Bullets, Bears, Cougars, and a Hunt Giveaway. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we unveil our Spring 2020 Hunt Giveaway. We detail all of the amazing hunt opportunities we will be offering in the giveaway. In our cold call section we talk bullets with Mark Thompson of Thompson Long Range and catch up with Josh Horrocks of Horox Outfitting.

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We’re seeing the light of light at the end of the application tunnel. I

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Think it’s a better bullet. It’s a better concept for any bullet.

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We’re ready to hunt, man. There’s the, the, the closer fall comes, the more calls we get and we’re just ready to

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Go. Anything to do with Western big Games?

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under

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Anything you say can and will be used against you. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. John Peterson. Chris Peterson. We also have Devin and Wyatt in the room in the house.

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That would do a full blown Friday edition. Here we go. Weekends almost here. We don’t wanna ask these three bachelors. What’s going on this weekend? What

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Are you guys doing this weekend?

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I guess we are gonna ask.

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I wanna know, don’t you? What are you guys doing?

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Headed south to pick up my Ud a mount

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Actually. Oh yeah. Cool. So pretty good at you gonna bring it here or are you gonna bring it? Take it. Do we know where the resting place? We’re probably

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Gonna come here. Get a plank wall over there. Sweet.

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That’s all

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That’d be good. Wow. Looking forward to seeing it. Giant. 35 plus

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It’s a giant out of Texas with our indoor stuff

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Speaking. Yeah, we’re giving one of those hunts away. Just kicked that off in our newest Epic Outdoors membership drive. So I don’t wanna really, you know, spiel the beans too much. Let guess. Here we are. That’s one of the Hunts. Texas next winter. Aw Dad, high West Outfitters.

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Same hunt You went on. What?

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Yeah, same. Same hunt I just got back from in February. Awesome. Hunt. Tons of Rams. Great crew of guys down there. Yeah.

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Yeah, you did good. You killed a freaking monster. Now Bronson and I are booking hunts with him, trying to figure out how we can beat you.

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Yeah. I’m not worried about Pete that, but if you shot one like that, you definitely wouldn’t be happy. You’d need another one.

00:01:41:12 –> 00:01:42:26
I wanna, I wanna beat him. Yeah.

00:01:43:06 –> 00:01:44:06
I can’t wait to see it, man. Meet

00:01:44:20 –> 00:01:46:00
You. You’re getting it tomorrow or today?

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Yeah. You’re gonna go pick it up tonight. Awesome.

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Is that why you’re wanting to get off work early?

00:01:49:19 –> 00:01:51:05
Yes. Sneak outta here. Friday

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Afternoon. He wants a half hour off. It’s Friday. And bro, and I had to think three times about it though.

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He wants to beat the Corona rush down there. He might hit Costco or something. No,

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No. He’s gonna lay pretty low key.

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Just a one touch. Go visit Jeff down there and grab your, grab your odd ad and head home. Head home.

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Yeah. Good.

00:02:07:23 –> 00:02:08:10
Well, all right.

00:02:08:12 –> 00:02:09:06
Be in bed by nine.

00:02:09:26 –> 00:02:10:20
Nah, hopefully

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These guys, John, they go to bed at that. I know. I mean, I’m like, okay, you get off work at six, what do you do till nine? And he’s like, you know, I’m like, what do you mean? You know, what do you do? You sit in the La-Z-Boy chair. Depends. I mean, what do you guys do? You guys like

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To dig into our personal lives way too much. So we’re not gonna reveal anything. We’re like

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Most people, we eat dinner.

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I know. Devin shuts down about eight 30. Like so funny. If you go to the, the shows with him in the winter, eight 30 comes and he’s like trying to stay up later than anybody

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In the winter. That’s not understandable. Right? It’s getting dark, but now it’s light till eight 30. It’s different. So is it harder? Do you stay up till 10, 9 30.

00:02:50:25 –> 00:02:51:18
Nine 30? Yeah.

00:02:52:21 –> 00:02:52:28

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Full. I sent you a text on the Backdoor method. Mexico Draw results

00:02:57:17 –> 00:02:58:27
Bron at 9 46. Bronson

00:02:58:27 –> 00:03:01:29
And I are back and forth, back and forth. Silence from you from

00:03:02:06 –> 00:03:03:07
These guys. It

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Was 9 45. We were asleep. That’s my point. It was the day night. I got four kids. Bronson, how many kids you got? You? I got three. Yeah. And we’re wide awake, chipper, checking out dry results, doing research. We were here at what, five?

00:03:18:07 –> 00:03:23:05
I don’t know about the word chip or Carter, but we was, I was awake still. Yeah.

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Anyway. Anyway. Pretty awesome. We thought it was an important deal. Well, before we get cranking too hard, we wanna thank up Under Armour. Let’s thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast and everything we do here at Epic Outdoors. They’re involved in the print side, the social media side, our podcast side. So anyway, we appreciate them and their support of us here at Epic Outdoors. So Bronson, you brought up a hunt. Let’s talk about a few other hunts that we’re giving away.

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Let’s do it as we, you know, if you’ve seen the eag, it’s live and, and and online right now with epic outdoors.com. If you’re a member, you can view that. It’s the May edition covering Idaho, deer, elk and antelope, Wyoming, deer and antelope, Iowa, white-tailed deer and Washington moose, sheep and goats, all there online. We’ve also unveiled our, it’s, it’s always our shortest membership drive. We do, we only do two big main ones a year, but this one’s short. And part of the reason is a couple of these hunts are for this fall. We’ve got, let, let’s just read through ’em. First off, we’ve got, this is a 2021 hunt. This is an Alaska doll sheep hunt with Jonah’s, Alaska Outfitters. August, 2021, Brooks Ranger of Alaska. Awesome hunt. Jonah’s an awesome outfitter. He is his own pilot. Aggressive crew of guys, really scouts hard. And we gave, we gave one or two away these one of these away last year and given another one of these away.

00:04:50:03 –> 00:05:36:25
This is for 2021. So don’t worry about any travel bans currently or quarantine restrictions. Going to Alaska this year doesn’t affect this year. This is for 2021. So that’s, that’s one of the hunts. Again, just kind of the retouch, how you can enter for all of these. You either join Epic Outdoors if you’ve been listened to these podcasts and, and join them. And you want to be able to maybe get more out of, you know, your hunting plans, application plans, consultation with any of one one of us. That’s all included for a hundred dollars a year. Epic Outdoors membership. But if you join or refer somebody that joins, you get a ticket for it. Or you can also just purchase tickets. There’s different ticket packages. We can talk about maybe the 200 $500 package here at the end. But let’s go through the rest of the hunts.

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Yeah, what I really like about Jonah, he’s a hunter. He’s Bronson, he’s like our age. He’s aggressive. He’s coming down here doing over the counter archery in Arizona, Mexico. Cous deer with a bow. I mean, just very aggressive. Hunter himself lives for the trophy. Super good guy. Next on the docket, we got a 2 31 miler hunt that’s with Greg Croak, muggy on Rim Outfitters. That includes a landowner tag. We bought a landowner tag that comes with it. You’re not having to draw a tag. And then we’ve also booked Greg, you’ll be able to choose the season archery muzzle rifle. He’ll take you seven day hunt. Just an incredible opportunity year with one of the best mealer hunters and best Mealer outfitters out there. So this year, right, 2020, choose your season. You got a August 10th opener for archery. Goes till September 9th. You got September 10th to October 4th, and then the 5th of October through the 31st for rifle hunters. So anyway, archery, muzzle in the middle rifle on the end, any seven days, of course the hunter can continue to hunt.

00:06:36:26 –> 00:06:53:29
Yeah. If you book an archery hunt with him, hunt seven days and for some reason doesn’t come together, don’t kill, you’re the, the landowner tags in Nevada for deer are good for every season until you punch your tag on a buck. So yeah, you could hunt, I don’t know what that is. 80 something days, perhaps. I don’t know. Maybe more than that. Maybe 90, I don’t know.

00:06:54:06 –> 00:06:56:24
A lot. Basically August 10th to October 31st

00:06:57:02 –> 00:07:00:00
Enough to, cause you could be in the field. Marital problems, I tell you that.

00:07:00:03 –> 00:07:12:10
Or girlfriends with these guys. I mean, that’s right. These gals are used to, you guys going to bed at nine? Pretty sure they’re not gonna like you being in the hills from August 10th to October 31st. No, no, they are, well, they got some pretty understanding gals. Yeah, they’re,

00:07:12:13 –> 00:07:13:16
They got good ones. It’s a

00:07:13:16 –> 00:07:15:12
Totally different thing when it’s that time of year. It’s

00:07:15:12 –> 00:07:29:16
Different. Okay. That’s, that’s the pre, pre, can’t call it a prenup, but it’s the pre disclosures. Right. Predating disclosures. I’m gone a lot from July through November. Let’s call

00:07:29:20 –> 00:07:31:05
It a deposition. I, I don’t know.

00:07:32:14 –> 00:07:34:13
Okay, next time. So what do we got

00:07:34:29 –> 00:08:04:29
Next up we’ve got an nail cut with Deadline Outfitters, Hopi, Gartner up there in Northern Nevada. Oh 7 6 0 8 1 with a landowner tag. So bought the landowner tag. You have to choose your season up there, so you’re not gonna be able to hunt all the seasons. You actually, for elk landowner tags, you choose your season. And anyway, he’ll take you on any season you want right up there. Butts up against unit 54 of Idaho, producing a few giant bulls. And so anyway, we’ve never given away Bronson an elk hunt in Nevada with a, with a landowner tag. Yeah,

00:08:04:29 –> 00:08:23:13
I thought, thought that would be a unique one as well. Should be a great year. Great chance to hunt a, you know, 3 40, 3 50, maybe even better caliber bull. This is not just an average six point bull hunt. So anyway, great chance there. That’s another one of the options. John, you got another one for us? This one’s for 2021.

00:08:23:21 –> 00:08:40:06
Yeah, the next one up is unit 68 in Colorado. Mule deer tag on the third season in 2021. The dates are just incredible. Really late dates on this November 13th through the 17th, I believe Anybody

00:08:41:16 –> 00:08:42:02
13th and

00:08:42:22 –> 00:08:44:20
19, 19, 13 and 19. Say it on there. All right.

00:08:45:04 –> 00:08:47:06
13 to 19. I don’t have it on there, I gotta put it on there.

00:08:47:22 –> 00:08:52:06
Seven days in the Rutt. Never been later. Third season dates than that ever.

00:08:52:14 –> 00:09:22:14
That includes 6 81, 6 82. He’s got some incredible access on private property down there. One of the best deer outfitters in the state of Colorado. It’s hard to get these tags. Of course, Colorado, they don’t publish lists of NAR tech. It’s hard to get your paws on tags. And so anyway, we’ve got some connections there as well as with the outfitter, clay Hill Hills guides and Outfitters. Super good guy knocking down some giants in Colorado. So we just thought it fitting with 2021 being the latest ever, why not throw a hunt out? There should

00:09:22:14 –> 00:09:30:29
Be a great hunt that, that includes the landowner tag. So keep that in mind. Landowner tag, fully outfitted, hunt included. So what’s the next one? Devon T the next one up for us. Yeah, this

00:09:30:29 –> 00:09:46:02
One’s also 2021, just the first couple days. January 5th to the 11th in Old Mexico with cuckoo CCO del Sid in Rancho bonito trophy hunt. So yeah, you get picked up in Tucson, he picks the guys up and you cross the border. Him, he helps you.

00:09:47:07 –> 00:09:54:25
A lot of different ranches down there. We’ve got friends, personal friends is how we got affiliated with him. Yeah. Knocking down some freaking great bucks.

00:09:55:00 –> 00:10:01:08
Yeah, it’s a fun hunting to go. It’s, it’s, I’ve talked to a lot of guys who go in big groups and just have a riot, kill some great bucks. He’s

00:10:01:08 –> 00:10:09:04
A good guy. He speaks English. I mean, we come by the booth. He comes by the booth at the hunt expo, visited with us, man. We’re expecting some great things on this.

00:10:09:05 –> 00:10:44:07
Well it’s, that’s, that’s a hunt too. That’s, you know, cos deer hunts a little bit more maybe in everybody’s price range. If you’re looking, you win this hunt, you still have time. We’re gonna draw these hunts June 20th. This membership drives, goes from now through last day by tickets is June 19th. And if you happen to win that and had a friend or family member you want to book, Cuco would still have room to be able to book somebody to be able to go with you on that. So they’re not, you know, not that that outta reach to be able to do that. So then Wyatt, we kind of talked about this a little bit earlier, but tell us a little bit about this auto ad hunt. Jim Breck. Yeah, this

00:10:44:07 –> 00:11:08:29
Last one’s the hunt. I recently just got back from, and, and I did take a great ud a I saw a ton of sheep pointed down there with a good friend of mine. He, he ended up taking two UD a all over 30 inches. Geez. So it’s pretty, pretty incredible. The hunter would have the opportunity to choose to hunt in February, March or April. This, you know, next spring, 2021. Great guys, great crew. They’re gonna take care of you and do everything they can to get you the best sheet possible.

00:11:09:01 –> 00:11:15:14
Well, and it seemed like it was awesome for you. You rolled in, smoked a monster, and were able to roll out. Well

00:11:15:14 –> 00:11:19:22
They had a snowstorm. So the rolling out was a little bit of problem, wasn’t it? Yeah. Rolling out. I think I got

00:11:21:09 –> 00:11:26:26
You. Yeah. You missed your flight. And of course you’re calling into work and we’re telling you here, no matter what, we’re busy,

00:11:26:29 –> 00:11:29:26
How much snow did West Texas to shut things down, how much snow

00:11:30:01 –> 00:11:42:04
They had a skiff. I mean, we wouldn’t even, wouldn’t even bad an eye at it here we just call it another day. But down there it shut the whole place down. Canceled flights ended up staying down there in Midland of the day longer. And they should have,

00:11:42:19 –> 00:11:44:24
It was probably warmer here than it was down there that

00:11:45:08 –> 00:11:45:26
Yeah, it might’ve

00:11:45:26 –> 00:11:47:06
Been, it was pretty chilly. Yeah, it

00:11:47:26 –> 00:11:49:14
Normally, that’d be pretty good weathered hunt, man.

00:11:49:23 –> 00:11:56:26
That’s not typical though. So don’t let that scare you off. And you got flexibility. You got three, three months to choose from or so to pick a date.

00:11:57:01 –> 00:12:02:24
And similar to that Cuco hunt, he would have spots where if you wanted to take a buddy down with you, he he could definitely work that.

00:12:03:00 –> 00:12:16:05
Yeah. Yeah. These aren’t things you have to draw. These aren’t landowner tags per se, you know, just buy your Texas hunting license and whatnot. Right? Yep. And pretty inexpensive. Fly yourself down there and, and go hunt. So weren’t

00:12:16:05 –> 00:12:20:24
You saying there was a hunter after you had left that was on a ranch and seen like 70 or 80 rams in

00:12:20:24 –> 00:12:29:08
One bunch? Yeah, in one herd. It was actually the same ranch I hunted. They went back a couple weeks later with another hunter and they found a huge herd of rams. I can’t remember the exact number, but

00:12:29:15 –> 00:12:29:29
It was mid

00:12:30:05 –> 00:12:33:26
Seventies. Yeah, seventies, 80 type numbers. That’s crazy. Lot of sheep down there.

00:12:34:05 –> 00:12:35:02
Come on. Amazing.

00:12:35:20 –> 00:13:42:05
That’s pretty awesome. So, so those are six awesome hunts there that we just went through. And, and you know, you might ask, well geez, why are they launching this? And you know, this time where the economy and the Covid era work and everything, like that’s kind of got everybody a little bit on edge. Well the, the, the quick and dirty on that is we bought all these hunts well in advance of this. We didn’t buy ’em last week and put this together thinking, Hey, let’s give away a bunch of hunts. We, we buy ’em sometimes years in advance. In the case of the doll sheep, you have to do that. So we have to give these away. Some of these, like we said, are for this fall, we can’t wait any longer. We bought these other hunts while in advance and we bought hunts for next year already as well in some cases. And so we have to give ’em away. Somebody’s gonna win ’em, who knows what the odds are gonna be. They’re, it’s a short drive it again, it ends it June 19th and we’ve got ticket packages. If you wanna do a, you know, tickets start as short, as small as 25 bucks. But if you wanna do a hundred dollars package, $200 package or $500 package, you know, we have different things involved in that. Why don’t talk about the $500 package

00:13:42:09 –> 00:14:02:12
Car? Yeah, we can do that. We got a $200 package and a 500, the 200 is a 10 ticket package. It’s a savings of 50 bucks. So it gives you a little better deal on bulk, on a bulk purchase of, of 10 tickets. And so anyway, you can throw ’em in for any of the six hunts. And then you’ll also get a custom epic outdoor series Razor light knife. So outdoor

00:14:02:12 –> 00:14:03:06
Edge and knife. Yep.

00:14:03:08 –> 00:14:54:01
Yep. The Epic Outdoors logos on it with outdoor edge razor light, replaceable blade knife. And then we also have, what you mentioned there, the, the $500 ticket package. That’s the 30 tickets in that package. It’s John’s savings at 250 bucks. I mean, it’s an incredible savings. You get 30 tickets for, you know, your choice of one of the six hunts, all of the six, whatever you wanna put ’em. You can do it. And then you’ll also get a, a custom knife, again, epic outdoors etched logo on the, on the outdoor edge knife. And then also you’ll get one ticket and our bonus package. And that bonus package has normally, you know, been a tag of some sort. We’ve done a 2 31 deer tag in the past, you know, in light of our new epic optics division. We threw an optics package together, an incredible lineup of Binos. We got Leica Ultras, we’ve got Zeiss vinyls.

00:14:55:09 –> 00:14:56:14
It’s amazing. Lineup got,

00:14:56:19 –> 00:14:58:05
It’s an amazing, we got the btx

00:14:58:05 –> 00:14:58:17
Keep breathing. Yeah,

00:14:58:17 –> 00:15:11:07
There’s a lot. Yeah. We got the B T X with the spotting scope combo would be a 20 to 70 power scope, or excuse me, 30 to 70. 30 to 70 power spotter along with the B T X I piece. And then

00:15:12:03 –> 00:15:13:06
Vortex vortex find

00:15:13:07 –> 00:16:05:28
Rangefinder and yeah, yeah. Rifle scope. Anyway, so I we’re talking dang near $13,000 in optics that we’re gonna be giving away to, to guys that are purchasing the $500 pick ticket package. So just awesome. You know, this day and age we’re, we’re excited. Even though it is a, you know, let’s call it the Covid era, you know, everybody’s getting excited. Restrictions are lightning. We’re going hunting this fall. There’s no question about it. A lot of our hunts are for 2021. We do have a couple for 2020, but man, it’s gonna be incredible short membership drive. Like you were talking about, Bronson, we’re expecting the odds to be fairly good. Some guys are gonna be holding back a little bit. But having said that, if you, you know, if you didn’t get, you know, applied in all the different states or whatnot, you were kind of holding back, not sure what was going on, you might consider applying in the outdoors. Or

00:16:05:28 –> 00:16:14:16
If New Mexico slammed the door in your face and you’re just about to get, you know, a few grand or multi grand back on your card and you want a chance 20 give, give

00:16:14:16 –> 00:16:15:28
A shot grand or,

00:16:15:29 –> 00:16:36:04
Or, yeah. I don’t know. I’m making up words on the fly. It’s true. Or if you just simply have members, family members that haven’t joined and you wanna refer ’em or buy ’em a gift subscription, keep in mind you get a ticket in for joining or referring somebody that joins. So anyway, just a quick and dirty on our newest membership drive. Let’s, let’s do some cold calling. You

00:16:36:04 –> 00:16:43:28
Want to cold call somebody? Let’s try it. Let’s make somebody’s day a mess. How about that Friday afternoon giggles for the epic

00:16:43:28 –> 00:16:57:04
Team? No, never su suspected. Yeah, we gotta call new people because we’re even calling people. We called, I think we talked about, I called Jeff the other day. Oh yeah. He thought I was, you know, he was guarded. He would, I’m just had to finally tell I’m you’ll

00:16:57:06 –> 00:16:59:07
Ever answer again on the first go round. No,

00:16:59:22 –> 00:17:00:14
No. You know what I mean?

00:17:00:15 –> 00:17:01:26
He’s gonna let it hit his voicemail.

00:17:01:29 –> 00:17:07:04
He’s gonna make you reply with a text after you after it rings five times. All right, let’s get cry.

00:17:07:04 –> 00:17:12:13
Let’s see, let’s, what do you think about trying all Mark Thompson up there he is. Got a little new technology on his bullets. Yeah.

00:17:12:13 –> 00:17:18:25
Let’s see. It mark’s up too. See if he’s tho long range critter lick. Let’s gr partners from from the start. So see if

00:17:18:25 –> 00:17:22:26
He’s scouting some bull elk up on the cash meadowville, huh? Yeah, maybe couple

00:17:22:26 –> 00:17:25:05
Times a little, little early for that. Probably. Let’s

00:17:25:05 –> 00:17:25:29
See what he has to say.

00:17:28:23 –> 00:17:29:04

00:17:29:19 –> 00:17:30:25
Hey, what are you doing today?

00:17:32:08 –> 00:17:34:08
I’m putting fe in. What are you doing? Come on in the office.

00:17:34:17 –> 00:17:35:00

00:17:35:00 –> 00:17:37:20
Not fencing, you’re cow. You’re being a cowboy, huh?

00:17:38:14 –> 00:17:39:12
Yeah, a little bit.

00:17:40:08 –> 00:17:54:08
Well, you’re out in the Epic Outdoors podcast. You’re, you’re live and hot and we just thought, hey, what’s what’s going on in Cache Valley? We gotta give Mark a call and talk about maybe this new bullet. We saw you switched up the ad in our newest magazine

00:17:55:10 –> 00:18:12:18
A little bit. The twist match bullet, something we’ve been working on for, oh, probably five years if you add it all up. I started cutting some grooves in some different bullets and running them down the barrel just to see what would happen.

00:18:13:26 –> 00:18:14:18
That doesn’t sound

00:18:14:25 –> 00:18:15:17
Safe, does

00:18:15:17 –> 00:18:20:03
It? You’re taking a hammer and a screwdriver and putting a couple dents in it and throwing it down range or what are you doing?

00:18:20:26 –> 00:18:25:06
A little bit. The first two, I tied a string to the trigger and stood back because I didn’t know what’s

00:18:25:06 –> 00:18:27:27
Gonna, I believe that, that

00:18:27:27 –> 00:18:31:18
Too Yeah. Threw a mouth guard and a football helmet on.

00:18:32:05 –> 00:18:34:16
Yeah. Pair of sunglasses for protection.

00:18:35:07 –> 00:18:58:09
Yeah. Then I got a little more aggressive and cut a little bit deeper and just kept getting different results. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. It’s, it’s, it’s pretty cool. I mean, it’s amazing the accuracy that I gained and you know, I’ve reduced the drop out there at a thousand yards significantly, which satisfies me that we’re flying a little bit flatter and a little bit faster.

00:18:58:17 –> 00:19:00:29
What significant mean two inches? Or what are we talking about?

00:19:00:29 –> 00:19:08:03
Depends on what velocity I push ’em at. Depends on whose bullet I’ve modified. Depends on what rifle I’m running them through

00:19:08:05 –> 00:19:10:17
Really. Yeah. So yeah. So

00:19:10:28 –> 00:19:11:05

00:19:11:05 –> 00:19:23:18
Basics of what you were trying to accomplish, tell, tell, you know, with with these grooves on the, on the bullet, what were you, I mean, reducing, I guess drag and, and extending down range, you know,

00:19:23:29 –> 00:19:25:03
Capabilities or

00:19:25:23 –> 00:19:46:12
Velocity. So I’m gonna back, I’m gonna back up a little bit. Yeah. Probably 20 something years ago we were in some pine trees. We’d just come up through some pine trees on horseback and we heard the whiz of a bullet. Geez. And then I seen it drop in the leaves not very far from me. I walked over and picked it up. No idea where it came from. My gosh. Such

00:19:46:12 –> 00:19:48:18
A, a liar. Did you, did, you’re such a

00:19:48:18 –> 00:19:50:00
Liar. Did you even hear the gun?

00:19:50:05 –> 00:19:51:00
You gotta hear the rest of that.

00:19:51:01 –> 00:19:52:28
You didn’t even hear a gun go off anywhere. Right.

00:19:53:13 –> 00:19:57:02
It was far enough away. We didn’t hear a gun go off. I walked over there and picked it up so hot. This

00:19:57:02 –> 00:19:58:14
Is leading to a joke. There’s no way.

00:19:58:22 –> 00:20:21:11
No, no, no, no. This is fact. You got it. I walked, I walked over, picked it up and it was so hot I couldn’t hold it. Really. And I’m thinking, wait a minute, where did all that heat come from? Because was it generated in the barrel and held that heat while it was flying through the air the whole time? There’s no way that happened. So in my mind I realized there was some friction on that bullet flying through the air, creating that heat.

00:20:21:17 –> 00:20:25:12
So not just friction from the barrel. You’re talking friction in the air. Yeah,

00:20:25:24 –> 00:20:29:14
Yeah. There’s no way it could have held that heat wherever it came from. From

00:20:29:24 –> 00:20:30:00

00:20:30:18 –> 00:20:55:20
Hmm. It, it should have shed that heat before it got to where we were. Okay. So when that happened, you know, I thought about that a lot. How, what kind of resistance is against that thing. And then the next thing that happened was about the same time, Jason, I hooked up with you guys and you come out and shot. Yeah. You remember my range out there in the desert? We had, we had that flat soft dirt beyond the thousand yard target, right?

00:20:55:25 –> 00:20:56:01

00:20:56:15 –> 00:21:01:07
And we were shooting the aban bullets then by nosler still still one of our favorites. It’s,

00:21:02:09 –> 00:21:03:16
It holds together like killing

00:21:03:23 –> 00:21:04:23
Killers too. They’re

00:21:04:23 –> 00:21:04:28

00:21:04:28 –> 00:21:24:26
Yeah. It is a, it is a great bullet. Doesn’t matter how close or how far. But anyway, I picked some of those up out there of guys that had missed the targets over the years. And they were whole bullets. In other words, no defamation at all. But what was unique is that white plastic tip was about two thirds gone melted.

00:21:25:21 –> 00:21:25:25

00:21:26:17 –> 00:22:01:00
So a third of that tip was still there. And then little fine spider web pieces had kind of pushed away from it. So while it was spinning and flying through the air, it was, it was actually melting again that the friction thing hit me. So I thought, man, there’s gotta be a way to reduce that friction. You know, I watch all the other bullet manufacturers make the really long noses o jives out there. And the downside of that long, long nose, I call it a nose, is those that wanna load close to the LANs, can’t get close to the LANs without,

00:22:01:14 –> 00:22:04:18
Can’t see your bullet deep enough where you want it. Yeah.

00:22:05:03 –> 00:22:07:01
Right. And then you can’t get ’em in the magazine close the

00:22:07:01 –> 00:22:09:05
Bolts and mag Yeah. Clips and all that.

00:22:09:19 –> 00:22:53:14
It just compounds everything. So then the thought process went to, what if I cut, what if I cut grooves in that O jive going over the O jive and keep a short nose yet increase the surface area by making those recesses and reducing the friction that way. And that’s just basically where it went. I wanted to match the twist, not that I’m gonna help that thing twist through the air or maintain twist. I’d done some more tests to learn how much twist is lost between muzzle and a thousand yards. And it’s insignificant. So if it’s a one in 10 twist coming outta the muzzle, it’s pretty much one in 10 going through paper.

00:22:53:15 –> 00:22:56:14
One, one in 10.5 at a thousand, whatever. But

00:22:56:20 –> 00:23:13:26
No one in 10. Same. Okay. I mean, it, it was insignificant. Wow. I mean, actually I marked the bullets with a marker and shot ’em through paper. Two passes of paper. And when they’d go through the paper, they’d leave that black mark on the paper and I could measure how much the rotation was through the cardboard. It’s pretty cool.

00:23:14:17 –> 00:23:15:11
Hmm. Wow. So,

00:23:16:17 –> 00:23:16:24

00:23:16:24 –> 00:23:40:01
I kept screwing, I kept screwing around. I tried, you know, different depths of grooves, different widths of grooves, different lengths of grooves and different calibers, different loads. Any copper, all copper bullet. So, okay, I’m gonna back up there again. I think my idea of a lead core bullet is probably not gonna be around in 10 years or less.

00:23:40:18 –> 00:23:41:29
No, we gotta save the condor.

00:23:42:17 –> 00:23:57:06
Yeah. So I didn’t even even wanna mess with any lead core bullets. One reason is because I don’t think we’re gonna be using ’em. And another reason is I didn’t dare cut the skin off of there and have it come apart going down the barrel. Oh

00:23:57:06 –> 00:23:58:04
Yeah. You didn’t wanna have,

00:23:59:04 –> 00:23:59:17

00:23:59:21 –> 00:24:01:11
Didn’t, didn’t almost the lead didn’t

00:24:01:11 –> 00:24:04:02
Wanna have to rely on the helmet to actually have to work.

00:24:04:23 –> 00:24:12:29
Right. I didn’t wanna do the string trick on those bullets. Right. Just so all copper bullets, every copper bullet that you can imagine I bought.

00:24:13:12 –> 00:24:13:20

00:24:13:25 –> 00:24:29:13
And then I went, I went to the machinist and I had him cut the grooves in one in 10, one in nines, just depending on what rifle I was working on. What caliber, what that was the expensive part, because that was not cheap. Having those cut at the right twist and having enough done that I could test them.

00:24:29:19 –> 00:24:32:28
This is tight. I mean, this is new age stuff. Pretty

00:24:32:28 –> 00:24:51:07
Sold the result. It’s pretty cool. Now, I guess if we fast forward to the end of what we saw in this most recent ad, tell us what you think you’ve, what you’ve said or found what you’ve, what you’ve got. So you were, you’re happy or you probably wouldn’t be releasing something if you weren’t happy. ’cause you’re pretty much a perfectionist. You’re, you wanna be right For sure.

00:24:51:09 –> 00:24:57:07
Yeah. Do you have, do you have Scotty pull the trigger a thousand yards away? Yeah. And you go grab the bullet and see how is just the

00:24:57:07 –> 00:24:59:06
Ones that, just the ones I didn’t dare shoot.

00:25:01:04 –> 00:25:02:12
And so what was the end result?

00:25:02:12 –> 00:25:39:11
Well, I, I had done all those sample and test bullets and was satisfied that I was seeing positive results, period. So then I filed for patent. And if any of you have ever done a patent, you know how long that takes. It took forever. And I was, I was really shocked that nobody had patented this. There was some similar, not so similar, but nobody had ever matched the twist of the barrel with the grooves over the oj Anyway, I secured the, the patent. And once I’d done that, then it was a whole bunch more testing to satisfy me even more. And from there we’re where we at now. I mean, just,

00:25:39:16 –> 00:25:40:05
So where are you?

00:25:40:11 –> 00:25:54:06
I’m not a bullet manufacturer by any means. They’re, the ones I have are machined ones. And you know, the only thing I can do is offer anybody that wants to sign up for the class, they’re welcome to come and run some down range. If they sign up for the class, let ’em shoot some, see the difference. So

00:25:54:06 –> 00:26:08:27
Let’s say I come to Thompson long range. You sell me a rifle, I’ve got everything set up. Do you, are we at the point where we can run those, we can run those bullets in the field and or is it more that shit just kind of the initial concept still?

00:26:09:14 –> 00:26:28:09
Nope. You can run the ones I got, they’re, like I say, they’re machine ones. They’re not manufactured. I think in the manufacturing process there’s some other things that can be perfected. But the machine ones that I’ve got, I’m totally satisfied. They do the job. So like you say, somebody that signs up, they’re welcome to shoot some down range and see what it’s all about. It’s pretty impressive.

00:26:28:09 –> 00:26:34:26
Does it, do you feel like it reduces spin drift or anything like that? Or, I mean, definitely something you wanna do, something we wanna look into.

00:26:35:06 –> 00:26:57:14
I think it’s a better bullet. It’s a better concept for any bullet. So spin drift, the transition between supersonic and subsonic. I mean, you’ve heard the stories of people that lose track of their bullet once they break through that supersonic subsonic line. I, I didn’t experience that with these, which is pretty cool. That’s what does that, that means there’s some, you

00:26:57:14 –> 00:27:01:02
Gotta talk hunting terms with this mark. What is, what’s the good and bad of all that?

00:27:01:13 –> 00:27:02:15
Super and sub? So

00:27:03:14 –> 00:27:49:24
Velocity is what it all comes down to. I’m not exact, but I think it’s like right around 1200 feet per second. And faster is supersonic going faster in the speed of sound. Okay. When a bullet transitions from supersonic to subsonic, it, there’s some destabilizer destabilization that can happen. And with this bullet, I did not experience that. In other words, it held the accuracy through that transition. Oh wow. Which one? One of the rifles is, I don’t know, 1400 yards. So I I’ve shot these things way out there. Wow. Just so I could get through that. So in my opinion, any bullet that goes down a rifle barrel, if it has twist match grooves over the o jive in the nose, it, it’s gonna enhance the flight of that bullet. Are

00:27:49:24 –> 00:28:00:00
You, are you shooting it mainly with a 30 cal? I mean, or, or maybe you have multiple calibers, but like what, what, what BC are you talking like on a 30 cal? Or what whatever you think you’re using the

00:28:00:00 –> 00:28:15:29
Most. I don’t have, I don’t have a way to calculate that stuff. Yeah. So it, all I can do is take the bullet before it’s cut. Yeah. Get the results with that bullet before I cut it. And then shoot the bullet, the identical bullet with the cuts in it and see the difference.

00:28:17:04 –> 00:28:19:25
And are you maintaining weight or is it pulling weight off of it?

00:28:20:29 –> 00:28:24:12
About one and a half grains, two grains maximum. Oh

00:28:24:12 –> 00:28:25:11
Wow. Not much

00:28:25:26 –> 00:28:27:29
Ball. Not enough to make much of a difference.

00:28:28:05 –> 00:28:31:17
Are you calculating, are you down to where you’re calculating a different ballistic coefficient or

00:28:32:29 –> 00:28:41:00
I, I haven’t, I haven’t got to that yet. I mean, I’ve tried to figure it backwards. I’m not gonna say any numbers. Yeah. You, you’ll be able to see the difference if you come and shoot.

00:28:41:21 –> 00:28:45:26
Wow. 2 57. 2 57 or are you

00:28:46:29 –> 00:28:49:18
2 57? Seven m in the 30 caliber. Gotcha.

00:28:50:16 –> 00:28:53:21
Wow. Kind of exciting. Are you, that’s fun.

00:28:53:26 –> 00:29:06:25
You never rest, do you like, you’re never like, well you’re building fence today, it sounds like. So you’re not, not resting, but it’s just not in your nature to say, hi, I’ve done all I think I’m gonna do in this life. I’m gonna watch the grass grow today.

00:29:08:17 –> 00:29:09:07
Not much of that.

00:29:09:23 –> 00:29:10:11
No, no,

00:29:11:03 –> 00:29:11:25
Not much of that.

00:29:12:05 –> 00:29:21:12
No. That’s just not how you’re wired. Well it’s always, you know, you, you’ve proven if you’ve been everything you’ve been doing, you, you do well at, like you said, you’re born perfect, but are you

00:29:21:14 –> 00:29:25:09
Still in, are you still involved with the snow climbs and things like that? Sleds?

00:29:25:10 –> 00:29:32:02
No. We, we, we quit doing that a year and a half ago, so, okay. It was kind of a relief that become a burden more than a pleasure. So,

00:29:32:20 –> 00:29:32:29

00:29:33:26 –> 00:29:37:23
I spent a lot more time with the rifle stuff and the, the bullet thing, so

00:29:37:29 –> 00:29:38:17
That’s good.

00:29:38:23 –> 00:30:03:19
Okay. Well we appreciate your time everybody. Mark Thompson, Thompson long range offers, shooting schools, rifle setups, very cost effective for long range hunting. Been through the course, owned the rifles at unbelievable. Mark, you, you introduced us to long range hunting. Clear back in the day. I wanna say you probably know the year, but what was it, 2000 3, 4, 5, something like that.

00:30:04:20 –> 00:30:06:28
Jason, I think, what were you 12 when you came here? Oh,

00:30:06:28 –> 00:30:09:13
Come on, come on. This is, I knew this was

00:30:09:13 –> 00:30:13:04
Coming 12 when you finally hit that thousand yard target jumping around.

00:30:13:10 –> 00:30:49:13
Hey, well there’s, when you hit something like that, there’s something about being on the top of a hill and feeling like if you glass it, you can kill it. And just, there’s something about it. And you introduced me to that. I just got done 2003, I shot a, a 2 37 buck and, and I made a 400 yard shot, barely got it. Got the job done. And then I think it was the next year, oh 5, 0 6 ish, something like that. I think it was oh five. You know, I went and shot with you and realized that, you know, it was child’s play shooting that bucket 400 was child’s play for a guy like you. So,

00:30:49:18 –> 00:30:56:23
Yeah, the, the whole thing I try to do is just simplify it and we steal our way. Simple. I mean simplicity is what it’s all about. So

00:30:56:29 –> 00:31:19:17
Yeah, it’s incredible. You know, wealth of knowledge and information there. So anybody that’s interested, Thompson long range. 1-800-584-FOUR 0 7 9. Anyway, you can shoot the old standard bullets. Of course there’s some exciting stuff he’s got going on with with whatnot. You heard it folks, you might want to go out and check it out. Anything else, mark? No,

00:31:19:17 –> 00:31:21:08
I think that’s it. Get to work. Get outta the office.

00:31:22:01 –> 00:31:23:19
Tell us, tell us. Sounds

00:31:23:19 –> 00:31:26:25
Like there’s enough of you sitting there. You ought to be spread out a little bit. Yeah,

00:31:27:05 –> 00:31:44:20
We’re listen, four and a half feet, I think we’re done. We’re done having a boss quit telling us what to do. Hey, tell us real quick, you smoked a giant buck up there in Idaho. Congratulations. He’s featured in this latest issue of Epic Outdoors. Oh wow. Yeah. You didn’t even know you were in there.

00:31:45:08 –> 00:31:47:08
No, didn’t know. I had to check that out. He looks,

00:31:47:10 –> 00:31:53:05
He looks 210 inch typical. He looks freaking awesome. Of course you’re good at taking photos. What was it? He was great

00:31:53:05 –> 00:31:57:11
Beer. You gotta stretch. You gotta stretch back a little bit. Lengthen your arms like everybody does.

00:31:58:02 –> 00:31:58:23
He’s a great deer

00:31:58:23 –> 00:32:00:13
Though. He is. 1 93. Yeah.

00:32:00:17 –> 00:32:10:11
Wow. It’s a great buck, great buck. General season and yep. You and Scotty have you guys have crushed a bunch of big bucks crossed the border there in Idaho. So

00:32:10:13 –> 00:32:13:17
Over the counter tag in Idaho. Well, good job.

00:32:14:17 –> 00:32:15:01
Thank you.

00:32:15:13 –> 00:32:24:20
Okay. Alright everybody, Thompson long range 1 805, 8 4, 4 0, 7 9. Mark or Scott there. Super good guys. Appreciate you taking some time, mark. Alright, thanks

00:32:24:20 –> 00:32:27:00
You guys. Thanks. Spread out. See it. Talk to you later. See ya

00:32:27:28 –> 00:32:32:07
And nude group. That’s a new way to say goodbye is spread out. Did you hear that?

00:32:33:03 –> 00:32:39:11
Spread out and do good things. Social distance. Social distance. Yours and the forest

00:32:39:14 –> 00:32:41:01
Spread out. Okay.

00:32:41:07 –> 00:32:51:10
Anybody that’s interested in that course as well, we’ve got a pretty extensive review of that on our YouTube channel. If you go to YouTube epic outdoor slash epic outdoors, you can see what it’s all about.

00:32:51:19 –> 00:32:54:24
Such a great guy. Mark’s a good dude. He is Smile, he can anything.

00:32:54:24 –> 00:33:00:06
Yeah, he is Roy. He is perfect for a cold call. He can add, he can just roll with it. He’s good. Yeah.

00:33:00:20 –> 00:33:00:29

00:33:01:03 –> 00:33:01:14
Who else?

00:33:02:13 –> 00:33:06:16
Well let’s, should we give old Josh Hawkes a call? He’s a freaking funny guy. He

00:33:06:16 –> 00:33:23:17
Is. One of the things about Josh periodically when you, when we call him about openings that he does, he’s an outfitter in Northeastern Utah. He usually has country, some country music song as his ringtone. What? What? It’s, who knows? It’s like Charlie’s Daniels band or

00:33:23:17 –> 00:33:24:28
What? What’s it gonna be today? Think

00:33:24:28 –> 00:33:32:29
It’s Alabama. Is it Alabama right now? You think Mountain music? It has been. I just, sometimes it’s something different. So let’s see what it is. What do you think he’s got going?

00:33:33:09 –> 00:33:36:13
Just even if he doesn’t answer, huh? No way. He’s hunting turkeys.

00:33:36:20 –> 00:33:40:05
No. Let’s give him some grief. He’s bear season. We’re waking up.

00:33:40:15 –> 00:33:46:28
He hate, he hate like archery hunters. He loves powder and teases teases us about archery hunting. Here we

00:33:46:28 –> 00:33:51:25
Go. Let’s see. Whoa. No

00:33:51:27 –> 00:33:53:01
Country’s from Alabama.

00:33:53:21 –> 00:33:53:28

00:33:56:29 –> 00:33:57:28
Hey, what’s up man?

00:33:58:15 –> 00:34:01:01
Hey, how’s Claws and Paws Outfitters doing?

00:34:02:05 –> 00:34:02:23
Oh good.

00:34:04:27 –> 00:34:16:14
Hey buddy, this is the epic outdoors crew. We got you on a podcast today. We’ve just cold calling you. We, we had a running joke. It’s usually Alabama or something as a ringtone, but you got a little heavy stuff playing there now.

00:34:17:07 –> 00:34:23:19
Oh, my kids are always playing with it and I don’t know how to change it. Usually some kind of paral music going on for

00:34:23:19 –> 00:34:29:05
A while. Wondering if you’re going through a midlife crisis. Trying to, trying to find yourself after lion season

00:34:30:04 –> 00:34:33:19
And then No, no, no. I’m good.

00:34:33:23 –> 00:34:45:08
We didn’t know it. It begs the question, how long has your hair grown out? Since we’ve seen that was some heavy metal head banging stuff we just heard. So we might need a recent pick from you just to see what you’re looking like now. Yeah,

00:34:45:20 –> 00:34:47:08
Starting to look like a hippie for sure.

00:34:48:19 –> 00:34:56:26
What’s new up in the basin? Are you switching from lions to bears here pretty quick. Have you been out chasing bears or what’s new? Are you killing turkeys or what?

00:34:57:28 –> 00:35:15:05
Well, no, turkeys still just hunting lions and bears. It’s always fun to hunt cougars in the spring and couple bear tracks starting to pop up here and there now. So are they pick up a few shed horns while following the dogs around. Wow. Good time of year to be alive.

00:35:15:21 –> 00:35:21:14
Yeah. Teaching kids. You, you running school? Is your wife either? She used to be a school teacher.

00:35:21:28 –> 00:35:33:28
I’m an, I’m an avid kid of homeschool. I love it. My kids get up at seven in the morning and they’re in there working. ’cause they know by Wednesday they can have her done and then we can go hunting and fishing for four days straight. Whoa.

00:35:34:18 –> 00:35:34:26

00:35:35:08 –> 00:35:37:22
I love homeschool. I told my wife that today.

00:35:38:10 –> 00:35:39:18
Is she still, she still a

00:35:39:18 –> 00:35:40:19
Teacher? She didn’t agree with me,

00:35:40:19 –> 00:35:48:14
Teacher or not. She used to be a teacher. She still teaching school. Yes. I I imagine you help her out, Josh Monday through Wednesday. You’re probably helping her out.

00:35:49:10 –> 00:35:53:25
No, I get a be by myself those days, but then I get the kids the other four. Yeah,

00:35:54:05 –> 00:36:05:05
You’re taking the kids kids. Four outta seven. You’re a heck of a dad right there. Geez. You’re making us look bad. Us other dads that don’t do four outta seven. You’re gonna get father and husband of the year award.

00:36:05:27 –> 00:36:06:20
Oh, I love it.

00:36:10:06 –> 00:36:14:14
How’s the weather up there? You guys looking good for your moisture? How’s things looking? Oh,

00:36:14:15 –> 00:36:34:10
We had a great year. We didn’t get a lot of snow. Our snow was just right. We didn’t have any winter till. And then we’ve been getting a rainstorm about once or twice a week. Grass has grown up about four inches. Geez. Shoot. We have had a good year around here for sure. I don’t think, I don’t think how it could be any better.

00:36:34:29 –> 00:36:41:00
Oh, you guys, none of you got Corona going on up there. You don’t have this No Coronavirus. People

00:36:41:01 –> 00:36:48:29
Call this place the promised lands. Do they? We don’t even know what c Ovid 19 is. Really? Oh, our stores are open down here. Whoa.

00:36:49:07 –> 00:36:53:05
I’ve seen on Facebook, your dad’s a heavy advocate of keeping businesses going.

00:36:55:08 –> 00:36:55:20
Why not?

00:36:57:20 –> 00:36:59:28
People want to get sick. They get to choose, right?

00:37:00:19 –> 00:37:03:02
Yeah. Yeah. We’re all gonna die sometime.

00:37:05:01 –> 00:37:23:22
What, what new do you got look forward to? You got anything planned for this fall for you? Or is it all contingent upon the Epic Outdoors license application service? Or do you got anything planned? I guess, did you have anything you go up north from time to time. You got anything on hold now until this border, Canadian border opens up or anything like that? Or you just waiting for the draws to come out?

00:37:24:17 –> 00:37:55:10
Well, last year you guys drew me that Kansas tag killed real nice bucks. I’m hoping to draw that again. I’m not sure what I’m up to draw on points, but I got some buddies up north that’s kind of short on Hunter. So I’m hoping I can go up there and hunt with them. Yeah. If this stuff stays down. But I’m kind of thinking it’s all gonna pick up here before too long and everybody’s gonna have the itch to go hunting. But it’s not. Maybe I’ll go burn up some IOU somewhere else.

00:37:55:25 –> 00:38:03:04
You So are you, how’s the hunters looking? Are you don’t, have you got people backing out or overall people pretty solid and set to go this year, this fall.

00:38:03:26 –> 00:38:20:07
You know, it’s been kinda crazy to me. Like through C Ovid 19, I’ve booked a few hunts, you know? Yeah. Still got hunters basically feel the way I do. Yeah. It’s a little slow right now and a little scared right now, but come this fall or in another month or people

00:38:20:07 –> 00:38:20:26
Are going crazy,

00:38:21:03 –> 00:38:57:01
You know? Yeah. People want to get out and go. So yeah, there, there, you know, I’ve had a hunter call and say, well one hunter did. What happens if I can’t leave my hometown, my county to go on my hook with you? I says, well, it’s a long ways from now partner and we’ll deal with that if it comes. But yeah. Yeah. Everybody’s opinion is everybody’s opinion. Nobody knows. But yeah, for the most part, seems like to me, most folks feel like given another month or so, we’ll be back to normal. Least the movement. Everybody’s got the itch to get out and do something, you know?

00:38:57:13 –> 00:39:10:01
Yep. Well let’s hope that, we hope that too. So we we’re all cooped up here in the office here, and that’s what happens. We’re all front Was that air? Well shoot, I I airplane taken off. What was that?

00:39:11:09 –> 00:39:20:29
Oh, driving, walking down the road Right now I’ve been gone for the last eight days and I got home yesterday from hunting Cougars and I just got my mail.

00:39:21:14 –> 00:39:24:29
Oh, you’re multitasking. All right. I just didn’t know if,

00:39:25:28 –> 00:39:32:05
But shoot the hunting and fishing’s good right now. Shoot. I can go to the lake and I’m an only one on the lake. Me and my kids out there fishing.

00:39:32:25 –> 00:39:35:12
How was the water? We go on the mountains. How was your waterfowl season?

00:39:37:01 –> 00:39:42:14
Oh, we, we pound the waterfowl down here. I mean, there’s piles of them we

00:39:42:14 –> 00:39:42:28
Need to come

00:39:42:28 –> 00:39:58:02
Up. This year was a little bit, a little bit slower Up, up north, I guess. They didn’t have a very good winter. Water was still open and stuff, so we got like 5,000 bird migration and we usually have 15,000, but we still did pretty good. You, you

00:39:58:02 –> 00:40:00:26
Still can’t shoot 5,000, so there’s still more than you can shoot. So what

00:40:00:26 –> 00:40:03:14
You’re Yeah, there’s still more than shoots, so we’re doing fine. Huh?

00:40:04:02 –> 00:40:04:11

00:40:05:03 –> 00:40:08:17
Did you end up getting a new truck or what are you, where are you at that way? No,

00:40:09:23 –> 00:40:14:19
No. I, my insurance paid for the power wagon.

00:40:16:08 –> 00:40:16:18
I mean,

00:40:18:05 –> 00:40:25:08
Just, I’ve just been sitting here without a new truck for a while through this Covid 19. Oh, well I better save a little money. See what’s gonna happen.

00:40:25:23 –> 00:40:28:20
The ZR two still running. You end up getting some parts there.

00:40:29:21 –> 00:40:38:16
Oh, that thing has been in the shop for like three weeks. I just got it back yesterday and forgot

00:40:38:16 –> 00:40:40:00
How much you loved it though, didn’t you? I

00:40:40:00 –> 00:40:40:23
Have seen it yet.

00:40:40:29 –> 00:40:44:25
We both have one. You forgot. You do you love that thing, don’t you?

00:40:45:29 –> 00:41:00:16
Well, kind of. I kind of did it the first, you know, but now I’m kind of thinking, shoot for the same gas mileage, I can drive a full size truck that’ll pull a gooseneck horse trailer a little better. You know? So I don’t know if I’m go a small truck again or not. Oh,

00:41:00:17 –> 00:41:02:20
You need one of each. I’m telling you that’s,

00:41:02:23 –> 00:41:09:18
Well, that’s what I had. I’m gonna have to do something again here before too long. Keep borrowing the old man’s truck to pull a horse trail.

00:41:10:04 –> 00:41:12:02
Yeah. He’s probably charging you good rent.

00:41:13:19 –> 00:41:18:12
Well, no, I just dip into that Father, father son account farmed.

00:41:18:13 –> 00:41:18:22

00:41:18:25 –> 00:41:20:28
Daddy fund. That’s what I called the daddy fund

00:41:20:28 –> 00:41:23:15
Account. I think that was sitting at zero years ago.

00:41:23:25 –> 00:41:28:08
No, you never, yeah, you never have to pay the old man back your family

00:41:29:21 –> 00:41:30:10
If you share

00:41:30:10 –> 00:41:33:06
The same name. That’s why families get along so well right there, there

00:41:36:29 –> 00:41:37:06

00:41:37:06 –> 00:41:37:12

00:41:39:11 –> 00:41:43:29
We finally got the famous Josh Orks laugh. All right, we can hang up now, boys. We got it.

00:41:45:10 –> 00:41:46:04

00:41:46:04 –> 00:41:49:18
Good now. It’s a Friday afternoon. And we got Josh to laugh here. There

00:41:49:18 –> 00:41:52:06
We go. Oh yeah, we got a belly laugh cackle.

00:41:57:14 –> 00:41:57:26
Why not?

00:41:58:11 –> 00:41:58:22
All right,

00:41:58:25 –> 00:42:16:19
Well thanks for being a good sport. We’re just, we’re cooped up Friday afternoon and just finishing a podcast and you, you popped into our head. You’re always good for a talk and chat and get out there and kill some bears and lions and, and taking care of hunters. So appreciate your, your time boss. All

00:42:16:19 –> 00:42:17:16
Right. Cla and Boz,

00:42:18:05 –> 00:42:23:05
Thanks for calling you too. Just keep dinking off. It’s fun when you call. All

00:42:23:05 –> 00:42:26:22
Right. Maintain your social distancing over there, would you?

00:42:27:13 –> 00:42:32:10
Okay. Alright. Okay. That’s no problem. Alright. Alright. We’ll

00:42:32:10 –> 00:42:32:26
See you. Yeah,

00:42:33:25 –> 00:42:34:13
One of a kind.

00:42:35:10 –> 00:42:36:05
He is, he’s

00:42:36:05 –> 00:42:42:25
Awesome. Oh, the, the intro of the music couldn’t have been better. That was not scripted. It was ni I’ve never heard heavy metal though. No, that’s

00:42:42:25 –> 00:42:43:29
A funny stuff. And his kids

00:42:44:01 –> 00:42:48:10
Are getting a little older. They are probably farting with his phone. I

00:42:48:10 –> 00:42:50:05
Don’t know. I don’t know. I

00:42:50:05 –> 00:43:00:24
Dunno. You think that was his doing? I don’t know. That was uncharacteristic. I mean if anybody that knows Josh, that was a little uncharacteristic, I could see one of his kids messing around with that. What do we do?

00:43:01:01 –> 00:43:20:24
He claims, he claims he doesn’t know how to do anything technologically speaking, but he does. He does so well. Everybody. Is there anything else We wanna talk. We’ve had a few draws come out. We’re super excited. We’re finishing up a few application processes here at Epic Outdoors. We’re applying guys like it’s our freaking job, John. You’re drawing tags like it’s your job. Yeah.

00:43:20:26 –> 00:43:24:17
Like never happened before. Good. Yeah. I don’t know what it’s like to draw right

00:43:25:14 –> 00:43:27:14
Out of Mexico. It’s awesome. So

00:43:28:15 –> 00:43:38:05
Anyway, it’s the first tag I’ve drawn that’s been, you know, not, I’ve got a lot of points or something like that. Yeah. ’cause there’s no point system, but man, pretty, pretty fun. Significant, pretty.

00:43:38:16 –> 00:44:13:02
Our trio tag. Yep. We’re all looking forward to the next state so we can hopefully forget about New Mexico. ’cause it slammed the door in her face. So May’s a giant month. We’re closing in on May. It’s crazy to think we’re almost to May 1st, but yeah, may. We’ve moved for a couple. May’s always been a big month. And then now you move Wyoming Elk results to May. That used to be in February. And we pull Montana moose, sheep, goat results. That used to be in June up into May because they did away with paper apps and now they’re getting ’em out quicker. It, it’s, the list is unbelievable.

00:44:13:02 –> 00:44:16:14
May’s a blast. Yeah. Nevada’s gonna be due and come out. That’s

00:44:16:14 –> 00:44:19:22
Right. Utah. Utah. Utah’s coming out. Colorado. Moose, sheep and goat. It’s gonna come

00:44:20:01 –> 00:44:20:07

00:44:20:16 –> 00:44:32:07
And then, you know, towards the end. You, you know, Idaho moose, sheep and goat will be out at the end of May. I know I’m forgetting some, but anyway, it’s, it’s a crazy, it’s a crazy month. So anyway, any,

00:44:32:19 –> 00:44:36:20
So anybody, if you draw tags, you give us a holler. We work with Outfitters, Devon. Yep.

00:44:36:29 –> 00:44:37:20
All day. Every day.

00:44:38:04 –> 00:44:49:05
All day. Every day. That’s what Devon’s doing. Maintaining openings. You want some tags or hunts with guaranteed tags. We’ve got that too. Yep. We’re actually seeing a few openings, but honestly people are excited to go hunting. That’s fall.

00:44:49:13 –> 00:44:50:18
Not seeing a mass exodus yet.

00:44:51:01 –> 00:44:58:17
No. Lots of lots of calls. I mean the calls are getting, we’re ready to hunt, man. There’s the, the, the closer fall comes, the more calls we get and we’re just, we’re ready

00:44:58:17 –> 00:45:29:25
To go. We’re also selling optics. And so anyway, if you want some optics, again, we have some great pricing. Talk to any of us here and we’ll get you some pricing on, on some great optics. So it’s kind of exciting. May’s awesome. We’re seeing the light of light at the end of the application tunnel. Getting ready to get out there and get scouting. I’m sure all of you’re feeling the same way. We’ve also launching our summer membership drive. We’re excited about that as well. Check it out online. It’s in our latest e mag. We’ll drop an email or two.

00:45:30:10 –> 00:45:55:20
Yep. Any of this stuff we can help you with, give us a call. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 join. Or if you are a member, you got member experience list that we can send out to you. Or if you draw tag, you need an outfit or recommendation. Or if you don’t draw tags and you want to look for some kind of a hunt, give Devon or any of us here, here a call. We can definitely keep on top of it till we find what you’re looking for. So anyway,

00:45:56:10 –> 00:46:07:08
Anything else? I probably wanna plug why the draws are coming out. Our member experience program. If you do draw a tag, give us a call and we can send you a list of other members who are willing to, to give out information on that unit.

00:46:08:05 –> 00:46:13:11
That’s right. We’ll do a heard, do a little research in our database and get that out to you. Free of charge. Part of the membership.

00:46:14:06 –> 00:46:16:29
Just haven’t heard much from Wyatt today. You got anything to add, Wyatt?

00:46:17:02 –> 00:46:19:08
No, no. I’m pretty, pretty quiet over here. Butt’s

00:46:19:08 –> 00:46:20:22
Hoping he gets skipped by.

00:46:21:04 –> 00:46:24:10
I know. That’s what he always hope and I’m trying to give him his time. You

00:46:24:10 –> 00:46:30:26
Guys are just too good at this. You guys keep it rolling. We just don’t really need a lot of input from anyone else. So I just kind of sit here

00:46:30:26 –> 00:46:35:01
And laugh along the rest. Have a donut show up and I’m seeing a piece of donut on your shirt, which is you

00:46:35:01 –> 00:46:48:22
Are? Yeah. Did you? That’s a glaze. That’s glaze. Glaze. Gze Donut. Yeah. Something. Wow. Some old man dropped by today with a box of donuts. So good catch there. Good. Doug. He did buy

00:46:48:22 –> 00:46:50:01
A hat and dropped out some

00:46:50:01 –> 00:46:51:00
Donuts. Good flake.

00:46:51:08 –> 00:46:51:24
Flake of

00:46:51:28 –> 00:46:52:29
Glazed sugar.

00:46:53:03 –> 00:46:56:16
He’d be darn lucky to be Wyatt to the dinner table on a donut in there.

00:46:58:02 –> 00:47:01:13
We were doing a different podcast, I believe. And so we came out and

00:47:01:22 –> 00:47:02:28
There were some donuts. There were a few

00:47:02:28 –> 00:47:05:04
Missing some. So must have been good.

00:47:05:13 –> 00:47:27:02
We love giving y a little grief. He thought he was gonna get through unscathed, huh? He’s been applying people just sticking to his business and we appreciate that. Good. We got a good team here at Epic Outdoors. So anyway, if we can help you in the application process, we can help you find Outfitters, get you a member draw list, whatever. We do it. If it’s Western big game, we do it here at Epic Outdoors. Give us holler.

00:47:27:07 –> 00:48:03:11
Also wanna give a shout out to our advertisers at Phone Scope. Appreciate their partnership with us here at Epic Outdoors. One of these, you know, perfect tools for every hunter, for digi scoping. Capture all the moments in the field with your smartphone and your optics, whatever that is. Whatever your phone model is or your optics type is, they’ve got something to fit your smartphone, to be able to hook up to your optics and capture great footage or still pitchers as you’re scouting and planning for your hunts. So check ’em out. Phone scope, P H O N E S K O P e.com. Appreciate their support. Awesome tool for all of us here at Epic Outdoors.

00:48:04:02 –> 00:48:55:17
Okay, all those of you out there that run cameras, truck cameras on waters or bait or different things, make sure you think about stealth cam. We’re a dealer of stealth cam. We believe in their product. We run lots and lots of their cameras. So anyway, for more information about stealth CAM products, go to stealth cam.com. GSM outdoors.com. They got a lot of different products out there. Great partner of ours here at Epic Outdoors. We believe in ‘EM heavy. We’ve got a lot of cameras in stock if you’re looking for one. They also came out with a Fusion Cellular simplified available in at and t as well as Verizon. We’ve got some Verizon cams headed our way at some point. New technology. Kind of exciting. We’re excited to give ’em a try. So anyway, for more information, go to stealth cam.com. GSM outdoors.com or give us a holler here at Epic Outdoors.