In this episode the Crew discusses the upcoming Nevada Dream Tag raffle. Here at Epic, we are firm believers in always having your name in the hat, so don’t let this opportunity pass! We also put an official end to Logan’s “trail camera bounty” and give away a trail camera to a good samaritan who found his camera but was kind enough not to steal it.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson, Logan. How you doing Logan? I’m doing good. Good. Have you thought about your Instagram handle? I haven’t given any more thought to the Instagram yet. When you looked at me just a second ago, I knew it was coming. Logan Bear just seems like you’re a grown man. We’re do. We’re gonna change this. That’s all, that’s, I just think we’ll change it anyway. Maybe hit us up [email protected]. Give us some options for Logan’s Instagram handle. How about, I’m not saying it totally needs to be changed. We can leave it Loie Bear. Just maybe just a little restructure. I mean, Logan, the man call it a rebrand. Is there is there’s, have a rebrand. Is there a more manly bear like Cocaine Bear or Smokey Bear, Papa Bear? No. Cocaine Bear’s a little different. Pretty funny. I mean, that’s pretty aggressive, but, but anyway. Some, something that says I’m moving into my thirties at some point in my life. Okay. Alright. So anyway, and I was, and I’m a single bear going to den for the winter. I need Papa Bear. I, I’m not even going down that road. I, we could, anyway, so Broon, you know, one thing we could talk about for a minute, just a quick second, but it seems like there was a, you got some mail indicating that you were supporting of the Biden Okay.

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Harris campaign. Yeah, I, yeah, I, I got a piece of mail and I intended to bring it in here today. I thought it was a podcast listener. It was from nobody, but it was officially marked. It looked legit and it had, you know, had a picture of Joe and our Veep next to it. Yeah. Yeah. And with the signed by Crazy Joe, I appreciated your $250 monthly donation and it would be reoccurring. And I’m trapping my pants. I’m like, what? I always thought one of you guys had put my card on file. Do you think it’s tax deductible? I don’t care. I don’t, I Could you imagine the 14 mailman that had it in their possession on the way to your house? Actually it came to the street here at Epic. So that’s why I Epic Outdoors and Biden support. Yeah, it said Epic Outdoors on the landfill. Adam Bronson Epic. And so I, I left it here. I, I ran, I, I, you know, shouted to y’all and I said, who, which one of you did this? Paul started laughing, so I thought he gave in quick. Paul just laughed when he doesn’t know what to say. Well, and it had a and he usually indicates guilt because he’s always guilty. Yes. And it had a QR code and so he scans it while he is at my desk and it goes to this dude and it’s kind of a spoof.

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And if you wanna spoof somebody and send him this fake campaign contribution letter and all that, that looks official do do here. It costs 10 or $13. I don’t know what it costs, but $13. And how do you know it costs $13 then? Well, so I left it here ’cause I knew we were doing a podcast today and I was gonna talk about it today and say, Hey, whoever already did this, yeah, haha, I’ll get the last laugh, I’ll find you. But I go home last night and I sit down to dinner and my wife asked me if I got a mail from Crazy Joe, a piece from Crazy Joe. And I’m like, you did that. She starts busting up laughing. I guess she, no, we did saw some and came from the family budget and I said, yeah, next time just gimme $13 and I’ll have a good lunch somewhere. But Oh. But yeah, she, she did that. Pretty funny. Good stuff. It’s the most legit looking thing. Oh, like I totally believe a hundred percent man. Hey, there’s some podcast listeners and hunters out there that are supporters of Joe. I don’t quite understand it, but hey, it is where it is still. I’d like to know, I know there’s people that are democrats ’cause we hear back from ’em and they’re hunters and we’ll acknowledge. All right, thank you. But I wonder if they’re really wholeheartedly behind Joe.

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No, I just think they’re anti-Trump. ’cause he can come off a little brash. Okay. I I I think there’s some of that. Yeah. Alright, so let’s see. Where are we at in the application process of things? We’re getting a few results. Of course, Arizona came out. Hey, we had our clients draw some amazing sheep tags, a few great deer tags like COOs, deer, all kinds of stuff. So anyway, there’s a lot moving right now and some pretty lucky people. What are we waiting on? Maybe Idaho. Idaho Deer. Oak antelope. Is that about it? Got that. I think. Right. I didn’t apply there because I did sheep, but I don’t even, I’m done for the year. Our drive ended technically. What, yesterday John? Last night, yesterday. We’re gonna have some more lucky winners here shortly. We’re gonna have our next little podcast. We’ll have, we’ll be calling people and Yeah. Making dreams come true. But I guess all we’re left was a few, I guess raffles and things like that. It’s, it’s almost the large lady’s about to warm up her pipes. Yeah, it’d be interesting because ours is gonna be soon we just, every ticket that’s, that’s in the hat, we make ’em up and then that person gets an email with a photo of their tickets before they go in. So before we do the draw. Yeah. Before we do the draw. So that just has to be wrapped up.

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All those emails have to go out and then we’ll do the draw as soon as we can. But it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be soon. Yeah. It’s pretty fun. Great time of year. Well, alright, so we’ve got a few other options coming up. Of course we have some late draws like say Arizona bison or Texas desert sheep, things like that. And, and then we got some point only the applications coming up with Wyoming and Montana. Oregon if you forgot to do that. And you just have to get kicking July one actually, which is I guess probably a week from what today maybe. I don’t know when that is actually. Is it? Yeah. Okay. So yeah, jump on those. Don’t forget those. Even if you applied for Wyoming, for deer, elk, and antelope as a non-resident, if you applied, you still gotta go buy your points. It’s, it’s kind of, I don’t know. I don’t know why they do it that way, but it’s very frustrating. We’ve talked to people every year that go ahead and apply, don’t draw and then don’t go buy their points ’cause they assumed it was given. Just don’t forget to do that. Yeah, don’t forget to do it. You need to do it. You need to have options. You never know when those, when the hunts come up that you’re gonna wish you could have a few points to do it. And it’s not necessarily about the money.

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Some of these points are pretty cheap. It’s just about the time of getting the points and, and having a plan to basically do that, not forget about it. And then those points rack up and then all of a sudden you have an option and you’re glad you did it. So anyway, great opportunity. Also have the Nevada dream tags coming up. So another opportunity to, to dive in on a raffle type opportunity. Yeah. You know the dream tags are what? They’re very similar to A-A-P-I-W tag in that. You can, you go on and there’s one mule deer, one antelope, one desert sheep, and one rocky mountain elk. I don’t know why I have to say Rocky Mountain ’cause there’s only one type of elk in Nevada. But what if a Tule escapes California and runs over into Nevada? Is it legal? How, how are you gonna visually know? That’s the tulle. Jason. It’s legal. Okay. It’s an elk. Okay. I mean, I guess I for that. Is that just like, you know, do you need a tag even? Yeah. For what? For an elk? Yes you do. No, I mean, if it’s a, if it’s a tulle, well, it’s kinda like an exotic, right? They need to drop the term Rocky Mountain out there. I mean just, I mean, just in case they’re not even, they got Roosevelt in the northern, northwestern part of the state.

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You can get one Rome into Nevada at some point and you wouldn’t even know what you’re shooting. Moose roamed into Nevada. Now we’re hunting those. Well, okay, couple dudes. Nevadans people, not us. But anyway, yeah, your, your point’s well taken. Dream tags are just that, their way to dream big. It’s one of the last, well, Nevada has several different call ’em extracurricular tags. They got heritage tags, which are auction tags. They have the silver state tags that you can apply for back in the draw, which you can buy one entry for. Yeah. And hunt statewide. Any, any weapon beginning in July or August, depending on the species. And, and it’s just any open season with that weapon type. And then now dream or, or this this way. Yeah. You have to hunt with a bow when bow season’s open or long bow, what do they call ’em over there? No, no. They did have some of that terminology and it was goofy. But anyway, but regardless of that, we have members that draw these, it seems like a couple every year. I know I had a, had a client, a friend, whatever you wanna call ’em, draw an elk. Last year I think we had a, maybe another one dry envelope we’ve had. Yeah. Clients draw sheep tags repeatedly. It seems like one or two of these. I’ve had did the desert guy last year. He’s drawn twice. Yeah, he’s crazy. Drawn the desert dream.

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Desert dream tag twice in about five years. Yeah. It’s crazy. I don’t know how. And he’s not playing it like crazy. Like yeah, you can buy multiple entries to this. Unlike the silver state or the PIW, which you just Yeah. Put me in for that $10. Yeah. No residents can do the PIW deer. That’s three tags. That’s all we can do is the deer. 10 bucks and throw you in, throw in. And then silver state, of course we have those options and you throw a name in. But this one, you want a couple hundred bucks or whatever. Doesn’t matter. Throw it in $5 and what? 5 75? Five 75 cents per entry. Yeah. When you go to check out what, what’s the difference between the PIW tags and the silver state? Silver. Silver state is like the governor heritage. Okay. You can hunt with any weapon statewide, either July one or August one. So completely different. You get to hunt with a gun depending on when everybody else has got a bow. The PIW or dream you can hunt statewide with, I guess there’s a few limitations on the sheep Jason based on harvest. But there’s few limitations. But for all intents purposes it statewide. But when the season’s open, when the season’s open, okay. And on deer and antelope and elk, you gotta use the weapon. And when archery’s open, you have to hunt with a bow. When MUS loaders open, you gotta hunt with muzz loader.

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When rifles went one open, he got out with a rifle. You know what I like about some of these states? So, you know, some of these states are, they, their programs are somewhat minimally funded and and whatnot. And some of these states that we like, it’s, I I like buying the hunt and license and supporting them and applying in the draw and things like that, knowing that you’re, you’re supporting ’em financially. And then some states that are Wyoming, for example, I just look at it like they, they don’t want us there. They don’t care about us. They don’t appreciate non-residents, things like that. And, and, and that’s just a general feel. It’s not everybody and it’s not necessarily a hundred percent, but it, but it’s just that feel of of we despise the non-resident, we’re gonna stick it to ’em when they, when we do give, give them tags, you know, we we’re gonna do OTC and continue to limit their tags even more and more and more for region G or whatever. So anyway, I just think when you come to a state like Nevada that manages for 30 to 35 bucks per hundred dose, they’re doing their best at aligning with exactly what we want. Well, and with the, with the driest state in the nation and the most limited resource when it comes to mule deer, what do we got? 10 to 14,000 tags in the state. Yeah, yeah.

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I mean, I’m talking buck. I don’t know what they do. Forough I don’t open, I don’t open mule deer combined are like 14,000 total. Crazy. So with a very limited resource, they’re trying to, how many do we sell here in Utah? Well, and we’re complaining. Yeah, exactly. So I mean, they’re doing the best with what they got. But these programs help fund, you know, a lot of different programs for wildlife management programs throughout the state of Nevada. You know, just like the Heritage Fund does that, PIW entries or, and silver state entries, they, they all have earmarks to be able to, you know, spend money towards programs to benefit these species across the state of Nevada. A lot, a lot of stuff’s been, a lot of these species are intensive to manage in Nevada. Like I mentioned, it’s the driest state in the nation. You know, Nevada has more water developments than any other state. There’s no question about it. Well, Utah has like conservation tags. So everybody has their little nuances of how they develop, you know, generate revenue. Yeah. And so this dream tags is one we were reading on here. It’s, it’s kind of interesting, you know, how did it get started? It was the dream of several Nevada sportswomen and was approved in the Nevada 2009 legislature. And then since it’s been clarified and refined anyway, so it’s, it’s kind of interesting. Endow administers the program and sells the resource enhancement stamp.

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That’s an option. Yeah. It’s just a way to donate another $10 stamp. You know, it used to be mandatory, then they dropped that. Now it’s just, but they left it. They, but it’s not mandatory. They dropped the mandatory restriction and, you know, allow people to continue to donate, which I think’s awesome. You know, kind of goes through here, talks about all the rules, provisioning, governing lotteries. It’s interesting with the Nevada and the gaming and things like that. So, you know, they gotta follow certain protocol and restrictions. Both non-residents and residents are eligible. So even though there’s one deer, one antelope, one desert tag and one elk tag, it’s available to either resident or non-residents. That’s the way it should be. I mean, if we’re gonna vent a little bit on Wyoming, I mean they, they use their super tag raffle that if a non-resident draws their moose or sheep tags out of there, it comes outta the whole statewide quota. And this year that villa nullified any random sheep tag that could be given, because the winners of the super tag raffle happen to be non-residents for the trifecta. And the sheep should totally be a separate. And I mean, it’s not, it doesn’t have anything to do with the draw or regular just one tag unit quotas. And, and if it’s really about money, you know, just, just raise money, sell tags to whoever wants them and, you know, draw, draw a winner.

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You’re talking four winners in the state, you know, four, four lucky people. So it’s awesome. You can buy tickets as long as you will be 12 or older before the first hunts. So that’s the way it’s worded here before the first hunt. It’s a little, a little awkward. I mean, they could adjust that a little. The season dates are not set until March of each year. And the first archery seasons typically go open in August. So they give a few little parameters for instances. Parameters. Yeah. You may also purchase a resource enhancement step. We talked about that. You know, it’s not limited to just the big game draw application period, one stop shop, yada yada. I mean, they’re just talking just random rules, but nothing special here. And so anyway, you’ll go on and you’ll select a certain amount of of entries, add it to your cart and you can do it, you can add upon that as many times as you want. Like I say, a lot of these guys that have drawn have done, I don’t know if very many that have done one. Generally it’s been, you know, five or 10, a hundred bucks or 50, a couple hundred bucks, whatever deadline. Pretty critical. It’s coming right up here. It’s June 30th. Yep. June 30th. So it’s pretty much that way every year. I assume it’d be midnight. Yeah, I’m sure it’s, yeah. 1159 probably.

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But we give the website Jason too, NV dream nv for Nevada nv dream and find out all of the, all this frequently asked questions that we’re going through here. Now it doesn’t affect bonus points. Doesn’t use bonus points. It’s just a literally is just a, a raffle tag. So Yeah. And can you do both, you know, regular tags and buy for the dream tag? Yeah, you can. It’s totally separate. Again, you know, don’t, don’t sweat that. You can draw both. Not a big deal. Both. You can have multiple tags for multiple species in Nevada. Yeah, we’ve had people have that before too. So anyway, $5 is what the initial per, you know, entry fee is. Of course you got the 75 cents, the electronic application fee, 75 cents. So 5 75 per ticket. And the purchase period was October 15th. It started back in October 15th too. Like you said, Adam, June 30th. So somebody’s gonna win ’em. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. It’s a great opportunity. And like I say, you can support the state. That’s honestly, you know, the sportsmen and women in Nevada are very particular, they want quality, they want it to be managed for quality. And so they, they, they ride the, the, the wildlife board commission a a bit and INow, Nevada Department of Wildlife, they ride ’em a bit. Yeah.

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County advisory boards are pretty, but they’re passionate like, like a lot of states are, but they’re very, like you said, and I think it comes down to they realize their resources are more scarce, a little bit more scarce than other states because of the habitat. It’s a dry aired state for the most part. Things can fluctuate. You get three or four dry years in a row, really severe dry years in a row. We’ve seen what’s happened to some of the desert sheep populations, mul deer populations and things like that. Wow. So they are very sensitive when those things happen to cut back and to try to maintain and try to not not run things in the ground. So hats off to the people of Nevada, both Cabs and Wildlife Commission. And we have a good relationship with them. But, but they try right? They want to work with sportsmen and companies that promote hunting. And so anyway, we appreciate that and, and we’re happy, you know, with the things they do and, and the efforts they make to directions. Yeah. I mean when, now that we’re in fanboy mode of Nevada, one of the things that I really appreciate is how generous they are with their sheep as well. I was talking to Greg King about the, the the transplant Yeah. And the transplant that, that that Utah’s setting up and they’re getting their sheep from Nevada. Yeah. Been a long time.

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Even even back when I was a biologist and afterwards when I was president of Utah Wild Sheep Foundation, it, this is not a new thing that for like 15 plus years and even longer than that because the late nineties we were getting sheep from them. But they’ve always been good, good to us in Utah. Good about sharing the resources when they have, when they have a gift. Well I’ve, we’ve given them turkeys, so give them some ope at some point we have. Yeah. But I, we did, but I just feel like sometimes we don’t, we don’t have a lot to offer them. Like, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna transplant? Yeah. Like, you know, so anyway, you’re, you’re right. And so that’s another hats off to them for doing it without getting something in return. And and in their minds they realize that some of these sheep populations in the past Yeah. When you’ve got ’em, get ’em because, you know, too many sheep in certain places usually doesn’t end well when they get too overpopulated from a disease standpoint or for sheep pioneering out into places you really don’t want ’em. So they’ve, you know, it’s why they have some of their u hunts, frankly, and some of their really productive units. And so, you know, yeah, we’re right. We in Utah and I know a lot of other states have received sheep from Nevada over the last several decades.

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So, and this, this type of money, whether it be money on Nevada’s end or like I said, in the case of Utah’s end, these, these extracurricular funds of these types of programs are what fund those things pretty much. Well, and it says right in here. Yeah. The proceeds, you know, less the cost of, of the dream tax purchased by the foundation or, and any administrative costs charged by the foundation must be used for the preservation, protection management restoration of game. And its habitat as determined by the advisory board on Dream tax. So, you know, it’s not just, you know, it’s gonna go to a good cause. Yeah. They’re, they’re usually have a very good governing board, just like, you know, other boards and states and some of this money that how it, it gets signed off by two or three people. Usually directors a lot of times Game and fish commission. So anyway, can a person who owes money, this is kinda interesting, can a person who owes money to the department purchase raffle tickets? Yes, but the sportsman or a woman can purchase raffle tickets, but if he or she wins the dream tag, their outstanding fees must be cleared. I just, who would, would you want, what would owe the game and fish would you want to owe them? What would you owe them? Like them probably would. How, how would you owe them money?

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Like I’m trying to How do you in debt to them? They charge you for what you bought. I don’t know. For when you apply. I don’t know. I don’t know how you’re in debt, how you owe money, Jason. I, I I don’t know, but I wouldn’t wanna be that guy. No, because you’re probably gonna have a little something added to your truck that they, they can track you and you’re probably gonna be this target when you litter, you’re probably gonna get a ticket and some little gum wrapper flies out. I don’t know who, who knows are they, are the tickets ticket fees refundable? Like who would ask that? But no, you gotta put it in there. No, by regulation they’re not refundable. And so kind, kind of interesting. If you’re on a waiting period, can you purchase ’em? Yes, you can purchase ’em. We want your money. You, even if you’re ineligible for the species due to a waiting period, you can purchase tickets to get in. And so might as well do it. When will the dream tag, when will the draw occurs shortly after July one. Usually within 10 days, 10 or 15 days. So it will be posted in early July on Nevada Dream Again, And one winner per species goes through all that. And then, you know who pays the tag fees? So who pays for the license fees of the winners who have no license?

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The community foundation for Northern Nevada s the tags from endow. That’s pretty good. And will purchase the hunting license. Geez, we don’t need that. We were already applying but, but $1,200, isn’t it? 1200 for elk and sheep. But I could split it with ’em that put the cash in my puck. It pay for it. Have one tank of gas to head to the hills. Alright. So yeah, pretty cool. I don’t know what else is run out of options of anything to, to dream about, pun intended, this time of year we’re, we’re pretty much down to a few of these raffle type tags. Garter and I know anyway, so if you’re left on the outside, you get a little extra cash, throw it in. Good cause thinking right here, like, I’m gonna click here and then we, here’s the stamp. Okay. We could add that. I don’t know. It says you are no longer required and it’s in bold. They’re not trying to hide it from you to buy this stamp eligible. However, if you choose, all net proceeds will go to the Department of Wildlife. They need a new truck here and there. Dude, have you seen their vehicles? I mean, these guys, they’re, it might be earmark for Habitat though, so I don’t know if it could go to a new truck, Jason, but I don’t know. John, John’s got me on this PC thing. He thinks it’s an equal, or excuse me, a Mac.

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And he thinks it’s equal to pc. It’s not. Adam, do you know Mouse is just feel different in your hands. Even the Mac. I can’t, you can’t run with this. You know what I can do on my computer? It would take me half the time to enter all this stuff. Are you actually gonna pull the trigger on this? Yeah, I’m gonna pull the trigger on some of these. That’s I I I’m antelope is last. I’m gonna see what your quantity of tickets is gonna be on Antelope. You gotta do one because I just want to donate. Okay. But I might not even freaking go. What? What do you mean? I don’t know. Bronson, you’ve, you, you know what, I had a guy hit me, text me and he goes, where did Adam says Antelope. And he quoted me. Yeah, he quoted me in the podcast and he says, yeah, when Antelope was the highlight of the weekend. It’s a pretty slow weekend. And then it said Jason Carter, you know, like, yeah, Adam had a pretty slow weekend. Well, it’s also the deer. Or like, this was two weeks ago now. Yeah, they were, they’re very underdeveloped. Right. So it’s, you don’t even know what you got. But antelope, you know, shed their sheath in November, December and they got stuff to look at them and elk.

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Well, so these deer, I’ve, so we’re, we’re getting a few photos in from people and hey, by the way, we wanna see your stuff. Send, send us what? Your scouted pictures now we’re not gonna go kill your animals. We got plenty to go on. Okay. Trust me. But it is fun to watch the different growth throughout the west. You got, I know parts of Utah is a little bit slow. Always is, you know, some of that south east country, it’s also mid to late June. We gotta remember that. Well that’s what you were saying. Geez, you, you went a weekend doing church duties, which is awesome. And you come back, you, you were gone three days and you’re like, it was almost as if, what did I miss? Are they now 30 inches wide? Nothing changed. Nothing changed. They’re still, they’re still at their first floor. That’s part of the week reason I had to go out the week before just to feel like I wasn’t way behind. ’cause I’ve got projects to do just like a lot of us. But from this weekend on, it’s gonna be a lot of scouting, a lot of cameras, a lot of glassing in places here. Starting in a week or 10 days, I’ll start probably doing a bit more g glassing trying to locate here. You want to, what?

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You know what I’m excited about is you and I talked about some of this stuff is there’s some of these units that are very trail camera, if that’s such a word. And you, you learn that that’s the most effective way to hunt. That’s the most effective way to scout it. And maybe even hunt back in the day when you could run cameras during the season, was to do that. Everything that you just said could be summed up in the term you and I like to call prec scout. I love that word. It’s a, it’s a accurate word. It means everything. Everybody knows what you’re saying. Told that. And so people like women that are sign editor in our lives that, that, that try to correct us. It’s not corrected, it’s not correctable, but yeah. Look at, listen to all the words you tried to put together to try to say the word prec scout. Just say prec scout. Just say it. I mean, you know, John, also the words scout means the same thing. Wow. Maybe, but you could, you scout during your hunt, but can scout during technically or is that still called hunting? No, no, it’s called, that’s hunting. That’s called hunting scout. I like the word Jason and I are old. The scout needs to go out in, you know, in advance. So, and then you prec scout, you actually pre you’re, you’re going ahead of time before you’re gonna scout. Yeah.

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So, and whatever. But it’s all right. It’s, it’s entered into the vocabulary. Yeah. There’s a lot of stuff that’s in the hunter vocabulary. Yeah. That isn’t in Merrim Webster or in the editor of Epic Outdoors. Well like the term DIY Okay. That means nothing to most people in the world. It’s probably not even a proper term. Right. But it’s, we all know exactly what it means. Like, you know what I mean? So anyway, wall hanger, like I know what that means, you know what I mean? It’s very unique to our industry. Alright. Cover the numbers. Slow roll the pines. A lot of those things have things slow roll the pine. Right. They all have numbers and that fits him. They all have terminology for hunters. They know what we’re talking about. Whatever exhaust system Wyatt puts on his vehicles, it’s been tried and true. Yeah. It’s the most effective for the maximum amount of Yeah. Of putting eyes on animals. Animals. If he could only figure out how to override a cruise control to let it set up below 10 miles an hour, he’d have it. He’d have it made five mile an hour cruise. Yeah. So, oh, so let’s finish this thought about the truck camera stuff. So, so anyway, if you need cameras, wipe, we’ve got ’em. All right. There’s a plug for us. Whatever. And if you don’t have ’em, Bronson, I’m John. We’ll, we’ll split ’em three ways. It’s fine with me.

00:26:10:26 –> 00:27:34:16
So the, the other thing is, is hunting these units, going back to the roots of glassing tracking, whatever. Yeah. And hunting these, some of them you have to do it that way, right. Because there’s water everywhere. Yeah. And, and you’re like, okay, this is an extra tough year for scouting because everybody’s so used to cameras. This isn’t even, this isn’t even hitting secret information. I I mean, everybody’s running cameras that’s, that’s got its tag here in our, within 300 miles of Cedar City, Utah, everyone cameras is running cameras of cameras. Okay. But these units that you can’t camera, certain waters or whatever, the most effective is classic good old fashioned pre, pre scouting. And, and it’s in anyway, it’s, it’s coming on that time. And what I like about those kind of units now that we’re in unique challenging times for trophy quality is the kids that are going crazy and they’re, let’s say Logan’s age, you know, 20 or you know, 18 to 35. They grew up running cameras. Right? I mean, you guys not you, like, you didn’t know how to scout pre scout without running cameras. Right. We didn’t have those until 20 years ago. Call. Yeah. So go back to those units that you can’t, that these kids are avoiding because it’s not easy to just run a, a trap on. So target units that are not water dependent to use. And you are gonna find giants.

00:27:34:16 –> 00:28:41:23
People don’t know about that die of old age now you’re, you’re undermining the common new age tactics and gonna come up with old, old deer. I don’t know. I just think you and I discussed it the other day and I think there’s merit to it. Old dog using old tricks. You’re making me feel old. Yeah. ’cause there were a lot of years no cameras, I mean, oh no cameras. Nobody had cameras and then they went to film. I mean, that was like a waste, Jason. I mean, you had 36 exposure film. You could get that. I mean these, you did the one hour Walmart photos and if you wanted to cheat Walmart for heck six, you could say, heck, you could say, hey, that’s, this picture doesn’t turn out right are all, what do you mean didn’t turn out right? What do you mean there ain’t a 400 in there? Well, they was supposed to take picture of a fa it’s blowing grass in every picture. I take grass pictures. I didn’t do that. That’s not my, that’s maybe not my film. And what’s Walmart gonna do? Like a good neighbor, they are gonna accept that. I think you’re inter intertwining companies there. But they might have said that anyway. But anyway, I guess, yeah, you’re right. To some extent. There’s some units that just aren’t trail camera able or don’t do you a lot.

00:28:41:29 –> 00:29:50:22
I mean, the Henry Mountains for instance, you know, gon a lot of Utah deer units and places are, they’re not that critical. Now, there are places in Nevada and Northern Arizona, which of course you can’t run cameras anymore at all. But that were incredibly effective at TRO cameras because water is the number one limiting resource in these areas. And it’s hotter than hotter than hotter a hundred, 110 degrees. And so they, they, they’re dependent upon those within a, you know, one to four mile circle around it. And every two to two to three days, they’re coming to water no matter what in the summer. So it’s interesting. So, yeah, I’m excited. Jason, I think you said you’re kind of excited to get back to the I am old dog, old dog, old trip. I’m actually trips. I’ve actually been, been working it and yeah, I, I’m excited. Which is how you hunt during the hunt. That’s how, what you gotta do, you know, these states we’re talking about Utah and Nevada, you can’t run cameras during or after August 1st. So when it comes time to hunt, we’re just going to our glassing and maybe you cut tracks leaving water and say, all right, there’s a big track leaving this way. I’m gonna go out and find a glassing knob out here in a glass. Or you just go find glassing knobs and and hunt that way.

00:29:51:07 –> 00:30:54:06
So it’s really how you hunt anyway, how you gotta hunt when you’re actually hunting. Yeah. You’re just doing it in in July and August now too. That’s right. Yep. Pretty awesome. So yeah, we’ve got a lot of tags here. A lot of things going on. Logie Bear had anybody bring, nobody’s brought us your camera yet. Okay. I just, just about to talk about that. Whoa. So my brother asked me about that. Anybody found the, I get a text last night revolve. Was it the revolver? What one do you have? My, my 360? Yeah. Okay. I get a text last night and in my imagination he’s standing in front of my camera texting me this Will Carter really gimme something if I bring him one of your cameras? Whoa. And you’re right. I texted him back. I’m like, I don’t really wanna find out. So can we publicly abolish the bounty on my truck? I’m getting a little narrow B’S over. Okay. Yeah, that’s perfect. Had a show. Yeah. It’s no longer prizes out there. But did you get a picture? Was that a cellular, so you would’ve got a picture? Did work. Did you have him? I don’t know. It, it uploads in about 10 minutes, so I won’t know. What do you mean? Well, he texted me that last night and it doesn’t upload until 11 in the morning. You know why? Oh really? You know why, why can’t you see that whenever you want?

00:30:54:08 –> 00:31:55:22
Stealth want to go through every one of your photos. That’s right. No, I They need their, they need their hands in a purse. Can you change that? Yeah, you can set it so where you can set it where it’s immediate just battery. That revolver, that revolver eats a little bit more battery than your normal cell camera. So, but you can set it up with one of our little solar type option. So at 11 o’clock you come in and report to us and tell us if there was a dude standing in there at about eight 15 last night messages me on Instagram, then, you know, post it up. Okay. Okay. That’ll be the, the, hey new podcast has dropped photo for this episode. Is that dude standing in the middle of a pond up to his waist or whatever? You gotta swim out to it or whatever. Yeah. You’re not gonna get detected. That’s right. Well that’s interesting. Can you, can you also change the email after the fact that you set that up? Right now these are coming to you. Logan, could you change that to my email or Jason, anybody’s email after it’s, I I haven’t used that. I think you can the, the camera set up under your account on the app. But you can share it so you to open the app? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. But you can make it so multiple people can see it shareable.

00:31:55:23 –> 00:33:04:11
’cause Josh and him, Josh is looking at his brother’s photos. Me and my dad look at each other. The one downside cc or do you cc or is he just forward? I don’t know. I think he has access. The reason I’m rea I’m asking this for reason. I wouldn’t give Josh access to mine, would you? I’m, do you trust the guy? I had a friend that went out setting cameras, my brother and a friend, and they divided and conquered and here’s the cameras, here’s, I want ’em go and do good things. And they all came back and camped together every night. They started getting cellular pictures back from this one spot. But this one, I’m gonna, this guy’s gonna remain anonymous. Sure. But they started getting from this one location, cellular pictures coming back and it’s the beautiful sunsets every night from about eight o’clock till dark. The sun, the camera’s pointed like at the, the sky into the sun. Oh. And it’s just, it’s, I don’t know if a bear licked it and moved it, whatever, but they’ve got beautiful sunsets every night for an hour nonstop hike. Hike back in nonstop. Okay. And what I was saying is it would be nice if you could just get in there, change the email to that guy’s email. So he gets every one of them and he realizes I really screwed up. I I I need drive. It was my down there. That was my job.

00:33:04:21 –> 00:34:16:22
Yeah. We give you one job. So the one thing about the revolver though, I, Josh was saying that, so it’s 360. If you have all the stations set up, it’ll hit if they senses something like, like you’re not supposed to set ’em up into the sun or either setting or rising. So anyway, he says these certain, on the certain stations, he’s getting the sunsets and sunrises because that’s sensing it, it pivots around, takes a picture, hammers those pictures until that, you know, the sun down. Probably a, so he turns off those settings. So he getting back the, the the settings of what sunset zone, that turning off that zone on that zone during a certain time. Yep. Yeah. It just turns that zone off. So, so if a, if a two Honda walks in at the same zone at night, you’re not getting up and not gets into the sun. Yeah. You’re not getting it. But you, you wouldn’t on a normal camera either if you had set it up that way because you’re taking pictures of the sun. Okay. You know, but anyway, kind of interesting. You could remotely turn those zones off. Yeah. Yeah. The one thing he said about that revolver is he’s getting pictures much farther away. Yes. The range on the revolver is insane. I’ve never really, I’ve never had a camera do this Well for night or for anything. Anything. Yeah. My, I’ve got it set up on a trough.

00:34:16:22 –> 00:35:25:10
It’s probably 40 or 50 yards away from a trough. You just sit where the B’S off where you build the location? Yeah, the bounties off. I feel safe. Okay. And it’s getting things well beyond the trough as they’re walking in. And so we’re talking 80 to a hundred yards. It’s triggering. Wow. You know, you’re from Beaver County and, and you have a lot of connections there. Right. The whole Beaver County knows you. We, we just don’t know each other. Well, everybody knows everybody. Everybody knows you as Loie Bear. That’s right. So are they, is does Josh offended any of them by being, are you getting blow back? They, are they even listening? Yeah, they, they usually just ask me if I’m okay. They think I’m getting bullied over here. Oh. None of them care about the Beaver County slander. Is this your mom and dad or is there other people besides your mom and dad asking you about your wellbeing? The most common phrase that I get texted or told whenever I’m in Beaver County is do, do all they do over there at Epic is just bully you all day. Well we gotta set that record straight. We like Logan. We, we actually don’t even go over to his office. He’s probably doing nothing. We don’t even check up on it. John, do you check up on Logan? Yeah, constantly. He does, he does he get any good work?

00:35:25:15 –> 00:36:30:13
Yeah, I, I’ve got the whip out a lot. You got the output. There’s output there. There is. I like it. I’m a profitable employee. You know, kidding. This all right. I don’t know if this some submit some financials. Let’s see where the income’s coming from. It makes you told, whoa. I told Logan if, if he feels bad, just go back and listen to when Wyatt started here. Wyatt and Deb. I was just gonna brutal. It was exact same thing. Brutal. It has something to do with bachelors because Yeah, we were all the old married dudes and it was Chris before, when Chris used to work here, before he was married, it was Wyatt and Devon. Dale took it on the chin. I don’t know, it’s just part of it, part of it. Hazing, I don’t know. You know, I have to, whenever I go on a date, I have to have him sign a release form ’cause it might just come out on the podcast. NDAs. I like it. Right. Have you been dating Logan? Speaking of it? I, yes, I have been going on day two girls. Well yeah, they are girls actually. Not just, not for sure. Well, what do you mean? Well, it could be a sport. Don’t bring up, don’t bring up the cat. Don’t bring up the cat fishing anymore. Oh geez. It’s, that was has he learned, he learned from that. He’s now what?

00:36:30:13 –> 00:37:39:12
Much more where it’s kinda like cooking, cooking on those nor antivirus and PayPal receipts that you get every day in your email. Don’t click on ’em. So I, what is the technique for sleuthing that out? Logan? Like, do you have to say, Hey, send me a picture. Send me a picture with your hands. That’s where heart in the sign of a heart that, that’s where this is headed. Something specific. Send me. Yeah. I don’t the Taylor Swift. Yeah. Yeah. It hasn’t happened enough that I’ve had to like come up with, send me a your armpits. If they’re hairy. I’m not taking it. I mean, I don’t know where it’s at. I don’t usually ask for people’s armpit pictures. Well, this day and age, you don’t know if you’re dating a girl or boy. Right. I just need a driver’s license before I’m picking you up. That’s it. No, I’d say birth certificate. You gotta, there’s fake drivers. She, the photo Id like, there’s fake driver’s licenses that are legit anyway. All right. Well way past that over it. Good. Good luck, Logan. Thanks. Not sure I would wanna be s sleuth. Is that what you call it? John Slut? Yeah. Just how do you figure that out? Define that. Logan. What’s the definition of slut? Jason SLU bought. No, I mean it’s just, I couldn’t type on this thing. S it’s not a pc. Th that’s what they did to like gold panning, isn’t it?

00:37:39:19 –> 00:38:50:18
Hey, so I just, did you guys notice I just, I bought in $131 75 cents of dream tag entries for Jason Carter, one of which was an antelope. Yep. You guys wanna take a turn? You guys need this keyboard? I will do it. Why don’t you just not right now. I want to use a PC com keypad though. And a mouse. I feel more comfortable. Go ahead, go ahead. Try typing on this. It feels like I’m cramped. I mean it took me 14 minutes longer than normal because of it’s a Mac, but hey, well, alright. All right. So anyway, there you go. Envy dream Everybody, if you’re interested, go on there. It gives you another opportunity. I know most everybody has an open hunting schedule. Tax are tough to get nowadays. They’ve been finite numbers for non-residents. Non-residents are having more and more restrictions, which is warranted in some cases. Not all against that. Just sometimes it’s hard to watch. And then also when you have droughts and, and winter losses and curtailing of tags in general. Plus just high higher demand. People are wanting to go, Hey, tough to come by. So anyway, just another option for y’all. Yep. Definitely less than 5% of all hunters out there have too much in their schedule, I’d say. Yeah. I don’t know what the percentage is, but it’s not even close to the majority. You wanna argue it’s 90 or 95? Go for it.

00:38:50:18 –> 00:39:58:23
But I’m saying it’s less than 5%. Yeah. 95% plus of people could add something like this to their, their schedule and it would be awesome. And anyway, wish you all luck doing it. I think that’s a pretty good segue into, you know, pumping our service. If, if you’re applying in your home state only, your schedule’s never gonna be full. You’re never gonna have the tags that, that you need. So you need to be applying states, some of these states of pretty, pretty good o over the counter and lots of birds and you know, like Arizona’s, I don’t know, it’s interesting. I Arizona move outta both brown. We need to move the headquarters there. Maybe have some things in the works. See, I’m not gonna to let the cat outta the bag. Yeah, well there’s no cat in the bag. We need to put the cat in the bag. Speaking of a cat, Logan just showed you a bobcat. This result. Logan was pretty picture. You ever seen the bobcat? That it had really nice spots on it. It was big. I don’t know, just beautiful cat. Pretty bobcat. It was get get a look at the cat revolver pick of the year. Okay. All right, well well let us know that to steal. See, tell me if they published, let us know at 11 o’clock if you’ve, well actually you got one minute.

00:39:58:24 –> 00:41:00:15
You gotta get get, can we stay here on the air for one minute? You’re gonna get your email in one minute. Alright, what else? Let’s talk about something else for one minute. Yeah, I wanna know if there’s a dude standing at his camera last night. But anyway, so will they all come down or is it gonna churn and spitter and sputter and all that? Well, he’s sitting right here and way wifi so we should get ’em. By the way, Bronson, you know what we, we did here and we were talking about this is they’re gonna have like satellite phone service for their iPhones come September-ish. John, do you know anything about that? Have you read into that? Logan, you guys are maybe more techy than Jason and I just wanna know if it’s worth doing and and how to do it. But the interesting thing is that they haven’t released any kind of pricing or, or anything like that. But apparently you’ll be able to to text. He was standing over my camera when he texted me that dude, you just got it. Oh my gosh. Did you nail him? That’s funny. Do you know who it is? Did he show, get a facial? No, I didn’t know who he was. He, he requested me on Instagram yesterday and Oh, the same guy? Gosh. Yeah, there you go. He’s there. Do you have his face or just his Well, hey, what?

00:41:01:00 –> 00:41:49:24
Hey listen, seems like, I’m not sure we might should give him something because we didn’t stop it until this podcast. But he actually found it the day before. He did. What, what were we saying we were gonna do for him? But he has to return it. He has to bring it to the office. Well, he has to dismantle it off of wherever as as of a half hour ago. My camera still stand. So he didn’t follow through. Well he, but he found it. Maybe we should give him an attaboy for not ripping off Logan’s camera. All right. Send him, send him a camera. What were we gonna do? What did we do? Yeah, I don’t know what we doing. Logan. Do you remember what we said? But it but it actually, I think we were gonna give him a trail in, but it actually, I think it wasn’t, but it actually didn’t come in. But I don’t care. Let’s just give him a camera. What come? Well, I mean I’m not looking at it. Yeah, but he, he held restraint. He found it. He did. He said he found it. He did. And he exercised restraint. Didn’t rip it outta the ground. He did. He did. And we don’t have to know deal with It’s like geocaching. Yeah, we, yeah, we don’t have to deal with Logan being a non route. I gotta go about put a new camera in this spot.

00:41:49:25 –> 00:42:56:11
Well then he’s gonna gas and he’s gonna wanna do it on company time. Yeah. ’cause we bullied him because he is the subject of podcast. We used him as a subject. Then we’re gonna have Beaver County to ask him for the receipts. If, if we’ve reimbursed Logan for his time and suffering. Right. Or for just bullying him where he’s just our whipping boy, we, you’re not that Logan. So let’s ship whoever this guy that you know, DM him on Instagram. Hit him up. Let’s get him sent a camera. Send him a camera. Appreciate it. So why did you close that out? I wanna see what else you got on there. Let’s see. Any bucks you can go. You got any big bucks that’s, you don’t wanna see on his face? No. Yeah. Well, alright, that’s too, that’s direct. I guarded. That’s a two direct question. Let’s now talk about all of your trail camera trap line in the whole world right now. And do you have anything of interest? Not, not talking about the one specific one we’re talking about there. Worst. Anything of interest? The worst part about this trail camera line is that I don’t even have a tag for this unit. Well who are you scouting for? Your dad family. My brother’s got a pretty good tag on this unit and then my dad’s got a tag for this unit. So Okay. I’m just, I’m just help helper this this year. Okay.

00:42:56:11 –> 00:44:05:04
You’re actually being abused by them. I am. Yeah. Free labor. I wanna know. Do they, do they, do they appreciate you Logan? Do they, are you appreciated in your family? No. Are you more appreciated here at work than you are in your own family? Well that’s pretty close. All right, well we’re gonna sit, keep this And why are you appreciated? Because you have a truck. That’s right. And we can abuse your stuff. We’re gonna make this a fair fight. That’s what families do. We’re getting singled out for abusing you. We’re gonna point out any other points of abuse from other people in your life. Gotta make sure everybody’s even That’s right. So anyway, I think Apple’s coming out with a satellite phone service and I don’t know what it’ll look like. It’ll just be another way to track you everywhere you go. Yeah, Jason. That’s right. They’re getting rid of TikTok and they’re adding this. Yeah. So they’re they’re already doing that. What? Yeah. Dressing everything. Yeah. Yes. But it’s, it’s like my dad, he’ll get on these kicks where he’s just paranoid. They’re, they’re tracking and like, you know, they’re listening to everything we say and have ever told your dad, dad you have it in your pocket and you’re not willing to not have a cell phone. And do you think they really care what you’re doing? No. You better be one. Pretty interesting dude. Yeah. For Joe Biden to be tracking you around.

00:44:05:13 –> 00:45:15:17
Well Hunter, he’s gonna track any, alright, I’m not gonna go there. He gets the questionable accounts and he digs deep into them. Yeah, but crazy Joe, you gotta be enunciate very well. He’s not gonna pick up while he’s, it’s I’m kidding. That’s fair. Alright, I’m done. We’re done. We’re done Bronson. ’cause this is gonna go down some crazy road. Okay. Crazy Joe Roads. I think it is Prime Election Day here in Utah. And it is actually today, isn’t it? Yeah it is. Did you get your votes in? No, I gotta go drop mine off. That was like two or three weeks ago. I don’t, yeah, I was mailing. I don’t like going in person anymore. I don’t either. We mail it too. Waiting in lines. We mail it too. Alright everybody, there’s a few opportunities out there. If you need help, let us know. Of course we’re in Monday through Thursday. We don’t work Fridays scouting season. We are out scouting, right, Logan? That’s right. So we’re working four tens here at Epic. Or at least some of us are working a full 10. And anyway, say it out and about. I’m just saying Bronson, I’m not saying anything about you. ’cause I’m, I had in the boat projects on Thursday and Monday. Okay. I’m not even calling you out. Okay. Just didn’t know who you’re talking about there. I, I think me okay John especially.

00:45:15:23 –> 00:46:23:17
We’ll talk, John, you and I’ll talk about it next week when Jason gets back for a week long vacation. Hey, I in desperate need of a little vacation. We all are. That hits the time of year anyway. But if you do have something to report to us, tag, you’ve drawn, you haven’t called in it, got a member draw list, got an outfit or recommendation, talked to us about optics or tripods or something like that, please give us a call. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. The hunts are gonna be here sooner than you think. Gear that’s in stock now, who knows, there’s certain things that could be harder to get right during the hunts. So keep us all in mind. Truck cameras too, like you said. That’s right. Go support Nevada Envy Dream Super good state. We’re a fan. They care about hunters. They appreciate us as non-residents as well. So anyway, awesome opportunity. Another, just another excuse to give ’em a few bucks and be in another drop. All right. Good luck everybody. Let’s face it. If your goal is to kill big stuff, you need to draw quality tags. Quality tags are typically hard to draw. To increase your odds of drawing good tags you need to apply in multiple states. That’s where an Epic Outdoors membership can help.

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