EP 127: Remembering our First Deer Hunts with the Epic Crew. In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast, Jason, Adam, Jeff, and Chris talk about their first deer hunts and some of their earliest experiences in the field. We talk about lessons learned and how time has changed the game. Today we approach hunting in a much different way than we did 20 years ago.

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I am looking at a picture of my first buck right here.

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My dad was really into high Country Mule there at the time, and I remember I was about 16 and I had that set up, the regular two 70 win.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, Jeffrey John. He hates the word Jeffrey. Let’s call him Jeff and Chris Peterson. Christopher Peterson. Is it Christopher?

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Well, everybody’s Christopher. What?

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I didn’t know that. I,

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Nobody gets named. I Chris I,

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Name. Does anybody get named? I mean, it’s just like

00:00:37:02 –> 00:00:38:22
Jeffrey. I don’t o

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I think, I think if I named my kid, I look at my kid’s middle name, like, like, ’cause it’s his middle name’s Jeffrey. And I look at him, I’m like, I should have just went with Jeff on that one.

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Well, it’s just ’cause you have a personal problem with your own name. Well, and don’t I,

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I don’t really have a personal problem with Jeffrey. I, people call me Jeffrey. It doesn’t bug me at all, but it’s so stinking long. I like a four letter name. Yeah, that’s nice.

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Seven or seven or eight letters, Jeff. I mean,

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I always, my middle name’s Garth and it starts with a G. Like, I don’t like the letter G I just don’t like the letter G I don’t like it.

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You know the weird we one is the Jeffrey that

00:01:12:12 –> 00:01:13:29
Starts with the only good word starts with, that’s

00:01:14:05 –> 00:01:16:22
Said G E O f f r Y. Right? Or

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The only good word, word that starts liturgy is golf. And I’m gonna go golf. Let’s go golfing day.

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Well, let’s get this

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Thing done. It’s summertime if you can’t tell. This is a little freelancer today. Be careful. It’s early morning. Chris, what

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Do you got?

00:01:32:01 –> 00:01:36:09
This is a tropical smoothie lean machine. Ooh,

00:01:36:23 –> 00:01:36:29

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Feels like antler Max. Speaking of Antler Max. Jeff, what have we got going? It’s summertime. This looks

00:01:44:22 –> 00:01:46:26
Like antler Max. Whatever I’ve got here. It

00:01:46:26 –> 00:01:47:05
Looks like

00:01:47:05 –> 00:01:47:26
That’s pretty green.

00:01:48:11 –> 00:01:51:16
I don’t even know what antler Max looks like. Never used it. Tell us about it, Jeff. Like

00:01:51:16 –> 00:01:52:24
Pellets. It’s like rabbit food. Tell us

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The semi-load truck being trucked in. I’m to Cedar City, Utah. I’m Okay.

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So there’s a place in Texas makes this product called Antler Max. Right now in Utah, we have to preface this first. In Utah, it’s legal debate, right? You can here

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Utah, Oregon, and I don’t know, there’s

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Just not many places you can do it, but Utah’s one of them. So in this little town of Cedar City, I mean little is relative to everyone, but how many people live in Cedar?

00:02:16:04 –> 00:02:16:26

00:02:16:26 –> 00:02:22:22
30,000. I was in the I f A yesterday. They said they’ve been through two semi-loads.

00:02:22:28 –> 00:02:23:26
Come on of

00:02:23:26 –> 00:02:24:22
Antler Max. There’s

00:02:24:22 –> 00:02:32:03
A whole who load. There’s a whole underground baiting movement we’re not even a part of. I don’t even know what it looks like. I, I don’t know. Anything I

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Going on. I would to ask you, are they little pellets like rabbit food or are they bigger? They’re,

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They’re like smoker. Oh, like your camp chef smoker pellet. Right. Okay. They’re about that size, you know what

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I mean? Wonder if deer would eat that stuff.

00:02:42:21 –> 00:02:46:11
Do they come in smoked flavor, different flavors or whatever? What? I mean, truthfully,

00:02:46:16 –> 00:02:52:22
I don’t think so. Like, I think, I don’t know. I, I didn’t pay attention to the, what the bags looked like. But anyway, there’s just, I mean, they come in like,

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So did you need like 40 pounds? Did you need to take your one ton truck down there? Or did you take your half ton?

00:02:57:18 –> 00:02:59:21
I thought about taking the freaking dump trailer down there.

00:03:01:26 –> 00:03:03:07
Are you buying some? Just I

00:03:03:07 –> 00:03:10:00
Have, I haven’t bought any of that. Anyway. They are a, a western company that build that does feeds. We’re giving. They have retail storage. We’re

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Giving lots of plugs today. We already got, we are, we already got i f a and Tropical smoothie on here for free. Who else are we gonna get on for free today?

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We’re not gonna talk about Monster, although it’s pretty nice.

00:03:17:23 –> 00:03:25:25
Three. There’s three. I know. Ice water. What we go, I don’t dunno, Fuji or Dasani. What one are we gonna throw out there? I don’t know. Alright, one of them.

00:03:25:29 –> 00:03:28:22
Are we gonna go to the Jeff Steakhouse and have sushi today? Or not?

00:03:30:15 –> 00:03:32:02
Throw that one in there. There you go,

00:03:32:11 –> 00:03:41:08
Jeff. So I, I I don’t know anything about this. I don’t buy it. But tell me. I mean, why, why is it in your mind, mind? I’m, why are, I’m not experienced to, how did you learn about this?

00:03:42:04 –> 00:03:44:02
So, so basically just

00:03:44:03 –> 00:03:46:25
Got chatting to one of the dudes there while you’re picking up, got chatting to one of dudes there.

00:03:47:11 –> 00:03:53:02
And the one guy, it’s weird because I think different things work at different places. I don’t think there’s one cure all to, to feed animals. So

00:03:53:21 –> 00:03:55:25
Are you thinking about the lease that you’re doing, like the,

00:03:56:04 –> 00:04:03:22
I think the lease and I got an elk tag and so I’m trying to locate bulls. Just trying to figure ’em out. And they’re some, you know, they’re very, they’re

00:04:04:08 –> 00:04:06:17
So what are you gonna do for elk? Like, whatcha are you gonna do for elk?

00:04:06:26 –> 00:04:10:00
I’m putting out block and using Buck jam. Just to, to Buck

00:04:10:00 –> 00:04:15:11
Jam for bull buck jam. Bull jam. We should just rename it. Put a new package on it. And you got a whole new market. I’ll

00:04:15:11 –> 00:04:16:01
Do. There you go,

00:04:16:03 –> 00:04:19:05
Adam. We could do sheep jam, we could do ram jam. Ram ram jam.

00:04:19:15 –> 00:04:20:24
Oh, that’s a good one. That’s

00:04:20:24 –> 00:04:21:04
A good one, dude.

00:04:21:13 –> 00:04:22:29
You are giving away some. Oh,

00:04:22:29 –> 00:04:24:12
We could do some. Gave a little bit of,

00:04:24:24 –> 00:04:25:12
Somebody’s gonna steal that idea.

00:04:25:23 –> 00:04:28:23
Toya cactus. A little bit of guts, a little, little taste of that there.

00:04:29:06 –> 00:04:34:20
Lillo or leaf compressed with a little pul pulp from a barrel cactus. And

00:04:34:20 –> 00:04:41:13
There’s nothing, nothing. Everything has to have a, a little bit of apple in it. The sheep won’t

00:04:41:13 –> 00:04:41:18
Even know

00:04:41:19 –> 00:04:41:28

00:04:42:03 –> 00:04:48:07
What happened? Well, you just put a little bit of this tropical smoothie artificial flavor in there. I mean, we got them on board today. So Ram

00:04:48:09 –> 00:04:51:24
Jam, somebody is gonna make a million bucks. I mean it, I mean,

00:04:52:01 –> 00:04:54:17
For the, for the five tag, if five non-resident tags, it should year.

00:04:54:17 –> 00:05:03:22
It’s gonna be unbelievable. Huh? These outfitters. I mean, just saying put on the base, you know, put on Max out the max.

00:05:04:00 –> 00:05:05:28
Look, let me ask you, what, what’s the most

00:05:06:06 –> 00:05:07:14
Holy mo song?

00:05:07:29 –> 00:05:10:13
Oh, tell us about, let’s talk about that. How about that? How

00:05:10:13 –> 00:05:12:01
You’re like this? Can I throw this out at you guys?

00:05:12:01 –> 00:05:18:07
That’s one of my favorite. Oh yeah. Huh? Holy mass. Look at the mo. Holy Donald. Yeah,

00:05:18:10 –> 00:05:20:12
It was awesome. It was a, you’re gonna have,

00:05:20:20 –> 00:05:21:23
You’re gonna have to explain where

00:05:21:23 –> 00:05:26:24
You’re going here. All right. Well, back probably 10, 12 years ago, we had a client back when, in the former life,

00:05:27:08 –> 00:05:28:00
So fun. He’s

00:05:28:01 –> 00:05:42:00
Send us a picture of his desert or a clip. All of us pictures of his story for his desert sheep. And he had some video clips and they were raw. And he’s a Canadian, guy’s. Canadian and they’re, man, they were, and he, you know what? They

00:05:42:00 –> 00:05:44:22
Were raw What? I gotta tell you, he’s one of the happiest guys we’ve ever

00:05:44:22 –> 00:05:45:11
Met. Oh yeah.

00:05:45:14 –> 00:05:51:20
This, I mean, this smile is giant. Yes. And he, he just, you can’t help but smile when you’re around this guy. Yeah.

00:05:51:25 –> 00:06:14:07
We see him at all the shows every year. But super good dude. He’s funny as heck and just, he is a hundred percent Canadian. But it was the holy mass, Donald. It was, we rolled and cried so hard watching the ’cause It was, it, it died. They walked up to it and they pulled it out and it was the, it was him. And then he was talking to his brother and they were just freaking out. And he finally killed the desert shit. Holy

00:06:14:10 –> 00:06:14:23

00:06:15:19 –> 00:06:16:24
Yeah. Look at the

00:06:17:03 –> 00:06:17:12

00:06:18:25 –> 00:06:19:14
I mean, dude,

00:06:19:20 –> 00:06:19:29

00:06:20:05 –> 00:06:21:19
Pat, pat if you’re listening to this,

00:06:22:15 –> 00:06:26:07
We love you. And we and we went and yeah, we went and saw him at the show, pulled that out on

00:06:26:07 –> 00:06:36:12
Him and he was just, he started rolling gr grin. Laughs ’cause he knows just what you’re talking about. But anyway, so funny. This is ricocheting all over the place today. But we got Buck Jam, we got Bull jam,

00:06:36:14 –> 00:06:37:17
Bull Jam, Ram Jam.

00:06:38:07 –> 00:06:39:14
Okay, though, I’m gonna ask, okay.

00:06:39:20 –> 00:06:40:20
I just want some royalties off

00:06:40:20 –> 00:06:46:01
These on year like this where there’s water everywhere. Oh geez. Even in the desert, there’s water everywhere.

00:06:46:02 –> 00:06:46:26
There’s streams.

00:06:46:26 –> 00:06:47:19
So what’s an idea?

00:06:48:04 –> 00:07:34:01
I gotta tell you, it’s been pretty rough. I’ve been running cameras in Nevada. Luckily two weeks ago there was running streams in some places. Now at least they’re dry. It’s drying up. Yeah. Dry. Yeah. But I told you, Adam, you called me what, two days ago? And I mean, it was like, there was a, it was like, there was one of those just storm storms that just slammed you. Yeah. And there was creeks running where creeks have never run. So they’re running around like normal trees and things that don’t have a ditch by ’em. There’s never been water run by ’em. And it’s running as if it’s stormed. And it hadn’t stormed for 10 days. And it’s just running. And it’s, there is, so my my point is, some places are drying up some places you’re just, you’re outta luck this year, right? There’s water is a love-hate situation

00:07:34:01 –> 00:07:41:12
Looking on manti. That’s a big mountain. And I, I was down low glassing. The, the upper roads, they’re still snow.

00:07:41:15 –> 00:07:42:23
It’s covered. Oh, 10 foot drifts.

00:07:42:23 –> 00:07:44:12
Yeah. Talked to a guy yesterday, most our,

00:07:44:12 –> 00:07:45:12
Some ranch. That’s the case

00:07:45:19 –> 00:07:59:02
In one of his sheep areas in Colorado. He says, they said there’s 150 foot avalanche chute that came across the, he says it’s 150 foot deep. The snow is 150 feet deep. I don’t know if it’s true

00:07:59:02 –> 00:07:59:23
Or not. I’m calling,

00:07:59:29 –> 00:08:00:17
I don’t know if that’s true or not.

00:08:00:17 –> 00:08:01:06
That’s pretty easy.

00:08:01:13 –> 00:08:10:06
But, but he says basically it was an avalanche shoot. Nick came down and just buried a road. He said they don’t think it’s ever gonna open this year. Oh my God. The road, the road won’t open this year. No, it

00:08:10:11 –> 00:08:10:19
Probably won’t.

00:08:11:05 –> 00:08:11:17
It’s crazy

00:08:12:01 –> 00:08:29:05
’cause you’re gonna have trees and crap trapping it in, it’s not gonna melt. Right. And then you’re gonna have a layer of trees blanketing the snow underneath it when it melts above it anyway. And so, man, we were going all over the place today. Silver to Colorado. They’re saying, well, we’re talking the specifics of avalanche and melting ratios. There you go. I mean, jeez. Well, we

00:08:29:05 –> 00:08:32:14
Could talk about my son blowing out a sidewall and me daddy having to go save the

00:08:32:14 –> 00:08:36:11
Day yesterday. Yeah. So Jason, you got a 1994 Toyota for your boy, right? Yeah, a little

00:08:36:11 –> 00:08:40:01
Toyota. 94. I guess they call him a Tacoma. But it, back then it was the only Toyota truck they made.

00:08:40:02 –> 00:08:41:17
It was just a Toyota. I don’t even think just a

00:08:41:26 –> 00:08:43:25
100 was made. I don’t know. I’d have to Google that.

00:08:44:11 –> 00:08:51:17
So safe to say the, the wrench under the seat fit the original tires in 1994. Okay.

00:08:51:22 –> 00:08:51:29

00:08:52:08 –> 00:08:57:04
94 had to have, ’cause this has to be an aftermarket set of tires on there with plugs. No,

00:08:57:06 –> 00:09:10:19
It’s not. So what happened was, is we went down, he busted, we busted a stud off. He did, I don’t know, whatever stud ended up busting. They, the Ty Tire Company put a, a new stud in there with a different size. One

00:09:10:19 –> 00:09:12:25
Of them one only 1, 1 1.

00:09:12:29 –> 00:09:16:25
And who would, who would think, right? So we got, oh my, yeah, we got, gosh,

00:09:16:26 –> 00:09:17:05

00:09:17:17 –> 00:09:53:23
Four lug nuts of one size. The fifth lug nut is of a different size. And he’s out there in the middle of nowhere, right? No. Luckily got a little bit of service. That’s when I’m sitting here in the office. Luckily Adam, you and I are a little bit slow. Jeff. Of course you’re here. Chris, you’re here. And we’re just a little bit slow and I’m, and I’m, I take off, of course, chief’s getting officially scored three times to, to make, you know, ’cause anyway, ’cause he was in the top five of that recording period. So I had to have him score Rusty Hall comes down, score him. Then I get a phone call from Sean dad. I’m like, I’m sitting here on the side of the road and, and need some help. I

00:09:53:23 –> 00:09:55:07
Got one lug that can’t come off. Yeah.

00:09:55:10 –> 00:10:15:05
Oh yeah. So anyway, I throw another tire. I had another rim off another Toyota that’s long since gone and took him out, another spare. ’cause he thinks he’s coming home, right? He don’t have a spare. He thinks he’s coming home. And I take it out to him and, and he’s like, what’s that? And I’m like, this is your other spare. Keep going.

00:10:15:20 –> 00:10:16:13
So long

00:10:16:13 –> 00:10:31:23
Story short, this, these, these kids of mine are awesome. But anyway, they’re, they’re helping me run the trap line. They’re out running cameras and scouting and glassing and, and they got a 22, 2 50 in, up in the front seat. And I mean, I think they’re having the time of their lives. Of course they’ve got summer,

00:10:32:01 –> 00:10:32:26
They got ask you about

00:10:32:26 –> 00:10:36:24
That. They’ve got a gas card, they’ve got a truck and they got a, they got a cell phone. I got,

00:10:36:29 –> 00:10:38:07
This is their summer job, right. This,

00:10:38:07 –> 00:11:03:18
This is their summer job. This summer job is to just, just scour and scour it. You know what I mean? And a lot of it is just, they’re you learning how to use the maps, they got GPSs, I’m sending them coordinates, and then they’ve gotta figure out how to find that, find the water, find this receipt, find this glassing knob, whatever. And it’s, it’s every day I line ’em out with a whole work schedule every day. And so it’s, I I’m loving it. Maybe even more than they are. Of

00:11:03:18 –> 00:11:07:02
Course, I’m hearing the word. The whip is cracking, man.

00:11:07:26 –> 00:11:10:20
Hey, you do not, you, you don’t want to be on salary with me.

00:11:11:09 –> 00:11:22:24
That’s right. And that’s the funny thing is he negotiated a summer rate on salary. Not hourly. It’s not per trip. Not per camera. You put out, not per time you service. They slept

00:11:22:24 –> 00:11:25:14
In until six 30. Most mornings it’s 4:00 AM

00:11:25:25 –> 00:11:30:23
Flat fee. They’re getting screwed. I’m just saying it right now. I’m just saying they’re not,

00:11:30:23 –> 00:12:02:04
They’re not. We’re both getting a good deal. How about that? So anyway, they’re out, they’re out learning some stuff and hiking their little guts out and yeah, so long story short, got him back on their own. Actually, Jake Rvi ended up pulling up to him right before I got there. And so it was good to visit with him, talk about clients and different things and tags and of course the, the, the water that’s everywhere and and whatnot. But anyway, he, he’s starting to help the boys out. And then, then I rolled in and got ’em on the road. So

00:12:02:14 –> 00:12:03:26
Threw the other spare in this truck

00:12:04:02 –> 00:12:07:14
And say, go, go. Yo, what’s the go dude? Hey be

00:12:07:20 –> 00:12:10:22
Dad. I’m gonna go home and go go out with the friends. Fuck you guys had an

00:12:10:22 –> 00:12:10:29
Hour and

00:12:10:29 –> 00:12:16:23
A half break. No, you’re not. You sat here in the sun for four and a half hours doing nothing. You didn’t do a thing for four and a half hours until I got here. It’s

00:12:16:23 –> 00:12:18:18
Not that, it’s, I don’t think

00:12:18:18 –> 00:12:21:01
If Sean is the kind of kid though. You don’t have to tell him

00:12:21:01 –> 00:12:44:07
To get that. I don’t tell. No, I don’t tell him anything. He’s, he loves it. He wakes up this morning and I give him his little, his workload and he looks at me and he goes, that’s it. I, yeah, he got a light day today. Tomorrow’s gonna be a little more rough. So enjoy it, you know. Anyway. No, it’s just fun. I mean, it’s fun to fun time of year. He’s got his own Nevada tag and, and so anyway, just kind of teaching these kids, Hey, this is how it’s done. You know, you gotta, it’s it’s work and it’s staying

00:12:44:07 –> 00:12:48:10
Down animal. I was thinking, whoa, he had a deer tag. He got an animal, drew an animal tag, I forgot. I’m like,

00:12:48:16 –> 00:12:51:08
And we got some big bucks. Of course we haven’t even

00:12:51:20 –> 00:12:52:07
Big two points.

00:12:52:17 –> 00:13:05:22
Yeah. Fork keys with small little basils. So sweet. Anyway, I’m not just saying they’re the only ones out. I’m going out every day. You’re going out, you’ve been looking at sheep. In fact, you looked at sheep just yesterday. Yeah.

00:13:05:29 –> 00:13:31:01
That’s ping ponging around between different places in Utah. Rockies deserts heading to trying to dodge 105 to 10 degree weather getting down there. We had some nice little cool downs in Nevada over the last week or 10 days. And that makes you be able to go out and stay down in sheep country all day long. Which this time of year gets a little bit suspect. Whether you can do that or not, you get down on those days. It’s in the nineties. It’s like a gift from heaven. It is,

00:13:31:15 –> 00:13:32:22
It is. However, I,

00:13:32:24 –> 00:13:34:06
I hate it’s it down there. It’s coming, it’s coming.

00:13:35:01 –> 00:13:43:23
I mean, and I was like, like you, I called, you know, anyway, you and I talked and it was about 3 34 in the afternoon. And I’m like, I I’m on my way home. I’m sick of this.

00:13:45:02 –> 00:14:12:05
And it is hard when you’re finding springs and learning new country and learning habitat and whatnot. And then you’re dealing with the maps, dealing with the GPSs, speaking of which, this will kind of, you know, t tee into, you know, what we’re talking tie into what we’re talking about on, on possibly, you know, say it was your first hunting an area like you Jeff on your elk tag this year, whatever. How do you go about starting that? But anyway, same thing. I’m dealing with learning new country down there and some of it’s awesome, some of it flat sucks.

00:14:12:11 –> 00:14:24:26
Well, and I mean, you, you can burn through a couple of days of, and you don’t accomplish anything. But what you have done is you’ve eliminated stuff. I don’t need to go down there again. You know what I mean? I

00:14:24:26 –> 00:14:25:12
Don’t wanna

00:14:25:12 –> 00:14:42:05
Go down there. But you can only get there by grinding through some of the stuff on whether it’s a deer, whether it’s a sheep, whether it’s, you know, fringe elk habitat, something like that. And you’re going to all these springs on, on maps and all that and 80% of ’em are dry even this year in some of these places. Oh yeah. So if they’re dry this year, well,

00:14:42:05 –> 00:14:45:11
I can’t believe the spring’s on maps. I’m thinking, okay, when

00:14:45:11 –> 00:14:45:28
Was this ever named

00:14:45:29 –> 00:15:02:26
This map? Yeah. You know, you know when you look at the map and it says 1963 or 73, whatever, even though it’s a newer map, that was the last time this was printed on paper for the paper version. Right. And there’s springs on there that probably haven’t existed for over a decade. Yeah. And what years like this, we’re seeing

00:15:03:04 –> 00:15:03:14

00:15:03:20 –> 00:15:07:13
You should see it on the exterior surface. The water table’s still low. Something’s

00:15:07:15 –> 00:15:08:08
Must be changed.

00:15:08:19 –> 00:15:20:02
It’s changed. Earthquakes. I’m, I’m not getting into geo seismic events, but I mean, just the earth has changed in 50 years. You get a little fault and all of a sudden the water’s running different amounts. I don’t know what stingy, what causes it. She’s

00:15:20:02 –> 00:15:20:22
Stingy. She’s stingy.

00:15:20:25 –> 00:15:25:10
She mother nature is stingy. Yeah. And she changes her mind. Does that sound familiar? Well,

00:15:25:10 –> 00:15:49:20
Yeah. There’s weird place. I’m like, I’m going along and then there’s a, there’s looks to be a spring and then I’m looking at the map. I mean, 14 different versions, right? Because you can go on your g p s, you can go on Onyx on your phone, you can go on the paper map, you can go a hundred different places and you look and one will have a spring one won. Why? Why is that? You know what I mean? So I feel like I’ve gotta have a membership in 1400 different ver digital versions to get all the springs.

00:15:49:20 –> 00:15:54:02
Yeah. And then, and then call Good luck with that. Rand McNally himself and, and get a firsthand and

00:15:54:02 –> 00:15:54:14
Say, Rand

00:15:54:19 –> 00:15:55:17
Rand, what do you think

00:15:55:22 –> 00:15:58:07
You need to update? This ain’t right.

00:15:58:23 –> 00:16:00:05
Because I don’t know how many, I’ve

00:16:00:05 –> 00:16:01:10
Named a couple springs. How about that? I

00:16:01:10 –> 00:16:04:00
Don’t know how many springs I’ve walked to that aren’t there.

00:16:05:07 –> 00:16:47:26
Well, and I think the interesting thing, we talk about springs a lot. Let’s just be honest. You need shelter, food, and water. Okay? So like water. When you find water, you find game, little game, big game snakes, whatever. Right? And so anyway, it doesn’t matter if you’re on manti, you’re not gonna go where there’s not water. They like to wallow. They like to drink. Yep. The cow cows love. And so anyway, you create a frenzy, that’s where you’re probably, you’re you’re gonna be hunting around water. I mean, that’s just the name of the game and feed, you know? And of course we’re driving along. I’m seeing bitterbrush. I, I literally had grass up to my mirror in my truck. Wow. Grass. I’m not talking about bushes, I’m talking about grass. And so kind of crazy. You know what I mean?

00:16:48:10 –> 00:16:56:25
It is crazy. It is crazy. Yeah. I think this year it’s gonna be, I, I don’t know, like e even scouting on Manti right now. It’s like what?

00:16:57:14 –> 00:16:59:05
Like manti? Oh yeah.

00:16:59:06 –> 00:16:59:17

00:16:59:17 –> 00:17:00:02
Oh, we went there.

00:17:00:27 –> 00:17:05:16
He said it once before you missed it. I made notes. Made notes. I now know where Jeff hunting elk,

00:17:05:16 –> 00:17:15:23
Jeff hunting elk. Come man. If anybody out there has any bulls tied to a tree, please call Jeff. Call me [email protected] and make sure he hashtags you and gives you all the glory.

00:17:15:25 –> 00:17:18:24
There you go. I might even pay for it because at, at

00:17:18:24 –> 00:17:18:29
This point

00:17:19:17 –> 00:17:21:13
With how much money it takes to get there and

00:17:21:13 –> 00:17:26:12
Back, plumbing must be really good. Right now we know this business is just okay ’cause he’s on salary.

00:17:26:23 –> 00:17:27:14
Well, I think

00:17:28:20 –> 00:17:29:10
We already covered

00:17:29:10 –> 00:17:36:24
That. I think part of it is he’s ready to get back on deer and Yeah. You had a handful of points. Well, and that’s thing that burn him and let’s go hunting. He just

00:17:36:24 –> 00:17:51:04
Looked to go on it costs money. You know, you’re a hundred bucks in fuel a day to run a truck. Right. And then you’re, you know what I mean? And then you got a full day invested into it. I mean, let’s call it a $400 day every day. You know what I mean? And so you geez,

00:17:51:11 –> 00:17:51:28
You pull a week,

00:17:51:29 –> 00:17:56:05
Dude, you, if you can save a week by lucking out, then you throw on bulls early, throw some bull

00:17:56:05 –> 00:17:57:26
Bulls, bull jam and a block or two. Yes.

00:17:58:16 –> 00:17:59:19
Oh hey, like

00:17:59:19 –> 00:18:01:22
It, I FFAs got your credit card on file.

00:18:01:29 –> 00:18:02:14
There you go.

00:18:02:14 –> 00:18:04:16
You’re having things drop shipped to your house. Yeah.

00:18:04:16 –> 00:18:05:20
Trophy rock. Throwing

00:18:05:20 –> 00:18:07:00
It in a one ton truck. We’re

00:18:07:00 –> 00:18:11:01
We’re, we’re just, we’re just gonna pull up with a two ton and load up a with a trophy off too.

00:18:11:02 –> 00:18:14:23
You know, off did make a visit to the office the other day. I don’t know what happened with all that stuff. Appreciate

00:18:14:23 –> 00:18:18:23
Thanks a lot. It’s in the storage shed out there. Break a little bit of it out for the

00:18:19:11 –> 00:18:19:18

00:18:20:03 –> 00:18:21:26
Wpat in certain places in Utah. Take some

00:18:21:26 –> 00:18:22:24
Ram jam. Nah.

00:18:23:07 –> 00:18:25:12
Yeah. Ram, what

00:18:25:12 –> 00:18:25:24
Do you think?

00:18:26:00 –> 00:18:32:19
I’ve never had me. Do you think a sheep would do that? I’ve never had ’em touch the stuff I’ve tried. I bet a couple places I’ve tried salt.

00:18:32:26 –> 00:18:34:11
No kidding. Oh yeah. What have you tried

00:18:35:01 –> 00:18:35:10

00:18:36:02 –> 00:18:37:13
They don’t, they don’t mess with salt

00:18:37:13 –> 00:18:45:17
Couple places. They haven’t don’t. I’ve had ’em in one, one or two places they haven and I think a lot of it, desert salt. I’ve seen this with deer too. Yeah. Like, like certain

00:18:45:17 –> 00:18:46:10
Places never

00:18:46:10 –> 00:18:59:14
Worked for me. Certain places on, on in Deer Range, they don’t even touch it. They, they don’t even act like it’s there and you get ’em, you know, near a spring or something. I think it’s, it’s just a lot of diet, diet issues, you know, other places it feels like

00:18:59:15 –> 00:19:02:00
State of in that area. Some of ’em just don’t need it. That

00:19:02:01 –> 00:19:19:17
I f a guy says, he says he’ll put those blocks on his place and he says, the only thing I get is squirrels. I only get squirrels. He says two miles away. He’s got a, he’s got a, one of his friends has some property over there. He says he goes through a block every two days. Come on, the deer are crushing.

00:19:19:17 –> 00:19:20:29
There you go. Crushing crush

00:19:20:29 –> 00:19:21:10
Again. Wow.

00:19:21:14 –> 00:19:27:16
So it’s just kind of what they’re feeding on right there. And where, whereabouts in their feed pattern you might be sitting too. I don’t know.

00:19:28:05 –> 00:19:35:25
Well, well it’s, it’s coming fast and furious. You we’re on the eve of Arizona cards getting dinged. By the time you hear this, they’re gonna be start getting dinged. Why is 28?

00:19:35:25 –> 00:19:44:16
Why is that on your mind, Adam? I don’t know. Adam. What I’m saying is Adam might get a deer tag. You know, Adam’s so excited. He’s like, dude, normally, okay, just so you everybody’s

00:19:44:16 –> 00:19:45:26
I’ll be up at six in the morning, trust me.

00:19:45:26 –> 00:20:08:16
Okay. Just so everybody knows, we usually take refresh. We’re taking Fridays off to scout and to just be out there. And then obviously going back and forth, taking turns throughout the week just because this time of year there’s, the draws aren’t, you know, things are coming to a close as far as the application season and scouting season is here. And Adam’s like, you know, I think I might work on Friday and I’m thinking the only thing on Friday is credit card. That’s pretty positive.

00:20:08:16 –> 00:20:17:29
Thinking. I’ve changed, I’ve changed my, my mentality. I’m do, because tomorrow could change my, the rest of my summer life. Life, my summer life, your

00:20:17:29 –> 00:20:19:28
Life. Maybe your hunting existence, period.

00:20:19:28 –> 00:20:25:04
It could be, well if it results in a two 40 buck, yes. But, but

00:20:25:14 –> 00:20:30:00
Net or gross. I heard nets are for fish.

00:20:30:14 –> 00:20:55:24
Right. But will be really big fish. I’ve changed. I’m gonna be golfing 18 holes tomorrow at the crack of daylight. Wow. So by 10 30, 11 I’ll be done. And by then I should know my destiny for the rest of the summer. So Adam, I’m either heading back to Nevada, I’m either heading back to Nevada or I’m heading, I’m put either way, the rest of the day I’m putting trail cameras together like a crazed man. It’s just whether I’m going east or whether I’m going or west or south. So lemme

00:20:55:24 –> 00:21:06:12
Tell you about another person that’s on salary. So I got my daughter and her job, her job is to load the cameras with batteries and cards and, and you know, you know what a pain it is to load cameras

00:21:06:13 –> 00:21:09:22
Ripping, oping, and getting rid of the packaging and just, oh

00:21:09:27 –> 00:21:11:26
Dude. And so anyway, I’m like, is on

00:21:12:07 –> 00:21:13:12
Ash piece rate or what?

00:21:14:12 –> 00:21:17:14
I should have her on piece rate? No, she’s a good worker. Don me to do that. Three bucks

00:21:17:22 –> 00:21:18:17
A camera crush.

00:21:18:18 –> 00:21:21:29
I feel guilty for what I do pair. I mean, good. She’s, she’s amazing. I guess

00:21:21:29 –> 00:21:22:14
Let’s just talk,

00:21:22:23 –> 00:21:23:22
Speaking of trail cameras. So

00:21:23:25 –> 00:21:24:24
Jeff, what, what

00:21:25:05 –> 00:21:31:17
Should we talk about trail cameras more like is, there’s a lot of negative connotation these days about trail cameras.

00:21:31:21 –> 00:21:38:16
No. Trail cameras are just, they’re just fun. It’s like Christmas man. And it’s just another opportunity. I mean, it don’t matter if you’re

00:21:39:01 –> 00:21:40:29
Be respectful. How’s that? Yeah.

00:21:40:29 –> 00:21:42:05
Be respectful. Be kind

00:21:42:11 –> 00:21:44:00
And rewind. Remember that saying.

00:21:44:00 –> 00:22:06:16
But whether you’re putting ’em up on the, on like who you’re talking about, like whether it be trophy rock or whatever. I mean, trail cameras are an awesome tool in most states. You can use ’em year round. Nevada, you have to quit at the end of July, July 31st. So you’ve got a, you’ve got a movement out there. All the outfitters and everybody are being very aggressive. This is the only time of year you can, you can use them And then, and then you’re done. You know, as far as that. Now you gotta go back to old school hunting, which I,

00:22:06:16 –> 00:22:07:19
Which I like you love. Yeah,

00:22:07:23 –> 00:22:17:08
I like it. You know. But anyway, it is like Christmas. Go check a cart. I don’t care who you are. If you don’t feel like it’s Christmas, I mean, you’re not a hunter. I mean, it’s to go back and

00:22:17:08 –> 00:22:17:12

00:22:18:10 –> 00:22:19:07
Huh? Even you just

00:22:19:07 –> 00:22:27:25
Like trap, I mean, you’re going up to your favorite Bobcat sets up fire, you’re ready to, you’re ready to find some brush destroyed. And you’re like, where’s he at?

00:22:28:08 –> 00:22:29:00
Yes. Yes.

00:22:29:09 –> 00:22:41:06
You know, and I think there’s so many people that, and and I’ve been seeing this on social media lately, but so many people that think they don’t, I mean, that’s such a negative connotation about it’s running, running cameras.

00:22:41:08 –> 00:22:46:08
It’s, it’s, it’s four dudes that don’t, that don’t have the time to do it. And, and they’re running around and say crush.

00:22:46:08 –> 00:22:54:14
They don’t dunno how to hunt or something like that. And, and I just wanna say that, that, that because you run trail cameras doesn’t mean you don’t know how to hunt. That’s

00:22:54:14 –> 00:22:56:02
Right. It’s a fun tool. Means that it’s

00:22:56:02 –> 00:22:56:08
A tool.

00:22:56:12 –> 00:22:58:13
It’s a tool tool. It’s just a fun tool. And, and

00:22:58:19 –> 00:23:05:26
It’d be like leaving my rangefinder at home because 30 years ago we didn’t use Rangefinders. It’d be like leaving that at home and saying, I don’t need that. Because it’s not a tool. It’s not,

00:23:06:00 –> 00:23:09:13
I guess what we talk, let’s talk about the rangefinders. Okay. It’s my first hunt.

00:23:10:29 –> 00:23:11:06

00:23:11:06 –> 00:23:12:22
First, my first hunt with, do you have

00:23:12:27 –> 00:23:16:16
One in 1990 or 80? 1990. 1990.

00:23:16:16 –> 00:23:18:29
90. Yeah. Something like that. Wow. 89, 90. So

00:23:19:04 –> 00:23:20:12
I didn’t have a rangefinder. No,

00:23:20:13 –> 00:23:21:18
No, that’s my point. Oh,

00:23:21:24 –> 00:23:22:23
Okay. That’s my point.

00:23:22:28 –> 00:23:23:01

00:23:23:05 –> 00:23:24:04
Would never go my first time.

00:23:24:06 –> 00:23:25:04
I would never wanna go

00:23:25:04 –> 00:23:26:22
Back to that day. 1988.

00:23:26:27 –> 00:23:27:07

00:23:27:13 –> 00:23:27:23
No range.

00:23:27:25 –> 00:24:04:01
And it was just brass pins, A Carol Browning bow. And yes, I mean, you know, my dad, you know, he was a surveyor growing up. So encompasses all that stuff. He could judge yard, he could do it. And so he had, we had stakes in our yard and we would try to, you know, every five yards at our archery range. And we’d mentally try to do that. But it’s different. You get out in the hills and you got, you know, it’s not flat, but it’s flat. You can pitch your football fields, you can kind of visualize it. You’re out in the mountains, you’re shooting down a slope or something like that. Or you got open air, it’s a draw and you’re shooting over open air. You’re like, it’s just hope. It’s a hope and a prayer.

00:24:04:25 –> 00:24:05:10
Speaking of hope,

00:24:06:02 –> 00:24:07:07
There we go. This is gonna

00:24:07:07 –> 00:24:20:28
Be good. So I’ve got my mom’s, I’m looking at a picture of my first buck right here. I might might give it to Chris’s host on social media, but this is from way back. I mean Wow. How could you even make backpacks that look that bad? 10, I mean, I mean, might the backpack

00:24:20:28 –> 00:24:22:10
Is, I think there’s a three wheeler.

00:24:22:25 –> 00:24:31:18
I think there’s a bike over here that’s an actual three wheeler couple with these old rotten four wheelers. That’s that we moved in on. I think that’s a three wheeler. It might be. But anyway, you know,

00:24:31:27 –> 00:24:33:11
Suicide bikes is what you call

00:24:33:11 –> 00:24:54:17
Those. Oh yeah. And that’s like having a lap belt. Right. In a vehicle or take going to Washington DC in the back of a camper show, which is what I do. So in 1972 shifts, so this particular hunt, we went back in and it was, it was me dad, darl Trotter and his boy Travis. And so anyway, this was gonna be one of them. This

00:24:54:17 –> 00:24:56:22
The book Cliffs? Yes. Or Lasal. Yeah. Book Cliffs.

00:24:56:23 –> 00:24:59:01
Okay. But but on the general side, clear back when

00:24:59:09 –> 00:25:00:14
Before it was a draw. Yes.

00:25:00:20 –> 00:25:07:12
And so anyway, so we went back up in there and we got on the edge of this great big old canyon. And I got my mom’s 3 0 8. Okay,

00:25:07:23 –> 00:25:09:10
Great. Flat shooting. Good period.

00:25:09:10 –> 00:25:17:06
No, I know the 3 0 8 is the most amazing rifle in the world accuracy wise. But you should up when you’re field with a 3 0 8. I mean, you shouldn’t be so

00:25:17:06 –> 00:25:19:01
Unless you’re out white tail in a free stand. Yeah.

00:25:19:01 –> 00:25:30:23
And this thing has a 20 inch barrel. I mean, it’s a tiny little with magna ported. Right. They call it magna ported and just little slots drilled in. Right. And I’m like, okay. You know, and I, and who knows if it’s cited in, who knows. Right. Dad

00:25:31:02 –> 00:25:31:16
Tells you the

00:25:31:16 –> 00:25:49:29
Gun cost money. And back then we didn’t have a lot of money. So we went back in, we were on the edge of this cliff, and there’s a, there’s a buck down there. And, and I’m going from memory right, long time ago, but my dad and I were like, we were both set up and he’s, I got my pile of shells and he’s got his pile of shells

00:25:50:08 –> 00:25:51:22
And you’re ready to cut loose. Oh yeah.

00:25:51:23 –> 00:26:09:20
And, and, and in and in, you know, back in the day it was like, you know, who draws blood? I mean, you’re tagging it and it’s a, it’s not like, Hey son, here’s your puck. I mean, it’s like, hey, it’s a gar our mind, we’re bulking all that loose on this. And you, I mean, you know, you can picture this. Right. And I

00:26:09:20 –> 00:26:15:05
Just, we need to eat the deer. The, we didn’t have no bottled deer meat left on the fr we need to kill. This thing has to die. Oh,

00:26:15:05 –> 00:26:35:24
It has to die somehow. And it’s a four point, right. And so it’s like, good luck, son. Here we go. You know? And I’m like, good luck, dad. I I’m crushing this thing. Right. God. So he lets around, I let around, he lets around. I let around and I, I mean it, I walk, I wanna feel like it’s a box of show. I wanna say it’s a box of show. I don’t know. I don’t know. There was lots of

00:26:36:09 –> 00:26:39:05
Brass, brass, brass laying, you know, jingles. Yeah.

00:26:39:07 –> 00:26:54:16
Like, spent brass, loaded brass. I mean, it was all right there. Right. And so we’re going through the rounds and I’m like, and I’m trying to figure out where I’m hitting. And I, and neither of us are spotting for either of us. And we don’t have a spotter. And if you had a spotter, what would you have for optics? Right. Remember back then

00:26:54:16 –> 00:26:56:29
Handhold seven power Tao, when

00:26:56:29 –> 00:27:00:01
Redfield 10 by fifties came out, they were the gift of

00:27:00:01 –> 00:27:02:12
The world. They were the B TXs of their time. Come on.

00:27:02:15 –> 00:27:20:04
No, no question. And so anyway, finally I ended up walking, walking the rounds right up into the steer and, and crushed him. I’m like, I hit him. I can’t, you know, and I, and it feels like it’s 1500 yards. Okay. I think it was probably 375 yards,

00:27:20:20 –> 00:27:26:26
But true. But the 3 0 8. Yeah. Multiply that by three, that’s like nine 50. Yeah. Very.

00:27:29:15 –> 00:28:00:18
Anyway, I ended up going down and my dad, he, he was like, yeah, I think you did. You know? And so I’m gonna tag this deer. I mean, and like I say, I mean, when you’re in camp, it’s, you know, he’s as competitive as I am. I mean, it’s, it is what it is. And that was my first year. It was quite an experience. Not an easy hunt. Not a lot that many deer. But anyway, one of those classic example, I wish I’d a rangefinder wish. I mean, if we knew now what we knew, you know what I mean? Knew then what we know now, obviously probably wouldn’t have any deer land.

00:28:00:22 –> 00:28:13:16
My first buck is the same exact story. Yeah. I got a 2 43 and I gotta think that I know exactly. You’ve probably been there, you’ve been out to like Fisher Canyon and everything up there on that, on sessions place up there. Yeah. Anyway, all over

00:28:13:16 –> 00:28:16:06
Sessions right there in basically Park Valley country.

00:28:16:21 –> 00:28:27:02
Yes. So basically before that was a C W M U. We were hunting in general. ’cause we were friends with landowners. Like my dad grew up with everything like that. So anyway, we’re hunting out there and pile bucks started

00:28:27:02 –> 00:28:34:02
Coming outta these trees. Another great deer cartridge, long range deer cartridge. 2 43, a hundred grain bullet. Anyway, keep going. It was,

00:28:34:13 –> 00:28:43:14
Okay. So I think about it, 23 feet. It was close enough that through my three by nine scope, I could judge four point versus three point, everything like that. I a

00:28:43:16 –> 00:28:48:23
Straight, I was raised on a straight eight Simmons. So three to nine. I, I that’s, that’s a, that’s a nice, I had, it’s my first

00:28:48:29 –> 00:29:03:13
Rifle was a Leopold fixed four. Wow. I killed, I killed elk. Used two of them for that. Yes. Fixed four. My dad is a fixed power guy. I think he had a six, but he said at four you have a bigger field of view, you can find it better. Okay.

00:29:03:14 –> 00:29:09:20
And there’s no moving parts. This will last forever. And I’m like, yes. Straight eight Simmons. That’s Simmons. Okay, go ahead. Ahead, Jeff. Go ahead. So

00:29:09:20 –> 00:29:18:17
Anyway, sorry, I’m sitting on this little knoll and here comes these, here come these bucks outta these trees and there’s like eight bucks and I just start slinging lead. I mean, is

00:29:18:17 –> 00:29:19:19
This your actual first hunt?

00:29:19:20 –> 00:29:21:24
This is my, no, my first first deer first kill.

00:29:21:24 –> 00:29:24:04
That’s what I, that’s what I mean. No, that’s what I mean. So there’s

00:29:24:04 –> 00:29:31:10
Like the, there’s eight bucks and they’re just, I mean, I must have been missing them by enough that they really weren’t that spooked. No,

00:29:31:21 –> 00:29:32:07
They were just,

00:29:32:19 –> 00:29:33:01

00:29:33:02 –> 00:29:34:07
Dropping the limbs on top of them.

00:29:34:19 –> 00:29:42:29
I mean, I don’t know, but somehow the best bucks all managed to get by and around the corner and the last buck,

00:29:43:25 –> 00:29:44:26
You’re not gonna knock shoot. Finally

00:29:44:28 –> 00:29:54:08
Takes a bullet. Oh, I, dude, I burned through 20, over 20 rounds. And I know because I had an actual box of shells and, and I burned through ’em all. And, and then I, that

00:29:54:08 –> 00:30:01:25
Was the good old days, man. When you were on a mountain. Well, and, and you knew somebody was, oh, you’re, and they were just, and you’re like, what in the age? And you

00:30:01:25 –> 00:30:02:05
Were never,

00:30:02:05 –> 00:30:06:13
Or they running into And how many bucks are they seeing what you hear? It was

00:30:06:13 –> 00:30:09:11
A two, you hear like, like World War II going on over there.

00:30:09:24 –> 00:30:14:12
It’s amazing. It was a two point. They flushed on their horses and all of them jumped off and they shot 32 rounds. And,

00:30:14:29 –> 00:30:17:18
And you were never accused of being unethical. No,

00:30:18:02 –> 00:30:18:08

00:30:18:14 –> 00:30:29:01
You’re like, you went through 20 rounds. Did you get him? Yeah. Good job. Yeah. You know, nowadays you’re like, oh, it took four rounds and he took a, he took one to the kneecap. You’re a piece of work, you know.

00:30:29:11 –> 00:30:33:16
And I shot him at seven 50 yards. I on the third shot, it drilled him. Oh, you’re a piece of crap. So

00:30:33:16 –> 00:30:38:08
Everybody that’s listening crushed Jeff on social media. There you go. What’s your social media handle?

00:30:39:10 –> 00:30:40:00
I don’t know. Don’t

00:30:40:02 –> 00:30:40:14
Crush me.

00:30:41:04 –> 00:30:41:07

00:30:41:09 –> 00:30:42:20
Only took 18 rounds on my first

00:30:42:20 –> 00:30:43:10
Day at Jeffrey. John.

00:30:44:06 –> 00:30:45:02
I only took 18 rounds

00:30:45:08 –> 00:30:47:11
On my first year. Hey. But the way it ended, the way it ended,

00:30:48:13 –> 00:30:49:04
It’s keep tracking.

00:30:49:23 –> 00:30:50:18
Yeah. It’s keep track.

00:30:50:21 –> 00:30:52:05
All right, keep going, Jeff. Keep going. So,

00:30:52:08 –> 00:30:55:05
So anyway, miss all the good bucks final, the last buck. So

00:30:55:05 –> 00:30:56:08
We’re cranking through box number

00:30:56:08 –> 00:31:04:29
Two, bill in October, a velvet three point. And I freaking, whoa. I find like he’s actually the one that finally caught the unicorn. Caught a bullet from me.

00:31:05:17 –> 00:31:05:24

00:31:05:29 –> 00:31:08:25
Anyway, but I, did he have it’s far enough away and he’s still, he’s

00:31:08:25 –> 00:31:09:17
Normal testicles.

00:31:09:23 –> 00:31:18:00
No, he actually, like, we skinned him out and he had taken, like, somebody hit him with an arrow, I think in the testicles. Wow. No. Oh. Just, he was just sick.

00:31:18:07 –> 00:31:19:22
I’m just trying to think about the stag version.

00:31:19:25 –> 00:31:25:11
Like he a belt side, he was just all like on, on his side. He was like, green festering.

00:31:25:11 –> 00:31:28:05
Okay, great buck, great first buck to take home.

00:31:29:11 –> 00:31:55:05
It was, it was a three point. And I was pretty stoked about it. But I was awful. Assu filled the table. I was pretty bummed about missing all the better bucks and finally the buck hit. But, but anyway, at that point, dude, you’re, I mean I’m a canyon. Oh it’s, it’s down across the canyon. Back up. So I hike up, my dad comes over a little frustrated that I just went through the box of shells and I don’t, I mean, I got like five shells left. ’cause you know, when you’re hiking in the hills, you don’t take four boxes of shells with you. So

00:31:55:05 –> 00:31:56:05
Anyway. Well, but you take two.

00:31:56:18 –> 00:32:01:24
Yeah. I should have taken two, two full boxes, which nowadays I think two full boxes need to scare. Well

00:32:02:01 –> 00:32:08:01
Then go Alaska, Mexico with one box total. Like when have you ever shot 20 round in the last 15 years?

00:32:08:09 –> 00:32:23:13
And I did that in five minutes. I mean, just lodged him. But anyway, that was my first buck. And, and that’s the thing that comes back a range finder and a scope geez. That know where it’s gonna hit once again. Kills more deer. Well like,

00:32:23:29 –> 00:32:30:12
Yeah. Oh yeah. Well, and we had, I had a 44 pound when I was 14 years old. That was my first hunt. That was the year We’re talking

00:32:30:12 –> 00:32:31:01
About gutting, right?

00:32:31:12 –> 00:33:01:06
Yeah. We’re gonna get to that story. Yeah. So Utah used to be the minimum age. Used to be 16. Well the year I, I turned 14 and that next year they changed it to, you can hunt when you’re 14. So I, I timed it perfect. So back then you could buy a deer tag in Utah and you could hunt the archery hunt. And if you didn’t kill you, basically you had a dedicated hunter tag. Yeah. You could hunt the archery if you didn’t kill, you get a hunt the rifle. If you didn’t get it killed, you get to hunt the early muzzle loader. Remember in early November. Yeah.

00:33:01:13 –> 00:33:03:25
It’s crazy. Early muzzle. Meaning late muzz, late muzzle,

00:33:04:00 –> 00:33:06:17
Late muzz. Sorry. The late muzzle. You get a hunt. The muzzle.

00:33:06:17 –> 00:33:08:29
That was the best, that was the best hunt out there in the world. Oh yeah.

00:33:09:03 –> 00:33:12:05
Yes it was. It was dedicated hunter. Now, back when, except

00:33:12:05 –> 00:33:13:22
Barton killed his 290 Yes.

00:33:13:22 –> 00:33:56:25
Except for not hunt hunting muzzle loader in September. You could hunt it in November. Yes. But that was a general season. Yes. $15 tag, whatever. Well, my dad was really into high country mule there at the time. And there were some basins over in southeastern Utah that he had a buddy him that were really, really into these spot in stock. These deer. We were packed in, we were packed in, you know, three or four miles staying in a little cabin. And my brother was 11, so I was 14. He’s three young years younger than me and was 11. And we had a few little, there’s a few cattle ponds and salts and stuff out way back there that, that the cattlemen put in that had a bunch of deer had, there was a lot of deer in 1988. I mean, there was, there was a lot of came. I mean it was, it was, it was my glory days. Yes. I I I got it for about three years.

00:33:57:03 –> 00:33:59:10
No, yeah. Until 1992. 9,300.

00:33:59:10 –> 00:34:28:12
And they crushed him. That’s right. But anyway, I, I just remember the anticipation coming, you know, it went from dad’s gotta be a four point, you know, all year it’s gonna be a four point, gotta be a four point till the day before the hundred. Like dad, any buck steps in front of me with this bow, I’m freaking gonna cut one loose to the night before the hunt. The archery hunt was either sex. And I said, dad, I hope I don’t see a dough first. ’cause I’m ready to cut an arrow loose. I am so ready. I’m done with grouse, I’m done with squirrel. I’m done. I’m ready to freaking kill. I’m

00:34:28:12 –> 00:34:29:10
Gonna provide for the fat.

00:34:29:11 –> 00:35:02:22
Well just, you wanna, you don’t wanna kill something. So opening day, I’m sitting at this little pond and salt and, and, and a makeshift ground blind that I made myself. ’cause my dad’s hiking way up into the steep stuff that’s an hour and a half hike. And he’s probably just didn’t want us kids in the way at the time. And we would’ve been noisy and complaining, blah, blah, blah. Here come these eight bucks into this thing and I’m pinned on the ground. And they’re, they looked like there was three or 4, 180 plus bucks. But who knows what they were. But I blew it before they even got there. ’cause I’m freaking trying to move, get in position. I’m on the ground and they scattered. So I’m pod walking back

00:35:02:25 –> 00:35:07:17
The old car bow with car ball with a stick on arrow rest. Like the stick stuck. Yeah.

00:35:07:26 –> 00:35:09:24
Stuck on Yeah. On the side. Yeah. It’s

00:35:09:24 –> 00:35:10:14
Stuck with, with

00:35:10:23 –> 00:35:15:16
They fell off occasionally. Self tape. You had to have a sparrow one in your pack. ’cause if that one fell off

00:35:16:02 –> 00:35:20:24
You, you can’t shoot your bone. That’s back. I took knocking point. Then you have ’em in there so you can crimp ’em on if you need, I mean

00:35:21:11 –> 00:35:24:25
Strap Anyway, five brass pins that are just terrible. I,

00:35:24:26 –> 00:35:27:06
And I painted those with little pink, red,

00:35:27:09 –> 00:36:09:28
Yellow. I mean I put, you know, like whiteout on the end of them. The problem is when it rained, the whiteout would kind of dissolve. Okay. Keep, you wouldn’t have that. Anyway, so I’m walking back and I jumped this freaking buck and he’s a dink, I mean the smallest two point you can ever see. Imagine good one. I think he was actually actually a two by one maybe. But, and he runs out there and stops. And I, and I’m ready and I just let one rip and it sinks right in his guts. I mean, MIT right in the middle of his body. But this day and age, I’m like, you’re fucked now. Right Then I’m ecstatic. You drilled right then. I’m 14 years old. Oh yeah. But, sorry, perfect lung shot. Well, I didn’t know. I just knew I, I drilled that thing. Right. You saw that.

00:36:10:04 –> 00:36:46:29
And you know, when, when you used to shoots, either they’re up and down porpoising or it purpo or it’s side to side’s and you’re seeing the arrow side to side. It’s finger tab. There’s no release. It’s finger tab. Yeah. You know, 44 pounder and let that rip. So I run back, I get Aaron, I don’t know what he was doing. He’s all by himself. Back at camp at 11 year old, no radios, no cell phones, no radios. No. That’s, and I’m a mile, I’m about three quarters of a mile from him. So I get him, I said, Hey, I freaking eat. So we get back down there, we start tracking it and we’re trying, we see this, we see it bedded up there and it’s alive and it’s just, and I’m like, and right. So we had the wherewithal, I guess to back out. We went back there and did something.

00:36:46:29 –> 00:37:26:20
We came back and it’s laying dead. Right. And it’s bed. And so then here’s Aaron and I and my dad. Back then an outdoor life. He had those cartoon things, you know, that you could read. You know, they had a cartoon page about, usually it was like some guy got charged by a bear or attacked by something weird. Well this one is had a gut of deer. Okay. And there’s Aaron and I, 1411, we have this thing out in the bushes. We got the coloring book. Your outdoor life. Are you serious? No. Just the two pages that we torn out. My dad said if you kill one, he’s thinking tank, can I kill one? Yeah. He’s like, if you do, here’s the stuff. This is how you get it here. And we had that open in the bushes. No way. First number one, roll the deer on his back, spread it legs open.

00:37:27:26 –> 00:38:11:28
So we got a position like that. And then it’s, you can imagine, imagine, imagine. Then you start reaming. And so we’re reaming and there’s pee coming out and we’re like, wow, that didn’t say that’s gonna happen. Well you punctured some kind of sack at him. There’s yellow suit all over the meat though. And then, and then you start going up and you try to put your fingers in a V behind your knife and you’re not puncture it. And that doesn’t matter. You’re still puncture stuff. And then I get in there and I see my arrow blown up the stomach. It’s a mess. So we somehow, we got it out and we drug that thing. We have blood, Aaron and I look like we’ve, you know, been butchering chickens. It looks like we butchered 50 chickens. You know, we have blood from head to toe. As we grab this little feller, he’s probably now out with his guts out.

00:38:11:28 –> 00:38:38:05
He’s probably 75 or 80 pounder. And we drug him that three quarter mile back to the cabin. Now we gotta skin him. Right. So we got him roped up and we’re ski him. And then my dad rolls in, he’s like, he’s, and his jaw hits the ground. He’s just like, what the crap? And, and I still look back at it now ’cause my boy, you have a boy that age. Oh, it’d be like, I, it’d be like Justin and Ashley, that that’s basically the age you’re talking. Yes. They go kill a deer on their own.

00:38:38:19 –> 00:38:39:28
Yes. Pretty amazing.

00:38:40:11 –> 00:38:41:00
Get it back again.

00:38:41:00 –> 00:38:42:13
And he had, they ended stack at

00:38:42:13 –> 00:38:44:07
Camp. Oh yeah. With the

00:38:44:11 –> 00:38:45:00
Chest cavity.

00:38:45:06 –> 00:38:48:29
I I don’t know if there was lungs and heart up there. I didn’t know at that point. Oh,

00:38:48:29 –> 00:38:49:22
They didn’t get past. Maybe

00:38:49:22 –> 00:38:51:05
There was no diaphragm. I don’t know. Didn’t

00:38:51:05 –> 00:38:51:25
Get past the diaphragm.

00:38:52:12 –> 00:38:54:22
I don’t remember. But anyway, good times. Oh,

00:38:54:22 –> 00:39:12:12
I’ve got a funny story about those car bulls. So same basic C country, Adam. I mean I’m on the LaSalle’s. Yeah. You you were down in San Juan. Yeah. San Juan Bajo. Yeah, I’m on the LaSalle’s. You and I, we were probably sitting in tree stands or archery hunting with the same equipment. Just one mountain range park. Yeah.

00:39:12:15 –> 00:39:15:14
Back in the day, if we knew, well because they were, they were made in Moab, Utah, these,

00:39:15:14 –> 00:39:16:18
Yeah. And I lived in Moab.

00:39:16:18 –> 00:39:18:01
These both in Monticello. You lived in Mons.

00:39:18:13 –> 00:39:19:13
I didn’t even, of course that

00:39:19:13 –> 00:39:24:05
Was our local bow company. Yeah. That was the bo only bow shop in southeastern Utah. And they made ’em. Yeah.

00:39:24:05 –> 00:39:44:26
So I’m sitting up there, this is back in my human trail camera days. And I’m up there swinging in an aspen. Right. And I’ve got my car bow and these deer come in and I’m over a salt lake and these deer come in and I’m swinging away. Right. And they come in and this one buck is freaking stud. I can still picture him. He’s got a big old swirling drop time.

00:39:45:26 –> 00:39:46:02

00:39:46:02 –> 00:40:22:08
Way. Yeah. Corkscrew probably. I, it, I I wanna say it’s fourteener, like a corkscrew drop time. And I’m like, I’m gonna crush this thing. But then I start shaking. Right. I get buck fever. I used to get the worst buck fever we can have a podcast on buck fever to overcome. I was horrible how to overcome that. But anyway, I’m sitting up there and I’m starting to shake and I’m starting to shake and I go to pull my bow back and I can’t get it back. Okay. And I, I can’t get it back. And he’s sitting there, I remember licking this white salt block and I’m like, I gotta get this some. I finally, I’m,

00:40:22:08 –> 00:40:24:26
It’s probably a 45 pounder. Well, I mean just like it’s

00:40:25:09 –> 00:40:54:04
50 maybe. I’m like, I’m getting this bull back home. Hecker high water. And I mean I get it back and I’m back there and I’m like, oh, now I’m just shaking. I mean the whole thing. And I get it roughly on the deer and you cut and my finger tabs and I just let her loose and it freaking hits it in the hip and bounces out. It bounced out. There’s my arrow. I could use it again. That’s awesome. There’s a $10

00:40:54:04 –> 00:40:58:14
Arrow. It didn’t even bend. Yeah. Because they were all tx 70 fives or game gauges.

00:40:58:16 –> 00:41:01:04
And I was using Thunderhead one 20 fives and that’s my dad.

00:41:01:11 –> 00:41:05:05
I was using the bear razor heads. Remember? They’re like, they felt three and a half inches long.

00:41:05:23 –> 00:41:06:06
Remember those felt you

00:41:06:06 –> 00:41:13:08
Had to sharp em. Oh we had, yeah, the hair. Your my dad told how to sharpen ’em when you cut, cut the hair on your arm when it cuts the hair on your arm, they’re good to go. You’re

00:41:13:08 –> 00:41:14:02
Like, how hard do I gotta

00:41:14:02 –> 00:41:16:01
Press? Geez, you’d have bald arms. Oh

00:41:16:02 –> 00:41:35:17
No, I had scrapes from the wiki. There was a wicki, fixed heads and bears and, and the thinner head 21, 25 for, for us. And so anyway, this thing, it bounced off of his hip and they just kind of trod over there and looked back at me and I’m like, I suck. I suck. How far would you guess? What was that

00:41:35:17 –> 00:41:35:20

00:41:35:22 –> 00:41:53:18
20, 25 yards or something stupid. And Ooh was a special deer. I just, anyway, probably one of the better deer to come up on Zachary. I don’t know. Yeah. That Zachary property back then. But anyway, that’s my caribou story. Chris, what do you got for us? Chris is shaking his head

00:41:53:18 –> 00:42:02:12
Over here. Chris is thinking just like, I don’t even remember Carol. Yeah, I don’t barrel Razorhead. Thunderheads. Wicks Zwicky. First bow

00:42:02:14 –> 00:42:04:05
I shot was a browning. Oh

00:42:04:05 –> 00:42:05:23
Yeah. You live in Morgan, Utah.

00:42:05:23 –> 00:42:08:24
Yeah. Now, now that I look back, I’m like that’s pretty nice bow. Oh yeah.

00:42:09:05 –> 00:42:19:23
Oh dude. Oh we started shooting brownies ’cause they had some hybrid Carol would use like Browning risers, but you then use Carol Limps. So I called mine the Carol Brown. Well yeah it was, we called it the Carol Brown.

00:42:19:23 –> 00:42:25:02
All I knew was mine was painted in Aspen leaves. Literally it was bright, bright, bright.

00:42:25:05 –> 00:42:31:13
Mine was green. Mine green. My riser was Matt Black, like a powder coated, matte black. What you want the limbs

00:42:31:18 –> 00:42:33:29
Kind of cool. Were gloss. Oh, black

00:42:34:02 –> 00:42:42:17
But gloss. Yeah. So I had to paint ’em with that chincy paint that peeled off. Yeah. So it looked like crap after you packed it around a while. So Chris is

00:42:42:17 –> 00:42:42:29

00:42:43:24 –> 00:42:50:05
Chris is browning. So I that 10 years between when you guys first were going and when I did. Must have a lot changed.

00:42:50:05 –> 00:42:51:10
Oh, it was probably 20 years Chris.

00:42:51:11 –> 00:42:53:02
We might, it probably was. Probably was

00:42:53:02 –> 00:42:53:14
No 15.

00:42:54:08 –> 00:42:54:24
Probably was 15.

00:42:55:02 –> 00:42:59:16
Alright, so, so your first archery hundred, what, what are we talking about here? Where are we going with all this?

00:43:00:05 –> 00:43:03:13
Well, I was just talking about the bow. The bow is Oh, equipment.

00:43:03:21 –> 00:43:03:28

00:43:03:28 –> 00:43:23:08
Much different it was from when I started that bow was actually a pretty decent bow. Oh yeah. It had, it was super light poundage, but it, it worked And it was actually painted with Matt Camo. Yeah. A browning and, yeah. ’cause Browning was right there in my hometown and went and picked up that little browning bow and learned how to shoot on it. Never

00:43:23:08 –> 00:43:23:13

00:43:24:06 –> 00:43:25:19
When did composite stalks

00:43:25:19 –> 00:43:26:01
Come out

00:43:26:19 –> 00:43:27:24
For rifles? Yeah,

00:43:28:00 –> 00:43:29:16
Mine was, that was, we were back in the

00:43:29:16 –> 00:43:40:28
Woodstock. We were all wood. Mine had a 700, you know, b d l. Yeah. Which all it meant was that you could eject the shells out the floor plate instead of having to shuck ’em like the ADLs. But that was mine. Two seven, my first

00:43:40:28 –> 00:43:47:19
Real gun. So I shot that buck, that first big buck in oh three in Nevada with the one I sold. Chris, this is a classic

00:43:47:27 –> 00:43:49:18
And that was my first real gun. And

00:43:49:18 –> 00:44:06:23
Chris is like, Jason screwed me. And I, I didn’t, it worked fine for me, so I don’t, I don’t understand. Anyway, it was a Remington 700. I thought this was the ultimate Remington 700 in chambered in a 300 Weatherby mag. Yeah. 300 weatherby mag. That’s awesome. Kick. I thought it was awesome kick

00:44:06:23 –> 00:44:10:07
Like this. It was, it was really good. If you could get a shell into the chamber.

00:44:10:25 –> 00:44:22:29
Well, okay, so well, what happens? This chamber was interesting and, and, and so I would buy a box of shells and I’d rack ’em all through it. And then there would be three or four That wouldn’t work. Right. That wouldn’t

00:44:23:08 –> 00:44:24:22
And a, a factory, even in a factory box.

00:44:24:22 –> 00:44:35:12
No. A hundred percent factory. We didn’t even, we didn’t even reload. Reload. No. Heck no. And I remember I took that out. Don’t actually remember my organ sheep in 2004. Oh yeah. I shot it with that gun and single

00:44:35:13 –> 00:44:35:22

00:44:35:27 –> 00:44:47:28
Trophy. Bonded bear claw. Yeah. Bear cloth. That’s what I shot it with. Yeah. And it was I think a silver case or something. Anyway, another one of those gifts that sometimes you just feel like

00:44:48:14 –> 00:44:49:13
It was meant to be. If we,

00:44:49:13 –> 00:44:57:26
If we used nowadays the equipment we had back then, even in oh four, even in oh three, 2000, whatever. I mean, you,

00:44:59:06 –> 00:45:00:00
I remember, I mean

00:45:00:00 –> 00:45:02:22
You’re Oh yeah. You’re what? I mean you’re, you’re 20

00:45:02:22 –> 00:45:04:06
Years is amazing. Well,

00:45:04:06 –> 00:45:37:18
I remember I was in the hunting industry. I remember miss you grew up hunting the lasal, as did I. ’cause it was an open bull unit. Yes. And I remember I was about 16 and I had that set up, the two 70 regular, two 70 win Remington with a fixed four Leopold. And I remember coming up on this Rag Horn Bull, probably four or five point not very far. And I missed it. And I, it, it was like monumental. It was like crushing for a week. Because you remember little SALs to kill a bull on the general was like you won the Super Bowl. Oh, it it, well it was right. The

00:45:38:18 –> 00:45:39:29
Contest anywhere at that point,

00:45:40:01 –> 00:45:42:17
Bull contest deal is usually won by a five by six. Yes.

00:45:42:19 –> 00:46:06:06
That’s what I mean first. So a branched down. I mean, and I missed it. And it was just, just because, you know, you’re getting down arrest, you don’t have row range, a range finder. And it was crushing and it wasn’t even a big elk, but to be 16 and to kill an elk, like if, even if somebody’s dad killed an elk on the, it a big deal. Everybody in town knew about it. Yes. ’cause there was only five people in Monticello, roughly that would kill one over there,

00:46:06:26 –> 00:46:11:19
You know? And it wasn’t just like that anywhere. It was, it was, it was basically everywhere. It was hard to kill a decent bull

00:46:12:02 –> 00:46:39:13
I killed years ago, third spike. I, well, I was, I was on a muzz or kick and I’m like, I’m gonna kill everything in my life with a muzz order and this and that. And, and I did. I killed it. I killed a lot of stuff with a muzz when I was young. I mean, I shot this spike in Colorado and I aimed for the heart at 125 yards. And I hit him in the heart. I mean, you know, I was like in this when I was a little kid. But yeah, you’d be considered unethical using the gear we used back then nowadays. Oh geez. You people would look at you and call you out on social media for being unethical. I mean, you know what I mean? That’s right.

00:46:39:20 –> 00:46:40:23
Crush you. So

00:46:41:10 –> 00:46:48:23
Anyway, kind of crazy how times have changed. I would, I want to just run back to buck fever. Buck fever. I, I had a real problem with buck fever.

00:46:49:04 –> 00:46:51:13
I still do occasionally. It doesn’t, it doesn’t, doesn’t

00:46:51:13 –> 00:46:53:00
Change nowadays. I, you should see my

00:46:53:00 –> 00:46:53:19
Sheet video.

00:46:54:09 –> 00:47:00:22
Was it? Yeah. Which round? Jeff? I don’t remember. I don’t remember

00:47:00:22 –> 00:47:06:04
On this. It was, it was like round number nine that I actually killed the rim. That actually, well, but I hit him four times

00:47:07:02 –> 00:47:08:06
Before out of

00:47:09:17 –> 00:47:09:26

00:47:10:05 –> 00:47:12:20
A good volley like nine. Well, and how far?

00:47:13:12 –> 00:47:35:10
Oh, I started at 200. I’m telling you, I’m telling you, my heart was pumping so hard. I know Dusty’s sitting there and he’s, look, he looks at me and he’s like, shoot. And I’m like, I can’t. And he’s like, why? And I’m like, because every time my heart beats the scope jumps three feet over his back. I’m like, I can’t calm down. I am like breathing. I’m thinking of everything I can do to try to calm down.

00:47:35:15 –> 00:47:40:01
The worst thing that could happen is somebody in year going, he’s gonna get away. Whatcha doing?

00:47:40:01 –> 00:48:12:08
Hurry? The worst thing that happened with me, I had all the time in the world. Yeah. And I was, I was just, dude dis is after like 15 days of grinding and I finally find this ram I wanna kill. And, and dude, I am seriously, I’m sitting there video cameras on like, like, and, and I’m watching the crosshairs go like this with every heartbeat. And I’m like, I don’t know how I’m like, I’m trying to hold the gun lightly. I’m trying to hold the gun heavy. Yes. I’m trying to lean up against stuff. I’m trying to, yes. And I’ve got bipods and I’ve got, and I’m just like, and I can’t, if I touch the gun, it’s jumping all over the mat.

00:48:12:14 –> 00:48:24:16
So a one thing you, you shouldn’t shoot. Okay. And then b b is from, I probably should from back in the days from guiding guys is the worst thing you can have is a guide yelling in your ear to shoot. He is gonna get away. Hurry up, hurry

00:48:24:29 –> 00:48:25:29
Fast. What, what you doing?

00:48:26:08 –> 00:49:17:25
They can’t find him. And so it’s always just calm voices. Here’s, you know, you’re fine. You got all the time in the world. You gotta walk ’em through it. And then I walk myself through the shot. When I’m by myself, I’m talking to myself, chill out. You’re gonna miss him. You know, in, in 20 seconds you’re either gonna be a zero or a hero. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so, and and then part of it too was I was spending a lot of time, Adam and I, you know, guiding in our early years and whatnot and hunting, trying to hunt as much as we can maintain a young family broker than crap. And so I’d be like, okay, if I make this shot count, I can go home and I’m a hero. My wife thinks I’m awesome, I’ve saved a little bit of money and I might be able to do this again. Right. Or I can miss spend another two weeks out here, risk getting a divorce and be broken in shit. Okay. So there’s different,

00:49:17:29 –> 00:49:22:23
Everybody has different but buttons that all of a sudden makes them get completely calm. Yes.

00:49:22:26 –> 00:49:37:28
And I’m like, I’ve gotta kill this thing and then get buck fever. And for the most part I’m getting buck fever. I start shaking 30 seconds after and then I, when I realize what all happened, but I try to gloss over and just go and kill mode. But anyway,

00:49:37:28 –> 00:49:44:23
This is a cowel. I I say that to a lot of clients. This is just like a cow elk, you know, it’s not usually a lot

00:49:44:27 –> 00:49:46:19
Minus the otter. A few little

00:49:46:19 –> 00:49:52:24
Things. Well yes, but I mean, you’re just trying to talk ’em through the fact that this is not a 220 inch mule deer. However

00:49:52:26 –> 00:49:53:18
It might go two 30

00:49:53:22 –> 00:49:56:24
Or this is not a one 70 inch ram in a unit. It’s

00:49:56:24 –> 00:49:56:26

00:49:57:01 –> 00:49:57:16
One 60.

00:49:57:24 –> 00:49:58:17
Yeah. Once in a this

00:49:58:25 –> 00:50:01:05
Once in a lifetime draw that you spent 56 years of playing.

00:50:01:12 –> 00:50:17:12
It’s just a, just a cow out. Nothing, nothing special. No pressure, no pressure, nothing sexy about the hunt. It’s just, just mechanical. It’s just, just the bench. You’re just shooting a cow elk for the freezer, talking ’em through. I don’t know if it works or not, but anyway. Usually, usually you gotta tie it, dummy it down. But anyway, that’s another topic maybe, but

00:50:17:16 –> 00:50:24:10
We’ve got, yeah. So anyway, well that’s about it for the rumbling ramblings today. Chris, do we got anything we need to throw out? A little shout out here.

00:50:24:11 –> 00:51:19:24
Yeah, we’re, we’re coming down to the end of this is, there’s nothing else really left to apply for few state raffles, one of which being the Wyoming super tag raffle. They have a tag for every big game species, even a couple of the others that like bears and lion, the sheep, moose, goat or the trifecta or the deer, elk, antelope, moose, all those bison. The deadline to apply for those is July 1st, 2019. Super tag tickets are $10 per individual ticket per species, or $30 each for the trifecta. There’s also, you can go online to wd.wyo.gov/epic outdoors by those again by July 1st, 2019. They’ll be drawn within a week or two after that. We always have a hundred or two in our January issue that wins one of these super tags a member, no question. So it’s real people at the end of these. So encourage you to get something in. If you’ve got a few bucks you wanna throw towards something like that. We

00:51:19:24 –> 00:52:00:16
Had the Idaho Drive results come out and it was pretty awesome. We’ve got guys that have drawn significant elk and deer tag. Super excited for ’em. And if you draw Arizona, we wanna hear from you. If you drew Idaho, you haven’t called in, we want to hear from you. We can help you get started. Also hit up, Chris, let’s, any questions as far as getting over Buck fever? Any questions about going on your first hunt? We have, we wanna talk about that in a future podcast as far as the basics, kind of dummy it down just a little bit and maybe talk about some of the things we might take for granted a little bit. And that’s kind of hard to do just because you’re in your own forest. But anyway, if you have any questions, hit up Chris, [email protected] or social media. Hit our epic hunts. Epic. Is it underscore hunts?

00:52:00:16 –> 00:52:00:25
Yeah. Epic

00:52:00:25 –> 00:52:08:08
Underscore hunts Instagram. Send a direct message. I’ll save all those. And then when it comes time to do another podcast like that, then we’ll, I’ll pull those questions out. All

00:52:08:08 –> 00:52:23:13
Right. It’s already scouting time. If you guys need Digi scope set up, don’t forget the guys at phone scope. P H O N e ss k o p e.com. We’ve got ’em all in our packs. It didn’t happen if you didn’t get a picture or video of it, so check it out. That’s another

00:52:23:17 –> 00:52:45:14
It out thing about missing, you know, you can talk about missing and they’re like, it didn’t happen if you didn’t kill it. They’re kinda like, oh yeah, that may or may not have happened. It may or may not be as big as you say. Things like that comes to mind. You know what I mean? So it’s like full scope. Anyway, same thing with phone scope. If it didn’t video and you’re like, dude, I saw a big sucker. It’s like, nah, he may or may not have it. May or may not have happened.

00:52:45:17 –> 00:52:45:26
I’m Kong

00:52:45:29 –> 00:53:47:16
Bss. So anyway, take phone scope, make sure you can prove that it happened. And I caught a judge. Avoid all the ridicule your bones loose. Do want to do, wanna talk about m o a rifles? Super good guys making a thousand yard rifles. We went up, took their course well worth it. One of the best courses I’ve ever been to that Bob Beck puts it on, knows what he’s doing. And you will come away with something, you will learn something at this. I don’t care how good you shoot. It’s always nice to get a group of guys in the room that talk about know about and do it. And so other guys that are in the in the course are, are usually hunters like yourselves, serious guys that are looking to up the game a little bit. And, and it does teach you a lot. So anyway, m moa rifles.com 5 4 1 5 2 6 18 20. And we’ll go from there. Chris, you got anything else for us buddy? We need to hear from you a little more. Of course. You can’t get a word in edgewise here. It’s tough. It’s tough. We do need to talk about that browning bow a little bit more. Of course. The 300 Weatherbee, that was amazing. We need to talk about it a little bit more. It

00:53:47:16 –> 00:53:49:20
Shot pretty decent once you got a a shell in it

00:53:51:02 –> 00:53:51:14
Shot great

00:53:51:24 –> 00:53:53:11
Shot. Great. Is a single shot. So,

00:53:53:15 –> 00:54:01:14
You know, this wasn’t even a custom rifle. This was an out of the box with lots of probably metal filings within the action. I don’t know, just one of those things.

00:54:01:22 –> 00:54:12:26
I will share this one story. So do you, you remember the the buck in Colorado? That was the big typical Yeah, that I passed the first day. Oh yeah. Giant.

00:54:13:05 –> 00:54:15:26
You got video clips. Fact, maybe we’ll throw up a video clip of in Monte.

00:54:15:26 –> 00:54:19:18
Yeah, that thing haunted me, has haunted me for years. Well, still

00:54:19:18 –> 00:54:20:17
Haunts. You still

00:54:20:17 –> 00:54:28:01
Does. Anyway, I, I got on that deer. I had the rifle. I was at 400 yards. I

00:54:28:01 –> 00:54:31:00
Think one of your buddies dumped this deer, right? Yeah. I don’t mean to throw salt the wood,

00:54:31:00 –> 00:54:38:23
But keep going. The next deer the next year, come on. So low blow. So I’m, I’m sitting there and I go to put in a shell and it gems, I

00:54:39:04 –> 00:54:39:19
Remember this story.

00:54:39:27 –> 00:55:06:04
Oh, the deer is walking across this window. It’s probably a hundred yard window. And I just watched it walk across the whole thing. And I’m sitting there trying to get the shell in, trying to get the shell in. And it’s, it was a 400 yard easy shot. Right. And I can’t do it. Right. And finally the deer walks outta sight. I get the gun sorted out and fog closes in. And geez, that was the last chance. Cost you a deer. Cost me a deer. Yep. How does that make you feel, Jason?

00:55:07:03 –> 00:55:09:24
I’m glad it wasn’t me. And

00:55:09:24 –> 00:55:10:10
That’s why Jason,

00:55:10:20 –> 00:55:11:29
I knew there was a reason I sold that gun.

00:55:13:15 –> 00:55:15:04
I’m sorry. Buyer beware.

00:55:16:13 –> 00:55:17:20
So, so if you see a three,

00:55:17:20 –> 00:55:18:22
There’s no implied warranty.

00:55:19:03 –> 00:55:21:10
If you see a 300 weather bee in a,

00:55:21:10 –> 00:55:22:22
In a 700 Rivington

00:55:22:22 –> 00:55:23:02

00:55:23:07 –> 00:55:24:10
Out there, don’t

00:55:24:10 –> 00:55:31:06
Buy it. And it’s a synthetic with a stainless. It’s a stainless with some I thought it was late. Oh, it was the latest factory gun. Yeah, it was factory. Really?

00:55:32:02 –> 00:55:33:26
I sold it. But, but, but you had

00:55:33:26 –> 00:55:34:12
It worked on.

00:55:34:25 –> 00:55:39:10
I had it. So before I sold it, I, I felt bad selling it. So before I sold it.

00:55:40:10 –> 00:55:44:24
And I, and keep in mind, it didn’t give me the grief it gave Chris, I wouldn’t have sold it to you. Yeah, yeah.

00:55:45:07 –> 00:55:45:18
It didn’t.

00:55:45:18 –> 00:55:53:14
I I did. I thought it was that particular brand of ammo that it just wouldn’t fit. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so I would shuck ’em through and be like, fi 15 outta 20. Good.

00:55:53:27 –> 00:56:12:19
See? And I didn’t do that either, so I, you know, but before I sold it, I took it to a guy that’s, he’s a very, very accomplished gunsmith. And I took it to him and had him sorted out, and then I sold it. Yeah. But I, I just didn’t want the, the feelings associated with that gun. I, I probably, it probably caused me two deer. And I was just like,

00:56:13:03 –> 00:56:16:28
Even though it’s sorted out, I would just as soon use this as a handyman.

00:56:17:02 –> 00:56:22:16
Yeah, exactly. Even though it’s sorted out, I just have bad feelings with this gun and I don’t, I don’t want it, I don’t want it anymore.

00:56:22:16 –> 00:56:47:08
So a jack my truck guns like that. Oh yeah. That just, I’m done. Yeah. With that gun. Yeah. It just, something happened and you’re like, no more. I mean, just to say, jack your truck up in a mud hole, throw it in the, in the void and then let your truck back down on it. You know what I mean? Yeah. To get yourself out, just to fill the road up, give instead of a tree branch in there and put the gun and never would be done with it. So never be heard of again. Anyway. All right. That’s it. Okay. Sounds good. Good luck in Arizona.