In this episode the entire crew gets together and talks about the draw results that came out for New Mexico and the Arizona Limited Entry tags as well as changes in these states along with Wyoming. We also answer a bunch of “would you rather” questions submitted by listeners on our Instagram.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire Epic outdoors crew. The entire, let’s name ’em. Right? One by one. One by one. All right. Logan, say a aye. How you doing? I’m doing good. Are you dating anybody? I, I’m not dating anybody too soon. Well, just cash introduce yourself. Hello. I’m here today. Why don’t we, why don’t we do a real introduction, A real introduc. I’m Cashua. I’m just teasing. We don’t even call him Cashua. Go ahead. That’s Josh. That’s Joshua. I’m cashew. I’m cash. I’m here. I’m here once in a while. How you doing? You work in the license app department? Yep. Killing it. Yep. Working under w How is it working under W? He’s, man, I never, he’s brutal. I never, it’s brutal. It’s brutal. No, it’s good. Like even words come to mind that we can’t say anymore. That’s true. That’s in this day and age. True. Like, say he harps on me. Slave driver. He harps on me and I try harping back and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. Doesn’t work. Well, because you don’t get any reaction. He doesn’t. It falls on deaf ears. Like he doesn’t He’s emotionless. Yeah. He’s like, go ahead, hit me again. He’s like, yeah, I mean, you can do, do what you want, but I’m just gonna, you can’t do my thing. Right. You can’t.

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Sticks and stones may break my buns, but names will never hurt me. Right. What? Oh, I got nothing to that. So see, it’s the same thing. Same thing. You get nothing and then there’s no reaction. You just go on to the next person. Right? Yep. All right. Well, how do you like working here? That’s awesome. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. I like it. All right, Devin, it’s up. Introduce yourself. I’m Devin officially. Archibald. I’m Devin. Born in probably Brigham City, Utah. Okay. Little why? Why can’t we ever get a straight answer of where you’re born? We have to. We have to go look at your gun. For us to figure it out. We’re just talking about it. There’s an option on the thing that says no idea where I was born originally. You thought, Logan, there is an option. I always thought you had to know. Well, if you’re doctor, well do you know for, you know where you were born? Yes. I know what the, how do you know Documents? Say Nephi, Utah Hospital. There you go. And back. And I was born when they kept good records with pencil and paper. Exactly. With pencil and paper. You just trust what the thing says and hey, whatever. It’s a good point though. There you go. All right. Devin, you deal with our outfitters? Yes sir. Booking hunts left and right. Working tight with Wyatt and the rest of us.

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Adam, I optics consulting optic guns. Yeah. If you have a New Mexico tag, tagger, especially Montana call me Killing it. What? There is some good stuff out there, man. But not to limit you to those states. Those are just the fresh releases is why doing that fresh this week we get Utah. We get a few of those and a few, we had a of draws in Montana Ton that Devin had to deal with a lot. We dealt with them why it’s been dealing with ’em. New Mexico. We’ll, we’ll New Mexico in a bit of emails, but that is a next level subject. Sorry. Why the, yeah, the New Mexico’s is kind of an exciting subject with the exception of why it’s not excited at all. I’m why I didn’t draw New Mexico. Hey, you were great Introduc. Perfect. That’s a great introduction. Wyatt. What you guys will find out more later. Tell us a little more about yourself. Wyatt. I managed the license application side of things here. So Yeah, he does. Great job. And you’re not hunting the land of Enchantment this year? Yeah. Not going to the land of Enchantment this year. Been here for years actually. Isn’t that crazy? Yeah. Time’s flown. Yeah. Handful of years. It’s crazy. It’s awesome. Doing a great job. If you need any help in application, department hunts, whatnot. Wyatt, your man. He didn’t forget anything. It’s impressive. Who’s Josh? Josh Pollock. I’m Josh Pollock. Just do whatever I’m told around here.

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Josh is a man of many hats dealing with optics left and right, all of the epic gear. I could just picture his wife, wife here that do what I’m told around here. Yeah. She’s like, you don’t do that around. Right. That dish isn’t laundry. No. Vacuum and things. There’s a list of things I don’t do. Yeah, but I heard your wife’s next level. She hooks up trailers, camps on her own. Does I mean, she doesn’t need a man. No, she does not. She doesn’t. Oh yeah, she Thus you’re not a man. No. That was made clear in April of 2018. I do not need you, but I’ll have you around. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Heck no. She, yeah, she hooked up a camp trailer, hauled it all the way to lava creeks, whatever. It’s unbelievable. All by herself. Dang. She doesn’t fall out. Do you think she was in tow hall mode or was she just doing whatever she wanted? I don’t know if she probably had the, did the trailer go out the next week? That’s of the floor. I don’t know. Come itched red lining. All right. So Josh, you any, anything more about yourself that you wanna reveal here on the Epic Outdoors podcast? I don’t think so. I have a middle initial, don’t have middle name. What is it? That’s an initial SI like it.

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I got a lot of hate from these guys from that because I just, I intentionally filled out a gun permit form correctly and I was chastised. Yeah, he said the initial right. He said, and that’s your, that’s your name, right? I, what’s wrong? Reviewed. I reviewed his form and it said Ci OSIO. I’m like your middle name. C-E-O-C-E-O. This is not gonna pass. What did you say? Well, it says if your name only has a middle initial for the middle name, then put in parentheses or io quotes io. So that’s what I did the initial. But what happened when Josh’s dad came to the office? Let’s talk about that. He said he had a real name. What was that name? Well, daughter started throwing out Name your mom’s name or something. Name I’ve been throwing out. He’s your father. Well, I know name. You’re gonna do what you’re taking his word for it. Don’t do anything way, just like we Don’t dunno where we were born. If you wanted have send your birth certificate. If they wanted me to have a middle name, they would’ve gave you a middle name instead. But no, Devin, they leave it out there for his dad. Even pause for a half of a second. He spit his middle lane out that well instantly. What is it? His mom’s maiden name. Oh yeah. All right. I can’t remember. Daughter. Like I said, some people don’t know where they’re born.

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Some people don’t know their full name, I guess. So. Josh does a lot with the production side of things. Helps with YouTube, all kinds of social media optics, tripods, applications, consulting. I mean there’s, we wear a lot of hats here at Epic Outdoors. John, that brings us to you. I’m John and I am hunting New Mexico. John Jo. Okay, we should start again. Logan, are you hunting to Mexico? I’m Logan and I’m not hunting. Oh, cash. I’m cash. And I am hunting New Mexico. Devin, second that, see, and you’re hunting New Mexico. What’s your name though? Missed your name again. Again. I am not hunting New Mexico. Okay, Josh. I’m Josh and I am hunting New Mexico. John, I’m John. And I am hunting New Mexico, bro. Said, I’m Adam and I’m hunting New Mexico twice. Couples twice plus a daughter. And I’m Jason and I am hunting New Mexico all through the draw system. We won. I’d say we won. We we killed it. Yeah. It was St. Patrick’s Day all over again two days ago around here. And our clients killed it too. Yeah, we have an awesome draw. Yeah. All right. So John, what else? Oh, I’m John. Hi, John. Don’t, don’t. Isn’t that what they do? Sometimes they call me King. John King. If you’re wondering why, listen to past podcasts. Oh, I keep the ship running and handle everything. Magazine and media and all that. Yeah, you do. Cracking the whip on us. Yep.

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When we need to be Crack the whip on Logan too. Logan John’s main job is telling me what to do. Oh, he needs to do a better job. I’m gonna put your right foot first and then your left after that. Whoa. Oh, cash Cashel crushing Logan. All right. Well good work John. John does a lot of our graphic design. All of it actually. Well, as far as I know, maybe a little help from his brother. Both are a great team. Of course, Logan as well. He us called you and I, I would say we’re designers. Bronson, how many years ago did we used to make this magazine in Excel Spreadsheets. But that was, that was a long time ago. I look at those every once in a while. That was at least 2017. ’cause we started that way. I thought we did a good job. So, and what would happen is John would take the perfect numbers we gave him and interpret ’em in InDesign and bring ’em back to us. And they weren’t perfect. So then he got mad at us and made us become designers. And so we’ve, we can’t call ourselves graphic designers, but we’ve dipped our pinky toe in the graphic design world. Hey, this is right. How’s that? Is there a designer that doesn’t know InDesign within We’re designers. Okay. Well can you modify a picture in InDesign?

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Well, if I want it, I could do anything in this world that I want. That’s John’s job though, right? That’s his job. I just choose not to take out my red eyes or whatever. I choose not to. Well anyway, Bronson, I’m don’t know. I’m Adam. We know Adam. You’ve heard enough from me too. That’s right. I’m Jason. You guys can’t skip like that. What do you wanna know? We’re good. They know. They know. 300. Wanna know where you were born? Monticello, Utah. Logan. Utah. Probably. There you go. Probably we’re the deer. Plentiful. Alright. Right. So I don’t know. I don’t know if, we’ll, that’s not a good segue in but May maybe. Maybe it is. No, that’s all right. So let’s talk about our membership drive. John, Adam, we just threw out this membership drive. It’s unbelievable. Hunts we have in there. Our next level. Well, yeah, they are. And we always usually talk about it in the office. There’s some species at least that are always, we know are popular. Big mule there. You know, obviously Big Elk, you know, then we rotate some doll, sheep, stone, sheep, other, other wild stuff. And we usually consult, you know, Josh Devon Cash, who, John, whoever wants to weigh in on that. And also Devin, who obviously works with some of our outfitters. So we’ve got a big lineup here.

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And I don’t know if we’re, well, I don’t know how deep we’re diving, but, well, just real quick, we got doll, what do we got? We got Doll Sheep, Alaska, moose, muskox, Nevada Deer, Colorado Deer, New Mexico Akima Reservation, Alberta White Tail Antelope in New Mexico. And we’re giving crazy gear package away. Alright, so you can go onto our website. Epic Outdoors, right? John epic And you can enter to win. I mean it’s pretty cool. I’m in charge of, you know, getting all the photos together and doing all the, the publicity on it. And as I’m putting it together, I’m like, muskox, there’s so many cool pictures. I’ve never even like thought about doing Muskox. That’s a Canadian white tail. Pretty awesome. Yeah. That white tail that we light off, off with today is like, geez, it’s next level. Throw a couple droppers on each side that’ll get you killed. We all know that. Droppers get you killed. For sure. So I think that’s the, the overall takeaway from this is so many a lot dream hunts. Yep. Yep. These aren’t fill or hard to sell. These are most of these, a lot of these outfitters, I guess I won’t say more, but a lot of them have a hard time even booking their hunts because they don’t need a lot of help. They have a lot of repeats in some cases, or just by reputation.

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Their hunts are very high demand and booked very far in advance. So some of these, we’ve had to do this for a couple years in advance. So we’ve got eight hunts along with a pair of antelope, like, you know what I mean? So it’s pretty, pretty impressive. Plus a bunch of gear and guns and bows and all that with that gear package all. So it’s all live online now, right John? And Yep. Deadline online. June 24th. We always do this one in June. It’s usually a little after Father’s Day. Sometimes it’s been on Father’s Day, if I remember right. End it. But this year, this year’s gonna be a few days after. Yeah. Okay. And we, you can go online, you can also check out our emag, right? EAG is up and going. May magazine. Yep. June’s gonna be there quick. Not gonna put a day on the calendar yet. ’cause Jason and I are still fine tuning that. Always. Then my feet are always to the fire. If I say day, you know. Well, you know, okay. King John. Oh geez. I mean, when doesn’t he give us a week or two? Like, hey, it’s due in a week, you know, and it’s really due a month or something like that. I don’t know. We like to give him a hard time. He likes stuff early and Adam and I get dragging our feet a little bit. But anyway, pretty awesome.

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Yeah, we got Mule deer on the cover killed in Idaho. We got several of the biggest bucks we know of killed in Idaho. In this particular magazine we cover. Idaho, elk, deer, antelope, Wyoming, deer Antelope, Iowa, Washington, sheep, goat, moose. So it’s pretty, pretty awesome. Pretty packed. We got another one coming out here in a week, week and a half. So might as well just quickly mention whatever deadlines, what’s coming up in the next, should we say week or 10 days? Let’s just rattle ’em off real quick. Utah, next what? 25th. Utah is next. The 25th. Kansas. We got the 26th. Oh yeah. Then we’re gonna go into a few more towards the end of the month. What’s that gonna be? Montana. Montana. The first and Idaho the 30th for moose. Sheep and goat. And Wyoming. And Wyoming for moose, sheep, goat, bison. And we’ll go to that point in the program. Pretty awesome. Don’t want to just rattle ’em off. It’s pretty boring. I could give you all the maze right now. It would be here another 15 minutes. It’s pretty boring. Yeah. Alright, so what are we gonna, what are we gonna talk about? Let’s get, do you wanna throw, go into the would your others for a minute, Josh? Well we should. Let’s, or do we wanna talk about some about Mexico stuff? Talk too. Yes. We’ve got all that on the agenda.

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Well this, this podcast is gonna be, this podcast is gonna be giant. Let’s talk about, let’s talk about Let, so Montana came out. What kind of, it’s exciting. There’s a lot of draws. Our members, we drew a lot. Why Devin? Was it next level or what? It’s been a busy time. It was unbelievable. Especially the general tags obviously. But it gives a place for people to go. What we’ve seen, it was easier this year to get the big game combo. Yes. Than it was last year. It did appear that way. We know for a fact people drew with one point the, the limited draws were tougher. Which last year that was 0%. Yep. So kind of crazy wasn’t 0% for the deer, but it was on the elk or deer. Elk combo. So I don’t know. That’s ’cause more people pushed him back. That drew it and there was that, you know, whatever it’s called. Released new retained, yeah. Whatever. Verbiage. But, but something happened. More people, well people drew multiple, we checked the first time they drew last year. So yeah, there was a lot. And it gives places for people to go. And it’s just an awesome opportunity for everybody. If you want to go hunting, you can. They’re, they’re looking at changing some things up there from mul deer management a bit. They’ve had some meetings and whatnot. Trying to figure out is it healthy to hunt during the road?

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You guys think it’s healthy to hunt during the road with a rifle? No, over the counter with general residents. Nah, over not, not for everyone. They’re starting to realize that. I think some things are looking to change. The other cool thing is you can see what else you’re gonna draw the rest of the year till August 1st. If you don’t want it, if you draw something else there go. You can turn it back for 80% refund. There you go. Alright. And then the exciting thing is New Mexico came out and it was next level. Everybody got green. I mean, except for a couple of you. I mean green was prevalent. Did you Here at this table, Logan? I didn’t. Okay, so you’re not really a No, not I, I’m like a gray fair. I’m like a gray spot. It’s issue six outta the seven at issue. This table true to X. Except for what I’m sitting, I’m sitting close to him. This in fair. I’m sitting too close to him. Why did you apply? You’ve already grown. I did apply. Applied for every species possible. Did you really? What? But if I remember right, I don’t know. I talked to you at one point during the application process you were applying for next level hunts. Only absolute. Did you do points only? Yeah. Points only in a non point state. Totally makes sense. Shouldn’t have done that. What? Yeah. Well what do we get?

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I’m just, we don’t need to get into too specific. Well, don’t mind. Let’s start with Josh. Three. Three deer tags. Josh, what you get? Three deer tags, three elk, a couple ORs. I drew an elk tag. Okay. Maybe the highest desired elk tag in the state. Be odds of one in 800 plus. Who knows. Who knows what they were. But last year what it was, 0.0, point 12%. Put it this way. John, why do you put ’em in those terms? One in 800 sounds so much more. I can wrap my arms around that number. Yeah, it’s just, it’s ridiculous. It’s something you do when you already have a kind of a full schedule. You go and move something to Alaska and all the bow hunts are off limits. Right. Normally somebody would say, you’re living right. Are you, are you living? Right. Oh no. The result, no. So you drew the one, the one non-resident unguided tech. The one true. Yeah. I mean it’s funny, I was just, when I was looking at it, you see those and you’re like, wonder who that guy was? You know, or what a jerk. Sure enough. Yeah. Or like with the limited, Wyatt thinks you’re a jerk. Yeah. Just all the hunt planning going on all the way around, man. Iya got nothing. Wyatts coding working like he’s supposed to be. We get preoccupied. We got, we got Onyx going. Wyatt’s trying to chime in new guns, no setups.

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Yeah. Yeah. First thing Josh comes in, you know, draw tech means I gotta get a new rifle. He’s got a new rifle. We said in here the other day. He is like, man, it’s just something special about killing something with a first rifle. A fresh rifle. Brand new rifle. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He’s held, he’s, he’s followed the 15 minute rule. ’cause if within 14 minutes we would’ve had a gun sold pretty easily. Yeah, it was, thought about it for a minute. Maybe him slip on it overnight. Yeah, no, I don’t know. It’s one of those things, I had a weird gap there that fit. And with New Mexico, you obviously, you get three choices. So I’m a firm believer in just putting something what you would, I dunno, I think why it kind of calls it a shoot for the stars type thing. You know, just put a hunt. That would be a dream type hunt for you, for first choice in case you do get a, the lowest number possible to snag that tag. And that’s what I did not even basically forgot about. Yeah. Elk. When I, when I pulled it up, I literally thought like it was deer. When I saw green, I just immediately thought, oh, I drew one of my deer tags. ’cause I had several deer options that were pretty easy to draw, lot easier to draw. And so that’s what I thought at first.

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And then, and real quickly realize it was I, and I was like, whoa, I did, did something. I hope this is not a shout. Well you can’t draw cow as a non-resident. So you’re, you knew pretty serious ink tags. It could have been a Yeah. Unit two or 53 or something. I, I don’t know. Which had been fine, but, but it’s not, it was one of the best in the state. Did you remember the hunk code right off the bat? Like no, you had to go back. Check. What did I apply for? I won’t, I won’t say what I was doing at the time when I looked them up. Ever tried donut? Well, no, I just acquired those and I was heading this way, but I dunno if you’ve ever tried to drive and look up the New Mexico hunt regulation book download going up the ridge, 82 miles an hour at 61 trying to avoid traffic. Yeah. In the green ladder, whatever. Yeah. You may get a citation in the mail. Yeah. Anyway, it was a little exciting when I saw that code and I just thought, you gotta be kidding me. Because you hear about it and you talk about it and you tell people that’s why you apply. You know, it’s, you’re never that guy. And you were that guy. Kinda like those limited entry hunts in Arizona. Do they really draw winners for those?

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So the new, you’re talking about the hunts that just went Yeah. Last week. Just barely one tag in. So why six different times? We know somebody that drew one well the very first year, but we’re just, it’s nice to it be nice to see a list of names. I don’t know why that’d be that the negative Nancy and Wyatt’s just saying, no, it didn’t happen. It’s just, it’d be nice to hear. In fact, I’ve been waiting to get an email. They don’t do that. I’m, you’re, I’m still waiting. Unsu successful. What happened is, is we called in and they actually called the people. They already did. They called them. So yeah, you didn’t get a call. And they said, everybody responded. Why don’t they just say we will, we will call the winner within 48 hours. And then I know day three I’m out. I didn’t draw. Well, just so you know, just so you know, you’re out. Well, I know now that’s what you call false hope. But who are these people that got the call? Should we, should we out? If you got a call, should call us. We challenge one of ’em to call Epic. So let’s do it. Don’t even have anybody that drew. So these are the special tags. What was there? Six of ’em out or eight out? You’re six elk and deer antelope.

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If you drew one of these special tags that, that basically got divvied out just last week ago, week, not the last three years. Right. And it’s a separate draw. You have to, if you remember, you had to type in your address. Do it two times when you check out with your credit card. 14 different. Remember your customer ID number, not the old customer. I number remember how this, it has to be the accurate one anyway, if you drew one of those and you call in and let us know and you send us proof, okay. It could be a a fac simile really. It could be a picture. I don’t know. We get proof that you in fact drew one. Then let’s give them something. Let’s give them, let’s give them, send them down a trail camera, something. I don’t care who you want camera to Arizona on down to Let’s give them a trail camera and then we’ll buy it back from him. Right. So let’s give them, I don’t know, what do we got a lot of Josh in stock? Some, a vortex item of some sort, or what are we gonna give them? Or are we gonna give ’em epic swag? I don’t care. Give them something. Both. Let’s give ’em some epic swag and some 10 by 42. Vortex something. I don’t care. Diamondbacks a window out. Literally. Or do give Those are, those are sacred.

00:20:43:16 –> 00:21:43:05
Oh, they’re, those are hard to keep in. We have, we have Are they? Yeah, they’re going pretty fast. They’re going fast. We ran out and I don’t care. We could give them a dead gum window mount if they want one. We’ll give ’em a window mount a pair, a diamond back. Just call in. We’ll make it worth your while. Give you some epic swag if you can prove, we just wanna prove that. And we’re gonna have to probably see, you can take a photo or something. But when the tag comes, we’re gonna have to see that those tags are actually issued in the name of somebody. Do we have one of those vortex, those small spotters that are pretty, pretty cool? Do we have a small spotter? Yeah, I think we’ve got a couple. The first guy that calls in, let’s throw ’em. That little small spotter. That’s a significant gift. And then thereafter, while supplies last, we’ll make you deals. Swag. It’ll be worth it. Get some stickers. But we wanna know that this happens, right, Wyatt? Right? Yeah. We, we need to know, okay, so this is gonna go up Friday night. That guy, the first caller is gonna have to be on the dot 8:00 AM Monday morning to get this forecast. And you gotta remember, you’re Arizonans. If it’s an Arizonan, I, I don’t know who it is, but you’re an hour behind us.

00:21:43:17 –> 00:22:54:00
I want to give the guy that drew the 12 a 12 B tag. I want to give him some cash. Even Bronson, me and you and John. I wanna know who that guy is’. Say these guys are lucky enough already. That’s a m kind. That’s a governor tag I my wallet. You got you. Couple hundred bones a piece. Huh? What are they gonna do with that? Spend it. They’re gonna need it for gas burgers. Jacob. That’s Wyatt would say they’re gonna slow roll the pines. Yeah, that was, it’s gonna be a good time starting August 1st. It’s no joke, huh? Yeah. You beat this year’s gov tag holds by 14 days. Pretty crazy. Pretty awesome. We just wanna know who you are. That’s right. Call in the what if scenarios were running rampant last week before that closed on. What if you drew that thing? Yeah, we didn’t get the call I had. And then we called Arizona and they said, Jason, we have called everyone and they accepted and we charged their card. You’re not getting a tag. Well then that means they probably have a receipt for proof. There you go. Prove it. Here you go. Just saying prove it. Well, yeah. Screenshot your credit card deal. Give us access to your credit card statement. If we find out it’s not our accountant, we’ll get with your accountant. All I like it though. I like where we went with that.

00:22:54:04 –> 00:24:06:07
You said something about we need to write down what we’re willing to give ’em window mount. What we said. Well, we, we just, we’re gonna give away a window mount. Okay. Sim somebody wants a window mount. They are next level cash. Vortex v vortex, vortex, spotex spotter. That goes to the first one. The first and only. And that we open it for business on Monday. Hey, if they don’t want the vortex spotter, take the window mount, whatever. Right. Bronson. But, but on those lines, yes. Okay. We done, we’re done on those lines. We talked about being out. Let’s announce what we’re not. Go ahead. No longer out of Josh tripods. We’ll give the background on. They did not last long. Let’s give a tripod to one of these guys. I, I don’t think anybody’s gonna call. I think we’re fine. I think we’re, we could offer, we could offer $500,000 and nobody. Okay. We’re not doing that though. Unless I would offer four, $4,995 dollars if I would do the $5 if you’d come up the rest, so, okay. No, no, no deal. But let’s give away a tripod too. An epic tripod. We got plenty in stock. Go ahead Josh. Yeah. Our tripods are back in stock. You know, we came out with them just before kind of the hunting shows. This last, this last year went to Dallas Sheep Show and Salt Lake. They did not survive once guys put their hands on ’em.

00:24:06:21 –> 00:25:10:01
They loved them too much. And everybody went home with one to the fact that we had a wait list. And we just got a bunch of those in yesterday that we’ve dealt day before yesterday and had to work through our waiting list of guys that had prepaid and had ’em. So we put ’em, put ’em in the mail and now we have a bunch sitting on the shelf. The tripod and head are under just under four pounds. We’re in the threes high threes pretty next level. That’d be for the ultra. That’s the larger one for the ultra. That’s the one I would recommend for most guys all around. It’s kind of an all around tripod. So when we all have, it’s big, but it’s not big. It, it’ll be tall enough for six foot five, man or woman to glass from six foot five. Oh boy. But that’s, if you bend your knees and Yeah, it folds down to 18 inches in length. It’s yeah, just under four pounds. So it’s a pretty awesome tripod. Probably one that I would recommend to most guys first. And then we have our light tripod just under three pounds. And that’s, but those are both of those with a head. There is a little different head on the light. It’s got a smaller head obviously, but they’re both rated for like 11 pounds. Oh yeah.

00:25:10:01 –> 00:26:10:11
It, I, I’ve put A-A-B-T-X on the light just to see, and it’ll hold it. It’s just when you get that much weight that high, any little bit of wind or things like that, it’s affected. So it’s made for smaller glass, it’s gonna be sitting, those kind of things as far as it could go tall enough for some guys to stand, but it’s just backpack and type. It’s really lightweight and small. So anytime you do that little bit of wind movement, anything’s gonna affect it. So yeah, if you’re looking for something that’s a true backpacking style or gonna be in your pack for several days, something like that, you’d probably want to do go with the backpacking one or if not the, the light or the ultra. Okay, well first come, first serve, we’ve got ’em in stock and we’ll send ’em out. We’re sending ’em out every day by the dozens. And I don’t know, we’re gonna have to order more here shortly. I don’t know how we blew through the New Mexico draws and we didn’t get around to orex. We didn’t get around to deer. Yeah, exactly. There’s a plenty of talks to, I mean we all of a sudden diverted to Arizona, which is important. Yeah. Gotta rein it back in. Yeah. ’cause no, none of us do that. So who cares? We’re like hamming over in the hedge right now. We just ricocheting all over the place.

00:26:10:14 –> 00:27:20:29
Oh, we are got a couple other elk tags that were drawn. I like it. Yeah. John. John, we don’t have to draw John and cash. Let, let’s, let’s stay really high level here. You using using guns or bows? I’m using a bow, but cash. I’m using a bow also. Awesome. And, and no slouch tags. Great tags. Yeah. It’s pretty, pretty awesome. You guys are, you guys are gonna have an incredible o opportunity. You, you both have. John, did you get the early archery or second? Early. Early. Yeah, I was the second. You got the second archery. It’s awesome. Good, good work. It wasn’t choice, but I got that one. Hard to get ’em. It’s hard to even get a landowner tag nowadays. It’s hard to buy your way into some of this stuff. So when you draw something like this, man, it was a pretty awesome day, wasn’t it? Wyatt? Is that a joke? Well, I mean it’s a little drive. Sorry. So curious though. Cash. Yeah. What, what choice was it on yours? Mine was a third choice, but I was in the guide pool, so I, I can’t remember the exact numbers. It was one of like eight tags I think. Okay. For non-residents, if I remember right. Alright. A little easier. Somewhere around there. Which choice was yours John? Just curious. I can’t remember exactly. I think it was the second choice. My second. One second. That’s good.

00:27:21:06 –> 00:28:29:21
Josh, why are we going there? You, because you drew your first choice. Well, no, it just, I think we’ve heard question skepticism about, well go ahead. Ever drawing? Yeah, just the process of how you do it and an easier draw tag. I’m just, it’s just one of those things that I think a lot of guys, I don’t know if you want to draw a tag, then you put some sort of a, an easy choice, whatever. But I, I would, I would always recommend that you do something really good for your first choice because you can draw any of the three. You were proving it here, right? Yep. Unlike you, Josh and, and me, six, seven, whatever years ago I drew a first choice, choice early rifle like you, that that year, the first year unit opened and I, I drew it, but then like this year I drew a third choice deer. That was, it’s just a, it’s to have a tag in my pocket. I, I felt left out after all you all bought Arizona over the counter tags without me. And so I needed something. Bronson, you weren’t available. Okay, well whatever Our voice would just give us your data, whatever the circumstances. Give us your stat. I’m the only one not going to the Grand Canyon State. You’re we’re not going either boss. It’s just something outta our pocket. Oh. So I just, why might end up going He’s got time.

00:28:29:21 –> 00:29:33:06
Yeah, but I don’t know about us. All right. Well, but, so anyway, so yeah, but you’re right. You might as well rank ’em to some extent. Sometimes people put three really good archery elk tags, you know, like I kind of did this year. It was like I want a good archery elk tag or nothing. I didn’t get, get what I got. But yeah, if you’re gonna put an easier to draw a unit down that’s, you know, 10 or 20 or 50 times easier to draw. Don’t put that as your first choice because you might as well let the draw work, see what your number is. And in your case, Josh, you had a number that probably may have drawn any elk tag in the state. You know, I mean it’s that type of thing when you drew the only tag in your pool. But, but yeah, then gradually work down. If you have something you’re willing to accept and you’re never, you’re never incurring the waiting period there except for, you know, she and stuff. But, but you draw a tag this year, you’re never burning points. You’re not incurring the waiting period. If it doesn’t turn out the way you like it or you don’t even go. Yeah, okay. No harm, no foul. Not the, not the end of the world. That’s the way I feel like I drew a third choice. Devin, what choice was yours? Do you remember? Third, third, third.

00:29:33:12 –> 00:30:35:10
Same type deal. It’s something. Yeah, exactly. That’s what it is. How about orex Bronson? Yeah, that was good grief. You applied dual application with your daughter. Yeah, and I don’t, I I, I’ve applied, I’m just gonna lay this out there. There are people haters are gonna hate, but we’re gonna say it. I applied for Orx for three times in my life the last two years with Jason. I know, dude, I do a bad luck and, well you usually can’t draw 50% draw tags, but then on like one in a hundred, one of 200, one in 800, I know you draw ’em. So this year my daughter’s always wanted nor X. And you know, when I had, you know, more kids, I was applying at the time, my boy, I’m not applying for a couple years right now. So she said, Hey, I want, I want, she’s always one of those. So I said, Hey, I’ll put in with you this year, this year when we’re going to apply. So I put in with her, told Jason the next morning, Hey, I, I applied with my daughter. Yeah, you’re gonna do your own thing. Don’t wait for me. And I did. And you did. And so I looked her up first and I saw green and I hope, I was hoping it was an elk tag. ’cause that’s a long, long storied saga about me not ever getting her an elk tag.

00:30:35:22 –> 00:31:48:28
But it wasn’t, it was an orex. And so I immediately, like a good dad figured, well I immediately figured hit her up. I’ve got her look mine because if she’s green, mine better be green too than it was. Yeah. We drew our first choice. That’s crazy. You know, down on Rhodes Canyon. So that’ll be really, really fun. Fun time with her next winter and unique opportunity. And it saves me a long flight to the dark continent. So, geez. Okay. Speaking, speaking of this daughter of yours. Oh, she told me she did one of these. She did a would she did a would you rather? She said she sent one in. I don’t want to hilarious deter because we can go back to it, but I just feel like this is a good moment for it. Oh, I think we’re ready for it. Hey, and I just feel like there’s a more to this question that I think there’s a lot of more questions this question brings up. Just gonna, I’m just, I would be a great family. Matters are private matters. We’ve got, we’ve got some counseling. Logan’s dad’s a counselor. I’ll hook you guys up. Friends and family discount pay for my Christmas. I think family discussions and items are, are taboo. I don’t know if they’re fair game here, Paul. We had a, so we did a would you rather question on Instagram? Had a bunch of stuff come back. We appreciate everybody doing.

00:31:48:28 –> 00:32:54:24
We got some awesome stuff and then we got some stuff that came from a Halle Bronson on Instagram. Oh, her question was, I’m, anyway, I’ll just go ahead and read it. Better walk to work in heels or drive to work in reverse. Wow. Wow. She really, wow. Wow. I I I could crush it in reverse. That’s where I’m going. I could do it. I’d probably get pulled over for doing it, but I ain’t gonna be seen in hills. So what would, I just didn’t get trouble either way. I just didn’t know if she, her confidence in her father to do either of these tasks was high and would be a tough question. I don’t know for him to answer. She’s just, she’s just being funny. You’ve been if worn my heels before. Awesome. Well, I mean these I questions that people are gonna have, have, these are pure hypothetical random questions. There was those pants we talked about never hills, how there was an era, the ones where we could read the year of the quarter in his pocket. Yeah, but there was no hills. I don’t think so. Halle. That was not, that never happened. So, okay. Halle DM us the picture of your father. Assume she also there was too, she asked ought to give her a gift if she, if we get that picture. That’s true.

00:32:55:27 –> 00:34:07:21
There was another one she asked too that was kind of went on to it said, would you rather give up showering or give up hunting? Oh geez, you can. How is this shower thing a common subject at the Bronson household? No, these are just random questions. No, they’re not giving up hunting. So yeah, that one’s not hard. She’s a, she’s a grown adult now. Bronson, I, I mean cave. She might have some things. Cave Marion, native Americans, they didn’t shower raised in the Bro Bronson household. They hunted for a living. Caveman, native Americans, Anasazi, they didn’t need to shower. I mean they might have jumped under a waterfall and a creek somewhere in Colorado. But I mean, geez, they hunted their whole life. They had to. So that’s so what’s your answer? I’m hunting for life. I will not, not shower anymore. Sorry Holly. It’s gonna get a little smellier around there. There’s still the bay adoption. So what is this? You gotta know where this person came. I mean there’s wet wipes and stuff. You know, you guys talked about shower? No, I didn’t know anything about this till last night. She’s, is there hygiene questionable or does she think your hygiene’s questionable neither. But I’m gonna have a talk tonight. I dunno about why this all, she’s gonna be grounded. Take her vehicle away. These are, these are just, oh wait, she had a vehicle incident. You could get back at her right now.

00:34:07:21 –> 00:35:14:03
These are just pure, would you rather questions just like random two things you draw independently and put ’em together and ask a question. They are not related. Holly, I have a question for you. When your vehicle’s gonna get fixed? Are you walking in high heels or what are you driving in reverse? That’s right. So we can get back at her. Bronson, she’s not here to defend herself. Nope. She was in a, a small fender bender in an amazing Bronson vehicle. Her fault. Fault stopped at a red light and got crushed. Not her fault. Fault. But it’s hard on a dad either way. No, it doesn’t make me happy. All right, so where, go ahead Josh. Might as well dive into a few more. Really. We’re done with them. Well are we done? Well we’re done in New Mexico. We’ve got plenty more to go. I guess we could mention we did have Colorado results come out for sheep and goat. I made some pretty exciting phone calls this week was next level. That was pretty exciting. Why? Why don’t you bring up a few of those draws? So had a really good client draw sheep tag with very few points and that was pretty, pretty awesome actually. A, a rammy needed for a slam. So that’s awesome. Yeah, we had multiple guys call in.

00:35:14:24 –> 00:36:25:15
It’s pretty, it’s it’s heartwarming but it’s kind of a a, a slight dagger too at times as you check off the non-resident drew in this unit. Kay. That was my unit. Non-resident drew in this unit. Kay. That was that one. And they just start getting checked off by our own clients. It’s awesome. Yeah, we had a number of goat tags. We had a number of sheep tags call in. Just incredible. How about that client where we had same young man draw a mountain goat listed license application guy client drew a mountain goat tag in Colorado and a once in lifetime orx tag in New Mexico back to back days. Yeah. That’s pretty cool. Good people too. Yeah, really good people. Sometimes luck finds you one of those reasons to have your name in the hat. Yeah. Yeah. You gotta have your name in the hat. Logan. I’m writing down. You gotta have your name in the hat. I’ve doing better. You’re not gonna get red and you’re not gonna get green unless your name’s in the hat. I’ve been doing better. I got my name in the hat far more times this year. Yeah, you’re good. We’re proud of you. It’s awesome. All right. So Wyatt, you, you crushed it. You’re right. Colorado came and went and we got, but we do have more Colorado coming. Yes. The end of next month. So, so pretty, pretty awesome. Bronson.

00:36:25:17 –> 00:37:45:12
I think we should talk about why we’re on the state section. Let’s talk about the Wyoming sheep and moose and the reality, the stark reality there real quick just for people who care about it. And then we’ll jump into Josh and the would you rathers? Okay, well we, we know call or Wyoming moved their application period for moose sheep and go till the end of April. They moved it mid-April last year, late the 30th this year primarily. So you can let all the, you know, commission meetings happen, see the proposed permit numbers for for all species, you know, even deer and antelope included, elk included. Which you can, you know, tweak if you want. And I’ll use that word as it’s intended. Not how you guys, you know, think about it, use Gen Zs. But anyway. Okay. Well anyway, so Logan, do you know what they had? Adams getting that? I do. Yeah. Yeah. See didn’t need to even pause. There you go. So a couple days ago they had their commission meeting where they ratified their permit numbers and they did change a few things from what was proposed. You know, added an extra day to the g and h deer hunt. It’s 11 days instead of 10. One of the things, ’cause on their initial proposed permit recommendations, they did not have a random moose or bighorn sheep for non-residents going to be issued this year. But the formulas just didn’t allow for it.

00:37:45:12 –> 00:38:57:16
Yeah, it didn’t allow, they also have already run the super tag drawings up there and if those are drawn by non-residents, they, they take ’em out of the quota that can overall statewide overall state quota. Yeah, the 10% can get disseminated in the regular drawings. So that took a couple out. But what it did do, they shifted, shifted one extra tag from one moose unit and put it in unit 25. So took it out of 5 25 unit. Yeah unit 25 is gonna have the only unit in the state that’s gonna have a random moose tag. And that’s, that’s good that there is one but it is also a unit with fairly dominant amount of private land. It’s not like maybe 26 or something that has a lot of public land for self-guided hunters. But there is a tag, unlike for bighorn sheep, there’s not gonna be one, there is not gonna be a random tag this year. So apply accordingly if you’ve already applied, I’m sorry if you’re thinking about applying and you have mid to no points, I would frankly not do it. And if you are even considering doing a point, just do that in the summer. But lots, lots still probably to, they could change their points. This puts a lot of people in a quandary of I’ve got 15, 18, 20 points. Like, doesn’t matter. Well if they keep the same system it doesn’t matter.

00:38:57:20 –> 00:40:03:27
No, but if, if they change, which I mean it’s 150 bucks a point. So it’s not, not just a light question, but if you do have say 22 or less whatever, 21 less whatever you wanna draw the line points this year, you, you’re not gonna have enough to draw a max point tag anywhere. You probably, in all honesty, if you have less than 24, you’re probably not. But what’s crazy about it’s they give out the preference points tags before the random draw tags and so you know, you’d have to have four non-resident tags to get one random tag. Yeah. That’s what we’re dealing with. The 75 25 split And every unit either has one, two or three non-resident draw tags being proposed this year. So they will all go to the preference point tag preference point holders, that’s what we’re talking about. Where moose there, there’s one unit and that is unit 24, 25, 25. They’re just gonna have four tags. Three go to the max one, one random. So apply accordingly, modify accordingly. Yeah, you can modify, so go in every, everybody that has under 20 for, for moose, if you’ve already given them your money, you might as well switch to 25. ’cause you’re not, I mean you’re basically lend them your money and switch to 25 or not whatever, but if you wanna draw, if you want a chance to draw, you should do that for sheep.

00:40:04:09 –> 00:41:12:10
If you’ve got under, under 20, if you’ve already paid and applied, you’re, you’re just cooked short on luck. Yeah. So anyway, that’s, that’s kind of a, an important thing. A lot of guys will keep gaining points in hopes that maybe down the road they’ll, you know, adjust the point system maybe the way they’re distributing tags, give out a random tag or two or more and maybe guys will actually be, have a name in the hat so to speak. So a lot of, a lot of crazy things going on out there, you know, you know, I guess the states are just answering to the resident call of, of limiting non-resident participation. You know, some somewhat without regard to, to budgets and different things or, or or whatever. Or or with regard maybe they just don’t care. But anyway, we’re doing that in a lot of different states, not just Wyoming necessarily. So that we covered that and we’re gonna be adjusting our own applications also. They, you know, of course Bronson, you know and have talked about, they, they went through a lot of the different quotas and so there’s things that, yeah, there’s some antelope changes on there. They will put their final re regulations online.

00:41:12:18 –> 00:42:23:27
I, I haven’t looked this morning, they weren’t on there yesterday, but it, yeah, any day in the next week before the 31st they’ll be on there definitely to be able to guide you on your elk and or deer and antelope selections to see what got past, they didn’t tweak a lot on the, on the deer and antelope. They really didn’t. There’s a few things did change a couple things on elk that might be interesting for somebody to hear about. Some mostly quotas and one new entirely, but still most people haven’t even applied for Deere in antelope yet. So it’s all cool. No big deal. The elk, you, you’ve already had to have been been in by January 31st and you have till May 8th to modify. So do it if you want. If you don’t, no big deal. Just throwing it out there. Kind of interesting to watch these things happen. Let’s talk, let’s do some, would you rathers Josh, you got a few more? Yeah, there are some that are actually fairly pertinent for I guess guys that are, there’s some kind of directly Let’s do the ones that are directly related to you. Me, yeah. That I don’t see any. So yeah, that’s the way I figured it out some. Boy that’s why I never did receive my name. My name was not used in any of these. So how about Hans Red Bush? Nope. Nope. There was no, no Viking vernacular.

00:42:24:18 –> 00:43:23:17
Okay, so, but there are some that were oh boy, related to Utah draw where it’s coming to the end of the line and you’ve maybe already applied and want to amend before this. Oh this is good. I like these, these Bronson likes the amend process. I think you amend just to amend. No, well no I usually have a method but, but sometimes if I’m sitting down and applying, you know, a family of five or something for Nevada or Utah, I love just getting everything in there and not have to have one or two lingering knowing that I can change it. What I like about Nevada and Utah both I guess is you don’t have to pay to change. Extra Utah changed that a couple years ago and it’s been nice. You can just, but I hate having to go find the confirmation number with Utah. Yeah, it’s kinda, you know what I mean? But, but you can go in as if you’re applying and grab that in the previously submitted app section down at the bottom. But I still hate it. It’s nice if you get a surprise of some kind in another state in New Mexico or something, you’re like, oh that’s not gonna work with this hunt or whatever. And you can move things around a little. It’s definitely not a couple of you guys are, you know, probably be. Amen.

00:43:23:18 –> 00:44:32:22
Many of you guys have archery elk tags or Josh, you and or or these earlier deer tags. My orx doesn’t really have anything that overlaps, but yes, those all, you probably don’t want another late September archery elk tag is yours overlap New year, when is, I forgot it yours around in close around. It’s in later January. Yeah. So, all right, all, so here we go. Here’s one of ’em. This one came from round. We reserve the right to remain silent on what? On any of these questions? Yeah, you Oh, okay. Just fine. You’re pretty, you’re pretty pointed when you’re trying to, as long as Josh, he just has this smirk about him. They’ve been laughing for two days about my, you’re talking to me about hygiene hills and lots of that and what’s the rest of the story? Kinda like Paul Harvey would dig into, but I, I’m not, I don’t, there’s no rest of the story. I’m just interested. I don’t know. Usually when a Bronson brings stuff up, it’s been a family topic for a year. No. Or two? No, it’s usually just something we watched on Nacho Libre probably. Alright, so no, as long as we get an answer from Wyatt out of all these, that’s all that matters. Let’s go to wt. Straight to wt. So this one’s from Brandon Hanson 86. He says, I’m guessing this is a personal question to him, so it’d be good to answer Henry’s muzzy or rifle.

00:44:34:09 –> 00:45:46:28
No brainer. I can answer that in about point. No brainer. How many milliseconds could you answer that? You don’t even have to think about it. Henry’s moz, boom. Yeah, everything’s dead by the rifle. One, two, whatever. Lots and I, I would even do that. It’s even now, even now with, and I said this back in 20 13, 14, 15 when you had to use open sites or wind powers. I still would go muzzle loader then even, even by taking the scopes off now you just get to hunt sooner. You get to hunt more of the bucks that are still alive and pre scouted the ones that archer take. Very stackable glass. Yeah. Killable. Yeah. I mean why you’re in one stock on your buck. Yeah. Got lucky. Yeah, I don’t And you did, but at the same time it’s very Glassful stock. Oh yeah. It’s Hable country. Yeah. All right, cool. That’s done. Chad, there’s another one that’s somewhat related to that one as well. Limited entry. Deer San Juan Muzzy or Oak Creek Premium. I dunno how you wouldn’t take a premium well on every season. What? I mean it’s hard. I I, okay, I mean I I is that your final answer? I probably would. I, I mean I love up with the boats. Last year Oaks was a little off, but it cycles a little, but there is pressure out and teams and anyway, depends on how you are wan buzz I’m taking every day.

00:45:47:01 –> 00:47:00:10
You the, the caveat there, there is how, how secure is that gentleman’s marriage because a, a premium multi-season tag could probably finish something off his, his handle was hunting. Hunting on the brain. So I don’t hunting on the brain. Well, I, I don’t need, he may not even know it is. I’m just sick. No, if he was, he’s probably married. You give yourself 28 days with the bow, nine days with the muzz loader and then a rifle hunt kicks off. I mean it’s, I’m just, we’re all, we all been there, done that. And you haven’t even left the same unit. It’s like having a super tag in Idaho. Any open season, you’re never done. Yeah. So just kill one to end. I would probably take that though. End the pain and suffering. Not take it just to have multiple seasons. Why? What would you take? I think I’d go with the Oak Creek Premium. Ooh, I like it. Devin, same. Same. Yeah, I would too. All right. I’m three Weapons is better than one. I’ll take the one San Juan muzzle that’s left. Okay. All right. Got it. Josh. Like these. They’re simple. They are. How about a Boulder Kitz dedicated, which is probably the best deer unit in the state currently. Or PON does not beat the bajo. What? What? You does not beat the bajo. Time out. What are you trying to sway here? Let just read, let me just say this again.

00:47:00:20 –> 00:48:13:18
The Boulder capar dedicated, this is, this is how, this is how the racks work. And this is how all the DWR works. Subliminal messages or if not force fed. Well, yeah, because Josh just force fed the world what his agenda is. So the Boulder capar, what’s dedicated that, which means that allows you to hunt, muzzle loader, archery, or rifle on the entire unit if you’re choosing of there or gon archery. Wyatt’s Gold is boulder. I guarantee you that gon archery. Come on. Pons. Archery every day are easy. He loves the he loves po. Well, I’d do that too. Well, what you what? Tell us why we’re talking about that, Bronson. Yeah. Why? Whoever wants to talk. What don’t you like about the pons archery? What I don’t like about it is, is unlike an old creek or Henry’s the bit of glass scout of ton, ton of bucks. Glass bed Spot S stock. Okay. It’s not as good as that unit for that. It’s more a slow roll The wat the pies. That’s right. Slow Roll the pies or shorter Get out. Make your play outta your side by side or, but it’s so fun. Slow roll the pies to the ponds. Don’t No, I don’t. You even said like, it’s one of the fun. It’s one of the fun ones. Not as good as the other though. Lots of bucks on the unit. Yeah, it is. And it’s got good.

00:48:13:21 –> 00:49:37:10
And I do think this year’s gonna be amazing. I think it’s gonna be amazing. There’s gonna be two 20 bucks alive. Well, and I think in a lot of other units in two. And you’re not a single unit. Can you really say that about Boulder? No, that’s a general bull. Who, who’s asking this? This is not even, that’s not even a fair one. Alexco Millward. But with 30, Alex. 30, but with 30 bucks per hundred dollars that there’s gotta be some giants. Okay. If he’s looking at what’s on paper, we’re just telling the paper’s wrong. I’m saying this in jest. I’m just making sure everybody’s picking up on my sarcasm. Okay. Alright. I’m smelling something. This one. This one’s a good one. This one’s, I still think the above is next level. Go ahead Josh. Go ahead. After the manti, Brendan, Brendan, BJ says, this one’s directed to a personal a person here. So is he being nice or mean or facetious? What’s he doing? Would John Wayne in parentheses, Wyatt. I like it. White Earth, John Wayne. It’s really, it’s really Wyatt Earth. That’s true. Would you rather face a brown bear with your new 10 millimeter or do late archery Dutton elk? That is a good one. I do need a brown bear. Good boy. You needed a Utah elk tank too. And Wyatt. And Wyatt, he, he followed an archer with no firearm backup on a grizzly and predator called. Yeah.

00:49:37:20 –> 00:50:52:23
So I don’t think he fears bears. It worked out for us. What would you say? Why, let’s say a final answer. I, I’d like to have an elk tag in my pocket, but I don’t know that Dutton late is You hate it. That’s high on my, you lost it. My radar. Yeah. Well, I like to be warm. Yeah. What I really like is, I like the way that podcast membership know, knows the past conversations and knows what it’s aversion. Just stay aversion certain things or any of us. I but it is, it is a, it is a good opportunity for the tough guys, right? Well, it is a good opportunity. There’s gotta be some many for Jason, only Paul. So you’d rather gun down a bear. Well, you haven’t even shot that thing yet. Remember? I mean, if it’s not on your leg, yeah, you better, we gave each other consent. If there’s a bear touching us any way, shape or form you shoot. I don’t know if I hit beat this. If you hit in the leg, you hit me. It’s okay. Why? If he dies, he dies. Exactly. But don’t let me die in the jaws of Of Earth’s ous. Yeah. It’s a bullet. It’s a bullet. At least you’re giving yourself a chance. As in the Rocky movie, Paul. That’s better than teeth dies. He dies. That was a good one. Keep him coming. Paul. I think this one’s probably directed at Jason.

00:50:53:01 –> 00:52:23:07
Why you guys? I don’t want to answer it. Wade ick. Two 12 says pretty much said his name right there. Geez. There’s a two 12 Colorado unit. 18. 13. Probably killed a 212. That guy’s for real right there. Colorado Unit 18, third season. Or I took the meat wagon. Anything else? I took the meat wagon. I thought the kids were gonna kill stuff. Unit one. Then all of a sudden they became trophy hunters. All right, go ahead. Unit 1 71. 1 73. Nevada Archery. Oh, I’d go to 18 every day of the week. I ain’t going to the Arc dome. I’m not those. Have you seen how wet Nevada been this year? Archery. Archery. Jason? Yeah, you, you gotta go first. IG go first. Okay. Okay. Guarantee you there’s a giant in 17. I guarantee it. Well why then? Why, why not go, go. I don’t need one that bad. That’s stuff’s the next level. But you could probably kill the one around the base. Who knows? You don’t have to go to the top. But it is no joke. There’s guys that glass at the base and they’re looking four miles straight up. Tell me I’m wrong. Well, that’s a good one. There’s, there’s one I feel like for Adam. This is from a CJs, and he asks what New Mexico five B or Wyoming 1 28. Well, that’s ironic. Yeah. Interesting. What five B though? When did he send that? That was just here. This when? Yesterday. Yeah.

00:52:23:07 –> 00:53:36:06
Okay. Does that make sense? I think he, me, he has one of those tags right now. I’m not mistaken. Well, I’ve never hunted five B and I’ve hunted 1 28 a couple of times. Once for me, one 20 eight’s like the Garden of Eden or whatever. Yeah, you’re gonna see a lot of deer. I hunted a game game in general myself. Yeah. Six or seven years ago for me last year with my brother. And you see it is like Mutual of Omaha. Wild kingdom. There is stuff everywhere. You’ve got deer, you’ve got elk, you’ve got antelope, you’ve got sheep, you’ve got grizzly grizzles, you’ve got moose, you’ve got everything. It really about Aaron and the grizzly story next level. Hey, that’s what spurred on the 10 millimeter movement. I know that incident on 1 28. I know it was a early, it’s, he went up there, sit on a four wheeler. Oh yeah. When the guy drove up to him and he says, you might wanna get in the truck. And Aaron’s like, what do you mean? Are you gonna kidnap me? He gets in the truck. Aaron turns dollars to Grizzly walking. Right, right behind him. Didn’t he walk between the four wheeler and the truck while they were in the truck? Yeah. Geez. So anyway, that’s a digression. But I, I think probably the potential to shoot a real big deer feels a little better in five B to me.

00:53:36:14 –> 00:54:42:12
You’re not gonna see near the number of animals probably at all. No. The dates, if they were obviously a week or 10 days later in five B, like the youth hunt is even, or two weeks, whatever that is. It seems to be quite a bit different by then. So just, just like two B, two B ending in early, early November versus the late November. Youth hunt is dramatically different. You hunted it and you see hundreds of deer. Yes. And maybe evens. Oh, bucks. Yeah. Oh yeah. I don’t know. Hundreds. Hundreds of buck probably over the course of what you see. And you, you you have yet to see a 200. No, I haven’t. So that’s, I mean, not that two hundred’s giant, but, but anyway, so I I just kind of feels like it’s, it, it’s got a limit a little bit to the, we talk, when people call in and talk about unit X or unit Y with this a lot, you sometimes gotta get to know the person. Some people need seeing a lot of deer and bucks and passing to keep themself even motivated or going or what, or keeping themself from not just getting the truck and driving home. People like to see deer. Some people don Yeah, some people are okay. Hunting a little bit lower densities of deer and, but for the potential and knowing of the potential there.

00:54:42:14 –> 00:55:48:05
And I’m, I’m more in that category, so I’d probably lean that way just based on where five B’s at. I think if you’re gonna have there, there’s been, I mean I can name, we can name multiple 200 to two 15 type bucks. Yeah. In the last five or 10 years killed off that unit. And that really you max out, but depend on the year you go there and you’re just like, and, and it, it could be a total disappointment. The only thing I, yeah, Wyoming, it’s hard to have a bad experience. Yeah. And the one thing I will say, yeah, you do get a 20 days in November there and you got five days in New Mexico. It is over fast. And so, and the winter kill wasn’t significant in 1 28 necessarily. So. No. So anybody that’s saying, well, yeah, they’re all dead. No, they’re not there. They’re not dead there. Short answer, I’d probably pick five B for the upside. Even though for probably 80% of people, they’re gonna enjoy a one 20 hunt, 80 hunt better. Oh yeah. Yeah. All right. All right. This one, everyone has to take a shot at. This one comes from Matt Red. He said, would you rather forget one sock for a hunt or one glove? Late season high country people there. Oh, uncle. Going, I’m dead. I’m dead. Either way. I know I’ll die. I would, I can put your hands in your pocket. No glove.

00:55:48:05 –> 00:57:05:22
That’s Yeah, you’d lose a glove. You gotta have socks. I, I would take, I need the socks. I was thinking I would go home if I didn’t have socks. You gotta have socks. You gotta have socks. I’d, I’d make them outta my T-shirt. Whatever it takes. Yeah. Yeah. That’s bad. Wyatt. I would definitely be a glove. Giving up a glove. Giving up a glove, cash glove. I mean, that’s no question what comes up with that kind of a questions? Interesting. You must be trying to save weight. Well, Jason’s idea, my daughter question doesn’t mean that anything pocket, but these people lay awake at night thinking about this stuff. Keep keep them coming Paul. We’re not gonna get these done probably. We’ll have to do another part two. But that’s alright. Look at, look at, look at Paul. He’s just perusing. He gleaning skipped me that list. Why is he the reader guy? Give me the job. I’m question guy. I’m gonna log into our account. I was designated as that. I’m gonna log on our account. Is he leaving any out that are directed at him? Logan, there is not a single one directed at me. Who put him in charge of this Here. I got, I was, I was put in charge of this. I got one for poll. So I heard, this is a question that was raised on my Instagram. Would you rather av VAAs caldera early, early raffle or a pengu muzzle?

00:57:06:08 –> 00:58:28:09
Well, that’s a late, I mean, that’s not even a what? Flip a coin. I don’t know. I’ve never been to the, well do Youas Caldera. I may go there someday. I’ve been on the Penit. I would love a tag there. I you picked out. It’s 12 days in the route. He, I don’t know. He’s stumped. Teddy gets to sleep in his own cabin. He’s stumped. True. Yeah. Josh, where do you live again? Currently in Peni. Pretty easy to, I heard the dams a little weak up there. You’ve got your food storage above water level. Yeah. I’ll probably take the pengu tag first ’cause I’ve been there and know it. But maybe someday I’ll make it to the, and I’ll have a different opinion. I don’t know. Okay. Well, there you go. There’s your answer. Muley ISS 49. Okay, go ahead. Does that mean he’s killed 49 in his lifetime? I have no idea what it means. Show 33. I didn’t name him. I didn’t name him Bronson. Oh, all. Go ahead. Hey, come up with another Quin real quick. Okay. This is getting old right here. Let’s see. Just let him start answering a few Would Jason? Yeah. Here we go. There we go. Rather shoot a 180 inch, three point or a Himalayan snow cock. Oh, snow cock every day of the week. Want snow cock? I totally want one of those. I don’t need 180 inch three.

00:58:28:12 –> 00:59:34:01
Why don’t you make it happen this year? I take your kids over there and I now crush one or I, how many can shoot? I, there is a buddy of mine in New Mexico. He’s like, his goal’s like a book three point. Well that would be cool, but that’s a 1 9 9 net. That’d, that’s the next level. Be really cool. Take one of those. Yeah. Hundred. But is Himalayan snow cock? Dude, we’re in, we’re doing this. Huh? Are are you you gonna archery deer hunt every day of the week? Well go do it. Don’t just talk about it. Hey, you’re gonna, I’ve got a full schedule. You can’t fit one bird. I can’t can’t one bird into your schedule. They’re, they, they are a bird. But you’re dang lucky to get one. It’s gonna take you weeks if not a month. Go do it. Backpack up. What? My luck is, I’d wound one. I’d wing one. I wouldn’t even be able to collect it. I wouldn’t even get a gripping grin. Huh? Let’s say you killed a Himalayan snow cau, would you eat it because you’re kind of ruining, you wanna like, don’t you wanna take care? Probably. Yeah. Well, there probably, I don’t know what, what’s the want waste language on it?

00:59:34:01 –> 01:00:37:28
Himalayan snow cau probably eat the edible parks like everything else except for, but you wanna mount it like you wanna freeze dry that thing you like, you, you don’t mount it with the press in it. I mean, well, I mean, so I’ve never, I’ve never skinned one out so I could mount it. How is that gonna work? Josh? Is a Turkey, Turkey or bird? I don’t know. You’re a taxidermist. Yeah. If you waste the Turkey, do you, you, how do you, you’re in for it. But what about a Himalayan snow? If you wanna preserve it for mount, how do you, how do you extract the edible portions of meat from a snow caulk and still hand it to taxidermist to let you do it? It’s a good question. What if you eat the legs? You wanna have the original leg? I, I am not a bird. Taxidermist A and B, they need to go in the freezer until they make it to the taxidermist. Even with the breast in there? Yes. Wow. They need to go in the freezer. And then you cross state lines. We want waste wildlife on a him cock. One of the most special prized species in the world. Tag it the most bagot succulent meat of all kind. Gizzard and all the rib by the rubies. Do you think they have gizzards the rib by the rubies? They’re a beautiful bird. Look, that’s it. I was envisioning something much more.

01:00:37:28 –> 01:01:40:05
They’re kind of a grouse, like a rough leg grouse. Or they don’t even turn white. They’re kind of a grouse chucker mix. I was gonna say it looks like a goofy looking chucker sage grouse mixed with a chucker. That’s what they belong in to valley. They’re big. Look at that guy. I mean, that is not a, well, look at that guy’s crying right there. No, he’s no joke. He’s dude, he killed one. He’s cheering. And that was a significant bird for all you listeners that are wondering what the h we’re listening to. It’s just Google Himalayan snow cock on Google and hit images. And this is not a joke. That’s right. No, they’re, they’re cool. Definitely need one of those. Now if we went 1 93 point and depending on how it’s, if it’s bladed, no, it’s got blades. I mean, seriously. Basil Jason, if it net’s one 90, it’s built well enough to shoot. Would it be back fork or front fork though? A back fork with a front. I want the, the great big freaking bladed G twos. Okay. And then a normal front fork. Okay. What do, what do you want? That’s would choose, you gotta go front fork. I would, you’d like a front for I would choose that too. But I mean, if you don’t have a G four, you have this, just this one tang coming around. Come on. It’s pretty hideous.

01:01:40:08 –> 01:02:42:16
If it’s a, and if there’s a basal point or a big old burly eye guard, we should find out any that are in the book. Which one are front fors or back forks? That if anybody’s killed a book three point and it’s in the book, send us the Brockett score sheet. Proof. Proof. And you’re gonna gonna win a small epic tripod. I want see it the first one. I wanna see it. And we’ll publish it on our social media. And it’s gotta be ratified by our Write that down. We’re giving crap away. Like it’s our job. It’s gotta be ratified by our friends within Brockett Club. Can’t be. Well, we could go look it up. Well, yeah, we could, but, and and they’ve got the score sheets on there. And Wyatt is an official me measure of Wyatt. See, look at that single fork. Yeah. The I guard that doesn’t gonna net. No, that guy’s got a, a slick shank on one side. I mean, it’s not gonna net a snow cock every day. Yeah. Like I don’t see many three. There’s one up there that ain’t, that ain’t one that No, we’re not even talking about no stuff in our No, they’ve gotta be billed a certain way. Yeah. Eight. Eight by eight. The answer Master triple agars 35 y, something like that. Yeah. All right. This one’s a pretty good one. This one’s, there’s some, there’s some experience coming from this one.

01:02:44:00 –> 01:03:50:29
So R Barnes eight says 2000 to six to 2008 era Pavan elk tag. Ooh, Wyatt. Did you see Devon look up you, both of you guys. It was, it was no joke. Hey, what were you, how old were you two back then? I graduated in 2005. Graduated from So you were in your, wait, can we just call it from middle school or high school? High school. Sorry. De would you consider that your prime? Like the first year I hunted the pavan was 2005. We killed a 4 0 8 and I was, I didn’t graduate till oh seven, so. Wow. But you were, you, you walked I, so what are you saying? I had my learner’s permit and you, you were you by yourself? Your mom had to run you down and drop you off at the Fillmore gas station to get picked up by Wyatt, the other people. Fillmore. Did you know Wyatt wasn’t, you knew Wyatt then. You didn’t know wt? No, no. I met him in oh seven. Were you both spotters but on different knobs? How did this work? You were with someone else at the time. Where’s Wyatt? Not there at the time. I was not there at the time. You were, you were spotting or helping somebody else. Wyatt wasn’t even there. But anyway, so yeah. Devin. So then what were the other significant bulls You can remember Wyatt or Devon from 20 2006 to 2008.

01:03:50:29 –> 01:05:12:24
We’ll call it five eight whenever you started de I mean it was lucky Beamer. Yeah. They were just, I mean just that timeframe too. We were passing three eighties. Yeah, daily. The broadband like stupid. Yeah. Denny’s couple fours. One was Jim Banana. That was the same era right there. Yeah. Like LA we’d we’d that we’d go 11 or close 11. He was the state record typical for a while over, I guess until the bull got smashed. Yeah. And that’s no joke. That bull is no joke. Straight six. We, we’d kill mid three eighties on the last day multiple times. Okay, so that tag or what’s b or a mid nineties West Slope Colorado deer tag. So mid nineties was back in the OTC. That’s, it was not a How about we say more like two about we, let’s 2000, 2004. I was gonna say probably the same era. Same era. Same era. Same era. Gunison, we’ll just leave it Gunnison. 2004 to 2006. Okay. So same timeframe. The problem was they can’t even, they can’t even remember. No, but these guys lived, this is a bad topic for these two. They, they saw Devon was 15 years old and dropping four oh nines with hunters. I mean he was this is this Devin, were you not by myself? I know, but I’m just saying that you were in on you. You, that’s when your hook was set deep right there.

01:05:13:05 –> 01:06:20:06
I was like, this is what I wanna do for my life. It was something and it was never gonna end. That’s the one thing I contend is when those eras come, you think they’re never gonna end. You think your Nevada’s era is never gonna end. You think Colorado’s never gonna end and then it ends and then you fight and claw your way to get it back and it can’t get it back. And I was on, you can’t get it back was, I was on the Pavan in 2008 and it was like, what happened here? What do you mean it changed fast? Did it start eight? Yeah. Eight, nine. I mean there’s still similar Colorado, but it’s, it was over fast when they the manage couple of years and a bunch of of other things. That’s what there’s a question. This next question actually kind of goes along with it. So what we did, we, did we pick a, you guys need finish? No, we had to take an oh seven elk tag on the Pavan for sure. Early rifle or oh seven elk tag. Okay. And maybe we’d get lucky enough. Kill a Pollock bull. I took an oh seven elk tag. Was that yours? Really? Was that oh seven on Pavan? But yeah, that same, that’s when you smashed your hundo. Yeah. Oh, Utah was killing double digit four oh bulls a year. Oh, oh yeah. Yeah. We remember it.

01:06:20:15 –> 01:07:42:29
We just didn’t have any way we killed, I was guiding out on Southwest desert in oh 3, 0 1 2000 1, 2 3 San Juan, some of that. But, so what are we talking to Colorado Deer at that point? What was that? 2004 six? My dad killed a buck. I, I glassed up and found a buck in gun. It was two 20, mostly slick. Four point frame slick shake. No, I guards 220. Was that, that was also, that was, I don’t want 54. But that was, did you kill a deer that year? Jason? I may or may not have Bronson. It all comes around. Boss bro. Did he say so I, I that was, I’ve already told the story. Yeah, we have, I had a pair of fifteens and I glassed a buck up at 103 yards and I thought he had 14 Basa points and they were tiny knobs that were two centimeters long. Waka waka. Anyway. And, and, and some people killed giants, some people don’t. That was me. But anyway, it was, it was 2005 was the center of it. It was the center in the winter of 2007, eight crushed gone. It’s never been the same since. Just kind of different reasoning. I remember Iona Colorado 2007 and it was unreal. What unit did you hunt? I can’t even remember. It was a do remember second choice. Do you remember? Was a second choice.

01:07:43:05 –> 01:08:46:22
I know exactly the unit that he, but, but it doesn’t really matter. It was anywhere. I had to go to Walmart and get more shells. But it’s so sacred. We’re still keeping it the secret. Two decades later. Yeah. You’ve never been back. You know what? I don’t have to divulge anything on this. You’re not gonna pressure me into it. I’ve done it before. I know. These are sacred places. I get it. It’s not really sacred. It’s just sacred to you go out there and find it. It’s like what Josh said. This isn’t sacred. It’s not a secret, but it’s sacred. Yeah, right, exactly. Something like that. I don’t hold back many details, but knocking it, I’ve changed where you’ve littered brass on a mountain side. That’s sacred. What happened? So, come on, could you just lay it? Let lead fly. Yeah. Just said he had to go back to town to buy more bullets. More bullets. So he littered the countryside with brass. There’s probably still some there. I could brace show you, you know that whistling sound that he talks about when you run an actioning calls it. He what? He learned what that, what did he call it when he was he was whistling? No, zing. Zing. The zing. When you shuck a rifle, we should go get one just so that’s a proper zing. And and it turned your crank. Some have ’em, some don’t.

01:08:48:12 –> 01:09:56:00
So every gun that comes through the office, Deon has to put the first scratches on the bolt. We’re not scratching them. I just look things over. I mean it’s a, he’s working it over. We want him to. I do too. What does he do? He hits the butt. Makes sure that the, that this M MZ trap’s tight. The brakes tight runs the bolt few times. Yep. Definitely squeezes the trigger. And then he wants it. He’s more ous than I am. And he looks for stuff. I don’t really know if I feel you. We don’t even know what we’re looking for. I go on feel more than I do construction. But what’d we do yesterday? You tested it. You closed your eyes, you ran two different bolts and he picked the right W But I didn’t buy that gun, so I bought a different one. Titanium. Yeah, I just, I like it though. Was sucker. I’m wondering where the bottom is. The bottom of what? Your wallet. There’s a bottom. We haven’t found it yet. Bob, if, if you let it go, I looked, the last long raffle I bought was in March of last year. So I made it a year. Oh nevermind. I forgot it got a re I did get a reaper gun. I did get a fold up. You did. But a couple of shotguns I recall. Pistol. Have you even shot the reaper? 10 millimeter. I got it like a month ago.

01:09:56:00 –> 01:10:58:22
No. Is your scope even on? At least I mounted my scope. No it’s not. But I haven’t bought another gun yet either. Okay. Well it’s sitting at home in your basement. It’s ready. It’s ready. In your own words, what do you call guns? Where’s my scope and mounting kit? You clean this place outside. What, what do you call guns? What’s a, what’s a synonym for guns? Firearms. No food storage. Oh yeah. I like it. It’s true. It’s Jan’s sick of it. It’s like gold bars in a for guns. But what I think’s funny is I went down to grab some ketchup in our food storage and it’s next level. The food in our house is next level. And I’m like, you don’t want, I don’t feel so bad about my guns now. I couldn’t even walk in there. You don’t wanna divulge too much about food. Yeah, yeah. Oh, I’m gonna kill anybody that comes and steals it. There’s so many guns trap. He’s gotta reap alarms, guns, trust me, whatever. You can have booby trap. You can have the ketchup but you’re not getting out alive. Alright, where are we at? Did we answer the right questions? Yeah. Yeah, we did that. We answered, we got snow cocks getting killed. These are good questions. I got bulls getting killed left and right. So this one’s similar to what we were just already talking about. So we might as well get it off of there.

01:10:59:21 –> 01:12:09:13
GT Outfitters in our score, Cody says current Utah elk management plan or 22,000 to 2010 management. 2000, 2000 to 10. Well, we just kind answered. Well the problem, the problem is you were dealing with low populations and we could have rut hunts for every, you know, for, for the limited tags that we’re doing on. We didn’t even have late rifle hunts probably in 2010. No. And you weren’t hurting anything. And then at some point your populations outrun your tags and you can’t give more tags than the rut without hurting quality. Without, well, without adding more opportunity outside the rut. We started hunting Utah in the rut. Five tags, 10 tags, put ’em in the rut and have, have ’em have an awesome experience. There was, there’s no tags, limited populations. Then you had to have some archery before that. Then the muzzle before, after that. Then you’re like, alright, we gotta add some November hunts and then we need a add a bunch of tags because we’re populations are out running us or our cow ratios shear. It was a sheer accident. Yeah. Got as good as that era. Well, the big di I think a huge difference is back then we weren’t, most of the industry didn’t kill 70% of the spikes. Yeah. We weren’t spike hunting either at the time. So, so every bull was gonna either die, have natural causes or mature we’re be killed by s when they’re spikes Yes.

01:12:10:04 –> 01:13:10:29
On every unit of the state. Yeah. So I think that’s big. So there it’s different. The times have just changed. So his point is you wanna go back to those times. Yeah. Yeah. I want to kill a bull like Pollock, you know, but you also couldn’t draw back then, like there was no tags. You can’t issue rifle rut tags an issue 50 or a hundred in a unit and think you’re gonna have any quality at all. So now we’ve got, we’ve got to where we had to get creative Yeah. On how to take the bulls, but still allow people to hunt the rut because that’s what we were raised on. Because nobody likes change and ’cause they’ve been saving 20 points for this part, taking that moment. Yeah. Everybody got their chance to hunt the rifle rut. Yes. I’m just about to get mine and now you, now you’re gonna jerk the rifle out. What? And then I’m gonna scream, kick and scream. I’m get so mad. And then you’ve got landowners telling us that they’re being eight outta house and home even in wet airs. You know what I mean? So there’s so many challenges. Well, and it was taking, I mean the, the thing about it too was when I drew that tag in 2007, I think I had 11 points. Did you? Or something in that same tag This last year took 21. Yeah.

01:13:12:12 –> 01:14:12:21
So yeah, it’s, it was just, it’s almost like you can’t compare ’em in some ways as far as just the number of people out there that are applying and the number of tags, the number of elk, everything. It was just two. It’s like the two separate error. So I, I like, personally, I think we should change, but we can’t do it. Utah won’t allow it. People have built, you know, livelihoods and, and family traditions on, on the spy hunt. You know what I’m saying? So it’s not like, yeah, I don’t think there’s ability to change. No. And I like Arizona or New Mexico, they give New Mexico, they give shortened seasons outside the rut with a few that are really close to the ru archery in the middle of the rut. A couple of archery seasons in September. And they give a plethora of tags and still have big bulls. Paul have big bulls. If we were starting over, you got big bulls on your unit C John, you got giant bulls. There was a three seven killed on your unit last year. Like if we were starting over and knew what Utah elk we’re gonna grow into in terms of populations and and stuff statewide, you would not have started out with the first and only hunt that we’re gonna offer is nine day ru hunt in September. That was the first with a rifle. With a rifle. And then you added archery, muzzle loader after that.

01:14:12:21 –> 01:15:14:27
So then every day in September was taken every day in the rut, you’re killing ’em. And then that got ingrained for 15, 20 years. The ler hunt during that time, remember the muzz loader hunt was during the late hunt. So there wasn’t Oh, that’s right. Rut muzzle loader hunt. They, it was late, but they moved it. And then you’ve got technology, they replaced it with the rifle. Then you’ve got technology and now you’ve got two rifle hunts, basically muzzle orders with scopes and or whatever main lines. It just, there’s so many challenges. It’s like, I think to start over, you would say, all right, archery’s kind of in every state we know it’s the least effective. I know people can get into the wound whole wounding debate. The rifle hunters are gonna blame for four times as many out killed with both and tags, given that stretching the truth to some extent. But you know, that whole premise that use those weapons in the rut and then October, October, November rifle muzzle or stuff. Ideally that’s where we would start. If we had to start over again and look at Nevada, look at how they’re able to maintain with the limited resource. They’ve never really ever rotate, had a rifle one or two years only they rotated like area 16 or whatever, early table mountain. Or they tried rotating ’em, then they had ’em, then they eliminated it. But they know it’s not proper necessarily.

01:15:14:27 –> 01:16:18:03
Well with low, yeah, you just, they don’t have near the elk even. And you’ll kill a 400 in the late rifle over there. Like it’s not, you know, it’s not the, it’s just not the same. But now you’ve got expectations. This is Utah hunting. This is what I grew up with. We have raised our family entitled to the points, the point investment for two decades. But give us those times back. Give us, give us those times back. But I don’t think that management fits the current population of where we’re at now. Now when you’re killing 70% of spikes. Yeah. His point is, is he’s discussed it. I guarantee you he’s disgusted with where it’s at today. Yeah. But there’s a lot of other reasons for it. And he knows this too. He’s, he’s a good dude. I mean, it’s just, he knows what he’s, he knows where he is getting at with it. I don’t think we should kill all these spikes necessarily before they become branch boys. Well we have a, we have season now why can’t, there’d be a mix there. But I don’t know. It’s a hard deal. But because of the backlash, it’s just like, why can’t we grow deer? Why can’t, why can’t we, why, why do we have to deal with a, an uphill battle on, on on proper deer management or whatever, you know, because there’s so many fingers in the pot.

01:16:18:03 –> 01:17:29:10
The game and fish dictate who’s on the rack, who may or may not vote the way they would like ’em to vote. Things like that. They don’t go with the public, you know, and, and don’t represent the public properly. Case in point, our rack here in here in southern re region, you can go watch it. The majority of the guy of the public don’t like the way it’s going. Don’t think we should vote a certain way. They vote the way the division wants ’em to vote. And so it’s just, at some point, you, you lose the fire for it. To a degree or the potential or the chance of, of seeing the change. Am I wrong? No. Yeah. It’s, it’s a little bit different argument. ’cause yeah, we’re talking general deer versus quality elk with man managing opportunity. I mean, I grew up hunting general seasoned elk on the LaSalle. So did you Jason? It was like a army orange army. Army. My first football army. Yeah. Orange army. And you know, when it went to a limited draw unit, the spike hunting stopped for whatever that period of time was. And then they brought him back on like Boulder LaSalle units like that, that, that, that were any bull, right? Yeah. When I was in high school, young starting out, Boulder was an over the counter or any bull, any bull tag, any bull unit. Same as still south.

01:17:29:10 –> 01:18:30:09
We had the AR 3 0 1, same as Dutton back in the days we had the ar ar hunt. Yeah. Yeah. You could hunt what that was Boulder wasn. It didn’t participate in the point system. Yeah. Boulder Dutton and gon gon, there might have been a couple others, but they were AR 3 0 1. But it was just, I think interesting. But my point is, I guess my point in relating it to what we’re dealing with with deer, ’cause we’re a little passionate about that, is just that you can’t, you, you, you can’t make the change. Like there is no, there’s no change in Utah outta this stock spec. So many, so many years of investment into certain scenario and systems and, and in this case elk points management plans. I, this is what I have my heart set on. Everybody’s got their turn and don’t change it or mess it up too much till I get mine. That’s, that’s kinda what you hear a lot. Yeah. It’s, you see certain sides of that, but it’s still not the proper way to be hunting out with, I think, I think that’s why it’s important when you do make a change, a big change, it’s not easy to go back on it. Yeah. Such as you have anything in mind. You know what interesting, I mean just if you make a change and you add for elk, for example, if you add spy hunts on all the units Yeah.

01:18:30:09 –> 01:19:55:27
People go there, they create traditions. Yeah. And all of a sudden you’re like, Hmm, we don’t have bulls anymore. And if you’re gonna take that away, people are gonna be pissed. I mean it’s just, well, it’s hard. Yeah. You got some states like Oregon, they draw the number of spike trophy. You single unit, you single out one unit to primitive weapons and or whatever big changes. I mean they’re hard to take back. There’s a lot of examples. Name one real quick. I just did. You did. We’re done. Okay, so would you rather Brad Marshall 1980 says, would you rather grizzly bears with a stick bow or spend 45 days getting Joe Biden’s daily ice cream for him? I’d get killed by grizzly bear before I did that. Yeah, but the footage, if you were to video yourself getting the ice cream each day, the footage would make you a millionaire, billionaire. Maybe reels the jokes. Oh dude, memes, you’d be the most popular guy. You’d break the internet. Okay. And then could you internet those 40 days? Could you take that money and go hunt griz brown bears and grizzly bears with rifle? If you, especially if you wore your heels, uncle Joe, if you put a wig on to let him sniff your hair. Yeah. Uncle Joe. Geez. Don’t put on the red pumps again. Adam, give me some mint chocolate chip.

01:19:55:27 –> 01:21:15:28
This is why I’m talking about, I said I’d rather die with a bow with a obs. Devon napped me an obsidian arrowhead. I’d rather die with that in my hands. But by a bear. At least you’d go down a hero instead of a freaking clown. Leave this earth as a clown biden’s clown. Come on guys. Don’t act like that’s even a decision. We’d all get killed by a grizzly bear. Move on. We still have piles of these. No, I’ve getting the ice cream. Do anything for money. Hound crazy. This kind of goes back to, it reminded me of when Jason was talking about that, but Cliff’s state record bowl. Typical. So this one says, would you rather shoot a 200 inch typical or a 200 inch non-Typical mue, A 170 inch frame with trash typical every day there. Every day. Day. Yeah. Typical. Every day. You gotta have the frame. Even if it had a dropper. So true. Huh? Even if it had a little dropper. I’m shooting the typical no. Yeah, 4.2 hundred. No question. There’s just something about ’em when you hold it, it just, you know, and having a legit John, what are you saying you’re looking at? Just kinda like not sure about that. So, well what I wanna know is how much bigger does the non-typical have to score to, to 40 tip the scales. 40. Well, you know what I mean. Crock. You mean for a book? It’s 40?

01:21:16:01 –> 01:22:18:17
No, not, not that. But what I’m saying is, are you saying like a two 10 non-typical versus a typical 200. You’re right. How higher something like that. Two tires keep going. Two 20 gotta have the frame. Two 20 plus starts to get harder, doesn’t it? What about two 30, Wyatt? I I’d say two 20 plus. I mean, you start looking like, man, you get a two 20, my New Mexico deer and start comparing that to 1 94 point I I’m shooting hit same one. Wyatt, I mean 20. I mean that’s probably about, yeah, it’s probably about where I’m tipping. I agree. But two 10 non-typical. They’re all built differently than are you gotta show me the buck. Yeah. If if it if, but if it’s a one 70 frame with a bunch of extra to get to two 10, that kind of tells you somewhat, kind of tells you how it’s billed a little bit. Yeah. But, but if it’s a 200 frame of 10 inches of trash. Okay. That’s, I don’t really care about entering it in the book. If it’s a 200 inch frame of 10 inches of trash, I’m probably shooting that over a one 90 net four point. So, but yeah, in Josh’s scenario, one 70 frame of trash. I like it. Yeah, just think of the size, the size difference for sure.

01:22:18:19 –> 01:23:32:03
Just like when you look at those bulls, even up at the expo next, next to, to each other, you know, there’s Spider Bowl and some of those other bulls that Doyle have there on the little spinning wheel. And that, that typical from the book Cliffs is just giant. We talking elk wise now? Yeah, it’s straight six. So similar to that straight 6, 420 inch or four 30? 4 34 30. Not even. I mean truly they, they don’t exist. It’s be they look cartoon, the coloring, they look cartoonish man. When they’re like alive it, that doesn looks like a, that’s not even a, that’s not even like, like your eyes in our top eight unit right now. Like, you know what I mean? It’s not like, well it’s we’re, it was unique. Cody a unique spot. Cody. Cody a minute ago. It’s partly why he’s asking what he’s asking. That bolt came from the Buck Cliffs. I mean other tore and other goodness. I mean it’s like, and that unit’s really down right now. Yeah. Struggle. So that’s where he is coming from. What else you got? Keep going Paul. But okay, keep the hammer down. But we probably are gonna have a part B of this. Well, I just think unless you’ve got five more and let’s pound him if we got No, he’s got ’em. He just skipped himself. No, there’s, we have looks quite random. We might have one episode of Josh answering his own.

01:23:32:27 –> 01:24:42:16
There’s, we’re gonna get through all of ’em, all stickies next. There’s not a single, there’s not a single one for me in here. Are they easy to read? Gimme gimme, gimme those things. Let’s, let’s, no, this takes a certain eye to read these just from a question. He inserts names as he sees this Christian reader, God, anybody that has red pumps in on his brain or something. I’m, I’m worried about that guy. He’s the one that brought it up. Tristan j Warner asks Rocky or Desert Sheep. I’d say that was probably for Adam. It’s different now. I mean, I I I was born in a state that I got introduced to desert sheep by my dad was a kid and luckily started pitting in for them when I first could. So I knew I was gonna get one and I Well that was the bottleneck back then. I did the same thing. Yeah, well it’s partly we were from southern Utah. It’s just like northern Utah. People probably did moose, a lot of ’em. Moose or goats. Yeah. And we’re lucky if their dad had an interest in sheep, they picked sheep. But if they didn’t, they probably did moose or goats what they had up there. Right. Devin? Most likely. So even if I was born in Logan and I have no, no, no. Even if there’s no moose, four brothers and a dad, they just would do the same thing. That’s right. Yeah.

01:24:42:25 –> 01:26:03:22
So for me, I really want a mountain rocky somewhere. I, I, I finished a slam. I killed it. Like Jason, we killed California. Big horns outta Oregon. Grateful for it. And that was a great experience. Kinda high desert, lava rock type mountains. I want a mountain rocky really bad. Me too. Really bad. But yeah. And that’s where the bottleneck is. How bad. Here’s the next question for you. I have a bottom to my wallet. Very shallow bottom to that wallet. Habitat underscore manager sounds pretty, pretty serious guy. What states out there, probably one of your game brands have, have a Montana, Josh, buddy, Missouri break sheep tag or an Arizona strip deer tag. Well, ooh, I’m going, that’s a deer. I mean that, and here’s why. I mean, I, I would love a Montana brakes. We saw our cover ram, well not, you know, not a cover ram, a story ram from April 191 or two. I, and I would love that. I just hunt the strip. I’m gonna pick that every time. I, I would, I don’t know what sheep tag I would have that would have to be placed in front of me to pick that over a strip tag and call it a primo year or whatever. I don’t know what that would be. Okay, I’ve got, I got a question for, oh, how about this New Mexico unit six, Rocky? Yeah, I was just thinking that one.

01:26:04:07 –> 01:27:15:03
Or if I had, you know, the bottomless pit that Jason somehow thinks I have in terms revenue. Well, let’s sell, let’s sell 20 of your rifles. No, 20. It doesn’t add up to 900,000 And what I’d have to pay in Colorado to shoot one of those. Well, and that doesn’t do much for me. I mean it’s out on the planes on a private ranch like, but I’m just saying a ram like that somewhere, like if you found it in the, I don’t that that’s a, that pinna New Mexico. Ugh. Anyway, so that’s, that’s where Sean Mellon would like to know Adam draw a Montana sheep tag with the knowledge of a 200 inch ram. Okay, that’s, you got my attention. He’d probably got one. It was absolutely free. Do probably got one of mine or free doll sheep tags for life. I want the 200 inch rocky. And I’m sorry, I’ve been maybe a little bit spoiled to do a few doll. Not that I don’t enjoy ’em, I’m gonna go again this year. But 200 inch rocky, it’s like not even, there’s like, they don’t even exist right now for all intents purposes. Maybe like most years they don’t even kill one in North America right now. So that’s where I’m at. Yeah, I’d probably have to agree, John, I think like this one’s for you. Oh. Oh shoot. What is it from 13-year-old kids’ perspective here? How crazy.

01:27:16:18 –> 01:28:30:03
My dad, I never gonna hunt because of you. My dad says you’re a jerk. Hound crazy. Asks, would you rather be stuck in the truck with Devin or Wyatt? And who can dig the best of those two? I feel like you’re making this up. Oh, okay. Okay. I took it wrong and I thought you could dig stuck in the truck like for 12 hours I think. I don’t know. Your truck is stuck. No, I truck who get you out dig stuck and you have to dig, shovel dig is what I took that, I took it as stuck like you were driving somewhere. Well, that’s what I took. Let’s say you’re driving to Kansas. Who do you wanna be stuck with? Okay, the other, the other one. The problem is, is I wouldnt there spit sunflower seeds on either of them? Floorboard. Well, in our past lives I dug, dug underground for plumbing. Devon painted lines for parking lots. Oh, okay. You probably know how to run a shovel. Doesn’t matter. That’s a dig. No pun intended. And de how good are you at getting that? I did more than paint lines on a parking lot. But he did get excited knowing we have a painter did line painter. True. Sometimes you can’t see the lines. I’m like, man, if we had a painter I’D one of these days, I’m these crisp lines. We have ’em go in the closet today and there’s a parking lot painter.

01:28:31:06 –> 01:29:45:06
I got all good stuff. Anyways, maybe we’ll give you some dedicated hunter hours, Devin, for painting those. I in got a draw and you should have heard him. He’s like, you guys should hear this thing. Listen, can you hear the zing? The zing. Zing. This is the line painter bearings on this line. Painter. Our pressed team. We’ll give him a fresh can of paint. You can even stay on the clock. Can he just be like old times? You wanna know what I told him? Says dev. Paint the lines. I said Devvin, when we gotta paint these, we need to paint em. Turn, turn nearly. He goes, well I’m gonna need, what did you say? Brush some kind of special broom has a list abrasion process. I need pressure wash, high pressure air blower to get all the rocks. Dust. It’s, it’s gotta be perfect. This is an asphalt we’re talking about. Well, and I would trust Devon to do it because he’s, it’d be good perfection. Okay, but what was, yeah, 14 steps later. We’re gonna be able to start painting right then without a win. It’s gonna take a month. They’d perfect of prep. You’re not gonna be able to park on our lot for a month. Do it in half a day. It’d probably a Saturday so we don’t have to deal with anybody. But does that include the aada, a accessible handicap parking spots? We’ll build, we’ll build something. We’ll make it happen.

01:29:45:19 –> 01:30:55:21
Whatever we need to do. John, answer the question. Answer that. These two waiting. Well, geez, I I thought it meant Duke out of a snow. Wyatt’s sand. He knows how to use, use a shovel. Shovel. Why? Wyatt made a really good compelling argument. Yeah, compelling argument there. I I mean I, to sh Wyatt Les Devin’s got some experience. That’s like if I said when I was 14, I helped a grave digger at the secretary. Yes. Yes. Then I’m going with you Devon. Are you serious? You mean you helped somebody bury I have worked at Sprinkler World Club and I dug trenches. Devin helped a guy bury a body. And it may or may not be true, but he’s selling himself. Yeah. Yeah. He sold me Devon. But devvin, if you need, if you need to dig a little, a little thing under your truck to crawl, have someone crawl under to help put tire change. Devon’s probably your guy. You know, you know why it’s a bigger frame. You gotta dig a lot more material outta the way before you get some to slide under there. Jimmy, Rick, some chains on your rear. You get, you give Wyatt a new pony shovel. You better watch out. I’ve seen wt dig a hole or two. Wyatt, would you rather spade or flat nose for digging out? What’s the s square nose or a pony? A shovel on the gutter.

01:30:55:27 –> 01:31:59:15
My front yard, sand, mud or sand or snow. I mean, we gotta tell. What material are we talking about? You can only have one shovel in the back of your truck. I have a spade. Okay. Is it long or short? It’s long. Okay. Alright John. Alright, go. Move along. Good. Move along. I think you made the right call. I hate digging holes. Oh, right. How about this Devin’s like, I don’t even want to go. You’re not, you’re not welcome. My truck, I, I got stuck once and dug holes. I didn’t know what I was doing until the suspension was Oh. And it was on the frame. It’s sand that sucked. Okay. The thing is though, Devin tells me he’s a grave dig grave digger at one point in his life. I totally believe it. Oh, it was a lie. Like, I know, but I did dig tranch. But I would believe it. You could tell me anything. ’cause and if John told me he, he’s trustworthy and helping me bury a body, I’d believe it. I I’d just say don’t tell me where they’re at. I don’t want to know. I’d believe it. Right. John’s going to take some things to his grave. All right. So, you know, you take the, you take the personality test. Right? Okay. Some people do, and I did one and they, they say the one word that you know, that defines defines you, describes you. And mine was loyalty.

01:31:59:20 –> 01:33:21:05
And I It’s true. I would, I would bury your Oh, we know whatever you needed. I know. Vice versa. Tell it. We don’t do it. Huh? I know he would. I know he would. We know. Hey John’s. No, no joke. We know we got our guy when we need no guy. John, what do he doing? It’s 2:00 AM Hey, what do you need? He he’ll just say none your business. I’ll be there. I’ll be there in 10. Yeah. No, tell no show. That’s John. It’s awesome. There’s very few like you John. I’m just saying it’s rare and I love it. Pollock, you’ve gleaned, you’ve had plenty of gleaning here. Let’s just read ’em as they read without manipulation. I feel like this one’s for Jason as well. C Newman. 27 12 asks, that’s a good dude. Rather the world record pronghorn or a 200 inch Mully Oh, oh. World record pronghorn. I don’t have one or a wat. 200 inch. 200 Mully. Well, Newman, you better step it up to like a two 50. What? Okay, let’s do that. That’s, that’s a two 50 mul day. Oh, where’s a 50? Okay. I don’t care about the world record. Where would the threshold, I don’t even care about the world record. Where would the threshold happen? But where the deer got the bullet versus the pr black a BS 2 10, 2 20. Just say yes. 22. 10. No. 20 No 25. How’s it built? Hell of a frame. Yes. Okay. 2 25.

01:33:21:10 –> 01:34:29:22
We know no world record is so impressive. I I a world record pronghorn is awesome. And then I could, I could quit. I’ve got people like pronghorn. You know, you know what’s funny is if you killed a world record pronghorn, would you quit? Yes. Talk about people like Mike Gallo right now. Think you’re sa religious talking about antelope the way you’re Well he’s, he owns the record book. But if, if you killed the grits, if you killed the world record milder, would you quit? No. No, you wouldn’t. That tells you everything you need to know about you. Just talking one animal about my loyalty world. Record the species, the GRTs and gallows. You’re not beating them. GG antelope. Punters right there. Grits and galles. Look at that black. A BS. It’s abs pipe beyond. Hey. I mean, okay, let’s just take isn’t the world record 99 and something, I don’t know. So you gotta be a hundred inch net. A hundred inch net. Jason, we’re talking, or two. I talked, talked to Tony. He, he knew where there was one. It just, it was a unit that wasn’t open. I mean, it, and it gets you fired up. I could get fired up about, so, squirrels, there was a giant squirrel in Iowa and I wanted to smoke him. I, I only know why people kill him. He alerted the entire forest I was sitting there. Yeah. But anyway. A hundred inch antelope be, or 2 25.

01:34:29:24 –> 01:35:41:22
We know. 2 25 is what you just said. Is that your final answer? Typical non-Typical. I mean, spindly, no sl we’re get a 2 0 6 frame. Yeah. With 19 inches of trash. Mule ear mul king. Okay. Mule Lu king. All right. So in Cody knows, Cody knows too. He’s just throwing it out there. He loves me over there too. He loves a good laugh. So if you wanted a 200 inch mul deer, you gonna go ak rem 44 asks Archery strip tag or kibab? Late rifle. Oh, Archer Strip. Yeah. We’ll just say the awesomest moisture. You’re not a drought year. Yeah. Archer Strip. Yeah. You’re going to, you know, you’re gonna want next level in a, in a elite year. Yeah. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. I just think there’s some special deer gonna come out in the, in the next short while next. It could be this year. It could be next year, the year after. No trail cameras. Just the, the moisture, the time of the cycle we’re in. It feels, just feels good. You, what do you think down there? What do you think? It feels good on the, your seems to be going over. Oh, I think I’d go our tree strip. Yeah. I, I would too. But it’s not gonna be a Henry’s archery. Like, it’s not gonna be a one stalker. You’re like, okay, I’m gonna dedicate the whole season and when I’m done, I might quit.

01:35:41:24 –> 01:36:44:15
Your bow might just live in the office. Your bow might get thrown into the Grand Canyon on your way home. Oh. You don’t need an extra two or three. You’re need new tires. You might need a new vehicle. You might need new friends. I mean, it’s, it wears everything out. That’s why I think that the kibab late kind of sounds intriguing. You just, it could be fun. Oh, it’s fun. You just never know what’s gonna come walking out. And for 200, I think you could do it on the kibab late. I just think that potential for two 40 Yeah. Plus, yeah. Something stupid. Ben, on the late Kab feels like you just gotta be the first one that drives up on to seize the buck to kill it almost. Versus out there. My problem is, you’re scouting, you’re gonna be tired when the hunt starts. You’re gonna be tired from two months of hard work already. You know what I mean? Right. Maybe a month, but Yeah. ’cause you can’t run through cameras so you can save a month. Just the way I’m thinking about it. You don’t, that’s the positive thing about not having, you can’t, not being able to run cameras don’t scout in June. They’re not done. Cameras kind of wear you out. I was kind of grateful there was a time when we had to end them. Yeah. You know what I mean? It is kind of refreshing. July.

01:36:45:00 –> 01:37:52:00
I mean, August one is, we can get normal sleep now and forget about it, but when there’s cameras to run, you never felt good about getting normal sleep. All right. Keep going. Are we done? No. How many are we? How many do we have? Like we can we, if we have a lot, we should maybe draw a line in the sand and say, let’s talk about our one. Let’s talk about our one Power scopes. Do we have enough to do like a good episode? There’s still 20 left. Oh, okay. We better. Wow. We’re done. Any, any, any more that we’re kind of on the same theme? Van Utah. Any Utah questions that we don’t wanna No. There’s a few things in there. We got that many, we’re not gonna get ’em done, so we’ll do the Part B. There’s plenty of randomness. That’s why, that’s why when you’re the question asker guy or Christian reader guy, you know, you do your homework. Yeah. Let’s talk about, what did you talk about? Great job. Pollock. Yeah. One, one Power Muzz or scopes. Yeah. Well, tell us about it. Pollock. Well, we got a few of ’em in, and then we got a few more in that. We had to get a few more in because we couldn’t keep ’em in hot potato. So many. So we’ve sold a significant amount of ’em and we ordered a significant amount and a significant amount of ’em have already gone.

01:37:52:04 –> 01:39:05:06
So, oh, we’ve sold dozens and dozens and dozens in like about four days. Yeah, it’s, we’ve, we’ve looked a lot trying to find, and it’s, I, I can’t say the only, because who knows what lives in Temu or somewhere, but the only, I don’t know that Temu thing where you can shop like a billionaire. You saw the Superbowl commercials. I don’t remember that. The Vortex Crossfire two, it’s a one by 24 Riflescope. It power, standard power by 24 millimeter objective. Yeah. Yep. It’s just a standard plex Redle standard cross hair, thicker cross hair that goes in. Yep. So it’s a great option for muzzle loaders. Honestly, you’re, you’re talking a 200 to 300 yard scope, depending on your eyes and, and all that. But it does have a turt on it. I wanna say it’s a half, half, half way half away per click. It’s already die. Yeah. You don’t need to pull out a penny and a pinch about. Yeah. So you could, if you have your, if you have a, a range find or something that has ballistics in it, you get your information from that, you could use it or it has the abilities to get a yardage or cut for it. Those kind of things as well that you could throw on there. So it is a great option, especially for Utah. You know, South Dakota, maybe a Washington Very affordable. Dang. Yeah. Dang. Close to a hundred bucks, you know.

01:39:05:08 –> 01:40:04:05
So anyway, very affordable. Call tell, so tell me if I’m wrong on this, but I would say if you are in the market, get one early. Yeah. Get one. Because they’re gonna prob they’re gonna likely run out, I would guess. Oh yeah, they’re, yeah. There’s not, there’s not a lot of ’em being made. They’re intentionally doing it. They had to end up sitting on a lot of ’em. So this was largely due to Utah’s change. I mean, let’s keep it real. That’s kind of what it spurred this on. I had one of these scopes from before and, and, and I don’t know what changed, but from looking at ’em here in the office, it didn’t look good. And we all but ordered a hundred of ’em. They’re almost gone. Yeah. I’m just saying. Yes. And we’re gonna order more and, and, and it’s one of the few one power options. Yes. It’s one of the few. It’s, it’s like, yeah. One of the very few with the cross hair. If not only the only. So that’s why. And then we’re gonna have red dots in loophole and we can now order loophole. Yeah. So we’ve got a bunch of loophole on order. And they’re one power with a, with a turret. They’re just significantly more in price. They’re three times the, the money and it’s a red dot versus a cross air. Every eyes just gotta kinda, it’s gonna be interesting.

01:40:04:06 –> 01:41:00:17
We’ve talked about all going to the range. We’re all gonna be shooting a little bit different setup and I’m buying one of each, maybe two of each peep site front goal, right? Aren’t you guys, I got two in my office, sir. You’re gonna have to find out what your eye likes and what you’re, you feel like you’re gonna shoot the best. Yeah. You know, at least we’re talking about Utah, talking Nevada, Colorado. You gotta have the open site, New Mexico. So we’ve, we sold quite a few of Utah guys. Washington changed it up. Now it’s one power up there. South Dakota. Wyatt, didn’t we talk, who’d we talk to in South Dakota? South Dakota. I think that was you, Josh. Yeah. Yeah. Washington changed anyway with these regulations. I mean, this will fit mul. It’s not just a Utah thing. So if you’re thinking about getting ’em, and you probably need to think about what you’re gonna do. I think there’s a lot of Utah guys that have just kind of put it outta their mind. And don’t wait until August one to decide what you’re gonna put on your Utah muzzle loader. For sure. Yeah. Take take care of it. Now, even if you decide to not go with this one and have it, it’s a hundred, you know, just over a hundred dollars scope. So why, well, why not Snaggle? It’s less for the scope than applying in Nevada.

01:41:00:26 –> 01:42:10:23
You know, Utah as an on resident, I would get one and ’cause they’re, yeah, they’re, like John said, they’re not gonna last. Might get, gotta get a couple different options, like we talked about. Yeah. Great value with the cross hair. Or we can do a red dot. We’re, we’ve got a bunch of those coming a little bit slower to get those, you know, triple the price basically. But we’re gonna have ’em, we’re gonna have them a plethora. We also got vortexes in stock right now. Red’s, we’ve got strike a strike fire too. Red dot It’s red or green dot. It’s a great option as well. I actually have it had it on a muzzle loader for quite a while until we went to a variable power scope. It’s one of those things, honestly, you can, my kids have those on the AR platform. Yeah. Yep. So you’re, you’re gonna need something. I’d suggest looking into it sooner rather than later with any of these. Get prepared because you can’t, don’t wait. I like it. All right, well let’s throw a little shout out to Red Rock Precision. Super good Dudes up at Red Rock. If you need a custom rifle, give him a holler. It’s unbelievable. Devin, we had him come in the office. I’ve inspected a couple. Very impressive Devin put his fingerprints all over one. And anyway, one of the finest rifles you can ever hold. It’s unbelievable.

01:42:10:23 –> 01:43:17:11
I’ve got, I’ve got one of the new Red rocks. We’ve got multiples coming for guys here in the office, plus clients. So if you need to order one, give us holler, go to Red rock, check ’em out. State of the art. Unbelievable. There’s nothing on ’em, you, you don’t want for right, Devin? I mean, by the time you realize what they come with, it all makes sense. Yeah, it all makes sense. I really like the adapter for the ARCA Swiss on a tripod. You’ll never have to, if you have a tripod with you, you’ll never have to pack sticks again. The flush cup on the side when I was dealing with, you know, makes it very good. It’s the first time I ever really had it. And you throw it on your back. It’s unbelievable. It comes standard basically. You know, my mine came with it. And so anyway, just a, just an awesome, awesome rifle. I, I agree with you. The ARCA Swiss embedded Plus you got, plus you got the rail on the end. Yeah. And five boxes of ammo with the rest of five boxes of ammo with custom built ammo. Aons, you know, my seven PRCS came with one 60 Aons shoots freaking lights out at a thousand plus. I shot it personally at a thousand’s next level. So anyway, I threw the Z eight I on mine.

01:43:17:13 –> 01:44:34:07
But you, I mean, we can help you figure out the right scope combination for what you like. All right, Bronson, what’s next? This is what I’m supposed to do here long. Alright. I don’t wanna deviate, but I’m gonna have to deviate here in a little bit. Don’t, don’t yelled at by Logan. Yep. He’s no joke. Wanna get another shot out to Zes. If you’re in the, in looking for Riflescope vinyl spot and scope, whatever, give us a call. They make great products. A lot of guys here have, you know, Zeis top rifles, I mean multiples of them. And you know, great Glass. Got some deals on some of their vinyls going right now as well. So give us a call. We’ve been dealers from them, from the very start, make awesome products. So give us a call. You can check ’em out on, on Check out. The biggest thing, like with Ribo scopes is the redle. You know what you want. Whether you wanna clean, whether you want some with one mo, one MOA tick marks two MO tick marks, kind of fill out what you got. You can see all their options on there. And then call ’em, get pricing from us. I’m glad to help you out with it. So I’d just like to highlight a couple of things on from Zeiss. We’ve got some products that are just at ridiculously low prices. If you want binoculars and the conquest. Conquest, yeah.

01:44:34:13 –> 01:45:44:27
Call in on those and you’re gonna get a smoking deal. Also, if you, you know, you need a pair of kid vinyls or you’re young and just getting into it and we’re, we’re talking really quality glass for under 400 bucks. Give us a call. Okay. I like it. All right, let’s throw out a shout out to our forensic Ken Trek Cash. You’re up. Yeah. I mean, man, you can’t go anywhere without a good boot. I mean, Ken Trek, we make really hardy boots. You’ve been trying to wear boots out. I remember the days when we had time to shed hunt, right? Wyatt and I are a little bit jealous, aren’t we Wyatt? Yeah, for sure. All the cash is adventures on the evenings and weekends. Remind me of when we were young and we had time to Shed hunt. No kids. No kids. No. Wyatt gives a pretty good hey dude, review these days. Why? It gives us a good hey dude, and a, and a pacifier review for that time. We did 12 Miles at Shot Show and you wore, Hey dude, that was a, I did did 12 Miles at Shot Show. That was our show. Hey. Yeah. And he knows the best disposable diaper. Yeah, it’s very, I’m learning. Very frustrating, isn’t it? Why Yeah, learning. All right, cash. Tell us about wearing out boots. Oh man. I mean can Andre, they make a really hardy boot.

01:45:44:27 –> 01:47:05:09
They’re gonna last you a long time. Great guys over there. They’re really hard to beat. Give ’em a call. Give us a call. We can, we can tell you about any of their models. They’re number eight. 802 3 2 6 0 6 4. Great dudes. Great boot man. Just, just all around. You can’t, you’re gonna go a couple seasons up or at least if you’re pounding the hills, they’re gonna last you. So invest in a good boot for sure. You sure are. Go to for all your boot needs. Yep. Well what do you got Bronson? We got more. No, holy cow. We’re sitting at a, read this an hour, 50 minutes. Let’s just make it even seconds. We gotta mention that, huh? Probably audio for, for crap’s sakes. Go ahead. Let’s do it. Is that gonna get a no, get people, certain people No gonna frenzy no. Anybody that needs a new bow, give us Bronson. You need to talk to Bronson. They’re, we’ve got a stack of them and they’re going fast. I’m hoarding ’em right now. I’m treating ’em like food storage. But we love, we’re doing some giveaways throughout this spring. Kinda like Devon runs those bolts. Well, Brad, Adam, Adam does a couple good dry fire. Don’t do that. I hate, I do not do that. And it was very frustrating ’cause I went to dry fire and he’s like, Nope, don’t do that. Did you guys hear that? Zing? That’s the whack. Devin.

01:47:06:02 –> 01:48:09:01
Devin did one of these dry fires? Come on. Didn’t dry fire. Did not dry fire. No. Just don’t pull ’em back when you grip them fingers, when you grip ’em, you’re twisting. Unless you plan to throw a projectile somewhere. Do not ever pull one back back. ’cause you’re twisted as you pull it back. Yeah, but bare fingers are not meant to be shot that way. These these new new age bows. Even though the Old Bulls, that’s all you had, your string might roll off your kes, it could happen. But Adam pulls it outta the box and he’s like, and a same kind of look in his eye. Well he showed me I t-shirt and I was on the phone. I said, go ahead, draw it back. And he’s like, no way. I seen how that worked. Yeah. Anyway, we’ve got a few giveaways. Ho Hoyt’s have been great podcast and magazine and all around partners with us here at Epic Outdoors. Awesome mate. GR also mate, incredible bows. They have for years we’ve gone on and on over the years. We all use them here at Epic Outdoors. We all have different varieties. Rx fives and sevens and now they’re out with the eights and you know, alphas as well. So anyway, we might have a couple lectures after some of our giveaways that were giving away and from some of those that are upgrading the, in this office.

01:48:09:01 –> 01:49:21:03
What do you, so you would sell one tomorrow? I do, yeah, that’s right. So we’ve got some RXs in here that looks like they need a new home smoking deal. Brand new in the box. New in the box. We got, you know, an Alphas and regular RX eight, depending on your height link first come first serve, give us, call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 or [email protected]. I love it. I like it. And that email work, every time I changed my email, I threw a middle initial in there. No you didn’t. ’cause John has to do it and he won’t do it. John. And I’ll meet later. So, you know, we did, we covered a lot of ground today. I wanna talk about one more thing, but we did cover a lot of ground and we got a lot of giveaways. Do we know, do we, do we have it written down what we’re giving away for those people that we drew in Arizona, it was clear. Hey, we already talked about we’re not gonna get, those people aren’t real. And then anybody drew the sheep tripod for something that drew the sheep in six? No we didn’t. New Mexico? No. Oh, what was it? No, it was, oh it for 12 a banger. No, it was okay, we did that. Yes. Three pointer. Yes. That was for the tripod. A three point net book head. If you call in, first guy to call in and get small tripod. Yes.

01:49:21:03 –> 01:50:35:25
Which score sheet and verification for Boone and Crockett trophy search. And then the guy that that drew the 12 a 12 B Arizona tag. Oh, you’re gonna say something else we gave. Oh yeah. So you’re cutting him cash, right? That’s, that’s right. You, you six bills gas. He needs gas money and I want him to succeed and we want his story in trade. We get the freaking story of this 250 inches. It’s gonna go down. I’ll get it all. I’ll buy him a, you know, gift card at Jacob Jacobs Lake Chevron. He’s gonna it cookies. He’s gonna need it at six bucks a gallon. So I’m just saying if he slow rolls the pine like Wyatt, he’s gonna need some fibers too. Optimal fuel mileage when you’re slow rolling. John, I wanna talk about, oh shoot, I want to talk and, and I don’t, you don’t have to talk about the anti fisheye app, but the fisheye lens has got is creates a, you can’t even use the word traction lately. It’s it’s, it’s a, it’s an epidemic. Epidemic. I like it. Yeah. Jinx. I like it. So take it away, John. It’s, I can’t believe you found something to make deer look normal. I don’t think we, maybe it’s, maybe it’s proprietary, John. Well, we just using it on. Yeah, there’s, there’s couple. There’s some te we’re only using it on friends and family. There’s some filters that’ll take out fisheye.

01:50:36:18 –> 01:51:44:03
So if you take some pretty horrible fisheye photos. So if I kill a 22 inch and it looks like it’s 32 inches, you can show it. We bring it back to reality. You can bring it back to reality. I like it. How about we just do a little bit better at our picture taking this year? Let, let’s do it. Let’s make that a, make that a goal. We’re not talking around us at our table. We, we, we all see it. Instagram hunting industry is pretty well known for noses in the dirt and a lot of stuff like that. That John. But if you wanna see what the real buck looks like, why send it in to [email protected]. If you have a buddy that you wanna see what his buck really looks like, send that picture to his eye. Your buddy’s sending you a fisheye pick and you know it’s a fisheye. Send him back the real pick through John’s little app filter. You didn’t create an app, right? No. No proprietary. Couldn’t you can’t say that. Okay. Yeah, we won’t. We’ve got a good buddy. We, let’s throw a little shout out to Adam Gari. He’s a good client of ours. John Sports Center there in Kansas. John sports 6 2 0 2 3 1 7 7 4 oh. He’s just a good buddy of ours. He’s like Jason, I I’m gonna do, I deal with big bucks in Kansas. I’m a Kansas dude. Send everybody my way.

01:51:44:05 –> 01:52:47:27
I want to talk to him. And he sells a lot of gear. Hey, you can’t hurt yourself by going but going over there and visiting with Adam, tell him we sent you here at Epic Outdoors. Good friend. Not paid to throw that out there. Just a good friend of ours. Nope. Hey. All right. Good. What else? What else we got? I got some more. I got some more stickies but I’m done. Are we doing something first of the week? Gonna need the fourth monster if we go this I was gonna say, does that thing have anything in it? No. And it’s third. I figured, whoa I’m dry. Alright, well Pollocks never dry. I think we’re always up for banner. I think we’ve covered it for day. I think we’ve worn poll out. I’m dry. It’s hard being the question reader guy. You guys on? I’ll do next time through all these. I’ll sign up for it. Next podcast. What I think is funny is, Pollock never had to answer his own question. He never even came up with one. There wasn’t one for, oh come on. Logan. Was there one that said that? Was there a question for E Hey, everybody out there listening before send Josh a question. Yeah. Before next a Tuesday. We need a few Josh related. Would you rather you be send ’em all to Josh at Epic? I’ll make sure they get read. Alright.

01:52:48:00 –> 01:53:58:03
This is what I think we should do to, you’re not getting off the hook. I want you to re relate one of the stories from the game and fish days. One of the fun. Well Jason, you mean just a funny story or? ’cause sometimes you’re talking about prosecution. Well, I know that, I dunno the laws. I’m not gonna tell Josh what he can or can’t say. He can’t be doing double jeopardy stuff and all this kind of stuff here. I mean, this could get in a slippery throat. Devin. Devin, you’re getting a twitch over there. You you, you picking up what I’m putting down? I’m just chilling. I can’t film my legs in, in the past, Josh has told about 90 year olds running from the law about Oh yeah. Told plenty, plenty without fishing licenses. Everything we haven’t heard are Josh are, I mean, is it, is it all crack? All it’s craft duck to be. Yeah. I, I don’t, there’s some, I there’s one I I’d like to tell, but there’s some details of it. Well don’t have lead us down the detail road, but quit when it gets really tight. But it’s some key words that were used that are make it good. I I’m gonna have to think about that. Think about that before next week. Think about new names. It’s been so long, long ago that most of that stuff happened.

01:53:58:06 –> 01:55:07:28
I’ve been out of being a game either I was again, how long you been out? 10 years. Yeah. Almost pretty. Yeah. I as a game warden. Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Yeah. Yeah. That’s where you and Wyatt first met, wasn’t it? Yeah. Let’s hear that story. Is that a story And it Yes it is. I just remember I was just checking some we’re not gonna go there. No, no. It was, it was simple. I remember I was parked on the side of the road. I did, we’re talking a highway. No, on a dirt road. I was just parked down dirt road sitting there chilling, checking some messages. ’cause I was outta service for a bit and I’d been watching a, we were trying to catch a couple bears that were get, trying to get into some cabins. And so I was just parked on the side of the road just talking and, and I, I wasn’t a game warden. So Wyatt, what were you? I was just a biologist. Oh, you were a biologist. So Wyatt just rolled up on me, I think slow rolled up on, on, I think he was maybe even glassing for a buck that Devin shot me. Yeah. The BLM novel. This is getting deep. I like it. That was the day. Do you remember that? That was the first time the this in any way shape before? Yeah. He hates when we go there.

01:55:08:03 –> 01:56:12:01
I was probably in another state. He was probably in Louisiana. The church took me a Buckeye shot. The blm, I had my learner’s permit. I was on a bike. The one in your office. Okay. Okay. He’s in my office. Okay. He’s dead. He’s dead. Okay. So because I was parked near the BBL M knob, the famous or infamous, I don’t know what, which I didn’t kill in there. So I remember this day. So what happened? I mean that was it. Here comes the Sergeant Wyatt lights and sirens. Why the complexion on why space? But that’s what it was. ’cause we had caught the bear and I had to come out to make some phone calls and Wyatt and I are just sitting there and all of a sudden here comes a game. Warden Hot coming in ten thirty nine as they call it. Is it, is it daylight or dark or what is it? Lights. It was 10 o’clock in the morning. Okay. It just saw happen. It was 10 o’clock in the morning. You’re sitting at the road, Wyatt rolls up on you. And then what we all of a sudden we hear lights and sirens on a dirt road. On a dirt road. On a dirt road. And I’d never seen a game warden go lights and sirens on a dirt road. No, this is no joke. This was intense. They quiet balls. There was no instruction to come lights and sirens either.

01:56:12:01 –> 01:57:15:03
It was simply, Hey, I need to help loading a barrel in the back of a truck. You help me lights and sirens. And they, I don’t know what a bear and a barrel means to a game warden. But they thought it was serious. He thought you had it by the throat, like in a choke hold. Okay. Just say it interrupted our company. Why? And I, we were having a good conversation and he comes, then he barreling down that road. I don’t even know how fast he was going move. And he was literally coming to help you load the bear. That’s all he was coming for. Yeah. Did Wyatt, did you drop into a, like a turn your hands sweat? You didn’t, going too fast. He didn’t even have time to think about it. Did like, did Wyatt run? What did, what did he do Paul it? No, but I don’t think he stuck around a lot. No, no. Okay. Well both hands. 10, 10 and two. That’s, he was 10 and two. That was the day of Matt Pollock. Yeah. Alright, well we’ll leave it at that. Well, that’s where we’re leaving. It’s, that was part one, part two. Next time here on the Epic Outdoors Podcast. All right everybody, let’s call it a freaking week. Have a good weekend.

01:57:15:03 –> 01:58:45:04
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