About Muleys Matter™

At Epic Outdoors, it’s no secret that we love Mule deer.

The last 5 years Mule deer across the West have struggled with extreme drought in some areas and one of the worst winters in history in others. In an effort to raise awareness and do what we can for deer conservation, Muleys Matter was born.

We hope you all get a chance to kill the buck of your dreams, but if you don’t, this is a great opportunity to help the conservation effort and be rewarded for doing it. Many generous donors have contributed a huge variety of items that you can win by entering your unpunched tag into the raffle. Listen to this podcast clip to hear the initial announcement of Muleys Matter and a brief rundown on how it works! Check out the “How to Enter” and “Sponsors” pages to learn more about what you can get in on, or follow us on Instagram!