Optic Technology and Making it Count. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk about the evolving technology in optics and our optic equipment including rangefinders and binoculars. Our hunting careers are a culmination of once in a lifetime events. If we are not prepared our chances of making good on those moments are greatly decreased. It’s also Thanksgiving and that means Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. At Epic Optics we’ve got Epic Deals Everyday. Call us for the absolute best pricing every day.

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Whether uphill or downhill. The sing angle has the same effect. The bullet doesn’t have to travel as far to get to the atom. Five degrees, 10 degrees, 15, 20, 25 degrees. And the in the distance gives you what to hold for the hold value. Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah. Chris is here too, of course. He’s always here. Makes it sound good. And I about said look good, but how can he do that? I don’t know. It’s all audio. Anyway, we’re just cranking through. We’re here at the end of November. It’s unbelievable. Can’t believe we’ve already threw another hunting season. Bronson almost done, almost ready to be back writing, researching heavy, which is what we do and what we love. But it’s always slightly bittersweet to be over. We’re almost in seven days. We’ll be, we’ll be done. Let 2020 end. Yeah. Huh? Bring up. We’ve had, there’s been some good things happen, right? Yeah. But there’s been some bad things too, huh? Like hunts that end in less than favorable ways. Hunts that don’t even happen. Okay. Cancel. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy. There are a few things though. We’ve had a couple archery openings come up for elk here at the last minute. So anyway, if you are looking for a few things you never know, we might have something. Give us a try.

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Devin here at the office, he’s working nonstop and I would say the really good 2021 hunts, if you start thinking about ’em in April, may, June, oh yeah. You’re, you’re five, six months late there. There’s some great archery cuts right now that we’re about to fill up for September, 2021. That are awesome Hunts awesome opportunities. You know, obviously mule deer are always a hot item. You can’t find enough of ’em that are elite for say 180 plus bucks. No, he just did a really great job. I I got a new epic adventure for us. What if we do the high fence for mules? Huh? What? High fenced meales. Sell ’em fast as we can make ’em. Huh? Come on Carter. No. What have you had to drink this morning? Just kidding. I do think it’s okay. So we’re not a hu we’re not a fan of necessarily high fence hunting. We like fair chase. Having said that, Bronson be kind of addicting to have pet mulder that are freaking giants. Huh? Tell me I’m wrong. No teach thrown. I don’t have any You don’t have any desire to have a pet 300 out the back window? I don’t. Come on. I don’t, I would feel bad. I would feel bad that he’s got Barb, Barb and mesh surrounding. Well, you give him all the doughs in the world. I know, huh? But no, to treat him like a cow. That’s cows. That’s cattle talk res.

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You think think cattle are sad that they’re in bondage? No, but they’re also not as sacred as a mul and deer. Okay. We eat them and grind them and I mean, they’re meant to do one thing. Give us milk and meat. Okay. Okay. And mule deer meat and happiness. That’s, that’s right. There’s a lot more meat and happiness, not just milk and meat. I don’t know. I’ve thought about it. It’d be kind of fun to play with genetics a little bit. I think the, I think the genetic part of it. I, I mean, just to see what you could do. But then what, when you, when he is there standing there, what would you do to pet him? I know, but that’s No, that doesn’t, no saddle. Put a saddle on there. Let Ashley ride him out. No. Huh? No. Well put weight, put Whatcha gonna clamp weights on the end of his main beans to have floater beams turned out I’m not. Weight is the, in the velvet. How about the perfect milder width frame, 220 inch frame cheaters, inlines, double droppers, big eye guards, dinging just to see research. It’d be kind of interesting to see if you ding him. Ding. His G twos is there, does cheaters start kicking off there? Yeah. Right. Ding ’em with a nail. And have you ever wondered like, how does the acorn come? Yeah.

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When those points come up and then there’s an acorn and then they kind of round out, like how does that happen to see how, what makes antler grill? Yeah. There’d be some interesting things, but you still then gotta stir him in the eyes. He’s looking at you like, what’s for dinner? Where’s a carrot? I, where’s an apple? No. You okay? And you’re like, I know, I’m sorry. You know what I mean? You know, you respect a mule, there’s so much know. And then you gotta look at one through the fence. Like, please let me outta here. I might get in there with him like 300 inches. It’d be awesome knowing you. That’d be the way you’d go out of this life. What do you mean? You, he’d rush you to get an apple outta your hand and gore you through the, through the lungs. It might, it might. I mean on accident. But it’d be worth it. He’d run ah, dad sh he’d shove up that six inch high guard under your sternum. Or maybe he’s running. He’s running. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty soon. It’s, it’d be a bad gig. No one knew. That’s probably how you’d leave this world. Oh no, no, no, no, no. So let’s change the subject. But holiday season, Thanksgiving time. And that means Friday, black Friday, cyber Monday. And lots of food. That’s right. Right. Yep. But, and sheep hunting. Sheep hunting. Elk hunting.

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There’s some guys, somebody, somebody told me last podcast not supposed to hunt elk meant to be hunt in late November. No. And, and, and that’s where I’m going. And then you’re going back. Okay. That’s why I want 2020 to end. ’cause I’m not gonna do it again. You’re ending on the two. Well, I’m just thinking, I’m thinking. Okay. I’m reminding myself. I was always taught when I was young You huh. Elk in September and deer in November. And I’m gonna do that. We’re gonna do that Bronson. Yeah. And, and and deer with the caveat of deer. If you can scout your deer, hunt him in August, in September too. If you got units and TA tags within a close proximity or ability to scout, hunt ’em then. But everybody likes the rutt for both. Yeah. Googling bulls rutting mule deer. Does it get any better? No. No. Does not. No. So we need to do that. So you’re going down with in-laws and outlaws. Yep, yep, yep. My father-in-law’s got an out a laid elk tag. The brother-in-laws are gonna come the hy He the hy. It’s a blast. It’s, it’s to fly on the wall. I would pay money around the campfires in those camp. It’s money worthy. They are fun. I’ve been on a few of ’em with that high pack. And you get three or four brother brothers slash brother-in-laws. It’s lot of, lot of fun. Posturing.

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These are the best I’ve been, you know how they’ve got these posts going out there on the web, you know of thankful. Yeah. The thankful fo give thanks. You know, and that time of year, Thanksgiving, all these things and, and of course Bron with our religion where that’s a little a push that’s going on. And it is awesome. It’s changed my attitude. I was angry. I was angry. You know, you got the Democrats and their agenda and there all this kind of things. And of course, and I’m not gonna make this into a political podcast, but I’ve been less angry. Yeah. I’ve been less angry. Just focus on the glass half full part that’s saying, and it is. Right. We do have a lot to be thankful for. Yeah. Now this 2020 hunting season was less than great. But I’m thankful I was able to partake in it. Look, Chris had some awesome trips with kids too. I mean, you can’t ignore it all. You had some awesome trips. Awesome. Your wife Janice smashes a heavy old ancient buck and awesome mule. It was. So there’s thankful for a lot of things. I didn’t have to track ’em. She killed them. You know what I mean? Ashley, she smashed. I mean it was awesome. Chris, you’re thankful for a lot of things aren’t Yeah. Didn’t freeze to death. I’m my, huh? Yeah. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah, of course. 2020 season could have ended.

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Just a little higher note maybe. Well, could have been a lot higher now. Just found out my, my white tail hunt canceled. Come on. Covid or what? Yeah, you can’t travel. Well he said start just said the restrictions now camp, the new state, the new state restrictions. He just doesn’t think it’s gonna happen. No interstate travel. Well just quarantines and all this crap. So he’s like, hold the plug, cut your losses and just come on. Are you grateful? No. Probably not. Wanna end on a kill? No, I wanted to. Yeah, I wanted to go. Yeah. But, well, so anyway. Well, I don’t know where we’re at in this, but we’re talking about, let’s talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Okay. We have state-of-the-art gear, Bronson. And, and so this is gonna be quite a little subject here that we wanted, we’ve been wanting to talk about is people are trained to look for sales right now this time of the year. That’s I guess what we’re talking about in the world of trail cameras. Which some of you might be saying, why do I need to buy trail cameras now? Well ’cause they’re cheaper. Yeah. Right. Why do I need to buy optics now? My hunts are over with. That’s right. Okay. The other thing is, if you’ve perused catalogs or called people you, there’s been a lot of effect that Covid has had on optics in, in availability, you know, supply chain.

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A lot of these aren’t all built, made all completely in the United States. They may be some of ’em assembled here, but they’re not pieces and parts or they’re completely outside the US. And some of these bigger factories have had, just like the auto industry and other things, the supply chains have been majorly disrupted. And you’ve, you’ve dealing with weeks or months of back orders and availability. So, so we who knows what you got have been very aggressive in ordering. Yeah. And we have stacks that’s right. Of product. That’s right. And it’s, we, we get it in and it almost leaves as fast as we get it in a lot of cases. Yeah. Having said that, you know, in our eight months or whatever it’s been since we’ve been optics dealers, we’ve learned, we’ve learned a lot obviously in a unique year. So whether next year, the year after is just like this. But the natural peaks have been in the summer period of time. But the other thing about it is we’ll get people calling and buying stuff that we, you know, just because we have it, we have it, we had the foresight to just get stuff that’s popular while we can get our hands on it and pass on a great deal. Call for the best pricing that, that applies to Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. We have cyber Every day.

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Blacks Friday sales 365 days probably could make an acronym of the Cyber Black Epic cb Or how about CBS? No. What’s that? Cyber Black. What’s this? Sales Cyber black sales. I don’t know. I don’t know. The message we’re trying to get a across is our everyday prices 365 are incredible. They don’t need to do some discount for one day or one three day weekend. Trust us. If you’re looking at the buy optics, if you’re looking to buy something for Christmas gifts for your wife, your husband, your kids, your whoever, keep us in mind for it. Check with us before you just call. Okay. Call or order something online. Alright. So now that we’ve done the hard selling, let’s talk about a little soft selling here. I want to, I want people to understand you have a rangefinder, you have a pair of binoculars, you have a rifle scope, you don’t need another one. That’s what you’re thinking. But you need another one. And this is why the, the gear has changed so much. We have angle compensating range finders. For example, I have a friend, he had a, like a range finder didn’t compensate for angle once in a lifetime hunt, miss, miss because of not taking into account the angle, the angle at 600 yards. The difference, I looked it up on my bullet app. The difference is 15 inches just for the angle for that 600 yard shot. That’s right. With his dope there.

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That’s what’s different. That’s not including el slight adjustment and elevation from where the gun was originally shot at. Temperature, humidity, things like that. So it could have been 18 inches. I don’t, I don’t know, but I’m just saying that right there was the difference between a hit and a miss. It, it just is. It’s simple. You’ve seen it Bronson sheep or either up or down. They’re generally not level with you. Not as often. No. Absolutely need it in sheep ping. And sometimes you’re on the edge of a cliff and you’ve got open air between you and a ram at 500 yards and there’s no getting closer. My desert in Utah. Oh, that was 60. Somebody’s holding on my 60 something degrees. Somebody’s holding onto my ankle shut. I know people are laughing. Like, come on. Well, it’s as close to vertical, straight down the shooting as you can do without being vertical. And you’ve killed, you’ve guided over a hundred rams plus. Plus or minus. Was there, have you ever seen a steeper shot? No. No. It wasn’t either because it was literally straight. It was peek over. He’s straight below you and then you gotta find a place where you can literally lean off and be safe enough to still shoot. Yeah. And my buddy’s holding onto my feet. Right. So it’s just, what do you say, you were there that was 2000. What did you think, Chris? I had to film it.

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Oh, I, I didn’t really think about it in the moment. ’cause I, I just went up there and I put the, did camera on the ledge and filmed it. Well then after, once the ram’s dead, we start looking around and we’re like, wow, this is not, this not a good place to be started. I started shaking. I was a kid. Yeah, this is 2000. You can’t, seven or eight. I don’t know. And I don’t think, I don’t, we didn’t have angle compensating no stuff. But we knew the gist of it. Remember knew Doug Leach had wrote, written an article from way back. Well we just, we just knew that. And the fact that whether uphill or downhill, the same angle has the same effect. A bullet doesn’t have to travel as far to get to the animal with, with the angle. It doesn’t have to. So while we’re talking about that, I wanna explain, there’s a lot of people out there. You totally get what we’re saying. There’s some people that don’t understand. When you think an uphill, it takes more energy to travel uphill. It takes more gas for a truck to drive uphill. And you would think with a bullet, you’re gonna have more drop angling uphill. And it’s not the case. Bullets fall with gravity. It’s the distance, straight line distance to the ram.

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If you were to cut that mountain, put that ram straight out in front of you, that’s the distance to aim for. So with these angle compensating range finders, they’re taking an angle, the way the bullet arcs the trajectory of a bullet. Yeah. It a lot. There’s a lot to take into account. And so I used to have on my side of my rifle an angle chart at 15, 10 degrees, five degrees, 10 degrees, 15, 20, 25 degrees. And the, and the distance gives you what to hold for the hold value. Yeah. So I’d take an app on my phone, I’d look down my phone, look at the side or set your phone on your barrel. That’s as it’s lined up. And, and okay, that says 15 degrees. That’s right. 15 degrees. Look on my chart. Aim for this. And it worked right. It worked. What we’re saying now is there are tools, range finders alone, a standalone or range finding bins that take care of that for you. And and if you don’t have one of those, or if you just have one that just does angle only, those are gonna become, I’m not gonna say obsolete forever, but they’re being left, left behind. Yeah. With what, what new things can be added with elevation. You shoot at C level, which Jason, you, I’ve been to Hawaii, I’ve been to Mexico, you’ve been to Mexico for all intents and purposes, you’re shooting at sea level. Yeah.

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Within, within two to 400 feet. If you come from 6,000 down to sea level, there is a difference. You are gonna shoot low. Yeah. At sea level. It’s a denser, thicker air down there versus, or flip it the other way. You know, you’re gonna go thousand to 10 or 12 foot thousand feet. Right. It’s thin air. Your bullet doesn’t have as much, you’re gonna air much resistant, you’re gonna airball it over a deer or ram or whatever. Yep. And then you get into more subtle things like, like temperature, which extreme heat or extreme cold versus a 50 degree or barometric pressure or again, humidity and all those things can affect your book. These new tools, some of the range finding vinyls that we sell and the rangefinder loan factor, all of the environmental things in there. Angle being, in my opinion, the most important absolutely need to have that. But when, when you can have everything, it just adds more precision when you have to dial your, your, your scope in the west, you might live between, let’s just say 45 and 5,500 feet fairly common for the Intermountain Westford people to live within that range. And then you go to Colorado here, 90, 9500. Okay, you’re talking 35 to 4,000 feet. And then you start, if you’re shooting at 200 yards, does none of it matters? No. Top pin kill three or 400 may not matter. Yeah. It’s just, you start to get 5, 6, 7, 4, 5, and six.

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You can see it on a chart. You can see the inches. Just look at it. Everything’s magnitude. Just, just like you jerk in the trigger. You jerk the trigger. It doesn’t matter at 200 yards, not gonna matter probably. No, you’re you’re probably gonna smoke three to three to seven, eight inches. Okay. It’s still you jerk the trigger. It’s six 800, you’re three to four feet to the right. That’s right. All right. That’s, it’s the same principle. Everything gets magnified. And so the precision that all of these things now can calculate and lead to the precise estimation on your yardage or your mill or your MOH dial. So that, and that’s what I’m talking about. We, what do we put into a hunt? The application fees alone over the course of 10 to 20 years for a particular, let’s call it a quote, once in a lifetime tag. Not necessarily once in a lifetime, but those type of opportunities that don’t come in very often. And you airball a couple of rounds. And let’s face it, that could happen on a general season. Deer hunt, you might run into a 215 inch buck on a general season. It might be the, might be a once in lifetime buck. Oh yeah. And it doesn’t have to be on a Arizona strip hunt, which I think the tendency is, if you draw a really awesome tag, okay, I’ll spend some money to upgrade some beer.

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And we, we probably to some extent do that. Oh yeah. Too, you’re thinking, you’re thinking, you, you buy, oh, I’m gonna upgrade my boots if I’m gonna go on a sheet pond or Oh yeah, oh yeah. Your backpack or whatever else. But how many times do people, we talk to people, I mean, we talked to people this year, that hundred third season deer in Colorado where they can buy an elk tag over the counter and shot a 3 75 or 3 87 by 7 3 83. 3 83 over the counter. I know it. But they’re taking their kids on a deer hunt on a thousand or $1,500 landowner tag. And because kid tags for elk are a hundred bucks. Right, I know. Instead of 600 and something for you and I Oh yeah, we’ll buy our kids’ elk tags over the counter. Right. Shoot’s a three 80 bull seven by seven. Okay. How much would the 3 83 bull in Utah cost? You can’t hardly buy an opportunity. Okay. You can’t hardly buy one. But if you had to buy a San Juan Pavan a boulder that you’re paying 40, well, a, you might not kill a 380 and you’re paying 40,000 for the opportunity. And so, and he got it for a hundred bucks. And, and, and that is a once in a lifetime. Let’s say you had a 500 yard shot there and you had just a straight line range finder. And he’s, and he’s up a hill.

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I mean, you never know in I a quote, once in a lifetime opportunity can come on an average. Well, I remember, so my first big, big deer, 2003 Nevada. Okay. 460 yard shop. I’ll never forget it. That’s, I thought probably seemed like, well, a thousand yards at the time. Okay. For all intents and purposes, I don’t believe, okay. This was back when long range was just starting to be understood. And a few guys, like old Mark Thompson, who’s still with us today, advertising, what an awesome guy. Just probably getting going on stuff. Just, well, they’re just, they’re, they’re just saying, okay, how do A, we understand, we understand it. B the equipment hasn’t caught up to what we understand. And then c, how do we teach people that they can do this and have a system that’s reliable? And so this is right in that era. Well, I I make a shot 460 longer than I should have. How did you do that? Just remind Kentucky. Like just aim up. I just aimed up. Okay. When did, okay. And, and I worked a bullet from too low to into his chest. How many bullet? A few. Okay. But I’m just, oh yeah. You didn’t know that. And no spotter. Well, I, I remember that, but I don’t remember specifically. And you’re by yourself. No spotter by myself. I worked my way up. Okay.

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But let me just tell you real quick, and it is weird to scream out in excitement by yourself. Yeah. After a deer dies, you mean you turn around, there’s nobody there to enjoy with after, after deer dies, so. Yeah. Yeah. So you, you know, take a friend. You wanna enjoy some things. Right. So anyway, but I’m just saying that is nothing nowadays. Same gun. And that’s what I wanna say too. Same gun when we start talking about this, we’re not trying to get everybody to spend 20 grand on gear. I I don’t really don’t want you to, it doesn’t take much, is what I’m saying. I’ve got my, my kids have out of the box guns. I sent ’em away and got a break on him and got a nice trigger on him. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Spent very little. I spent $200 on top of an outof box gun. Yeah. Okay. To get a trigger and a break. That’s right. And then now I’m putting a Zeiss V four with a turt on it. Yeah. Okay. It’s the MOA turret with single plex with with a wazoo range finder. Let’s call it new age technology. I can do about anything I normally could do with, with my special guns. However, the special guns are unbelievable. And I will, I will use one as long as I can afford it. And, and, and I bought ’em already last the rest of my life.

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You’ve got five of you in the family. Different kinds. Yeah. Yeah. And you can, you know. Oh yeah. So, but I’m trying to set my kids up with gun that they can take, take, let them a gun that they can have for the rest of their life. That’s as a dad, you’re going, okay, 16th birthday, 17th, 18th birthday. A you probably need a bow, muzzle, or rifle before you leave the house. Okay. That’s what I, that’s kind of what I like. Yeah. Like to give the kids, well you give ’em a rifle. I’m not buying, they’re not getting a, they’re not gonna get a, a special, you know, built rifle or a custom rifle, but an out of the box gun with a couple of months, just a couple of months. But scope monitor. And then at some point when they’re on their own, they’ll need the rangefinder. ’cause right now it’s yours and you’re always gonna be with them. Sean, Sean killed his own bull by himself at like 560 yards or 80 yards with an out of the box gun and of a very modest rifle scope that’s capable of calculating it’s just math. Bullet drop is math. I’ve got a, I’ve got a drop, I’ve got a little bit of a spin drift depending how far it is, wind, whatever. And if you’ve got the right tools, you can knock it down. And he did. He killed it.

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And, and ethically, yeah, I would say unethically, you walked that in. I, I took, I walked that into my big buck back in the day. That was everybody. And I didn’t know it was unic. I just thought it’s 460. I kind of hear that number. It’s should be seen very doable. For a, I had a 300 weatherby mag. Not even an ultra mag, a weatherby mag in a, in a, in a pol three to nine probably. Well, no, not that, but not even that. But similar. Well fixed four. No, it might’ve been a 12 power. I don’t know what the power was, but I know, I can’t even remember. Actually, I started hunting with a fixed four. Well I did a eight straight eight Simmons. So anyway, Aaron loved the straight six, six power. No. Okay. I know loophole, but I’m just saying you can take it outta the box gun. A couple little careful modifications. Throw on a Zi a and I throw Zeiss out there. It could be a sua it could be a vortex. I’m just saying, throw, throw something on there. The new age. It’s not that expensive to buy an I scope. And a lot of ’em have, you know, they’re making a lot of, of ’em have the, they’re quarters away clicks. But you needed a nickel to do that. Now they’re a lot of ’em. They’re very just making a dial. Do That’s right. Knob on it.

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But what are you gonna dial to? So there’s a couple things. You can use a an angle compensating range finder that doesn’t spit out the MOA or Morad to, to dial to. And if you do that, you have a chart on the side for the average temperature. The average elevation of wherever you’re hunting, you’re going to Colorado. Chris, say you go to unit 25 or whatever, other than you were at 10,000 on that. Yeah. Oh yeah. But anyway, you, but you, you, you pick a, pick a middle 95 feet, nine, 9,000 feet, 8,500 feet. Yeah. You put that, say it’s a 50 degrees, you make a chart of what your gun you would dial to throw it on the side. You got an angle compensating rangefinder. The only thing that rangefinder does is compensate angle. You’re gonna be pretty deadly. Now the speed is kind of nice. And the new age technology, I’m all about these crazy range fires. They calculate angle, they calculate temperature, humidity. You an, you hit it, you hit it and it just says dial at 13.2. 13.2 deadly. Haven’t missed. I’m just saying. Same thing with my kids. Ashley dial, she kills it. And, and ethically, that’s what’s crazy about this stuff. So we’re just saying sometimes some of you guys out there, were pre preaching to the choir. Other guys, you know, from back east or even around here, it just gives you something to think about. Upgrade a gear.

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You don’t have to upgrade all your gear Bronson. You don’t need to. No. You don’t need to upgrade your spot and scope your bin notes and do backpack range finder rifle, the rifle scope everything. All at Christmas time of the one year. Spread it out. But yeah. But be thinking ahead and if you have had any experiences we’ve talked about, you know, for everybody’s hunting crew, you have some that you, that makes you upgrade. I ne I never wanna have to think about, you know, oh, you know, oh I can need to change my drop chart that I tape on to tape onto my stock from 55 to 9,000. I never want have to have 14 different ones that I look at. That thing will range through the curvature of my front windshield. A lot of times it does. Yeah. Or in a snowstorm, like you get a little bit of little light snow, it’ll still range through a lot of that. 2,400 a BS. We got ’em on the shelf. They’ve come a long way. It’s Christy, you love it. No, I do. They’re awesome. Look, you just have a lot more confidence and, and they’re not as hard confidence. Good. The one I word had before, you had to have a chip and you had to put the chip in and download all your information to it. And, and I thought that it had the capability to compensate.

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Turns out after asking a bunch of people, it doesn’t. Yeah. And it’s just nice to have the app. You can put all your information in. Simple. No, it’s Bluetooth into your phone. Yeah. Okay. Some of this does seem foreign. Have your kids help you. Well, you can learn it. I, I learned it this year and it is not as complicated as it sounds. And anyway, we can help you. We can visit with you over the phone too. Yeah. Especially if you’re looking to upgrade Riflescope, you know, with range finding, you know, pair, I guess call us and you got some like, like the Leica, like the Leica 32 dot coms or Quest 10 by 42 range finder binos that have range finding Bino with all the Bluetooth compatibility, loading, you’re talking about the victory. RFS Victory, sorry, not quests. Victory rfs. They’re unbelievable. They’re amazing. 3,200 dot coms are, there’s more in the works that we’ll see, I’m sure as there always is, as technology catches up, VT all Vortex has Vortex has got ’em, they’ve got even the Vortex 4,000. It’s a great range finder. We keep quite a few of those in stock. They’re very popular. We got the sig r range finders, they’re pretty amazing. So anyway. Yep. And then, then just regular optics, vinyl spotters, you know, anything like that. Rifle scopes keep us in mind we’re we got these dealerships to help the hunters that we’re already talking with.

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And we use this stuff ourselves and have a lot of experience within the office to be able to match an application that you’re trying to do. Whether it’s a lightweight backpack type, sheep rifle, or an all around western rifle for deer, elk, antelope, everything. Give us a call. Black every day. How’s that? Black sales Every day. We got Black Friday, cyber Mondays and any other sale in between. Doesn’t matter what holiday it is. Of course. We’re always having a party here, huh? Pretty much, huh? Yep. No nowhere. Happy be life last half fool. Just be grateful. So we’re super excited actually for another year. It’s crazy here. We got a season ending. We’re looking at our own gear. Dude, I ordered some stuff today. I ordered stuff yesterday. Did you? Oh yeah. You wanna share with what? Like No, ’cause maybe I need it. What you usually we do stuff like that. Like if I see you buy, I buy something you don’t have or you think you buy it. Treking poles. I mean, I broke two of mine this year. I know. Yeah. I need, and, and I’m just sitting, you’re out there and you’re like, you know, we just, okay. Coming off. Is it less manly to use two trekking poles versus one Bronson? No, I just personally, I like one. I like one. I don’t know why my dad, others like two. I just like one. Some people don’t like one.

00:27:59:07 –> 00:28:57:06
They think it’s not manly. I it, I I’m over that. I gotta have a hand on my gun. Yeah, you’re using your gun as a trekking pole. No, no. Just in your hand or something. But oh, so you, so you do you one trekking pull and a hand on your, you gotta hold your rifle on. ’cause I’ve seen rifles pop off climbing up cliffs and stuff. Yeah. I, I, I just, it’s personal. I like one. I al they come in pairs and, and I have, I have a backup I guess. ’cause I use one. I’m gonna, I’m gonna upgrade to that. The, the the new q you bino Bino harness. I like it. It’s awesome. Yeah, I, I, I’m actually, I, you know, I’m not using the straps that attach to the bino itself, so, but I’m using the, the full on pouch and everything else. I just, I do like, I put it on a tripod a lot. Even tens, twelves, I’m using the twelves. Yeah. And, and you, if you don’t, I don’t, I like it away from my vinyl harness. Yep. And then you don’t have the little, they don’t have to take it off the little clips, catchment, clips on your thing dangling in your face when you’re up there. They, they’re super smart. They put ’em so they’re detachable clips super easy. I just don’t even wanna detach the clips.

00:28:57:06 –> 00:29:55:07
So I just, but I get to choose model what a great vinyl harness keeps out all the dust, rain, leaves, sticks, branches, I mean Yep. That doesn’t have the, the old Badlands always had the magnets. I, I love, it’s hard to break away from that. It’s hard to actually, have you ever found where it’s hard to move out of Abin harness into a new vinyl harness? Or even out of an old backpack into a new backpack? Oh yeah. When you use ’em a hundred days a year, you get attached to ’em. Like this pocket has this, this pocket has this. I used one for, remember I probably packed out 40 sheep when I can’t. I remember who I got it from. Remember who I got it from. Yeah. I remember. It was just personal, but it was a great deal. And I just thought, but they’re great dude telling you that backpack that was actually a mystery ranch. Yeah. And they, they made great packs. They were just a little on the heavy side back then. That’s all. That’s all. It’s just, but they were indestructible. Yep. And I, I still use it when I just need to meat holler. If you get back to your truck and I’m going back only for another quarter, right. I have that or the, the cab or something like that. The q yeah.

00:29:55:07 –> 00:31:01:00
The QU packs are just lighter and yeah, you say three to four pounds and just material Okay. On your back. And, and my kid goes three to four pounds. Dad. Really? And I’m thinking, yeah, you’re a kid. And I used to say that too. Yeah. Leave me alone. That’s, that’s three days of food. If you’re going backpack, yeah, leave me alone. I’m gonna start talking about some things that might be sensitive to you, a mess or two. So anyway. No, so we’re, every, I’m looking at my gear going, what is it that I need? What do I, what am I looking to upgrade? And by the way, Jana, what do I need for Christmas? And y’all, there might be some women listening to this podcast. I’ve helped several wives buy their husband’s gear. Husbands have ’em call Epic or Adam and I’ll freaking hook hook ’em up and tell ’em what you need. If you kind of indicate to them what you need, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll steer you. Right. If you look at the fact, if you look at the December mag e mags live and online for December, and John did a little clever, you know, Christmas list thing in the one a in the optic ad there, you can hint, hint gave a little blank space. If you wanna write down a few things there down, hand it to somebody, hand it to her or whatever.

00:31:01:23 –> 00:32:16:27
Fr a friend or a kid or whatever, have ’em call us. We’ll we’ll definitely treat ’em right and, and you know, make sure they’re ordering the right gear. Sometimes there’s a different model or this or that. And we’re pretty privy to that kind of stuff. ’cause we deal in it every single day and we love it. So other than that, can’t think of anything else. Bronson. I mean we, this is basically just talking about Christmas. We’re at the end of the season. We’ve got gear on our minds. We’re also looking at hunting opportunities. What we’re gonna do with our personal schedules, making new plans. There’s guys out there that want us to help ’em apply. Now is the time to call in, write in email, in fax, in whatever. Of course facsimile. Can you, does anybody even fax these kids? These? There’s a couple people I’m shocked every year that they ask Chris, have you ever sent a fax? I have. But you’re an old millennial. It’s been a while though. You’re an old millennial. Yeah. All right. Well anyway, all right. We appreciate you guys. We appreciate all the support out there. Okay, great. Thanksgiving, moving into the other holiday seasons, Christmas and everything else. Anybody will be here pretty much back in the office. Full-time here within about another week. So you’re, yeah, we’re here. Good to go. Answer questions. Working on the January mag here. Really quick. It’s gonna start happening fast.

00:32:16:28 –> 00:33:13:00
That’s a little bit what we’re here to just kind of tee it up for when you’re ready, give us a call about whatever it is, Western big game honey. Anybody hunting those late seasons? Good luck to y’all. We’re looking for photos, stories. You can hit us. We like to see him personally. But anyway, [email protected] or Jason or [email protected]. We like to see your successes and hear the reports. And anyway, best of luck to you. Late rifle, elk hunters, late rifle deer hunters, sheep hunters there. Yeah. Arizona Elk coming on, or Arche, excuse me, archery deer over the counter down there in Arizona. Yeah. Sheep, sheep hunting for Arizona December one. Usually a big day, the whole month of December. You know, a lot of our friends Nevada sheep’s going on right now. So, but a few other states as well. But encourage you to let us know how you do, share with us your success. And anyway, look forward to hearing from you. So here’s, here’s to the end of 2020 and here’s to the beginning of 2021.