In this episode, “Angry Josh” shows up to playfully bash counties around Utah, we also draw the winner of the June 3-9th Surprise Giveaway announced on our Instagram and throw another Surprise Giveaway out there. For THIS WEEK ONLY (June 10-16th, 2024), if you purchase $125 or more in Hunt Giveaway tickets at , you will automatically get entered into our last Surpise Giveaway. We will pick two winners, the first will get a choice of either a Hoyt Alpha X bow or a CVA LR-X muzzleloader. The second winner will get which ever prize the first winner did not pick. The deadline to purchase tickets for the curent hunt giveaway is June 24th 2024, but purchasing early will give you an opportunity to win a muzzleloader or bow!

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson, Josh Pollock. And of course we got, what are you, are you, have you, what do you identify as? I don’t, we haven’t zeroed in. I get called something different. I mean, are you Gen Z? Are you Juice lollipop, juice box. I mean, I can be Gen Z juice box. Both I’ll who you want me to be. That’s right. So what, what, what era they, them are you? They them. Are you? Okay? He’s coming with the Beaver County crap again. I dunno. Geez, Paul. His mind is in crazy places too. I know. No, it is it what he does in the off time. I, I have a few questions about, but I don’t really want answer. Couldn’t handle the answer. I’d like to get the root of his problems with Beaver County. I’d like to really know what it is. I mean, geez, do we got an hour? Geez. So I don’t know Your dad. Get your dad on fun time. You, your dad and Paul. Can you guys just spend an hour? We’ll do like therapy about therapy. Yeah. Get it out. Trauma counseling. Get it out. That’s what I like about Paul and is Beaver County therapy isn’t like therapy in other places in the world, I’m sure. What do you mean by that? Give me, gimme your thoughts about that. Josh.

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What do you think about a therapist out of Beaver County? Yeah. Hey, the trust level would be very low. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just good clean living people. If you’re getting middle therapy in Beaver County. Do you have any suggestions John? Well, yeah. Where does it start? Where do you go sit under a wind farm or a pig? Pig farm? Geez. Downtown Minville. The swimming pool of the Jan Cow count fill pool you’ve ever seen in your life. Okay. That was really quick. Really? And we weren’t even prepping for this podcast. That was very quick. It was wow. Fly. He’s always thinking about it. It’s very obvious that there’s stuff very shallow. It’s not very deep with Boic when it comes to being, it’s right on the surface. Okay. What about a therapist out of Pengu? If you’re gonna get a good, honest person that’s gonna help you with that, come, come on. Come out Where? Where you gonna, you go to Pengu Lake. Wanna sit by the shores of Pengu Lake and have a good counseling session. They gotta play the crack down stuff to get figured out. Crack down. They got minor, they got Minorville Reservoir over there. I mean, what they got? You got crack down. What you got? They got what? What? Pengu Flake is a cracked dam. Yeah, but it’s still pristine. It held, did it hold, how are, how are they doing?

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Are they gonna rebuild that thing? Yeah. Or just the top layer? It’s, it sounds like they’re redoing it. Gonna take some post hole cement and go Yeah, maybe quick J it up. Call it a day. Maybe add on it. Take a little more water from Delta. We don’t want to get into Delta. Whoa. Now we’re getting into Miller County. Do you have anything against San Juan County where I’m from? Is that a pretty good, I think it’s a pretty good place. Nothing prob probably is. I don’t, haven’t been there like twice in my life. Good. So both of them experiences or both of ’em. Very good experiences. There’s a lot of things happening over there in San Juan. Trails. Politics. There’s a lot jail time. There’s a lot of things Whatcha talking about, about guys that are standing and driving off road and trails that have been supposedly closed or not or who knows? It’s taking a stance. Good clean part of the world right there. So, Josh, do you have anything against me? No. No. I’m good. How about Iron County? No. No. Okay. Washington County. It’s hot. Kind of gets different down there. Yeah, it’s too hot. Yeah. How about the people? Oh, it’s like a beauty contest. It’s like, okay, you have to shave your legs. That’s, they’re measuring contests going on. Guys have to shave their legs to be in Washington. Oh yeah.

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You can have one 5% body hair live down there, isn’t there? There’s like 29 counties in Utah. I’ve got a good podcast. Let’s just add Pollock and we just name a county and he says 15 boards or less. Just go along with that. I would just be, I’d like to know Pollock, carbon County. Dagg It. Oh geez. First thing. First. First thing that comes to mind on Carbon County. Bunch of hillbilly miners. Loss of teeth. Way too many time in a coal. Too much time in a coal. Mine be cheese. Oh cow price. You wanna get into price? What? Well have you been to Price? No. That’s why I kind of mentioned it. It was, it’s an interesting place. Maybe rather than 29. What other than Garfield County? ’cause we know that’s your number one. What do you think Does what? What would you call the number two and the number three? Best in the Pollock set of eyes. Best counties in the state. Besides Garfield. Not Ute. I. Okay. We’re already, I know that. Negativity, right? Nothing’s positive. Tell us Ca. Cash County. I like Cash County. What do you like about it? What about it? It’s pretty up there. I mean it’s pretty, yeah, it’s, it’s pretty, it’s a nice place living there. It’s for a bits cold, coldest place on Earth in the winter. But yeah. Okay. It, it is. But there’s lots to do.

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A lot of marshes and ducks and there’s a lot of, you could go up to the mountains. Ski can’t build a basement up there. There’s one. What else? The far away they get from you the better. You can’t even think of two more. And these are the only two places he’s lived in Utah was Cash and, and Garfield. Am I right? I don’t mind. Iron County. Iron County’s nice. There’s some good places over here. I don’t know. This is, people seem nice. Why are we letting, I don’t know. Why are we letting Garfield County be the throne here? Yeah, because it is the top. Yeah. I mean I, I just gave him that one but the other two, it’s like, I don’t even know why we give him the mic. I don’t either. I was content working. Ruin our business. He exactly. We love everybody in Utah. We do. And he lived there for three or four years going to Utah State. So he thinks Cash county’s good and he works in Iron County. That’s the only good thing he has to stay about. Any other counties? Geez, send your hate mail. I, Josh. I think he needs counseling. I grew up going to Southern Idaho visiting my grandparents. And so Cash County is a little bit of an extension from from We should see if Paul from could give him a little counseling. Yeah, I mean on air.

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I could teach, I could teach pro bono work. Little. I don’t think you could say anything that Paul hasn’t heard. He’s trys usually in between sessions. Let’s try, when your dad talks of a little pro bono work, he needs to, he needs to throw in for the community. We got the guy that needs to talk to a lot of help. He’s gonna hear stuff he normally hears at the jails because I know he does a lot of counseling in weird places. Alright, well let’s from that, let’s stuff, let’s talk about something fun. Yeah, let’s give away some stuff. Problem giveaway. Yeah. I wanna go straight to the giveaway, but I think we should wrap up with or start this whole thing with what the deal was last week. Start off. Well we just, we’re in a generous mood I guess one day. Like most of our decisions here, when we give stuff away, they’re very impulsive. Yeah. They’re not like, like today they’re not methodical like to what’s gonna happen here in a minute. Yeah. But this started for that. I think it was last Monday we came, came to work. We’re excited about draws upcoming to end an end. And we decided, hey, let’s give away, if for anybody that muzzle buy entries into our hunt giveaway by Sunday night at 1159, let’s give away muzzle order boat. And we’re super excited about the muzzle orders just because we’re right in the middle.

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If you can’t tell anything that we’re right in the middle of, we think everybody should be in the middle of kinda like Garfield County Pollock. But I mean, yes. I’m trying to tie that in. So we’re buying bullets. Pollock’s got me buying bullets, muzzle odors. Putting open sites on Muzz loaders. ’cause we’ve got open site restrictions in some states. Also working out some one power scope. Yeah. Options. Yeah. Red dots and one powers for Utah’s or you know, ING rounds we’re Oh yeah, we’re doing nonstop work. Lots of uz of projects right now where we’re waiting. So we think everybody should be doing projects well we’re waiting for bucks and bulls to finish growing. Not not spending too much time in the hills necessarily. Yeah. Paul got a buck that looks like it has pretty incredible genetics. Really. Yeah. Thanks for sharing me that shank. I didn’t see that. Well it was eight, eight inch shank. I said great. Pollock looks like it’s gonna be a one 90. Yeah. Yeah. I did see some guys this weekend that probably should have been scouting instead of playing baseball. But you know, hey, you know people have priorities. So who’s he? Who’s he talking about? Just everybody in full of pengu. Everybody. ’cause everybody comes to Pengu ’cause it’s such a great, people are enjoying their families. Pollock people are having outdoor activities with families who are scouting to be done. Okay.

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Well tell us about this giant Bucky guy. I don’t know. Shaster has an inch and a half showed five guard and it looks like has three and a half inches of bass. That’s exciting. ’cause he not seven inch, he’s not a two point. He’s gonna potentially not be. Is he on a general or he’s not on his first fork? Is he on a general unit? How do you know he is not gonna be a fork? He, it could be a big two. Yeah, he could. He could. Which would be a trophy. That’s why you don’t judgment. Don’t get too excited until it’s July. Judging everybody that’s not out doing what he thinks they should be doing. We’re at the ballparks, cheering on our kid. This is our new character. Grumpy old. Old man. Do you have a good relationship with your kids? My kids love me. Yeah, absolutely. Love you. Yeah. After I was Did you deliver beverage? I was last night riding behind my second son because he needed to cut weight for wrestling camp today. He found out two days ago. So we put him on a bike, got him all dressed up with all of his trash bags, hoodie, trash bags and stuff. I got, I got nephews heading into that camp up in Salina. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s gonna be a two or three a day ordeal. They get put 25 matches. Yeah. Something he found out Saturday.

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Pretty awesome that he needed to cut a couple pounds and he’s already, he’s like 90. He was wrestling 98 pounds. Like, I mean, geez. Pollock. And he was came in at a hundred. Yeah, he was weighing a hundred pounds. He doesn’t take after Pollock if he’s 98 pounds. I don’t remember. Was he five years old? Oh. Oh well he’s gonna be 15 like in two weeks. Oh, I thought you said second born son. He’s five years old. Sorry, second. Second. Second. Okay. I thought you said second born son. No, he’s gonna be 15. Okay. Squirt. Alright. Alright. Well anyway, Bronson, where, where are we at? Well, let’s give it away. Today’s Monday. Alright, so anybody’s bought $125 or more package for last week alone. We were just giving away. No, and it’s not something we were planning on doing. It’s not even in the rules. No. We do stuff on the fly. We give away stuff if we want to just for free it. End. End the story. We tried to give away stuff for all the Arizona stuff. How’d that go? We kept it all Well, yeah, like we talked about. Yeah. Somebody that didn’t, nobody’s killed an elk. Nobody’s killed an elk on the Chi album and brought it into us yet. But the limited, what do they call those? Limited opportunity. Well it’s the OTCO tc. It’s the O TC Non-Pro permit tags. No permit tag. Nobody’s brought one in.

00:10:37:09 –> 00:11:39:24
Showed us for the chi, the tag. Yeah. And we have not talked to a living, breathing person that drew one of those special, one of those last limited entry tags that they gave five or six of em in April. Specifically. We wanted to know the Kaibab guy or gal. ’cause that’s a, it’s pretty incredible tag. Well, it’s a pretty cool tag. You get a jumpstart on that gov tag. Well, and next year it won’t be available there. They randomly rotate. They’ll throw you down in 20 A go. Yeah, 18 at B. Here you go. A team B in February, which hey, Hey. A B’S are actually a pretty decent mid February. I don’t know why. All right, so let’s run the draw for this week and then maybe, we’ll, I don’t know, see how well it goes. So remember how we run this random generator? It’s awesome. Now normally you can go do a number and you just assign him a number. But no, very sophisticated, I guess Sophist, we’ve got our own Logan who has proven to us that he can program. He can, there’s there’s gibberish on there and 14 languages. That’s right. That’s right. None of which are English. He just did it all on TikTok, but it’s good percent. Josh, what generation is he from? Z? It’s ZI think it’s older than Z. No, no, I’m or newer than Z I’m, I’m like one of the first years in Gen Z.

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Oh, you are? I just barely made it. Yeah. I think Gen Z is 99 to whenever and I’m 2000 He He says it like he’s proud. Yeah, exactly. He’s like, yeah, I barely it. Pollock. What are Gen Zs known for do you think? What comes first of mind? I don’t know. God. Heck, their pants don’t go all the way to their ankles. Flat brimmer. Yeah, exactly. They tuck their ears in their hats. Okay. So, all right. Alright. You don’t have a flat brim? I don’t have a flat brim. No pants in my ankles. You’re doing? I’m well adjusted. Alright, well let’s, you don’t have a girlfriend so you probably ought to adjust and catch up to your Gen Z. That’s perfectly fine with Gen Z. I guess I’m missing one thing. Wait, do you have a girlfriend? I don’t. I do not. He wouldn’t tell us if he did. Well, no. All right. Send your photos too. Oh no, John. John. No. Logan. See careful what you ask for. John was gonna say I need to screen all logos. No, no I wasn’t. I was gonna say send them to John Logan and then I will filter ’em. DM j Hunts. Alright. Alright. Alright. Are we ready? Let’s do it. We’re ready. Who’s gotta get a Alpha X 33 or a Acura? LRX. That’s right. All right. Choice comes down to Jeremy Wise. Do we have a number Jeremy Wise? How do we find him? I got it. Yep.

00:13:00:05 –> 00:14:32:10
Logan’s got his number on it. Okay. What’s his area code? I might be able to nail it. What’s there? It is. What’s the area code? Let’s see. That guy is 3, 2, 1. No, nevermind. Where’s he from? Yeah, I don’t know what that is. It feels like a Missouri. Let’s call him Missouri. You ready? Let’s just call him Midwest right now. I’m going Midwest. We going straight up. You ready? Yeah. Juice box. We’re ready. Pretzel, pretzel, pretzel. I don’t know, I mean tie that into a Gen Z comment. I don’t even know where you’re going with that. No, I’m not gonna, no, you got his name. I guess if he doesn’t answer we go to the next guy. Come. No, I’m just teasing. Hello. Hey. Hey, is this Jeremy? Yes it is. Jeremy. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah. How are you? Good, how are you? Hey. Doing good. Hope we’re not interrupting your your day, but did you buy some entries for our hunt giveaway this last week? We’re giving away a little weekly prize and Yes sir, I did. Well you won it man. So you got, I did, you got your choice of a Hoyt Alpha X 33 or an LRX Muzz, L Rx AC muzzle loader. So appreciate you buying some tickets. We’re just giving you a call to tell you, you get to choose which one of those you want. Shit.

00:14:33:29 –> 00:15:34:16
Well, you, you could think about it for a minute. We don’t need you on the spot, but I don’t know if you have a archery tag that’s, or if you already get a fresh bow or if you need a fresh muzzle loader, just think it over. What, what’s muzzle loader? It’s the CVA Lrx Acura Lrx 50 caliber long range. LR is long range. Yeah, it’s the 50 caliber. It’s kind of their top of the line. It’s the one we’re shooting Adam and I. So anyway, it’s legit. I’ll do that one. I I just got a, a brand new Hoyt in 21, so I think I’m good. Oh, did you, did you get a Yeah, RX five or something. Okay. Or aluminum, the aluminum version maybe that year. Well, yeah, it wa it was the aluminum version to be honest with you. I have no clue. No problem. Well, all right. Alright, well, we’ll we’ll get with you. We’re we’re just on the podcast real quick. I’ll get, we’ll gonna ship it out to you and then we’ll just ship it to you. We don’t, we don’t need an FFL or anything for that, so we’ll just get it coming your way if you get a big long box and, and the address and everything and, and there’s all good. Should be all good. If not, we’ll give you a holler back. We’ll give you a quick call maybe after this podcast. But hey, appreciate you support.

00:15:34:16 –> 00:16:35:11
That’s awesome man. We just came up with that on the fly and yeah, we’ve got a couple more weeks before the entry deadline on the 24th of June, but you won the little, we’ll call it the five day weekly that we did. So thanks for playing. That’s freaking awesome. Yeah. So the mule deer thing’s still open too, right? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s the one I want. Yeah, that’s the one I want. Yeah, those are all the regular hunts you apply for ’em. Buy tickets for is open until June 24th. You just, oh, I bought, I bought a plethora of ’em, so, okay. Yeah, I kinda like that word. So what do you think number, the word of Josh’s pretty critical. Josh, what do you think about? No, that’s great. I, I use that word a lot. That’s good. Okay. Alright. Appreciate save this number, appreciate save this number and hopefully you get another call in a couple weeks. Yep. Thanks Jeremy. Yes sir. Appreciate it. I appreciate you guys. Alright, thank you. Thanks. Bye. Bye. There you go boss. Okay, Bronson, that leaves us with a bow. I guess we better give it away. Let’s give it away another week. Let’s do another weekly. What do you think? What? Let, let’s do it. Set up the parameters. Let’s give the bow away. Nobody took the bow, but let’s, let’s make sure we give the bow away.

00:16:35:16 –> 00:17:48:16
So what we’re gonna do, this is off the cuff, of course, let’s give away the Hoyt Alpha X 33. Alright. And whoa, another whoa, whoa. Another CVA Acura, LRX me litter. Just give away both. I wanna just give away my, the bows have been in my office for too long. I want ’em gone. So let’s give away both. What do you think about a lesser model? No. Did you see him? He found out it was the best mus lawyer and he’s wanted it actually. It’s what we’re using. So, so, alright. Alright, let’s do, do it. Let’s just do both this week. John, think same thing. Hit rinse, hit repeat. Okay. People one week. Are people in Garfield County, are we ex familiar with the word rinse and repeat? Are we excluding Carbon County or should we exclude the county he’s from? Oh, just, just because he is so hard on everything. Maybe. What do you think? Potentially like Logan, Shane County. We could maybe exclude them. Okay. What comes to mind with Shane? What’s the problem there? Well, if they ever beat p geez, that’s might be something else. I don’t know. Okay. Okay. So this goes the 10th to the 16th Father’s day’s the last day to get on on this. Hey, good. Hey, that’s another thing. Father’s Day. That’s a Father’s Day thing. We give away both. There we go.

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If you buy tickets from the time you hear this until Father’s Day at 1159, we’re giving away a Hoya Alpha X 33 and an Acura LRX 50 Cow. How about that? I love, I love it. Let’s do it. Good enough? Yep. Alright, so this’ll be the last of the weeklies, right? And, and last mean. Yeah, because that’s, we’re not gonna come on with one again. Like this is something we’re just doing on the fly. So whatever. Yeah, yeah. I I I gotta get rid of some bows. Well, and and nobody took, he didn’t pick the bow, so we gotta do it again. Brand new 2024 model. Awesome. Incredible Bow Bronson. You’re shooting the aluminum bow from last year’s model and it was like your best shooting bow you’ve ever had. I’m still, I love it. I I love the RX five. I have that. I have the Venum 33, 34, I think it was called 34. It’s, it’s smooth. It’s all, it’s snappy. It’s slightly faster than my Rx five actually. Which, anyway, and I mostly, I know the carbons are good for Yeah. Wide temperature ranges, especially when it’s colder and snot doesn’t get cold in your hands. But aluminum bowls, I hunt when it’s 105 degrees. I don’t need it. I need it, you know, I need it to cool down it. Five is, it was 105 this weekend. Yeah. In a lot of places. Terrible. It’s crazy. So, anyway, well, so let’s do it.

00:18:59:04 –> 00:20:06:12
All right. Anything else we need to say about that? No, I think let’s, let’s lay out the parameters again, John, real quick. Yeah, you’ve got it. You’ve gotta purchase $125 in tickets or more between the 10th and Father’s Day, which is the 16th, 1159. Okay. On that day. So we’re back date, the same thing. It’s the 10th today. Today, 12:01 AM on the 10th through midnight. Midnight on Father’s Day on. And a lot of places, you know, have had their Father’s Day specials come and gone and they can’t ship you stuff fast enough. You can get tickets till the last minute. All right. Treat yourselves. Tell your dad being a couple of draws. Being a draw for a, for a, for a, I mean really you have two chances. Alright. Get an art a bow and then we’re gonna pull another name. You’re gonna get a muzzle order. First guy pick fist first and second guy gets Swiss foot and then you’re in for the hunts. That’s right. Whatever hunts you’re in for anyway. Yeah. So, and this is, this is all in because there’s no no draws that come out this week. So let’s give something way ourselves and then next week we’ll have maybe actually Oregon might be the 15th. It’s supposed to be by the end of the week, but hey. Yeah, I was excited about that. I mean I, me kind of, but I’m from Iron County, so that’d be something. That’s right.

00:20:06:12 –> 00:21:21:15
That’s right. I’m not in, I’m not in. Alright. But anyway, Pollock, how do we end on high cut Pollock’s mic anyway? Who cares? You? He’s off. This is what you get when, when you go to a, a county where they don’t have a football team in the high school. Oh gee. Mean you just grow up angry when they What? There’s no football team at the high school. I mean, you’re so small. No. What sports do you have? That’s why they have to kick everybody’s butt in wrestling for five years in a row. Mean including, well there we go. He’s gonna go down to the pigtails and pigtail years. The madam years. And you know, the first, but I have to apologize. I just wanna know, ve is in you win vernal is in, you win a county. That sucks too when you, when you with biking with your kid. Yeah. Was it the electric bike you were on? Of course. Keep up with him. Pedalling under my own power. He weighs 98 pounds. I’m like 165 come at least. Okay. I wasn’t gonna, I’m not gonna guess what you weigh, but I’d say, I’m just gonna say this. Let’s, let’s add a few digits. But if you’re trying to get motivate your kid and you’re riding on an electric bike, the kid’s already tapped. Like, I’m, my dad has it. He’s cruising right now. It has his feet are up on the pecs.

00:21:21:15 –> 00:22:27:03
Oh, I guarantee you Pollock was just, he was just lightly pedaling to show the motion it had, listen, this is how it went. It had like five levels of compensation from the motor. I was only on one, but it was rather majestic. It kinda reminded me of Lion King. ’cause we rode up to the top of this big hill. We’re like sun. You see that down there? Oh, that it like, everywhere the light touches is Garfield County. That’s the most pristine, beautiful place. And he’s like that. Okay, we’re done. Like, we cried. It was, it was, did you call, did you call him simple? He probably called him simple by accident. He held him up. Come on in front of everybody. Geez. Yep. Alright. Well call it a day next week. We’re getting somebody else in here. Logan. Can’t take the abuse. Alright, let’s, let’s crank this out. Okay, John, put throw it out on social media. Let’s get done with it. We’ll, good luck. All another set of, have a good week everybody. Alright, let’s face it. If your goal is to kill big stuff, you need to draw quality tags. Quality tags are typically hard to draw. To increase your odds of drawing good tags you need to apply in multiple states. That’s where an Epic Outdoors membership can help.

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Let the best hunting application gurus in the world do your tag applications. You’ll never miss a deadline. You’ll never apply for the wrong unit and you’ll never apply for a unit that’s having a die off. Your time is valuable. We do the work. You draw the tags. Epic Outdoors license app 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. If you want a bow from the best manufacturer there is. Look at Hoy Archery. With the addition of the new carbon RX eight and the aluminum Alpha x Hoyt has reimagined what a bow can do. Hoyt bows where 70 pounds feels like 60. Call us to order yours today. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 With fierce rifles. Every detail matters. They are hands down one of the best rifle manufacturers in the industry and they never seem to stop making new innovations. If you want to get serious about your long range shooting, call us to talk over your options for your next fierce rifle. Epic Outdoors is an official fierce Rifle dealer. Our consultants know their whole line of rifles inside and out. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Epic Optics is an authorized dealer for Swarovski, Leica, zes Vortex, Leopold Kaa Sigur and more. Here at Epic Optics, we are committed to getting you the best deal for the glass that fits your needs. Go to epic or call in to speak with our consultants who will fit you with the perfect optics for your next hunt. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.

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If you are looking for your next hunting property, look no further than St. James. St. James are the experts at all sporting properties across the west. Their team of agents will spend the time getting to know you personally and find out which property out of the hundreds they have listed is perfect for you. If you’ve always wanted a property where you could hunt and fish, go online to st james sporting or give them a call at (855) 711-7577 to learn more. Red Rock Precision rifles are at the pinnacle of custom rifles. They make no compromises in terms of quality, accuracy, and reliability. They will build the perfect rifle for you in both feel and performance. Epic Outdoors is an official Red Rock dealer. Call us to talk over your options for your next Red Rock rifle or go go to red rock to learn more. Vortex makes optics for every occasion. Whether you’re a long range shooter, dialing in that perfect shot, or an archery hunter in need of an easy to carry optic without sacrificing quality. Vortex has you covered. Head over to epic or call us to learn more about your vortex options today at 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. From top of the line hunting blind to game calls that can’t be beat. GSM Outdoors has you covered for whatever outdoor equipment you need for all of their products. Head over to gsm to learn more.

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Thompson Long Range has perfected the art of simple, affordable, long range shooting. If you don’t want to calculate ballistics or adjust your turrets before making a shot, a Thompson Long Range System is for you. Simply Range. Place the hash mark for that distance on the animal and pull the trigger. They make top quality rifles and host a shooting school that will leave you confident in making shots out to a thousand yards. Visit Thompson long to learn more about purchasing your next rifle or booking your next shooting school experience the crew at Epic Outdoors Trust stealth Cam Trail cameras to get us through the scouting season. Stealth Cam is the leading trail camera brand because they never stop innovating. Check out their brand new line of trail cameras, including the Revolver 360 degree [email protected]. Epic Outdoors is an official stealth cam dealer. Call us to order yours today at (435) 263-0777. Phone scope changed the game with their Digi scoping innovations and have remained the top phone to optic adapter on the market. Check out the incredible new Carbon Pro phone scope [email protected]. P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P Outdoor Edge is the knife that we all use here at Epic Outdoors. Whether it’s a replaceable blade or fixed blade, you will not be disappointed with your outdoor edge knife. Head over to outdoor and check out their brand new razor VX knife today. Epic Outdoors is proud to be an official Zeiss dealer and optics partner.

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When it comes to top tier quality. Zeiss has been a leader in the industry for generations. If you are in the market for new optics, give us a call for unbelievable deals on Zeiss products. Giving you the highest quality and durability out there without breaking the bank is what makes Zeiss so good. Check out our website, epic or call us at (435) 263-0777 to find out which Zeiss Optic is perfect for you. Epic Outdoors is now an official CVA Muzz loader dealer. If you are in the market for a new muzzle loader, R staff can go over the different options that you should consider. CVA muzzle loaders are the go-to muzzle loader. For Epic Outdoors and Crew, we’ve definitely got our favorite setups for Western big game hunting in stock. Call us today at (435) 263-0777 to find out which CVA is perfect for your next hunt.