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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire Epic outdoors crew minus a couple coming at you from Southern Utah here on a Friday afternoon. How are y’all doing? Everybody minus a couple. So it’s well, cash isn’t here. Who else cash? A couple other And cash And cash. Darn it. Cash. Cash. Well, we only have so many heads. Cash and cash money. It just is what it is. Hang it. All right. Well we had a little bit of snow. Of course we thought it would be a little bit better, but Spring is here. Is it? Yeah. Devon’s been doing some yard work, right? Devin? Tripping my lilac bushes. Yeah, that’s fun stuff. Lilac. Yeah. Really? I’m out there with little scissor things. It’s legit. Kinda like Warig gum or what’s it called? The Bonsai trimming guys. What’s that called? Is that just bonsai trimming guys? Probably Bonsai, don’t know anything about tree trimers. Bonsai trimmers. I do know that. If you need any vent, any vent cleaned up. Devin Devin’s the guy. Oh, come on Devin. What do you mean? You were doing projects, house projects, some things. Tell us about the vent cleaning. Did you get that squared away? Well the, I didn’t buy a long enough brush snake, call it a sw a sweeper.

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I figured it would just, you just pull the thing back out and I could go outside and start from the outside. It didn’t work that way. It got stuck midway. So there was a brush in there with the, quite the clog of lint. Okay, so this is the vent dog hair from who knows when. Okay. And it’s weird if it’s your own dog hair, your own dirt. It’s not my lint, that’s the problem. But when it’s somebody else’s land, it bothers that it’s never been cleaned. But maybe let’s talk about the vent support a little bit. I, when you crawl underneath the house, I said, how about this for janky? So we’re talking about the dryer vent, right? That goes to the ex outside of the house? Yes. Ideally you want, and a guy should clean that. What, once every 20 years or something like that? No more than that. I haven’t ever cleaned that. I would say every five. Really? Bronson, do you ever clean yours? I’ve never cleaned one in my life. I got the brushes. If you need to borrow ’em. I got 25 feet. I don’t, okay. I might because I, I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned mine. So you take the cover off the outside of the house and whoever put the duct in had duct taped a joint inside a joint. Let’s call it a joint. Yes. The joint to the inside of the Okay. Duct. Okay.

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Why would you ever do that? Well, I don’t know. It seems like they do have duct work that has stainless steel tape. Double stick. Like a No, this is black duct tape. Okay. So I finally get the brush out. There’s some stuff. Okay. And it’s just, and it’s disgusting. And it’s not your stuff gross. I blow it out. Why? Let me borrow his fancy leaf blower. Leaf blowers got some legit power. Okay. And I, I looked with a flashlight to see if there’s any gaps. And my duct is being held shimmed up by, by a Coors light. Coors light beer box. So that there’s no belly in the duck. It’s a straight shot. I think it’s brilliant. I’m, it’s how the freak, did they get that in there? The hole’s this big. Well, as you’re building the house, yes. You put it in there. It was premeditated back in. Oh, whatever, five 10. They’re all the way to the bank. That’s what they used. We do know an HVAC guy. We could call and find out how often we need to. I don’t think he’d use Coors Light boxes, but I think he’s probably done something similar. You’re not, you’re not. What’s just like, you’re not on the construction crew. You haven’t done some stuff. What’s junkiest thing? You’ve used to shim up a dryer vent to keep it in a straight line. Could. That’s a great question. Is that a common practice? A cardboard box?

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Should we, I mean, let’s check in on him since we’re on the topic. He’ll never. We gotta find out how often we should clean it out. Think about how much there’s a certain air flow too. Some of them are measure some of, some of ’em. We’ve got somebody with answers. True. That would make more sense. Hey, what’s up? Hey, we’ve got some heating and air conditioning questions, questions on the Epic Outdoors podcast? We What do you mean? We, well, I mean, Devin. What’s up Clint? What, what are we doing? We’re just want some advice. Devin, we’re I got, I got a little issue. Wait, wait, hold on. Clint, do you charge service calls? Like what? Like what would this call, are we on the clock or we it just friends talking. You’re the talk. Depends how stupid the question is, am I on a, am I on a podcast or you guys we’re on the clock. Informational reasons. Do you charge people when you talk hunting while on the job? No, I don’t. Okay. And then we were kind of wondering what you do for a living, right, Bronson? Because he’s out and about quite a bit. Yeah, he is, but he’s busy and he knows what he’s talking about in this arena. So Devon, fire away. How often, how often? What’s your question? How often should a guy clean his dryer vent?

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That’s not really hvac, the two, but it’s kind of, they’re dovetailed into your business. Clint, I know you can tell ’em that’s not my business. But in your professional opinion, it depends on how it’s run and how, how plugged up it gets. If it’s Clint, it’s never cleaned one my whole life. What if it’s piped? I’ve never, I’ve never cleaned one on mine out either. But I’ve had some people, if it was installed real poorly and there’s like a, a kink and there’s like lots of turns in it. Little be about the bellies. There’s like, or somebody used, yeah, like a low spot. If somebody went and they got so many turns on it that it creates like a little trap in there or something. Or if somebody didn’t run it in the hard pipe, they’d run it in like a Yeah. Minor hard pipe. Flexible stuff. Minor hard pipe. So I think I’m good. Have you ever used a beer box as a support for the, for the belly. For the belly. So there’s no belly to shim it up belly. Has he ever used something like that? Is that a common practice? So Devin, Devin tore his apart and ends up finding a Coors Light box is being used as kind of hin to base a support for the, for the vent. And I think that’s probably fine. It’s worked for like 25 years.

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Well, yeah, you could, you could put something a little more professional in there if you want. But if it’s new crawlspace, who cares. Have you ever done any janky shimming? Any what? Any, any janky work? Any janky construction work like that you had janky. If you had to, if you had to to shim some, some vent piping that was not straight weld pipe. All I’ll do it. I’ll do it on my own house, but I won’t do it for anybody else. Good answer. So Devin, he’s saying it’s normal because if he’d do it on his own, he’s do it somewhere else. He says about, here’s the theory. The theory. So I kill a lot of weeds in my house. Kinda weird about it. And as you’re, there’s no vegetation. There’s just dirt. And as it rains, guess what comes out of the ground? What Coors Light cans. So I’m just saying, I don’t know if it was a construction, but I don’t know how that dude got that box in that crest. Well he did it while it was being built. Yeah, the house was bare. It premeditate. He built it. But I don’t know that. I just, I don’t know how he did it. You couldn’t, you’d have to like, there’s only way it. Origami. Origami. Slide it in talk and let it expand. Let’s talk about the black duct tape.

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Clint, what do you use to make the joint between the pipe and the corrugated pipe or the expandable whatever it is to the actual outdoor vent? Like what would you connect those two with? Duct tape. Fine. Yeah. There’s two things that you can use. Well, duct tape is duct tape works. But duct tape has technically been against code now for quite a while. It’s a foil tape, right? It’s a foil tape one. Use that foil tape. They got a foil tape that’s does, it’s kind of a, you peel it off. It’s really sticky. It doesn’t come apart the foil tape. And if you’re just looking for the connection from like your dryer hose onto the, where it comes outta the wall, sometimes you could, they got a little clamp. You can just put a clamp on there instead. Like you, you pull, let’s call it, call it a big old hose clamp. I’m feeling like Devon’s, HVAC was done by a couple weekenders, but it lasted 25 years. And until he went in clean, I think it’s great. It was fine until he cleaned it. The brush I have fits the pipe per, it’s probably a four or five inch pipe. Yeah. And it spins ’cause I put it on a drill. So did you Clint put the brush down. All I had was a ball of duct tape and lint that filled half of, so a five gallon.

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So Clint, is it possible that Devin didn’t clean it properly? Like is it possible he janked it up? No, it’s clean. I doubt it. Well, if you had to run a, if you tried to clean it, was it working before you started cleaning it? Yes. Was there a reason you decided to clean your bed? Yeah, because you, I could tell that the airflow sucked on my outside. Okay. Yeah. And the clothes took longer to drive. So it’s obviously backing up. Yeah. 40% clock. Yeah. On that lint. It goes in there. And if somebody messed up when they put it in, if they like put screws through it, you’re not supposed to use screws in a dryer vent because those screws go through the inside and then the c it grabs the lint and it plugs it up faster if you screw it together instead of paving it together. Interesting stuff. This is amazing stuff. Well, it not really mean is call me up and talk about dryer vents now. Has anybody ever got sick off of somebody else’s dirty dryer van Jason? Of course they have Devin. Devin hates the fact that their dryer lints not his dryer lint. I kids are not that big a deal, right? Clint? You didn’t see what I saw? Or one lady that I knew, one lady that she didn’t vent to the outside.

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She just took a, some panty holes and put over the end of it and just let that be the filter and it would catch the lint there in their basement. And she thought it was a nice thing to humidifier basement for. Is there, she ran. Is there a problem with that electric? It’s way too much humidity in your house. Is it against cold? Cold? Probably. Yeah. But if it was an electric one, it’s not as big a deal. If it was a gas one, you know, then you got some byproducts of combustion that you know. Yeah. W I’ve got a question for you. Oh. When you and Devin were in Alaska for, how many days were you two together? Well, was it 14? 12. 14? It was quite while. It was a while. How much, how much lint do you think come collected in Devon’s dryer vent? Day after day when he finally had to clean that thing out? Belly button. Yeah. You guys are disgusting. That’s, that’s how I check the wind out of the powder. You, if you need to light a fire, you always have a fire starter, a great kindling mixer. Luke Vaseline. It’ll burn for two hours. Hey Clint, we’ve got a business for you and we’re not gonna even gonna charge you for this idea. Oh no.

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But you could go clean people’s dryer vents and then keep the lint, keep the land, make a fire starting business and then do a fire starting business. Oh Jesus. It just, just burn. Yeah. So Clint is a leaf Sounds pretty gross. Is a leaf blower a good way to clean out your dryer vents? Huh? Most people don’t, most people don’t use a positive pressure. They usually use a negative pressure. So you suck from the outside and then those, they’ll suck from one side or the other. They’ll usually run a brush down it and then they’ll and kind of vacuum it out as it as it as it shape that pulls the, pulls it back out. Well this might be a good idea for you. ’cause we could, well we could even, we could we, Wyatt, why we could make leaf blowers and then put labeling on ’em that says dryer vent cleaners and sell double. You know what I mean? Use a whole new tool that Right. A whole new tool. But business, the same tool with new labeling. Get a late night TV promo spot. Clint info infomercial. Anything we’re talking about makes sense. Seeing any dollars and sense there you guys. No, you’re talking about your rear end. That’s the typical what you guys do. Its, well, you heard it from the climate doctor. It’s a, it’s a Friday afternoon around here, Clint, your business is the climate doctor, right? Yep. That’s my business.

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All right, well we want 10%. Anybody wants a dry vent cleaned? Why give I don’t, I don’t clean dryer rents. Well you need to. There’s a service right there. I don’t with clean drys at all. You need to, you don’t like money? I easy. It’s, Hey, I never knew a guy hates money. They, you can usually call a lot of these cleaning companies. They’ll have that can, they’ll clean your duct work. It’s the same guys usually clean the duct work in your house. Disaster clean up stuff. Some of those guys will do it too. Hazard. Yeah. Well Devon’s would been a hazard. I could do it. I mean I could do it. One of you guys need help. I got the tools. I have the knowhow, the knowledge email. Devin. So Devon’s, Devon Hustle in this room. So Dev this room Devin, is there still a Coors Light thing for the support down there? I let it ride. Why would you pull it up? If my dryer vent was plugged up and the dryer vent was accessible, I would just tear the dryer vent out and just run a whole new dryer. I thought about that. If it was accessible. Yeah, if it wasn’t accessible then you can, you know, try to figure out how to clean it and vacuum it out. Do it janky, some kind of a chimney.

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You could put a whole pipe through there and then put the elbow on it where it comes into your laundry room. And Clint, what do you think about all this color? I know you follow the Colorado stuff pretty close. I mean, what do you think about all this stuff that’s going down with some of these state agencies and maybe even the Utah tag numbers, things like that. There’s lots of discussions you just rattle. That’s a lot of, that’s a lot of out there. I just trying to You’re welcome. I’m trying to get you off the climate doctor stuff. Good. What about, what about the exotic infestation in Texas? Just throw another state. I don’t know. There is a problem. You don’t even have to, they, they tell me you kill an elk down there. You don’t even have to harvest the meat. Okay. Colorado. Colorado. That is correct. Alright, go ahead Clay. Colorado Colorado’s sounds like they’re gonna, they’re being a little more reasonable and coming back to reality and they’re gonna do some realistic things. They’re talking about moving the season structure back to the old dates. That could be a good thing for mul there. It might too little too late I think. But it’s a good thing. They also realize that as they try to redo their point system with, to handle the issue of point creep and stuff, that there’s no, there’s no good answers to any of that.

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And the more they can provide some opportunity for a random draw for people, I think that’s a good thing. Similar to like what the Utah is. But you don’t wanna tell somebody from Colorado that they’re just going to basically do the Utah system because they think that their system’s awesome and they’re the best and, and they hate How about, how about a hybrid between Utah and Wyoming? Let’s just call it then they can call it their own call. Whatever they want. Yeah. Do a different percentage. You know the, I mean they have a hybrid draw right now, but if you’re a non-resident, it doesn’t really do anything for you. No, no. It’s kind of, and it’s so, and their method of, I can’t explain it to you how it works. I mean they can’t even explain it. And if it’s that complicated on how you explain how it works, it’s, yeah, it means no, no non-resident tags in a slim chance for a few other people that, that are residents. And then, and then go try to explain the weighted point system for moosh even go, oh yeah, that one’s even worse. Yeah, all these numbers divide plus one. They give a random number and divide by the number of point weighted points. You plus one carry the two, lift a leg and pray. I dunno, whatever. However you feel lucky they’re looking to change some stuff there. I think it’s good. Yeah.

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I mean, I, I mean, I don’t know if you have to change everything just to change everything. No, we talked about that. There’s a lot of things that aren’t really that broke, but kinda like we talked a little bit about that in maybe Utah and the deer. I don’t know if there’s a, there’s changes did look at, at, see, did you look at the deer tag numbers? Some all tag numbers basically in Utah. I did. Utah, it looks like they’re, they’re kind of going more to the fill ’em all. Well, I mean, if you kill all the bucks, you definitely get more fawn, right? Well, yeah. Well I guess if there’s less bucks in the landscape, that means there’s less competition for those dough for whatever limited food. I guess there’re, I don’t know what they’re, you think there’s, are you buying that? Are you drinking all? I do not think, I don’t think habitat’s the limiting factor on Utah. Yeah. If it is there, that might have some merit in places. If it is, if it is biology or say we were at a carrying capacity, maybe it makes sense, right? Yeah. Well, I don’t think we’re at carrying capacity anywhere in Utah right now. Heck no. Like there’s an overabundance down here in southern Utah general. No, I I think that, eh, there’s, I got a lot of stuff I could say, but why, why are you holding back on a Friday?

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Well, let’s, let’s from a biology standpoint, let’s get all the real Clint lens. Let’s peel back from a biology standpoint. If you, if you wanna make the argument you want, we want to issue more tags, go ahead and issue tags clear down to, you know, five bucks per hundred dose. Why don’t we just, why don’t just have OTC then do it that way. Clint, why don’t I know how to increase the numbers in Wyoming? ’cause we got these winter kills. Let’s just kill all the bucks. Right? Let’s just kill all the bucks. Well, if you wanna increase your buck door ratio, the eagle team to do just kill the dose. We don’t want to, we want less bucks per hundred dose. All right. So what’s your answer? Well, I think it’s what it’s always been when, when you have a mild winter and you have lots of rain, the deer herds do really good. And other than that, yeah, there’s not a whole lot, lot you can do for rain. We drought winters drought and drought tray for rain. Hard winters. Yeah. Yeah. And we been a for rain and a winter. That doesn’t kill everything. That’s really the best, the only two management things we have. I do think in some units you can kill more predators. I think that’s a good thing. In fact, I think you guys little you guys been doing a little predator control here. I like predator control. Yeah.

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I’m a I’m a I’m a fan. Yeah. I’ll, I’ll do my part when I, when where I can. Yeah. In fact, as you were talking to me, I was doing some stuff on Google Earth right here looking to find, what are you doing? I’m looking for rock out croppings. Yes. That’s a good word for right there. Just Clint, to travels, glassing purchase or what? What type of, no, not not for glassing. Oh, okay. So, so normal people work Monday through Friday. Clint, he’s, he’s on Google Earth. I knew it. I told you guys it’s spring break, dude. Yeah. Last week you were on a cruise. When does it end Clint Summertime. Offspring break right now is that period of time that your furnace isn’t kick it on. Your acs not on, people don’t really need Clint right now. They don’t. You wait till they June 1st. This 20 needs to start his service and start cleaning out vents. Well, yeah, but it’s also when he goes on baking. Hey, I don’t wanna talk about cleaning out vents. That’s just boring. Yeah. So June 1st, when the first 90 degrees hits, that’s when they call Clint. Oh, my acs not kicking on. I got a problem. Can’t get there fast enough. That’s right. All right. So how’s, how’s, how’s the Google Earth thing going? Well, it’s, it’s, I don’t, it’s having some promise. Yeah. We’re, we’re looking. I’m learning some new stuff. I like it.

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I gotta be careful what I say here too, because I, I make lots of, I can make lots of enemies really? Well, really fast. I mean, they’re, they’re your enemies. We have your, we have your back. I don’t like predators. I don’t like predators and they all need to die. Okay. We, we have your back. Lions too. I’m a predator, but they’re comp they’re my competition. Okay. I wanna eliminate my competition. Okay. You’re a true red-blooded American. All right. You got anything else for us, Clint? Don? I got Do you wanna tell the truth what you’re really working on? No, I don’t want tell the truth. All right. I’ve got, so you just, people might listen to this thing. I already got enough people mad competition mad at me. Alright guy. Well, politics or whatever, I’ll know open my mouth. I seem to get in trouble, so, but I’m just kinda waiting for some draws to come out. I’m excited. Yeah. I think I might have some shots of some, I’m, I’m thinking outside the box on lots of stuff. You got to, I’m kind of giving up on mule deer lately. I mean, mule deer’s still my number one thing. I love mule deer, but I think I’m beating my head up against the wall really hard big these days. I don’t know why people hate big bucks. Everybody seems to hate big bucks. Geez. It’s crazy. Toughs tough.

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Bronson and I talk about all the time, just tough right now. And I feel like there’s a lot of non-resident hate going on out there still. Oh yeah. That’s still kinda, well did you see the, the, the Utah, Utah jumped into that non-resident ship thing? Yeah. I mean, geez, every other state, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming always, you know, I guess just turn around as fair play. Is that what, is that what the saying about turn to where they can’t, they’re backseat to residents and shed hunting. So Yeah, I mean it’s do not come, do not come kind of crazy. I don’t think a lot of people have realize that a lot of people when they, they get to where they get older and they’re gonna retire, they pick a state to move to where they’re gonna have the best resident hunting opportunities that are available to ’em. We have guys going state to state to state buying houses. They’re not just renting. They, they’re sitting down, chilling out. And it’s, I mean, I’ve looked at relocating to another state. I mean that, that’s a topic for a whole nother podcast on West State. What’s your point? But your point is, is Utah is not the best state. That’s your point. If you’re looking at other states. Yeah. And it’s, it’s not, I like Wyoming if you were Wyoming, New Mexico and Idaho. But I love Nevada.

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But, well, there’s still tough, there’s a lot of stuff to hunt up there in Idaho. Tags are still like a couple in your lifetime in Nevada’s resident. Yeah. Good ones. I think. I think you’re too late for Idaho. I think that California problem with Idaho is they’re, they’re too slow to react to the change. And I think they, they’re at a point now where they need to start switching to limited on everything. They can’t just do this over the counter everywhere residence anymore. Big population influx coming there just like we do. Yeah. There’s too many people moving in there. Yeah. Same thing here. Utah, us and luckily we So you gonna go to Colorado plant? Oh, geez. I mean, I thought about marijuana’s a little easier to get where, I can’t think any positives. I can’t think of any positives. That’s the main reason I wouldn’t move there. We already get to go hunt there every year, so it’s not like they’re giving you that, you know? Yeah. The residents are gonna get a little bit better here sooner or later just because all the, all the changes they’re making, I mean they’re, yeah. They’re having bigger supply starting this year and I get it. That’s all right. Yeah. It’s, it’s their right to do it. We’ve been, we’ve been getting a good shake at 35%. We can’t complain. We’ve good. Yeah. It’s been good.

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And even at 25%, it’s still, yeah, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna complain. Way fair. I mean, you can do whatever, whatever on there. Yep. You know, but, but to think that we’re, that non-residents are destroying hunting in Colorado, that’s a, that’s a little bit of a stretch. Every state, every state thinks every non-residents destroying their state. Yeah. And it’s, it ain’t true. Yeah. Do they really think that cutting a couple hundred tags outta region G and H in Wyoming’s gonna, yeah. Come on. Save that herd up there. Exactly. All the reports say they should give more tax. That’s right. Make room for, make room for do and babies. Right. It’s true. It’s true. They’re being out competed. What about New Mexico? Do you not like New Mexico? Why isn’t that on your list? I love that place. New Mexico. It’s draw. It’s, it’s all random draw. There’s no points. And I just can’t ever seem to, there’s only a place for only a place for an AC company. There’s no place for a heating in a, in ac Well, new Mexico’s kind of a liberal place when it boils down to it. He talking about Colorado about retirement. So work doesn’t enter into his decision. Jason, so where are you going? So, oh, I’m, I’m Utah boy for now. Oh, all. I’ll probably be, probably be forever. I don’t know. Yeah. If I there, I’ve thought about moving to Wyoming a few times.

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I got family up there and I like some of the stuff that they’re doing up there. I mean with the over the counter. Oh, the Elk resident. Elkan deer, both. Yeah. You could do good. I mean, the deer took a big hit this last one. But I like Colorado too. I Colorado. There’s a few places in Colorado really like Yeah. That I wouldn’t mind having a house and living there. Gunnison, you’ve already got some, you already bought dirt. I love Gunn to got a little dirt over there, don’t you? I love Gunnison. You already got some place, all guy. Well, I can tell the information’s getting harder to drag outta you so. Well we’ve, I don’t, I don’t have a whole lot to give. You know, it’s, it’s not true. We appreciate your confirmation on the shimming techniques of dryer vent, though. It’s very, very important to, it’s nice to know he’d do it on his own house. Devin, does that make you feel better? A little bit. It’d be a Mountain Dew box, but it’s, you know. Well, I thought you were gonna ask me how often you should change your filter. And I’ll tell you like every four to six weeks you should change your filter four to six, six weeks on your furnace. Really? But ask me how often I change my filter. How often, often. How often? Four months.

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Well, as soon as my system ices up and breaks down, that’s, that’s exactly what we do. That’s what, what most people do. The first time your AC kicks onto of the year, you realize I should have been changing my, my filter all winter. Yep. That’s, that’s the way it goes. But when I’m changing around people’s filter, the last thing I wanna do is change my own filter on my own house when I get home. No, I get it. All right, well have a good, good weekend. Enjoy that next six K 70 degree weather when nobody needs heat or ac it’s gonna come fast. Qui. So you’re, you better get all your fun in vacates and your Google Earth surfing. Yeah. And whatever, all your commission meetings, you have some of those meetings to catch up on. By the way, they’re trying to do away with the Nevada Wildlife Board today. Can go check on that. Oh wow. Yeah. I’ll send you an link. Go check on that. Yeah, send me a link. I’ll go take a look at that. I’ll get a chance to later you later. Bye. By the way, if you guys got eight hours that you don’t want, you want back or you need something to do over the weekend, go sit down and listen to all the Wyoming presentations statewide for biologists and stuff. Yeah, pretty good.

00:24:56:07 –> 00:26:15:16
You gotta gle through some, some periods of monotony in certain places, but lots of notes. Kinda like my college days I got, I filled a bunch of a notebook, way full of notes. That’s awesome. A lot of buck to dough, Fonda dough, death destruction percent genetics percent dead fond or doze collar D are dead. Lot of talk like that from last year’s winners and all that. Yeah. But very informative. This is of course leading up to their permit setting, commission meeting coming up here in like 10 days. So anyway. Anyway. So yeah, I like it. Yeah, there’s a lot of, a lot of that that going on. So we came out with some Utah tech numbers. Right. Kind of exciting. It’s always exciting, right? Pollock? Oh yeah. Well it is. It’s part of the reason why they moved Utah application period later is this very reason you can actually, you know, they change the plug and play feature online, which is nice too. You don’t have to withdraw and reapply, you can just change a unit. But with the deadline being what, 25th? What am I right? 25th off the top of my head. Utah. Yeah. 25th. 25th of April. April 25th. You know, you’re, you’re able to go online. I’ve actually had a lot of people hitting me text me people with 26, 28, 30 points noticing non-resident tag numbers and certain hunts that have gone from one to two. And that means something’s, that’s a big deal.

00:26:15:16 –> 00:27:18:00
And, and it’s not that it’s set in stone. We got a commission meeting coming up that’ll deal with that deal. But in large part they, they like to meet in the middle, you know, well unlimited entry in once in lifetime. They don’t change a lot. Lot of those are based off of teeth data. There’s a lot of changes. I went through a bunch of those in, wrote down just along the changes and there was a lot of extra tags this year. It’s just generally text. Well yeah, it’s just a lot being, there’s going to be a maximum preference point tag. Yeah. It’s pretty sad. And if you’re, and if you’re a resident, it factors in here and there too. Yeah, it does on, on some certain amounts. Not a lot of change. Usually in limited entry. Deer, deer, elk and once a lifetime from one year to the next. They don’t double, we don’t double units seem to include the expo tags. It’s hard to know, you know, but anyway, it’s all on there online for you to, so what was your initial impression Bronson? Regarding the limited entry or what? Yeah, just, yeah, overall tag numbers. I mean general tag numbers, limited entry tag numbers. I would say everything in limited entry and once in a lifetime was pretty straightforward. Stuff that had increases like in not a lot of grief there.

00:27:18:07 –> 00:28:33:04
Once a lifetime world had to do with either, you know, I know they saw they cutting some Wasatch, moose tags. There wasn’t a lot of cutting but, well Buffalo, the head raised Buffalo, Buffalo was huge. Mainly the cow tags, they slashed them from like 40 to 50 down to like 10 or 15 total. So numbers are obviously getting within the management objectives. Some of the sheep units went up and down here and there based on the units that they flew, did they cut some goat tags? Yeah. In the Wasatch stuff. What was that generally a little bit more deer and, and generally a little bit more elk. ’cause we saw last year the big switch to the season structure, you know, the way it was. See but you know, you ded the pie up into different pieces now. So a lot of people motion on residents I guess have somewhat complained that you just took away maximum point tags, which in a lot of what point, a lot of ways they did, you know, in in the key units early rifle, early muzz letter. But the biggest stuff was obviously the southern region, general deer tags where, I mean we always boulder things. We always seem to have the cross here on southern Utah. ’cause they’re big public land units. And of course you got even probably more pressure that central northern Utah got crushed last year. There’s no place to send hunters.

00:28:33:04 –> 00:29:41:23
You can’t just see increased tags up there anywhere. But yeah. So I think we’re a little aggressive, if I was to use one word to describe some of those units down south, they’re a little bit aggressive for one year jumps and in anticipation of a good two point crop. ’cause that’s exactly, let’s make no mistake about it’s exactly what we’re talking about. Well I think too, they’re talking about the trend, meaning a three year average, you know, and if it’s trending up or it’s above and beyond, you know, the management objective, then then fine. We, you know, there’s some tags that are, you know, maybe a warranted and increases here and there, but they’re really aggressive and, and, and not like universal across the board you’ll have, you know, percentage wise, if you did let’s say Dutton, Southwest Desert Zion, you know, pine Valley, things like that boulder not like uniform. Yeah. Versus, versus the San Juan bo throwing a San Juan bo hole that’s been over 20, you know, last couple years. Three year average. And we just maintain and have nothing changed. So there’s not consistency sometimes. And I know that they’ll, they’ll have a rationale or at least explain a rationale, but it’s really hard to follow. ’cause it we’re always talking about the same units. Yeah. Always in the southern end of the state.

00:29:42:05 –> 00:30:45:22
Well, and I think a lot of times they throw out, you know, higher numbers knowing that we’ll settle in the middle somewhere. So that’s kind of frustrating too. It is like put your best foot forward, you know, but, but anyway, then there’s a large part of the pub public out there. Josh, you, you’re aware of all this. I mean, you know, of course we all heard it. You know why Devin? I mean a large part of the public, they, they want forked horns in the back of the truck. So they think that’s the best management plan is to smash ’em before a car gets ’em or predators get ’em. Right. Yeah. Some people I’d say it’s kind of funny, I’ve, I’ve noticed a little bit, a few years ago there were a lot of people say, and I’d, I’d wait four or five years if, if it was good. A lot of people that are already past that point, they want a deer tag now. Like, it sounded, sounded that the same people that said I want more quality on the survey. Yeah, yeah. Or like no, I, I’m sick of, I actually want a deer tag now. Yeah. So it’s, it’s a hard, I don’t know, I don’t know what you, I don’t know what you do. Well we added up the Colorado deer tags and it was, you know, in the eighties, eighties something thousand for buck Anddo, you know, combined and whatnot.

00:30:45:22 –> 00:32:01:22
It was just a real rough figure. We can go through and get the exact figure, but Utah’s dang close if you add ’em, everything together goes bucks, whatever, everything not that far different. And they’re like quite a bit different. State habitat, populations, things like that. Moisture productive summary. A lot of, lot of differences. But, but anyway, it’s feels like a re rinse and repeat of last year personally. There was a lot of, and I’m not saying we, you know, another year of obviously more favorable weather, more favorable in the fact that the winter was, I don’t know if it was not us and long really we had no winter mostly till January, which is perfect. And it’s been warmer and wetter than normal. We’ve had a lot of moisture. So it, it was great to have a hard time just saying, Hey, we’re gonna have a big two point crop this year. Let’s bump bump tags considerably. I have a problem with that. You got other states wanting to save every two point like Wyoming four point or better after hard winners. And they were three point red. They were three point last year going four point this year. They literally do not want any yearning. They wanna try to save every yearning. But yeah, and I’m, and I understand and, and these are general season units there and I understand you can’t call one state’s general season unit the same as another state.

00:32:02:09 –> 00:33:21:06
I, you know, you can’t necessarily compare that. There’s differences, differences in winners. What I think’s crazy is we had these heavy discussions, they were heavy, heavy discussions amongst the state, the RAC meetings, things like that last year. And on our podcast and 14 other places, it was very aggressive. And we come out with the fact that we’re gonna, we need such monumental change. We need single strand bows. We need, you know, we need to restrict rifles and all kinds of methods of take. I mean, I mean Boulder had the most restrictive potential restrictions out there. Single strand bows, you know, five day season, five day seasons. The rifles were, were like 30 30 type rifles. What else? Ex extreme limitations on muzzle orders. And then we end up with going from, from 1200 tags to 2000 tags the next year. You know what I mean? So what, what last year we had, we were under threat of, you know, the management was gonna be changed altogether, whatsoever. ’cause nothing was working to now we’re gonna go ahead and throw out double the tags. Those were division recommendations and those were division recommendations proposals. Now the same division comes back with, it didn’t pass, but I mean it didn’t pass. So we get to, we get to use compound bows and, and everything. Nothing changed. And then we go from 1200 to 2000 over overnight. Pretty mixed messages. Yeah.

00:33:21:10 –> 00:34:38:08
So I just think, I, I think now, you know, there was a lot of people that were out there to cut the vision jobs and change change, you know, change things so drastically to make a, make a difference. And then they just come back with more of the same, I guess it’s just, you know, it kind of, I don’t know, kind of hard honestly. And so who knows where it’s all gonna land, you know, at some point you just kind of give up and call it a day and whatever they do, they do. That’s the way I feel. Yeah. It feels like you just, you get brow beat every year and you’ve talked about the same thing. I should anyway. But it’s obvious. It’s obvious. There’s a little bit different perception. I guess my perception’s different than others in that a good fawn crop and a good crop of two points this year that you anticipate’s gonna be hitting the ground and frolicking from August, October during the hunts. It’s far from a reason to jack tags up this year. Yeah. Well and that’s the thing too. They say that, that that population is like 50% survival. Those deer from, from, from fall fawn say November, December when they’re roughly six months old. Yeah. Until they’re the next year either. I dunno being able to be hunted basically two points. But they have like, they’re most vulnerable, they’re naive.

00:34:38:14 –> 00:35:35:09
They get kicked off their mama in June, July or earlier before they, the mom fawns again. You know, they’re kicking ’em off, ditching them. So there’s a lot, you know, they’re so, it’s hard. There’s a lot of folks that think that we should just kill ’em, you know, they’re gonna die anyway. So we should just at a higher level. But if they’re dead, don’t you think the the remaining 50% are gonna be har harped on pretty good? That’s what I, you know what I mean? Like, if you don’t have anything to eat because we killed them, then do you think they’re gonna not eat? No, they’s gonna go kill the other 50%. That’s what I worry about is if, if you over harvest that population more than natural, I mean it’s, it’s not Disney, it’s nature. And it’s unfortunate that those deer die. I there’s nothing you can do about it other than apparently kill a lot of more predators and block off some highways. ’cause that’s some of the leading mortality causes of them. Let’s look at why that population is dying so frequently compared to any other deer. And let’s try and help ’em. But now, instead of just increasing tags to kill ’em, well what if you kill 50% of the 50% that we’re gonna live? I, I don’t know.

00:35:35:10 –> 00:36:35:27
I’m not saying you’re gonna get 0%, but on some years when you’re already extremely down in your fawn production and you only have 50% of the deer that lived from the time they were zero to six months to begin with and then another 50%. It’s just, I don’t know, it’s hard for me to it support wanting to kill those so much. I don’t care whether a coyote eat them or whether they go home in someone’s freezer. Like the predator’s. A predator’s predator. Yeah. And because you get one killed one doesn’t mean the predator’s not gonna eat right. They gonna go out and we can see, and I feel like you could have significant over harvest of those deer, which led us to where we’re at now. Because that’s what happened from 2018 to 2020. We had tags that didn’t come down and we, we harvested 50% of the 50% that was left and then, and the drought killed. 90% of them drought was heavier and killing a lot more. So I just feel like those numbers of bucks was down significantly. So to me to just feel like, oh, we need to consistently kill those so that they’re at a point that it’s okay to where we’re in single digits of deer.

00:36:35:27 –> 00:37:33:29
Because I’ll contend, I don’t know, I I, I wasn’t, I was alive in the eighties, but I wasn’t hunting in the eighties, but I was going with my dad, but I was alive in the nineties and stuff. And it all sounds great. Like sweet. That means, that means I can get a deer tag every year. But I’m telling you right now, we’ve, all of us that have thinking that we’ve lived through, I would call the heyday of my life for sure, which was back in the, from 2013 to 20 was the heyday for mule deer hunting for me. And I’ve, and I’ve lived through that and I saw also when it was single digits. And you’re not gonna get single digit deer numbers and have numbers like that, which we remember you, you’re talking single digit buck to dough. Buck buck to dough. Yes. Sorry. And, and you’re not gonna get single digit. You don’t think single digit buck to dough ratios is, is necessarily healthy? No. What we should be going for? No, I don’t think so. I mean it’s when would it be healthy where we’re at now? Like no, like when you’re carrying capacity, when would it, when would it be healthy? Probably. Well if you actually cannot sustain any more deer on the landscape. Yeah. Which cannot have, which we, which bucks to make room for fawns.

00:37:34:06 –> 00:38:40:27
But if you can’t handle any more Bronson, I contend you don’t want any more fawns If you can’t handle any anymore, you’re at capacity. That’s right. So I mean we’re we’re talking about something hypothetically that if you have too many deer bucks are in excess. It’s just like if you have a 300 acre pasture and you can, that’ll, that’ll sustain a hundred, a hundred cows for three months. You don’t wanna fill it up with 50 bulls and 50 mama cows and babies. You don’t wanna do that. Right. Your feed’s gonna go to bulls. That is wasted. That premise, if you wanna translate to landscape, is really hard to do with our current deer numbers out there. It’s impo. It’s, we’re so far from that. It’s not even, we’re so far from a carrying capacity. So killing a buck doesn’t necessarily feed more farms. Doesn’t grow more babies ’cause we got food that’s not being eaten. Yeah. I mean that’s what you’re saying. Yeah. The vegetations And when you get to 30 plus bucks per hundred dollars, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. It does. I think, I think Dak said it on on the, on the video. Yeah. On the proposal video. Right. He said it. But, but, but, but we see that. But those are units that we’ve made the decision to sacrifice. We want that the overall productivity of a unit probably for the quality, for the having quality deer. Yeah.

00:38:40:27 –> 00:39:44:22
And that’s like 1% of our deer population in the state. And you and you have to have that because they talk a lot about genetics and age and stuff and, and most deer are never gonna make it to a 180 buck. Yeah. They won’t do it. I mean it’s just like here you got Wyatt who’s probably the most pristine premium genetics at this table. I like where this is going. We could have every buck like Wyatt and then we’ve got cactus bugs on the other end over here. Like just Logan bear. Just, why did I get cactus bug? There’s somebody probably wants to shoot him, but it’s kind of weird to shoot those deer. And anyway, what caused caused you to be a cactus bug? I don’t know what I did to Josh in the past. Ve he packs velvet a little longer than he should. Hung out with mom. Probably. He had a, a high fever one day too long. He hangs out with the dough but not ’cause he likes the dough. ’cause he feels comfortable with the dough. That’s all I’m saying. I’m definitely turning into a management bucket my age. Yeah. And Adam, like I’m aggressive. All you’re doing is you’re stop, you’re stopping the Fs For me, I’m taking up Adam’s like a big three up point. He’s got some big bases. He’s just kind of, I’m at least four on one side though still.

00:39:45:09 –> 00:40:50:22
I ain’t as good as one as I once was. But I’m as good once as I ever had. I’m, I’m those bucks. I’m like one 20 that just had big bases his whole life. Okay. But anyway. What do you identify as Devin? You guys pretty much took a ball. I don’t know. You’re prime, you’re a seven and a half year old. I don’t his prime. He’s one. You still, you pulled a hammy last night. Nevermind. You’ve, you gone through LA two hammies a drought year. No, not, not got LER growth you normally have. No, I just so happened to prime early in my life. You know, I don’t know. He was one of those, he was one of those that to the 4-year-old I you were maxed out at four and a half. I’m one of those bucks. You’re like man, wait till we see him next year. And I show up and you’re like, duh. Shoulda have killed him last year. Pretty much the same. He must have an abscess too. She’s got something wrong. Should have killed him last year. Somebody shut. But that’s the thing. So when you have, well because of that, that’s why buck door ratios, you have to run ’em so high on some of those units because you want more bucks trying to get to that trophy quality, the 180 plus whatever. Yeah. You have to have more five plus year old average harvest. Yes.

00:40:50:25 –> 00:41:52:29
Not just alive on the landscape, but Yeah. An actual harvest that people harvest. ’cause there are seven to 9-year-old deer, frankly, that people never shoot on the hammer. Exactly. Or Ponant. They don’t want, they’re not superior antler wise and so they’re old. But you to get a 5-year-old plus average that that’s tough. That is kind of tough. And so it’s on our general season units, it’s not even something to talk about. No, it’s it’s not even coming off the drought. We had those three years of drought. We’re g you have no deer. They want to grow deer numbers. The science would say kill ki bucks. Yeah. But we’re talking It’s not, your population is so low, it doesn’t work. Like you’re saying, there’s so much left. When, when I remember when I was a biologist out here, like a long para in front, and you guys probably remember it too there at one point it was like we were killing we, and, and I, and I saw it, we would go do range transects and stuff and there were so many deer. But because that was a limiting factor for that population. So many deer would come down to this little stretch and man winter they were killing two to 300 do they were transplanting ’em there for a few years and you couldn’t get ahead of it. And that was back in those hey days I was talking about 2013 through 17, whatever.

00:41:53:15 –> 00:43:02:09
And yeah, when you get into those type of situations, potentially yeah, you, you’re running into those kind of things. But right now you drive that and there’s a couple hundred heads, you know, it’s, and so it’s not even a thing to where, so I dunno, I guess that’s all I could say is it would you thinks exciting. Don’t take one. Yeah. Don’t take one segment of, of biological data and extrapolate it and just like, don’t extrapolate it to all the other states either. There’s a lot of different factors. You know, you’re talking about New Mexico mule deer that, you know, habit wise, habitat wise, winter range wise, a lot of ’em live in the same place 365 days through the year down there. You know what I mean? Yeah. And so you’re just, it’s hard to extrapolate everything, but it’s also don’t pick and choose the stuff that sounds great to, to try to just say, Hey, the more you kill, the more you stimulate a herd. Yeah. That, that, that isn’t, that isn’t right. Come on. You can’t just say that universally. And I mean your common sense, you like your common sense tells you that. Well, you know, your common sense leads you to believe that if that’s the way you’re predisposed to wanna believe. If you wanna believe that you can talk to yourself into believing that that’s that’s actually true.

00:43:02:15 –> 00:43:55:04
And, and if to me, if people thinking that deer hunting’s hard right now and it sucks. You get, wait until we get to single dig, you get fiber, you get to single digit buck to dough ratios. Is anybody happy? No. Okay. It’s, it’s And how many of those six to six to nine bucks per hundred have have more than two points? Probably. Yeah. Like, and half of those, if you, and if you’re at carrying capacity, do you need more funds? Yeah. I mean, do you even want more? No, no, no. You’re killing those. They’re, yeah. You know what I mean? You got dough hunts going, you have to have dough hunts. So I don’t know. They, you know, and a lot of people will say, well that’s, you know, it’s okay because we just need to do it. In the heyday we had, we had single digit buck populations. But hunting is so different now than what it was back then. But we have had, we have had record fawn weights, we’ve had record fawn weights and we’re not in the single digits. Yeah. You know what I mean? So how’s this happening? What, where are the bucks that are out competing? These fawns, these fawns should be skin and bones if that’s really happening.

00:43:55:04 –> 00:45:01:07
Well and we also had, for all intents and purposes, no elk in you talk in the quote heyday, and I’m not talking your heyday Josh talking earlier, the real heyday, Utah, 60 seventies, sixties, seventies. Yep. I mean we didn’t have any, we didn’t have any competition. You guys think about those hunters that were, then I even look at myself now. They didn’t have trail cameras. They, when would they go hunt? They would throw their orange out the night before the hunt and take your kids outta school. It was in school holiday harvest. Yeah. It was a thing. But I just mean it wasn’t like the pressure that we do now. We hunt these deer 365 now they didn’t, back then they would load up the truck and it was a big ordeal. Like the hunt was a big thing. Nobody even shed hunted. But yeah, like it wasn’t a big, now we’re, we’re shed hunting, we’re running trail cameras where all this kinda stuff like honey’s completely different now to where it’s just, you can’t even really compare those days. It’s so different. Yeah. You can’t even compare it. It’s like the goat debate debate with Michael, Kobe, LeBron. I mean it’ll go on. You can’t compare eras from 10 to 15 years prior and just keep doing the rest of your life. We all have opinions and I have mine anyway, anyway. I lived through the Jordan era.

00:45:01:07 –> 00:46:11:01
It’s hard for me to put anybody above him. Yep. And I wasn’t even a Bulls fan. Do you? I’m a Lakers fan. Do you believe he pushed off a Brian? Come on. I’m just wondering. That was a flop. Okay, there you go. Alright. Just curious. Come on. And I’m not a jazz fan either. Anyway. That’s good. Get out. There’s a lot of public processes so Oh yeah. Get out and be heard. Get out, be be part of the process. See how it works for you. Yeah. The whole process went to the southern rack. 90% of them, you know, percent of the public said last year did. Yeah, last year did 90% as was professed by the rack or division, whoever. Go read it, go listen to it and, and then they walk away with, with tag increases and then the board votes and they kind of meet in the middle. They still had tag increases and so then they wonder why there’s so much pushback and everybody’s scared coming out with all these new regulations, potential regulations to make different change. Yep. And then year two, here they are right now and we got legislature involved and everybody wonders why. And then we come back out and shove it the public’s face again. You know what I mean? Here we go. Bunch more increases way more than four. It doesn’t match San Juan bajo. Why? I’d like to know. I kind of have an idea.

00:46:11:16 –> 00:47:18:24
And then we’re also dealing with Boulder going from 12 to 2000, we had extreme, extreme potential changes in weapon types and season dates. Yeah. Right. We went from hunting with, you know, EW and sticks. Yeah. Well there’s units up north in the northern end state. I should have brought the paper with me that they’re grossly over the bucktail ratios. They’re managed 15 to 17 and they’re at 25 bucks per hundred dose. We shouldn’t but shouldn’t, but what? But what do they know about that? They know that their populations are crap. Yeah. Because of the winter. Okay. But, and I contend that we’re overestimating our southern populations so far. It’s not even funny. So, well what, what? I’m not, I’m not comparing our, our populations to the north after they’re winter, but, but what are populations? Nobody knows. No, but we shouldn’t, shouldn’t we be quadrupling tags up there in theory to kill those bucks by stimulate, stimulate the dos and phones. Shouldn’t we be doing that in region G and H too shouldn’t be doing that if the shoe is that we’re talking about fits. I’m just saying. And so it’s just, it’s, it’s just hard when all this stuff’s coming out and, and it just feels like, let’s just put more pressure on the young one. Let’s just put more and more pressure. Southern regions, big large public land units that makes that Well, and the people that are making the recommendations don’t live here.

00:47:18:29 –> 00:48:19:19
We’re the whipping boy. We always saw this. So it’s so frustrating. But what I find though is the guys in Arizona think Arizona management’s terrible. Oh yeah. And they, and they, that’s why they tell amazing things for Idaho. And Idaho guys know better. Idaho residents know that Idaho could do better. Dealing with all the general Wyoming. They have their issues. We have our issues. And you’re so passionate about your own state. Yeah. Everywhere. You know what I mean? And Nevada, poor Nevada, I mean they’re, they’re shooting for 30 bucks per hundred dose, if not 35, depending on the units. And then they deal with drought like nobody’s business. You know what I mean? Oh, dry. A state in the nation. You chose number two. So pretty awesome. A lot of fun. I mean it’s fun. We’re still doing but Bronson, but hey, they got Moose. Two Moose, Texas. That’s right. That’s my point. I was just gonna bring up the moose. I’m glad you took it out of my mouth. You’re talking about other species all the time. What did you end up doing in Montana for moose and what’s your future plans for elk and other things? The exciting parts of the Bronson application process? I have not applied in Montana for moose and sheep yet. I haven’t. I’m still Wow. Pondering deeply. I’m still lost.

00:48:20:01 –> 00:49:21:13
I had some people through out some ideas after the last podcast, but unfortunately the units that they gave me were resident on the units this year. So I did not help me at all. Yeah. It was, those are single, single, single tags. Well, or whatever. Sometimes you can put in for single tag sheep and boost. But they were just, they have to be outlined in the eggs. Here’s your non-resident units put in for how wide? I mean, so that fell on deaf ears. What’d you decide? I’ve got, not sure I’ve got Tell May 1st. That might be your retirement state. No. Go up there and get your off like that. I like that. I will promise you I, he’s been working on Montana. He has elk projects like crazy. Okay. Since we’re talking, since we’re talking about moose, I’m gonna, Kevin, has he not been working on elk projects? Well, I have been. Oh, he’s even had members call back and offer Airbnbs cabins. Yeah. Well what I did for L is just services. I told, I said last time I swung for the fence. I don’t expect it draw. I would like to see you more aggressive. Okay. I did. I didn’t have the right landing place and I got a lot of bonus points. Okay. But since we’re on the topic of moose, why do we have to pull off the gloves? I’m not, I would not retire anywhere for a shiru moose.

00:49:21:17 –> 00:50:25:18
I don’t care if I got a free tag just for moving there. I wouldn’t. Colorado moose are pretty special. And you’ve even put ’em up there amongst the greats with what’s going on in that state politically and everything else wise, big dogs. I could, I wouldn’t do it for any, I wouldn’t move there for anything. Okay. Tag wise. Okay. Okay. But like you, I did hear the one thing that I heard this week. Disgusting. It’s kinda like the one cool thing I heard this week. He has a sticky in his hand. He has one sticky. I got a few. The one cool thing I heard this week neat thing is Jason said, I’ve got satellite phone for, I’m wanting, I’ve got a satellite phone for sale. I’m wanting moose more and more every day. That was outta your lips face. Is that a problem? Well, you tell me what you mean by that. I did not say, I did not say they replaced me on deer. I don’t. But you just said I want a big deer m more than anything. Okay. But I’m wanting mo it’s gonna happen moose more and more. It’s gonna happen day, but okay. Well wow. That is a passionate statement. So when you, when you see some of, when you look into some of these units and what can be produced, say Colorado, things like that, you do want ’em. You do.

00:50:26:13 –> 00:51:36:12
And when they look like an Alaskan Yukon at times, and I know they’re not, but I get it. But it, it’s something to behold it’s press. And I don’t know if maybe Wyatt and Devin’s affection and addiction to moose was wearing off on me. It’s possible. There’s been, there’s been lots of moaning going. Yeah. There was a moose call that showed up in the office. Devin, I want you to do your best Moose calling. Not on the podcast. No. He doesn’t have the right implements in here. I don’t. You do a great cow mo. Yeah, he does. But gotta be, what’s that synthetic? I, I want to hear Wyatt at least attempt one time. ’cause I’ve never heard him even try one time. Wow. So that 14 days. So you had to call the whole 14 days. Yeah, he’s the raker. I raked the whole time. It’s so hard. Wow. Wow. So go, go to our YouTube channel if you want to hear Devin call. I burned more calories doing a little raking thing than you did. Yeah. But Jason’s pretty good. I hear him across the office about three times a day. Yeah. Bronson’s already got me. I want to do it right now, but I’m not getting, see, people will be calling me. Yeah. More and more every day. Right. They’ll be critiquing my, no, quite frankly, when they’re in the rut, they don’t care what you sound like.

00:51:36:13 –> 00:52:37:01
If you remotely sound like you’re getting mowed over, they told us up there. Like if had chainsaws call ’em before, been running chainsaws. Well, we were packing meat bulls were popping out of the trees ’cause they could hear us walking on the rocks. Geez. That’s all I could figure. Yeah. Isn’t that crazy? Yeah. Well anyways, yeah. All right. Robinson, is that all you got on your sticky out? I’ve a question because I’ve got a couple. No, I’ve got a question for you. What percentage, and this is just gonna be a guess probably, but when you do your applications for the year, what percentage do you change from year to year and what percentages change? What units or adding a completely different state? No, like units included. ’cause you said, oh yeah, I’ve been like cooking in, I have to change. I do Montana often because they, for moose, sheep and goat units changed. There’s only a couple units for sheep. Like, well it used to be 4 82 and six 80 were always parental. This year they took out 42. So that one I, I apply for usually for sheep and moose. Something different every year. Yeah. You kind of have to up there. But they, they, they tell you the units you can even put in for.

00:52:37:03 –> 00:53:44:09
So other states, I’m, I’m a little bit, I’m a lot more consistent, but I get a lot more aggressive in a state like New Mexico this year where it’s been phenomenal late winter moisture on elk than I do when it feels like a droughty year. I always put in for elk. But I, I kinda ran it into, keep it into the better trophy producing units than I, I wander more in a year when it’s looking like this. No question. Yeah. I think Kurt or Clint said I’m getting creative this year. So I’m, I was just like, that’s probably, well, how many people don’t know what that means? You know? Yeah. How don’t dunno what that means. How creative are you getting every year? Well, and, and, and when you look at what’s happening in Nevada, specifically with deer tags, I know what I want. But look at the, to the total number of tags for my five choices. 14,000 deer tags for deer and analog combined. Yeah. If I put in my five choices for deer, which are mostly usually archery and muzz loader choices, there might be five tags available on all five for non-residents. Literally they might each have one. That’s what I want. And so I can’t really force anything there. No. And and to deviate. I don’t, there’s certain places, like, I don’t want to go up in the northern part of that. I just don’t, I don’t want to.

00:53:44:11 –> 00:54:48:24
I don’t want to go there. Others have, that’s cool, but I don’t, there’s some people that won’t veer from there. I like it. Then you hear of a 200 and something inch you killed up there and we all didn’t go there. And then we go, yeah. And then you have a 200 and x amount of inch here and you backyard and then you’re like disgusted. You weren’t in your backyard. Yeah. You know, so like there, there’s a, we we get in that trench of freaking, you know, following what last year happened last year. So, you know what I mean? It’s, there’s a lot of surmising and, and you know, guesstimates of what’s gonna happen this year. And Nevada’s one of those. Yeah. You get five choices and it’s all fun and games and it’s all exciting and you think they’re all valid and they are all valid. But the drawing odds are just astronomical. Not you get to two tags in each one of those maybe. And even if you do rifles, which I don’t normally do, there’s not very many tags. It’s pretty, pretty tough. And that’s on the heels of, of drought and cuts, which I’m all in favor of because they, they got crushed. The deer numbers are not there. Like they were There’s no question. No. So I’m not, not faulting end down. I’m just saying it is what it is.

00:54:48:27 –> 00:55:55:06
It’s a tough, so you have to try to think of weird things. You have to think of weird things to try to get an angle to draw. And I think in wet years like this, like Utah general elevates in my mind too. Some years it’s frankly hard to turn up a type of deer that I wanna hunt on a Utah general. But in those drought years it was, it was, it was tough. Yeah. You know. But anyway, Josh, what are you gonna do this year? What am I gonna do? Yeah. I don’t know. I’m still, I still got applications to, to have put in for boxes to check. Is this moose thing wearing off on you a little bit? Oh yeah. I’m, I’m gonna go follow you guys around having these guys all take your sloppy seconds somewhat. These guys, if you let ’em, they’ll grow a heck of a waddle. All three of them have a beard. They could grow. They could grow a waddle before the hunt would rival any bull moose. And they say that waddles all form mating. I don’t know if that works in the human world. I have never grown one. Maybe try that. Just, just see they said it. Indel had a wrote just a neck beard with the Yeah. In just ate it. Just it. Right. INow had a whole s spill on it. Whole video waddle. Those Alaskan ones freeze that off. Yours didn’t have one.

00:55:55:15 –> 00:56:52:27
It had a big base of one, but it was gone. It froze off. Yeah. Yours, I’m going with that. Well mine has like a bell. I think they call it a bell. Is that what they call little tail? I’m going with the short waddles. Cool. Are you dig a short waddle? Oh geez. Well, all right, well yeah. Interesting stuff. You know, Josh, you said you worked as a biologist and I was just wondering if Wyatt did your hands sweat at all when he said that? Well, I know Josh worked, worked as a biologist. How does that make you feel? The other, it’s the other part of his career that why makes white sweat the law enforcement side. Law enforcement is where he started out. Now you make people think, I’m like afraid of law enforcement. How about when he sells to his law enforcement buddies. He sells optics to those guys. Do those I follow, he did sell some optics to law enforcement. We encourage all sales. We’ll sell to law enforcement. You’re a company man. I think they call that equal opportunity sales or something. We don’t, we’ll take anybody’s money. Their money, their money’s green. It may be dirty. Josh, did you treat ’em fair? Maybe dirty money. They got it outta somebody’s pocket. But hey, it’s green. Whoa.

00:56:53:27 –> 00:58:08:00
They took it, they took it in on an out of all of our pockets every year they take it out of all of our pockets from as their wages. Of course. Yes. We help, we help help them to pay, to protect and serve. Okay. Yeah. We do, we do refuse the right to serve. It’s serve anybody those wealth. I So why it’s we serve everybody. No, I just brought up law enforcement in today’s talk. I, it’s, it’s their way of giving back to us. We’ve helped pay their wage. They help pay our for as much as why it squirms about, you know, how about and stuff. He has a criminal justice degree. Don’t you find that ironic? Is it a full on degree? I I’m one class short. Whoa. Oh my gosh. Really? I think that’s by design. Why There’s something to it. I don’t know. I just think there’s something to it. Yeah. Well I want, we should run a grammar request on him and see if that teaches us anything about why he’s one class short. What’s the one class you’re lacking? Why criminal profiling And you had to take a lie test. What, what class are you, you don’t I know what it is. You do do algebra. It’s actually a math class. Yeah. Well you just didn’t want, you just screw it. It expired. Oh it did? Okay. Yeah. What expired? It happened to me several times.

00:58:08:24 –> 00:59:19:12
So I transferred from another college down and math expired. And you were just like, well, when you have a long college career like Devin and I had and it’s called a full on career, maybe even a lifestyle. Well you’re, you’re going from two year colleges to four years. We went one semester a year. It’s pretty average if you, you have to double it. It’s an eight year program. Yes. If you’re hunting, guiding, things like that. We were on, I was a non-traditional student. So was Wyatt before we even started. Yeah. Alright. Anyways. As in classified as And so what, what Everybody out there listening Wyatt’s palm sweat. Every time we leave the office. I mean, we’ll go down driving if down Main Street and you see a game, warden Truck, Wyatt’s. It’s not even game down in his seat. I think, I think the letters E and X on a license plate drive him crazy. I mean, it could be a waterworks guy, it could be a public utility. How about when they were out here in the parking lot getting Oh yeah. Waiting to get stickers. We passed us government, government government trucks everywhere. You actually that was me that was worried about that was hundred Archibald that stressed about all, both of them too. I just wondered why the whole parking lot was full of US government trucks. Guys passed. We, we almost had a red done moment guys. They passed their background checks.

00:59:19:18 –> 01:00:25:22
I don’t understand where, what the hidden Yeah. What, what, what’s hidden? There’s what do you mean you guys? What are you guys scared of? I’m not scared. I just said, these are your friends government trucks out here. There’s all the people. They protect people. They protect people. I don’t know there’s anybody out there that just likes to roll up on a game war. I mean, they’re people too, but I mean, you always got a hundred thoughts running through your head. Did I give the first one? What are your thoughts, Wyatt? Let’s go through the day in the life of Wyatt. Well, let, don’t do a hundred. Let’s do the first three thoughts. Well, little things like, oh, did I turn around too far onto the pa off the pavement right there. Okay. That’s extreme. What do you really think? Is there a plug in this shotgun is my, all my trailer lights on. Do I have a Turkey beard laying around in this truck? What are they gonna try to pin on me? Say, listen, did the chicken breasts that I ate at Mota is actually a grouse that was outta season. Or it’s like de what what are they fishing for? I mean, he’s always fishing. Fishing. Yeah. What are, oh, I always have a fishing license. What are they, what are they fishing in this conversation for? What are they trying to get out? Me? Devin, you’ve had some interactions. Yeah.

01:00:26:01 –> 01:01:31:09
Are they usually positive or negative? Well, mostly positive. I think they’re positive. ’cause it’s like, oh, this guy’s really nice. It’s like he wants to be my friend. He’s really helping me out. Then what happens? See him a couple days later and there’s not as from an nice, how about four months later? Not as nice. Josh, wait, wait a minute. So Josh, you’re, you can tell us, inform us from the other side of things. Right? Like, it, it always seems like, like you could do your law enforcement job and and be nice once in a while. Could you? Could. But, so, so why does it seem like they are nice? I knew de I knew they are nice. I know some of those guys. There, there are some, there are some that were maybe nice if you just go by the percentages. I I think there’s some, here’s the, here’s the thing. I’ll tell you exactly what it is. Because Yeah, this, you start out predominantly, there’s some that are just, just have an ax to grind and they just start out that way. Yeah. That’s just people general. That’s why they went into law enforcement. Yeah. That’s just people in general personality. Right. Okay. And they have certain goals to arrest certain people and whatever. And so be it. But there’s other guys, most of the time, honestly, they should be in the rainforest to Washington as far as I’m concerned. Yeah.

01:01:31:16 –> 01:02:27:15
But when you start out as a game warden, I feel like most people are pretty like myself. I’m a trusting person. Like I have no reason to not trust someone. Right. If someone’s telling me something, then they have a fishing license, whatever. I’m naturally gonna trust ’em and say, okay. Yeah, you do. Because why? Because don’t, I’ve had one my whole life. So I feel like, like, and you’re coming from a, even though you go to post, you’re coming from a civilian life. You look for the good in people for the most part. That’s kind of how, but I think career changed you. I feel like you Oh, a hundred percent. Look, everybody, I think you look at everybody as a criminal because, ’cause at some point when you get lied to so much, like people straight up bold face lie to you, to your face and be like, yeah, you know my my li I just left my license at home. And then you’re like, all right, here’s your warning. Gimme your date of birth and whatever. Here’s your warning or whatever. Yeah. So you write it down and you go back and check ’em. And they haven’t had a fishing license in 16 years. You get kind of pissed off. And that happens every over and over and over and over. Yeah. And so you’re like, fine. It’s easier to just ride a ticket and say, have a nice day.

01:02:27:25 –> 01:03:32:25
And so then you meet Wyatt and you say, Wyatt, do you mind if I search a vehicle? Yeah. And Wyatt sit. You can go get bent. Okay. And then you automatically think what? Yeah. You, you think he has something to hide. Right? He’s got, he’s got got quivered arrow. He’s got an un quivered arrow somewhere in this top. He’s got an un quivered arrow. He’s got a, a shell in the, in the magazine or in the chamber. Yeah. Maybe a little baby grouse alive clicking around back there in the backseat. Baby grouse captive in the back seat. I mean, wow. I don’t know what, I don’t know what terms crank are these things you’ve done, you’ve done in your life. Caught baby grs. I don’t know. May have ate one. Went on my honeymoon. And so anyway, it’s top of mind. Okay. So And that’s what you’re thinking, right? Yeah. And then, and so you just don’t know. Like you just don’t, and anyway, or like me, I get pulled over for not having a license plate light. Right? Yeah. My license plate light is out. Might have had much. Yeah. And gr continues to grind me out. Yeah. Because you’re out there in the middle of nowhere. It’s dark, it’s middle of the night, whatever. And I’ve compromised safety because my license plate light’s out. That’s true. That’s true. Gives him some a reason to pull everybody over, not just me, everybody.

01:03:33:22 –> 01:04:39:29
And you know, and I like that he should be checking things out. Yeah. Making sure I don’t have blood dripping from my tailgate or something like that. Yeah. You know, but anyway, but back to Wyatt. So we, we go to lunch. Why am I the subject? Because we go to lunch and Bronson tell me what, we can go to lunch. And I say, I’d say on average no less, he can spot no less than 10 trucks. Enforce, enforce from law enforcement officers. That’s what he says they are. I don’t know any government workers of some sort. He can detect ’em before anybody else. Well, he has the eye. Do you remember that time you talked to that guy on the plane? You figured was a US marshal? He was, he was the air marshal. He snipped it out. Yeah. Did you sniff it out? Well, he was the, whatever, the one guy that saw every plane. The one guy that was on the plane. Yeah. Did he, did he admit to that? No, he never really kind of admitted to it. He hinted around it in, in a way. But Wyatt knew I’m hearing a work capacity. I didn’t know. Well, the guy gets on a plane with nothing, have start talking to him where he is, where he is coming from or where he is going. He is going back to the same place We just coming from just riding the, riding the plane forth.

01:04:39:29 –> 01:05:46:09
So you’re automatically thinking Salt Lake to Dallas, Dallas to Salt Lake, salt Lake to Dallas, Dallas to Salt Lake that he is quiet is got a special knack for this. I’m telling you, they should have waived the freaking algebra course for you. Yes. If they know what’s best for ’em. I mean, who cares about algebra Now I now I feel like I’m probably gonna be one of those targets that you guys talked about. You are always brought up. And thanks to this podcast. Well, you’re on lists. Well, thanks to this You were on list too. Tell you maybe blocked him. Oh, I, oh yeah. So, oh, let’s talk about who. Okay, fine. How, if we’re gonna talk about that, then I’ve got some other sticky notes that I’ve got too. How about, how about No, how about this one when we’re down at shot show? How about that one? Which one? Remember that? Which Oh yeah. How about that? Remember the funniest Jason funniest thing. We’re looking, looking around at flashlights. We’re okay, we’re looking, we’re at shot show. LED Awesome. LED. Flashlights. We’re looking around and these are amazing. These, these will literally ask Devin blind you if you get shot in the eye with these, well, with these lights in this same brand. We, we had a guy with that had a headlamp outfitter. He already mentioned something to you. An out outfit. Yeah.

01:05:46:09 –> 01:06:51:22
And he had a headlamp and he would, would put a spotlight on this, these coyotes and couldn’t see him and turned his headlamp on and freaking lit up five COEs. And you were talking about that. And I was talking about we see them at and Right. I was talking about let’s woke this guy had a headlamp and he had, he spotlighted five COEs. Yeah. I don’t know where, I mean, this guy guy’s we’re talking. This guy, this guy’s my buddy. He’s falling us around and I, looking at his, was in the middle of all our conversations. And he’s a normal civilian until I, I at Side Beach and I won’t rat out the state here. Oh, was New Mexico Game of Fish. I just did. And yeah, he’s been recording stuff Yes. For probably the last 10 minutes about how this can light up the night. Yes. And wonder why I’m, I wanna wazoo headlamp New Mexico. Gabe and Fish sent him down there to pick up a new holster, some new fancy holster that he was supposed to go down. And he still, and he runs into a bunch of Utah. Just like Wyatt Yards down there. He was born for it. This guy was, was born for it. It doesn’t matter. Sniff if he’s on the clock or not. He was working, he was acting like he was getting a drink of water. Like he would not, we couldn’t shake him, shake him.

01:06:51:22 –> 01:07:59:25
Told you when we were sitting there, I tried to avoid the lights. ’cause I had just had some LASIK and I didn’t wanna get blinded. So I’m sitting there and I said, why is that guy standing so close to Adam? Yes. Like he’s, I, I looked to his badge and it became Crystal. It was odd. It was odd. It was pretty funny. Yeah. So yeah. The other day I was on my Instagram and I noticed that the u dwr investigations was following me. Yeah. And following up. Like physically or on social media? On social media. Okay. Right. And they do a lot of social media work, right. Somebody there’s Yeah, probably both. It’s part of it anyway, so then I’m like, it made Jason really nervous for no reason don’t by that. I don’t like that. How does this happen? There’s, they’re following like 70 people. Why me? I, I don’t know. I I I would, I would, I wouldn’t have liked it either. Anyone in the world could make that page. You don’t know if it’s legit. Okay. But there’s people that are following that page that are pretty legit. Yeah, it’s true. And so then I’m like, it looked pretty legit. It did. And I was like, well there’s certain people that are following it that why would that I probably need to delete and block. Maybe there are certain people that are investigating the real page owner. That’s right. Okay.

01:07:59:28 –> 01:09:02:17
So see this is where we why it comes in. He’s thinking way outside the box that I haven’t gone yet. He’s he’s four steps ahead of us. Yeah. Oh, he probably knows who owns the page. We already know why, why could find people. Why has their username and password. He knows how to get into the page. No. Wyatt’s been hired to find hecklers. I don’t understand why. And he succeeds. Why would they ever make a page for that though? Why? Yeah. Why don’t they just be, be the 16-year-old little girl pages that they probably already are that you don’t suspect they’re following you. I just trying. Wasn’t the fact that it does appear to be a, a fake Right. Who it’s, the investigations aren’t gonna say we’re investigations. It looked, but it was the people that were associated with it just made me sweat a little. You mean other known criminals that they were following? Don’t like surprises. What are they doing? I wanna know. Yeah. Why, why do they make you sweat? Exactly. Of questions. The unknown. It’s like what you’re saying, like all of a sudden they’re like, I don’t, I don’t know why, why do we ask these questions? Did that stickers wrapper blow outta your truck out there at mile marker 52. Yeah, I know. That’s an extreme example. Well, like that arrow just fall outta your quiver.

01:09:02:17 –> 01:10:06:24
Maybe it’s rattle the back of the back of my truck when get But when you get pulled over for license plate light, it, it bothers you. A guy. And you think that’s small, but then that leads to whatever some other thing, janky thing that you don’t know. Whatever could be a, could be a salamander season in progress. I, I don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know. Wow. Just saying all of a sudden we got amphibian season going on. It’s the exact same concept. Concept is when you get pulled over, I don’t know if you’re not a bad guy, you get a little nervous. Oh yeah. Well you get I nervous. But then you’re like, tell me also like why did you, if you aren’t nervous, that makes me nervous. Yeah. ’cause most people, when you pull him over, like one time I got pulled over in North Carolina, I handed the guy my debit card a when he asked me for my driver license. And I said, that’s the bribery. I haven’t been in Louisiana for very long. I that’s And you in north. And you were in North Carolina. I was north. Because I’m like, he, he thought I was running drugs. He’s like, oh, here we go. Part of that is because you probably had a concealed weapon because it’s legal out here here. Didn’t, I didn’t have anything. I was not You were naked. You were just door salesman. Yes.

01:10:07:06 –> 01:11:04:28
And I know I’m a law abiding citizen, but I’m nervous. ’cause I’m like, because why? I I don’t wanna get in trouble. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t do anything though. And that’s me. I’m just like, man, why do you, why do you give him why thing when the game warden comes up to you? This happened to us in Arizona. Nicest guy in the world. We talked to him. I talked to him for like two hours. He’s awesome. That’s okay. Now why I came back once. Should you ever talk to a game warden for two hours on your own accord? Well, he was telling us stories. We just, but anyways, but one thing leads to another. I got a little nervous. I’m like, yeah, I got my tag, I got my stuff. But you always are like, what if you, what, what if I didn’t, couldn’t log in? What if I forgot my login to show him my hunting, license, license, whatever. Like, he’s like, just do this something you don’t know something. Well, yeah. ’cause just like that you had to, if you, if you don’t get nervous, you probably got problems. Yeah. You’re probably a bad guy. But, but part of it is, is just ignorance. You don’t realize that there’s something, there’s some little habitat stamp you forgot or there’s some, some something. And they love to, they, maybe there’s a qua muscle that you don’t know is on the bottom of your truck.

01:11:06:01 –> 01:12:12:12
And all of a sudden now you’re the topic of a national issue. Man, I’m just saying, tell me I’m wrong. And these people, this is the kind of stuff you’re like, okay, they’re so irrational. If they were just rational and said, I see you have aqua muscle. I see it’s been dead for 14 years. This, this is a problem. But it’s not really a problem. ’cause Jason, I know you better. Here, let me flick it off. Let me flick it off. Okay. Have a nice day. And by the way, do you want part of my Hamm sandwich? You know what I mean? No. They’re there to say, I see you have Aqua Mus. You know what that is? Have you heard of the Invasive Species Act of night? Have 2014. Has this truck gone through any wet ditches? You are spreading the QA muscle. That’s why we were in, when we were in Arizona. It was on the hood. Yeah, exactly. Put your hands behind your head. But I think if you don’t have those thoughts, you’re, yeah. Okay. But what if you, I think it’s natural. But what if you go to bed with those thoughts? You wake up with those thoughts. What thoughts? They’re, they’re down to lunch. Like why, why has these thoughts Well’s think I’m thinking about it all the time’s. The reason though, why It is two or three steps ahead though. He’s run every possible scenario in his head.

01:12:13:05 –> 01:13:17:06
I love it. I mean, he is. I I love it. There’s nothing you cannot, I don’t want the times I’ve wt I’m surprised Wyatt, in my life. I I did not want Wyatt investigating me. No, I don’t. But the times I’ve ever said something to you that he did not know already, first, I, I, I know it’s on one hand, two fingers probably. I can’t count. I I can’t think of them. And then you write ’em down and you take ’em to the bank. ’cause you’re so proud of yourself. And you get to ready to read ’em on a stick, a sticky note there. And he repeats it right before you say it. ’cause he knows you just say this. Usually it’s just when he, you’ve seen Monster Mule’s post before. He has. That’s generally, I’m not, I don’t even go on there. You know, because Wyatt is my, he is my source of information. That’s right. I I usually it’s filed the morning church. Wyatt, anything new in the world today that’s, well, that’s the way I started this morning, Wyatt. I mean, I came in right? I said, what did I miss last night? Nothing. What? Not a thing. And then 13 minutes later he comes up with a couple things and I’m like, I knew there was something. I love it. That’s why when we were in Arizona and that game warden showed up and asked Devin for his license.

01:13:17:08 –> 01:14:21:04
And Devin said, license you knew disappeared. But by the tom, by the Tomber in his voice. You knew that was an interesting response. I I was, he was a nice guy. I, I enjoyed talking to him. I turned around and Josh was gone. And I had to go in my tank, get all my papers. Josh has worked for him. He knows you’re not well, you’re not gone. He knows you’re not supposed to talk to him for two hours. He knows this. I’m that guy. And you know, I, I learned, I’ve learned through the years, like I’ve never had problems with game wars. We would go, I wrote to them, get dead heads or whatever. And now looking back, I’m like, man, he asked me a lot of questions about other people, about friends, other people. Me, you before. Yes. This like, Devin didn’t even want. And he’s like, what do you think about Jason? You know, this guy And I, I’m like, eventually I’m just like, man, he’s, this is a full on investigation. I I, so that’s like, I was like, this is such a cool truck. He’s got radios, repeaters, you know, it wasn’t, it was a straight up. Devin, can I turn on your lights? That’s yeah, that’s me. I thought it was awesome. I ho the horn. Devin, can I burn? Can I pop your hood an hour and a half in? I’m like, let’s check your oil. Devin.

01:14:21:04 –> 01:15:20:13
I kind of feel like I’ve been, you see those shows with the interrogate people for so long? They just could pass. Like, you’re like Kate. I know him. He’s a bad guy. Like, I gotta get hold. I had a Turkey chasing me and I harassed that Turkey. Yeah. It’s it’s abouts. I have harassed game animals. But this Turkey harassed me first. He deserved it. Yes. Yeah. I mean, pretty. I mean, and you wonder, and you wonder why when you go to, and I have show, there’s people that just show up at our booth there. I did pick up a shed in Nevada when it was during the shed closure. Hey, I know you, but it was in somebody’s yard. I know you, I’ve seen you on YouTube. It’s like, oh great, cool. Oh great. What did I do? Yeah, he did what? I seen you, what did I do you on YouTube a couple of times, which is fine. Was I on a two by way? Did you kill a couple of bucks? Was I on a, was I on a two track that was closed the day before and I didn’t know about it? What about the fire in oh six? Were you in behind the fire lines? Were you That was, yes. You were 2018 and right. And, but those things are going through your mind. Does that mean I’m closed? Which road are closed and which ones are open Go?

01:15:20:15 –> 01:16:39:16
If I take a two tracker that’s not officially closed, but I’m behind a fire line, I might need to go to jail. We had a note from the federal government Forest service. Okay. You were good of America. Me. I dunno what to tell you Meir. Now you know why? While he was getting shook down by that game warden, I was in the camp down the road. Well, and what my point is, I don’t even know getting shook down until the, a while until you come home and tell us the conversation. We realized, and that has happened too many times. All the while they would’ve said, Wyatt, how are you doing? Wyatt would’ve said, none. Ya give a little grunt collecting fossils. He would’ve done a little bull grunt moose. He would’ve done his best moose call. I got nothing for that. Well, all I know is I want one on my team. That’s what I wanna know. I do. He Oh, he’s thorough. He’s well-informed by and by. Dang it, people like him. Oh, alright. Well I think we’ve gone good enough. Oh, we had gear to sell and all that. But I’ve got, got places to be people to see. Phone too. Got a iridium satellite phone. Anybody wants one? I got one. Yeah. How about this? This is pretty cool. This outdoor pack game processing disposable kit. Good friend of ours, Cory Pritchard. It’s putting it out.

01:16:40:11 –> 01:17:57:03
A really good dude, this was pretty awesome. You could, you could custom order this with different, you know, implements razor knife, you know, whether it be an outdoor edge or, or have on or whatever in that pack are blades. Yeah. Whatever you choose. Right? Gloves, blades, both elbow and elbow and hand gloves. Elbow deep. If you’re, you don’t use the gutless method, you might need them. Single use hand sanitizer, dude wipes. Who doesn’t need a good dude wipe? I mean, you’re not a dude if you don’t need a dude wipe zip ties, you know, drop point knife blades and game bads itself. So yeah, it’s just all kind of a vacuum back. Nicely tight. Yeah. And if you’re, if you’re opening it, you know it’s a good day. That’s what I like about those things. Wardens are still listening. It is zip ties for properly tagging games. Okay, so Wyatt, all of a sudden interjects without being prompted. I thought he was gone. Wyatt wants to let me know he is on the up and up. Do not investigate Wyatt. He has his ducks in a row. If he, I’ve never been asked by Gameboard, do you have zip ties? Never asked that. Why, but, but, but that’s, I like where your head’s at. That’s the one thing I hate the most about my pack though, is making sure, alright, do I have a knife? I have blades, do I have gloves?

01:17:57:03 –> 01:18:58:23
Do I have a zip tie to properly tag my animal. And the older you get, they used to be this, remember line Jensen? He had this little, this little thing that was like the, for your tag that goes in there and there’s this little pen. Yeah. To sign it. You have a, it does tick me off plastic. But they make you sign your tag in the field after the kill. Like who has a pen? Yeah. Rain. And who has rain? Tick bullets anymore? It’s rain. Snowing red. Yeah. So frustrating. There another example of why, why it would be nervous. You’re supposed to sign it after the kill. Not before the kill son. You know. Well I don’t have a pen. Well, well it’s notch. Well that’s an I Improperly tagged wildlife. It’s now a Laci Act violation. And we’re gonna see, see where this goes. This goes Mr. Bulls. He goes on a goose hunt where you can kill unlimited amount. Yeah. Did you have your plug in your gun the whole time And I didn’t kill a goose. That’s right. You wouldn’t take it out. I don’t blame you. It’s not trained. Even though it was legal to in that situation. Right. Just in case. Right. Yeah. Just didn’t want any question. Just don’t want you abiding, abiding America. Well what if a mallard flew over? That’s true. That could have that. A cross species mallards were out of season.

01:18:59:00 –> 01:19:57:16
Did you have a hip stand? I didn’t have a hip stamp. I did have a hip stamp and all the above. Okay. That’s my point. Of course. And then I get a survey the other day and it says, did you have a hip number? Well, I don’t remember. I actually don’t remember. I’m not a bird hunter necessarily. And so I’m just like, well, if I say no and I did, or if I say yes and I didn’t, what am I in violation of? Like I, and it’s on a simple survey, right? I mean, I don’t know how many days did you hunt? Six. But what if you were 107? What if the season was six days long? Like I feel like there’s trick questions on survey. How long you been here? Oh, I’ve been here a week. I’ve been hunting a week. Oh, the season’s been open. Four days. Interesting. Are you interesting? You select, I mean you select a date you killed and it gives you a 12 month calendar to click buttons. Yeah. What if you accident clicked the mouse roll boom. Well you did it of your own FreeWheel and choice. And by the way, the last checkbox says you affirmed. These are attest statements and you two days after attest to the affirmative season. I mean I get tired of it. Traps a hundred percent. Wanna talk about I’m not going down. Yeah. No nos. More traps. Traps. Yeah.

01:19:57:18 –> 01:21:00:19
Like, anyway, I don’t like Traps. Outdoor 1 808 1 5 6 6 4 7. Really cool. Go to their website and check it out. We’re not paid for this by the way. We’re not paid to talk about this. Really cool. Just a really cool product. I had outdoor edge knives. I said I want the outdoor edge knife. It came. It was awesome. Anyway, good dude, Cory Prichard proud of you. It’s awesome. I hope it goes gangbusters for you. Call that day and well, I mean we’ve got some of our friends at phone scope that wanna shout up. Well that’s right. If you guys are, if you upgraded a phone or you just want the newest, we did a podcast with these guys, Logan, you can probably tell me which you one It was, but I don’t remember. 300. Oh was it the 300? Straight up three. Oh yeah. Remember he got the 300th podcast. Oh, that’s right. Well go listen to it. It was talks about the new Carbon Pro series. You know, phones, I, I got mine. I don’t know if you guys all got yours. It seems like my phone is a little bit more universal than y’all’s. But anyway, mine’s. Yeah, I already have it. Haven’t used it yet. Uniform, but it’s awesome. But check ’em out at phone. P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P I whether you want that kit or something else. They’ve got all the other stuff. Pyro putty. You can find it all on there.

01:21:00:19 –> 01:22:17:17
So what does, speaking of firestar, that actually does not have to come from your belly button. This, this. That’s disgusting. Like, and would you and Wyatt, would you use, would, if you, would you use Firestar from his belly button and Devin, would you use fire starter? And if I was laying on a riverbank, freezing with a hypothermia, you would do it. Start a fire. Say, would you dive into his belly button together? I would harvest. Harvest. It’s kind of disgusting. It’s kind of disgusting. Jeez. Harvest the fire starter. Get your knife and cut a chunk of my beard off instead. Oh just God. You need that lift. Yeah. Well that it might, after 14 days it can have a little bit of wax consistency. Pow mixed with it. Oh my god much must have steeper belly buttons than I’ve got. You seen my belly, John. We, we did bathe quite often in the river in Alaska. Just ffy. I, we were cleanly. Well you guys are sleeping together 14 days and John, I’ve never hit the six man tent. Alright, bombshells. What else? Anyway, vortex. We got some vortex scopes in. By the way, anybody out there for the Muzz loaders, the one power rule here in Utah caused us to go out and figure it out. So anyway, got vortex scopes here. One one by 24, 24 millimeter objective. Awesome bro. Some brought one from way back. Crossfire, crossfires go.

01:22:17:17 –> 01:23:25:24
A lot of people are selling those things for 500 bucks. It was crazy. You can buy ’em from us about a buck 25. Yeah. Whatever it is. Who knows, call us. We’ll make you a heck of a deal anyway. And it’s got a cross here and it actually has a turd on it. Basically it comes with an MOA, you know, one click equals a half. MOA least on the old monologue. We’re gonna check out the new one. Yeah. Should be here any day. So pretty awesome. Great opportunity. Super cheap and should be awesome. We actually were handholding it, looking at about 300 yards. ’cause that needs to be, they need to be valid to 300. Come on. You said you could break the glass in a window, which is a three foot by three foot window that isn’t really, I’m, I’m now an elk cutner. I identify as an elk cutter. Okay. And they’re big, big sheets of plywood. Okay. Okay. So there’s might, you might hit it. Good. Anyway, fun stuff. You know, throwing a little shout out to Thompson. Long range. Super good dudes, mark and Scotty Thompson shooting Weatherbee Rifles have a long range system that works for them. And many clients, including ourselves, been to their course. It’s awesome. You’ll learn a ton from ’em. And it’s very affordable. You walk, you can walk away the scope a gun, the knowhow, the knowledge, and, and a Weatherby rifle.

01:23:25:24 –> 01:24:47:24
33 78 or 2 57 or whatever. A lot of options there. And and it’s awesome. Super good dudes. Definitely can break glass at 300 yards. That set up. Scotty Scotty’s killed coyotes. I don’t know if he publicly wants it known. But anyway, a long distance. Distances, long distances. And I know guys that watched it, so pretty awesome using his own setup. Thompson Long Range. Also sell critter l critter and then Thompson. Long range. You’ll be able to google it. Thompson long 4 3 5 7 1 3 4 2 4 8. Give ’em a holler. They also talk hunting and kill many big animals over the years. And so anyway, wealth of knowledge there. Last shout, I guess we’ll give out to Outdoor Edge. They’ve obviously been partners of ours for a lot of years. We’ve had several their knives as giveaway items here at Epic Outdoors. Both the replaceable blade knives and our newest one, which is, which is awesome. We’re gonna be giving those away again and a future membership drive in the coming months. So anyway, but you can check ’em out online. Outdoor They got a new knife in actually one of our newest magazine. This razor vx kind of a new area of carry knives. So anyway, check ’em out online. They got QR codes in the, in our magazine as well. Page 1 35 of this April issue in Epic Outdoors. Wanna throw a shout out to Steadman’s Jewelry also?

01:24:47:24 –> 01:26:00:16
They did a little, did you guys see that little silver replica of my buck? Chief Bronson and I were on there in Arizona. Just awesome. Like down to the tee. Incredible jewelry. Just thought I’d throw a little shout out to them. Steadmans find Super good dudes. If you’re looking for something for your wife, but want it to be wildlife related ’cause you’re a dude probably ought to top, could it give your a Wi Wife a necklace of your buck? I mean wonder, that’s how you know you got a good one. Okay. She’s wearing a chef. What if she’s not your wife yet? Like Logan, let’s put a shirt off. Shoes. Well that would be a good test. Would Logan give? Maybe that’s why some of them have. Girl Come necklace. Gone. Whoa. Not enough jewelry. Logan, you ought to go to Steadman’s Fine Jewelry if you want to keep the next one. Alright. Alright. Do it. I’ll be there. Do you need any other advice, tips or tricks? What? What do you got? We’re all married so we’ve caught ’em. We can teach you how you guys are. Nevermind. You guys are, we’re next level though. Yeah, you’re, that’s what I was gonna say. You’re next level. I’m sure that’s exactly what you were gonna say. That information might be dated. Whoa, what happened? What? No, just I’m saying your information catch. Did the fish bite again? Did you end up catching her again?

01:26:00:19 –> 01:27:21:04
No, no, no. I’m saying your information, I’m thinking he saved, might be dated. That was an age joke. Carter. Well you have Logan. What does it hurt to try? What does it hurt to? Listen, Carter. Carter uses Snap Talk. Yes. Is that what it’s called? I don’t use it. He says you probably corded Janna over a line. I don’t use Snapchat. I said Snap talk is, is that what it’s called? We don’t do telegrams anymore. You know, you ought to try it. Logan, send a telegram. You ever tried a, I will say have ever tried a face-to-face communication? I haven’t yet. What’s that like? It’s amazing. Wow. It can make you blush some girls. Some girls are pretty, did you know that? Is that like FaceTime? Yeah, FaceTime. But real. You can pinch and cut. You can check, check, check. Belly button. You can say, oh, oh my gosh, come on. Oh, I mean it’s real. It’s real. This is the reality. Age. Gen Z is reality. Okay. Not come on. You need to see what they look like without a filter. That’s that’s right. Exactly right. This is filters do cover up some things. Yeah, a lot. Yeah, that’s true. Even though you feel like they could AI themselves. Yes. Not even be the right person. Not only can they, they do. I don’t know. I assume dudes can do it. Hey, have you ever been catfished? Yeah. Remember we’ve talked about this.

01:27:21:04 –> 01:28:25:10
We’ve already talked about that. Remember his, his buddy, his dude. And then I moved him in. The guy doubt. Turns out he has too member of the Catfish club. Well, to, in your defense, in your defense slogan, we are a little bit older. Carter Carter on, on April Fool’s Day, he did think all the banks and post office closed on that. It was a federal holiday on, it was an Easter. It was a Monday. It was Monday. The Monday following Easter. Okay. Which is what? And we, what is that on the calendar? We celebrate the Monday after Easter. We celebrate Christmas, new Year’s and 14 other holidays. Why not Easter? Easter always on a Sunday. And there’s a difference in my defense. I got onto our banking and I didn’t see a transaction for the Monday morning. Okay. Like I would always see. And so I was like, you’re kidding me. We had a good laugh of that. There was a, the mailman have another day off. Clint has another day off. I mean, come on. You’re kidding me. Turned out it was just April Fool’s day. John. Just another funny day in the neighborhood, John. You know, so Bronson, you know, you’ve known John A. Long time. Oh no. Okay. I just wonder what kind of reaction a game warden would get if they pulled John over. Oh, John’s pretty cool.

01:28:25:22 –> 01:29:37:05
No, I’ve, I’ve had, I’ve had reflections from my children before that I didn’t act in an appropriate manner. Really? Whoa. Stops what happened? Not game wardens, but traffic stops. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. You didn’t back the blue when they had you pulled over. Well, and typically I would. It’s just, I get that like we talked about Josh, it’s like I am always trying to like cross the t’s and dot the i’s all the time. And then they come up and it’s attitude and I’m like, go be humble and kind. Right. That’s what you wanna say. Just be humble and kind. Like, oh my gosh. But I get it. I get it. You deal with so many people who are lying. I never thought about that. But geez, you come up and you’re an a-hole to me. And I’m like, yeah, come. Okay. Keep in mind I, I think I, I, I actually, I actually backed the blue lock. I would do anything. Yeah. If I saw they were getting out and getting heckled, I’d be right in somebody’s face with them. But, but having said they have a crappy day, there’s not one traffic stop. They make that they get greeted kindly. Maybe not. Maybe, maybe there are some of those. I know, but generally they’re bracing to get their not a job to get their, I want head ripped off. Not a job I want.

01:29:37:16 –> 01:30:36:18
I mean, and I have said, oh, you know what I, you got me. You totally got me. You know I was speeding that you know why I pulled you over? Yeah. Yeah. I was speeding. No, there was a wrapper that flew out, but what, what? How fast did you think you were going? Can double up. No, but okay, I’m gonna let you go on the wrapper. What were you doing speed wise? Did you ever seatbelt though? Yeah, exactly. Were you on your phone? I saw you pulling. Were you on your phone? That’s, has any one of you guys ever put your phone phone real quick? You on your phone? Oh yeah. Every time. Here’s the other thing, here’s another thing that bugs me. I feel like, hold that thought, Josh. They waste some time on, on some stupid traffic stuff when they could be doing some other productive stuff. Some productive stuff. When I’ve gotten, never been felt more violated than when I’ve been broken into or robbed. And they, they’re not helpful a lot of times at all. Right? But I had a kid get in a wreck and then I actually just stood beside ’em and we know, gathered up some pieces and parts and I said, well, it’s probably this kind of vehicle. ’cause look at this part brings in. They’re like, Hey, do you wanna join the service with us here? No. No. Not a plan.

01:30:36:18 –> 01:31:34:03
Yeah, not a plan to do that. But they actually were good dudes. Yeah, they’re good people. Here in we have, we have the best of the best here in Cedar, the game warden thing. When we’re dealing with lots of game wardens across all the state lines, different. They’re somewhat challenging personalities. You just do it. And Pollock, what do you got? Oh no, I was just gonna say also, you have to think of it this way too. And this is just like a strictly reality kind of thing. They’re trained that at any moment they don’t know who’s gonna pull a gun or whatever. Right. Like their stress level. I, it’s, it’s the weirdest thing that it sound walking up to a car, you have no idea what’s in that car. And so they’re not happy to see you to begin with. They don’t wanna make the pole, they don’t wanna make the stuff. It’s dark or, yes, there’s lots of things. There’s certain things you gotta understand. Their stress level’s high. And it was just like, I remember the first time when they used to do it, like going into marijuana grows and all that stuff, we used to go help ’em walk in. And I remember, like I said, a kid, as a kid, you’re, you’re playing paintball and your stuff and it was always fun shooting at people and whatever until it’s real bullets. And then I remember yeah.

01:31:34:03 –> 01:32:31:22
The first time when you’re like, okay, we’re all sneaking in there. You’re a bunch of swat guys and you’re sneaking in on these dudes doing marijuana and you know they got guns. Yeah. And you know they have guns. You have like, it’s, it’s like, whoa. But I think they should, and I think they should be aggressive as they can be when, when they’re dealing with real bad dudes. But when they’re dealing with the general public at times you’re just like, you know, I’m a basically a good guy. You know? Right. Like, just be cool, be cool. What you’re saying is it’s written all over your face, Jason, is what you’re trying to say? Or am my on my record? Yeah. There is a time. Run it. Check it. I think that’s what it is. Like don’t be a, don’t be a a jack wagon and tell I am to you. You know what I mean? Give me a little, like reflect a little bit if I, if I’m, you know, trying to be a decent dude, be a decent dude. If I did something wrong, gimme a ticket. We should have a podcast talking about what your rights are when you’re pulled over. ’cause you got, you don’t always just have to let harder Whoa. I, I totally agree. Hey, I mean, I’m just saying like, anyway. I bet it’s been well ingrained into me. I’ve got it.

01:32:31:25 –> 01:33:56:10
It’s a little bit in my DNA all everybody. Well, that’s it for the weekend. And we’ve we’ve done enough damage. Yeah. Wait, we’re gonna have to do some damage control possibly. Maybe control, exactly. Yeah. And yeah, we’ll think about it over the weekend. Okay. We’re gonna see you guys on Monday. If you hunt in multiple states or want to expand your hunting portfolio, the Epic outdoor license and application services for you, we have dedicated hunt consultants and a team of application specialists to help you develop and achieve your short, medium, and long-term hunting goals. We do the work, you draw the tags. Epic Outdoors license app 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Handcrafted quality. Precision rifles from start to finish is Red Rock Precision Rifles. Many of our staff use Red Rock rifles and we are excited to announce the new Red Rock, epic Mountain Rifle 2.0. Visit red Rock to learn more. If you are in the market for a hunting property, look no further than St. James. St. James Sporting properties specialize in premier hunting properties throughout the west. Check out available hunting properties at st james sporting Here at Epic Optics, we are a verified dealer for Swarovski Zeiss, Leica Vortex, pulsar, stealth cam and more. Call us today to visit about available optics we have and what would be right for you. Or visit epic Good looking comfortable camo describes KU u.

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