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Epic Outdoors Membership Benefits

  • Access to our Hunting Consultants Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Petersen, and Chris Petersen — As a member you have access to our full-time hunt consultants. Our consultants are not only consultants but professional hunters and have stacked their portfolios with experience and success by practicing what they preach.
  • Research Magazine — Receive 9 issues with in-depth state-by-state, species-by-species analysis to plan your western big game hunts. A hunt application strategy is only as good as the research and information it’s based on. Today, incorrect draw odds and outdated information abound. Trust our research team to give you accurate and timely information and advice. The Publication Schedule is: January, February, March, April, May, June/July, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, and December.  
  • Landowner Tags — Our members will have access to our landowner tags and exclusive hunting opportunities.
  • Epic Approved Outfitters — If you’re looking for a guided hunt, you can trust our network of approved outfitters.
  • Online Magazine — We also have digital version of our magazine available here.
  • You will also receive a free entry into our spring membership drawing “Moose Hunt in the Yukon!” One winner will go on a fully guided Yukon Moose hunt with Jarrett Deuling of Deuling Stone Outfitters. The hunt will take place this year, September 17-29, 2017, during the peak of the rut! We know the winner of this hunt will have the opportunity to kill a giant bull! The deadline for our Yukon moose hunt giveaway is April 28, 2017.

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