EP 123: Arizona Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, and California applications. In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we go through the June/July issue of The Epic Outdoors Magazine covering Arizona Deer, Sheep, Bison as well as California. We discuss the application systems and things to be aware of when you apply. We also mention our gear section featuring new gear from our advertising partners. In this episode you will learn things you should be paying attention to and way to be more successful in your overall hunting strategies.

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We’re talking about deer in Arizona. If you got points, whether it’s max points, mid-tier points, put ’em on the line.

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They do have the October 25th, November 8th, November 29th. Some of these different season dates with lots of tags, anything to do with Western Big Game.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson. Jeff, John, of course. Chris. Chris Peterson in the office here today, coming at you from Southern Utah, sunny southern Utah. Finally got some nice weather, boating, weather. Of course, everybody gives us grief for boat and thinking we’re not gonna kill big deer. That’s not gonna happen. We’re gonna kill giants right at ’em.

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Yeah. I don’t have a boat, so I’m gonna have to deer hunt instead of boat.

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What, what I’m gonna interject in right there is where did they get that idea originally from Mr. Carter.

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Well, I got it. I I,

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We don’t have hobbies like boating and all this, this and stuff. He says that

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Months later you got a boat.

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Wills on my mind. The thing about it though, when you get kids and you start to be a normal family guy or try to be right, try to be a good dad, right? Trying to get father of the year award and

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Kids are that age husband of the year award, your kids are that age. So anyway, last year was a drought year. So it’s a perfect year to have a boat. Well, it

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Gets harder and harder to impress the kids when they’re eight. You take ’em to the store, the gas station, you buy ’em a coke and they’re like, and you take them to the Yeah, you’re my hero. Dad. Take ’em

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To the kids’ fish pond or the swimming pool here and they think you’re here. Buy ’em a night. 25 cent ice cream. Geez,

00:01:28:06 –> 00:01:28:22
You’re a

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Hero. It’s like, Hey, I need a $1,500 tower wakeboards and a bunch of stuff before they even want to go. I know it’s not just have a boat. You gotta have everything with the boat. Oh

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Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s good stuff. By the way, dad, we’re gonna stop and get a Red Bull. You know what I’m saying?

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Jen’s like, yep. That’s the problem with monsters. You are a bad influence. So anyway, before we get started, we wanna thank Underarm for sponsoring this podcast for, that they’re involved with about everything we do here at Epic Outdoors. So today we are gonna talk about the June July issue of Epic Outdoors Magazine covers Arizona and California. As you turn the page, the first awesome ad in there is q You. We appreciate them. Brendan Burns is a good friend of ours. He is a C e O or one of the CEOs there at Q u and it’s an awesome pho photograph of him smoking.

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Freaking, yeah, he’s got the dirt on that. What do we know? Legit? That

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Picture’s legit. Well, it’s called Shoot and hunker.

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Shoot and hide. Yeah.

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The arrow is just penetrated and the bears, you can

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See it in the side

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Trying to figure out what it’s, where cat came from. And Brendan is trying to do the best he can. Version of a rock. He’s a rock. So,

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He’s, I’ve always teased him about, he’s not, if you notice him, he doesn’t wear a hat very often. He’s, he’s got a tightly shaved blonde head and it’s,

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It worked as camouflage, I guess.

00:02:52:08 –> 00:02:55:20
Somehow it worked. It, it was, it’s yellow grass. It’s

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Pretty awesome. It’s, I know there’s been, he’s made mention there’s been guys, ask him if it’s Photoshopped and of course you, you do wonder The Bears. It’s all’s looking at him trying to find him there. And he’s got an arrow on his side and

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Video’s coming out sooner. It may be out already. I’ve been told that. So I don’t even want to be the guy taking the picture, let alone

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The guy on the ground. Can you imagine witnessing something like that? You, I mean, but you’d have

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Nightmares if the guy didn’t catch that Brendan.

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He might not have a job. There’d be hell to

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Pay. Yeah, he’d be outta Brendan. Don’t pull no punches. He’s, he’s

00:03:24:08 –> 00:03:26:13
For real. I, I thought I hit record, but

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I thought I hit record as I was running away. Let’s review the tape. Yeah, it looks like you’re running 45 miles an hour.

00:03:33:07 –> 00:03:33:16
The other

00:03:33:21 –> 00:03:34:20
In the opposite direction.

00:03:34:26 –> 00:03:37:05
What does You’re fired auto power off

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Anyway. Good, good people down there at Q u. We appreciate them and their support coming out with some awesome new products. We may even have Brendan on a podcast here shortly. But as you get cranking, of course we hunted Arizona. I got lucky and drew a desert sheep last year in Arizona, 116. A 18 B, that combo. And you know, they’d killed a couple hundred 70 inch rams in the past. You could tell that the genetics were there. Didn’t really know what it was capable of. Adam and I and the boys here in this office went down there and smoked a great ram. So anyway, hunt of a lifetime did just drew it on a random draw. Did have some points of course that did help me. 22 points, 2020 bonus points plus a loyalty plus Hunter ed. 22 points. Gave me a few more names in the hat, but it was a random draw. It wasn’t a forced draw. Really lucky to get it and appreciative of that. And so, anyway, just living proof that you need to apply, apply, apply. If you want to get a tag, see

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A selfie picture there. John, you’re, you’re like Selfieing in the, I mean, really?

00:04:35:06 –> 00:04:35:14

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These guys are selfies. Selfies. It’s a crew. Yeah.

00:04:37:25 –> 00:04:38:10

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If you don’t take a selfie, it didn’t happen. We were

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Too far away to How long was your stick? Stick? So it was self, my arm. It was just your, didn’t know if he had a selfie stick. They didn’t

00:04:48:11 –> 00:04:50:02
Do selfie sticks anymore. I think Jason

00:04:50:04 –> 00:04:54:19
Stole my last go on vacation with your family. You go to Disney

00:04:55:28 –> 00:04:58:29
There, people walk around. It’s four or five footers everywhere. Yeah.

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And can we just put out a public service announcement right here? If you go to the Grand Canyon, don’t take a picture on a cliff. Have you heard all the people that have fallen off this year? This year? Oh my gosh.

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Well, like you said, with that segue, that has nothing to do about what I’m about to talk about. Arizona’s one of the last state, if not it is the last state we apply for every year. It’s early June deadline this year. It’s June 11th. And so by then, you know a lot of what you have and, and my kids usually, we have some stuff lined up last year we did. So normally if that’s the case, I put ’em in for late hunts up on the kibab for deer. Or in this case, you know, I like to hunt COOs deer. I’ve only done it a couple of times in my life, but I put him in kids, you know, December’s a good time for kids. Latter part, they get out for school and blah, blah blah. So, you know, I put in a late coose hunt as a second choice and I’ll be danged.

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He drew it with only like three points, you know, he could start applying when he is 10. He’s 13, so it is what it is. Didn’t even have a loyalty. Hadn’t even been able to get him a hundred ed down there yet. ’cause he’s too busy in the winter to go do it. But anyway, yeah, I went down there and had a great time right after Christmas. Killed a great COOs buck. So yeah, picture of that in there. It once again just shows you, if your name’s in the hat, good things can happen and as hard it is to draw great tags. You can’t draw ’em if your name’s not in the hat. Don’t just do points only. It would’ve been easy to just do points only like, ah, kids are too busy. Well, there’s nothing going on in December other than, you know, some Christmas and holiday stuff. We were home in like three days. So it’s all good. We could have been gone eight, but we were back in three. Yeah, yeah. So yeah. Anyway, all is good.

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All, all is. Well, we did celebrate. Write it on the calendar. Family activity.

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That’s right. Sponsored

00:06:45:05 –> 00:06:45:29
By dad.

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That’s right.

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We also spent a lot of time with John Macaluso. He killed a freaking great desert sheep. I don’t know how long had he been applying?

00:06:53:21 –> 00:06:55:20
Well, he had one under max. He had 28 points.

00:06:55:22 –> 00:07:00:08
Still a random bra. And we lifted the odds. Yeah. 28 last year. Not good. So good. You can,

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Can actually watch the YouTube video. Is it hot? That’s out.

00:07:03:10 –> 00:07:03:20

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You can go watch that on a YouTube channel. Yeah, check it out. And you know, John’s 79 years old and just one of those things that doing

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Pushups on his knuckles. First thing I opened the cap trailer door and he is like, can you do pushups on with your knuckles? He, and I’m like, well, can you? And he goes, yeah. And I go prove it.

00:07:19:13 –> 00:07:21:02
He dropped in the trailer and did it.

00:07:22:01 –> 00:07:22:10

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And guys a studs 1966. Yes. So is when he killed his first doll sheep. So yeah, it was about 52 years in between his first ram and his grand slam ram. That’s pretty, it was pretty awesome. So it was fun to be there. We basically killed Jason’s Ram switched units and crushed it for three,

00:07:42:06 –> 00:07:42:18
Four days.

00:07:42:18 –> 00:07:43:25
Yeah. Until John got there

00:07:43:25 –> 00:07:45:01
To meet back and get my ram. Got

00:07:45:13 –> 00:07:54:25
Came back, different things like that. And then killed his ram and it was, it was a fun time in Arizona. A couple sheep punts to finish off our 2018 hunting season last year.

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All right. So as we get started here, of course we do go into our summer membership drive where we do have a bunch of opportunities to get in, get some world-class hunts. Man, it’s unbelievable. We’re giving away a 2 31 milder tag. Incredible year in Nevada. That’s why we’ve got two deer hunts in Nevada. Of course we have stone sheep, tall sheep, brown bear, archery elk. And these are first class hunts with first class outfits

00:08:18:17 –> 00:08:25:08
Well on. We announced these right around the end of April, 1st of May. This is like a 45 day membership drive. And I hope we can cover this Carter.

00:08:25:25 –> 00:08:28:08
Well, hell, I’m a little, I mean, it’s short. I’m nervous. It’s a short,

00:08:28:11 –> 00:08:41:26
Short amount. A lot people, the reason is some of ’em are this fall, the stone sheet punts this fall. We can’t sell tickets for four or five months and, and do that. So they’re gonna be, you know, as good of odds as any stone sheet punt. I would dare say that. You’re gonna find Adam. And that’s,

00:08:41:26 –> 00:09:24:06
That’s Adam and I have been to a lot of these band quits. Of course you guys have too. And we try to put our name in the hat everywhere. Your name has to be in the hat at least once, right? So we’re doing and playing and whatnot, giving money out to every organization we can. And when we see what the bins look like, I’m just, I’m just here to say we wish we could play our own. It’s, it’s pretty incredible. But anyway, it’s, it’s good for business. We like to have excitement here in the office. We like guys being excited. Of course. Kind of feels like Santa Claus letting them, you know, picking their name out of the hat and whatnot. You can get your name in by sponsoring a member. You get, you know, somebody in tell us what hunt you want. You’re gonna have a name in there. So of course the new member will as well. So anyway,

00:09:24:13 –> 00:09:31:26
Or you can buy tickets. It’s, but it’s all due by June 14th. So it’s coming up here pretty quick. Less than a month now away. That’s

00:09:31:29 –> 00:10:12:16
Right. That’s right. So another opportunity to apply if you’re get any refund checks, all is not lost. You can do it one more time. Alright. So we do have a Hickory game and Fish article by the Hick game and Fish. We appreciate their partnership as well and, and their trust in us here at Epic Outdoors. Super good guys down there. We visit with them quite a bit. Of course we do because they killed giant mule deer. They also have elk hunts available over the counter. You just go buy ’em. So if you’re looking for something, call the Hickory game and fish visit with them. Super good guys. And of course they’ve got quite a history. I think they’ve killed more Boin, Crockett, typicals. I was gonna say he than anywhere. He hooked that up. Ever. The

00:10:12:16 –> 00:10:12:19

00:10:13:02 –> 00:10:31:25
Anywhere, man, it blows everything off the chart. Right? Well, and it’s, it’s basically from that county, which is also the public side Yeah. Of the normal, you know, applications, whether it be two B, two C in some of that country in the unit, fives, fours and whatnot. But, but when you’re talking zip codes in large part, they’re coming from Hickory. There you go. Hickory is producing

00:10:31:25 –> 00:10:35:04
Giants. The Ariba River, is that what we’re talking Oh,

00:10:35:05 –> 00:10:35:20
That country

00:10:36:10 –> 00:10:40:00
In Spanish though, right? Chris Ariba. That’s, that’s right.

00:10:40:00 –> 00:10:52:06
That’s pretty okay. Pretty good. That’s right. That’s right Adam. Well done. See tacos for lunch or, I mean, where are we headed with all this? All right,

00:10:52:16 –> 00:10:54:08
I hope nobody has to Google translate that.

00:10:54:27 –> 00:10:55:14
Just don’t,

00:10:55:14 –> 00:12:05:10
Yeah, don’t. Ringo Spanish. You’ve heard all I got. I, I poured it out right there. We also like to introduce a, a couple of new sponsors and advertisers here with Epic Outdoors, one of those being St. James Sporting properties. If you’re at all ever in the market looking to either sell or buy recreational ranching or hunting properties in the Western US, give Blaine St. James and his crew a call. They’re based in Colorado, but they have agents in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. And great people. They’re very avid hunters themselves. They, they have a lot of perspective when it comes to that. If you’re just looking to buy a place to maybe build a retirement home out west or in a, in somewhere out west and want little bit of acreage to go with it, that’s fine. If you want actually a bunch, much more than that, whether it be a, a working property that you might run livestock on or hunt or run a hunting operation, they can help you with that too. St James Sporting Properties, that’s SJ sporting properties.com. Phone number (970) 596-6089

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St. James. They do good work. So we do have a gearing up section. John, you talked a lot about this. Come out with the new products. Why don’t you kick us

00:12:14:05 –> 00:12:31:12
Off here? Yeah, our advertisers sent us some of their brand new stuff. Specifically Q u was announcing some new clothing and had to actually time the release of this magazine until after they, yeah, they released this new, this new

00:12:31:15 –> 00:12:31:25

00:12:32:07 –> 00:12:38:11
Katana Tana. So check that out. I mean, it’s, it’s brand new. Nice. Just hitting the streets. So

00:12:39:02 –> 00:13:13:10
Got a good writeup on that. And page 42, 43 also by now it’s hit their website. So you can also read about it there as well. But KU doesn’t usually rest on stuff for very long. If they’ve got a need, a niche, whether it be wool, synthetic, you know, different, you know, hybridization, if you wanna call that, you know, between perhaps like their Tiberon series and their attack series. That’s a little bit what the Katana is to some extent. So, you know, check it all out. Great new stuff. I know we will be putting it to use this summer in some of our hunts. So that’s just one of ’em, John, we have many

00:13:13:10 –> 00:13:41:16
Others. If you’re looking, maybe you’ve drawn a tag and you’re ready to get a new rifle, we’ve got some options for you. So we’ve got three different long range options, kind of something for everybody’s budget. So look at the, look at those sections. But we’ve got m o a rifles, red Rock Precision Rifles, also Thomson long range rifles. So you know, anything from, from 2000 up to 9,000, just whatever your budget is. And we’ve got, we’ve got a perfect solution for that. Well

00:13:41:16 –> 00:13:54:22
Anyway, we also got some pyro putty in there. Of course. It’s so funny, you know, with these, with GPSs anymore and, and whatnot, you hardly ever hear anybody getting lost. But sometimes you do like to start a fire when you’re glassing. Oh yeah. Some of these cold hunts over there.

00:13:54:22 –> 00:13:55:16
Say your kid shed hunting.

00:13:56:11 –> 00:13:57:17
Oh yeah, there’s, hey.

00:13:58:13 –> 00:13:58:28
Oh my gosh,

00:13:59:06 –> 00:13:59:20

00:13:59:20 –> 00:14:00:13
A good story for

00:14:00:13 –> 00:14:01:11
Fire buddy. Hey dad,

00:14:01:17 –> 00:14:02:11
You need some fire buddy

00:14:02:28 –> 00:14:09:24
About loose self phone service. We don’t know where we’re at. We’re lost. We need you to come get us. It’s dark. And course you

00:14:09:24 –> 00:14:12:25
Got that call at what it was. Oh yeah, it was like at 10 o’clock at night. Oh

00:14:12:25 –> 00:14:34:19
Yeah, of course we’re still, it’s here at the office. It’s a, you know, it was a proud dad moment. But you know, as long as we find ’em easy. And sure enough we went up there, a big roaring fire and everything. And buddy he was with was freaking cold. But anyway, I believe you didn’t needed pyro fall asleep. They needed this pyro putty lighter. This thing looks like a I don’t taser gun kinda. It’s got, yes. Anyway,

00:14:34:28 –> 00:14:39:07
Get your finger between that thing. You might be unconscious drooling when you wake up.

00:14:40:09 –> 00:15:18:08
And then we’ve got Ken Trek, they’re awesome. Great partner of ours. Of course, I’ve been hiking, getting ready for this bear hunt again and working in my Ken Trek boots. They’re awesome. Good, good guys up there at Ken Trek. Greg gear, sheep hunting and bear hunting. Anything you need in mountain terrain. Kent’s optics, we’ve got, you know, they’ve still got ’em in stock. The BT xss, they’re amazing. We’ve got a couple pairs here in the office and they sell a little bit of everything. Even trail cameras. They’ll sell anything and everything. Call ’em up, no problems at all and they’ll get it for you. 4 3 5 2 5 7 7 0 1 4. Of course we covered our guns. John, is there anything that we’re missing? Hillberg,

00:15:18:08 –> 00:15:22:20
It looks like we missed. Yeah, Hillberg, they’ve got some for sure. Adam

00:15:23:03 –> 00:15:31:18
Betcha. I just got the new three Stan, three person Alec free standing. Gonna try that one out this year. And on a quality,

00:15:31:18 –> 00:15:32:18
High quality stuff. High

00:15:32:18 –> 00:15:33:26
Quality stuff. Yeah, absolutely.

00:15:33:26 –> 00:15:34:25
That’s awesome. Yep.

00:15:35:02 –> 00:15:54:17
And as I was putting this together on the new Under Armour stuff, looks like, I mean we’ve got three videos that kind of review the new Under Armour gear on our YouTube page. So you go to YouTube, you just search Epic Outdoors, it’ll pull up our channel. You’d be able to see those. A section titled gear on our YouTube channel and that

00:15:54:21 –> 00:15:55:23
That will come

00:15:55:23 –> 00:16:05:16
Up under there. Outdoor edge. We got a little section in there with them. Vortex, I mean, anyway, it’s on awesome section. Appreciate you John, Chris, everybody that was involved in putting that together,

00:16:05:23 –> 00:16:13:29
Together, kinda what’s new stuff. We’re all gadgety here. We don’t just all use shovels and stuff like that. We need occasionally need axes and saws to take care of our animals. But that’s

00:16:13:29 –> 00:16:15:01
Another fun story. But

00:16:15:05 –> 00:16:17:20
Of course we’ve talked about that one a little bit. But yeah, so

00:16:17:23 –> 00:16:37:22
It’s, it’s always cool. I, I love to see, I love, I’m one of those guys when I see stuff, I’m like, why did, why, why didn’t I think of that? I mean, I mean, and there’s a lot of this stuff that you just see the next step and whether it be, I mean, pyro potty, I mean, I, I made, how many times have we made our little pitch thing been Cub scouts and then you keep ’em in. I

00:16:37:22 –> 00:16:42:26
Can’t wait to try it out. It’s supposedly, it’ll light on water. You put it on water in a light.

00:16:43:01 –> 00:16:47:25
Wait, hey, well back to the boating. Why don’t you guys try that on your boating trip? How’s that?

00:16:47:25 –> 00:16:48:04
That’s right.

00:16:48:04 –> 00:16:49:06
Another write off maybe

00:16:49:13 –> 00:16:49:25

00:16:49:25 –> 00:16:50:26
Products. We’re trying products right

00:16:50:28 –> 00:16:59:11
Now. Don’t quote me. I don’t know if you can get, if, if you put a little bit out there and a, if it’s fish attractant, that could be against the law. There you go.

00:16:59:27 –> 00:17:00:04

00:17:00:04 –> 00:17:01:16
A little, could be a little flash out there.

00:17:01:22 –> 00:17:04:29
Put a little corn, you know, do they make a little, like a little, maybe

00:17:05:13 –> 00:17:10:06
Just shape it, roll it in a little ball, like a little nugget of corn and light it and let it sizzle on the top and see

00:17:10:06 –> 00:17:12:06
It a little corn oil on it. See what happens.

00:17:12:19 –> 00:17:14:29
We are way, way, way off. Subject. Talk about

00:17:14:29 –> 00:18:01:11
Hunting Arizona. We love Arizona. Arizona’s a great state and we covered sheep, deer, and bison. Of course the elk and antelope were earlier this year. The bison is really just an opportunity to get you a point. You get two points a year for bison. So we do cover it in a paragraph. They have designated B bison and, and cow calf type hunts. This go, opportunities for this go around in October. Usually the second Tuesday in October will be the normal bison hunts. Of course you can get a point then two. So you can get two per year. And anyway, you do buy a non-resident. And we’re gonna talk about it from a non-resident perspective. ’cause generally residents got it handled. But $160 non-refundable hunting license gets you a point. Now if you bought one back in the elk, time to apply for elk and antelope, you don’t have to buy one now. And you just pay the minimal application fee to be able to

00:18:01:11 –> 00:18:28:11
Apply. Just make it, make sure it’s valid on June 11th, your hunting license, because you know, year to year you, you, you skip a deadline, miss a deadline, then you maybe start buying ’em in June and then, you know, it’s, you might think you’re going good. You’re not gonna get a two for in Arizona if, unless you’re exactly on the right day. And so be careful that it’s a big, big system in the, in the, in the spring or the, we’ll call the elk and antelope draw. We’ll let you proceed. You thought you were all good? Oh, it’d

00:18:28:11 –> 00:18:32:01
Let you check out. Not even put it in red. They used to put it in red when it wasn’t valid till the date green

00:18:32:01 –> 00:18:32:26
And green when you were

00:18:32:26 –> 00:18:36:05
Good to go and green, green means go, you’re happy. Now they didn’t do that. Just make,

00:18:36:08 –> 00:18:44:00
Make sure your hunting license is valid on June for, for the sheep, bison, and deer on June 11th this year. That’s the key day, then you’re

00:18:44:00 –> 00:19:14:24
Good to go. So anyway, yep. June 11, they do have paper applications. Of course that deadline’s quite a bit earlier. May 14th. This is the last year they’re gonna allow paper applications. Thank goodness they’re moving on. Thank goodness. Gonna be online. So anyway, June 11 is your day, so make sure you apply, apply, apply. We’re we’re, we’ve also covered how many points are out there. This is total number of points. Of course these people may be doing points only. They may be applying for a plethora of different hunts and options and whatnot. But anyway, it kinda gives you an idea of how many points are out there.

00:19:15:05 –> 00:19:50:29
It does and it’s, we will categorize Arizona. Well, if you’re a a serious trophy hunter for deer, it’s, it’s, it’s an uphill hill road. You know, the, the number of elite deer tags that they give for non-residents. You know, we draw up to 10% of each unit’s hunt quota. Half of those up to half of those can go to the preference point draw, which we normally gobble up because non-residents, as you’ll notice in the deer point table, we’re dominating the 22 and 21 and 20 point tiers. We dominate ’em. So several years ago they instituted that that provision

00:19:51:04 –> 00:20:38:26
Cap Yep. Provision that no more than half the potential non-resident quota in a hunt can be issued in the preference point draw. So everybody has a chance. That’s what we’re trying to say. You do have a chance with zero points. Now if we’re talking about more opportunity, deer hunts both for mule deer and of course we’ve got COOs deer in Arizona out the wazoo everywhere. Early hunts, middle hunts, late hunts. There’s, you can go every year if you wanna hunt COOs, deer rifle tags. I mean it’s pretty, it’s a, it’s a great, it’s got a wide range of deer, but if you’re only an elite mule deer hunter trophy, mule deer hunter, get ready to wait. I, I mean it’s that simple as it is. Jason, you’ve had one, one elite rifle tag in your life. I’m still waiting for mine. Some of the others in the office are still waiting for there. It’s just the way it is. If you’re wanting one elite trophy late season or or trophy meal. Deer hunt.

00:20:38:29 –> 00:21:29:26
That’s right. Yep. And they do have some over the counter archery opportunities, which are awesome opportunities for guys that get out and wanna do it late season. You know, they’re also in August, but they do have December and January hunts where there’s not a lot going on, but they do rutt and whatnot and in, in the best couser units, they’re over the counter archery. So just saying there’s a lot of, there are, there is opportunity in Arizona, however, just like Adam said, very, very few units that are really managed trophy wise and, and have big, big deer. So great opportunity, like we set up there, the first two choices count and then they go to the next guy. However, you’re gonna lose points on any of the five, any choices that are drawn. So be careful with that when you’re applying for, you know, a 29 mid-season hunt for COOs deer or something like that. If you got a bunch of points, you know, you wanna be really careful and cautious ’cause you’re gonna use ’em. However they do have that point guard program.

00:21:30:18 –> 00:21:53:22
Yeah. And can’t overemphasize that enough. I mean when we were getting ready to go to print with this magazine, we were, we were listening to the commission meeting online for, for this stuff to get ratified for sheep and deer and the length of time we had to sit and listen to gnashing of teeth, individuals getting up, pleading to get their points back that drawn. I did a cow out that had drawn cow elk tax. I would

00:21:53:22 –> 00:21:54:13
Never have done a cow

00:21:54:13 –> 00:22:17:23
Out and that didn’t do point guard and brought all their applications for the last 18 years and show that it was always bull. And this year, I don’t know how it happened. I think it was your system and the state’s, like it wasn’t our system and it probably wasn’t, but they didn’t point guard and if, and it could have been easily rectified if you’d paid the five bucks. Now of course you do have to go online, build the account, everything else and build an account. It’s not as easy as paying five bucks when you apply. You gotta have a portal

00:22:17:23 –> 00:22:18:02

00:22:18:05 –> 00:22:26:01
Go build your portal account, get it set up and, and then add the five bucks. Even if you think you can’t mess it up, you can do

00:22:26:01 –> 00:22:28:10
It. Just do it. You can mess it up. Stuff. People are using

00:22:28:25 –> 00:22:43:06
Last year’s hunt codes this year and it’s a different hunt or whatever. Or they’re scrolling too far down, they scroll past the bulls and they’re in the cows now, you know, not, not as much as that can go on with antlers that steer, but you might scroll into something that you don’t want. It just gives you an option.

00:22:43:09 –> 00:22:46:26
If you make a mistake and you didn’t point guard and you want your points back, give up,

00:22:46:26 –> 00:22:50:07
Good luck. Give up. Don’t even go to the, don’t even go to the commission meeting. The

00:22:50:07 –> 00:23:07:07
Common, the common theme there was was there a mistake on the, on the states part on the department. And they say no there wasn’t. Okay, good luck sir. Sorry. And that’s the way it goes. And so anyway, it’s very, very real. However, they do have the point card do it. It’s worth the money.

00:23:07:12 –> 00:23:20:10
I’ll say this for Arizona, so, so I was one of those guys. I was behind the point curve when they went to the all max deal, right? Yeah. You know, I only had a couple points at the time. Well when they did that I backed Arizona. I’m like, I’m up in northern Utah, I got so much honey, it’s

00:23:20:10 –> 00:23:22:29
Not makes sense. I don’t even have a chance to draw. The one ones I want didn’t have.

00:23:23:04 –> 00:23:25:24
I was like bag it. I regret that severely now

00:23:26:04 –> 00:23:26:26
Because they’ve

00:23:26:26 –> 00:23:29:16
Changed the system because now they’ve changed it back. There is random tags that at least got

00:23:29:16 –> 00:23:43:16
A chance once in a while. And this is kind of the point of it. Once in a while the state changes the system and, and Adam and I have talked a lot and of course us too. I mean you get caught up and you know, we wish we had all these points left up there the in Wyoming and we didn’t when they went from seven bucks to

00:23:43:17 –> 00:23:44:08

00:23:44:11 –> 00:23:55:00
Or whatever. Yeah. And so we’re like, nah, we’re not gonna participate in that now it cost us a sheep. It did, it cost us a Rocky Mountain Bighorn, which is the biggest bottleneck out there, including deserts and stones. And so anyway,

00:23:55:00 –> 00:24:25:23
It’s just, you can’t predict. You can’t predict, you know, and apply. Yeah. The upside is pretty high. We haven’t really talked about this, but if you have a youth, they can hunt in Arizona when they’re 10 and they 10 to 17, they only charge ’em $5 for their hunting license instead of 160. How cool is that? It’s a no brainer. They can get seven or eight points built up before they’re 18. Very cheap. You know, it’s a $15 application fee per species for non-residents, $5 for a youth hunting license. What are the words you say? Jason and some other states you’re,

00:24:25:23 –> 00:24:26:25
It’s irresponsible,

00:24:27:09 –> 00:24:32:02
An irresponsible parent if you have a, a hunting child to not climb in Arizona. Well,

00:24:32:02 –> 00:24:37:06
And I think the other thing with Arizona and, and you can look through our tables and kind of evaluate that, oh geez.

00:24:38:09 –> 00:25:05:29
We can look through our tables and kind of evaluate is, you know Yeah. Burn those, you know, so starting over a few years ago, you know, I’m a fairly low pointier. I can always go down and do a co hunt early hunt a coose. Yes. And see I’m not held hostage by my points to, to keep me from applying for a, for a coose hunt and whatnot. And the late season elk hunts, you know what I mean? There are a lot of those like six to 12 points. Yeah. You know, you can pull tags. Oh yeah.

00:25:06:01 –> 00:25:40:14
You can pull tags. You can pull tags, you can pull ’em in zero points. If there’s one tag, it’s going random. If there’s two, they’ll split ’em and one goes to max. Whoever applies at the most, not max, whoever applies at the most, we call it the max point drop anyway. We do cover the desert sheep and the Rocky Mountain bighorns. They give up to 10%, up to 10% of the total to non-residents. But if, and we can apply for units. Furthermore, we can only apply for units that have a minimum of two tags or more. If there’s a one tag unit, total of one tag when it’s not available to non-residents. We publish all the non-resident units. Of course we give the drawing odds, you know, for both sides as if they’re

00:25:40:14 –> 00:25:41:25
Both because you’re in the hat together

00:25:41:25 –> 00:25:44:02
And you’re, you’re in the hat together until we meet. Read your quota.

00:25:44:09 –> 00:25:50:02
That’s right. So non-residents are further limited to, you know, no more than two tags

00:25:51:19 –> 00:25:52:13
Per, per sheet

00:25:52:13 –> 00:26:20:22
Unit. That would apply if there’s a unit with three or four or five, we can draw up to two of those. And that comes out of the statewide 10% quota. So a lot of people ask us what, you know, a little bit like Idaho or other places, where are they gonna draw their non-resident tags this year? It’s totally a product of the draw. It’s not predictable. It’s the luck of the draw. Meaning Jason, you drew actually the first tag I think last year in your unit. Yeah. Number one. But it was your second choice. If I don’t if I remember, well I did

00:26:20:22 –> 00:26:20:29

00:26:20:29 –> 00:26:33:12
You put 28 your first choice and drew this hunt is your second choice and that’s just, you got a random number and it was pulled, they looked and they said, yep, he can get that tag because there’s not a 10% non-resident quarter, Matt, statewide.

00:26:33:19 –> 00:26:42:02
A hundred percent. Right. And the year before, if you remember, and, and I know you will ’cause your memory’s amazing, but both tags were not drawn in the max point draw the year before in

00:26:42:02 –> 00:26:42:23
28, they were

00:26:42:23 –> 00:26:43:12
Given on a random

00:26:43:14 –> 00:26:45:04
In 28 your first choice. Yeah.

00:26:45:05 –> 00:26:47:08
In 28. And this year they both went to a max

00:26:47:08 –> 00:26:48:02
Point draw. Yeah. So you really,

00:26:48:14 –> 00:26:50:05
I wasn’t even in the draw. Wasn’t even

00:26:50:05 –> 00:26:57:12
The first choice. Went to maximum point guys with 29 gobbled ’em up. And so it’s kind of interesting to know like what could you have gotten? Oh,

00:26:57:12 –> 00:26:58:12
I don’t, yeah, I don’t know. How good

00:26:58:12 –> 00:26:59:23
Was your number? I

00:26:59:23 –> 00:27:01:13
Could have gotten something that would’ve killed what?

00:27:01:19 –> 00:27:02:26
Nothing bigger. Okay.

00:27:04:07 –> 00:27:10:14
But at the same time maybe, maybe a more known better unit. Like 1237 eighth. Yeah. Aero vipa, I don’t know. Something. That’s right.

00:27:11:02 –> 00:27:19:16
Regardless of that, put two choices down and be very careful. Read, read, like Jason alluded read there, there are certain units, the 20 twos more popular,

00:27:19:21 –> 00:27:20:10

00:27:20:10 –> 00:27:37:13
B wilderness with max point holders. Those are max point more than likely. Be careful because there’s a, there’s a really good chance, I’m not gonna say a hundred percent because it’s all product of this year’s draw, but, but based on the you, we put the number of people that are applying there like 22 last year. There’s 14 max point holders putting in there. Well let’s,

00:27:37:13 –> 00:27:46:12
Let’s back up just a little out of and explain the 20% goes to max. Yes. So they run the bonus, they run the max point. We call it a max point draw. They run the bonus point pass. Yep.

00:27:46:14 –> 00:27:47:00
So let’s

00:27:47:00 –> 00:27:48:01
Say, so 20%,

00:27:48:01 –> 00:28:00:08
There’s a hundred, 110 tags, but for mathematical sake, let’s just say there’s a hundred, there’s a few more than that. 20 tags right outta the top. They’re gonna draw 20 tags. Out of those 104 people this year with maximum, which happens to be 30 who

00:28:00:08 –> 00:28:11:18
Apply with max points, it is 30 for sheep. There’s nobody that has more than that. However, once those 30 point tier next year it’ll be 31, 3, 2, on and on. But once those go away, then now the max point would be 29.

00:28:11:18 –> 00:28:17:04
29. Yeah. They’re, they’re gonna be one tier less than, and there’s only 47 of those people in,

00:28:17:13 –> 00:28:43:17
In existence and we’re kicking out 20 plus each year. Yeah. So, so as we move forward, you can kind of see there’s units that produce giants, like Adam was saying, 22 south, 24 B, even the wilderness, which is amazing, 24 B south 28, the first hunting 37 a, you know, there’s certain units that are popular among maximum point holders. If I had 30, I’m going for a freaking monster and I’m gonna go where monsters continually are harvested.

00:28:43:17 –> 00:29:23:07
Yeah. And you know, you can kill a big gram in a lot of different units, but there’s a lot of units that maybe have 180 to low, one eighties potential, but a lot of 1 75 to upper seventies rams as fallbacks. Those are giants. Giants. You know, a unit like perhaps, you know, others that might throw a 180 every four years doesn’t have a lot of 1 75 caliber rams. They don’t, they can throw one a year, but they don’t, not all 300 or hundreds are gonna kill those. So that’s what you’re saying. The max point hunters generally are sticking to the same six or eight units. That’s where most of ’em, well and so’s. And if anybody deviates from that and puts a weird unit, they’re probably gonna draw it this year.

00:29:23:09 –> 00:29:28:06
That a good chance of it. And so that’s why guys with less than max, which is pretty much all of us, let’s be honest. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

00:29:28:06 –> 00:29:29:01
Except for 47,

00:29:29:03 –> 00:29:38:19
Everybody that’s listening to this, there’s, unless there’s one of you 40 people out there, you need to choose units that aren’t continually picked up by the max point holders. That’s

00:29:38:19 –> 00:29:40:02
Right. That’s what we, that’s what our calling and

00:29:40:02 –> 00:29:45:23
We’ve got a column for that, that, and we explain that if you just, just read it for a sec. If you don’t, if you need a little help on it, and

00:29:46:01 –> 00:29:55:02
Of the 40 of the 47 people, 45 of ’em are residents. So the, the, the take home message for non-residents is of

00:29:55:02 –> 00:29:55:12
Almost every,

00:29:55:17 –> 00:30:03:12
Almost every random, you’re gonna go to a random, which is good. It, it’s been the opposite the way the deer used to go where non-residents were dominating because,

00:30:03:13 –> 00:30:04:10
And we still, you

00:30:04:10 –> 00:30:21:22
Know, we still dominate that one and that’s why they had to institute a 50 50 split on the non-resident quota there. But on sheep randomly, the non-residents are drawn the random tags. So apply for units that generally don’t have, you know, max point applicants or at least every year going one or two of them always to max. So there’s

00:30:21:22 –> 00:30:43:23
A lot of options. And like last year it was amazing year for sheep in general. There was big rams. And so anyway, you might just check it out. We list it in our tables. We all, we list the best ram, the average, and then kind of give our, our take on it in the write up. Of course they’ve got great Rockies. And you know, Adam, years ago we were always commenting how the max point holders were, for some reason the residents loved the Rockies. There was was there was a group of people that were

00:30:43:23 –> 00:30:47:02
Eight or 10 years ago, they were, a lot of these multiple packages,

00:30:47:02 –> 00:30:47:22
We couldn’t get in on a random,

00:30:47:28 –> 00:30:49:00
We were going in the max point.

00:30:49:00 –> 00:30:52:04
Yeah. And we couldn’t break into there. Now it’s changed

00:30:52:09 –> 00:31:05:22
These max point holders, the 47, most of them are deserts interested. Now it’ll be interesting in two or three years when most of them are gone and we’re into one point, you’re below, you might seeing the rocky guys then start getting crushed again. Yes. You know, it’s gonna be interesting. So

00:31:05:24 –> 00:31:17:26
Awesome state, awesome opportunity. Definitely one of those that, you know, it’s anybody’s game. You have zero points. There’s guys that draw, we have guys that draw with hardly any points every single year. So anyway, apply for that.

00:31:18:05 –> 00:31:21:02
Yeah, we had a handful of awesome sheep stories in,

00:31:21:02 –> 00:31:21:05

00:31:21:09 –> 00:31:23:12
In this, in this article it was,

00:31:23:17 –> 00:31:51:04
We wanna like Craig Shelley’s 189 inch, you know, we appreciate Craig, we appreciate everybody that publishes the stories. Of course, George Garcia, he’s freaking giant deer on the front cover. I mean, some of these pictures that are within the state section, you can read about these rams and, and how awesome is it? We’re affiliated with guys that are getting the job done. They’re, they’re applying, they got the points we’re affiliated with the best outfitters down there. Anyway, there’s a lot to be, a lot of takeaways in this particular magazine. And

00:31:51:07 –> 00:32:48:12
I gotta hand it to our members just in general, man. We have, we have, we have a membership of killers. I mean, we got some guys that are getting it done across the west that are applying for the right units and drawing the right tags and, and making it happen in ways. I mean, just some of the phone calls we’ve got recently. I mean, it’s, it’s just amazing to see these guys draw tags, draw the right tags and to see the hunts that they’re going, they’re gonna be going on. You know, and a lot of these guys, yes, they’re working hard at the research into things. And that’s what the magazine is all about is the research, you know, as, as just a general member. These guys are just taking the magazine, they’re crushing it. They’re, they’re taking their own personal notes and then they’re calling us. They’re, they’re, they’re going over things and really researching this stuff and it helps pull these tags and it helps. That’s what produces these photos is because they did the research, they got in the right unit and they got the right tag. I mean, it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal.

00:32:48:13 –> 00:32:48:26
It’s awesome.

00:32:49:02 –> 00:33:30:26
That’s a good segue to our member draw program. If you draw a tag and you can have access to these guys that have hunted these units and, and like Jeff said, these are good hunters. Yeah. And so you’re gonna, you’re gonna get a list of, of names. On average, we’re sending five to 10 names per unit. There’s a few that, you know, a few of the lesser units that, you know, you might not get anybody on. But if you’re, if you’re a member and you’ve got free access to that list, so you draw a specific tag, you just call us up, tell us what it was, and we’ll email you a list of names of phone numbers and emails and you can, you know, get a list and, and do research and have that information

00:33:30:26 –> 00:33:33:05
And the outfitters and Yep. You know, anything you need, that’s

00:33:33:05 –> 00:34:00:10
A, an amazing resource. Honestly, every time I go on a hunt, the, the main thing I notice every time is it always takes a day or two or three to get that initial experience in the unit. It’s, it’s critical those first few days. And what if you can talk to somebody who’s been there, you can eliminate a lot of that stuff or you can narrow down places that you’re gonna hit, or just general information. So it’s a huge, huge re resource and you can, all you have to do is call in. It’s

00:34:00:10 –> 00:34:34:00
A big added benefit. And you know, I would contend that if you draw a great tag somewhere in some state and you get a, a member experience list to you, our, our membership annually for Epic Outdoors is a hundred dollars. You get the magazines, you get the con consultation, you get all that advice and all that throughout the year. But you may get a, a member experience list that pays you five times worth what your annual membership fee is just because of what the time it saves you, the gas, it saves you, whatever. I mean, it’s just very valuable for just an added benefit. So anyway, more,

00:34:34:03 –> 00:34:37:01
More expensive to apply in Arizona Oh yeah. Than to do our membership.

00:34:37:03 –> 00:34:41:25
200 bucks to put in for Arizona for three species or four, you know what I mean? Yeah. 210. So might as

00:34:41:25 –> 00:34:42:24
Well make sure you’re doing it right

00:34:43:15 –> 00:35:57:29
Anyway. So to end sheep, it’s a, it’s an awesome state. Don’t have as many rocky as deserts, but it’s a dream to hunt. Desert sheep odds are tough everywhere. They give, give a lot of tags in Arizona, you know, second to Nevada should be applying. Let’s talk about the moisture. Let’s shift to deer and moisture. Probably the number one biggest difference between 2018 and 2019 when it comes to deer is the state of Arizona and the precipitation that has been off the charts all winter and spring and long and continues to be even this last week. It’s, it’s unbelievably unbelievable how different one year can be from one year to the next. Last year was one of those years that was a grinder. And you alluded to a little bit George Garcia’s great buck that was on our cover, two 20 plus deer from 13 B were not very many deer like that killed in Arizona last year. Even on the elite of the elite units in the world. We’re not talking about just Arizona, the elite of the elites. And it was rough. It was, it’s amazing how severe lack of moisture that translates into poor feed production takes outta these deer. And this year is green light chia pet city, right?

00:35:58:13 –> 00:36:13:12
Oh yeah. Anyway, it was, it is an unbelievable year. We’re super excited about it. You know, even though we’ve talked about it, it seems cold this spring is dragging on it’s cold up high. Some of these high country elk here, here in Utah, we’re like, man, if they ever, they don’t have any green grass, it’s too,

00:36:13:19 –> 00:36:15:26
They gotta stay in the valley still in Utah, they’re

00:36:15:26 –> 00:36:16:25
Under snow. Some of them. I mean

00:36:17:07 –> 00:36:20:28
A lot of snow, jeez. Still it’s, it’s crazy. But Arizona, but who

00:36:20:28 –> 00:36:21:12
Cares about elk,

00:36:21:12 –> 00:37:08:26
Right? Yeah. We’re talking about deer in Arizona. Elk, elk in Arizona was three, four months ago. We’re talking about deer. And this is, this is green light central. If you got points, whether it’s max points, mid-tier points, no points, put ’em on the line. This is one of those years if the stars could align and give you a tag, this is what you hope for for sure. The strip 13 b and a, they’re very well known and well renowned and, and obviously if that’s all you wanna dream about, put ’em down. But some of the late hunts, Jason, I mean we’ve recent years, they’ve been producing some giants last year, we’re just gonna kind of ignore and forget about. But the 12 A west, 12 B west 12 B, they, they can produce big deer. If you don’t have the 22 points your one off or something like that, those should be hunts you might consider looking at, or at least as a second choice. We’ve got

00:37:08:29 –> 00:37:48:25
A few clients with 100 max that we’re sh you know, shuffling a little bit. They wanna hunt. Some of these guys are 60, 78, 80 years old even and, and they wanna go hunting. So there’s other options, especially on these wet years. Even last year, even though it was tough, we have, you know, Jeff Zunigas, big Deer, of course he made the front cover of Mealy Crazy magazine. We have a picture in here with David Matthews Outfitters. Davey Davey guided him, did a great job, killed a monster. Massive deer as well. So anyway, there’s proof with our cover. Jeff’s buck, a few other significant bucks that were killed out there. It can still be done on drought years, but we’re so excited about this year, you just never know what’s gonna happen. So we’re willing to accept maybe what we’d call second tier, third tier

00:37:48:25 –> 00:38:25:14
Breezing over into the coups. You’ve got, you know, December hunts, which are generally the more sought after for a couple of reasons. One, if you’re gonna get some ru activity, that’s when it’s gonna be those, those late December hunts, you know, low tag numbers is the other thing. Low, low tag numbers in December, December 13 to 31st, you know that last week or 10 days, those bucks are starting to get pretty ruddy or even a little bit ruddy. And that’s what you’re buying. You’re buying for a little bit of exclusivity, you know, colder, maybe a cold snap. Last year we had snow on my boy ties hunt. And man, it got some of those deer active. It was, it was fun. It was a great time.

00:38:25:14 –> 00:39:25:10
They also have those, like you said, they, they, you know, low tag numbers on that December rut hunt. Of course you have to be to manage, right? You can’t kill ’em all. But they do have the October 25th, November 8th, November 29th. Some of these different season dates with lots of tags. You know, it’s one thing about COOs deer, they’re hard to find. They’re little fellas. There is escapement even with that many tags. However, with these tags and stratified seasons, you know, the common consensus that, you know, that the deer quality age class, whatever is down a little bit, just they are given a lot of tags early. However, there’s some big deer down there and guys can draw with hardly any points. Or like you said, Adam draw every year on some of these units. Yeah. And seasons. And so with a little bit of work, of course some of these guys are backpacking in 10, 8, 10 miles. They’re working hard and you know, like, yeah, Nicole Brown story in there with Wayne Brown, good friend of ours. Been friends for years, of course. Guided with Adam quite a bit and spent some time in the field. They go down there picking

00:39:25:10 –> 00:40:07:25
The three boys in there and all whack, whack, awesome bucks just on a family backpack trip. I mean, great experience, things like that. So if, if you want to hunt COOs deer, it’s very easy to do that. And you can do it most years that you want. And you know, if you have a loyalty point, even after you draw and you go back to one man, that makes a big difference to be able to draw. So Mike, consider that they’re, they’re fairly addicting, fun little animals. If you love to sit behind a tripod and glass, that’s the style of hunting. This is not a thick, dense sit tree stand. This is like mule deer hunting for little desert white tails. You sit in glass all day long, move, you know, move a little bit here and there, but very, very fun. So something for

00:40:07:25 –> 00:40:20:13
Everybody again. Yeah, again, we appreciate everybody’s story. You can see Travis Roberts ramming here, you know, Don Davis’ Big deer out of 12 B West Lake and we put the unit in there. And so there’s a lot to be learned on these and just gives you a little confidence, man, those was a good deer.

00:40:20:17 –> 00:40:22:08
Bunch of other solid sheep, you

00:40:22:08 –> 00:40:23:06
Know, bunch of good sheep.

00:40:23:08 –> 00:40:41:08
Ram Oliver’s, I mean Zach Paler, I mean they’re just loaded some awesome ram stories. If you don’t, you know, if you get this, it’s pretty easy to get fired up last year, like Jason said earlier, it was such an awesome year for sheep. Tough year for deer, but it’s awesome year for sheep and a lot to read about in there in this magazine. Well,

00:40:41:17 –> 00:40:44:13
Bronson, let’s jump into California’s

00:40:44:16 –> 00:40:47:28
Favorite state. So, you know, I’ll You want the mic on this one or no?

00:40:48:08 –> 00:40:50:07
Okay, well, no, I don’t mind. Okay. Just,

00:40:51:03 –> 00:41:27:20
We’re just, we’re kind of teasing. Just to cut to the chase on California, the deadline to apply is June 2nd. The difficult thing from a non-resident perspective in California is it’s expensive for the slim chance what they give you to draw. And what I mean by that, it’s $174 45 cents for a hunting license. Then controlled hunt application is $8 and 13 cents each. They only issue up two emphasis on up to one elk tag and one antelope tag to a non-resident per year. That feels,

00:41:27:27 –> 00:41:28:06

00:41:28:06 –> 00:41:32:17
Could be stingy cow. That, that that does It could be a cow tag, could be a cow too.

00:41:32:20 –> 00:41:34:13
I mean, it could be nothing. Yep. Could be

00:41:34:13 –> 00:41:44:24
Nothing. So for sheep, they do give up to 10%, which this year due to tag increases over 20. There’s gonna be up to two desert sheep tags. Last

00:41:44:24 –> 00:41:47:16
Year. What, how many non-residents? True Adam? None. None

00:41:47:18 –> 00:42:19:28
Told me that. I got that straight from California Game of fish. That doesn’t mean that will happen this year. It’s a total product to the draw, largely our California section, we have a lot of of great members from California. They obviously apply in their home state as they should. It’s cheaper, it’s easier, definitely, you know, if you have maximum points when it comes to sheep and antelope and elk, they draw 75% of the tags to those people. The odds in the random draw, even for residents are extremely bad. Deer’s 90 10, it’s, it’s even, it’s even worse.

00:42:20:05 –> 00:42:21:28
But we don’t have any non-resident, there’s not

00:42:21:28 –> 00:42:22:24
Quotas the quota on those

00:42:22:29 –> 00:42:24:00
On, on deer, but

00:42:24:00 –> 00:42:27:16
You’re only in the draw for 10% of the tags. So it’s, it’s

00:42:27:16 –> 00:42:44:16
Very flush considering the price to apply. So the one nice thing is for four sheep, they’re gonna run that random draw first before they run the preference draw, which is kind of nice. Most states aren’t that way, but they do run that random draw. So if you, if you didn’t have any points at all, you do stand a chance now

00:42:44:26 –> 00:42:49:04
185 ish or whatever dollars that is, feels like you got a chance to have a name in the hat.

00:42:49:14 –> 00:43:25:17
So, so you’re saying I have a chance. And so anyway, that’s the way we look at it. Pretty tough. We do have, we do, we do appreciate we get to visit with the game wars and biologists. Of course they call in, they’re listening to the podcast at times. Kind of fun. You know, there, there’s other opportunities out there. Of course there’s gonna be a big deer here and there in X one or X two or some of these other units. But you know, that’s just like anywhere people have their pet units right behind the, their house they spend a lot of time in. And if you know it intimately, you’re probably gonna find a little better deer than what we’d publish. But you know, for the most part what we publish is what you can expect and some of the better opportunities.

00:43:25:28 –> 00:43:47:04
Yep. We cover all, all species in there drawing odds. Again, the deadline to apply is June 2nd. We got some awesome stories. I mean there’s an awesome ram killed by Ruben Erian. Awesome. Lopsided freaking giant, just a freak old looking just what everybody would want in a desert. Sheep killed in the Clark, Clark Kingston Range last year.

00:43:47:08 –> 00:43:50:26
Even at lopsided, he is 184. Yes. That’s what it, it just,

00:43:50:27 –> 00:43:52:12
And nets are for fishing on a sheep

00:43:52:12 –> 00:43:55:26
Like that. And lopsided means different mass measurements side to side.

00:43:55:27 –> 00:44:02:26
That’s what I mean. He’s just, he’s got a rear rear angle on that ram that just really shows that off. It’s pretty, it’s pretty amazing. Pretty

00:44:02:26 –> 00:44:05:19
Compelling and pretty giant. Yes. Anyway, absolutely.

00:44:05:19 –> 00:44:25:11
Congratulations. Great bucks, great mule there. Some great blacktails, great elk, all you know, everything. You know, California does have a lot of opportunity. Like we said, it’s got all three, you know, species of elk. Got Tooley, Roosevelt, Rocky Mountain, black Tail, mule, deer, hybrids. Okay,

00:44:25:13 –> 00:44:41:17
Well that’s right. And so anyway, as you move through the magazine, we do come across an advertisement for Wyoming’s super tags. They’ve got 10 species, 11 chances to win where you can apply per species or you can do the combo deadline to apply is July 1st, 2019.

00:44:42:09 –> 00:45:10:16
The Wyoming super tag draw. They’re really excited, they’ve added a gear package to it. And so if you want to go on and check out the the new gear package, you go to wg fd.w.gov/epic Outdoors and you’ll see this gear package that they’ve put together, tons of stuff in it, rifles, binocular, spotting scope boots, bows, tents, all kinds of stuff.

00:45:10:17 –> 00:45:14:29
So they’re given 10 species, 11 chances to win, but actually 12 chances with this gear package.

00:45:14:29 –> 00:45:16:07
Yeah, with this gear package. Yep.

00:45:16:16 –> 00:45:26:14
Looks like for every five super tag raffle tickets of any species or combination or every two super tag trifecta tickets you get, you get an entry into that gear stuff.

00:45:27:09 –> 00:45:51:26
Also as an incentive to buy your tickets in May, Wyoming has added the million dollar Super tag, celebration, raffle. If you buy any super tag ticket or trifecta ticket during the month of May, your name’s gonna be entered into that raffle and they’re giving away a Custom Gun Works rifle. Get your super tag tickets and you have some extra added bonus drawings. Just another chance to win. Get your name in the hat there. Well,

00:45:52:00 –> 00:46:27:06
A lot of opportunities to win, whether it be our membership drive or the Wyoming Super tags, you know, there’s tags out there to be had. We know we appreciate the partnership we have with Wyoming Game and Fish. Good people up there dealt with them for many years and it’s just awesome. It’s awesome to be affiliated with Game and Fish agencies, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico treat us well. Super good people. And so, you know, it’s kind of feels like the trend has shifted from, you know, us against them, you know, hunters versus game and fish to actually, they realize that hunters are a, are a client and they treat us as clients. It just feels like there’s been a shift, wouldn’t you say?

00:46:27:19 –> 00:47:23:16
Yeah, and we, we, we rely obviously on game and fish biologists, managers and getting our information as timely as we can. There’s a reason we don’t publish all of our stuff in January and call it a day. We, we go to print, you know, within very short turnarounds when some of these are going to commission meeting and getting finalized, getting tweaked, getting the red line, getting changed and whatnot. We have a very tight turnaround. We appreciate game and fish agencies that work with us ’cause we’re simply trying to yeah. Deliver what’s approved and new for 2019 to our readers and members as fast as we can. ’cause we’ve gotta print, turn around and get that the printer out to you guys. We really appreciate it. But it is, we appreciate the states that are, that are helpful and know what we’re trying to do in educating people. Hopefully cut down a lot of their calls and things like that because good information hopefully makes their job easier too. This is also maybe just to, to end things up,

00:47:24:02 –> 00:47:25:01
We’re gonna be scouting a lot.

00:47:25:02 –> 00:48:05:00
We’re gonna be scouting a lot, but we’re also, we got a lot May and June is, are the biggest draw results since this is the time of year. We get calls from a lot of excited people and if we can help you set up your hunt, whether that be a self-guided hunt through personal experience we have, or member experience list, or if you need an outfitter, give us a call. Love hearing from excited people. Gonna be hearing from Nevada soon, Colorado, soon. Idaho Sheep, moose and goat, soon. Montana. Sheep, moose, goat, bison in June. I mean, it’s pouring one after another. It’s gone. Then we go after these, you know, back into California and, and you know, Iowa, Washington, you know Oregon, California all in all in June. You know, it was exciting.

00:48:05:04 –> 00:48:06:17
So until you went there, no.

00:48:06:17 –> 00:48:10:01
Hey, somebody’s gonna win ’em. We’re gonna win them. Somebody’s gonna win. You

00:48:10:01 –> 00:48:28:11
Know what? Eternal office, it’s, we had, we had stories in our magazine. Thinking about Washington just proves that there’s, that our members are drawing stuff and, and not expected, you know? Totally. And this isn’t a Washington podcast, but it just, the odds are so long. And then we’re like, and then all of a sudden we’re publishing stories from our members of Drew Text. They’re

00:48:28:11 –> 00:48:30:00
Real people. Not statistics. Yeah.

00:48:30:00 –> 00:48:33:00
Real people sending us real pictures with

00:48:33:00 –> 00:48:34:10
Big moose killing giants. Yeah.

00:48:34:10 –> 00:49:02:10
Moose and sheep. Yeah. Went up there, checked my boat, my buddies, and we smoked a freaking awesome ram. And it just, it just reinforces, you gotta apply to win. You need to have your name everywhere you can. Don’t be doing points. Only if you can possibly muster up the opportunity or the time to make good on a sheep tag or something like that. Apply freaking apply. You gotta do it. That’s the way it is. The odds aren’t easy, but somebody wins. We usually talk to those people. We’re envious. Well, on that note, let’s go to lunch.