In this episode the crew sits down after a long application season to share their upcoming hunt plans and scouting strategies. We call Epic Member Scott DeWitz who harvested an incredible bull on a tag he got through our Hunt Giveaway last year. We also get some rare stories of Adam leading a Boy Scout group into manhood, and a bear encounter from Josh’s time working for the BLM/DWR/Game and Fish. It’s the time of year where trail cameras are on everyones mind, if you are needing trail cameras to help cover you during this scouting season, check out our website or give us a call! 435-263-0777

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson, and the crew. Everybody except Evan coming at you from Southern Utah. It’s kind of crazy. Here we are. We’re sitting June 6th boys. End of applications. What? Yeah. What date is it? It’s like Christmas. I was, I just sleep last night. Why? It looked really good. Was not a deadline this morning. No Arizona, no Idaho done. No nothing. Nothing. We’re done till July one when you can put in for points. Yeah. Somewhere. I’m excited. You guys excited Wyatt? Oh, I’m excited for what? Wyatt? I didn’t know Wyatt knew how to clean. What do you mean? Oh, he’s cleaning his desk. He had some spray out. Yeah. Had had to clean off the desk. It had been a minute. Carly would’ve never busy season would wouldn’t believe her eyes. I think that’s why she doesn’t come to the office. ’cause she’s afraid of what his office looks like. That could be it. Well, she’s embarrassed. My wife’s embarrassed to me. Becky’s probably embarrassed. Adam, what about you guys? Don’t assume that Jason. I’m offended. Oh. Anyway. So here we are in June. Everybody’s getting ready to scout. What are you guys, you guys headed out this weekend? No cash. All right. Nevermind. Oh, starting off the season. Cash is actually locked and loaded. He’s not scouting. No, I’m, he’s locked. I’m all in. You are headed for bear.

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I, I’m loaded for bear. Wow. I’m loaded for bear. It’s funny. You know what Loaded for bear means now. Oh yeah. Did you know what it meant a month ago? I didn’t. What was that? No, it was a few months ago. What was the other saying? You didn’t know? There’s another Gen Z thing. Oh, is that Logan? Well, I’m not Gen Z. Timeout. Logan and I Logan had, what do you identify as? I don’t, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s like 90, 97. Oh, okay. He’s a tweener. Tweener. Tweener. Cool. Do you know what your pronouns are? I am cash. It says right here on my butt. Buckle cash. Got my belt buckle. Cash. My name’s cash. Cash. Big money Lynn. Oh yeah. Gonna go up the I and smash a bear in the face. Hopefully not the face. Really? No kidding. So when you leave, I smash one Saturday, I’m gonna drive up. So yeah. Awesome. More important. Likely me and Wyatt, we’re giving him some advice this morning. Yeah. On what? When to shoot. When not shoot. Yeah. Apparently. Apparently Cubs are not desirable. I told him if he sends us a picture of him holding it like a coyo, like a one hander. One handers. Come on. We could call it Coing. Yeah. There you go. Do you think he could pick it up with your one hand by the scruff of the neck? Probably. Don’t shoot that one.

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There are a lot of people out there, coing. That’s true. What other advice did you guys give him? It’s true. You talking Bo. So identification. 600 yards. He, he says he thinks he’s got it figured out. We did question him a little bit to see if he did know, but he did. You says he thinks he’s got it pretty well dialed. I think. Watched a couple ll videos. We’ll see. Time will tell. Yeah. If there was a cub that it only had milk on its lips, I guarantee my wife would eat it. What? What? I don’t know. I’m just saying we’re gonna have to dive into this. Oh, do we need stop? She podcaster. Geez, I thought this was going be a clean one. Pass through deal. There’s nothing bad. What do you call blacks? The veal. She likes the veal. Oh yeah. It’s parasite free. I haven’t lived long enough to get stuff. The, the best meat ever probably is only had from bears. Oh. From anything we, we’d go by with the kids. Do you realize bears are, bears are disgusting? Yeah. We drive. Drive by a field with kids. Like some places they don’t even want you to eat ’em. Mm. Baby sheep. She does. Oh yeah. Oh baby. Geez. Well, what’s that called? There is a, a parasite in their meat. I’m trying to remember what it’s called. Sure. Tri, tri acid. The tea. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Don’t want it. Yeah.

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Pretty dangerous. I hunt bears. I eat bears way less frequently than I hunt them, which is very rarely. I don’t usually concern either. You’re not successful or B, you concentrate on areas. You don’t have to pig out the bing, bing, bing. We have a winner right there. So Yeah. I’m not concerned with what could be passed from bear to me. Why? Oh, not gonna eat. Bear jerk if you can avoid it. No. All right. So how long are you going for? It’ll be five days. Yeah. Right on. So yeah, it’ll be good. Draw some blood. Wasn’t somebody gonna go with you? Maybe. Were you thinking about it, Josh? Possibly. Yeah. Yeah. What happened with that? Just not enough room. Yeah. Not really. A little Chevy. Colorado’s too. Yep. Oh, room in the end. You big old boy. There was all his gear and stuff he didn’t have room for, so. Yeah, that’s true. No, just didn’t, didn’t quite work out as far as like what we have going and whatever. So Yeah, it’s a lot going on. It would’ve been fun though. I would’ve preferred it, but yeah. I’m kind of jealous. I haven’t, yeah, I’m not, I didn’t even hunt turkeys this year. It’s just not, they’re not exciting. Well they’re, they’re fun. But I mean, my boy’s gone so I, yeah, I don’t know. I just didn’t, wasn’t into it. Jason, early morning. Golf has taking preference is what you’re saying.

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Well that’s always there. But hey, you can tee off at 5:45 AM right now. It’s pretty awesome. Get a, get a turkeys or gobbling. Get a cool nine. Get a cool nine in here. Be here by eight o’clock. Just to hear stories from you guys from the night before. Wyatt, you told me he had to scare at your house this morning when you got up. Yeah. Case was sitting up in the crib. I wasn’t that like he was so he, he was about to jump out. Yeah. This kid’s reaching up and standing. He how to walk. Well it, between the time you seen him last this morning, not walking but pulling himself up on, he’s standing up. He freaked him out. Yeah. I come around that corner to grab him because he’s usually laying there and crying and No, he was standing up. He’s like, bring it full alert. Like your, like a grown man. Anyway. Hey dad. Wow. Milestones. Milestones. That’s for breakfast. Yeah, it’s awesome. It’s good. It’s coming. Well, Logan, we’ll you back next week. Cash. Yeah. You’ve been fishing, huh? Logan? I have been fishing. Yeah. The rest of us have been here working. It’s getting hot. Yeah. One of us wasn’t worried about the deadlines. Yeah. Yeah. He was. You don’t have to take that Logan. Oh, I was outta service. I didn’t even know about a deadline. Did you get applied in Arizona? Clearly after all I did. Yeah. Good.

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I did apply in Arizona. We hounded you pretty hard. We’re just making sure all we wanted. That was a rough couple of days. Apply for a world class deer hunt and he wouldn’t do it. ’cause he’s waiting for a world class deer hunt. Yeah. I’m waiting for the perfect storm. The perfect moment. Okay. Yeah. This deer is gonna be terrible. So what did you do? Points or No, I applied for some units that lay stuff. Huh. I’ll have to get in a random draw and, alright, well good. I don’t blame you on being protective. Arizona points are sacred. That’s, yeah, that’s what I’ve grown up believing. You want to hit 20 plus, huh? Yeah. You just want to get to that, see that in your account. Kinda just to feel, just to feel good. Kinda like something bank account with a couple s. You just wanna see it? Something We can go back to the creamery and hold it over. Everybody’s head. Got more Arizona deer points than you. I’m the highest Arizona deer point holder in Beaver County County Creamery. I cannot, I can’t, can’t talk on this podcast without Josh coming into Beaver Arizona points. I have. I could have killed a buck by now, but I got points and stuff. Want going to bite a curd? How many have you got? 20 points in there. I like a little soft ice cream. Yeah. Not the salsa ones.

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Those are a little spicy for me. But I got points. You hear that? Wow. Well, looks brutal. You guys, you really feel Well they don’t, they don’t hold that many points over in Pengu. They can’t count past five. That’s true. True. Oh, because there’s no reason we kill stuff before. Before they’re five years old. Before they’re, if I have five points Yep. Getting kind of coming from someone. Little serious hot. Geez. Shots are fired. Well, what else is coming up? I guess what’s on the, what was truck cameras? Yeah, we got some of that. But we also have this little giveaway going. It’s this little short giveaway, bro. And you wanted to kick it off with what’s going on Sunday deadline of 1159. Well, partially due to the joyful attitude of all the deadlines being done this week. We just thought, hey, let’s throw a little something together. We have, you know, as we all know, we’ve been talking about we’re CVA dealers for Muzz loaders. We have a CVA Acura LRX. We had, you know, ho Alpha x bo. We thought let’s, let’s throw ’em in some kind of giveaway. So we sent it out on email and social media. If you went online and bought, we do have a membership drive that the deadline’s coming up here June 24th. So we got less than three weeks away from that. Giving away eight awesome Hunts and gear package to go with it on top of that.

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But anyway, from whenever you sent it out, John, that was maybe Tuesday until this Sunday, June 9th at 11:59 PM If you, you’re gonna have to buy tickets online because we’re not gonna be here Fridays or well, maybe Saturday. Maybe Wendy is Saturday windy is, but buy it online. It’ll be date stamped the second you buy it. So you’ll be entered to win Hoy Alpha Ex bow or a CVA actor LRX. It’s only around this four or five days. Just a little Hey, a little. It’s just for fun. This isn’t even something we published No. Like in the magazine or we came up with this on the fly. These used to be called bros and bundles. But I’m glad we just call ’em just fun giveaways now. Fun bundle. So anyway, and and this is automatic so you don’t have to do anything extra. Yeah. You just purchase $125 of tickets or more and you’ll be an auto entered in for a free bow or muzz order. Yep. And it’s, and it’s their choice of one, the two. Right. Not bull. We thought about doing one or the other and we thought, well geez what not everybody’s into muzz, not everybody’s into bows. Whatever. Give you choice. And it’s kind of fun to do. That’s all just fun to do anyway. And I’m staring at this Don’t me bow in my office. I don’t send you anymore. No, it bothers you. So, or or muzzle orders from what?

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I’m outta my house in the box. NIB. Yeah. Brand new. We also do have a Beaver County bundle giveaway too though. Going. We do. Are we giving a two pack a truck comes away. Don’t call that Beaver County bundle. The reason why you, the reason why you need a two pack is ’cause one’s gonna be gone. For sure. One’s one stolen before you got walk back to your truck. Gotta have one to watch the other one. That’s exactly right. Wyatt, have you set cameras up that way? I’ve set cameras in Beaver County. I’ll tell you that. Is there a trick? They last catching a, catching a, a feller. I’ve never caught anyone stealing my cameras. No. I’ve been very fortunate in not having a lot of cameras stolen. Yeah. And never to catch anybody doing it. We, I just went out. Are you even running cameras in the right places? Maybe, maybe not. I dunno. I just went out last week and put up one of those new 360 cameras and my dad said, ’cause you can’t mount it to a tree. You can’t lag bolt it in like we usually do. So you just put it on a T post. He said, aren’t you worried this is gonna get stolen? I said, if somebody can steal this 360 cellular camera without getting caught, they deserve it. That’s a dare.

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They’d have to low crawl underneath the lens and get, and if you and dig out the people I already telling them how to do it, I still don’t think they could do it. I kind like those ba those shows where people rob the vault with all those lasers crisscrossing everywhere and you tip to through it all. There is away. Is it in Beaver County? Logan? I, I have no idea. Oh, it’s gonna be gone. Most of ’em aren’t gonna have to crawl. Most of you walk up to it and still have to reach up to take it off a tpo. Whoa. Why are, why are we little now wish on? Well, we would not, you would not be teasing about Beaver County if Logan wasn’t in here. So not like you have a big beef with Beaver County. No, it’s, it’s extreme. No, we have now is a good time. If you wanna buy a Zeiss product or an epic outdoors tripod or accessories, now is a good time because you’ll get entered in for every a hundred dollars that you spend on either a Zeiss product at our store or a tripod or an accessory. And it adds up to $100. So that’s good. P Which math? That’s one entry that you get. And if you buy a Zeiss product for every a hundred dollars you spend, that’s two entries. Double. Okay.

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Double the entries so that that’s only going and until one’s the store too Monday. What do you win? What, what do you win? If, what do win in this giveaway? So it goes, it goes till Monday and you’re gonna win the Zeiss. It’s their new DTI three by 35 thermal monocular. Which isn’t legal everywhere. Just use it where it’s legal. But it isn’t Beaver County. That’s why it’s the bundle. Okay. You can use it up to Ja July 31st. That’s true. Yeah. So, and if you win it and if you win it and don’t wanna sell it, I mean, not a big deal. People sell stuff every day. That’s right. Yeah. It’s sell stuff every single day. But you can, you can use, I mean predator hunting, all kinds of stuff. There’s plenty in Texas. Plenty of places to use it. Yeah. There’s plenty of places to use it. Of predators, whatever. Zeis worked on this with us and Hunter from Beaver County helped us out with He knew it’d be a big seller. Yeah, exactly. He knows what sells up there. So anyway, apparently the, these thermal, that’s only reason, that’s the only reason why I called it these owl watchers at night. Apparently thermal is big with them. I mean, I love it. I’ve been told Right, John. That’s right. I’ve used that. But I mean apparently the owls love to go find owls at night. ’cause they’re out.

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John, John, we’re going right to the birding. How’s it going? So anyway, okay. So are we finished up on that? Yeah, no, just make sure if, if you, if you’re gonna buy a size, you might as well do it before Monday. Yes. Do it before Monday. And you’re, and if you’re gonna buy a tripod, do it before Monday. Yes, absolutely. And we’re gonna be gone until Monday. Yes. This is Monday, June 10th fired up. They can they call in on Monday? Or is it Monday at midnight? What? What’s the school? Yeah, it’s midnight. 1159. Our store is open 24 7. And when you purchase something on there, there is a time, date, and stamp. So it’s Monday. Anytime On Monday. Yeah. All right. Not to single out the burgers, the owl that I’ve heard thermal is a big deal with. But I’ve heard the livestock industry thermals pretty good cash. Is that what you’ve heard as well? Yeah. Yeah. I mean it didn’t work. But did you really do that? We, oh, we had guys with thermal out there too, that they’re for cattle. Yeah. We had, they were missing 11 cows. They were, yeah. The one thing about thermals, if it’s not in view and if it’s in a different canyon, you’re not gonna see it. Not gonna see it. You can’t see through a mountain. And you found that out. Well, I didn’t. They did. Yeah. My family did.

00:14:24:09 –> 00:15:28:22
No, we had 12, we had 12 head heifers just up and disappear one day and one overnight. Overnight. We, I mean, they checked them, I guess it was Saturday morning and Sunday morning they go up and check it and they’re gone I think. No, no, sorry. No sign and nothing. And yeah, they couldn’t find ’em. Typically it takes about 30 minutes to find ’em if they do get out and they spent all day there and the next day and the next day. And then you were looking for, we went to some extremes. Yeah. I mean, see one of you guys called in the art bell show at night about these ab he talks about alien UFOs and stuff. I think it went to that point. I don’t, they were convinced. I don’t think no tracks beef. Nobody. Nobody stole them. There was no tracks. Well, right. Well we, I mean we were, it was coming down. They were stolen. Someone is highly professional. And so anyway, they, I guess the day they found them, they must have been in a canyon. And my dad and the group went in, won and they cut under ’em and they were coming back and they were right there by the gate ready to go. Like magically the aliens just dropped ’em off. Jason, Jason, didn’t you get your taste of cowboying the other night? No we didn’t. You did? I think you did. No, you can’t go away. Yes.

00:15:28:22 –> 00:16:47:22
This is a good segue. I did not know this. Let’s cowboy, tell us what your job was the other night at this. I videoed branding video. A documentary got his thumb stuck in the dally on the horn. The one time, isn’t it on, is it on your social media? Did we can watch this? No, I don’t post anymore. Harley, what were you doing? What was your job? Were you holding? Didn’t have a job. Were you having the little I ran the shoot a little bit on the sheet. Judged every everybody else. What’s the little tool called that expands the rubber band? What’s that little thing? A bander. Bander. Did you running the bander? Didn’t, did you, did you run the bander? Nope. Watch, he was in there with his teeth. No, no. I know Rusty case now I wanna make this a one pass. Jan’s not here, so we can’t run a buyer. We’re good. We’ll talk about that in future. What do you mean still a sensitive subject? Why you Oh, so you have a, my thumbs still. Let’s see. Yeah, it was a crap show. It was fun. It was a good time. So it’s, long story short, it’s hot in here. John, get on your phone and turned this down. Alright. It’s long story short, you went and cowboyed it up for an evening and you wanna talk about Yeah, you had to some cals we branded them and then vaccinate ’em.

00:16:47:22 –> 00:18:04:17
And it’s so funny. Well, I mean, ’cause the kids, you know, have never branded, you know, and so then they kind of wanted, you know, they’re excited to do it, right? Yeah. Doesn’t Oh, it’s electric brander. So you don’t know that. It’s not like you put it in the fire so that mentally, you don’t know how hot this thing is. Yeah. Get pretty, you stick it on ’em, you know, smoke everywhere. Dogs yiping. This poor dog. This poor dog felt bad for this. You got triggered Steve. Yeah. Anyway, it was funny. Yeah, they had to take the dog out. Just normal cowboy stuff. Oh. Just normal stuff, you know. Did you, did you have boots on? Did you have, did you wear something Western wear? Yeah. Yeah, I did stuff. I wear checking truck cameras. Okay. I just, I just wanna see if, if you had a hat on or boots. I want a picture. Oh, no. Any of the family members that were there that had a picture. Good time. It was a good time. I gave you guys the unredacted version earlier. Yeah, but we haven’t published that. So I wanted wasn highlights. The record button wasn’t even on. Okay. Well anyway, just was, we were talking cowboy and I just, Hey, this week you got get a little taste. Everybody needs to do that anyway. Yeah, I had my fill, I used to milk cows when I was a kid.

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I mean, dude, it was, it was relentless Jersey cow. They can produce some milk and you’re a kid, you go smelling like crap every day to school. Can’t figure out why nobody sits by you. Can’t figure out why you can’t get a girlfriend. Exactly. And like you said, it does make you have some mitts. So anyway, go. All right, we’re moving on. Okay, so Bronson, where are we at? So, all right, let’s talk about this epic hunt giveaway a little bit more. I don’t want to beat it to death. At the end of the day, we’ve got this thing coming down to June 24th. We are giving away some world class hunts. This is probably the best lineup we’ve ever had. Yeah, it’s pretty hot, pretty stout. Absolutely. A lot of these hunts are for this year. We do have a, a couple of them. One’s a doll sheep in Alaska, wrangle mountains. That’s in 2025. As well as a moose hunt in the Alaska range in 2025. You know, I I, I guess the, the moscot, you could go this fall or you could go next spring. The rest of them, we’ve got Nevada unit 2 31 deer hunt, akima reservation hunt in New Mexico for elk, which last year’s guy killed a three 80 bull that won that. I think I I’m gonna call that guy in. Yeah, we’ll do it. We gotta call Colorado third season hunt this year.

00:19:22:17 –> 00:20:47:18
Alberta trophy whitetail deer hunt in the peak of the rut. November 11 of 19. And a couple New Mexico antelope hunts. So anyway, six or so of ’em for this year. Two of them, the bigger ones. If you concerned, your fed schedules full. Give a little time to plan. Yeah. And you don’t have time do anything. There’s a couple for next year, so pretty awesome. It’s fun to give these away. And it’s fun to be affiliated with these guys. They’re, they’re the best of the best. So, anyway, let’s Scott, he won this last go round. Smashed a giant in 2023. They’re on the Akima reservation. We’re having an incredible moisture down there again this year. Let’s just give him a call and visit with him for a minute if he answers. Jason. Hey, what are you doing? I’m putting in food plots. Okay. All right. Have you got just a quick second? We got you on the podcast for just a quick second. Not a problem. All right. So last time we talked to you, you had, you had won an elk hunt there for the Akima reservation and just kind of wanted to get a feel for what you thought and how it went. It was awesome. From day one, getting there from the facilities to the guides, to the food, everything was top-notch. It was fantastic. Wow. Weather was a little warm, but I’m always one that likes to wait till the last day. Yeah.

00:20:47:24 –> 00:22:03:24
And we passed a tremendous amount of bulls and I’d say anywhere from three 40 up to 360. And I was shaking every single day. Those are great bulls to pass up. Yeah. Oh, most guys don’t do it. It was awesome. Yeah. Geez. Yeah. So were you hunting with a rifle? What weapon? Yeah, I did. I tell you what I did, but I had so many archery opportunities, it was unbelievable. But they, they told me, Scott told me to bring a rifle, and I was glad I did because the last day he was about 280, 300 yards out. And we chased him. We chased him probably for three and a half hours, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of six points that he turned upside down fighting. And it was unbelievable. Wow. And then we finally got, finally got on him and, and put him down. And, and it was a bull that Shane, my guide had been looking for, for about a month. Wow. It just showed up finally. Huh? So he had him on camera from last year or, or just, yeah. Had him on camera from earlier in the year. He had a video. And I, Jason, I thought I sent that to you, but you sent me, you sent me the bull, but I didn’t know this backstory. I haven’t one heard any. Yeah, I just got one photo. I haven’t heard any of the backstory on this.

00:22:04:04 –> 00:23:26:17
We were kind of trying, we were chasing two bulls all week, looking for two bulls specifically that he was looking for. I had another one that would probably gone in the three 70 range. That was my, probably 20 yards from me. I just couldn’t get a shot at him with some cows and stuff in there. And, and we were chasing him for a while and then all of a sudden, boom, this bull showed up. Wow. And he tipped, he was over three 80. Wow. Smokey. Yeah. That’s, he’s got everything. Giant fronts. Giant backs, giant thirds. It’s just got it all. So you guys are welcome. You guys are welcome to draw my name again this year. You, you’re disqualified. Imagine we’ve never had a back to packer. We No, why not? Could happen. Let’s have a first. There’s always a first pitch pitchfork front end. Those are giant fronts too on him. Geez. Straight six. Oh, 80 plus four. Yeah. 24. Yeah. Wow. So it was, and the mass was unbelievable. So this, the last day for three and a half hours, you shagged him and, and finally made it 15 minutes before sunset. Wow. Crazy. That’s awesome. All right. Well that’s awesome. And then, yeah. So what do you do? You’re putting in food plots for big white tail or what do you got going? Oh yeah, yeah. I I I don’t have any white tails around here at all. There’s none. Okay.

00:23:27:11 –> 00:24:41:13
What do you put ’em in for? Squirrel food? What are we doing? Do you need a guest? Do you need a guest there? There’s guys that say that usually have a few giants that might work out. We can work something out. Yeah. We’ve got some pictures I can send you. We, we push about, we push anywhere from the one sixties to one eighties. Oh geez. Great book. Great. Yeah. Holy cow. Yeah, I got a, I got a 2 0 1 that I’ve got, we got a farm out west of town here, but I did shoot a 2 0 1 on that a couple years back. Wow. Rare. Hardly anybody’s killed a 200. Yeah. That’s a, we got a pretty good crop of guys around here that’re doing some pretty good deer management. Are they? Yeah. Yep. So that’d be pretty addicting. I know it would be, man, if you looked around that, how much ground have you got? Just roughly small compared to out west. But we got about 600 acres of farm out west of town where I’m at from Oroco. And that’s 220 of tillable and the rest is all timber and big valley. Wow. That’s a big deal. It’s a big chunk for white till. Yeah. Yeah. So do you like the household? Household here? I’ve got 27 acres of really prime stuff. Real close to residential. Wow. So have you, what do you like hunting the most?

00:24:41:21 –> 00:25:48:00
I mean, a whitetail your thing or coming out west or Coming out west. I love elk hunting. Just the next hunt. Yeah. So I’ll go, I’m going moose hunting this fall, so we’ll see. Oh, that’s awesome. And who knows what I’m gonna also, I’m gonna hunt when I draw, take from you. Yeah. Well you got, have you got your name in the hat? What do you think? Well make it. Sure. You know, the optimism man is thick. I love it. You get a few more names in before June 24th, so anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Don’t worry. Megan’s calling me all the time. Or I, who is it? We, Wendy. Yeah. Randy. Yeah. All. Okay. All right. Well that sounds good. We’ll let you get back at it. Just wanted to hear how it went. All right. Guys. Actually hadn’t talked to you on, on the story, so it’s awesome. I’m glad you had such a great time. Yeah. So yeah. Well thanks. I appreciate it. He is an awesome bull. Yep. Thanks man. Alright guys. Have a great day. You too. Bye bye. I, that’s awesome. Pretty awesome. Go a three 80, straight six. We should call these guys more often. We have a lot of good stories like this. We just never, why, what would you say on this moose hunt in Alaska? I mean, you, you’ve been there. Yeah.

00:25:48:17 –> 00:26:52:11
Tell us just a little bit about this isn’t just checking a box of killing, killing a bull. No, these guys wanna specialize in kill any of the best bull or, or trophy moose. I mean, they’re, they’re talking, you know, big 60 plus inch bulls is kind of what they target and you proved it. And yeah, me and Devin both were able to kill bulls well over that. So 60, both of ’em were 65. So giant bulls, it was awesome. Great accommodations. Just a great crew of people. They’re just a riot to be with. I mean, just never a dull moment with the guys up there at Dillinger River. The hunt dates this year, September 10th. And that’s seems to be about perfect for when it turned on for, for Devon’s hunt, right. There was September, I think he killed the 14th. And we just started, started seeing that running action getting better every day after that. So yeah, this will be the 10th to the 20th of 2025. So again, if you’re, that is pretty close. I mean, that’s partially why we did some of these early fall, like the sheep in August and, and all that. We usually on the, on the June drives, we usually try to put ’em out a year so people too close get in shape or whatever on a sheep pond time off or their schedule. Exactly.

00:26:52:16 –> 00:27:59:23
So, and then sometimes these hunts are booked so far out, most of the time they are, we’re buying ’em. We book ’em a year, two in advance, two or three maybe in advance. This one, one’s the 10th to the 20th of September, which the 20th is as late there as you can hunt. Right. Yep. That’s the, it’s the end of the season last 10 days, so of 2025. So I thought I’d ask you about that one ’cause you’ve been there, done that. So yeah, anyway, a couple awesome testimonials. Big moose, big Elk in New Mexico. Everything else is big too, so yeah. Get ’em in by June 20, 24th. So it’s gonna be great. Pretty awesome. All right. Well what, what are we gonna talk about next? I mean, we, we were gonna call Devin. I can’t remember. Just because we gotta harass him when he is trying to have a day off and the rest of us are working our cuts out here on a Thursday. Well, I don’t know. So one of the other things that, that people have that I’ve wondered is how you guys have changed your trail camera strategy with changes in laws and things like that. Well, part of it, I think, you know, they call ’em a trail camp season or they, the famous words are banned, but Yeah. But anyway, more of a shortened season in most states except for Arizona.

00:27:59:25 –> 00:28:59:06
But you know, I think you gotta run more cameras ’cause you have a shorter amount of time, so you can’t afford to miss something. Yeah. But you don’t have many checks before you gotta pull ’em all down. Yeah. So if you got a spot that sometimes you’re like, yeah, I throw a camera there, see if I get something. If I do, then you blitz it. You don’t really have time to think that way as much. Now a deer or an elk or something that comes in you, you get rain patterns, you know, stuff stops sometimes for a week or 10 days after you get some rain. And so you don’t know what between now and July 31st, which is, you know, in the case of like Utah, Nevada, that’s when you’re done. So you, you do have to be prepared. I mean, you have to, you, there’s no joke. You’re ready to go overdo it on a certain, you know, whether it be a, you know, saddle trail, any type of topographical feature. But if you’re on water, a lot of times there’s not just something tiny they drink out of, there’s a 30 to 50 yards Yeah. Patch of water and you’ve got a crisscross, you know, different angles and you know, there’s a lot of times there’s other people doing the same thing.

00:28:59:07 –> 00:30:00:12
So it’s not like you got a perfect tree to just do one on each fence post, look in each direction and you got it covered. There’s, you don’t wanna miss out. So we’ve got a lot of cameras in stock and I don’t know if you want to list them or just tell everybody, Hey, call us whether you want cellulars, whether you want SD card cameras, give us a call. It’s, if, if you don’t call us quick, it’s gonna be too late. You know, we, we do a big order once a year, really, you know, this time of year get rid of ’em. And not a lot of reason, you know, to sell ’em. Obviously we will have some on stock afterwards for a lot of the white tail folks that maybe, or other states that don’t have trail camera seasons. Yeah. And I think part of that too is just, is getting on it early, like every time. I know I get it right, right now you can’t tell what, what deer are. Of course we were looking at elker. Elker pretty legit, right? Yeah. Elker legit. But, but, but deer, you’re struggling to see what they are, obviously. But once, but if you get going and you’re kind of on top of it, just the rest of July when it really matters that you’re on top of it, you’re not thinking you’re behind the ball. You’re, you let July 4th come and go.

00:30:00:12 –> 00:31:01:13
Pretty soon you’re the 10th before you get ’em out, then there’s no rotating. You just feel behind, you’re mentally behind. Well literally, if you get ’em out 4th of July, you have three weekends before you gotta get ’em back picked up. And let me throw a few scenarios out there at you that we all have run into this. You often don’t know until you first check, oh crap, I gotta, I gotta change a setting. I gotta move a camera. You get cattle, you get wild horses, bump bumping ’em, turning them upside down. You think it’s been out there for two to three weeks working. You go walk up there, it’s face down in the dirt or you’ve got reeds or, or grass. That was too much blowing. Fills up your card in three days. Okay. You’ve just got problems. Yeah. You know that you don’t know. And if you say, all right, I’m gonna put ’em out and just run ’em the last couple weeks when the bugs are developed or whatever, it doesn’t work that way. So there’s, you gotta have ’em a little longer than you think to work out a few bugs. You always find more when you’re just out, you know, you find more while you’re checking your cameras. Usually something else. You know, waters go dry. One of the best books you saw last year, you were checking cameras and saw him Oh yeah. Outta my pickup. The window of the truck. Yeah.

00:31:01:13 –> 00:32:06:27
And I didn’t get him on camera for a month. I saw ’em with my own eyes. I know. And, and it was, it was a different last year. But because you’re running cameras, you were forced to be out there. Yeah. Actually your water sources. And I, and I had ’em in places that weren’t, weren’t, I put ’em in places that didn’t have water. I’m just like, they’ve gotta, I just, you know, little saddles or places I thought little patches of live trees. I might, maybe they bets here once a week and they get ’em in there. Stuff like that. Because last year was a different year. It was a much bigger winter snow load wise in, in Utah and even Nevada and the water running off of these mountains ran miles forever clear out into the valleys forever. And so water was not that you like a four foot wash or something. I seems like there was something significant. Remember my palm on my hand because I had office hands. Remember I talked about that? Yeah. And I used a jack for like, literally 32 seconds to jack up my truck. And you had BB blister about that? No, about a, about a silver dollar sized in my palm. I I love this story. I mean, and so we just saw that truck wear Logan. It’s not, it’s for sale in Las Vegas though. Very reasonably priced.

00:32:07:00 –> 00:33:14:04
It made me stop ITT even take off the epic sticker. No, it’s still on the tailgate. No, I, I didn’t sell it to somebody in Las Vegas, but it that’s dang sure there right now. And so, and that truck went through a four or five foot watch. You can attest to that truck truck strength. It’s, it’s still driving. It’s an awesome truck. It’s just best truck you’ve ever owned. Yes, actually, actually is. I mean, yeah, absolutely. I mean I, it’s hard to say because I love my big truck. You can’t go without a big truck towing your boat or trailers around you. You, you have to have them, but for a mountain. But as far as scouting, there’s no, it blows a Tacoma away. I mean, I’m, I’m You had a Tacoma. I had a Tacoma, yeah. For like 10 months. Yeah, it’s done with it back problems. Yeah. Well you did. Anyway, back to back to the Nevada thing last year because of the heavier snow load water did and it didn’t this year we got it’s, it’s hotter. It’s, I think I saw something in Vegas the other day. It’s the hottest maybe ever. You Vegas people don’t blow me outta the water. But I, some, a guy told me this, how about that? So if this is wrong, I’m blaming him. He said it was like the earliest 110 degree day in, I don’t know if it’s ever but in a long time.

00:33:14:19 –> 00:34:17:06
I just got back there from there this morning last, yeah, yesterday going through the gorge and down through Musk. Ski is 102. We have a big heat wave. We didn’t get, you remember last June it was barely. Yeah. You, you still wearing coats. It was cold May and so was last year. Nothing was wor work. You didn’t, and so you, I got that deer that you talked about. I got him on camera for the first time like July 15th and got him for 10 days and had to pull the cameras down. But I’d luckily seen a deer that was a four point, you know, basically bulb out four point the end of June. Like that’s gonna be a good looking deer. I never saw him until, you know, on camera for a month later. So, and anyway, this feels a little bit different year. We didn’t have as much snow. I think you know, the need to hit and water isn’t it? Why it projected to dry out? Yeah. Project projected to dry out. Yes. Yeah. And we’re we’re traditionally in our dry that Farmer’s Almanac or where you guys looking? I been talking about the, just the, I dunno, Jason, did that come come up around the branding barn the other night? No, these guys talking about it. Yeah, these guys been talking about it. I was just wondering where you’re getting your info. Pollock from Pollock. Where are you getting your info?

00:34:17:09 –> 00:35:23:25
Are you getting your info from Beaver County? Logan? Yeah. Yeah. It’s national something That’s the Pollock Predict. Yeah. Yeah. Noah. Noah website stuff that just does weather prediction. What did it say? Like what did it actually say this morning or when you looked at it last, what did it say for this El Nino stuff’s over basically. Yeah. Which, so which, what which means now we’re gonna be back into a dry pattern that lasts a whole for a couple years, at least this year. But then I, but then I thought, didn’t you say something about some unusual this week? Yeah. Oh, one week never. Just for one week. Yeah. Unusual what this big secret potential popping and drops. Just potential for above normal moisture. Oh, okay. Well we are in our driver’s time of the year. It doesn’t usually rain and end of man June anyway, so, well anyway, so back to that. Yeah. Call us if you’re interested in TRO cameras because we we got ’em now you’re gonna need ’em. If, if you’re, you know, want a great deal, we’ll make you a great deal. Get ’em shipped out. They’re in stock. So, but the Go ahead. Oh no, I was just saying it’s, it’s a little tricky because that’s why I’ve gotta go this weekend. I think some of the high stuff just barely cleared off snow.

00:35:24:06 –> 00:36:27:24
It’s not, and which is crazy because it’s not green up there yet and I doubt Yeah, bulls, deer, whatever are even up at some of that stuff just yet, but within two weeks. But you gotta get the Yeah, but you gotta get cameras up there ahead of them per se, because you’re gonna be creeping into July 4th and they’ll only be there a month and you gotta go get ’em down. So Yeah, you gotta kind of crazy. It creates a frenzy. Yeah. You have to time it, you gotta go all out. It’s a blitz basically. And I, so what I’ve done in some of those situations too, which has actually made it better the last couple years and it’s fortunate, but some of that high country has cell service and so I’ve transitioned to cell cell cams on most of those higher ones up there because that way I can go put ’em up tomorrow, Saturday and then I don’t have to go back until August 1st. Yeah. And, and some of those, I mean, in Nevada you gotta get ’em off sooner. But we’re talking Utah here, so Yeah, all the, so, so we have the GMAX 30 twos that includes, and these ones have the LCD viewing screen. So we have a grundle of those. ’cause we like ’em ourselves. That’s probably, we probably, Bronson, we have the most of those. That’s, that’s, that’s what’s in my really good standard SD card camera.

00:36:28:00 –> 00:37:25:28
That’s all for video and photo. They have an off like 45 IR admitters at night. That’s, that’s what I like. I look for the, a lot of emitters. I want that long flash because we have those twenties that are great for coverage and just put the camera up. There’s only 60 foot cover, 60 foot at night. Yeah. They, and it’s about 25 for good. A good pitcher, you know, at nighttime during the day. It’s all, it’s good. So we have the 20 mps, the two packs. We don’t have many of those left. Nope, not too many. No. Actually kind of been a big solar just, yeah. Anyway. And then we’ve got cellular camps. We’ve got the decept no glows. We’ve got the Revolver 360, which is the new one Logan was talking about. He’s, I mean it’s just a 360 degree cam. Pretty cool. I’m thinking I need a little float tube. Go out there in the middle, put it in the middle of a pond you’d have all the way around. Plus you wouldn’t have Beaver County swimming out there scared of water. Hey, we can, we can swim and we can’t swim. We can swim and get it. You think you would? He’s already dared somebody. He’s, he likes like, he’s already dared somebody to steal his What would it Decept What? Well, somebody’s gonna, whoever steals Logan’s decept and brings it in the office will give you one.

00:37:29:24 –> 00:38:39:18
If you can find it, get it without, be without, without it. Your, without your photo going to his phone. We’ll give you one. What, what do I get out of this gig? Like I get two get camera. I gap in my, I get two weeks gap in barefoot. Nobody cares. Okay. You, anyone who has a set up in Beaver County is gonna get it stolen. Yeah. Hey, sorry. They’re stealing from each other. Well, it comes around, goes around. We’re gonna get four cameras in our office next week anyway. And then we’ve got some, these are Logan’s. We got some flashbacks. It’s new. It’s, it went back to the old white night flash. I actually like those. I mean deer maybe startles slightly more. Yeah, but I mean they’re brighter. Yeah, it’s fast, brighter. It’s, it’s, I haven’t, I just got one set up last night and it’s a flash. Like, it’s one of those things where you’re like, wait, was that a flash? Like, it’s so fast. You know, I don’t know. It’s, I don’t think it’s gonna, oh, I don’t think it’s gonna mess with ’em too much. Logan’s, I don’t believe posting there got one already. Should we post that as a, a hint as to where this camera might be? Yeah, that’s, that’s the flashback location. That ain’t anybody brings us a flashback. We’ll give you. Ah, that’s cool. Give you some free coverage on the podcast. How about that? Don’t be stealing.

00:38:40:04 –> 00:39:48:15
I wouldn’t be posting that. It’s awesome to see color. Color Night photos is pretty awesome. Their quality of the night photos really impressed me. Even with that white flash. It was pretty awesome. A lot of people in Beaver Cam County probably bathed in that trough. I know what the title of this podcast is gonna be. Who hasn’t, I’m sorry. Beaver County. Who? Who hasn’t? I’m just jumping wagon. These guys are no joke. I don’t have anything against anybody. Horse racing. Horse racing and hunting. Those guys are no joke. That’s all we got. It’s an awesome counting. But we also have some accessories boxes, you know, bare boxes, solar packs and external boosters for cellular camps. Yeah, we’ve only got a few of those. So anyway. All right, so we’ve got that. And then also, what do we got? Guns and muzzle orders. Oh yeah, yeah. Anybody besides tags. And course we’ll help you find guided hunts and things like that, that we normally do here at Epic Outdoors. So what’s the next draw? We got to look forward to coming out results. Why? Let, let’s go through the last three or four of those that we got to look forward to. Is it gonna be, is it gonna be Wyoming? Probably on the 18th for antelope and Deer. I think that’s, I think that’s probably gonna be, is that the next one? The first one come out at least hard date. Somebody surprised. Oregon.

00:39:48:17 –> 00:40:57:00
I guess Oregon we still have coming out 15th at some point. Maybe I’ll give tag. So I Did you apply it says June 12th for Oregon. Wow. Wyoming, of course. California be June 18th for deer and antelope. I’m just, just bumped the brakes. We got Arizona, that’s still gonna come out sometime in July. Yeah, they just announced, here’s the time bit your card. Yeah, Idaho. I, that one was one that was super quick. Yeah, I I Project Arizona’s gonna be quick before. Yeah, well they were on the elk and antelope. Yep. Just have to wait for ’em to send out the email to update their credit. Says update your card and it’ll happen. Credit. We’ll, the morning after that deadline, Idaho could surprise us by the end of the month. They did get their sheep out in about a week. Sheep, moose and goat. It like, have you got your refund? Me neither. Wow. That was below the belt. No, just I haven’t got two of them. Yeah. So yeah, no, talk about that. Keep going. We’re talking about results, not refunds right now. We don’t get refunds on the, they’re usually hand in in, but hey, no problem. Anyway. Yeah, we still got Montana antelope floating around out there too. Did you apply for that? Jason? Wait for that one to come back. And then of course Utah, you can still buy points for everything if you’re still looking to apply and miss that deadline.

00:40:57:04 –> 00:41:59:12
One’s the deadline. Nevada, you can do that as well. Is that the 19th for Utah? Is it the same Nevada from now to the 19th and the 10th for Nevada and the 10th for Nevada to the 10th. Yep. So it’s only open like a week in Nevada. Yeah. Third to the 10th. And this is basically the second draw, which there’s some marginal tags left over in Nevada. I’m just gonna say that. But it allows you, if you miss the first draw. Right. Why to go and apply for anything, apply for points for anything. Antelope, elk, everything’s open. Even if you know, it’s not just deer, but you know, that’s leftover, that’s how Utah is too. You can apply for your points for anything. It’s the Antlerless application period. But you can apply for points for anything right now. And there’s a few people that, that are grateful for that process. We’ve been dealing with them. Right. A buddy from high school hit me up. 23 pointer here in Utah that missed it. Elk dear. Oh gee. He needs to hire somebody. Like you missed the deadline. He got his point yesterday in Utah finally. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t call him a really good friend. Wow. Wyatt. Yeah, Wyatt has a lot of friends. How does, was he mad that you let him miss that or was he just, I can’t believe I missed that.

00:41:59:12 –> 00:43:14:05
When he, how long ago did you know about He didn’t need even talk about it until after the deadline. Like, hey, did you end up, you know, putting in, gonna burn your points this year? And he is Oh crap. Forgot quiet. Yeah. Geez. Okay. Yeah. Well he’s grateful for that. He gets our text right. Our text alerts probably. Well I don’t, well he, he knows wt f both I mean’s or a curse. You never know. That’s a good point. Alright, well he’s, I bet he doesn’t forget again. No, he won’t. The thing is though, he’s, I wonder why he didn’t, he can draw a lot of tags with 23 deer points. Yeah. I mean, there’s only a couple he can’t draw. Yeah. But in the state points are more important than tags remember. Oh boy. Right, Logan. Yeah. But he can tell everyone he’s got 24 points now. He’s got masks. At least I can count that high. Yeah. Geez, Josh, you gotta use your toes. All right, everybody. I I don’t have anything else. You guys got anything else before we crus into the weekend? John? What? We’re doing four day work weeks now. You know, we’re working four tens Monday through Thursday. If you want something you need to call in, do it Monday through Thursday here at Epic Outdoors. So it’s been a long time coming here we are another summer, another summer scouting upon us.

00:43:14:13 –> 00:44:17:21
Need to buy anything or even optics and all that. Yeah. You can buy it online and we’ll be, we’ll process it Monday morning, get it in the mail. So don’t, if it’s on your mind, you get on there, jump on there, buy it. Whether it be cameras, whether it be optics, whether it be ticket purchase, whether it be a membership, whatever. You get a, you got a ticket for referring somebody now you wanna refer somebody you wanna join now you get a ticket in one of our giveaways as well right now. Yeah. That’s awesome. Next week could be a good week to probably buy some optics. Why’s that could be a good week next week. There’s some exciting news coming. It’s always, it’s always a good week. We always got something exciting going on here at Epic. Yep. Right. Yeah. So, and Devon gets back who knows what, what we could be talking about. I want to call it, but I don’t know what to ask you. Well, there’s nothing. I mean, he’s, he had an eye checkup. We’ve all that’s been well documented. We don’t need to go into that. But things, the prognosis is good. We’re hearing, but who knows A lot can happen. I had one thing I was gonna bring up in the bear discussion, but I I it wasn’t confirmed, so I didn’t bring it up, but I did look it up and it’s accurate.

00:44:18:13 –> 00:45:40:23
So recently, this was this year in May 29th published. So family reunion, a guy shot a bear in Saskatchewan. Okay. Okay. Okay. Brought it back. The outfitter said if you freeze it, then it’s gonna kill all the parasites. Right. Yeah. They froze it, he froze it for 45 days. Well, it fed. That’s only a week ago. John fed it to Yeah. Fed it to the family. Okay. This is last May 29th. This just came out. The story just came out. I, I heard it on the radio. Not, and I just wanted to verify it was right. Okay. Anyway, six members of the family got the trinos. Yeah. From it. Two of them didn’t even eat the meat. It was just grilled with it. Like they ate, they ate, they were vegetables, they ate cauliflower cooked in the same house. It was cooked on it and Yeah. They didn’t notice that it, it wasn’t fully cooked. If you freeze something for 45 days and it doesn’t kill it, you freeze, shouldn’t eat. And then you take it to 300 degrees. Yeah. And it still gives, gives you trinos or whatever. It’s, so they’re saying what, especially meat from the northern latitudes has this strain that’s developed to withstand, you know, cold temperature. And the naysayers are gonna say, well how was it taken care of before? Did they freeze it hide on for 45 days? Yeah. Well, so the article is saying it can survive for over 110 days.

00:45:40:24 –> 00:46:49:04
Frozen. Whoa. Frozen. So do it 111 days. You freeze it 111 days, you’ll be fine. Get a pick freezer. You do it long enough, I’ll it next summer if you do it long enough. The freezer burns. Planning years. No. Have you looked at the rakes? Yeah, I don’t think you have. Yes, we’re good. You’re fine. All you have to have is pelt, head and skull, whatever, A few other things. Yep. Got all bladders and stuff called bladders and evidence of sex liver. Here’s its gallbladder. Here’s, here’s the evidence of sex. Here’s the hide, here’s the skull, liver, spleen. In the right lung and my forest juice permit. There you go. There you go. Alright. All geez. Are are we done? Let’s talk about That’s real food. Yeah. I mean, jeez. Real food. I mean, yeah. Not bear meat. All right, go ahead. Let’s get No, I don’t, I’m just, it changes to anything changes the subject. I don’t, I mean, I, I know a lot of people that love to make chili meat outta bears and that’s fine. But I mean, yeah, people are fine. There’s a lot people, my guess is what happened, John, was when I used to work for the BLM, the forest service over here. So you worked for the BLM, the Forest Service and the Game and Fish. Oh yeah. I have a, I can see where Wyatt’s coming from. Every department. Yeah. Wyatt hates it. Yeah.

00:46:49:22 –> 00:48:01:22
You guys are right next to each other. Yep. So when, what were you brought say anyway, as I, as why I was working for them, what we would do, we would have every now and then you’d have, it was for the fire, fire crew stuff. And so there would be like barbecues while we’re waiting for a fire just over here. And when we were sitting there waiting, we’d have these barbecues every now and then. Well there was a lot of like tree hugger hippies also in that line of work sometimes. And they’re like all vegetarians. So we’d always cook, we’d always buy their vegetables with the bear. We’d always buy their grass or fake meat, grass protein burgers or whatever. We’d always sit there and just rub burgers all over. You did. Just drippings all over ’em. We just drip meat juice all over ’em and they’re like, these are the most amazing burgers I’ve ever had in my life. Yeah, you just get ’em at Walmart. Welcome. A hundred percent soy. You’re welcome. That’s got bare fat in it. Okay, well you’re jerk. I did. Hey just I can never make him this good at home. Yeah, well we, I have a, whatever works. I have time for a quick bear story. Yeah, from a game bear story one. I got one. So we were that Clint Ham, I don’t know if you guys remember him. Oh, I met him.

00:48:01:22 –> 00:48:56:24
He’s awesome guy used to work for the division with him and he was just phenomenal lions and bear stuff anyway. Always going out and with him over by, out and on the gon on years when there wasn’t a lot of acorns, you’d have a lot of bear problems. It seems like acorns, the bears would eat ’em and stuff a lot so you wouldn’t have any bear problems. But on the years where you wouldn’t have acorns, we’d always have lots of bears getting into camps, cabins, all that kind of stuff. Well they were having a scout camp over there one time and they called and said, Hey, we’ve had this bear that keeps coming into our camp. So we went over there and we went and set a trap. We’d seen this bear track and it looked like a really small bear track. So we went over there and set a barrel trap to try and catch this thing. We went up from the camp aways to hopefully not bring it in. Well anyway, we set a camera up and we went back the next morning. Whenever you set up a barrel, you have to check it every day. We went back the next morning to check the camera and there was this giant bear what suck And you bait it up and make it all smelly and stuff.

00:48:56:28 –> 00:49:48:04
And there was this giant bear five times the size of the bear that was actually in their camp. It was like, can’t even turn around in there. Was so big. Yeah, so big. Like just his butt end was hanging out of the, the barrel and he was getting stuff and the door would try and close but it wouldn’t close on him. He wouldn’t too fat. And we were like, oh no. So what was, did he have a back blade sticking out or was it actually, did he actually get in there way? No, he didn’t get in the barrel. No, he just backed down. He was still there there when you pulled up. No, he was gone. He, oh, we just had the trail camp pictures of him. Anyway, so now you know we need a bigger boat. This, it was like this scout camp. It was some kids, like they were, let’s just say a lot of ’em, I think it was the first time they’d ever camped in their life and the leaders far off and show it was this bear that’s been around here award from up north. And so anyway, we didn’t dare tell ’em. We’re like, oh geez, but you got like, it’s the biggest bro we’ve seen in our lives. You guys be careful with your food. We didn’t, we didn’t tell ’em anything. We just were just like, you guys gotta be really careful.

00:49:48:28 –> 00:50:55:19
And anyway, the next day we went back the next morning, no check again, no bear. And I left and I told them they’d cooked breakfast and stuff. I said, you guys gotta clean this stuff up. And I left and at about one 30 we get this frantic phone call the Bear’s back at our camp and we shot it. I’m like, oh no. So I called Clint and we both took off to get over there and I go over there and it’s this one hand, one hander laying there in the dirt. Thank goodness. What happened was they went on a hike, they didn’t clean up their dutch oven and stuff. They came back and this little one handed bear was up on top of the camp Cheff eating out of the Dutch oven. So the one, and they dumped it. The one leader did have a 30 out six rifle in his suburban, geez, isn’t probably, isn’t that against Boy Scout real? I guess Boy Scouts ome no more. So it doesn’t matter. So he gets, he’s listed in the, he gets in his suburban and they didn’t dare like get close to the bear. So he gets in the, the suburban and goes like driving at the bear to try and scare it off. And it just like looks up at him wherever. So he just like leans out the window and blast this thing right off. Blows it right off the camp.

00:50:55:19 –> 00:51:55:21
Show off the camp. She, so we’re sitting there, there’s all these kids and they literally, I mean they were, is this a big one? As great as they could be in the mountains and Clint’s like sitting there, all right boys, you’re gonna help me skin it. We’re gonna skin it right here. We’re gonna take care of it. We start skinning it and then all of a sudden he’s like, any of you boys eat bear meat? And the bishop’s like, no, no, we’re done. We’re done. Clint’s like, these boys need to eat bear meat. He’s like raw cuts a back strap off and into little pieces and gives him, gets him a stick and tells him to start cooking this bare meat. So they’re cooking bare meat over a fire. And the, and the bishop was just losing his mind ’cause he’s just like, I know what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna go back and one of ’em gonna get up in front of the whole crowd and tell their mom. But there was a bear and candy shot and we, he was, they’re gonna Google it like paranoid and yeah, we were like, don’t even sweat it. Don’t even worry about it. That reminds me of the chicken story on my scout camp. Do you remember I said that on a scout done is one of of my favorite stories. I just don’t remember it. I dunno if you’ve done a, I don’t think you’ve told it.

00:51:55:25 –> 00:53:11:28
Okay, well say it, it reminds me of that like, you’re worried about mothers. Yeah. That’s all you’re worried about the boys. It’s a memory for life. They’re, they’re turning into men, right? Yes, exactly. Okay. So yeah, I was involved Scout, scout, master assistant, whatever it was probably, I dunno, in my past quite a while ago, but one of the merit badges they do is wilderness survival. All right. And you gotta, you gotta go out, make a shelter, sleep in it for a night or two. I don’t remember the details now. But you also gotta, you know, supposed to scavenge for food and whatever, you know, provide for yourself. Provide, but that’s easier said the contingency plan. Yeah. So we had, I think it was, I dunno, four or five chicken. And I mean, you can’t, you can’t have, this is summer, you can’t have ’em rock a, a blue grouse ’cause they’re not in season, you know? I mean there’s certain things and, and if you don’t catch fish, where we were was really not catching fish. So really there’s not much. Yeah, they can eat grass, but I mean they may, you know, bug, but it’s not, you’re not, they’re not, they’re gonna hate this squirrels. Yeah. So we’re like, all right, we’re gonna have turn ’em loose, you know, and, and if they don’t find anything, we’re gonna come back and say, Hey, we’ve got, we got plan B for you.

00:53:12:01 –> 00:54:20:28
And so yeah, we turned, we had a little talk to him and said, Hey, this is educational. I mean, kind of you’re, we’re gonna turn these loose up here and your job’s to catch ’em. We’re gonna kill ’em and you’re gonna cook. We’re gonna build a fire right there and cook ’em. And I, me that happened and we all, what happens? They’re all hands. What? What do you also got to? You usually fry up with your chicken. You got eggs, you got eggs inside. No, then they, yeah, then they, so it was, it was quite, you know, eyeopening. A lot of these kids, how’d they kill ’em? Their chicken comes from a store. Most of these kids, it just comes at the store now they see how it’s come, you know, and then they go home. It’s the most awesome thing they tell and then they tell their moms how they ran down chickens, caught ’em, killed them, clocked them ring their head. It’s not like you have guns. No, they have rocks and sticks. But we told them this is, we just said it’s the crowd. Well we just said this is not barbaric. This is fun. This is functional. You’re starving. You gotta kill something, you gotta eat it. You gotta know how to build a fire. You gotta cook it just like what you’re talking about. They tell their moms, we get, we get yelled at. Of course.

00:54:20:28 –> 00:55:41:01
And so we didn’t have a chicken chase Next year you were released. Huh? You were released from that calling. So those of you that are looking Yeah, looking for a good, getting out of a elder’s gorum or something calling, you don’t want to have a chicken run, kill something on a cookout. I did that in Australia a bunch. But usually the Polynesians would do that, would buy pigs and then they’d grease pictures, run a knife through it and would, but you know, hung it up. It’s good. You didn’t care. You just wanted a meat feed when you’re down there. But they’re good at that. Alright. All right. Well, is that good? That’s it All for Boys to Men. For Boys to Men. We labeled it right there. All right. That’s the podcast name. It’s better than it with Beaver County in it, right? I’m just saying better than drawing attention. We’re don’t That’s true. Out in anti Beaver County. Nobody probably listening. You ain’t know Jason’s from there pretty much. I am. I think they’re awesome. You guys are legit. I don’t wanna hunt against them. No. For a different reason than Josh doesn’t wanna hunt against them, but all right, everybody have a good weekend. Let’s face it. If your goal is to kill big stuff, you need to draw quality tags. Quality tags are typically hard to draw. To increase your odds of drawing good tags you need to apply in multiple states.

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