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The Most Experienced Team — Here to Help You!

At Epic Outdoors, we take pride in being the best in the industry! We are driven to increase our members’ success in every aspect of western big game hunting. Due to our team’s vast experience and passion for hunting we are able to provide you with:

  1. The Most Accurate and Up-to-Date Research in the Industry
  2. The Best Personalized Consulting in the Industry
  3. The Best Guided Hunt Research in the Industry
  4. The Best Application Guidance in the Industry

We’ve worked hard to assemble a crew of passionate and hard-working guys that want to help you realize your hunting dreams. Amazing customer service, quality research, and a profound knowledge of western big game hunting are the keystones of Epic Outdoors. Each of our team members has a unique experience that can help you find or apply for the right hunting opportunities, as well as help after you you’ve acquired the tag of a lifetime. We’ve added to our staff this year and would like to introduce our new members to all of you and our old members to those of you new to our Epic Outdoors family. When you call our office, you can be sure you’re in good hands. 

Jason Carter

Click here to read Jason’s Bio. Jason is one of the most accomplished DIY hunters in Western North America. He has hunted nearly every western state for multiple species. Jason has worked as a professional hunting consultant for over 20 years. He spends nearly every waking moment researching, scouting, or hunting. There is no other hunting service that offers more knowledge, passion, or success.

Adam Bronson

Click here to read Adam’s Bio. In addition to being an accomplished hunter, ADAM BRONSON has worked as a wildlife biologist, professional hunting consultant, and is a licensed big game outfitter. Year after year Adam guides hunters to some of the biggest animals in the Western U.S. Adam’s passion and knowledge are a big factor in why our Application Service is hands down the best in the industry.

John Petersen

Click here to read John’s Bio. JOHN PETERSEN has worked in the hunting industry since 2004. As creative director of he oversees all visual and creative aspects of Epic Outdoors. John loves hunting and fishing and hunts multiple states each year. John has many years experience in graphic design for many years ran his own design agency. His clients included many fortune 500 companies. In additon, he has published some of the top hunting magazines and websites in the industry.

Wyatt Bowles

Click here to read Wyatt’s Bio.WYATT BOWLES is a full time hunting consultant and license application consultant for Epic Outdoors. Wyatt worked many years guiding clients and working in the outfitting world. He also has extensive experience managing clients application portfolios. Wyatt’s vast knowledge and experience has helped hundreds of clients get individualized advice tailored to their needs.

Devin Archibald

Click here to read Devin’s Bio.DEVIN ARCHIBALD is a full time hunting consultant and guided hunt specialist for Epic Outdoors. Devin has vast experience working in the outfitting industry and has guided hundreds of clients on world-class hunts. Devin is also a hard core hunter. If you’re looking for a recommendation on an outfitter or looking for the hunt of a lifetime, give Devin a call. We spend countless hours researching outfitters and following up each year on who’s providing awesome opportunities for our clients.

Josh Pollock

Click here to read Josh’s Bio. JOSH POLLOCK is a full-time hunting consultant and optics specialist for Epic Outdoors. Josh has vast experience in wildlife management and was a biologist with the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources. Josh is also a hard-core hunter. We spend countless hours researching opportunities in Western big game hunting, give us a call for all of your hunting needs.

The Epic Outdoors Crew gives you Value, Experience, and Reliability!

The Crew and a few of their trophies. You WANT guys who are obsessed with hunting the West doing your research or taking care of you with your applications!