In this episode the crew discusses the more technical side of hunting, specifically dealing with rifle optic setups. With long range shooting capabilities, knowing what optic to trust can be tough, luckily the Epic Outdoors crew specializes in finding the perfect scope to fit your needs. The crew also discusses the outlook of big game specifically in Utah and New Mexico for the upcoming hunting season.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, and dang near the entire epic outdoors crew. Dude, it’s been a minute since we’ve done a podcast, Bronson. We’ve been hard at it. Got everybody here. Cash, Devin, Wyatt, Josh and Logan. Yeah, just it’s good right on the hills of New Mexico. That’s why we’re here. That’s cut it. Let’s keep it real. We haven’t done a podcast ’cause it’s been a, so now that we’ve applied for New Mexico, can we go around the room and figure out what everybody applied for? No, I applied for on range species. Yeah. I’ll tell you all the species you wanted. The species I applied. You don’t want exact Hans. All right. No Wyatt, you applied. Hey, I threw it out there on range. Wicks threw in on range. No kidding. Yeah, we, we also did that broken horn cow tag. Yeah, that reminds Mike. That reminds me to one of the quotes I heard this week from Jason come on. That any, any ORs is a trophy. Any, or hey, there’s been people, is that true? There’s been people shoot some janky ORs. But you said any or trophy? I’ve never killed one that’s, I haven’t either. Okay. I’ve heard they taste, I’ve applied like crazy taste amazing. I’ve the same thing. So they do. They’re all spikes similar to horse from what I hear.

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If it’s a spike and a half, it’s still gonna full efficacy. I’m sure it’s a good theory. I shoot one, I want it to have two intact spikes. That’s what I want. I do too. Tax numbers can build amazing things. Heavy, heavy base. I don’t wanna have normal intact. I don’t want to have have to call Phil Tuttle and, and have them recreate my, or I just don’t What do they, what do they call ’em? The salt grease ribeye or whatever? The ribeye of the ribeye of the clay. Of the grease ones. Yeah. Ribeye the rib. I have the Greasewood ribeye. The Sahara Ribeye. I mean come on. Okay. So what else did you do? What? What else did you do? What? Oh, I applied for some bur Bures. Did you guys do those two together? You already killed a big one. Duals can’t kill enough one. Why? I kill another one. We had to delete some apps ’cause we didn’t really pay attention to the dates. The first quarter round. What? What do you mean? Over Christmas or something? Paul had to remind us. We applied for, we wouldn’t have been to the hunt xpo. Yeah, it’s a good thing. I was checking. It’s a good thing I was checking their app. So we have the head of our license app referring to Pollock. Yeah, I’m the app checker. I caught it thinks who thinks far enough ahead in February?

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Like what do I have to do in February? I assumed Wyatt knew, you know? Yeah, you do have to watch out. I did expos January and February, but it was like the last week’s in January and the last week of February. Yeah. I thought I would’ve got a Hey. Good catch. Usually the magazine get the printers. There was a good catch. And the expos and, and sheep show all that. Did you actually, did you get to authorize his apps and check? Paul does check license apps. But he checks yours. He checks mine. That brings me to another one of Wyatt’s quotes. We’re just, you guys are on my sticky notes right out. Okay. So Wyatt, Wyatt told me, he said, I am gonna start le letting you, I’m start listening to you on my apps. Wyatt said that to me. He did? Yeah, but that’s rare. Did he come to me from New Mexico? Why? No. The rest of us are offended. You don’t care what we have to say. I tried to everyone just to office listen and apply each other. Just That’s right. You did try to do that. No, no one wanted to do that. Well, we did think that would be a kind of a cool game to just pick one state and one species that you would just give to the pot and said, all right. That, like for me that would be, I just feel bad whoever I’m applying.

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’cause I’m applying you where there’s no game and most likely you’re gonna eat a tag tag For me it would be Montana Antelope. Okay. You guys pick wherever you want. Put me in for that because it’s only a $200 tag and I don’t have to go if I don’t want It costs you five or six to get there, boss. That’s what I mean. 200 bucks. But I, I even leave and I only eat 200 bucks. That’s the species. You guys can’t pick that one. I’ve already picked it. How about some of those antelope units on the other side of New Mexico that comes that what do mean? You factor that in as far as you’re driving? You mean 30 30 hour drive? Yeah. I put in it about from hour 15 to hour 17 feels like another 10 ounce. It might take me longer to get there actually than the hunt goes. I actually will probably fly, if I get that, I’m probably gonna fly from Salt Lake to El Paso and be there quick. That probably be quicker. I mean, me a Pollock did it. It would be a big van. We did it. That’s true. Yeah. We can take that again you guys in an ice. Speaking of which, you guys had quite the experience in Dallas. Yeah. Really? It was a good time. The trek to and from. Yeah, it was good. It could have been a lot worse. Long boys down there.

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Appreciate you taking one for the team. Adam’s checking stuff off the list left. No, you guys. Adam, tee it up. Perfect. You know. Well, well, you know, I’ve got some more things. Bronston. Why don’t you tell us, let’s see. It seems like you were batching it there for a minute. Yeah. And you know, Becky was involved, had to go to the legislature. You had seven weeks, right? Yep. Of dealing with some of that and then also plus or minus. Yeah. Yeah. With the kids and whatnot. And then the kids. Well the kids. I have one grown daughter. You, you and you and a daughter. Okay. And then she wanted to go and you would be the lone ranger, right? You would be the lone ranger. You and the Yeah, she was on spring break. You and the you and the do She was on spring break and she was gonna go up there. They were maybe gonna go skiing, but then they ended up going to like Broadway type play and all that. So was like three or four days. So the only thing, the only thing you would have to do would be to feed the dogs, feed water, play with the dogs. How did that go? Well, I did. Wasn’t even given the choice, it was taken from me. Okay. So I just wanna know the Bronson household, how this goes down.

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I asked the question when I realized it was a day or two where my daughter was gonna be going up to Salt Lake. I said, wait, so, you know, I just gotta make sure, you know, ’cause these dogs are little. Yeah. Let’s put this the, the evolution to, to where they are. They are a dog, but they’re so far removed from a wolf or a wild dog. Then the survivability on their own outside. I tease all the time. They wouldn’t last five to 10 minutes outside. I mean any, okay, and let’s go back. Are you Mac pipe, A MPI could probably kill. Let’s set the stage even a little bit better. Are you a, do you feel like, would you consider yourself a dog person or a dog lover? Oh yeah. I have dog. Dog. I am. Yeah. But not an inside dog necessarily. Not necessarily. And these are inside dogs, but you’ve kind of grown to love ’em, right? Yeah. They’re, they’re, they’re kind of harmless, but they, they, they need you to take care of ’em. Like I said, they’re not, they are not. They’re not. They’re the, not like you feed them once a day and call it a day like an 11. Yeah. Best you can have ’em outside and feed ’em once a day and call it a day. There’s domestication has removed a lot of their instincts. I’m just gonna, that’s the easiest way to put it. Survival instincts gone.

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Yeah. They are like pee. They’re like kids small enough. A a hawk could scoop one in your backyard. I said for for sure. A magpie. A magpie from the sky. And they’re little yappers. I mean, they’re yapping at the golfers going by. I mean, they’re just little yappers, right? So, yeah. So I brought it up ’cause it’s, we were in the, that was a bad week here, if you may remember. Like, meaning a bag week being very busy, you get a magazine, whatever the deadlines were, I remember. But you’re still going home every night, right? Yeah, but we’re coming really early. Yeah. And the problem is they kennel at night and if I wake up at five or six and come to work, then, then they’re, you know, lonely running. Well they’re just running free and it’s pretty cold. So not like a normal dog where you, they’re indoor, a doghouse outside. They’re indoor. Right? And, and you throw some food out there, make sure the water’s not frozen solid. Right. And they’re alive. They stay alive, not too dark. And they, and they like to be mentally invigorated in the middle of the day too. Or you just, if they’re inside, they could make a mess, you know, in more ways than one. So you gotta check on ’em.

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So, okay, so I asked the question, what hey to the family and they said to your daughter and wife, oh no, we’ve got, we’re taking ’em to the doggy daycare for four days. And I says, what you don’t think, you don’t think I could these two dogs alive for four days? I like, I’m a grown man. I, I I have kids. I am responsable. I grew up raising dog, picking the, you know, dad bred mound buttes look. Yeah. You one, your kids we’re all intent and purposes. You’re you’re a dog man. Yeah. Wait, you said without, without your help that they just run free. You’re the only one that I’m the only one has respect from those dogs around your house. I’m the only one that’s taught ’em tricks, anything and how to sit, how to, you know, they only hear the word no from me. I love it. They don’t, they they, they, they are not disciplined. If it wasn’t for me, they would be undisciplined. And you know, all that. Mom’s never rubbed their nose in the rug, has she? No. No. And in their poop no bad. Have you done it to the point when you, I mean when I say the word, Becky’s gone, they know, they know exactly what, what they’ve done wrong. If I say that, ’cause they know and I reinforce it later, it’s all good.

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But it’s just kind of like raising kids where you gotta tell no sometimes. So you don’t even, so you are not involved in the decision making process of where the dogs are going or whose care they’re in. They trust a third party. They’ve never met more than dad. Well, they’ve taken them a lot there because of this very type of thing. Yeah. So the, now tell me a little more about doggy daycare. They, they’re aggressive. They send you updated photos and videos. Oh yeah. We were, where was it? The expo or something. And Becky, ’cause when we went to the expo we’re gone too. So Becky was up there and Halle and so they’re at the daycare too. And yeah, they, they send you texts with pictures once a day and they say he wasn’t in a very good mood today. Yeah. They just like hanging out with the staff and being pet and cuddled by the staff instead of playing with the dogs. And then a life, you’re like, that’s, our dog does like people more than other dogs. They are accurate. Like they have an accurate depiction of our dogs. They’re that big. Like 98% of other dogs could have ’em for lunch. So that’s why they don’t like other dogs. Chicken tender. Like a chicken tender too much. So yeah, so I wasn’t, I wasn’t trusted with the dogs, but actually made for a pretty peaceful week.

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I didn’t have to go home during the day. Do anything. I don’t even think you had to clean up after. I don’t even think you had to cook dinner. How’d that go? Yeah, that was another thing that came my, yeah. Okay. I’m marking stuff, stuff off my list. Like it’s my job. I turned 50 years old recently. Okay. Okay. And I think, I mean, survive, I’ve been fed watered pretty good out my life most of the time by myself. But for some other reason too, my wife, and bless her heart, she’s just looking after me to her. She wants to make my life simpler. But for the last seven weeks, because she’s the gone, she’s filling share of the, I’m not gonna be there to help make dinner and take care or whatever. She wants to take care of you. Like I, okay, but how old am I? 50? I said 50, not 90. So you know how to do top problem pretty soon. The, the first week, the first week on a Tuesday, I get this box called blue. I call it blue emu, but that’s some other company. It’s, it’s the Blue Apron. It’s Blue Apron. Okay. And it’s pre-made meals in, in the, in the, in the mail in a freezer cooler with ice packs.

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And you were, you were potentially looking into, looking forward to going out and eating once in a while to a restaurant like Wyatt, when Wyatt’s w’s gone, what you do, Wyatt, you eat it, whatever you want, whatever you feel like, whatever I want that night, whatever you want, you actually own yourself, barbecue, whatever. When she’s gone, you own yourself. Yes. And Wyatt doesn’t go to the grocery store and buy the groceries from Monday through Saturday because then every day then you’re locked into what you bought and you’re locked into staying home and Yeah. And even, but then you’re a lot of commitment. Your pallet changes. Right? Right. Yeah. On, on Monday you feel like a pork chop on Tuesday, maybe it’s a steak or chicken, or you want to go have a chili verte burrito on Wednesday, it’s whatever, whatever, whatever. So when you’re approaching, when you’re approaching the end of your workday here at the office, you have nothing to look forward to. I open fridge, whatever, Becky Meals, there’s your meals up there. A variety. Oh, they were a variety. Yeah. And my daughter, my daughter was there and then, and so they have pre-made kind that is like two or three minutes in a microwave. And for those kind of meals, they’re not frozen. So they actually tastes good for, for those pre-made time.

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And then they have the version that is here’s your raw ingredients with the freaking list that, you know, you’re supposed to be like a European chef, s chef chef pretty much. I mean, they’re easy to make. So what do you buying? Right? You, you start from scratching you carrots and potatoes and steaks. I mean, so now, now you have to work for your food. You can’t just drive up and pick it up. Just takes an hour or go out and have somebody serve you. Takes an hour to make it and it tastes good when you’re done. But, and the problem is they were coming faster than I, I couldn’t take a day off if I took a day off food’s getting old in the fridge where he is putting them in the neighbor’s garbage. They so he doesn’t get, they were on auto renew. They were on auto renew. They, they were literally every week. If, if it was one, you know how those food drives that come around this time of year in the spring, the trucks, the food trucks, I would’ve put them on the porch for one day, but they’d have to eat ’em that day is the problem. But I would, I needed, I had, they were coming too fast. So they, and they’re delivered no to your doorstep in a little cooler with ice packs.

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And do you have to give them the empty cooler and then they fill it next time? No, no, no. That’s, they give a new cooler h every day. Yeah, a little wow. Yeah. Little zipper cooler kind of. Yeah. Soft sided thing. But anyway, I survived that. But yeah, when she got ho and the funny thing is, this is the funniest thing, and Becky listened to these podcasts, but none, I’ve already teased her about this. And I, I was well taken care of. I wanted to be the first day back after she was home. The first Monday night came weekend. She wanted go out to eat. Yeah, we got, we got takeout. That would be nice. Once in a while. It was so wonderful. That was my first takeout in seven weeks. The first night she was back, she didn’t feel like cooking dinner. So we had takeout. I’m like, well, and you said, you told me, you were like, gosh, I haven’t been out for a long time. I’m really looking forward to that. I’ll take a Bronco buster, I’ll take a Bronco buster. I’m, and so when the dogs, when you finally went and, and grabbed the dogs, did they, there was like a leap Saturday. Of course they do because anybody’s dog that knows the the owner. Yeah. I went there on a Saturday. They had actually signed it up through Sunday. And I’m like, why’d you sign it through Sunday?

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Oh, just makes it easier. I don’t know. I’m like, no. So I went and got ’em a day early. Yeah. Yeah. They, you know, of course they got, you know, they got treated just fine. Fed and watered and kept alive and played with and everything. So anyway, but yeah, sometimes you know where you stand with your wife and kids if they don’t trust your own dog with you for four days. You know, Bronson, there’s one other thing I wanna talk about while we’re on this 50-year-old subject. What was your favorite saying here in the last couple weeks? You guys, you guys remember what Bronson was talking about? If I ever do that, take away my passwords. Okay. I said that it feels like well elaborate a little more on what we’re talking about. Well, we probably can’t because we’re talking about just stuff that let’s just pay more seasoned veterans that start doing you. You see stuff that people do later. Old, old guys get weird. Well, yeah. And if, and I told, I tell my wife, I’ve already put it in my, if I start posting on Facebook or Instagram or doing weird stuff, take away my passwords. Right? I mean that, that’s where you’re at. That and among other things. Yeah. What, like what? Well, just, I’m gonna get Yeah. You all know what I’m talking about. Well, I I’m not gonna tell you.

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I’m talking about just wondering if that’s what you’re, well I was just wondering about at what point in time do you and, and think about being an old man. You think you guys, you guys know Adam, you if password are you getting, is Adam giving you his password? I don’t often say what I think. No, but if I see any of you guys as a grown man posting a selfie in a bathroom, in a swimming suit, you’re done. Thank you Josh. And how are you gonna take my password from me? It, it, it doesn’t matter. It’ll just be removed. We need to sign documents, Bronson, so that the court, it can be court ordered that you are to, to give him your password. Well we recently, in the last agrees in the last year or two, we be, we did a a will put trust put in the, of her stuff in the trust. And there’s a whole bunch of stuff from medical and DNR or whatever your medical wishes are. And there’s a social media clause. I’m gonna go add that, that’s an addendum. And, and don’t give it to her. Give, I’m gonna put it all, give us your password because we have your best interest in mind. It’ll be in a book. It’ll be a book in my, in my, you guys will be able to walk in my house the day I die. Or did I start to go slip?

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You can walk there and get this slipping is what we’re worried about. When you’re dead, you’re not posting. Well no one cares at that point. It’s, it’s when you’re posting and the weird shiz comes out. Yeah. Just please you guys all, if you respect me in, in any degree, take away my privileges when I start slipping. Okay. You heard it, right? Is this a verbal contract? I think verbal contracts. It’s, it’s recorded. Recorded. It’s good written. I’ll say it to, I’ll put it on film. I’ll put it on in, it’s on film. Becky, go listen to podcast number 3 0 5. Adam wanted us, I say this to her. She, she hears everything. I’m telling you guys, she’s heard the same thing I say. I tell her the same thing. Take away every privilege I have if I start doing this. And what you just hand the phone. You say, this is what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen things I like come on. Yeah. Take away my privileges. My privileges. My privileges. Yeah. I am no longer an American. I don’t want my privileges. Well I’m an American but I Yeah, don’t, but I need to be bridled. Yeah, you don’t need to do certain things when you reach certain ages. I’m checked stuff off the list. What else have we got here? What did you apply for? Where? Well, New Mexico. I was gonna say, I was gonna say Montana. You had some plans.

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No, I not, but we still have a little time. I got 10 days. I’m not done that, but I’m probably gonna go swing for the fence. Probably gonna swing for the fence. Oh, I’m not gonna probably, I’ve got a bunch of elk points. I like an archery elk tag, but haven’t found the right spot. Yeah. I really, really think is where I wanna be. So probably, probably, probably just best in state probably like that probably We’ll do, deciding whether I wanna retain a deer tag or not. I can’t decide there no plans in Montana. So the, the Montana, the stuff we learned about Montana, you know and remember about the convoluted application process. It’s crazy up there. Yeah, well it’s, yeah, it’s not cheap just to try to draw the quality deer and elk zones. Deer zone. One deer zone, we’ll call it that. And a bunch of elk zones. But it’s, you know, calling the convoluted they get you on the hook for a general, if you are going into the draw with zero points and don’t apply with the outfit or draw, you might as well just not apply this year and get your preference point this summer and then next year buy your second one going with two. But if you go in this year with one, you’re, you’re not gonna draw.

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So if you wanna draw this year and you have zero right now, you’re best to not buy the preference point and going with the 50, 60% chance. But you also next year will just have that same 50 to 60% versus a plus versus 82 then a hundred. Yes. Year three. So it’s kind of a weird, there’s a lot of weird nuances to Montana. You can’t just cherry pick the best. You have to be on the hook and draw the general, which I did buy a preference point last summer. So I’d go in this year with buying my second one going to Montana. Doves give you the points going into the draw before they do the draw, which is unique to most other states. So there is a guy emailing us pretty pretty aggressively, emailed me this morning about some potential changes. They want to change it to where, you know, the deer aren’t, are maybe have a little bit of a break as far as rifle rut hunting and when to adjust. Those seasons not have a five week deer like they do rifle elk. But those, the residents are obviously gonna have to, that’s gonna be their deal. You know, it’s not, I mean you just, they’re just seeing the quality make it happen. Yeah.

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And he’s also seeing the, the relationship of cow elk, like the cow elk season when everybody has a deer tag in their pocket, they’re out in the field for cow elk and then they’re smashing the deer they see. So they’re just, you know, maybe a little bit more take during a, like a cow elk season, things like that. So anyway, it’ll be interesting as, as the world changes, we constantly got changes happening. It feels like there’s a lot, it continues about the time you think Well, potential changes. I mean, I’ve heard stuff thrown out there about Utah and Colorado and you better do this and you better do that ’cause this is gonna happen. And they’re just committees right now on some of these things talking about it. Yeah. So let’s just see what comes out of it. Yeah. You know, see what comes out of Colorado. See what comes out of anything in Utah that’s clear. Next fall, Colorado did the cost analysis and it’s literally, I mean they’re talking about going from OTC elk in some seasons and whatnot to, you know, a limited draw and capping non-residents and it’s to the tune of millions and millions and millions. Oh that’s not chicken feed. And there’s other stuff like stuff being thrown around about maybe moving to a hybrid, you know, bonus slash preference thing like in Utah or Wyoming, something like that. But that’s where you’d have a random potential’s.

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Yeah, that’s gotta happen. Like, but that does that, you know, that commission does meet on some of that stuff here in April, so will be interesting to see. Yeah. April, may, you know, of the five year season structures coming up too. A lot of potential discussions there. I’ve heard compelling people pushing for both things. One status quo, which is kinda the late dates and the other one’s, let’s go back to the previous five year and not have a big gap in between first and second and yeah, bring the deer earlier, you know, even possibly even some deer in first season hunts. So, but man, don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Let, let’s let it, let’s let, so something pass before also. Yeah, hundred percent. We talked aggressively about it and looked into it and are watching and participating in some of the different meetings and committees and whatnot. But anyway, ki kind of interesting how all this stuff, you know, evolves and, and there’s just a lot of, we had recently Arizona, you know, I mean they’re, they’re basically voting to do away with auction tags. Short, you know, slowly. I mean next year there’ll be one for each of the species and then after that it’ll be basically be a raffle. Kind of interesting, huh? What? Yeah, lots of, lots of changes out there in the west or lots of proposed changes I guess too. Yeah. So anyway, cut.

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It’s just who, who knows fun stuff. We got a lot. We got, we got Wyoming came, came out with their potential recommendations as far as all the different tag quotas. Yeah, those are all online from now. I think the commission meets, I wanna say April 16th through 18. Somewhere right there to kind of ratify everything. Yeah, they moved, of course the sheet moose go by some deadline to the end of April now. So you’re gonna have not only proposed numbers, but approve numbers before you have to pick your sheep and, and moose and units like that. If you’re high point holders. And, and in some cases you have for elk too, you got up until what May 8th to modify your elk application. If you see something on there you don’t like or do like or whatever. But, and the deer and antelope proposals out there too. Not monumental changes on that of course. I mean this is a whole nother subject. But they’re gonna slash propose another a hundred non ENT tags cutting in G and 50 NH to the point where at some point we’re gonna have no tags for non-residents there. So is that, are they all right? At some point if that happened and the deer still don’t come back, who are they gonna blame us? Okay. They already blamed. They blame, they blame us no matter what they already blame.

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That’s, I mean, we’ve almost got no tags left because we killed the deer in nineteens of residents. But then I understand residents should have the boat, but I’m just saying cut ’em to zero and I’ll bet you still don’t see the reaction. You see. But there’s a, there’s a lot of people out there that just think OTC tags, it’ll work itself out in the wash. Do OTC every year no matter what happens with the game. If that’s the truth, then why keep cutting the non-resident draw tag? ’cause you don’t believe that if you’re, if you’re a proponent of OTC tags and it’ll work workout in the wash, let us go. Why you keep cutting the, let, let us go, let us go liberally as well. Why are we ca why are we capped in Idaho if you really think that That’s right. Or or in this case GH down to potential two 50 to three 50 tags. Yeah. And it’s just, we’ve said it for years. It’s probably an era that’s in some cases in some places, gone, gone with the OTC doesn’t fit some, some places anymore. But that’s, that’s my call. Yeah. Well any interesting, all this stuff is interesting. I, I think too that there’s a shift in, in expectations. You know, back in the day when we were young Bronson, we were 50, but back in the day people expected a certain amount of quality.

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Now I just think, you know, everybody’s saying, well the new, you know, the new 180 or the, you know, is is actually one 60 or one 60 is the new 180 kind of thing or whatever. And I really think that’s happening. People have lower expectations. I I think there’s some truth to that. And I think as some, you know, even our, like our dad’s era, I mean my dad doesn’t hunt as much as he used to. He only kind of wants to hunt a bigger animal if he, if he does. But he likes to come along with us on all of our hunts. But I guess where I was going with that is his era and then maybe even ours have seen quote better days. And it’s hard to see some of that slip without at least trying to maintain something that moves it bo back towards that. And maybe, yeah, there’s 20 year olds that have never seen it any different or 20 to 30 year olds and yeah, they just want opportunity and all that. And I’m all for maintaining opportunity. I just, I would like a balance in some places and have options that aren’t just all, all for opportunity and young dear or young, young. So anyway, what are you pointing at here, boss? Nothing. I think there’s a lot of people too.

00:25:00:29 –> 00:26:08:07
I, and I understand, I sympathize with ’em a little bit is it’s tougher and tougher to get a tag. And so they’re just wanting a tag. So they’re saying, well let’s just have opportunity for everyone. I’ll go grind it out on this tough mountain range. And I know I’ll still come up with a 180 plus buck. And so, but it’s, as you see tags getting tougher and tougher to get, I think they’re, you know, guys are thinking along those lines even though they are somewhat of a trophy honor anyway. But I don’t know, lots of lots going on there. What do you think, Wyatt? Me? I wanna, I want to hear from you. Well, along those terms, you know, a lot of guys, I guess there’s a lot of guys pushing for the, just the, I guess quantity of tags or, or just wanting the potential to be out there in the outdoors and hunting. But then you’ve got, you know, kind of the, the older generation or, or the generation of trophy hunters too. So it’s kind of trying to find a happy balance between the, between the two is I guess the tough part for fish and game and division’s here. Yep. I agree. All right. Well Devin, I wanna, I wanna, do you, you have a sticky note or something? No, I don’t. I’ve got it memorized. Oh boy. It’s in his head. It’s to his head. Let’s hear it.

00:26:08:09 –> 00:27:20:11
I’m just wondering, so you’re, I wanna know what the thought process is behind choosing a rifle scope. It seems to me like you’re in the market for that. Just wondered, like you’ve got you of all people, you know, all the nuances of all the different scopes, brands, models and what’s important to you in choosing a rifle scope and maybe what’s important to you today? Today? Well it depends on, it changes the purpose of your rifle mostly. Okay. Let’s talk in, let’s talk a big game rifle. We got a big game rifle. Let’s, let’s talk a seven, seven ag that you guys would use on a moose or a brown bear. Wt hey, they worked, did you test it? Well I killed a moose. Mr. Mag? No, I thought you said brown bear for a second. He brought up brown bear. He took it. No, I did not fire, I took it that way because just because you fire a shot brown bear 40 caliber air. So I’m just wondering, I mean, it’s possible. I’ve heard that you’re in the market. Well, I, I answer that question. Are you in the market to other people? Many times and it depends on the purpose of the rifle. I mean a lot if you’re a guy who’s just, you know, I hunt timber or I’m zero to 500, kind of don’t really need to stretch it out. You don’t probably need to go over 18 power.

00:27:20:16 –> 00:28:25:13
And it also that that, that then weight comes into it. I mean there’s a lot of variables, but you kinda want that perfect mix in my opinion. So, but it is nice to have a scope that can be used for anything. Like you don’t know what hunt you’re gonna want to go on next year. Yeah. Maybe you only want one or two hunting rifles. And so you want, you don’t want to have to take a scope off specifically for a certain hunt, although you’d be willing to, it’s nice to have something you could shoot long range, but then it’s maybe a short range weapon as well. Yeah, I would say long range hunting rifle. Minimum of 18 power. Probably no more than 25. I like 20. Why no more than 25? What’s your, just your thoughts behind it. You zoomed into, have you ever shot one that’s on a 35 power? No, I have problems at eight. Eight. That’s what I’m wondering. Problems over eight 18. Your, your follow up shot or just trying to find up the animal. You’re just too close. And I mean even your field of few yards. Yeah, I mean it’s nice to get in tight but that’s, I you’re not seeing impact. Okay. It’s too much in my opinion. Opinion. And then you can’t, if you need another shot, you’re cranking your scope down. Yeah. Youre shooting steel and you got a spotter with you. Yeah.

00:28:25:18 –> 00:29:26:06
Or you’re filming or you can just look back in your scope and see where your impact was. That’s one thing. But for hunting, I say no less than 18, no more than say 24, 3 5. I mean you used to work at a, I mean a, a gun manufacturer. I mean you’ve dealt with this a lot. Yeah. Like a lot of questions. There’s nothing you haven’t heard. What’s the magnification range you like? What do you like personally? Like what’s Devin’s perfect as low as you can get up to 20. So which, and I don’t like less than 20. So my 28 18, my Z eight I you don’t like, but I’m telling you I’ve had rifles on a bench and I’m shooting a thousand and you do 18. 18 and then you pick up a 20 and it is a significant difference. Yeah. Even two power. But I have the Z eight I, you told me you liked that scope. It goes to 28. It does. It goes three and a half on the very low end put to 28. You wouldn’t be on 28. I would not be on 28. I would use a Z eight I in a heartbeat. If you’re shoot targets. Love the Z eight I. Yes. It’s the ultimate. It’s my favorite spot. Just expensive. Probably the most expensive. I mean it’s hard to get the ranges ’cause you’re always bound by the power. Yeah, yeah.

00:29:26:07 –> 00:30:32:12
In a V four, you’re four to 16, six to 24. I like a four on the bottom end. Three or four on the bottom end. Two because sometimes you are in timber and I don’t like to be, a lot of them bought ’em out at six and I don’t like the six. Oh, I remember I was Elmer FUD in freaking 44 in Colorado and it was meaning I’ve got my gun and I’m walking around. You know what I mean? It’s not like a, a planned stock because it’s so thick in some of that country. Oh yeah. And you don’t power. It’s nice. You wanna be powered down, nice to crank down and Yeah. Especially if it’s a second focal plane. That’s, so that’s what I was gonna get into. I want just from, from you the, because we get a lot of this type of question, you know, the differences between first and second focal plane and why or why not to use each one. Well first focal plane changes the size of the redle as you zoo. It’s variable. So for an a hunting example is this, as I was guiding somebody once we, we saw buck a into some timber quakes. You go in there and it’s, you’re in tight and it’s getting darker. He zooms all the way out, buck comes out, looks over the, you know, I mean I’m like, kill him, kill him. And he just, nothing happens. Yeah.

00:30:32:19 –> 00:31:38:17
His radical disappeared. It went so slow, so tiny. Yeah. It goes so small because as that radical changes, it is a true MOA representative of whatever distance you’re at. So that means a thousand yard mark would be a thousand on any power. You can turn it down. Correct. And it changes. Right. And you would think that the the the guy, the guy calling Yes. The normal has to to make it the normal. That’s right. And so the normal guy calling in and says, why wouldn’t I want that? And your point is as well, if you’re shooting long range, would you ever be under max power? Exactly. So if you, and and with a second focal plane, it never changes. It’s always the same. Your radical shape and size. Yeah. But my point is, and it’s it’s never true until you’re all the way zoomed in on your maximum power, then those come into line, line up. They’re that’s what it is. That’s what it’s, so my point is, if you’re ever gonna hold the wind, why wouldn’t you be on full power anyways? Right. Because if you’re less than that, it wouldn’t matter. Yeah. If you’re at 300 yards, you’re not holding wind. Yeah. You’re not never. And you’re not even really needing the radicals. Yeah. You’re generally we’re talking in a hunting situation or a hunting scope for the Yeah. Yeah.

00:31:39:02 –> 00:32:37:29
So, so yeah, you have a lot of people that’ll call in and and ask that particular question and why would I choose this versus that? And so you’re looking for personally, you’re looking for a second focal plane. And that’s generally speaking for 95% of the people out there that aren’t people I would more shooters. Yeah. You’re looking for you, you all out there listening would, would be looking for I like five powers. I like eight powers. They line up good. What do you mean what? Five and eight? Five and eight. A straight eight I a Simmons Straight eight. Here’s the eight I. Oh, it’s an increments of eight. Oh, I see. If it’s a five, you can do a five to say 15 or whatever. Or five to 25. Makes sense. So mine is, well three and a half but but to 28. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And the eye is illuminated. Are you with this? I think you’re in need of a new scope, right? Yeah. I might You’ve got a naked, you kind of have a state of the art scope from back in the day. Well, we’ve talked about a couple of my hugs the last couple years people might remember and you found, found. Lets, let’s talk about it. Found out. Let’s talk about it. Yeah. And I mean, I’m laying down 10 year to kill this buck old 10 plus year old scope. Maybe Devin.

00:32:38:22 –> 00:33:43:22
And, and, but, but, but I don’t like changing things. That’s No, I don’t either. It’s not a matter of the money. No. It’s a matter of change. Yes. It’s all dialed in. You know, it, it’s all, I had a scope I’ve had for a while and it worked really well. I liked it. I liked the radical, this, that and the other. Then year one, two, and three, it worked well then it started getting janky year to five probably. It’s probably been eight or 10 years year old. Geez. Anyways, so yeah. I mean, dear dear Il, I mean a buck in the snow, 500 something yards dead to right. I’m laid down. I mean, no problems, no wind. I mean, boom. And I, I shoot over him moose like three times. I mean you’re you’re, you’re, you were there. I was there. I watched happen. If, if he flanked, what else did I shoot over and miss? Moose? Moose. Oh, moose. I high. Yeah. You I shanked one. Yeah, of course. Moose. We were yelling it. I mean it was chaos. We were talking the size of two horses. Us standing out there a black piece of plywood. Yeah. And we thought here at Epic and it was, you were, you guys were just excited. We were, but it was like 500 yards or so, which isn’t a far shot on a, on a moose necessarily. It wasn’t four, 500, I don’t know.

00:33:43:22 –> 00:34:55:08
It wasn’t like a, it was five 200 yard shot. No, it’s, but come to find out my radical, and you can test this on the range and, and people should do it. But I, I could zero it. Everything’s fine. And then you, you know, you stretch it out. I shoot up to 8, 8, 900, a thousand crank. I’m cranking the turret. I come back down and so then you, you go home, right? Yeah. I just shot freaking a four inch group at 700 yards. Like I’m ready to roll. I go out there, bucks at 500. I’m shooting o I’m shooting over stuff. Geez. Hitting hot. So anyways, then this. And you’re wanting to throw the rifle off a cliff, but it’s not the rifle’s fault. It’s the optic not optic. It’s the optic. Yeah. So I go to the range and I do that. Everything’s perfect. I zero, I come back down to 200. I shoot six inches high. 200. Oh, you came in, you’re like I am. Yeah. Frosted. It was the tracking, my turret was not coming back when you dial up and dial back it. Yeah. So anyways, that’s what you found out. The problem was in there on that scope. It’s a problem. Yeah. Confirmed with the manufacturer. Yeah. So the manufacturer, you send it away. What do they say? They didn’t send it back. It was that bad. I thought they rebuilt it. No, it was a different New. New. Oh. Oh.

00:34:55:08 –> 00:35:56:04
It was a different. Which was super of em, you know, but it just like, I was stubborn and I shouldn’t have been. ’cause I was like, you know, should have this thing’s fine. Should swapped this out. I should have, yeah. Two years ago. You sell these scopes every day. Things to think about right here at Epic. So I would recommend guys that are shooting at the range after you do, you know, play long range, shoot at 200 again, bring it back. Go under zero, bring it to your zero, whether that’s a hundred or 200 or whatever, and shoot one shot. End that end there before you go hunting end that. Yes. Because that’s what for, we’re talking two or three years. Well, you’re dying sometimes to of frustration. Yes. And Bronson and I, I’m like, behind the scenes we’re like, we thought it was my feet. He, he’s you’re, you were just stuck on, on this particular, you didn’t want change. You don’t want change. I’m like, dude, we gotta do something different. Devon’s gotta do something different. He’s got problems. Well, it works, works good for so long. You’re confident in it, you’re confident something happens like that case. So much stuff with that red for you guys. I mean, so that after it’s all done, you and my left and right was never an issue. And so what did we do? Well you don’t, you don’t get the new chronograph. We check things.

00:35:56:10 –> 00:37:05:19
You probably don’t ever dial the left and Right. Most people like, no, I don’t dial, I don’t dial for windows. But my point is, is that whole alt through all that struggle, I never changed left and right one time. Yeah, that’s what I mean. So then you think, okay, it’s speed. Right? That’s what you would initially think. And we had some speed variability, but I remember thinking like, this show not this much, not this much, not this much. You know, if you’re within a hundred feet, you’re not seeing the difference. So now you’re like, you’re not seeing feet of difference. No. Even 50 or a hundred is not six. So the thing you could do is a ladder test and things like that, that gets a little bit whatever. But yeah, the easiest way to do it is when you shoot long range. Bring it down. So what did the scope to zero out, what did the scope manufacturer tell you? Crooked ed. Red was crooked. Broken. Broken. Here you go. Here’s a refurbished model. Good luck to you. Two key words. Broken and crooked. I mean, I don’t think it was crooked wasn’t tracked. That’s just what somebody typed. But yeah, it wasn’t So today we’re gunless, right? Like you’re looking to, you’re looking to top this gun, right? Like you’re, you’re gonna skip the gun and you’re gonna put a scope on I like Zeiss v sixes, but they’re not illuminated. They’re not illuminated.

00:37:05:19 –> 00:38:10:25
Which I don’t understand why that makes zero sense to me. Me, me too. And I, I I kind of wanna get 20 power. Yeah. That goes top of 18 sometime, which I love. 18 still. Yeah. Which is, it’s fine. It’s fine. I just, I don’t know. Yeah. I like to see and I would still hunt with them. They’re awesome. I might get, I don’t ask you guys this, I haven’t made up my mind, but they’re V eights, they’re pretty awesome. Two point something to, what does it go? What is it? It’s 24 20. What is one we’re looking at? Yeah. 24. 20. Yeah. They have one that goes to 20. They have one that goes to 20. Yeah. It stops at 20. It’s two point something to 20. Wow. That’s how many. And it’s illuminated. And it’s illuminated. We talked about illuminated. It’s affordable. Okay. We keep saying illuminated. I love the illuminated. Okay. Have you ever used it to kill an animal? No. No. Okay. How many? But I know this, if I would, I would have more dead animals. If really? What? Hap Yeah. What happens is you get a rainstorm late in the evening, you still have legal shooting hours. You can see it. But then when you look at it, you’ve got a dark cross hair on a dark animal in dark light. So you’ve not, not, not it’s legal and it’s ethical. You’ve not shot.

00:38:11:02 –> 00:39:13:19
Maybe ’cause you because Yeah, no, or I don’t, I can’t pinpoint that. Well, we all love and I’m, and I, and I attribute it to my age because I didn’t care when I was a kid. I could kill anything. I could look direct into the sun and kill it. You know, when I had clients, I mean I was guiding and I had, I remember a couple of instances and I was so frustrated where a client would be like, I just got this glare. And I’m like, you are kidding me. I kill the animal. I don’t care if there’s a glare. No, it’s, you look through the glare, you kill it. And, and now, now and then every once in a while it happens to you. Yes. It’s like I need someone standing up in front of you plugging their ears. And you can imagine me yapping in a guy’s ear. What are you talking about? We’ve got to this point. We’ve a culmination of a year’s worth of work. Two years, whatever, A named animal. And you’re not gonna gonna pull the trigger. You are. You, you know. And the guy threw me his gun and says, you look through it and I look through it. Oh geez. In my eyes. My point on the, on that though, there are some I I but I’ve never, never no shot anything with my illumination on. I know.

00:39:14:04 –> 00:40:15:00
Don’t, well, don’t make too big a deal that I think there’s a difference. It’s not the end of the world. There’s two different types of illumination. You got the whole redle. I hate that. Yeah. To me that does nothing. It’s d the whole redle is great. Big red in the screen. Yeah, that’s way too. And if it’s low light and you crank that thing on and it’s on like number 10, okay, you’re blinding and at a one or two and glare Swarovski that tiny the middle. And it’s a usually very fine adjustable Number six. It’s just a teeny little dot. I still go back to how many animals in your life and you gotta deal with, with batteries. I did not kill that animal because I didn’t have illuminated scope. And in the back of your mind you’re thinking it’s like you gotta deal with this little watch battery and you don’t know where to find one. It’s gonna be in some janky store. You know what I mean? Are you and you’re dealing with rangefinder boundaries as it is. As is you’re always in the back of your mind. I’m dealing, I’m relying on electronics. The time, the times I do come up is when I’m behind coyotes. The first call of the day, the very first setup here, you’re sitting up, you’re waiting in the dark for it to get sit and your eye can see a little better than your optic.

00:40:15:03 –> 00:41:13:15
Yeah. That’s when I would like to have my illuminate on a faint red dock. And then you just start calling. ’cause then I could kill because that, that’s happened to me more than once. Calling coyotes. I will say that I, and I have to wait feels like 10 minutes longer than, than I should anyway. I, I killed a deer once with it and couldn’t have, I don’t know that I would’ve made the shot. This is without it, it happened once I, I’m, I’m just say yeah, I will not own a scope that doesn’t have a you locked because it did. Because it did kind. And you still would’ve killed the animal. You probably, when you look close, you can figure that radical out. It, it cost me one, just the confidence and the confidence that I had because I was sitting on the gun and thinking, literally had thoughts of, okay, this buck’s not gonna go anywhere. He’s gonna be right here, get in the morning, I’ll just come back in, get up on these rocks, that sort of thing. And, and then I’m like, why? No, I can shoot that far. The gun can do it. The bullet can do it. It was just some of the conditions the sun had just sat behind him and stuff. And then in my mind I’d remembered, oh geez, I’ve got this little elimination. So I just reached up and kicked it on. Oh, okay. Yeah.

00:41:13:28 –> 00:42:07:15
I he’s, and, and the older you get, you know, you want nice crap. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like I, I mean Bronson, we want nice stuff, you know, and you’re just like, oh, if it’s a nickel moore, it might be worth it because I liked it because I killed an animal with it and it was so nice. I turned it on. It was beautiful. The cost difference in the scopes, they’re not much isnt a whole lot. It’s not, they not illuminated and illuminated and you don’t, it’s not always on. It’s not for people that don’t know. It’s not always on. It’s something you can turn on. Not one of, I don’t always do it. Another thing, every one of ’em you turn on otherwise you got dead battery. Another thing I feel like too that that same rifle that I have now, when I got another rifle, I put the same exact scope on it that’s illuminated and all that. But my kids, my wife shoot the other gun a lot and being able to turn the illumination on for them, every time I go to get ’em set up, I turn it on and it’s like no brainer for them. I feel like they’re significantly better shots. Like I, I haven’t really seen ’em miss they and they’ve made decent shots. Not significant, but three or 400 yard shots.

00:42:07:16 –> 00:42:59:12
And I tell ’em, okay, see the little red, I could see little red X and put it on it. It’s great for kids. It helps focus. I think their eye on a spot put the red behind the shoulder just getting yes, you’re not getting lost in a cross hair. They’re not looking at the shadows and branches. Two MOA line to the ride or something. So I, I feel like for them as well, it’s helped me be able to talk them through a shot better. I like that. I don’t know. That’s just something for me. That’s a good point for me. I’m like, I won’t go away from illuminating that, you know, unless it’s something. But I’m like, Bronson, Bronson, you’ve got the v on one of the V six’s, right? Yeah. And I, I like it, it a a lot and it goes to 18. It’s a little bit shorter than the v fours. Little, I like to last a little bit better. I think it’s more compact on my sheep hunting guns. I love it. And now I got another one coming. I like that I, I’ve got a Z eight I and once you get one particular scope and one model, then you buy more radical because I want to pick up a gun. I got a Z eight, I get pick up another gun. I got a Z eight. You’re the same way on the v sixes.

00:42:59:12 –> 00:44:06:11
But, but those, those six fives too, they’re, when I say long range, I’ve killed, you’re talking 600 I’ve killed seven, 700 yards is about, I I don’t, and that was a deer. I, I wouldn’t shoot a sheep that far. But I mean my, it’s like Devon says the scope is prescribed to the gun I’m using, I want a more compact, a little bit lighter weight, sheep and mountain packing rifle. That’s what I go, I don’t need the illumination. I’m not, I’m shooting it’s light for 23 hours on my sheet punts when I go up there. So elimination is probably never gonna be an issue up there. And it’s just, it fits versus have a little bit longer Yeah. Profile on a V four or a other scope loophole or so back to application of what application was talking about. Exactly. If, if you’re but my other guns and same with the caliber, my other guns, my 300 rums, my seven mags. I’ve got a four to 24 by 52 and it’s got illumination if I need it. And, and I like it for that. ’cause you know, I’ve hunt wolves with those. And I will shoot at a wolf whenever, as far as I can get a range reading, I will shoot at a wolf, any shots, ethical wolf, every range, any range there is, I will dial and and shoot. There is no ethics. I will dial and shoot. Everything’s ethical.

00:44:06:15 –> 00:45:03:11
I mean, and so I want a gun that has that long range magnification de Devin’s talking about on that gun. ’cause I don’t have just a wolf gun, but my, my seven mags, what I usually take, and that’s what I take on that it goes to 24, got a big objective, got a 52 and lu illuminated a lot. Because if, if you do hunt wolves, you may be at low light a lot of times. Oftentimes that’s true. That’s true. And the cool thing with scopes nowadays is it used to be like, if you wanna be lightweight, your dial ability drops. It does, does it decreases If you don’t have the, you don’t have the range. That’s what I’m saying. You don’t have the depth on, on the lightweight scopes. It used to be always a struggle. Like the Z fives, my Z five, it was the best scope ever in the world. If you world to shoot 12 900 yard, you were looking at big heavy. And so they kind of contradict themselves. Yeah, they do. But with these new lines, they’re kind of the new lines on a 30 mil tube in the middle. And it’s pretty awesome. The one inch, the one inch tube, you weren’t dialing far. And the Z fives like for, if I was, if I was going on a sheep put and I was building a sheep gun, I’d have a Z five. Yeah.

00:45:03:19 –> 00:46:05:23
It’s ov Well I’ve, and I’ve still got it and I’m putting it on a gun. I’m gonna put it on a gun and it’s not eliminated. But you’re, you’re not gonna have a turt or availability. But it’s, it’s a 6 6 5 and it’s a seven or 800 yard gun. That’s right. That’s, that’s kind of what my sheep gun are they, I don’t need a thousand yard gun with that. You come a bigger, more heavier, longer scope. Yeah, I did this. You don’t need it. Kind of a lightweight fierce. C 5 6 5, excuse me. Six five P-R-C-P-R-C. Just, you know, it’s, yeah, it’s got the foldable skull stock can throw it in. It’s lightweight and I don’t wanna take a lightweight, you know, gun and throw a giant scope on it. But my 3, 3 38 rum, no. I’ve got a giant night force and, and I won’t take it off. It’s got its place. It’s got its place. I will never take it off. But I, but I, you turn that I’m not advocating a night force. It’s, it’s way overkill for turn that gun sideways. Don’t throw the night force right in between the jaws of the bear. I could and show him to bite it. I could see if he could do damage. I could. And when and when you dial it, it’s like s turtle. I mean it clinks in, it’s, it’s such a crystal sounds like it’s tracking gears what you want.

00:46:06:06 –> 00:47:10:28
It’s what I want for that situation. So cash, you’ve done a lot of shooting, you’ve Yeah. Building your build, build building rifles. I want you, you can’t get a word in edgewise with these guys, but I just want you to, I want you to tell us a little bit about some of your thoughts. I would, I would kind of echo what Devin was saying. It’s all situational and what you’re, what you’re trying to do. Like with my gun that I built, I built something that was more of a mountain style rifle. Something that’s not too heavy, but not too light either because you get like it’s, it’s a seven PRC. If you build that crazy light, it’s still gonna kick you like a 300. Yeah. Even with a suppressor. And so like tracking, tracking a bullet or impact if you’re alone, a lot of, a lot of those factors play into it. Yeah. What do you, what do you, what do you, do you remember what you’re using for rifle scope? It’s a V four from Zes. Oh, okay. It’s a six to 24 X 50. There you go. So that’s, I mean, it’s not, not the lightest out there. I’m, I mean it’s light but it’s not heavy. Yeah. You know, and so that’s kind of where I, where I met everything in the middle on that gun. Is it eliminated to do that? It is. Yep. Yeah, it’s got illumination.

00:47:11:03 –> 00:48:06:29
It’s got, it’s that same red I have I that has it been shooting? Awesome. Yeah, it’s, it tracks like I’ve had it out to 1200 and it’s And you’re shooting stuff at 1200. Oh yeah. Like if you’re a person out there, you wanna be scared. Yeah. What, what bull? I’ve seen him do it. What bull do you shooting outta your seven prc What bull bullet. I’m shooting a, it’s a 1 75 E-L-D-X-E-L-D-X. Yeah. Yep. So, and it’s shot. Well like I, I haven’t tried another bullet in it ’cause it’s shot. Well and you only last year’s, the first year you hunter with Colorado and maybe something else. And you smashed a buck. Smashed a deer with it. Yeah. Yeah. How’d the bullet perform? It blew right through it. Like, I was surprised How close was the deer? It was like two 50. Like it wasn’t far at all. Yeah. So it was like you didn’t really get any long range performance out of it. Whatever as far as evidence. But that’s, I liked it. But, but it was still track tracking and fast and it held together. Oh yeah. Boom. Held together. Well it blew through it. Everything. What, what? Boom. Boom. And they’re dead. That’s, that’s what happened. Boom. Performed boom. Dead. Yeah. That’s how the bullet performed. I’ve got a buddy of mine that always sends a text. It didn’t boom dev.

00:48:08:13 –> 00:49:18:18
We, I’ve had the same experience with the LDX, but you know, this particular gun that mine’s in is it’s slow. It’s slow. It’s 2,800 feet a second at the muzzle. But I mean, it’s blown through elk at 600 like, and holding together. So. Right. No problem. I mean, I think there’s been some problems. Devin, you got Adam 3 31 or 200, you might still having some fast bullet, close range blowing apart, you know, it feels like maybe a little bit of a burger type. If you’re re was on an elk hunt last year, a guy was shooting a 28 na and shooting 162 grain. ELDX. Okay. Warner, DLDX shot up four times sub 200 yards. Not one pass through, not one made it to the cavity. Wow. The shoulders were gel. I mean, and it was just ’cause of the speed, just carnage. The speed killed him. It was sucked. Yeah. Well they’re so fast at that close distance. It was just boom, blowing an elker. So it wasn’t bonded. It’s got a, it’s a hard animal. A deer. Deer is a little different but an elk, it’s just not bonded. It’s not a bonded bullet. Yeah. They’re just like a burger. I mean, they shoot awesome. They’re no question. But yeah, you don’t wanna shoot a hundred yards. I I we love acu coupons. I I think everybody here at the table. I wish you’d had an ACU bond. Yeah.

00:49:19:03 –> 00:50:25:12
I wish my every rifle I own shot one of those. But sometimes they don’t, like, sometimes they don’t. Rifle is cheeses. They don’t have the right rifle. Cheeses. Yeah. Grain that you want to use sometimes. So you don’t. So this saga of Devin having a, finding a rifle, what has he not said that you wanted hear? Say what he’s going to settle on. Oh, I don’t know yet. It’s, and that’s my favorite thing about Devin is, is Bronson, you know this about him. I mean, Wyatt, you’re one of his best friends. Words. Anybody it’s gonna take, it’s gonna be months in the and but once you settle, once you settle, you’re married for life to that locked in. I don’t know man. Just wanna know. Some of my things I do are like, so impulse. I’m like, what is wrong with me? Are you taking that gun? Like, there’s other things and I like, for example, well for example, Devin, this Tundra you bought, when did it come on sale? Like when did you buy? I bought it within 10 minutes of it becoming posted on a day. Did I told my wife we’re gonna go look for cars for her. I mean, who does now who would do that? I mean me, the, the, the freaking navigation of if I to Hey you. Hey. Yeah. We change of plans. We’re going to, this just kind of came up. We, we yeah.

00:50:25:12 –> 00:51:17:18
We’re changing our Saturday place. We need another truck. What do you think honey, about this truck? Have you ever liked a truck? I think I got a good one. ’cause yeah, that was so yeah, that was an impulse. That was a good one though. That was a good, but it was a planned impulse I think in the back of your mind you were looking for a kinda, always looking for a good deal on those. I’ve been wait for a year, but it just happened to be that 10 minutes before we gonna go look for my wife for a car. Well the problem is I go buy a truck. You got Wyatt’s grandpa’s truck for the standard of the deal he got and the condition of his truck. Yeah. And you’re kind of trying to duplicate that for the last year and a half or however long Wyatt’s had that truck. I’m not that worried about the scope thing. It’ll, it’ll, so you know what, we’ll come together when I would be content to go grab a V four, I’d love the Z fives, but I would like to shoot. They, he can’t make a decision. I would take just about anything. They all are awesome. Really? Is that gun going with you? Is that gun going with you to Alaska? You’re naked seven going with you to Alaska this year? Yeah, because it’s naked now. And and that’s, how long are we dude, it’s close.

00:51:17:18 –> 00:52:23:01
Five months. I, if I’m Devin, I’m thinking about it every night. I just, hey, the time I have, I don’t have a gun to take on my next hunt. I would be Why don’t you just put open sights on that. On this. We’ve got thinking, we’ve got his think. Look at his eyes. He’s nervous now. All of a sudden. I’m good. You’ll have one off the shelf time we get outta this podcast room. I’ll be good. Mark my words. I’ll be ready to go. So part of the elimination thing with me, and it’s, it has nothing to do with scopes, is getting older and looking through open sight, open sight muzzle order on my deer in Nevada. It was dark and it has a cross hair on the end and it was dark. And I’m like, am I that old? Like I can’t see that cross hair. It’s like four in the afternoon. When you say cross here, it’s a globe. It’s a globe. You, we are talking Nevada. So we’re not talking to scope crosser. Let’s just make that clearly clear now. Thank you Bronson. All I don’t need to be investigated. Okay, we’re talking about the front iron site, the globe with no iso isotopes. What do you call radioactive isotope? Yeah. It doesn’t have any of that. You’re talking the front globe pizza. However, I do feel like I want to paint a little bit of glow in the dark.

00:52:23:01 –> 00:53:24:15
Like when I, like on my nightstand, I’ve got a pair of snake eyes looking at me. It’s from the glow in the dark sides on my pistol. And I love the snake eyes and I feel like I need that on these open site muzzles. Is that radioactive? I don’t know. What is that compound on there? Don’t know what a radioactive isotope is. Well, to make you feel better, even in the middle of the day with those globe sites, I struggle. I mean it’s hard. It is hard. It’s hard. But when I was a kid, you put it in front of us, we kill me. Well, same, same with me. It’s just your it’s just your aging eye. That’s what those, it’s so then it now it, it transmits into scopes. Everything needs to be light and bright and happy and you know, not even get your eyes laser to try to fix the problem. Ugh. So now we okay. No, we’re, well it’s di what are you doing? Okay, Devon. I’m all right. Yeah, you’ll be fine. Little touch up and you’ll be fine. You, you have another appointment, don’t you? Oh, he goes under the freaking knife. Oh geez. I don’t know. They’re redoing it. As many complications I had, they may not accept me, but he’s, he’s, no, not this guy. So that was, you ever met a guy that was allergic to the freaking eyedrops they give you?

00:53:24:15 –> 00:54:30:24
That’s not, she said, I’ve been doing this for, for 16 years and never seen this before. And guess and who freaking told you that you were a different optometrist? A local dentist. He said, you better. No, not a dentist. A guy for that looks at eyes for just general health. We’re talking a general health practitioner kind of guy. Basically. You’re messed, he’s an og. You messed up. He’s just not a laser surgeon. Whatever it is, it was less than where he was headed. Eye exam. He was coming from the best of the best that people understand. I look like the spawn of Satan for 42 days or something like that. So what happened? Tell, tell the world what I’m allergic to the drops I’ve been taking. And so then what, what was the chemical? What was the, when you isolated the chemical compound boric acid. So a little tiny trace of boric acid in this particular is what they assumed particular eye drop. And what would it do to you? You immediately stopped that though and immediately got better. Dude, you couldn’t even see through your eyes. You guys couldn’t even look at me. No. Without tearing up. No, I felt bad. Yeah, it was rough. And then I’m like, well Lasik’s the best thing that ever happened to me. That’s what everybody told me. If you’d got pulled over, you would’ve been booked in jail. Would’ve the crappy party would Is my left eye’s amazing.

00:54:30:25 –> 00:55:36:07
My right eyes, huh? But about the same as it was. And that’s my shoot night. And, and but you’ll get it touched up and it’ll be fine. Well don’t they? We’ll see. And you’ll use different eye drops and you’ll be fine man. Be called me. So anyway, but but have you ever thought maybe you’d have to learn how to be left eye dominant? I’ve thought about it. It might change then that might, you might need a lefthand left eye because either that I’m wearing a monocle. Well, I’m bow horse. A monocle like the monopoly man. Yeah. Yeah. So Mr. Peanut guy, right? Bron. He has one. Oh that was that the guy that we talked about in Harry Potter. What was that? That guy’s name? What was his name? You didn’t even remember who we were talking about. We looked him up. What’s his name? The Harry Potter guy’s got the freaker. Harry Potter, I can’t remember for crime. And he professor something can’t believe we’re talking about Harry Potter. He had one of those. But anyways, I’m saying pieces. I think you’re onto something with that. What’s that with your, with those globe drop in sites? Well, I really, I think they need to be really hard. I think they need to be painted with radioactive isotopes or whatever that is. Avoid that word in Nevada at all costs is my advice. I want ’em to be brighter. I’m just thinking. I look at snake eyes on my desk.

00:55:36:10 –> 00:56:35:25
I’m like, why can’t my muzz loader look like that? I used to paint back in the my old brass pen days. I used to take white out and I did paint the end of the the brass and white paint them white on, on the car Bow with literally white out. Yeah, but what happens when it rains? That crept water soluble. They don’t last. So it’s like, and then you tried you fingernail polish and why does it blow? Why does it blow? It just sticks out a little bit more than brass. Anyway. Anyway, I think there, these, these open sites can come a little further. But Bronson, I want to talk about this one. Power scope and Utah. It’s kind of one of those things that now we’re utah’s open to apply for Wyatt. It’s today opened up today. Wyatt, you actually were clicking by anybody boxes. You were clicking boxes like it was your job. I I just got in there just to see if there was any changes that we need to And what were the changes that you saw? Which brings brings up my one power scope. The only thing you know that I really noticed was they separated out all your archery into, into three different sections last year they had it all for elk Last year they had it all just under archery and canceled December.

00:56:35:25 –> 00:57:38:06
Archery guys select the December when they want now whole September separate drop down thing like that. And had about how many warning boxes Did you have to click Josh before you went down Utah? Yeah, there was eight of ’em. Well usually it’s like we’re gonna be doing surveys and we’re gonna spook the animal year after. Yeah. A fe you check that box, we might be fine. Don’t be a felon if you are, we’re gonna come after you this time. What whatever muzzle order warning for sure did have muzzle order. And you agree to your residency. Like I’m not, I’m not a resident that’s on there. Every year there was some name change, even though I live in New York, they’ve shortened units unit unit name Boulder is just Boulder now instead of Plateau Boulder. But then also that when you’re applying for a muzz loader that you know that the muzzle order restriction has changed. Yes. Okay. So it’s a one power scope or open sight. One power red dot or Scorp or red. And Bronson, I like what you’ve been talking about a little bit is you gotta find out what works for your eyes. It’s nice. A scope’s nice. So a scope is nice even if it’s one power. But your point is you go ahead and look through a one power and see it looks like you’re looking down. Have one a tunnel that’s a mile long.

00:57:38:21 –> 00:58:39:24
So when was it 2016 or 15 when we could still use those. Well, before we could them 16. Then I, I had a one power cross air scope and I put it on thought this, I mean, that’s gonna be better than an open side. I didn’t like it. I took it off. I just, me that, that cross air. Maybe it was a little bit too blocky. Maybe it wasn’t fine enough. But I just thought as I got down 1 52 or two 50 and tried to stretch it, which you thought you could with it, because I have a scope versus open sign. It just covered up so much of it. I’m like, I I would rather have it a, a peep. So I don’t, I went to that years ago. Just a peep. So you’re looking through just air. And then I did go to the, the interchangeable front globe site and you find which one your eye likes, whether it’s the t whether it’s across there, whatever you like there. Fine. ddu, duplex. That’s what I ended up going with. So I, I do think there’s not a one size fits all. It’s kinda like boots, feet are very unique to every people and eyes are very different at, at ages 20 to 80. Well, and what you’ve, you what you can see how you can focus.

00:58:39:24 –> 00:59:30:11
I’ve got loophole and I brought it into the office to you guys and I turned it on and I’m like, it it’s Starbursting because of my Lasix or whatever. It’s got a little little and you can’t get it to change. I don’t see a fine little dot. I see a starburst. You know what I mean? Yeah. And maybe it’s the scope, but maybe. Anyway. So you’re gonna have to, everybody’s gonna have to, and I’m gonna be one of those guys. I think I’m gonna go open range kill. I’m gonna do open and I’m gonna probably look at a different red dot and a different cross there and go with what I think I liked the best. And I shot a bull here in Utah when it was a one power and it, and I used to open site, you know, same. I felt the same way. I know optics have come a long ways. Like these scopes have come a long ways. We’ve gotta, we’re gonna do, we doing a little research. But Josh maybe dive into a little bit. I know you’ve looked into some of the one power a little bit. We’ve got Fourex that have come out with it. Lupo, which by the way, we’re gonna be struck now gonna be an option here at Epic Outdoors. We’re bringing Lupo on and being able to sell those.

00:59:30:15 –> 01:00:49:01
So guys that are looking to buy a loop, hold please, you know, shop here first let us have a chance at earning your business. But Josh, go ahead on what you’ve, what you’ve Yeah. vor. So Vortex is coming back out. They actually discontinued that one power scope that they used to have. I wanna say it was a crossfire. I, I don’t want to say but they discontinued it because really no other states it didn’t work. It was pretty Utah specific scope. Once that came out, they reintroduced it and it’s gonna be coming. They’re saying here in April we’re gonna start seeing shipments of it. We’ve got some on order. So it’ll be a one power scope. They also did say the possibility of, I wanna say was it Kenton Industries that has a turret that you can put on it? And so everybody said, oh great, I can have a turt. And you gotta just remember you’re, you’re still at one power. Yeah. Same with loophole. Loophole’s got a little red dot. A red dot that they have. Yeah. That’s that same kind of thing. It’s comes with a little, you can get it in an ATE or MOA turret. Yeah. And you can put it on there. Just same kind of thing. A lot of guys are thinking, well I’ll keep dialing it. And the problem is, is all LER are capable of like that. Bronson, we’ve heard this in New Mexico.

01:00:49:14 –> 01:01:53:00
Guys know what the, they, they recently changed to iron sites. They had multiple power scopes about anything went in New Mexico and, and everybody went down there and you knew these were 500 yard guns. Yeah. And so now in your mind we’ve got a 500 yard gun, but we have iron sight. So people are lobbing ’em, throwing ’em out there and starting to realize, whoa, okay. Whoa. Optics did help a lot on a m loader. Yeah. And so it it is, it is just kind of personal preference. We’re gonna have some red dots as well from some different manufacturers. We’re gonna have. And we, we do have the strike fire that that vortex has. It’s got a red or green dot. So you can change that. It does make a difference sometimes in the daylight or the where you’re at. Whether sometimes your eye can see red or green better, but color colorblind people. Yeah. Like Jason’s saying too, sometimes that DOT’s not, it’s not like a fine little teeny dot. But I know just personally when I went from back before, I didn’t have a one power scope. I just went with a red dot. I, I felt like at 200 yards I could comfortably shoot and all that stuff with it. But I knew that my red dot was basically just you put the dot on the shoulder. Yeah.

01:01:53:02 –> 01:02:54:18
It wasn’t like I was holding a spot or anything like that, but I knew I could see that red dot better on that buck or that bull’s shoulder, whatever better than I could cross like with a cross hair. Yeah. Or or a standard open sight, you know, with just a post on the front and the dovetail on the back. Yeah. Because at that point you’re gonna dovetail covers up the, you’re gonna have a one power scope. You no question either. Either one power or do one or the other. Yeah. Just for my eye. That’s thing. You’re gonna, you’re gonna have a scope. My eyes, my brain. Something works better. Yeah. I, I did like, you know, I went Devon to Nevada and he had that, that’s the first time I’d looked through that, that globe. That Williams site. Yeah. With the cross air. It was pretty nice. It’s nice. It did feel like that was something I could do as well. Well, and I, I’ve got used to those Nevada, Colorado you got his shoot open sites. Yeah. So I, I know. Yeah. Pretty soon. I mean I already have four muzzle loader. You know, I love, I love broun. So Bronson, you’ve got a six five. Well you gotta need more. Well that, that’s not a muzzle loader No mean but I mean, I’m just saying you have a plethora of rifles, muzzle loader. You would say you’re an enthusiast.

01:02:54:18 –> 01:03:52:13
Maybe even some of which are for sale. I would say he’s an enthusiast. You’re a gun fanatic. No, it’s mean if no more than any of you at this freaking table. If, if don’t this fall, I know who I’m calling. The, the evolution of the modern. If him arm on if goes through eras, if you catch him on the right day, you’re gonna get deal. What? What’s better? What’s better than having one muzzle loader that’s set up and can shoot and everything like that. Two or three or four? Two. Well he does one in case you have to go to Idaho. No, you’ve got one set up for all the restrictions there. That, that is only for Idaho. Yeah. Yes. And then I have another one that’s kind of been my, and then I had a Nevada Colorado gun and I shoot a, I shoot a solid lead bullet out of it in those two states. ’cause you can’t use a saot in Colorado. So you gotta have a full bore, you know, projectile. And that works good in Nevada too. I use that gun. But then I have, yeah, the guns like in Utah and Jason you have kids too. And like if I have one long range gun and I get off work and wanna go hunt and my kid, my boy took it.

01:03:52:16 –> 01:04:50:10
We had those, those I gotta go grab an open sight gun outta my safe to go in Utah when I could use a magnified scope. No, I’m not doing that. So I got another one set up and ready to go. So now you know, oh you know what I’ve got. I’ve got a kid safe and dad safe and leave dad safe alone. Okay. But my point is, one of those ultimate guns is gonna have to be stripped down and pro. And I could make that into my quote Utah maus loader and put a one power red dot or something. If I went, I can, I can already know, like Josh was saying, a red dot. I love this fits my eyes better in a one in a scope than the one power cross hair does. That’s right. It does. I I don’t, I don’t like covering up too much of the animal and praying, touching off. I like, I like that. Having said that, red dots have come along too. ’cause a lot of times they weren’t para that. Correct. And you have to kind of anchor onto your gun on a red dot back in the day. Kinda like your bow to make sure you’re looking at it from the right set up. You can it wherever Yeah. You hit you. You gotta have a, that correction built into your scope, which means you’re gonna spend a little bit more money.

01:04:50:14 –> 01:05:51:00
The real cheap ones. Kinda like your ar ones that are real cheap. Yeah. You gotta kind of anchor on those. ’cause you’re, are you moving around your head around and that thing moves around with it? Oh yeah, it does. It appears that it moves around. Yes. What were you gonna say? Oh no, that’s all I was just gonna say. Oh, I thought you were diving. No, yeah, you are. It’s the same kind. Okay. Sorry. I thought, was there somebody that was trying to dive in? All I’m saying about go this topic is the human eye is more than one power. Yep. If you’re looking through one power, it’s like 1.3. I’m, it’s like being at the hundred yard range and walking back they said it was like 1.4, walking back 70 yards and doing the same show. Well, and the problem is you run into, you know, the objective size as well because you’re getting into it a 24, 24, you know, objective size. A straight one I feel like has got a 10 millimeter objective. I’m like looking through 24 or something like that. What? That it feels like you’re looking through a toilet paper tube. It’s a mile long. Yep. And that’s, that’s part of it is because of that objective size, you don’t have a one power that’s got a 50. No. Like, we’re used to looking through that. And so you get back into that low light early morning, late at night.

01:05:51:28 –> 01:06:51:21
In that case, an open, open site, it might, might be more beneficial. So there’s a lot to consider. Everybody eyes are different. You’re gonna have to shoot a few things. Everybody’s gonna have to spend a little bit of money in Utah this year. If you don’t have your stuff that you took off five or seven years ago and whenever that was, eight maybe. And with red dots, the one thing I was gonna say, you have to, then you start worrying about batteries and is it on, is it off? I’ve had instances before. I’ve been sneaking in on something and all of a sudden, okay, I’m gonna pop up all, all this lifted all battery. I pop it up over here and I can’t get it to turn on. And something’s sitting there staring at me and I’m, anyway gonna tell you a secret. What I do on those, I have a couple eliminated ones. You get that tape you put, we put on our tripods and just tape a battery to your scope. Yeah, there you go. There you go. I have batteries on them. I like it. How long it take you to cut? I’m an Eagle Scout man. How long would it take you to cut that tape off to get to the battery, Devin? I got 30 seconds since. Okay. Since you brought up birds and you’re an eagle scout Devin. Whoa. Birds. Okay. Did you go on a Turkey hunt recently?

01:06:52:20 –> 01:08:03:29
Are you kidding me? Yeah, you did. No, I might lie right now. Well, no. Yes, but I it’s always a big butt. Hey, you brought it up, dev. You have many members and people in the world out there I’ve talked to and said I am not a Turkey owner. I I’m, I will never go Turkey. People hate turkeys. They, there’s, I hate turkeys. I’ll be the first. ’cause they, they, they, they will invade you. They will ruin you. But once you have a gun in your hand, they become a real animal. And they’re smart. I’ve been defeated. To answer your question Yes. Why? You even had a spotter. I had a spotter. One of the best spotters, Wyatt. He does it for a living. In fact. Why? We have actually killed things together. Why slow roll the pints with the best and when there’s cottonwoods, he’s even better. But he also had competing against the symbol of our country, we also had boundaries that we needed to keep it within. But you also set up what this is, it’s a depredation. Okay. They encourage you to shoot heads, which means there’s lots of them. They’re everywhere. Yes. And you don’t wanna shoot a female. I, my wife, if it was a friend of hers and their, their farm. And so we go out with her and she wah I mean, smashes it. I minute it in. Yeah. Okay. So Devon’s like, but it was a Jake.

01:08:04:06 –> 01:09:07:10
I’m like, awesome. We ate the thing, it tastes pretty good. So I’m good. It was awesome. Yeah. I’ll, I’ll provide for that for the family. Yeah. Shoot. Why not? Yes, but you also didn’t realize you were then I saw a couple of Tom’s sign. Tom were dragging the ground. Oh, the little He said bigger than any point. Double be bigger than a half. Man. I wanted to get that one. No. Oh, double beer plus a little, A double beard. Oh, Jakey looking. So you have one dragon, a kicker. You have a Drager. A double beard and a double. So yeah, of course. What do you think I’m gonna do? Actually to the hold out. I didn’t shoot that great white hand. I mean there was options but it didn’t pan out for me. Yeah, I I you even gave me, I gave you a three and a half or, and you even gave it back to me. I’m like Devin, if you get within 150 yards, it wasn’t that far. But I, but I’ll tell you, they’ll stone ’em at a hundred. They’re interesting creatures. I mean just, I don’t know what to say. So anyway. Is that all? If you want to, is there any particular story tonight? The night I thought it was gonna happen. I’d kinda looked. I I I got into it. You guys know I left at lunch, scouted him out. Yes. But you were honest.

01:09:07:15 –> 01:10:13:01
You didn’t even know you were gathered around Wyatt’s desk. I told Bronson, I’m like, look at this. These guys are scouting. They’re onto something. Well we have boundaries. You have to stay within their properties and why? It’s like, and Wyatt would come to work. Dude, Devin, you shoulda have been there. They were everywhere. They were crapping in my truck. Here’s what I like. Here’s up the unit. Here’s the part of the story. I like those. Then you realize you are not the only ones hunting these birds, but the symbol of our country was staged all around the, there you go. Eagles wreaking havoc. And, and tell ’em about how these turkeys had gotten smart and how where they would, when they had to cross open country, they would walk where Devin. Right under the wheel line. Under the wheel line 40. So they couldn’t get dive bomb from above. Came walking to me. Wow. I mean within 10 yards, you know, smart. But they went all the way down that, that water wheel line evolution. So that they hopped the smarts live eagle seas. They’re bald eagles. You saw ’em the symbol of our country. Like I said Why? It’s like, yep. I spot, I also saw ’em walking in and out of abandoned cars. Cadillacs. Literally. Yeah. I was up against an old school bus. Love it. Okay. And then when they would get to the end, they would just mad dash for the brush.

01:10:13:01 –> 01:11:23:09
Right? Pretty much. But you didn’t, you find feathers and pair and Turkey parts all around there. The eagles are eating well, they’re hurting them. They may not be need depredation tags in the future if that continues. ’cause you guys are doing great. My list is shortening. I love it. That was on your list. Well kind of right here. Archibald turkeys And I’m still, I will proclaim now I am not a Turkey hunter. I could care less to go if you guys invite me. Don’t be offended if I say no I don’t. And I owe you an afternoon. Normally it’s like chuckers that they, they would be a devil bird and now you would be addicted to ’em because you, ’cause they beat you. I mean these are animals that have literally attacked me, followed times. Chase, they run you down on a bike, a four wheeler and, and you get a tag. You think you’re gonna go provide. No it didn’t pan out. No. Shows how easy it is. Your wife. I could have shot Jakes and heads, but I thought that’s the idea of a depredation. I know, but you should have seen that double beard. Little bugger dragging strutting around beard dragger. The BD bristled up. Yeah, actually he was well on the other side of the fence. Good times we’re had by all. Josh, you’ve got a pretty extensive list there. If if, if you want me to keep going I will.

01:11:23:10 –> 01:12:27:22
But I want to hear something from your list or else I’m gonna keep going because I got one more I can talk about. Go ahead. No, I want, do you have anything? Nothing. It might be a full podcast with what Paul? He’s got a lot of would rather type things. But maybe one for Jake. This is the time of year. This is the time of year. We always have the moose saga in Montana. Oh. And I heard from you that I might do points only and Wyatt, I want to hear from you as the head of our license app department. When do you do license? When do you do points? Only on once in lifetime species with max points. And you’re 50. Never. That’s my point. I talked to a guy today that was 92 years old. I just hung up with him. He’s doing points only for a cup two species. Come on. Nope. Did you advise him? That was not wise. No. I’ve guided him and I know he’s a great guy. He is killed everything in under the sun. And he’s kind of picky his age. He might be the only guy over 90 I’ve ever known that kept hunting. When I guided him for desert sheep, he was 87. He needs to remember, he he was, he was old when I was in divers. He needs to be considered. He he hard guy. He’s our friend. Like he’s a good guy.

01:12:27:24 –> 01:13:28:10
He’s a great guy. He’s drawn a lot of great hats. He needs to worry more about how hard of an avocado should he be buying at the store. Yeah. Do I do I, other than points only I buy green bananas or gone. But hey, this is when I hunted with him and he and he went great. He went better than some 40, 50-year-old that are just mentally soft. Yeah. You know, soft people. But he told me today, and, and I remember when we hunted with him, me and several of my guys desert sheep in Utah killed an awesome ram with him. And I, I just remember saying a, I hope I I’m alive and have a quality of life at 87 quality of life. But b then to hunt and hunt sheep and these hunt, he’s drawn tags every year since. ’cause he’s got, he’s drawn of, he’s drawn desert sheep in Arizona now. He has 32 points again for Rockies. Of course. So that tells you what he’s done in that state over his life. He’s killed, he’s killed one in Utah desert sheep. So he told me today, he says now I says, I know. He says, I nothing’s changed since I a hundred with you. So he says, I don’t need the easiest, nothing’s changed. I don’t need the easiest. But he says, I don’t wanna deal with horses. He’s dealing with sheep in Colorado units.

01:13:28:15 –> 01:14:34:09
I went through all of his states with him. Yeah. And I says, I don’t, I don’t need the the easiest, but I don’t wanna deal with horses either. But I mean, he is not like saying I need, I need to get outta the truck and shoot something. He’s not saying that. So hat’s off man, if, if you’re 92 pretty awesome and you’re full tilt more or less Yeah. With some caveat sideboards. I mean Yeah. But my comment, but to reign it back into Montana, I just wondered is the quality of the units that we sometimes are able to apply for is a non-resident as, as non-residents change the, the units change each year and man, and you know, we just got done research in that state and it’s a state in general terms that is not like on the pinnacle of producing a ton of big shy risk moose like maybe a Colorado is. Which if I could, I think I made the comment if I could Okay. I’ve I yeah. Made other comments. Right. But anyway, I didn’t accept a Colorado moose tag. I know. It’s probably one of the biggest regrets. Yeah. Andy, the money really don’t talk about that. Wyatt. Ow. Yeah. That’s probably what stung the most is you took life. Well I didn’t care about ’em then. Yeah.

01:14:34:09 –> 01:15:35:04
This is my point I guess is you’re going through life like we’re dealing with license app clients and why you’re dealing with a lot of them. Adam and I are with you. Everybody here is with you actually cash of course lot. And so, but as you go through life, you think the only thing I care about is big deer. And, and I sympathize with that. That’s really the only thing that matters in life. But then all of a sudden, one, one day you’re like, man, I I really do want a shi minister. A big one. Do. Yeah. I want a big one. A big one. Now you’ve killed one. You’ve killed one. Yeah. Jason of today says, I I want one kind of bad, actually, you know, that may or may not have been on my list, but, but, but, and so anyway, and I’m just saying, and that’s the same thing that goes with sheep. It goes with goats or whatever, whoever’s listening. A barbery, an orex or whatever it is. I don’t know. You go through definite phases. Phases. I’ve gone through all those. I’d like to get a big one. Yeah, me too. You know, but San Carlos won’t take my money to my, to my point here, it was just the day I was just depressed that I didn’t have anything I thought was really, really no brainer.

01:15:35:04 –> 01:16:36:23
And I don’t like, and you, if you’re gonna go, you’re, you want a big one. Yeah. And, and, and you can’t put in for the one good unit in the state. That’s ’cause the odds are there’s like a thousand non-residents putting in for it. You know what I mean? I do want to get rid of my points. Yeah. But so if you do go for the only good one I’m saying gonna choose one, I’ll be there. Let’s go, let’s make this happen. I I made you guys promises and your point, your point, there’s some wilderness opportunity. I’m like, no, that’s right. Let’s do this. You’re made you guys hate horses. I I promise you there would not be a horse involved and you would not need to all pack the 10 millimeters for grizzlies. You’ll not need to bring them. Okay. Wherever I draws 95% of the opportunities. Yeah, I was gonna say, what are we left with? Region four crumb bulls. Let’s do this. Okay, we’re gonna, if you guys would help me, the process cru processing, I’ll shoot, I’ll cru dried bread. Crump dried, not even normal bread. That’s why I said I might do points only ’cause nothing excited me there and hey, that, that’s max points doing points only 50. But you’d probably rather not even go than just go and Exactly. Well one thing don’t want, they mean the least.

01:16:37:22 –> 01:17:41:24
I I might say big antelope me, I will say this big antelope mean more to me than, than a big shire. Come on. A hundred percent. They would come on. They would, you’ve killed a big one when I say you killed a big antelope. But, but if I kill an 85 or 90 inch antelope Yeah. I do that over pick when I, and I’m not talking a one 90 or 200 shiru because that’s pretty rare. Why? It’s a score. How many hands, how many times you put hands on a 200 inch or one 90 Shiru? I don’t know if I’ve ever measured a 200. I’ve had measured eighties and nineties for sure. Yeah. But I don’t think I’ve ever done a two. Yeah. So, and, and that’s not really possible. Well, official score if I, if you had the raffle tag in Colorado, is it renowned in these parts? If I could have one moose tag in North America, lower 48. Sorry. Be Colorado. Be Colorado raffle tag. That would be an amazing moose tag. What about Nevada? You could have a state record. Hey. And we could live in Panka. Let’s go, let’s first, let’s let’s claim residency. I was gonna say, and and if the state doesn’t follow us correctly, we could probably take residency in Ball State. He’s gonna look for moose in Panka. Is that what you heard, Wyatt? That’s, I’m not saying a word.

01:17:42:06 –> 01:18:50:03
Probably start, we’re gonna become a resident and we’re gonna partake in the first Moose Hunt ever offered. Probably kill a state record. You will. We’ll, we’re gonna kill a state record. There’s a, if they give two tags, you got a 50 50 check that kill the state record that is happening. Everybody for residence. Interesting stuff. We wrote all about it in the April magazine, which is out and about online. You can view it. It’s on there. I think we’re what Monday? When’s the opening day Wyatt apply there? 25th or something. It’s, it’s tomorrow. I can’t remember what it’s coming up soon. So Wyatt, I got something for you. Oh, what do you got? Just as we wrap up this podcast, I’m wondering if we shouldn’t call Cameron your best buddy, buddy from college. Not maybe your best buddy, but really good friend of yours And, and Archibald. Archibald’s and, and Archibald too. Archibald and him. Go way back and, and maybe we even get a story out of him. Right. See what Offseason guide is doing and, and offseason guide and what he thinks of the Utah draw opening up. Because I already know what he is gonna say. You have haven’t, haven’t forewarned him, have you? No. Not only he tried calling me actually while we were in this podcast. Let to see if he answers. And so it’s gonna be a natural when you see you call back, it’s natural.

01:18:50:10 –> 01:20:08:04
Let’s talk to him about what’s your opinion of the s got or whatever you, Logan, whatever comes to your mind. What else were we gonna ask? Do we have a audible beep sound for what we got? Have to be post phone call. Bronson, I’ve got another note for you about golfing, but we’ll talk about that later. I’m gonna go tonight after work. Hello Cam. What’s up? What up doc? Just wondering what an off season guide is doing right now. I’m just going to meet old Jimbo Bringhurst. Oh, nice. He’s a good dude. Yeah, he is. Yeah. Hey Gale. What’s up? He is better not be a podcast. What’s happening? Hey, I thought you were golfing today. This is a podcast. I’ll hang up right now. Come on. This is not a podcast. It’s not a podcast, Scott, we’re just, we’re we’re lunch. It’s a recording. I feel like you guys have to have some sort of, there’s gotta be something beforehand. You can’t just spring someone into that. Well, you called Wyatt while we were doing this. Just a courtesy callback. And he’s just, John, he didn’t know if you were in trouble, seen a bunch of swear words and stuff. Not enjoying a podcast. He’s, he’s just returning. He’s just being nice. He’s returning your call. He didn’t know if you were stuck in a snow drift and shed somewhere. And we figured you wanted to talk about Utah since No, no, no, no, no.

01:20:08:10 –> 01:21:25:28
The Utah draw opened up today. We were just wondering if you wanted to talk about that. No, I absolutely don’t. Are you golfing today? Wyatt said you may or may not be in a tournament today somewhere, are you? That’s that’s Saturday. You know, and still might be looking for someone to come up here. Adam, it it, I’m, I’m gonna be up there, Adam. I’m gonna be up there, but it’s supposed to snow, so I’m, I’m out. No, I’m not. I’m not gonna golf in a blizzard. What’s supposed to storm this weekend? Oh, come on. Come on. I’m 50. We got a cart cover in a heater. I don’t Yeah, but you gotta get out that cart to hit at least 72 shots in a round. Yeah, but you get out real quick. Get back in. Okay. Well Cameron, is Wyatt a good golfer? Wyatt? I’ve seen him hit some good golf shots. Yeah, he does have brute strength. I’m a terrible golfer. When he can rain in that brute strength and straighten one out on the hideout, he can go pretty far. Yeah, but it’s tough to do. I mean, I seen him one time, he sent a rocket into a flag stick and it went in the hole. It like a hole in the an hour. Oh, you mean just a He bladed a chip from 62 yards and half. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. This wasn’t Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right.

01:21:25:28 –> 01:22:38:00
That one of those things I to the next county if it wasn’t for the flagstick. Yeah. Wyatt’s the kind of guy that’s gonna have hit a true hole in one before I ever do in my life. So that that’s Oh yeah. That’s how it’s gonna happen. Yeah. He’s one of those dudes. Yeah. And hey Cameron, how many brackets? Yeah, CW brackets you’ve got right now out there in the, in the sports betting world. So now you wanna talk about how I’m a degenerate? Hey, we’ve got some, so, you know. Yeah, I have. Who doesn’t? I have three myself who see, but mine’s a little different because I’m more of a parlay than a bracket guy and it gets, I haven’t showed you any wins lately. Have I Arch It’s been a minute. I’ve been worried. It’s been a lot of losing going on. Okay, so you’re not in like a league or a bracket with other people. You just, it’s kind of like Instagram, you know, you only see me when I’m on the highlight reel, but it’s like, it’s not going whenever you, you’ve got that ticket to hand in to the clerk to get paid out. You, you put them on there, huh? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Well I don’t know if you had BYU they’re down eight at halftime today, so I don’t know if you picked them. So, oh well I are. Is anyone hoping they win? Come on.

01:22:38:19 –> 01:23:56:04
Whoa, you kidding me? You live within the school boundaries up there. Come on. Exactly. Exactly. That’s why I’m rooting against them. Me too. I second that. I picked them to lose first round. Hey, can you even pronounce the team they’re playing? Can you even pronounce that correctly? I don’t even know who they’re playing. That’s my point. You wanna know what I, I think basketball’s gonna is almost worse than soccer. Hater’s gonna hate. It’s called Chesney. He’s not lying. It’s what it is. Cameron, have you got any good Wyatt stories from way back? Oh, this is gonna get good. Or Devin, I think you better go with a Devon story from way back. I watched Archibald shoot, what’s he gonna say? A hummingbird with a blow dart gun through the garage. Like the rails that guide your garage door up. Come on. He shot it in that in the head with a blow dart gun. And it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Oh, was it? Was there baiting involved or not? I remember that was girl fan. This was a hundred percent fair. Chase. We’re we’re, we’re gonna have to check out the legality of this before this publish, was there any truck’s ever used season hummingbird? He was stuck in a garage. Oh, we tried to get him out forever out. Finally he just killed him. I’m done with this. I don’t think Archibald went anywhere without the blow dart gun.

01:23:56:04 –> 01:25:00:28
So it was just kind of a off, you know. Wow. That showed up and he said I’m gonna hit it. And he hid it and I about shit. That makes a lot of sense because we teased Devin about having bunkers and stuff stashed everywhere. I knew he had a blow dart st. Stashed somewhere for when survival guaranteed rev on came. I knew it. Oh yeah, I still have that. He definitely practices. Yeah. Wow. I think even a felon could have a blow dart gun. I, yeah. Is it on that list when you have to check on Utah when you apply is a blow dart on? I doubt. I don’t know. Okay. Not for sure. Next person to apply had a broken wing. They might have that to the hams hunt for Archibald. There you go. There you go. There we go. I like it. Well be in there somewhere. This is probably when we were 12. Just so y’all know. Statute of limitations is long gone. 20 something years ago, you guys could tell us the real stories. Yeah, that’s a good one. No, that that was it. That’s a real story. I mean, Wyatt, I heard, I heard, I heard fair chase, but then it was caught trapped inside a garage. I walk me through that. Walk me through that. That bird chose to fly into the garage. Okay.

01:25:01:06 –> 01:26:19:05
He made his own choices and he, he learns the, the gate was down the door up was shut the, was the door up or down? There’s been Gates’s gate was gates down and, and critters get in and then Gates are up. You know it happens, right? I mean, Archie’s always been a hundred percent fair. Chase. I think I know me myself. Little sketch a little sketchy, but whatever the ends justifies the means, it better not be on a podcast. Jest. You’re employer might have something to say about this podcast pathology. You’re saying too much. That’s good stuff. You might just have to delete everything. Well, good luck in this tournament. Is this a one man, two man scramble. Four man. What are we playing Saturday? This is a three man scramble. Odd numbers never goes there. And we have no ringers on our team Bronson, so we might need you. Well, I, I’m tied up. If you’re playing Nephi icebreaker or wherever you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be breaking ice outta cups. This is Nephi icebreaker. Yeah, I’m out. Yeah. Nope. It’s the high temperature nephi’s. Probably 44 degrees. They don’t even let you golf in Cedar unless it’s over 40. I know. For liability reasons. Hear, don’t get me started. We hear about it every year. Don’t get me started. You’ll come in and it, the Epic office has a great day when Bronson gets to, gets to play golf before work.

01:26:19:09 –> 01:27:24:23
The problem is you go there, stay out 39, 9 39. There’s frost on the field. And he has an altercation. I I thought it was because they, the, the greens are sensitive and I understand that. And I thought it because you can get a little bit of frost on them when you step on ’em. It looks your whole shoe or can kind of make a depression there. Size 12. Size 12. But, but that I, no, that’s not it. And I says, what’s the problem? I says, for liability reasons, if you slip, I says, oh, come on, last I checked, water froze at 32 degrees 10 the buffer. Tell em it was a bad, tell em you’ll sign a waiver. We’re all bracing. We’re all bracing for the frost. So if they know, if they know waste doesn’t even take tee times and they’re worried about your wellbeing, trust me, do not get me started on that. I, I am a season pass holder. I don’t want that jerk. But I mean, there’s some stuff that doesn’t make sense. I’ll just say that right now. That’s why No, we don’t take tee times, just get in line on whatever hole you want. Get what? Get in line. But we’re gonna keep it, keep it shut till 9:00 AM just to make sure it hits 40 degrees when it’s 38 and a half. Yeah. I just think they, they just like to have control of bro in any hate.

01:27:24:28 –> 01:28:31:11
So hence I’m not a good cold weather golfer ’cause I don’t get to golf when it’s in the forties. So they’re probably not your guy. Probably not your guy. And I’ve not actually played around yet this year yet. So another reason I’m not your guy for this weekend. Well I don’t know, but I think one of the guys on our team will be lucky if he hits the ball. So you can’t be any worse. Well, maybe Wyatt needs to show up. That’s is his home turf. He, he probably does know his way around that course. He does. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe not golfing, but maybe some hunting and blow darting or who knows what around that course went on back in the day, but, right. Hometown golf course. I tried getting him, but he said no, I may or may not have killed. Well, I was gonna say some stuff about my past at the Monticello Golf Course, but some of those were predator predators down there. Some illegal activities, some also a golf course. Not illegal. Not illegal, but, but that’s okay. There’s a lot of gray foxes. I watched Wounded Bucks run across. It’s, I’ve killed plenty of, plenty of gray foxes off of the extremities of that golf course in my, in my ears when I was, when I was back there. Be careful. There’s people that listen to these podcasts. There’s nothing wrong that’s, I had, I had fur bears licenses and stuff.

01:28:31:18 –> 01:29:44:14
I mean, I don’t, city limits weapon types, blow darts. Nine iron, no blow darts. It was always a 12 gauge shotgun. Trust me. Alright, Kevin. I seen a three-legged deer with an arrow hanging out of it. I mean, I didn’t do it, but Yeah. There’s much worse. Yeah, there is. Yep. And I’m just trying to keep people’s cats, you know, safe in their home. ’cause I’m great fox. They’re trying to kill cats in people’s neighborhoods. So, anyway, that’s what I was doing. Yeah, you’re just, you’re doing the good work citizen and I, yep. Good Samaritan. All right, well let’s turn this back to hunting cam. What, what do you got for people looking to apply in Utah? Cameron’s like I the off season. Alright, now I’m confused again. ’cause that sounded exactly like a question that would be on a podcast. That’s a recording, not a podcast. That’s right. It’s not a podcast until it’s published. Not a podcast until it’s published. We won’t know until we’re all done how it turns out and whether it’s good enough to be a podcast. So let’s just keep going. It’s not gonna be good enough. Just hit delete. What, what is, what do you think some high points in Utah are gonna be this year? Are we gonna kill big bucks? Big bucks, big bulls, big antelope, big turkeys this spring. What do you think? What’s in store for Utah? Ooh, big gobblers. Yeah, for sure.

01:29:44:18 –> 01:30:50:21
Well, Archibald talk walked us through the big gobbler. Yeah. We already gotten away so far. He told the Turkey story. I’m the Turkey guy. Oh, for one on Gobblers this season. The depredation. I mean, I’m pretty biased to the Ponant and I think it’s gonna be great. Yeah, it is awesome. It is good. And not just the Ponant I, you might add, right? Like I think mule deer in general feels mul deer in general feels good. Good elk in general across southern Utah. Mule deer in general is gonna be good. And I hope the elk, you know, maybe pick it up a little bit where I’ve been. But yeah, I think elk will be good. Yeah, I think it’ll be great. Really? Yeah. Low snow load, but wet winter and warm and wet other half, right? Yep. I love you. I love Utah. ’cause there’s so many options, so many options to spread out the applicants, you know what I mean? Plenty of options. One or two tags here and there. One or two. Not a lot of non-resident tags especially, but options everywhere. Season types, special interest groups. 14,000 things. You, you’re, are you in the elk category? Like Wyatt Wyatt’s making his first dip into the elk category after 20 something years in the deer category. So are you on elk right now? No. No, no, no. Listen. And I got a lot, I got a lot of crap for this.

01:30:51:27 –> 01:31:58:23
See how I edited myself right there in case? I don’t know. Are we talking prom pronghorn? Nobody would do, nobody does pro Nobody would do over deer now for resident. That’s deer out guy. Tell you one other thing, I’ve missed two, I’ve missed two calls from Jim b Bringhurst that wants his, his wolski in the back. And I have no idea where I’m meeting him here. I’m just driving. Okay. Okay. Well, okay. Well Jim, we know Jim we’ll that overlay give couple minutes, but for residents until he calls again and then I might have to hang up. For residents. Residents, we have to choose Elk Point. Drew my deer tag. So what do point started putting in for antelope? That’s how much I care about hunting and elk. Well, dang. Oh wow. That’s a pure statement. Yeah. Or I already knew he was gonna say that. How, how, how many, how many years are is your deer? Did you get on the deer waiting period when it went to five years or when he’s back in deer? No, I was the year, I was the year right before. So are you back on deer this year? Are you gonna stick with that one? I on the gear now. Okay. I’m not gonna stick it out until you draw. Alright. Geez. So you have how many antelope points and you’re walking away from ’em, Wyatt, do you coach people to bounce around like that?

01:31:58:24 –> 01:33:09:19
Well, the beauty of Utah, they’re gonna hang on to those points. Oh, okay. So, so they’re not gonna expire. He’s back in for a, a in 20 upper tier animal in 20 years. For, for, he’s back in for a respectable, a respectable species who would say respectable upper tier in 20 years when he might draw deer, he’ll have those four antelope points waiting for him. Is that what you’re saying? Exactly. And I’ll go, I’ll go back to ’em and I’ll be old enough that I’m definitely not leaving the truck at that point. Okay. I don’t leave it much now, but, okay. Who, who slow rolls The pines better. It’s a who slow rolls the pines better. You or Wyatt? I don’t know. That’s, that is why I might have the upper hand. He’s got just a little bit more patience than I do. He is patience. A lot of years of practice together. We, we’ve done this a long time together. Oh yeah. We’ve in the try together, you know, perfected technique. Perfected technique. Yeah. You know, you gotta have the right exhaust system, which is none. Just leave it stalked you guys driving electric vehicles? Whoa. No. Just stalk exhaust, dude. Oh, we’re bouncing ideas off electric maybe electric bike. Didn’t you know if that ugly Tesla truck almost feel like too quiet is, is is. Well they’re being loud.

01:33:11:01 –> 01:34:13:10
If you’re an electric golf, hear little something so they know what’s going on when you just creep up and you’re just there, they’re like, oh shit. What’s going on here? Okay. That’s right. You’re just say just as average as as possible an average truck. What’s the optimal Exactly. Archibald, what’s the optimal, I feel like they really like a tundra. What’s the optimal speed and optimal speed and do you use and do you use a cruise control under those situations? It, it depends how hard you’re hitting the trees. But optimal speed I would say is under 10 when you’re in the Pines. Okay. Because a lot of, a lot of vehicles jump, I’ve never tried set cruise 25 and up. Yeah. I think cruise control has a minimum on vehicle does work. Vehicles. Yeah. You, you’ve tried. Oh yeah. You can’t hit What you’re admitting is that you’ve tried to set it at nine and it doesn’t work. Who hasn’t I? Me, I don’t. I That’s a good question. Why? Of course I have staring out the window. I don’t wanna be worried about speed control. I love that. I agree a hundred percent. I love it. I can’t look and push the pedal and we’re wire hots. The roads are perfectly groomed. They’ve been groomed. Roads are nice. Yeah. Freshly graded. Okay, well I like it.

01:34:13:13 –> 01:35:27:00
I mean, you know, you’re really doing it right when you can put scratches on your truck on a county road just ’cause you’re not paying attention to what’s on the side. Well you know, there’s some amazing bombs of knowledge being dropped. Oh yeah. On this podcast for being 30 something year old guys. You guys have, you’re a wealth of it. That’s right. Plethora of knowledge. People think let’s hike to the top of the mountain then let’s hike to the top of that one. I’m like, you guys are idiots. Kev, you guys have you guys killed a lot of booers close to vehicles guaranteed. Oh, gotta be. We gotta be up there in the records. I would be. Well I love it. Well I love it. It’s true though. We actually, you’re not catching me deep in a wilderness. Generally speaking, we actually have a client trying to participate in the road slam just North American 29 from the road and he’s doing a dang good job. Is he? Is he doing a good job? It’s self anointed slam. I watched him shoot a mountain lion from the road. Whoa. Or just off. Okay, now hold on. Or he at the fence at the edge of the 50 beat off a road 50 beat. He was within a legal distance of the road, let’s say basically, basically what was spotted for the road.

01:35:27:00 –> 01:36:35:10
There was a road right behind him and this cat jumped out of the tree and ran to it. It was amazing. Wow. Wow. Dang. Still we can’t stop that. Still a few gaps in the story, but we’ll just let it be a fact. Yeah, there’s some questions. People have questions right now. Yeah. You might need to leave that. Just leave I, no, nothing was illegal about it but it sounds a little sketchy. I agree. No, I think it’s interesting. Jim is calling and Keith, we’ll let you go. We’ll let you go. Alright, well when you want part two, you know, lemme know. Oh, it’s coming. All right, we got questions next week. Oh great. We got questions. Alright, sounds good. Later Cam talk. Thanks. Bye. Can see ya? Oh boy, I love it. He’s a wild card. What we’re gonna get, I love it. What did we get ourselves into? But hey, I love the Devin and Wyatt stories back from way back you full years. 14 blow dart in a humming birded garage. I, where did that even come from? Do you You remember that? Remember that? I do remember that. But how does he just come off of that on the fly? We never, we never forget your first I’ve known him since I was eight. Yeah. Or seven.

01:36:35:18 –> 01:37:34:00
You know, and all of all the things and stories that, well what I think’s funny is it goes from helping the bird to live to just shooting him in the head. Like if you’re this dumb then you just, I don’t remember the exact circumstance but Alright Josh, well speaking of shooting stuff, Josh, dive into Red Rock. Yeah. If you guys are looking for a, a great rifle, give us a shout. We can help you guys get hooked up with a Red Rock. Jason just got one. What? I guess I saw it unveiled just about the expo. You had it up there. I actually had it at the expo. It’s a new model. It’s unbelievable. Seems like lots of people put their paws on it. Yeah, I was nervous. It’s not new anymore. I actually tried to get dropped but it’s cut. The Z eight I, it’s unbelievable. Pretty awesome rifle. They shoot model shoot Aons. They hand loaded me. Aons specifically for it. Seven PRC. Keep going. Got a new box of ’em the other day I saw show up and you’re ready to, ready to rock and roll. Can’t wait to see what you kill it kill this year. It’s good. It’s definitely go. If you want to go look ’em, look check ’em out. Red rock

01:37:34:01 –> 01:38:42:18
You can go on there and throw one together and see what you think and then you know, give us a shout and we can help you out. If you have any questions or anything you need to do to get it built up, just let us know. Yeah, appreciate it. Yeah, give Kurt a call. You can give him a holler out there. 8 0 1 4 2 5 6 5 4 7 4 6 5 7 4 anyway. Or go to red rock Appreciate that Josh. Incredible products. Bronson, what are we at now? Stealth cam. We’re gonna be talking about stealth cam we, it’s now time. Oh basically I love it when green grass starts coming up. Josh, the green grass came up a little later than that last year. The green up last year. The green up occurred in January. The green up, green up of oh of oh three starts February 10th. Biggest winter in 58 years. Josh looks at a green. Josh looks at a greenhouse on the way home and told us it was starting to green up. There was literally two feet of snow outside. Yeah, but you get those barred ditches that you guys, you guys weren’t looking where I was looking and what happened to the elk on that unit where I was looking. It wasn’t, it was next level. I contend it was snow mold. But anyway, so Josh, what are you predicting this year for Andler growth for Elk?

01:38:43:06 –> 01:40:00:06
Hell, it might, they might get a little bloated up so it might be too crazy. Is it next level? Okay. Too hot. Well anyway, when we hit springtime, we’re always thinking about stealth cam and cameras. Shortened seasons in a lot of these states and Arizona did away with it. But Nevada shortened season, we call it a season, but basically the opportunity to run cameras is in the summer and you’re scouting up to August 1st and you crank ’em out and you’re gonna need to run double what you normally do just to get the coverage and not miss the game. But anyway, we do sell stealth cam here at Epic Outdoors. We’ve got a big shipment coming and normally we try to have everything here by May 1st. So pretty awesome. You can go check out the new models. They’ve got some pretty awesome models. I mean just crazy new technology that’s, that the cameras are coming out with stealth cam is kind of the leading authority on some of that technology and whatnot. Just awesome. Anyway, go to stealth and check ’em out. Let us know if you need any new cameras for the year. We sell accessories as well. Perfect. What do you, anyways, it looks like Cameron wants to talk again. Here, let’s answer call. He’s basically saying, Hey I guess you haven’t had enough. What do you got going? I was hoping to get wired alone. Oh no dice boss. We’re still eating lunch.

01:40:01:01 –> 01:41:07:18
Alright, you boys have a good one. I talk to you later. So pretty awesome Ralph too. He’s not, I could predict. Well you better tell them guys none to that I, I do not give my express written or verbal consent for any of that to be used. That’s what he’s gonna tell Why? That’s what he’s But too bad. It’s published. We’re live. Right Logan are we live? I’m way too quick for somebody to revoke their permission. Good. I like it. I like it. Let’s give another couple shout outs. Wanna give a shout out Ken Trek, Jim Winham and the guys there, they’ve been with us from the start. They’ve got a new product. This Bridger high new boot, kind of a a hiker boot. Sevener. You could, they’re lightweight a little bit more. I guess you’d call mid to early season boots. But you can use ’em, hike and wear ’em then just wear ’em around town. Whatever you want. Check ’em out. The new Bridger high at Trek. K-E-N-E-T-R-E Or if you’re interested in ordering, they got a QR code in our magazine or the one 800 number. We’ve got an ad in this April magazine, EAG on live right now. That’s right. You can check it out. The new new Bridger high boot from Ken Trek. So how about I give it a shot? I like it. Some of the best beat made. Go ahead. Shout out to Zes.

01:41:07:28 –> 01:42:19:18
Looking at ’em here on the back cover of March episode from scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, anything you want. They got good stuff. We just talked about their scopes for a bit forever. That’s what you’re gonna end up. Most of us should. I can tell one of the rifle scopes. I can already tell. That’s why we gave you that ad to read today. Devin, I just to maybe set the hook deep, we will follow up on what I decided. We’ll follow up. But Zes is incredible. Give Devvin a call with any questions. You know along with that. We do sell optics here at Epic Outdoors. Epic optics, anything you want. We have incredible pricing. Just give us a chance to earn your business and, and if we don’t have it in stock, we can order it and you’ll get it in a timely fashion. Seems like most companies have a, a lot of product out there built ready to go. So it won’t be a long waiting period if we don’t have it. But we generally have most items. I got one other sticky note. It’s a little, I was just wondering about Logan Bear a little bit and, but Logan, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna dive in way deep, but I’m just wondering how you’re doing. This is a welfare check. I’m good. I’m doing good. Okay. You’re doing good. Yep, we’re good. I like it. Anything else? I’m, I’m just good. Alright.

01:42:20:24 –> 01:43:27:03
What podcast number is this? This is 3 0 7. Holy cow. 307 of these 307. And I’m already gonna be over for two in my March Madness bracket Bros. Over here. I thought you were texting. I didn’t know what you were doing. No. What got, are you telling me you put Mississippi over Michigan? Absolutely. We’re gonna have to tell Jana that BYU probably ain’t gonna make it to her national. Put them to the finals and they bless their heart. She’s awesome. 14 with the 15 minutes she’s and I support whatever she does. Hey, who chose BYU here? Just outta a show of hands, just one game. That game I gave them. One game gave. I gave as one game. One game. No games. Whoa. You can tell me and Cameron grew up right there by that, that place. But feelings, there’s some feeling, but in relation to their basketball, you got anything else to say? No, they’re gonna lose. It’s fine. Yeah, they’re down. We’ll move on. They’re done. They’re cooked. Alright, sounds good. Everybody kind of an interesting podcast, but that’s what happens. You don’t doing ’em for two weeks and Yeah, everybody’s pinned up sticky notes with everybody and a hot, we didn’t even get to get shoved in your feet. Next time. Let’s do a podcast tomorrow. Yeah, we’ll do one tomorrow. Let’s do one tomorrow and we’ll space them out and let’s, it’s a good week. Let’s do it. We’ll do one tomorrow.

01:43:27:23 –> 01:44:51:10
I do. I do plenty of listening. I’m gonna start making some sticky notes. Do me too. We all do the same thing. I hear some stuff. Yeah, the other, I guess especially the stuff. Why it says something. Don’t be talked about on the, we don’t hear why. So some things that don’t need to be talked about like my moose or whatever else you guys got going on. Your moose. What do you mean call Colorado mishaps. Oh, alright. Everybody have a great one. If you hunt in multiple states or want to expand your hunting portfolio, the Epic outdoor license and application services for you, we have dedicated hunt consultants and a team of application specialists to help you develop and achieve your short, medium, and long-term hunting goals. We do the work, you draw the tags. Epic Outdoors license app 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Handcrafted quality. Precision rifles from start to finish is Red Rock Precision Rifles. Many of our staff use Red Rock rifles and we are excited to announce the new Red Rock, epic Mountain Rifle 2.0. Visit red rock to learn more. If you are in the market for a hunting property, look no further than St. James. St. James Sporting properties specialize in premier hunting properties throughout the west. Check out available hunting properties at st james sporting Here at Epic Optics, we are a verified dealer for Swarovski Zeiss, Leica Vortex, pulsar, stealth cam and more.

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