In this episode the crew talks about moisture levels in Nevada and the outlook of the upcoming season for Mule deer, New Mexico Elk growth for this year and Colorado deer in one of our favorite units. We also take a look in depth at each of the hunt options in our upcoming member drive! This is the last week to enter, so get your tickets now at or call in at 435-263-0777

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson coming at you from Southern Utah. Has anybody got gum in today? Okay, Bronson, you smacking gum today? ’cause we’ve had some people remind us that we, we chew a little bit too much gum and I’m addicted to it. So, sorry. I want to say sorry, everybody. Bronson, do you wanna say, sorry? Not really. If you, if you’ve got a, you’ve a phobia, turn your volume down a little bit. But we do appreciate you listening and, and today we only got a Diet Coke and a monster too. And hey, maybe we’ll take a drink here. Ooh, that gets to me right there. In fact, I’m gonna do it too. Geez. Alright, well, anyway, it’s kind of fun. You know what’s, what’s super exciting is, I don’t know if you got your email are bro, the draw over. Oh yeah. But I got my email from Arizona. I got like 14 of them. Okay. They sent, I’m just making sure that you’re aware I have, because you get family emails and then they’re all get forwarded. So you get all your women and children because you’re responsible for have one month. You’re responsible for their upkeep and wellbeing and feeding and nurturing and all that. And then they, so I get each of them and then they send it again. Yeah.

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They just wanna make sure that they’re not on the hook for when you forget to update your credit card for the 14 women and children you got. That’s right. That, that you’ll end up that you know, and you, and you don’t get your tag, that you don’t blame them. Yeah. Or go before the Wildlife board. How about that? What was that? You go before the Arizona Game Fish Commission. Would you like to do that? They’re the most from what I’ve brutal commission from what I’ve watched. No, they’re the most brutal commission. Mr. Bronson, did you the the state do anything to prohibit you from applying correctly? No. Okay. The state Have a seat over here. Take take another education class. Game and fish. Did your program work as you as expected? Yes. Was it, was Mr. Bronson in at fault? As far as we can tell? Mr. Bronson, what is your contention? I just accidentally made a mistake. I think you guys should do a little better at, at accommodating your customers. I scrolled the mouse. Mr. Bronson, we could give two craps about your application. Go sit in corner nice day. Call us back when you take that a hundred head course, I mean, geez. Brutal. They’re the worst. They’re the worst ever. They, they have no feelings whatsoever. Well, and their system is, let’s face it, you gotta check out for every species.

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And if you do two or three for five or six or eight family members, let alone a license application service. It’s just a, it’s an, it’s a half a day. It’s archaic, it’s, and it’s a half day project. But hey, they are turning around in 14 days and that happens to be tomorrow morning. They’re gonna be charging cards, right? That’s right. So this should not hit the airwaves before they’ve already given me my successful notice. ’cause if it’s, if there’s a chance this, this is gonna go out. Well, I don’t know. What do you think Bear? What’s that? Is this gonna hit tonight? Oh yeah. Whoa. Gay Bronson Mays, wait until tomorrow. You know me better than that. All. Well, I’m a glass half full contest guy. If we, if we drop Arizona, we’ll be doing another podcast tomorrow. But we’re also talking about the commission and we’re talking about the game and Fish two entities as they’ve been very, they’re two separate people. Clear, clear to point out in the past about the Go Governor raffle tags, remember? Yeah, because Game and Fish got blown back game Fish and they said, Hey Dave, that was the commission, not us. And it is unique that Game and Fish answer to the commission. The commission answers to themselves and a couple of people once in a while, really, for the most part, they run their agenda. And we’re not singling out Arizona necessarily. No. All states.

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Not all states. They’re run, run by a run by a commission. And, and you know, of course what’s interesting though is these people aren’t like elected officials, but they’re making big changes. Big Oh no. Monumental changes in some states. Enough changes. I’d be nervous if I was them for my mortal wear welfare. Did would you care to just, there’s weirdos out there. Gimme an example, Jason, of what you’re referring to. Well, I don’t know. Just there’s, let’s be clear. Not from you. No, not from me. No, not from you. No, not from us. There’s just a lot of weird people that are so passionate. It’s beyond. Yeah. Yeah. And, and you know, I don’t know if you guys have noticed it, but the later in history we get whatever, 20, 24, 20 25, 20 26, it’s getting worse and worse and worse. People are ticked off. Well, covid co co people up got ’em angry and it just kind of carried over it. Like, oh, you know, they don’t, people drought, just lack of tags, you know, just things like that lack of opportunity, which it’s warranted because of the overall nu population numbers in many instances, whatever, depends on what we’re talking about, you know, are struggling and, you know, quality’s struggling and so people are ticked. Everybody’s, yep.

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And now I’m trying to run cameras with buck on bucks that just have like seven inch stumps coming outta their head trying to judge if they’re gonna be one 90 or 1 93. You know what I mean? I didn’t see any of that this weekend. I’m gonna like to see a four point. Hey, how about, how about you wanna talk about a pronghorn? You saw I saw a good pronghorn. Like no joke, no joke. I was, there was a highlight of my weekend. I’m not gonna lie. Okay. Like, like, hey, when a pronghorn makes the highlight of the, of my weekend, they’ve been growing since December or January whenever their, she’s fought December. No, they out scouting. All right. Yeah. And so they’re, and deer and elk, you know, haven’t elk, elk are a lot further their long course, but yeah, deer need, they need a, they need some time. We’re eager to go, but man, they’re just not much to show us yet. But anyway, good friend of mine sent a picture from a unique buck. That show showed a little bit more growth than anything I’ve seen so far. So it’s been rough. Hey, how about these new binos? We’ve been selling ’em like crazy. Oh yeah. Let’s do a reminder of that. It’s no joke. These NL fourteens, they’re really like a 14.4. Some companies are saying 14.7. We call, we call it 14.

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I want them to be a 15 and they probably identify as a 15. So let’s identify this one. We identify them as a 14 plus. And so therefore that’s what we’re calling, okay. 14 pluses. They, that was the last podcast, right? We haven’t had one in between this one and that. Right? So if you wanna listen all about that, you missed it, go listen to it. Yeah. Greatest thing since sliced bread. Pretty awesome. Definitely. We’re getting the first three pair that coming in probably two, three weeks, right? Plus or minus. Plus or minus. Let’s call it four weeks just to make, just to safe call it a plus, but yeah. But yeah. Okay. I like the plus. We’ve got a big waiting list and, but we are assured that they’re gonna be able to meet that demand within reasons. So I think so if you made the, made the decision or about to get a call, call in. We’ll take your card, put it down, you get ’em out before hunting season. So anyway, pretty awesome. We’ve got a lot of draws. A a few draws left, so not a lot tomorrow. A few. So let’s just say credit cards will be charged for Arizona. We’re gonna have sheep and deer people somewhat excited, generally come out here in a week, week and a half for official results. And then what Bronson, we’ve got tomorrow, Idaho. Tomorrow. Well, tomorrow we should have, well go ahead.

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Go ahead. What is that? Tomorrow? The 18th? We should have 18th. Wyoming. Wyoming Deer and antelope. Same, same time. We’re expecting charges from Arizona. So, Hey, that for me, that’s a wrap for you. It’s gonna be a good day. I, I put in for sheep in Idaho, so I’m not looking forward. Well, some people are excited about Iowa that’s coming out here mid July. Yeah. And then Idaho Dearl can antelope. Yeah, I already did sheep like you, so we’re not, we’re out on that one. So we’re out on that one. So anyway, we’ll be getting some calls on that one. That’s about it. We’ll see. Yeah. Well, yeah, that’s about it. It, so if you are lacking on getting a tag or wanting a hunt or whatever, something world class that’s otherwise tough to find or, or a book you might consider our epic membership drive, our summer membership drive. John, tell us a little bit about that. This is the last raw here pretty much. Let’s go. Yeah, we’re, we’re last week. This is the wa last week alert on this drive. And man, it’s just really, really fun to draw these hunts and send people on hunts that, you know, maybe they wouldn’t have the chance to go on typically and win something that’s world class, something that, that we would wanna do. Somebody asked me what, what’s the difference in your drawing?

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And I, I said it’s the quality, truly the quality of hunts that, that you can get. These are things that we would love to win. We would love to get, we’re one of the, we’re one of the few that offer sweepstakes type hunts or a membership drive that will actually can call our people back after the hunt’s over. Yeah. Like, we’re proud of it because they probably had an incredible hunt generally. And we’ve, and you’ve heard from some of those guys that are, that are willing to come onto the podcast and whatnot. And of course we try not to, you know, call every single one, abuse ’em every single time and abuse them and Yeah. But, but it is something that these, these are hunts that we’re proud of and, and giving away is pretty fun. So John, I, I mean, you can get in by, if you’re a brand new member, if you’ve never subscribed to Epic before and you subscribe, you can be into this draw. If you refer a buddy, which your buddy’s a cheapskate and using your mag or whatever, fine. It’s good time to get him in. He gets a name. You get a name. Yeah. As long as you tell us buy his membership, you get, you can keep, retain both entries yourself. If you wanna do it that way, you can talk to Wendy or Janet about that. Yep.

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And, and all you have to do is you choose your hunt just so you, you don’t get just thrown into a random hunt. You can choose whichever a ticket in for whichever hunt you want, the, the doll sheep, the moose, anything you choose. And, and we send you a ticket for that. Alright? And then you can, of course we have ticket packages you can purchase and kind of buy your way in if you’re, you know, already got your buddies in or whatnot. And re and remember current members that you were in once too already when you first joined, whenever that was. And so anyway, sure. Appreciate your support. Current members as well as potential future members. And so we kind of wanna go over these hunts real quick, real and just remind everybody what, what’s, what they’re getting in for and what the options are. So Bronson, do you wanna start us off? And I’ve got a little something special that’s gonna be up on the television. Come on. Logan’s gonna put it up. Who approved? Who approved? I did. This is, so I’ve got, I’ve collected some extra photos that you guys might not have seen in the magazine and kind of look at while we’re talking about these hunts. So cautiously Logan will put those up cautiously on there, but optimistic. But when are you gonna do that, Logan? Right now.

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Right now you guys will look at ’em while you’re talking about, we’re ready. So of these eight hunts, six of them are for this fall. So if you’re, if you’ve got room in your schedule, you need more. There’s six of them that are for this year. Two of them are for 20, 25. Maybe I’ll start out just talking about there, a couple of those. First one is Alaska Doll Sheep Hunt in the Wrangle Mountains with Alaska Wild Wind adventures. Cabot has an awesome area. He’s an awesome pilot. Has a lot of members out there over the years. Just some stud, beautiful looking sheep. I mean, this is not just tech check in a box with a squeaker ram. It’s a great area. The wrangles in general and other outfitters as well maybe have not been hit as hard with some of the winners that’ve had across parts of Alaska. Of course, we had to buy this a year or two ago. Like you have to, you know, when we, you book a hunt yourself, this hunt is for August 21st to 30th of 20 25, 10 day backpack hunt option to add a grizzly, things like that. I mean, it was a $38,000 hunt when we bought it. It’s probably, if you’re to book one now, it’s probably 40,000 plus. It’s just the way they go. These seems to both be blown through 50, not very long, but it’s an awesome adventure.

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A 10 day hunt, backpack hunt, August of 2025 gives you a full year to prepare in whatever way you need. Keep a calendar open, prepare physically, gather your gear up, things like that. But as you can see, there are a bunch of awesome rams. The second one is an Alaska moose hunt in the Alaska range with Dillinger River Outfitters. This is in the last 10 days of the open season. September 10 to 20 of 2025. We’ve said it before, but Devon and Wyatt have killed giant 65 inch plus bulls there in the past. It’s an awesome rut hunt. Great pilot, great crew there. Limited harvest, you know, definitely a great chance to kill 60 to 70 inch moose w world class hunt. Again, 40,000 plus hunt in today’s prices. It’s just crazy what it is, but it is what it is. So there’s another hunt for 2025. What I like about him is Aaron is a great pilot himself. And so there’s just, yeah, you have options when your guy’s a pilot and you’re not having to call back in for air support and whatnot, you know, from a third party. Yeah. It’s changes. Changes can change your hump. Potentially similar with, with Cabot. I, I like that in, in a, in a Alaska doll, sheep outfitter and an outfitter that is their own pilot. Yeah, you can react quick. You don’t have to wait.

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You’re not one of three or four outfitters that a flying service is serving. And then now when they can get you, you could inReach and say, bull down, yada yada. And maybe, or maybe you’re going out a little bit earlier or we need to get moved. We, we’ve funded this area out in five or six days. Come get us tonight. We need to move so that we don’t waste two more days, you know, trying to get moot. Right. So, and how, how often did Devon and Wyatt on a weekly basis talk about that moose hunt? I mean, it’s every week, you know, something comes up and they talk about it, it, them guys, them guys get on a ranch, John, and they never quit, man. It, but it was a memorable hunt, I’ll tell you that. So, so memorable. They’re they’re booked to go back. Yeah. So we’ll see how that goes. All right. So now we’re, now we’re sitting at a muskox hunt, excuse me, muskox hunt in the northwest territories fall of 24 or spring of 25. So anyway, with Canadian high Arctic Ventures in August of September 24 or March or April of 25, just a world class hunt for something totally different. Something we’ve never done before. Five day hunt up there on, on the mainland with two remote islands in the northwest territories with a proven outfit or carry Adams.

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Just, just an incredible opportunity for guy that’s wanting to do something different. Way high success. If you don’t want to be in the latter part of winter next March and April. I mean, they’re obviously haired up. It’s a, it’s a true adventure. You can see some of these pictures there. Pictures are amazing. You can go in the fall and if you do go in the fall, you know, they’re still haired up. I mean, it’s not, it’s kinda like, I don’t know how many pictures you have here, John, did you steal some stock photos off the web? No, no. There’s, they’ve killed a lot. They, they killed a lot. Didn’t. You’re a hundred percent. They’re all amazing. They’re, they’re great. But if you want to go in the fall, you can do that. You can perhaps combo a caribou. If you go in the fall of 2024, that’s gonna be up to you. Obviously if you go next winter, you’re doing muskox only. But it’s obviously doesn’t overlap a whole lot of other hunts. If you want to go next, I call it spring, March, March, April, spring here up there, it’s, it still looks like winter. So I don’t know if, if you’re gonna hunt this fall, it’d be a TV and boat for, for transportation. There’s a, otherwise you’re gonna be snow. Yeah, there you go. I mean there’s, yeah, there’s, and there’s, look at how much hair on this stuff.

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I’d be more of that guy. Well, I don’t know, I wanna kill some deer then, but anyway. Or you’d be on snow, snow machine. So a hundred percent. It just should be an incredible opportunity. Alright, now let’s talk about deer. We’ve, Nevada, what’s your prediction for Nevada deer this year? Let’s just talk, let’s digress for that. I hate, I hate to, well, let’s let, this is why know cycles happen. You paid the big bucks, Jason. Well, cycles happen at times and you wonder why I know drought. We know that’s gonna create cycles. Like we can almost, when they’re in a, when it’s a very extreme drought, you can predict that cycle. Especially deer. Yeah. But then sometimes there’s just cycles that you’re just like, man, I actually thought it would be a better year than it turned out to be or whatever. But so far things look really good. It’s dried off just like what we thought. That’s been a really dry, let’s call it a monsoon. We’re not in the monsoon season per se, we’re right at the front of it. But it’s still been very dry. Yes. Up to this point. Windy and dry the last 30 days, but up. But through March, up until then, March, end of March it was and April May. We are pretty wet here. Yeah. Our weather gets a lot. And we’re talking southeast Nevada, I guess to, to be clear about that.

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That’s kind of where, well I mean that’s where the biggest bucks trophy are, zone are. Yep. That’s where we are. And that’s where, that’s where this bump is. We really concentrate where we’re giving away this hunt. Yeah, this hunt. So anyway, Bronson, you and I both were in Nevada this year, this weekend actually. So a different country. I was, you know, partly in Utah and in Nevada, but it was the, the leaders on Bitterbrush and the Bitterbrush feed and whatnot. Next level, their ponds are a bit dry, you know that. But the feed’s incredible. So it’s did, I did actually kind of a good thing. Like you sometimes you don’t want too much water when you’re scouting. Like it’s nice to have, well, last year there was a lot more running water in ponds. Yeah. Like we had a bigger snow load, no question. And a lot, lot later thaw, spring melt, if you want to call it that. Yeah. So the water stretched way into the sun. By the time you had to pull trail cameras down in July, there was still there, there were washes running water from snow melt still practically seems like you got stuck in a wash last year. And then this last weekend you got stuck in a wash. And then you left some major divots in a wash down south also the year prior to that. I’m sure somebody’s gonna, somebody’s not gonna like it because there’s some damage.

00:17:17:23 –> 00:18:19:09
And you never fill up the rut about this after you get unstuck. You never go fill up the ruts, do you? How about the, how about the bbl? M it was in the roadway. You probably affected a desert tortoise. It was a perfect, in the middle of a roadway. How could I be wrong? I don’t know. You can’t be, but you never know anyway. But hey, if you were on the forest circus ground, you have a problem. I was starting to, I was to the point if the, if if my winch wasn’t gonna get me out. ’cause I had no trees. Oh, it’s, it’s when I had giant bitter brush cliff rose trees that luckily the first one. Well, you just ripped it out of the ground. Did you replace that bush? Yeah, I I, I did pack that back in its natural stages. Okay. Just make sure. But the second one pulled me out and I was never grateful that that tree’s gonna have a or bitter brush cliff throats. I stretched. It’s have, it’ll probably have exceptional growth now. It is stretched it through a little, it probably stimulated growth of leaders on that. So that one is always gonna have a fun place in my heart because I was literally going through my phone thinking, who’s weekend am I gonna interrupt? I, who’s gonna hate? I told to call.

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I told you before you left, I said, if you get stuck in a wash, you should have me on speed dial and I’ll bring a mini extra skid or something. And you were like, oh yeah, yeah, whatever. Sure enough. It happens somehow. It’s, you get front, front-ended, man. Oh, you get front ended. That front bumper get, gets caught in there before you pop out and then you start digging. Anyway, you were really fond of diesels last week. Where, where you, well where are they out on the spectrum this week? They’re not a hunting truck. So you were axle deep in the middle of the wash. Oh, I like that axle deep. Anyway. Yeah. So Nevada unit 2 31 that we’re giving this hunt away. And this includes a landowner tag. Of course we’ve got that tag. And then also with White Rock Outfitters, we give their hunts away probably every other year, along with muggy on Rim outfitters, gray crow, both of which are just incredible outfits and done done great. And know it very well. So you get your choice if you win this of archery muzzle or rifle season to be guided landowner tag included. But then you can just stay. What can you ask for? Yeah, you can just stay. So you go guide it.

00:19:24:06 –> 00:20:38:13
If you don’t kill what you want, then you can stay and you can hunt literally like every day from say August 10th archery starts through the end of October for rifle every consecutive day. Dang. Near 80 days or something. Right. Almost three months. You’re gonna hunt a big deer. You do That probably are. Well, unless you’re just an idiot. Well, John, I mean, you know, if you, if you go there and you don’t, don’t, don’t wake up till 9:00 AM and you don’t stay till dark because you’re scared of a couple snakes. It just is what it is. Right. So anyway, by the way, Rattlers are out, boss. Quit talking about it. I haven’t seen one yet. You’re just, the fact you’re bringing them up. I’m gonna see one next time I go out. But a couple may or may not have met their maker this weekend. It was no joke. But anyway, that’s a pretty, this is a pretty fun hunt to give away just because we know it’s hard to have a bad hunt when it’s a, a decent antler growth year or decent feed year in Nevada in these particular units. So unit 2 31, we’re excited about it. Also, the Yakima reservation Elk hunt there in New Mexico. New Mexico. I don’t know if it’s ever quit raining Uhuh. They have had like a monsoon the last the lot. Oh, not statewide, but in places. It’s been unbelievable. We watched it on the radar.

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So it’s last year. Well we called this guy, didn’t we? Podcaster ago, two or three ago. Yeah. Yeah. Logan, look up what, what number that was killed the, like a 3, 3 81 or 3 83 83. 83 85 bull. And he killed it last day. Yeah. Like come on. You know, and had lots of opportunities. Look at that. If you, if you need a big a look at that, that’s worth going and looking. Yeah. That’s no joke too at, or listening to that episode. Dry years is a little bit tougher into Mexico as a whole. Not just on the akima but as a whole. This is not one of those chairs. This is not shaping up. So anyway, September you got an 30th, October 4th and anyway, should be choose your weapon. Should be no joke. Choose your weapon. And September 30th, October 4th. Yeah. All right. Anyway, did you come up with that? Yeah. Number episode three 15. Was that a coma Elcon story? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty fun. That’s awesome. Pretty awesome. Proud to give them that hunt away. Worked with them for many years. We actually, you know, have somewhat of a partnership with them. Of course we pay full price, bro. Bronson, we pay full, full fair everywhere we go. Everything we do well we don’t, yeah, there’s no favors expected. We want to book it just as if one of you’re booking it or whatever we want.

00:21:46:26 –> 00:22:58:07
We wanna fall in line just as if we’re a regular paying client. We don’t want to feel like, you know, we, we a we don’t want a cheap discount hunt for a date that’s inferior dates or less than when you’d wanna be there. So we wanna be there when, when you’d wanna be there if you’re booking yourself and spending hard earned money. So anyway. That’s right. Yeah. We don’t want you to feel like you’re on a freebie hunt ’cause Yeah. You’re not. We paid full price for these. That’s right. Alright, well we got as customary, we usually have a couple of mule deer hunts and this one is gonna be unit 61 third season rifle hunt this year, November 9th to the 15th with Garry Brothers Outfitters. We’ve given their hunt away before. Longtime multi-generational family outfitter there. They have, you know, all the BLM and forest permits as well as private land access. There. Just a great opportunity. Seven day hunt, third season with landowner tag. Not much more to add than that. I mean, we like to be in Colorado most years. If we can find a tag, draw a tag, get a turnback tag, whatever, just for the, we not Colorado till the day we die. Which I don’t know why. ’cause it’s sometimes so frustrating. It it is. It can be. But I mean, it, it’s hard. This this hunt Yeah. Is pretty consistent. It is.

00:22:58:08 –> 00:24:03:13
And it’s also, you know, we usually hunt and usually the second or thirds are occasionally a fourth rifle because most of our other hunts and whether it be Utah, Nevada over with and you can just show up to, to Colorado. Hope you time the ru the rut and weather. Right. And you have a great hunt. So hopefully these dates again, November nine to the 15th should be awesome. Great opportunity, great hunt, great place to stay with this family operation. That unit’s been consistently good since like late nineties. Yeah. It’s just, it’s one of those that was managed before. Anything else is managed that in 21 and 10 and some of those classics from, we’re talking year 2000. Yep. Yep. And they have a, they have a slightly better age structure. They haven’t had, they haven’t had the peaks and valleys like Mike, Mike, maybe Gunnison has, you’ve seen No, they don’t have winter loss. They don’t. And you don’t see the Yeah, the tag’s poured to it. The tag’s taken away. It’s just very steady. Eddie Steady. And one thing I like about it too, it’s a limited draw unit for elk. Yeah. So you don’t have over the counter elk hunters everywhere. Yeah. It is. You now, you go to town, you’re dealing with OTC elk hunters that are coming outta 70 gass and up. Yeah. So the feeling is like, ugh. But in the unit is it’s, we both hunt before.

00:24:03:17 –> 00:25:13:29
It’s it’s noticeably different. There’s not, it’s different. There’s the people there that are in an OTC unit. Yeah. No, it’s nice. Alright, next up we’ve got the 2024 Alberta trophy Whitetailed deer hunt. This is a nine day hunt. Northern Alberta with Alberta dark horn. One of the absolute best there is up there. Very proven long. Have a longstanding reputation. I may be doing this. Look at some of the I that right there we die for, we, we snagged a second opening. I, I might take it, Bronson, if you’re all right with them. I don’t know. I’m just saying. I’ve been thinking do it. I think you should. But anyway, it’s, it’s one of those, it’s one of those hunts that we’re pretty, pretty darn proud of. There’s, I don’t know how many photos, like a hundred, I don’t know. Anyway, all inclusive rut hunt with a rifle in November. I dunno, it’s like 9,000 square miles. I don’t even know how to wrap my arms around that. But next level stuff I hunted at last year. Not with this guy and, and in an area that probably wasn’t quite as good as his at the moment. Just, just, you know, sometimes they have cycles in different areas within Alberta. It seems like we were still on giants. So we’ve talked about it in prior podcasts.

00:25:13:29 –> 00:26:20:28
But absolutely if you’re a giant white need a giant whitetail or our trophy whitetail hunter, this would be one to get your name in for. Haven’t ever given away a late season Canadian whitetail hunt before. But Bronson, I mean, we’ve looked at the photos over the course of time with guys that we book for and and whatnot. And you always want one, but you never, it’s just one of those things. You just, what are the chances, you know, you’re trying to have the best opportunity you can and book with somebody that’s legit. And this would be the spot. Well and it’s just like hunting mule deer in November in the ru. It’s like you just gotta be somewhere that has them. But when you’re hunting an elite mule deer, elite white tail, call it a one seventy five eighty plus hopefully whitetail. Like, it’s just, it’s not gonna happen every time you go. Just like killing a one 90 mule. Deer’s not gonna happen every time you goes. So, but this is definitely the zip code that can, that can produce ’em. That’s, that’s all you can ask for. Again, November, what, 11 to 19th? Yeah, it’s strong. 11th, 19th be should be. Awesome. They, I mean they’ll hunt there at the 1st of November. Clear to the end of November. I was at the last part of November. If I had to do middle again. Yeah, I do that.

00:26:20:28 –> 00:27:30:04
That’s kind of, well that’s why we, you get your guides, you just really get rolling. Everything gets rolling the first part of November and then by mid hunt everybody’s in their stride and at the end of the third hunt you kind of, they’re trunky, you know, ready to go home. So anyway, I just, I want that enthusiasm in the middle. And that’s what we got. Yeah. Alright Bronson, maybe let’s talk about this New Mexico, I little pun a little bit. Since your weekend was made by seeing one animal. I saw one good animal driver. One good animal around then it was the highlight. Yeah. I mean, well I’m deer if I’m on the other end of a shovel, I’m thinking that would’ve been my highlight too. Yeah. Yep. So anyway, so anyway, this is an opportunity and it’s unique that it’s for two hunters. We decided, you know, this is a southern New Mexico hunt down there with TGS trophy hunts, T gore, August 24 to 26. Private land hunt, you know, low hunting pressure. Should be great feed, should be great horn growth year down there this year. This is a three day guided hunt private land with everything included with landowner tags for two hunters. So if you’ve got a buddy, you got a wife, you got a husband, you got a kid, you got somebody you want to take down there. It’s an awesome goal. Be they’ve killed some awesome buck.

00:27:30:09 –> 00:28:35:17
’cause a number of great pitchers there that you’ll see that. So kind of unique there. This is, everything’s included as is food and lodging. So fun time, you know, end of August, you know, kicks off the hunting season. Yeah. Just a rifle hunt. Can’t go wrong with that Hunting trophy bucks. You and a partner. So anyway. Yep. I like it. It’s just an incredible opportunity. And again, down there, we’re just expecting great things from all species in the state of New Mexico. Yeah, it is. I mean all these are paid. I don’t know where John gets all these photos. I swear. Logan, did you, did AI drum these up for you? Or what? I can, I can certify. These are real life photos. Yeah. From this guy. Yeah. Yeah. You didn’t poach ’em from somewhere else. We didn’t even AI any of it. Geez. Do you AI anything? No, Logan not. Are you telling the truth? How do you get Boy Scout models? School? How’d you get through school? Okay, well I, ai plenty of stuff. Okay. Tell me about AI a little bit. What do you wanna know about ai? Did you like, seriously, are these college kids using it? Is it whoever’s best on ai? Does the, has the best papers? Mm no, they can detect it pretty easily. So honestly, unless you’re putting in more work than it’s worth. You can’t really get away with cheating with ai. No. Yeah.

00:28:35:21 –> 00:29:38:24
’cause they have detectives, they’ll run. I thought teachers were okay with run running. Why would they be? Some of them knew AI’s happening there. So the way I would use it is I’d use it as a check, like grammar corrector, make sure everything made sense. Make sure you’re not missing anything. But, and that they don’t care. That’s whatever. There’s a million apps out there. It’s just a souped up spell, spell check pretty much from our old days. Yeah. Souped up, spell check. Yeah. But make sure like grammar check. Like if you’re doing a church talk, just make sure you didn’t miss a big subject or Yeah, exactly. Big thing. Right? Yeah. And there’s, there’s, it’ll generate you a 10 page paper and you can hand it right into the teacher if you want. But well, a find you a girlfriend. I haven’t tried that. Do you want me to, should I try that? Well, no, I was just wondering. Okay. I’m, he wants to make think Jason, I’ve never thought of that. How about Siri? If you ever Siri find me a girlfriend, I wonder who she’d call outta my contest. I’d like a strawberry blonde. I don’t know. Hey, let’s, let’s try it. Maybe not on a hot mic. Let’s try it. You try it. I don’t wanna know who to call. No, that’s when I say let’s, I want him to ask his phone that report back or we’ll stand around.

00:29:39:02 –> 00:30:50:07
Let’s see what it says. Logan reports whatever he wants to report. That’s right. We never get the full story. That’s why if you’re not standing there, you’re not gonna know what it really, you stand there and you report back anyway. Well, that’s the eight hunts. We do also, we’ve talked about, you know, some of the packages, if you, we have a, you know, tickets are $30, 125 for five, $250 for 10. On that 10 ticket package, you either get your choice of a headlamp or a knife. And then we have a a 500 ticket package. If you just need more tickets to spread out, there’s that package on there. If you buy the $500 package for each one of those you purchase, you’ll get an extra gear package tickets. So for each $500 package you buy, you get 30 tickets plus a knife or a headlamp and one entry into the gear package, which is actually $15,000 worth of stuff. It’s, it’s, I mean it’s a rifle, it’s a bow rifles, bows, optics, you know, all kinds of stuff. You know, fierce mountain reaper. And if for some reason you got a, you you got a felony on your record or something, barn some, we’d throw in a bunch of muzzle loaders or something. Right. I’d swap out what, three mu two to three muzzle loader, three muzzle loaders for the fierce sweeper. Call it $4 for dollar. Yeah. Whatever. Three or four muzz loaders.

00:30:50:08 –> 00:31:58:23
But if you’ve got a bow, but if you’ve got that problem right and they’re hooked up, we’re Hey. That way everybody can participate. Okay. Jason, I saying I’m glad you’re thinking of that. Well, sometimes people have a, a record like that. Maybe it’s not even warranted. Or like Donald Trump, maybe. Well, yeah, there you go. There you go. I had a, a good friend of mine say he’s making it fashionable. You know what, that’s true. So anyway, why let’s, this isn’t a good road to go down. No, no. But we’re giving away a lot of gear. Gear. That’s the point of it. Of gear. You got a fierce mountain reaper. You got Hoyt RX eight bow, Swarovski 95 objective with an A TX or STX spotting scope. I piece ze victory RF 10 by 42 range fine of anos and a tripod, epic ultra tripod and head. So that’s a $15,000 package. The only way you can get a ticket in for that is buying the $500 bonus package. And anyway, so that’s kind of a wrap on everything. And it’s coming to an end. I gotta throw a week from today. Right. I gotta throw in another plug for that tripod. Our tripod. Oh. If you don’t win this for crap’s sakes. Yes. You gotta buy one. It’s it’s next level. It’s no joke.

00:31:58:23 –> 00:33:10:01
This last, this last, last shipment, John, didn’t we throw a few centimeters on each leg just to give it just a, a little more, little bit more. And it’s, it’s still under four pounds for a standup tripod. Yeah. And I, I’m so sick of trying to video animals and they move and I can’t keep it in the frame and it’s jumping out and it’s not smooth. How does ours fix that, John? And very fluid. Ours is cherry. Cherry. It’s so And why is that, John? Because you, because I spent a year developing it and you were dealing, dealing with quality control. And 14 layers later, me and Adam are happy to present our new tripod. All, all I’m saying is my dad has been a one tripod man, one tripod brand man. His whole life took about five minutes with that epic tripod for a switchover like that. I had a, and it’s true. Good friend of mine got one for Father’s Day. ’cause his wife’s awesome. Okay. Did he, she came in and snagged one for him. And he’s like, anyway, we go through it. I read you the text, but it’s a little, they call it explicit. Well, just, what did he say? I’ll have the just amazing trip. I’m like, Hey, all I, I get the point. I love it. Yeah. That’s awesome. So it was a positive fe very positive. Yeah.

00:33:10:04 –> 00:34:17:01
I mean, usually because it could be, oh, it could be negative. That’s why English is hard for people. It could mean both things. But no, he just said, he said, let’s see. Yeah, okay. He says no, he, no, he actually didn’t say that. He said tripods, you know, with the B word, you know, like a female dog. Bad, bad, like a female dog. And then IN at the end. Thanks man. Okay. Well it is, it is great. And, and what we, the reason we did this, obviously, yeah. Obviously we’re in business, we’re an optics company. We’re optics dealer. We want, we want tripods. We wanted it the way we wanted it. We wanted features. No tweak the features. And I can use that word because it didn’t mean what you guys think it means. When I yeah. When I developed that tweaking. That’s right. You can tweak. You tweaked the crap out of it. Yeah, we did. We went back, back and forth. And I used it heavily this weekend. I love it. I’m not just saying that. Did you look at that antelope by tripod? No, that was, that thing had a cloud of dust and that was handholding twelves is all I had on that. He was, he was not sticking around. I drove right up on him and it was just, you know, that’s what you do. He wasn’t sticking around.

00:34:17:08 –> 00:35:22:06
You know, if you, if you would continue down the road in normal fashion, he would’ve chased your truck. Well, guaranteed stupid. But anyway, he had one dough and he, he led the dough like he was not sticking around. The dough was 50 yards behind him running like, what does that tell you he’s been shot at? Tells you she’s had her kid, she’s dropped and she’s out. Yeah. Anyway, you always joke about truck chasers, but whenever I have a tag in my pocket, that never happens to me. They do that when you’re on, they’re on one side of the fence and they want be on the other. And you’re going the same way. They, that’s what you intercept them at the, sometimes you feel bad for ’em. And then at some point you get ticked and, and you’re like, you know what? You deserve it sometimes. And so yeah, I’m gonna puts game, I’m put the cruise at 38 mile an hour. You’re like, all right, we’re gonna see how good you are. How fast can these things really run? I’m gonna test 40, 43 minutes later. That’s sucker still going. His tongue’s not even hanging out. No, no. They’re like, they’re mounted. They’re perfect. Picture perfect. They can just roll 40 mile an hour. I did see, I did see a bunch of little babies too this weekend. So running out. It was cool. Anyway, it’s awesome. It’s great time year back to the tripod real quickly.

00:35:22:10 –> 00:36:28:23
It is for the money. This is not a low budget tripod. A lot of tripods out there. The tripod alone costs what we cost the same as what we’re selling. Our tripod and our head. We’re selling in the head and tripod for $466. Yeah. Okay. For the tripod and the head. That’s right. And a plate that goes in it. That’s right. And, and I promise you, I promise you that is a heck of a value when you get that. There’s, well, there’s nothing for the quality. This is not like a low budget tripod. Wouldn’t, we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t have made it. It, it’s kind of pushed some competitors around a little bit price wise. ’cause I mean, it’s really easy to charge six, seven, $800 if not over a grand. It’s unbelievable though. Because they they can. Because they could. And now it’s when you have a, a great option that’s really affordable, then, then you’re forced to look at your own pricing. Give mean, give it a shot. We got tons in stock. It’s that time of year. Yeah. Whether you want that one or the lightweight one. You know, we’re talking mainly about the ultra, but if you want the light, if you’re a high country mule deer hunter, you got a high country alpine goat or sheep pond, or desert sheep pond, something you want to trim weight on, and you got a smaller spotting scope set up, all that.

00:36:29:04 –> 00:37:30:17
You might wanna give the light out light, light a try as well. So same thing. We great value on the epic tripod. We also give members great pricing on optics. And so many of which guys can pay for their membership by just the savings. Just by joining on one, one pitch, one thing. Yeah, that’s right. So I’m just saying, saying it out loud. Fine. To say it out loud. Give us holler and we’ll tell you what it’s, yeah. Just give us a call. If you’re, you’re curious, Hey, what’s the price on this? How much am I gonna save? All right. So I guess overnight we need to make sure that our credit cards are valid in Arizona. Okay. So anybody that’s listening to that tonight, you have to, like midnight, go buy lunch on your card, Arizona. Go try to buy lunch on the card right now. Make sure it goes through, you know, 10 bucks, whatever. If it goes through, you’re golden. As long as you have a limit. Now if your wife is using it in Rome and then you end up getting an Arizona charge and they, they reject it, that’d be a problem. You know what I mean? You’ve got problems. Well, which card does she have? The card that she’s got, whatever card she wants. And I don’t know what one that is. I’ll probably go look at some recent purchases. You, you might have some problems tomorrow.

00:37:31:06 –> 00:38:31:28
If I’ve got problems, she’s got problems. ’cause Arizona be better. Be able to charge my card. Okay. Well, huh. Well the other thing is, is make sure for like a sheep, what’s a sheep? 1800 bucks. Yeah. Plus or minus. Plus or minus. Okay. You better. I I actually have it right here. How much is this? You’re gonna make me look 18, 15 or slightly off. Well, the 15 I think has already been taken. So it’s about 1800 is the number. Would you want a sheep tag or would you want a deer tag for knowing what you applied for? Would what would you rather have? You could have either one. What would you rather have? Deer. Exactly. I’m I like it. But, but, but Arizona is the one, so you’re hoping for a $300 charge, it’ll be 300 even because it’s $15. Yeah. App fee. But I’m just saying is if you’ve got you, you know, and the 18 will be 18 even too. So you were actually right. That’s right. Because it’s 15 is the app, I think from the past buddies, you and other people that have drawn desert sheep tags that 18, well it might have been less than that when you drew, I’d take that sheep tag again. I would take a sheep though. How it ended, I mean, of course you’re killing a 180 if you’re killing 180 4 ramp. So if you’re doing that, you would take the sheep tag.

00:38:32:27 –> 00:39:40:05
I don’t know though, actually. So I, I think this year’s gonna be next level for deer down there. I just do, so it’s hard to say, but, but that’s not an easy choice. Where I put in for desert sheep, I, I have a chance to kill 175 or 80 inch rams too. So it’s not like that’s a slouch. It’s not like I played the odds really either. So I’ll take either, but I got room on my card for either one or both. 2100. I’ve got room, I’m leaving the room. Hey, there’s credit for everyone. Okay. End. End of story. There’s no excuse for Arizona charging your card, not being able to charge your card. ’cause credit card want companies want to issue you credit. Right. Logan, are you not hitting, getting hit up all the time? Oh yeah. Letters to my house all the time. Yeah, that’s right. You’re, you’re in, aren’t you? You didn’t just do points only down. Oh no, I’m in. Okay. All right. I had you, he was pretty discriminating though, right? I was, yeah. He went, I had a hard time with Arizona. So do you have a tag yet? I, I do have a tag now. Come on. Oh yeah. Does that count? It does. Okay. I thought it counted as a dag. Pure procured, what are we talking about? A dag, A guarantee tag of SARTs. I needed it Colorado. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Alright. I think it’s awesome. Okay.

00:39:40:05 –> 00:40:52:03
I’ve got a little game. Ooh. And we are not eligible for this drawing. Right. But it’s a, what would you do? So I’m gonna give you 30 entries. I want to know what your strategy is and which where you would put your tickets. It is really, so each of you, we’ll go through it. It is really hard because I like names and hats. I would be tempted to do ’em all on the doll sheet, but I couldn’t avoid the two mule deer as well as the elk and the Alberta white tail. Okay. So what does that express me to? Like what? Seven per hunt. So you’re gonna do two on the white tail, five on each of the deer that now we’re sitting at 12. I probably, and then you’re gonna do the remaining balance on the doll sheep. Well, oh no, I do, I do on the elk. I would do I more than two, like, I don’t know, 5, 5, 5 and 10 or something like that. Is that up to 35? Five. Five and 10. Five. Five. Five five. Okay. How about you Joseph? How about this Jason Bronson you just buy two $30 ticket packages. Well that changes now. Throw 30 and the sheet we do 30 on the sheet. Okay. 30 on the sheep and then, and then I’d sprinkle probably split the other 30 between those others. That’s right. Okay. You’ve got one. How much do we get?

00:40:52:07 –> 00:41:50:13
Only you get one, you get 30, that’s it. Okay. I don’t know. I’m doing 10 on the sheep and then splitting the others personally between the white tail, the tub mule there and the ama. I like the tub tubule here for sure. Probably white tail in Alberta. ’cause yeah, why not? Right? I won’t, I got one picture with the double droppers. I need a giant, I just can’t Canada, I can’t even imagine that thing walking out. I, and then the moose is legit. No question about it. 2025. Gimme time to really set my schedule aside. This September kind of changed things with Justin and a few other things that, things that my kids have got tag wise and plans for, you know, whatever their futures, same thing. Yeah. So anyway, so next year would be better for me anyway, so probably do doll sheep, moose, two elk and, or excuse me, two deer and elk and whitetails and elk and a whitetail. It’s roughly the same. Why? Why not throw one ticket? You gotta have your name in somewhere. Why not throw one ticket in for muskox? One in for Amwell. Okay. John? Yeah. Since I want a doll sheep pretty bad.

00:41:50:17 –> 00:43:00:10
I would probably do half in the doll sheep and then I would spread out between the, the deer and John, you know, you know the favorite, the famous favorite saying is that those are for sale every day or Yeah, they make, they, they sell sheep hunts every day. Yeah, I know, but it’s, yeah, we teach John that’s because he is going to be booking a sheep out. But they don’t give ’em away. Yep. They don’t give away. They don’t give ’em away. That’s a good point. Sure point. I like that. K Logan Little caveat. What would you choose? 10 Nevada mule deer. 10 a coma elk. Five whitetail. Five sheep. Okay. Nice. Geez. Yeah. Pretty cool. Can’t argue with that. No. And for the guys who are like, hey, what, what, what are good odds? I mean, that antelope’s gonna be phenomenal odds. It’s a great hunt. Antelope, white, white tail tail. La Canadian white tail only appeals to trophy whitetail owners and certain people. Yeah, like some people it’s busy. If you’re hunting your own white till in parts of the world, which a lot of people are, they already have one or two states. Yeah. You know, for that. So it’s, they have their plan, like you’re not gonna go get them out of their tree, their favorite tree stand in mid November and drive to a, or fly to a Kansas, Northern Alberta, Iowa guy or a Missouri guy.

00:43:00:12 –> 00:44:07:28
Like they’re sitting in their stands. So that one in the, in the antelope, which, you know, value wise, if you wanna just call ’em dollar wise, they are, they’re worth the quote least. But I mean that’s not always how it works either. Muskox is gonna be very tailored. Muskox is also another niche one. It’s, we thought that would be a, a neat addition. Those aren’t in themselves Totally expensive. Hunts heavily sought after. Yeah. But they’re also more of a niche like’s just an experience, huh? Yep. Go there for the experience and see the country. If you go on March and April, you go there to live to tell about it. How do you mount a muskox? Do you just do the skull or Those aren’t our problems? That’s, that’s for Jeff Baird to deal with. I just, I don’t know. What do you mean there’s people, life-size, those things. John, is it some people have, I mean I’m, I I they’re not John because I mean they aren’t as big as like a buffalo. No. Like they they’re very sha Yeah. Shaggy. They’re not as tall the shoulders you’d think either they’re, they’re they’re narrow side to side. Anyway. That’s the one. I mean, their coats are awesome. They’re homes are awesome. Like yeah. Some people, some people just mount the whole rug and then do like a euro or something like that on the still. So pretty cool.

00:44:08:06 –> 00:45:16:21
But hey, that’s somebody else’s teach their own on that. Yeah. Alright. I, I’m done. I mean, are you guys done, John? Yeah. You don’t have any more games, do you? No, no more games. But I mean, geez. Well, and, and just, just to reiterate the, I need to come up with more games, Jason. Love them. You can get tickets easy. Go to epic You can call us (435) 263-0777 deadline’s the 24th. Right? That’s a week from tonight. 1159 on you. Shut it off. Cut it off. Next Monday, end of it, right? Yep. Monday night. Monday the 24th. Yeah. Okay. So get get ’em, get in by then every, every single person can participate. And then as always, we will call the winners on the podcast. It just two or three days after that. Yeah. We usually get ’em done. And so it’s a fun podcast tab. Yeah. We need, we need time. Usually it requires purchas. Just a little editing. Yeah. If you purchase tickets. Well people swear a little, if you purchase tickets, you’re gonna get an email with a photo of your tickets going in, you know, before they go in the bin. Yeah. Everybody gets those girls are good at that. Just, it just solidifies everybody. Hey, your tickets are made in the draw. Very, very transparent here. So yeah. Alright everybody, good luck. Let’s face it, if your goal is to kill big stuff, you need to draw quality tags.

00:45:16:21 –> 00:46:39:09
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Here at Epic Optics, we are committed to getting you the best deal for the glass that fits your needs. Go to epic or call in to speak with our consultants who will fit you with the perfect optics for your next hunt. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. If you are looking for your next hunting property, look no further than St. James. St. James are the experts at all sporting properties across the west. Their team of agents will spend the time getting to know you personally and find out which property out of the hundreds they have listed is perfect for you. If you’ve always wanted a property where you could hunt and fish, go online to st james sporting or give them a call at (855) 711-7577 to learn more. Red Rock Precision rifles are at the pinnacle of custom rifles. They make no compromises in terms of quality, accuracy, and reliability. They will build the perfect rifle for you in both feel and performance. Epic Outdoors is an official Red Rock dealer. Call us to talk over your options for your next Red Rock rifle or go to Red Rock to learn more. Vortex makes optics for every occasion. Whether you’re a long range shooter, dialing in that perfect shot, or an archery hunter in need of an easy to carry optic without sacrificing quality. Vortex has you covered. Head over to epic or call us to learn more about your vortex options today at 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.

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From top of the line hunting blinds to game calls that can be beat GSM Outdoors has you covered for whatever outdoor equipment you need for all of their products. Head over to gsm to learn more. Thompson Long Range has perfected the art of simple, affordable, long range shooting. If you don’t want to calculate ballistics or adjust your turrets before making a shot, a Thompson Long Range System is for you. Simply Range. Place the hash mark for that distance on the animal and pull the trigger. They make top quality rifles and host a shooting school that will leave you confident in making shots out to a thousand yards. Visit Thompson long to learn more about purchasing your next rifle or booking your next shooting school experience the crew at Epic Outdoors Trust stealth Cam Trail cameras to get us through the scouting season. Stealth Cam is the leading trail camera brand because they never stop innovating. Check out their brand new line of trail cameras, including the Revolver 360 degree [email protected]. Epic Outdoors is an official stealth cam dealer. Call us to order yours today at (435) 263-0777. Phone scope. Change the game with their Digi Scoping Innovations and have remained the top phone to optic adapter on the market. Check out the incredible new Carbon Pro phone scope [email protected]. P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P Outdoor Edge is the knife that we all use here at Epic Outdoors.

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Whether it’s a replaceable blade or fixed blade, you will not be disappointed with your outdoor edge knife. Head over to outdoor and check out their brand new razor VX knife today. Epic Outdoors is proud to be an official Zeiss dealer and optics partner. When it comes to top tier quality. Zeiss has been a leader in the industry for generations. If you are in the market for new optics, give us a call for unbelievable deals on Zeiss products. Giving you the highest quality and durability out there without breaking the bank is what makes Zeiss so good. Check out our website, epic or call us at (435) 263-0777 to find out which Zeiss Optic is perfect for you. Epic Outdoors is now an official CVA muzzle loader dealer. If you are in the market for a new muzzle loader, our staff can go over the different options that you should consider. CVA muzzle loaders are the go-to muzzle loader. For Epic Outdoors and Crew, we’ve definitely got our favorite setups for Western big game hunting in stock. Call us today at (435) 263-0777 to find out which CVA is perfect for your next hunt.