Muleys Matter FAQ’s


What is Muleys Matter?

Muleys Matter is a non-profit platform created by Epic Outdoors to promote Mule deer hunting and advocate for healthy Mule deer populations through conservation, selective harvest, and effective management practices.

Does Epic Outdoors want people to stop hunting?

Absolutely not, we encourage hunting. The intent of the Muleys Matter Movement is to encourage all hunters to be an active part of proper population management by harvesting only those animals that fulfill personal expectations and refraining from taking an animal just for the sake of punching the tag.

What is the Unpunched Tag Giveaway?

The Unpunched Tag Giveaway promotes selective harvesting in specific areas in designated western states as defined on our website. If you have a tag that fits the criteria for one of our categories and you do not harvest a deer, you can fill out an entry form and mail us your tag and we will enter you in the drawing for a variety of donated giveaway items. All giveaway items are donated by sponsors, this allows us to offer a potential reward to hunters who do not find the caliber of animal they are looking for and therefore choose to forfeit harvest rather than taking an animal just to fill the tag.

Do I have to be a member of Epic Outdoors to participate?

No, Epic Outdoors is the creator of Muleys Matter, but it is separate from Epic Outdoors llc. No matter how you heard about the Muleys Matter Movement you can be a part of it by following our Instagram, sharing our posts, and if you have a tag, entering it into the Unpunched Tag Giveaway!

What’s in it for Epic Outdoors?

The giveaway is free to enter. There is no financial gain in Muleys Matter for Epic Outdoors. Epic Outdoors has donated over $5,000 in prizes, as well as the time and money to establish the movement and carry out its intent. Epic Outdoors gets no compensation, the movement only benefits Mule deer populations.

What about Utah Dedicated Hunter tags?

Utah Dedicated Hunter tags are not eligible for the Muleys Matter Unpunched Tag Giveaway due to the turnback requirements, as well as the requirement that one out of three tags must remain unpunched.

What should I know about Private Land Only, Land Owner and Management Unit Tags?

These types of tags are only eligable if they have been redeemed.