Surviving Rattlesnake Bites in the Field. In this episode we talk with two special guests who tell their stories of Rattlesnake bites while out in the field. While hunting the west it is fairly common to come across a rattlesnake. Last week we started wondering about the costs, and what actually getting bit would be like. After reaching out in a previous podcast we had two guests that were willing to share their stories with us. Special thanks to Levi and JB for sharing with us.

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I felt something and I thought it was a bad wasp, like sting made and I looked down and there’s a snake. I make it to the truck and I see him walking down the mountain carrying his bow in one hand and a rattlesnake in the other hand, anything to do with Western mid Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah. We got Chris here as well. Chris, how you doing? Good. How’s married life? Great. It couldn’t be better, right? Right. That’s the right answer. But you know, time will pass. Things will change. Alright. No, you guys are in a great spot. It’s awesome. Well, Bronson, you know you were what happened while I was gone? You were. What happened? This? Well, remember we told the world you were in Hawaii. You did? Yeah, we did. So my house could have been robbed since everybody knew I wasn’t here. Yeah, might’ve been. If you’re missing anything. It wasn’t my fault. Yeah, I Chris’s fault ’cause he had it. cc. Well yeah, I appreciate you working out for me. So how was Hawaii? It was great. It was awesome. Wonderful. So I did mention on the podcast that you were trying to find a place to get Covid tested Well and we’re under the gun a little bit. Yeah. That worked out. Okay.

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Part of the problem, and you don’t know this until you go through it, is a lot of stuff’s changed over the last six months in terms of getting to Hawaii. They’ve been very stringent island to island hopping. You go there, they used to have to quarantine here, get another negative test on the first island. If you’ve left the airport and spent two days on one island, you gotta get another tested again before you go to another one. A lot of those things have changed, but long story short, they don’t take a rapid test, which is what I’ve done several times, meaning accept the rapid test. Like you could go get a rapid test, but don’t care. They don’t take that one. They want the real one makes a PCR, whatever the big, big long words, the more accurate, precise, whatever you want. So when I’ve gone to Alaska a couple times, or if Hunter ended in reservation that required it, I just did the rapid test. 15 minutes, 10 minutes in your truck. They come out and tell you’re negative. You got your paper, you’re going, you’re good. No, this doesn’t take that. But, so the PCR takes, I don’t know, 24 to 36 hours to get your results back. Well, we’re flying out Tuesday morning at like nine in 22 hours. Okay. And they only accept the test from certain places.

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They tell you, you know, CVS, Walgreens or a couple, you know, other places and there’s a and here in Cedar. Yeah. It’s out back. Not only does it have a backlog, but they’re, it’s online weekend system’s not even working. And yeah, you can’t book ’em more than like 72 hours ahead of time or something like that. And you can only do it online. You can’t just walk into your local Walgreens and CVS and say, banker’s hours text me, who knows and test me right now. Right. You can’t do that. Right, right. So here it is, Monday morning or Sunday, Sunday night we start really get thinking about it and realize everywhere in Cedar St. George’s booked, you can’t get ’em tested for Monday morning. So we wake up Monday morning, a little bit of a panic. So here we are, 24 hours from getting on plane. Six of us and six of us gotta get tested and get our results back. So we find ourselves driving to Vegas and going to medical center hospital down there so that you’re not dealing with a third party testing it, shipping it out to a hospital to get the test results. And so you’re eliminating a middleman basically. Yeah. And so we get tested by 10 or 11 in the morning on Monday, and they say, yeah, we should have it in 36 hours.

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And I’m I I’m pulling the guy aside and I’m like, what does it take to get these? How many benes do you need? Yeah. What do you need, boss? ’cause you’re in Vegas, what do you need? You can buy anything in this city with money. You can. Bronson supposedly. Yeah, you can. That’s that’s right Carter. But yeah, you, you, you get a lot, you get a family six going on a vacation. There’s a lot of Yes. All your reservation. Like you, you all of a sudden don’t get there and you’re, you, you’re wasting a lot of money. And we’d already told everybody, all whoever’s come back. I remember on, on your way down. I was and you were, you were very quiet, Kurt. I would call it Kurt to the point. And I’m like, things aren’t good. I, they’ve got some really thick air. I was, because this was not my, this was my, my department. But somehow I was gonna work Monday and I basically had to call you. Of course you were, you were stricken with with the virus at the time. Time. That’s what and that’s what we talked about on the last podcast. So I was quarantining from you. Yeah. ’cause if I got, well, I told you, don’t don’t, don’t a I’m not coming in. You shouldn’t come in and you should pray that you don’t already have it.

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Before I found out that I had it, I didn’t even tell Becky. I didn’t tell that you and Jana had. I didn’t tell It never matter it until we all tested negative. It was not fun. Hey. And I short admitted short, I admitted it. I’ve been a little light up on the podcast about it and, and I paid for that. Yeah. So long story short, at about nine night, eight or nine at night, that night our test results came back. Which were like 12 hours, right? Yeah. 12 or 14 hours. How did they know? How did they Oh, they came back on email. All emails and stuff. Yeah. Boom. Negative, negative, negative. Okay. I got all of them. So, well mine was the last one. So here’s all five of them have it and not me. And I’m like, I had already told everybody as long as me or mom or negative, whoever else is negative is getting on the plane. And if somebody’s positive, I’m sorry, you’re just driving home. But you’re not crushing the whole family. So if somebody’s negative, everybody can drive. You’re just driving home. That’s right. That’s, that’s the way we gotta do it. Sorry. Because you’re not, not everybody’s staying home for, for the one poor soul. They probably, Ty’s probably like dad if I’m, if I’m positive we’re having some parties at the house while you’re gone. Oh yeah. And I’m thinking of all those kinds of things.

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Like what, what’s he gonna do for eight days? That’s right. Yeah. I live, I’m on the side of a golf course. Do you think he’s gonna Lots of fun. Could he’s could be had up here’s think he’s gonna quarantine in the house. No, no. All his buddies and a few gals we got there. It was great. We had a great re relaxation. Went to the island of Kauai. It was awesome. Awesome. Just a great vacation. Yep. All right, well we got on. So, so, so you got on the topic of circus. Well, we had to do the podcast. We, we, we talked about Yeah. Scouting and different things. Of course we had our membership drive that we had to kind of go over and it was awesome. All of that was good. But then we got to the topic of snakes. It’s summertime scouting. We’re in southern Utah, Nevada, Arizona. That’s kind of where we’re doing a lot of our scouting course. You’re gonna, you’re about to head up to North country. Well, you go to Wyoming or places in Idaho, whatever. There’s snakes everywhere there is. And so, and our point was, Devin White are nervous of snakes. I’m nervous, but I don’t think, I try not to think about it. ’cause I didn’t even know anybody that got bit, they’re withholding 10% of every paycheck for a rainy day snake bite fund. What are they doing? Supposed to be insured.

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Like either you have Obama insurance or self-insured or a regular insurance company. I don’t know if you can, can you legally not be, have health insurance with the government now to help breathing down our neck about it. I’m not the person to ask anyway. So you may have some kind of deductible. I’ve got a pretty high deductible, but yeah. So you got on the topic and you threw it out there apparently. And say we got anybody’s call, anybody’s been bit and has gone through what these two are afraid of. Let us know. And Yeah. And, and there’s been some gr crazy stories. Good feedback. Oh, since I got back I’ve been picked freaked out. ’cause I keep getting pictures that you send me and, and I’m like, wow. Yeah. Now I don’t even wanna go scout anyway, I, well, yeah. So anyway, I don’t wanna ruin it. It’s, we do have some photos. We’ll share those on our social media along with this podcast and an announcement. And so you can go check out Epic Hunts and Kirk Chris will have some photos loaded if you think you’re bored and don’t wanna listen to snake bite stuff. We are gonna have a giveaway towards the end of the podcast. Yes. We’re gonna give away some buy offs free. That’s right. We’re gonna gonna giveaway free. Well, I don’t even wanna ruin that. Yeah. So anyway, end. We’re announce the details of that at the end.

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So stay tuned. Got a couple other things coming out here towards end. But, but because of time, let’s give this guy a holler. Who are we talking? Who are we calling? So we’re calling a guy by the name of Levi. His dad and him were hunting and I’ll let him share the story. Is this Wyoming? Wyoming. Tee it up. Okay, here we go. Levi. Y Hey. Yeah, what’s going on? Sorry. This, I’m, I’m in Tempe, Arizona, so. Oh, okay. You’re in snake country. Well, first you had the 3 0 7 number and you were I think in Wyoming when this happened. So anyway, so give us the lowdown. Oh man. We grew up in southeast Wyoming, so I usually go back, I’ve been in Arizona past 16 years. Okay. So I usually go back to Wyoming to hunt with my dad every September. So again, they don’t have attack here in Arizona. So we were hunting southeast Wyoming. The mountain range is the Laramie Mountains. Okay. Since about 7,000 foot, 7,200 foot elevation where we were hunting at. Okay. We’ve hunted this area. Oh gosh. Growing up throughout there. And we’ve never seen rattlesnakes at all Wow. In that area. So fairly high elevation. Think you might be safe. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And Wyoming, we only have two, two different kinds of rattlesnakes. We have the Prairie Rattler and one other one that’s only, and it’s one certain reach in Wyoming.

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So like a timber Timber Rattler or something like that. It’s, it’s a weird rattlesnake. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it. You Google, like Wyoming rattlesnakes. Oh. It shows up on there and I think it’s over by Green River, Wyoming. Okay. But anyways, I got about four bucks butted and I’m planning on to go make a stock on these bucks. This is early season, like time of year, early September. Yeah, it’s September. Yeah. Yeah, September time. So we got these bucks. My dad’s gonna sit there and sit behind the glass and watch me and be, be on the radio while I’m making the stock. So he’s trying to make his way to this vantage point while I’m making my way around over towards the deer. So I’m on my stock. I got my little sneak text on there and my pack and everything and all of a sudden he comes up on the radio and a pretty panicked voice saying my name. And I thought, oh man, I just blew all the deer out. And then he’s like, I just got bit by a rattlesnake. Geez. So I tell him, I said, all right, just stay calm. I said, just meet me down at the truck. I’ll make my way over there. So I’m trying to stay calm. So I hurry up and I’m sprinting my bow, my pack.

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I got my sneak techs on and I’m just sprinting as hard as I can to get back to the truck. So I, I make it to the truck and I see him walking down the mountain carrying his bow in one hand and the rattlesnake in the other hand. And you That’s awesome. I assume it’s dead or that’s typical? Or does he got a, that’s expected of him. Yeah, so I asked him what happened, you know, and he’s like, well, I sat down behind the tripod. As soon as I sat down, I felt a whack on my right, my right elbow. He said, I turned around and there’s a rattlesnake curled up right there. Didn’t rattle anything at all. So he said, that’s what I hate about rattlesnakes more than anything. This, I don’t like surprises. That’s an eerily familiar story to me. I, I’d done the exact same thing with a sheep client one year. It was under the lunch and we had sat down in the morning getting light, sat down for an hour, glassing, you know, you step stand up over an hour stretch and just, and I looked up and there’s a coiled up Rattler about three feet behind us that had been there the whole morning. Just Oh yeah. Sleeping and sunning freaked us out. But anyway. Yeah, go back to your story. So he gets, he didn’t even hear it, didn’t rattle it just bit him. Yeah. Didn’t rattle nothing.

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So he wasn’t sure. He’s wearing a long sleeved camo shirt, lightweight. He’s like, I’m not sure if I got bit, or Yeah, initially he felt the whack, you know, but he said within five minutes he could feel tingling all the way from the top of his head down to his feet. So he’s like, all right. Yeah, it’s in my blood. Got bit. Yeah. Yeah. So then he grabbed some rocks and ended up killing it, carrying it down there. We don’t have cell phone service where we’re at. So I tell him, ’em, you know, just, all right, let’s stay calm. I’ll try to get some cell phone service, call nine one one, let ’em know, Hey, you got bit. And then I’m taking to the emergency room and we’re about hour, hour, 15 minutes from town. Wow. Small little, small little town, I think 3000 people. So I get cell phone service at top of the hill. Call him, say, Hey, my dad just got bit, I’m on my way to the emergency room. They said, alright, we’ll be, we’ll be waiting for you. So I made it back to town in 32 minutes. So I was, I was cooking pretty good. Yeah. That timeframe. Sell that truck is your dad? Yeah. What’s he experiencing during the ride? Is he Yeah, it, okay. So I give him a brand new bottle of water and he takes a big swig of it and just spits it right out the window.

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And he’s like, it tastes like copper or metal and Wow. Didn’t think anything of it. Didn’t drink any more water. So we’re driving down the road, I can kind of see him resting his head up against the windshield. I can tell he’s kind of getting nauseous or not really there. Sure. So I’m trying to talk to him, just can keep him awake and ask him now how he’s doing. We pull up to the door to the emergency room and he can hardly walk at this point. So I have to go around to his door, open his door, kind of throw his arm around my shoulder and kind of walk him into the emergency room there. So we get there, they give him, I’m not sure exactly what they did in the first 15 minutes. It was kind of a hectic situation, but they ended up giving him some anti-venom and the anti-venom that they gave him was, I guess there’s two different kinds. There’s one that’s derived from the antibodies of the horse where they basically are giving horse the, the venom and it creates like an antibody. So, and then they extract it and then, yep. So he ended up getting that anti-venom injection, but they only had one and he needed another one. The next hospital is about an hour away. They don’t have any room in the beds.

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So he has to end up going to Greeley, Colorado to some intensive or whoa burn care unit. So he goes for southeast Wyoming to Grayley Colorado. And he ends up getting another dose of anti-venom there. And he spends, I think the next two days in the ICU. So geez, I was there initially with him in Wyoming or in, in the hospital in Wyoming. I had to go back up and re situate deer camp, block up the camper and get all that situated. And then I went back down there, stayed the night with him in Greeley. And then I came back up deer hunting for a couple days. ’cause he said he was fine. He’s like, there’s no reason for you to be sitting here in the hospital with me and go, go hunt some deer. And then he was backing deer camp and I think day four after getting bit. Really? He wasn’t hunting but he was just hanging out at, at camp. Exactly. So, well he’s a pretty gritty guy. Right above like right, right above the elbow on the back of the arm and the tricep. Is that where it hit him? No, exactly right on the elbow itself. Right on the basically Ben. Yeah. Yeah. So I, I sent Jason a couple pictures. Yeah, I see it. Yeah. In there. I just pulled him off. How much, so see where he got, how much did it down his arm and up his arm?

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Did it swell? I mean I can see, yeah, there’s some pictures. One of the pictures there’s swelled up pretty good. They gave him some morphine for the pain and then he had a super bad reaction to the morphine. Geez. So he was, he was in a world of hurt there. But yeah, poor guy’s been through a lot, couple back surgeries and never thought he was gonna boat hunt again. And he’s just out slamming it with some nice puling young elk. And then this happens. And then this year he got a, he had a heart attack, quadruple bypass heart surgery in April. And then he drew another sweet elk tag in Wyoming. So, so and so with the heart stuff, is he, is he squared away? Is he gonna be able to, I mean, yeah, you know, he’s good to go now he’s just, his muscle from, they ended up cutting apart his stern, him there and wired that together. So he’s just trying, toin regain his strength for the be able to pull bowl pretty. Is he gonna be able to do that or is he gonna have to In Wyoming you can get his crossbow. So is he gonna do that or is he gonna use regular bow? He, he wants to use his Matthews. Yeah, but he said if it comes down to it, he’s like, he’ll use a crossbow. But he’s got a doctor appointment coming up here the end of July.

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And he’s hoping the he’ll know more doctor will give him a go ahead for the compound. But pretty tough dude. I mean you get bit, this snake’s longer than the bow. I mean you’ve got a picture of it. I mean it exceeds the length of the bow. Yeah. I mean he turns around, kills the snake, you wanna bite me, I’ll kill you. Kills the snake, walks out with it and then is hunting or back in, let’s call it deer camp in four days, spends a couple of days in the hospital, you know, he’s been through it and pretty tough, pretty tough dude. Oh yeah, it was, it was just strange because we never see rattlesnakes up there. So he, he ended up going back out there deer hunting after I left. I came back to Arizona and he ended up going back out there. He ended up shooting a deer that year, that September. But he ended up going back out. They’re just curious. I don’t know why if it just something psychologically that he had to do. But he went back up there and was kind of looking to see if there was a den or something. So, but he’s ever, he’s been cautious the last few years. Whenever we go to that glassing point, he’s just kind of, oh, in the back of his head, I’d pick a new unit altogether. Not let alone a blasting point. Well it’s tradition.

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You guys have been, I know that’s family tradition. I don’t know, I looked it up and it looks like there’s also a midget faded. Let’s see, midget faded rattlesnake. So yeah, that’s the one that’s, it’s some weird, a weird name. Yeah, they say they’re, they’re generally in Wyoming a big one’s. You know, usually less than 25 inches. This one heat kills bigger longer than that. Yeah. The, the absolute worst area I’ve ever experienced hunting for snakes was in the Florida Mountains in New Mexico on a, a iex hunt. Oh, I’ve heard that. That was October. Oh yeah, I of giants, that’s the whole deterrent for me to never apply for that October. But I mean they’re next level, like you could feed a family for a couple of days on one of those. Oh yeah, it was bad. We, my buddy from the Panhale Nebraska ended up drawing the tag down there in the Flotas and he’s like, I heard the snakes are bad. I was like, it can’t be anywhere near as bad as Arizona. Boy was I wrong, he, he ended up buying snake chaps for the hunt and I didn’t bring any, because I was like, it can’t be worse than Arizona. Oh. It was way worse. I think our first day we came across five rattlers in our first morning. Holy cow. Yeah, it was, that’s definitely go back because it was one of the funnest hunts I’ve ever done in my life.

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But you definitely, are they big, are they big snakes? Yeah. Yeah, they’re a good size. They’re just like our, our Arizona Rattlers. I’m pretty sure they have Diamondbacks over there. I’m not for certain. But yeah, I dunno any, any rattlesnake to me. I’m kind of standoffish now. When I was in my early twenties, young and dumb, when I first moved to Arizona, I lived in a small town that nothing to do. So we’d go out and catch ’em for fun. But knowing what I know now and after this experience with it, a snake bite never again. No. Yeah, no. Kind of kind of pass on doing that. So did the doctors or staff tell you guys you did anything right or wrong that you could pass on to other listeners what you shouldn’t do or should have done or should do next time or? Well I asked my dad, I asked him, I said, why’d you bring that snake? He’s like, well I heard you’re supposed to bring the snake in so they can, they can identify it, make sure it’s a rattlesnake or whatever. So the doctor actually asked, do you guys have the snake with you? And I’m like, yeah, it’s in the back of the truck. So he went out there and looked at it and went back in. Of course all this, it was small town. All the nurses and everybody else came out there admiring the, the rattlesnake.

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But I believe he told my dad, ’cause now my dad carries it everywhere he goes. The children’s, children’s Advil, I believe is what it was. Or, or Tylenol. Aspirin maybe. Or aspirin. Yeah, that’s, that’s it. Aspirin. Aspirin. 82 80 like milligram. A little chewable. You put it under your tongue and just chew it in case you, but I don’t know if that’s just, I don’t know. I’ve heard, I’ve heard that that doesn’t work. But that doctor told him that so. Well I know for a fact that’s kind of a blood thinner that’s good for like even heart problems. Yeah, yeah. It’s a quick, the fastest acting aspirin and blood, blood thinner. Yeah, it is like an 82. I put one in two truck. But man, you would think that would increase the, the way that it gets throughout your whole body. Yeah, but maybe that’s also dilutes. I don’t know. It spread. We’re gonna have to Google that. Don’t anybody do that until we Google it. Google’s right on. Everything’s true. Well as far as you know, keeping it low, I mean this was on his arm. It’s kind of weird. He’s gotta walk back at same elevation as your heart and everything. I guess kind of a, he gonna have an increased heart rate getting back to the truck. It’s not really, they said that. They said just the best thing is to get, get to a hospital as fast as can as you can.

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Obviously everybody’s gonna do that, but geez. Yeah. Wow. I ended up running into one of the ranchers when I was up there when I went back up deer hunt. I said, yeah, dad ended up getting bit by a rattlesnake and she said that her son ended up getting bit one year loading hay bells. But luckily those guys have a plane on the ranch, so they just flew right into town. Oh wow. So that saved them some time. Are there any big bucks up there? It’s all right. Maybe it’s a, it’s a general, it’s a pretty easy tag to draw. Yeah, it’s a general region. JI think is where we’re, but it’s usually about mid one sixties. Every now and then a decent buck pops up out of there. But yeah. Yeah, it’s fun nonetheless. ’cause it’s all, it’s all boulder country and easy to draw too. Like, like you said, you can go as often as you want to go. Probably draw that and go with your dad if, yeah, it’s got everything. It’s got big horn, sheep, elk bear. So it’s, it’s a fun good all around unit and ope up there. So. So it does say I googled this. So like I talked, like I mentioned the midget faded rattlesnake. It does say it’s one of the most toxic, this particular rattlesnake in Wyoming is one of the most toxic in North America containing primarily newer toxins that act upon the nervous system.

00:21:59:20 –> 00:23:06:15
Is that the one that your dad got? Is that one or the other prairie one? No, he ended up getting bit by a prairie rattlesnake. Okay, okay. Yeah, because I believe those other ones are only in a certain, those other ones are only in a certain region of Wyoming. Yeah. It mentions the LD 50 of this venom suggests it’s more toxic than some of the old world cobras. Wow. So wherever that is, where were ghost found, I don’t know, but I know we’re gonna find out and not ever apply there. That’s right. That, that seriously, here in Arizona, if you look up Arizona rattlesnakes, if you Google that, there’s just a mess of different kinds of rattlesnakes that we have in the Mojave Green down there in southern Arizona. That’s pretty, that’s a pretty legit snake from what I understand. Oh yeah. You know. Yeah. It attacks the nervous system. They’re here in Nevada too, and they’re, they’re aggressive too. They’ll chase you. I’ve had a chase get off the ground like, like meaning coiled up, like, like knee high. I mean it’s weird what they can do to, oh, buddy and I were out running cameras and we had one in the road and I mean it, it chased him down the road. It was crazy. It was, it was nuts. Arrogant. Anyway, yeah, luckily I haven’t been, luckily I haven’t came across any this past year.

00:23:06:18 –> 00:24:11:25
I was fortunate last year the only one I saw was when I was out bear hunting. So I’m on a good streak ’cause without seeing rattlesnakes. So yeah. Alright man. Well we appreciate you spending some time with us. Tell the world the story. ’cause you know, everybody’s nervous, but you don’t ever hear about a lot of snake bites out there. So. Yeah. Especially hunters, you know, well out hunting. Yeah. But it’s, it’s always in the back of your mind. And know when I’m out here in Arizona constantly, I’m always eyes on the ground. John of high point, he always makes fun of me. ’cause my eyes are always on the ground. Yeah. He’s looking for sheds or snakes or whatever else. He’s like, that’s why you never see anything. He’s like, shut up John. Yeah, shut up. I rush. We tease him pretty hard. So he’s a good dude. Yeah, he’s a good guy. Well make sure you tease him. I think yesterday, yesterday was his birthday, so you gotta give him a, was it little tease? We might call him at some point is see, and maybe I shouldn’t tease him, but is he in his house yet? If we’ve been tea him about, man, he’s been building that last, I get the windows in. Right. It’s, I always, I always ask him, he was like, we need to get out and scout some elk here soon.

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He’s like, I will, as soon as I get done with this house, I need to be out looking for antelope. But hopefully it looks sound. The last time I talked to him, he sounded like he was on the in stretch. So he was up on the rafters on some beam one one time when he called and he answered, answered. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. Anyway, yeah, I got a, I ended up getting a unit 10 early archery bax. So I said, John, you good for you. Yeah. He says, I got lucky. I was tag number 99 out of a hundred. So Oh wow. Wow. That’s pretty good. Yeah. S luck out on that. That’s great. Well, all right, man, good luck with that and good luck. How you do, Levi? Appreciate you taking some time with us and everybody learns something. All right, sounds good, buddy. All right. Talk to you guys later. You bet. Bye bye. All right, let’s pretty legit. Like if you’re burning, you need to call somebody or get somewhere now, huh? Yeah, yeah. Anyway, it, I don’t know. We can talk about this. It says you may pass out here. I know, I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that. Rapid swelling, severe pain. I don’t, don’t cut yourself. Don’t suck it out. Don’t apply a tourniquet. Don’t need to buy those little yellow suction things that we used to have when we were kids. Did they sell?

00:25:24:00 –> 00:26:52:04
Boy, somebody made a million dollars off that. Oh dude, 5 million, 20 million. That was, that was somebody’s George Foreman grill long before George Foreman. And it never did a thing for anybody. No, you don’t give the person alcohol or caffeinated drinks or other medications. That’s what it says. I don’t know if Google’s always right, but that’s what it says. We got a package in the mail. What, what happened, dude? What else happened on podcast? So this came to an FFL dealer and this, this was since you were gone. And anyway, good buddy of ours. Adam Gari. Do you remember him? Oh yeah, yeah. From back in the day, from our prior work environment life. Okay. Yeah. So anyway, he deals in a lot of guns and whatnot. So it’s john sports He hits me up and he’s like, Carter, I want you to look at this. Check it out. And you can’t look at it until you record the, the reaction on the podcast. But anyway, Bronson, let’s open this package. It’s maxim package. So PR pretty cool. It says, these are John’s Sports Center exclusive. Every gun is numbered. There were only a hundred made. They’re chambered in the 7.62 by 39. Isn’t that an AK 47? I’m not a, I’m not a Russian, so I dunno. I dunno. Anyway, they have been featured in magazines, recoil Magazine, guns and Ammo. Many others contact us, US looks, so john looks 22nd Century gun.

00:26:52:19 –> 00:28:43:24
So they’re supposed, okay, read this. So Jason, inside you should find your gun mask, gloves, tp, and everything you need for the pandemic. Isn’t the pandemic on the way out? Well, I guess not. You just had it and Well, no, dude, it’s the delta. It’s very real. The pandemic is still very real. Okay. Anyway. Well, so here’s some interesting stuff. The Small Arms Defense Journal, Maxim Defense, mini catalog, whatnot. So here we go. Let’s see what’s in this thing. John’s SportsCenter. There’s your gloves and a mask. My mask official mask, my some gloves, some tp. Dude, this, this is what worth something. Oh my gosh, Chris. Wow. Dude, this is a dense, this thing’s 10 pounds. I don’t know. No, it’s probably five. It’s legit. How big a clip? It’s a clip. 20 rounder. Holy dude. I like the color scheme. You know, I’m an orange and black guy. I like that. Wow. This little thing. Holy crap. The pandemic firearm, dude, you could get after it. Pretty awesome. Interesting. Wow. Well thanks for thinking of us, Adam. We might, might give a, give it a few rounds through the pipe. So a hundred percent we’re going to, we’re gonna let some things rip, huh? Well, pretty awesome. I appreciate people thinking about us. John You can email ’em [email protected] and check it out. Very, let me look at the numbering real quick. What do you mean? Oh, the serial?

00:28:44:08 –> 00:29:58:24
Yeah, I think they’re all custom numbered. And he’s like, what’s your favorite number? I’m like, I don’t know. Stamped it with a punch. 75. This is oh seven five. Is it? Of 100. So you told the, oh yeah, I know what you do. Because you know, yeah, I don’t wanna announce it on the podcast, but I get it. I’m, I may or may not have been born in 75. Alright, well cool. There we go. Alright, well that’s a nice, that’s a good, I feel better being in the office now with knowing that that’s behind me in your office anyway. It’s a pretty legit guy. Phil’s good. We may leave it in the office. Just have it hanging around, huh? Along with that sought off. Never know. Crazy people that come in here. Okay, well let’s get back to the snakes. Get some firsthand stuff. Where’s he from? Where’s JB from? Oh, we’ll find out. This is jb. JB Jason Carter and Adam Bronson on the Epic Outdoors Podcast. How are you? Good, how are you guys? Good, good. We’re doing good here. Of course we’re not snake bit at least. Yeah, no doubt. Sometimes we think we’re snake bit. But anyway, I’ve been there. So we were talking on the podcast about being bit by a snake and didn’t really know anybody personally.

00:29:58:24 –> 00:31:21:29
That has been bit, you reached out and I don’t want to totally ruin it, but what a, what a crazy set of photos and story. Yeah, it was no fun. Tee it up for us, I guess, and tell us where you’re from and what state, I guess this happened in and tell us. Yeah, you bet. Walk us through it. So live in central Arkansas and we’ve got a bunch of tailwater trout fisheries in the state and been trout fishing for probably 30 years now. And seen like two snakes my entire life. Trout fishing. Wow. And me and some buddies were up, it was Friday the 13th of 2012 in July if you’re superstitious or anything. But we’d been fishing that afternoon and just got out on a gravel bar and just enjoying the last hours of the day and hanging out. And I had a pair of flip-flops on and just walking around and I felt something, I thought it was a bad wasp, like stain me. So I grabbed my hat, tried to swat it, and I looked down and there’s a snake. So, wow. Is this thick country or is it just like gravel bar open and you just miss it boiled up? No, so like, this is Tailwater fisheries and they’ve got generators and the water levels will vary. And so like, this was a little bitty, just gravel bar, probably like 10 by 30 feet that we were pulled up on.

00:31:22:03 –> 00:32:37:28
And it was just out on this gravel bar I guess. But if y’all remember, 2012, we had a really bad drought like the Midwest was I having all the issues with EHD and so forth from it. And I guess that had something to do with the snakes being there is what, you know, everybody said. But anyway, we’re sitting there, my buddies are like, well, you know, does it hurt? You know, if you’re gonna make it, we’re gonna keep fishing or what do we do heat fishing? Well, they weren’t real concerned, but these aren’t, again, we don’t know anybody that’s had major issues or dying, so you just don’t know how serious it is, you know? Yeah. So, you know, they’re like, well, does it hurt? I’m like, it’s burning pretty good. You know, the longer it went on, the more it burned. But where did it actually hit you? Where did it, where did it bite? So, on my foot and I had flip flops on and so, and this was a pygmy rattlesnake, which I didn’t even know they existed, you know, it was probably 15 inches long, which I think that’s a full grown one. Little feller. But yeah, well they say that the babies strike and give it all to you and yeah, that’s, but like, I don’t, this wasn’t a baby, it’s just the top of snake you. They don’t grow very big.

00:32:38:06 –> 00:33:51:21
But one of the fang hit my flip flop strap and then one hit my foot. So I only got one fang luckily. I guess it could have been worse. But really, anyway, we drive, we, it’s my boat and I’m, we go back to the ramp and load up and we’re like, we probably need to go to the emergency room. And so we didn’t have any cell service the whole time and we’re driving up the hill, buddy’s driving me and we’re in my truck and you know, it’s burning and starting to swell and stuff like that. And so we’re driving and you know, my buddies are like, well put your foot up on the dash so it won’t swell. So I’m kicked back in the seat, got my foot up on the dash and you know, it’s starting to hurt pretty good. And you know, there’s, my buddies are like, well, can you breathe? Is your heart racing? You know, are you doing alright? They’re okay. They’re not leaving it. And I’m like, they’re, they’re asking some good questions, all right. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m like, man, I don’t know. Just, you know, quit asking that drive faster. Just leave me alone. In fact, let’s stop and unhook this boat. Let’s go. Exactly. But anyway, we call 9 1 1 and the lady we talked to, you know, we tell her what’s going on and she sends an ambulance to meet us, like partway to the hospital.

00:33:52:00 –> 00:35:08:05
And you know, we’re like, what do you need to do? And you know, they said really nothing. Just make sure you keep it below your heart, you know. And here I’m perfect in the safe. I’ve got my foot over my head below. So anyway. So it’s harder to pump up. Yeah, they’re supposed to keep it below your heart, so, okay. But anyway, so the opposite of what you Yeah, you’ve threw it up on the dash, right? Yeah, yeah. No. And so like my buddies, you know, claimed to have saved my life and all this and I’m like, well actually y’all probably came closer to killing me, so he won’t, it’s just his way to weasel his way into your will, you know, at some point. Yeah. And you’re upstairs, I figured something else was going on there. Yeah. So anyway, we get to the hospital and they get me started on some IV stuff. I don’t even know, just fluids or whatever. But they watch it, you know, they draw circles on your foot to watch the swelling and all that, but they pretty much started a round of venom. Right. Then we figured out it what it was, we didn’t even know what kind of snake it was. We killed it, took it with us, which you did. Okay. They said it doesn’t matter, like the venom’s broad enough. Yeah. Like apparently there’s only one kind of venom that’s out there.

00:35:08:06 –> 00:36:14:27
It’s crow fab that’s like grown in goats. I’m not sure how it’s made, but wow. I didn’t know that force venom and all that stuff. I was, I was like, you, I thought you’re supposed to kill it, just take it with you. So they knew what they were dealing with. Not really like a Mojave Green or something. That’s what they told me. But you know, who knows? Certainly not. Maybe it’s d different for different parts of the country too, maybe where you’re in Arkansas when this happened, so maybe, right. Yeah. Maybe you’re at, yeah, that’s one size fits all. But they ended up, you know, the swelling was pretty good and so they’d do the venom, but I think like for cotton mouse copperheads, they don’t normally do it unless they have to on adults. I think it’s, you know what they do, it’s usually children or something for those types of snakes. But anyway, they gave me a round that night, that was a Friday night, and my wife’s at my parents’ house with our kids. And so I call her and tell her what’s coming or going on and she’s like, well, I need to come up there. And I told her, I was like, I don’t know, she’s, you know, she’s really good about letting me hunt and fish and spend a lot of time and outdoors. But she didn’t, she wasn’t gonna come.

00:36:14:29 –> 00:37:35:27
She’s like, you know, I’m not coming if you’re gonna be back fishing Saturday morning. And so anyway, she ended up coming, but the ER doctor said, you know, you’ll probably be back at camp, you know, the next day or whatever. Really. I ended up spending two nights in the hospital though, and got two different rounds of the venom. I had no idea what it cost, what was involved. You know, I was pretty much just knocked out, like they had me on morphine and stuff like that for the pain. So it’s that painful, like it was that it stunk. Yeah, it, it wasn’t any fun, you know, the sensation then. But the, the last day I got a new nurse and she came in and she’s like, well you know what, this costs don’t you? The vem? I have no idea. As far as the ve Yeah, the veno. She’s like, it’s $30,000 a dose that shot. Oh. And she’s like, you got two of them. Oh, okay. I thought she was kidding. Well sure enough that’s, I got a 65,000 hospital bill out of the deal. Wow. Do, were you insured? I mean does health insurance cover that? Yeah, no, I had insurance and it took like for them to settle it with insurance company, it took months and Oh, I bet. ’cause they were squabbling my dad, did he need one, really need the second dose come on or you know, whatever. No, absolutely.

00:37:35:27 –> 00:38:50:16
That was it. Yeah, really. And my dad had sent me an article in the meantime messing with me, like where somebody’s insurance didn’t pay and stuff like that. So I was kind of, so how high up your leg, I mean, I’ve seen the picture and I guess with your picture of your foot or something, how far up your leg did that swelling and redness go from your foot? Well, pretty much to my knee, it was just my knee down. Wow. That was ugly. And how long, I mean, after the two days in the hospital, was it just like, go home and it’s gonna just take a long, like it’s not, and now it’s gonna take a long, gradual three, four week recovery to not be looking like it is? Or what did they tell you? Yeah, it took, I went home like on that Sunday evening and I was on crutches for a while. I mean, it hurt, put any pressure on it. And then like for weeks, probably two or three weeks after, you know, you, you’d get up in the morning and when you’d stand up all that blood flow to your leg, I guess it would throb. Like somebody was smashing your leg with a bowling ball and it was awful little piggy snake. So every morning, geez. So that was the biggest deal of it.

00:38:50:19 –> 00:39:59:09
So maybe over a three to four week to almost a month before, when do you think you were like fully, like I got, I don’t feel that in the morning anymore when I get up or was it a month? Yeah, probably something like that. Three or four weeks maybe. Wow. I was wearing shoes again and I ditched the crutches probably, I don’t know, a week into it. Yeah, something like that. But you know, had a definite limp and it was swollen. I mean, that type of swelling doesn’t just go down fast, I’d imagine. Yeah, it hurt. I mean, you could like touch it and feel it for, you know, a few weeks after. You could tell it wasn’t right, but wow, so crazy. Well that is, that’s not yeah, fun and something of 15 little inch little pick me. I mean, yeah, I had snake. Maybe they’re worse than normal. I don’t know. I’m not a snake guy. But yeah, me either. Well, I guess a newfound respect or you know, your buddies, everybody joked that like, yeah, we weren’t fishing the next morning or you weren’t, at least maybe they weren’t. But staying in the boat they, they fished and used my boat the rest of the weekend. So those are good buddies right there. Hopefully they cleaned it. Of course you owed it to ’em because you know, you really had to prop the property leg upon the gas. Yeah.

00:39:59:09 –> 00:41:13:18
At least saved my life. It was the least they could do. Yeah, that’s right. The least I could do. That’s right. It’s the least you could do. Yeah. Well, good stuff. Well I appreciate you reaching out. What a crazy story. So did they give you, you know, what to do if you’re by yourself or what? I mean obviously keep it blow the heart, but I mean, what, is there any, what do you do? Yeah, they tell you they did anything right or wrong for if it happened again, it, no, I think the big deal, you know, it’s just get somewhere and get it taken care of. But you know, the don’t do anything to increase your heart rate supposedly is what they say. But like the, you know, suction and all that kind of stuff or tourniquets, none of that. You know, they said don’t, don’t mess with any of that. Yeah. The John self mutilation. Yeah, right. Exactly. I think there’s like infection risk and all that kinda stuff or whatever. So yeah. All right. Well, crazy. Well, and you’re all good. And that was nine years ago you said? 2012 and No, yeah, it was, well, yeah, hate snakes, needless to say. Yeah, exactly. That’s, you know, they always say bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. And that’s not always true. I’ve always laughed about that. Like it’s maybe not true. No. Nope. That’s not true.

00:41:14:06 –> 00:42:16:12
All right, well we appreciate your support here at Epic and hey Yeah, you bet. Appreciate you guys. Anything we can do for you, let us know. Okay, thanks jb. Appreciate it. Alright. Yep, yep. Y’all take care. Have a good day. Bye. The pictures are, he kind of made it seem like it wasn’t, the pictures look terrible. Oh, that’s terrible. I mean, it’s not a need to forward this to Chris, it’s, it’s nuts. But Bronson, I keep thinking about like we, we’ve been out hunting and seeing a lot of snakes and I’ve deal with them. You deal with them. I deal with them. But remember when we were in the Eslan? Oh yeah. And we’re single file. Oh yeah. And we’re hiking out on that Mesa. Okay. How far are we? 25 miles. Oh, at least 20 and three or four of us had already walked by the bush and the snake and your wife. I think Jana heard it or saw it. No, but she, I don’t know. She walked and her foot was like, what, 12 inches from We had already walked past it, right? Yeah. All me I had, yeah, I don’t remember if you, well we all had, I think she was toward the end and I think those are the guys that get bit, ’cause it kind of wakes up. It’s it’s already coiled, coiled, chugged, coed, bugged, bugged. I’m, I’m really gonna do something like that. So what would we do?

00:42:16:18 –> 00:43:27:10
What would, should we, you’re getting an air, I think you’re getting airlifted. There’s and there’s another 25 grand. Yeah. Because you, you can’t walk by the time you tried to hike out, you, you’re, you couldn’t use your leg. And so you’re, I think about that. You’re gonna get airlift. I think about that a lot. Like, I don’t know, like we’re out in the middle of nowhere, 20 miles for now we are. Any road or your truck don’t raise your heart rate. I’m 20 miles of the backpack. I’m a day and a half, two days to get back. Yeah. You know, there’s no choice but to in reach for help or anyway. So what to do if you’re bitten, you are to walk as far away from the snake as possible. Grab your phone and photograph it. Photograph the area of your body where you’re bitten because I guess it time and timestamps your photo so they know how long it’s been, the swelling and the okay that was taken this, now the swelling’s here, it’s two and a half hours later, whatever call for help. And if you have a pin or a marking device, circle the bite area and then take another photo. Well I appreciate JB and Levi taking some time, but hey, let’s talk about something else. What snakes, let’s move on from snakes, sharks, Chris shark bite. Let me check. So we did have a guy reach out. Go ahead.

00:43:28:01 –> 00:44:24:17
So we Yeah, go. Go ahead. Well Chris has a guy reach out and says, I don’t know about snake bite, but I got bit by a shark. Sent a picture of his knee freaking chomped. Looks like it had a tendon or ligament flailing out the side. It was not pretty, but kind of crazy. We thought of that a little bit in Hawaii. That’s pretty rare. But I mean we were on the coast where they had a, her name’s Bethany Hamilton, they made a movie about her soul surfer. That’s where she got bit, it’s on the north shore of Kauai. Anyway, you want to still super rare, but I mean it’s, she lost her arm bit her arm off and she’s a pro, she’s a pro surfer and went back. Well you gotta think they’ll again, am I gonna enjoy life? It’s statistic how many, how many, how many people get bit versus how many people swim. Tell my my family. It’s a statistic. If you’re at the wrong end of a statistic, that’s that’s it’s your time to go. It’s your time to go. That’s what’s gonna happen unfortunately. But gotta live your life. You’re exactly right. But it’s also nice to, these things are gonna happen at some point. It’s nice to be aware of your surroundings.

00:44:24:26 –> 00:45:38:12
Don’t pull out your John Wayne knife and cut a big X and ra, you know, and start bleed to death instead of because of about like 10 years ago. It just felt like nobody knew any, what the right answer was. Nobody knew anything. So now we know. Keep it below the heart. Don’t raise your heart and get to the hospital fast. That’s about all you can do, Bronson. That’s about it. It’s gonna run its course. You’re at its mercy basically. It says it’s almost never too late to give an venom. It’s been shown to be effective up to two days after. Wow. Okay. So I don’t know. Kind of cool. Well anyway, so we got the snake bite out of the way. That’s just go, go and do scout your guts out. You know, don’t be worried about these things but, but if something bad happens, get to a hospital fast. All right, well Bronson, I think Levi’s from Arizona and I guess that’s probably one topic we can talk about there. Arizona’s hit credit cards for deer and cheap lucky applicants. I guess some bison to if you did a, I don’t know, whatever bison was available. Designated Yeah. Designated cows and a couple of, yeah, it was mostly a point. We used that application period for bison mostly as a point, but, but if you see a charge Yeah. On your card, it’s good.

00:45:38:12 –> 00:46:36:28
It should be a matter of hopefully days that the portal’s and that are loaded but had fi quite a few guys call us and let us know that they’ve got some hits and so we’re just trying to decide how soon these actual results will be out so we know what unit they got. Yeah. The problem with Arizona is they do allow you to do two choices that are both valid. So if you got a charge and you did more than one choice, there’s no way yet to know what it is. But that’ll be coming any day, hopefully. Maybe by tomorrow, by the weekend we’ll know. So who otherwise early next week. Congrats. Let us know if you got it. Other than that, we’re kind of, that’s it. Unless you got some No, the only we got point only we got some point only stuff coming up Bronson, where we’re gonna be covering that in this next publication. In fact, you and I gotta go back to Raleigh. I did all mine yesterday for me and the family just to get it off. Did my Montana and Wyoming. It’s like an hour to do your family. Yeah. Do you wanna know how much Wyoming costs me to do for the family? Well, you got 50, 40 and $3,453 for points. This is not a casual game anymore. No, it’s not.

00:46:37:02 –> 00:47:40:15
And what makes me upset it, it’s kind of bothersome and I know it’s a money maker, but, but all of us, but one of us, I, I have five of us, we apply and only one of them’s a youth anymore. So that’s $10 for him. Three that bumps me out. I’ve got the rest of them was 123 or something, $4 a piece to do deer, elk, and antelope. The bummer is I applied everybody in the regular draw. We applied for deer, elk, and antelope. All, all four of us. And they do not give you a point and you pay a 14 or whatever application fee, $15 application fee plus two and a half percent and no, you, you didn’t draw, you’re not done. And now I gotta go buy the points, have 500 and you don’t have two. They, they point is Bronson, you, we have a random draw you can participate in the rest of your life. Yeah, you can. At the same time they’re talking and having a task force out right now in Wyoming talking about going to a 90 10 resident, non-resident split on stuff. So if they do that, the weight’s gonna even go longer. Your points are even gonna be more maybe I know either worthless or gold. I, I don’t know. It’s And if you’ve got kids that are not committed Yeah.

00:47:40:26 –> 00:49:07:29
Or not as committed and you might want to put them in your group application to help you draw. I mean at some point you start, think about these things go through your mind of oh yeah, at least you’ve got options. It makes it real easy to apply your kids till they’re 18. It’s 10 bucks a species. And then after that boom reality hits. Just like Arizona, they’re buying a li a resident li adult license. Adult license. Nevada licenses. It sounds good. From, from 10 to 18 everything’s peachy. It is. Everything is great. From 10 to 10 to 17. Yeah. Once they turn 18 you gotta have some real meetings of how serious are you? Do you like hunting? You know, I mean, let’s face it, some, even my family, they were all raised. Yeah. And then under the same roof and ate the same meals. Some are more into it than others. I mean, they’re all into, it’s natural, they’re all into it, but some are more into it than others. You’ve, you’ve seen the same thing. It’s natural. Well, should we, should we call John Adams and like sing him? Oh, yeah. Let’s see the pro. Let’s sing him Happy birthday from you and I. Let’s just start it, huh? Let’s, let’s just see if he answers. Let’s go. How, how old are you now? Happy birthday Boss. Yesterday, a couple days ago. You got happy birthday. You Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Johnny.

00:49:09:20 –> 00:50:33:24
Happy birthday to you. There you go. Boss never happened before on a podcast. Don’t say we ever forgot your birthday, even though we’re a day late. You guys we’re two days late, even though we’re a day late and a dollar short. Boss. Speaking of that is awesome. Speaking of a dollar short, you got that house done, you know, we’re doing, we’re doing electrical now. Come on. It’s been 10 months. I’m just so No, it’s so bad. Well, okay, so electrical, like, I’m just putting like wall plates on. Oh, okay. Oh, finish. No, so electric, you’re finish electrical. Like, it’s, it’s like, yeah, it’s like drywall painted. I’m putting cabinets up. Dude. Dude. Legit. And we might, we might be rolling in the 400 season Christmas, huh? Christmas maybe. Or before hunting season. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s been a grind to say the least. We, the good thing is, is you have, you got all your lumber before the prices were jacked, huh? Yeah. Yeah, for sure. And, and I’m still married, you know, after all that’s going through. Well, that’s a bonus. So that’s a huge bonus. But there’s gotta be a lot of people say you can’t do it. There’s gotta be, I don’t know how long it’s been. Carter said 10 months, maybe it’s a year and 10 months. I don’t know. But when did you start? Okay, so I, I, we, we dug, we dug footers in August. Whoa.

00:50:34:14 –> 00:51:53:29
And then I took off’s. I took off hold up. I took off September. Well, he wants to deduct, he wants to deduct the hunting while he’s the hunting, feeding. His family working was gone. Yeah. Okay. Makes sense. Okay. And then I’ve been grinding ever since. And, and we might have to move in, not completely finished. Yeah. Who knows? Because well, in Arizona you got a lot of squatters out there. I don’t even think you guys need building permits, do you? Oh man. It’s bad. It’s bad. Yeah. They closed the forest. They closed the forest down and you should see the Home Depots and Walmarts. Really? They’re jam packed. Why? Just ’cause people can’t camp. So they’re doing odd renovations, doing yard work stuff or what? No, they moved their whole entire camps in the parking lots. What? Oh, so people are living, they’re camping in the parking lot. The squatters, the squatters that normally are living out on the landscape. Yes. There’s a lot of that in Arizona where you have a well court site and all the places down south warmer weather. Now they move to flag or the Coconino forest to summer, and now they can’t do that. So they’re living at home people. Wow. It was, it was unbelievable. Unbelievable. Well, and I think there’s a lot of people that live their whole life just on the, in the camp trailer in the, yeah, just out and about because it’s the weather.

00:51:54:07 –> 00:53:08:05
You don’t have like the, the, the freezing weather pushes people away. Yeah, they, and you guys don’t have that. They, they migrate whenever the snow falls here, they migrate down to Phoenix and then whenever Phoenix gets 120, they migrate right back up to, to the forest flags staff, whatever. And yeah. And it’s like, I feel bad. Like I, I love helping people out, but you know, there’s literally 30 help wanted signs on my drive home every day. And, and it’s just, you know, there, there is so much work out there right now. And then you, you go through the forest and I, I took the back roads this morning and, and where they had to move out there is just trash everywhere. And you know, it kind of bummed me out a little bit this morning, but, well, we got fast food. That’s my few cents on what shaking Now we, we got fast food offering kids, you know, in and adults 12, 14 bucks an hour, an hour to just to try to get people walking. Yeah. Well we just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Yeah, we’re a little late, but we didn’t do a podcast yesterday, so we thought we’d do it today. Yeah. And your buddy, your buddy Levi, wanted to make sure get that house done too so you could scout elk for him. That’s that unit. Unit 10.

00:53:08:10 –> 00:54:23:03
We just, we talked snake bites today on the podcast and we ended up calling him about his dad and he, he dropped, he, he gave us a hint. You might’ve had a, and then I saw it on Instagram, but Well, we just wanted to make it your special thing and the topic of the house came up and we knew you had to be getting close. So Yeah, he’s, he’s pound he’s pounding me to, to get it done, to get my house done. But yeah, we, we have to kill an antelope before August. August 14th, statewide. Antelope, how’s the, an how’s the horn growth for antelope? Looks, looks good. It doesn’t, it looking great. No, it’s not looking great. No, I thought dry years supposed to be for never can predict those, can you? Yeah, that’s, I mean, antelope, you just can’t predict when it’s great. Like when I had my jacket. Yeah. That buck we found is maybe 80, 85 maybe, maybe 86, maybe talking. Yeah. It’s, it’s not, which is a great buck, but if, but you’re looking statewide next level. And that’s the number one in the, in the US slightly maybe slightly disappointing for you. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Super, super disappointing. So we, we have a month left. I’ve heard Elker looking a little bit tough antler wise. Yeah.

00:54:23:13 –> 00:55:47:21
There’s the, the fronts are, are looking phenomenal on some bulls and, and then, you know, obviously they’re not finished out and then others are looking like complete garbage, really? So I don’t know gonna be a that that’s a, that’s a tossup. Yeah. Anybody, you know, got a deer tag or sheep tag that just came out, hit on their card? Quite a few, quite a few buddies. And, you know, clients have kiba tags. They’ve all let me know Yeah. That they all have kibab tags, which is, which is good. Kibab look is looking green. But yeah, I don’t know. That’s what I was, was wondering is how the chibas gonna fare compared to the strip. Obviously the strip’s super drought sensitive. Chiba is too, but it gets more storm. So it’ll be interesting to see maybe you guys have the biggest bucks up there. Drought. Yeah, they’ve been getting hit. Like I think that even that storm that just went through Zion, you know, touched over Kaibab a little bit and then a couple days after that, that storm, you know, the Kaibab got hit again. All right. So, all right. Well buddy, sounds good. Get the house done. Let’s go hunting. All right. Yeah, let’s do this. All right, see you guys. Have a good day. Alright. Good luck boss. You too buddy. Bye. Alright, bye. Don’t shock yourself. Hope not Your electrical outlets. Well, Bronson, should we end this song?

00:55:47:21 –> 00:56:49:22
That was a hodgepodge, that was a mix match, but it was some good info. It, it’s, it’s summers are like that. It’s like, we’ll, we’ll cover it again. But like we talked about, like we talked about, there’s points only periods open up right now for Oregon. Oregon’s not as exciting because you could do points only. What do you mean? There’s people in Oregon that live for Oregon? Well, what I mean is they let you do points only back when you could apply for the hunts. I know. And then they also let you in the summer. It and, and anybody that applies in Oregon does it before May 15th and has done for the last 45 years. We say it because they let you do it if you forgot. But Montana and Wyoming, you have to go. Remember in Wyoming, even if you applied for deer, elk, and antelope, you’ve gotta go buy your points. Now, the sheep and the moose, they had that box that you had to pay or not pay for the point fee. And if you don’t have a lot of sheep and moose points, don’t buy ’em. It’s not worth, worth money. Don’t but on the deer, elk, and antelope. But even if you applied and didn’t draw, you gotta go buy ’em. Now don’t forget that they’re open now through the end of October. First of Yep, 1st of November. So anyway, anyway, do the Wyoming and then the Montana.

00:56:49:25 –> 00:58:02:21
Of course you, you could have gotten your points when you applied for the species earlier, but now you go in to do the points only. That’s right. So you one or the other. July one to September 31 application per year per species. If you applied for ’em, you got your point. If you didn’t apply for ’em or you didn’t participate in the system, but you can’t go in and get a point now. No you can’t. So it’s one application per year. Alright boss. Well we got that covered. Everybody’s happy with that. Let’s give something away. Hey, I just got a notification we might need to have the boys walk in in here. I just got a text from Devon that said, Wyatt just drank a mountain dew. Here. Let’s call for, for all, all you guys that don’t know. Let’s hold on. Let’s call Wyatt. Yeah, let’s just call him. I want, he won’t, he won’t believe. He won’t even, he’s gonna be bouncing. He, he’s gonna be like, how did you guys know? I just drank a mountain dew. Just keep in mind, just say situation. He been off it for what, five years? I don’t know. Yeah, a long time. Can you see if he’s on the landline? Can you see? Hey, how does it taste? Hey, how was it? How does it, how do you guys already know? Don’t ask us how we know. It’s our job to know.

00:58:02:28 –> 00:59:03:06
We just want to know what made it worth break worth it? What made you fall off the wagon? How long’s it been since you’ve had one and how did it taste? It’s been about three years and it just didn’t taste that great. Honestly. Really? I, I, I thought, I thought it would be be like, it used to be, you know? Well, ’cause you have your covid taste buds. You have your covid taste buds right now. They’re not all b they’re not fully back. That’s a good point. Yeah. That, that could be it though too. Yeah. It just, just drink another one and see how it, see how it treats you. Yeah. That’s probably it. It’s gotta be more of an acquired taste where you gotta build, build it back up. I used to drink one about every day and I quit. And now when I drink one it tastes like, it just tastes like syrup, sugar, straight sugar. That’s kinda what it tastes like to me. It was just kind of like, yeah, it didn’t, it’s, I can’t do it anymore. I want to go back to my original question. What made you fall off the wagon? It’s, it’s a Thursday. It’s, it shouldn’t be any, it’s early in the morning. I mean, is it that slow where your mind was just bored? What made it And you walked over to the fridge and grabbed one? I was just over there with Devin.

00:59:03:06 –> 01:00:02:05
Devon’s like, how you wanna split ’em? Mountain and Dew. And I drank one in forever. Maybe, maybe. I’ve been thinking about trying you. So you split one you one, six ounces Devon, he dumped his out in the cup and then handed me the can and I took his wig. Oh, six ounces of Mountain Dew. Wow. Yeah. He didn’t even, that’s not even enough to know what you, you drank almost. No, it, it was enough to, to know what I drank. Did you tell Carly picked up or do we, is everything, do we need to tell Carly? Yeah. Is everything all right at home wide? Do we need to talk about it? Yeah. Everything’s great at home. Everything’s great at home. Do you feel guilty? Do you need to repent? No. No. I’m okay. Just, wow. I thought we would all be there, but boy, it’s a deal. Well, well mean big deal. Well it years and there’s no provoked. It’s not like you were on a highway at night and you needed a pound, a 44 ouncer to stay awake. It’s all winter long. We try to get you to break. Break and you don’t. And a the, the minute we leave it’s like you think you can sneak one and us not know about it. Yeah. And you guys didn’t leave. You’re here still.

01:00:02:15 –> 01:01:10:05
I know, but it’s a random July day we’re podcast and it’s not a, it’s no it’s not a stressful time of year. I just, I wonder how did it, how did you break Chris when you tried Mountain Dew again? Chris? Was it a special occasion or did you just like Huh, just wonder what it tastes like still. Oh, it wasn’t, it wasn’t a special occasion, but I also, it wasn’t like three years solid off. Yeah. It’s like, that’s it. You’re drinking another one. We we’re gonna, we’re gonna drink with you. Well we’re gonna have to go to school ’cause we’re out now. So Geez. Wow. Well we’ll take you to lunch and get a 32 ouncer. Yeah, you might need to take a fountain, drink the ice, dilutes a little bit. Might not taste quite as syrupy and you might, might be back in the flow. Mountain Dew in a can was always my thing though. It was never the fountain drink. It was the Mountain Dew in the can. It’s funny, I I liked those tall boy ones from Maverick 16 ouncers. Yeah. Yeah. Those extra tall ones. People back east don’t have Mavericks. Well so the cu don’t they have the come and go or what else do they have back east? There’s some popular’s, some popular little, I don’t live back east. Well those are in Colorado used, I don’t know. Yeah. The come and goes are in Colorado. Alright. Alright.

01:01:10:05 –> 01:02:28:11
Well all right boss, well just have somebody keep an eye on you in case you start, your heart rate starts. Tell Janet to grab, you know, Amazon a couple cases here like we do the monsters. Yeah. We’re not gonna fall off the wagon that much. Sorry. Alright, talk to you later. Okay. This is the most random, I don’t know, around podcast. We’re having a good time, but, but in honor of snake rattlesnakes and snake bites. Ooh, let’s give away a Diamondback pair of Bnos. Ooh. Nice. I’m like, where are you going with this, Chris? I like it. Yeah. Craig. Chris, I like it. Hit us with the details. Pair of Diamondback 10 by 42 Binos from Vortex. We appreciate Vortex Paul Kendall, a rep and them for providing these for us. How are we gonna give ’em? Yeah, he dropped by and just wanted to show support. Yeah, we appreciate him. So anyway, this is from Vortex Direct. All right. If you wanna win, go to Instagram and you need to follow our epic underscore hunts and our epic underscore optics page. Okay. And follow both of ’em. And then follow for follow. Then go into the post about this podcast, the Rattlesnake post on, let’s do it on the epic optics page. That’s where we’re gonna post it. That’s where we’ll post it. Go in there and comment Diamond back. Okay. Alright. There you go. I like it.

01:02:28:12 –> 01:03:40:17
And so on a Snake Bite podcast, we’re gonna put a deadline. You gotta do this by a certain day or it’s going tonight or tomorrow? Maybe in the post. Let’s do one week today. Okay. So they’re gonna have from Friday to Friday. Yep. Friday to Thursday, whatever. Yeah, something like that. Okay. It’ll be in the post. The deadline will be in the post. Yes. When you post it, right? Yes. When you, and you just comment Diamond back, Hey, I like it. Chris is, I like it. That’s what a 36-year-old brain comes up with. Well, they think about things. We’re tired. He’s, he’s like in the honor of snake bites. Let’s give voice some, some binoculars. And I’m thinking, what’s the connection there, Chris? But oh, he’s just one or two steps ahead of us. Old boys. Just one of the species available in Utah. One of the species in Arizona. All right, well let’s leave on that note. Bronson. Hey, they also have vipers. How about that? Oh, we could give away one of those. Well maybe that’s another time. So what else do they have? Razors Don’t cut your snake bite with a razor. There you go. Alright. Alright. Well everybody in this drought year, Bronson, we said we were gonna let everybody know what we think that you shouldn’t pass on the first day. What you would shoot on the last. And that’s fitting for a drought year, boss. Yeah, that’s true. It is.

01:03:40:21 –> 01:04:49:03
It’s gonna be interesting. There’s a lot of places we heard a little bit about of it from John in Arizona and the Elk world. It’s definitely gonna come playing some of the more premier areas in Arizona on the strip. And others from the deer world. Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, even Idaho. They tell me my buddy up, there’s telling me it’s pretty dry but it just doesn’t feel, it’s like Colorado in Wyoming. Resistant thing. Yeah. And it and it just feels different. They do have mountains there. They do have certain mares that are just high prairie and in high desert but they still have running water. How about that? Some places down here, we don’t have any running water anymore. No. I don’t know. They got fish quotas being dropped everywhere on these reservoirs. They’re saying Minville slaying ’em right there. 20 to 24 inches. Keep ’em. And it’s gonna be in few weeks it’s done gonna be a crick. Which is what all those farmers, you should take your, you should take your family there. That’s a good thing. All those farmers, that’s a lot of my extended family runs pivots down there. Yeah. And they rely on that water from the reservoir. And I heard these other ones, these other reservoir Auto, auto Creek and all them are following ’cause you have legal obligations to let flows out ’cause you can’t dry up their crick leaving or the river leaving at reservoir.

01:04:49:10 –> 01:05:10:15
’cause what about that waterway and what about all the water rights leaving it, you have to leave so many CCFs leaving all the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s sucking at low, it doesn’t matter. Yeah. Reservoirs were made for extra storing and it’s like food storage, excess. Yeah. Storing. Yeah. And then the, the byproduct is fishing. All right. Well anyway, don’t pass on the first day. What? You shoot on the last, everybody I.