EP 81: Spring Bear Hunting with the Epic Crew. In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we sit down and talk about recent and ongoing spring bear hunts from Jason, Chris, and Jeff. Jason recently returned from hunting Brown bears in Alaska, Chris killed a black bear in Montana, and Jeff currently has a Black bear tag in Utah. We share lots of laughs and enjoy a good conversation on bear hunting.

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Some days I saw 15 plus bears.

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Put the camera on the tripod, get the bear in the camera, hit record. Get down on the gun, find it. But

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You need to be planning your fall right now. Like we’re getting dry result, big things are happening.

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Anything to do with Western big Games.

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Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hi. Hi everybody. Hey. Threw you for a loop, didn’t I? You guys weren’t expecting that. That’s a good intro instead of, Hey everybody, I liked it. Hi. Hi. My name is Jason. Just a little change. All right, so anyway, here we are. Another podcast, pounding ’em out. They’re killing me doing two today, but here we are. Another podcast can talk about bears and all their kinds of fun, furry things. So anyway, Jason Carter here, along with the epic crew. Jeff, John, Chris Peterson, John Peterson, some of my best friends in the whole wide world coming at you from Cedar City. So anyway, before we get started, we’re gonna thank Under Armour. So we appreciate them and sponsoring Epic Outdoors. They run ads in our magazine as well as we do the online stuff, everything online, whether it be digital, social or anything else. So anyway, we appreciate them.

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Got a lot of great gear. Of course, I tested and we’ll talk about some of that in this podcast. Tested it in Alaska. It wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, but I was rained on, hailed on, snowed on, and everything else in Alaska and it was in Under Armour gear. So appreciate them for keeping me somewhat comfortable in an uncomfortable environment. Having said that, we’re gonna move right along to the Wyoming Super tags. We want to give them some thanks. We appreciate them. Wyoming Game and Fish has been a supporter of Epic Outdoors. You can see ’em in our magazine. They’re running ads within the magazine for their tags and ticket sales for the tags. So anyway, you can apply for some of their different raffle options. They got super tag tickets for 10 bucks a piece. You can apply for multiple different species. They also have the trifecta. You can choose any three species available for 30 bucks a ticket. So anyway, awesome Opportunity. 10 different species, 11 chances to win. Deadline to apply is July 2nd, 2018. So not too far down the road. And anyway, you can go to Y or wgf.weil.gov. Epic Outdoors, how about that? Epic Outdoors has their own landing page within the Wyoming game and Fish. That’s awesome. Perfect. So all I gotta say is hold onto your socks. This is gonna

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Be a good one. Yeah, that’s it. So Jason just got back from his bear hunt not too long ago. And Jason, how much caffeine did you have while on that zero bear hunt? Zero. Zero, okay.

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The only thing we had, the only thing we had was Mountain House. Mountain house and Mountain House.

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And where there was a lack of caffeine at that point. There is currently, now I, I’m, I guess I’m ratting you out here, aren’t I? I’m kind of

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Ratting you out. My wife is gonna string me up, got a little string me up, got

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A white monster pouring through his veins now. So yeah, good

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Luck. That’s good. She’s 110 pounds. She ain’t hanging me from anything. I’m pretty much more than double that. I know. So I’m on. That’s good. That’s good, guys. Made me do a podcast two in a row. So here we’re, we’re off to

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A great start. I’m liking it.

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Only 30% has to be edited out at this point. Chris, he’s gonna be busy for the next three days,

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So this is an editing nightmare. But he’s good at it, so we’ll make him do it. How about that? Alright, so anyway, we got some bear stories. Of course. We got some drawing results. I just wanna talk about that for a minute. We got some guys here at the table that have pulled some tags. Chris, namely Chris. Crap, what did you draw, Chris?

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And you can’t, you can’t edit this stuff out, Chris. You are stuck. You’re stuck leaving this in. We will be checking.

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So when I applied, I wanted an elk tag for the year. And so I was a little bit liberal in my applications and I did,

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I, I would say, well, and I, there’s

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Liberal is one way to put it. I just did a second choice and figured, well, why not? I may be there on a deer hunt at some point. So drew a horrible tag.

00:04:15:27 –> 00:04:16:19
I’m gonna turn it back.

00:04:18:11 –> 00:04:19:17
What are they? How many, how a

00:04:19:17 –> 00:04:21:24
Second choice tag? Six $61. 61.

00:04:21:28 –> 00:04:22:05

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A lot of guys would say, I gotta make good on that. I’m gonna spend another 14 grand to make sure I make good use of that $661.

00:04:29:28 –> 00:04:30:11
Oh yeah,

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You’re doing the smart thing. Turn that tag back and get your money back. Go on another date. Maybe two dates.

00:04:39:02 –> 00:04:40:17
Put a deposit on a ring. By

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The way, if there’s any hot, if there’s any hot chicks out there, hit Chris up.

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Oh, Chris,

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At epic outdoors.com. We’ll make him go out on a date with you. Hey, that’s free advertising.

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We should raffle that off.

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Dare you

00:04:53:03 –> 00:04:54:22
Go. We need to a date

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With guests. Buy a ticket. Buy a ticket for your daughter. Must send picture

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My no purchase necessary on certain, you know, certain people. I don’t

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Know. My editing is going way up.

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Yeah, there’s, I don’t know why you would. That’s very, other than maybe you’d plug in your own cell phone. I can see that. Yeah.

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Add a cell phone number. We should just put that on our three five, our first page of our website. Just have Chriss Peterson down, like down, down in the happen

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Cell number

00:05:22:12 –> 00:05:34:17
Gonna happen. Diehard cowboy. Let’s throw out everything out there. Where can they reach you, Chris? Where can, actually we gotta throw it. We had to have a little, you know, where they go through one of us before they get to you. You know, your agent. You know,

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I thought we were talking about Bears today.

00:05:36:24 –> 00:05:40:06
No, let’s talk about, well, what other draw tags we got? We were on the draw tag,

00:05:40:11 –> 00:05:40:29
Man, it’s kind of,

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Wait a minute. None of the rest of us turned down the Bachelor. Really? Like what? Yeah. What do you mean? Chris turned down going on the Bachelor? No, no, you did. No, Chris, I didn’t notice. No, he did. I didn’t turn down. What did it turned down? What was it? The

00:05:57:11 –> 00:05:58:06
Voice? Oh

00:05:58:11 –> 00:06:04:23
No, I thought it was a bachelor too. Whatever Bear grills you had. Bear grills you’ve had about everybody hit you up. Oh,

00:06:05:21 –> 00:06:06:08
That’s awesome.

00:06:06:23 –> 00:06:08:22
I still can’t figure out why. Why wouldn’t you ask me?

00:06:09:18 –> 00:06:11:17
Because you’re married and you can’t sing.

00:06:12:01 –> 00:06:35:29
’cause you have a voice for radio. Actually, we gotta edit that. You have a face for radio. You have a face for podcasts. I know, I get it. I get it. I get it. All right. Well, before we go into my draws, which I don’t want to talk about because they’re secretive. Let’s talk about bears. There you go. Jeff, you’ve been baiting bears. How’d it go last night?

00:06:36:14 –> 00:06:54:23
Oh man. You know, I was pretty disgusted until last night. So set up my baits opening day. You can’t start bait until opening day in Utah. And I was tired of packing 50 to 80 pounds of feet up the stinking mountain. I was, I was, I was getting fed up with it. Well fine her last

00:06:54:23 –> 00:07:02:00
Night. I thought you were doing that on a four-wheeler. Didn’t you tell me partially You were putting the, the pack on and getting on the

00:07:02:00 –> 00:07:07:08
Bike? No, no. I was strapping it to the four-wheeler driving up. And then once you get to a certain spot, then you gotta get off and you gotta hike to this place.

00:07:07:19 –> 00:07:07:28

00:07:08:02 –> 00:07:09:00
So yeah, so anyway,

00:07:11:29 –> 00:07:13:17
It’s not that hard to pack on a four wheeler.

00:07:14:02 –> 00:07:15:14
It’s tires. Were getting

00:07:15:14 –> 00:07:17:29
Low and it’s not, I’m only hiking this guy. Guy’s

00:07:17:29 –> 00:07:18:08

00:07:19:05 –> 00:07:24:23
No, I mean, trust me, I’m only, I’m still only hiking maybe 500 yards to a thousand yards to get to these base stations. But it’s like,

00:07:24:28 –> 00:07:25:16
It still, it

00:07:25:16 –> 00:07:26:22
Sucks. It sucks. It’s,

00:07:27:10 –> 00:07:29:12
And you’re throwing, you only do that for a giant oh

00:07:30:08 –> 00:07:30:11

00:07:30:11 –> 00:07:31:16
Yards. I hope I find something 500

00:07:31:16 –> 00:07:33:07
Yards. It’d better be giant or nothing.

00:07:33:12 –> 00:07:36:07
It’s like me complaining about hiking when I’m on my horse, dude.

00:07:36:26 –> 00:07:37:29
Yeah, there you go. Th

00:07:37:29 –> 00:07:39:18
This. That’s just too much packing.

00:07:40:13 –> 00:07:40:22

00:07:40:22 –> 00:07:43:10
Dude, when you’re this horse, I, it’s just too much. You need

00:07:43:10 –> 00:07:44:01
To train to hunt program.

00:07:45:06 –> 00:07:55:00
I know. That’s what I need. I see. Seriously do. It’s just annoying, man. Like every time you’re walking out there and you’re just dumping food out on the ground, you’re like, I hope something comes eventually you’re

00:07:55:00 –> 00:07:55:11
Pouring money

00:07:55:13 –> 00:07:57:16
On the ground. It’s what you’re doing. Dude got a, that’s

00:07:57:20 –> 00:07:58:14
Doing dogs fly

00:07:58:14 –> 00:08:11:26
Out there. Oh, there it felt like it. Well then I went back yesterday, pulled up to my spot, walked out glass. Well, sure’s, not sure enough there’s a bear on the bait. So I’m like, it’s working. It’s not for nothing Was a cub. It felt like there was a reason

00:08:11:28 –> 00:08:12:23
It, was it a cub?

00:08:13:08 –> 00:08:17:18
No, it wasn’t a small bear, but it was a small-ish bear. Okay. Alright.

00:08:17:19 –> 00:08:20:19
Alright. Small. I can picture exactly what you’re talking about.

00:08:21:15 –> 00:08:23:19
It was not even close to, it

00:08:23:19 –> 00:08:24:10
Wasn’t a one hander.

00:08:24:17 –> 00:08:27:16
It was not, it wasn’t a one hander, that’s for sure. It wasn’t a, it looked like

00:08:27:19 –> 00:08:30:11
I have a mule beers on it. Yeah, no,

00:08:32:01 –> 00:08:43:04
Some of those, you see the pictures like, ah, I’m pretty sure I could pick that up and hold it out there. Like, you know, like one hand or one hand? One hand. Just pick it up with one hand. But no, no, they’re much bigger than that. But still nothing close to what?

00:08:43:23 –> 00:08:44:06
What you

00:08:44:06 –> 00:08:45:12
Looking for? What I’m looking for? Well,

00:08:45:12 –> 00:08:48:26
You got a little bit of time. Yeah, I know you’ve been mixing up the bait a little bit.

00:08:49:03 –> 00:08:50:10
Oh my heck. Just trying to, got

00:08:50:10 –> 00:08:53:11
A special concoction going on in the house. Your wife’s cooking for the bears.

00:08:53:17 –> 00:09:17:19
Oh man. And just, we’re just dumping money. We’re, I feel like I got a feedlot out on the mountain. I don’t know, man. This the bare baiting thing. Like kudos to now I’m gonna tell this hunt is I’m a week into this hunt. Week and a half into this hunt. I’m pretty sure I could go to Alberta. I could drive to Alberta, book a hunt with a guy, pay the 3,500 to 45 boxes

00:09:17:19 –> 00:09:18:16
Of shells and still

00:09:18:16 –> 00:09:35:08
Be ahead. And still be ahead. I am not kidding you. Like it feels like that as you’re dumping another $50 worth of fuel in the truck to drive up there and another $10 into the four wheeler and then bashing everything, all you’re geared to. Heck driving the four-wheelers outta the spot. It’s like, man, I should have just booked a hunt.

00:09:36:29 –> 00:09:38:12
I should go to Alberta. Well, I booked a hunt, Jeff.

00:09:38:20 –> 00:09:39:25
Oh, that’s true. Now

00:09:39:25 –> 00:09:40:06
You did.

00:09:41:14 –> 00:09:46:13
So I book a brown bear hunt and I have nothing to show for. Okay. I tested a lot of gears.

00:09:46:21 –> 00:09:47:00

00:09:47:14 –> 00:09:47:20

00:09:47:20 –> 00:09:48:22
I was the gear test guy.

00:09:52:26 –> 00:09:55:25
Mountain House should be sponsoring this podcast because you ate enough of it to

00:09:56:04 –> 00:10:08:13
Agree. Anyway. Yeah. Kind of interesting. It was good. It was a real good experience. It was with Mike Litson, Litson Guide service. Super good guy. We end endorse him. We still endorsing.

00:10:10:01 –> 00:10:11:01
That’s good news. That’s

00:10:11:01 –> 00:10:18:00
Good sign. That’s news. That’s good sign. That’s good sign. I saw lots of bears. I mean, I saw, I saw some days I saw 15 plus bears.

00:10:18:15 –> 00:10:18:28

00:10:19:02 –> 00:10:55:06
Yep. Round bears. Wow. And so that’s incredible. It’s unbelievable. It was, it was unbelievable. Tons of bears. It was, I’ve never been somewhere, and I’m not used to this, but it was the most prevalent species there. Like, like, like you see five or six caribou. Yeah. Total. And you see ’em four or five times. And so you like to say there’s 20, there’s not, okay, there’s five and they just roam around. Right. And very few grass eaters. There’s nothing, there’s no trees. Like, there’s lots of logs, like thousands of logs along the coastline. And they came from 200 miles away, 300 miles away. There are no trees there. It’s all alders. Wow. And

00:10:57:01 –> 00:10:57:29
Like five foot,

00:10:58:10 –> 00:11:13:10
No, eight foot tall alders. What are we? No like 12 footers and thick as dog hair. Wow. You know? And here you are with a 30 inch rifle trying to get through him. Freaking Neanderthal walking through there. Like good grief. My little short guide’s. Like I, I don’t know what the problem is.

00:11:14:13 –> 00:11:15:05
Yeah, buddy.

00:11:17:18 –> 00:11:24:18
Geez. Gain a little height to walk through there. See how you do. So, anyway, but it was, it was interesting. We’ll

00:11:24:18 –> 00:11:26:07
Apologize in advance to the poor hook.

00:11:26:14 –> 00:11:33:08
Oh, he’s a good guy. We spent a lot of time together, spent a lot, lot of time playing nine card, I mean staring

00:11:33:08 –> 00:11:33:17
At each

00:11:33:17 –> 00:12:05:26
Other. Oh dude. I know way more than I should know about him. And he knows way more than he should know about me. So it was interesting. It was awesome. Tons and tons of bears, you know, and it’s one of those things I didn’t, I mean, lots of eight to eight and a halves. There’s, we did see two great bears, but they weren’t settled down breeding. When you get a breeding pair, what they call a breeding pair, they settle in and they hang out for long periods of time. You know, like meaning 48 to whatever, you know. Yeah. 72 hours or whatever. And they chill out and they might not move 15 yards. And

00:12:05:26 –> 00:12:07:14
You did not see that. Like they’re all

00:12:08:01 –> 00:12:55:10
On the, we watched, I videoed some breeding, but they were eight and a half foot, you know, an eight and a half foot boar. Yeah. On a little. So, and he just, he’s getting lucky because the big boar wasn’t walking through and didn’t, you know, didn’t kick him off. So anyway, there was actually two boars on one sow. It was kind of interesting. Interesting to say the least. But anyway, videoed a lot of great video there doing that. And then foxes and wolverines and you name it. Wow. And you know, the crazy thing about that place is, and it’s weird, it feels like, I don’t know, it kind of feels like hell a little bit, you know, it’s like a bone yard that’s like, it’s everything eats everything. So it’s not like you get a lot of grass eaters here. You got rabbits, you got deer, you got antelope, you got elk and cattle or whatever.

00:12:55:10 –> 00:13:51:17
You got grass eaters, you know, and gilts, they eat each other. You know, you got bears eating grass right now. Like, but then they go into meat heavy. You got bears eating cubs. They’ll, they’ll run, you know, chase, they’ll, they’ll be on a sow and she will not get away. We watched him track, we watched a big board track a sow through, you know, sheep country, like straight up sheep, you know, rugged shale. Track her through that. She’s a half mile away. And we watch him stay on her tree. He gets into a snow slide right on her track, comes barreling down the snow slide. And then he just slowly works. It’s like the government never ends very slow. You know what I mean? Never gives up. Never gives up. Wow. Pretty soon he catches up close to her. She’s watching, she’s watching her back trail. She’s onto him. He kind of is onto her. He knows he is getting close. And the cubs with him and I mean, we videoed the whole sequence back up the mountain. They go around the mountain, they go out of sight. She’s

00:13:51:17 –> 00:13:52:02
Just trying to get out of,

00:13:52:11 –> 00:14:19:07
Get the cub outta the way. Yeah. What she needs to do is get in a crick and walk down the C creek for, for two miles and then she might get away. That’s only, other than that you’re not getting away. And, and then he would get to the snow slide and he laid out there sprawled out on all fours eating snow. ’cause he’s so hot from hiking. I mean, he’s freaking, oh. And anyway, that’s the way it goes. It’s just, and then at some point he’ll catch up if the Cub’s smart, he’ll run away. Otherwise he’s gonna be bear poop.

00:14:20:21 –> 00:14:21:00

00:14:21:00 –> 00:15:08:00
Just gonna get down. They crunch the, the guides have story after story about how they crunch on, I mean, they can sit there and listen to him crunching on the bones of a cub. And then when he’s done with the cub, he breeds mom. ’cause she comes back into heat. Oh, there was one story, one of the guides he watched a boar come in and rip the sow out of the den and eat the cubs. Wow. Wow. Yeah, it’s unbelievable. I mean, there’s a lot of really cool crazy stories. But then, you know, you watch the seagulls come down and they grab the crab and fly off with a crab sitting there in midair and in 30 seconds he’s got his eyes gone and his guts are gone. You know what I mean? And I mean, it’s, it’s, everything eats everything. We watched a foxes sniff on the beach, you know, so the tide comes in and out.

00:15:08:00 –> 00:15:55:07
Yeah. And, and you got the ocean, obviously. And they’re sniffing on the beach. And he’s sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. And then pretty soon he’s digging and he digs down eight or 10 inches even. Pulls out a flopping fish, I mean a flop, a fish from, from the sandbar, from the sun. A live fish. And he eats it. And then he eats another one. He eats another one, watch it 15 times. Goes over, grabs three of them together, pull, pulls it out, throws it out on the beach, grabs another one. Grabs another one goes over and they, and they got a den feeds mama makes her bake, she’s down there baking. Ah, you know, tells a bag. And she’s flat on the ground, you know, submissive. And, and I’m like, I could learn something here. You know what I mean? And just total submissive. And then he, and he makes her beg for about five seconds, 10 seconds, flops the fish out on the ground.

00:15:55:11 –> 00:16:30:24
Then she eats ’em. And she’s so happy and so excited. And then he goes back to hunting again. It’s unbelievable. I’m like, fish. So a sand barn. Yeah. Ready to, they had a den. Oh yeah. They had a den and, and everything. And so, and then, and then later on I glass up a wolverine. I’m like, that’s pretty cool. Got a wolverine. And then I go and the next day we were hiking, we went eight and a half miles on the inReach. You know, the inReach will track you. Yeah. And by the way, the inReach is pretty cool. Like I know there’s some, you know, conflicting stories out there. It was nonstop texting. Like you can text unlimited texts for like 65 bucks a month, you know, which is how I got in touch. Go. You guys, once in a while you

00:16:30:24 –> 00:16:31:23
Can go and reach to reach, right?

00:16:32:03 –> 00:17:25:25
Yeah. Reach to reach, reach to cell phone. You can, you know, they got an app on your cell phone. You type, type on your cell phone and it’s awesome. Anyway, a lot of people know that kind of new to me. But anyway, we were hiking our guts out and glassed up a wolverine who just killed a fox. Wolverine kills a fox and I mean, he does the happy dance jump up, you know, so excited. And then he’s getting all the blood off of his face. And so he’s barreling into the snow and barreling into the snow the other way. And jumping around, jumping around, grabs onto him, tears him apart again. You see fur flying again. He’s dead corpse sitting there, you know? Yeah. Chews on him then jumps around, jumps around. Barry’s in the snow, Barry’s in the snow, you know. Wow. And then pretty soon he takes the rest of what’s left of the fox. He’s hauling it off to his den. I mean it’s, it’s everything eats everything. You know what I mean? And then you see a caribou once in a while and you’re like, you’re bear poop and you don’t even know it.

00:17:26:13 –> 00:17:32:04
You ain’t gonna make it. Keep walking further out on that peninsula. You’re not gonna make it back.

00:17:32:14 –> 00:17:40:25
Yeah. Lots of rain, lots of wind. You know, I was in waiters most of the time. Oh, it’s horizontal rain, really nonstop. Like

00:17:40:25 –> 00:17:41:14
What? Temperature?

00:17:42:07 –> 00:17:46:07
32 to 42. Wow.

00:17:46:22 –> 00:17:47:08
Whole time.

00:17:47:11 –> 00:17:49:25
Whole time. Yeah. The whole time. That’s what you were at.

00:17:49:26 –> 00:17:52:18
And you had a lot of daylight. We should have had a lot of data.

00:17:52:21 –> 00:18:36:24
Yeah. Had daylight, but no, very little sun. But yeah, you have daylight and then, you know, bears came through the camp. I mean, you know, you’ve got a little hole you’re using to, you know, for facilities use the bathroom in. Yeah. And you know, and you dig it out. And anyway, bear comes through and raids the hole, you know, cleans it out for you. I mean, just like, oh my gosh, it’s nonstop going through camp, videoed ’em right next to camp, videoed ’em, going through camp. You know, just, just a lot of that. What’s interesting about up there though, these bears are inherently scared of you. They, they are, they know they’re hunted to a degree. And I don’t necessarily know how, ’cause it’s not like there’s lots and lots of tags, but they don’t like humans generally speaking. Generally

00:18:36:28 –> 00:18:44:20
Speaking. Which isn’t, which is kind of good to know because you look at ’em out wandering around, you probably think that’s an awful intimidating creature to have to be anywhere near.

00:18:44:26 –> 00:18:45:26
Oh, it’s intimidating.

00:18:46:28 –> 00:18:49:12
Trust me. Giant. Yeah. And fast. Yeah.

00:18:49:15 –> 00:18:50:13
And they’re way fast,

00:18:51:02 –> 00:18:52:16
Incredible sense of smell. Like

00:18:52:26 –> 00:18:55:17
You and your hip waiters, you’re not going very fast. Okay.

00:18:58:01 –> 00:19:46:17
You’re not, you’re a gummy. And so anyway, yeah, they’re very intimidating animal. But anyway, they are scared of you. They, they, even the big boars, the big boars are smart. And, and they’ll, if they get on your trail or they, or they come across your trail, they’re gone. And so you try not to stink up the area. Too bad. You don’t wanna, you want a glass from a distance and go in when you need to. And so anyway, I extended after 14 days and spent 20, 21 days up there, you know, hunting actually during the season. And so dang near spent the entire brown bear season. It went May 10th to May 31st. And this is the last year they extended it that long normally, you know, multiple years ago. I don’t know exactly how many they went to, you know, from a May 10th to May 25th season to the 31st, which is awesome. ’cause the warmer it gets, the more

00:19:46:17 –> 00:19:47:00
They’re moving

00:19:47:05 –> 00:20:04:12
And the more they’re moving, the more they’re breeding, you know? Yeah. The more the warmer it gets, the weather, everything like that, you get a lot of activity and you have a better chance of killing something good. And, and also they had and know, and on even years, you have a spring season, odd years, you have a fall season. The fall seasons are tougher. There’s no question about it. You know,

00:20:04:24 –> 00:20:07:14
Just because they’re, the boards aren’t roaming as much, right? Yeah.

00:20:07:14 –> 00:20:08:02
They’re, they’re not. And

00:20:08:09 –> 00:20:08:22

00:20:08:22 –> 00:20:16:14
Holding up, and if you have a good salmon run, they don’t move. They lay there on the bank wherever they’re at. And if it’s in thick alls and they got salmon, they’re laying in salmon, dead salmon,

00:20:16:14 –> 00:20:16:20

00:20:16:29 –> 00:21:10:17
They’re laying in dead salmon. You can’t walk without walking on salmon, you know, especially a year, like last year. And so anyway, it can be a little bit tougher that way. These spring hunts are pretty fun. This year was tough. Lot of, a lot of tough weather. Some people killed some giants and congratulations to ’em. It was, it’s awesome. It makes you want a big old Baird and there’s no question. But anyway, I, I wanted, I wanted to kill a good one. You know, I, I just didn’t wanna kill an oversized black bear. I mean, I wanna go up and kill a big old bear, you know? And so, and saw a couple, and once you see a couple, you’re like, all right, that’s, I gotta have one, you know? And so anyway, it was, it was awesome there. It was one of those things, you know, you better have very good ringer. And, and it’s kind of, it’s kind of crazy. Obviously no cell service. I’m unplugged for, you know, three weeks plus. And, and of course you guys are running the office and it’s make freaking me out. You had

00:21:10:17 –> 00:21:11:29
Withdrawals from texting.

00:21:13:11 –> 00:21:16:20
Hey, are you saying I’m addicted? Instagram withdrawals?

00:21:16:23 –> 00:22:19:11
No, I did have that. So anyway, but we’re paid to do that kind of stuff. I’m supposed to be on Instagram. But anyway, it was, it was quite a, quite a, quite a deal. You know, it’s one of those things you don’t do very often. You know, if you kill one, you’re done for four years, you know, there’s, and so anyway, not, not cheap, that’s for sure. But at the same time, they do have boat hunts, you know? Oh, Litson does have boat hunts where you can move a lot. He’s covering a lot of country shorelines. And, and, and that’s kind of like if you want a big mul deer in the rutt, you need to cover country. You cover the numbers, right. Yeah. And we’ve talked about that. I don’t, many different podcasts. Yeah. And that’s what I feel like on these bears. And, and, and I know I’m just a, I’m just one guy, one opinion and only, it’s not like I’m an expert. I’ve been on one of ’em, right? Yeah. But I’m just saying, cover the numbers, cover the country, you know, and you can do that on some of these hunts. That one, you know, they couldn’t. But having said that, we did see a couple big old bears, and we had a big great big bay to, to ourselves with drainages that run into the bay. And so how far

00:22:19:11 –> 00:22:21:04
Were you glassing? Like where were you? Oh,

00:22:21:04 –> 00:22:22:28
Four plus miles times. Really? Yeah.

00:22:22:29 –> 00:22:25:19
Oh yeah. So you’re glassing up bears across the bay.

00:22:25:19 –> 00:23:07:17
Oh yeah. You’ll see some of the video that I took through Phone scope, you know, chest and Setup was awesome. Got a film. Even the Happy Dance from the Wolverine, the, I got that on film. The Fox is amazing footage with the, the iPhone and chest and setup, phone scope setup. So anyway, yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of that. Just lots of film with that kind of stuff. Bears chilling. We, we hiked in on a couple of bears, maybe 125 yards away and videoed them. And then once they start sniffing the air and they’re, they’re kind of, you know, facing you. I mean, you’re like, ooh, you know, you know, ’cause the young bears, the middle, middle aged or young bears, like, they’re the ones that are dumb enough to come check you out. And not sure, just like a little,

00:23:07:17 –> 00:23:12:00
The old ones, the younger line or something like that, they’re intimidating because they’re curious. Well, and they’re not, they know

00:23:12:00 –> 00:23:27:02
And they’re not smart enough to go, yeah. They’s danger. Oh, what’s that? Never smelled that before. Let’s go check it out. You know? And so you’re like, no, you know, so you kind of gotta be careful of those young ones and, you know, but we did video ’em got up close and, and whatnot. So what

00:23:27:02 –> 00:23:28:10
Age class are you? Like on

00:23:28:26 –> 00:23:37:12
Like eight half. Oh, some of these bears. So, so no, some of these bears are, you know, 15 to 25 years old. Wow. Wow. Yeah. They’re old bears.

00:23:37:26 –> 00:23:41:00
Bears get old. You can learn a lot in 20 years as a bear.

00:23:41:01 –> 00:23:44:00
I’m sure. I don’t know. Jeff, you’re eating cubs breeding, eating salmon.

00:23:44:02 –> 00:23:45:06
That’s, that’s probably true. But

00:23:45:06 –> 00:23:50:23
Finding a winter bed, eating cubs, breeding, eating salmon. Find a winter bed. That’s what you do for 25 years. That’s what do

00:23:51:26 –> 00:23:52:29
Well and avoid being killed.

00:23:53:05 –> 00:24:02:19
Yeah. You gotta avoid being killed. That’s right. When you’re not thinking straight, you know, in the rutt. Yeah. Be like you coming off a hunt and trying to avoid being killed. Pretty much. Be easy to slay, buddy.

00:24:03:25 –> 00:24:08:02
So that’s the truth. That’s the truth.

00:24:09:01 –> 00:25:10:19
So anyway, it was awesome. I mean, you get, you get to learn a lot. You meet a lot of good people. There’s other outfitters and whatnot. You meet a lot of other hunters and you know, these, it’s a, like everybody says, it can be the most boring hunt in the world. You’re, you’re, I mean, sometimes we’re bound to camp for three days, you know, the wind’s not right. Yeah. And the wind that is there is blowing rain, horizontal, you know what I mean? And you can’t glass, you got fog visibility’s zero. Yeah. Visibility’s zero. And all you’re doing is tracking up the place, right. Because you’re winds are on or whatever. So you try to, you try to make good on the days that are good and the days that are good. We had three good days and in those days we saw the least amount of bears we took off and went aggressive. Very steep, rugged country. Yeah. A lot of bears will be up high. And you know, one of those days I was in my waders. ’cause here’s the problem. You got, you got hip waders and, and they’re insulated and your feet still get cold. Right. But you’re hiking your guts out because wherever you see that bear, you’re gonna have go. Yeah. Oh yeah. You’re sweating.

00:25:10:19 –> 00:25:10:27
You’re sweating.

00:25:11:29 –> 00:25:56:13
And so if you see the bear across another valley, well valleys are marshes and tundra. You know what I mean? So you had, I fell into my crotch multiple times. Everywhere. Like quick sand, you know, just water every, like, you just, you just, I’m gonna live in water, you know, for the, for the duration of my hunt. And, and, and hopefully you got a good, good camp where you can dry out a little bit and boot dryers and whatnot if you can. Now that’s a very luxury item there. We didn’t have that. But I mean it’s definitely, you know, one of those, one of those things where you’re not, it’s not just like out here we’re 90 degrees or 80 degrees or 70 or 60 or 50 or 40 or whatever, but lots of sunny, you know, days and clear days. And, and so anyway, you just, you just go up there and enjoy bad weather.

00:25:56:20 –> 00:26:02:09
Yeah. And in a 20 day stretch here, you might have three days of bad weather. It’s 20 day stretch up there. You got three days of good weather.

00:26:02:10 –> 00:26:24:16
Yeah. This was an abnormally tough, tough spring that way. Yeah. It was abnormally bad weather. Usually they have a lot more sunny. We had, we had the end reaches and GoPros and whatnot. And so we had, you know, we also had the solar, you know, charging batteries and and whatnot. And then using those to charge some of our devices. ’cause you wanna be able to connect with people. You wanna also be able to video. Yeah. Alright. With your phones,

00:26:24:21 –> 00:26:25:29
What was your favorite piece of gear?

00:26:27:18 –> 00:26:38:08
Oh, that’s a tough one. My under armor does make a able jacket. That was unbelievable. It’s a lifesaver. It was a lifesaver. And it was kind of in the middle because it’s, its not a,

00:26:38:08 –> 00:26:44:24
Because so you’re passion, you’re going light waterproof on the outside, but light not much underneath. And then when you stop, you’re gonna freeze. Yeah.

00:26:44:24 –> 00:26:45:20
You’re gonna freeze. Wow.

00:26:45:23 –> 00:26:48:18
You gotta pull it out. Throw it on. Yeah. Put Thera put the rain shell down on top.

00:26:48:21 –> 00:26:49:18
Is it the modular?

00:26:50:02 –> 00:26:50:08

00:26:50:08 –> 00:26:56:18
That the one you talked? No, it’s, well that modular I think was kind of an outer shell lightweight. I used it nonstop. A hundred percent. This

00:26:56:18 –> 00:26:57:11
Is the new stuff.

00:26:57:22 –> 00:27:30:13
The new stuff, yeah. Okay. That’s, and then I did have, do you remember those brown pants you guys took and freaking went through the car wash on? Yeah. Yeah. They were brown, but they weren’t the camel version. Yeah. And those breathe and they, and yet, so you, they could be soaked and dry within an hour. Like it was pretty crazy. Like they shed water, but they’re, but you’re going to, but they do to a degree up there. Gotcha. You’re gonna get wet, you know what I mean? There’s so, yeah. And so, but then it breathed, it was breathing and so it was awesome. Like it’s awesome. They, I wore ’em, I mean, I wore ’em for 20 days. Right. So I’m just gonna say they

00:27:30:13 –> 00:27:33:00
Just about walked out the airplane themselves without you in

00:27:33:02 –> 00:27:58:00
On day 14. I’m like, well, if we’re gonna extend, I’m doing laundry. So there was a laundry basket on the beach from some sailor. There’s a lot of trash on the beach. I mean, these guys have fished for, you know, whatever. Yeah. There’s just 50, a hundred years and there’s just shs everywhere. And so anyway, cutting boards and who knows what. So anyway, had a little bit of laundry detergent and did some of my most favorite pieces that got abused.

00:27:58:12 –> 00:27:59:10
There you go. And,

00:28:00:02 –> 00:28:05:19
And so yeah, those, those brown pants are just unbelievable. And those will be out, you know, obviously this year. What

00:28:05:19 –> 00:28:09:12
Was the gear you’re missing? What, what did you feel like? Oh man, I wish I would’ve have wool

00:28:09:12 –> 00:28:09:26
Gloves. Wool gloves

00:28:10:03 –> 00:28:10:29
Needed wool gloves.

00:28:11:00 –> 00:28:14:29
Yeah. Your, your hands are unbelievably cold. And I had gloves and

00:28:14:29 –> 00:28:15:06

00:28:15:11 –> 00:28:52:04
Yeah. And wet all the time. Can’t. And so I had gloves, but when they get wet, they get cold. And so I was constantly having to put ’em in my pockets and just kinda keep those gloves from getting saturated or just, if they were, then you just got cold hands. And it’s not just little bit, it was bad, you know. So I would say, you know, wool gloves, I think’s the one thing, the one miss I had, other than that I was decked out. Perfect. I had great gear. It was awesome. You know, I don’t know. I took fifteens 15 power binoculars. I pretty much took the tens, left them in camp, put my fifteens in the vinyl harness, and it was fifteens nonstop. Wow. Well,

00:28:52:04 –> 00:28:55:08
We’re good. If you can really glass for four miles, you, you want your fifteens.

00:28:55:09 –> 00:29:13:12
Yeah. And they won’t let you shoot a bear. Yeah. You want the fifteens on a tripod, but they won’t let you shoot a bear, you know, unless you’re close. I’m talking 200 and under because you’re going in after the altars, after a bear. Yeah. If you have a marginal shot, you don’t, you know, get a good shot on him. I mean, you’re going in, you’re going in with him. You

00:29:13:12 –> 00:29:15:12
Got some stories of guys that Oh yeah. Had to

00:29:15:12 –> 00:29:32:10
Go in. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. When I was there, one of the guides, you know, they got a bunch of rounds into a bear and with his adrenaline and whatnot, he came at ’em at 15 yards and he had to put one between the eyes. Oh. Like there’s some crazy stories. Crazy stories. And so anyone,

00:29:32:10 –> 00:29:37:13
I want that guide, where’s that guide? If I’m ever going after one, I want that guy with me. I’m

00:29:37:13 –> 00:29:47:02
Pretty sure he flew home after that. Huh. So anyway. But a lot of fun. Right. That’s how, how would you like to have, I’d like to have that skull, like that bear’s. That would be awesome.

00:29:47:21 –> 00:29:48:02
This is,

00:29:48:15 –> 00:30:01:20
Yeah, this is my bear. Pretty intense. This is the story behind him. So anyway, a lot of, lot of stuff like that. Just, just good times, good people. I extended, you know? Yeah. I mean, you know, you

00:30:01:20 –> 00:30:02:22
Did everything you could. Yeah.

00:30:02:28 –> 00:30:03:17
Did everything we

00:30:03:17 –> 00:30:07:19
Could. Just the weather, you can’t help the weather. I mean, you can’t help the weather if you felt like you had three good

00:30:07:19 –> 00:30:18:06
Days cover. Yeah. There’s not, you can’t go, how far can you go? I mean, you go as far as you can go. Yeah. On foot too. Well, and you covered the whole country that’s within your jurisdiction, so to speak. I mean, so

00:30:18:07 –> 00:30:21:20
You’re limited to your, the outfitters licensed area. Yeah.

00:30:21:24 –> 00:30:32:11
Like your, for that whatever area. And, and yeah. And this is the, your land camps are based to this area and then the boats get to cover all the other country. You can’t, you know what I mean? Yeah. So

00:30:32:20 –> 00:30:37:20
Tell me how the yacht hunts differ from that? Or are they, you’re glassing from the boat Yeah.

00:30:37:20 –> 00:30:44:04
To see bear. Oh yeah. They have fifteens on the table, glassing from the boat. Showers food is amazing. They have to

00:30:44:17 –> 00:30:45:28
Hit land before they can

00:30:45:28 –> 00:31:15:14
Shoot. Oh yeah. Yeah. They’ll go to land, they’ll take a skit to land and, and, and work it from land. And a lot of times they, they don’t wait until they see one. Sometimes they do, sometimes they, you know, may road hunt, so to speak. But a lot of times, every day you’re kind of plant the weather’s good. You’re going to land and you’re gonna go to this bay and work this country. Right. And then, and the next, and the other three hunters are gonna do the same with their guide or whatever. And then, and, and just go in there and then you’ll know what’s there and you can come out and then you can try a different bay the next day or whatever. So you

00:31:15:15 –> 00:31:17:22
Got more mobility. And then I guess it’d be a luxury,

00:31:17:25 –> 00:31:59:14
More mobility to agree, but the wind to, to a degree. But then the wind comes up, you get really rough waves. Rough seas. I mean, you’re in the sea, that’d be rough. You get rough seas, you’re boat bound. You’re not getting in a skiff and going shore. Yeah. And so, yeah, it’s can be frustrating. Right. You can see how all this goes and you’ve got a limited time. Usually a 10 day hunt, you could lose half of it to weather in rough seas. Yeah. So anyway, it’s a numbers game and it’s making it happen when you see ’em too. You could, you could see a bear, a breeding pair. Let’s say you have a breeding pair with a 10 foot bear and they, they, they killed ’em. When was there like theirs? 10 footers. And you think kodiak’s the only place it’s not, there’s great bears and other plenty of parts of the peninsula and you got a breeding pair.

00:31:59:27 –> 00:32:49:22
And let’s say, you know, you go and you hunt him, but you’re careful and you don’t hunt him really hard or aggressive, which is natural. You don’t wanna blow him out. You come back, you could have two days of rough seas go back and he’s not there. He’s young. Right. And so depending on when he started mating, breeding with her, you know, maybe it’s a day into it or two days into it and he’s on the very last, you know, portion of, of that, then you end up, you know, losing him if you don’t get back there right away. So you kinda wanna make it happen when, when, when it’s on, you know? Anyway, kind of interesting. You know, the bores, I mean telling bores from sows and you know, a lot of the sows will have, you know, round heads and short necked and you can just kind of get a feel. You get, you get to see ’em. You, you so many, you know, they’re rubbed. You gotta deal with rub bears and, and then just judging ’em big old low hanging belly. And you know, you, when you see a big one, you’re like, ugh, that’s fricking,

00:32:50:08 –> 00:32:51:01
That’s a big bear

00:32:51:07 –> 00:33:12:08
Sl foot, you know? Yeah. And that’s what we called the one bear. I mean, he pop up like we saw him for multiple days, but, and we made a run on him. Yeah. But he came out and went back in, came out, went back in kind of thing. And, and not even close to killing him. They’re smart bears. They’re freaking smart. So anyway, Chris, you were in Montana?

00:33:12:23 –> 00:33:22:16
I was, I spent a few days up there making a little run. I was trying to end my dry spell. I’ve had some rough hunts and so I thought, well, I’m gonna go try to shoot a bear.

00:33:23:08 –> 00:33:23:14

00:33:23:25 –> 00:33:27:05
And it was, it was interesting.

00:33:27:06 –> 00:33:27:29
Tell us the real story.

00:33:28:02 –> 00:33:37:25
It was interesting. Well, the first few days were pretty rough and then it got more rough after that. So

00:33:38:04 –> 00:33:39:07
Now granted like was the

00:33:39:07 –> 00:33:40:14
Kill rough? Was the kill rough

00:33:40:14 –> 00:33:42:12
Chris? What part was rough? Well,

00:33:42:12 –> 00:33:48:13
Just, you had been talking to guys and nobody was seeing bears Yeah. In that area that you were in. They just weren’t out. Yeah.

00:33:48:13 –> 00:34:00:25
I had a friend that they were up there for 10 days before me and they only saw three bears. And they’re days, they’re, they’re guys that have hunted the area they know for 40 years. Like wow. They have been in that area forever.

00:34:00:27 –> 00:34:01:23
What, what was the reason?

00:34:03:08 –> 00:34:30:02
My, my thoughts on it was there’s so much grass in the trees this year and I don’t know what it was or why, but there’s, in all the thick pines, there’s just tons of grass in the trees and on the roads there wasn’t a whole lot yet. Yeah. And so a lot of times when you have a good season, there’ll be a lot of grass on the roads and you can walk those roads and you, you’ll have bears out in the open. Well they had no reason to be out in the open. And so I feel like they were just in the trees. Well a

00:34:30:05 –> 00:34:30:10
Lot of those

00:34:30:14 –> 00:34:30:24

00:34:31:03 –> 00:34:36:16
Are cut into the mountain, so, you know, if you had drifts and stuff coming down, they probably just stayed snow laden longer. Right?

00:34:37:01 –> 00:34:41:27
Yep. And I, I, I think they had quite a lot of snow this year and Oh, they, well

00:34:41:27 –> 00:34:42:03

00:34:42:03 –> 00:34:44:22
Did. And so yeah, it just, it

00:34:44:22 –> 00:34:44:26
Was just

00:34:44:29 –> 00:34:55:13
Different. And I talked to a lot of friends that said the same thing, that everybody was just struggling. And I feel like maybe I was a week two weeks earlier than I should have been. Yeah,

00:34:55:25 –> 00:34:57:00
Yeah. Late spring.

00:34:57:10 –> 00:35:34:03
Yeah. Something like that. I, I don’t know exactly. And I was, I was very mobile. I, man I started probably 200 miles south of where I finished. I finished Canadian border at the last couple days. I was probably 20 miles from the Canadian border. Just, I was trying to stay mobile, I just wasn’t seeing sign. I’d stay a day or two in an area and just no sign and no bears. Finally I was driving up this road during the middle of the afternoon one day and I, I hadn’t seen a bear the entire hunt. Yeah. And all of a sudden I see this black thing in front of me running up the road and

00:35:34:22 –> 00:35:35:28
You’re like, no way.

00:35:36:17 –> 00:35:36:21

00:35:36:27 –> 00:35:39:07
I, I don’t know. At first I thought it was somebody’s lab.

00:35:40:22 –> 00:35:46:20
You probably don’t want to chase that bear Chris. No, no. I got a lab sized bear running in front of me.

00:35:47:08 –> 00:35:48:23
No, it was off in the dick. I’m gonna

00:35:48:23 –> 00:35:51:22
Kill it. It was a little, no, no.

00:35:52:01 –> 00:36:06:26
It was actually a pretty decent bear. But it was up ahead of me quite a way isn’t I? At first I was just, I was just so shocked to see a bear. ’cause I hadn’t seen one. Yeah. And it was middle of the day running down the road. And so I tried to walk up to where it had gone off the road. I was just started

00:36:06:26 –> 00:36:09:14
Barking. Barking like a dog bay up the bear. Yeah.

00:36:09:18 –> 00:36:21:18
I didn’t, I didn’t, it was, I was just too surprised. I guess I, I was not expecting to see a bear. I was just driving to the top of this mountain to try to see more country and anyway saw trying to find cell

00:36:21:18 –> 00:36:27:24
Service to check your BMS and stuff. Geez. Alright, keep going.

00:36:27:29 –> 00:36:54:19
Anyway, so I thought, you know, I saw a bear here, so I’m gonna hunt here tonight. There, there’s a good chance. And there was a cut across the canyon from me that had been kind of a clear cut. And I was up on this higher road where I could see across the canyon and it was like, not that big of a, a cut, maybe 10 acres or something. But I’m like, there could be a bear walk in there and everything else was just thick, thick, thick. Wow. And so you posted

00:36:54:23 –> 00:36:55:07
Up? I

00:36:55:07 –> 00:36:55:23
Posted up.

00:36:57:20 –> 00:36:58:04
I love it.

00:36:58:17 –> 00:37:05:01
So I sat there just putting all my eggs into the basket of that one. Clear cut. That clear cut. How big is the

00:37:05:01 –> 00:37:05:24
Clear cut across there?

00:37:06:20 –> 00:37:08:13
You mean how, how far away was it? Yeah,

00:37:08:13 –> 00:37:09:19
Like to one end of the other.

00:37:10:10 –> 00:37:14:02
Oh, 500 yards. Okay. I mean, it’s not well within

00:37:14:13 –> 00:37:15:13
Shooting distance of what you’re doing.

00:37:15:15 –> 00:37:25:23
Yeah, yeah. So anyway, I sat there that night and I see a bear come out and I’m like in the clear cut.

00:37:25:24 –> 00:37:26:02

00:37:26:05 –> 00:37:39:23
In the clear cut right where I was hoping a bear would come out. Jeez, A bear comes out. That’s pretty cool. And, and I hadn’t seen any other people where I was and so I thought, oh, this would be good. So I set up my gun, taking my time. I was just gonna, you’re gonna

00:37:39:23 –> 00:37:40:11
Smoke this lab?

00:37:40:11 –> 00:37:44:06
Yeah. It’s gonna make a good shot. I mean it was, it No, this was a different,

00:37:44:25 –> 00:37:48:00
It wasn’t the same bear. Okay. Alright. So from, from

00:37:48:00 –> 00:38:12:07
Where I saw the bear, this one’s clear across the other canyon. Okay. The lab? No. Alright. Not the same bear. Anyway, so I get set up and I’m just dialing up my turret and I look across the canyon and all of a sudden about a hundred yards from the bear, a truck pulls up and stops

00:38:12:09 –> 00:38:13:27
Some two trucks you didn’t even know

00:38:13:27 –> 00:38:15:19
Was there. I didn’t know it was there. Geez.

00:38:15:25 –> 00:38:17:08
Hadn’t seen anybody up to this

00:38:17:08 –> 00:38:19:07
Point. No. As long as

00:38:19:07 –> 00:38:20:14
The windows are up, you let one rip.

00:38:25:20 –> 00:38:26:26
I i I couldn’t never

00:38:26:26 –> 00:38:30:04
Get their, their chance again. There’s one way to build a reputation. Yeah.

00:38:30:17 –> 00:38:31:20
Couldn’t I, I

00:38:32:03 –> 00:38:34:27
Kill ’em when you see ’em. Obviously

00:38:35:02 –> 00:39:05:20
I wasn’t gonna shoot over over somebody and, and so they pulled up and they stopped. I almost feel like they had seen the bear somehow. And I don’t know where they were or how they would’ve seen it, but they pull up and stopped a hundred yards underneath the bear. But it’s just thick trees under the bear and they couldn’t see a thing, you know? Yeah. They get out and kind of walk around, walk back and forth. Then he gets back in and backs up the truck and stops and pulls forwards. And I’m like, oh geez. Meanwhile I glass up the bear and the bear’s just sitting there staring at them, watching ’em

00:39:05:20 –> 00:39:08:01
Through the trees. Like maybe just listening or Yeah. Seeing,

00:39:08:29 –> 00:39:25:12
Just listening. Yeah. Yeah. And just alert. Yeah. And I’m thinking, this bear’s gonna blow in the trees and it’ll be gone. Well by some miracle the bear stayed there and they left the truck leaves.

00:39:25:23 –> 00:39:31:22
Wow. These guys are listening to this podcast thinking I told you the bear was there. I told you there.

00:39:33:27 –> 00:39:55:10
So I get back down on the gun and the bear had kind of gone behind some trees and so it took me a minute to find it again. And finally I see it and it’s walking up the hill, back toward the tree line. And I get my gun out there right then. It’s the worst hailstorm I have ever been in my life.

00:39:56:02 –> 00:39:56:26
Just, just hit

00:39:56:26 –> 00:39:59:04
Right there. Giant. All of a sudden. Giant hell.

00:39:59:04 –> 00:40:24:01
Hey, keep in mind we had a Mark Thompson YouTube video two rounds in 15 seconds. Okay. Yeah. This bear should have been dead five minutes ago. No, you need to attend his course. I’ve I actually it’s true. I mean, yeah, there I actually have, all right. I want you put three rounds down ranging as I’m dialing up the clouds up appear. Oh. But the clouds were

00:40:24:01 –> 00:40:26:03
Rolling in when that truck was down there still

00:40:26:14 –> 00:40:27:19
It was, I’m just kidding. The

00:40:27:19 –> 00:40:44:08
Black was coming, but I thought, you know, I can, I can get it done before and it just literally if I’d have had another 30 seconds I could have shot all of a sudden. Just this hailstorm crazy hell. And, and I can’t see I well far enough to shoot anyway. Yeah,

00:40:44:08 –> 00:40:44:16

00:40:45:07 –> 00:40:56:24
And I’m getting soaked. So I load up my stuff and my, actually it was about a half mile from my truck. So I start hiking back and about 10 seconds later, this

00:40:56:24 –> 00:40:57:26
Is when you needed my Under Armour gear.

00:40:58:03 –> 00:41:34:27
I know I didn’t have anything because it was clear when I, and I wasn’t that far from the truck. I, yeah. I thought, well it’s, but I didn’t expect a hailstorm like that. Yeah. Anyway, I get back to the truck and there goes the day because it was, by that time it was, you know, evening and Yeah. Hailstorm didn’t roll out and so I went back to town and stayed the night. I had one day left ’cause I had, I had an appointment with Ken Trek boots the next day actually. Yeah. I was gonna go stop by and thank you, check out some boots and so I thought I have one more day and the morning was a flop and then Yeah,

00:41:34:27 –> 00:41:38:00
The bears don’t come out until evening. Yeah. Generally. Yeah. Our bears didn’t,

00:41:38:04 –> 00:41:57:07
Yeah. Sometimes you get lucky. But yeah, nothing came out in the morning. And so I, I thought well maybe that same bear will come out. So I set up in the same spot, just banking on that one bear. And about seven o’clock I see this black spot come out.

00:41:58:16 –> 00:42:02:24
Same spot, bark, same spot. Start barking. No, you have to. Hey,

00:42:03:17 –> 00:42:03:20

00:42:03:20 –> 00:42:03:25

00:42:04:01 –> 00:42:14:17
I have to remind you. Hey Fido, I gotta remind you too, I gotta remind you on this whole thing I was filming too. So I set up the camera on the tripod. Geez. Got the camera on the bear. Then I had to go to the

00:42:14:17 –> 00:42:17:27
Gun. What kind of lightweight operation is it? Think you’d have a videographer.

00:42:18:07 –> 00:42:19:23
I know, right? So when you

00:42:19:23 –> 00:42:25:01
Are the videographer, we don’t spend anybody. So, so add

00:42:25:01 –> 00:42:37:02
That into, add that into the equation. I I put the camera on the tripod, get the bear in the camera, hit record, get down on the gun, find it, you know, arrange it, find it in the gun. And anyway, all

00:42:37:02 –> 00:42:39:25
The while you’re a right-handed shooter and left eyed. Is that

00:42:39:25 –> 00:42:44:29
What you mean? Right-handed shooter shooting left-handed on a right-handed gun. Yes.

00:42:45:19 –> 00:42:52:29
I know you’re a, you’re a wreck. Alright, keep going. How? Wait, you gotta elaborate though on that. It’s ’cause he is a one-eyed Willie. What?

00:42:53:04 –> 00:42:54:08
Come on now. He

00:42:54:08 –> 00:42:56:09
Did. He stabbed his eye out when he was a kid. Geez.

00:42:56:12 –> 00:42:57:05
So we tease him

00:42:57:07 –> 00:42:59:16
A little bit. But anyway, I didn’t know this

00:42:59:28 –> 00:43:03:26
Well, they both work fine. It’s just, just one’s clear and one’s I’m left eye. They don’t work.

00:43:03:28 –> 00:43:05:08
It’s just one’s glass and one’s

00:43:05:25 –> 00:43:11:17
Actually, I actually have better vision in my right eye than my left eye now, but my left eye’s dominant.

00:43:12:16 –> 00:43:27:01
Yeah. Easier to just shoot with your left eye. Gotcha. Yeah. So generally this phone scope, the new phone scope adapter that shows you what you’re seeing through your scope. It’s nice if he has a partner to say yes. All right Christian need I am a little bit left, Chris, which eyes? Which eyes

00:43:29:03 –> 00:43:31:27
Come on. You guys are outta control.

00:43:32:20 –> 00:43:37:03
Here’s your, here’s your pirate eye patch. Put it on the other eye. Alright, here

00:43:37:03 –> 00:43:39:25
We go. I don’t, he’s a patch so he is

00:43:39:25 –> 00:43:41:15
Laid down. Shoot the dog

00:43:43:11 –> 00:43:45:02
Actually have pretty good vision in both eyes.

00:43:47:29 –> 00:43:59:02
Of course he hadn’t seen much. Remember that was slow. Let’s see where we at. Keep going. Where we at? Keep going. Still editing on this. You have to leave it

00:43:59:02 –> 00:44:03:14
On me. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do on this one. It’s gonna take some pondering. Let’s

00:44:03:14 –> 00:44:04:11
Kill this thing. Where you at?

00:44:05:25 –> 00:44:07:13
So anyway, I pulled the trigger and killed the bear.

00:44:08:05 –> 00:44:11:27
Did you? Yeah. Come on. Yeah, I did. Not that quick.

00:44:12:20 –> 00:44:13:08
Well almost

00:44:15:21 –> 00:44:16:11
Watch the video

00:44:18:22 –> 00:44:19:19
Be out in a couple weeks

00:44:20:07 –> 00:44:24:22
After all the editing. Chris, tell us the truth. Tell us the truth.

00:44:24:28 –> 00:44:25:25
I was by myself.

00:44:27:07 –> 00:44:29:28
The truth is, whatever writes the story is whatever you,

00:44:30:11 –> 00:44:31:19
I had to film it. The hunting trip.

00:44:31:20 –> 00:44:32:05
That’s how

00:44:32:05 –> 00:44:35:13
It works. It may not have been as fast as that, but it felt pretty quick. The bear died.

00:44:35:14 –> 00:44:36:07
Okay. The bear

00:44:36:07 –> 00:44:39:05
Died. I set up the camera, hit record. Set up the gun.

00:44:39:22 –> 00:44:46:01
I will the gun. I will say this out of this room. We got one bear killer, unfortunately.

00:44:46:26 –> 00:44:49:04
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. O ouch.

00:44:50:10 –> 00:44:51:12
We’ve got a, we’ve got

00:44:51:12 –> 00:44:52:22
That was below the belt and then some

00:44:52:25 –> 00:45:01:06
Jeff, I’m just, I’m just saying, are we throwing some grief out there? Just saying right now we’re one for three. Well at

00:45:01:06 –> 00:45:04:05
Least you’ve got a bunch of help coming your way. ’cause we’re gonna make sure kill

00:45:04:05 –> 00:45:17:12
A bear. Yeah. You know, I, I’m hoping making 13 and and I realize that there’s people sitting in Canada thinking 13 points. He, it took 13 years to draw a beer. Well it did. That’s when I got wrapped up in this bear. It’s retarded.

00:45:17:22 –> 00:45:19:07
It is retarded. It’s retarded.

00:45:20:09 –> 00:45:25:28
Oh, Christians it to Montana kills when I, I 13 years into John, this one. I don’t know what I’m doing

00:45:25:29 –> 00:45:35:23
By the way. Thanks Jeff. I I was ready to end my drought and I wanted to kill a bear and it was a good bear and I shot it. Yeah,

00:45:35:25 –> 00:45:37:06
That’s right. Good deal.

00:45:38:04 –> 00:45:49:19
You know, it’s been fun seeing all the Instagram posts, like seeing a lot of guys killing bears on social media. I think it’s good that guys are getting out and making some hunts happen in the spring. Like it is good. Like it’s good to get out. You know what I mean? It’s,

00:45:49:21 –> 00:45:56:05
Yeah. You’re either shed hunting, bear hunting or Turkey hunting, you know? Yeah. And so anyway, all three, it’s good time. Good times.

00:45:56:13 –> 00:45:58:12
Now tell us about Kent Trick. How was that? How was that?

00:45:58:20 –> 00:46:23:12
Oh, it was good. It was good. So I, I killed the bear, packed it out and I didn’t get back to town till about midnight. And I thought, and I, I’m six hours from Bozeman where I’m supposed to be. And so I started driving all-nighter. I started driving. I drove, I drove until I couldn’t drive anymore. Stopped about four 30 in the morning and I have no idea where I was. I stopped at this shady little,

00:46:24:02 –> 00:46:33:23
There are some backwards places in Montana. I will warn anybody who’s out. Bear hunting. You get into northern Idaho, Montana, it’s, you find some backwards

00:46:33:23 –> 00:46:35:20
Places. It’s a little primitive. It’s a little

00:46:35:20 –> 00:46:36:10
Primitive. Anyway,

00:46:36:14 –> 00:46:36:24
I walk in

00:46:36:26 –> 00:46:37:12
Cars and churches

00:46:37:19 –> 00:46:41:17
Walk into this place and I thought I’m back in 1980.

00:46:43:10 –> 00:46:45:00
You don’t even remember 1980.

00:46:45:17 –> 00:46:48:24
I wasn’t even born in 1980. You didn’t

00:46:48:24 –> 00:46:49:29
Even slip off the delivery

00:46:50:16 –> 00:46:56:11
By 1980. No, I didn’t. But but if I were ever to go to 1980, this would be what it was. Like.

00:46:56:25 –> 00:46:59:04
You’ve you’ve watched it in shows. You’ve seen it in shows.

00:46:59:07 –> 00:47:02:06
Yeah. I turned on the shower and the fire alarm went off.

00:47:03:20 –> 00:47:03:29

00:47:03:29 –> 00:47:12:05
Because the steam from the shower Wow. Went into the main room ’cause I left the door open. Wow. Set off the fire alarm. So I pull it off and take out the batteries.

00:47:12:06 –> 00:47:15:20
Then you knew you couldn’t lie to smoke. There was no way you’re not getting

00:47:16:15 –> 00:47:17:16
Into a non-smoking

00:47:17:16 –> 00:47:18:02
Room and lie

00:47:18:02 –> 00:47:40:19
A cigarettes. Anyway, I couldn’t get outta there fast enough next morning. I made it to Bozeman pretty early and that was kind of trek and actually tried on a pair of boots and, and Nice. I had him show me a lot of different ways. ’cause I’ve, I’ve had over the years, tendon problems if I have really high top boots. And so talked with Joe when Jim there and he showed

00:47:40:21 –> 00:47:41:02
Not Jim

00:47:41:04 –> 00:47:47:23
Joe, not Jim, yeah. His brother Joe. And he showed me a whole bunch of ways that I could tie my boots different to take care of those. No.

00:47:48:02 –> 00:47:52:24
Which is incredible that like that YouTube video you got on that that is, I mean it’s awesome.

00:47:52:28 –> 00:48:03:17
Yeah. I had no idea it was even possible. I didn’t even think about it. Like just, I gotta go watch, just lace your boots different and it’s gonna take pressure off of certain points on your foot So I ended up buying the pair of boots. Right.

00:48:04:16 –> 00:48:05:00
I’ll take them.

00:48:05:05 –> 00:48:06:28
Yeah. I mean, I, I, I With

00:48:06:28 –> 00:48:08:17
Those laces in that pattern. Yeah. And he

00:48:08:17 –> 00:48:11:23
Is thinking, all you have to do is tie ’em different, but okay, here’s your brand new pair of boots.

00:48:11:28 –> 00:48:21:22
Well, I, I’ve never bought a high top pair before. I’ve got two pairs of the lower tops. And after he showed me that, I thought, I’m gonna buy the high ones. Yeah. I am. So I went home with a pair of boots.

00:48:23:21 –> 00:48:42:00
I gotta tell you, when I was up there, we were hiking our guts out and like I told you, those hip waiters, I told my guide, I’m like, no, not doing that again. ’cause you’re side hilling and waiters, right? Yeah. You’re side hilling and shell Yeah. It doesn’t work. Right. And so you do anything to put a pair of Rex on Yeah. And get after it. And that’s what we did after a while.

00:48:42:03 –> 00:48:43:17
Get Rex and Gators, right?

00:48:43:17 –> 00:48:47:20
Yeah. Get after it. Yep. So anyway, so it was good. Yeah,

00:48:47:20 –> 00:48:49:16
It was awesome. If you wanna watch that video. Hey,

00:48:49:16 –> 00:48:55:17
Jim, was polar bear hunting? Did he kill a polar bear? Did they say? I think he did. He did early April. He went Yeah, I think he did. Went, went and hunted early April.

00:48:56:01 –> 00:49:03:14
But if, yeah, if you wanna watch that video, it’s on our YouTube channel. It’s, it’s an awesome, it’s very informative.

00:49:03:22 –> 00:49:15:08
Yeah. Just search, go to YouTube, type in Epic outdoors, our channel come up and it’s really cool. I always have the problem. My feet will go to sleep and one of the things he shows in there will totally take care of that.

00:49:15:22 –> 00:49:19:01
Really? Isn’t it? Just lacing your boots too tight and you’re not letting the blood get down?

00:49:19:07 –> 00:49:19:14

00:49:19:14 –> 00:49:23:28
No. He laces it different. And he goes and he misses, you know, going across Oh, you

00:49:23:28 –> 00:49:25:15
Lace up instead of across. Yeah.

00:49:25:25 –> 00:49:27:04
Oh, no way. It’s

00:49:27:04 –> 00:49:37:26
Super cool. Just some neat, neat lacing patterns to take care of all sorts of stuff. Like, Chris came back and I’m like, what? Like, you, you can lace up boots differently. I, I didn’t even know this was possible. Yeah, sure,

00:49:38:11 –> 00:49:55:11
Sure. Wow. Really cool. See, because I, last night I was hiking my guts out again here, you know, here in Cedar backpacking and with my wife and my, you know, had one shoe, one foot fall asleep. So I gotta go check that out. Yeah. Didn’t, I guess there’s, you guys posted that course. I’m just getting back in. Yeah, there’s,

00:49:55:19 –> 00:50:06:01
I guess there, there’s a nerve bundle right on the top of your foot. And so if you lace across that, a lot of times it’ll cause your foot to go asleep. No way. Yeah. So just a little bit of creative lacing will take care of that.

00:50:06:10 –> 00:50:29:20
Wow. That’s awesome. Right on. So yeah, lots of bear stories. I know one thing I did think about with all this weather, and we get a lot of weather in Montana, Idaho, and, and springtime weather. One thing I did have was, so I took a custom 3 38 Remington ultra mag, and it’s smoking out a 225 grainer going 32 57 feet per second average. That’s

00:50:29:20 –> 00:50:30:20
A lot of bullet moving fast.

00:50:30:26 –> 00:51:01:08
I mean, it had like 5,300 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. It’s unbelievable. Wow. It’s unbelievable. Anyway, and it had, it’s long, it’s an unbelievable long range rifle. And you do, you know, I, I, again, we’re only shooting the 200 yards, but you kill wolves, you know what I mean? And, and so we didn’t see a wolf on this particular trip, but you wanna be able to, well anyway, I didn’t take any gun oil and it, you, it, it, you might as well just put it in a bathtub and leave it there. You know what I mean? I mean it’s, it’s Oh, that

00:51:01:08 –> 00:51:02:05
Much rain, that much

00:51:02:14 –> 00:51:36:10
Moisture. Oh, als and hiking your guts. It’s so I was, you dry fire, you know, you’re dry firing it like before you go in each day and, and stainless steel rust, you know, within a couple of days you rusting. And so anyway, the guide had a gun cleaning kit and so you’d scrape the rust off, you know, with the brush and, and then oil it and take your bolt out. Well the, the, the bolt rusted and left marred up, you know, the, the shell, the brass itself. So you have to clean the brass, you’re cleaning the brass. I mean that’s so

00:51:36:10 –> 00:51:40:26
Much moisture. So much moisture then. So much moisture. The water runs across thess onto

00:51:40:26 –> 00:52:19:21
The brass. That’s right. And then the firing pin, the firing pin started was slow, was re was kind of retarded. A retarded motion. And would, and was a dull thump instead of a crack. You know, when you dry fire a gun, it’s crack, crack crack. Yeah. And that’s what you want, you know. Wow. This was like, and I’m like, I’m brown burn drunk and this thing ain’t gonna go off. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so, and so we, we broke the bolt down. Everything was fine inside ended up, you know, that little plunger that comes in and outta the back of the bolt ended up putting, putting some lube. And so it’d go down there. A lot of these custom guns that got tight tolerances, really tight tolerances,

00:52:20:03 –> 00:52:21:14
No margin for rust.

00:52:21:14 –> 00:52:22:10
Yeah. And so there’s

00:52:22:10 –> 00:52:23:17
No rust, rust

00:52:23:18 –> 00:53:09:09
Margin. And so pretty in a couple more fires with that, with that oil and it freed it up, boom, boom. Now it’s cracking again. And so every day you come in, you wipe your gun down and you take some of that rim oil or whatever, oil, gun oil, and you, you’ll take a rag and, and work your bolt over it and put a little drip around that plunger on the exterior of the bolt. It’s big tip tip back of the bolt. Big tip. And now it’s cracking every time. And you just, and little things like you’ll get a little bit of tundra, a piece of whatever, you know, crap up in there in your bolt and you go to Jack shell in, maybe it won’t close as much ’cause it’s so tight. Everything’s so tight and, and so you just wanna keep it clean. You know, you always have, you know, electrician tape over the end of your barrel always. But then you, it’s just, you just need to go through, it’s a tool. It’s a piece of machinery, you know what I mean? It’s a Yeah. Yep.

00:53:09:16 –> 00:53:11:18
It’s a tool. It requires a little bit of maintenance just to keep

00:53:11:18 –> 00:53:38:02
Everything. It’s okay. Yeah. And so from now on in my pack nonstop, and we’ve had this before where firing pins get a little moisture and then it freezes and they won’t go off at times like Rush Young, we were on a big old 200 inch and it happened to him about Costa ssir. So anyway, you’d think I’ve learned by now, but this was a huge testament to being prepared and, and having a little oil with you and, and whatnot. So I know you’re gonna go on a self-guided Yeah,

00:53:38:08 –> 00:53:41:16
The caribou hunt. I mean there’s up in Alaska I’m taking notes, man.

00:53:42:07 –> 00:54:32:08
I’m serious. I mean, it’s a big deal. So anyway, and, and the bikini covers and whatnot, you know, a little rubber cover that goes over, you don’t want the flip up, you know that anyway, you change powers and whatnot and those things aren’t flipping up. Right. And maybe they’re in the way, you’re bold or whatever. Just you need to overthink. You can’t overthink your gun. Oh no. In Alaska. So anyway, just, you just pay attention and, and geez, my guy had a Woodstock glued up four 16 Remington and the ballistics are unbelievable on that. And he had 400 grand slugs, but it had no rust on it. Okay. He’s had it since like 2007 or 2008. But he had rust occur every day. And he is nonstop putting grease, not just oil grease because, you know, the oil will come off really easy and the alders and everything else. And, you know, so anyway, he

00:54:32:08 –> 00:54:33:08
Greased that sucker

00:54:33:09 –> 00:55:13:14
And greased it. Yeah. Greased, greased. It’s kind of can not an official gun grease. It was just grease bacon grease. Yeah. I was like, ah, you know, but anyway, it’s a cherry cherry rifle, but he took really good care of it. I mean, every single day. But anyway, a little something, something for guys out there, you know, that’s great stuff. He, he fit three rounds down in the magazine and I could only fit two. And there’s just things like that that you kind of think about when you got a bear at 15 yards coming at you. You know what I mean? Yeah. And so, you know, but, but it is what it is. So great hunts. That’s guys good hunts. It’s time. I can’t wait to start running trail cameras and scouting, glassing and scouting and you know, it’s

00:55:13:14 –> 00:55:27:29
A crazy thing. Gets honest some these deer, it’s like time is we’re, it’s getting crunch time already. It’s kind of crazy to think about. You need to be planning your fall right now. Like, we’re getting dry results. Big things are happening. And it’s like, well now it’s time to start making the most of those hunts.

00:55:27:29 –> 00:55:30:01
Your dad drew a wazo sheep tank here in Utah. Yes.

00:55:30:01 –> 00:55:38:20
Yeah. We’ve been trying to decide when we’re going scouting that. ’cause luckily sheep, you know what they’re gonna be in the fall. It ain’t like you’re waiting for not waiting for

00:55:38:23 –> 00:55:39:10
Ve for velvet.

00:55:39:17 –> 00:55:50:19
No. So anyway, we’re wanting to go find air, you know, learn the areas a little bit more. So we’re gonna start crushing that. But we gotta do all that before we, you know, head to Alaska and play around up there. So, you know, we got a lot of stuff to

00:55:50:19 –> 00:55:54:12
Be heavy fall plus we got kids, I got kids with more tags than most adults

00:55:54:28 –> 00:55:57:13
Spoil. I’m excited spoil. You got some kids with small tags,

00:55:57:26 –> 00:56:01:18
Hey. And they can drive. So I’m saying, Hey, when are you gonna scout? You know what I mean?

00:56:02:17 –> 00:56:06:22
Dad, I don’t have time to go to Wyoming or the gas money. Where’s your credit card? You know

00:56:06:22 –> 00:56:18:19
How hard it is to when your kid says, I’d like to scout, but I’m out of cash. You know how hard it is to say no. And I’m like, how much you need? I mean, I love it.

00:56:18:29 –> 00:56:20:17
My kids, here’s A2 gas card going,

00:56:20:17 –> 00:56:34:14
They’re, they’re wanting to ruin a truck out. Scouting Absolutely. Best money I’ve ever spent. It’s a proud day when you got kids that are wanting to do that kind of stuff. You know, I mean I, I’ve got kids that are doing, talk about ruining trucks. Better,

00:56:34:14 –> 00:56:35:11
Better, better fuel.

00:56:36:03 –> 00:56:38:04
Come on, we’ve gotta talk

00:56:38:04 –> 00:56:40:20
About better money and fuel than lights. Go

00:56:40:20 –> 00:57:12:14
Ahead. You come home from being gone for 20 some days and we’re like, Hey, just see the, your kid’s Instagram. Oh, I know that’s, I got a bullet holes through the truck dance down the side. Well you, you can’t let a rabbit go. And I’m just like, really? How’d you lose that back quarter panel? Well dad, I backed up and hit a pole. Well, did you look? No, I was the only one in the parking lot. I mean, really me in that pole. Really? I mean, dude, it is nonstop with those kids,

00:57:12:24 –> 00:57:20:19
Dude. And they’re awesome. Kids don’t, like, I don’t want anybody to get the wrong impression. They are awesome, but they’re outgoing. And when you’re outgoing, you’re gonna break some shit.

00:57:22:26 –> 00:57:48:04
That’s the way it works. Sean, Sean will drive X amount of, I don’t know how many hours shed hunting by himself with the dog. I couldn’t be prouder, but he don’t have a driver’s license. I’m like, he’s like, dad, I want to go. And I’m like, sounds good. Jan’s like, really? And I’m like, well, if he takes the back road and he hits the dirt, and technically it’d be like a four wheeler out there. I think it’d be all right. Dirt in the whole way. Couldn’t be

00:57:48:19 –> 00:57:50:02
Of justification going on.

00:57:50:17 –> 00:57:55:22
I mean, geez, that’s all. Yeah. Take the $10,000 truck and see if he can ruin it. Yeah.

00:57:56:20 –> 00:58:01:14
See what we can bring about $10,000 down to $5,000 in the time you’re going to Alaska.

00:58:03:07 –> 00:58:29:05
Geez. Anyway, fun times. Fun times of course. Same thing with gear. You know, the gear’s so expensive nowadays. It is. And you just, you know, you want ’em to have good gear, you know, and so you just spend your extra money and time. I mean, I’ve been saving optics and whatnot for the last five, six years knowing this is coming. I got four kids hunting. I applied Ashley in Idaho, you know the, the age limit’s 10. Yeah. She’s getting a deer tag. Well better

00:58:29:05 –> 00:58:33:26
Go buy You run up to Ken’s, buy you some vortex for her, get her some Diamondbacks or something to start. Yeah,

00:58:33:26 –> 00:58:34:24
For sure. Oh yeah,

00:58:34:29 –> 00:58:41:08
You always, I don’t, I don’t, I probably wouldn’t give her the Swarovski right off the bat. Maybe start vortex.

00:58:41:16 –> 00:58:42:28
You tell your daughter no when she wants

00:58:42:28 –> 00:58:43:04

00:58:44:02 –> 00:58:44:08

00:58:44:15 –> 00:58:47:17
Dad, I just want good glass so I can here She spent her 10.

00:58:48:16 –> 00:58:49:00
She spent,

00:58:49:04 –> 00:58:50:11
You don’t get, she’s bought

00:58:50:14 –> 00:59:26:28
A motorcycle with her own money. She went down and bought all the riding gear with her own money. She got a shotgun for her birthday and couldn’t be happier with Turkey choke in it. Like it’s, she’s awesome. Daddy can’t tell her now. But we’re also finding out that that the time with our kids is short. Yeah. And so it just goes by so quick. Dude, Colton turns 18 in December. When is your kid? Yeah. You know your kid getting up there. Yeah. You’re late one year later, one year after mine and then Sean and, and you start seeing the end, like you can see the end and I’m like, geez, well we’re gonna draw Wyoming Oak tag, we’re gonna draw a Utah deer tag. He drew an antelope tag in Utah. You know what I mean? And so

00:59:27:11 –> 00:59:28:16
It’s gonna be a good year for that. So

00:59:28:19 –> 00:59:52:12
Spending a little extra money on that gear or whatever it is like Yeah, it doesn’t seem like as big a deal as it used to. Yeah, well this stuff’s got lifetime warranty and whatnot and it’s not like they giving ’em to ’em. I make ’em put ’em back in the safe and they’re lenders for now, you know, but they’re seeing how much stuff costs, stuff costs good, good gear costs money. And these kids are spoiled. They don’t want to, once they go for the good stuff, they don’t wanna look through the okay stuff, you know? Yeah, it’s true.

00:59:52:14 –> 00:59:53:07
So it’s

00:59:53:07 –> 00:59:55:12
True. Anyway, guys, anything else we need to talk about?

00:59:55:29 –> 01:00:14:22
No. We’ll put a plugin for Kents there. Give, give Kents optics a call. If you’re looking for that. If you’re looking for that kind of stuff. I mean, if you want a good deal on any kind of optics or you know, any kind of that. I mean those new CAA Babs from, that’s right from Vortex. I mean they’ve got Roki, they’re fantastic. Roki. Well, and

01:00:14:22 –> 01:00:31:04
You grew up down the street from ’em, the super honest guys. I’ve known ’em for years. I mean, I dropped in and picked up a pair of fifteens the other day just like that when I was up at Thompson’s. He’s like, dude, they’re up there waiting for you. Got your name on ’em, of course I gotta pay for ’em. But they’re those kind of guys and they’ve got inventory coming out there and

01:00:31:04 –> 01:00:47:07
They ship stuff all over the country. So don’t feel like, oh well I got his in per, you know what a pair of fifteens are gonna be, whether they’re coming from Louisiana or Utah, just ordering from Ken that’s gonna save you some money and, and they’re gonna get ’em right out to you. They have a ton of stuff in stock. Totally worth jumping on it.

01:00:47:07 –> 01:01:06:25
Those are the shed tours guys. They had all the wazoo sheds sharing a booth with us up there at the Hunt Expo. And so, and they do, they practice what they preach, they’re out there doing it. So anyway, give ’em a call. 4 3 5 2 5 7 7 0 1 4 kents optics.com and anyway. Super good guys. What else we got? We got anything else on this outline? Well,

01:01:06:25 –> 01:01:22:03
Since I’d say, since we were talking about Gear for Kids, Kings Camo, they have a ton of gear for kids for use. The great prices. Yeah. Check ’em out if you need gear for your kids and you don’t want to break the bank

01:01:23:14 –> 01:02:05:27
At King’s Camo. That’s right guys are good, good, good dudes at King’s Camo. We’ve dealt with them for many years. We know ’em personally. Just, just great guys. Ryan Fouts is one of a really good friend, dear friend of ours and been huge supporter of Adam and I and John and, and Chris and Jeff. I mean we all know him and he’s just one of those kind of guys. So anyway, give him a holler. 8 7 7 7 0 5 2 2 6 6 or go to kings camel.com. They got the X kg series a bunch as well as a ton of other products for sale. And like I say, fir one of the first real Western patterns out there. We always had to deal with whitetail patterns here in the west. We weren’t good enough to have our own camel patterns. It’s true. But they felt, they kind of came out with it and then it kind of made it popular. It’s okay. Have Western pattern.

01:02:06:10 –> 01:02:07:19
It drove it, drove it into the market.

01:02:08:10 –> 01:02:24:13
Yep. Good guys. Affordable gear and high performing. High performing technical type fabrics. So check ’em out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. All right guys, it’s time to for Jeff to kill a bear. Yeah, we’ll podcast about that next time we see a lab hit the dirt.

01:02:24:27 –> 01:02:25:23
That’s right. And

01:02:26:00 –> 01:02:28:16
Congrats Chris to your awesome experience. Did

01:02:28:16 –> 01:02:49:18
You just make a lab joke again? It’s not a lab. I got video to prove it. Geez. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was a lab joke. I’m like, is this gonna end? So I got lots of editing. I’m coming my way. All right on man.

01:02:49:18 –> 01:03:44:00
Well anyway, can’t wait to get back up there with Lititz and Guide service. Good guys up there. Of course, we gave away a doll Sheep hunt combo with him just the other day we got more hunts booked with him to give away down the road. All right. And just if any of you draw a tag out there, you want a little help, we can vis visit about it. Good chance we know something about it and we know people that have hunted it. We can send you out a member draw list, people that have hunted it in the past that are members of Epic Outdoors or we can hook you up with an outfitter or whatever. So anyway, we also appreciate everybody that sends in stories. If you haven’t seen yours in print, you most likely will down the road. We do. We do really appreciate that. We got a beautiful magazine, 150 pages generally, and a lot of it’s due to you guys giving us stories and good content as well as, you know, we have it’s research based and here in the west. So anyway, with that, we’ll go from there and can’t think of anything else. Let’s go put out some dog food and see if you can,

01:03:44:06 –> 01:03:46:07
Yeah, see if we can get something in, man.

01:03:46:21 –> 01:03:49:02
Go Waste, put more money out on the ground. How about that? More?

01:03:49:05 –> 01:03:50:26
Dumping it on the ground, throwing it out

01:03:50:26 –> 01:03:52:26
In my pocket. Dumping it. All right. Sounds good.