Swarovski just announced two new binoculars to their lineup that we are really excited about. The Swarovski NL Pure 10×52 and 14×52 binoculars are just what we needed for hunting the West. Today we sit down with Colby Kroff of Swarovski Optics to get all the details on their new product. These binoculars can be pre-orderd now on our website epicoutdoors.com, or by calling in at 435-263-0777 Check out the full review, in depth specs and price points here on our YouTube channel @epicoutdoors.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the most of the epic crew here. We got a special guest, Kobe Croft coming at you from Swarovski special guest. Right, Kobe? Super special. Super special. And you know, when Kobe comes into the house, that means one thing, right? New SKUs, new cool stuff I to talk about. I was gonna say he needs a drink or something. So we, he’s gonna, we’re not even gonna, we, we’ve already talked about the happenings of the last few days, which we, Logan, you better not have recorded, but we’re gonna dive right into this one. A lot of times we start in slow. Of course, it’s the end of application season. We’re gonna crush that tomorrow, right, Bronson? Yep. We’re gonna cover that. We’re super excited. App season’s over now we’re gonna have some results coming out. Got people making final plans. Just a lot of, lot of things happening. A lot of plans being made. And with that comes products. Products being purchased used. Devin, you just sold a gun. We were waiting on you for the last 10 minutes. Sure enough, you’re in there selling a rifle. Yeah. Really? How about, sorry. Nice. Sorry guys. I thought you guys, I’m like, I’m good. I, I’m just, yeah, no, you’re here. We weren’t bought a seven PRC. That’s awesome. 20 T Wincher gonna put a can on it. Got a Dutton tag.

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Speaking of which, I think you’ve got a seven PRC coming maybe like within days or weeks, maybe a week days. Piles of ammunition, boxes upon boxes. Yes. Stock up at the selection year. You need, you need a lifetime, what you call a lifetime supply. It’s a lifetime supply. It’s usually not enough. But no, you don’t shoot coyotes with that rifle. But you could, you could, it’ll work at $2 and 50 cents round or what is it that would work? Oh, Jason. Nobody has, I don’t want to, nobody has that to figure out. I really don’t wanna know. We know what it costs. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna do that. Math. Depends on if you buy a powder recently or back in 2012. It’s not math. You want, do you want me to know what you, that’s what you’re paying per round. Oh crap. Yep, you are. You are. Wow. That’s lunch. That includes the brass. That includes the brass. You gotta keep that. It includes the brass. Always. That’s a, that’s what they call a sunk cost. Right? Something like that. Hey, that’s the best money you ever spent. All right. So let’s talk about the best money we’re ever gonna spend. Kobe on some new products. This is next level stuff. Sometimes you guys come out with new products that don’t, doesn’t really affect the Western us. Sure. Right? Like there’s things that the Europeans want or Yeah. Global brand.

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So we have to cater maybe low power stuff. Sure. A lot of the eight power stuff like that. When we’re coming out with 10, 12, 14 plus type binos. You’ve got our attention. Yep. Why don’t you take the floor and let’s hear what you’ve got. Say, say. So we have a brand new extension of our NL line. We have an NL 10 by 52 and 14 by 52. Now is this a 14 or is it a 14? What? 14 plus 14 point something. Yeah. We kind of like to call it a plus. Yeah, for sure. Internally we’ve been calling it that. We’ve kind of, yeah, what you name a kid, you can’t start naming it something else. That’s right. So the epic, when people say 14 plus, we know, you know, they came from Epic. They came from you. Yeah. So yeah. So that’s the way the math worked out. Essentially the, the, we used a lot of the platform from the existing NL binoculars to build this new binocular. And so it seems like I’m gonna cut you off. Yep, you’re good. It just seems like you said about 70% of the internal workings, right? For sure. Yep. So this is our really, our first, our first product where we, from the beginning we platformed it. We built, built as a platform to build new products on top of the NL nl. So the NL is the old SLC or whatever from way back 1953, whatever. Yeah.

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Just roof, prim, binocular, but with a whole bunch of advancements and, and of course the new 52 has all of those as well. But yeah, this, this will, it’s a little more than a 14. It’s a 14.3 or 14.4, something like that. But we’ve couldn’t round up 14. We could, we, yeah, we couldn’t, we could done up, Bronson and I were talking, if you’d have done a 14.55 or 14.6, we could just round up. Do you know if we get, you know what, if you get a 494 cc, you know, motor, motorcycle, they call it a 500. Yeah. My truck’s a three point and they’re lying. My, come to find out 0.4, but they call it a 3.5. And they’re just lying. They’re just lying straight up. You guys call us. We’re not lying, but we’re here at Epic. We’ll show you the 14 plus. Yeah. So 14 by 52. And it is, it just feels better. It is spectacular. It. Yeah. So, so two new products. Yep. 10. The 10 power with a 52 millimeter objective. Yep. What does that 52 give you on a 10? Well, it’s gonna give you a bigger exit pupil, which is gonna work better in low light. So it’s a 5.2 millimeter exit pupil, a 10 by 42 has a 4.2 millimeter exit pupil. So you’re gonna get more light to your eyeball in, in low light situations. Yeah. Field of view is roughly the same.

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It’s a little bit bigger, but that’s mostly determined by the ip. About, how about glass quality? Glass quality is same as existing nl. Yeah. Identical. Yep. So Broon, tell me what your initial thoughts were. You had both of them side by side, the 10 42 and the 10 52. Yeah. I don’t know what it was. Obviously it’s 10 power, but maybe it’s 10.1. I don’t know. Because we’ve learned that they round down, let’s call ’em the 10. That’s, I love this plus. So anyway, we, you looked at it too. We had a want Cedar, Cedar City’s finest road construction guys out there at about a mile and a half, two miles. And he had rocky boots on. We could tell at three miles. Yeah. But it, it, not only did it feel like it felt a little closer, I don’t know how. Yeah, I don’t know how. ’cause it says it’s a 10 power. It felt like we were looking through an 11 power, like an 11. We both said that Adam said it and I looked at it and then I looked at it and I was looking at his shoe and I was like, that’s a 10 and a half shoe, maybe 11. Come on. And then I looked in the other bin and I felt like a 12 shoe. Yeah. To like a 12 shoe. Yeah. Yeah. You seen spinal tap. I don’t know what that was. Goes to 11.

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I don’t know what that was. Whether it was just the more light and then, and maybe, yeah, maybe your eye crosses it better. I don’t know. But yeah. But anyway, so so your point is it felt slightly superior. We’re gonna be low li or say the last hour. Sure. That’s when we’re That’s that’s the first and last light. That’s when the magic happens. Everyth thing moves. Yeah. Then that’s when we’re gonna see the difference. We’re out there at 90 degree weather, three in the afternoon at 90 degrees. Yeah. And we had heat waves, you know, so it was at that range. We didn’t, but other ranges we’ll talk about in a minute. We had, but very impressive for us. That’s, somebody wants a 10 power. So that’s the 10 power. It’s super exciting. What are we coming in? Do you have the, the measurements there as far as the weight and the, and the rough pricing map? Pricing? Yep. On the 10 by 52. On the 10 by 52. 10 by 52 pricing’s gonna be about 34 50. Okay. And they’re gonna weigh about 36. 36 ish ounces. 36 and a half ounces. Okay. And do you guys remember pound wise Bronson? Let’s see. Divide that by what sixteen’s? I know the twelves are about 32. Four and a half ounces. Two pounds, okay. Two pounds, four and a half ounces. Yeah.

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Alright, so then let’s move to this, this, this 14 plus we’ve anticipated for a minute. It’s been super on our mind. And you’ve only told us just very recently when you signed up to come down here. Sure. And we’re trying to plan a date to, to show us the product, but tell us a little bit about it. Sure. We’re so excited about it. Everybody’s been wanting a 15 a a, an NL 15. Right. Right. That’s what everybody’s been wanting. That’s the, the most common question we get when we go to consumer events is when is there a higher power NL come. And so it’s good to finally have it on the, you know, ready to go. The, the interesting thing is, is in most of the world, our growth in our binocular sales is not in high magnification binoculars. It’s mostly a US product. Yeah. They’re usually, they like smaller binoculars and maybe even lower magnification in, in a lot of parts of the world. But so really it’s a western us Especially in western US whitetail. Right, exactly. You don’t want ’em. Exactly. So, so pretty much designed specifically for, for the kind of use that we use them for. Oh. So we could call this the epic 14 plus. I think we should, we could even let s swirl use that. Just use verbiage. Perfect. I’ll check. I’ll run that up to flag. See, hey, see how it goes.

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We’ll just brand our logo right into the side of it. It just, I don’t like it. I like it. Just heat and I know we’re gonna find brand. No. Alright. But, so a couple of cool things about the, about the 14. It’s intended to be used on tripod, of course. Like the SLC 15 is. So we’ve developed a new adapter as well. And the, the 14 comes out of the box with half of the adapter attached to it already. So that’s with the vinyl side. Correct. The female side. Correct. And this adapter for all intents and purposes, similar to what we’ve done or or other companies have done. Yeah. Very close. And now you’re just edging us out and you’re welcome. It’s, so anyway, it comes from the factory Yep. Original equipment. Yep. From the factory to be able to slap on a, let’s call it an SLC adapter. Sure. It’s very much like the SLC adapter. The difference is the, the male part is on the adapter, the female part’s on the bino. So it’s, it takes a little stress off the hinge, but the, the exterior part’s identical. Yeah. It’s just the workings. This is a proprietary 14 plus or 10 by 52 option. Yeah. That’s all it’s Yep. But in fact, the starting now current production of the twelves of all the other NL products will come out of the box with the female part of this on it as well. Okay.

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So so going forward, those will start sharp, those that are up in production in place in the next Yep. Several months go backward on the twelves and tens, any of the NL line, even the eights you guys would retrofit. Absolutely. Yep. You, yep. If you buy the adapter, you can send your binocular to us and we will, we will retrofit the female part to your binocular. For free. For free For free plus shipping probably. Yeah. I, I’m not sure on the details exactly, but yeah, it’ll, the install will be free. And if you buy the adapter, we’ll have some kind of mechanism in place to verify all stuff’s 200 bucks. 200 bucks. And to be clear, yeah. This, if you have a, a Swarovski SLC tripod adapter, that doesn’t matter. It won’t, yeah, it won’t, it’s not gonna work. It’s gonna work with the fifteens or the, the 12 piers with our stud, but it won’t work with the, if you want the 14 swirl adapter, the 50 twos, it won’t work for any of the new stuff. You’re buying a new adapter. Yeah. Yeah. Unless you buy a generic adapter like we sell or whatever. Something Yeah. There’s bunch of Yeah. A bunch of ’em out there. This, this came out pretty nice though. So let’s go, let’s go through some of the X’s and O’s of Sure.

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Of the new 14 plus compared to the twelves, which everybody’s going to know how much quote, better different are they than those Sure. And then the 15 s SOCs, do you have that? Yeah, so, yep. Yeah, let’s go through the dimensions like Yeah, I do. So the, the, because you go up in magnification a little bit, you lose a little bit of field of view, but the field of view in the fourteens is still enormous. So if you compare it to the, to the 12, the twelve’s got a 339 foot field of view, a thousand yards, 3 39. 3 39. Yep. The fourteens have a 279 foot field of view at a thousand yards, which is smaller of course, but you get a little bit more magnification. Oh yeah. The biggest difference though, is if you compare it to the other stuff that’s out there, like if you just compare it to the SLC 15 by 56, which is a fairly new design. We, we refreshed that, what, five, six years ago, something like that. It has a 234 foot field of view at a thousand yards. So the, the field of view of the NL have a giant field of view. That’s, and that’s a 56 Yes. Objective too. So goes along with that technological difference. We talked about when the peers came out exactly. Bigger field of view, longer with the 42 at the time. Yep. So maybe it’s the 0.6 more magnification maybe.

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I don’t know. Little but Yeah. Or maybe those fifteens maybe, maybe they’re really not fifteens. I, I don’t know. Maybe they’re 15 point threes. Yeah. Who, or maybe they’re 14 point sevens. But Yeah, so a huge wide field of, so you get all the advantage of the current nl you get that small slim waist that you can get your hands around. Yeah. Really good ergonomics. You can really long eye relief. And then that huge wide field of view and usually trade field of view and I relief. Usually you get one or the other, you don’t get both. But for through some Austrian magic, they’ve, they’ve figured out how to give you both. But yeah, the, so weight wise you are, the 52 comes in about 36 and a half ounces. The 42 is about 31 ounces. So you’re paying a what, five and a half ounce penalty from the twelves to the 14th. The twelves to the fourteens. But if you go to the 56 SLCs, it’s 42.3 ounces. So it’s a significant weight savings over those as well. It’s another six, almost six ounces. Yeah. Lighter than the 50 by 56 Es. These 10 by 50 twos. And the 14 by 50 twos. 14 pluses. They’re the same. Are they a wash? They’re the same weight. Are they? I get, I mean within Yep, they’re within an ounce. Yeah. It’s just like the 10 10 by 40 twos, 12 x 40 twos. They were same.

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Essentially the same. So do you feel like SRO has, is producing what everybody’s asked for? Hope so. Yeah, we think so. It’s, it feels next level. Yeah. It’s, it’s impressive to look through. I was telling before, before I’ve had ’em on a tripod and looking out the back window of my house for like the last week, and I cannot walk past them without looking through ’em. And there’s nothing to look at back there. I’m looking at birds and grass and whatever. But yeah, they’re just spectacular. The, the, they’re really, the field of view gives you kind of a more immersive image. It’s like, you know, we talked about it when the NL 40 twos came out. It’s almost like taking one step into the image. You’re, it’s like IMAX Christmas versus regular Christmas. Yeah. The same kind of thing. It’s like it, especially if you contrast the compare the 1556 SLC, which is fantastic. Yeah. And the and the high ation binocular by which others, they’re going away, right? Yeah. They’re not going away. No. They’ll stay around as long as they keep paying their way, they’ll stay around. But, but yeah. Side by side it’s, it’s apples and oranges. What I thought was amazing was the twelves and the 14 pluses side by side 12 by 42. 14 by 50 twos. Yeah. That it was, it was no joke. It was more than two power. Yeah. It’s that phenomenon.

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Like when we used the 12 peers next to the old 15 by 56 SLCs, you didn’t really feel there was a difference. No. Wyatt did a little bit. He was probably the only one that’s like, I don’t, I feel like I’m giving some power. I think the Christmas, the clarity, whatever you told that immersive it, that felt, that overrided what you felt like, or at least the numbers tell you you were missing in magnification to me. Yeah. That’s what it felt like to me. It felt like what everybody’s talked about, what they feel like they’ve been missing with the twelves, you know, that just a little bit extra reach. Yeah. It’s, it’s there with the four kids. But the clarity overrode Yeah. The, the Trump it, it, it just trumped the SLC 15. Sure. It did. The clarity on the 12th trumped the SLC 15. Yep. For most people. Yep. Whyt was one. I think he, he liked the Christmas. He just, I think he felt this, it was the magnification. He wanted the magnification. Yeah. And I, and I can relate to that. I mean, with twelves, they’re freaking awesome, but sometimes like deer distance. Distance, you’re like just that little bit more. Little bit more. Yeah. And those fourteens are gonna have best of both worlds. It’s pretty awesome. Yeah. They, they were, you know, we did a test here again, three in the afternoon, 90 degrees. Perfect. Plenty of heat wastes.

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But we’re looking at what, three? Four miles? Four miles. Yeah. Three and a half miles, four miles to the, to the top of the hill to the mountain. And, and it still has that same slim design as the 12, you know, the little bigger barrel of course. Subjective. I mean, it has, it, it’s just a little longer. The narrow, a little 10 more millimeter, the narrow figure, the necking down, which I like. ’cause I I have it. You gotta choke it. Yeah, I choke it down and I, you, you can pull it right to your eye. I mean, I don’t, I hold them steadier that way. You can’t hold a 15 that way. No harder. You can’t, you can’t. I mean, well, like Adam would say, you can’t get your mitts around it can’t get, and I don’t have, I don’t have a big, big, unless you’ve been milking for the last 20 years. Yeah. You have to have been a milker for, for life before they had electronic milker. Yeah. It’s, it’s not that much bigger. But he, if you have gloves, you’re fine. No, you’re right. It, it’s not that much bigger till the very end. Till the very end. Yeah. That’s the bell. The bell or what? The objective. Same design. So that’s all, that’s all you’re gonna notice. I think just holding them, they’re just slightly longer. Five an inch, slightly longer. About an inch it looks like maybe inch longer.

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Yeah, about an inch longer is all. And you know that the neck I, I’d say is the, the same size diameter. But I don’t feel like you’re gonna handhold the 14 plus. No you’re not. No you’re not. You can handhold the twelves. Yes. Yeah. You can get by with it. They little jitter. We’ve, we’ve said that a lot. Right. Tiny. But you’re, you’re not gonna, you’re not gonna, no, you’re gonna have the, the jitters. To me, I even felt like the 10 by 52 needs to go on a tripod as well. Yeah. It, to me it felt like the similar effect. It’s similar effect that the 12 now has. You know, you’re like, oh, it’s good enough to hold, but man, when you throw ’em on a tripod Yeah. It really made it that much better. So that the only thing that’ll save that 10 by 52, I think is the power magnification you. Yeah. When, when you’ve magnified that power, you’re gonna notice those little bit of shake. Yeah. You mag inify you your hand tremor as well. Yeah, that’s right. But, but it’s, it’s heavier. It’s got a bigger bell on the end. Yeah. Just a little bit heavier. So that 42 is just a better bin for a handheld, right? Yeah. I think it’s two different use cases. Yeah. I think the 12 by 42 will do everything. You can carry it around, you can put it on a tripod.

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You do all that. The 14 by 52 is more of a like deal. Put it on a trip, put tripod. It’s like the 15. It’s gonna need to go on a tripod. Yep. I thought if Soro ever came out with a 15, 14 plus with a 15, it would be a $4,000 buy now. Right. So I’m just impressed that it’s gonna be, and I hate to say affordable ’cause it’s dang near what we used to pay for four wheels. Right? Exactly. Yeah. More than my first car. It’s, it’s what we’re used to. It’s for a very top end. Bino. You’re talking three and a half. Well, it doesn’t 3,500 bucks. Oh. And plus or minus. There’s, you know, there’s member deals or whatever. I mean, but, but we’re just saying for that ballpark of price, you’ve got the very best bin made. Yeah. There is no more top end than, than this. There’s no more top. You can’t buy a better bin at a 15 power bin. No. So anyway, it’s, it’s a 12. It’s an NL 12 by 42 on steroids. It’s what it is. It’s the same shape, same design, slightly bigger and clarity and color. Identical. Identical clarity and color. I felt like maybe at crack of dark we would notice, you know, some light gathering and whatnot. Yeah. We’ll see if Kobe leaves him with us for a week and see we’ll have, we should give away this first pair.

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Just give away my sample. Kobe himself. That’ll go over well travel pair that Kobe himself. I could do anything I want on my last day. Right. Stay the proprietary pair. We’re trying to decide if I gave these away, it would be today. However, there might be a pink eye disclaimer. You might get pink eye traveling all over here. Colby, tell us about you. You never put a pair of bi noses to your face at shop. No. No. You do not. Why is that? Because that’s how you get pink eye. Because of the moist eyes everybody has. Do you know people that have had that has I do know people. I figured. Well, and you look at the countries that are there walking around. It’s, I mean the country’s there. It’s like it’s a big three quarters of the world. Yeah. Or air converged there in terms of the countries they converge from. Yeah. That’s my medical advice is don’t put binoculars to your eyeballs at shot show. Yeah. I’ll never do it again. That’s why the eye kept screwing. But I’ll never be able to do it again. Dude, that ear plex. I do not need to see beams inside the building at 50 yards. No that bad. You remember sheep show? I didn’t, I didn’t touch by nose. ’cause I looked like I had pink eye. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You look like a wreck. I had eye surgery and I looked terrible. Mm.

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It post, we haven’t heard anything from that. Well, tomorrow going in the morning early. Oh yeah. That’s Jason, why you bring that moving on. Rip that scab off. How did these vinyls look to you, Devin? They’re dry. This one. You’re good eye. They’re amazing. Yeah, it’s awesome. They’re pretty impressive. We’re super excited. I think they’ll do really well. And I think you guys will great with them. Well, they’re made, they’re made for us. They’re made for absolutely Western hunters. We got three to six. That’s what they’re for. Pairs sold here at the office. Sitting the first round the table. How fast can we get ’em? Colby, what do you guys got on that Started Delivery’s gonna be mid-July. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Middle of July. Awesome. Well, all right. You heard it. It’s gonna, it’s gonna heard it from the horse. It’s gonna be a frenzy when this, when this goes live. So should hope you ready because they’re gonna, they’re gonna almost sell themselves. Yeah. It’s what, you know what I mean? We should hear people that have used the twelves, the tens and 12 x 40 twos, knowing what you went through today. The very slight increases in, in weight and things like that. But the magnification, which is dramatic. I mean, I can’t, I can’t, it’s not two power. I’ll just put it out there.

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It’s, or it doesn’t even, it’s not even, I mean, a 12 next to a 14 is like a 10 to a 15. What it used to be. It feels like that to me. It’s very dramatic. So with, with only four to five ounces or whatever it was. Sure. I forget what that was from a 12 to the 14. Yeah. Five ounces. Five ounces. You know, s swls trendsetter. I feel like everybody’s trying to catch swirl. Yeah. On, on new products and releases and excitement and, you know, paving the way for what we want. Yeah. We in the Yeah, we, our, our motto is always improving that what? Always improving that. Which is good. So anything, you know, we’re always constantly innovating. But 12 wasn’t that exciting until the NL 12 came out. Sure. Like a 12 power buy. Just exciting. Yeah. There wasn’t really that much out there either. Went from 10 to 15. Yeah. Like, so then you guys made 12 popular and became our bestselling binocular because of the clarity and color. Because the next level shape, size, handhold and you can handle it. Yeah. So anyway. Well, we’re gonna keep, if it’s okay, we’re gonna keep innovating. That’s, if that’s all right. Well that’s all right. Okay. That’s awesome. You listen to people, what we, what people say and all of a sudden, poof. We have a 14 plus.

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I just want an NL 18 NL 18, Jason 17 plus plus the Epic 17. I’ll send a couple emails, we’ll see what we can do. Okay. Please do. Yeah. That maybe blind me on this. I wanna make sure they go out. Alright. Well, pretty awesome. We appreciate you Kobe. Having me. Thanks for all your support. Thanks for Yeah, thank you. Thanks for listening to the Western Hunter. You know, the guys out here are pretty discriminating on long distance class and they’re willing to pay for it too. Yeah. You know, pay for great products out here. Feel like you need it. Yeah. Like you’re missing out if you don’t do Yeah. So there’s gonna be a place, there’s still gonna be a place for the twelves. Adam and I have talked about it. All of us have. Yeah. Just the one bin. If I’m hiking two miles straight up on top of mace’s things that we do, Adam’s sheep hunting and weights a deal and you’re staying over multiple nights maybe, and you’re like, I don’t wanna, you know, an extra, you know. Yeah. The 12 might be three pounds or whatever. And you know, sometimes you have room for both. Sometimes, you know, two and a half, three pounds is two days of food Makes a difference that you can stay out longer. Yeah. You know what I mean? So it you have to leave something. Yeah.

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You know, a lot of times on a backpack, sheep hunt, I take my twelves, you know, that, that I can get away with both. I can handhold them. I don’t like a 15 or a 14 when you’re trying to kill something at three to 400 yards. I don’t like too much. I don’t like that. You know, and so I’d rather have the 12 backs it up. But, but when I throw ’em on a tripod, they accomplish everything You need 95% of what I’m gonna need. This five percent’s worth the money and you’re gonna buy a pair. Oh, absolutely. But it’s, but, but that 12 has its place. It you not selling. I’m not, I didn’t, I’m not selling mine. No. ’cause I, I like that ability to, to just vinyl no harness. If I go, if I go up north on it on a sheet hunt stone or you’re taking the twelves, I’m taking my twelves up there. I don’t, you know, you don’t wanna vinyl this quite this big. I mean, these are definitely gonna have their place, they’re now the true tripod vinyl. Yeah. Yeah. That you’re gonna put in your pack. Yeah. Like, like we used to have. But I mean, I, I’m not getting rid of my twelves. They’re, they’re very versatile. I guess I’ll just put it that way.

00:22:50:06 –> 00:23:52:04
You know, whether you’re hunting mule deer, whether you’re hunting sheep, handhold them, they’re steady enough for me to, I’ve gotten used to that, but, but when I need more and I, I’m, you know, let’s say 80% of my hunts and all of us, we, we, we day hunt, you know, and so I can have another two and a half pound bino or two little over two pound bino in my pack. It’s not gonna hurt my pack. It’s gonna be 27 pounds instead of 25. Right. So it’s not gonna affect anything. I’m gonna have both there, so I like it. Yep. We could talk about the eights. That’s my favorite. Adam teases me about it. Well, well, Jason’s got into white till last year and, and I, that’s a totally different discussion. And, and Bronson, you’re gonna hunt archery deer and you’re gonna wish you had eights around your neck. You’re gonna, I’ll rent my two. I’ve also got tens and I’ve got EO range 10 by 30 twos, which I think are the best. I love those for archery. The little cute seats. I like ’em. But they’re still 10 power might be a little aggressive. You like the eight eight by 42? Is that what you were talking about? Eight. So I have an NL 8 42 NLI do too. I love it. I do too. I love it. Yeah. I’m an eight power guy, but we’re weird. And remember, the eights match your eyes, right?

00:23:52:04 –> 00:24:52:23
Yeah. This whole theory we talked about last time. It’s got the right exit pupil, it’s got the correct whatever. That’s what I’m talking about. Right, right. Right. Means Right. That’s right. So eights, I have eights. 12 kids are using gonna the 14 pluses and we’re not gonna sell anything. And I I I can’t wait. Right. Or year. Right. Yeah. It’s gonna be fun. You gotta have ’em at all. Yeah. I mean Right. Buy the whole set. Collect the whole set. I’m kind of excited about it. So anyway, this is fun stuff. Well, appreciate you stopping by this For sure. You just ruined the lives of many wives and husband Oh yeah. Out there. Relationships. Hey, I, yeah. This is fa this is gonna come out before Father’s Day. Right? Oh, what a perfect Father Father’s Day. Yeah. So yeah, they’re gonna hear about this before that. And I know a lot of guys out there are gonna say, you could be the most, if you’re a wife listening, you can be the most amazing wife ever. That’s ever Just, just give them a little coupon and, and hey, give them a link to the Epic Outdoors podcast for Father’s Day. And then about a month later, you, you can get, get ’em in the mouth. It may improve relationships. Maybe they’ll be more successful in the field to get home. Sooner They’ll get home. Yes. But some wives probably like their husband to be gone.

00:24:53:00 –> 00:26:00:15
Just, just keep him out there for two weeks. Some women just need to know how to play the game. Just play the game. I don’t like this tree. We’re barking out here either. Very uncomfortable. Yeah. Well, so just as a reminder, when are they, when are we scheduling for deliveries? Roughly? mid-July. mid-July. Yep. Okay. Mid. Okay. And if you’re interested, call us here at Epic Outdoors. We’ll get your name on the list. We’ll get you a set set aside to start us off with this hunting season. Yep. So it’ll be awesome. And we’re gonna stick to that. You think we’re gonna happen? Yep. Mid July? Yep. Okay. We’re holding you to it. Okay. All right. Super exciting. You’ve heard it here on the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Pretty exciting. Good stuff. Devin, you got anything else? I like it. You’re just thinking about that gun you got Kobe. No, I’m, I’m excited about those. Yeah, I’m, I was thinking I’m gonna be the first one to go make the pre-order list and put my name in the top. Oh wow. So it just to beat ya. That’s what he was doing. He wasn’t Yeah. Wasn’t buying. Josh keeps a second list. We all don’t know about, there may already be one. So Kobe, I’m sure there’s new products coming out Sure. At some point down the road. Yep. Anything you can tell us about or just tell us? Yeah, they’re working on good stuff.

00:26:00:15 –> 00:27:18:23
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