On this episode the Epic crew gets together and talks about all things Nevada. With the application deadline coming up on May 8th it’s sure to be on everyone’s mind! If you are considering applying for Nevada, or have been applying this podcast is for you! Give us a call if you’d like help with your Nevada Application strategy, and apply online at www.ndow.org.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson, and Logan. How you doing Logan? I’m doing real good. Ill bet you are. Sounds like you had a long old weekend of fishing. How’s your I did. How’s your thumb? Thumbs are sore. Both of ’em had a switch halfway through from sitting on ’em or from fish. Got a little bit of fish marks, fish teeth marks in them right now. Ooh, come on. Wow. Making me jealous. Get soft office hands out fishing Lake Powell. It’ll ruin ’em every time. I tried not to send too many pictures so you guys wouldn’t feel bad here in the office. Didn’t send any Well that’s, that’s how nice I am. I’m a nice guy. Thanks for thinking of us. Why don’t you, why don’t you give us a quick update on Old Lake Powell. Lake Powell usually gets really good in, in April and May. Yeah. Lake Powell was hot last weekend. We, we went up there and fished two days, two full days of fishing and had about six people with us. Probably caught no exaggeration. Probably a hundred fish. A piece of all species. Yeah. Of all sorts of species. Mostly small mouth obviously. But yeah, I mean we all had a good variety of fish. Walleye, striper, croppy. Wow. Yeah. Good stuff. Dang. It was a good weekend. Fun times we had by all, huh? Oh yeah.

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Nobody was throwing any meat sticks down there. Just straight up striping meat sticks. No meat sticks, nothing. All lures. Oh no. They were snapping at anything. Yeah. Wow. They’re just waking up. Waking up and Yeah. Really getting going. They were hungry. Good. Pretty awesome. Well, all right. Did you see anything else? Did you see any sheep or no sheep? No nothing. We were pretty focused on the fish, so I can’t say I looked around a whole bunch. But you didn’t even look around for any, didn’t around that much Chick chicas. Well, you know, you are, you always have an open eye for that. But when there’s good fishing, you have priorities. Well, it’s not warm enough for That’s true. No, Chica is out the water yet. From what? La ladies to hit Lake Powell yet. That’s about July time that What was the air temperature type? I mean, I mean, it was hot. I got sunburn. So it was Did you Yeah, it was probably 75, 80. You got there afternoons. You got there before the wind, obviously. Yeah. And then we came home early Saturday. It started to get windy and Sunday was pretty bad. So terrible. Geez. You’ve been still down there out just in time. Yeah, probably. Yeah. Well, let’s talk. It’s time to be applying for Nevada. Let’s get cranking on that. I think we should. It’s Nevada’s just one of our favorite states.

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Time to get applied or, or alter your choices if you’ve already applied. Right. How many times have you altered your choices, Bronson? Just be, and I’m not saying don’t, don’t, don’t lie. Just be myself or between be all family members. No, between us only and all the podcast listeners. I know, but like you talk about how many times because I’ve changed family members and mine. Oh, okay. But I’ve changed my You did it this morning probably five times. Did it? Okay. I That’s probably on the conservative side. Well, and I’ve got, well, no, I mean, I, I mean, I changed deer, probably four of those five. And I think I changed my sheep once. You did? Yeah. But an antelope. I, I think I’m gonna change too. So you are, I’m not done. Well, I just put myself, I need to just wait till Wednesday. M help climbing the ladder of points. They’re doing great. It’s just a matter of time. And when you burn a bunch of points, you kind of wanna be there, have all your time to scout. Hopefully have a buck or two hit list found. And I am, I am optimistic that I’m gonna be, well, I, I think I’m gonna be too busy, you know, between 1st of August and August 22nd when most antelope start to really do that. So not gonna just you even gonna be in the country. Not for the first 13 days of the month. Yeah.

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That changes a guy. Oh yeah. And then when I get back, what am I gonna be running around like a chicken with my head cut kind of everywhere. Yeah. You know, which is what we do. And then we always underachieve. Yeah. And then you’ve wishing I wish I had a three day break to go an antelope and now I won’t have that. But wishing you had a three day break for ope Well, after you’re getting, who has ever wished for a three day break for, well, Jason, there’s some people. Well, I’m, you know, when you need a break from hunting a mule, deer with a bow, that’s where I’m And you need a little break. Yeah, I do. It’d be nice to grab a gun and go kill something and kill something. Yes. That’s what I’m talking about. I’m not, I’m not choosing antelope over here. Are you doing an archery antelope? No. Muzzle around. No. Why not? Because well, archery’s like the first, isn’t it? Yeah. True. So I won’t even be here. So it’s, I’m talking rifle only. That’s what I hunt antelope with. Plain and simple every single year. Yeah. I mean, I would do archery in some instances. This just, there’s no way that’s even an option. Sure. I don’t know. Archery antelope be, it just seems like it’d be a long drawn out process for the species.

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Yeah, it would, it would be when you have time to go have fun, meaning bake in a blind, eat a lot of snacks in your blind, drink a lot of fluids in your blind kick snake snack, rattle stakes outta your blind. Where, where snake shops and or borrow Devon’s snake would Devon’s snake shops even fit us. Probably short filler. He’s not here. We can talk about these guys. I don’t know. I mean, I, I never, they lied it off. I’ve never worn a poorer those in my mind either. So I don’t know either. But I haven’t hunted Texas, but I have hunted all places. I aware wearing Levi’s. You’re good. You’re good. Don’t you think that doesn’t do anything for snake? I don’t know. I mean, I’ll bet we, we, the mics up in collar have a lot. You take carros out there, that’s AKA snake shops carharts are thick, gnarly. Yeah. Sweat to death. Yeah. You’re gonna die. But anyway, we’re gonna, anyway. But it is, it is coming up here. It’s May 8th. So today is what? May 6th. Right. So we get tomorrow the podcast goes live on the sixth. Yes. This evening. And you got till 11:00 PM Nevada time on the eighth. Yeah. So, I don’t know, 11:00 PM not midnight. Teach me about time. Wow. Well, Pacific time. What is, what is that and what is that Pacific time versus what’s the other one? Well, mountain time, it’s what do mean Pacific time?

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Well, Pacific Daylight or Pacific, that’s what I’m talking about. Standard time. What is that? I think they go on daylight savings over there. But the problem is some states, when you start talking about mountain daylight and Mountain Standard, like I don’t get the difference. Well, like Arizona I think just stays on standard, right, John? Yep. I think so. They used to call ’em standard. They don’t, I just call it Arizona time. Right, okay. Utah time. Well, that’s an easier way to do it. Just say whatever time it is in Arizona, that’s time Nevada play. Okay. We’re gonna love in Arizona regs, it’s like X amount Arizona time. Okay. That everybody knows what that means. Okay. Well in this case we’ll just say 11:00 PM Nevada time. Not, not 1159. So, so when do you, are you gonna be plugging and playing on the eighth Wednesday? I, I don’t know. I might just get it done tonight and be done with it. Seal it up. Yeah. So let’s talk about, let’s talk about Nevada specifically. We love Nevada. What are some of the things besides just the fact that we were born and raised there, basically? Well, we were, and we weren’t, but, but it’s close to Utah and you, you just feel like you can be out there by yourself. So that’s what I like about it. Industry’s where we live. Yeah. We’re close to it. Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

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But what, what are some of the other things I just want to, like, as we’re talking about Nevada, what are some of the positives? You know, like, like we, it’s really easy to get going down the negatives and, and we could do that here. You know, maybe we wish there was more tags, but because there’s not more tags, they actually have high buck to door ratios. Well, it is great quality and an incredible experience once you draw a tag. Yeah. It is the driest state in the nation. So they are limited. Right, right. Outta the eight. Yeah. On what they can produce. Yeah. I mean that’s just a flat out truth. Whether it be mule deer or antelope fawns or desert sheep even, which are Yeah, the hardiest of the hardy for the dry, the hot places have higher numbers than any other state. But then when they do go through a drought, an extended drought, then we see the effects of it. Yeah, they do. However, they, they’re still giving a Yep. They’re still given more than the other state by far. Yeah. But, but everything’s take, takes a toll and three really hard years. And especially in like sheep units that they depend on water sources exclusively. In some cases, there are some portions of units when they go dry before you can mobilize the troops, if you will, and start flying water in. And, and then it becomes not just one unit.

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There’s a dozen units that needs to happen. There were some sheep dying and, and then you got lambs that don’t die ’cause la or lambs that die or don’t survive just because mama can’t, mama can’t produce milk. And mama’s barely trying to survive. And, but, but with, with all that negativity, with all, yeah, that’s as negative as you get. All that’s as negative as you get. And there’s still plenty to go around. Yeah. I mean, and they are cutting tags like, you know, in certain areas, like when they have disease events or, or whatever, mixed with drought, mixed with predation, mixed with horses. What there’s a hundred things that affect populations in some of these units. You know, 180 1 comes to mind. I know resident tags were cut there a bit. But as far as the non-resident side of things, what you see in the magazines, what you get and, and plenty of opportunity to apply and draw tags for trophy hunters, broon. Oh, it’s you and I. You got something. We, we killed desert sheep. And so it’s kind of one, one time to go there. Even if it’s, well, some of us at this table have also drawn Arizona for desert sheep. So some one of us. But having said that, I’m a little hungrier. No, you’re, you, you’re not. Yes, I am. I mean, I am personally I have one. You’re still trying, you have two.

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You, you said it before I did that. You were gonna go, you know, what are my five choices? You get five choices in Nevada, which is nice. But having said that, now you’re in this tough era. We also can’t apply for just any unit we want. There’s some that are resident only type options, which are some great units, say 2 62, 2 43, 2 71, whatever, you know what I mean? And versus units that we can apply for, which are still awesome. Yeah. There’s plenty of awesome, awesome units. But how deep are you gonna go? Well, I, I’ve left it at five choices. I have a minute at once, but I left it at five. And my, my theory is instead of less, yeah. Three instead of two or or three. Okay. Two or three. Okay. That feel like are no-brainers, but the odds are one in four to 7,000. So I want a little bit better hope than that. And, and honestly, even in the quote, better odds units in, in the state, year one in a thousand or 1500, that’s still terrible odds. And those are four units that you might kill 1 45 or 1 55 rams. You know, and I’m not interested in that. But I mean, so even if you go clear to the end of the spectrum on desert sheep for non-resident, your odds are still 1001 in 1500. So you, and that’s just based off of number of applicants. That’s very simplified. Very simplified.

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Number of your odds are actually better. Yeah. I’ve got like 24 or five points, something like that. Yes. But, but I guess my point is, I I, you’ve got a giant desert, big horn from, from Arizona. Arizona, you’re likely never gonna kill one bigger than that. So you And with one in Utah. Yeah. You’re kind of like, why do I need another one 60 or 1 65 round? ’cause you need to kill all the sheep you can in your life. Yeah. That’s my philosophy. And I’m a little bit more that way probably than you. ’cause you have two. I have one. Well, John has none. What do you feel John? John John’s still mad at his daughter for applying. She doesn’t deserve attack. Right. John? She’s, she’s an adult now. She deserves to, to build points. That’s right. I want you to fund the department. You’re gonna fund the department until you, I feel like you’ve funded it enough. You’re eligible. I got so much crap over that discussion. Just, you know, and apparently my daughter had multiple people hitting them, hitting her up about your dad would take a sheep tag from you. A hundred percent. He would every day of the week. Yeah. She came in and I was like, absolutely. You’re not 30 years old. I’m 50 years old. I deserve a shoe at some point. Speaking of youth, they make it even more an incentive for them from 12 to what, 18. Yeah.

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And I love that. Well I love that they did that. Yeah. Such, so affordable bucks, $15 hunting license. And that’s a combo instead of 155. So $140 savings off of the adults. So it’s kind of a no brainer. The only thing, if you’re listening to this podcast right now and you heard that for the first time, you better jump online and get their hunter. That’s right. Registered on K’S website, kalai, however you pronounce it. Kalai ka. Yeah. Whatever. Because you can’t just jump on and apply without them saying, seeing a picture of it and saying, yes, apply. And, but they’ll do it the day. It can be fast. You better jump on. It’ll be fast. But you, they’ll do it the day of the deadline. So anyway, but don’t, don’t, let’s procrastinates get, get her done. Let’s, let’s talk about the goods, but 12 to 17. 12 to 17. And then after that, the adult hunting license fee. And that’s even optional, bro. If you don’t wanna gain points, we know we’ve got friends that have applied and drawn. You wanna build them the points for five or six years or whatever that is from 12 to 17, 18, and then just apply ’em with that points. Yeah. And for deer and envelope, similar, all that. Just do it like she sheep, goat, moose in Colorado. Yeah. You know, build the points, why it’s cheap, why they’re young.

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And then have options decide whether you wanna keep buying or not. Yeah. And you can apply ’em without paying for it. What were, what were we gonna talk about? What I, back to what I think you, you were leading with is let’s talk about why, why Nevada’s such a good thing. It, when you get a tag in Nevada, you’ve really got something, and I can say that about every single species. Yeah. It doesn’t matter. They back to the, the dry aridness of their state and their quote quote scarce resource, you know, they make the most out of what they have with what they have. They really do. And this isn’t just us talking and spewing about, like this is proven fact. That’s true. That’s true. They’re 30 bucks per hundred dose on, on at least every unit in the state. 35 on some of them for the alternative type management. Yep. And their elk, we all know, are literally, you don’t see wide fluctuations on their quality of elk. You might see a down a little bit downturn for year two, but you don’t see the wide swings. It is, you’ve got a next level elk tag. And now they might on any unit, they might be one or two in your lifetime, but they are, well, there’s a, there’s a few units that are notably better, let’s just say the Ely units, you know. Yeah.

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Anything around Ely, since the beginning of time has, has been known as the, the premier destination type elk units in the state. And anyway, it’s been, it’s been awesome. The, you got other units that I would, I, I don’t really care to to go hunt the garbage necessarily, but it’s awesome for many people replying well and draw, and you get guys up in that end of the state there, or the oh sevens cluster in the northeast corner. It’s close to them where the Idaho or Oregon or Washington, you know, just like these units down here are close to us. And my philosophy is, if, if, if I’m only gonna get one or two elk tags out of Nevada my life, be willing to travel little further. Well, I wanna be what I want though. Yeah. Make it be what I want or I don’t really want it. And for deer, I usually play the primitive weapons called muzz loader archery. That’s how I usually do. I love them to go first. I love the primitive. I wanna go everywhere. Go first. And then also the lengthy seasons 30 days. So yeah, August 10th to September 9th, September 10th to October four for muzzle. And muzzle is like the best season they got. That’s just my opinion. Although you’re open sight and I get it. Yeah. Generally the, the fewest amount of tags given on any season is the muzzle season. Yeah. And so again, for deer. Yeah.

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And el probably too, let’s call it pre scouting. ’cause Jan’s gonna hear this and I just love to, she thinks that’s using a double, double whatever, negative or whatever. No, it’s just, what is that when you, she thinks scouting means it’s not even property English beforehand. So lemme say that’s what scouting does mean. But, but in the world of hunting, if the world of hunting, I could, going beforehand, beforehand, I could be scouting. It’s all, I could be scouting during the season. Right. My mentality is just to have a look. Jason and I have used that too long, John. And we’re old dogs. I I know. I’m just saying technically Jen is not wrong. So when you prec everything you prec for deer, you can use during the archery and muzzle and even early rifle, but archery, muzzle, especially for deer. And so, and you can mix and match. You got five choices. You can mix, mix and match. You can do archery, muzzle. I’ve even got archery and muzzles as my first picks and then kick in with a late rifle or something like that because I like to hunt early. Yep. I do too. I wanna be there. I wanna be there. I’ve said it last week or whenever we, well, every podcast ever that I wanna be there sooner and I will choose a, a, a more less effective weapon. That’s just my choice when it comes to mul.

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But you may have a less effective weapon, but I contend the seasons are more effective. Yeah, that is. So it kind of cancels that. I want First Deer are a little bit more visible archery. They’re obviously in velvet and they come outta that maybe the last week or so, muzzle loaded. They’re still close enough to their summer pattern. They’re they’re in it. Yeah. Nevada’s hot and dry. They don’t change too much. You get into October. We all know in most western states with exception of say, Southern Arizona and New Mexico, where they grow later and all that. But we’re talking Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. North October is one of the hardest times to kill a big meal. Deer. They, they, in any state, anywhere in any of those states, because they are, they’re the, they’re, they’ve rubbed their velvet. They’ve had a month or so ago. They’re just locked into a food source. They’re not thinking about dough at all. They’re just, they’re smart. Very smart. Like when they’re in the velvet, they’re kind of stupid. They let you hunt ’em again and again and again. Yeah. You can, you can blow ’em in, in a day or two, you’ll find ’em again. You get another stock, you get with a rifle. Sometimes the seasons are usually a little bit shorter too. So sometimes you get one chance if you blow it. You don’t ever see the deer again in some cases.

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But, so yeah, it’s what I have to look forward to. They throw on a few interesting seasons for deer. Especially like they have this like a late muzzle up north oh eight one or late archery in a few of these one 20 ones, the oh eight late rifle, the rubies rifle. One muzzle around great base in National Park or else over there by Reno. Yeah. 1 94, 1 91 96, 1 92. Some of these that are some oddball migration or weather dependent type hunts. Yeah. Unique. And there’s some pretty awesome, unique, you time it Right. Opportunities. I don’t usually, I’m not usually one of those guys that times those ride. I’ve had one of those hunts almost 20 years ago, you know, the one 14 tag? Oh yeah. 15. Yeah. And, and if you don’t, you actually did see some big bucks. Oh yeah, I did. You know, and they were untouchable that year. Yeah. They were in the park. Yeah. But I mean, sometimes that happens in situations like that. If you have one inch of snow, the end of Thanksgiving and no snow, I mean, that’s not just, do you ever wish you had that Ford Ranger back? No. So that I never, I I don’t know why I, I, I, I guess the reason I would’ve care my kid to drive Care about’s vehicle except for, for some reason, like those old ones, they stick in my mind.

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I just know if you drove it, if I was driving it, I just know what I’d be spending to keep it running, you know, anymore. Because you, I I, that owed me nothing. That truck. Yeah. I left everything on the mountain, that truck. Oh. Pieces of rust rusted out quarter panels. So I mean, it was, that was bad though. I, the bed even hold anything. It has holes all the way through it. Yeah. It was just fun. But yeah, grew up young family in that thing early first, first two or two in it. I just remember jumping out Becky, Becky shoot at stuff 1 14, 1 15 late muzzle tag. I just remember that’s, I don’t know why, but that’s the truck you had. Oh yeah. It might’ve been that. I was scared for you. We didn’t have much for cell phones. A little bit. I don’t know. We had, I think we had no Kias, didn’t we? Bill? They weren’t even flip phones. Yeah. Anyway. And I was just like, yeah, that guy’s, I mean, you’re taking your life in your own hands. Driving out through Minville, Milford. It had to gar, it ran and it had two headlights, I mean four wheel drive and it had two gas tanks. I liked that. It did have two gas tanks, but they rusted out if they looked like the bed. Which I was just like, I don’t even know how the gas is staying in the tank.

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It was stupid. Good. Anyway. All right. So we’ve got early seasons. We like those, but, but sometimes people will, can only hunt late. They want December hunt or, or whatever. And they can, and that’s fine. Well, like, like you Jason, I mean, let’s talk about your year. I mean, I like the November. You guys are gonna be busy in early September. Are you gonna lean more to say muzzle? And you’re probably not doing any arteries. Maybe you are, I don’t know. But this year with your September stuff you’re going up north and some of the guys you have to alter maybe. And it’s muzzle or rifle on some that, some years. I don’t do any rifles in Nevada. Most years I would say I don’t, yeah, I’ve got one. I think I’ve got one rifle in there. Mostly muzzles. I showed you my choices. Mostly muzzles, I think. Muzzles and archery. Yeah. Two and two. And I’m just like, you know, I’m okay with that. I guess, you know, at some point I like hunting with a rifle, but I, I don’t really like, like you said, I don’t really like hunting mid-October necessarily. And I don’t like hunting after everybody else. And I do like the early season stuff, but the early, the early season, the August 10th, I personally have nothing going on then. No. But I, toward the end of the season, yeah. Stuff starts, starts getting busy.

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I leave and, and stuff gets busy. So then you gotta really think, what can I do? Am I gonna do this tag justice if I do finally get drunk? ’cause it’s not easy to draw. No. Having said that, any season we’re talking like 12,000 deer tags, roughly, plus or minus a few hundred 12,900 was proposed. They had their meeting on Saturday on the state. They cut it back to 20, 23 numbers in you. In in for, for Deere, excuse me. And for most of the state. And then they even took like area six, seven, and 10. So the Oh sixes, oh sevens 1 0 1 to 1 0 9 to rubs and kicked them back 35% off of 20, 23 numbers. Which is the lowest actually a cut ’em then. Yeah. Yeah. Cut ’em instead of, you know. So anyway. I know, I’m just saying when you’re, when we’re, we’re fighting Utah, Colorado or we’re disgusted that states aren’t actively managing for quality whatsoever in many cases. There’s a few units we have that are special and they’re, you could contend they’re still managing those units, obviously. But for the most part, Nevada manages, so everyone has a quality product. So they’re, they’re proud of what they’re producing. Not that every unit’s great, some are not Yeah. Genetic limitations I guess, or some, but like, but this year, you know, with 12,000 total, generally the full state, generally the south too though, moisture for the second year in a row Yeah.

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Is, is good. And what this means with low tag numbers, if you, if you can draw a tag, you’re gonna have a, a great experience. And what this also means likely is that two years in a row, you’re probably gonna have some decent fallen recruitment. And that’s that for an older age class deer in, in three plus years, it’s gonna be, might be teeing a bit. We’ve been to some of these units approximately this year, this last year, 2023 slash 2024, winter, whatever. We’re seeing plenty of deer out there. It’s not like there’s no deer. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so then you’re even pleasantly surprised. Yeah. And so when you couple that with no hunting pressure. Yeah. Long season days. If you’ve got any rabbits, feet or whatever, horseshoes, whatever, you’ve got to rub. Here’s the other good thing about Nevada. You gotta put ’em by the eighth. You don’t gotta rub that thing for about what, seven days? Nine days. Nine days. Wow. They get their draw out from the night to the 17th. Even another, it’s pretty impressive, right? I’m gonna have to look. Yes. It says May 17th. Yes, that’s right. Unbelievable. It’s awesome. For all intents and purposes, the sixth is gone. Yes. Or the eighth’s gone. So like from the ninth to the 17th, they, they get ’em out and the day after Utah, I think, and Wyoming elk come out. Oh yeah, that’s right.

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So they get, they turn around really fast and make, allows you to make plans with, you know, whether it be calling us or an outfitter or whatever. May 8th was halfway exciting for plugging and playing on your, on your elk choices up in Wyoming. It, it pales in comparison to applying in Nevada. I mean, well I May 8th is a big day. Yeah. May 16, may 17. Those are big days. Yes. They’re, we got big days coming at us, so Awesome. You can apply for desert sheep, California, big horns. There’s only four units for non-residents, non-residents to apply for, just apply for all four. Although some of ’em are physical. Maybe oh three five. You kick off if, if it’s something you don’t want to get physical with, but there’s several options that are easy. No, not a big deal. Not not incredible sheep. It’s not like hunting John Day in Oregon. Yeah, they, they’ve been hit a little bit by the drought up there and frankly yeah. You know, but Northern Nevada, north of I 80. But, but you hit it hard, you’re gonna kill. But it’s another fifties, one sixties type ram. It’s another, another bonus point category. It’s another sheep. We know people every year that draw those seems like non-residents can apply for mountain goat. They, they have limited goat populations, but pretty, pretty killer opportunity. And you just throw in for a minimal application fee. Throw in for that too. 15, 20 bucks.

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You got another free range goat. And the lower 48 chance Elk’s awesome. Elk are elk’s. Interesting. So their archery hunts in large part are like on August 25th to September 16th. You know, you do have a few September 1st or whatever, you know, depending on, on, on the particular unit. Some of ’em are even August 16th to the 31st. But like we’ve talked about like Nevada elk or, or something special. Oh yeah. We’ve had several tags. We’ve drawn ’em, got turn back tags, I think had landlord attack up in the northeast corner one year. Like, you know, it’s just, it’s just awesome to be able to go and experience elk hunting in Nevada. There’s not a lot of tags. No. And and when you get a tag, you’ve got a excellent hunt. I’ve hunted ’em once you’ve hunted ’em twice, least two or three times in there. You had your archer tag down there. Yeah. I mean it, they’re awesome hunts. Devon and White have had awesome tags. You are hunting big bulls. Oh yeah. Love to do a do over. I mean, you just don’t get tags very often, but they are, you got something, make the most of it, you know, consider, you know, rounding up as many friends as you have are putting all you got into it. This is not a casual outcome in most Nevada units. They, there is no quote better odds just to go shoot a five and six point bull unit.

00:25:48:11 –> 00:26:55:03
They’ve all got, you know, all units have three 20 to three 40 bulls, you know, and some have a whole lot bigger than that. So there’s not like just they don’t really have any, here’s just some opportunity hunts to people to go crush two and 3-year-old bulls. They don’t really manage it that way. No. They’re, although residents can do spikes and cows and things like that. Yeah. Different categories, ation type stuff. But I mean, I’m, which is I think why not let us do some of that? I I, I’m, I don’t know. Just throwing it out there. Yeah. You know, I don’t want to get Yeah, I’m stating it for the record. I don’t necessarily want to count tag. I’m just saying there’s, well, they have depredation bull and some of those, they’ve killed some giants. They have. Yeah. And there’s one or two of’em I want. Yeah. You know, but so lots of, lots of categories. If you’re a resident, I don’t, I’d like to add ’em up. I mean, there may be three, four categories of elk. Oh, right. Management, treat, spike, you know, depredation and a regular bull. Yeah. I mean, at least four that I can think there’s probably more than that without even opening the res. As with any state, there are, you know, bon, I don’t know what you call it, bonuses or whatever. Perks for being per perks for being a resident. Like you’re gonna have some of that.

00:26:55:03 –> 00:28:00:04
Right. Traps. They have sheep too. I mean, there’s, they’ve got sheep, they’ve got one horn ram hunts to try one horn, try rat hunts, you know, target some of the old rams that have been busted off. At times they’ll consider adding a non-resident tag or whatnot. But, but yeah, there’s options. It’s separate. There’s options for these guys. Yep. And, and have at it. It’s awesome. So anyway, yeah. Muzz, you know, muzz elk is kind of overlooked I think a little bit. It’s, it’s generally an October 22nd to fifth hunt, depending on the unit. There’s, there’s a, a few nuances, there’s a few rut hunts in s September jar should be September 17th. But, but I think guys overlooking a little, you’ve got an open site muzzle, you’re looking long, there’s long looks in Nevada. Yeah. Generally you’re a 15 power type state. It’s a long look. And in general, that’s a post rut. You, you see October 22nd, think, oh, there’s no bugling some years they are though. Yeah. It’s weird. I mean, some years they’re going strong and it’s a, you steal the rut hunt out of it. You can’t count on that every year though. That’s the problem. Some years you get it, they’re the biggest bulls. You’re gonna, you’re gonna glass ’em, uptalk them, try to kill ’em, try to kill ’em. That’s the one thing about muzzled around. You gotta get close. Yeah. And if it’s glorified bow hunt almost.

00:28:02:06 –> 00:29:09:17
I mean it probably, you’re, you gotta get close open sight. Yeah. There’s some of these open sites with turrets now that, I don’t know, maybe that’ll change the way, but I contend when you’re looking through iron sight, it just is what it is. Yeah, it is. What, how much are you, are you covered, you a how fine can you aim at a, at an shot 200 yards deer down south in 2019 and it was 125 yard shot. And I, it might as well have been a mile. I was, I thought that was the extent of my effectiveness. Yeah. And I was young back then. Yeah. You know what I mean? That was five years ago. Yeah, exactly. I felt a lot, lot younger than I do now. But anyway. Just, but then that was a prime example of shooting a deer in kind of a no name or sleeper type area. Like it’s not known. It’s one of the few deer, you know, in, in that caliber that’s been killed out of the unit. And I think, I guess my point is you could do it about anywhere. Yeah. You could antelope, deer, elk, sheep, I don’t know, sheep. I feel like there’s some units that are just destined to have small sheep and there’s some units that are just That’s right. Known for it. Always have ’em have had ’em. That’s right. Deer. We probably hammered deer down a lot.

00:29:09:21 –> 00:30:25:19
But, but anything, I mean, we probably had all three seasons, like I said, a myriad of different options. Obviously we went over the five choices. You get Nevada, so you can mix and match weapons. You can mix and match. You know, one thing I like about this commission, the Nevada Commission, is they’re, they’re no joke. They’re answering to the people. I think they’re getting a lot of emails and, and phone calls just like every commission. But these guys listen and they’re cutting tags when it’s not, you think you can run a budget on 12,000 deer tags, a few elk tags, a few sheet tags. They’re, that’s some antelope Well they’re, they’re running old trucks and they’re doing it on a beer budget. You know what I mean? I mean it’s just, it’s just a, it’s, it’s, it’s, my heart goes out to ’em a little bit, you know? But, but having said that, they do produce a quality product. You kind of can’t beat the weather. You can’t beat their state for being arid. It is what it is. There’s certain variables you can’t control, you know. So anyway, as far as antelope, great opportunities for antelope. Tons of, they’ve actually, they’re increasing tags. Yeah. In, in many cases they bounce that faster, which we all have known that they can mature faster bucks can. Yeah. You know, three years old plus can be exceptional trophy bucks.

00:30:25:22 –> 00:31:21:18
So don’t take as many years as say elk and deer do. Consequently, I mean, I don’t think I applied for ’em for maybe the first eight or 10 years that I applied over there, to be honest. You know, I didn’t, and, and then we added them. So, you know, I’ve got the mid-teens or something on points. Geez. So I’m up there enough to, to feel like, all right, I could, that’s what I mean. I don’t know that I wanna just jeopardize that many points and not really being able to, I wanna do it in a year that I don’t have a lot else going on. And this doesn’t feel like that year for me. Well, they killed a number of good ones. And even, you know, talking to the biologists over there, they’re excited. There’s a good grade age class and you know, with these wet years you just, or there’s just a lot of optimism coming around. Yeah. Antelope, when you applied initially, like, just tell me what your theory was ago. Yeah, yeah. For antelope. Yeah. Your theory was you didn’t wanna drive much more than 53 miles.

00:31:22:04 –> 00:32:26:24
Well, longer than that, but yeah, I mean there’s, Nevada’s a big state, even though there’s a lot of bigger, but we’re down in the southeastern corner when we, when we cross into Nevada to go way north of I 80 and all that, or towards the northwest corner, my, I might book a flight to get there. Okay. Like I, you gonna fly it to denial? Well, I guess, yeah. Reno well, and then drive another four hours because, but I mean, p rated tires. My, you don’t have to rent a vehicle. I generally want stuff in the, the southern or central part of the state. For me personally. Yeah. For an antelope. That’s just, but then you said you were gonna plug and play and I haven’t done it yet. And why were you gonna plug and play? Were you gonna go a little deeper? No. Were you thinking about going a little deeper in the state? I’m thinking doing points only. Well, come on. That’s what I told you. Yeah. I, I’m feeling well. I didn’t know that was serious. Yes. No, I, I know I get that you’re gonna be gone for a minute in, in August, but for crap sakes, well you wanna just flush, you know, 15 plus points down the drain. No, I don’t really wanna do that. Even then, most of the antelope puns that I’m putting in for are very, very hard to draw.

00:32:27:19 –> 00:33:30:17
But I just kind of wanna, you know, I don’t know. I don’t hunt an, I hunt antelope when I have a chance to have a big antelope in generally. And that’s generally how I’ve won hunt antelope. Now there’s been other times I’ve taken my kids and we’d do it differently. You know, they’ve all killed their first antelope having fun doing it that way. But for me, at this stage of my life, I wanna hunt a big, an try to hunt a bo and Crockett type antelope. And that usually just means spend a lot of time prior to the season, inventory as many as you can. And if I fill my time’s limited between say late July and August 22nd, which I think it’s going to be, that’s when I think, I don’t wanna just show up. I guess I can show up in an antelope in Wyoming. I don’t wanna just show up in Nevada. You wanna really work it? Well, you’ve got a, well, you’ve got a I like it. I knew there was an emphasis on it, antelope. Well, I just want to kill a big one. That’s all. You’ve already killed a big one. I want another one. I want another real big one. One that one that you guys all gawk at when bring into the office. What? 87 inches doesn’t work. Well, I want another one. That one’s when I, I need to bring one in the office.

00:33:30:19 –> 00:34:39:11
So you’re only good is your next tag. I want, I want a big one for I just big antelope or like anything when they’re big there, there’s something, there’s something about ’em. There. There is not that I have a bunch of them. Not that I don’t, there’s something about them. I’m mean, I have one really big antelope, but, so I’ve got a question. We talk a lot to people with, you know, 10 to 20 to plus points. What’s your advice for guys that haven’t started Nevada yet? Maybe they’re, they’re just thinking about they should start. Should I start or should I not? And, and what direction should I go? You know, and, and let’s also say, you know, for deer, they’d be happy with seeing one 50 class bucks. Yeah. Maybe a potential for a bigger buck, you know, if they get lucky. But, but that’s, that’s kind of the mindset can totally talk ’em into that. Yeah. If you say, Hey, I only want 200 inch deer, three 80 plus bulls and 85 inch plus antelope, that’d be me. I I’m raising my hand. Well, but yeah, but you have 20 something points for some of those already built up. But that’s a harder sell for a brand new guy. I, it is, but I would start because I would do it anyway. Because you just need your name in the house. It’s like us playing raffles here and there.

00:34:39:13 –> 00:35:43:03
There’s not a lot of difference anymore. You just think I gotta have my name in a hat in all the different places that I really would die to have a and priorities change. Not that if you’re like a more of a trophy hunter now that later in life you won’t be, because that usually you, you progress to a certain stage and then you kind of maintain that. But, but Jason, we’ve talked to people that are in their sixties or seventies that have a pile of antelope points to think, ah, I just don’t, or pile of points, deer, elk, cantaloupe. And then they start saying, well geez, you know, maybe, you know, maybe I’ll use my deer points to play with my grandson and, and take him on a hunt. Right. Yeah. There’s things like that. Now, currently non-residents, the only, the only species you can apply duo for is deer. But, but there’s, there’s an option. And he just, I think it was for any deer tag pretty much. Yeah. And he had like 20 points, 20 plus points. He just was put his grandson to draw a deer attack. And so there’s a reason he applied for, you know, and he’s probably hunted some other stuff in the state over the years. But I guess in general though, to Jason’s point, yeah. If, if you wanna dream big, it’s a great dream. Big state. Kinda like the dream big stuff in Arizona.

00:35:44:14 –> 00:36:53:04
But I do think there’s a lot more if you have your expectations down on that 1 51 70 deer and opportunity ope punts. Yeah. A whole lot more options. And you can hunt with multiple weapons for deer, green light, a lot, a lot of options. And, and just like, you’re gonna go out and you’re gonna see deer. Like there’s, and you’re not gonna have a ton of hunting pressure, generally speaking. So it’s just the, the whole experience is awesome. Not just like, okay, it’s not just about the size, like 84 point, I see. The first four point, and then if you also see 30 trucks opening morning, that’s hard on a guy. Yeah. You know, that’s not, it’s not fun. Right. But, but anyway, there are options. But even with the trophy mindset, just the chance of being in the draw and, and the excitement that, that, you know, is, is around that and who’s gonna get the tags and all that. Like, I couldn’t go without applying. No, I also don’t think a couple hundred bucks is what it used to be. And I guess that’s weird to say, but it’s just a, we’re a little older in life and, and so this means more to us than maybe it did at 20 years old. You just, you know, it is just different. You’re in a different time of your life. Well it is one of those states that we know unequivocally.

00:36:53:12 –> 00:37:53:17
It is, it you, your dreams of hunting, whatever species you have can be made true very easily when you just draw a tag and just, and you don’t have scouting all summer. Yeah. And going out and pretty soon you, you just fall in love with that state. Yeah. There’s some tags st you can draw one of the best tags in the state and you’re still not sure if you’re gonna find what, what you’re really have. Yeah. You know, maybe some, some other states and you don’t feel that way in Nevada. You draw a good tag there. You may kill the in in the good right year with the moisture, whether it be elk, antelope, deer, obviously the sheep or happen when they happen. But you’ve got something and you can kill something world class. That’s what lures me into about it. That’s what I like. But also not every unit has that potential. And I think that’s where we come into play. We talk about the units, you know, we give our descriptions in the magazine as well as on the online EAG and things like that. And there are units that make sense for guy, for certain people. And there’s some units that just don’t, they never have produced that good of bucks for per se, but maybe are known for quantity, you know, area 14, area 15 or whatever.

00:37:54:03 –> 00:39:03:29
And, and even, you know, there’s, then there’s other units that are kind of up and comers or you know, they cycle a little bit. And we’ve seen that and we’ve hunted some of those, you know, ’cause you want to hunt everywhere. There’s the possibility. So anyway, I also like, you know, little plug for epic and our online odds, like the online odds of, you know, like you were talking about antelope units, there’s, there’s a plethora of choices, right? And, and so you can go on there and just really work over your odds based off of your points, your point, level and, and just get a feel for how easy should I be doing archery? Should I do some, there’s a limited few muzz or antelope options. But anyway, maybe you consider that or maybe you just do the rifle and that those choices may change from year to year to year, depending on your hunt schedule and whatnot. But you can get aggressive. But antelope are interesting. You could kill a big antelope. I would say any unit. Yeah. It’s not, it’s not tied, not always predictable either. There are places that it generally happens more than others. No question. Yeah. But then there’s other stuff like, I mean like, like Wyatt, Wyatt and Devon have killed bucks. You know, kind of just, just places. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Some big bucks. Drew tags.

00:39:03:29 –> 00:40:10:19
I, I was talking to one of the biologists and they were saying, you know, I was talking about like area six for a, just, just throwing it out there and, and, and the tag increases and things like that. Tag levels and, and whatnot. And, and, and you know, people were concerned that there was, you know, a major winter kill and, and whatnot. He’s like, our ground surveys are showing over 2000 animals. Like you just start to realize there’s a, there, there is a, a lot of opportunity in Nevada even dealing with the arid state that it is. And so anyway, great opportunities, of course, non-residents, we get to hunt and or at least apply for PIW deer. So partnership in wildlife, deer, three non-resident tags. It’s kind of like a glorified landlord tag. You get to hunt all weapons any open season, any open season with that weapon. Yeah. In any unit. So you can bounce around units, you can hunt the, the famed units if you want. Call ’em that in the southeastern part of the state for, for all during all regular seasons. Whether it be archery, muzzle or rifle. Definitely for 10 more bucks. Why not check it then why not? Then of course you have, if you feel so inclined and wanna throw 25 bucks a pop at the silver state tags. Those are true quote governor tags.

00:40:10:21 –> 00:41:16:19
They’re, you know, usually what July, August openers sheep I think are a little bit different than the deer elk cantaloupe in August 1st. But you get hunt for, call it four, four, five months statewide. Those are like rifle, those are governor tags. They’re special. Yeah. They give one one of those. There’s no, it’s non-resident resident quotas, but everybody can only buy one entry. So you got 25 bucks or whatever it is. I think, and I’m a sucker dude. I I, I plop it down man, here you go. Empty my wallet. You know, just, just, just ’cause So anyway, and, and you get to support a state that’s willing to cut tags when needed or not, you know, or manage to levels that, that are acceptable to trophy hunters and guys that care a little bit, a little bit higher than just what you’d call biological minimums. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And so then I, you’re like, you know what, I don’t mind throwing a few more bucks at that state for doing such a thing and, and my name’s in the hat. And so, you know, maybe we’ve known guys, a lot of our clients have drawn, I mean not, I wouldn’t say a lot of our clients, I guess a lot of the tags that have been drawn on these special tags Yeah. Have been drawn by guys we know. Yeah. So very, very true.

00:41:17:00 –> 00:42:36:13
And I think if another plug for our service, if you haven’t applied in, in Nevada and you’re thinking about getting started, you join our service, you know, today you can immediately go on, log into the website, pull up the last magazine, and you, it’s like if you’ve never applied somewhere, we boil it down, we take the regulations and we put ’em in a format that’s really easy to understand. So you can read through Nevada fairly quick, quickly and be ed educated on, you know, how to apply in Nevada and, and the ins and outs. Okay. I like it. John. Sounds great. You know what, they’ve, they’ve, they’ve sent out an email. It’s interesting they send out one this morning, but anyway, three days left. So today’s the sixth, seventh, eighth, you have the sixth, seventh and eighth. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. They’ll help you get through the process. 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM you’re welcome to call him (855) 542-6369. So 8 5 5 5 4 2 6 3 6 9. I don’t think you’ll need to call him. If you do, then fine go for it. But quite frankly, like a pretty easy draw process. Yeah. It’s, I mean anybody that can work an iPhone can can apply in Nevada. Now there’s some states that are kind of aggressive going in and buying a hunting license in Arizona and going back in, you know. That’s right.

00:42:36:13 –> 00:43:44:06
And you do have to be prepared if it is your first time, like we talked about for youth, but it is for people born after what, Jason 1960. Yeah. To verify your hunt red, not just type in a number. Yeah. But upload a photo or a PDF or something of your actual card so they know you got proof. That is the only slight, you know, slight holdup them verifying that. But, but our experience, they tell you a week, but don’t, don’t, don’t be discourages not apply. They’ll usually get back to you in a day. So they will, and they treat you like a client, just like a regular business. They want your money, they want you to apply, they want you to be happy. And so they’ll work with you. It’s, it’s, it’s kind of unique quite frankly. So anyway, you can also go to endow.org, you can go to Epic Outdoors. We’ve got the e mag up, you’ve got paper mag. And for those of you that are members, you’re being able to look at it. You can also call ’em up (775) 688-1500. I don’t know what else to tell you. If you want to apply in Nevada, you sure can. I think it’s well worth doing. It’s a state that we highly, highly endorse and, and can’t get enough tags in the state of Nevada, quite frankly. Yep. It’s gonna be nice.

00:43:44:08 –> 00:45:03:16
It’s only nine days too till you find out that’s, that’s a pretty awesome turnaround. Okay, I like it. So on that note, in nine days, bro, let’s see, is it nine days? Yeah. Well I guess from the eighth to the 17th, I’m just doing rough math. 10 11 automatically, whatever. Anyway, here, shortly in a week and a half, if you drew a tag, we wanna know about it. Give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. If you drew a tag, we wanna know about it. Good luck in the draws. Try it. I hope I, I hope I draw a sheep tag. Come on. Kind of hopeful. Which one last question, Bronson. I’m an open, I’m an open book. Open book. No, no. Shizz open with a couple fingers on the back pages not get turned. Anyway, if you could have any tag in the state of Nevada straight up they were handing you a tag besides PIW or silver state. Any tag? Any tag? I had an answer until you said that. I know. I can see it on your face. I know. I wasn’t even looking at you. I can see it. What tag would you want? I’m gonna go this year. I’m gonna go. Oh, it’s tough. Either be a 2 63 sheep or the two forties archer muzzle or deer. I probably leaned to the deer only because I think it’s gonna be awesome.

00:45:05:07 –> 00:46:20:19
And I know that sounds crazy ’cause I’ve taken a lot of sheep out of 2 63 with ERs. We’ve rent, Jason, you and I both, we rent a lot of cameras there. A lot of big rams. But yeah, I’d go with a deer. How about you? Same. Okay. Plead the No, I just, yeah, I couldn’t put elk over deer or sheep myself, even though I, they have giant A 400 inches. Yes, they have them. Yeah. So it’s really a hard decision. Most states that’s easier, easier question. But the best, the best desert tag, which for non resident I think is probably 2 63 this year. I’d probably take a Muzz, Muzz or Muzz 24. Two forties. Yeah. 2 41, 2 45. That’s what I’d say. I mean, but I, I mean, and you know the one thing, the one thing, and you know this about me, the, and the, my weakness is, is the sticktoitiveness, like you, it’s you should take that tag and you should hunt September 10. October 4th. Yeah. And we end up loading up our schedule to where you’re too deep and, and your mind wanders and your time gets fractured. Fractured, fractured and splintered and, and Yep. And you can’t do that in Nevada. These tags don’t come around long enough.

00:46:21:07 –> 00:47:24:04
So back to Jason’s point, when you draw a tag, those of you that draw tags and need help, whether give up everything else, whether it be a member experience list that we can provide you from Meek outdoors of people that have been there, done that in your unit. Give us a call. Or whether it be an outfitter, you think, I wanna make the most of this. ’cause I, I know I’m not gonna get a tag like this again, give us a call. We can recommend somebody we highly trust and know and endorse for the unit that you’ve drawn. So you gotta make the most of it. And time is usually what that takes. Whether that be your own time with you and a group of friends, or whether that be, you know, with an outfitter that can help you, you know, stay, stay home, take care of your work, business, family, whatever, and then, and show up and, you know, take part in an awesome hunt that hopefully they’ve done a lot of scouting and prep preparation for you. I like it. They also have some dream tags. We’ll be discussing that later. You don’t have to deal with it now. They do have desert, bighorn, elk, deer and antelope. And you apply by June 30th. You know, total different process. Envy dream tag.org. If you just want to get it outta the way you can Sure. Buy tickets now. Unlimited.

00:47:24:13 –> 00:48:36:28
Go on there and, and check it out. But that’s Nevada big game. Oh, we didn’t even talk about moose. Well, but we don’t need to. You can breeze through that real quickly. Jason. Go ahead. Take it away. No, non-Resident techs. Two resident techs. Well anyway, probably they did open up moose. It’s kind of exciting. One of those guys is gonna kill the state record. Yeah. Okay. Right. Okay. So this is, let’s make this prediction. There’s gonna be a state record and a number two. That’s right. And there’s gonna be two belt buckles. Right. The Kit Carson Award. That, that the belt buckles are awesome. They’re silver buckles. They don’t, you, you don’t need to make three for that species this year. I should not even a dreamer. I should hit a 10 and just see, make sure they’ve got a moose category for the Nevada record book. You know what I mean? Yeah. Because they, it’s a deal. It’s of a big deal in their state. You have to have each animal officially scored Boone and Crockett, and then they give the top three in each category. You know, elk, deer, antelope. Yeah. All species of sheep. Yep. Goat in this case moose. So gonna be a state record and a number two bull killed this year. If they enter ’em, hey, well, hey, whatever. You never know. They might not even em anyway. Kinda interesting.

00:48:36:28 –> 00:49:56:22
You know, they’ve pioneered down from Idaho over the last 20, 30 years, bits and pieces and to the point that they’re, I mean, they’ve crossed I 80 in places and been seen in wells. Yep. They have weird places, you know. Wow. Not, not what you’d consider probably be off the wells runway that you fly into. Never know. Yeah. That, that’s still a five hour drive in the northeast corner. So anyway, yeah, the Nevada little plug for the Nevada record book two Nevada record book.com. Super good people that run it. Tim Es good friend and client, just a, just a great guy and, you know, support ’em as well. You can get on there and, and purchase the Nevada record books. And then of course they have just, they’re awesome. These silver buckles. I think every state should do it. You people want ’em, even the governor tag holders, everybody, everybody wants a, a belt buckle from Nevada. So anyway, kind of cool. A lot of, a lot of good opportunities. Great states one, we, we definitely recommend applying. So wish a luck. Everybody get your name in the hat. If you hunt in multiple states or want to expand your hunting portfolio, the epic outdoor license and application services for you. We have dedicated hunt consultants and a team of application specialists to help you develop and achieve your short, medium, and long-term hunting goals. We do the work, you draw the tags.

00:49:56:24 –> 00:51:22:15
Epic Outdoors license app 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Handcrafted quality. Precision rifles from start to finish is Red Rock Precision Rifles. Many of our staff use Red Rock rifles and we are excited to announce the new Red Rock, epic Mountain Rifle 2.0. Visit red rock precision.com to learn more. If you are in the market for a hunting property, look no further than St. James. St. James Sporting properties specialize in premier hunting properties throughout the west. Check out available hunting properties at st james sporting properties.com. Here at Epic Optics, we are a verified dealer for Swarovski Zeiss, Leica Vortex, pulsar, stealth cam and more. Call us today to visit about available optics we have and what would be right for you. Or visit epic optics.com. Good looking comfortable. Camo describes KU u. Check out the new encounter camo line for some of the best early to midseason gear out there. Check out ku u.com to learn more. Kenna Trek makes great boots for any situation. Most sheep hunters in the high rocky altitudes use these boots to keep their ankles in. Check in the rough terrain. Visit kenna trek.com to learn more. We at Epic Outdoors are a fierce firearms dealer and have many popular models in stock and ready to ship. Call us today if you would like help deciding which options are right for you. Fierce long-range Rifles are a great rifle and many of our employees here use them. Visit fierce arms.com to learn more.

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