In this episode the entire Epic Crew sits down and calls the winners of our recently concluded hunt giveaway. Giveaway winners are also published on our website, check out our YouTube channel @EpicOutdoors for the full video version of this giveaway.

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You are listening to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Check us [email protected]. Hey everybody, Jason Carter and the entire Epic Outdoors Group. Bronson Pollock. We got everybody. It’s kind of fun. We’re we’ve just drawn for the summer membership drive, drawn the winners like to thank everybody for participating in that and getting your friends in to the Epic Outdoors membership as well. And appreciate the sport. It’s always fun to give these Hunts wages, world class hunts. Yeah, we, hopefully Logan doesn’t have too much editing to do of expletives that come out with these exuberant phone calls we’re about to make. So we’ll see. We’ll see how hard they make your job. Logan the boar, he’ll definitely fix it. So anyway, we’ve drawn the names and that was all videoed and everything. It’s a lot of fun. Now we get to call the guys and anyway, it’s kind of fun. We’ll start with some of the guys back east. We’re gonna call the Alberta White to winner. Let’s get him on the phone. It’ll be Nelson La France in Vermont. Yeah, here we go. East Coaster. He might be settling down to watch, watch the news or something. I should do star six seven and see if these guys would answer. They blocked. That would be worse because it might, I don’t know. Here it go. All right, here we go. Where’s the Jeopardy Music? Hi, this is Nelson not able to get to the phone right now?

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Please leave your, say try name, phone number and hey. Hey. Just might be on with his girlfriend. Let’s get this going. Her call is not important right now. I think he’s just outta service. Must be, you should answer a 4, 3, 5. I didn’t though you could get outta service in Vermont. Might put some cams out for moose or something up there. Vermont. No, Jason. He could be in. Hi, this is Nelson not able to get to phone right now. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you. Bye. At the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options. Nelson, Hey Jason Carter and the epic outdoors crew here trying to get ahold of you this evening. Give us a holler back. Talk to you later. Bye. He’s gonna get that and be like, really? Yeah, 14 days. He’s out on a shrimp boat right now. Hey. Alright. Who we, who we calling next? Well, was there another, we had cans. Who’s gonna call him? Might not. This could get in. Interesting. Off your phone. Do you wanna switch phones? I mean, we deal with so many. We’re very customer or friendly company. We know our customers Broughton. Okay. Alright, so this next winner, we’re gonna call from Kansas. Be a Adam Gari dealt with him for years.

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You know, not a huge company here at Epic Outdoors. And some of these guys we’ve dealt with over the course of time. He has a, a sports center out there. Just a super good guy. And so anyway, it’ll be interesting. He’s never won anything before. So that I, that I’m aware of. So see if he’ll answer. Yes sir. Hey, I was just gonna wonder if you’re gonna screen my call today? No, not at all. I was actually gonna do a gun for what’s happening. Hey Jason here and the Epic outdoors crew, if you can believe it. Awesome. How’s going Adam? It’s gotta be a good phone call. Well, it’s interesting we’re doing some quality control here, just updating people’s addresses and we need everybody on the call to get perfect. I’m always good at quality control for sure. How’s things going in Kansas? Going All right, good. It’s hot, but we’re watering the deer. We’re trying to grow some 200 inches and that way you guys got some place to come kill some. Yeah. When are we did that almost sounded like an invitation. Well didn’t it? We’ve never been invited before. Okay. Sounded like an invitation. Let’s, 180 8 envelope guarantee, but 180 8 we can make happen. But I mean, just the invitation part. I kind of liked what I heard. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on. So Adam, we did have our membership drive drawing and, and you won the of Adam Mulder hunt?

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No way. Not possible. It did. We’re inviting you on a deer hunt. We’re just, what are we get in return? We’re definitely gonna stack some, some white tails up. Lemme go and fill the feeders here real quick and we’ll call you guys back and get that. Yeah, so this, that’s amazing. Yeah, it’s, I, I told Wendy, I said put one in there. I said make it the lucky one. So. Well, she did a good job. A lot. A lot of people. A lot of people tell Wendy that very thing make us the lucky one. I’m sure. Adam, you’re not special. Exactly. Well, if I was, I wouldn’t know for sure. Anyway. Yeah, so unit 2 31 comes with the landowner tag, seven day hunt with White rock outfitters. And then of course you can stay and hunt. You got archery, muzzle rifle. Those landowner tags are good for all seasons, you know, so basically Awesome. August 10 to the end of October, you have options, so. Awesome. Yeah, I’m beyond pumped. I needed this phone call. I know tomorrow we’ve been burning up all weekend trying to get stuff ready to go. So you made my Oh good. Made my day, my week and it sounds like probably a year here pretty soon. That’s awesome.

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Well, we appreciate your support Epic outdoors and we’ll put you in touch, shoot through an email with you and Sean and just make you guys touch base and decide which shot you wanna start on. So that would be great. I appreciate a whole bunch. I actually have one of your tripods out right now and we’re looking at some different swirl glass, so Nice. I just wish I had a pair of 50 twos to compare ’em out, but we’ll get those from you guys pretty soon. Yeah, coming very soon. Yeah, like really soon. Awesome. There you go. Next week. Exactly. All right. All right. Okay man. Sure. Appreciate it. I appreciate you guys. Thank you very much. Very much. Talk to you later. Bye-Bye bye. Alright, who are we calling next? Wyatt? Oh, they’re all kind of, now we’re all getting into the, yeah, we got Colorado Westerners. Huh? We’re all the same time. Nevada. Probably the Nevada fellow. What? Nevada, let’s just go behind us. Let’s just start right here. What is it? The New Mexico antelope in Greeley, Colorado. What? Oh, I say that. That was New Mexico. Yeah, but I mean that’s where he is from. Unit 3, 3 0 1, Jared. All right, here we go. Let’s see who’s gonna talk. Devin, do you wanna talk? We all gonna have to talk a time or two. Sure. You know, you know this, huh? Least the Mexico. See if this guy has a friend. It’s Jared. Yes, exactly.

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Here we go. People are working. Keeping America moving. Yeah. Hello Jared. Hey, this is Devin and a couple of us from the Epic Outdoors crew. How are you? I’m good. Yourself? Pretty good. We have a, we drew some names today. I’d say. I have a feeling that’s about to be a lot better. Yeah, you do you have any friends? Oh, I’m probably gonna have a lot more after this. Yeah, you drew the Antelope punt, so Yeah. You a buddy. Not kidding you down there with Tiger or Awesome. Yep. New Mexico. Yeah. So choose your friends wisely over the next 24 to 48 hours. ’cause you get to take one plant a trip. Maybe I ought to choose them before they listen to podcasts. Yeah, yeah. I choose a true friend and that’s, that’s in August, so that’s coming right up 2024. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your August 24th to the 26th. Three day hunt tag included everything. Two guys should be awesome. Awesome, awesome. That is amazing. Alright. That is amazing. Wow. No freaking hard. Okay, well we’ll be in touch. We’ll send an email out and put you in touch with the outfitter and, and get you guys squared away. But it should be just an incredible hunt for you, so. Awesome. Thank you guys. Thanks for the opportunity. Okay. You bet. Congratulations. Thanks, Jared. Alright, bye. Bye. I wonder if he put, he acted like he knew exactly what your friends meant.

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Like he went for the antelope. He knew. He knew. That’s good. Okay, here we go. We’re who we call. Okay, we’re gonna call Jerry Campbell in California. He won the Alaska Moose on Awesome. That Wyatt and Devin have been on, been with the Outfitter. Just an incredible opportunity. 2025 for the year to prepare. Should be, should be. Awesome. This is Jerry. Hey Jerry, it’s Wyatt Upping Outdoors. How are you? Oh, little under the weather, man. Sick. Sick. Oh, that’s not good at all. Hopefully this will cheer you up a little bit. We got the entire crew here and we’re wondering if you’ve ever been to Alaska Moose hunting. No way, dude. You feeling better already? Are you serious? Yeah, he’s serious. Are you, are you really sick? Could you just call in sick? I am sicker than heck. I’ll tell you what, I’m feeling a whole lot better right now. Yeah, you want it? Oh my gosh, man. I, I can’t believe it. I I can’t do it. I wanted that hunt so bad. It’s not even funny, man. That’s good. That’s awesome to hear. Yeah, 2025. So you got a year to prepare. You got a year to get better. Oh my gosh. I’m ready, dude. I’m ready. Well, it’s a no joke. Thank God. It’s a no joke hunt. Thank you. It’s normally $41,000. So anyway, September 10th there in 2025 and it’s all yours, buddy. Oh my gosh. So wow. Dream come true.

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Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. Well we appreciate the support here at Epic as well. We’ll be in touch with a email to both, both of you and it’s all yours and off you go. Thank you. Thank you, sir. I appreciate it, man. Get feeling better? Yep. All man. You guys take care. Bye. Poor guy. You didn’t sound very good, but you sounded a lot better than something he did. Good. It’s pretty crazy. Gee, he sounds like Loie. The boar. He does That was a boss boy if you can, he’s he. No joke. He’s a 10 foot, five inch. That guy could get paid to to, to be the voiceover on Arby’s. I was just gonna say I was, do we have the meats? I wonder if he could remember that. Get fake names and just do recordings for people to call in six 4K. This is Dave. I’m so sick right now. Not gonna make it into work Boss. Oh yeah. Keep number on speed doc. Yeah. Yep. When you to get out of a church talk. Get that voice. I’m going the weather. Alright. Alright, alright. Okay, here we go. Let’s do, let’s do the New Mexico Oma L Hunt. Let’s see who wants to, Bronson you wanna do this one? Sure. All right. What’s guy’s name? Jess Ou. So Jess Gardnerville, Nevada, New Mexico, OMA Oak. Here we go. Hello, Jeff. Hey Jess. Adam Bronson here in the Epic Outdoors Crew.

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How you doing today? Good, how are you? Good. Sounds like you’re driving. I am, yes. You in a good spot. We can have a quick conversation or you, Nevada, we can call you back at a better time. Nevada doesn’t have good service in a lot of that country and I, I know you’re not have to be hands free in Nevada. Don’t, probably not even as supposed to answer the phone, but we’re calling you. Yeah, no, I’m, I’m pretty rural, so. Okay, well how about we will do all the talking and you just drive. Okay. So we, we just did our Epic Outdoors summer membership drive and you won the Akima Indi Indian Reservation Elk Hunt for 2024. How’s that sound? Wow. No way. Yeah, you did. That’s awesome. Yeah, don’t get in a wreck or anything, but we’re gonna send, well, I’m gonna pull over. That’s the legal thing to do. We go, yes. Good answer oer anyway, but we’ll send you an email regarding the details of the hunt, but it’s September 30th to October 4th. You get to choose your weapon. The bulls should be going crazy. It’s a a five day hunt fully outfitted there in the ED reservation, so you’re gonna have a great chance, a great moisture year, New Mexico, it’s looking like too. It’s been great, great winter. So yeah, should be a great chance for you to kill a great bull and appreciate your support of Epic Outdoors and congratulations. Yeah, thanks.

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I, I don’t know what to say. I’m, that’s awesome. I, I wanna know one thing. Where’s Gardnerville? Where, where’s that? It’s just right down. It is just east of Lake Tahoe down. Oh, there you go. Right on. Okay. All right, well, appreciate it again. We’ll send you the details. Okay. And yeah, thanks a lot. Yeah, we’ll be in touch on email. Okay. Thank you. All right. You betcha. Talk to you later. Alright, bye bye. Might have got that guy a ticket. I don’t know. Well, I mean, he deserves one. You should not be talking on the phone and driving. We also, I think you can, if it’s on Bluetooth, he also Yeah. Has to be hands free. Can you answer hands free? Can you answer hands free or is it just hands free? You can unstring them, can you just don’t reach up to He’s fine. Touch anything just on your steering wheel, those buttons on there. Just pick it up. But also he could have been, and I never, I never text and drive. He could have been in Idaho, Utah or he could have been in any state right now. He’s from Nevada. Jason doesn’t know that. We didn’t verify that’s where he was at the place of call. He’s from a place in Nevada that Jason hadn’t heard of. That’s right. Well, I mean, yeah. Who wants to hunt next to Reno? That’s probably very few places.

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Chris Lacey our buddy and he is always got a few big Oh dear. That’s true. But yeah, he’s, they’re lurking around in backyards, you know? Yeah, yeah. Well you got big bears the hood. Speaking of big Boars Logan, they got them big boars raiding cabins around Tahoe. Lo the big Bo Hey, that’s the Instagram handle. What Lo the big Bo. Alright, we love teasing Logan. Good grief. What’s next? If we didn’t tease you, we wouldn’t like it. That means we don’t like you. All right, let’s do this Colorado Mule Deer hunt. Should we, Jeff Thompson, who’s gonna do that? Who’s next? Who’s next? John? Yeah. Colorado Mule Deer unit 61 includes the landowner tag with Garvey Brothers. Jeff Thompson this year one. Where’s Jeff from? He’s from Placerville. Is that how you say it? Placerville from Ville. Plasterville. Pla Placerville. Placerville Placerville. California isn’t there, Colorado. All right, Jeff, let’s see if he answers. I You’ve reached voicemail of Jeff Thompson. I’m not able to take your call. No. Yeah. Hit him again. Yes, exactly. Get him again. Robocall. Always screen calls. Sorry. We need you to take this survey. Utah, DWR please click one. Did you hunt? Small game. How many skull quilt did you bag? You reached voicemail of Jeff Thompson. I’m not able to take your call at this time, but if you leave me a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as you get a chance. Thanks for calling Jeff.

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Hey Jason Carter and the Epic outdoors crew. Just trying to get ahold of you. Just call us when you can. Sure. Appreciate it. Talk to you later. Bye. Alright. Who’s next? Why should we do the musk guards? Where’s the check marks? Yeah. Chris Denton. Yeah. This is all you. Well, what do you mean 7 0 8 6? Let’s bring, I’m not gonna use those glasses. Let’s bring, let’s bring up, whoa, whoa, the hat. Who you calling? Somebody’s calling back. That’s, that’s Jeff Thompson. This is him. He stiffed us. Here we go. What you one is this the Colorado one? Jeff, you there? Hey Jeff. How you doing Jason? Good. How are you doing? Yeah, on my way to San Francisco to fly to Italy. Oh, that’s the only reason to go to San Francisco. It’s the only one to fly out. Yeah, exactly. I don’t come up hill unless I’m gonna the airport. I don’t blame you. Well, hey, do you have any, any idea why we might be giving you a call today? Oh, is my, oh, shoot is a ruffle. What was your point? Where’s the first thing he said? He said, what did he say? Gosh, you kidding me? What’s my marriage anniversary? I don’t know. Yeah, you missed your anniversary, but we have ideas for you. Let’s send her, you’re going to Italy. Let’s send her hunting to Colorado. Alright John, take it away.

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Say, alright, we, we’ve done our drawing and you’re going to Colorado Unit 61 third season rifle mule deer hunt. You gotta be kidding me. No. Dead serious. Oh my God. I cannot freaking believe it. That’s awesome. That’s a hunt we all want. That’s a guaranteed landowner tag. Third season with Garvey Brothers. They kill some absolute great bucks every single year. It seems like Just, just an awesome opportunity. So anyway. That’s unbelievable. You’re not, every time I enter, I just, I think, well, it’s probably going to a good cause, you know, for something. Well, and of course it’s actually, of course it’s, that is the right answer. Everybody’s getting a turn this time. It’s your turn. So you’re not staying in Italy for like four months? Are you? You’re gonna be back by November 9th. Oh, oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I go to, yeah, my next trip’s. So I go Alberta Archie hunting first. September, September. And then I’ll bell back. Just a quick trip to Italy. All right. So, well just making sure. Was that just vacation or you work doing work duty or what is it? My son, just my son’s fi finishing up a semester over there. And so me and my wife and my daughter are going over to spend a couple weeks over there that’s gotta cruise around. That’s, that’s awesome. Check out the scene. That’s awesome. Not, not much to shoot, but, no, that’s, whoa. Probably good.

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You’re doing family projects right now. ’cause this, you’re gonna be headed busy Colorado. Sounds like it sounds like it. Outstanding. Well, thanks very much guys. So I just wait, wait on, wait for a couple months and then Yeah. Shoot. Need anything or we’ll shoot you an email here in the next couple of days, just introducing you with the outfitter and exchanging your emails and whatnot. And then you guys can kind of take it from there. But, so look for that and Yep. It’ll be pretty simple. They’ll be able to get you the landowner voucher or they might retain it there and redeem it on your behalf there in Colorado. So, but you guys can work out the details. Yeah. Cracker Jack. Woohoo. Yeah, that’s awesome. We’re excited for you. Oh, thanks very much guys. You really made my day. Have a great trip. Safe trip. All right. Talk to talk to later. Byebye. I love those old fashioned exuberating cracker jack. He said it. Yeah. I think that was before my time and I’m old. Forgot. Yeah, I know. I, I generally think that when you say does, that’s a good thing though. Go like cracker Jack. What does that mean? Woo. I I get it. I don’t Google it. Pretty awesome. I know you, you’re looking at me. No, I just, I just assume it’s a good expression. I would say that expression of joy. That’s a cracker jack sung.

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You know, I mean, I, I don’t know. I just, I don’t think of what he did, but, you know. Well, it’s like cracker a, you know what I mean? Okay. All right. All right. Do we, we need to call, we need to call this muskox winner. We gotta do that. We gotta do I think a sheepy and a bonus. Hey, cracker Jack means exceptionally good. Wow. A crackerjack eye surgeon. Talk about your past. Wow. Good to know. Cracker Jack. What? No. Yeah, we can. Yes we can. Wyatt. What, what, why ask we talk about Jason’s past with this winter. About my pa past with this guy. Yeah. Let’s call this guy Jason. He’s all yours. Why would, I mean, did he say he, let’s talk about your past something. Didn’t he send you a gift? It was a hat. Oh, that, okay. Let’s bring that up. Right in the, it was a hat. That’s why I can’t believe he won. You can talk about, Hey, there’s no hard, this proves there’s no hard feelings. That’s a good point. Yeah. Anybody that sends me a Biden hat shouldn’t win one of these hunts. That’s right. But that it shows that there’s integrity to this drop. I wouldn’t even wear that hat on the sweatiest hike ever. Okay. I don’t even know where it is. Yeah, I was just say, where is that hat today?

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I I, he’s gotta be a pretty good natured guy to, to send stuff. Yeah, he is. I’m, I’m sure he is. It was interest. It was an interesting gift. That’s honestly for a split second. It was a gift I never used for a split second. I thought he might’ve sent me the donation packet that I got the other day from Biden and Harris, but it ended up being my wife. So what, what a wonderful wife you have. Yeah. Wasted 13 good dollars. And she spent, her wife has been spent in politics. It probably went towards the campaign and not that side. Huh? The $13 probably went towards the campaign. It does. Oh, it went to somebody’s pocket. Oh yeah. That Paula looked entrepreneur there. It looked like a red-blooded Republican dude, wasn’t it? Yeah. Just making money. I like it. He’s doing good. I like it. I might order a couple just because you said that. That’s capitalism in America. That’s fine. Alright, so let’s call Chris Denton. He won the Muskox hunt. Let’s see. Devin, you wanna do this one? Or cash? Cash? You’re buddy Alrightyy, you’re quiet over there. Of course you can’t get a word in edgewise. Oh yeah. We can talk. Find out if this guy likes the cold. All right Chris. Well, I do have to talk to him a little bit. Oh yeah. Yeah. Maybe we let him. You, you take that one. I’ll take the next one.

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I’ll do the bonus package. Bonus package. There you go. This is good. Where’s he live? Jason, remind me of state Arizona. Okay. In a very warm place. Probably a hundred tens nine here in Southern Utah. Last night, your call has been forwarded to voicemail. The person you’re trying to reach is not available. Of course he’s not. Okay, let’s give him a call back. You know, it’s a Washington number. Is it? Which makes sense. It makes total sense. In Arizona, similar. They screening me. Just tell me, call you back and wanna talk politics a little bit. Your call has been forwarded to voicemail. The person you’re trying to reach is not available. At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up. Chris, Hey Jason Carter and the entire Epic Outdoors crew. Just trying to get ahold of you. Wanna talk some politics for a minute, give us a holler back. Looking forward to it. Talk to you later. Bye. Good natured people. It’s fun. We got good people in Epic Outdoors membership. Alright, let’s call George Lof, Alaska Sheep. What do you think, Bronson? Sure. Yep. Sounds great. We’re gonna, okay, here we go. Up in Idaho. Hi, this is George. George, Adam Bronson in the Epic Outdoors Crew. How you doing today? Hey, pretty good Adam. How about yourself? Great. How’s things up in Idaho? Summer hit you? Oh, it’s, it’s a little warm.

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Been doing a whole bunch of fishing and Yeah. You know, I’m actually sitting here reading, everybody’s complaining about the Idaho draw being out that they should be whether to go to a point system or not, and I’m just, oh. Fighting a lot of humor in it. And now people are complaining and don’t know what they’re talking about. Yeah. George, this is Jason. What’s your opinion? My opinion for our state right now, I’d hate to see him go to a point system. Just leave it as is Random leave. Leave it as is. You know, it, it gives everybody shot and you know, if you wanna apply for the good zones, you, you, you do. But right now it’s, it’s a good deal. Yeah. It just is. Have you drawn your fair share of tags over the, over the course of your life? Oh, I, I have, I I, in, in the random draw, I’ve drawn both sheep tags here. Geez. Wow. I, you know, in the, also the states that played the point game, I made it a point to be in with them right from the get go. Yeah. Well, I know you drew another one here in Utah a few years ago. Rocky tags. I drew, drew that. So that’s three sheep tags. What? Any other sheep tags you’ve drawn? Oh yeah. I’ve drawn Wyoming, I’ve drawn Nevada and I’ve drawn Arizona. So there, there, there’s proof right there. Naming the hats. Do stuff.

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I don’t blame you for wanting no change. That’s right. Well, up, up, up here. I just think that’s the way it is and it still gives everybody a chance. Yeah. And if you don’t get, and if you don’t get in, and I made it a point to get in right from the get go. I got pretty dag on Lucky through the years and Yeah. Yep. I’m still, I I drew a pretty good coo deer tag down in Arizona this year, so I’m stoked about that. And you’re still on stuff and you’re getting even luckier today. Yeah, yeah. I am. Am I? You are. Well, he did not miss that. No, I didn’t, when I asked him about all the sheep tags he is drawn, he just kind of rattled them off, like Yeah, thanks for asking. I And when there’s 10 guys on the line, we’re not here to just talk about the state draw system. That’s right. But hey, we do do, well talk to me. We have fish. We do have official business that we’re calling you on today. Okay. And it has to do with yet another sheep tag for George Law. Oh, you’re kidding me. Good grief. Yeah, I feel the same way. Yeah. That’s another Don’t change a thing. Don’t change a thing. Oh yes. Seriously? Yeah. My chain though. Are you? Yeah, so no. Well, I mean, maybe you, I don’t think so. Yeah.

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So congratulations, you’ve, you’ve drawn our doll sheet hunt in our epic summer membership drive for 2025. Oh geez. I love it. Yeah. This is why I like collar dogs like this. This is how everybody should react. Yeah. Is anybody there with you or are you alone right now? This No, I, I’m here by myself. There’s nobody here. I wish there was. Yeah. Geez. Do a dance for us or something. I’m go crazy Cracker Jack. I’m looking at the, here I am. I get to go again. Yeah, well you do. You get to go with Alaska Wild Wind Adventures. Cabot Pits has got a great operation in the Wrangle Mountains. Again, this is in August of 2025. So, you know, we usually give these sheet punts away in the summer that a year away gives you a 10, a little bit of time to prepare and all that. But you’re, you’re no stranger to sheep hunting. You’ll know the routine. We’ll put you in touch with him. I’ll send an email to you in the next few days, introducing you and him as the winner. And congratulations. Oh guys, thank you. God, you have no idea you all Okay. Okay. I’m so, well, I don’t want the next call to be nine one one. No, it’s gonna be a whole bunch of people. I’m called, so, hey, do you just, do you remember how many tickets you put in for the Sheep hunt?

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You know, I spread ’em out and I think, don’t hold me this, but I only think I put two in for the sheep hunt, but I had some in everything. It was really closer to one, was it? It was. So yeah, journey. Random chat. Just like the Idaho draw. Just like name change a thing, gimme one thing. Absolutely. I love it. Okay. Okay. Go fishing gentlemen. Thank you so much. I’ll be in touch also. All alright, thanks George. Talk soon. Talk soon. Okay. Bye-Bye bye. Yeah, somebody needs to keep an eye the rest of the night. I have a feeling he’s not gonna to bed. He needs more caffeine. He’s got three monsters. I mean, geez. But that, Hey, right there. That was awesome. You need people like that, that at that way, that’s what made this really, really fun. That was fun. That is awesome. And it was fun that he, he took the bait hood line and sink and rattled off every sheep tag he’d ever drawn this that, that Arizona, Nevada make. I don’t, in Idaho, I don’t know how old he is, but he’s, he’s definitely played the game a while. We’ll just, we’ll just say the word seasoned. Very seasoned. Yeah. But you have to, he probably, like you said, he was on on the, probably the ground floor of Arizona. Probably had a a ton in, in Valley.

00:29:35:16 –> 00:30:32:29
And if I had drawn a rocky Cali in Idaho, I don’t want to, it’s worked for me. Yeah. I don’t think you should change either. That’s right. You know what I mean? And then he Yes. But then there’s other guys that aren’t so lucky that are thinking, hey, gimme a point or two. But, and also if he’s, you know, lived there his whole life and he is, you know, I don’t know, George is, you know, 60, 70, whatever. He’s played the game a long time and before, you know, people really played the sheep draws the way they did. So anyway. That’s awesome. It’s good. It’s fun. I had kind of made my day. Yeah, that was, that was a good, good. We should be more expression. We should be a little more free with our feelings. Use the word tractor Jack. I love you guys. No, just teasing. We’re not going down those roads. But it is fun to be real. Yeah. It’s authentic. It’s pretty awesome. I like it. Don’t hold back. It’s gonna keep him young. You know, he’s got a positive outlook online. I think some of these other guys we’ve called wanna react like George did. But they like that. Oh, I gotta be holding myself together. Thank you. He just let her loose. Cut it loose.

00:30:33:01 –> 00:31:58:29
Well, we’re calling from my personal cell phone, so these guys have it and I’m got, I did get a text, text message from one of ’em. Holy, you know, really stop hitting me like a two ton heavy thing. Well, ah, I’m shaking like a dog. So, I mean there is, see that’s what I mean. And they know they’re being, it’s probably a lot of a shock too, right off the, yeah. Yeah. I don’t blame him. Yeah. I have one thing. Where are we at here? Cash. Alright, so let’s do bonus. What? Let’s do the bonus ticket. It’ll be Mark Malott. Mark Malott and yeah, he won the gear package. Sweet. Let’s give him a holler, huh? Cash Sounds good. Here we go. There’s nothing to really ask him here. We’ve got it all. Oh, I’m gonna see if he’s much a jerk. Yep. That’s the only thing we gotta ask him. Your call has been forwarded to voicemail. Okay. We don’t put up with that, do we? Well, nope. It’s like a blocker right there. That was a very formal dude. Yeah. At least the series in the, you know, feminine voicemail. Things a little bit soft. Those guys are hard hitting. Not gruff. I mean, who are you trying to get? Your call has been forwarded to voicemail. Listen to that. The person you’re trying to reach is not available. At the tone. ai, please record your message.

00:31:59:07 –> 00:33:27:07
When you have finished record bear recording, you may hang up. Mark. Hey Jason Carter here. The entire epic outdoors crew getting on a hold of ya. Just wanna visit for a minute. Give us holler. Talk to you later. Bye. Have you had Denton hit you about politics back or are we good? We’re done. No, we’re gonna, we’re, how many have we guys again? How many have we missed? So we got 1, 2, 3. It’s been pretty good for an afternoon. Not too bad. Actually bad. Let’s hit, I wonder if Denton again hit the one that went to voicemail. Who was that? The very first one that didn’t Vermont really even read? Vermont. Vermont? It felt like he was in Canada somewhere. He’s on a boat somewhere. Yeah. Yeah. He has Starlings trying to relay messages to him. Okay. It’s Starling’s. Pretty darn cool. Yeah. I mean you’ve been using it Jason. No, but I mean John. John. You guys know about it? Yeah, Chris uses it. Chris’s got one. Yeah. Works. And our accountant has one. It’s just awesome. It did work. I used a little bit last weekend. So sometimes you don’t wanna be contacted though. Here we go. Alberta White tell no, he’s see Alberta White tell’s Josh it’s Hidden Star link right now shooting back Earth. Hi, this is Nelson. Not able to get to the phone right now. Logging his locations. Hunter Biden, check him the bonus.

00:33:27:12 –> 00:35:25:29
And what was the third one we were missing? Muskox bonus. And then this Christ. Let’s try him again. 7, 0, 8, 6. Wow. We’re done at 3 38. What does that say, John? Three. Three attempts. Okay. I mean, we’re not gonna be that harsh, but we could be. I don’t know why. Why? I wonder if it was my phone of some sort. No service. He might need to call from someone. What’s that app that you can like call from someone else’s number? Call from Joe Biden. Answer it like Roba dialer. What was it used to be called? Evil Dialer. Evil Dialer. Evil dialer. Why? Pretty sure the Fed. Why don’t you tell us an evil dial story? I don’t remember any. I do not recall. Okay. I do not recall Hillary. That’s not gonna work. Yeah, I do not recall. Wyatt. Try again. I Well, did you guys do an evil dialer on somebody I may have in my past? Yeah. I’ll bet you he’d get an answer. He’s a DNC de Democrat, you know, national committee or something like that. Kunk. I mean something. Hey, see here we go. What? What could this guy be doing? I don’t know what he’s doing. It’s more important than this. Some elections are out. I don’t know working. Your call has been forwarded to voicemail. The person you’re trying to reach is not available. At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up.

00:35:26:07 –> 00:36:42:00
You already left him a message. Chris. Hey Jason Carter again. Just trying you gimme a holler when you can talk to you later. Bye. Yeah, but that gal means business. Yeah. And I, and I might have a pet peeve. What? What? I don’t like the ones that are like, I’m from America, so I have nothing against British people, but I don’t like the ones here that are British. Well, you want British, the Western accent. Just a American something normal. I don’t want somebody from you think of accents American. No, because sometimes I wonder too. Well, when you’re British and they’re my sir, accent is the accent. Our accent. Just where I live. It’s just where I live. If I lived in, if hey, it would be like me if my voice was on there for somebody in London that they wouldn’t like it. That Yankee. That’s what they’d say. They, I agree with you. I just as pet peeve, I just like people like me, Americans. I like people like me. And here in southern Utah on my voicemail, Southern Utah. I don’t think I’m too rolly. This is Mark. This is Mark, right? Yeah. Okay. I’m gonna need to plug into power at some point. Hello? Hey, is this Mark? Yes. Hey Mark. This is Cash and the entire Epic Outdoors crew. How are you? Good. Who is this again?

00:36:42:00 –> 00:38:13:19
Sorry, my name’s Cash and I have the exact, are all of the Epic outdoors crew with me. Jason Carter. Oh, yep. Adam Bronson, the crew. Great. Yes. How much of a gear junkie are you? Oh, did I draw out you well? Did you buy a $500 ticket package? I did. Well it sounds like you are the lucky winner of the gear package. Some of a guy. Yeah. Pretty awesome. That is awesome. Yep. Yeah, so yeah, I mean, you probably read what’s in it, a fierce rifle with a X scope, A Hoy RX eight set up for ro. We just, just need to know. Holy crap. We just need to know if you’re a angled or a straight eyepiece guy. Good save. Oh, that’s a good question. I mean I, I’d go straight. I’ll make it easy. Let’s go around the table here real quick. Devin angled or straight angled John? Straight baby. Straight Adam. Angled, angled, angled straight. There’s a, there’s a threat. Correlation to age. How old are you that that determines state? Your pirates haven’t been around for a long time. They using your telescopes. She blows. Hey. Hey, straight’s. Where it’s ats target acquisitions. That’s right. Quicker, mark. But you can do what you want. Don’t feel peer pressure. You can even think about it for a couple days. Yeah, we we literally don’t care. Yeah. We’ve got ’em both in the safe. Okay. But that is your only decision you have to make.

00:38:13:19 –> 00:39:21:19
That’s as hard as it’s gonna get. And then we’re going to send a couple, two or three or four big boxes to you. Dude, that’s awesome. Yeah, that, that rifle’s already on that scope. Mounded by Jason and Devin themselves. Yeah. Is it really? That rifle is to go legit. It is legit. Hey, can you guys get, can you get it cited in for me? Don’t we have his credit card on file and we do anything for money? All? Well dude, that’s awesome. Anyway, yeah, we’ll be in touch with you. We will have to, Devon or one of us will go contact you. We need to get a, a place to ship the gun, an FFL dealer and stuff like that up there from you. But, but the rest of it, we, we will get your, once we get your angle, the straight spotting scope by piece choice from you, we’ll get it shipped up to you. Appreciate your support. Hey, that’s great news man. Mark, we got one personal question before you, before we let you go here. Are you related to Ted? Sure. No, you know, what is this Adam? It’s Jason, but Jason and Adam, we were wondering Yeah. Okay. I talked to Adam. So I, I drew out the super tag for Idaho. I talked to Adam about two weeks ago. Okay. And he asked me the same question if I was really to, okay, there you go. We couldn’t remember. Yeah.

00:39:21:19 –> 00:40:38:00
Oh, okay. Yeah, it’s just no, no relation. But I’d love to meet the guy. Yeah, he’s from Washington too. He might as well be related. Yeah, he’s from Washington. Same last name and an extreme hardcore hunter like yourself. So anyway, just, just wondering. That’s awesome. Yeah. Well you’re gonna have some gear here to maybe put to use in Idaho, dude. Yeah. Hey, I’m excited. No, I’m have sports ones right now looking at a scoop. So I was like, I don’t need to buy that walk. Turn around, walk, walk out. Just maybe look for some bullets, get a candy bar on the way out and call it end of my day. Get a salted nut roll and just smile at him. Me, I’m doing fine. That’s right. Yeah. You just saved me some major bucks right now. Yeah, yeah. About 15 grand worth. So we’ll be in touch with you soon. Yeah. All that’s so awesome. So, alright. Okay. Appreciate it. Hey, thank you guys. Mark. Hey, thank you very much. Thanks a lot. Alright, bye. See you guys. Bye. Well, you call guys six times. Yeah, he was busy at sports, man. Let’s, I was left a voicemail. Really? Yeah. Let’s just play it. I don’t know if it’s fit, but let’s, Hey Jason, it’s Chris calling you back. Enjoyed the podcast earlier today. You guys posted fighting in 2024. I mean, this guy won’t let up. Oh, he’s awesome. I’m sorry Chris.

00:40:38:12 –> 00:41:53:19
I’ve never worn your hat. Nor would anybody I would not even, I wouldn’t let anybody wear that hat. All right, let’s call Logan. We’ve, what did we say real quick on the last podcast? I love it. What did we say? Remind me. He referenced the last podcast. What did we talk, did we talk about, we talked a little bit about, we said we support Trump. Oh, it was about my wife. Yeah. And then we talked about Trump being a little abrasive, which we talked, everybody agrees. But we talked about about my wife’s, she sent me. Yeah, I love it. That’s why he, he’s ready to spar. Oh, let’s see. So funny. Let’s all be quiet. I want to hear Jason Guy and have a conversation. Breath. I wanna be respectful. I wanna be, hi, this is Chris. Chris. Jason Carter. How are you Jason? I’m doing great. How are you? Good. I didn’t get to your voicemail yet. What did it say? It was something about calling me to talk politics. Oh no, you the one you left me. Oh, no, no. I said something like 5 20, 24 or something like that. Why would you say that? Are you, I don’t know. We need to spar a little bit. Yeah, I figured you guys need to laugh, right? We do. We appreciate you actually, by the way, I’ve never worn the hat. It’s a, it’s a beautiful hat. It’s camouflage.

00:41:53:22 –> 00:43:04:25
It matches all the crap you guys wear the little rainbow colors in it. No, not a fact. Exactly. Alright, so besides that, we did draw the winners of our summer membership drive. You wanna hunt? Oh yeah. You wanna hunt? Do you, do you happen to remember which hunts you applied for? I only did, well, I did a bunch. First off, I’m blown away. I, I bought a bunch earlier in the year, the first one and didn’t win this time. I just, I did lust, but I did it just one hunt, which is the musk Scots. Oh. Well that makes, it always makes me nervous. That makes it easy. Because if you think you did one hunt and you won another, when I just, okay, we’re gonna have to go back to the ticket. But yes, you got the muskox hunt. Can you believe it? That is awesome guys. Thank you so much. Yeah, absolutely. It is awesome. That’s fun. You get your choice to go this fall with the Canadian high Arctic Adventures this fall, you know, August or September or if you wanna put it off till March, April and get the real north country experience, you can do that next. You can’t call it’s, you can’t call it spring. What I don’t like about the fall hunt is it’s competing with everything else in life. Yeah. But I’m booked, but I also like a warm, we, I’m a warm weather guy. What’s that?

00:43:05:26 –> 00:44:30:16
It’s a spring deal for me. ’cause I’m booked this fall. So. Yeah. Okay. Well you’re gonna get some awesome pictures. That’s so fantastic. You can see you guys are so open-minded letting me win this thing. So Well, yeah, I mean this, this prove, this prove fair. Fair. That’s right. That’s all. You’re many of the people. That’s right. Okay. We are the people of the United States of America now. We’re gonna drive right into politics. A hunter. A hunter sending another fellow. You’re gonna have this. Exactly. No, we’re not. We’re we’re showing that we can all have differences of opinion. Still be really respectful. We do appreciate your support here at Epic. And it is, it has been fun. Like to get a, I guess you could call it a gift like you sent me was, was fun. Now it, you know, not necessarily as appreciated as much as you wanted, but it was fun. This is, this is probably gonna be, this is probably a far better gift for him. You’re getting a better end of the deal. I’m absolutely getting a better end of the deal. I think I’m gonna send you a make America great again hat and you’ll wear it on the hunt and hey, awesome. By then we’ll know the election results and so hey, we’ll see how that goes. Yeah, good luck to you guys. You’re gonna need it. Well, no cheat, no cheating. My wife just woke up, my wife just woke up.

00:44:30:16 –> 00:45:32:19
She’s like, what are you doing? On a second. Yeah, it’s fun. If you can’t have a little fun in life. Good grief. That’s right. Well we appreciate it Chris. In all seriousness the sport epic outdoors, the, you know, anyway, gonna be fun sending you up there. It’d be a great, great adventure for you. Not a whole lot like hunting, you know, NWTI, I can’t wait that. It’s just awesome. Well, it’s one those much appreciate all you guys do. Yeah. It’s one of those things you don’t do very often in life, so it’s just gonna be a very unique experience. So yeah man, I’m stoked. This is awesome. Thank you so much. Yeah, we we’re trying to get Wyatt to go up there with you. He’s been one about got they’re on the bucket list. Come on. They’re one of that. They, they sell these hunts every day while let’s do this. You see how cold and snowy it looks? It looks amazing. I’m coming from Utah. Imagine going from coming from Arizona. It’s summertime right now though. Summertime. We, we long for cold. This kind is where I wanna be right now. If Chris can do it and he lives in Arizona. You surely can do it. What is it, 110 down there today, Chris? It’s about that. Yeah. Why? It’s brutal man. It is brutal. It is. Just getting started. Just getting started. Yeah, it is. It’s only June.

00:45:32:26 –> 00:46:42:28
So, well why it seems like a great guy to share camp with. Think so. There you govin. Would you say that Devin, would you say? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Denton, do you want to throw in a few bucks for a while? Well, we’ll, we’ll work on, see if we can double. He knows how a I’ll guarantee you he could do a good caping job. What else can you, can you cape I’m a fair, he’s an excellent tax deductible. Yeah. Hey what, what Now we’re gonna get into taxes. Can you cape something with your, with your fingers frozen and for us prospect that I don’t know, I questioned my abilities. Okay, well, oh, why? It’s getting cold feet already. So all well love, we appreciate it. Thanks Chris. Congratulations. We’ll be in touch, send you the details of the offer. Thank you so much, y’all have a great day. You too, too. Talk to you later. Bye. Okay, bye bye. Great support. Oh, my voicemail. How about, how about that voicemail Biden 2021. Hilarious. I mean, do you even feel good about that? I mean, Biden doesn’t even know what you’re saying. If you were to say it to his face, he wouldn’t know what you’re saying. Okay. Who are we missing? Nelson. Nelson of France. Alberta White Tail. Yeah. Should we do one more time? Sure. I mean, he’s in the back 40 somewhere setting a trail cam over bait.

00:46:42:29 –> 00:47:46:01
I don’t even know if it’s legal to debate, so I’m not, don’t take, no, I don’t think so. I mean, I, I want law enforcement. I don’t think so. How do you know? Know? ’cause we were told Vermont. Oh, oh, Vermont. I thought what? You were talking about Alberta. Oh yeah, no. Yeah, you were told what? Can’t you throw cameras in Alberta? Don’t Oh, don’t implicate yourself. Bait. Oh yeah, you can’t babe. I wanted my steak season. I like that. Nelson. Not able to get to the phone right now. Please leave your name, phone number and a brief message and that one we’re not getting. Okay. Alright guys, well should we wrap this up real quick? We should. How are we gonna do that? How are we gonna wrap it up? Should we give us some more stuff? What? I know I’m gonna give away mood. If we find the Biden hat, we’ll send it to the first caller. I, oh geez. Wow. I’ve seen it somewhere. I’ve seen it around. It’s around. Didn’t we take it to the expo or something for something Might’ve, might’ve been in the expo. I think it’s in one of those drawers in the cabinet or something. All right, well I guess in all serious, I’d wanna thank, thank everybody who supported the Epic Outdoors Membership Drive and Summer Hunt giveaway. It’s always fun to do this.

00:47:47:21 –> 00:49:01:24
You know, obviously as a business you’re looking for ways to grow your business and things like that and create excitement and things like this as a mechanism to maybe, you know, somebody to attract them to join your service, refer somebody or whatever. And, and then when you actually get to give these sense away, it’s, it’s, it’s fun. It’s really fun. It’s awesome. Like George Law and people like that, it’s pretty dang fun to give hunts away like that. So anyway, we appreciate everybody and your support. We’ll keep doing ’em. As long as people keep getting excited when they win ’em and you know, if you don’t get excited, just don’t, you should be done hunting, huh? That’s right Wyatt. That’s true. Still exciting to slow roll the pints. It is. I love it. Past it’s, it’s, it’s awesome. You and Case. Hey, speaking of case, look forward to that. You guys had some good father son time this last weekend. Yeah, we spent all weekend together. Is it the first time you’ve changed a dirty diaper? No, not definitely not the first time. I don’t know. These are valid questions, right, Jana? It’s true case. I’ve changed a lot of ’em. I’m sure. How many? Five. Maybe there’s a reason she doesn’t have a mic. Put the headset on her. Well, no, she’s good. Yeah, that’s good. That’s picking up her voice right there. Well, so anyway, either way, Wyatt, you’re a good dad.

00:49:01:27 –> 00:50:22:17
We appreciate it. You’re, you’re an example of what a father should be. Yep. Let your, let your wife head out with her mother and friends and have a good girl’s weekend. And so when do, when’s he gonna be old enough to slow roll the pines? Ooh, this summer, Wyatt, he’s good. This same thing your old man told you probably as soon as you can wipe your own butt. Exactly. I didn’t know how to edit that down for this podcast, but thank you for Well, we pretty much tuned Logan out a long time ago. He is gotta cut a lot of stuff, Jason, whatever. Some of it can stay. What? What? One of the first times I was with you in the field. Oh geez. Cut this. You came back with one sleeve. Gone. Oh my God. And it wasn’t me that needed it, John. It wasn’t me that needed it. You donated a sleeve. I didn’t have choices. Do a kid. I’m a little kid. No, no, but I was with you. No, this was not that long ago. Well, I’ve donated sleeves my old man before, so that’s, that’s where you get the toilet paper. Alright, well, okay. The family stories come or go. Let’s thank people once again and just end this. All right, thanks everybody. We got it. Let’s face it. If your goal is to kill big stuff, you need to draw quality tags. Quality tags are typically hard to draw.

00:50:22:25 –> 00:51:50:16
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