Wyatt Bowles – Epic Outdoors Staff Member

Wyatt was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age by his father and family friend, Mike Sperry.  He grew up in a small town in central Utah, where he spent every free second hunting, fishing, shed hunting, or trapping. Wyatt tagged along on every hunt and scouting trip that he possibly could. Once he turned 16 and was able to drive, he began to venture out on his own and spent almost all of his free time looking for giant deer. Shortly after graduating high school, Wyatt was hired as a spotter on an elk hunt his friend was guiding. After Wyatt’s first taste of guiding rutting bulls, he was introduced to Doyle Moss of Mossback Guides and Outfitters. Doyle and his team of guides are some of the most successful outfitters in the industry. Doyle hired Wyatt and over the next few years, he was fortunate to hunt alongside Doyle, where he learned a lot about hunting, glassing, and putting in the work. Guiding for MossBack soon turned into a full time job for Wyatt.

As a guide, he was able to guide or assist in guiding many of the biggest animals harvested in the West each year. Wyatt has been privileged to guide for MossBack for 12+ years. While attending college in Southern Utah, Wyatt also help clients and hunters navigate the complicated draw process and apply for tags across the West.

In 2015, Wyatt went to work for Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA) a consulting and tag application service. Wyatt was responsible for application strategies, applying, booking, and consulting clients, on hunts all around the world. Wyatt was also able to spend time hunting for himself.  He made trips to Alaska for both Dall sheep and Caribou. He also made many trips south of the border into Mexico, hunting and guiding both Coues deer and Mule deer.

In 2019 Wyatt came to work for Epic Outdoors as a full time hunting consultant and license application consultant. In the months since he has joined the Epic team it has become apparent that Wyatt is a valuable addition to our staff. His vast knowledge and experience has helped hundreds of clients get individualized advice tailored to their needs. He looks forward to continuing to assist others in fulfilling their personal goals as a hunting and application consultant at Epic Outdoors.