fourt tag. What I think is funny is he applied for expo tags that he said he would turn back before we won, before the driver. I came out, well, well before they even drew any names. He’s like, well I’m turning that one back. Wyatt got, Wyatt got us scared once that there was like an order of when they drew the expo tags. Like for elk for instance, like there’s a lot of elk tags that are ranked from like beaver to Wasatch. Those are just simply alphabetical. But if you draw two, they’ll let you choose. Yeah, but Wyatt put it into our minds. But what if you drew a late jankey fish lake tag and before you drew the beaver early? Okay, that would be, I wouldn’t want that happen.

00:16:32:24 –> 00:17:37:11
So we actually called and got very enlightened on this fact that like the odds are one in three or 4,000. I know, but, but some people have. But Wyatt, if one person’s gonna think about it, this is wild. So he caused us to call, we called, they are all 200 independent drawings. You can draw all 200. You could draw all 200 texts. You could anyway. And they’ll let you choose. All right. If that happens, you get to pick. So when that was made clear to us, yeah, I went and threw, threw another 50 bucks on he, he type point, he got a little creative and he’s like, Wyatt, I’ve turning this one back i’s remorse. And I said, Adam, here’s the $5. That one cost. I don’t even, I don’t even have, I’m gonna give you the $5 we’re in the ball today. But what was that? That was pretty solid before Arizona results came out. Well, and I Arizona starts charging cars and he would want to, those tags was, and Wyatt was fast clicking on the expo back then, trying to just see if they were coming out. Yeah. Well no. Did anyone beat him at today at seeing the list come out? Oh, we, he was on the phone. We did. He was on the phone. I grabbed, that’s a win. I grabbed my phone, that’s my goal. Had a text and said they about to go hot.

00:17:37:16 –> 00:18:36:09
I hit refreshing all day yesterday. Why? It was, was refreshing all day. Even after they said it’s not gonna be till tomorrow. It’s not gonna be till tomorrow. He’s, he doesn’t take anybody’s word for it. He’s like, yeah, well that’s Adam. And I mean, you know, he’s Josh. These people don’t know anybody in the game. And fish, I, I cried wolf a few times yesterday. So Wyatt tunes me out on stuff like that. No, I, he didn’t even listen. He quietly said he tunes you out. Dude, I just, I haven’t seen him come out yet. And it’s always, always Thursday he to go over there, just hit and refresh like crazy. The good thing is that guy checks a lot of people’s apps. He’s on it. He is. He is on it the moment it comes out. Should we be calling him? Yeah, he’s calling him. Huh? Call the governor. Are you, are you, are you set with the questions you’re gonna ask him? Yep. We’re gonna do a would you rather boss? Well, my who didn’t you, one of you guys said you had a good one for him. Yeah, you did. Did I? Yes you did. There was a special update. No, I gave it to you and I thought you wrote it down. Well, I kind of might’ve somewhere. Okay, I’ll, I’ll hit him with phone, but I’ll hit him phone.

00:18:36:09 –> 00:19:51:25
But you know, but you gotta come up with the alternate to that unit. I got it. Okay, here we go. I’m gonna, it’s gonna be an open-ended. Would you rather, you think he’s gonna answer? It’s on his way to his homeland. The governor returns he’s gotta pay for, he had a meeting with the mayor. Hello? Hey, I’ve got a license app guy. Hey, can we, can we add him in here? Patch him in. Patch him in. And he’s got a question for you. You got a license app guy that has a question for me? Yeah. Can we put him on real quick? Okay. Okay. Adam, go ahead. His name’s Adam. My name is, is ar Bronson. I’d like to ask you a question. Would you rather, oh, we’re playing. Would you rather, well just, we know you’re heading back to the, the homeland and Yeah. Might, might have a little bit of time on your hands. So we thought we’d play join, let you join the game with us. So beans that you crushed a giant mule deer last year. We, it’s been well documented. Those, the expo were, saw the beast and be held the beast there. It was amazing. It’s amazing. Dear. You’re now back to the zero points on elk. Well, first off, you’re not applying. Would you rather put in for elk? rl let’s, what are you doing this? Answer that I’m gonna go with elk. Okay. I like it. All right.

00:19:51:25 –> 00:21:11:19
This is right, right? He’s playing right? Yep. You’re playing right into my hands here. I’ve got, that’s where I thought you’d go. So would you rather pick a ’cause I think you’re gonna play the odds because if I know you right, Wyatt, you in this five year way or is it three? I can’t remember On mul deer three. What’s it five on Mul deer. What’d they change it to? Three? It’s five. Five now like elk. Okay, so you got five years in your mind. You’re gonna wanna go back to deer in five years. So I’m thinking you’re gonna wanna be somewhat aggressive in your these next five years of elk applications. So would you rather play pick any the best, call it the best. Your favorite December archery elk hunt in the state or a open site Hams on like a Barney top. Where are you going for that? I’m going with the open site hams. ’cause elk aren’t made to be hundred in December. Whoa. Okay. Well that was very definitive. Except you have to use your new 10 m. That’s it. You got pistols. What else could you use that? No, the most legal. No, but that’s where our extra tag comes in. We’re gonna have a poaching award. Oh, okay. I’m, I’m like good, good. Plan 10 M We’re gonna have a poaching reward permit coming over. Just tell us where you’re gonna go. What? Well, alright. That, that was quick.

00:21:11:21 –> 00:22:16:12
You That was quick. And this is a guy that a hunt 45 minutes on his last Archie elk tag in Nevada and, and was and shot a shot. A three seventies bull. 45 minutes. How much time did it take him to kill his deer? Oh, on the Henry’s. Well we gave it called 12 hours. We let us 14 hours. Everybody got to eat lunch. It was like 1 31 or two. So six, eight, first day six or seven hours. Not counting 40 days. Sky. Why? You don’t, you’re no joke. You don’t mess around. But you know, Joe, you didn’t give thought to those December hunts. I mean, think about it. Why? You’ve hunted Pavan. You’ve hunted Monroe, you’ve hunted San Juan, you’ve hunted where else? All the best units in the state. You didn’t even, you didn’t even pause to think about. I’ve also packed elk out in knee deep snow and it’s just somewhere. I don’t wanna be Dalton. I mean, you’ve hunt. You been, could I get, could I get, what would it, okay, here’s the game. What would it take to get you on Dutton late archery Wyatt? To, to actually apply for that hunt. Oh, because we know your love affair with that mountain. I have, I have nothing. All right. There’s no amount of money is what you’re saying. May maybe like a white mountain tag to follow Follow.

00:22:16:21 –> 00:23:20:29
Wasn’t it you and Devin that had the late Dutton story that was in January? Yes. Where you guys were like, you went downtown, went to the store. I failed. I had to transfer to business law. ’cause of that hunt. What? In college? Didn’t you go to the store and then you came out and kind of waited at the trail hit. I can’t remember this. Well, it was either that or we drove snowmobiles three miles in mud. ’cause the snow, it was a long day. And, and you both vowed that day I was over it. And you’ve never been back. Is that true? Neither of you been back since? I have not been back. What year was that? I don’t know why. It has a better memory than me. What, 20, 20 17 or 16. Oh, not that long ago then. Geez. 2016. There was good bucks in Nevada. Anyway. Well anyway. Well you played good. You, you’re, I guess that’s all we got. I guess that’s what we got. Yeah. Alright. Game’s over. Do you have a, do you have a, would you rather for Adam, where are you heading tonight? No, I, I don’t know that I have one on the fly for Adam. Okay. Oh, you do? Oh, I’m sure you guys have grilled him out. Oh, we haven’t even played. You’re the first, you’re the first one to play today. Oh, very, very first one. Yeah.

00:23:20:29 –> 00:24:43:04
So I’m sure you guys have some good stuff for it. Well, we will find out I guess. But we just wanted to call you since you’re heading back to the Homeland. Did you go grab Case? No. No, I didn’t. No. So, all right. Do you go through Delta? What do you, yeah. Why did you, Devon wants to know why you left so early on a Friday afternoon after, after the expo and after a wonderful week of work here in the office. Yeah. I’ve got to score an elk before the game tonight. Oh, so it’s a big one. Yeah. It, I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know. Pope and Young or Yeah, that I don’t know. He’s, he’s playing dumb. Right? We just, we did, we just didn’t know if this was gonna be Casey’s big reveal, like Simba on Lion King. If you were gonna take him up on stage at Pride Rock and produce back the crowd back. No, no, that’s, that’s not gonna happen. Okay, well enjoy your night up there at the banquet in Nephi. Win something good and tell us all about it when you come back. Alright? Sounds good. All right. Talk to you later. Bye. Later. All right, well that was, I know he wouldn’t take, it’d take 25 Gs to, to get him on that mountain. Yeah, that’s what he basically said. It’s not gonna happen. All right. All right. Where are we at?

00:24:43:09 –> 00:26:03:17
Where are we out there then? I had a guy text in. Huh? You know, the last podcast we had a little bit of a Would you rather And I’ve got one here, huh? For Jason? No, it’s not for me. It just, I’ve got one for Jason. Duh. It’s a, it says, would you rather for Jason a 2 41, 2 45 muzzle loader deer or a Colorado 44 fourth season deer. Oh yeah. Two, two forties. Two forties. Nevada. You can make it happen that, well, Bronson, you know. Yeah. What do we think of 44 fourth Bronson? If if if they ain’t there, you can’t hit ’em. Yeah. But Nevada muzzle loader, it’s, you got a few bow hunters chase ’em sometimes. Last year they killed a couple good ones. But you kill. But mz year, man, you’d want that tag over any tag. Pretty much. Yep. In the state in the west. My final answer. Okay. That was easy. One thing about the fourth on any of these hunts is they’re, they’re either they’re hunted really hard or they’re dead. You know what I mean? Yeah. I feel like the fourth was designed to be really special. And I, and I think it is a special experience. I killed a big buck on one of the forests when they first kind of got going with that on 35, 36. But anyway, since then, pe you know, that second and third is, is kind of where it’s at.

00:26:03:19 –> 00:27:18:25
And then by the fourth Es, especially in a unit like 44 where people burn a lot of points as a non-residents or residents, they’re, they’re putting a lot of resources. Those second and third season hunts, they were like two years ago, 20, 22 or last year, year before, they crushed a bunch of big bucks on all the second and the third. And then the fourth two conditions were rip it was ripe. And it, it wasn’t ripe this last year. And, and nor was it, you know, anyway, it, it can show you how, how one year can, you know, you can cream out some bucks in a good snow year. There’s nothing like 44. I mean, it’s awesome. No question about it. But that mu you can definitely make it happen. You can scout heavy in the summer and you’re gonna be hunting dirt, great bucks. Especially only a gear like this. It’s gonna be next level I think. Don’t you guys? Oh yeah, I think so. Okay. I got one for Dev or for Adam too. Come on, Adam’s. There’s this guy asked the same one. He said Nevada muddy sheep or S 33 Colorado sheep. That’s an interesting question. As of 2024, I would go to S 33 Colorado. I, I want really bad a mountain rocky on my, in my collection. I guess I’ve been fortunate to draw. To draw. And California Bighorn in Oregon that finished was the ramp to go towards my slam.

00:27:18:27 –> 00:28:28:01
But I’ve not drawn true a mountain rocky. Yeah. I won a mountain rocky, not even a river Gorge rocky. So I’m putting in for lot units where I can do that in the mountains. And the muddies are just not the same place right now. No, they’ve been crushed. Good luck. Luck killing rocket. Good, good luck killing a one 60 ram in the muddies right now. That’s right. I mean, good. Good luck. Good luck. Like you, you’d asked me that eight or 10 years ago when we were killing the 1 75, 1 eighties down there. I, I’d guess that. But right now I’ve been there enough and most people have until amazing. How, it’s just amazing how it cycles. I take the rocky that S 33 has had a lot of pressure. It’s been, it’s not gotten easier, that’s for sure. No, it’s been tougher. That’s right. But it is, it’s a good ram. One of our, one of our life. I smoked an awesome ram there last year. Yeah. So anyway. And it’s a, it’s in the mountain. It’s a, a mountain hunt. I want, I’m getting older. I I want one of those. I just wanna hunt that style. Wyoming, Colorado, some places in Montana, you know, Idaho. That, that, that kind of a rock’s. What I really want do I wanna do one of those. So I’ve got one for Devin. Oh yeah. Bring it on a 230 inch typical mule deer out of Nevada.

00:28:28:07 –> 00:29:42:07
What typical that designation? What are we playing option? A avatar? Just let’s put this making stuff up now. I’ll take it. Deal take. Okay. Alright then. You’re giving up the 2006 double cab Toyota Tundra with 10,000 miles on it. That’s fine. I’ll take the deal. Wow. I’m kind of shocked. No, I’m just teasing. I mean, I’m just saying you like those Toyotas, I mean, I’d sell it for a 1 98 if, I mean, I’m good. What could we get? Geez. What’s a good option for Logan here? What’s some good, would you’d rather gain? What are some good, I don’t know Logan well enough to know what trip trips his trigger. He wants an Arizona out. Ask him. Maybe. I do. I have no charges on your card there. I have $700 in my account that I wish I didn’t have. Oh crap. You had it ready. Put it toward the gun. It it’s going right towards it. Right back into the gun account. You messed up, bro. We’ll run it right after we get done with the podcast. Right back into the gun account. We take discover. Okay. What, what do you put in for in Utah? What? Limited entry species. Do you do elk or deer right now? What have you been doing? I’m doing deer right now. Okay. I had, I had a, I had a Would you rather? And I might. Oh, okay. Might, might cut this out after, but we’ll see.

00:29:42:13 –> 00:30:58:09
No, there’s no cutting here. Oh, okay. We’re going full bore. Would you rather a who, who’s this directed to? Anybody? Maybe Jason specifically, but anybody? No, John’s a good one. John. Okay, my bad. Would you rather Utah late Muzzle loader Beaver or Southwest Desert. Oh, Southwest Desert. Why is real bad’s? Why? Why was that a bad one? That’s a good one. One Southwest Desert Land for Beaver County people. Nobody knows about that place. Josh. That’s a secret. Okay. Start working on Josh’s witch rather. ’cause this is, he’s ready. Okays primed. He’s ready. Okay, I’m gonna, but heaven does start on the other side of the tracks there, Mel. Right? It’s true. That’s what everybody said. That’s what everybody knows. A lot of homeless people. So anyway. But Southwest Desert, the late muzzle on Good years, two or three out of the five tags will kill 200 inches. Yeah. It, well it was even for a general, I mean a general unit. Limited entry in nature as far as the late muzzle, but it’s next level. Okay. Even on a tough year, like last year for local knowledge with no local knowledge. What’d they kill last year? Yeah. Oh, I think the best one I heard it coming outta there was a mid one nineties. Hold on. I need to know what Beaver County local knowledge mean. Does that mean that, that the border goes into 2 31 the next mile? Show up the 2 31.

00:30:58:09 –> 00:32:17:27
If you show up to the next rack or a beaver, SFW, you’re, you’re gonna get shanked. That’s what I was gonna tell. If you’re gonna go to the Flying Jay and get shanked, they don’t mess around. Back behind the Wendy. These are, these are our people. Huh? I, I skirt around Beaver County. I mean I You don’t stop at Wendy’s ever back in the alley. Christ shouldn’t going forward. No. If you’re an elk deer, you do not wanna be hunted by Beaver County. It’s true. It’s true. ’cause it’s opened all year long. You much, you don’t have a chance. They’ll kill you. Whenever this feels like Jason Aldeen at a small town dog going, it feels like a song. I might be removing myself from Josh’s podcast. I got one for Josh. Would you rather sleep a day on Beaver Main Street on the ground, like a homeless folk person Or in Dallas by the Ken Bailey Dallas Underpass. What’s it gonna be? Basically dead for five days? I’d say probably. Probably Beaver. Yeah. See the Beaver is a great place. Just didn’t hope that somebody throw me a chunk of curd out the window. Cheese. It’s known for cheese curd. Chew on that for a minute. Yeah. Logan, this is for you since we’re gonna get off of that subject and got Garfield and Beaver County rivalry going over there strong. Logan, would you answer your own question?

00:32:17:29 –> 00:33:52:17
Which one of those two would you take? Ask somebody from Beaver County. Beaver, late muzzle sound. Southwest Desert. Late muzzle i’d, I’d probably nine times out. 10. Ah. A little bit less than that. I’d probably take the beaver. Beaver sucks. Really? No, it doesn’t. Seven, seven out of 10 times. Well, okay. Interesting. It’d be tough. It’d be really tough. All right. That’s very interesting. Wow. If you guys see that Remy Warren got a late muzzle off of Yeah. Saw that Pine Valley. Congratulations. Really hopeful. Boy kills a good buck. Oh, he will. He’s a good hunter. All right, Josh, here’s one for you. I thought I already had one. We’re moving off this one. Is this what you did? Right? You asked that one in a minute. Oh, go ahead. Let’s do you do deer. Would you take deer? I’ll do, I’ll do deer versus elk. Oh, pons. Archery. Deer ponka. Archery deer versus penit. Archery elk. Well, I already answered this last time. No, there was some similarities. It wasn’t both archery. Different species, different units. Oh, that’s a tight one. I don’t know. I know it out. Yes. You’ve already killed a fado. I know. But more in your life. They’re all dead. You got four seconds. That’s right. The boss, the four seconds, the tag is gonna be issued to the next guy about the alternate fire. This is an alternate. After five seconds, it goes to an alternate. I’m taking the up.

00:33:53:12 –> 00:35:03:13
You are archery. Me too. Me too. You are. I like deer more now. Just the ponts Devin, those archery. See that archery season’s just kind of, it’s awesome. Kicker. 28 in 28 days. The ponts is not, I think not my favorite place to hunt. Archery deer. Something about slow rolling the pines you hate. No, no. I don’t like jumping out and trying to intercept and trying to flank and use techniques that are used in like the pit maneuver. And he’s not even talking about hunting the deer. He’s just talking about guys. He’s about getting to where you wanna be in the dark. I mean, it’s just, you found pit Don. Yeah. Devin, you found people about that deer. You found one of the best bucks on the year. I’ve seen it on Instagram four times today. Me and Logan put it on Tic Tac in June before. Do you remember that? That buck We went two 20 something. I think we I think you misjudged him slightly. Slightly. Well, he grew, I thought he was gonna be like in the nineties. And we’re like, and this thing hits the ground as one kicker turned into like two. It was, oh, I was, it was kind of disgusting. He grew, but it’s also in a place to, to my point, how many, how much competition is around that deer? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But it was dead. I mean, here’s an example.

00:35:03:14 –> 00:36:06:28
If you had to guess I this, if you had to guess many. How many people? Oh, a dozen. Eight of them tag holders. I don’t know. There was friends and family who showed up on that deer within a week of when you had him glassed up. Yes. There. I heard when he died, he had moved a long ways probably because of pressure and Yeah. But with that nce archery, every deer I found, ’cause we were hunting a muzzle loader after the archery dead, every single top. They’re pressure, call it top five or six. They’re dead or wounded. They were dead or wounded. Yeah. So archery’s a big deal. Yeah. You wanna be there, there on the archery. You do. It’s just also, I like to glass and spark. And I, I would agree with you as long as you go with me on the, on the, on the elk hunt. Okay. I think he’d go with you. But I’m wondering would he give you the big one? I don’t have any big ones. Well, if he doesn’t have the tag, if he doesn’t have the tag with you, it is different than going with you or going with you With him having a attack. It changed me though. Hunting, whatever. That’s good point. I I, I, I’m close to drawing that and I don’t know, I don’t know. It did change you a little bit. Well, you’re going 48 miles an hour.

00:36:06:28 –> 00:37:07:07
That’s pretty fast for me on a dirt road. And it’s never fast enough. If you go faster, it be smoother. If you go faster, it’ll be smoother. Oh, trust me, dude. I’m talking drifting, drifting mud. You did. It didn’t matter. You did. You had to. Oh yeah. It’s just a different culture. It is. Did you win all And then I go to the Henry’s and it was, we had a blast, man. I love that. Yeah. It was a whole different, it was deal. It was what, a third of the tags? Or, or, or even on general. I mean, hunting the general, a lot of the time you don’t see a headlight in the morning. You know what I mean? Not there. Yeah. You’re getting lit up next year. Spotlights. It’s gonna, who knows what else. I think, I think that, I think the pressure’s gonna be amped up a little bit on the Henry’s. Well, yeah. Do you? Yeah. Just seems like there’s little, the tag numbers aren’t changing. Nope. So how, what do you mean just no, but people expect a little bit more, I don’t know. Had a good year. I think people are, well that mountain just needs moisture. It’s good when it gets good moisture and it’s, it’s more susceptible than a lot of the unit. Every other unit in the state, probably. It’s a desert. It’s pops out of the desert out there.

00:37:07:09 –> 00:38:28:16
And when those that you don’t get a big, big winter, a good winter, those mountains get missed even when it’s in a decent winter out there sometimes. So anyway, it was pure white not very long ago. A lot of snow on that sucker. What are you saying? Would you like to make a projection? The three year olds are gonna grow a lot. Yeah, that’s right. It’s like last year there was a bunch of four to maybe 5-year-old deer that got killed that were great bucks. Great bucks. Anyway. Any more games? John one? That was pretty fun. John. I one, I like it when John needs one. I’ve got one for John. I like it when Devin gets riled up. John, we’ll get him riled up. John ri Jeff Whatcha are talking about pumpkin patch on Pine Valley with hunters above you and blow you. Yeah. Alright. Bronson hit King John. Would you rather a desert sheep tag? Oh, yes or no? No. You drawn a desert or Kate drawing a desert. Oh. Oh. Because every dad, their only, he pick his only daughter though. What man? Well, he’s the one that says all young people shouldn’t be able to ever draw since she’s under, since she’s under 30. She should not be allowed to draw a desert sheep tag or even apply. No, she should be able to apply. It’s only for 15 years. Yeah. Yeah. But you’re gonna put in your time. Yeah.

00:38:28:20 –> 00:39:37:04
I’m just, I’m seeing 70, 80 year olds that can’t, didn’t have, didn’t have a great hunting life. No. 70 or 80 year olds, olds that could, that could kill multiple deer. Never, never killed a sheep. See, 70 or 80 year olds had the, had it made. My favorite argument is when these old guys and, and I, but they’re like, they want special treatment when they’re old. And they killed so many more deer than we ever thought of. They killed so many more big deer than we ever thought was killed. They killed so many different grandma and grand dude. They hung five in trees. They had the most amazing hunting career ever. Fifties and sixties. And then when their seventies, like, geez. Oh, old guy’s a pound. What do you mean gimme five of your years? Boss. Gimme five of ’em. That’s right. So king. So I’m Where if you, John, if you were king, you’re saying if you were King John. King John. King John. He didn’t, he moved up there. They didn’t have an HOA, he’s wanting to start one. Just so he, John’s starting an HOA so he can have a cloud. Tony, the gavel. You can’t have a rooster. What do you mean? You can have a pig in your backyard. This is a Cedar City Hway. Think this is the freaking zoo. We do have a lion back here.

00:39:37:07 –> 00:40:49:16
But I was gonna say, have you talked about that on the podcast of your backyard? No. Did we play that video? Did you ever haven’t? What? No, we haven’t. We haven’t. Did we ever plug in? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Send it to Wait, wait. Do we we have it. Would you rather so on, on, on, on the table. Let’s finish that. Yeah. He’s got a special to heck with Kate. You’re smashing the, the round. Also. Also. So for the first time we were talking about, you know, our website. I have a drawing. A desert sheep has been so far out in the future. I’ve just never even thought about it. Just put in for where I want and thought, you know, random odds. So tell me if I’m wrong. I finally went and I’ve got 22 points. Right. I counted, I like it in the unit that I am applying in, which is what? There are 56 people above me and they draw how many? I’m two or three above you. I’m Max is like 26. And they draw two or three above you a year roughly. And there’s, yeah, there’s, there’s I think only two, two plus maybe every, occasionally a random one goes above you. So we’re talk, we’re talking 15 or 20 years to get rid rid of those people. That’s about 28 years. Well, you got, you’re 56 people. How many people? 50. Oh shit. You need to watch what you’re eating. Yeah.

00:40:49:25 –> 00:41:54:04
You not, you might not naked. That’s what I was gonna say. You got elbow that, that’s where my would rather question comes in, John. That’s, yes. Okay. I mean, we’re dropping a tear down or maybe two or three. You need to eat your Cheerios. The heart healthy. I just think would you realistically, I don’t know if I’m, I mean, what do you mean? If you’ll ever, if I ever draw before I’m dead. Change your units, you know. Would you rather a Henry Mountains or an Escali tank? A Henry Mountains desert. This is all desert. Shoot. Oh, Henry Mountains or Escali. I don’t know. I think Mountain. I think if you’d be better able to answer that. Would you rather guide somebody really? Right. Would you rather guide somebody? What I’m trying to get outta John. I would take John anyway. I know, but what I’m trying to get outta him is what his on seven. Okay. And we and it wasn’t pretty. No. And it wasn’t, it wasn’t pretty. He swore in blood but never happened again. He had a flask. He had a flask ka goo in one hand and a picture of his family in the other. And he made it, he made it out. It’s true. So I had never, I had never been or had that experience. And, and being young, I would do things a lot different. What would you do?

00:41:54:05 –> 00:43:07:19
Well, we were 30 something and we just thought we were carrying video. All gear, gear pack and tents. Extra sh Yes. I had video equipments. I had a tripod we took in those Leaf River Trail cameras four. They weigh four pounds. Well, DS, DS DI know. So we talk about our tripods weighing 2.7 pounds. The tripod I took was 10 pounds alone. Just the tripod. Did you what? Yeah. But you wanted to get good. My pack was 77 pounds. Mine was too. But did you bring water? I I was the hunter. We had a filter had with a 10 pound gun. Yeah. And you had a gun. Oh, I had everything. Yeah. Gun spotters, everything. And, and anyway, and 10 days of provisions. Like we were all in there for 10 count camera gear and video stuff. Me, you, Chris Bronson. Yeah. Your wife. Your brother. Yeah. It was fun. It was. Yeah. It was, it was, it was a next level experience. The only place ever been sod you end up with a flask and a photo of your family at one point. Okay. Well he, we were suck. I, this was on the way out. Well, this is before energy drinks. And, and goo was the energy. Remember the goo those gel goo I take those? Yeah. Yeah. Had shots of caffeine. And I have ’em in my pack frame. John, low deed on it. I did. It was, it was next level.

00:43:07:24 –> 00:44:14:13
We hiked how many miles, upper rear something each way. It’s like 18 or something each way. Yeah. And we’re hiking. I’ve got a 77 pound pack and I’m not used to that. You know, and, and we’re hiking up rear. Well, not only that, you were working out, but then you quit. Yeah. We, I had, I had some magazine stuff. I was stuck in the office pretty much like before I, I would be like, no, I’m not. I’m so on the way out with the dead sheep now. So you’re not that much lighter. You have, we’re spreading the load with the sheep, cape sheep meat sheep head. I mean, I don’t know who, how what now, but you know, you’re not like, oh, we just ate, ate a week of food and we’re all light coming out. John going in was worse for me than going out my, oh yeah, it was, we were lighter because I burned. Oh no, you burned some stuff, John. I burned all of my gear. That was, I decided there was trash. So Adam, Adam and I are like, we’re packing up and all sudden we’re burning our trash. Like just little trash fire, burn your mountain house. You know, look over there. It is literally combustible and it’s like a forest fire 20 yards away. It’s kind a bonfire of his belonging. Pretty soon we thought we were gonna get dropped by retardant at some point because it’s been reported.

00:44:14:20 –> 00:45:25:05
Old underwear sleeping under a hundred dollars in value. Literally. John had threshold. I had, I had the clothes that were on my back. No other clothes. This is no joke. Serious. You’re literally like serious. Oh, literally I don’t need a toothbrush, I don’t need this. I anything that was under a hundred dollars. So I kept my backpack, my sleeping bag in my tent tripod in that dang tripod. Okay. I almost swore, but every other piece. Yeah. And the in the video equipment was, we didn’t know it until it’s, no, there was flame 30 pounds of something at, at the atmosphere. You make some bad decisions and people might stop you if they know you just gotta start burning. So Adam and I, we looked over and we were like, you know, we want tos eight feet high. We were good with it. I mean, we knew you’re literally feeling bad. You’re like, I gotta get rid of the shiz, or Im not gonna, or I’m not miles us 16 or 18 miles. It was the only place I’ve ever hunted where I thought if I get separated from the group and have to walk out by myself, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. I would say he wouldn’t make it aggressive there. There’s a certain route in. Yeah. And if you miss it, you’re stuck. You’re done. You’re done. You’re not, and it wasn’t an easy route. No.

00:45:26:04 –> 00:46:30:28
I mean at some points you out. So we way off about it now, but it was no joke. Picture on the way out. Picture the two motivating factors in life. The goo and how do I ration this to get me out? And the other is, how do I wanna see these people? That’s my family again. I tell you what, and there was a sand slide at the end and I mean, it’s no joke either. It’s straight up and it’s for a mile. It’s like a sand. It’s like a sand go uphill to get out one step up, two steps down. And once you get up on top, then you roll to the truck. But I mean, I beat everybody. The truck. I tell you that from the goo, I don’t know. I don’t know how he did. I don’t know. But it was, it might have been to be alive. It might have been that his pack was 33 pounds, but we were all 60. I mean, but so anyway, that’s why when I threw out a ta, a tier two or three unit. Yeah. It was the Henry’s or the Escalante. It was just an honest question. Didn’t the Henry’s is no joke either. It is. That’s what I want to ask about. These are, would you rather guide the Henry’s or the Escalante? Now, this last year it happened to be work out. It happened to work out. Doesn’t matter.

00:46:31:02 –> 00:47:31:09
The Escalante is also the minute it doesn’t work out. John the Escalante is also not at all like it used to be. There’s a lot more sheep on the fringes of that unit now. Yeah. That’s where everybody’s killing the sheep. No. Yeah, but I mean, but you wouldn’t even go in the middle, the heart. Yeah. If you wanted to kill a big gram you would. Yeah. And we could go right back, John. I think, I think it would be different. Just they make some real good goose nowadays. Yeah. I mean like different flavors. Donut flavored, carve the spot. Spot. Yeah. So anyway, well think on that, John. You’ve got about a month. Okay. And then we’re gonna make, we’re gonna make something happen. We’re good at. I’m ready. We’re good at burning people’s points around here. We’re really good at that. On good stuff that they want. Do you wanna kill a sheep or dog? That’s right. Heck yeah. I could put you in for the dirty devil archery if you want that. Yeah. Yeah. We know some people that have done that around. Yeah. And it’s, they, they still have their tag. They mounted it, just saying, alright, where are we at? We were gonna talk about when we were in Vegas. Who we in the truck? All of us. Okay. And Joan said, dude, check this video out from that.

00:47:31:09 –> 00:48:39:10
I gone on my back, we’re driving to shot show and he plays a noise that all of us have our hair. It, we knew what it was. Our hair stood up on the back of our neck and we were like, what do you mean? What is that? Since John’s had game and fish at his house very often. Yeah. This HOA situation. You gotta get it under control. Logan, did you have one where you live, John? Yeah. You do have No, I I’ve talked about that form one. I did it. Just go to your videos. You just to help me. Yeah, I got it here. Alright. No. So tee it up first. You’re okay. You’re, you’re laying in bed. Bed. You’re laying bed, bed at some point or got woke up, your sweetheart, I don’t know what it is, but at some point your wife tells you shut up and turn your phone off, basically. Yeah. So, so tell us a lot of times just to wind down or whatever, you know, my wife will like, watch a little video or something, you know, and TikTok, Facebook, whatever. Yeah. You know, all of a sudden I’m like, it’s really loud. And I say, what are you watching? You know, and it’s Did you, did you say it in French or English? It’s in French. They only speak French. French. Bronson. We’re going to lunch. What’d you hear? Which is French. It’s a real disadvantage. Arguing.

00:48:39:25 –> 00:49:41:29
I heard heard lose. I heard a little bit of English though, coming in, John. Well, it’s only when he doesn’t remember words. I, I had my head down setting up the booth and I’m like, had my head down. We’re just putting stuff trying to get ready and all of a sudden he starts rattling off French. And I’m like, John, did you just speak French to me? Because you remember I don’t speak French. And John or Jan had snuck up behind, was there, he was trying to talk to her. I thought he lost it. So you asked her in French what she’s watching. But yeah, I What are you watching? It’s like someone’s screaming or something weird and, and it’s, and she’s like, I thought that was your phone. And it’s loud. Like, I mean, do you have windows open? No, no windows in winter time. This, this is December. Yeah. This is freezing cold. Like there’s nothing, no reason to have your window open. Yeah. And I sleep with mine open. Did you think so? I’m like right outside, just a little outside. We have a sliding glass door, two inches out of our, out of our bedroom and there’s a deck. And so I listen again and screeching and I’m like, there’s something on our deck. And Jen’s like, don’t open the door, you know, and it’s loud. I’m jump.

00:49:41:29 –> 00:51:17:05
I’m like, well, you know, so I turn on the light owners and I association president open enough to put my phone outside duty. It’s my, so you slide the door open and put your phone. Well what was your first, what was your first thought? Like aliens? I absolutely didn’t know. Like we have, we have some pretty aggressive crows on our street. Okay. It’s midnight. Go ahead. And it’s midnight. But they, they will, if, if the garbage can is open a little bit, they’ll figure out how to get the lid open. And then they Oh, those are Lake Powell, Raymond. Yeah. They, they are big suckers. And so, so you open the, let’s just like to hang out on the roof. Let’s listen to the sound first. Okay. ’cause you don’t wanna give it away. What, this is what John heard middle of the night on his deck of his house. There’s like two or three of them, obviously, obviously at least two. Oh, that’s cats or parrot. So I, I have no idea. And then I start on and off the lights and they get wound up even more. They gotta be in there. Right there. So that one was deeper. Yeah. So you can hear two. There’s one, was it like on your property scale? Oh, you have have like a half acre lot. Yeah. And I mean, it’s right around the corner. I didn’t even think. And they’re calling, they’re answering each other. Geez.

00:51:17:06 –> 00:52:28:25
What time is it say on the video? John? 4:01 AM pm The morning PM You guys were just hanging out. You were in bed? Yes. It was the middle of the night. No, wait, wait, wait. No, that’s not right. That John, that must have been when you saved it or something or something. Yeah, that’s when I saved it. Oh, okay. I’ll go look it up. But either way it was pitch black. I mean, so I would say like six or 7:00 PM like, it’s December so it gets dark early. But it was, you know, you can kind of tell like how far it is away. It was right around the corner of my house, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t see it. I would’ve had to like, go outside, go downstairs. It’s going on forever too. Yeah, you hear that deep in the back and there’s a deep one that was on the other side of my house and, and you’re sandwiched. Yeah, but I didn’t know what it was. So then, so then you YouTube it, right? It’s a hundred percent. Well, Devin sends me this video when we in the truck. Geez. What? That’s awful. I’ve heard that in the wild. Yeah, we, I have to you guys. Yeah. Oh yeah, I do. That place. I don’t want to admit neither. So that you can hear that hundred percent that one calling back. Wow. And then this is mine. That’s what it’s man, that’s what it is.

00:52:30:07 –> 00:53:45:11
Lion puma. Lion pu. It’s not like you live out in the boonies. No, that’s what’s crazy. This is Cedar City, Utah. Literally Cedar. It’s a subdivision Cedar subdivision. Yeah. Okay. Winter range for beer. 11:57 PM Should have been winter range for been was the time. Sorry. Midnight. It’s midnight. 1157. You got lions calling. Come. I’ve just made a kill. Come and eat. Yeah. What do you think they were eating? Does your wife check for dogs? Well, like your puppies are in the house. Everything’s safe. Like when was it? Mid, mid-December. We had our neighbor saw a lion in our neighborhood. A driveway a week or Right. Probably a week or two before. That is all right. Like, yeah, I remember we looked at this, it was only within a couple weeks. This, this was January 20th. So it’s was a month later. The month before. Yeah. So saw it, it was kind of following there was there, there’s a trail behind my house that people like to walk their dogs on and it’s kind of in the, in the junipers and, yeah. And, and cool. Anyway, so that was, yeah, a month earlier then. So this, this video kind of, I guess I sent it to my wife and I sent it to, to my son. And apparently, you know, they, they sent it to the whole world. So I get a call and the guy’s like, this is so and so from the DWR.

00:53:46:00 –> 00:54:59:09
And I’m like, oh, why are you calling me? He’s like, again, did you take the video? I’ve talked to you guys a lot, the cat, I told you everything. I know I told you everything. I gave you my phone. And I was like, oh yeah, that was me. So he’s like, well I guess it’s going around Cedar City and we’re getting call after call after call. Well, didn’t you try to up, you told them the first time, didn’t anybody come to your house? They didn’t do anything the first time didn’t even come, but when the hikers fell, so then, then they’re like, we’ve been out, we’ve been out and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We’ve been looking for, so then I get a call, fromt, then I get a call or from the neighbor, my driveway. Did you check my driveway? That’s not fluffy. Okay, go ahead. Going, there’s a neighbor and he’s like, my dog collars at the, there’s pieces of dog collar in the scat. Alright, keep going. So the neighbor calls and he, he has a little bit more property, but it’s right behind the subdivisions. And, and he says, did you take the video of the, of the lion? And I was like, yeah. And he said, well I I’ve got a goat farm. And I was like, oh dude, that’s like lion bait. It’s like when they chain that goat up on Jurassic Park. That’s what I was just thinking about.

00:54:59:09 –> 00:56:03:15
They put that goat out there. Yeah. And just try to lure in the T-Rex. I mean, come on. So they’ve been living there for, so a month and a half of goat meat. He, he’s got him in a, in an enclosure and whatnot. Also, like the SUU farm is right there, but doesn’t bring him in at night. He said. Well, he has since. Yeah. So he iss been bringing, has he slice a goat to one? Not yet. Yeah. But you think, you think you’ve been hearing loud noises in your house? Imagine having heard of goats. Oh yeah. Cat jump. What do they sound like? Bring them inside Google that. Then like two weeks ago he said he pulled up 4:00 PM and he pulled up in his car. There’s a lion around his fence, in his driveway, in his, in his driveway. He goes to get out and starts yelling at it. And it comes at him. He jumps back in and he’s just honking the horn and stays at he’s locked. He stayed in his car, like stuck there. So anyway, that’s when the 10 mil comes out. I was just gonna say, do you pack a gun? You can’t shoot within the city limits, John. Yeah, you can if it’s, if it’s attacking you. But if you have, if you have an attacker, you’re gonna dump it. I mean, sir, prove my arm’s attacking me. I dunno. We’re limits.

00:56:03:15 –> 00:57:38:10
Just make sure you kill it dead in your driveway then, or on your porch or whatever. Yeah. That’s crazy. So. Well anyway. Yeah, this is not really, I mean, you’re, you’re on the, not really on that very edge of town either. I mean you’re No, but there’s a little bit of wild area between there. There’s a little bit of undeveloped Cedar Hill country. Yeah. But still surrounded in every direction by houses, every direction. You’d have what they call green space or Walmart. Yeah. Right. Walmart on one side, houses on the other three. Yeah. Don’t go to Walmart and Cedar. Lots of cougars may or may not be a lot of cougars prowling dropping stuff off. Oh, alright. Let’s degrees. Alright, I forgot we hadn’t even covered that. That almost brought up a couple other, would you rather we better go, go back to work. No, I’m good. Sorry Jan. Sorry Jan. I want to, let’s, let’s talk about our raffle real quick. We, that’s coming to an end, right? Oh yeah. It’s last, last week basically. Yeah. You got last week to get in and apply and Yeah. Get your name in the hat. Got a lot of hunts that we’re gonna be giving away here shortly within, I don’t know, 7, 8, 9 days, somewhere in there. Just depends. We gotta get it squared away. It’ll end February 29th. Anybody that’s interested, go to our website and you can purchase tickets there. Or you can call in (435) 263-0777.

00:57:39:21 –> 00:58:52:09
Awesome opportunity. We’re giving away a ton of hunts. And we’ve even had guys, I mean, we’re giving away that elk hunt, Utah Nevada border. Good friend of ours, Ryan Benson. He’s smashed an absolute giant there four seven a couple years ago or something like that. Kind of crazy stone she hunt, which I mean, hard to believe what they’ve got done in price in the last four or five years. They’ve like doubled. Got one of those we giving away another elk hunt in, in Nevada. Northeast corner, couple elite deer hunts in Nevada and Utah Wolf hunt for two co deer for hunting for two in Mexico. Gear package 10 k to order a hunt. Your choice. I mean, there’s a lot going on headlamps, knives, depending on the package you purchase, things like that. So anyway, go to epic 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Now is the time. And again, it’s just, it’s just, you gotta have your names in the hat deadlines. Thursday night what? 1159 on the 29th, right John? Is that when you turned it off? Yep, yep. That’s when I turned it off Thursday night. I was checking out. Well, we just do the end of February whatever day. Yeah. Of February. There’s a late year. We gave him an extra day. No, I’m just saying it’s, it’s like right now. Well, yeah, it’s already, yeah, it’s less than a week. It’s nice. Anyways, I was flying out a few more details on that c deer hunt.

00:58:53:26 –> 01:00:00:27
It’s pretty cool. You just fly to Tucson and then the outfitter takes you in. Yeah. You know when, when I’ve gone down and hunting, like we’ve driven in ourselves and from Tucson same place. No, we’re we’re actually going to there. Yeah. Like Demming or, or whatnot. So anyway, that would be, that’s kind of a good deal. Like you just driving in driver fly, they got everything. Self is a little bit sketchy sometimes. Got all the gun permits, fluent speaking Spanish outfitter. So that’s cool. Things like that. But you, you win that and you, you choose a buddy to go with you. Yeah. Well, and, and maybe, I don’t know, maybe we’ll try calling somebody who’s been on one of these hunts. I don’t, let’s we know a people that have done it, that John Jaus, good friend of ours out of Nevada. I don’t, he doesn’t no clue that we’d be calling him be crushing gravel right now for all. He probably is. I doubt he’ll answer, but you never know. Anyway, he went on this stone sheet hunt this last year. Yeah. The exact one we’re giving away. Should we give him a holler real quick? Yeah, let’s try it. I don’t know. I don’t know what Nevada, it’s Friday in Nevada. Probably not working. You never know. You’re making Beaver County mad. You’re making Nevadans, man. No, he made Beaver County, not me. About you.

01:00:01:00 –> 01:01:26:06
You’re making Nevadas man poll saying they don’t, it’s not a friend, friend Beaver County, Nevada. It’s all the same, right? I dunno if I’ll answer. It’s all imaginary lines. Yo, what are you doing? Oh, babysitting kids. I didn’t know you had kids at this age. Grandkids. You’re on the Epic Outdoors podcast. Oh, nice. Sorry guys, I apologize in advance. Oh, I’m good. We just want to hear a little bit a you just smashed a rocky. Congratulations. That’s awesome. But we want to hear a little bit on this stone sheep hunt too. Oh cool. Yeah, the rocky hunt was very tough. 30, I think I was 35 days. Geez. Wow. Nevada Rocky. This is Nevada. Yeah, they’ve seen better days than most units. Unit one 15. It’s just tough there. Yeah, it’s a grind nine. Yeah. 9-year-old ram. Yeah. That’s awesome. Good for you. But yeah, we’re giving a stone sheet punt away in about a week, 10 days with through our membership drive with Fold Stone and Folded Mountain Outfitters. And so we thought, hey, we’ll call you. And you just hunted with them this last year. Tell us, tell us about your trip, how it went for you, if it was all you ever thought it was and more or, or whatnot. You know, the, the trip was amazing. The, the stone and folding those guys were amazing.

01:01:26:09 –> 01:02:33:27
The hunt was, I, I told you guys last time, the other day in the office that honestly it was the best hunt of my life. It was, it was fantastic. Wow. So when you got done done with that, you said literally this is the pinnacle of, of your, of your hunting life. Like it was unbelievable. The whole experience. Yes. Yeah. It was kind of my number one bucket list hunt, you know, that I wanted to do since I started hunting sheep. I was, you know, really excited. I, you know, I booked him because of you guys. I, I called Jason to say, Hey, who do I book through? And he said, those guys. And they, they were phenomenal. Blair, his guides, the team, the hunting. It was, I mean, the one thing I, I had no idea what I was getting into. I mean, no idea. Yeah. But you worked, you worked out like, you know, you were ready and prepared physically. I think I did. I I got, I got ready, I lost some weight. I had worked, you know, I was, I was nervous ’cause I had heard the one podcast with Adam and he said there were bugs all, you know that on his sheet hunt. It depends. Depends on the year. Yeah. And the year. And a lot of times, if you go very 1st of August, they’re worst. They get one or two freezes, they die dramatically.

01:02:34:00 –> 01:03:40:22
And I don’t remember when you went on your dates, but I’ve been up there before and Yeah. I’ve never seen more flying mosquitoes in, I mean, unbelievable. So anyway, it’s terrible. But you, you plan for it. And if you don’t have them think your lucky stars and you leave your, you, you feel like you can leave your guides, you can tip them in det, they’ll take that as and current. Well, and that DE’s not healthy. It ate away the face of my watch. I know, but I mean, but those guys up there, when I leave, I leave it with them. They, they act like they want that more than cash. But anyway. Yeah, no, I was nervous. I, so I, I literally called them and said, Hey, what kind of situ, what kind of bugs are gonna be up there? He is like, you’re gonna be good. And we barely had any, so it was perfect. Well, anyway. Well that’s, that’s good. And, and every year’s different, you know, I think the late sometimes you get big winners that’s later and you know what I mean, the, the hatch, you know, later timing can be bad. Just like gnats in our country, in the desert, you know, like they’re bad by three weeks, four weeks either direction. But anyway, awesome trip for you there. And remind us what, you killed a rocky just now. Where does this put you on your, on your slam?

01:03:41:02 –> 01:04:45:23
Did It’s all I did these, finish all I needs a doll. You need a doll, which is not the, it’s kind of the easiest one. Not the most, so to speak. You know, maybe likely one to finish the slam. I So you killed a, a desert in Nevada as well earlier, John, and, and I’ve killed a California, yeah. Oh, okay. So you’ve killed all, all Nevada, you killed all three of them in Nevada, plus this stone. And you got a doll sheep hunt booked. I’m working on that. All right. Well that’s awesome. And do you want to give us a quick, like, just a quick, quick version of, of your story on this stone? I know Yeah, sure. Just kind of how it ended was just awesome. But, so really how, I mean, I’ll just give you the quick. So basically we, we flew in, we had opted to do the horseback. So I had a, a friend of mine, Rob, that went with me. And so we, you know, we kind of flew in. They lost our luggage, we started it off great. It was one of those experiences. Only thing I got was my gun and, but with no ammo. And I didn’t know how hard it was to buy ammo in Canada. In Canada. But anyways, we got our bags and day later.

01:04:45:23 –> 01:06:01:08
But anyway, so we got there, we took off with the guide and I kind of, it was kind of cool. I told Blair beforehand, I said, I kind of, I would love like, to, to sample everything. I would love to have a hunt where, you know, I kind of get a little, little bit of everything. So we actually, we moved three times. So we’d set up camp, we’d hunt for a day, day and a half, and then move. And then we did that three times. Wow. And I wasn’t ready for, I had no idea, like the horses, how awesome these horses are. Yeah. Like what they could do, how they trail. I mean, literally how they go through just a forest and you just, hold on. It’s amazing what those horses will do. Yeah. Crazy. So we had, we had trailed in really far. I mean, we had actually went to the, the, as far as we were gonna go. And on the, on the last day when we had moved in, so this is my third trip, third time we had packed up and, and moved and we were going in and the last mountain ridge we had went over, we look up and there’s some sheep on the, on the top of the hill. And this is, you know, it doesn’t get dark till like, what, 10 o’clock. And so we made a mad dash, we hiked this hill. It was a monster.

01:06:02:06 –> 01:07:23:04
I barely made it. And we get all the way to him, the guide peaks up over and a little ram sees him and boom, it was over. Geez. And so, yes, so literally there was, there was two good rams. I think there was six feet total, but there was two actual two shooters, one really long one. And the one I shot, which was heavier and long. Anyway, so we get back to camp and the the coolest thing that night is we get back. And my guide had never been to that camp spot and there really wasn’t a, a trail. And so he gets on the horse that had been there the longest, and he basically just tells this horse to go. And that stinking horse led us right to camp. Wow. Wow. I mean, true. The thickest, nastiest. It was amazing. I, I mean, I was literally astonished. Wow. So that was really cool. So anyways, the next day it’s raining all day and we, we spot those sheep, that same group over two ridges just on this little rock out cropping. So we kind of watched them that day. It was, it rained on us all day. And I think that’s what, I wasn’t really prepared for that, but it would rain hard and then the sun would be out 10 minutes later. So it rained all day. Next day we got up, we hiked all day long.

01:07:23:27 –> 01:08:35:24
We saw all the sheep, but the two shooters, and I mean, we, we probably hiked I think nine miles that day, maybe a little more. Jeez. Get back to camp and sit. We started making dinner and it was like eight o’clock, eight 30 maybe. Started making dinner. And one of the, the guides in training says, I hear something on the mountain. And he looks up and there was the ram that we were hunting. Didn’t you have a little bit of a bet? Like who finds the shooter? What were they doing? What, what made the noise? Were they headbut? What were they doing? No, I think it was just in a rock. Just the rock. Okay. Yeah. Kicking rocks off, just walking. Wow. So I had said, so it was funny because I, I was messing with the guys and I said, all right, whoever finds the sheep, I’ll give it, I’ll give an extra thousand bucks to just to make it interesting. Just for thought. Just to make it fun. And that dang guy, he hadn’t found a sheep yet. Only thing he did. He’s heard one. He heard one. Yeah. So, so he heard ’em. So anyways, he looks up and he’s like, I see sheep. And anyway, they were like 900 yards away, but it was, you know how it is up there? It’s straight up. Yeah. In thick, thick cover.

01:08:37:03 –> 01:09:52:00
And we look and he, my guy’s like, Hey, how far can you shoot? And I’m like, not 900 yards. I did not feel comfortable. And so we took off, same thing, mad dash, like the two days before. And we, we hike up this hill and one of the other guys stayed behind, but the inReach wasn’t going through. So we could No, we would nev we didn’t know what was going on, what they were doing. And the guy and I, Travis, we just kind of kept moving up the hill, moving up the hill, and finally we got to the top and I peek over and they were like 280 yards away. Crazy. So rest is history. Dumped him. Yeah. The rest was history. Well, you made a heck of a offhand shot boss. Well, yeah, so yeah. And I’m not a good shot. I’m, I, I can shoot a shotgun really good, but with a rifle I’m not great. I, I, I missed that rocky twice. I dunno what you did. I haven’t even heard this story yet. Yeah, no, I missed him. TI don’t, I don’t know what happened a hundred yards, but no, it was seven. Oh, it was 700 yards. But okay, well nevermind. That could have been the wind. Who knows? We’re gonna, we’re gonna call it wind. Call it wind. Yep. Chalk it up.

01:09:52:05 –> 01:10:57:18
But so I Blue bird day with the, with the stone, we, we tried to put the bag vertically up and down, but I could, it was, it was happening so fast that I couldn’t get, I couldn’t get, couldn’t get a dead rests fast enough, nothing. And he hurt us and started getting nervous and he’s like, you better hurry. So I kinda had to offhand and shoot him. And anyways, he was, he was awesome. He was 300 yard offhand, right? Yeah. Or so, just awesome. Dang. Yeah, he was everything I wanted. He had masks. He, he ended up, he was like 164 inches. Awesome. Geez. He did have great masks and I was, I I was so happy. Well, and, and, and they fortunately do have good sheet numbers. So that, I mean, I’ve been in those shoes. I’ve been, I mean, I killed a couple stones. One on like day seven and one on day nine, both of 10 day hunts. And I mean, by day five you’re starting to think, okay, you know, you’re probably gonna have some weather between now and the end or whatever, or moving, like you said, and there’s a half day or a day just moving. And so those are real things that creep in your mind.

01:10:57:18 –> 01:11:58:06
It’s a mind game, mental game up there when you’re doing, trying to stay positive, you know, it’s all, it’s all fun and games until the last days, within the next few days ahead of you, I’ve had enough of the experience, I’m ready to experience the kill. Yeah. And when you, when it hits you, like, I mean, mean I really at that point thought, man, there’s not a chance that I’ll come home without one. I mean, I didn’t even, it wasn’t even in my head. Yeah. And on that hike back instantly, I’m like, you have got to be kidding me. This really could happen. I didn’t realize, you know, that the residents up there can draw over the counter. I mean, I didn’t really realize how much competition and how hard it really was. Yeah, yeah. It’s a real hunt. Just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean you, it doesn’t mean it’s like you pay for it. Yeah. And you kill ’em. Yeah. Yeah. Well, pretty awesome. That’s awesome. And it’s awesome you drew a rocky tag the same year in your own state. It’s really cool that you draw all three. They don’t give a, give rocky tags away. I told you, you have to kill one on that hunt. Yeah. They just, just don’t, unfortunately. Yeah, you do.

01:11:58:13 –> 01:13:05:09
You have to kill, you know, Jason’s put the pressure on me before, and when he told me the other day, he is like, you have to kill a rocky. I went back to the guy. Well, you were pa you were passing this ram, I think nice rams, right? Like you were, you were looking for a, a rumored giant and whatnot. But at some point it gets real again, you’re 35 days in It did. Yeah. And, you know, 35 days in, we had a three month season and I was down to the last seven days and I was like, all right, you know, you said, Hey, make sure, make sure you get it done. So we had, we had made the decision to get it done. I had went in, we’d gone on him, and then me and my friend, he’s like, man, let’s just, we, we got a couple more days. And I’m like, no, we don’t. We’re shooting this one right now. Yeah. We’ve had that full experience again. Now it’s time to experience the kill. So awesome. Yeah, no, it was, it was great. I’ll tell you that this was the best sheep putt in year of my life. It was, it was, it was un unbelievable. The, the stone will be something I’ll never forget. It was definitely the pinnacle of all the sheep putting I’ve ever done. Well, that’s awesome. It, they’re pretty special. That’s cool to hear it firsthand.

01:13:05:12 –> 01:14:14:13
And somebody, oh, a little over a week from right now is gonna get that same opportunity you did with same outfitter. So we wanted to call you just to get your perspective with this hunt we’re giving away. Same exact place. And hey, my name’s in the hats for that. I’ll bet it is. Yeah. You mine. He was in the hat. So I, I want to do it again. Might need to buy your odds down a little bit. I don’t know. Well, hey, just one other question. Did you guys end up finding a one horn ram? We did. Come on. We did the last day. Wow. Well, the last day that they could hunt, we found one and smashed it. Yep. Got it. Awesome. That’s good. Yep. So we, we got ’em both done. Good. That’s good. You’ve done a lot of sheet button that was getting down to the wire too. Yeah. You wouldn’t think that a one horn in 2 68 would be hard to find? Sure. We could not find one. Didn’t you see like something like 60 something rams in one day? One one of the day. So we saw 48 rams in one day. Yeah. The most I’ve ever seen in there. You guys know that unit, there’s a lot of sheep, but 40 eight’s a lot of rams. It is, but I mean also that, that one horn’s been around for a few years now, so, I mean, not as easy.

01:14:14:13 –> 01:15:19:18
It was find, they’ve killed a few of them. Yeah. They’ve killed some And it’s not like, you know, they gotta break, you gotta break ’em to have one horn. It’s not like they grow, you know, they don’t make ’em every day. Just let ’em grow. They don’t make them, they don’t make ’em every day. That’s right. So getting tougher. But yeah, that’s a lot of sheep putting, you’ve had a lot of sheep put in the last month or two. Oh, I’ve got a lot of experience there, so Yeah. Yeah, it’s been great. You’ve had some other good tags. We’ll, we’ll save those for other podcasts. Yep. That Swir Oh, 95 did us good up there. So thank you. That’s awesome. You bet. Anytime. All right John, thanks for answering the phone. I guess we’ll let you go back to chasing grandkids. Yeah. Start to worrying about mule’s matter again. All right, we’ll do it. We we’re definitely gonna be doing that. We’re gonna be doing it. So, hey, so I, I do wanna throw in, I do want my company, I want to maybe a couple youth that didn’t have the opportunity to win something. I wouldn’t mind some optics or something. Maybe some 10 by 40 twos. All right. Okay. 10 by 42 High rock’s. Buy-in. Yep. So maybe, maybe two youths under 13 years old that didn’t have a chance to win. Okay.

01:15:19:18 –> 01:16:21:24
Let’s talk afterwards and High Rock will get ’em a pair of s All right. Okay. Sounds good. We’ll Logan you on it? Yeah, I’ll be on it. Okay John. Yep. I make it work. Yeah, we appreciate it. We appreciate you and that’s awesome. We’ll incorporate you into the new one upcoming this year too. How about that? Okay, thanks fellas all John, thanks a lot. Thanks. Talk to have a good weekend all. Bye bye. That’s awesome. Awesome. Yeah, not a lot of 13 year olds so you never know. Yeah, no, they’re probably pretty good odds on that. Yeah, he’s awesome. Good people. There’s a lot of kids in there though. Alright, so anyway, get your tickets in. Refer really, it’s a membership drive. Refer your buddy the very minimum. And if you wanna buy tickets, why you can do that too. Dead deadline is February 29th. Epic 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 or something. Or if you, if you join yourself, if you’re not a member and you listen, new members get in there, new members, get in there, you get a free ticket. So put your name in for that stone sheet punt or another one that, that you want. All right. It’s Friday, February 23rd. Should we call it a day? Yep.

01:16:23:14 –> 01:17:48:13
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