In this episode the whole crew sits down and calls the winners for the 2024 Winter Epic Hunt Giveaway. We appreciate everyone who supports us and we will continue to offer world class hunting opportunities. The next Membership Drive Hunt Giveaway will begin in April. Check out our website to see a full list of the hunts we gave away and the winners!

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew coming at you from Southern Utah. We just had our, our kind of an annual winter annual membership drive hunt giveaway and just drew a bunch of freaking names. What do y’all think? Kind of fun to do. Gotta be eight. How many’s there? Eight? I don’t know. Eight or nine people ready to nine make an awesome phone call too, right here. So let’s do it. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Alright, first guy, we’re gonna call Jim. He won the Utah Nevada L Cut right there on the border with a landowner tag. Includes guide fee, pilot peak ranches, a rifle season of September 21st ish, 2025. The Hunt’s ready to go for him anyway, he was the lucky winner. Let’s see if he’ll answer. Hello Jim. Is this Jim? Yeah. Jim Jason Carter and the epic outdoors crew in Southern Utah. Hey, how are you? Good. How are you doing? Good. Good. Well, we’ve got the whole crew on. Do you know why we’d be calling you? You’re kidding me. You tell me I won something. You did it. That’s right. You won a, what did I win? You won the elk hunt there on Utah, Nevada. I won the elk hunt, the Utah Nevada border right there. Shut the, yeah. Yeah. I don’t really, finally, somebody cuts loose something. This thing. I’m excited.

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Not many people tell me to do that, but, all right. Alright. Oh my God. Now I totally forgot when this takes place. Yeah, well it’s gonna be 2025 September. Awesome. Rifle. Like September 20th, 21st ish. Yep. So you got a year to plan this year. You can play. That’s good for all your hearts. Because you know what, I, I drew a caribou 8 27 in Alaska too. Wow. For this year. Well, that’s awesome. I’m like killing it this season. Alright, awesome. Yeah, you’re killing it. All right, well, we’ll send you an email with all the details and whatever, but super excited for you. So this is the Elcon in the, a Arizona, Utah border. It’s actually the Utah Nevada border. Utah, Nevada. Yeah. Okay. I’ll have to, I’ll to refresh my memory on that. Yeah, well we give away quite a few hunts here, so I know. Pretty awesome. Yeah, there’s been some great bulls taken. It’s an incredible hunt. Sweet. Yeah, with a rifle. Awesome. September, 2025. So 2025. Yep. That is awesome. Well, thanks guys. Appreciate your support. Thanks for your membership. You got it, man. And hey, keep the, keep the good luck rolling. Don’t hold back. Just keep crushing the grass. I’m not. Have a great evening. We’ll get in touch with you. Thank you guys. Awesome. You bet. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, bye bye. All right. So now let’s, let’s contact the, the Nevada Hunt winner with Greg Kro mug. Rim Outfitters.

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Unit 2 31 includes the land on tag effect, bro. And we got that tag in the office today. Ready? Ship it out. Yeah, so pretty awesome. Let’s give him a holler. Oh, Paul, how’s it going, Paul? Oh, it’s going all right. Well, I, it’s going good. We’re having a pretty good day. I mean, maybe not quite the day you’re having, I got the Epic outdoors crew here. Do you have any idea why we’d be calling you on a Monday after our membership drive drawing? Well, you kind of teed it up there, Jason. I’m just, I’m just saying, do you have any idea? Yeah. Do you have any idea that we just gave away nine different prizes? Did I just win one of them? You did, yeah. You won the, you won the Nevada, the Nevada Mulder Hunt with Greg Kro muggy on Rim Outfitters Unit 2 31. You’re all, you’re all, you’re all business on me. You’re all business on me. He’s writing it down on his calendar right now, so I like it. So you got lots of flexibility. I don’t have that many spaces. I don’t have that many empty spaces. Well, you’re gonna wanna make room for this. Hey, it should be a good year. No, Paul, we could go in your place. No problem. We could figure this one out. You know, what was I, I was watching, I was bored and I was watching YouTube stuff.

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I thought you were gonna tell me you’re watching horse racing or something, Adam. No, I, I, I was watching Adam Hunting in New Mexico. Okay. And I see him with a nice, but what do you mean a nice 220? Yeah. Heaven. No, heaven knows you’ve killed more than your fresh air, Paul. Well, you can never have to. It’s always the next one. Everybody ask me what’s my favorite hunt. It’s always the next one. There you go. Well, we appreciate your support of Epic Outdoors. We’ll send you an email the next day or two just kind of introducing you and Greg. You probably know who he is, but just, you know, let you guys make the details about when you’re gonna come and all that. But includes the unit wide landowner tag and should be a good year in Nevada this year. So, alright. Alright. I, my next phone call is my good friend Leo GOs and I’m, I’ll tell him I had the good luck this year. He’s had a fair amount of good luck lately, so. Yeah, he has. Yeah. Seems like those kind of guys running pairs. Alright. Alright. Take care. Thank you ever so much guys. Thank you Byebye. Alright Bronson, I think we should contact the, the optics. Okay. The optics and gun. Let’s do it. What, so this is, yeah, this is the guy’s named Casey. He’s the lucky winner. And we’re gonna give him holler, see if he’ll answer.

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We’re doing star six sevens, but then people doesn’t, don’t answer. And neither would I I wouldn’t answer either. Yeah, I wouldn’t either. So now they got my cell number forever, which is probably fine. That’s cool. China’s got it too. That’s cool. That’s cool. Okay, here we go. Come on. Come on. Hello. Hey, is this Casey? It is Casey, it’s Wyatt with Epic Outdoors. How are you? Hey. Good man. How you doing? Good. Hey, got the entire crew here. Would you have any ideas why we’d be calling you today? I’m guessing I got lucky. Yeah, you did. Good guess. Yeah. You won our Epic gear package, so you gotta be kidding me. No, that’s pretty awesome. So you, let’s see, you got a fierce rifle, a fierce, a fierce rifle coming. A Hoyt compound bow, Leica binoculars, the Geovid Pro 30 twos, Zeiss Riflescope Vortex, razor spotting scope, and a Swarovski nine, or sorry, vortex Razor UHD Binos in a Swarovski spotting scope headed your way. Oh man. That’s awesome. Yeah, you guys are the best. We appreciate it. Yes we are. And if you don’t want that gun, let us know. Hey, I know, right? Yeah, just, just, yeah, I don’t, I can’t, I can’t use it all. So why don’t you just divvy it. I like you already there permission. I knew you were our kind of guy. Casey. One question while we got you.

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We need to know if you’re straighter, angled, straighter angled for the spotter, angled would be great. There you go. Side of choice. Come on. Very good. Straight’s the only way to go. Devin, let’s not go there. We, we got both. So you won’t spot anything with that angled scope. Yeah. Well, I don’t know if you guys know my father-in-Law. Neil Clayton. There you go. That’s, we do, actually, I didn’t know how are you related? Father said okay. Yeah, yeah. I married his daughter. Well don’t he? He’s got plenty of gear. Don’t get him too close to this. He might wanna wanna take a little bit of it over. So we had no idea. That’s crazy. That’s all such a small world, right? I know, right? He’s, he’s the one that got me into the angle so you can blame him. Okay. That explains a lot. Are you back, are you back east right now or? Yeah, we, we live in Mississippi. I’m, I’m in the Navy, so we’re stationed in Mississippi right now. Okay. Oh, well, awesome. Well awesome. Well we appreciate your service. You don’t want us to ship this to you in Delta till you get back then. Right? You just want just tease it. Yeah. Right. Neil might use it pretty hard before you get back here. Yeah, don’t, don’t, don’t let Neil come pick it up. Alright. Just checking. Making sure, but alright, well, yeah. Heck yeah boys. You guys are awesome.

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I appreciate it. Appreciate your supportive epic outdoors. Congratulations. We’ll get this put together and shipped out to you here this week. Alright, sounds good guys. You guys have a good one. You too. Thanks a lot. Thanks. Bye bye. Okay, here we go. All right, we’re gonna call Shaw. He won the bonus ticket item, which was $10,000 check written to a hundred you to the outfitter of his choice for the hunt he booked. So anyway, let’s give him a call. Hello? Hey, is this Shaw? Yeah. Sha, it’s Devin and the Epic Outdoors crew. How are you? Good. Good. Do you remember, have any idea why we’d be calling you? Isn’t entire, well this might, the whole office, this might be real, this might be really good news, huh? Yeah, you could call it that Arizona draws, huh? You won the bonus ticket package for $10,000 to whatever hunt you want. Really? Yeah. So get, get planted something. Let’s, let’s come up with something. If you’ve got something booked and you owe a balance, why? We’ll pay it off. We’ve got $10,000 for the hunt of your choice. We’ll write it straight to the outfitter. Okay. Actually, I don’t have anything booked for this fall. I’m, I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanna do, so I guess he gives me a little money to play with. Yeah, there you go. Yeah. Well, Devon, I’ll be calling you. Devon’s really good at finding hunts for guys.

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We can spend money, we like spending people’s money and spending their points. Yeah. Okay. Perfect. Alright, perfect. Okay, well, well congratulations. It’s awesome. Appreciate your support here at Epic Outdoors and yeah, you got something fun to look forward to. So we’ll be in touch with you. Like I said, Devon will probably be the one to reach out, shoot you an email and just start kicking around some ideas. You got, you got some Monopoly Monday to kick stuff off with her, so. Yep. The first time. Alright, very good. Thank you. Thank you. Talk to you later. Alright. Yeah. Bye bye. Bye. Alright, so let’s, let’s call Jamie. Looks like he was the winner on the Mexico cos deer for two. It’ll be him and a buddy or wife or whoever he wants to take kid down to Sonora there with Rancho Bonito Outfitters. Just an awesome opportunity. Last time we gave this away, I think the guy killed an absolute giant. Yeah. So anyway, let’s give him a call. Jamie. Hello? Hey, is this Jamie? Yes it is. Hey Jamie, it’s John at Epic Outdoors and I’ve got the whole epic outdoors crew on with me and oh, do you have any idea why we might be calling you? Did I win something for once? So for once you did. Yeah, you won Jamie, you’re, you’re going cos deer hunting in Mexico and with a friend, you get to choose somebody to go with you. Real.

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When is it? So when is that? So that’s next, next year. 24, 25. So you, you choose the, the dates with the December with the outfitter December through or January. Yeah, December and January next winter, next year. Wow. That is so cool. Yeah. I never expected. Yeah, it’s actually pretty awesome. It’s a reputable outfitter. Adam and I and the guys here at Epic Outdoors, been working with them for years. Super good guys. Tons of deer, you know, just a great opportunity for guys. Super safe. Just one of those hunts we’re proud to give away. We’ve given away in the past, guys have smashed absolute great bucks. So anyway, just high quality, great outfit, guaranteed tags, two hunters, somebody of your choice, you know, you get to choose and they can go with you. So, pretty awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you very much. Woo. We, I never had one, one and I, you know, how many years I have put in for tags? Well, probably a couple. Sounds like a lot. Yeah. Well, I got question for you. All right. What I, what do you think my chances are getting drawn on a desert sheep in Arizona with about 27 or 28 bonus points with you guys? Well, I, I drew one with 22 points and so it could happen anytime, but they’re not, they’re not easy strictly random. No, it’s not. It’s not.

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But hey, I know you’ve, by winning this, this is a good precursor to the yes karma that you got going for the year. How about that? I will say that. So, yeah. But, all right. I guess my question is if I had you guys put in for me, ’cause I see that you guys do that. Oh, you, you think my good chances, good chance you’d draw, we’d hand select you a good unit. No question about it. That’s, well, that’s what we do for a living. Arizona would just have to also hand select you for that same unit. But we know people And you’re on a good roll here. Yeah, yeah. So, so I want to get together with you and let’s do it. Okay. Well, while it’ll be in touch with you on that and then we’ll Okay. We’ll end up emailing you the information on this particular winning draw that you’ve got here with Mexico and give you all the details and kind of go from there. So do our best to get you set off on the right foot. Well, thank you very much guys. You bet, Jamie. I appreciate it. You bet. Congratulations. Thanks a lot. All right. Thank you. Talk to you later. Bye bye. Alright, bye bye. We could talk about some goose goose hunting that you had the other day. Let’s break it up a little bit. Wyatt, tell us about your adventure. Yeah.

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Laid in the field, watched some geese get shot. Was this, were you one of the guys that shot the goose, the snow goose opener for Utah? Right. Snow goose opener for Utah. Yeah. Which is really late. Like February something, whatever that was end of the 29th, which is seems like, I don’t know, seems probably should be degradation type deal, right? Yeah. Depredation, they’re hunting these snow gooses. They migrate snow geese as they migrate through Utah Unlimited. Yeah. Right. Kills 20, 20 birds a day. Jeez. Per guy, per you pack like five boxes of shells and you’re just ready, you take a lot of bullets. Yeah. Wow. Open season. Shoot. You don’t have have plugs. How did, how many did you, how many bullets did you shoot of all these bullets? I didn’t fire a shot. I saw thousands of geese though. It was, and they were going to the neighbor pretty spectacular. Yeah, they went right to the neighbor. Yeah. Poured down on ’em. Really just had great spread and lunch and breakfast and everything right in front of ’em. And if I would’ve had a camera, it would’ve been some pretty awesome footage. Really? Yeah. Wow. Well anyway, there but least guys you knew got in on the ice. Yes. Guys, I knew they were texting you saying don’t shoot, we got ’em. Yeah, exactly. We gotta handle, we know they’re outta range. Don’t spook them. They’re coming our way. Yeah.

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We get, we got it handled. Okay. Well, and they did. Well at least you can wait till next February 29th. It’s not that long to wait. Yeah. Try again. Devin. Seems like you were in on a depredation hunt. I don’t know what you’re talking about. No, he wasn’t. It was his wife, I think. Not Devin. If you knew how many hundreds of people I said I’d never hunt turkeys to again. You don’t wanna admit it on a podcast. Not really. Well, you didn’t hunt ’em, you, you, your wife haunted them. I’m going tonight. Okay. Sounds like he’s pretty eager to share that information. He’s eager. Yeah. Got some Turkey tags and my wife smashed one and yeah, about, about a two minutes in about a 50 mile an hour wind or whatever it was. Yeah, it was windy. Yeah. I haven’t been so lucky. Yeah, it’s coming. Coming. I have a curse. It’s coming. I have a feeling we’ll see. All right. High fence. It’s private land. Pretty much. We got this. There’s only 200 of them, you know, how hard could it be? I don’t know. You said they’re pretty spooky. I’m after that Great white tom. Yeah. All right, well, alright, well, okay. Well all these depredation hunts going on Bronson, we’re stuck in the office. Well it gets, I mean, it gets you excited about it. I mean, it is March now. Hard to believe. Yeah, but still not a whole lot.

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There was time in our life when we hunted wolves in March. Yeah. Now it seems like we’re busy. I don’t know. Yep. Well, the regular Turkey season starts in a month or so, so we’ll be on top of that. All right. So let’s give Eric a call. He won the stone sheep. This is gonna be an awesome call up there in bridge, Columbia Stone and Folding Mountain Outfitters. See if he’ll answer. Hello? Hey, is this Eric? This is Eric. Hey Eric. This is Adam Bronson and the entire Epic Outdoors crew this evening. How are you doing tonight? Why are y’all calling, brother? Well, is there a better time I should call you back? No, this is an awesome time to call. Oh, I just didn’t know if I was interrupting something. No, you’re not interrupting me at all. Okay. Well there’s a pretty specific reason we’re calling you tonight and you were the winner of a 2025 British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt. How does that sound? You are kidding me. No, I’m not. You won it. You won it. Congratulations. That’s why we call. Wow. Wow. So thank y’all so much. Well, it’s fun to make these kind of calls pretty awesome. All these hunts for top shelf. This is obviously one we’d love to go this with Folding and stone, Mount Stone and Folding Mountain Outfitters, Northern BC August 12th, 2025. So you got a year to I guess, plan around it. But congratulations, special hunt.

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Thank you. I will most definitely plan around it. Yeah. Have you hunted sheep before anywhere else? I, I have as an and as a matter of fact, I got drawn for the less than one club a couple years ago. Wow. And I had, and I had already taken a cancellation friend cancellation hunt on a desert from a friend of a friend Dylan in Mexico. And I had, it turned down my, my less than one club hunt. Oh, wow. And so this is awesome. So this is your, there’ll be your second ram. This’ll be, this’ll be number three, maybe number three maybe. Well, awesome. Well, yes sir. This will be awesome. We’re glad, glad, that’s awesome. We’re glad to add to that. Appreciate your membership and support of Epic Outdoors. We’ll be sending you an email in the next day or two just introducing you with your outfitter. And like I said, got a year, year plus to plan for that. But congratulations, we’re happy for you. We’ll do whatever we can to help make that an awesome prep for you. And I will continue to support everything y’all do and I’ll know what to say. I will definitely, I will definitely plan around it. I can tell you that. Well, that’s great Eric. Well have a great rest of the evening and hopefully we didn’t, I appreciate the phone call. Absolutely. All right. Congratulations y’all. Thank y’all so much. Y’all have a great evening. You too.

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All right, bye bye. That’s awesome. Yeah. Good. Say exactly what? Oh yeah, there’s nobody, he’s got a mouth mouthful of steak. There’s no better time. Why are you calling me in the middle of my dinner? My wife’s giving me the eagle, the evil eye, but I don’t care. Let’s talk. Are you calling me in the middle of my T-bone? All right, so which one are we calling next? Bronson? Whoa, we gotta call that guy. Somebody do it. Let’s do it. We’ll call Steve. He won the Nevada Elcon up in oh 7 6 0 8 1 with Deadline Outfitters dialing him up here. Let’s see. Here we go. Hello. Hey, is this Steve? Yes, it is. Steve, Jason Carter and the epic outdoors crew here. Yeah. Giving you a holler tonight. How are ya? Not too bad. Good. Hey, we just, we drew the winners for our epic hunt giveaway membership drive and you were the lucky winner of the Nevada elk hunt. No kidding. Yeah. That’s pretty awesome. You got, you won the 2024 Nevada oh seven six to oh eight one includes the landowner tag with Deadline Outfitters. We’re super excited for you get to choose your season archery muzzle or rifle. It will have to be rifle probably. That’s all right. I, I got a mu a couple muzzle owners, but if I’m shooting an elk in, in Nevada, I’m shooting it with a rifle. There you go. Yeah. Perfect. Well it’s pretty awesome. Congratulations.

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It’s just, we sure appreciate the support here at Epic Outdoors. We’ll be sending you an email with all the pertinent information with you and the outfitter and whatnot. We’ll get you aligned and and we’ll go from there. It’s fully paid for. Well, yeah. I was hoping you guys were calling for the stone though, but that’s all right. I’ll take an elk hunt. Yeah, well you can’t win ’em all, you know. No, I, I need my stone though. You may or may have drawn ’em both and we just chose the elk for you that that did not happen. That did not happen. Just teasing you. You won the Nevada. Alright, well, hey I, I, I killed a big mule out there. I killed the, the third largest typical two years ago out there, so maybe I can get a good bowl too. No kidding. Absolutely. That’s great. That’s awesome. Wow. Yeah, well keep it going. We’ll get you the details and yeah, we’ll go from there. Alright, thank you gentlemen. I appreciate it. Bet very much. Bet you my year. Have a good night. You bet. Talk to you later. Bye. Cash. Do you wanna do the wolf? Sure. Jake Smith. Delta. It’s from Delta. Sorry. Okay, you’re good now. Heart XI guess you don’t need ’em a whole lot. They’ll just make, call ’em, make the details. We’ll for two, right. Two guys. Yep. Jake, here we go. Jake Wolf hunt, party of two.

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We’re about a thousand. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. Everybody’s answer. Never happened. Hello? Hey, is this Jake? This is. Hey Jake, this is Cash the outdoors. How are you? I’m good Jake. Good Jake. There’s a few other of few, few of us guys on the line. Jake, we’ve got the entire Epic outdoors crew on here with us. And do you have any idea why we might call you? Hell, I hope I get to go hunt the wolves. Well, heck yeah. Today’s your lucky day ’cause you are hunting wolves awesome with up in Idaho, a party of two. You and a buddy or a wife, a kid, anyone you want November, November through February 20, 25 of this year. So you’re the, you’re the winner. Five days. Heck yeah. That’s awesome. Hell, you made my day for an old man. Glad we can do that. So, but don’t have a heart attack. Yeah, no, no, no. I better, I better get tuned up a little bit. Yeah, shoot. That’s awesome guys. They’re, they’re next level hunts. They’re awesome. Hard ex good people. That is cool. Yeah, that’s one of my last bucket lists I gotta get done to shoot a wolf. So yeah, that would be awesome. Pretty, yeah, for sure. Most, if not all his guys have opportunities, so it’s just a matter of making the shot. It’s pretty awesome. Well, perfect. That’s awesome.

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Well, we’ll send you an email here in the next couple of days just introducing you with Gus at Hard X Outfitters. Like I said, flexible dates November of this year through March of next, you know, next year, the winter months, next winter. So you get, you got plenty of time to plan it, get the right dates and yeah, we’ll send you that shortly. But appreciate your support. Pick outdoors and congratulations. Awesome. Thank you. I appreciate that. I’ll probably take my son Cody with me and that’ll be good. That’s great. Well, congratulations. That’s awesome. Hopefully he’s as excited as you are. Awesome. Well I hope so. I’m pretty dang excited. Yeah, well it’s quite an experience. He’s a good dude. Just a great, awesome outdoorsman and you’re gonna learn a lot and be right in the middle of him, so Yeah. He knows his stuff all. Well, we’ll we’ll be in touch. Okay. Thank you. Appreciate it. You bet. Have a good night. Good. Yeah. His car, no, he, he, he bleeped off. I went to touch it and he was gone. He, he’s so excited. I thought. No, I He cut, he cut us off. He must have been all in for the wolf hole. Oh, he must have. What did he say? Yeah, must had to have been. Yeah. I wonder what he went all in. I don’t know. Alright. Sm well, what have we got? You got a mule deer left. That’s it.

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Three five West Guthrie and it’s the Utah one, so it’s that Bucks and Bulls, wherever that is. Okay. Okay. For September. We got it. Yeah. Is it west? West one? The Utah deer hunt. Let’s give him a holler and see if he’ll answer. Hello? Hello, is this Wes? It is. Hey Wes, this is Josh Pollock in the Epic Outdoors Crew. How are you today? Good. How’s it going man? I’m doing good, but probably not as good as you. Hey, yeah, that’s what I like to hear you. Any idea why we might be calling you on this afternoon? Yeah, how’d I do? I cut to the chase. John, you got anything? You got anything going on September one through five? I’ll, I’ll clear my schedule. Okay, well you’re gonna be going hunting mule deer with bucks and Bulls Outfitters, September one through fifth of this year. Awesome. How’s that sound? Hunting? Big mule deer with the velvet. That sounds pretty good. Yep. With a rifle. Yeah, that’s a rifle. That’s right. Pretty rare opportunity. Well, yeah, it’s gonna be an awesome hunt. So we’ll be getting with you. I’ll send you an email with some of the information on that, what we need to get from you and yeah, I look forward to seeing some pictures of you behind a big buck. Right on guys, I appreciate it. You bet. Well, appreciate your support of us and yeah, plan around this.

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’cause you got, you got a date in Utah? Yeah, Utah. Deer hunt’s, right? September 1st, 2024. It’s pretty awesome. Yep. Yeah, that’s why. Awesome guys, thanks so much. Okay. All right. You bet. We’ll be in touch. Thanks Chris. All right, thank you. You be bye. Bye. Well, how about that guys? Wow, guys getting very educated. These people, they know exactly what we’re calling. Yeah, those nine for nine. Cut to the chase. What do I get? Just, we’re stalling. Are you paying 10 grand for a hunt or are we going, am I going wolf hunting or did I draw two of them? I mean, geez. Yeah, I pick. Got some decisions to make. Do I gotta pick one? We went nine for nine. Yeah. It’s pretty awesome answer calls. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a good time. Yeah. Good time to do it. Yep. Well everybody that wraps it up, we drew ’em, we gave ’em away, we called them. They’re gonna go. I don’t think they’re, any of ’em are felons. We’re good, right? I think so far as we know. Pretty awesome. Yeah, most of ’em sound pretty dang excited. It’s always fun to do this. We appreciate your support, both those that that joined us. New members that joined new members, referred new members or bought entries for these hunts. They are, and we’ve always touted this. They are hunts. We want to go on ourselves and we always wanna keep it that way.

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Bunch of great winners. Fun to give ’em away. So appreciate everybody’s support. We’ll do it again as we always do. We do a second round of these later on in May and June. We’ll come out with the details here in a month or two. So some of you guys may have gotten a headlamp or a knife or are going to get a headlamp and a knife for participating as well, depending on the ticket package and whatnot. Hope you enjoy that as well. Pretty, pretty awesome items. Just a lot of fun. Broing John, everybody. Pretty awesome. Pretty fun to do. Yeah, really fun. Make people’s dreams come true. I mean, a lot of people are never gonna be able to afford the stone sheep hunt. So Yeah. Or any, a lot of these hunts or a lot of these hunts. Yeah. $30,000 elk hunts and $25,000 deer hunts. But anyway, we’re gonna have another drive coming up. We’ll start at April 1st. Probably end it right there, end of June, first part of July. And we’ll be announcing details shortly on it as well do doing the same thing. We’ve got a lot of new, kind of some new opportunities on this one. Pretty excited about that one as well. So anyway, stay tuned. Of course, it’s application season with a few draw results coming out.

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