In this episode the crew answers a question that we have been asked a lot, “How do you successfully hunt desert Mule deer?” While there isn’t any one right answer, the crew provides some best practices that they have found to be useful over the years! Whereas the season is getting closer, we also take a look at some of the gear that everyone needs to stock up on! Visit or call us at 435-263-0777 for all of the best deals on optics, tripods, muzzleloaders, rifles, bows and more!

**Note: For the Kiabab elk giveaway mentioned in this podcast, the first person who submits a photo with geolocation of an elk harvested on the Kiabab unit within the next 3 months will recieve a prize**

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, and a couple of the epic outdoors team here coming at you from Southern Utah. Devvin, how you doing? Good. All right. I like it. Josh, how are you? Doing great. Really? Yeah. Oh, Josh, what have you been doing? You’ve been logging equipment and stuff like crazy? Yeah. What have you been doing? What have you been up to here? Been selling. Selling lots of stuff. Been getting in lots of stuff to sell, getting ready to sell stuff. Been recording videos. What stuff are we talking about? Like cellular cameras and other trail cameras. All right. So we’ve been logging trail cameras. We’ve also got a stack. Devin, you’ve been ordering guns like it’s your job. And both rifles and muzzle orders got gonna have an incredible stack. Have an incredible stack right now. Oh yeah. But things are just, people are this, this day and age, people don’t wanna wait for anything. Like, you don’t want to order and pray. They come in time for your hunting season. If you have an October deer hunt, you don’t wanna order a gun after about right now. Yeah. That’s what we’re thinking. So Devin brought that up. Bronson, I don’t know if you And I just, I don’t know. It feels like when we order something, it comes pretty quick, but we were ordering it in the off season.

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All of a sudden we’re coming on June when the world starts ordering it, everybody, then the crunch hits. It’s just like mammo shortages and the paper towels and toilet paper and all that other stuff that happens when everybody decides they want it. You got a problem. You do. So it, I don’t feel like it’s the, the the toilet paper debacle that we had during Covid. Well, the, the principle is there. It’s May 20th. I like it. Okay. 21st. It is. And 90% of the draws are out and people are pla it’s time to make your final plans. And whether that be Bo gun, muzz loader, shotgun, I don’t know. Jason, you’ve got a shotgun bought for a ham, so they never have done before. Ever. In case I don’t remember what that shotgun looks like. I sent it off to get some special sight put on and never received a pack. And Bronson, why do you have to rip off those scabs? Well, I just, I rattled off all the weapons. Bow, muzzle, loader, rifle, shotgun. Okay. Oh, pistol. Okay. And we bought those. We already talked about those. My kids did call a Turkey and this, speaking of, or shotguns, you know? Yeah. So it’s been fun. We’ve kinda had a fun weekend. Even saw elk on the Kaibab. How about that? Yeah. Really? Yeah. I, I saw ’em there three or four years ago and, and then you saw ’em this, this time.

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Theys have non permit tags right now you can smash bulls Right now I’m thinking I need to fill the freezer. Yeah. I’d rather not do it with, I’d rather not do it when I have to remove an utter or something. So this is a good thing. Shooting a bull. It’s, and you feel like you’re doing some conservation, you know what I mean? You got stubs. What? You know, they weren’t even that big. They was a little cut those off. This a 2-year-old bull whatever. Yeah, probably. Was he branching eye guards? Oh yeah. Just, yeah. I mean, yeah. I just saw a velvet like this. Imagine a stag buck off the ponds. Okay. Okay. That’s about, that’s that’s what it was. Yeah. And I mean, they were running like crazy. They been shot at before. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, I was like, you know, and then I got to thinking and then, anyway, now your kids are, well, we need to do some conservation. Like they, that’s the world’s greatest deer herd. And they don’t want elk there. They don’t want elk there. They don’t want elk there. So there’s non permit tags, which doesn’t mean it’s kind of weird, A weird lingo, non permit tag. But, but basically it’s not a draw tag. It’s an over the counter tag. Go smash one. They want you to smash ’em, but you can’t kill the cows right now because they’re pregnant. And that’s insensitive.

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It is amazing that there’re elk there and there’s bulls there. Two bulls. And with that much mean, Sean went out with his wife working the birds and sure enough, they saw a cow. Cow. I mean, dude, multiple sightings. We should be getting. So put a tag, put a SL in your pocket, is what you’re saying. I don’t know. Turkey loads. Put a sight. That’s now this is on the podcast. That’s ultimate show. Get in trouble. I’m not, I don’t even know if slugs are legal. I don’t either, but, okay. ’cause I might, I’ve killed elk with one before. Would, would a slug work in an extra full Turkey choke? Wouldn’t that just rip the end off a barrel hill? Probably. Probably. I, I don’t think it would, I don’t think that, I think that’s to keep be’s in a tight pattern. Not a full bore project. I shot four back and BB through. I’ve got a story. Oh, I forgot about this story. Hear about the time I killed an elk with a slug. Really? Is it legal? Yeah. Yeah. It was, it was when I was game was when you were a It was when I was to, and we were So as a game, you can do anything you want. Yeah, pretty much. But we were up at Fish Lake to this. We were up at Fish Lake.

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There was like this in Richfield, severe county, whatever they do, they do this like third grade overnight field trip thing where they take ’em up to Gooseberry and they, forest service comes and talks. DWR comes and talks and they do all these little things. Well, we were sitting there talking to ’em. They’re talking to him and one of the guys with the forest service or something was hiding in the trees, blowing an elk bugle every now and then, like mimicking like, oh, that’s the sound of an elk. And one of the kids is like, there’s one of those down by our camp in our tent. And I’m like, one of what? One of those elk? And I’m like, no. What do you mean? No, there’s not. And he’s that down by our tent where we’ve been, there’s one, there’s been one there all day. I’m like, whatever. So me and one of the other biologists that was there, it was vans, you’re half thinking you’re gonna have always have like an elaborate thing. But he’s always, he’s like, we better go check that out. I’m like, we better, I guess we go down there. Well, there’s this pole. It’d been hit by a car. I don’t know, I think I’m thinking it was fighting with another bull. ’cause it was September. But its jaw was clearly broken and hanging off. Like one eye was luck. All puncture now.

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Like it had gotten pretty hammered like this Whoa. 300 inch, six point bowl. And he was just standing there by this forest service fence. What, what were these kids doing around this? Yeah, they were, and we go walking down there and there’s like 15 third graders all standing there chucking rocks, wide eyed. And it’s just staring. And we were like, geez. And so I told that, I, I told that. I’m like, we gotta put this down. And he’s like, we can’t do that in front of all these kids. I’m like, Hey, this is gonna teach these kids a life lesson. What’s that? What’s that video that was done there in, in Idaho where she’s Napoleon ole Napoleon. I turing this Napoleon Dynamite. And everybody’s like, no, pretty much. And so he’s like, we can’t shoot this thing. And I’m like, what else are we gonna do with it? We have to. So he comes up with this elaborate plan, talks to the teachers. So we get all the kids away from it. And he comes up with this plan like, you’re gonna, Salina third grade was gonna be coming in at noon and Richfield was gonna be leaving at then. And they’re gonna, we’re gonna blow his brains out in the middle. Gonna, and they’re gonna honk the bus horns when this like the horns on the bus to let notify people that these buses are leaving, these buses are coming.

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And that’s when you’re get a shoot. And that’s when the shot takes place. Oh my. I’m like, this is, oh, lemme just shoot this thing. So he’s like, no, this is how we gotta have it. And then I think there was like, some cops we’re gonna do some sirens. ’cause we didn’t want these third graders, heaven forbid, to see something die. Which I think all third graders should have to even kill something. Wow. But so did it work. So, so we’re sitting there and I have, all I have is my shotgun and a pistol. And so I’m like, these are tax dollars at work. These are our tax dollars at work, Devin. We got 14 agencies involved. All those stamps and fees we pay for exactly the, we got air horns going off muffled third graders ears. So we’re sitting there and this bull, I, I have to get on the other side of it. It was like one of those Aspen log pole fences or whatever. Yeah. And where he was at, I had to get on the other side of the fence from him. And Vance had his shotgun too. I think all you had was shotgun. Yeah. Which is for like, like deputy work. Yeah. I was a, I was a game morden at the time. So all I had, all I had, we had bigger rifle, sls slug. So yeah, we had slugs and buckshot.

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So I put loaded my mind with just slugs. I think he had like a 2 43. And I was like, okay. Then at the count of three, let’s both just hit it, you know? And, and he’s like, okay. So we go to do it. And we, he, he was like, debating, do we shoot it in the head? Do we shoot it? Blah, blah, blah. I’m like, I was like, I’ll just put one right behind, right behind the shoulder and it’ll die and it’ll be fine. It’s not gonna go anywhere. Yeah. So not gonna blow his brain down. Yeah. So he’s like up from me on the other side of the fence with his 2 43 or something. And I was on the other side of the fence with the shug. You’re putting a big rock to the side of the, so we’re sitting there, we’re like, okay. And we’re just waiting. All the kids are gone waiting. Wait for the ho go, waiting for the horn honk. And all of a sudden you hear honk and he’s like, boom. And I remember I, I whacked that thing and it turns and came at me and I was what? Yeah. I mean I like hit it right behind the shoulder thinking it was, you shot it gonna die. Oh, he shot it and he shot it. Yes. And it turns and starts coming at me. And so it was like one of the extended magazines. Whoa. That.

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So I was just like, I just unloaded. It’s like six rounds in that thing. And I look up on the hill and all of these third graders are sitting there looking because the horns were done honk. And there were no sirens. It was just the sound of gunfire. The plan didn’t, the plan didn’t work. Kids gotta see something. Die waldo is hurt. Yeah. Anyway. Well so then the why the kids showed up and you showed ’em how to butcher an elk. Yeah. What did you do? Yeah, butchered elk. We just kept ’em all away and loaded in the truck and turned it, turned it into the forest Circus haul off. Yeah. So anyway, so yeah, I’ve successfully killed a elk. Okay. Well I don’t know how we got on that. Wow. Well I guess it was Jason’s. I like it. Gun. That was, we might need to use those tactics on the kibab. You might, well, from now on, if you’re Turkey hunting on the Kaibab. If they’re legal. If they’re legal. Okay. Well, yes. Only qualify. We don’t promote any illegal activities on this podcast. Just keep the trigger down and pomp as fast as if you have a non-IT t And yet anybody that, anybody that has a Turkey tag should have a non permit tag for.

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And whatever’s legal, if it’s bulls only, which is probably gonna be the case and just, you know, you find a bull, you smash, it can, even if it’s dances with wolves, like that thing, remember when the buffalo dies, like right at the kid’s feet. That’s basically what it was because just piled up right in front of my feet. Finally went down. Well I mean at least you meet in the freezer and feel good about it. You kill random cows. I don’t, I don’t know. Anyway, it’d be good. It’d be good. Anyway. Kind of kind of crazy. There was so many deer on the, I I can’t even tell you how many deer showing back up on the summer, huh? Yeah. Summer range. Yeah. But I mean, it’s one thing to show up on the summer range. It’s another thing to see it like in droves hundreds. I, I can’t believe the, the numbers of deer. It’s so impressive. I’m here to tell you what’s your make a, it’s a thick forest where we were prediction on the No, just the 12 bays this year. Next level. Next level. Okay. That sounds like a prediction to me. I did talk to a guy anyway talking about the as a whole and he just, he just says, you know, that’s, it’s, it’s world class and he got done hunting it last year and he’s, he’s right. It is in many respects.

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I mean now I know the early rifle hunts are a little bit challenging, especially on the 12 B west side. Like that’s challenging. But we still had a guy bring in a 2 0 2, mostly typical frame 32 or freaking giant from the early, you know what I mean? Gotta have, have a little weather to put, shove them north out, out onto the, when you’re hunting on the edge of the SCO deer too. But anyway, pretty fun stuff. A lot of, a lot of excitement going on. If you can’t tell just because we’re, well it’s end of May, which we’ve been praying for. Like dude, I mean that changes our life getting done with the heavy research side of the magazine into the gear selling, talking about hunting, planning for hunts, getting applicants applied for hunts. That’s it. More draws mean, you know, don’t have to talk about a certain what states that state anymore. Right. For example, Wyoming elk was good. Good to have that come and go. What? You just shuttered down. Yeah. It was a struggle. Challenge. January’s enough. And then you got that, that you know, Colorado nice frezy from come go sixth to the eighth from the amendment period. Yeah. Yeah. And then that goes and you’re finally nice week. Have week was fun though. Results from three states. Like that was a fun week. Yeah, but it was busy week was it? Yeah. Busy. Yeah. None of us office had anything fun.

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But we talked to a lot of good people that had good tax. Took our tax in those three states. Our talked lot of about people. Our tax, Bronson, we’ve got some results coming up Colorado, namely. Yeah, that’s what Monday’s Memorial day. So Tuesday through Friday next week Colorado gets a species or two a day. You know deer what? Deer, elk, antelope bear moose. May 28th to the 31st moose. They just got deer, elk, an antelope trickling them out all throughout the week. Doesn’t always seem to be a rhyme or reason always. Which, which one there is. But hey, that’s the next thing to look forward to. I don’t think, I don’t know if any of us are actually try Logan. You did try to maybe draw a tack. It seems like I got a, I got a second. Second choice. You got some points. No, no, I got a second choice up there. Oh do you? Oh yeah. Good one. I have never ever, if you’ll pay me $500 like I paid you last year, that was like, I’ll use my second choice potentially. I don’t want to think on that a minute. No, think on that for a minute. Okay. But that could be, I’ve never used my second choice. ’cause it’s just something you do because you can do it and you know the pain and the butt. You gotta do, you gotta turn it in before August before the turnback tag start hitting.

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’cause it has to be wiped out of your account before you, you can add a turn back to your account. Right. But it cost me nothing ’cause you asked for a refund and didn’t even use my point. I know. So it’s, you beat the system mentally. Like I beat the system. People whine about not getting tags. I got one. And by the way they could too. Just gotta wait for it to get mailed to you. Fill out the form, get where it mailed back, let them the load and that suffering before that first day it lands and the first, the first list is the biggest. Yeah, I contend. Yeah. Yeah it is. Yeah. Yeah. But anyway, hopefully everybody had knows somebody that drew something good in Utah, Nevada or Wyoming out. ’cause around here it was pretty bleak. It was a little bit bleak. Yeah. But anyway, I guess you’re gonna be headed to Wyoming. You got a daughter with tag? Well daughter, she got a name tag. Yeah, that was expected. That’s pretty awesome though. Should be fun. Good time. We got one daughter there and one daughter. We’re going to New Mexico. Why don’t we talk about why we talk about the, well the, well we looked up some of the draws and just, you know, the big excitement I guess, or or or, or what everybody was wondering was, was what the draws would be for the General Elk.

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And we even looked up the east side you think, well there’s a lot of private and challenging and whatnot, but it still took like four plus points. Two or three on special. Wasn’t it? General shocked to me. Jeff and I thought even, yeah, we put it a second choice thinking maybe we could still attack the first here. And Josh and I felt left out. These guys had plans. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I mean you guys are not even gonna be here. Well you aren’t even Devin. But I don’t know Adam didn’t know Adam don’t even try to call us. Adam didn’t even try to call us. We tried to call him on the Arizona OTC. Let me set the record straight. Okay. We’re talking to a person that withdrew his elk application. Okay. I did. Yeah. So I, so you’re mad at me inviting you and you withdrew your whole application. But second choice is different. You can gain a point you feel nothing Little, maybe a little bit of Well I would’ve been outs $1,900 ’cause I did special. So it would’ve Yeah that was, that was slightly would’ve Right. Then I would’ve been out two grand and then figure out where the heck to then find a place to hunt because there’s not public land all not gonna lie. I was a little bit relieved. I feel like our clients drew the majority like 55 tags. Oh we did. We did really well.

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We did some damage in a few units and some They did really, really good. I mean craziness. Got some great elk tags coming up for guys. That was guys drawn with less than five. One guy with zero. Yeah. Random tags. It was good. Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. We’ve got, I Idaho’s coming up for deer, elk and antelope. Just for, just for applying. Yeah. Let’s, let’s run, run through those maybe. What’s left we got, by the time people hear this got Idaho June 5th. We’ve got Iowa June 2nd, we’ve got Montana Antelope. If anybody’s excited about that. Hey June 1st you could do it. Of course you’ll be doing points only in the summer. July 1st to the September 30th. We’ve got Utah points. If you didn’t get your points in Utah, if you forgot, you can do that June 5th to the 19th. So just an option there. Washington’s due tomorrow. How about that? May 22nd. You guys gonna apply? No, no, no. Don’t even wanna talk about if we say Wyoming deer antelope 31st. Wyoming deer antelope is May 31st and the points only would be July 1st. October 31st. And you gotta do that. Even if you do apply, you everybody has to go in, in the Summerdale. California’s the second California, June 2nd, Arizona the fourth. Arizona June 4th. Yep. Sheep, deer. We say Iowa Bison Point. And then yeah. And then we did Iowa June 2nd. Anyway, withdrawal results coming on the heels of all those as well. Of course.

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Anyway, if you drew something, you want a little bit of help, we’d love to talk to you. And you don’t have to book a hunt through us or anything like that. Obviously we’d help you with that too. But it just basic information. You can never have too much help on stuff like that. Or a member experience list of somebody that’s been there, done that. ’cause you know, we haven’t been everywhere. But there’s a good chance we have members that have, and we can send that out to you. That’s a member benefit as well. I’m excited to get out and scout. I know I went out, I sent you guys a little picture of the I know it was cheap. Grass garbage. I get it. I get it. Paula, I felt like you a little bit. I know. I was like when you went out and found a little green up on the, in a bar ditch some in some obscure area. Probably took a picture in leads and ended up saying, claiming it was up here on 20. But anyway, I just felt like you a little bit where Bronson dashed my hos and dream out. That was really good feed. That was for five minutes. Now it’s gonna burn. It’s about high. I mean it was, I’m thinking how much, how many cedars are normally I It’s dirt. Yeah.

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It’s, and that the thing, it’s not that that is good dirt in and of itself, but the leaders are coming on bitterbrush. Like it’s stupid. Yeah. Stupid. That’s when, that’s that healthy It was everything else. Yeah. Hey, the cheat grass is good. It gets stuff started off early for, for, for fruit few days. Well they, they eat the heck out of it in March, April before it gets tall and gets seed heads. They, they crush it. ’cause it’s the first thing that turns green. Pretty darn. Do you have, if you have a tag out west or in the desert, prepare yourself for some smoke this summer. Yeah, I think there’s gonna be some. So I want, let’s deviate just a little bit. We had a question from way back really? And this was about actually yeah. Guy says, Hey, I wish you guys would do a podcast. I’m fi finding Desert Mulder. We’ve all hunted the desert lot. Devin. There’s a buck that got away. Really? Oh, that’s another question. And there’s another question we have. Okay. So this could be yours. Maybe we’ll segue, but it doesn’t have to be okay. But it could be, I don’t know. But let’s talk about finding desert Mulder without trail cameras. He, he loves hunting the desert and he doesn’t hear many podcasts talking about the desert and thinks, you know, we’re some of the best guys to talk about it.

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And so maybe we just talk about desert hunting a little bit just ’cause we’re excited about the desert. Lot of rain. We live in the desert. Some kind of high desert. But how do you go about Bronson? You’re gonna be hunting the desert. I I’m gonna be hunting in the desert. Josh, I’m not sure you’re gonna be hunt. Yeah. OTC deer, Arizona. Yeah. Josh, how are you gonna go about finding deer in the desert? There’s no truck cameras allowed in Arizona back of truck. I’m gonna be in the back of your truck because I’m not going down there by myself. When you tell me to shoot, I’m gonna get out and shoot. That’s how I’m gonna find here in the desert. Okay. And I’m gonna listen to Devin. So Devin, start us off, like how would you go about scouting the desert? How would you, how do you go about scouting desert? Well, there’s lot of different types of deserts. That’s the thing. Like I’ve so desert, extreme, like just, there might be water, three or four places and obviously you’re gonna without cameras, sometimes even with cameras, water could be 150, 200 yards of a creek or something. Yeah. You know what I mean? Or whatever. And I mean, in some of that country, like there’s only places like the one buck you were referring to. I saw him on the hoof one time. Was he big or little?

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He’s big, but it was just like, where’s this thing Beding? Yeah. And he was in the wash up under a shadow. I mean, big old freaking he’d used it before. Oh yeah. They know it. And I jumped him in June and I’m thinking, I’m gonna, I’m gonna jump him. I’m gonna kill him right here one day. And he, he never betted there again. Yeah. They seem to be nomadic. Yeah. Other, we’re talking about other place we found about real desert country. Yeah. Like they’re way more nomadic, way less patentable feels like. And the places, what I would call southern Utah, Southern Nevada, you know, that’s my desert. You know, I don’t hunt the Sonoran desert of Southern Arizona. That’s a completely different desert with a whole different grease load, vegetation base and all that. Yeah. But I do still think if you can’t run cameras, you still start in the, in the hot months, you still gotta start around water to either cut tracks, find the comings and goings in, or they’re coming in from this way. You can tell that from tracks they’re coming this way and they’re leaving that way. Same way then, you know, you, you have a place to start. They’re looking for a glassing knob now. One to two miles in that direction. You know, daylight or something like that. You know, depending on the soil. I mean I know, I mean we, we find old pond beds.

00:21:17:23 –> 00:22:18:06
Jason, I found ’em, you know. Oh yeah. A lot. And a lot of times it’ll rain and dry up and you just have weeds, morning glory or whatever. But it’s the best, best feed. And they, they come to it, they crush it. They’ll feed. Yeah. They crush it. So these dried pond beds are the best. Just not river bottoms or beds, but like, just little ravines that have more moisture. The water. Well it’s more moisture. So what you have the side of a road when you have a blacktop and it rains on blacktop, where does all the water that would normally go seep in where the blacktop is, it runs to the edge and you get excessive water in the bar ditches. Same thing with north faces. If there’s any steep north faces and they, it does snow there, there’ll be more feed. Yeah, yeah. You’ll find more tracks there than you will that doesn’t cure out as fast as bad. Yeah. Shit. You know, south facers will bake and a lot of times turn to cheat grass over years because it’s just too dry. The North facers will have more usually native, you know, you know, absent of a major burner. So I wanna, I wanna talk a little bit about what, when you talked about Adam, the nomadic. And so there’s been a lot of country out.

00:22:18:06 –> 00:23:18:13
Like we, I like to hunt a lot of the sand stuff down here in northern Arizona, Southern Utah, whatever. And you, they are so nomadic you can, I mean it’s like they are on a mission, but they’re not on a mission to do anything. They’re just, it’s part of, I I think it’s, they’re part of, part of how they’ve learned to exist. It’s almost like they don’t have a buffalo mentality. They don’t, Buffalo roamed the whole west for hundreds of miles in herds and followed feet and you know what I mean? Where we the No, I’m just talking about, okay. They kind of have that kind of brain Yeah. Of just, they feed, it’s not, you know, well, or, or sheep. Right. If they didn’t have a sheep or, I mean they just, you wander and where you end up, where you end up and then you get up after bed and you just wander another five miles that way. Exactly. And then you bed that one the next way five miles this way and it’s nothing for ’em. I’m walking in the sand and I’m like, I, I’m freaking tired. You know what I mean? And the, the deer, it’s nothing to ’em, it’s nothing to put on 10 miles. It’s all they do throughout an evening or a night. And they don’t, they’ll just feed seemingly habitat doesn’t look any different. No. Like you’re like, why are they they doing that?

00:23:18:18 –> 00:24:23:11
It’s so that’s the other thing. I mean, I think you’re bringing up some good points that you’re not even meaning to really. But when you say seemingly the habitat is no different. I was thinking about this like, where am I gonna run cameras in Nevada or Utah this year? Like where would I run? How many cameras do I need to run? I need to run a lot because both of them have, so let’s call ’em TRM seasons. Yeah. You can’t run ’em basically after August one, basically. I mean, it’s July 31 in Utah or whatever, but so you gotta run double. Right. But do I really need to run double or do I need to go to the same places that I’ve always found big deer because the other places have never produced. You found that like where you guys hunt. Like I have places that always have a big deer on ’em and I have places most of them that never have a giant feels like that. You know what I mean? I like what, there’s no rhyme or reason. Like it looks the same, it looks the same, but I, I know there’s certain ponds I could run five cameras or 10 cameras in Nevada and have 80% of my biggest deer. Yeah. Each year. Same places. Why is that? Why is that? I don’t know. It’s interesting though, you know? Yeah.

00:24:23:25 –> 00:25:26:28
And within miles of very similar country that you don’t get the same type of deer. There’s places, there’s guzzlers and stuff that we used to run whatever in, in Arizona back when it was legal. You’d never get a deer on a particular water. You’d never get a deer on a particular water. And, and at war, sheep, nothing uses this water. But then two miles away, you always have a deer or sheep on water. Like, I don’t know why they don’t like it. Yeah. They feel vulnerable. They where the water’s positioned, they feel like there’s a bobcat or a lion maybe it’s, they’re just more vulnerable. Like, you know what I mean? I don’t, I don’t know. But there’s things like that. And I think part of that is learning and, and building on what you already know. Hunting places that you are already familiar with. So like right now, if I’m starting in a brand new unit right now, I’m already behind the eight ball. Like I should have probably been working on it by now. You know what I mean? It’s about to get really hot. It’s about to get really hot and, and the gnats are about to come out up in our country. And it’s not very pleasant. And every time you end the hunting season, you’re like, ah, I wish I would’ve known then at the first of this year what I know now.

00:25:27:20 –> 00:26:30:27
And so, and, and so I like to build upon places I already know, Devin, you already know on, on some, some of these tags you have, you already know where you’re gonna start. Right? Yeah. Well and that’s problem. I was thinking about it last night, you know, just Yeah, you’re, and Oh yeah. And for years and years, even when I didn’t have a tag on the unit, I would still put a camera here or there or check some things. Just, just if I had the time and any little bit like a track here or there. It makes a difference. Like that’s what I was thinking when you guys were talking is even driving down the road in that country, like the roads. I, my, I never look at the ground. I’m not a, I’m not a lion hunter, but my eyes are glued out there. You do. Because you can learn something. Yeah. Yeah. Well now there you do. Because there’s not enough tracks to No, to clutter the ground. Right. Like it’s a big dick. That’s a deer. Track a track. You’ve gone five miles and you haven’t seen it. And usually the places new bucks, same thing. The lion’s share of the bucks or the deer that live in that country are bucks. Like it’s just, yeah. It’s bucks live in the desert. There’s a high, the buck to door ratios are off the charts and low lying areas.

00:26:30:27 –> 00:27:38:10
Desert country where it’s a tough living. Let’s call for, for a fawn. It feels like in, in some of these areas, the d and fawns, they migrate, migrate and come back. That’s, and some of the bucks stay there and just That’s right. Whether it be I’m sick of the migration or they’re just tougher, frankly, they don’t have the Yeah. Dietary and physiological limitations that a dough has placed upon her. That’s right. To have a fawn, I better go somewhere good or these things are gonna die. Right. You know, all those things. Yeah. Buck can just, I just gotta feed myself. Bucks are just tough. They just want to be out there. Yeah. So there’s, but like you said down, I, I hang my head out. It’s crazy. I’m not a lion hunter either, but it’s just different when you’re in that country. A a a track there, a track in that country is, is monumental. Monumental. Feels like you get one of these, like this, you’re just, you already know what he is. And he could be a stack, it could be a piece of crap. Probably. He still gets me fired up though, man. Probably a piece. You see a big wedge track like that? Oh yeah. Big old. Oh yeah. Spade fatty. And you’re like, okay. You know, you get consumed. Yeah. There’s even stuff like, you’ll, like you were saying waters and you don’t know which one. Like, you know, they’re hitting somewhere.

00:27:38:14 –> 00:28:36:15
Yeah. But you haven’t pinpointed it. I’ll wa before I even look at the mud, I’ll just do a loop. You could pretty much tell you can do a loop or two and just, you can Well, well the trails will tell you that’s the one thing. Wild horses are good for water. Go underground. The one thing wild horses down is you all horse trails lead to water’s. Very true. You know what I mean? You following long enough, you hit water. Yeah. That’s what I, I like to do. If, if you can find an obstacle of some kind by an obstacle, I mean like a fence line. So I was just doing this last weekend. I was putting up track cameras, but I know these deer are going down to this water source and they’re likely coming off of this hill somewhere. And I went and there’s a fence that parallels that hill for longer. I just went and walked two miles of that fence line, felt low spots or something. And you found four spots. Like, okay, they’re all coming up this ridge, they’re funnel here. I I need a camera here. Yeah, I need a camera here. And so that’s where, here I put pinch, four cameras. That’s what you’re doing in early May when nothing’s built. Everybody else is thinking, why would, why are you out Josh? Yeah. Why really? You’re gonna go out. Yeah. You’re wasting gas.

00:28:36:21 –> 00:29:33:29
And there was even a two track that was right next to that that I walked as well. And it, it actually surprised me that you normally just, the amount of deer that are in there, and it may only be 10 deer, but the amount of traffic and tracks and stuff. And do it this time of year when there’s not a million people out. When when it’s just a pretty good solid and you can see those tracks. So I, I like walking a road, especially a fence line because fence line, it’s easy to see every time they jump, they’re leaving a pretty good mark in the ground or something like that. Something that’s noticeable. Because sometimes when you’re driving you don’t always notice the tracks. And I always do try and undo that or try and walk if there’s a wash somewhere in there. I know I’ve done that before looking for deer because I would get on Onyx and find all the water sources, ponds, guzzlers springs, everything. And I would hang cameras. I hung so many cameras on ponds and there were deer living a buck that I was trying to get a picture of to figure out where he was watering within a mile of the, any of those water sources. And I couldn’t find it anywhere. To this day, I still don’t know where he was drinking.

00:29:34:06 –> 00:30:37:15
But there were a couple times there was a wash, just a dry wash that never has water in it unless it’s monsoons moisture that’ll come through. But I walked that wash several times and there’d be a spot where it’s just a little bit lower in the water table or something and there’s some moist dirt. And those bucks were walking up to it and they literally, it was like they were stepping in the mud that was barely coming out and then just drinking out of a track. Yeah. Yeah. And they don’t need much. But just walk an obstacle like that so that it makes it easier. ’cause if you just go wander through the sage brush, it’s hard to pick up a track. But if you can get a road, a fence line, a wash, something that’s gonna be a lot easier to start See a track. I But you’re better. Okay. So I’m gonna elaborate a little bit more. You’re hunting a specific deer that you randomly saw right? Last year. Yeah. You’re thinking about a specifically a specific deer. Yeah. That you don’t know. The terrain. Let’s, and it’s dumb to say this, you don’t know the terrain. You know the terrain, right. You know this two track, you know the fence, but you don’t know how the deer using it. Yeah. And now you’re hyperfocused, you’re hypersensitive to every little thing where you’ve driven down that road a thousand times.

00:30:37:18 –> 00:31:43:10
Not even thought about it. ’cause you’ve weren’t looking for a specific buck. Right. You’re just mindlessly going to the next spot. Am I right? Oh yeah. And so now you’re hyperfocused and now what you’re gonna learn, this is what I find is those same fence crossings you’re talking about. You’re they’re gonna be used every single year. You were talking about a lot about about migration, telemetry, things like that on 14 podcasts ago or whatever. Yeah. And how those deer use the same routes. You, you, I find that on fences, I find that on buttes or whatever, deer like to go around this Butte and they always go around this way and they always, I don’t know why. Maybe a prevailing wind, maybe the shady side, maybe 14. There’s 14 little reasons. Yeah. If you know that deer do what they do well and it’s a spot like that. It’s, it sounds stupid too. But I’ve, I’ve lived in this area my whole life. I’ve hunted it growing up and everything, but I’ve never done that. What I did. I’m 43 years old. Like that’s ridiculous. Yeah. You know, and I’ve known that this is what these deer do forever. But I just, well before though, whole you had so many to choose from you. You had a, you had a, you had a hit list. Yeah. This long. And now our hit list is shortening up.

00:31:43:10 –> 00:32:44:13
And every little, every buck you see that’s approaching 180 3 and a half, you’re, you’re, you see mature deer, you better put some time in on it. The other thing I like, and we’re talking about a lot of tracks ’cause that’s kind of desert stuff. What I like is tracking bucks on and off water. Right. Like, like that’s a natural place. They come to socialize, they come to drink. But even in the rut, they come to socialize. I can smell around the pond. I know what those are here or whatever. And if something’s in heat, so you can use water, you’re round. Even if they’re not necessarily thirsty. The other thing I love, I love going out after a fresh rain in the desert. ’cause you see the tracks, like you see ’em and you can even glass ’em. Yeah. And, and it tells you a ton and you can run ’em down or do what or whatever. Now you, you know, a specific area that a buck went into after his all, all, all night long feeding escapade and his walked five miles or whatever. But it tells you a lot. The rain gives you a fresh slate. We’re talking about fresh slates, we’re talking about scouting early when nobody else is out. And you got less track tracks on the road, vehicle tracks, whatever. Just a lot less activity.

00:32:44:16 –> 00:33:48:19
But then just that fresh rain wipes out all your cattle, all your, everything else that’s out in the desert. Any little lizard track, every little dimple is freshened. Right. I love that. Being able to do that right after a fresh rain might have to time it if you see something coming, see something forecast to try to plan a little trip. ’cause it can be gold if you’ve got month old tracks out there and everything’s just stacking up and you know, a week old track in cases like that, it still looks fresh in some cases when you don’t have too much wind. But yeah, you can learn a lot on a, on a, on a fresh, on a fresh rain based on you can actually, I mean I have, I’ve tracked deer that time of year just trying to get a glimpse of ’em just ’cause sometimes you, you have no other option to see ’em. Yeah. There’s no glassing points. And you’re like, well, if I jump ’em in June I see. Or early July. And I’m not that sensitive to like, I’m gonna be hunting in 30 days. You know, I I’ve done that before. Yeah. Jumped ’em up, say, all right, built well enough that I need to Yeah. This is a, this is somewhere I gotta come back.

00:33:49:06 –> 00:35:03:06
So there’s a one last thing I would that’s coming to mind is, is like if you were a deer, you would learn how to use the country for your everyday needs. Right. Water, food, shelter, protection. So you’re, you’re, you utilize everything If, I mean, if you had to live, you’re an Indian back in the day, you have to live on, you have to, you learn how to use everything. I think being aware of your surroundings. So like, there’s really good hunters out there way, way better than I am. And, and these guys, I, I was fortunate enough to hunt with these guys, a couple of these guys. And I learned about, you know, let’s call it a salt lake, but a natural salt lake. Like just a natural place in the earth that deer gravitate to and eat the dirt. Right. Be for, for the mineral. I’ve driven by this a thousand times. I didn’t even notice it because I’m not a lion hunter. I’m not, I I I, I’m young, I’m still learning. Right. And so anyway, I’m like, what? And then, and they had said something about it and then we went, and then I went and looked at it and they’ve literally ate the dirt away. And this has never had a manmade salt. Look at it. This is not one of those. I put my block here, it melted.

00:35:03:19 –> 00:36:10:04
Now I’ve got elk and deer hitting this and eating it for the next 10 years. This is not that. This is natural. God made salt lake. You know what I mean? And I’ve never even noticed it because I’m an idiot. Well, yeah, you don’t, we’re not trained to look at that. It’s, it’s big on like thin hom sheep too. You find a sheep up in the Yukon and that Yeah. That’s where they stick archers stone and, and doll sheep, you’re just a very subtlety subtle color mineral or color. And they’ll, they’ll hit it and they’ll put people there and you, you wait there and, and they’ll, they’ll come through specialty rams. But anyway, I’ve not, I mean, I’ve not never watched a deer in a spot myself thinking, okay, that’s what he’s doing there. You know? But it could be. But, but, but it could have been, you know. But yeah. Anyway, it’s, it’s just interesting. I think just being aware of like what Josh is talking about, finding these fence crossing and things like that. There’s more, there’s more than that. I mean, I don’t know what what it is, but I mean, just stuff like that. Yeah. It taught me a lot about how much, I don’t know. Yeah. I’ve hunted that for years. Killed some of our best bucks there. Hunted some of our best bucks there.

00:36:10:04 –> 00:37:25:21
Like, you know, but, but could have been even more effective had we looked beyond our own capacity of, you know, why is this deer here? Like why, why I have, there’s, there’s saddles. There’s saddles or, you know, breaks in the landscape that deer always cross through. I never even thought about that when I was younger. I was like, yeah, just random. You know, it’s not really random. It’s not really random. You know, they know what they’re doing and where they’re going. Any other thoughts? Devon or Adam or Josh? Well, just don’t, there’s not a perfect answer. Don’t, don’t worry for feel like you’re getting your butt kicked. ’cause we do most of the time as well in the desert, it’s a man, you get your butt kicked 95% of the time. Yeah. That’s just a fact. Yeah. The other thing I would mention is like, if you are gonna run cameras, obviously water’s key, but like some of my best performing areas have been just green. There may not be water there, but there’s the water table’s high enough, it’s green and by end of July, everything else is toast. Yeah. But that spot and then all of a sudden for a week, boom, they’re just on it. I had a spot in Nevada, Adam, I don’t you might remember this, this is quite a while ago. Remember there was a burn in 2 41. There was a burn, a huge burn.

00:37:25:26 –> 00:38:35:25
And there was a great big, the plane had come through and dropped that pink stove. And for some reason the vegetation was different. Well, that the deer were in it and they were in it and they lit, they, they would feed in this swath of fire, retardant 50 or seven probably yard had some fertilizer in it or some type of a chemical that made it, yeah. It was visual to your eye. Like yeah, the feed did better, was different. Like I don’t, the feed would DI don’t know what it was. And so, and I’m just like, you are kidding me. And we saw bucks in it repeatedly. Not like one off. It was visual to your eye when we saw bucks in it repeatedly. I mean, and this was, what was it, this two to three years maybe after the burn. It wasn’t that long after, but that stuff stays for years, you know? Yeah. It stains especially rocks and trees. Yeah. Especially in the desert. It doesn’t rain enough to soak it in. But anyway, it was interesting. It is just stuff like that. You don’t know, like a fresh bladed whatever. You, you have some kind of disturbance in the earth that causes whatever. And maybe it’s chaining, reseeds, 14 other things that can happen. So there’s, there is places that are consistently good without human disturbance.

00:38:36:07 –> 00:39:42:12
And then you’re gonna find places where humans have disturbed it that are now becoming good, that you need to be, have an open mind to because of sometimes feed, sometimes, sometimes it’s weeds, literally like weeds after they’ve tumbleweed when tumbleweeds are green or they put a, yeah, put a water development in. Or they put a corral in and they’ve disturbed the, the soil in some of those places. And then you just get weeds. Little, little Forbes weeds come up that in after they’re cured, like cheat grass and they get big, they’re worthless. But when they’re little, it’s like ice cream out there because you’re, again, you’re dealing with a kinda, like, you’re talking about Devon, you’re talking about the landscape getting baked and you got one little reason that something is now changed in a certain spot. And you gotta remember these deer are used, used to being nomads. And they’re good at finding out, finding out what something’s different. And they’ll, yeah, they may they be there for a week and then like you found Devon, then they’re gone. They didn’t even come back to that spot. Oh yeah, it’s over. It’s just very interesting. Some other, well, and we, we need to move on. But, but there is another thing is I’m finding like back in the day, there was a good friend of ours and I don’t really want to, you know, talk about it too much.

00:39:42:13 –> 00:41:05:03
But anyway, he’s, he’s not around anymore. He, he’s gone really good guy. And I learned a ton from him. But he was talking about deer. He had seen like in the winter or, or you know, during the rut when, or whatever, whatever. There’s several instances when he had seen deer in this specific location. Well, I would never think, I would never think I would see a deer in this location ever. And what caused that. But, but I didn’t really care because back in the day we had deer everywhere. I didn’t even think about it. Right now I’m thinking deer a little more sparse. I’m thinking about every little advantage we can think of and new places or where deer die of old age. We need to find where deer die old age, which is where hunters aren’t, or where in places are intent unintentionally mismanaged because game and fish doesn’t know how many deer there, for example. And so I’m going back to those memories of, oh yeah, so and so’s talked about this and there was deer here and you know what I mean? And so you’re kind of going back on some of this stuff as you’re getting older. We’re, we’re freaking old now. And maybe even a little bit wiser. And then trying to think outside the box, you know, more because people are bright now. People are thinking people got social media, there’s less of these kind of places, you know.

00:41:05:12 –> 00:42:22:27
So just anyway, thinking outside the box. So I don’t know. Anything else we cover it. There’s not one answer for the desert. Like, like Devon alluded, all deserts are different. They really, really are. Every state, Idaho has desert, Colorado has what I would call parts desert, Utah, of course Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. And they’re all have different, different limitations, different strong suits, different things to ke on. But anyway, listen, the underlining factors, it’s amazing how little a buck needs though. Yeah. When you do find one at a weird place like that, it’s like, what are you doing here? Yeah. What, you know, two, and this is only one time, one place that he’s here now, but you know, he has has to have 10, 12 other places or who knows how many other places like that for safety or beds or feet or water. Like, it’s crazy. Yeah. One last thing we should talk about is, is wa obviously water’s key, right? Desert water key water’s critical. We got a good friend of ours, we all know him. But anyway, he’s constantly sending me new onyx pens of water. He finds okay. He, he doesn’t even have a tag. He’s just out, he’s out in November, December, January, February, March. I’m just like, geez, how are you keeping your marriage together? But, but anyway, he sends me these pens and you know, in my mind these maps are smart.

00:42:22:27 –> 00:43:34:05
We have mapping apps that all tell us where the waters are probably not gonna find much. It’s not true. There’s a lot of water that’s not mapped a lot. And it comes and goes. So like, it’s like this earth is just a breathing, living, you know, organism or whatever. And you just don’t know where the water’s gonna seep up at. And every year’s a little bit different. I was hunting out in Nevada area 27 or whatever and we were out in the middle of nowhere in the desert. There’s no water on the map. And there’s a spring that runs, comes up, comes up and then runs for a quarter mile to a half mile and then goes back in. Lots multiples of those. And they’re not on a map. Like there’s no map that they’re on. And I’m thinking that’s why we’re seeing bucks that we don’t have on camera because we think we know where the only waters are. And you can’t camera that much water and you can’t camera that much water. Yeah. I found, I found sandstone holes this big. Yeah. That are full pause and it probably rained, snowed, whatever, probably rained a month. It hadn’t rained for a month. And I’m like, where are these deer? Why is there so many deer here? Big old freaking pothole. Pothole In a sandstone pothole. And you mark it and forevermore that will have water forever. Oh yeah.

00:43:34:15 –> 00:44:40:27
Bronson, you have one of those in one of these high profile units where you even have run a camera. Awesome. It was fun. It still is there. It’s still found them, found a, a few of them on the Henry’s over the years, found ’em on other units. San Juan Elk Ridge in places that, you know, those places are endless. And where water could be held in a Taha, a slick rock tank. But every once in a while they’re in a spot where a buck wants to live and, and they’re the answer. When you don’t have an answer, you just gotta find that spot. Yeah. You, ’cause you, like you said, they can’t be here without watering and it drives you crazy and then all of a sudden you turn on to find something, you’re like, are you kidding me? Yeah. There’s a spot in two twenties in Nevada that I I it is, it’s a, it’s a rock that’s probably five foot tall and on top is a great big basin, but it’s covered by a big cedar tree. So it’s shaded by the cedar tree, which is why the water’s not evaporating as much as much. And I, I watched a deer water at it and I’m like, what’s he doing in this tree, in this rock? Like, what’s he doing? And he was, you know, stretching his neck over, you know. And I’m like, there you go.

00:44:40:27 –> 00:45:48:03
And, and I haven’t been back ’cause I haven’t been able to get a tag in, in 14 other reasons. Right. And there’s other places to go and so it just hasn’t been important. But, but I, I wish I knew of all of those places. Love those little missing link pieces of info. And there’s nothing about time they could last for so long too. They’re shaded like that. That’s how this one was, was shaded. It only had 50, maybe 50 30 feet of drainage from a, from rain that would hit it at all in a flash flood type deal. Yeah. Like a little drain it last for months. Yeah. All right. Pretty cool stuff. Well anyway, that was a good, good discussion for a sec. You know, just some of the things you guys are thinking about is, and what, it’s on our mind, right? It’s May, Josh is out and about. Not sure everything he’s doing. Josh, what, what are you doing out there? Putting trail cameras? Where, where are, are you going? What’s your plans? What buck are you gonna kill? No names. Hopefully we gotta find him first. It is the time though. It’s the time to start scouting. It’s tags are coming. So maybe we talk about that a little bit about stuff we have, if you need it. If people, people got it. Let’s rattle through a few different options of things we got.

00:45:48:04 –> 00:46:46:05
You mentioned truck cameras maybe lead into that because these, we have a big order every year of stealth cams. Let’s go through kind of some of the models that we have in stock. We also got boxes for Yeah. Bears or people? People, yeah. Lots of, and go through the models of what we have and we make great deals on ’em. We order heavy a couple times a year and sell out of ’em. Don’t not like, we keep, wanna keep ’em on the shelf. They back east. Some of these dealers will have ’em around ’cause it’s, there’s no laws, right? Yeah. Necessarily. But we’ve got some of these seasons and then we got, and we got heavy times a year. And so like you’re saying, Bronson is, there’s times to buy ’em and there’s times just not to sell any, you know. Yeah. So Pollock, we have, we have kind of an approach that we get just, I don’t know, there’s a lot of different models out there, but we obviously were a stealth cam dealer. We’ve been using their cameras for a long time and they’re, they’re pretty awesome. We have several different models, but basically you kind of have your cellular and non cellular cameras.

00:46:46:10 –> 00:47:42:22
And, and I would, I would contend, like if you’re gonna get cameras, get a mix of cameras, there’s gonna be spots where you’re gonna want or need a cellular camera, there’s gonna be spots where you’re gonna need one that’s a little better. More megapixels that you want some good pictures so you can see every basal point and Yeah. Bloodline. Yeah. Bloodlines and whatever for something. Trip gets you over the edge to kill, to hunt a deer. Yeah. And then you’re gonna want some, something that I just, I always ca keep, we have some of like the 20 megapixel cameras and I don’t even put those in a box generally. I just have a couple. Usually if I go to hang cameras for a day, they’re cheap ones. Yep. They’re cheap. I, we, we have ’em in a two pack, but I just wrap a couple of strap. They’re strap on ’em, they’re just coverage cameras. And I just have some of those in my pack. ’cause generally I’ll go and find, when I hang cameras, I, I find spots on Google Earth or something that looks good then. And then I get in there and I’m like, yeah, this is good. And I hang it and then I walk like 500 yards. I’m like, oh man, this is a much better spot.

00:47:42:22 –> 00:48:44:21
You know, you maybe run into one of those weird little waters or a trail that’s coming or two trails meeting and the last thing you’re gonna do is take one down that you just put up. Yes. Because whatever. Yeah. ’cause I don’t wanna walk so I just hurry and grab one outta my pack and throw it up. So always having a couple of those on hand is always good. ’cause then at that point, when you go to check it, the next time you’re like, oh, this is a lot better place than the other one. Swap it out with the other whatever. So having a, having a mix of those. So that’s what we’ve got. We’ve got some of the gmax visions. They’re awesome cameras. They’re What about this new 360? Yeah, we got some, some cellular cameras that stealth cam just came out with. It’s the revolver 360. So it’s got a sensor, call it the bobblehead of cameras. Yeah. It’s got a sensor all the way around 360 and it’s got several different settings where you can set it to a certain area or all 360. And as soon as it senses motion in any of that 360 view, the picture turns or the, the lens turns and takes a picture. Sneak it up on it. No you’re not. So you’re not still that camera. No, because it’s already got your picture and send it to my phone. Yeah.

00:48:44:22 –> 00:49:59:18
I already have a text message of your face. So we’re gonna send it out to the world. Yeah, you make you famous. You Yeah. So, so anyway, it’s kind of cool. It’s actually, I wonder what battery life. I’m excited to try it out. Wonder what the battery life’s gonna be like. It’s, I probably want to put it on a solar panel. I don’t know. It’s take 16 batteries. I pulled that double 16. You did pull it outta the box. Significance. Yeah. It’s a cool looking. Oh, bega boy. Its, it weighs about six, six pounds. You’re taking a truck. It weighs six pounds full of batteries. Fills up what we did in the escali back when we were young. Double Ds forties. Three C’s or something. Or six clip on your battery forever. Cameras. And I mean, it was Soho. It colored the lens yellow. So down. We were so hot. Well this was 2000 what? Seven, seven. Eight. Seven, eight. Seven or eight. Like we were, we didn’t have options guys. We barely were coming out of film cameras. So just, yeah, there was 35 millimeter film films still. And a lot of guys listening to this podcast that are good hunters don’t even know what 35 millimeter film is. No, but we used to have to, we, we got six picture of Walmart 36. You might get 38 out of a 36 pitcher rule. Do you remember that? You got two bonus. Yeah.

00:50:00:01 –> 00:50:59:12
How excited you were. So anyway, yeah. This is, we’re we’re excited. This is gonna be interesting. I mean, we’re back to the heavyweight, but whatever. We’re going to carry it in our side by side. Well, and there’s certain places, you know, and if you, if they, if they’re in a good, good spot. Yeah. You, you do a pawn coverage, you do a wet bottom cover. You know, something that you just, you might take five or five cameras to cover something. You might cover those in one or two cameras. Yeah. Might be interesting. So it’s gonna be interesting to out. So actually we’ve got a chunk of those now. Cellulars aren’t really that good Nevada. ’cause you gotta take ’em down even a month earlier than everything else but Utah Yeah. Have at it, right? Yeah. Yeah. So we’ll have, just so you guys know, we’re gonna have a, a two pack of these 20 megapixel cameras, like we talked about there. A coverage camera for a great price. And then we have the GM Max Vision 32. It’s a little higher. It’s a 32 megapixel camera. I mean, I remember when eight megapixel cameras used to blow my mind. Like, holy crap, look at that. You know. And so they’re a great, they’re a great camera brons. I still have some Bronson’s two gig cards. Oh yeah.

00:51:00:08 –> 00:51:55:10
So I don’t really have, but once in a while I come across a two Giger and I’m like, really? I’m so glad those cameras, I think all of mine are are done. Bush, they’re gone. Yeah. They, they were paying for a while. That’s, that’s kind of a cool, that was the maximum you could put. Well, and they would only take in a two. That’s all you could put in was the two gig. So then you were like, Hey, this camera is my two gigger. Yes. Glad couldn’t, you couldn’t even fill up a two gig card all summer sell low quality. They, they were, but yeah, that, that’s a cool camera for the fact It’s got that LCD viewing screen on it as well. So you pop it open. If you want to just go through it real quick and look at your, look at your pictures. It’s got a little screen on it. So a little higher, higher quality non-cell camera. And then for the cellular cameras, there’s actually three of ’em that we’re going to have two of ’em. We, we have, now we’re waiting on the third one. There’s the revolver 360. That’s gonna be that one we just talked about. There’s also the decept, which is kind of taking place of, we’ve had the fusion and the reactor before, but this one’s cool. The, the cool thing about all these cameras that are the cellular cameras.

00:51:55:13 –> 00:52:54:29
Now, you no longer have to worry about if you have at and t service or Verizon, it’ll pick up whatever is the better service in your area. So you don’t have to worry about it. You just slap it up and it’ll select the network for you. You just pay your subscription through the stealth cam app and they take care of it for you. I dunno if it’s got two sim cards, I don’t know how that technology is working, whatever. But they’re, they’re gonna select whatever service is better for you. So that we have the decept. It’s a no glow. It’s, it’s a 40 megapixel camera for x sakes. I mean it’s pretty awesome. But it’s, it’s gonna be a cellular camera, the revolver. And then there’s a new one they’re coming out with that we’re gonna try and get is the flashback. Yeah. It’s got a bunch on order. Yeah. It’s a, it’s unique in the fact that it’s actually got, like, they’re calling it a white knight. Like a, or kinda of like a color night photo. Yes. So it’s got a big bright white flash. If it’s a camera you don’t want hidden, you’re not gonna wanna put it up. ’cause it’s gonna be, we’re gonna burn the retina. Yeah. You’re not gonna be able to see when you go up to check it. Be like Devon’s office. Yeah. Dev, how about your office light? What’s wrong with it? What do you mean?

00:52:55:09 –> 00:54:01:04
What can you see us So Devin, we can see in it. He just can’t see out of it. Devin, you look good in that office. We had to, everybody out there, the old ballast gave us and it was about out of every 10, 12 days, it, my light just wouldn’t turn on. So we had to swap it out. Now they don’t, even when you go to a Gen Z light, it’s like so bright. Like Devon’s got, it’d be like a, it’s brighter than a doctor’s operating table. Am I looking more tan today? For me to walk in Devon’s office for more than 60 seconds, I have to put a hat on because I’m bald. It reminds me of what I, I just, they’re sensitive. Devon, I just put on sunglasses and I’m fine. It reminds me when I come over the mountain in the winters and it’s me and just hounds men and I come around the corner and they have all 55 of their light bars on. So I can even see tracks on the, on the highway. That’s about what it’s like walking DE’s office. Well, it’s ED office light, but it’s in your office. It’s got a lot of white walls. Sur you’re not like there’s some reflecting going on. There is some reflecting. Yeah. We need some of these curtains and some black, I mean we’re in the, if you took the white light district right here, turn up.

00:54:02:00 –> 00:55:02:05
It’s probably looked all right. Small. I felt like I was in, I felt like I walked in and like sit at somebody else’s desk today. That’s how different it was. Yeah, it does. You could, you started looking at the dust. What do you mean there’s dust all over the place? I didn’t know it was existed. Existed. I live in filth. Yeah. My computer screen was, it shows up. Well anyway, we got a lot of that stuff. These cameras are all but one of them are in stock that we talked about. Right? Yeah. So we got a lot of ’em ready to go. And, and like we said, when when these are gone, they’re gone. We’re not, if you wanted a real specific order, you, we might be able to do something for you. But we’ve ordered heavy. So call and get ’em before they’re, before they’re gone. Yeah. There’s some people out there buy, you know, if you wanna order a hundred right, let us know. ’cause we can do that. We can make special orders of any model. We basically look at it as what do we want personally figuring y’all would probably want something similar here in the west. It’s a little different. Back east. We know what works out here and what we like in relation to card storage, battery life. I like a long shot at night. Thes night shots. Yep. I like a hundred foot long shot if you can.

00:55:02:21 –> 00:56:11:28
I mean lot, a lot of ’em, most of ’em are at least 80. But yeah, if you can get a hundred, you know, you’ve got some, some, some good lighting and so that’s what you need. Alright. Do we wanna talk about guns and muzzles or should we change the subject? Totally Throw out Devvin. What have we got? Speaking of forecasting products. We, I like it. We’ve been doing that. Let’s do it. We got, we’re we’re happy about our partnership with CVA. We just got, you could say pallets. Pallets. Literally with an s Literal pallets. Yeah. Came on a semi. But yeah, I mean same kind of thing. That stuff What? Like what I think’s interesting. Devin, these guys here in the office, they like take half a pallet. Like they like Yeah, we’re, we’re running. It’s very frustrating. We can’t keep anything in inventory. No. Josh reorder the thing. Josh. It’s like a bag. I think Josh, I think it’s like a bag of trash in the parking lot at Lake Powell. It’s bad amount of crows that are just within seconds. It’s not tearing it apart. And I’m not sure Josh’s wife knows what a shopping problem he’s got. She sees it all. Okay. Okay. Plus or minus. I mean, dude, he, he doesn’t wanna break down for some reason. He doesn’t wanna break down a scope muzzle or to, you know, to conform to the new rules. I is John.

00:56:12:23 –> 00:57:13:24
I know Bronson, what do you have to say about that? Pretty easy to take off Two screws. Scope us off. I’m the same way. I’m gonna admit what’s the, what’s the word I always hear coming to here? I mean, I’ve got women and children. I’ve got blah. When you start to advance in your life and your kids start to advance in life, you can’t just have one MZ over anymore. You can’t, you can’t just have one pair of binoculars. And when you get one that’s set up, Devin, you, you believe the same way I do. When you get one that’s set up, you don’t want to touch it. It’s you’re right. Tried. True. It works. I don’t want to touch it. What was your point, Devin? You’ll spin that in powder. Getting a new load window. Yes. That is my point. If you buy Black Horn 2 0 9 plus your sabbaths not even counting your time. Right. Not even the gas going out to the range. Yeah, I mean you’re black horn is not cheap. It’s no joke. It’s, it’s no joke. High commodity, whatever you wanna call it. By the way, we’ve ordered pounds and the buzzle orders we have ordered, I mean they’re ranging from 300 up to about mid sixes dollars. Yeah. How fast can you burn through $300 of black corn?

00:57:13:24 –> 00:58:20:01
You’ll, you’ll throw, if you were Okay, one power loophole, just saying your one power loophole is is the same as our low end muzz ler. Yeah. Yeah. Or actually could be more well alone. The bullets and the black horn and the ERs. Some it will be more than the muzz LER itself. And then you got cleaning kits coming. We’ve got extra ram rods pretty soon. You’re like the muzzle is the cheap part. What do we actually flame adapt? They’ve flame adapt. We got the muzz leader’s. The cheap part. Yeah, it is, it really is. I mean to me, if I have one that works, don’t touch it. Or or or specifically if I have one that’s for example, Nevada, New Mexico open site and I know it works, instead of doing something different with a power, whatever for Utah, I would do a whole nother muzzle order. I really think it’d be cost effective. That’s the way I feel. And you know, it works. And Bronson says don’t do it. Reuse and and use again. Well I, I was on that side of things, but Bron, when you have Broon has guns. We don’t even know about that. What do you mean? He is a whole nother, he’s the, he is a gun collector. Six five Creedmore comes to mind. He’s on another level. I know you got a 22 inch seven PRC.

00:58:20:01 –> 00:59:20:28
You’ve got, you want a 24, you’ve got a 26, maybe even a six five creedmore. And I don’t why he shakes his head. We’re just the lowly crows picking up crumbs. He’s the condor that’s already been in left. He’s the decides when the crumbs could be. No, exactly. No. I I finally, I I finally came to the realization that those two little screws, you know, your scope’s mounted, it’s leveled. All that’s in your rings and that takes effort. You gotta level your gun, you gotta level everything, level your bubble, tighten ’em all in. Boom, you’re done. When you take that scope off, now you don’t have to do the ring. Take it off of the ring. You can do that way. You do the side screws. Side screws, pull it off. It’s in one piece, put it back on. And and this is a gun that I will only ever use if I go to like Kansas or Iowa or Arizona. Not very often. Yeah. But that gun is capable of shooting a dang long ways. ’cause I’ve shot it with the scope. So I’m gonna try to figure it out with a red dot. That’s the open say in New Mexico. That’s what they say the problem is. What guys are used to shooting long range with multiple power scopes knowing what the gun can do. Well and then they try to do it with open sight.

00:59:21:01 –> 01:00:17:10
No, I didn’t, I I know my eyes main animals everywhere. No, I know. I’m not saying that. I know the gun. What the gun can group and shoot. Yeah. And how well and how little it drops. And you’ve got the load built. I have a load built. I just need to get the site picture that my, I I’m the first one to admit I I 200 yards is gonna be a stretch with whatever I, I shoot at even open side or red. Especially through matter, matter, matter. Especially through matter. A dark window or a screen. Can I ask you something? Yeah. Did your existing muzzle loader have a tapped barrel for a front site? Yeah. That’s huge. I just had a conversation with a member. So this Matt an hour ago, you need that. His is not, this is what we’re going through. Like mine’s a REM to open. So I’ve got a buddy that that I took my mine had a scoped set up. But then remember I have an open site on the end with that’s attached to the muzzle break. And I take this muzzle break off and put this other muzzle break on that has the open site. Okay. Like it’s an awkward system. But you’ve gotta have a system like that. Oh yeah, you do. And these ones are tapped, which is awesome.

01:00:17:15 –> 01:01:19:15
Which this before I always thought just the paramount, paramount had that o that tapped set up, but it’s not the case. And so anyway, and that might’ve been several years ago back when I was looking into, but every CVA we’ve ordered has a rail, whether you do a scope comes with a rail. Yeah. You could take the rail off, you could do an open, but you put an open site on the rail. Their front front site is tapped for whatever you want. So if you don’t want nothing there, if you wanna use a red dock, you’re set. If you go out to go to Nevada or Colorado or New Mexico and you need open sight, they’ve got that option. Yep. So tell we did, I was teasing you real quick, but I didn’t even get your goat me. Yeah, it blew right by you. What I talked about the dark window or the screen. Yeah. Well I thought my eyes were, I thought my eyes were failing me. You know, and so what happened? I’m not gonna, well I was You had projects over the weekend. Yeah, but I was, I was looking through a window at about 30 feet through my house at the golf course of the, or people on the the golf course. I’m not gonna say which direction I was pointing the gun Jason. God I’m not. So it could have been right at the next north of my truck through the window.

01:01:19:19 –> 01:02:24:11
It possibly. But you never looked that way. But okay, this time I was, but yeah, I found out afterwards I was looking through a mesh screen in that window. So you got done and you’re like, dude, I got problem. My eyes suck. My eyes suck through this open peep cross hair. That doesn’t stick out very good. And then as I’m having breakfast the other day I walked over to that window and I realized it had a mesh screen up underneath. I cant say it. You’re not. So I’ve got a new lease on life. 50-year-old eyes are not as bad as you think. They’re, I’m as good ones as I or what? That’s right. Why don’t you run through real quick Devin splatter just, just a few of the models that we have so that people here and they’re in the mu muzzle loader market, they can maybe give us a call. Yeah, we, we covered several price points. The, we got Optimas V twos. That’s gonna be, you know, your entry model. The, the ram rods attached. I’ve shot one just like that before and I like it say model but with a thumb hole. That’s awesome. John really likes that one. He do different colors. You could do black stainless steel ones. My kids, that one, my kids got that one. I remember you watched me, me shoot 200 offhand. Oh yeah. Open sight with the fiber optic front. Big old site. That was impressive.

01:02:24:11 –> 01:03:31:15
Yeah. Big old site. I was there, it was, it happened. Yeah. Devon, I’m like, I gotta get rid of this load. We were out there shooting rifles and Devin’s free. Okay. And I’m like, I’m gonna shoot that dong 200 yards. Ah huh. Impressive. So we’re selling that. Very, very affordable. And those come with a uhs. They come with rings on top of, you know what I like? Okay, so I, I know I’m regressing, digressing, whatever you wanna call it. I like the fact that when you’re shooting open sight that you don’t have to have state of the art $14,000 muzzle order to shoot. Well any muzzle order will be able to do what you can see as good as what you can see these modern top, if you got set up up, if you get it set up. Yeah. You, you’re talking speed differences with these like the MRX and the LRX, that’s the next two models. We have barrel, there will be barrels, some speed barrel, they Yeah. And different breach plugs. These are gonna, the m the LRX and MRX are gonna come with black horn and pellet breaches and you take one Optim, you can’t just use one one fits all. No. Those optimism with pellets. But dude, I’ve, I’ve shot those for as good as I do these other ones. Open site. Really? Yeah, but but you can use black horn in an Oh yeah. Absolutely.

01:03:31:19 –> 01:04:35:15
And so then you go to the MRX, you’ve got each breach for each either one you want and it’s normally what for a size barrel? 26 wasn’t it Devon and the other one was a This one? Yeah. Yeah. MRX is a 26. The LRX long range is a 30 inch barrel. And 30 in my mind is like, I do not want freaking take a broom out in the hills. Like I don’t want a 30 inch barrel, but your action takes no action, takes six inches or whatever. So it’s not really a lot longer than a rifle. Like a 24 inch rifle. Yeah. It’s that, that MRX without an action on the barrel, a 26 inch barrel. It’s awesome. Like it’s like a gun. Yeah. If you’re hunting timber or slow walking quakes or pines or whatever and you’re not, I mean the weight savings and that just, man, I like that one. Snappy. Yeah. As Wyatt would say, like slow walking in the pines slow instead. Instead of slow driving. Yeah. Instead of slow rolling anyway. But yeah, a couple different colors of that. So these are in stalked and we can ship ’em. Don’t even need to go to an FFL. Yeah. Don’t even, you don’t, don’t even have to be checked for your background. That’s right. It’s like ship shipping a hat. Pretty much. Pretty much. And if you go to our store, Bronson’s telling me felons could use these. Is that true?

01:04:35:27 –> 01:05:41:06
I didn’t say that. It feels awkward. I didn’t say that. But I know people with problems. People that have had challenges hunt muzz with a muzzle order. Okay. I, I don’t know because you do not have to, I’m not claiming felon misdemeanor or first, second, third degree misdemeanor And what you can use. So if you’ve got a buddy that only identifies as muzz loader hunter, you might want to just identifies as a muzz hunter. But yeah, Logan, he put these up on our website so you can go to the store, see what colors, models, all that stuff. We have our own game on staff. What is the game? He say, well yeah. Felon or no felon. He’s already been, you’ve been out for 10 years Paul, that’s yes. Yeah. So I mean come on, don’t put a guy on the spot. Oh okay. All he’s gonna say something and we’re gonna, but I’m just, I’m gonna hold onto every word he says. Yeah, I was story for another day. You got one? Oh yeah. What? Whoa. I dunno. Probably we might dive cut this. No, it was like, it was ridiculous. It was like a known felon and he had a deer tag and the turn. I’m like, okay, this is gonna be easy. This is all I have to do is go stop him. Like all I have to do is go stop him in his truck and he’s good to go.

01:05:41:06 –> 01:06:35:10
And the the attorney’s like, eh, it’s not a, it’s not as easy as that. You’re gonna have to actually, because it could be his kid’s gun. It could be his. I’m like, it’s possession not supposed. Yeah, it’s, you know, I not in his truck. I’m like, it’s in his truck. ’cause I’d like to have him holding it. Sounds great. So I had to go hike ance by myself three miles up in and find him holding il him picture. No, find him and approach him and talk to him and say, Hey, you’re a felon. You’re not supposed to be having the rifle. It was the dumbest thing that was a rifle. And he is like, I am, I got nothing to lose. Paul was a rifle. It’s me and you by ourselves up here. What are you gonna do about it? Exactly. Alright, well let’s keep going. Devin, I think we’re good on this. We covered it. It’s just we’re in stock. We shipped these right to your house. And if you need the scope, I mean we’ve sent out, we’ve sent out scopes with these. We’ve even this last week, Devin, we’ve even done a little more than that. Yeah. Potentially even mounted scopes for dudes. Yeah. But then you have shipping problem. We gotta get cases and boxes of do that. That is a problem. If, if I would prefer you just ship ’em separate.

01:06:35:22 –> 01:07:38:25
But hey, whatever all I see some of these boxes show up in the mail. You, I wouldn’t wanna scope on that. All right. So we also have fierce rifles ordered like pallets. We got some in, we got some in stock those, we got some in stock. What calibers do we have in stock of a few different options? We got a reaper, it’s 300 drum six five Reaper don’t, six five prcs. We’re gonna have more seven mm prcs 300 wins we got on order. I like, like it. Yeah. Those will will be able, you’ll be able to see those here shortly. Stuff that we would shoot ourselves. That’s what I, we keep going back to like, we don’t just stock everything and if there’s something unique that you like, we’d be happy to order stuff for you. But yeah, well the brands, we use ourselves, it’s not like we carry everything in the world. We carry what we know and what works. Yeah. Yeah. So, well, and we also have, we’ve said this before, but we do have a couple bows left. You know, we’ve got some great promotional options through Hoyt that have given us some bows to be able to do, do with as we see fit. You might say we still have an RX eight ultra that needs a home and a couple alpha X thirties and 30 threes.

01:07:38:26 –> 01:08:41:25
If anybody’s interested, dirt cheap, give us a call and then hey we, I get, I think it goes without saying the optics of all makes and models and brands, whether it be spotting scopes, binoculars, rifle scopes, we’ve got it all. If you’ve got something you need to upgrade on a gun or your spotting scope, you got a tag that you feel warrants, you know, stepping it up. It’s the time of year to do it. We, we’ve, we’re stocked heavily. We’ve still got great inventories. So it gives us a call on all the major optics. You know, we talk about your tag. You have, if you’ve got a specific use in mind, species in mind, backpack, sheet pump, backpack, mul, deer hunt, elk hunt, you know, range finding vinyls, whatever gives us a call on any of that stuff. I feel like if somebody kills an elk on the kibab, we should give ’em something. What do you propose? Maybe even a muzzle order or, I don’t know. I feel like if you kill an elk on the kibab, turn it into us. That’s a, I feel like we’re doing a major conservation saying was a shotgun, slug or I don’t care how, doesn’t matter. I don’t care. What kind of proof do we need though? You have to have a photo with location services, locations and date location services on, on the photo picture you tag punched. It’s that simple.

01:08:41:25 –> 01:09:49:17
That’s what you gotta do with coyotes in Utah to prove bounty money and all that. So, and it has to be killed from this day forward. Something you did last year, send us in the lower jaw. Look at a DNA tested. If you took out, if you took them out with your car, whatever, send it in. That’d be fine. Yeah. Dead elk’s a dead elk on the, we just hope you got full coverage on that thing. All right, so let’s, Devin, let’s take a little bit of a, of a detour here. What do you got? I was just wondering if maybe we should call a good friend of yours. Hammy? No. Who’s that? Devin. Why? Who is that? Oh no, he reached out a couple years ago. Hammy like the squirrel on over the head. His last name’s Hamilton. Okay. Yeah. Anyway. Is he like the ham? There’s a, he needs the squirrel. The Rico ricochet all over the place. Like this is, we can get an old story from maybe out of him about the old times. I was just wondering, he reached out. There’s probably a lot of stories. Whoa. I don’t know what he would be. Is there one you would, you don’t know. You’re saying you don’t know. You don’t know. Is there one that would stand out? Yeah, this. Okay. I’ll tell the story. Okay. No, do you want, do you want us to call him first?

01:09:49:17 –> 01:10:53:18
Because I got his number. I was thinking maybe we could call him. I don’t know. You can if you want, but I’ll tell maybe we’ll just see what he says. Yeah, go ahead. And then he could, I don’t know. Well, what, what Devon’s willing to say his story. Tell the story. Well, I know, but it’s different. When he got two dudes that bald have a side there. Just like these guys didn’t trust me last week when I told the, you know, one of my epic muzzle buck stories and they had to call Gary to get the truth. Same as I said, it was the truth. It was the same as said, whatever. I didn’t get to tell my side first. Do you wanna tell your side first? It’s, he could clean it. It’s a pretty plain story. Okay, go ahead. I, I’ll just say this. That you can call him. No. Does it have to do We were hiking, we were shed hunting in Arizona and it was a big bigger country than we thought. We got a little stuck. There were some runoffs. What do you mean? Which you couldn’t cross stuck in the mud. We couldn’t cross the, the washes creek. It was a raging river monsa anyways. Really thirsty, really hungry. And what all I had was some Vienna sausages. What? Okay, there you go. What? That doesn’t answer the, and not only did that doesn’t didn’t answer the story.

01:10:53:20 –> 01:11:59:10
What do you mean you ate ’em? You might as well have been allergic to ’em. It messed me up. I drank the juice. It was warm enough. It wasn’t gel. It was hot, it was runny. It was like water. Oh yeah. I do not, I would not recommend it. But you drank that for, for liquid. ’cause you are so thirsty. I know a lot of things. And you were outta water. I know guys. Water. I’ve never done it before. But were outta enough. Water. Water. Oh yeah. You were outta water. You drank that for, for water. Water. I was outta water and I like just all this. I wonder if this tastes like, and it’s salty. It’s, yeah, I ate the sausage and there’s half a cup of fluid there. What are I’m thinking Pick snot. Yeah. Oh, disgusting. And it, I’m just disgusting. My other friend’s truck was never the same. Fuck. That’s the part. Did it have cloth seats? Yeah. And did you need to change your clothes when you were done? It was close a couple times, but it was just, we had to, we had a code burn. We had to rule the window down about every half, 20 minutes. Okay. That’s all the story. Should we call it? We can see. He says I got a, I wanna, I’ll put him on the spot. Okay, let’s do it. Okay. Let’s just see if he answers it.

01:11:59:10 –> 01:13:04:23
If he doesn’t answer my call, then we’re gonna put your phone on. Okay, we can try. Okay, here we go. Okay. He’s gone. Tell your story. His phone’s off. Just tell your story. Devin. Tell, tell your story. Yeah, he’s not even, he’s not even, but it’s probably shed hunting. We still need to get cash. It’s a m loader to try one of those. What? Yeah, it’s a muzzle loader. It was, I killed a bull of 2011 and it was the first day Hammi was with me. And I kind of feel bad about this, but like, I see this bull and it’s like 10 in the morning. These bulls just start cranking on the book. Cliffs the bull that ruined the book Cliffs according to Wyatt. And I didn’t have my scope. Like I was just kinda walking out, checking some stuff. And this bull’s like, you can tell he is a pretty bull. You mean you mean spotting scope? Spotting scope. Okay. I got my muzzle loader. One power scope. Yeah. And I said, dude, he’s like my helper. Right. Dude. What? Me and hammy. Oh, hammy. Yeah. I was like, oh, get your scope. Like, that’s a nice boy. He’s, I left it in the, I left it in the truck or whatever. Like, dude, what are you doing for hurry dudes? What you’re for? Yeah. Like, this is your job. Yeah. I give you one job.

01:13:05:01 –> 01:14:16:06
So he takes off running and you know, back then we were pretty young. 2011, he’s up there and I’m waiting, waiting, waiting. I’m like, where the heck is he? So I start looking for him. I go up there and he’s like filming himself. What? And I 2011. Yeah. With a little, that’s before selfies. It was a handheld camera isn’t not before selfies. Those cameras, we still shoot, we still shoot cameras, video mode. And I went up there, I said, we ain’t, we’re not here to film shit. It’s like, we’re killing this thing. What are you doing? Yeah. So I grabbed the scope. I felt doing it for the gram. His Yeah. But the gram’s not in invented. The gram hadn’t even been born yet. I don’t know what he was doing. My space. So we get moving, I look at the bull and I’m like, yeah, I’ll kill, I’m gonna kill this thing, you know? And it’s kind of funny. We were kind of soft cow calling at him and he had one cow. Really? And he was at two 50. And I, I’m set up and it’s a one power and I was like, it ain’t happening. Yeah. It might as well have been 600 yards. Yeah. And so I’m cow calling and outta nowhere, something moving behind us comes running. What? And it was that cow’s calf. Oh, I mean, 10 feet stop me, me like lost. Where’s my mom?

01:14:16:06 –> 01:15:31:17
And now she’s running at him, she’s bombing at us. And I’m like, here we go. I way pull a hammer back way and bull’s right on her. I mean, it was awesome. He’s running, he turns sideways and he’s moving. I’m like, I got him. Stop him. Stop him. And I’m thinking he’s gonna, he’s back, right? He’s back there with the selfie and he just boom. Did he stop or did you Oh, he stopped. He was like, what the, you know? Yeah. And the smoke clears and I’m like, what the hell was that? The bull. He died. He tipped right over. But he just, you know, we laughed at it. Give give an animal sound at least instead of you’re not a car. That’s what, that’s what ham did. He just, you’re not a carnival worker. Not buying a storage unit. I just like, dude storage. You’re like, he’s a great hunter. I’m like, do you not have a cow call or just meow me? Yes something. Gimme something. No, no. He gave him a ham. He just, he was like an, he was like an auctioneer spotter. I just like, it was, it was a good hammy story. Oh. His lungs were so torched from running for that scope though. After like, walking up on him. And he, he was, he was tired. But yeah, that was the So why did it ruin the books? What was that? Just, was it a good one?

01:15:31:18 –> 01:16:37:13
We’ll have to ask. Quiet. Was it a good one? Was it a good it was a nice pool. Yeah. Yeah. But it wasn’t if he had masks. Wasn’t like gro crosky bowl. No. Yeah. Why? That’s the bull that ruined the books. No comment. Well what? Yeah, I dunno. Just you kill the good bull on the books and stuff. Yeah, I got the tag. You gotta steal member. Right. I mean I’m, I’m a poor college kid and we had, we paid attention to some things and I got a tag Yeah. For cheap. And the next year it sold somewhere else. Not for so cheap. That’s what he meant by that’s he meant. Oh, I see. He got a deal. When you’re back before three 50, you’re always working every angle before the internet, before all the other stuff. You can bid on it from freaking Cobbles San Lucas. You can bid on any tag you want now. And yeah. I, I did that on phone. I was so freaking scared I couldn’t, yeah, I won. We’re talking like 2,500 bucks or something. 2,600 to be exact. Yeah, exactly. Like that was awesome. But Bronson, you did that. You bought a Governor Tech in Kansas. Yeah. 19 dirt cheap. 1900. I mean, what are those things going for now? 30 stupid thousand. Yeah. Pretty awesome. You look back on some of that stuff and it’s kind of an interesting story.

01:16:37:18 –> 01:17:37:29
We probably said it before, but Yeah, I was, I was scouting the Henry’s, we were about ready to hunt. It was October, but we were, for some reason it was October, late October. And I remember, ’cause I was, we had, we had the rifle on out there to do and I was home and we were calling and I called for the next year’s list of tags or vendors or groups that were gonna get the tags. She says, yeah, hasn’t quite an out, but hey, one of them that got like an antelope tag or something this year didn’t sell it or couldn’t sell it. Yeah. So we converted it to a deer. Remember they still have it for this year. And I’m like, you mean for this year? Like Yeah, I like the hunts that are going on. She gave me the number. I was calling for the tags for the next year to find out when they were gonna sell. That was back. And there was, she gives it to me and, and I, the, a guy threw out, I threw something out and in 1900 bucks I bought it and I was there and it was awesome. This one sold. You were, it was like the cold day. It was day of your life was It was, it was like Anna, I owed Wyatt for that one. ’cause he said, he’s like, dude, it sells in August. Oh yeah, it sold in August.

01:17:38:01 –> 01:18:44:19
Nobody’s gonna be even thinking. And I remember I was working out of the state and I called him. I was like, are you gonna try that? And he’s like, I I don’t have time. I was like, well, if you’re not gonna I’ll do it. Yeah. And he’s like, yeah, do it. And I got it. Yeah. That and then he’s like, why’d you do that? I know why. That’s awesome. It was. But there’s nothing, nothing that, there’s nothing that slips him. No. He’s, he’s amazing. Yeah. Anyway. Not a lot. Not a lot gets by. He’s got me looking over my shoulder at all times for him. I mean, not, I’m not, I live a good, clean, conscious life, but I’m always looking for what, what’s he’s thinking. Yeah. I just want, I just, that’s what makes him good. That’s what makes him a good hunter. He’s not a lot escapes him. All right. Let’s call it a day. This has been long enough. We’re at freaking an hour and 18 minutes. Yeah. So anyway. Anybody out there need anything help on your hunts? Anything you’ve done drawing tag wise, if you need help booking hunts. Booking a hunt with a guaranteed tag. We’ve got plenty of outfitters with plenty of opportunity out there. You want some gear? We’re not selling everything, but we do. We did mention some of the big items that we’re selling. Of course.

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