EP 206: News of the West. Draws and Drought. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we go through new of the west including draw updates draw deadlines in the western states. We also talk with Outfitter David Matthews about Arizona and New Mexico, drought, Mule Deer, Elk, and Coues Deer. We then hear from Eric Hunt of Arizona Desert Outfitters. Eric drew for the National Park Bison project. There is a lot happening this time of year and were ready for scouting.

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You got Deer, elk, antelope, bear, moose all coming out 24th to 28th of May. The sharpening My Archer Steels. There’s four more bulls that came, came in like five minutes later. Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson coming at you from sunny southern Utah here in May. We’re excited, Bronson. There’s a lot going on in May. We’ve been slammed. It’s coming every day. It’s something new, something fast, something exciting. I guess. Not as exciting for me or you, Chris. Chris got an elk tag back in New Mexico, but we’re still waiting for something. We’re living vicariously through Chris right now. And John, John got an elk tag in Utah. Yeah, he’ll be glad that we announced that on the podcast. Everybody hit John [email protected]. Tell him congratulations. Let’s see how many emails we can send his way. Anyway, he’s super excited and I’m jealous, but it is something coming every week right now. It’s coming pretty hot and fast. And anyway, where are we at? I don’t know. It’s dry. It’s dry. That’s bothersome. But before we get started, we’d like to thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast about everything we do here at Epic Outdoors. Appreciate them and their support. They’re an awesome company. Got a lot of new gear coming at you. mid-July, which is right when scouting is heavy and the hunts are starting. So anyway, be watching for that.

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And of course you can go on epic outdoors.com, get a 40% off coupon that’ll help keep things at a minimal cost. Very reasonable. And there’s gonna be a lot coming out, coming on for you out there. If you need another one, of course you could get another one there. It’s not like a limit to how many cards you can have 40% off up to two grand per card. Pretty awesome anyway. Appreciate them. Yep. One more shout out we wanna do for one of our sponsors is stealth cam. We, we carry several lines of their cameras. It’s getting to be that time of year. We got lock boxes and cameras both give us a call on that. But one, one thing we wanna do a blowout is with the, specifically the fusion cams, the at t model only. We’ve got a little bit more inventory in there than we want. We wanna blow ’em out. So what do you say, Carter? What price do you wanna throw those out while supplies last at and t? Well, I always hate how companies do 1 19 99. What do you wanna do? But I kind of wanna do that. So should we do one 20? What do you think? That’s more than one 19? Nine. Nine. I know it’s one penny more, but it’s not like such a wrong number. It doesn’t wrong off your tongue. No. And then you gotta do tax or S 1 99 9 9. That’s a great deal.

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120 bucks for a stealth cam. Fusion at and t model. Now this doesn’t really have anything to do. It has to do with the tower coverage in your area. That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about Verizon or at t. You gotta kind of know where you’re gonna be putting the camera. Some parts of the world have at and t coverage much better than others. And some have Verizon. So Bronson, would you be mad at, would you be mad if we did a hundred bucks even? Hey, what about we do 99 99? Alright, let’s do 99 90 nines first come first serve. That’s a blowout. That’s blow out. Let’s blow out. That’s a blow out special. Get rid while supplies last. And I’m telling you, should we do a limit for each hunt? Well, no. I don’t care if your credit card’s good for it, call in and buy ’em all. Okay. Huh? There you heard it. And we’re not gonna announce this to anybody else. So other than the podcast, other than the podcast world. So when you hear this world, there’s thousands of others hearing it the same, you better just call. The problem is today’s a Friday. So what first come first serve whatever message Janet gets first and puts on Adam’s desk. Jason’s 99 99. Awesome. Okay, great Camera.

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If you have the ability to, you know, you got cell coverage somewhere at and t coverage and save you a little bit of a come and going to check in your cameras, get ’em emailed to your account. Pretty awesome feature. So, so, so just to clarify for people, it doesn’t, this is not what phone service provider you have. No, you don’t have to have at t it, it’s tower coverage. ATT just has to be able to service your area. There’s purses, there’s places like in Nevada, France, there’s places there that hate better ATT towers and Verizons don’t and better. And that’s what it, that’s what’s the cameras are tapping into. Just check your local regulations. Don’t be running truck Hess when you can’t, you know what I mean? Stuff like that. Lot of li Well we’re not liable for those things. We just sell the stuff. All right, well, pretty awesome. So yeah, there’s an app, Chris, to kind of further that there’s an app and it has nothing to do with your cell service. You just, you know, log onto the app, you actually scan a QR code on the camera in it, an issue initializes everything. Gets everything up and going well. And then you can change the settings on the camera, how frequently you want the picture sent to your email inbox, things like that. It’s very, very easy. But these particular cameras don’t take pictures unless it can actually get cell service.

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So as to initialize with cell service. And then pretty soon here comes the photos and they’ll save to an SD card. Plus they’ll send whatever you want into this app at whatever resolution you want. Depend, you know, depending on how much on the size and Yeah. Yeah. And you may, you may not. You may want little small thumbnails knowing that the original photo is still on an SSD card back at the camera. Enough of that. But anyway, first come first. Serve 9, 9 9 9. Plus shipping and handling. Well we don’t even charge for that, Bronson. Nah, we charge the bear shipping cost. Just shipping. That’s right. Hard cost and tax for residents. All right. Okay. Anything else? Couple other shout outs. One more. If you’re looking to buy or sell Western hunting property, recreational fishing hunting properties give St. James sporting properties a call. Blaine and his crew, they’re, they’re based in Colorado, but they’re also licensed in Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, St. James Sporting properties 8 7 7 3 5 4 72 47. Or you can shoot ’em an email or check out ’em on the [email protected]. Sj sporting properties.com. And lastly, I think Bob has a shooting school, speaking of MOA rifles, moa rifles.com. If you’re looking to build a new long-range Western rifle, half minute guarantee rifle, give Bob Beck and the guys at MOA rifles a call 5 4 1 5 2 6 18 20.

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And I do believe as of yesterday, they still had an availability for late May on one of their shooting school spots, which we’ve actually been up to. We went up there. It’s fun. We, we fought freaking Hurricane Hugo. It felt like up there, wind and rain. It was not great shooting conditions. No, but hey, that’s what hunting’s like sometimes. And we were, yeah, you’re still killing stuff. Throwing, killing targets like it was your job. It was, it was kind of fun. It was pretty realistic hunting stuff. It was some wild, wild stuff. But give ’em a call or (541) 526-1820. They build great rifles. And again, I do believe have a shooting school opening day. Yeah, you can call, you can call and just get a rifle. But they do have shooting schools. And they’ve got shooting school in June too, remember? Yeah. June 16th and 17th. They still had some openings. Yeah, this, that one’s a level two shooting school. So what does that mean, Carter? I don’t know. It’s probably ought to be better than a level one. You gotta show military clearance to get into that line up. No, maybe it’s a little bit more advanced so you get a little bit more technical in the level two. Yeah. Alright, there you go. Well, let’s go through a rapid fire of rapid fire. Do the news of the west or something like that.

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Let’s, let’s go it state by state let’s it, let’s talk about front burner stuff. Well, there’s some news of the west. Let’s just kind of, I don’t know, I’ve just got a, and you’ve got a little list too. But anyway, thinking about some of these results that came out. We had Idaho, sheep, goat, moose. They came out Bronson. Yeah, we did pretty good. Our members did pretty darn good. Oh yeah. We spoke to a lot of people with sheep and goat moose tags and getting them set up and on their way. Unit 1136, B 37. I mean we can 26. Yeah. Callies and 41 dash two. I mean it was, it was kinda splattering goats. It was a great draw. Yep, it was. It was some great goat tags. So anyway, congratulations all those that drew. Anyway, just letting you know, we also have a deadline for deer, elk, and antelope coming up June five. So anyway, we’re crushing that. Thank you. Working it over. If you didn’t apply for moose, sheep, and Goat in Idaho, you’ve got the deer, elk, and antelope option coming up like, like you said. Yeah, we’re definitely gonna be doing that as well. So anyway, working on that. Also consulting our members. Anybody that’s out out there that’s a member of Epic Outdoors, you need a little help. While we’re available, you can call us and as well as look at the publication. That’ll kind of get you started.

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If you have any specific questions, give us a holler. We also had the sheep, goat, moose, bison results come out in Montana. Awesome. You, you heading to Montana? No I’m not. I was just wondering how your max points for moose fared just a plus one. So now you’re at 21. I’ve got 21 sheep. You’ve got a load of sheep. I’ve got sheep. Yeah. I mean, and you’re maxed out on moose. How about that? Somehow we always talk about the moose, but I don’t know why it’s ’cause I don’t want, well, it’s on our mind. Well no, it’s ’cause I don’t want ’em. What do you think? And I’m trying to get rid of them. Well we, none of us like points. We like tags. Well that one, that one bothers me though. It just bothers me that, well it’s just one of those things. You wanna check off the list? No, I, I don’t know why it bothers me. I just, I’m too committed to stop, I guess is why it bothers me. And I want ’em zeroed out. They want your money. They know you’re not gonna stop. Yeah, I don’t know. I might, they might prove ’em wrong next year. We’ll see. Anyway, congratulations. Everybody got a tag out there, you know, pretty awesome. Bronson. We’re gonna be heading to Montana next year by the way. Oh yeah. Great. Couple different, we’re gonna send it, couple different things full on.

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Send it next year on a couple different species. Alright. That’s right. Well anyway, Wyoming, a lot of results came out there as well. Sheep, moose, goat and Elk’s gonna be coming out soon, Bronson. That’s right. Any day we struck out there. Sheep, meat, goat, bison and elk. Yeah. Says the, the 20th. They were three or four days earlier on their moose, sheep, goat and bison. And, and you were hopeful for today, but I’m not sure. No, I don’t think, what do you think? No. Well, we’re here rumblings, but, but it’s probably not gonna happen. This week has been unbelievable results wise. Applications, things are coming and going like crazy. Usually they do it at like 10:00 AM and I guess we could get done with the podcast, walk back in there and they’re frolicking with elk results and we wouldn’t. It’s seven minutes. That’s right. Our guys are slammed and we don’t even know. It could be. So you never know. But that one’s coming up soon. And that’s kind of a big deal because we applied for, that feels like two years ago. That was back in January and two years ago. I mean, yeah. You can plug and play and change it up to what May 10th. And so they just barely, I guess that line in the sand was just, what is that Monday? Yeah.

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So I mean they stopped the plug and play on Monday night and now get the draw out and you still have the antelope and the deer draw. That’s coming up June 1st. A lot of people use that, like the Idaho that Jason mentioned as a last resort. Get something in. And so keep that in mind. Let’s, June 1st is a deadline for deer and antelope wine. Let’s just give ’em a little bit more as far as the, the deer and antelope we’re huge fans and this year’s gonna be, we’re predicting, who knows, I mean who are we? Right. But hey, just saying everything they’re fighting on the, on the winter range for sheds and picking up and whatnot. The, the overall winter conditions were okay. Yeah. Mild winter conditions in most, most part. Most of the state dry summer and fall, mild winter. They’ve actually, in the last, even since we went to print the magazine, they’ve been getting good moisture. Yeah. Up there. A lot of our northern part of Utah and Idaho. And Washington’s been doing good in April and early May. That’s right. Where us in southern Utah and Southern Nevada. And northern Arizona of getting jacked squat. That’s right. So anyway, if you’re inclined at all to apply, do it. There’s no reason not to. There’s a lot, lot of good animals out there on the landscape.

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Both antelope and deer might actually have wildflowers in up there this year where I don’t, I don’t know if Utah can grow one. I don’t if if you Utah can grow a wildflower this spring. Doesn’t feel like there’s gonna be any in southern Utah. Any, do you think even Indian paintbrush might struggle? No, I don’t. I it’s a little rep Aact. This can’t bloom. No. Okay, now Pine Valley, I was out there Turkey hunting this morning, by the way. Took Jan out, put it on the calendar. You know, that’s not, those are hunting days that don’t count against me. You know what I mean? It’s four seven. Although it was funny. It was a funny you said she woke up at four. Hey, you wanna take me Turkey hunting? And you just bought her a tag Like yesterday. Yeah, yesterday. And you didn’t say, well yeah, you know where to go and go drive. What? No, I’m like, yeah. I said I bought, I bought you for it. But I didn’t say I’d take you honey. I didn’t, that didn’t go down that way for the record. It did. She says, do you want to get up and go? And I’m like, whatever you want do. Which basically means I’m very tired. I don’t know why this morning I was tired. Were you? Anyway, we went out. Didn’t kill one some. But yesterday I smashed one. You saw yesterday you saw some green fos. Yeah.

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You crushed one yesterday. So you figured let’s go back to back. Well, and and I don’t want every, okay. Yeah. You think, you know, when you killed one, you kind of excited to kill another. But anyway, don’t want everybody to think that’s all we do around here is Turkey. ’cause that’s not the case. Bronson, you and I are taking our kids out nonstop. You know, each year nonstop. Meaning each year do the Kibab, Utah, I don’t know, I don’t know how long it’s, it’s been years since I’ve shot one. It’s first bird I killed in years and years. Yeah. And I just thought, well, your kids were full. My kids okay. Yeah. But they were also, they missed a couple. And I’m like, really? Dad had to show out. I’m gonna sh I’m gonna sh I’m gonna smash one just to get back at him. You know what I mean? And called this bird in. I think he smashed, worked a bird that you thought maybe had been worked Well he, well he must worked. Actually he was missed twice by Justin. Okay. And I smashed him. I mean, he did the same thing. He’s lovesick if he comes in again within seven days after hearing two 12 gauges go off and pepper in. Yeah, he’s, that’s that bird is stone. Okay. So in the breastfeed it was a little bit of, what do you It’s trauma. Okay. Just a little bit of trauma.

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And Justin’s like, maybe that was from my shot. I don’t know. There’s no gangrene in there. But you know, whatever. Maybe don’t, don’t bring that one to the office. Do you? Oh, pretty funny. Pretty funny. Anyway. Good time. Whatever. Turkey hunting. Like it’s our job anyway. Well, it’s what something you do in the spring. So moving on to Oregon May 15, dude, that’s tomorrow. Bronson. And so if you listen to this, it might be too late, but you didn’t miss much. Oh, Chris probably put this out today. Won’t, he’s brutal. Well, somebody in Oregon is very offended. I apologize for what Bronson said. Although, you know what, most Californians, organs and Washingtonians agree with what we say. Yeah. Mostly. And, and it’s mainly from the perspective, the cost relative to the very, very minuscule tags they give to non-residents. They’ll have 80 something antelope tags and give one or two to non-residents. And I’m not picking out antelope, I mean elk, they’ll give 40 or 51 goes to a non-resident in the draw I have. So it’s hard to, some of them, if they give 20 or 30, it’s in every other year. They give one one year to an outfitter the next year it goes in the draw. So it, it’s just hard to say spend 172 bucks for a license if you’re gonna do sheep and goat. Alright, add the deer, elk, and antelope points.

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But if you, I did talk to a guy yesterday. I got 24 points for deer, elk, and antelope as an non-resident. And he’s been doing sheep and goat or sheep most of the time. And yeah, he’s, he’s ac accumulated and has some options there. But it, it’s, it’s tough. Tough. Well, so I got like 16 elk points, most of which are accumulated in my former life when I was a young kid. And you stopped for a while. I stopped for like, you were like, I was supposed to. And like I preached and then the premium tags came out. I got excited. I did it. It’s a raffle. And I went one in four to, and you gotta buy your hunting license to six eight to get it. Yeah. And I, I did it and then well, another eight bucks I can get another elk point. So guess what? I’m in, I’m in. I applied. I love those, those premium deer pretty in. Okay. I’ve I’ve seen it. Well, it’s once in my life. It was unbelievable. Yeah. It was unbelievable. All right. So anyway, for, they did go on a draw on the eastern side of the state for all those archery that used to be over the counter. So that’s a big change. Yeah, it was huge. ’cause now you actually have to use your points and there’s guys that were hunting deer every year and continuing to game points.

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So it’ll be interesting to see how, you know, that shakes out long term. All right. What about Nevada? Well, Nevada, there’s, we can’t do front burner stuff. We can’t do any announcements yet. No, but we’re a week after their draw deadline roughly. Well, five days still do points, I guess. Points only. Yeah. But I mean, until the 17th, they are notorious for like in a spring things on ya when you’re not expecting them. And always the middle of the night, sometimes out a little earlier. Yeah. And, and they do it in the middle of the night. Like a midnight madness, you mean? Yeah, they, yeah, they’ve done stuff like that. So stay tuned next week sometime. Probably by Friday or maybe the week after. Who knows? So who knows. But we’re super excited. And you’re, we’re gonna, we’re gonna crush it in social media when it right before it comes out. Everybody’s gonna, once we get noticed. That’s right. They want it to be a party. You know, that’s what I like about no Nevada. They take pride in it. We were talking to ’em and they were like, man, Montana turned their draw in 11 days. We gotta figure out how to beat ’em. I, I love that about Nevada. That’s pretty good. We should, most states enjoy the fact that we’re begging ’em.

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Maybe, you know, we could give a prize to the state that that is the most, Hey, we could do like, like sports do this. You could do the like the fastest time. Who gets your drought the fastest. That’s an award you do. Most improved. So who went, who went the longest to the shortest in the one year? You, you could change by a month. Wyoming the most improved. Wyoming, Wyoming, elk. We talked about that. That’s, that’s now forever. And then, I don’t know, they can’t really give a rookie of the year. ’cause they’ve all done it before. So nobody’s a rookie, but they need to, Hey, how about, I like the competitiveness of all the states watching each other. ’cause let’s face it, they’re vying for hunter’s. Well they are application dollars, all that. And it’s a fine balance. Evolve or be left in the dust. That’s right. That’s, and there’s some, frankly, that are left in the dust in terms of their turnaround or their process interface or the process or the, the warm and fuzzy feeling about is the draw running good and correctly? We’re talking about Arizona. Let’s talk about it. It’s due, it’s coming up June 8th. June 8th for deer. Deer and bison. That’s right. Huh? Least points on the bison. So yeah, that’s coming up too. That’s, you got a little bit of time. It just opened. But June 8th we’ll get here. Before we know it, it’s, it’s awesome.

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A lot of the deer units we’re super excited up north that we’re always fired up about feel like Could be what? What? Dry, dry, dry. Well it does feel that way. I mean it does tell me. No, it don’t tell wrong it. No I don’t. But still gonna be a few giants. A few. Yeah. But max point guys, if you had max points, would you be all after the script this year? Year? It’s a co year. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a co year filler. What’s sier for? Like what Max point? No, you. Well, I don’t know. No, by the way, there’s a new Deere option out there that we did throw in the magazine down. There’s a couple of those we talked to and s central part of state. Yeah. So there’s a lot of information should be getting to you any day. Actually guys, guys that are members can go check it out on the way Ax live and hot. Alright, so anyway, Utah. Utah. Results are out. Came and went. Bronson, how’d you do? Not good. Got your email. Haven’t been loading the portals yet. No, that’s right. You’ve got credit card charges and you’ve got emails. They should be loading your account here. And there’s always people that don’t call us until they get a tag in the mail about what? Month and a half from now. Yeah. So check your Utah results. Check your email. Check your credit card.

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Or here in the next several days, they should hopefully load it to your actual accounts. So kind of a strange way. They don’t, they email you out. But a lot of people still, I don’t know either. They didn’t have a right email address or whatever they’re wondering. I don’t know. Some people just don’t see email, so. That’s right. Anyway, we’ve been talking to a lot of hunters. Congratulations to everybody that drew a tag. Colorado Deer is what everybody’s wanting to know. May 24th to 28th is what they’re publishing. Yeah, they do. A species a day. Species a day. isn. It species or species. Bronson. Huh? It’s species. That’s what I always thought. Species. But it’s a lot of guys go species. And so anyway, but having said that, it’s May 24th, 28th. We’re excited about that. We actually went on, you can go get onto some commission meeting materials and see the different tag allocations. It was kind of interesting. Good thing we’ll know this year they moved it up about a week that we’re gonna know those results before you gotta apply for say, Wyoming and Idaho. That’s kind of a big deal for people that struck out and don’t draw their deer or elk or whatever. Again, they don’t do ’em all in one day. You got deer, elk, antelope, bear, moose all coming out 24th to 28th of May. So don’t really know the order either. It’s a little bit different maybe every year. Who knows?

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Yeah, who knows When it’s out, it’s out. But it’s that week, it’s, yep. And then California, June 2nd. No, everybody’s excited about that. Okay. June 2nd. Bronson. Don’t miss it. All right. Well anyway, kind of, that’s kind of the news of the West. We are excited even though it’s dry as we’ve been talking about, you know, go north messing. Yeah, it’s kind of, you know, feels like it’s gonna be a good year in states. Like say Montana, Wyoming, Idaho. Parts of Colorado. Yeah, parts of Colorado. Colorado doesn’t get us hit as hard. It didn’t seem like in most parts of the state, Northwest could get hit hard, but a little bit tough in New Mexico. I mean, I traveled through there, it was just, it was green on the east side. It was pretty green. But you know, well you get to Texas and they get like eight, eight inches of rain every freaking three days. It looks like Texas was like, I mean, what tall grass was it? Oh dude. Unbelievable. Tickling cows, bellies. It was crazy. It was, it was hard to believe. It’s hard to believe it just, you’re looking around. We stomp and had dinner and a gal. We asked gal and she’s like, it hasn’t been like this for years. It’s been, it’s, it rained in like nine and a half inches in two weeks. I’m like, wow, okay. We haven’t had that in two years. That’s an entire year’s worth dinner.

00:22:32:19 –> 00:23:44:19
Two years bet Nevada. I’ll bet we haven’t had that in two years in Cedar City. Somebody look it up. I think it was 15. I have a pitcher out in my backyard and the, the grass is like 10 inches tall right? This year. Right now. Same time of year. Same grass as there last year. Blade of not a blade of grass. It’s crazy. There’s not a blade of green. Everything is dead from last year. Well, everything looks like it did last year. This time. Yes. For 12 months. Nothing’s changed. Literally. Tell me I’m wrong. Crazy. We’re not, it’s, but having said all that, are you excited for this year? We’re always excited, but I’ve, I’ve talked about it in my, you know, June, our magazine, rat Rave magazine. I’m, I’m rethinking my, my gears. I mean Nevada usually is something we target deer really hard. I switched some stuff up there. Arizona. I’m packing a bunch of deer points. I’m sick of talking about that mean you applied for up north maybe Nevada. Nevada deer. I did. Yeah, I did. Yeah, I know you get five choices, which if they’re gonna let you do it, which we not, then you can turn it back. It’s not the end of the world. But you know, it’s hard to feel that the southern units are gonna be off the charts great. It’s really hard to get behind that. It is hard way of thinking. It is hard.

00:23:45:09 –> 00:24:57:28
Well, but there’s plenty still left. Like I said, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona. You got lots of options if you’re middle of the point Chase, you know, think about different deer. Think about COOs Deer. I know you’re Arizona. We all think about mule deer. But if you’re a no man’s land, you might think about an awesome COOs deer hunt or a different mule deer hunt there. So, or we got our giveaway Carter, I guess super excited line is the what? June 20th Father’s Day. Yeah, it, we decided it ended on Father’s Day for all Sunday. All you mothers and daughters to treat your fathers and husbands. I guess potentially. I dunno, that’s an option. Or maybe to get a pass and play on it. I don’t know. So anyway, yeah, we’re giving away a desert sheep hunt. Super excited about that. A $55,000 hunt. $20,000 spring grizzly hunt for 2022 Nevada elk with a landowner tag on down through the chain. Bronson, I mean Oh yeah. We got Colorado Mule deer unit 68 fully outfitted. That is in 2022. This hunt. We gave one of those away already for 2021. The one we’re got open right now is gonna be for 2022. But hey, the dates are only one day earlier. It’s still awesome. It’s gonna be good. 12 to the 12 to the 18th or something like that. Well that particular units managed the bio bio’s doing a good job down there.

00:24:58:10 –> 00:26:05:25
I mean, even with these late season dates. Yeah, we’re nervous and there’s gonna be an increased take there. The tags are fairly conservative. Yeah, they got old age older deer there. Yeah. So great mul deer hunt there. We also got another Mexico cos deer hunt. That’s for this January, 2022. And then Utah Mountain Lion hunt here in southern Utah again for next, this next coming winter. 2021. 2022. And then a plethora. Or plethora. I think it’s plethora. I think so. Well what do I know? I dunno, I’m not Merriam Webster and I don’t wanna be, but I, I’ll say plethora, that’s what I like. But of all But you also say, well isn’t that, isn’t that Spanish, Chris? Yes. Yeah. So it’s right Spanish. It is. Is that proper? Say it. Ah, that’s a little different. CC. No, it’s a little different. Well, he’s, well he’s just taking off the, the first part. Yes, that’s it is. It’s like saying it is possible. So, but if I just say poble, that’s possible. Yeah. Normally wouldn’t say it. It’s whatever you want it to be. Yeah, you, you could say that, Hey, with my, that culture is so forgiving. They don’t care. It’s just whatever. Whatever you want to be. Whatever. I can say Spanish is a legit word. That’s my fluent Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. And they’re gonna laugh at you off to the side. That’s right.

00:26:05:25 –> 00:27:19:13
They always do me’s when I go down there and hunt, they just laugh. Oh yeah. Right. Chris And Chris hears it and he’s nice to me and he doesn’t tell me what they’re saying. I didn’t hear him. I don’t know what they’re saying. And they’re laughing at you. Just, you just order Vos rancheros every morning and they laugh at you. No, it’s, what is it? What’s that? What is that? It’s, what’s that meat that they chorizo? Yeah. Chorizo. Chorizo. Is it Cho cho? What’s the Yeah, chorizo. That’s another word for mystery meat. It is. It is. And you know, they actually have it spelled out on what the chorizo, whatever it is that they offer here in the States. But I don’t believe ’em, there’s some crazy stuff in those things. Tell me about it. What do they normally put in it? It’s just sausage. I like ground. It’s good. Yeah. It’s just, just like homemade, homemade sausage usually of various critters. Just depends. Models, parts, depends and pieces of salt. And, and I would say mo, a lot of it is probably fairly normal. Would you? Yeah, just like our pork. Pork. Yeah. Just like if you want got a polish, polish sausage here, but some of it, not so much. That’s po Right on Chris. I’m just saying I never order that. That’s po. I never order that because, ’cause down there Mario would say what you want Mr. Carter.

00:27:21:20 –> 00:28:36:12
And he would just start laughing. And I know because he knew where the gima chorizo comes from. He knows. He knows. Right. Or he knows you’re scared of it. Yeah. Maybe that’s it. No, I’ll think’s part of it I sada, I want pure muscle meat. I want Carney asada. I want steak. Yeah. Yeah. You can see that this came, this is a filet. Yeah, this, this is a chopped up filet. That’s what I want instead of pieces and parts and all that. It’s pretty awesome. Well anyway, got a great optics package. We got a, yeah, totally off a tangent when we’re talking about a plethora of optics, but there’s 13.5 k and optics. Tell us what the, so the guy that won our last optics package, geez, you don’t have to read it. Yeah, no, but it was, it was crazy. So Bob Ballas, I believes who it was, he won that the end of February. We gave away a bonus package, which this, this driver we’re giving away a 2 31 deer tag. For those of you buy a $500 package, you get a ticket in for the optics back in February. Well he won that. Well he went on to win that. And then like a month later he draws like a 16 a elk tag and then a Utah rifle elk tag with like 11 points. And he’s just crushing us. Hey, you guys started my year off. Awesome. I’m drawing tags like crazy.

00:28:36:28 –> 00:29:38:05
I got all this awesome optics I get to bring west to New Mexico and Utah Elk. And he’s like, I’m not done yet. So anyway. Yeah. Well this is, he did mention this in the email. He said everything inside was good. Of course he got the package and he says, unlike a hunt, which is a one and done this prize will be giving me enjoyment for many years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win such a fantastic prize. Well, yeah, he, and he’s got a couple awesome hunts to use it all on. So anyway, we’re, we’re giving one of those away in this drive either for, and again, to get tickets into this, you either join Epic Outdoors or refer somebody that joins Epic Outdoors and or buy tickets and you can buy those for the optics tickets. That’s not just a $500. Yeah, we, ticket items changed it up a time. So we changed it up a little bit. So anyway, guys, were wanting to get the package just as much as a hunt or more. So anyway, we threw it in there. All right, pretty awesome. Get in by Father’s Day. You also, you know, you get a free ticket in there if you refer your buddy to join Epic Outdoors as well as he’ll get a ticket being a new, new member, he’ll get a ticket in there for the hunt of his choice or the optics package.

00:29:38:12 –> 00:30:53:25
So pretty great opportunity if your results came out and like me and Bronson didn’t draw much, why maybe you consider throwing a few tickets on the membership drive. Alright, Bronson, where are we at? Well, I want a cold call. Go ahead, prep it up. So I think we mentioned on a podcast last week about this calling effort that the Grand Canyon National Park’s gonna be doing within the park. We talked about the bison cuing, I’m just gonna call it that. And you had to apply, oh, Monday the third or 4th of May, it’s over done with. And they drew 12 or whatever people, like 45,000 people applied. Wow. Wow. Lot thousand. We need deployed and, and initially you’re thinking this is a great opportunity. You need to buy some, this is a great opportunity. Yeah. And I’m thinking I want to kill something in a national park. That would be cool. Yeah. But it was just, but they were telling it’s probably gonna be a cow. You might be able to keep, keep it a bison with within the group and you might get yours and, and you have to stay there and help everybody else be their packer for five days or whatever. Yeah. And it’s just, it just wasn’t, I didn’t even apply. And I, I’m, I wasn’t excited about it. I’m not, and I, I was trying to get the other guys to apply. I killed one when I was a kid.

00:30:53:29 –> 00:32:32:00
I was like, apply, let’s go, let’s go do it. But anyway, we know somebody that applied. Let’s give ’em a call and see if you answers. Okay. All right, here we go. You’ve hysteric with Arizona Desert Outfit. Okay. Who else? Gotta have something exciting. Who’s gearing up for scouting? Like crazy scouting to get people fired up about that. That’s Davy. Davy would be where the call. Talk about Arizona, New Mexico. Carter, what are you doing dude? I’m just sitting here relaxing. Come on. You’re supposed to be scouting. Where you at bro? There’s, you had a pool somewhere. We got you on a podcast. So you might brattle the tongue just slightly. Just slightly. Don’t swear at me, Davey. Okay. Dang it. Sorry. We don’t wanna edit too much. Chris, what are you doing? All the honey dos you, you’ve missed out on the past six months guiding Yeah. Yeah, taking care of the honey dos and, you know, sharpening my archer skills and, and you know, just the summertime stuff. What does that mean? Sharpening Archie skills? You, you walking around in Tivas or flip flops? Just the stocking type sandals. That’s what I guarantee. He’s on a beach somewhere. That’s right. No. Oh, well, you know, if, if Arizona’s got some ocean front property, maybe, maybe I’m on that beach. Okay, you’re in Arizona then? Unfortunately we’re down here in, I think it was 98 degrees here yesterday, so. Wow.

00:32:32:04 –> 00:33:51:00
I saw that somewhere said a hundred. So somewhere in the valley it was a hundred already, which Yeah, I know. That’s dropping. Forget that noise man. That’s too hot. Now tell us, tell us how things are going. I know you’re, you’re gotta be about getting ready to start scouting. You’re, yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, starting to hang cameras here probably closer to the end of this month. Other than that, just kind of gearing up and, and figuring out schedules and, and getting ready for this upcoming season. What do you think about New Mexico? That’s where you do a ton of, ton of work and kill some great bulls, great bucks. I mean, you’re in on a lot of big stuff, but just kinda wanna get your take on it. I think, I think New Mexico could, could use a little rain, you know, last I was over there. The, the feed looked okay, but man, we’re, we’re pretty dry for, for animals drinking water anywhere, you know, the, the dirt tanks are, you know, primarily dry. You know, some of the catchments that I, that I even know about are dry, but some of ’em are completely full. So it’s just, it’s just a weird year. We need some, we need a good soaker, you know, one that’s actually gonna catch some, catch some of this water and, and put it in some of these dirt tanks. Yeah. What about Arizona?

00:33:51:00 –> 00:35:03:03
You’ve been spending much time around and some of your elk units and down there yet, or Yeah, yeah, I was, I was out messing around in, in some COOs deer, elk units and stuff like that messing around and it, they look good also, but I mean it, we’re in the same situation here. You know, a lot of the dirt tanks are dry, but you know, early, early during shed season, great feed just about everywhere. But great feed’s only gonna get you so far unless we get some of that rain to fill up some of these tanks, you know, these animals can actually drink. So yeah. Kind of crazy. Well there’s still gonna be some you great animals taken. I know. You know, even you, you guys have done well on dry years there in New Mexico. Depends, you know. Yeah. Depending on the unit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve still done, we’ve still done well, you know, you know, I think these drier years sometimes though, you know, you’ll have a little bit more breakage, you know, with the rutt than, than normal and you know, having a hard time finding bulls that are, that are put together or bucks that are put together all over, you know, without some something broke here or there, so. Right. So I know you’ve, you’ve done well for a lot of different species there in New Mexico.

00:35:03:06 –> 00:36:18:19
Tell us a little bit, I know you’re kind of into those coups, you’re over there and I think that’s one of those species not a lot of people talk about, but you’ve done well on that and barbery sheep and different things. I mean, you’re doing elk and deer, but you’re also doing just about everything. Yeah, we do everything. We do everything. You know, I think we’re, I think elk and deer, you know, mule deer kind of, they kind of take the spotlight, you know, or, or take the cake over, over just about every other species in New Mexico. But man, New Mexico has some great, great, great species and great hunt opportunities to, to fill, you know, your, your hunt schedule if you’re looking for anything. And some of ’em are some of the draw odds on some of those species like barbary and COOs deer. They’re not impossible, man. You could, you could draw those, you know, the very first year you apply, you know, with an outfitter. So, you know, pretty awesome. They’re, they’re great great hunts and, and fun hunts and, and real hunts. You know, those barbary sheep are real hunts. They’re not, they’re not the Texas type hunt. You’re, or you know, some of the flatland hyphens Texas hunt. It’s, it’s in some rough country and you’re spending a lot of time behind the glass, but you’re, but guys are successful, right?

00:36:18:20 –> 00:37:28:12
Like, I mean, it’s not, we’re not, I mean, not to scare people off, dude, you were posting photos like it was your job, you know, left and right of different barbery kills while we were in the office working. Yeah, exactly. No, it’s, and it’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a great time of the year because you can hunt barbary in, in January and February. What else are you gonna hunt? You know, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of the, the off season, you know, so to speak for mule deer and elk, you know, then we fire up our barbary hunts and, and go for another month and a half and, and it’s a good time. It’s, it’s, it’s not easy, you know, they’re, they’re not a ton of them, you know, you glass your butt off and, and spend some times in, in some rough country. But overall, overall it’s at the end of the day you’re like, man, that, that was something we really worked for. And that was a fun hunt. So I don’t, I I haven’t met somebody that came and did it and said, eh, I don’t think I’m gonna do that again. Every single person I’ve taken on the hunt’s, like, man, I gotta try and draw this all the time. This, this was a blast. Well, it’s a lot of time and times of the year that, that maybe not a lot of other things are going on too, right. Either. Exactly.

00:37:28:23 –> 00:38:32:05
Midwinter late, late winter, you know, when you’re not trying to jam it right in the middle of all the deer and elk stuff in September to November and things like that. So it’s a good time to get away. Sometimes decent weather down there, sometimes not, but yeah, yeah. I mean it was, it was fairly brutal of a few days this year. It’s when, you know, Texas had all those subzero temperatures and all, all the snow going on, we had all the same stuff. We were just on the other side of the border. Now, you know what we go through up here. Yeah. How does it feel, Danny? I don’t, I don’t, I don’t envy you guys at all for, for the winters you guys have to have to deal with. We wish it was more. Yeah, no kidding. I i, I wish it was more, you know, because when you guys have good winters, we tend to have a good winter, you know, moisture wise down here also. So Yeah, people golfed all year long in Cedar City, Utah this year it was nuts all winter. It was, geez, it was not good. So, yeah. What are you predicting? So this, you know, June 8th deadline for Arizona sheep and deer coming up. I mean, what are you predicting for the strip and, and whatnot quality wise?

00:38:32:26 –> 00:39:42:24
Man, it’s, it’s tough to say because you would say with the, the amount of moisture that we’d have another, you know, another subpar year, but then again on the strip, I, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a back to back bad year and last year wasn’t the best, you know, so yeah, we say that a lot too. It, it doesn’t happen that often. And I don’t know how, like Nevada and southern Utah feels the same way. How it can be off the charts good, but it may not be off the charts terrible either. That’s, that’s how I agree with you. We don’t see bad, bad back-to-back years. We just don’t it. That’s, that’s the thing is here, we don’t, we rarely ever see a bad back to back year, you know, just, just for the simple fact that the winter wasn’t that tough and these animals were able to, to keep a little fat on them, you know, the little fat they had, they didn’t, they didn’t burn it off in the winter. So, I don’t know, I, I’m, I think that we’re gonna see a better year than last year, but I don’t know if we’re gonna see, you know, a top producing year, just just, you know, unless miraculously in the next two weeks or three weeks, we have that, that soaker that I’m talking about that we need. So I know you’re a kous deer guy too, like mo yeah.

00:39:42:29 –> 00:40:46:15
Most, mostly personally. Like that’s something you, you like, I mean, what love, how do the cous deer respond to some of this dry stuff? I mean, it feels like there’s still big bucks taken. Yeah, they’re, they’re still, I don’t know, the co deer are a desert, you know, they love it. They’re, they’re just a different breed. I mean mean they, they they can thrive and they can thrive with nothing to eat and, and, and very little to drink it seems like, and still find really good bucks. And it could be some of the driest years and, and we still find really good bucks to hunt so, well they’re a lot smaller body-wise. Exactly. They don’t need as much. And they also grow, I mean the, the northern Arizona mule deer, they grow sooner earlier than, than like your desert mule deer. But, but the coo deer and desert mule deer, they grow a little bit later timing. So yeah, you get into July and August when hopefully your monsoons kicking on and boom, then it’s just popping out groceries every year everywhere for them. Exactly. They’re, they don’t, don’t finish out as early and so they benefit from monsoon rain where the northern Arizona deer by monsoons, they’re, it’s too late for anything. Yeah, exactly.

00:40:46:26 –> 00:42:05:23
Co cos deer are different because like you said, I think their, their peak growing is gonna be, you know, the first couple weeks of August and by then we’ve, we’ve generally had three weeks of, of decent monsoon rain. So, you know, they’re, they’re able to, they’re able to thrive and, and do a little better just because of our mon you know, our typical monsoon season so well, even with it being a little bit dry, there’s tons of demand out there. You were hitting me, you know, saying you’d landowner tags and everything else. Yeah. You know, they’re just so much demand guys are wanting to hunt. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Yeah. The rona the rona’s not, you know, it’s not tightened everybody’s pockets, you know, a lot, a lot of people are still wanting to hunt with, with a lot of the international travel being, being closed, you know, as far as hunting, everybody’s, everybody’s trying to, everybody’s trying to fill that, that schedule for hunting this year and, and the landowner requests and, and you know, the, the, you know, the amount of applicants, you know, some of ’em were up to 70,000 new applicants, you know, per per state. And, and you really see it this year with, with, i I think it’s because the international travels Yeah. Closed down. A lot of guys are wanting to go hunting, so yeah, they’re, they’re doing applying, trying to go.

00:42:05:23 –> 00:43:26:25
We in the west where they know they can at least just drive to or whatever on their own without having to fly or having any restrictions in Canada and other stuff being off the limits, so. Yep. Exactly. All right, guy. Well, do you have anything to add that we haven’t covered? We just kinda wanted to hear it from the source. Davey Matthews. Yeah, no, nothing, nothing really to add. I mean, it’s, if you guys are, if you guys are looking for any kind of package scouting package, you know, just a hunting package, a fully outfitted package in New Mexico, Arizona hit us up. We’ll, we’re happy to help you. All right. All right, buddy. Sounds good. I get back to the honey dos. Yeah, you flip get back in. Yeah. Back, get behind, back on the clock with your wife. Yeah. Do whatever she says, keep rapping. Exactly. Yes sir. You got two weeks all guys, you got two weeks to do a year’s worth of work, buddy. Exactly. Yep. All right, sounds good. Take it easy later. Alright, see you bud. All right, bye. Okay, bye. Well let’s, let’s try Eric again. He said hit me back. Did he back? Yeah. Hey dude, what’s going on? Not much. We got, we got you on a podcast today. We just, we wanted to know how it felt to be one of the 12 out of 45,000. We just wanna know how that felt. Feels good. Yeah.

00:43:26:26 –> 00:44:31:15
It’s amazing, man. Yeah. Well, and hey, you’ve killed one outta the park, right? And now I did. Now you get to go kill one in the park. I mean, yeah, in 2019. I I killed one on the second evening. So it’s, it’s kind of a shocker to be going back up there. Yeah, you drew that one in the, I guess it was regular draw, we’ve call it the state draw. And then this one, this was like, yeah, outta nowhere announced it and I don’t know how it’s gonna work. I don’t know how many people they’ve selected, but I know in the email it said in the next two weeks they’re gonna reach out to me for a background check. Yeah. Think you’ll pass that. We’re about the shooting. I hope so. And the shooting, I think you gotta do a four inch bridge, four inch group at a hunter. You got that, that covered or that’s what I’m worried about. I might need to talk to you guys about which rifle to use. Well I think just have Bronson come do it for you. This MOA rifle. Oh, I don’t, yeah, I don’t wanna be. There’ll try because then I’ll somehow be roped into packing bison for five days for people outta the canyons. And, but what I really wanna know is, you, you alluded that you’re gonna go full on dances with wolves in terms of apparel and stuff, stuff like that.

00:44:31:21 –> 00:45:40:15
What, what do you gonna absolutely whatcha gonna wear on this hunt? I mean, so my plan is, is to wear a loin cloth some moccasins and hey shirtless, definitely a buffalo jacket from the, the bi I killed in 2019. Did you make one? Seriously? Yeah, you did. I didn’t know that you made. Well, I’m in the process, but I don’t have that thing finished. Yeah, dude, you’re gonna be, I can just see you rolling up in some black, like jacked up Fort Excu and limo and you step out of that thing with this freaking bla buffalo robe and a loy cloth and you can walk it over to the sign in and hey, I’m ready to roll. Could be a site to behold right there. Well, yeah, as long as they don’t tell me there’s a dress code, I’m definitely doing it, dude. So you know, the original plan for that buffalo hide was to do a blanket for my daughter. But now that this happened, it just has to change. Oh yeah. Well, and, and for kids, I mean, I know I’ve seen a couple people, I’ve had clients walk into like the sheep show and that wearing that b and it, it turns some heads. ’cause it does a b bison coat is not something you see every day and they’re giant and they’re heavy. It might snuff a kid out.

00:45:40:16 –> 00:46:47:27
It might not be safe to put your kid in a bite they roll over and might not, can’t get out of it. They’re heavy, big. Come on dude. That is true. The hair’s eight inches long, harder. Hey, I killed one, one day. I, I know. So brutal. Good though. I like to change. I’d like to change of plants. It’s still hard to, but Well you got drawn, you’re one of the, I don’t dunno. I could say 12. I dunno how many it’s gonna be, but we’ll see. But congrats man. It was cool. At least know somebody outta 45,000 people. Geez. But Bronson will be headed down. I right? Yeah. I’ve got, I’ve got, I’ve got Bronson down pretty much. That’s right. I know. I have some, I have some just, just skills. I save me the embarrassment. I don’t want him to run my background check. I don’t want stuff to be exposed, so just I’m tapping out. I I He’s clean. Don’t run it. Don’t, that’s not an excuse. Well, i’s well, I saw, I saw Adam fold up an antelope at 500 yards on the run. There. There you go. I definitely, there you go. His support. And I’m also gonna have Jason, Jason’s on the list. I’m there. I I’m might, I might just add the entire epic crew. Chris is there. He’ll film it. Dude, I wonder if they allowed film. Absolutely. Probably not. I mean, I can’t imagine.

00:46:48:01 –> 00:47:54:24
I bet they don’t. Something goes wrong. Protest or whatcha are you gonna use for a gun? What are you gonna use? What’d you use last time? What’d you use? Last time I used a a 300 short mag. I can honestly say my shot placement at 50 yards was not ideal. High. I was a low, I was an abs It was not where I aimed, I’ll just put it that way. Were you nervous? Did you have you have bison fever? Oh, I was a, I was a train wreck. I mean, I, I literally was packing up to head back up to the truck and as I was getting into my pack, I almost felt like the ground was rumbling. Seriously. Like dances with wolves. I’m like, what is that? They were, there was a stampede, huh? And there was 40, 40 bison just coming in. And once, once they got to the salt, it was just absolute chaos. Wow. And I thought it took a while to get a shot, but once we looked at the trail cameras, it was, it was over 20 minutes of just bison all over. Every time I went to pull the trigger signaling one out, one big bull that’s not gonna have a pass through and kill a calf and a cow, that was it. There was calves going behind him. And then there was four more bulls that came in, came in like five minutes later.

00:47:55:08 –> 00:48:55:02
And so I was able to size ’em up and figure out the biggest one. And then that would be, at one point, at one point when I, when I shot, there was a cow that was seriously five feet from my blind, like out the window coming to look at me. And I know she’s just got shellshock, just, she still can’t hear you cinched hair off of her probably from your muzzle blast. Oh yeah. It was amazing. So tell us some, sometimes those hunts are fairly tough. Like let’s give us a quick rundown on that. On the real, I guess we’ll call ’em the real Arizona non-par count. Real. They’re tough ’cause yeah, these bison have found a sanctuary in the park and that’s why they’re having to do other extreme measures, I guess, to try to call some out. But yeah, a lot of water come out for salt water. For water and salt. They come out. Yeah. So it’s, it’s, it’s mainly weather dependent on these bison. You know, they, they know that they’re safe in the park and they don’t start, you know, exiting the park on that boundary until, you know, it starts to get warm. Water starts to dry up and they’re kind of needing that salt.

00:48:55:27 –> 00:50:09:06
And so, just for example, on my hunt, I had two buddies that had to tag before me, which was, you know, I three or four months long and, and nobody even really saw any buffalo. And then, you know, their hunt ended and mine started a couple days later and I just, there started to be more activity and I was hunting with Russ Jacobi and we walked, we hiked down to this salt that it was about a mile down in this canyon, and he, there, it was just demolished. We checked the camera and there was a bunch of cows on there and the route was starting to pick up. And he told me he was, he was spot on. He said, you’re gonna kill a bison here. I like, really? I said, just a bunch of cows. And he goes, no, these, they’re sand’s gonna travel up these canyons and, and you’re gonna have a bull. And sure as heck the next day. Huh. When did they, when did they, when did they route there? Generally? I think it starts right there in, in June. I could be wrong, but you know, June and it goes through July and August. ’cause Yeah. Is what I gather. Yeah. Utah here seems like August is really heavy and went on the Henry’s at least. Yeah. But I don’t, I’m not a bison rutt connoisseur by any stretch of imagination, but, right. Just interesting. Yeah. Well it’s an interesting hunt.

00:50:09:07 –> 00:51:20:10
It’s, it’s totally different than what we’re used to. We’re used to going out making, putting in the work on these hunts and Yeah. A hike or, yeah, it’s totally outta your control, you know, and, and I wasn’t used to that, so I was like, what are we gonna be doing here? And you’re basically waiting, you know, they don’t want you going down and going down to these blinds. ’cause any sign of human, the bison are back in the park, so you’re basically just going down and sitting in a blind for, you know, I was two days, but I also, the story on mine was I also had a daughter that was gonna be due, her due date was two weeks after my hunt started. So there’s no cell phone service up there. It’s six hours to the closest hospital in Phoenix. And you have an inReach or something. Everything’s on inReach that I’m just like staring at just a nervous wreck and thank God it happened. I was able to get home and gee, you know, be be there for my first daughter. Yeah. No, well that’s awesome. Killed the giant bull and now I guess we’ll see. You never know. Just work your magic. Maybe you get to shoot some big white blonde 15-year-old bull or something like that. It’s like mean maybe it’s been charging little kids out there in the park and they’re like, we need that thing gone.

00:51:20:10 –> 00:52:29:01
They’re gonna wanna dump the cows. Well, yeah, but they might have a problem bull or two that they know is mean. Yeah. Mean Joe Green and they need to take care of man. Hopefully that’s the case. Yeah. Anyway. Right. Well good. But well before we let you go, I mean you, I be remiss not at least pick your brain a little bit or just a general feel on the status of Arizona Desert sheep. I mean the, that period’s open till June 8th and it’s kind of on the front burner. Yeah. And everybody’s dreaming big, I guess right now. Things in generally feel like great in Southern Arizona. Lot, a lot of good big grams and a lot of rams come from a lot. Big grams come from a lot of different units. So Yeah. Yeah. What I can say there is is most of Arizona, specifically region four, Southwest Arizona is really booming right now. And there’s a lot of good rams in those units right now. You really can’t go wrong if you spend the time do your scouting. There is some old good rams in most of the units. You spent a lot of time in 24 B last year on two different hunts and, and struggled, you know, that unit’s definitely hurting. And I know a lot of Max Points guys go for that.

00:52:29:14 –> 00:53:33:10
And I honestly think, you know, from 37 a West, you know, you’ve got just as good of a chance of killing a book ram, if not a, a mid seventies type ram in a lot of those units. Well, and it, and it feels like, I mean, Arizona, if you look at the, I don’t have it off the top of my head, a hundred, 110 or 20 sheep tags, I maybe that’s counting Rockies, so there’s only 10 or 15. But of all the desert units, man, they’re partitioned up in lots of pieces and parts or different seasons. So you don’t have a lot of tags anywhere. And some years you have one or two tags in a lot of units. And so year to year, sometimes just depending on who draws and you know, whether they hire a guide or how much effort, you don’t always get a perfect representation of what’s coming from some of these two tag units. And then boom, you, you guys or someone else will smoke a 1 75, 180 Ram somewhere. They’re wrong. They’re nomatic. Yeah, yeah. Like, like you were saying, like about anywhere something real special could happen, it feels like in those, we’ll call ’em the thirties and forties units, you know, for instance. Yes, yes. Absolutely.

00:53:33:13 –> 00:54:46:23
I mean, I, I say it all the time and you know, people don’t get to hunt sheep a lot, so you have guys that, that really go in and, and don’t know what they’re looking at and you know, a a mature 1 55, 1 60 ram looks big, you know, and that’s, I I think the difference on really spending the time and knowing what you’re looking for to sift through those rams and find something special. And I really think if you’re not used to it, judging ’em tough for a lot, oh it’s, it’s even for, you know, even for us, we, she hunt a lot. Everything, every Ram’s got a different configuration. It, it just gets tough. You really need, you know, several guys to kind of bounce things back and forth and, and make that right call, you know, so, so well we’re excited is it’s full speed ahead. There’s no Yeah, absolutely. For a tag. Any tag’s a good tag and that’s kind of generally the case in Arizona. There’s a couple, maybe we’ll call ’em northern or northwestern units that are, they’re rough. A lot of those are one, right? Yeah. One tag units any or one permit unit. So non-residents can’t target ’em. But anyway, good year, a good year to draw a desert sheet down. Yeah. What I can say is it’s definitely an exciting time for Arizona and specifically western Arizona.

00:54:47:16 –> 00:55:59:19
So a lot of guys typically look at what Rams, you know, was there a big ram killed and, and this unit and everybody’s chasing dead rams, you know, and, and that’s where everybody’s applying. And I would say to the guys applying, really do your research and, and kind of look at, you know, some of these other units that might not be getting applicants. Because e every unit’s gonna be good, you know, the next few years. Yeah. Awesome. Well, all right man. Well we may call you again in a, a few weeks or some month or something like that when after this bison. That’d be interesting. Yeah, well let it down. Yeah, I’m, I’m definitely interested to see how it goes. I, I really have no clue. I talked to one of the game and fish guys at the sheep Society meeting the other night and they basically helped the, the park with the selection process. But you know, everybody’s really interested on how it’s gonna go. Yeah. What it’s gonna be like. So I honestly have no clue other than I, you know, after I pass this background check to see what the next steps are. Yeah. Hopefully I can shoot. Yeah, you’ll be fine. Well, and then get that coat made and the loin cloth we want picks. That’s all I’m saying. Oh yeah. I just wanna see you out there standing. Oh yeah, you do in the field, man. Oh no, I dunno.

00:55:59:20 –> 00:57:01:16
See you want him out in the field though? I wanna see if it really happened. I don’t wanna see the picks that came out wrong. Make, I just wanna see. I’ll make you a deal in the field. I wanna see you in the field with a dead bison with the loin cloth and standing there’ll, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll, I’m gonna go for it. If, if we get a, like a giant framed picture of me in my outfit in Epic outdoors, we’ll do it. I’ll do it. Hey, we’ll do it might have to on the page right before that snapshot to put warning graphic, you turn graphic image on the next page. You might have to warn some people ’cause there’s this kids and people watch. It’ll be awesome. Watch this big old snapshot so you guys can look at it every day. Oh, I thought met the Adam Adam’s office has definitely got a No, we’ll put it somewhere in the office though. I guarantee that. But magazine it depends on how, you know, how Yeah, yeah. How much leather you use on some of the parts of the clothing. You better use a little bit more if it’s gonna get in the mag. Yeah, for sure I will. Alright. Okay man. Well we’re just giving you a hard time, but congrats. Those are some crazy odds you beat, but be interesting to see how it goes. So good luck, man. Thank you guys.

00:57:01:26 –> 00:57:49:24
All right guys, have a good day. Talk to you later. Bye. Bye. Is that it, Carter? That’s it. That’s pretty fun. Pretty couple of good, good things, but good stuff. Good stuff. Lots going on. Yeah. May’s a huge month. There’s still a bunch of results to come out. Keep us in mind. We’ve got, if you’re not a member of VIP Outdoors, we’ve got list of Epic member experience database. If you draw a tag and you’re self-guided and inclined and doing a something on your own, that’s a benefit. We can send you a list of other members that have been there, done that. Or if you need an outfitter, if you draw a tag that you feel is just too good to squander, give us a call there. We, we take who we recommend and where we recommend very seriously. We put our reputations on the line for a lot of our outfitters and so trust us with that and give us a call. Yeah. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. So good luck in the draws everybody.