In honor of the “Epic Musket Buck” Giveaway, the crew decides to share stories from their favorite muzzleloader buck hunts. Muzzleloader hunting can often be unpredictable. It usually leaves you with a few stories to share when it’s all said and done! If you need help gearing up for your upcoming hunts, visit or call us at 435-263-0777 to get expert advice on all the best optics and gear.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the entire Epic outdoors crew. At least the guy side. The girls are still working, right? They always work. We got good. We got good ones. The ones that are here today. Yeah. Well, it is a Friday. It is Friday. Can’t blame ’em for a Friday. We should call down. Do we need to start over? No, let’s, let’s, no, no. They’re awesome. They have flexible schedules. Some of ’em we’re grateful. Anyway. Alright, so let’s see. Today’s Friday. It is What? May 10th. We we’re talking Mother’s Day. Y’all don’t forget Mother’s Day. It’s too late if, yeah, if you’re gonna order anything. Potential Mother’s Day. Possible. Mother’s Day. We got Mother’s Day gifts. Yeah, we did. Yeah. Thanks. You could have, you could have jumped online with us when the rest of us did. What did you guys, oh, you were counting down. That’s right. Did you get yours already? Bouncing? Those were, that was a concern. I think the whole office was in on where that tracking number was. Tracking. It took a little longer than others, but they showed up. Make sure it got there. They were well, they were well received. So why, why don’t you start us off on this Mother’s Day gift? It’s gonna help some people out there. We’re, prior to Mother’s Day, we can’t be divulging too much. No. Live.

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The girls don’t listen Monday or Tuesday. Girls don’t Listen. We don’t know that. This is not stuff before. My wife that doesn’t listen to this was that night at the hospital. But this is not going live till Monday or Tuesday. You have our word. So Mother’s Day will have happened. Logan, is it, is it not going live? That’s, that’s a guarantee. That’s guarantee. Monday, Tuesday. Okay. It’s free. Here we go. Let’s talk about moms. How good did you treat her? My wife and mother-in-Law. Well, where did come up? Where did you come up with the Mother’s Day gift that you always do? My wife told me that’s what she wanted. So like any good husband. That’s what I ordered. He’s a listener three years ago. And so then you passed the good word along to us. I, I ended up, I jumped on board and it’s been a winner for the guys in Oh yeah. The office. Yeah. Oh, it’s a, oh yeah, it’s a winner. So let Why don’t you go ahead and talk to, they’re just, they’re just pajamas. Pajamas. We don’t need to give anybody a plug. Jason, you can give a free plug for this. This is like, this is like bad attack. I’m actually trying tore. We’re not, we’re trying, we’re not giving anybody a free plug That’s a women’s lingerie or pajama country. It’s pajamas and we’re trying to save marriages. Well, it’s too late. You, I mean late.

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It’s too late this year. But this happens a couple times a year. That why Yes. Cole Wyatt. Next year, right before Christmas or, or Mother’s Day might, might as well just throw it out there. They’re called late. Okay. Late Lates by Kate. Lates by Cake. K. My wife loves ’em. Wow. Kind of a garage type business, right? Yeah, it does. A couple drops a year. One for Mother’s Day, one for Christmas. Well, you guys we’re waiting for it like, it’s like an OTC Oh Idaho tag or something. Get you through it gets you through. I mean ask why when the Colorado List comes out the other day, bro, it started at 8:00 AM in the waiting room trying to, trying to keep refreshing. Created a profile. This my first year. He created a profile. No, I save the card. Easy checkout for next year. You save the card and it’s got your card on file. It’s gonna be a hit. He’s gonna win Mother’s Day, right? He will. Oh, he will. They’re next level. I gave ’em to her like Tuesday or Wednesday. You already gave ’em? Yeah. Oh yeah. Hit What about Mother’s Day? See Adam’s like, she’s not gonna be, she’s not gonna be here for Mother’s Day. So I gave, Hey, if you wanna take these on your trip, take ’em. There we go. Oh, that’s pretty awesome. Yeah. Yeah. So let’s see. Josh, did you play? Yeah, of course.

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And did you give yours away already? That’s not Mother’s Day. Yep. That’s a good point. Cash. I did one last Christmas. Did you? Late by Kate? Oh yeah. Do they got your card on file too? No, not yet. Not until Christmas. I don’t have, she’s not a mother yet. Wyatt’s got ’em on speed dial. Was it a hit though? Oh, it was a hit. She loves ’em all the time. She’s wearing ’em. Father Wyatt, saving marriages by the dozens. John, father wt John, you’re out. There’s too much fabric on those things, John. Whoa. Whoa. Okay. We need do make, because we’re, we can tell this is gonna, you can get the short and the shorts. We’re gonna edit it out anyways. No, it’s fine. But it’s a pajama. Yeah, John. They have shorts and short sleeves. No, I haven short. I haven’t. I’ve never bought any, so, wow. Do you want, do you want a good idea? Go to late by Kate. It’s too late. How many times are we gonna say that for free? Well, I don’t know. We’ve already said eight times. We’re saving marriages. No we’re not. Yeah, we are. And it’s good practice. It’s significance. Shareholder cart. You don’t have to get paid every time. Active carts and Yeah. It’s good practice for Devvin. Did you do it? No. Me and John. I guess. Yeah. We’re the holdouts. You and John? What? Like less material. We’re the only customers here. Oh. Oh.

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Like less material. I didn’t know what you were saying. Okay. I didn’t do it either. Well, there we go. Yeah, it’s a little weird to give your mom a jam. It’s slightly odd. Little Brent gifts on Mother’s Day are kind of weird too. I thought that was off the table. Hey mom, can you gimme your size? It’s Mother’s Day, but hey dad, what’s mom’s sizes? Yeah, all. So we got Mother’s Day taken care of right out of the way. Everybody’s happy? Yeah, we’re good. We’re cranking Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures out there. Alright, so what about the weather? So are we in a monsoon season? You guys? Come on. You good? Feels like I had two drops at my window yesterday. Did the mountains getting, I would say yes, but I wouldn’t be believed. So no, we’re not. Well you guys can sit down here in the office. Paul, when did you see the first at each other’s? Still grass. He’s still gun shy of the snow mold of 2023. Said apparently wasn’t inches of rain hitting my windshield over the mountain last night. I don’t know what that was, but it looks like it’s raining out there now. Over at the top of the mountain. Yep. Yeah, we’ll take it in May. Can’t go to a little sunroom green room and call it, call it the first green up. I saw what I saw. Yeah. Saw what I saw.

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I saw what I saw and I can’t unsee it. Yeah. Alright bro. Where are we headed with this? Let’s, so first off, we’ve had a little contest, right? The musser buck. Well, yeah. Poster mu epic musk buck. Yeah. We had a bunch of entries in that. We gonna, we wanna draw it live without hot Mike. I think we should draw live right here. Like Logan always like him and John go back in the back room and come out with the winner. And I know they’re doing it legit, but we like to do some of that stuff too. Well, and, and why don’t you lay the parameters of what we did here. Did we build, this was just hatched in last podcast or so? What are you shaking your head for John? But then you do too. You come out and tell us who the winner is. We wanna see the winner. That’s not true. It’s not true. Did you not build a, a giant spin algorithm, if you will? We can spin manually. No, I I told you guys it wasn’t gonna be sexy. It’d just get the job done and it’s okay. It’s like random. It’s a bunch of aggressive program coding. That’s what programming looks like. It’s 109 lines long of programming. Yeah. You know, they make random number generators.

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Well then you, and you could have done that then it takes forever to get the name from Instagram and put it into the website and let it save. And so this is just way faster I can So how did you do? How do you do this? How much time you got? Yeah. Artificial intelligence. He’s trying to prove he’s a programmer. It’s not all that show hard. Show me how you did this. All right, well just, we wanna, this is for the all the listeners to know the integrity of our little, little giveaway. It. This is, this is airtight. So it starts off, you give it a list of names. So we got our, all the Instagram usernames that entered into our competition. You’re kidding me. 70? Yep. And that’s, that’s a separate file. And then you go in here and that reads the names assigns each one of them a random number. Did you type in all those programs? Little requests? Yeah, you did. These are all, all functions. Seems like if you typed them in there from number one to 70, then you could just hit a random number generator from one to 78 picks of winner. You kidding? But this but that, but out of this took 14 days. Oh yeah. I’m just checking. I wondered what was missing. But that hour, what happens when somebody comes and accuses me of giving somebody the golden number? Okay, so keep going. So I like it.

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It assigns it and randomizes it and picks the number and then it’s gonna output it in this folder. It’s blank right now and it’s gonna record the date and time and the person that won. This is no joke. Bronson. We’ve got a new programmer. I told you I probably very similar to the Nevada or Utah draw process out there in Nevada. Or it might be similar to the Arizona process. Yeah. Which one would you prefer? I want it. I want it tight. Keep working on it. Keep perfecting. Keep perfecting it. We’ll get a wheel in there. That’s the next update. How about Montana? Does that make you feel better? Montana? Not always. No. Okay. How about Idaho? Yeah. And they had a D each. You like that? Well, recently things have been going good. Okay. Alright. So let’s see how, so what are we gonna, so King John, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do now? John? Do we hit go do we literally happy with the white monster right now? Okay. So they’re all there. Here sipping. Let’s lay quickly. Let’s lay the parameters of what we’re doing. Doing. Somebody maybe didn’t hear the last one. So this was just, we had a, that’s in the spirit of I guess what Utah going to one power. I don’t why so I don’t even know why somehow it came out to be a muzz, but, oh, the one power scope. Yeah. Yeah.

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We were selling little bit of change loop poles, which we still have some of those available crossfires are gone probably till August. But anyway, we listed up their hashtag what hashtag Epic. Epic. Epic. Muzz. Musket. Musket buck. And just one thing that we found, there’s a few people in the office that could see different people tagging because they were obviously following you. But if you have a private profile and not seen by everybody and you tag Epic, but we’re not following you, we’re not gonna see that. So just kind of a heads up. Yeah, it was interesting when we do these giveaways that that page is loaded. But you can only see on that page the hashtag show up. Or somebody you, you follow. You’re public one. Yeah. If you’re private and you’re not and and Epic can’t see you, then we’re not gonna be able to see it. Right. I love seeing the bucks though. Yo. It was awesome looking stuff. Yeah, it was fun. We might do it again on something. Maybe might Golden musket. Yeah, it was awesome. It was cool. There were some big bucks too. Big buck bucks. Legit bucks. Throwback buck. Speaking of, we’re gonna talk a little bit about that. I want, I wanna know the story of that Buck Wyatt posted. I It’s just too good of a throwback. Pretty. That was like, like 20 years ago. Well I didn’t, he didn’t even, I didn’t even recognize him.

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Oh yeah. I was like, geez, you could have told me that was anybody. And I wouldn’t believe not much of a story though. Okay, well we’re gonna get, that guy was in college living on ramen noodles and Rice Mountain Dew back was in college and probably should have been in class when that buck was out. Okay. Sounds about like college. Alright. Alright. So we we’re looking at a bunch of gibberish. You ready? Yeah. Interesting. Turn. Just click. Did you steal this though? You probably Logan. Like you could go on the web. Did AI do this? Did AI do this? No, this is all me. Okay. I learned, I learned this in class. This is something I actually learned in school. AI does a lot of things, you know, I don’t know if you and John know that, but AI does a lot. It’s not very, it’s okay at this. Okay. All right. Here we go. Alright. So what do you gonna run it? It’s done. The winner. What’s the come tea check? Its who? T Check. Its just like that. Come on. Who is that? And so that was date time. Look it up. Look it up. Who is that? Anybody? Should we do a runner up? Yeah. In case it doesn’t answer his Instagrams. Make sure it really exists. And they really did put that hashtag out there. Remember, this has to be a post. It can’t be a story ’cause they disappear as well.

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We already went through those rules. Taylor check it’s post a throwback, muzzle loader Buck from 2002. Got a picture of him and it looks like his dad. Yeah, I have. Awesome. Okay. Awesome. Buck. Awesome. Yeah. Oh, nice. Throwback. 22 years ago. Throw it back First buck. That’s all right. I like it. 22 years. So they’ll give me, give you a call. You get a chance. Hashtag check winner. Chance of a loophole. Red dot or a crossfire. Vortex. Vortex. Yeah. Crossfire two, one power. You, you pick, right? Yeah. We’ll pick call. Thanks for playing anyway. We’ll do it again. Maybe we’ll pick, pick another species. Jason, what about antelope? What would you do for an antelope giveaway? Okay, so you know how you go to the page once in a while and you’re kind of excited to see what’s being posted. Which page? What are we talking about? Instagram. The Instagram page. The epic musket buck challenge page. Right? Would you even check the antelope? They’re big. You would maybe. No, I mean, no, nobody gives two craps. They said you’re so contra, you so contradict your own verbiage. No, I don’t. From last podcast. You talk about I’m ca I’m half in, I’m half excited about it. Well I, and then now you’re like, who would even care about looking? Nobody would, I mean, except for the GRITT. And they live for ’em and that’s fine. But I mean, you can’t be, you’re, you can’t go.

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Tell me I’m wrong. You can’t be Pollock. Are you checking that page very once in a while? Yeah. Probably Epic musket antelope challenge. I didn’t say musket. You gotta be able to kill ’em with anything. Okay. Alright. They’d be all right. But, but we are, we’re like salivating over some of these bucks. Yeah. I mean, they’re legit giants. So we’ll probably do something with elk then, since Antelope might not. We don’t need a runner up, right? No. If this guy doesn’t wanna scope, we should keep it. Yeah. Speaking of which, we kept some prizes for what? We haven’t even had anybody turn in those Arizona special contacts. We don’t last. We already talked about that last podcast. We called it last podcast. We called, I mean we got the accolades for giving something away or being willing and didn’t cash and then we didn’t have to cash out cash. But, but let’s reiterate that, that that sweepstakes is over. It’s over. It’s gone. Unless you drew that CAEP tag, I want to talk to you. Probably work out a deal. Alright, so where, let’s see, Bronson, does that bring us to an epic story? You said you wanted to hear from Wyatt? We can start with him. I just, I, I, there maybe there’s no story. My buck didn’t have a whole lot of story to it either, but I can talk about it. But your buck started with a $500 bet, or, oh, that’s right.

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Somebody had to pay you some money. You Yeah, it was unfortunate. Yeah. Dar, why? How was that? Oh, just dared to be, I put the money towards your Well, said something like, I’m thinking, you know, I think the archery and muzzle loader deer hunts in Colorado undervalued. I might remember this, this year. And Jason was like, oh, bull crap. I’ll pay you $500 if you did that. And sure enough, he did it. And it’s like, well, how did it feel giving up a second or third? It was awesome. Felt fine. Amazing. Would you do it again? Yeah. No. You would’ve. Yeah, but not this year. This year. Some Septembers are better than others. This one’s not. That was a thick forest too. As I remember you Elmer fni through a rainstorm. I thought it was a cool story. I was, well, I can talk about it in a minute, but I, I really wanted to hear why. It’s just because it was like, I don’t know why, how many years ago was that? Best? You just like best. You just like their college stories. Well, it’s just, I, they’re interesting for sure. I mean this guy’s witnessed it both. I mean, I like their college stories, but I like anything that looks old. 20, 20 12 maybe. You’re thinking like 12 years ago then, huh? Got right. Archibald. Yeah, probably. We lived together at college Archibald High during the, during the timeframe. This was in Cedar City.

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SUU It was in Cedar City. Yeah. How many years did you guys live together? Six or seven. Plenty. Well, how many years were you in college? Six or seven digs. Eight, right? Was it I it was eight I think. Right? Roughly eight years. Yeah, roughly. It was a great time. I honestly lost track. I couldn’t even tell. We tell you Dr. Archbold, it was a good time. Thought We went through a couple of counselors. Couple of couple of those. Yeah. Mine retired and we had a bunch of side deals made so I could graduate and then he went through that was was a problem. Universal. Yeah. Mine expired as, yeah. Anyways. Wyatt, so So you got a hot tip or what there, so yeah, I actually, I’d been guiding a Paco Muzzled Hunter and we, we filled tags out over there. So I’d come home that night and it’d been just BSD with Bronson. And Bronson Ogden was another one of our roommates. And he had mentioned seeing a buck with cheaters. Okay. Told me where it was. It was just north of town. Not, not very far north of town of Cedar, you know, 10 minutes Now. Was this back? I’m trying to remember, was this back when you just needed a southern region tag? Or did you have a que Lake tag? It was, it was just a southern region tag. Okay. Can hunt the whole region. Last years of the, the, yeah. Okay.

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Any, any region tags, I guess? Yeah. So he told me about this, buck told me, you know, out or try to find it. And I did end up turning it up that night just, just right at dark. But I can never get a great look at it. So the next morning, or I guess I went to class the next morning and later in the afternoon I headed out there to see if I could find it bedded or, or whatever. And just started working the country around. Found the buck, glassed him up. And he was close enough to town. I text Bronson, like Bronson was in class. I text him. I said, Hey, you know, I, I’ve got the buck bed. This is before I, he stands up, I’m gonna shoot him. So anyways, Bronson made it there. By the time I shot the buck like 15 minutes later, like he was already coming around the, getting off the freeway in his truck kind of deal. So. Wow. Geez. We’re starting to put the piece of the puzzle together where it was. Yeah, well just seven and a half minutes from the north. This, this was all sold before, before Onyx and before sit you could see municipal boundaries. That’s right. It was in a newer burned area north of town. So as you’re driving north, come on, look out the window. All right. You did not leave the house to intend to break the law.

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There was no intent. No. He, that’s why, that’s the reason I asked why, how long ago this was? Because I think four statues, your limitations. Oh God. Clears everything. Right? No, it was a hundred percent legit. Watch it stand up out of its bed. It actually kind open, kind of boogered up out of its bed a little bit. One power scope, one power day back. Was it a, was it a vortex crossfire or was the loophole the one your dad used on the Titan? I have an old loophole Red dot. It probably, it probably was that old Vortex one power. It was that Vortex Cross had tag a year. Two later. Two years later. Yeah. Yeah. I for some reason thought you shot him like on the run. Like Yeah, he, I just was saying he boogered up out of his bed and he got up and started moving, moving up and away from me. ’cause I was trying to text Bronson and give him a play by play and Right then. Yeah. Yeah. I had to shoot him. Awesome. Well good. That was a good throwback. What did it, what was it? I can’t remember. A couple extra on it. Little cheats. Yeah, it’s got cheaters and split beams. I mean it’s got like everything a big beer would have inline. Just not a big beer. Cheaters, split beams.

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Baal Soul got a ridge, a ridge of mass coming up the beam out on the end. Everything you can imagine a big deer would have just not a deer. Big deal. Bring that into the office. Big. Hey, that’s the first fish I pick ever. True. He cropped the whole face and body off. What? Yeah. That’s a reason. ’cause he was shot in the neck. Oh. Oh. Had a little, little skinny neck in the muzzle. Older work on him. Actually. Pretty good genetics. That’s a good deer in the Macon right there. Yeah. Gov tag Buck future years right there. Oh, you probably upset some people. Yeah. Bob like that wish. Sure wished he could have lived a little longer, huh? Paul? Yeah, me too. Digging everywhere. How do you feel about that? Probably back when Pollock was the biologist over that unit. Raised some bus. Pollock was probably high on a mountaintop watching. I’m there, but you won’t see me. Carter, what about yours? Not mine. Well it was a cool book that you had a lot of history with that book. Yeah, I did. I’m sure. I mean you had, it was couple. I actually knew that deer for a couple years. Yeah. It was kind of just a, yeah, I don’t know. He, I don’t know. I mean, was he a loner? Was he a complete loner? Kind of. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty much. Seems like a that’s for me.

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But I mean, if you’re a stag and you’re a nut less wonder, what did he end up having? I don’t have friends. I mean, how did he taste when you ate him? Terrible. What? Those things don’t taste good. Come on. No, sometimes he, I just didn’t wanna tell you guys. Okay. Well the last stag, we helped a guy kill. It was brutal. It was not good. I mean, that thing was terrible. Well that was in the worst drought maybe in 20 years too. You, you’d have to add 1400 pounds of beef ta to get that thing to do anything. It was brutal. What about this buck? He had terrible. You, you had No, I’m not, I’m moving on from the meat to, to the rest of the story. Look at all those drops. Look at the basal points. They’re sick. Yeah. How many droppers is that, Don? A lot. 20. I don’t know. Well, with all the basal stuff from around the backside is disgusting. So yeah. Tell us about, but everybody needs, everybody needs a stagger in their life, but you only need one. I don’t think I would ever shoot another one. I don’t got mine yet. I scored him at like 2 49 with all the, so many points. So many points. Devon’s killed one. Who else? I haven’t shot one yet. What? We had a chance, Aaron and I in Colorado one year. He didn’t shoot this deer, but whatever.

00:20:26:10 –> 00:21:37:16
You kind of need one, but you only need one. Yeah. We went to inject him and it was the velvet’s so tight and everything. You, you hardly took any formaldehyde or anything like that. But anyway, pretty cool. Pretty, I mean that one, Chris was with me actually. Yeah. Got it on video. Awesome. Yeah, filmed it. Oh, it was a muzzle little deer. And he ended up, we worked our freaking guts out, I wanna say close to two weeks. I can’t remember the exact days. Put in on him. And you know, down there it’s, we’re talking a hundred plus degree weather, day after day grind, you know, probably got some skin cancer that I’m dealing with because of. But anyway, just, you know, and then finally we, we kept working around on this ridge and we just kept working away. And we would just consistent persistent glass, glass, glass, glass, glass. And one day we Were you looking for him specifically? For him specifically? Because we seen him in the summer one time. Yeah. And then just was grinding on him. And there’s a couple of lions in there. Come to find out, you know, anyway, but I never, that never crossed my mind. But it should’ve, ’cause we couldn’t find him for like 10 days. And then we finally hit a new knob and glassed on the backside. And he was living on the backside, kind of the shady side of north side.

00:21:37:16 –> 00:22:35:22
Even in the desert. He was on a north side. And I, and I was domino, I was dumb back then. I mean, there was big bucks to be had and you killed a few of ’em. But it wasn’t like smart like, like we are today. Like we’re, you know, we’re older guys now and you would think, but I didn’t think back then I was always glossing the south sides. Yeah. You know what I mean? Where you can see it’s visible. Yeah. But I mean, he’s hiding from the sun. I mean deer, the sun melts ’em, you know what I mean? There’s more feed there too. Yeah. There’s more feed, there’s more shade, there’s more everything. And then you start to realize, man, I’ve been glassing this wrong the whole time. But anyway, I was a kid. It was fun. Ended up seeing him and we made a stalk and got in tight and then, you know, smashed him at it was, I mean that was nothing that back then, that’s a chip shot. 150 yards I think. Yeah. Open. Say it was nothing That’s, and then, you know, fast forward to 2019 on my last muzzle little buck that felt like two miles. Same distance. Yeah. You know what I mean? It was just one of those kind of bucks. You were like, it did, it felt it might as well have been two miles.

00:22:35:28 –> 00:23:41:05
I mean, it was just, I felt like I was gonna miss and I’m like, and I, and I didn’t miss freaking hammered him four times. You know what I mean? So muzz don’t, they don’t shock and off, they just, you know what I mean? They slap hide is all they do. Yeah. They just kind of like have this slow rock going through ’em and they’re like, geez, that was a big rock. You know, they take another one. You know, they just never, they never just die. But anyway, that was awesome. That was just an awesome hunt. And then it all came together. And I think that’s one of those kind of hunts that really instills in, you know, hunting one specific animal, finding him in the summer and then spending two weeks on him. You know, feel like, you know, now you’d be giving up a lot. ’cause two weeks is a lot of your life, right? Nowadays. Right. I mean, Devin’s been doing it in Nevada and, and it works if you, if you can really dedicate that time. Sometimes I have a problem getting too many tags, you know, and overlapping ’em and being stressed and trying to get to the next stu. But, but anyway, that was back in the day when, you know, you didn’t drew quite as many drew the tag and you just, yeah. You end up just putting in all the, all, all your eggs in that basket.

00:23:41:13 –> 00:24:51:05
’cause you don’t have a ton of tags and you end up doing better actually. But spent a lot of time on him and ended up coming together and smashed him. And I was kind of, I mean, he’s awesome, right? He is a, I don’t know, low thirties, 31 or two inch stag. Probably one of the best built ones frame wise that I have, that I’ve seen out in Nevada. But I mean, he’s garbage, you know? I mean, I don’t even, I I have a hard time even looking at him. Oh. I mean, I’ve got him mounted and everything. But I mean, you, there’s so many points around the backside and it’s, it’s just cool. But, you know. Okay, awesome. How many, do you remember how many points he’s got? He’s like 20 something by 20 something. Wow. One inch points. But there’s so many of ’em that picture, little pictures shown. There’s like 10 around the backside on each side. Geez. You know, like, yeah. Anyway, Wyatt probably would make him unscorable just to be a hater. Wyatt’s kind of a hater that way. Brow beat the crap out of B. He doesn’t accept stags. So I know. Boy, here’s that. The question does s what would it take for you to shoot a stag? What would a stag have to be and look like? I’d shoot a stag like that in a heartbeat. No question. Everyone needs one. I don’t have one. Everyone needs one.

00:24:51:27 –> 00:26:02:18
Everyone needs one. All right. Just thought with that pronounced. But there’s some of them you need lots of that is not, but some people like the freaks. Yeah. You know, but out in the desert, I don’t know what causes that. Josh, Adam, you guys, I mean what I mean, it just feels like the desert has more stags than other places. And obviously we’ve talked about the feeding and sometimes that causes it because it, you know, brings animals together and they’re, they’re maybe too tight of quarters with too many of ’em. But that’s not what you get out Nevada. It’s a desert area. And you find a few, well, they’re learned through some of that research, like on the ponson too, that the, some of those long Indian summers is when those, you know, you don’t get a frost and kill some of those, what are the flies that actually bite? Bite ’em, pass on some of those viruses. Viruses do like overheating, essentially. Tar. They’ll, they’ll run a fever and well, yeah. And so like, you get a mountain area and it gets colder sooner up there. You get frost, you get, you know, both the vegetation and the above kills. You get lower. That’s why Zion National Park, you’ll have ’em down behind Springdale and all that. They’ll, they’ll have stuff down there from time to time. And I think there’s something to do with that. Just a warmer climate.

00:26:02:28 –> 00:27:10:19
You’ve got a buggy period for longer into the fall. And that’s usually when it happens. It’s when the EHD breakouts happen is late in the falls and all that. You know, when you have a long Indian summer that, you know, you get a breakout and then you got stuff that can, and you live, you’d know when it was happening. ’cause you’d just start finding random healthy looking deer just floating in ponds or like in springs and stuff. Yeah. Cool. The crap. Yep. Yeah. It was pretty try to cool off. Yep. So anyway, its a lot of fun. Like, you know, we’ve nevada’s I love Nevada’s seasons, you know, I’ve killed three or four of ’em, you know, over there. And I just thought this is one that hasn’t been posted a lot. I don’t give him a ton of love. Yeah. He’s, you know, it is what it is. He’s the, I don’t know of the Carter collection. He’s probably the forgotten one. Yeah, he’s definitely the forgotten one. Yeah. I forgot way to give him some love way to give him some love. I, I do, I do what I like, just the, I think the more, more, you know, more along the lines of what he taught me and and the persistence. Yeah. And then you finally end up walking away with them. So, you know, we’ve all hunted those deer that just flat get, get away and you never get ’em.

00:27:10:19 –> 00:28:21:11
And you put months in over the course of several years or something. Those are hard ones. Heartbreaks. But anyway. All right. Who’s next? Josh. Oh, Adam. Oh, there’s Bronson. Well, I might’ve told in a thick forest, it was just a aspen trees. Yeah. Well if you’ve hunted, you know, 61 or places like that in Colorado in the summer, 44, wherever you’re gonna have to hunt Aspen thick as, because we know they’re, they’re very productive in an aspen understory, you know, in terms of vegetation on the ground. And there’s a lot of deer and stuff that live in there. And when you can’t glass out in the open it, it turned into one of those, this is one of those days that, that started, had a, had a big front coming through and it was a 10 to 20 mile an hour wind solid from like, daylight on. And so after I glanced and didn’t see anything, I’m like, well, there’s endless aspen slopes and p pockets time. This is like second to last day of the hunt. I mean, it’s like the next day’s. It, and I, I had seen a couple of other decent Did you hunt the whole season? No, I had, I hunted about the first three or four days. Ran home for a couple days. I think I had a Nevada tag Yeah. That, that year. And then I had to finish that. Split your time then, then I came back.

00:28:21:14 –> 00:29:32:01
And so anyway, it was all by myself this time. So anyway, ended up all literally all day long, just puttering, still hunting, getting the wind right. You know, it was very steady. So I could, I knew which way the wind’s coming. And these, these, these aspen patch, some of ’em are, you know, hundreds of acres. We’re not talking like a two acre, you know, Aspen patch. We’re talking hundreds of acres on some of those slopes that you can just almost zigzag through ’em. And I stepped on a lot of deer or saw a lot of deer before they even saw me because of those aspen leaves. You know, they quake. Right. That’s how they get their name quaking Aspen. They sh they make a lot of noise in the wind and, and you know, did that all day long. And I don’t know what time of day this was. Well you can stalk ’em when they’re doing that. Oh yeah. And I knew, you know, midday, what are you gonna do? You can’t glass, you know, second to last day. So I just all day long walked and walked, walked and passed a few other, you know, one 60 style, one 70 bucks. And then finally late in the afternoon, I was going down through this draw here and like 40, 50 yards in front of me. I saw like a six or eight foot little aspen sapling just whipping, you know, you know, abnormally. No.

00:29:32:12 –> 00:30:33:22
And so I got down, it was a buck. This buck was raking. He was raking in a thick little aspen pa patch. He was beded down raking the tree. Wow. So like, you know, just like, sometimes you’ve seen a deer after, watch him for a while, they’re laying down and I’ve seen him bed laying down before, or, or feet, I, I should say, laying down. You’re like, alright, he’s gonna get up pretty quick if he starts to eat while he is in his bed. They’re, they’re getting up soon. So I thought, oh, he’s raking. I, he’s restless. So I, I didn’t even know what he was. I could, I mean, I had 12 piers on my neck at 50 yards. And he looked freaking 210 inches, you know. But that’s not the reason I shot him. I thought he’s a mature deer, whatever he is. And then when he, I saw the big three point side, I’m like, I don’t care. As soon as he, as soon as he stands up, and he stood up and took like one step and I pounded him like 44 yards. And it was just awesome. So it was just perfect muzz loader range. He was in there tight and walked up to him. And he’s stone dead. Pretty mature deer. I love that. He’s three by four. Do you? Yeah. Well, no, tell me more, Jason.

00:30:34:26 –> 00:31:46:13
Well, no, what I love is that was just the three by posts that we had coming and, and they were coming at us fast and furious. Yeah. And I don’t know how that happened really, but they did. I mean, it was nonstop, bro. Bronson was like, okay, all right. Already. But he ended up being three by four. But, but he’s a legit not, I wouldn’t say just mature. Good looking, good looking Cape, really cool looking bug. He, he’s mature. He’s, he’s, he’s, yeah. Fat old fat G four on him. Anyway, just heavy. That was, that, that was, that was only three, four years ago. Something like that. Fun time. How long ago? Probably three, four? Yeah. 20, probably four. 2019 ish. 2020. Probably after that 2020, same year we all had Nevada. 21. Was it 21? So three years ago. Okay. Yep. So anyway, so a little more, would you, would you, I mean, would you do it again com Compared a lot of people out there thinking, you know, the third, second, third, fourth is what Colorado’s known for. Well, and we, we’ve said it many times here. We, we like those in general because we usually have a fair amount going on. We live in Utah a lot of times. Most of us here, we archery or muzz load or hunt. If we get a general tag more times than a rifle, I think we’ve, I’ll say we do that.

00:31:47:06 –> 00:32:54:16
And plus just other stuff, whether we’re helping other friends on limited entry elk or my case sheep hunter. September is busy. The whole world kicks off in late August, September. So it doesn’t always fit our schedule. We can show up to Colorado and just hunt a second or third many times without even scouting. And we’ve said that many times and there’s benefits to that. But this is one of those that, that, yeah, I did take a summer trip. I was familiar with the unit too to some extent, but never hunted the highest part of the unit. So yeah, I’d do it again. I mean, I, yeah, I do think in general, and I think we could always all say that, that the archery muzz loader hunts in Colorado in general are undervalued to some extent. Yeah. Because we are so pro everybody, you got the late dates, you might hunt the rut if it snows, it can be awesome. And every that, that’s where it feels like the vast majority of people’s minds turn when they Yeah. Think Colorado. Yeah. So yeah. I’ll do it again. How, like, real quick one, just one more thing. How, how, how do you hunt that thick stuff effectively? Like what’s the that that was that. I had done that a couple of other times during the hunt when, during the middle of the day. But man, it’s pretty thick as you can see that.

00:32:54:16 –> 00:33:51:18
But you scout, let’s call it prec scouted. Yeah. You went and pre scouted and found a few boat. I never saw him again. Jason during the hunt. Yeah. So I knew, I knew there were deer there area knew this and and legit good deer. Yeah. Deer that were, you know, that caliber deer. Yeah. But four points. And one of ’em had a cheater out each side, so Yeah. Yeah. But then you can’t find ’em again. No. They’re just, just in the summer and, and whether they bounce over vet, maybe they bounce over to 62. Who knows? You got, yeah. General season out hunting going on one side of the road and you know, not on the other. It’s hard. And people everywhere, it’s effectively people everywhere. So it’s like, you’re a little bit at the mercy there. But, but that day, honestly, the wind is what helped me kill that deer. Because I’d done this a couple other times. Just ’cause you don’t wanna sit around at your truck all day during the middle of the day. Oh yeah. And when it’s quiet and you’re walking, still hunting, it’s, it’s pretty effect down the last couple days. Yeah. It was pretty, it’s pretty ineffective at times. This was just the perfect storm. When you get a, when you get a good wind like that, you can take advantage of it in the aspens. That, that’s why I killed that deer. Right? Yeah.

00:33:51:18 –> 00:35:02:04
If it wasn’t windy, it probably never would’ve. Oh, alright. It gets me fired up. I maybe we do. Or like a fresh gift of snow. Oh yeah. Then you can be deadly quiet too. I love that bad because, you know, the next morning after it freezes that two inches is gonna be so loud. You can’t walk on it until about noon or one o’clock. It’s a blessing and a curse. Yeah. It’s good when immediately it’s like cutting turkeys. You hunt turkeys in the spring after the snow evenings. You’re all right. I’ve done the next day. You can’t even, you can’t walk 500 yards from a bird. No. Before they hear you. They’ll, they’ll hear you every time. Every time. So anyway, all right, we, there we go. Archibald, there it is. Well, tell us more. I think we might, we might have done this on a podcast. Yeah. I think I’ve told this story, but Yeah, you said maybe the bridge. My favorite reader’s digestion. My favorite thing about the, the dropper got him killed. I mean, he is a slick shank. No, I guards great mass, old, cold, big bodied old d. Yeah. The, I was alone. I hunted him archery and yeah, I know that I was, he was betted dude dead. I’m like, this is it. I’m gonna kill him the first day. And I had to walk like a mile or two to get there.

00:35:02:25 –> 00:36:15:09
And I’m like, okay, I should see, I know I’m within 35 yards with a bow. Yeah. And I’m like, I gotta see tips any second. Well, there was two tree, there was two pieces of like the same exact looking stuff. And I had picked the wrong one. There was one behind and I’m like, where is he? And I heard something, I look over and he’s just, he stands up and he’s morbidly obese ox body. And he jumped, he tried to jump a fence, didn’t make it. And he is not even wounded. No. I scared the crap out of him, you know. But he was Josh, you saw him on the ground. He was literally obese. Geez. Yeah. So you hunted with him, you hunted him with a bow too prior. That was that one. And then you learned, what I liked about the story is you learned by the end of it, you, you knowing during, if you’d have known what you ended with, if you’d have known that during the archery season, you’d have killed him during archery season every day. Yeah. Well, what is it like just learning the country and what his habits and what he was doing and like. Yeah, I mean, he was smart. He, he, one time he heard me drive it in there. I got a little too close and I saw him, it was like two in the afternoon.

00:36:15:16 –> 00:37:18:04
All I could see was his eyes and his antlers looking at you watching, just watching from like, dang. In mile. You knew he was there. Well, once he saw me, did you know he was there. Then when I jumped him and he fell on his face ’cause he couldn’t jump the fence, he knew and it changed, you know, he’s like, he changed. Somebody knows my bedroom now. Yeah. But this day Josh was there and he was in the same spot. It was muzzle owner obviously, and come out and there had been coyotes, a pack of them. I’d been seeing them. I was out there for 10 something, 12 days. That place has more coyotes than any place I’ve ever been in my life. And so they tho all the deer, like on edge, literally in a herd, do fawns bucks. And it was just kind of like, I had to really, you know, he was mixed in with so many deer. And he was of course being obese, just he was the last one standing there feeding and killed. Was a cactus buck. Remember that? He was with the cactus buck. That was that weird cactus buck. Yeah. ’cause they were, he was with two other bucks when I first glassed him that morning out on that bottom. And they were kind of going north a little bit and moving around.

00:37:18:07 –> 00:38:21:23
But I, that was the thing, going back to what you said, just knowing what they were gonna do and how they did it and when, and how many times they would do it. Like Devin was set up perfectly in the dark. They knew right where to go. And so yeah, we, I hiked in on the one side from the dark, so I was looking towards Devin, he was looking towards me kind of thing. And Wow. But yeah, those, once those coyotes started going nuts, there were some doughs that came right by you. I thought it was gonna all be over with. And they were looking your way pretty heavy. But those coyotes just had stuff so weird. And Yeah. All of of a sudden they just, they were deer you didn’t really know existed. All of a sudden they were just this big ball, like 20, like a bison hurt. Yeah. It was the weirdest likek, this big ball. And they just were moving out through this little flat bottom. And his butt kind of just eventually tailed off slower and slower towards the end as they were all pushing, went right past him. He was always the last one feeding, always the last buck to bed or go in crazy. Yeah. So you freaking shot, was it opening day? Damon? You killed him. Yeah. You shot We had to, it was a significant shot. Yeah. How far? It was 2 25. Open sight.

00:38:22:04 –> 00:39:28:28
And here I am winding about 1 25. Well, I wasn’t gonna, I had it in my mind like, all right, it’s over. It’s too far. And then him and that stag sat there and I was watching through my binos, and he turns broadside and he was next to this giant, really almost like a white bush. It was light green. So his body really stood out his body. I mean, yeah. So I could put my sight, my open sight right on that bush and see exactly my, where I was, you know, as relative to his body as killed the, the where I wanted to shoot him. And just soon as it hit hide, poof. And he just, yeah, he didn’t go. Yeah. He smacked him hard, basically. Didn’t go 20. No, pretty much not. I mean, you made it shot. We already know. Unless that was just a shot just for the, for the camera when you walked up to him. That’s like perfect. That’s man. Oh yeah. That doesn’t get better than that. No. Yeah. Sometimes I hit ’em on the first shot. Okay. Now we should, you should follow that up with what you learned about, about your rifle scope. We, yeah. When your rifle doesn’t track it. Yeah, you might, you may hit high. Yeah. But it’s okay. Yeah. That’s all right. Well, that’s awesome. Yeah. That was fun.

00:39:29:07 –> 00:40:35:12
We, the, the hard part, well, not the hard part, it was just after I put so much time into that deer for the archery. I’d be lying if I said it was, oh, wasn’t the same. Shooting him at two, 200 something yards. Just, you know, like you, you wanted to kill him with the bow. I had him within 50 yards, like three or four times. One day at 70 for an hour. Yeah. Well, you know, you gotta give yourself a little more credit though. That’s still, oh, it was awesome. It’s not like shooting a tom out of a wrist street, but we, I had, I had an elk tag that started the day before. Oh. And I had to make the decision like stressed. I told Josh, I’m like, we’re gonna go and we’re gonna give it two days and we’re gonna kill this thing probably, hopefully the first day. And it worked. I like it. All right. Anything else to add? You good? I’m good. You’re good, Josh. Do it. What do we got here? Oh, that’s, I think I’ve told the story about this book too. Really? I don’t know. Well do the reader digest version then. Yeah. I don’t know. It was a deer that I actually hunted. It was one of those deers that I hunt, a deer that I hunted for several years. He was a lot bigger two years prior to that. It was in 2018 when it was that.

00:40:35:12 –> 00:41:44:05
Really? Why do we know those bushes around there? They look familiar. It does, it does feel like you guys met on one of those bushes somewhere there, feel like you guys have had some projects. That was a smokescreen picture. That is not where, I was gonna say, that’s off the side of the road somewhere. Yeah. That, that’s not where that deer die. It does look, it does look like the, it’s like probably 30 miles south where that deer died. Okay. But yeah, that’s good boundary or good background. Excuse me. We, that was on the way to the cooler. Stopped for some pitchers. There you go. No, that was a deer. I hunted him for a couple years. He was always over 200 for several years. And, but he was a deer that, I don’t know, bothered me more than anything. He wouldn’t live more than, I don’t think, more than a mile radius his entire life. You’d see him in the same spot. Summer, winter, spring, fall, doesn’t matter. Sheds were picked up there. You’d see him, I’d see him all the time. Except during the hunts. I never, you’d never see him. You can see him during the rudder of the summer. And, and we hunt. I mean, I, I hunted there. I had dedicated hunters. So I hunted there for three years every day. Geez. I hunted. I would hunt there. So I didn’t go anywhere else.

00:41:44:06 –> 00:42:49:09
If I went somewhere else, I felt like I was cheating on him or something. So I had, I had to go back. Geez. And yeah, so Don was cheating on that fella. Yeah. Don’t hear that. It was just a, do you belong in this office? It was just a thick sea opinion. And so it was just hard, you know, how hunting opinion stuff is. But finally, I don’t know, I think he got old and lazy that year. ’cause he was, they aged him. He was an 8-year-old deer. So, geez. He was old. And I think he just kind of started getting lazy because for some reason that summer I could go out and find him every day. And even usually by the archery hunt, I wouldn’t see him ever again until the rut. And, and this time I could still find him. And so I went up there for several days and I actually just, I’d go find him and watch him for a little while and see what he’d do to go see where his kind of natural path was. Where he’d go bed and he’d kinda go bed in the same patch of trees all the time. So I let him do that several times about a week before the hunt. And then, oh, three or four days before the hunt, I went down there and let him do it. And then I went and bumped him to see where he’d go.

00:42:50:16 –> 00:43:51:17
Just what he did, where the hunt, how’d that work out? So, and he went out and he went, he went down the canyon and away from me around this big ridge the one time. And then I did it again. And the second time he went out across this big, huge flat. So I was like, well, and I knew there were some guys gonna be in there hunting him. And, and so I just went up and found a spot where I could either see, I could see where he was gonna come to bed to shoot him before he went to bed or as he busted out either of the ways. But I couldn’t see the, the downward he’ll. Very good. So I sent my dad down there, but I went down to that spot where I could see him really good. And I actually set up and kicked a little dirt hole in the hill and stuff so I could sit. ’cause it was on a steep hill, it was across the little canyon. And I showed up there that morning and there were headlights. And literally right down where I had was gonna go sit. And I’m like, you gotta be, I was like, headlamps Yeah. People. Yep. Walking the car and a, and a vehicle just like people in a vehicle sitting there. And I was like, you gotta be kidding me. What are the odds of that? They like literally in the exact spot.

00:43:51:26 –> 00:44:54:24
And I’d never seen this vehicle there before. And or those people, I’m like, wow. How did they just, they just appear random. Yeah. Hunting. So then I was kind of mad and I had to adjust in, in the dark and found a spot that I felt like would, might work. So I sent my dad down lower in case he went that way, that he might get a shot at him. And I said, I’ll cover kind of either if I see him coming to bed or the uphill part and kind of basically like clockwork. It was before light. You, I could start to see deer in the fifteens, just some bodies. And some guy came hiking off the top of the ridge right down on top of him. And those deer all moved down into the bottom where they were beding. Well, he, he came and ran straight up to my dad. Right up to him. And he didn’t see my dad, but my dad, he came up right on basically the other side of opinion and finally stopped when he saw him. And my dad couldn’t get a shot. So he actually ran back down to where he beded and came running out right in front of me to take his second path out where he went. And I shot running. Yeah. So this is, how far was this A muzzle? Yeah, it was 300 yards. So Pat patterning, patterning, patterning, patterning his escape routes. Yeah.

00:44:54:24 –> 00:45:47:16
Helped that. Oh yeah. That was the only way, that was the only way I showed. Geez. And that was done that you, you anticipated a lot pressure. Oh yeah. General season southern region. He was living 500 yards off of Main Forest Service Road. That was the other thing that was so hard about him. So, but I just knew and, and I just knew something was gonna happen. So that was the only way I knew I was gonna be killing him. But that was the only time I ever saw him on the hunt, was that day I killed him. Geez. Mean a lot to you. Oh, you hunted him for so long. Yeah, and it, it sucked ’cause he was way downhill and score and all that stuff. But like, I felt like I won 8-year-old Buck man. Yeah. Yeah. I felt, I felt like I finally won. So yeah, he comes of means I was the one that in my office, obviously. Oh yeah. But it was, yeah, he taught me a lot. Taught me how bad I suck at hunting for a long time. It took a lot of years. I hate it when they teach you that How bad, how bad I suck. And it worked out good. You finally get the last laugh. Yeah. And then it was, put him in the dirt. The best part. I shot him and I got down there to him and I was screaming.

00:45:47:22 –> 00:46:52:00
’cause I, I had my dad come back up and I told him, ’cause I hit him and he went down in this little wash and I couldn’t see him. And so I walked down there and I got down there and found him. And I just kind of started screaming, you know? And my, so my dad could hear me and stuff. And anyway, they, one of the guys that came walking off the top of the ridge comes down and, and he’d seen him and he’s just like, oh, what are you screaming for? And he acted all mad like it was his buck or something. And then his sister or wife or somebody comes walking up. She’s like, why are you screaming? And I’m like, are you okay? Had called 9 1 1, like killed the deer because I just killed the steer. She’s like, you’re not supposed to scream. Well hunting. I said, I’m done hunting, but we’re not, I don’t give a crap about the rest of you. We’re not done. We’re all helping each other. Get some kind of domestic dispute down there. So it was fine. We did a welfare check down in the brush. JF feeds down on the brush. He’s falling because he can’t get up. Somebody help him. Wow. So it was good. I don’t know. Sometimes you have to get weird and do weird things to get him killed.

00:46:52:02 –> 00:48:00:06
And I think these are classic examples of how sometimes we shoot management deer thinking, you know, not that this is a management deer, but almost is basically almost. And, and I’d like to know a little history on your deer. Did you ever have yours age? No, I didn’t. But I’d like, but they’re old deer that he had to be five or older for sure. But you know, he was built differently. Like yours was built differently, you know? Oh yeah. Right. Yeah. I, I feel like Adams was, I don’t know. We don’t know. But I feel like they have those odd years and we’ve seen some of that where, well that’s what this was. He was old enough. 2018 was terrible. And a drought. I mean, he was a, he was a, he was over 200, 2 0 5 to two 10 typical with a cheater. And he’d throw a cheater off each side. One year he’d switch sides for his cheater. Yeah. For a couple years. And just giant heavy four point. And then this is what he was this year, sheds are out in people’s houses. I’ve, I’ve got two, I’ve got two sides. Yeah. Off of, I’ve got two sides off. The same side off of him for two different years. Wow. Crazy. Cool. I like it. Congratulations. Cash. No, there’s cash. Here we go. What do you mean got a split? G four. Let’s hear it. That’s what got killed.

00:48:03:10 –> 00:49:10:29
It happens like it, it happens, right? Oh, it, it’ll happen. Yeah. No, I, I saw before I, from the moment I saw that deer to when I killed him, I saw him in total for maybe as far as like his head. Yeah. For maybe seven seconds total. Geez. No joke. Did you have a cap on? No. Ready. I sat on him all day too. Oh. So I saw him in the morning, I glass the morning, didn’t see anything and went on, went up to the top of a knob to look in a different canyon and looked across the canyon and the sun’s shining over there. And I see something moving. So I pull up my vinyls and right as he’s ducking into a tree, I got like a two second look at him side profile. And there was just enough to notice he had a split. I was like, oh, that’s gotta be a good deer. He’s like, he’s got an extra da da. He’s like 600 yards. And so I bust down through onto this other knob that would put me right on top of him. And it’s, it’s crazy thick. Just like Josh is like just thick juniper. And I get to that top of that knob and I’m just kind of waiting to see if he pops out on this ridge. And I can actually hear him like down like 80 yards scratching outta bed. I’m like, oh, he’s down there somewhere.

00:49:11:01 –> 00:50:15:09
I was like, I can’t bump him. So I, I was like, I’m gonna back out and go to this other side of the canyon, see if I can glass him. So I pull out and get on the four wheeler. I go down clear to the truck up this other road and walk in on this other knob. And there’s a ridge between us. And so he’s down on the bottom, I can’t see. And so, but I know he is in there. And so I was like, you know what I have all day. I’m just gonna sit on him. Sat on him all day with about probably 45 minutes of light left. He something. Must have boogered him outta there. But he comes trotting out, trotting over the ridge and immediately beds down. See him for like trotting through the thick for like four or five seconds. Geez. And immediately beds down. I can just see from like middle of his neck all the way back down his body. And he’s like 230 yards from me. So I know there’s, that’s him. Like I watch him, whatever. So I just lay down like I’m gonna shoot him. Like I, I have an idea. Go. I have an idea of what he is, which was not accurate. But What did you think he was? 35 inch, eight by eight triple I guards. No, I never saw how white he was.

00:50:15:10 –> 00:51:19:01
I just saw a side profile and just like replaying it, painting it in my head. I was like, it’s gotta be like one 70 bucks. Like he has an extra, like he’s gotta be mature. Yeah. He was really like he’s, he’s taller from like his base to his tips, whatever. And what I saw, I saw what I thought was a front. I saw his, it’d be his G three and his beam on the one side. And I was thinking of his front just from the flash that’s big. Right. On the other side. And he’s got another, he’s got a double G four. I have a magnificent seven in my mind, but I saw the other side of him. So he was going the other way. So I saw the far side. Yeah. And so I was like, oh that’s just a flash. A big front. And so I was like, he’s got a good fork. Like shit is, I gotta get this dude killed. And so what? Anyway, I smash him and he runs clear down the canyon crashes. So I follow it and, and get down there and there’s basically a coyo sitting in a bush. Come on. He’s better than that. Oh no, he, yeah, he’s awesome. I was like, oh well that’s not what I expected. But I guess he has an extra So cool Utah general. Right. You do that one right. Yeah. I got that part right.

00:51:19:01 –> 00:52:15:21
Everything else wasn’t quite as accurate. But what you used, what you used for muzz Loader. Loader. I had a paramount. There you go. My CVA. So yeah, I, it was like I shot a ton so that was like a chip shot it felt like. Yeah. You’re kind of a, come to find out you’re kind of a shooter guy. You built your own rifle before, things like that. I did. Yeah. Muzzle loaders. Yeah. Someone else owns that rifle now. Yeah. So some other lucky soul. Yeah. I built them a good rifle. So they better like it if they don’t it’s on them. Yeah. So how did it feel to be rifle this for a minute? Kind of scary. ’cause I have a bear hunt coming up, so I was like, oh hopefully that comes in time. Only like a month. If I get up by this day, I can shoot it that day and maybe have a good enough to, to shoot a bear. But primarily I’m gonna do it with both, but we’ll see. But now you’re set right? We’re you’re set. Gotta get it. We’re good. You just gotta go. Zero it. Yep. That’s it. So we’re good. Got a new fish. They fierce boys got me. That’s right. Got it quick. Yeah, it’s unbelievable. Super fast. So it was awesome. Like a week. Yeah. It feels like week and half. A week or 10 days.

00:52:15:23 –> 00:53:38:22
I told them August and then the next day we got a shipping thing. Yeah. I like Devin Devin’s like, geez, what do you expect? It’s gonna be August. I just don’t wanna get your hopes up man. You never know. But yeah, that’s that deer. I packed the entire thing out in one load and it wasn’t terrible. Oh, it’ll be in the twenties again. Yeah, I’ve got a few of those. And they hurt bad. Yeah. It was not fun. But Colorado not as good as I once was, but good once as ever was sticking to it. Alright. Okay Logan, are you next? Keep scrolling. I thought that was everybody. Come on. What Logan? I got my Utah white tail. Hey, you got a split Ollie? Yeah. Hey are those, are those 20 inch eye guards? Yeah, they are actually. It’s a working horn with eight inch eye guards back in the mal. That’d be called a nine point. No, mine was, I killed him this last year. And we were hunting these bucks all through the archery hunting. We had one big, all three by four that we were going after pretty hard in the, the muzzle loader hunt. And I told my dad there was, they were running this group of bucks and I told my dad last day of the muzzle loader hunt, if I’ve got ’em at a good range, I’ll shoot this super old three point. He was just disgusting.

00:53:38:26 –> 00:54:33:11
And anyway, I told ’em, I said, if I got him at a good range last day of the muzzle loader hunt, I’ll, I’ll shoot that big three point because he’s pretty cool and we gotta get him to stop breeding. And so I, we parked the truck and we’re gonna walk about half a mile up to the glassing hill and we just get over the top of the first ridge and all of a sudden there’s this group of four bucks that just take off running 75 yards in front of us. And we’re like, what the heck? We’ve never, we’ve hunted these deer for two months now and we’ve never seen them here. And so my dad’s like that one’s that big old three point take him. And so I get set up, I’m on a pack just ready to shoot. It’s like 75, 80 yards they’ve trotted to at this point. And my dad’s like, wait, wait, that’s not him. He’s like, it’s a different, he looks old ’cause his horns are all weird. And he grew weird. So you just assume that’s an old buck if you were seeing him in the heat of the moment. And so I’m like, well if it’s an old three point, he looks pretty cool. I like the look of him. I’ll take him. And I, I shot him and he went down and we walked up and I’m like, oh, he’s kind of young.

00:54:33:17 –> 00:55:55:13
I feel kind of bad, but I’m like one less three point to worry about. That’s right. It was really fun. Kind of one of those super quick. You gotta decide now, adrenaline. Yeah. It’s over. Decide now or forever lose the chance. And so it was my actually the first buck I’ve killed in a really long time. I’m kind of picky and Yeah. With a muzzle loader last year. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. I thought the story was gonna be Well, so we live in Beaver County and so on the last day of the Muslim, here we go, Josh right in on the Beaver County guys in Beaver County. You can use a center fire the last day of day if we’re not Muslim. The hatred rifle. The hatred runs deep. What are we going, why are you so angry? Even your hashtag last night? Brutal. Where’s the anger? Bollock? I don’t know. Have you set up on High Hills above Beaver County? I really like cheese curds. It’s weird. When I was interviewing screaming pigs when I was interviewing for a job here. I’m just really glad Josh Josh wasn’t on the decision committee. I might have never gotten hired. Heck. Oh, there’s not a chance. I have lots of friends from Beaver County. I have a a a a friend. There’s there’s been, there’s vindictiveness and then there’s old grudges. I I just, I it’s not where I expect that story to go. Well, where’s the truth?

00:55:55:26 –> 00:57:07:09
Well, now go ahead and tell us the truth. Alright, so what I like about the Marshall family, I can just picture, you know how Paul, you’re talking about your dad? Oh, I mean dude, the animation and the excitement. I mean I can, can you, he gets excited. So you cut it with you can cut it with a knife. It’s just like, so you can picture the whole thing going down. They would have, it would be an entire yard cell all around that. But blow. Yeah. Guns coming off scopes. We should call Paul one of these times. He just, geez. He’s, he gets and he’s serious. Like, oh yeah. He’s no joke. I mean, he is no joke. I don’t, I don’t know anybody and I know I’m sitting in this room, but I don’t know anybody that gets excited over hunting as he does. Yeah. Well, and expression Yes. Visibly excited. It’s one thing to get excited. Oh, anyway, it’s pretty fun. So. Well that was, no, those are fun stories. Have we caught everybody’s Is that’s all, that’s everybody. King John. We’re gonna skip me ’cause Yeah. The, yeah, next time we do the my elk, the MI haven’t killed deer. John’s ready for the muzz. No elk, musket elk post. Always go into the elk. I’ve had more bad experiences with muzz loaders not going off.

00:57:07:09 –> 00:58:24:11
I was gonna, I was gonna talk about some friends that you had that sitting above you and the pumpkin patch. Yeah, no, but those are being just bad, bad experiences with muzzle loaders. Except for I, I killed good elk, but Oh yeah. No, no, no dear. No good experiences. Do you have interesting experiences? Oh, they’re all bad. Alright. I don’t know. I, I had a muzzle loader and it, it went click a lot. Just did it click. I can’t imagine That’s crazy. Hunt started with a muzzle loader ended with a rock. I mean Yeah. And then a shovel came not as one we had, and then we had to cape them. We had no knives. No, when you talk about having a primitive weapon and, you know, having less success, it’s, it’s true. It’s true. It’s true. Yeah. Bronson, I wanna, I wanna dig a little deeper on your other muzzle buck that I thought you were gonna post, just because this is why it was, these stories are kind of fun because you never have an opportunity to tell. Like if we don’t tell that story today, it never gets told because those were a long time ago. You know what I mean? Yeah. Well yeah. Logan hit us all up and said, Hey, send us some pictures of Muzzleloader bucks. And I sent ’em too. And the other one was, I had forgotten about the the Colorado buck. Well, yeah.

00:58:24:11 –> 00:59:45:15
And then that’s the one that got used. And I’m like, I was kind of, I I had forgotten about the story on the Utah buck. Well, we were actually, me and a couple buddies were actually I’d seen a, it was 2005. Geez. That was in a previous life. Like Logan. When were you born? 2006. Teen? No, you were 2000. Oh, okay. So I was gonna say you were an egg. I didn’t even asked you. Okay, go ahead Bronson. He wasn’t even a thought. Alright, go ahead. Well, in 2005 and yeah, so, you know, during that summer I actually worked for the Division of Wildlife at that time. That was way back when, it was year before I left. But anyway, I found a really good deer in the summer. He had a, he had a 10 inch dropper on one side. Heavy, big, heavy tall buck. Had a three by four frame, but the three point side had a, had a 10 inch dropper coming down. It was, it was an awesome, cool, awesome. But Utah general. And so me and a couple buddies, you know, and it was an area that they had done it to. But anyway, before, so we were all just basically, I mean, there was some other deer in that country. We were all just basically going hunting, looking for that deer. It was not a deer that I had patterned or anything like that.

00:59:45:19 –> 01:00:52:28
And late in the morning, we were all out on different glass knobs probably, you know, between a mile or half mile apart. And I hadn’t seen much. And those guys had, they’d seen this, this other deer dropper, deer never showed. So that this other deer they found, say we got a pretty good deer over here. He beed in some thick mahogany way down in this deep canyon, but we think he’s a pretty good deer. Said, well, late morning I moved over to where they were and you know, would never have seen the deer. But they, you know, had a scope and you could see pieces of a deer through mahogany. I mean, had no idea. Yep. I mean, what it even was. But they somewhat described the deer and you know, he’s got some extras and whatnot. And, and I’m basically, all right, extras, get you killed, right? Well go kill, kill. I’m like, yeah, I didn’t see the deer is legit. I’m like, go, go kill the deer. And they’re like, well, I dunno. It’s, and it’s in a deep freaking abyss. I mean, it’s a deep can. So they’re thinking like, we’re gonna get down there. It’s gonna, we know how this ends. Yeah. And we know how this ends. And I don’t know, I don’t know. Maybe I should, should maybe we should call on the phone after I tell the story. Maybe I should try, try it after.

01:00:54:02 –> 01:02:02:12
But, but, and again, this is a 20 19-year-old memory. So I just remember me thinking, all right, I’m gonna stay here in glass. One of you guys stalking this deer. And they just weren’t eager to do it. And they’re like, I’m like, or do you wanna go down there? I’m like, oh yeah, I’ll go stalk it. I, I mean, I see where it is now. I don’t know what the deer even is. And so I said, all right, I’m picking off. And I said, we’ll sit here and we’ll sit here in glass. Okay. So, and this was not like a, you know, a, Hey, this is my area guys. I’m bringing it to my area. This was just, we’re all just hunting deer on the Utah general. Right. So, but so then in the back of my mind, I’m like, all right, it’s probably not a deer I’m gonna shoot, but hey, it’s the middle of the day. What are you doing? Nothing else. So I got down there and stocked in real close. I’m 30 something yards of the deer within like an hour. And I can see him beded down in there. And the first time I got a look of the deer, I, I could tell he, he of course, 35, 40 yards. When you look through anything with 10 powers, what’s it gonna look? Yeah, they look pretty good. Oh, well we, I’ve got stories on that.

01:02:02:14 –> 01:03:06:25
We’ve heard them and I feel bad about it. We’ve heard them. I know the infamous 15 spot, that deer that deer’s in a garbage can. He is, I threw him away. Well, mostly it was a bad memory. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, but keep going. I don’t know why we have to talk about that anymore. So the deer, I, I’m basically decided I think I’m gonna shoot this deer. ’cause remember this is the first time I’ve ever seen it. But it’s in thick mahogany. And if you know thick mahogany, you never kinda like one of you guys described, you don’t, you’re seeing pieces and parts. You’re trying to piece it together. You’re also wanting it. You’re not sure what that is. You, you’re not, they’ve told you. And you want it to be, and you want it to be, you want it to be two 20 more than it is. Oh yeah. More time. 90% of the time you’re, you’re overhyping. Yes. And then it stands up and you’re like, Ugh. You know, now I’m here. Yeah, yeah. But this one, this one kind of went the other way. And, and anyway, the deer stood up and I smoke it like 38 yards. And, and it’s, I see it go down pretty fast. And it’s a thing. And they’re, I remember they called me on a walkie talkie. We had just cheap little walk Cabelas, you know, wa talk abouts. Like, where’s it? I said, he’s dead.

01:03:06:25 –> 01:04:13:11
And I walk out into the clearing, and I remember grabbing the deer like this and, and basically showing him like, he’s dead. He’s right here. He’s, he’s right in here. And I’m like, I remember saying something like, I can’t believe you guys didn’t shoot this deer. And I, and I just remember that the whole time. I’m like, I feel, I feel kind of guilty. Like I shot quote their deer. They spotted it, they betted it, and I stalked it and killed, killed it. Geez. Like, what, what’s the, what’s the deal? Give him a tender line. Yeah. So I’m like, you know, and, and then I’m feeling bad. And so now I’m like, okay, this is, this is a bad, gonna be a bad, bad packout ’cause it’s steep down all the way down here and it’s gonna be straight out. So I said, Hey, I can do this. I, I mean, how old was I back then? You were 23rd. Let’s see. So in 2005 you were 30, 32, 31, 31 or two more or less. CA’s Cash’s age. So you’re like, I got this right. And I told him, I said, Hey, you guys don’t need to come down here. It’s gonna be a bad pack up. ’cause we had pretty good packs. I don’t remember before we were gonna stay the night up in there where we hiked into or not. But I mean, we’re nowhere near the trucks.

01:04:13:14 –> 01:05:14:24
We’re, we’re a couple miles from, from trucks, but we’re down in a hole. And I said, I can get this. So I took the self-timer pictures, all that, and got it. And I, I packed it there out of there. And I was, I was spent, but they topped out. And then I sat down and they sat on the pack and they said some words, they were like, that’s the buck. And I’m like, what’s the only buck? The only buck? You, you pointed to the bush. And I walked to the bush and shot the deer. Yeah. That’s the buck. You guided me to it. Yes. Thank you. This is the deer. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate. But it was some of that. But I owe you one. I don’t know if they’ll, so what they’ll answer. Oh, it’s like 195. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It’s got extra guards, like two cheaters out, one and one out, one out the other, and two on the other. And I’ll bet if you were to rescore it, no one, it was probably even a little bit better. Yeah. That was the day I remember bringing it. That was when we didn’t know. Yeah, I remember bringing it to you. Oh yeah. And it was, it’s just a boxy cool. Oh yeah. It’s a good looking big. I had forgotten. Anyway. Anyway. But I don’t know, maybe let’s, let’s get a different side to the story if they possibly would answer.

01:05:15:24 –> 01:06:31:05
Is it Gary? Yeah. I like it. So we’re gonna try, I don’t know if he’ll answer, but we’ll find out. So he usually will, he’s not gonna expect this. And he can, we’ve never, we’ve never, we’ve never surprised him on the podcast. So he, unlike Clint Lindstrom or Buddy, and it’s not like you call him like, anyway, he’ll, he’ll think there’s an emergency. Hey buddy, what’s going on? I’m not live, am I? Well, you’re not live, but you’re being recorded. We can edit. We can edit anything, but, okay. Well that’s good. That’s good. Well, Gary, Gary, do you remember a story of Bronson’s fuck, 2005, 2005 on? Oh, I just told the story. I, I told my version of the story I, we wanna know, and I, and it’s been almost 20 years and we’re all over 50 now. So we wanna know your side of it. I, I, I told about how I felt a little guilty because I hiked over to you, you and Bryce, and I never saw the deer and you guys guided him into a giant. I expected to sit down and watch you guys stalk the deer, but it didn’t happen that way. And I, I was confused as to why, one, we wasn’t gone. And so tell, tell your, take it away from there, Gary. Gary, we want, we want the truth.

01:06:32:15 –> 01:07:40:13
So the, the, the truth is that no, the last time we hunted down there, we, me and Adam had found a giant buck. You remember that buck Adam? No. It’s the drop time buck. The drop time buck. He was just one of, one of the biggest deer I’ve ever hunted or seen. Yeah. I said about that. And that’s what we were all looking for that morning, basically. Yeah. Like a 220. I don’t know if he’s that big. I’ve got video somewhere, but he’s big, cool buck. Anyway, so yeah, we, we backpacked up into there and split up. And then that night we didn’t see much, just some small bucks. And the next day Adam went back to his glass and point and brah went back to his, and, and that butt came out across from me and brash. And we watched him. And I’ll be honest with you, I just didn’t realize he was quite that big. So while a little while later and it was in, it was across the monster came, it was not a good, it was a deep, it was, it was a hell hole. In fact, let’s just say one of these, in fact, bra bras came back down and, and we looked at it and both of us were like, we ain’t going without a kill that day. Am might telling pretty much the same story. You’re, yeah. Okay. And this is back in Adam’s famous lines.

01:07:40:14 –> 01:08:39:27
He would say, well, in three days your legs will be hard. Like, he didn’t work out, Adam didn’t work out. And he’s got a stride that’s like 14 yards long. Well, Gary, we were in our low thirties. I mean, nope. You didn’t need to work out then. It was just different time. You just did it. So anyway, and so yeah, you guys, you guys called me over and said, we got a ge deer over here. And, and, and I remember looking through a scope and not even, okay, I see a flicker at ear or something. Okay, there’s a deer there. And you kind of described it to me, but I couldn’t figure out why you guys weren’t going. I’m ready to just watch one of you guys go kill it. And you guys were not interested. Well, the part, the part, and I’m, I’m, I don’t even know if I wanna tell this. Yeah. The part me Brett still felt bad about was we were like, Hey, you can go kill it, but we ain’t going with you. I told, we were thinking that would deter him. That was in our early hemming days with Adam. And he said, Nope, I’m gone. And he thought he is back on and away he went. And we felt bad about that for about a year. So we would’ve went. But we really didn’t think he would go.

01:08:39:28 –> 01:09:41:24
But he went over there and I, it was not a good spot. No, it was. But, but hey, I still doubt if it was big enough to go kill it there. And I know it was big. Yeah. So, so awesome. So then I got, I talked, I fast forward a little bit about how I got in close and, and you know, 35, 40 yards leading. This is leading. This is leading. Yeah. He got right into 30 yard. Well, I just remember, I just remember killing the deer. And you guys didn’t see it run out. You didn’t see, you didn’t see it any, you’re like, where’s it, where’s it? And I remember walking out and grabbing the deer and lifting it and showing you guys a mile, mile and a half away. You remember that? I said, he’s right here. Oh yeah, yeah. I did. I did. So anyway, it happened pretty fast. It was just, I don’t remember the conditions must have been perfect, but got in there and killed him. And then, then I start, when I sit, I’m like, I’m crapping. ’cause I’m like, I can’t believe they didn’t wanna come and shoot this deer. This is a big deer. So then I’m like, yeah, I can get it outta here. Gary, remember you guys don’t need to come down here. I felt guilty for shooting. I don’t blame you. Their deer did. I don’t blame you.

01:09:42:03 –> 01:10:52:21
I was wonder prolong prolong the face to face as long as I could. We, well, that we told you, Hey, we’ll come over there. And you told us. No, just stay. Just stay. We’re like, all right, we’ll stay and keep glassing. Oh, oh boy. So regrets. Yeah. Dang, that was, that was a good day. Oh, hiked up there and I hit the ridge and I remember seeing you guys, and then, then you guys were like, I don’t remember what you said. May or may not have sworn, I don’t know what they said, but it was like, holy crap, that’s the deer. You remember that? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I knew it was the deer as soon as I seen it. But anyway, I’m, I’m still gonna blame it on bad glass or something, you know. Well, I’m thankful for good friends is what I’m thankful for. And that, because I, that was a, I’m getting leftovers is what I’m thinking. I’m like, all right, I’ll stalk an unknown deer and then I shot it. So anyway. Oh, so Gary seems like you’ve made a, a habit outta glass and for Adam, you know, you know, the, the funny thing is, I was thinking that just a minute ago. I’m like, you know, I don’t remember him glassing for me that much. Oh, I know.

01:10:52:28 –> 01:12:10:12
Seems like you will owe you ied some deer in their beds for long periods of time, may or may not have lost them. Hey, I’m still blaming that on Josh all the way. It’s definitely Josh. Hey, it worked, worked out. I wish I would’ve been a fly on the, on the, on the tree next to you and Josh when you’re like, who’s telling him? Gary, Gary handed me the radio and said, you call Adam, we, we lost your dare you what? We lost your dare. Geez. I love these stories. Well anyway, we did this little muzzle loader, epic musket buck thing. So we’ve been talking about some of our muzzle loader bucks and Jason asked me about that one and I kind of told the story. Then we thought, well let’s, if we can get the other side of that. And I’d seen a picture of it and it reminded me of the deer. But then I’d forgotten the story and we didn’t post that picture. And so anyway, I was just like, anyway, it was probably on film. That picture was probably from on a, it might have been a digital camera, I don’t remember. And you just, if you don’t tell that story now, it’s just one of them stories that probably never gets told. So anyway, kind of fun. Well, I owe you one still, Gary. I’m I Hey, that’s one of these days, man. One of these days.

01:12:10:17 –> 01:13:18:19
Well maybe you guys could have a unit 61 doover. Well, why don’t you draw a tag in Utah this year, you know, draw a tag in. That’ll work Utah next week. How about that? That’ll work. That’ll work. I’m hoping to get lucky. I can’t bake you guys into telling that story again in Colorado. All. Okay. Alright, well have a good day. Well, thanks Gary. Sorry to call you in the middle of that. Hey. No, no, it’s, Hey. No, it’s fine. I just, I I, I, I didn’t realize I thought it was just you so I wasn’t, anyway, I know. Hey, we knew. We knew there was a good chance you’d answer, but we now know from now on, there’s a good chance I’m getting screened for the rest of my life. Well thanks a lot. Appreciate Ain’t no problem. See you guys. Talk to you later. Bye Bye. Pretty much exactly how I said it. Yeah, I didn’t, Adam tells no lies. I couldn’t figure out, I couldn’t figure it out. But I’m like, well it’s middle of the day. I’ll go stalk an unknown deer that looked decent, but whatever. But when you’re hunting some of that country, they know what they’re getting into. That’s not an easy place. No, I mean that’s a grind. We learned a lot of it there. It’s just, it’s not an easy place. Yeah. Hey, we could talk about Thompson long range.

01:13:18:19 –> 01:14:28:29
You know, I smashed chief with Thompson that Thompson Long range. So he was my first inaugural type experience with long range rifle shooting. Okay. Mark’s taught me a ton. And you know, a lot of it, we were even talking about it when we were mountain rifle scope. He believes in a high, kind of a higher scope up off the barrel just to prop your head up straight and to have, you know, proper form so to speak. And anyway, he’s just, he’s just an interesting guy. He knows what he’s doing. I appreciate Mark, for a lot of reasons, known him for many, many years. Killed chief with his system. You know, the best buck I’ve ever killed in my life. So down there in Arizona with Adam. Just an awesome experience. And I had all the confidence in the world to go on a world class hunt with his setup. So anyway, anybody that’s out there is probably the most affordable long range system there is. Very simple. That’s what Mark believes in. And I believe in it too, as far as being in the heat of battle and having simplicity and not having to think. So anyway, you can get ahold of them with Thompson long range super good people. You can go on their, on the web, Google ’em, get on their website or call ’em (435) 713-4248 or thompson long

01:14:30:05 –> 01:15:48:22
He’s got a lot of different things going to, you know, mark and Scotty, super good people and we appreciate our partnership with them. Please support ’em if you’re looking for something affordable, simple, using the Weatherbee out of the box. Weatherbee, which is different than most out of the box guns as we know, the reputation precedes them. Super good quality products and uses loophole on as a scope. So anyway, very simple system. Give ’em a shout and we’ll go from there. All right. Hey, I’ve got a question, something Josh said and I, it made me wonder if I’ve got the same or if everybody’s got the same opinion in as I do, but the, he mentioned hunting in the pinion. Junipers is what’s the hardest country to hunt for? For mule deer? I think it’s the pinion Junipers. But just wondered what everybody else thought. There was a deer I, I hunted in Nevada forks, remember forks. And he was in a sea of pj and then we could run trail cameras during the season. How about Buster? Okay. Buster’s still alive. Oh. But 14 years later, what did he live, what did he live in? Buster died, I don’t know, a sea of, a sea pin. He did almost un huntable. He did another one of those. Yeah, another one of those you waste 30 days of your life. And anyway, it’s a hard, I don’t know why. It’s a hard vegetation.

01:15:48:22 –> 01:16:55:13
We have, do we have to end a podcast on a downer? Well, but is there anything tougher? No, that’s pretty tough. A sea of it. No, I mean when they go in there, you’re done. I mean, in a sea of it. I mean that’s why, let’s keep it real. In the parts of southern Utah that had sea opinion juniper, that’s why baiting got so popular because you could kill deer with bows and and pin juniper that never would be killed. Ever. Yeah. Frankly, it’s true. To real rich. It revolutionized killing big deer in tough country. Yeah. It made deer vulnerable in tough. Were otherwise not vulnerable. Not touchable. Yeah, not touchable. Maybe. Kinda like Josh’s deer. You alluded to that deer was almost, he, he was smart. He knew where he was living and you know, made one mistake the only time in three or four years and the day you shot him. But you know what I mean? That’s very, very tough to do, let alone, but he was not even in a remote spot. He’s living off, you know, in a Oh yeah. Populated area off roads. But they learn how to live in that in populated areas. Yep. I mean, anyway, but yeah, forks I went, he would live in thick trees and we’d have the island, the sky, I call it the tallest knob in the country. And we were glassing down, we’d glass him up.

01:16:55:13 –> 01:17:59:23
But getting down in with him, you’d, you’d lose, you can’t, you can’t do it. But we’d run cameras in the, during the season, back in the day when it was legal to do it. And we knew he was on a rotation that he was due to water that evening or, or in the night, you know, nine to two and 11. Two and a half, three days. Yeah, whatever. Yeah. But he was in that cycle. He was due and he was gravitating toward the water. And I was like, I’m just gonna get between him and the water. And that’s all on YouTube anyway with a bow. And Chris was over my shoulder. We picked the right trail. Glasser had lost him. We were just down there in the thick sea of trees on a main trail and he walked by us. But I mean that was just a gift, you know? But I think that’s what it almost takes that, yeah. To kill a deer like that. The luckiest thing ever. Ever. The luckiest thing ever. That was eight days with a bow. With a bow. Yeah. Yeah. But just walking by and I had to shoot him. I shot him on the walk, you know, just anyway. But But you say lucky. But I knew he was going to water. Like we knew he was going to water and, and the water, you know, anyway, we were probably may not get there by before. Yeah.

01:17:59:23 –> 01:19:13:17
Until dark though. I’ve just sat on the water. He never watered in the daylight. Yeah, that’s what I mean. So you knew he’s gonna start feeding that way when he gets up tonight. Probably. That’s my best chance. Yeah, what you’re saying. Yeah, it was interesting. Anyway, I can tell a few more stories about that deer. He was an interesting deer. That was a really cagey, it’s someone one in your office, right? Yeah, in my a home actually. Oh is it? Yeah. Oh, I’m thinking, oh yeah, the other, other deer forks. Yeah. Remind me how he was built. Big front forks, giants 2 0 5 1 cheater or something. But, but yeah, giant fronts. So I used called him forks. But anyway. Alright, so let’s see. We’re talking John, did you have any other interesting questions? No, that’s it. I just, I just wondered ’cause I mean if I were a deer and I had to live somewhere that was safe, I would choose pinon, juniper thick, seeders thick or whatever. Cop seeders bj. Yeah. Pretty tough to do. It’s about like dark timber. I mean in the high country you get stall spruce fur. Kind of the same thing. You start living in that. Yeah. Pretty tough. Do you think the absence of baiting’s gonna help? Do you guys think that like they help the quality? Well I think, I think people still might kill deer. So the metrics of harvest percentage, maybe they don’t change as much.

01:19:13:20 –> 01:20:23:15
But I, I definitely know specific, specific deer. These older deer like, like we’re talking about in a lot of chances. I mean you everybody can shoot two points over bait. You don’t need to shoot one. Or you can hunt, hunt your bigger deer, hunt, hunt bigger deer, the whole hunt. And most definitely a little more pick little. Oh yeah, yeah. Added selectivity and vulnerability to deer that are otherwise literally, literally not kill bow with a bow. Yeah. I mean a hundred percent not kill boat even. Even people that never pick up a bow picked up a bow. Yeah. When they could bait, you know, you’d have ’em at 20 yards or whatever. Yeah. Not call it 99% un killable. ’cause we all know there’s the, there’s the flukes. But you know what I’m saying guys? Yeah. I un huntable deer. You wouldn’t even, you knew there’s really no option, right? Why? And some of those deer, yeah, you’d move on. Most definitely. I mean we all know there’s just like, it’s not even worth spending back in the days when it was legal. I wish I’d have done it a lot more. You look back on the good days, wouldn’t you when you do it more? Oh for sure. You do it more. Not a doubt. Never. Never did it. But I think might have missed out ’cause we let, there’s a lot of people coming. Big deer. I know that it wasn’t me. Yeah.

01:20:24:16 –> 01:21:28:17
But anyway. Alright, well, okay, sounds good. We got anything else? Well we’ll just call, let’s just shout out to everybody. Utah Nevada’s gonna come out this week with the results. The end midweek end of week, whenever by 16th or 17th is what their published date is. So give us a call, let us know what we can do to help you. Whether it be a member experience list or if you need an outfitter, you draw something, you know, you think that warrants that or you just need a member experience list or need gear optics, whatever. We’re here. Good luck to everybody in the draw. Kind of excited. Wyoming elk too comes out too. So exciting this week. It’s so exciting. Well we were excited and everything came out. We’re excited last week for like three sheep states, right? What? Yeah, we had a chance. It did not happen. And then you realize you have no chance. Hey, we made some good phone calls though. Yeah, we did. Had some really lucky clients. Drew some phenomenal tags. So that was pretty fun. They sure did. It was awesome. But we’re, I’m glad that there’s more than once a lifetime species. Call ’em that sheep, moose, and goat on the docket this next week. ’cause it feels like there’s a little bit. I’m excited to talk to some animal punters. He said you’re flip-flopping again. See what I’m talking about?

01:21:28:28 –> 01:22:48:11
You make their dreams come true with just a fork it hole. You’re hard to figure out two points. Make these guys dreams come true. It’s like a love, love, love. A little hate on the side. I don’t get it. It’s called take. It’s more of a lack. It’s more of just a lack of respect. They chase your truck. I mean as hard as they can go. Alright, well anyway, all right. Hopefully everybody here has some good luck just next week. Let us know about it. Please call us if you draw. Let’s have a good weekend, everybody. Let’s face it. If your goal is to kill big stuff, you need to draw quality tags. Quality tags are typically hard to draw. To increase your odds of drawing good tags you need to apply in multiple states. That’s where an Epic Outdoors membership can help. For only 150 bucks a year, you get access to our consultants, our online tools, and to Epic approved outfitters and members only optics discounts With unlimited access to our team of consultants and access to the Epic Outdoors magazines. Applying in multiple states is easy. No more worrying if you’re applying for the best areas. No more applying for a unit where there has been a die-off and no more missing opportunities where you could be in the field and not sitting at home. Go [email protected] or call us today at (435) 263-0777 to find out how you can become a member today.

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