In this episode the crew gets together and finishes discussing the “Would You Rather” questions we collected from our Instagram followers. From rattlesnakes vs. bear attacks to Rams vs. Muleys, we answer some of the toughest questions our listeners could give us!

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire Epic Outdoors crew minus Logie Bear and John. Where y’all at? Those guys are taking the day off. They got project Well won Shop project. What? I didn’t think people get days off here during application season. It’s a tough time of year to take a day off, isn’t it? It is. It was tough to even get in the podcast room. But they are not on the license application side of things though, too. And they march to their own beat. Right. But, but what we have learned is the rest of us in the office are, are why everybody here works for Wyatt. A hundred percent. Like Wyatt’s. He makes me nervous when, when you just think about it, nobody could give a crap if my truck, Devon’s truck, your truck. Nobody even comes to ask, oh, is Jason not here today? Nothing. If Wyatt’s truck is not in the parking lot, when everyone comes into the parking lot, everyone assumes something is wrong. Something’s wrong. Like in a third or Carly’s home. Yes, she’s, she’s crushing it. Yes. Or there, there may be some to start thinking, today’s a free day today. We’re gonna do what we want. We’re going to run wire. We’re gonna ourselves today. We’re, yeah. Yeah. So yes, we all work for Wyatt.

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When we walk in the temperature of the off, we all check the temperature of the office and it’s largely predicated on what’s happening at Wyatt’s desk. True. That this time of year. True. Tell this time of year. Tell June 5th. We don’t care why it then we don’t care. Right. Because we just know you’re good after that. Yeah. After that it’s all good. That’s right. This year, that is June 5th. Sometimes it’s 10th or 12th. But this year Arizona’s the fourth and Idaho’s the fifth. So we’re done after that. I, so it’s, yeah. I contend even in the summer when the rooster’s not in the coop, it sits Yeah. There’s disarray. Yeah. We don’t know how to function. Eggs are being laid in the corner, not in the box. Fluffy. The boxes are not being utilized. Yeah. Nesting everywhere. Well, free range chickens. There’s kind of the craziness, the, oh, it’s organic cage free. If they could live. You know why, why don’t you start us off A lot of feral cats. Oh, Devin. Yeah. Speaking of feral cats, how was last night in your house? What do you mean? What do you mean? What do I mean? You said yesterday that it was a UFC battleground on your lawn. It was how cats you found, you found blood scratches beds. You did. I didn’t hear about this. There were some feral cats.

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Some half feral and some one with a collar converged on my lawn about to look like a LARPing session. But I didn’t see any last night. They must have settled it. Okay. To answer your question, couple of gangs of cats. That’s, that’s what he told me. What one was the boss? The only one. That’s the good ones. There’s an orange one that hunts. The rest of ’em are a bunch of just Gen Zs that do well, they get handouts. There’s one that he was certain dominance. Well, you know when Devon calls the, we’ll just call it the local animal control authorities for us, for a device office. Wanted office about condition. Went to office. I went to the office. Yeah, you did? Yeah. Yesterday. Face to face. How did I miss all this? I don’t know. You just wanted to know what legal, legal and moral grounds you had to stand on Todd. Yeah. She said you’re about the 20th person this week that lives in your town. That has been in here. Or called. Yeah. And so what’d she say that insinuates did she, big problem. Did she take kill him? No. You can trap them. Jason. You have to take ’em to a vet. They pay for it, neuter ’em, and then you bring it to them. But the next available opening is end of October. Oh Jesus. The vet, vet neutering. Then you just drop off. You have a pet cat until October.

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If you have a princess cat, if feed cats, they’ll get it in by tomorrow at five. But if you have a feral one that needs neutering and relocated, they’re, they don’t have an opening until December 14th. Pretty much. So did you make an appointment for, for October, November, December. I’ll probably be busy end of October. Not worried about cats. No, I won’t be. Why did you go in there? Were you afraid for your safety? No, I just wanted, it’s the ruckus at night. You can’t sleep at night. Yeah. It’s, I wanted to know what my rights were as a human. No, when I tell you it’s a battleground. Was it, you should hear it sometimes. So it’s mo it’s not just ones unbelievable. It’s, it’s not just one occurrence. Like it’s, I see a new cat every day on your property. It’s, I’ve never seen that one. Never seen that one. There’s this new fluffy one. I mean, he’s the boss. He showed up and he owns the yard. The neighborhood. You think the sounds coming from John’s backyard we’re bad And I want it to be known. I don’t own cats. You should nickname that one. You don’t even like cats. You don’t, I don’t even like cats. They’re, they’re sneaky and they just, they are always watching stink. They, they stink. Dogs love you. Dogs are normal. Make you sneeze. Dogs have personality. I don’t, I’m not against cats.

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It’s just, if you have 47 of them and you feed a hundred more feral cats, I don’t like you. If you, I’ll put it this way. You’re ruining the neighborhood. You’re, you’re attracted feral cats. If you died in your house and you were there with your dog, moose would lay by your side forever. He would die forever next to you. Next he would. Your cat would, he would eat you. He sits. Yeah. The cat could care less if, if I’m on the couch. Moose is right here. Yes, he would die right there. Yes. The cat would eat you. Yeah. Start with my eyes after it scratched up the carpet and covered you up. You cast you up. You know. So true. Tried to keep you. How did we even, it’s disgusting. I have no loyalty. I did not know you had projects going on at your place. Cat projects. Yeah. Well, I don’t know what you call project is just a problem. Yeah, yeah. Maybe what you need is some trail cameras. Yes, some trail cameras. Wyatt, where can he get some trail cam? So right here at us. We’ll have him coming here pretty quick here at Epic. Any day. Any day. We should be get a shipment there. Stealth cam been a great partner and friend of ours for, for a long time. That’s right. So it’s about all any of us run here at the office. That’s right.

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What, how many cameras are you gonna run this fall? That’s what I wanna know. Well, and where I’m gonna wait for the end of the month and results big month. Talk about that mean That’s gonna determine a lot of my fall here. In fact, you don’t have to wait. Guess you’re not tired of talking about a license app section. Yeah. You don’t even have to wait till the end. They said the 16th. This one, they’re gonna be coming out. This Utah will be the 16th. What? We got Nevada the 17th. You might draw a goat tag in Wyoming on the eighth though, right? Yeah. Might need to pack in a few cameras into the wilderness. We’ve got goat projects. Yeah. Got Wyoming coming out. Can you legally attach a camera to a tree in a wilderness area? What? Let’s just say we don’t know. ’cause if you get caught doing that, well that might be a problem. Don’t, because they can prove that you knew it. ’cause the We Outdoors podcast. She’s admitted to it knowing. No, no, I don’t recall. Strike this from the record. Okay, go ahead. Wyoming Elk on the 16th. We got Colorado towards the end of the month. So Nevada the 17th? Yeah. Probably got Montana, moose, sheep, goat. 15 or 20th. Upcoming deadline. Nevada. Yeah. Idaho. Nevada. May 8th Due on the eighth. Yeah. May is a good month. It’s a fun month. But also May 2nd was a good day. Yes.

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To get rid of Utah, Kansas out of the way a few days before that. Then you get to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming shooting and goat stuff move along. Right. Oh, well talk about something else. Let’s talk about the Utah survey. You took what? Real quick? Just a handful of us, too. Handful of us took it. Yeah. The Utah survey. Very aggressive. Most aggressive survey. They didn’t want Bronson’s put input. Yeah. They knew he is more of a shooter guy. He didn’t get it. Yeah, he’s a, I think my rack s probably Devin’s more of antelope, but I think’s pretty clear. Could be read for years ago. That’s right. Go ahead. I was just saying that Devin didn’t get it. ’cause he’s more of an antelope guy. I’ll send him the antelope. I’ve never applied. And the cat guy turns out he likes cats. He’s lions. Probably doesn’t like lions and bobcats. I’m the antelope cat guy. Come on. I dunno. I’d fight. I’d fight for, I have never applied for antelope in Utah. Yeah. So I don’t know what to tell you. Well I mean it’s not gonna be one of your choices of not gonna kick that over deer. Yeah. Deer. Deer. Unlike other friend. Unlike other friends that you and Wyatt have that chose them over deer elk. We’ve already talked Cameron Gilman. That’s right. It happens. Calling. So they have this aggressive survey coming out. We’re looking at changing up some things in deer.

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No, the deer plants. Yeah. So they just basically, first question was, do you kind of agree with our, our dear plan and strategy And it just kind of worked all the way through there As far as do we agree with what do you want? Implementing more weapons, more More weapon types and restrictions. And you know what we look for in a general season hunt. What we look for in limited entry. How they should allocate tags. Lower buck. How satisfied. How you buck to no ratios. Yeah. Satisfaction or sat. Satisfaction. Satisfaction. I like that. Satisfaction. I didn’t know what I’m saying. Satisfaction. I like that. Satisfaction. Certification’s a good of word. Yeah. Rate your satisfaction mark. More opportunity for booger eaters. What we gotta, yeah. Can’t forget the youth. You know, youth of America. Well we gotta give everybody so many participation trophy. So my kids have turn turned down. Youth opportunities. They turn ’em down. Well anyway. Yeah. I’m glad they give a survey, but why kind of sucks. We didn’t get one. It’s gotta be random. It’s a random, purely random. They extrapolate whatever that to the demean 180,000. It’s all statistics. So we’ll see where that goes with the Mule deer committee there. Working through here in Utah. I hope you represented my interest. Well Wyatt Cash and Jason. Yep. Well it wasn’t to me, it was Justin. Justin. Oh he did that.

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Yeah, he had a survey and he had to ask me what CWD was. I talk, I had to explain. It was actually a good bonding experience between me and Justin. It isn’t a generic, it isn’t a generic form of WD 40. No WD 40 came to his mind and some obscure disease that we’ve never seen came to my mind actually Tryon that could live in the dirt for many years. Even after a Josh just got it down. You need to kill every living creature within 200 miles without Pion P on. So we have to have birds, bees and CWD with our kids. Talk with our kids, I guess. Alright, Josh? Yeah. Should we, should we just start? Let’s do, I’m wondering if we should work on the, the would rather questions. Get ’em done. And then what do you give it a little bit of break with some of our What have you got? I’ve got stuff. Yeah. What? It’s got nobody else beats brought stuff. We sell muzzle orders, don’t we? Oh, okay. That stuff got a few things. One powers are in stock. I mean, we got some stuff here. What do you got? Where’s your stuff? Right here, boss. So Adam’s got some sticky notes in his head. I’m just finally maybe jump into the one powers while we’re, let’s dive dive into it. Dive Bronson dive into it. Well I think we’re pretty much outta the crossfire.

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One buys Crossfire Twos, those went like hot cakes on a 4th of July breakfast flying out the door left and right. Ward breakfast, whatever you want. Anyway. Lions Club. I think when guys, when we say won’t last long, call us ASAP. A lot of guys don’t believe us. Yeah. And they should believe us because, and then we made a second order. They were gone. Did you know it got shipped the Yeah, well those are the loopholes. The second order of S. Yeah. Oh, Wazo loopholes. Yeah. As far as the loopholes. Yes. Oh, we got crossfire. Yeah, I was talking about the crossfire. We sold out red dots but, and we’re not getting more crossfires from No. Until hopefully August. August Vortex is not even coming out with more till probably right before the hunt. So anyway. Yeah. Good option there. The pol is a great option if you’re one. A red dot. I I, my preliminary decision has kind of been made that I think a dot for me is gonna be better than a cross hair. That’s just my, it’s a one MOA dot. It’s really, really, it’s so fine. Falls it unbelievable. But I’ve got both and I’m gonna take ’em both to the range and I think everybody should do the same thing. Yep. Because some people might choose open sides. Seriously. I don’t know. I don’t. Devon’s little thing might. They might. And in and in New Mexico, we’re gonna be using an iron side.

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Don’t have to worry about Yeah, you gotta have one of those. But the thing we learned too is when, when we were testing all these go outside. Yeah. If you can look through these, unbelievable. If you’re, if you’re torn on what to use, use go outside. There’s that little square light down there. What? 370 yards. It’s gotta be what? A foot square? Yeah. And that. Do I feel like I could knock that light out? It’s unbelievable. And it’s got a turt on it. Dial it up. Dial it down. Yeah. It really is. It’s a great option. If you’re looking for a lot, we’re gonna have to take out our readers to read it on that turret. That MOA reading might modify it slightly. I’ve got some ideas in mind. Fingernail polish or what? Yeah, maybe just make some bigger etching and cover up the bigger numbers and call kenten industries. Throw a little turret on there. I’m gonna modify that. But I couldn’t believe it. It was unbelievable. And I don’t know if it was the, the diameter of the objective or, or the tube or I think it’s that 34 millimeter tube. Is it? It doesn’t give some, some of those with like a one inch tube and stuff. You get a little bit, you’re a toilet paper roll a tunnel. Yep. With that 34 millimeter, I think it’s a little easier on your eye.

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The other big deal is that not magnified or one power Correct. No, it’s just your eye. Yeah. Which is better than one power. Oh no kidding. Yeah. Your eye is like 1.2. That’s what it or something. I don’t know. I I call it one power. Yeah, they call it a one but I, I don’t know for sure. I dunno. That’s official. Whatever. Well I’m going with you Devin. ’cause whatever it did, it was next level. Yeah. If you look at a one power, it will back you out. Yeah. You could see it. But it could be the two two. I dunno. Well anyway, we have the story. You better call before those are gone. They, those have been going like hot cakes too. So on the 16th when you get your dry results in Utah and you found out you drew a muzzle loader tag, then we’ve had a lot of people flying in Washington get on it. Yeah. Or Washington, South Dakota. Yep. I would get on it. Don’t wait till August to figure out what you’re gonna do with your muzzle loader. Do it sooner rather than later. Pretty awesome. So we’re selling ’em like crazy. What else? Speaking of mz, what else are we selling Devon? Speaking of muzzle loaders. Yeah. Big news. Let’s talk about new advertiser. We picked up. You might’ve seen that. Yeah, this last, that last magazine. You e mags are all online. We are official approved dealers. CVA.

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Yeah, it’s awesome. Muzzle loaders. So yeah, we’re proud of it. We’ve got a pile of them coming. Some of the more popular, I would say more like a pallet or two. A pallet. You could call it that. Yeah. Read through a few of the main ones that we’re getting them. So people, a lot of the Acura’s, the LRX and the MRX. The lrx is, I have one of those. I love it. Yeah. 30 inch barrel. The MRX is a 26 inch barrel. We got optimas thumb holes, I mean all sorts of different models, different price points. And I think I bought Justin an Optima. Yeah. I’ve got, yeah. Christmas. I’ve got two Acura. Good. They’re awesome. Excited about that. Those are on their way too. We’ll be loading them up by they’ll time. They’ll here next. They will be here next week. So if you need a muzzle or call us 50 calibers, kind of what we Yeah. You know, but, but if there’s something special, they, they offer a lot of SKUs. If there’s something special you want call us. We’ll get it on order. Not a big deal. So anyway, we have ’em quick. Yeah. Under the whole CVA umbrella. We can order it. Yeah. It’s awesome. Anyway. Should be incredible. I don’t know why Muzz order mu muzz hunting’s kind of on our brain this year. It feels like it’s kind of the kind of the thing. I don’t know.

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There’s a little bit of change. Well we’ve had to sites and things like that. Yeah, it’s, you’re gonna have to drawn a few muzz order tags. Yeah. We’re gonna have to change, you know, what we’ve been using and doing a little bit here in the state. So, so when you change it up, it’s like you, Josh, when you were talking, I’ve got this multiple power scope muzz set up. It’s awesome. I do not want to change it. Yeah. I think I’m gonna buy buy A CBA. Did you tell your wife that by the way? Of course. Completely transparent talking. You’re talking a, you talking about an MRX? Yeah. Or an L Rx. Airine. Probably Lrx. I’m trying to, I’m trying to decide. They’re awesome guns. I had an older version of the Acura and I love that gun. And then I, I have a paramount now that obviously that was set up with abilities to shoot longer distances and such. And I, it’s just hard because muzz loader are not easy to set up. I don’t feel like as, as a regular rifle, when you have one set you want, you don’t wanna touch it. Yeah. I don’t want tear it apart, but I likely will. ’cause it does shoot good and it’ll shoot phenomenal. Even with the red ball. That’s part of being an old man. You don’t want to change it. You want, Bronson want one for every state. I’ve got four.

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You don’t wanna touch ’em. Once you get ’em set, you don’t want touch ’em. One, one of the fours is gonna be backed off to a Utah legal muzz loader. Yeah. I’ll leave the one that has a scope for when I to Iowa or, or Kansas or somewhere use those. Or Arizona. Which I rarely do. But I I, I been to Iowa option, I’ve been to Iowa and, but it’s not hard to put a scope back on either, but, but it’s a pain. I may eventually take both Go site in a buzz loader. Yeah. Yeah. I gotta swab between each round. And you can only handle so many, so many rounds before your arm is jello you as well. That about bugs me. You’re talking about shooting sabbaths that may be hard to find. Or powder that you don’t want, you don’t wanna recite all the time. You might be cost effective to buy a new one. Really? Yeah. Yes. That’s kind of what I’m thinking because yeah, I’ve, yeah, there’s some, well, because these aren’t that expensive, honestly. They’re great. A great gun for 10 ounces of black corn. What’s that going for? I was gonna say you go buy five jugs of black corn. 80 bucks. 80 bucks for and you can’t find it. No. 80, 80 bucks for 10 ounces of black corn. Yes. Oh yeah. Not a pound. Jeez.

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It’s kinda like I’m gonna keep my 10-year-old stuff sitting up there in the closet. Huh. Just mix it up. Just pray. Our homes never light on fire. Oh, clean your dryer vent. Mine had lifted off the foundation. Plus my neighbors shim it with a six pack of, you know what NW roofer. Okay. Anyway. Pretty awesome. Pretty fun to do actually. It’s fun to be part of this stuff. And with change on muzz orders on muzz or scopes and sites and things like that caused a little bit of change on the entire system. And that’s our point is if we’re wanting to change, you’re changing up anything pretty soon you’re looking at other options. And that’s kind of what’s inspired all this is a little bit of change here in Utah and whatnot surrounding states. Of course we’re still dealing with the Mexico being open site Devin. We end up with muzzle order tags and you kind of, it’s just continuing down that road of the muzzle order thought process. And of course there’s a lot of great seasons that muzzle, you know, being willing to be a muzz mouse move amongst weapons. We do it all archery, muzzle rifle. And you have to do it sometimes your season worse. A lot of you guys have busy plans in September, so the archery elk stuff was out and you know. Yeah. You’ve got options. You have to avoid it.

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I’ve had to do the same thing some years. Okay. All right. So if you need a one power loophole scope red dot give us a holler. They’re going fast. We do have ’em at the moment with more coming, but you never know. Sometimes those are, you know, on back order for a little while on, on some of this stuff. If you need a muzzle or something, holler at us as well. Go on to their website. Great partner of ours. Just feel like we, we’ve started off on the right foot with them. We’re excited. That’s a, a niche for us that needed to be filled and feels like we’ve got a great, great thing going with them. Josh. Yeah, let’s dive in. What do you got for us? Of course Josh is gonna make some stuff up. Yeah. Bronson, we need to have some wood You rathers for, for Josh? Yeah, Josh. We, let’s sit. Wyatt, you’d be a good guy to give a Josh a would rather. I love Wyatt’s. Got a devious mind and he’s thinking about stuff all the time. Yeah, we might have to think about that though. And to come up with one for you. I don’t have one off the top. Come up with something here in the office because I have a feeling he’s not gonna read one that addressed to him.

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So we better come up with our, a couple of our, I’ll let you guys glean this list as if my name is on here. I will answer it. So for you guys, would you rather Dustin Luby key 2 79 says, sorry the printer kind of was off there, but hunt in grizzly or rattlesnake country? Grizzly rattlesnake. Rattlesnake. I’ve done it my whole life. Never been dead. You’d rather you hate snakes that bad. But you hunt in rattlesnake country de Yeah, I have, I wear snake gators every, all you do. Oh yeah. I did not know that about you. He wears ’em in his 10 Co. Just to When you were hunting antelope out here, were you and Gators? No. Okay. When I’m hanging cameras in the summer, I snake gators. Well ’cause you’re always around water sources. You know it’s little spring they and things like that. They like water ’cause little rodents like water. I don’t like snakes, man. Man, I remember last year I don’t like bears either. But that’s a, geez, I don’t know. We were within minutes of, well I wouldn’t say minutes, I guess hours of the trail camera deadline last year. And I had one more to get and so I was just hurrying an hour. An hour. Yeah. And I had like boots and shorts on.

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Like I threw my boots on real quick ’cause it was one that was close to home and I just got on my side by side, took off to get up in there and I was like busting down through this chaining to get to it. And I stepped and there it had just rained. And so it was kind of cool outside. And I go to step and there was a rattlesnake stretched out across like an old pinon log that was in there just trying to get some heat and didn’t rattle. Nothing like it was cold. And I stepped right over the top of, and the words that were said and the sounds that came outta my body, it was not cool. And then I had to walk back in the dark and it in in knee deep grass. Did you kill him though when you’re, I mean, Jason smashed him. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Even safety. Yeah, exactly. Because I had to come back past him. You can protect yourself. You can kill anything if you’re protecting yourself. Yeah. I had to come back past him. So Yeah, I rattle. Ugh. Even a feral cow. I’d still probably stick if it jumps on your face. So Josh, that, that begs the question, were there any cameras that you accidentally forgot? I mean, truly didn’t go back. No, they all came down. They all, every one of them come on from back in.

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The kind of questions that, I mean, geez. Just, Hey, I’ve got questions. I mean, it sounds like you’re wondering a normal, normal human, if you’re running a big stack of cameras from, you know, 2020. I I there’s times when you, there might be some, there might be some that I totally, completely forgot about. Yes. ’cause yes, I got in the habit of just leaving ’em. Yes. And if I didn’t have ’em properly marked on my Onyx or something, I don’t know. There could be some but I’m not checking them. That’s don’t know. That’s, that’s not a good answer. Come catch me. You have knowledge, not a safe answer, intent or not. We, we, we can in violation pull the card. We can pull the card and go over it together and see when the last picture was taken. I would like to go over those together. Alright. Okay. Okay. So let’s see. Wyatt Grizzly rattlesnakes. Well I was torn here. Are they Wyoming, Montana Grizzlies that actually eat people Or versus what? Alaska. Well Alaska Don think the ones in Alaska eat. They don’t get eaten near as much up there as we hear about it. Like Wyoming. It’s like Wyoming, grizzly Wyoming. They know they’re not. Yeah, they’re not hunted. They’re not scared of people. I think those are the scary bear. Like the dinner bell is a rifle report of a rifle. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:22:23:11 –> 00:23:31:01
I think maybe some bear, maybe let’s talk about Yeah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming ies. Because what if you were going up North Iex in New Mexico in October? Well I’m not, well those snakes are no joke. That’s I’m saying. I’m not rather Wyoming bear. Well, or, or a floridus floridus Rattler snake infested rock pile. The florid that’s a good is no joke. They say, well yeah, I mean when that paralyze a guy, I’d have to put my tent caught on blocks. I mean, jeez. I mean they, they can climb that stuff. They climb up into your wheel wells into your cab of your truck. That’s awful. They’ll go up your steering column cab. We should give away something for somebody that sends in a picture of a snake in the truck. No, please. No. Jason. No. Where do you come up with these? I don’t know. It’s just fun. You know people out there, if you’ve got one, you’re driving down the highway and one stick and it’s head out of a heater bent coming right to you. Send me a picture. That’s the truth. Could you imagine? No, you send a picture in, you’re gonna get something. I’d lock it up so fast, I guarantee. Which by the way, we pair snake shops. We’ll buy ’em a pair of snake shops. I had one on the pavan underneath my truck. ’cause I came back from glassing one night. That’s a bad place man. Is it? Yeah.

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South end there’s loaded with ’em cash. Yeah. Hm. What did you say? I didn’t say anything. Bears your rocker. Oh. If we’re talking like you guys are talking to Idaho, Wyoming, whatever. I’d say snakes. But Alaska. Yeah, probably. I’ve never been hunting in Alaska but Alaska just know that’s part of it. But it, but everything else overrides that when you’re up there. Everything. I just don’t know. The odds that you survive a bite, like if you’re remote enough Griz attack. No, I, if you’re back there a mile, like lucky odds are high, you’re gonna survive a west a steak. You think? Yes. So. So I always figured if it just, if you’re, if you’re deep, you have that inReach. Rarely do under a cedar and write my wife. You would hit. No you wouldn’t. Devin. Devin. No. You’re gonna hit S os and they’re gonna come back before inReach. Is that It’s gonna be bad. Literally what I thought, like if I was two, three. Really? You thought that? Yeah. I would just sit under a tree. No, you don’t. You try, you never give up. Make apic make a graph. Because what if it was a dry bite? Well, I thought if he got your heart up. Oh, Devin. Devin thought he got pit, but it was a dry bite and then he ran outta water and he sat under this tree. Why am I not dead yet? He’s got knife marks on his wrist.

00:24:41:13 –> 00:25:53:17
He slid his own wrists. End it quicker. And then we find this letter and then the toxicology report says no, a blow, blow snake. It turns out it was a blow snake. SOS you get picked up, you got bit by a garden snake. That’s, sorry Miranda. This was a suicide. Not a snake bite. You don’t get the life insurance. That’s right. Exactly. That’s exactly right. Devin. Death by suicide. But we do have bite marks. He tried to suck out his own poison. Geez. I don’t, he bent all over his body. I assumed you’re more than likely just gonna die. No, you walked, you, you may lose fingers, you walk and you try to chill out and don’t hyperventilate and keep your heart low level low. That’s, I said sit under a tree, do a half a tourniquet depending on where it’s at. Yeah, they’re probably, I thought you weren’t supposed to tourniquet it though. They say it, but I’d do everything. I’d try everything. Jumping jacks and No, that’s supposed the heart rate up. Or you want it to spread through your whole body. If you tourniquet in on your arm, your arm to I’m cool with an arm being toasted. If you’re gonna live. Yeah. Then you might be getting extended extended seasons. Mobility. Mobility impaired. I want the mobility. Extended season dates. You could use a cross boat. We’re looking forward. We’re going down a rabbit hole. Power.

00:25:54:06 –> 00:27:13:10
We’re never gonna get through the other 20 questions. That’s a good question. It’s really good thinking. It’s interesting stuff. Devin, you walk every time. Okay. You walk. What do you mean you walk to the truck? Slowly shuffle. I shuffle. I’ll walk. If you guys find me face down in the desert, either that or it’s under a tree. At least you tried. You know, I tried. I tried. Geez. But hit SOS as well. Funny crap. So high desert Reaper wants to know Jason, would you rather hunt Arizona over the counter mule, deer or Wyoming? GRH This year. Oh, OTC Arizona. I what, what are you talking about? I have one. I know you do. Yeah. O Arizona. OTC. How, how, how, how’s it gone so far? How many days a field have you done? I was doing it with the group minus Adam because he wouldn’t answer his phone. Our group hasn’t yet done anything. Is your envelope even opened? No. It’s filed. Same too. Come on. When’s the opening? August? Like 24th or something. When does it open up? Money? Well spent money well spent the week after. Utah. Utah. Utah usually. Yeah. But that’s Rattlesnake season right there. August too. Like we might have to stick it out December and Mul. There’s some options. Oh, there’s some options. You’re going. I’m telling, I feel like that’s the most underutilized, underrated opportunity there is. Is there? It’s one of them. Okay.

00:27:13:10 –> 00:28:25:17
Wouldn’t you say like, you’re, you’re not, we’re not done. Well we’re, you’re you’re just saying that although, because it’s one of the last remaining, I mean it’s really not even remaining OTC, it’s a tax when it, when it comes available, you’re just like, I have nothing for next year. So this gives me options. You know, it’s not that expensive. What was it? Yeah. Not 250 bucks or 300 or something. Three. But you’re, you might have Wyoming plans. Maybe even. I don’t, I don’t know who dear you. No, I’m not. My plans have changed since when? Since yesterday. When I talked to you. It wasn’t yesterday, but, but they’ve changed. Okay. I’m trying to remember now what they changed for. But it’s day to day in this office. You never know. But it’s true. Yeah. Geez, guy, what are you thinking? Yeah, not I I’m not going up there. I don’t think. Yeah. Well anyway. Okay. Oh yeah, I know what, yeah, what hasn’t happened yet. Got big plans though. I’m just being optimistic. May is the month where hopes and dreams start to come true in the drought world. I’ve told you guys there’s, there’s big thing and there’s big things brewing. Pollock’s already had his big thing for the year. I’ve had a pretty big thing. But there’s more big things in store for people at this table. Just trust me. Yes. I like it.

00:28:25:24 –> 00:29:39:00
’cause that was the talk last time when big things happen. So positivity and then he and we know come out Orex Adam has a gift. He does comes these things. He does. But I think its my turn though too. Wyatt does deserve a little love. Although you, after New Mexico. Come on guys. Yeah. I mean, yeah, but we don’t know what you applied for. Oh, what did you apply for? Like it says everything the best of the best. Or did you, you even did bar, did you even do Halina or that I did do bar. I did the orx. I did off range Orx. Yeah. Barb, what were your dear choices? My dear choices were tough. Yeah, that’s, I don’t feel bad for him. I don’t feel bad for him. Although Cast drew you did it. I drew You did it. Adam drew. You did it Well yeah, we did. We drew, we, but it was abnormal. It was one of the most abnormal years. Yeah. And I did feel bad for you, but Wyatt, you’ve got plans. I know it. I’m not sure what they are. We’ll, we’ll see. Part of my, part of my problem, just to answer your question Jason, before we move any further forward with w there we go. Is that, as you know, that’s been shortened to a 10 day hunt up there. Maybe 11. 11 with the shorter with the one day. What is it?

00:29:39:07 –> 00:30:42:25
Well, one day, the one day extension edition’s like the 15th to the 25th. So it’s like 11 days now. Right. The addition, they just ratified. But our Utah sheep season opens the 15th, which I’m usually really busy on. You know, not myself, but maybe one of you is table dries the desert tag and that’s where we wanna be. But if not, I’ll probably be with others for a few days of there. So there’s call it three days of that gone. Yeah. And then I’m showing up for the last six or seven. No, it doesn’t feel good. Yeah. Doesn’t feel it used to go to the 30th or October 1st or fifth even now. It went to the 30th last year. This year went to the 25th. You know, the season date was kind of what did it for you. Kind of busted. Yeah. Bugged you. Just a little just Well, I like, and it’s understandable, I know why they’re doing it October 1st. I know why they’re doing it and I’m, I’m not disagreeing with it, but just some years our Utah sheep season starts, you know, this just starts the day, weekend, day before 14th this year. So I’m not gonna be, yeah, I’m gonna miss the first few days and then I don’t wanna get up there, hunt the last five or six. So I’m out. All right. So I feel better about that. So Jason, that explanation good. I feel better about that.

00:30:43:05 –> 00:31:50:05
Would you guys rather have random odds like New Mexico or preference points like Colorado Douglas Miller would like to know. Yeah. I don’t like Colorado. I mean I in general, I think everybody should have a chance at every tag you put in for just like Wyoming. We, we, I don’t wanna get off on a tangent, but the Wyoming sheep is a joke this year. They’re taking thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars of people sheep applications with no random tags. That’s a joke. It is a joke. But I, but we do, we have said just a little bit, we have said that, do we do like the different systems I the diversity of all the diversity. Diversity of, I don’t want ’em all one. I don’t like ’em all like New Mexico either. I don’t, I think Colorado’s the extreme. I like it. 25% random. At least something. Yeah. And I know Colorado, who knows? They, the nice thing on Colorado sheep, goat, moose is they’re, they are random. And then on, you know, even with giving a little more preference to people that have more points and then with the deer, elk and antelope, you can obviously kind of, I like being able to know and plan for know what you’re gonna draw the preference point side. And you do. I like that. And you do know that in Wyoming, you do know that in Utah, you do know that in Arizona and still have a random element. Yeah.

00:31:50:05 –> 00:32:53:13
Yeah. It will, it will make point creep worse in Colorado by taking 25% of em around. It will. It’ll but, but for kids or, or your second go around. It’s nice to, Hey, I wanna put in for something hard. I may get it in a random draw. And, and the one thing about Colorado is there’s so many deer options that it, it allows people down to zero points. Yeah. Second choice. 1, 2, 3, 4. Four. There’s options for guaranteed options. Everyone. And so you still will have that. They’ve been able to get away with it and not have too much negative feedback because of that be now 44. I’ll never get it. Well you look at the I’ll never, I don’t even have a chance. Well you look what’s gone on with their, their elk. The elk is probably the worst example. Everything that’s really, it’s very extreme. Call it elite or call it their best. It all takes 26 to 33 points and it’s never coming back. We’re still not worth it. Still not worth it. Most of ’em are. Yeah. Worth the points it takes to draw. What do you, what do you guys think? What do you think Devin? I agree with you guys. I like the mixture both. I like a mixture of it. Random in some states. Yeah. Preference and some, I think Colorado is some is a unique, Colorado deer is unique ’cause there is a breadth of different Yeah. Options.

00:32:53:14 –> 00:34:05:27
Options you can draw. Looking at both of ’em there like a modified I think is definitely the best. Some kind of modified point system like a Utah that offers both Utah. But if I had to choose between a New Mexico system or the Colorado preference, I’d take the New Mexico. I would, yeah, I would just for the random element, I mean, yep. Yeah. If I had, if that was the only two on earth I would pick. That is hard. The random is so hard too. Yeah. But it’s hard. Looking at Colorado and knowing all these tags, you gonna, when was your last Idaho tag? Like you just, ugh, you know? Yeah. Or New Mexico. If that’s all you had to rely on, you’d this year. Yeah. I just last New Mexico tag. That’s, that was below the, be asking him that question. I I What’s your last New Mexico tag? But that was very deliberate. I knew what the answer was. Colorado, the top like 14 days ago. Yeah. We’re just teasing Wyatt about that. It’s, it’s okay. Kind over it tell you guys by cutting plants every year or every day and then he brings it back. But no, he got something in store that he was, he was the only one in New Mexico last year though, if I remember right. So who I I I begged to differ. I begged to differ. Okay. Okay. Sorry. By choice. I forgot. I forgot. That was two years ago too.

00:34:06:08 –> 00:35:20:29
Was it two years ago? Which you have come on. What was it that elk Ted was last year, wasn’t it? It was two years ago. Two years ago. Was that two years ago? Okay. Adam was the only one then last year. Okay. Yeah. It was two years ago. Yeah. Last year I was in Alaska in October. That’s right. So two years ago you were the only one. Okay man. We’re getting old. Adam was, Adam wasn’t the only one last year either. Oh, come on Jason. Come on. Yeah. How did that go? Jason? That’s below the belt guys, I’ve got some stuff for you guys. I got your, I got your back wax. That’s one of those fire starter attacks that just wax paper burns better. The Arizona puts Intc for all intents and purposes. Okay. It’s an option. Alright, Paula. Okay, so this one’s gonna be probably fairly quick. I would assume. Would you rather shoot a 220 inch mule or a 150 inch desert? Bighorn sheep r Barnes eight would like to know. Okay, well start around the room. Or I’m mule deer. I’m going dear. No question. Two 20. I mean, you said 2 20, 2 20 deer. I mean, come on. I’m lucky I’ve already shot one too. But yeah, I probably would’ve had me at 1 97. But net How’s he built? Let’s not go there. He’s got three on one side. Is he a slick shake? Go ahead, keep Paul.

00:35:21:00 –> 00:36:32:05
Okay, so here’s, this is a pretty good one here. It’s gonna make you think, Paul, what are you shooting? Sheep or deer? Oh, deer. Okay. All right, keep going. Joe. Sema would like to know, would you rather kill a 210 inch buck yourself? Help your buddy kill a 220 inch deer or guide someone to a two 40? I’d shoot my own two 10. Would you? I mean, I’ve guided a two forties and they’re great. But I, it’s, I want so much better when they’re, I want a two 10 for me and I’m not, it’s not being selfish. I’ve, I’ve done that. You’ve done that, Jason, you’ve helped people do that. And then helping one of you guys shoot a two 20, it’s not a whole lot bigger than the two 10, but if there’s a, but if there’s a buck, so sometimes you’re following these bucks and you name ’em and you love ’em and, and you can’t wait to see ’em again. And then you finally put your hands on him with a client and he’s two 40. Like sometimes, well trust me, two 40, that’s a great feeling. But is it, is it the, I mean, you don’t get to go home with it, you know it’s not yours. Yeah. Well it’s just, what do you think? W you’re being kind, you’re thinking about I’d take the selfish one and kill the two 10 myself.

00:36:32:14 –> 00:37:37:21
I mean that’s what I’m saying, you need to help Devin kill at two 20. I mean I would help him any day of the week, but if I, yeah, but we’re not, it wasn’t for that day helping Devin kill this two 20 over here. Me kill this two 10 right here. That’s this over all the dude about. I don’t, and I don’t blame that ’cause I do the same thing. Yeah. It’s just so hard anymore. Yeah. Kind of a cool question though, Paul. It What’d you say that, that’s a good one. Good. I’d probably do the two 10. I’m, yeah, selfish. Geez, I’m gonna, I can’t answer it. I’m not gonna answer it. Come on. That’s not an option here. That is. Would you rather, it’s like there’s a gun to your head. There’s a snake right there. You have that answer. Two 10. Two 10 typical or two 10 grocer. Grocer. No. Here we go. 210 inch mule deer is what it says. And he is gonna ask you if it’s velvet or hard out. Do you have one if it’s velvet? No. But anyway, ’cause flushed out. You’re talking about a one 90. Come on. What? Something What I was gonna ask if you have one that scores exactly two 10 because I mean you kind of need ’em all. Yeah. Jason, you need a 2 0 8. You missed that gap. You’ve got a 2 0 7. Do that gap.

00:37:37:28 –> 00:38:53:15
I know we got a 2 0 7 for Nevada. Yeah. So you’re missing that at some point, the way this management’s going, we’re not even gonna have two tens. Yeah, it’s not. So maybe you do, maybe you smash every two 10. That’s what I’m saying. No matter what. That’s what I’m saying. Two 10 smash. Alright. Like it. So here’s a good question. Open sight muzzle Lin NM Hunt 74 would like to know, and this is a question for all of us except for Jason, I suppose would you rather hunt with your wife or Jason and why? Really? That’s the question. Does it say that? I did. Yeah. I didn’t make him. I just need is that, I’ll Carter at 74. Who wrote, who typed that one up? No. Slim and m hunt. 74 4 is cj. Yeah. I don’t know what Jason had some discussions that could be, that could be Janice’s question. I’d be careful answering, but he doesn’t answer. I’m not. It’s all of us. No, it’s for all of us. Would you rather hunt with Becky or me? Come on. She, she knows I would rather hunt with you. Yeah. Disappointed. The same way she would. Yes. Thank you. My wife would be the same. She wouldn’t even wanna go. It’s not your, your wife’s pretty particular. She, she likes to go. She’ll get it. She’s okay. Are we hunting together? Yeah. Okay. I’ll bring the shafts. You’re pretty good on the glass.

00:38:53:15 –> 00:40:10:29
Snake chaps, snake chefs. Yeah. All right. Makes me feel good. Pollock. Pollock. But your wife is a hunter. Ooh, that’s, geez, that’s a good one for Pollock. That is a good, she’ll even hook up to the camp trailer without you. Oh, sorry. She, sorry darling. But hey, who’s by a, by a show who put their wife in aggressively for any tags this year? Just while we’re on that topic. I kind of did. They applied Jana pretty aggressive in what state? Most, most of ’em. She has 20 plus points in some of these states. Yeah. So, so well I mean she’s the point booster of all point boosters. But you’re using her for that purpose or for wrong tag? No, I’m using it so she can kill stuff. Yeah. Unless, unless there’s a real need for the point boosting. Yeah. Alright. I, I think I I’ll What about you? I think I’ll with my wife this year on a good ta no kids. We’ll see probably. We’ll see. We’ll see. I’ll Colorado goes, oh yeah, I remember the other ones. She’s got mid-teens. She can be doing the preference point where you can kind of gauge when she can get drawn. Well she’s drawn. Trust me. Yeah. Okay. What about Miranda? She got her in for no, maybe generally she says we have enough deer meat. We need antelope and elk meat. That’s her exact words. I she do you put her antelope meat needs?

00:40:10:29 –> 00:41:29:04
That’s a very, my wife does not need antelope meat. It’s just what she said. Well, she wants to do Wyoming. Does she do in Antelope, Utah or does she choose deer elk in Utah? Unlimited. She is elk. Oh, she, she’s applied. Yeah. Good. Antelope is in Wyoming I think. Maybe. Huh? Okay. Well what My wife’s got quite a few points, but she’s still just in the random. So yeah, Utah elk. Utah elk. You can have 20, 20 to 25 and be in random still. Yeah. As a resident. Just, just the way it is. Do you apply aggressive for your wife? She’s in the randoms general. She’s in the random. So I like muzz laughter elk. Yeah. But well, we’ll see. Well hope for all of our sakes, Becky, hopefully we get a chance to hunt with our wives this year for even though, despite what the answer to this question, we love him and we’d like to take him on. That’s right. We’d love you darling. Okay, this one is for Jason. Since how the last one wasn’t. I love these for Jeez. So would you rather take 10 million cash? I love these ones. Cash or Hunter Biden cash. 10 million. Yeah. Cocaine. Cash. 10 million cash. Or know where the world record mule deer is currently living. But you have to tell someone else about it. What do you mean? What kind of questions? That means you don’t get to go just kill it.

00:41:29:04 –> 00:42:34:11
You don’t get, you don’t get to kill ’em. You have to tell someone else about it. Well that’s what, that’s a no brainer. Take 10 mil. What do you mean? Yeah, they’d go by every tag. Is it non-typical or typical Jason world? It doesn’t matter. It’s not yours. You gotta tell someone else about it and they’re gonna kill it. Are we gonna see a new world record animal? We’re talking beating the bures buck. Could you imagine? Or the chip lake buck. And, and are you happy where you’re at? Like just how, like is 10 million gonna change your life? It will. It will. Jason, you have to ask yourself that question. Do you really have that? I love this stuff. Here’s what you do. You take the 10 mil and you go buy the tag to hunt that deer. You can’t, you have to come. Come on. You can’t hunt him. But you could buy governor tax till the day you died and hunt. Yeah. That’s a lot of gov tax right there. You take the 10 mil. But man, do you guys think we’re gonna, no, this spurs on a bigger question. Do you think we’ll ever for deer break a record? No, not unless there’s, let’s put it this way. Fishy, fishy stuff that goes on. Yeah. South the border or maybe even north free range. Crap. Saskatchewan comes on. Yeah. Gets under quotes. Free range, you know.

00:42:34:15 –> 00:43:55:10
No, I could, but we’re, I could see the records are kind of there. Feel like we’re flirting with that happening under the auspices of Free Range Deer and all that. It feels like crap like that. That’s how I could see it. You just never know, you know, Arizona or something without having troches and you know, I don’t know. They, and they’re pretty tightly regulated. I feel there could be something I feel if, if there could, if there is an opportunity it would come outta something like that. But like a kaaba buck, like the strip. I wonder if it’s got a, a little, it’s limitations. I mean that desert stuff pretty, but you, you know, Kibab, they get fed water and, well, I don’t know how they make a living. They’ve fueled plenty of two 50 to 300 over the years long. 300 here before 300. Like, like hard horn three. I think they’re more like, yeah, we’re gonna get nitpick here. Two seventies, one was a three by frame. I mean, yeah, that’s no joke. I mean Dino’s no joke. I mean, so I call 2 9300. That’s what I, that’s just in that realm all. So I, I, I’m that and I’m And what is that three 20 attempt strip every day? The pearl, the 3 55? Yeah, it’s 3 55. And that was without genetic modification. vc. Yeah, vc. That ain’t without modification these days. Releasing. And like I said, fishiness.

00:43:55:21 –> 00:45:15:11
Yeah, that I don’t see it happening. And the Burris box what? Two? 2020. So that typical, what’d you call bc? Buck chip lake Buck two 30. Yeah, you said 3 55. Sorry. Yeah, sorry you flipped those. But anyway, yeah, it just, anyway, cool stuff. Yeah, take 10 mil, we gotta pay taxes on it. Probably’s problem. You got five mil and it’s cash. You get it right. Split your assets. If you have to have, if you have a bad relationship or something, you know, anyway, I’ll never have to worry about that. But nice recovery. You’re down to two mil. So soon. Pretty soon. You wish you had the world record. You could sell it for two mil. You sell so you could kill it. Speaking about those crappy fuzzy horn strip bucks, general unit would like to know, would you rather have a strip tag or be the only one that can hunt 24 during archery? Oh yeah. Strip tag, I think, don’t you guys think, I don’t know. 24 is pretty, let’s just assume it’s a great moisture year in both places. And healthy. Yep. Healthy and good moisture. Robust populations. I’d take a strip tag. It, it, it tests everything you got. It’s, but you look at last year. Oh yeah. Would you rather have the 24 tag or the strip? Yeah, exactly. 24 produced couple two 50 plus. It does say with archery equipment only. So that is a dis. Yeah. Steel.

00:45:15:11 –> 00:46:22:22
They’re killable and you got long seasons and stuff, so I don’t know. How about that you guys? That’s a tough one, honestly. Devin, that’s tough. But I wanna hunt the strip. You know, most consistent I think would be the strip. Strip. Yeah, that’s your, I don’t know that that feels like you better but teens and better odds of rolling. It’s heavy competition. You’re by, by yourself over here. It’s so nice. Did it say for you were by yourself? Yourself? Yeah. If you’re by yourself in 24, it it’s pretty damn good. What do you call it? The enjoyability satisfaction rate. You’re, you’re gonna have an epicon. Well what if it’s good moisture, you will hunt two 20 to 30 bucks there. Yeah. You’re by yourself. By yourself. In 20, in 20 fours. Yeah, you will. You will. With the ball. Well yeah. On a good year. I’m just saying you will, when has it not had that in really good moisture Years. Really down there. Last year it didn’t produce, no, last year was kind of a whole home year. But they still did really well. Still did really well. But we’re just judging it from strip standards and thought it even a little bit better. Yeah, we did this year. Wyatt, what do you think? Maybe the second moisture year is the good one. What’s your prediction on the strip when Arizona? I think it’s gonna be a good year.

00:46:22:22 –> 00:47:35:00
I’ve, I’ve always heard that the second’s be phenomen second year, second moisture year is the, that makes sense in desert. That makes sense. Give them a year to recoup, get their bodies in tiptop shape. Their bodies should be in tiptop shape going into the second year. Steel. Great food. First years for their bodies. Second years for the antler kind of thing. Yeah. On the, on the fat reserves. Yeah. I don’t know any conditions. Ated behind it. Just have heard that. Just a gut hunter feel. Yeah. On the ground. Boots on the ground. Feel? What do you think? Cash. Yeah, I would agree. I think second year likewise said like, it just makes sense. What do you feel like, you feel like Nevada or Arizona for you? I’d, I’d rather be by myself. Yeah. Out there with your team, with your homies? Yep. The epic homies with the homies. Yeah. All. Yep. I would, I’d be out there. Okay, so Pollock. Yeah, I’d probably take it. Archery Nevada too. Yeah. Archery. Yeah. All right. One weapon. Horse bow season. What? Bow? Yeah, of course. Yeah, that RX seven. That I haven’t really wouldn’t get a new bow. The new tags require new bows, right? They do. Hey, speaking, speaking of, yeah, remember that new taxi? Let’s throw that out there again. Throw it out there. Bronson got a couple of hoyts. How about that?

00:47:35:00 –> 00:48:50:03
Right around here, if you draw an arche tag, we could use some them for some promo things coming up, but might have an extra one or two. If you draw an awesome archery tag or an RX eight, eight or Alpha X, give us a call. All right. So you have one weapon. Steve Evans would like to know if you have one weapon slash season date forever. Bow, muzzy, or rifle for what? It doesn’t say species or anything. It just says one weapon or season like you are. So essentially an archery hunter for the rest of your, you have to identify as that hunter. The rest of your life. I’d pick a bow. I, I, I just, if the season structure stay, you always get to go first. Like in the case of elk usually and deer, it’s, I usually do that right now. When I get to choose. It’s what I usually pick. And I know that’s the least effective. But I love scouting and hunting. First I’ve said it and I’ll say again. Yeah, there’s validity there. Especially elk, longer season dates elk. Elk is no brainer. Deer even. There’s pattern. They’re pattern. You get to scatter ’em in all summer and they’re still acting the same in opening day. That doesn’t always happen in muzzle loaders. That’s true. And rifles later. It’s just, that’s my philosophy. Yeah. To hunt big deer and Yeah, we love hunting. Big deer in the rut.

00:48:50:06 –> 00:49:59:06
But I mean, those tags are so rare. Yeah, they are. What do you think, Wyatt? I think I’d have to go archery as well. Archery, yeah. For a guy that hunted for eight hours last year and kill the two 20 and eight hours days. Just because we wanted to have our lunch before the best fuck of your life. Right? Eight hours was rounding way. It was more like rifle was rifle was rifle. I sitting in that three-legged chair for a while, felt like eight hours. Yeah. But it couldn’t have been. Well, you had your pants on zip. What about legs? Ler muzz? Or gives you kind of a happy medium? Yeah, I, I kind of fond solid. Solid too with a muzzle loader. I guess in some states it depends on the season date. ’cause you can still pick up some summer pattern to ’em. Yeah. But have a little more reach generally speaking. But not all states even have muzzle loader seasons. I mean, most, for the most part Wyoming. Wyoming doesn’t, for the most part. Montana added that new heritage one in December, which is, that’s a token token, but, oh yeah. So let’s see. Cash. You got an opinion after you mentioned Muzz. You’ve got a new rifle coming. I think I’m still gonna go with it with a bow though. Just for like, to echo what Adam said, like you can scout ’em.

00:49:59:13 –> 00:51:05:24
You got archery elk in September most of the time. And that’s the rut. Fun time hunt elk always. I like that too. I, I think I’d go with a, with a bow. But having said that, even Adam and I we’re all applying for various seasons, rifle, muzzle or archery, depending on the state and the plans and, and what you think you’re gonna get in one state might take care of the archery dates. Like say archery general in Utah or something. Like I don’t want a whole bunch of other archery deer tags, you know? Or if you’re getting an archery deer in Nevada or archery elk in one state, you’re gonna draw in September. All right. Now you gotta avoid other stuff then. So you, you I don’t put in for archery in every state. ’cause I know if that happened, I’ve got tags on top of exact seasons and we’ve always contended like the, the muzzle or season deer season in Nevada’s the best season. Yeah, it’s a good one. Least amount of tags. September 10th opener. And it’s almost like an archery season in other states. And you can kill ’em that September 10th opener. Yeah. It’s not a whole lot different from a behavior standpoint, patentable standpoint. And I like the least amount of tags. I give ’em more on the archery, less on Muslim, more on rifle. Yeah. So that’s, yeah, I’m kind of in that same boat. It just depends on the situation.

00:51:06:05 –> 00:52:12:07
We’ve talked about Wyoming, g and h and you know, you can go early September one if you want with archery. But we’ve ne when we’ve hunted it and we never have because the rifle is generally early enough. 15th. Yeah. And then you always got stuff going September one, you know, other stuff. It was like, what do you think, Devin? I’m with you. I’m with Adam. You make some good points. Archery, you’re always going first. Yeah. You really have more opportunity. Length of season. And there’s even archery. There’s even late season archery tags. If you wanna hunt Rutten bucks, you could without, and there is nothing when you arrow with giant deer. Oh, the bow. It, it does feel really good. There is nothing like that. There’s no joke for the rush. It is such a rush. Oh yeah. Paul, what you think? Wyatt? You’re the wt. Oh, I went with Dr. Dr That rush. Yeah. On the hills. Cut one loose on that. On the eight hour kill from last year. Totally. And that’s eight because he was up at three in the morning. He couldn’t sleep. Oh, he was probably up before that. You know why? Oh, I don’t know when he was dead by one or two. Mid midday. I don’t know what it was, but one or two in the afternoon he was told. But it was a lot of days of scouting that went into it too, so, no.

00:52:12:07 –> 00:53:22:12
Yeah, we knew where we needed to be. Tons of prep tons. But, but I mean, it happened. Yeah. Yeah. It came together. But you gotta go first. Why? That if you’d weighed rifle that been dead, the muzz, would you rather shoot the, your rifle buck your big, big deer first? Your first, there’s something about a hard with bloodlines. There is. There is bloodlines. If I had to pick, I’d pick a hard out buck over. You kind ask me to pick my favorite child. So now we’ve done, it’s easy. Would you rather So yeah. Would you rather arrow that would you rather archery hunt, hunt deer the rest of your life. But they are velvet bucks, but they’re patterned or swap it up once in a while to be able to hunt hard antler deer or bloodlines and beautiful. We all love hot brown chocolate. It’s gonna be harder to kill ’em now in, in October. But velvet gets, I, I like velvet. But then when you, you know, then you’re kind of like, man, but I, you get something, you kind of want see what’s underneath. I just want see it. They’re mule deer and I feel like I love ’em all. Yeah. You know? That’s right. Okay. Whatever. Just like your children. What about all your children? What about your, your two bucks that you have killed? The hard horn and the velvet standing side by side. There you go.

00:53:22:23 –> 00:54:32:06
We’re talking with, so he’s killed more than two, but we’re talking the two giant now. Yeah. Giant. The two giant. Yeah. I’m saying two best saying you don’t have either one of those and you have to relive that net Booker. Which one you chooses Hard antler. Probably the net booker. I mean, that’s pretty, pretty hard feat. It is. Yeah. It is. One in a million. Paul, you haven’t answered that question. I don’t know. I probably have to say archery as well, I think. Yeah. But thankfully we don’t have to choose. Thankfully we don’t. I’ve had hardcore archers that won’t veer from archery. ’cause they either have an archery shop or that’s their thing. That’s their, what they’re known for. And one of ’em said one day says, I’m kind of jealous you guys get to kill wolves. I feel like as an archer, I never get, I never get to kill one. I put that down. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. But, but that’s who they are and that’s who they identify as. And so they can’t veer from that. Yep. And you’re like, man, I’m weapon, weapon fluid. Yeah, there you go. That’s a good transition to a muzzle loader. Pretty quick. MZ loader. Loader. So you identify as a, I can transition to, so you identify as Yeah. As a whatever the season date is at the time. Yeah. I can transition back to March weapon, whatever. Yeah, we’ll do that. Okay.

00:54:33:06 –> 00:55:45:01
We all do that. So let’s see, are we about done with these? Close. Keep go. Let’s get him down. Crank ’em out. Rifle CJ Hunt one would like to know rifle hunt bucks on the Arizona strip or hunt rifle September on San Carlos or bulls. Ugh, strips. Yeah. Yeah, I think so too. No brainer. I mean, that would be special though. Like, Jason, let’s talk, let’s think about that. Well, that’s the one thing I need. We talked about 400 inch elk and they got ’em. I don’t have one. Josh does. Yeah. That’s not cool. He’s the only one in the room. That’s a good point. And you’ve, you’ve killed three eighties. I’ve killed three. Like we’ve killed some big bulls here at the table. Like Bronson, we should talk about this elk thing a little bit. We fleshed out just even getting the tag. We’ve talked about $2,500 tags. You could kill a potential giant in Colorado. Give yourself a $2,500 elk tag. What do you got? Can you even have a jam? 80 bull? No, you can’t even buy your way into a big bull At times, in comparison, a deer in, in blue collar. You can take a general deer tag in Utah, even though we’re disenchanted FraNChiS or one or two point draw tag in Colorado, or landlord tag 1500, two grand, whatever. Easy draw. And you hit it. Right?

00:55:45:03 –> 00:56:52:29
You dev and I tag in New Mexico, we, you know, there’s potential for it. Yeah. But you go take that same caliber tag on the elk side of things. 52 in New Mexico. Yeah. What’s equivalent elk in the two in New Mexico? You gonna kill the three 80? No. Or four Oh oh no. Right. So they kind of puts it into perspective of how hard it is to kill a big, big giant, really hard book head bull. Big, big 400 plus gross, whatever you want call it. Yeah. You gotta, you gotta be at least 3 85 grocer what? 10 inches of deduction to even get 3 75, 12 light. Yeah. 10 to 12, maybe 15 Tric bowl. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s a feat. It is. We see a few of ’em every year. And they’re are, they’re, they’re in the next level. So you bringing up the fact that when you start to remind us all, well, yeah, but you’ve killed some deer. You, you need this on the elk side of things. San Carlos is one of the few places that could happen. Yeah. So you switch it. So I’m, as I’m Bronson brought it up and I’m, I’m just like, yeah, the debate. It’s a good que it’s a great question. It it actually more 99 per 99% of the time, I’d usually just say, strip deer and move on.

00:56:53:18 –> 00:58:08:17
Well, there’s some things about the strip, like could take, I’ve been to San Carlos and seen like, if one of us draws a strip tag, we’re all gonna be there. Yeah. And so that, that is how we’re gonna make it happen. Versus the San Carlos, I’m gonna hire somebody. You have to, well, let’s, yeah. And let’s say, but yeah, and I don’t get to enjoy it with y’all as much. I mean, maybe let’s just say that aside. Let’s say yeah, just the pure experience of going to the stripping hunt with the rifle or San Carlos for four Oh people. That’s just, it’s straight up. I’ll pick that too. That’d be strip strip, strip strip, strip strip. Pollock strip. Okay. Pollock, you said you wrote, you identified as a big bull guy the other day. Yeah. But he’s got something over four right now. He’s got tags in his pocket that he’s, feels like he’s, you know, king of the elk world right now. Tag, tag, like the best tag in the state with the four 16 on the wall already or whatever. He was 18. When are you gonna feel like you’ve had enough of the big bulls? I kill enough. That’s never gonna happen. Yeah, you can’t, you can always need to kill more. Yep. All right. So, well he’s gleaning past the ones that are dressed to him. That’s what that awkward pause was CJ that coming from cj.

00:58:08:18 –> 00:59:31:05
He’s a good, he’s a good hunter. And he’s killed a lot of stuff into Mexico. Back to CJ’s question. Just, anyway, those guys know their stuff down there. I kind of, it, it reminds me of the residency questions and like, where would you wanna be a resident of? So that’s what, they’re in New Mexico. I freaking, I, I like New Mexico a lot. There’s no named animals. There’s animals that are giants that don’t have any names. But anyway, the kale cook says, which state would you rather be a resident strictly for hunting purposes. What are you grinning about? I’m just wondering where you’re gonna, where are you gonna live in New Mexico? I don’t know. I was thinking Ros Cuba would be my place. It’s a pretty little place and you can afford some property. There don’t, I mean it’s, don’t say trust me. Farmington. You can live there if you want. Where are you living? What? Gallup? You know, no, sorry. Albuquerque? No. Santa, are you Cara? No. You talking Corona? No truth or consequences. Two come carry. These are all, these are soft towns we’ve been to. Yeah. I’ve spent nights in these towns. So you guys co reserve ain’t bad. You live in the mountains. TRC. Yeah. Oh, alright. What else is the reserve question? Reserve. Reserve is, you’re an elk. Josh, you’re gonna live in reserve. Yeah. You’re an elk guy. That’s where you live there. Or Alma. Good point.

00:59:31:09 –> 01:00:39:23
That’s a good, that’s a very tough question. You’re starting to move to the desert. There’s gas in both places. What was the real question, Paul? Which state? Which state stricter running purposes? Would you, would you like to be resident? Be a resident? Resident? Oh, okay. Go ahead. It’d have to be Arizona or Wyoming. I think. Arizona. Yeah. Like Wyoming. Wyoming. Clearly you’re the superior. Do we move the Epic headquarters? No. No. Wyoming, you would be the superior resident. I feel they’re the superior residents. Above all residents. Just ask them. But I think Arizona probably, I mean think about it, Devin, when we were down there hunting on your, your tag and you were talking to those people that they’re like, yeah. They’re like, oh, here’s just draw. Every four years they draw a off. You know? And you’re like, they do, but it still, you have like, they have all kinds of crazy stuff. Well, and I guess you get the OTC deer. True. OTC have Alina Jason job. Really? We get it now. That’s a selling point. Well, I’m just saying that is not even game in general. That’s not even in the equation. Game in general. I’d hunt the three kinds of quill before I shot one of those. Is there only three kinds? I don’t know. Is there only three? Whatever hybrid quail. I’ll shoot ’em all fishing next level. Summertime lake activities. Porky incredible pork. The only thing Porky swine.

01:00:40:01 –> 01:01:54:18
I do think it’s nice. The temperatures. Yeah. 110 degrees every day. Yeah. No, Sam. And these guys are hunting lion right now. Today he’s hunting lion guarantee. I think Arizona though, in all, we do have alluring places we’d like to hunt. But in all reality, I wouldn’t pick it because it, it’s still for the stuff you want Jason. Or maybe we would, I would want on the upper end of elk, it’s still not coming around that often. Big bulls. Big bulls. Big bulls and big deer. You’re not getting, versus Wyoming or even a, or even a Colorado deer, Colorado residents can draw deer tags. Easy good techs. You know, they can, but I don’t know. There’s Colorado’s politics. I couldn’t live there. I couldn’t go there. No. The politics are route, I guess if we just say for hunting purposes. All right. Politic. That was the question. I I I would probably say, yeah, maybe Wyoming. I don’t know. Wyoming’s awesome. They do have incredible game. You would get the most tags consistently in Wyoming. You get general deer every year. What about Idaho? Idaho guys have it good too. Not bad. I mean, you’re talking like geese and duck and freaking you’re going to halina and waterfall. I’m just saying that does not even enter mine as an outdoorsman. Okay. As an outdoorsman. Okay. When’s the last time you’ve shot a duck or goose? I don’t even like ’em.

01:01:54:19 –> 01:02:57:10
Okay, why are you saying it then as an outdoors man? Just the act outdoor activities are, are numerous. You can look, look at those. You can go with Wyatt to the freaking snow goose place and Delta and see ’em. Wyatt, did you kill one? I did not. Did anybody in your party kill that? Yeah. They, they killed someone. I said, and you can be unplugged out there. Not in your party. The people next door, Jason, the people next door killed a botch. And some of your guys did kill someone. All right, well I missed out. Jason, you bring up Halina and waterfowl. Have you ever shot either in your life? I just, I just look selling. Those are selling. Selling would never kill. You know why? Because Halina, you gotta freaking eat it. That’s right. Or you want wasted destruction, wildlife and everybody else feeds it to their dog. So why would you bring it up As would be hung to dry. I’d be in prison still to this day. My point is this, don’t use them as a selling point. You can’t, that’s same with the duck. I’m gonna have grandkids someday. We’re gonna kill some stuff. Okay. So you need to have an epic porky, swine hunt down in Arizona. Yeah. And we’re all gonna kill one. We’re all gonna eat it. I like, we’re gonna bust the smoke out and we’re gonna take care of the snakes are big in Arizona.

01:02:57:14 –> 01:04:13:00
Devin, that’s a problem. Eh? They, I always said I would move to Nevada. I always said I’ve Nevada would be there. But it’s changed. It’s changed over there. It’s changed. And then well look at, you got a seven year weight man on your, I mean, is there 7, 5, 7 on it? Seven. It’s seven too. As a resident. Okay. It’s not, you’re not an elk’s freaking years. And is an antelope still like three three on antelope? Yeah. Like you don’t get a hunt very much in Nevada. Even as a resident. You really don’t. It’s not the one I pick. I pick Arizona over Nevada and take my chances drawn something good personally and not have waiting periods. I know it’s not the state for me anymore. We didn’t consider like Iowa your white tail state out there. No, over the counter. Whitetail can’t stand the place. I I, I actually can’t stand the place sounded. It is harsh. I, I actually like it. What I like here though, is I like yielder elk and public land. Public land. I like mountains. Our, our seasons, our four seasons. All, you know, a red state comes to mind. I mean, things like that, you know, this was just for hunting purposes. Right? Hunting purposes. Strictly hunting purpose tags under the current systems. If you did, let’s do this. You Utah’s not a bad place to live. It’s Utah. Utah’s not a bad place to live. It isn’t.

01:04:13:00 –> 01:05:30:07
Okay, let’s do this. Utah changes their, their deer system to where now it’s all in a limited draw. One point system, one deer. You choose the species. Deer, elk, or antelope. If it’s elk, it’s elk. End of story. No. General deer for you. How does that change Utah in your mind for ranking on your satisfaction as a hunter? Living as here as a resident? Do I still get my lifetime license somehow? That’s not fair to ask. Yes it is. Because people are out there wondering. And you’re jaded with a lifetime license. No. I just wonder. No. For this purpose, no. Okay. I like it. Quiet. Okay. I’m moving to Arizona. You’re moving. Period. Right? No, I don’t. If they take the general dear way, dedicated, dear way, all of that. What are you hunting in Utah? What would you be hunting? Spike elk. That’s what I was gonna say. I like it. Archer, you could shoot a cow. Yeah. How about that? Like it, I’m, I’m moving, I’m moving. I’d be moving. We might, you’d wanna lively in Wyoming or Arizona. Like so and so then it was only hunting and nothing. So then we vote as an epic crew and let’s sell our places and let’s move. We ready? Start a settlement somewhere and no, we don’t even need to be that creative. We could live right next to St. George. Well we might, I’m telling you. Yeah.

01:05:30:07 –> 01:06:35:16
Hypothetically, I don’t wanna, you know, we’re gonna come away at this podcast. I’m gonna go, we’re gonna go do some realty work and figure this stuff out. If you’re a realtor, why don’t you go ahead and give us a call. 45. If you cut, if you a compound, I mean if you’re in foot, if you’re in for elk and you’re even semi deep into it, you gotta stay. You’re screwed. You’re not hunting deer. Period. Yeah. It’s not hunting’s. What they talking about in general are, they’re not talking about that poll or Bronson. Yeah. Oh, they’re talking about it. There’s, I mean there’s people that here in our town that want, that are pushing for it. Yeah. That are even heading leading the charge. And, and they’re not even long-term residents here. But anyway, what do you think I’m moving Or if, if it’s, so that’s a big deal, right? It would change. That’s a big deal. And when was the last general deer y’all killed? 2018. I just had to answer that not long ago. Oh you did on your survey. Yeah. I hope I was right. When was the last general deer you guys killed? Like seriously, I’m looking at mine going, I mean that changes my mentality, but part of it is because I like the option to go. I go, I go with my kids. There’s 14 layers to the satisfaction on a general hunt. I wanna see mature bucks.

01:06:35:28 –> 01:07:43:19
But I also wanna be able to go. And right now we can go, we not going every year with the exception of the lifetime. But you’re playing the point game. Dedicated general. Maybe it’s an archery general. If you really want to go, you can feel like you can name bucks and maybe even have a tag before they die of old age. Things like that. Right. Pollock, you’ve been running a ton of cameras on your general stuff. You get a lot of satisfaction out of that. Oh yeah. Yeah. You’re looking for a buck. You saw this last year, like you’ve already got plans, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. But if you couldn’t ever draw that one once every 10 years, once every eight years, whatever it settles in at. It’d be terrible. It’d be stupid. Yeah. Kind of crazy. So do we need to move? Are we talking about that? Are we talking about where we would go? No. Well that was the original question. Yeah. Colorado City. No, there’s probably some property you can afford there. Half built houses. There’s probably some compounds too. We could do it at the compound down there. They, they have ’em live out in the cane beds. I get floor one place. You get floor two or you get floor one. Choose your floor. I’ll, I’ll live in my family gets the basement. Okay. Your family gets floor one. Bronson probably a lot of feral cats. Good call on that.

01:07:44:07 –> 01:08:48:04
Oh, the feral al would be a problem down. But in Colorado, cats probably get away. Withal doing whatever you wanted with them. I dunno. I dunno. The Arizona laws question reader guy. Yeah. So let’s get back guys. Law. So here’s one I’m intrigued by that by the way. I think we need to revisit that. Let’s do, we’ll have a meeting after this. You also said something the other day was you were really intrigued. That would be a heck of incredible spike hunt. What? What unit were you talking about? There was a unit you said that about and it was on my sticky notes in my desk. I didn’t, I don’t remember the, well, what we were talking about. That would be an amazing spike. We were talking about the, the numbers of spy hunters in all of these units. And we were going over those. Yes. You know, saying holy crap, that was 1300 was hunters over here. But then over here there’s nothing. Or say, I was thinking about San Juan where there’s no population base. And then you reminded me, people like San Juan, they’ll drive from Salt Lake to San Juan for the spy hunt. Yeah. I’m like, yeah, that’s a good point. Okay. Yeah, that’s, I mean, incredible spy hunt. And it was all in relative terms. And you didn’t give yourself a conversation was meant for me. And you only back in the office. Now you did.

01:08:48:04 –> 01:10:05:07
Well you didn’t give yourself 15 minutes before you actually spoke. I know. I never do. And that’s my problem. Ask Janna. So on that note, Tanner 17, Stanford says, would you rather have an Arizona strip tag or an unlimited use of get out of hot water with your wife card? Go ahead. I’m gonna pass on that. How many times can I say strip tag? Strip tag? Yeah. A hundred percent. I think we got good wives. Yes we do. Every one of us here at the table have good wives. Tell me I’m wrong. Go ahead. Somebody tell me I’m wrong. You you’re not Wrong. Wrong wife. Your wife would want you to be happy. And they know I’d be happy on the strip. I take a camp fit of 50 miles out there, clean out the dust and invite her in. Set a few mouse trap, set a few mouse traps. Bring, bring some water, put on some, bring some white miles. Bring some straight spray foam to hit every heat up. Some track in that heat up some halina loin. No, come on, come on. That thing. Would you’d get a stink in that tray? Those disgusting. Never. You’d never get it out of the cushions. You’d never get to say outta away something for somebody sending in a recipe of javelina their favorite halina recipe. No. No. Which the last thing we asked out of Arizona. We still haven’t got a reply. Yeah.

01:10:05:24 –> 01:11:11:25
By the way, let’s announce that. Let’s announce that right here. Go ahead. We announced to everybody on the podcast that one of those, I think there were six limited entry hunts that they drew down there this year. Wasn’t there six of ’em month? No. No response. No response. If you drew one of those, we were gonna give you like what, three, $500 worth of stuff than cash? No, no, no, no. Two from you. Two from Oh yeah. That was for the John. John. That was for the 12 B. That was if it was a trip. Oh, 12. Yes, that’s right. Thanks for quantifying that. But just anyone, even if it was a cos or whatever, they were gonna receive a window mount, a vortex spotting scope and a tripod. Yeah. Not didn’t happen. We still own those. So we’re gonna sell those has cost here. Wyatt’s theory, which I’m actually, I’m actually siding more with Wyatt every day that he said are not, it didn’t happen. They say the states, they’ve all been contacted. Really? I think it’s a money grab. They say they’ve been contacted, accepted, and charged for the tag fee. Wyatt’s. They said it before the application opened. Yeah. He said, you know, we’ve never heard from a winner. Not one ever. Well, and then there was one Ron Contended there was late. We put one onc the first time besides that one. That’s, that’s right.

01:11:12:09 –> 01:12:28:17
But then after that, and just so we know that, that that contest is over. We, we gave you a month to reply. So No, it’s not, I really wanna know. No, it’s, no, it’s over. Bronson. I’ll give him something. Well, my $200, I wanna know my 200 bucks is off the table. Okay, well John’s isn’t Okay. 400, 200. John John’s not here. John will pay you 200 bucks. Anybody that drew that unit 12 tag for deer. We want the story. And we’re gonna give you a plethora of stuff on that special draw on that. The limited draw. We’re not talking tri ba archery talking. The draw that just occurred in April. Yeah. I don’t know how we get checked over there. I don’t know. I’m with Wyatt. We’re we’re getting down to the wire here. So have you guys thought about a couple questions for Pollock? I dunno. Thought about Mark. There is none about lunch right now. Would you rather survive commission meeting? Huh? End commission meeting. Yeah. Let’s get this down. Would you rather survive a bear attack or live without white monsters the rest of your life? You have to think about it. He’s, he’s still thinking. Well, no, I’m just thinking. Just so did the bear attack happen and you died? If you could select the white monster. Survive. Survive a bear attack. Survive a bear attack, survive a bear attack or live with. So either way you’re giving up.

01:12:29:15 –> 01:13:46:20
But if you, if you say I would rather have white monsters, that means you died in the bear attack. Yeah. So you’re not getting a white monster either way. I’d rather, I’d rather quit white monsters right now and never get attacked by it. Me too. That’s what I’m thinking. That’s what, if that’s the answer, I mean, I’d quit that cold Turkey. You’d never see me turn back. I’ve thought about la I thought yesterday I was gonna quit Monster. Then today came and I, I’ve done it for periods just to show myself if I can actually do it. I don’t know if I want to quit. I dunno why you’re looking at, well maybe we should, maybe should we quit quite monsters? Jason? I haven’t had one for quite some time. Jason, you speak for yourself right now. ’cause we’re all got our own vices certain times in different places. I don’t know. I’ve thought it’s probably not healthy. But no, I haven’t had a kidney stone yet. I don’t drink water. I had one today right here. Dirt. That’s, that’s, that’s dirty water. Had the red put of the red mineral, red relight in it and red lit me pretty good stuff. Okay, so we are down to two hard join two wants to know if you want to hunt. Hunt a unit with a total deer population of 500 with a buck to dough ratio of 10 to or excuse me. Okay.

01:13:46:24 –> 01:15:06:28
One 100 unit with a total of deer population of 500 with a 20 to 100 buck to do ratio. Or 1000 deer with a 10 to 100 buck to dough ratio. How many big bucks? Not what’s, what’s the average age? Alright. They’re both gonna be tough. 10 to 20. Yeah, it’s double. We’re in the twenties. That’s still not a huge enough difference to me. I’d take the 500. Yeah. Much of a difference when you go down to 10, 10 to a hundred and you realize, don’t see any bucks. Eight or nine of them are yearling bucks probably at that call. You’re that face. They don’t, right? Yeah. You’re, you’re identifying them as half and half. Not even a buck really. They’re, they’re apparently a dead deer walking anyway. Doesn’t matter apparently. So you might as well kill him now before the coyote gets him. Yeah, but the coyote is still gonna eat, so he’s gonna kill his twin, you know. Anyway. Save your bullet. Jake. Breaking somebody else. I thought of Red Dawn. We live on an airport. Okay, so the last question. This is it, at least from the audience. We’ve got a few of ourselves, right? Well this is the last one. And then, yeah, the recording’s gonna stop here. When this one’s gone, it better be bouncing ’cause it’s not be, not recording this. This has been gold. It says would you or hunker Cole. We don’t need to read all the names.

01:15:08:18 –> 01:16:15:05
I’m just guessing. He probably identifies as a, come on. Don’t even as a goose hunter, probably one of our best friends. Don’t even go there. He’s a waterfowl hunter. Would you rather never hunt again or vote for Joe Biden in 2024? Geez. Do you care about the future and your grandkids? I’d be voting You’d vote for vote. Does your vote? My vote actually doesn’t feel like it matters. Yeah, I’d vote. Vote Joe Biden. He, he’s gonna win on whether you vote for him or not. He’s not gonna win Utah. He’s not gonna win your, your vote might even not even make it into the real with that attitude. Yeah. Sorry. We, we live in Utah. Why? It’s a good point. This goes back to Wyatt’s, six tags in Arizona. Did it really happen? Did your vote even happen when you do vote? Well, in Utah, the way the electoral conspiracy theory works, Utah is all of our electoral votes are not gonna go for Biden in this state. So if we six of us vote Democrat, it’s not gonna change it. So that’s what we’re doing. But, but do you guys, but it doesn’t matter. Do you feel good about it? No. Even if my vote, but I feel good when I get to go hunting. Even if I was the only vote, the only American and I was the only one that mattered, I’d still do it. You’d do what?

01:16:15:05 –> 01:17:22:24
Because I’d rather be happy and deal with that. Are you gonna be happy? What would I do? Joe would come take your gun. If you didn’t hunt anymore, he’s going to take your gun. What would you do? But if you’re the only American and it’s you and Joe, he’s gonna be like Devin, hand me. Yeah. That’s something to think about. But he ain’t that. He’s gonna be like, Devin. Do you think Joe could pry that outta your hands? Yeah. It’d be you and Joe come. You would really hurt an old guy. He’d wrestle you. He’d wants, just knowing you. I’m just saying. If you didn’t hunt, what would you do for recreation and just to boat. Have other hobbies. Golf. Learn how to read, learn how to read, start golfing. What are you gonna do? Probably do some good, good things for humanity. I mean, I’d probably go to the Elks Lodge and see what they got going on. Bingo. Join a bingo club. I might, okay. I don think I, I know I wouldn’t be as happy at first. People go to the hospital and visit pass out flowers. It doesn’t matter anyway, because any vote you placed in 2024, the machine’s gonna say it was a Biden vote. So matter. Which is, doesn’t matter. Whyt. It would contend it could happen. Yeah. So our vote’s going di So either way you’re voting for Biden and we’re still hunting, I guess.

01:17:22:25 –> 01:18:54:29
But you still have no soul if you vote dim. That’s what I’m saying. You don’t, but, but I guess at that point it’s, I’d be with you. It’s, it’s a free for all fend for yourself at that point. Yep. Take my serial number ammo. Wyatt, do you have anything for Paul? Did you come up thing missed last hour? Anything good enough to, to really, what’s a good, would you rather for him, I wanna make him think, I don’t know. Here’s would you rather, so something based off going back to work for the DWR and allowing them to change your ratios, the way they see fit. It happened anyway. That’s not a good what you’re asking. Geez. I never got to, I never got to give a recommendation that I liked that. Honestly. That’s the truth. Do you feel that way? Maybe for antelope? No, it was a fight for everything. All right. Well that doesn’t work. Okay. Well, well, I don’t have a good rib. Would you rather he poll alive? Pull off the, this is keeping a off the gloves. A lot of lines of hunting. Okay. The biggest bull you’ve ever seen in your life, or the biggest buck you’ve ever seen in your life, which one would you rather have on your wall? He probably has one on his wall right now. Is that elk the biggest one you think you’ve ever seen with your own two eyeballs? I’ve scout.

01:18:55:00 –> 01:20:13:22
I’ve been some good bulls in the last few years. Oh, she is? Yeah. Nevermind last. So say it one more time. So the biggest bull you have ever seen, or the biggest buck you’ve ever seen? Oh, he’s a, he’s an out guy. So your biggest buck is, is it your dad’s deer? I know, I know the biggest deer I’ve ever seen. Oh, your dad’s. Did you see your dad’s deer? It, it’s about three alive. It sits about three feet from me and my office. Bet it’s through the window. It’s in Jason’s office, but it’s like three feet from me. Oh geez. He’s thinking on this one hard. I’ve heard a few sides. I mean, I know just the sheer amount of bone. Yeah, there’s something about picking those big bulls up. Yeah. The sheer amount of bone density. They’re going away when you’re, when you grab a bull. I don’t know. Yeah, you like the bone 70. They do suck to pack out. No, they do. Hey, that doesn’t matter. That’s over. You get minions to call on the mountain friends minions. AKA friends, you get that horses, mules or, or people that are treated just as mules. You just get ’em there. Probably the bull. I don’t know the bull really? When you grab a brow tie, that’s that big. How wides your dad’s deer? 42 was 42. Yeah. Really? 42 inch. Do you want another bull score? You’ve already got one.

01:20:13:26 –> 01:21:22:19
Did we score it at two 50? What? Did you score that one? Yeah, I did. It was two 50 gross. I don’t remember. It was right on. Right on. Two 50. It broke. Two 50 gross. Bring it back in gross. Wasn it. It was right on. It’s Jason. Jeez. Bring it back in. You know how it is. You like, I know making your mounts around, we can’t even get you to take one to the Xbox. Bring it back in. But if you said, but let’s, what’s your biggest bull? What do you think the biggest bull is you’ve seen? Well, four 20. Okay. Yeah. I’m not asking you to bring a four 20 bull in, but I’m asking you to bring your dad’s buck in. Geez, I’m disappointed. You gotta remember his, his 42 inch. I haven’t even s what do you mean? Okay. I’ve seen, I’ve seen a 40 plus inch deer. But take imagine ever taking one that was built that 50 50. That was two 50. A San Juan freak. We’re talking a that was two 50 bill. 42. Geez, that’s rarity 40. It’s, it’s hard because I was there when he killed it. So it was, I mean, not like I shot it personally, but I mean it was You were how old? 14. I mean, for crap’s sakes. You don’t even remember that. Oh yeah, I do. Do you never forget that? Like it was yesterday? Oh yeah.

01:21:22:19 –> 01:22:39:10
When my brother and I pulled that, ’cause we beat him to it. We pulled it down the Manzanita and it was like, but back then you, I think I contend you feel like it was a possibility in your life you would kill one that big. Because back then it, they were did not like that on a regular basis. They, they were not like today. Today it is not possible. It feels like 42 inch by two 50 made the last one, you know, that was killed on a general unit, let alone strip. But it did come, it did come from the best general unit in the state with the highest why. Can you, can you think of a 40 plus two 50 plus killed on the strip forties? I’m trying to think what were the last forties. What what? Lucky. What was lucky? Lucky was 40 cheater to cheater. He was forties. All right. Rare. Yeah, rare. Okay, Pollock, just for that answer, you’re up. Okay. Sorry. I’ll let you down. Geez. If you, if you do have, you know, if you identify as a rifle hunter. Yeah. If you identify as a rifle hunter, which I often do, let us know. We’ve got several options for you. One of those is a Red Rock rifle. We’ve got one of those in here. And best of the best. Yeah, they’re, they’re amazing rifles. We’ve got, we’ve got a 300 rum here, don’t we? I think we do.

01:22:39:20 –> 01:23:48:01
Yeah. I don’t know. ViBox is ammo custom case, custom hand load. You name it, list off. Do you remember? I know it’s just off the cuff, but it’s got a stack of options on it, which makes this rifle. It’s unbelievable. It’s got the rings. It’s ready to go. All you need to do is doleo scope on it. Geez man. So you got the flush cups. You the ammo, huh? Got the flush cups. Yeah, this one does. Yeah. And it’s a 300 drum. All you need is a scope. Maybe we need to go run a bolt when we’re done with this. Devon’s already done. Wore it out. Paula, did you see that? Look on his face. Devin, how does a bolt sound when it’s cherry? Zing? It’s got a zing. We’ve been over this. It has a zing to it. That’s a zing. They’re all a little different. Yeah, they are. Be, yeah. Give us a call. We have that one in stock. Or we can help you get another one ordered. Go check ’em [email protected] or give us a call. We can help you out with ’em. They are awesome rifles when you put ’em in your hand and, and I’ve seen some of ’em shoot and they shoot. Phenomenal. So. Awesome. What else we got? Bronson? Can you think of anything else we’ve got on the docket we need to cover before we call it a day? I think we’ve been pretty good.

01:23:48:15 –> 01:24:53:07
I think we’ve covered a lot. How about Zeiss? We got a bunch of Zeis products in. Wanna talk about that real quick? Sure. Yeah. That’s another one of our optics brands that we’ve been dealers with from the start here at Epic Outdoors. Whether you, you know, obviously they’re, they make everything but binoculars, rifle scopes, probably what we sell the most of. No question from them versus, you know, some of their spot and scopes. They’re awesome too. Harpy and whatnot. But yeah, we’ve got a lot of those in stock. We anos rifle scopes. You know, if you need a new gun, you draw a new tag, you need a new gun and give us a call. We’ve got some of those, but we’ve also got ri rifle scopes. If you just feel like what you’ve been putting up with or using for years and years is maybe time for an upgrade, keep us in mind. Zes makes great products. A lot of us have those a lot. Love our guns. Probably coming up here soon. It’s gonna be a good option to get one of those because we may be doing a little giveaway. Yeah. Here. Talked to Hunter the other day and keep gonna have a little, maybe a little zes giveaway coming up. No, in its infancy to say just yet. But if you’re in the market for a, some size or some epic stuff, for sure, you’re gonna want to get in on it.

01:24:53:12 –> 01:25:56:22
The next podcast or two will probably mention that. Probably throw it on socials as well. Yeah. So stay tuned. I like it. Let’s talk about Kenna Trek real quick. Josh. You’ve got a pair of Rex on doubt. I hate to put you on the spot again, but, but keep talking A new model. Yeah. It’s the Bridger High. I think it’s called Sevener. I’ve been pleased with them. I put ’em on on you’re work. Just kind of business meetings. Breaking ’em in. Yeah. Yeah. Church. Letting people know I’m a hot board. Board meetings. Hey, where are those? Wear those to church Sunday. See if you get any comments. They’re nice enough too. Yeah, that’s up on the mountain up there. That’s probably common attire. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Well up there. They wear shorts up on the mountain. Yeah, that’s true. That’s a nice thing about being up at the cabin. At the cabin. I wear flip flops and a freaking tank top. Yeah, you’re good to go. I’ve been there. No, they’ve been awesome boots. I’ve, I’ve actually never owned a pair before, so I do now, I guess. And we’ll try ’em out. I’ve been breaking ’em in a little bit here at the office. They feel good. Oh yeah. They feel like they, they’re a summer boot. They’re kind of a summer poop, but they’re, but they’re built. Well, yeah, I think they’re, they’re gonna be just fine for anything obviously. Later season.

01:25:56:24 –> 01:27:13:05
You probably want some insulation, but looks like you got some dog crap on it. Yeah, I was gonna say, you got a problem on that left. Oh, look at that. Geez. That’s just disgusting. That’s so sorry about that. That’s a Tootsie Roll. Come on. It’s not, who knows what it is? No. Probably is a Devon’s house. It’s cat crap. Oh, come on. Mixed with litter. Cat litter. Yeah. That’s disgusting Cat crap. I hate a cat. That cat litter box. I hate the smell of those things. Okay. That’s anything cat related anyway. I don’t even have my mountain line in my house. I don’t like him that much. Go to, no, I’ve got one in my house. Go to www ken K-E-N-E-T-R-E 1 802 3 2 6 0 6 4. Awesome. Well it’s definitely, we definitely, we’ve gone about a half over, over what we should be doing. Well I do, I would like to give something away. Can you guys, I’d like to give something away. We do have a vortex one power scope. The last you announce the last one. Give away the last one. Give away the last one. Okay. How, what, what do you think, Paula? Can we do anything on Tag us on socials? Do you want to, you know, throw up, throw up a muzzle or buck, throw up a muzzle lit buck and tag us on Epic and we’ll do a random draw or something like that.

01:27:13:15 –> 01:28:25:12
Just Yeah, we could just not a three point. Yeah. Okay. Let’s address that. Let’s address that for a minute. Okay. Well, and we like the post, but I mean, we, we got Bronson, what, three point lives matter. But, but Wyatt, how did we define that? This is what we want to see. We want see a buck, a buck killed from 2013 to 2019. With a muzzle loader. With a muzzle loader. And we’ll give them like in any state. You’re not confining that to Utah, right? No, that’s kind of what we we’re celebrating, talking about. We’re LER owners everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. Because you need a, you’re gonna need a muzzle loader scope. So whatever. We just wanna see prior to 2017, the best buck you, the best buck you killed. 2013 to 2019 has to be in that five year period. Why? Why, why that period? Why that period of time? Why are you restricting it? ’cause I want people to see what deer hunting used to be like. What it could and what it could be. I like it. What do you, what do you, what kind of bucks could on the land, if it let a few bucks live, does it have to be Utah Buck? What do we put in the parameters here? That’s kind where your mind was going. No, no, no muzzle loader Buck 2013 to 2019. But it has to be a muzzle loader buck.

01:28:25:12 –> 01:29:31:23
And and why do you think it was better than what, what made buck better than There’s deer. There was more deer. Yeah, more deer on the more deer. Yeah. So the, the not the ratios. The ratios were ratios. The ratios. They’re the same. It’s the number, it’s yeah, it’s the 500 to a thousand principles. Oh yeah. Because we had, you know, when you have 20 bucks per hundred dose and you only have 500 those, or when you have 20 bucks per hundred dose and you have to 3000, those 5,000 do. Yeah. There’s significantly, that’s a lot more bucks more. And so we’ve got better deer hunting coming if we don’t kill ’em as fores. Yeah. We’ve got better deer hunting coming. ’cause we have had wet weather and, and there’s so more populations are growing at the moment. More making it through. Yeah. So more bucks. Making it through. So when you had all these little yearling bucks getting killed, you still had a significant amount of making it through. So it wasn’t a big a deal. So you and you think we should let small bucks live? Yeah. Okay. So let’s define this one more time. So any muzzle loader harvested buck between 2013 and 19. Yeah. Well you we’re gonna eliminate some guys. Funny guys, let’s just go all muzzy bucks. Really? I think we just, anyone that kills buck with a muzzle loader remain Post it up. Post it up. You’re live.

01:29:31:26 –> 01:30:48:17
And if we do that, I think we should up the ante. You get to choose the vortex or loop pulled red dot. I know there’s a difference in price, but somebody would like to cross hair. Okay. And somebody’s gonna want the red dot. Okay. And they get to choose. Right. And we’ll do a random draw and we gotta do it all next week. Till till. How do next Friday? How do they, how do they enter? It has to tag us. Yep. They’re gonna use and epic muzzle. Epic muzz bucks. Epic buck, epic musket buck. You gotta spell musket, right? Well, if you can’t then you don’t get in. Okay. We’re only gonna query that one hashtag and whatever pulls up Right. Epic musket buck. I’m pretty sure. Let ask e lemme make sure don’t epic ground ball first. I think we gotta make sure, I think the word epic was probably gonna take care. We make sure it’s available. What do you mean? Does it matter? We’re not, it’s just a hashtag That’s an aggressive hashtag. Well, well even if it matters or if it’s already there, it doesn’t matter. Right. You could still, we’ll see it. Epic Musket B tags. None. None found. Okay. Perfect. E-P-I-C-M-U-S-K-E-T-B-U-C-K. Is there one T or two? I wanna see, I think there’s one, but I’ve got one in this one. What did you That’s good enough. I’ll stick with one. T-E-P-I-C-M-U-S-K-E-T. Yeah. BUCK. I like it.

01:30:48:20 –> 01:31:58:05
Okay, here we go. Say it one more time. Hashtag hashtag E-P-I-C-M-U-S-K-E-T. BUCK. Epic. Musket, buck. There’s that page is clean. There’s no page. And we’re not like picking or we we’re not picking the best. We’re just gonna draw from that. No, that we just want to see it. And you’ll see the three points too. Three. Three. We’ll, what? Whatever you want. If you wanna post two point, it’s fine. Three point, don’t matter. Want a for fine? Yep. Jason, it’s a buck. If it’s a buck, it’s gonna be, it’s five inches. Guarantee you I A for He’s not a buck. Jason, we’re not gonna see many fork come. We want the for keys to live. That was part of this. Well, you can exclude ’em. Awareness. You said buck not two year, year old or bigger. Butt Post. Post. Post your for post it and epic must from any area. It has to be like on your, not a story on your feed. Yeah. Can’t disappear. Disappears. We lose is gone. So, good point. So you need to go post on your feed. Feed that stays an actual post and do it, do a throwback, whatever. Just do it under the guise of throwback. But maybe we’ll do that. Can we all do that? Has everybody got a muzzle? Do? Jason, you got some We’re not. What do mean? You work here? No, I’m not saying, but we might join in the posting Fine.

01:31:58:28 –> 01:33:04:18
Gonna make a posting fund. I’m gonna make a post and we’ll all, we’ll all produce a buck. Yeah. How about that? Geez. Has everybody killed the muzzle of a buck in, in this room? Not in that timeframe, no. Okay. We eliminated that, didn’t we? We eliminated the timeframe. Okay. We eliminated the timeframe. All right, let’s see. You we’re gonna just have fun at this. Yep. Fine. We’ll post. But it’s just part of our job. We’re not getting into the, it’ll be, it’ll be an announce. So we check our Instagram. Have you killed? You’ve killed one. You’ve killed Everybody’s killed a I have. Whoa. Yeah. Wyatt, once again, he’s left out. Yeah, you did, dude. Yes I did. You did? Yes I did. Where do you got a picture? I’m not gonna say it, but you killed one. I did kill one. I like it legally. What do you mean? It was an awesome buck? Actually, I’d looked overthought him. I did kill one. I think it was a rifle, but it was six by seven. Legit. Seven by eight. You gotta pick, what is this A pick? I have 18 picks. Hook cheater. What happened? You get post it, then you hook cheaters. Then you’re gonna, there’s a story here. There’s a lot of talking. And look, you and I wast even there. It’s just a, yeah, that buck. We’re in college. Oh no. Their college stories is gonna get good.

01:33:04:26 –> 01:34:15:22
And what’s the statute of limitations? Let’s see. Geez. Okay, so yeah, this we, you think you’ve already have posted? It’s what you’re saying. Well, it’s on my social media feed here. Well then you posted it, right? Okay. It’s, is it one that, did you over judge it or under judge it? Did you misjudge it? We killed it. This is, there’s a lot of a, okay, moving around lumber. No era. No you nope, nope. Most of a mosler here. And we have muzz scopes. So we’re giving away a muzzle scope choice. We’re gonna play we’ll post this week. When’s the deadline? When do you want ’em Enter by. See, I think we should do see sooner than later. The just to be a weekend flurry. Be done with it. I know when this will go out tonight. This podcast. Who’s doing it? Jason? I don’t know. Oh, I, yeah, remember? Yeah. No, we need s called, we need Gen Z here. Monday. Sunday. Monday. Log bear. Well we gotta do what next Friday? Let’s call it next week. You gotta put it together next Friday, huh? Right. Is that by Thursday night? Is that the 10th? Thursday night? Midnight is the deadline. Friday we’ll pick the winner. Sound good? Do a podcast that day. Maybe. Oh, Friday is the 10th. So is that the ninth or so? The ninth, yep. Have to have it in by the ninth Thursday. Hashtag epic musket buck.

01:34:16:10 –> 01:35:44:28
We should, we should do it on the day of the deadline, Nevada deadline. Well, that, I was gonna say that until we found the day after out. He’s gonna be, it is. He’s not gonna be here to make this live and hot. So anyway, everybody have a good, well, have a good week. Get your Nevada in, cross your fingers. Enjoy the warm weather. If you hunt in multiple states or want to expand your hunting portfolio, the Epic outdoor license and application services for you, we have dedicated hunt consultants and a team of application specialists to help you develop and achieve your short, medium, and long-term hunting goals. We do the work, you draw the tags. Epic Outdoors license app 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Handcrafted quality. Precision rifles from start to finish is Red Rock Precision Rifles. Many of our staff use Red Rock Rifles and we are excited to announce the new Red Rock, epic Mountain Rifle 2.0. Visit red rock to learn more. If you are in the market for a hunting property, look no further than St. James. St. James Sporting Properties specialize in premier hunting properties throughout the west. Check out available hunting properties at st james sporting Here at Epic Optics, we are a verified dealer for Swarovski Zeiss, Leica Vortex, pulsar, stealth cam and more. Call us today to visit about available optics we have and what would be right for you. Or visit epic Good looking comfortable. Camo describes QU.

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Check out the new encounter camo line for some of the best early to mid-season gear out there. Check out q to learn more. Kenna Trek makes great boots for any situation. Most sheep hunters in the high rocky altitudes use these boots to keep their ankles in. Check in the rough terrain. Visit ken to learn more. We at Epic Outdoors are a fierce firearms dealer and have many popular models in stock and ready to ship. Call us today if you would like help deciding which options are right for you. Fierce long range Rifles are a great rifle and many of our employees here use them. Visit fierce to learn more. Thompson’s out of the box. Thousand yard Acura rifles can’t be beat for affordable, long range rifles and shooting schools. Visit thompson long for only 150 bucks a year. You get nine issues of the Epic Outdoors Magazine and unlimited access to our hunt consultants as well as to our verified research website and member experience program. To see all other member benefits, visit epic Hoyt means top of the line archery equipment. Hoyt is the official bow manufacturer of Epic Outdoors. Everyone on our staff shoots a Hoyt bow call. If you’d like to visit about their different models or visit Thank you to Phone Scope, the best camera optic adapter out there. Phone scope makes high quality phone cases and optics adapters. Visit phone to learn more.

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