Point Creep and What to Do if You Didn’t Draw. In this episode we talk about the point creep we saw in a lot of the West and especially in the Colorado draw. There are a lot of us that are now left with an open schedule wondering how to find opportunities. We go through what may still be available and discuss some options. We also call Jeff John and have a fun talk about Bear Hunting and even a little plumbing education. The Arizona Application deadline is June 8th so dont miss it.

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So anyway, lots of point creeping going on out there. This Arizona OTC deer had a lot of changes. Some were unaffected, some changed dramatically, some went all the way to limited entry. Anything to do with Western big games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, Chris Peterson coming at you from Southern Utah. Alright everybody. Well anyway, we’re having a good time here in Southern Utah, although I do need to start us off with appreciating Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast and all the sport they give us here at Epic Outdoors. We appreciate ya. Good job. They do have some new products coming out here in about a month, month and a half. And their website, ua.com should be loaded. So anyway, great products, doing great, doing good things, and so we appreciate them. But Bronson, yeah, how was the point? Creep in Colorado? I don’t know. I had zero points and I didn’t drive Jack. I heard it was really bad. In fact, all three of us had zero points, so I really didn’t care. Hey, I still got a second choice tag. How about that? Oh yeah, you gonna keep it? It looks like I might have to. Landowner tags are a premium. Bronson, it’s bad when you can’t even buy your way in. Can’t even buy your way in. I know. I can’t even do it either. And I’m trying to make $500 off of you.

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By the way, I think you had to take me up on that by May one. Well, I told you I was gonna do it. We’re gonna have to replay that. No, I’m told you I’m gonna do it, but I, I can’t make it. I don’t. I think you were contractually bound. Like I think the idea was No, I told you I agreed on the podcast. It’s what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna have to review some podcasts to see. No, everybody knows what the liabilities are and if there’s any, you’re liable for 500 There is what? That’s what you’re for. There’s any fine print that’ll get me out of it. No, actually Bronson, if you go, I don’t think I can take your money. Absolute worth the five Benies. I don’t think I could take your money, dude. So what? What he’s telling you, everybody is he’s lined up for the muzzy or archery. He’s telling me that. He’s telling you that. I’ve already said that. Yeah. And you heard it here first or second? Foregoing second. So anyway, I’m excited to pay you $500 and I don’t know if it’s legal to gamble in Utah, but we did it. Well it’s not really how we do 4 99 because I know the big butt contest in Utah, you can’t do anything over $500. Let’s just 4 99. Is that, is that true? Yeah.

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We should put on a big buck contest for 4 99 plus a bunch of free gear, huh? Yeah. I don’t know if that counts. I don’t know. What if we do that? Dude, you know what? These podcasts are good for coming up with ideas. We’re gonna do it on weight. See, let let pipes fall outta that thing. Was 300 pounds dressed a blanc of meat? No, I don’t. I don’t care about that. Do you? The old days they did. And weight. We have Wyatt and Weight. We have Wyatt score everything. I don’t know. Remember how they used to score ’em? The T score was like width plus height and then you add the points or something like that. I wonder how they got T outta that. Well it’s, you know, high width, high and Y plus. Okay. I don’t know. But anyway, all right. I don’t know why we’re there. But anyway, we have good, yes, a live and well we have a good friend of ours, Steve Carroll stops into the office whining that because of me, he didn’t get drawn. Party of four is no longer having Colorado. They’ve canceled hotel reservations, meat packers, single-handedly crushing the economy. Yeah, well we’re not really crushing the economy ’cause somebody took the tag. Somebody’s got one. That’s I, I agree. And I think they’re gonna spend more. I think they’re gonna spin more. It’s alive and well. Especially on units that with lower tag totals.

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Anyway, lots of fun stuff going on here. Epic outdoors, Western, big game hunting. It’s pretty awesome. There’s a lot of stuff going on. A lot of plans being made. A lot of dreams being crushed. Did you take that razor out this weekend? Mm, no. The Epic one. I didn’t, I didn’t have a chance to. Why not? I don’t know. Give them a plug. That thing’s bad. Yeah, they’re pretty awesome. Triple S, if anybody is kind of watching our Insta feed, we also put it out on YouTube. Did we? Yeah. Alright little. It was awesome. The delivery video. How’d the delivery of the Epic package? Well I had to tease him that the Polaris label wasn’t all wazoo out. Like the epic label wasn’t that. I was dis non Polaris. But anyway. Well, Polaris doesn’t have antlers involved, so it’s not a school. That’s right. It’s just flat out. But what an awesome bill. It’s see Epic Bill Sounds good. Rolls off the end of your tongue. Anyway, it’s a four seat razor. It’s, it’s pretty bad. Eh. Rights fast. It’ll throw you back. It’ll throw you back in the chair. That tur, that turbo works. You and you and John went already went out. Classic. I saw a picture of John Glassy. We went, we went just, it might’ve been a photo shoot. I don’t know if, was he, we went out by flow back behind my house. Oh yeah. All right.

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Well anyway, it’s pretty awesome. Appreciate them. Triple S, Polaris. 4, 3, 5, 8, 6, 5, 0, 100, 4, 3, 5, 8, 6, 5 0, 100 triples Polaris. They’ll deliver hand build handcraft, customized whatever you need. Anyway. Super good. People give Colton a call. He runs the place and has good people that work for him too. So anyway, here in Cedar City, Utah, they know all their stuff. They’ll sell you anything. There’s even a six wheeler. He’s got a six wheeler in there with the Epic logo on it. Yeah, who authorized that? But it does look cool. It does. So whatever. Throw ’em on there. Throw ’em on. All of ’em for all we here. Alright, what’s next? Bronson got anything else coming up? No, we got a lot of optics on the front burner. I mean, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. It seems like here it’s that time of year tags have come out. A lot of them. 80% will say have come out. You know what you’ve got or what you don’t have. Those of you that are making plans, you better get on it. We are getting better. In fact, we’ve got a huge shipment Carter of 95 millimeter objectives from SRO coming in this week. It’s when I say I a hundred pounds worth or 200 pounds, I don’t know. I know how many pounds, how much weight did we bring in on optics?

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Could we just say how many pieces instead of pounds the guy had to strap on a freaking back saver thing to freaking bring all the stuff in. We’re getting optics in like it’s our job. Loads of 90 fives. If you’ve been waiting for those for A TXS, TX or BTX options. Or if you had a 65 or 85 and you want the 95 now now’s the time to get ’em. These have been on back order for a lot of places for a long time. We’ve we’ve been getting ’em trickling in. We’ve had a few orders in 15 or 20 in the last few months. But this is the first log jam break breakage it feels like. And it feels like these been dozens how many months ago? Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. So give us a call. Got awesome prices on them. They’re ready to hit the, hit the streets and hit your, hit your pack and get out in the hills. So it is time to get out in the hills. I’m starting to see everybody posting up pictures of being out in the hills and loading up the woods with trail cameras. And so anyway, now’s the time. It’s, it’s that time you’re needing trail cameras give us all as well. We got a whole room dedicated toward it and loaded with cameras in there. Lots of pounds. Cameras and boxes. Pounds. Yeah. Pounds. Pounds. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.

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And then we have the EL range of TAs back to the optics. We do have swallow with the EL range TAs. The new 10 by 42. It’s got the amazing classic Bronson. I mean, I can’t tell a huge difference. Maybe not any difference between NL pure 10 power and these eel ranges. Pretty impressive. They’re pretty impressive. They say there’s a difference but it’s hard to, hard to notice. They’re pretty awesome. Pretty crisp. You have to be here right at the crack of dark. And I’m usually in bed by then. Alright. So anyway. Pretty awesome. We do have Bronson, you, you initiated this whole package. Why don’t you go ahead and Well we had updates. We had a few, we kind of like when we get a big shipment, a log jam breakthrough. We had a log jam breakthrough on some of our vortex tripods. The summit carbon. Nice lightweight packable tripod with a head, tripod head and everything included. We had an awesome little package we threw together with the 18 by 56 Razor UHD Bino. And we’ve got a few of those left I believe. And we did the, the summit tripod kit. Yeah. With the entire kit. Come with a plate head, like you said, everything with a pair of UHD 18 by 56 Vortex Razor U hds and then a 10 by 42 pair of Diamondback hds free, right? What was it? Tripods free.

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A pair of tens are free and all for the price of the eighteens. Yeah. Call us while they last 1699 while they last. They’re not gonna last. We only got a few left. Alright. And that is, what else? The truth. One last thing Bronson. We have one bow left. One Hoyt RX five HBX. It’s a, it’s, it’s set at a 29 inch draw, but the draw range is 28.5 to 30. It’s a 60 to 70 pound weight bow. Right. What color is that? Well, the nusser buck skin and it’s wilderness. Which is what? A dark of a dark green. Green. Yeah. Gorgeous bow. Not to be confused with gecko green first. $1,225 takes it. What? What? You just blew BCO green. Like I didn’t even say. Well, I don’t know. Alright. I got something on my mind. I don’t know what it was. 1225 first. 1225 takes it. Alright, what else? Here we go. No, I think that’s that for that. But, or if there’s something we havent talked about and you’re thinking about it, whether it be RO 15 and ro spotting scope, zes ano, zes rifle scopes, like a, it doesn’t matter. Give us a call. We’ve been super aggressive on our orders. Way over ordering when we, when we felt the crunch coming months ago. And consequently we’ve been able to keep stuff flowing. So keep us in mind, prices are awesome and we promise you we’re gonna make it worth your time.

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Give us a call, check it out. Okay everybody, we did talk a little bit about, you know, point creep and some of these different things. We’ve seen a lot of point creep across the board and, and it’s kind of a weird saying, point creep, kind of like do it yourself or DIY It’s just one of those terms that’s being thrown, thrown out. How you describe it. It just, it’s just when there’s a frenzy, everybody wants something for, for certain reasons. And this year the dates in Colorado was the reason the dates brought people to the table. Second, third, and fourth season crushed stuff. They also wanna feed their families in this covid environment. I wonder how it affect cow tags. I don’t know. It feels like there’s demand for everything. Probably. Probably had to burn points on cow tags left and right. Yeah. Instead of second choice though. So we had a lot of units taken. I mean 44 second went from a partial draw of seven up to 14, 15 points guaranteed it. I mean that’s, you don’t, let’s call it a seven point jump. Yeah. Crazy. Seven point jump. Right? Well, and you’re talking about I think 50 total tags, roughly, if I’m remembering Carter, right? I mean that’s a low number. That’s not non-resident tags. So that’s, yeah, that’s a low number of tags. And the lower the number of tags, the higher potential creep it affected. So it’s un it’s unfortunate.

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If you had hopes, dreams, plans and people are angry. Yep. People are angry. I’m angry. I got a second choice tag, which is fine. I’m, I should be grateful. But I, you know, I’d like to get a landowner tag. I can’t find one that, you know, and they’re just hard to find. So there’s a lot of demand out there. We had a lot of point jumps. And keep in mind, Adam and I don’t have any of this written down. We never come to the table with anything. We should have better notes Bronson, but for, but off the cuff, I mean you’re talking, you know, incredible point jumps, you know, I guess that’s 68 third, I mean it went from whatever, you know, 7.7, let’s call it seven point type seven, eight. Yeah. Up to 12, you know, partial with 11, 12 points. You, those are huge jumps. It’s gonna be interesting next year. What is reality gonna be next year? Is there gonna be any relaxation? What do you call relaxation of of point creep? What’s the opposite of point creep? Lessening of the point? I don’t know, what’s the word? Point creep versus point blank. What is the word? I don’t know. Chris. Deflation listening of demand. I don’t know. Bronson. Regardless though, what I think’s interesting is there’s, there always is a, there’s a new level set. There’s a new bar, right. It doesn’t feel like it goes the other way.

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It doesn’t generally, but sometimes we’ve seen it where like there’s, there’s one guy that applied with 20, one guy that applied with 17, two guys with 16. The next point guy is like 11 and it really shows 16. And even though the next guy with 13 or 12 yes would’ve got it, but there wasn’t a guy. So the next year happens. I see. And then next year you have a lessening all of a sudden. Yeah. Boom. Wow. I can’t believe it. A guy snuck in with eight when it was 16. Stuff like that happens right in these weird places. Yeah. Not even weird. Just kind of off the radar. Yeah. You know, northern units or whatever, even southern and northern units feels like center of the state. There’s lots of demand, feels like inflation. But anyway, and deflation. And then you have, then you have, when you, when guys look at it, they have a self-fulfilling prophecy. It took eight, I’m not gonna apply there ’cause I have six, I wanna make sure I draw. So I’m gonna go somewhere else. Oh, it took eight, I have nine. That means I get it, I’m gonna apply. And so a lot of those, what’s on paper is what happens. And also now you’re gonna have people that have 15 points that have been doing points only that now that they see 68 took 12 points, they’re gonna be comfortable burning 15 points there when the year before.

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Heck no. That only takes eight. I’m not gonna burn that many points so many times now they’re gonna see, oh, it takes, I take spot what I got. I’ll do it. Yeah. It and it, the unit didn’t change. No, it’s the same unit. Yeah. But people struggle. People want come in by a razor’s edge and there’s no, and feel like they got something. Feel like I I I got a deal. Right. And we’ve tried to talk about it a lot and I understand we couldn’t, we couldn’t go through unit by unit and say this is what every unit’s gonna take. But I feel for people, I’m glad I burned my points last year. All three of us did. And, and you know, different units, different places, different seasons. So it’s not like it’s all, we had a perfect plan. We just did stuff. You know, part of the reason for doing that last year is I knew this year was gonna be harder. Yeah. So your points, your unit that you drew last year probably took six or eight this year. Yeah. You drew it like three. Oh I think I two or three. Four. Four. Did you? Okay. But I mean, you didn’t have a prayer this year at five. No, not even touched it. Crazy how this works.

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But so anyway, lots of point creeping going on out there and just a lot of people, and unfortunately after Colorado hits, it’s the last huge state. You got Wyoming, you got Idaho, but then you got Arizona and you’ve got, it’s a hard place for the milder enthusiast to just go burn your points in Arizona Carter because you can go do it. Let’s go hunt a three a three C or something along something different. Early Kibab. Yeah, early kibab. But still takes 14 points picker known to man still takes 14 points, doesn’t it? I know, yeah. And one year the early kibab killed numerous giants one year and, and seems like everybody remembers it. Ah, you’re saying I got a chance ever since then, the butt kicker of all butt kickers. That’s not an easy one. No, it’s for trophy hunters. It’s a lot of Yeah, you’re gonna see a lot of deer. Yeah. If you’re just a, a deer hunt. Good Arizona, most people equate that to giant bucks, you know, and they just don’t have very many giant buck units in the state. It’s the biggest bottleneck log jam for trophy meal to hunters about anywhere. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s not one state that’s had less applicants this year. Not one. Everybody’s 10, 15, 20% up. I mean, even states like Kansas way up. No, I like, like 7,000 draw. What’d they say? 7,000 people that didn’t get Kansas Tech. Did you apply?

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And and historically it’s been like a 90, 95% draw and I didn’t draw. Yeah. Wow. No. What’d you apply for the white tell white tell Kansas I love Kansas White. I love Kansas White. Tell, I just told you Jason. You know where I, I just told you dear. What state are we talking about? I didn’t know there was antelope for non-resident in Kansas. Yeah. Anyway, pretty funny stuff. I love teasing Chris Southeastern Kansas. No kidding. Perfect. All right, well hey, you get two units close, but I’ll not be going. Well Brad said it doesn’t matter. We’re doing some different things next year. Oh yeah, next year. When you say next year, does that mean this year or you mean next year? 2022? No, I mean 2022. Look like what? Well, you promised we were gonna do Montana. I promised I I said we should. I don’t know if I thought it was a commitment. Well, I, I’m, I’m, I’m It’s still on the table. Yes. That’s a long ways away. September, 2022. Carter is a long ways away. Yeah, it’s what, nine but 15 months. 16. Don’t, don’t forget to get your points this summer so that we’re on track. All right. All right. I’m just saying like, there’s a lot of things that have been on our mind in the past, but we keep putting ’em off and now they’re becoming, becoming more front burner because the options down here. Yeah.

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You can grab ’em, you can get ’em Montana tag something you can grab, you can get Yeah, good luck. Go get another archery elk tag somewhere else. Go make it happen and hunt three 50 bulls and there’s that potential up there. Yeah. Go, go just with a lot of phone work and go make that happen somewhere else. Scouting. It’s very difficult. So that’s why we’re elevating it somewhat. But anyway, we’ll see if that comes to fruition. So what can you do Bronson? What can you do? If you’re looking to go on a hunt now and you’ve just got the bad news from Colorado, reality sets in, you’re gonna have like the turnback options in Colorado, which is gonna be tough, but Hey Nevada, it is everybody’s game. Nevada should playing in Nevada, they’re, I’m just not planning on those. Nevada. I’m the most intrigued about Well gonna cost you your points. Yeah. And I So this ain’t a freebie. It’s not a freebie and you’re not gonna be able to scout. So you better know when you jump on something, you better know something about it because the hunt’s already probably started or days of starting. Yeah. But then 14 days the max. So I mean, yeah, it’s gonna be interesting. We’ll, we’ll shout out the website when we have all that. That’s coming in later in. Well it’d be end of July, early early August. Yeah. It’d be to 14 days prior to August 10.

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Yeah. It’s the first, you know, real tags going up. And then same thing, what if somebody turns in their silver state tag that that could, that could come in a little early 14 days prior to August. August one or July one. Is it July one? Cheap? That could be June. Silver State. Yeah. July one. And so now that could be June, June 16th. Somebody could be turning somebody better be late awake checking the Turnback option for a silver state time. Never know. Might not come on. Might not fit in. Somebody plans this year might cause a divorce. It could. It could almost cause a divorce. Could be worse. Could be, I dare you to say what I can’t think of anything. Okay. Yeah, good answer. So anyway, and then, so you’ve got some of these turn back options can be a lot of ’em. I’ve al I’ve talked to so many people that are, that have turned back into Nevada tag or are going to, ’cause you still get a point, you still get plus one as if you never got it, you’re just not gonna get your money back. Keep the point fee. Yep. But other than that, outside of those, it’s getting tougher. Idaho used to always be the dear option for people to buy in the summer and fall. That’s gone. With the exception of some turnback tags there. Yeah, they’re gonna have those.

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You gotta general, you can turn it back and once a month starting twice a month in September. Yeah. They’re gonna start giving those out. But really you start, what do you really have Colorado oil Carla. Let’s really talk about that. I mean, well I mean dude, there’s archery. Numerous big bulls taken. Yeah. Okay. Not cons. Now, percentage wise compared to how many tags they sell, it’s very low. But there are some big bulls being taken in Colorado and some guys are deer hunting. Betting a bull going back to town, grabbing a tag, coming up and smashing it. Well, and how about that? You threw it out. What? Maybe you grab an elk tag for a unit you’re looking at burning your points on. And I’m not saying every single unit that that has good deer also has good elk. So I’m just telling you that isn’t always the case. And it’s not chump change what a six, 700 bucks to buy an elk tag for non-resident. It’s not cheap, but there’s an option. Go to Colorado, check out a unit. Hey, hunt a couple units. You, you’re not, when you buy a second season, third season or an archery tag, you’re not confined to a certain unit. No. You can hunt all those units that are open to the general season tag. So bounce around a couple.

00:21:02:27 –> 00:22:09:19
Hunt a couple, maybe go second season hunt here, 18 to 1 61 to sixth all the way over to 62, 43. Yeah. Whatever. 21 crush, crush the state. But gives you something to go do and maybe learn something while you’re there. Maybe you like the looks of the country and you’re more galvanized than ever to go back when you burn your deer points. But I’m just giving you some options. We don’t practice what we preach there a whole lot. I’ve, I’ve done it a handful of times in my life. You know, it’s been a long time, frankly since I have what, an over-the-counter attack. Yeah. Yeah. I’m not kidding in Colorado. But, but I’m just telling you, hey, we’re talking about it. It’s just, you know, an option. An option. If you have nothing, it better be, it’s a viable option. It’s a pretty big, big option. And, and, and Bronson in all reality, rarely do we go on these deer hunts and not see a bull you could kill. Yeah. Without you don’t try. And if you don’t wanna spend 700 bucks, take your kid, what is it? A hundred bucks, $101 or something like that for a kid. Youth tag. We spit out a lot of numbers from the off the cuff. And people are gonna crush us if we, what’s a hundred going wrong one. I mean whatever. It’s a, it’s a Benji plus. No, but I’m saying it’s saying plus some pocket chase.

00:22:09:19 –> 00:23:10:28
Anybody out there if we, if we misstep or missay something, just realize this is just, we have no, no, I’m talking round numbers. Come on. A hundred bucks. Take your kid. But it’s true. What have you lost? Well, nothing. Doesn’t even take your points. We have a lot of people. You can can do it for a three day weekend for your kid. It’s worth it. Yeah. I mean, just to go and your wife’s thinking you’re a hero. That’s right. You’re spending time with your son or daughter that’s right out in the hills. And if you time it right, scouting deer units and if you time it right, you might miss get to miss Halloween. Yeah, that’s true. Second season. Good point. That used to be a pretty immovable holiday in my family. When my kids were little, my wife was like, you will be home for Halloween. I’m like, Halloween. This is not, I rarely home are the big ones home for Halloween. This is not a big one. But when I am, I enjoy HI like walking around the neighborhood. Oh yeah. But it’s a bad time family. It’s a bad time to be, have to be home. Yeah. But when the wife’s prepared and they’ve got the kids decked out and they wanna $14,000 worth of candy bars waiting to hand out to other little munchkins. And it’s good. And I love seeing my kids.

00:23:10:28 –> 00:24:27:17
They’re happy when they do it, but man, a couple times it was this source of contention. Well, I mean that’s just called Buried Life, Chris. You’ll find out. Alright. So anyway, plus or minus two weeks, plus or minus a week for two. Either way of that, Chris, that’s as vague as we’re gonna be. Right. All right. All right. So more positive things to talk about here. Let’s see, do have some over the counter archery opportunities in Arizona. And you know, we’ve watched some of those opportunities. They’re starting to dissipate and you can still hunt a lot of the units. Just maybe not the seasons you got last year, whatever you may be in August only. Maybe a December season, not January, whatever. Made some changes to that. Definitely need to pay attention to the regulations before you just make your plans for this year. Because Arizona, OTC deer had a lot of changes. Some were unaffected, some changed dramatically, some went all the way to limited entry. You know, a few, I shouldn’t say some, but a few. Yeah. 27 or whatever. But what I think’s interesting about some of this stuff, you know, is we’ve seen with our own eyes some big deer. Let’s for example, we, well, I don’t, I guess I’m in a crisp mode here. Let’s see a sheep unit in, in the forties. And we were down there and saw like a mid nineties buck. Did we ever hunt it? No.

00:24:27:27 –> 00:25:35:27
Yeah. Never even hunt it. Yeah. And the archery season’s on the over the counter archery’s on and it’s, it’s always a hard time for us. And we’ve said this as an excuse, but it really is January. Even December’s and January’s hard for us. It’s back in the office time. We’ve got magazine stress. What did you, what did you just apply for for a December hunt? What? What did you just apply for early December 4th to the eighth? There’s something along those lines. I can’t remember exactly. White tail. Seems like I’m going to try to kill my, kill a white tail. Yeah. Yep. Bronson’s going Iowa. Everybody. You heard it here first. That’s right. Actually I don’t even know if you want that advertised. We can cut that if you want. I don’t care. Okay everybody. I’ve just got a friend that invited me to come and it’s time to go do it. Yeah. Time to go do something different. It’ll be fun. I think if I’m stay warm enough. Do you know when the last bout of blue tongue hit the area? Don’t know any of those things. No. Well you’re gonna find out boss. There’s no one. The season is, and I know a scoped muzzle loader is legal weapon. That’s right. That’s about what I know. Oh, that’s pretty fun. I’m excited for you actually. But it is true. We’re busy that time of year and And you’re doing ah, hunt and that’s about it.

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Yep. So, wow. What else are we gonna talk about? Well, lemme give a shout out to a couple sponsors and then why don’t you think about, I think we ought to call, call somebody. Call our friends. Yeah. I’m gonna give a quick shout out to one of our other sponsors. St. James Sporting Properties. If you’re looking to buy or sell or have family that are looking to buy or sell or friends, whatever, hunting, ranching, recreational property in the west, give Blaine St. James and the folks at St. James Sporting Properties a call. They know what they’re talking about. Licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming. Phone number (877) 354-7247. Or SJ sporting properties.com. Blaine’s a big hunter. We’ve known him for a long, long time and he can be right. It’s a great time. Great time to sell. I guess if you got money, it’s a good time to buy too. So you know what’s funny about that is everybody says, you know, well let’s wait for things to come down and we’ll be all in. But it’s just bar like that whole, the whole, yeah. It’s just like the whole premise of getting a good deal takes nine points. I got nine if I could squeak in, undo it. And then when it takes 11 you’re like, ah, geez, I can’t imagine applying for something with seven. Same thing on this stuff. Yeah. Never goes down. Really. That’s right. Right. That’s right.

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I want to give another shout out to MOA rifles another sponsor. If you’re looking for, to upgrade your rifle game, give Bob and the guys at MOA rifles a call half MOA guaranteed rifles. They’ve got several different models to choose from for pri private consultation. Give them a call at (541) 526-1820 or visit ’em on the [email protected]. They make great rifles as well as some accessories through the Rugged Ridge outdoor gear, accessories and little tack drivers. So I got a question for you, so I just don’t understand why. So you named your M OA rifle Sheila, right? Little Sheila, right? Yeah. Why not Jerry, why not? Why not Bob? How did any of you guys ever name a good truck or a vehicle? Does it have a male name or a female? Male. That’s right. I know. I don’t know why it is. Oh Betsy. I know. Oh, Betsy. Every time I did have, I know it’s every time. I don’t know what it is. It’s not just you, it’s everybody. Me too. I know, but I had a hunter one time, he’s like called his gun meat in the pot. Meat in the skillet. No, it his meat in the pot. I had another guy called his meat in the skillet. Did he? And I’m like, I’m like, he’s went, oh, meat in the pot speaks, there’s meat in the pot. I’m like, I don’t know about that. I just watched you miss 14 times.

00:28:21:29 –> 00:29:30:25
I dunno. I don’t know. Need a little she that. It’s one of those famine terms. Kinda like a truck old Betsy or, but little Sheila spoke this last weekend. Weekend barked. Tell me a little bit about it. She barked in and amongst some hound dogs. That’s right. Pretty awesome. Yeah. My boy drew a Utah spring limited entry bear tag. Yes. They are a draw here in Utah. Yeah. But anyway, he drew it, got lucky and drew it. And in around school, baseball season, all that, we hadn’t been out much. Been out four, five days earlier in the hunt, you know, short two day trips. But anyway, school kind of finished and we had five or six days left in the season. Went out first day back out, I guess last week. Got a great track. Hot smoking, hot track. We were some buddies of ours. Hunter Meum, MECU Outfitters, Meekum Hounds, Wade Holman. We both given away line hunts with them in the past. But anyway, great guys, local guys here, we know ’em well. Great dogs. Anyway, we caught up with this bear and yeah, smash one of these old, old bears that just wouldn’t tree. So had to jump down in the canyon with it. And Wade and TJ got tied, lined up on the gun. You know, you can’t just rush into a dog, a bear and a pack of dogs.

00:29:30:25 –> 00:30:39:07
They wind or see you coming, they’ll get a second wind, they’re taking off, you know, especially an old bear. So anyway, they got down in there, got laid down on a rock, and now I think it’s about 280 yard shot bear coming up across the other side of the canyon. Dog’s kind of front and back. And he smoked at one shot right behind the shoulder. It was awesome. And done. Yeah, bear was done a couple steps, smashed six five PRC and two steps. And just freaking, and you were half nervous about the caliber, but a little bit turned him inside. It’s a nice little caliber for packing all the time. And I don’t know if you have to maneuver on the ground, you don’t want some big, big thing anyway, but it was awesome. Great. That was MOA gun. Six five PRC. He, it was an awesome bear. Yep. It was great time, great experience, great thing to do in the spring. He’s pretty jacked and got kind of the adrenaline rush of being up there a little bit close to see if the dog’s work and make it happen. So anyway, so pretty awesome. All right. How about we call Hefe or somebody like that? Yeah. Should we call Jeff? It’s been a little while since he called Jeff speaking. Bear hunting. I think he’s hunting bears or trying to always like, he’s always positive. That’s why like big loud booming fun conversation.

00:30:39:08 –> 00:31:57:03
We told Jeff let’s give him a holler for what? Start days. Oh no, are you, are you, are you bear, are you bear hunting or installing Bo days? What are you doing today? Bow days. Yeah. Pro days I guess. I don’t dunno what they’re called. Oh yeah, we, this discussion, we’ve had this discussion. You know why people go with those, right? We, no, I don’t. No, we were wonder. I really don’t. Do you, do you really want me to, I mean this. Yes. I got a feeling with both of you on there. This is definitely on. They’re okay. So they are a violation in my opinion. I’m thinking about loading my house with them. Okay. No. Okay. Everybody that has ’em say you have to have ’em. Adam, Adam, think about this. No, I, I can’t say you were, you know, cleaning up whatever you want to call it and you got some on your hand. Okay. Doesn’t have, I walked to my freaking sink and washed my hands. Where water, it’s like two 18 inches away from you. Same theory. It’s like 18. Same theory. You, you played into his hands, Watson. Yes. Well, you validated what he’s talking about. But I don’t have to put, but you use soap. Don’t have to put 80 ps i in a fine stream, in a sharp, gentle area area. Cleanse.

00:31:57:07 –> 00:33:05:22
I just put one in for, I just put one in for a good buddy of mine and he was super questioning it. But see, we put in the Cadillac of, of toilet seats here. It’s, it’s a heated seat. So you sit down and it’s heated. I’m never there long enough to kn it heated. I mean, it, it, so this is the coolest part. People say they’ll drive across town just to use that particular pot. Every hour you walk into the bathroom and this thing actually, the lid opens on its own and a light turns on. So you don’t even have to turn the light on in the middle, middle of night. Does it, does it sit you open the door and it say welcome Jeffrey. If it’s, if it’s not personalized, I’m nervous. Be good. Are you two up to today? We’re, well we were wondering about like, well we were just wondering what you were doing. Hey, you’re baiting bears or Yeah. Installing stuff. Oh my gosh. You know, I think I actually am on record on the podcast saying this whole bear baiting thing is overrated and it takes too much work. You’ve done that you much money three or four years ago, didn’t you do this on yourself? You learned your lesson. Now you got a couple boys who’s got tag and you know your boys. It’s just like your It’s cas. Yeah. My boy Casson does it.

00:33:05:24 –> 00:34:08:19
It is just like, you know how like women go through childbirth and everything and I think in the middle of it, they’re like, they’re like, I’ll never do this again. And then six months later they’re like, oh, that wasn’t too bad. I think it’s the same theory with this whole bear baiting thing. You’re like, I am not doing this again. This is, I’ve ruined my pack because of all the greasy crap that I’m packing in at half a mile. Yeah. And you think you’re not gonna, and then you do it. I don’t know it, it’s bad. So you’re back, huh? So plus now you’re living in, back in northern Utah and you’re trying to bait in central Utah. So it’s not as easy as it was when we lived little close three to four. It’s not quite as easy. Three to four hour drive. Yeah. It takes us about three, three hours, 30 minutes to get to the, to the bait site. Well to the part, the place where we park our truck and then we got a little wheel ride. Did you find, what do, are you using a certain bear crack or what are you doing? You know, so I tried doing the whole pick up the pastries leftover stuff and it’s just not worth it to me. It, it’s so much easier. Just go, you know, buy, pay, full price pastries, buy dog food, pay full, you know, buy Yeah.

00:34:08:20 –> 00:35:20:23
Buy a $20 bag of dog food and go take it out because it is work. It’s more work to go around and pick up all the garbage. Yeah. And you know, your time’s just worth something. Right. Kinda like it, like diesel weren’t people using like, you know, like grease grease from McDonald’s and they gotta wait and go gather it and make grease bio diesel and let it settle. Sift. And if I ever learned anything from Jason Carter, it was time is of the essence. Get that crap. Get it out, get it on here. Like don’t waste your time. Right. Don’t learn anything from me, Jeff. Don’t learn anything from me. No. So you got your bait set or where we at? Yeah, we’re set. We’ve, we got ’em out last week. We went and checked them on Sunday and so far no hits. It’s still empty, but yeah, I, I don’t know. I mean, it was only 72 hours to the hour. Did you use, did you use the fusion? The cell cellular cam? So you know, it hasn’t been hit, you know, I’ve got a fusion on ’em, but the, the service isn’t great right there and I just don’t think it’s quite good enough. Like it’s not loading you on a regular basis. Yeah. I just don’t think it can connect the way it needs to connect.

00:35:21:07 –> 00:36:32:25
So, which, which is disappointing, which I’m like, I should have went and picked specific spots that I could use the fusion on. Right. Just because of it. You know what I mean? Right. But there’s not great service all over through there, so it’s tough. How about, so really though, what’s the discussion today? What are, what are we working on? How about, well we were talking about Colorado too and point creep and the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Are you part of that bunch? Yeah, dude. I mean I was Are you point creep right out of your It was close to a hundred percent. Really? With zero points. Like, and this year, and this is the muzzle loader. I, you know, I took the, the Epic. Wow. You know the epic outdoor consultants you took the broing season? I took, yeah. And, and I went for the muzzle loader and it was a epic fell I guess you could say. Wow. Because, because I did not draw, I did not draw. So, oh. But what I couldn’t believe is my kids both drew on the third, so. Oh, good. So, so there might’ve been a major point jump to the second is what I’m thinking. Yeah, well they probably had to do tell us, which, if you tell us which unit we could look it up for you. We’ll take a hard pass. But both of, but both of them got tags. That’s good.

00:36:33:03 –> 00:37:44:03
A couple thirds in the same unit. Yeah. With two points. It was great. Same unit, like Yep, same unit. Are they, are they excited? Oh yeah. Or is dad they, is dad more excited than the, how does, how does this work? No, I think they’re pretty excited because, because now the third season is squarely out of football season. Okay. So before it was like, well if you went to state, you know, like if you went into playoffs and went deep at all, oh, you’re screwed. You’re, you’re screwed. Yep. And now, dude, it’s, there’s no way we’re gonna make it to, to the 20th in November. And so now, now they’re after football and they just get a miss school probably a day or two. Yeah. Yep. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. It’s great. Nothing. Yeah. In a five day season it doesn’t feel like you’re leaving a lot on the table. You know what I mean? A fourth, did they get a fourth or third? No. Oh no. Not a five day season. A seven day season. Yeah. Well I was looking Ashley, just, you don’t have two weekends. You know, Ashley didn’t get drawn, so she’s Oh yeah, she’s hard. Jason’s in trouble. Oh yeah. Yeah. I will say this. We are right close to a season that jumped significantly in points. Which, which is pretty crazy. Like seven point jump. What do you mean? It’s close to it? Five point jump. Five point jump.

00:37:44:03 –> 00:38:53:13
Maybe five to six point jump. And I’m thinking, well, we drew this with two and it’s right across the road. I think we’re happy. Yeah. So, so we’re pretty stoked. It seems like you and your wife have been in discussion about a certain bar stool. Tell us, tell us, tell us, tell us, tell us the premise. Do we wanna jump into that on the podcast? Talk to it. She doesn’t listen. She doesn’t listen to it. Fine. Yeah, you’re good. You’re, you’re clean. Go ahead. Maybe Jana won’t even edit this one. Yeah. Okay. So her sister, so here we are sitting at another freaking furniture store and she’s got this bar stool and it’s 170 bucks. And I’m looking at her, I’m like, that is a whole for the set of, for the set of four. No, no, this is 170 bucks a a piece one. It is a hundred bucks a piece. Okay. But it’s one stool and you’re looking at it and it’s like, that is not $170 worth. It’s not. And then it occurs to me that, man, I gotta get applied for everything. And I think about how much is a Idaho hunting license? 185 bucks. A significant amount. That’s a bar. A bar stool amount. Hundred 85 bucks, not including shipping and tax. And so at that point, I keep my mouth shut. I do not say a word about the 170 bars, $170 bar stool.

00:38:54:00 –> 00:40:04:25
And I walk away and I’m just like, looks great. Ask that. And you actually tell her, you actually say, honey, one bar stool is gonna be at a, at, at a place. Get five of them. That not only are you not gonna complain, you’re gonna tell her to buy more. Buy five. Yeah. Do it. Just because now you got five states. I Oh yes. Smart man. Yeah. Good move man. I love the, I love the real ration life application. Yes. Yes. Of what is 175 bucks. That’s another state. Yeah. I can apply for. And Jeff, you’ve learned a lot. Yeah. Like you’re, you know, your marriage is gonna be healthier for it. Yeah, absolutely. The the thing is though, and it’s like we were joking around with the hyenas of course a little bit. This is our brother-in-law’s for, for everybody else. You know, ’cause we, Jeff and I are related through we married sisters. All right, keep going. Yes. And so it comes back to, yes, my wife keeps a spreadsheet of every dollar I spend on hunting. She does. Oh, it’s a spreadsheet. Does I can go every year and say, so how much did I spend this year? And, and then I have to make sure all the credits got reapplied. You know, new Mexico’s back on there. I have to, dude, she’s worse than the IRS. So your tax account, this is depressing. Well, I don’t like this stock. No. Yeah.

00:40:04:25 –> 00:41:06:22
Well this is not a good, let’s talk about vote a or whatever. Yeah. One of those days we gotta talk Jan into doing one of these spread. No, we don’t entertaining. No, we don’t. We’re happy. It would be pretty entertained. Just No, no it wouldn’t because it would ruin my life too. Because I have to work around them. You guys work on your little Excel sheet? I’m not, yeah. Oh my gosh. It’s healthier not to. I’m telling you. That way you don’t have her busy enough. Jeff. Healthier. She’s, she’s accounting for every dollar you spend on tires. Yes. And four wheeler parts. And No, she doesn’t, she’s not so much that. But it’s all the empty application application. It’s all the, you know, the once in a lifetime. Oh man, we got lucky. We got lucky. You should never have found that bear attack. Yeah. You ever thought maybe just turn it over to an app service and they can handle all your receipts and stuff and then No, I seriously did Epic Doors offers that year last year. We’d probably even get you a little deal. Seriously thought about that. In fact, if we get a power tune attorney for you and not your wife, she’s not authorized to ask us about purchases. That’s right. We won’t even divulge anything to deal with your account.

00:41:08:19 –> 00:42:20:01
Well, and then, then as long as I can get a credit card, you know, that, that we can get down there. That is not necess necessarily Jeff. You know what I mean? Prepaid debit. We’ll put it in our name. Give us the cash. You know, you guys could, you guys could make a, Hey, that’s a whole nother service bro. That’s a whole nother service. What? Yes. What the undercover service? Yeah. It’s like the, the wife evading applying service. Wow. That, that’s something to be proud of. What? I’m going to career day with my boy school. What do you do dad? I help people do a lot of their hobbies without their wives. No one. I save marriages. It’s all in how you look at it, Jason, you remember I’m about family building and I’m not gonna say who. It’s what. There was a certain person that had to deliver cash to us for a landowner tag because they didn’t wanna write the check that their wife would see it. Right’s. There’s like many of those a year. Not, not one. Yeah. That’s not even, and I don’t like they do what they do in their own family. Is is That’s not for me to ask questions. No, no. They have agreements that we don’t, we’re not privy to. That’s right. Alright, Jeff. Well so now let’s, let’s keep these podcasts rolling. I don’t want you guys taking a summer break.

00:42:20:11 –> 00:43:25:03
I know Scouting’s gonna get busy days. Bronson, Chris, once a week Chris came to us Morning song guy to do a podcast. I’m like, for all intents and purposes, it’s a Monday because Monday was a holiday. So it’s like a Monday and he’s waking up. App deadlines are coming at us left and right. Yeah. So it’s, it’s hard. But we’re getting it done and it’s, it’s a lot of mumbo jumbo, but no summer breaks. Right. We’re gonna agree. We’re, we’re gonna say this a higher no summer breaks. We might, I think what we can do better at let’s do better from on the road. Yes. And we can, we can, we can play whoever’s on the road gets call. Well Nelson on the road again and we’ll just, that’ll be the theme of our summer podcast. There you go. Whatever it takes. Keep ’em coming guys. Well it’s just nice that you got some bear bait out there. I didn’t, not some sure. We don’t need to edit some of the marriage counseling that you’re given and then not What about these Bode, are they No. Are they legit? Jeff? They’re legit. No they’re not. And aren’t they customized to dudes versus girls and all this kind of stuff? Oh God, yeah. It it, we’ll spray at different spots for you see Bronson that’s messed up. Josh. Josh and our office do is says they’re a huge big deal.

00:43:25:03 –> 00:44:28:05
All is gonna do is is make you soft. So if you go hunting now, you’re gonna cut your hunt short because like, ah, I don’t want to go over a log out here. There’s a lot of people out there that like to find a porta pot. So I’m gonna cut my hunt half, half a day short and drive all the way home so I can use my bo Diddley day. There’s people that practice using the bathroom out in the hills because they don’t, they aren’t, they weren’t raised to doing it. Bronson. Well, some people need to, if you haven’t done that, it’s kinda like riding a horse when you, you use muscles you never thought you had Really? Did that happen Bronson? Right. Chris Brons. Chris and I did it. Adam laughed now. Adam went and did it when we went out there having Mexico. Chris and I, I’m not sure what you’re talking Whatcha you talking about? I hope you’re talking about horses. Horses, horses. Horses. Oh, horses. No. And I went and did that horseback hunting New Mexico. I was Oh, your so place you didn’t know you could be sore and then you Oh, I was, I was bear hunting. Yeah. And it took me four or five days in the saddle before I felt like I got this. And then it was over. And even when you felt like I got it, you were like, I’m glad it’s over. Right.

00:44:28:05 –> 00:45:37:21
Well, yeah, it was okay then. Yeah. But it was painful. On day three for your boy, day two, what day did your boy come ripping by you on a bucking bronk? That was day two. Yeah. That’s when he tried to do too much with He was on a mule. You get too. You think the mules are Yeah. Too autopilot. And they they do have feelings. They are, they are aware when you do something and you don’t. And he had a pack, just slapping. Oh, slapping it. Yeah. And he was just, he had had his pack on his back, tried to take it off while we’re riding to get foods and treats out of it. And then it started slapping it and he started jumping and he has a, a, you know, 6,000 cubic inch pack slapping the sidewalk while he’s slapping the side. My gosh. And he went ripping mine. We finally just said, you throw the pack and he threw the pack and the horse stopped on a dime or the mule stopped. Went to eating grass. It was just dead calm. Well anyway, Jeff, you ride horses. You got any horse trips planned? Oh no, it’s been a while since I’ve been serious about the horses. We’re actually thinking about going on a big fishing trip this summer and taking horses. But Well, you better do a preparatory ride or two. ’cause the two days, two days in you’re bull legged, you’re sore.

00:45:38:01 –> 00:46:42:27
You’ve got, Chris is a pro, but Chris sees it all the time. And you bring some rookie greenhorn. Anyway, you get two days in, you just, you want tap out, you’d rather walk 25 miles. Oh yeah. I’ve been there. I mean, I have seriously been there where I’ve just like, I’m getting off the horse. I’m walking this as two miles because I, I had to tell these guys I’m just about wore out. Yeah. I had to tell these guys, I said, Hey, what are you doing? I says, I’m walking, I’m resting my legs. That’s what I told them. Rested my legs. I told them that. I said, I’m walking, I’ve rested my legs. That’s funny. But they don’t tell you, well Jeff, let’s leave, let’s leave people with something positive that they can, they can walk away from this podcast learning something. Which brand of Bo a is the best one out there? Toto. They the best Toto. That’s like the dog from the Wizard of Oz. That doesn’t No. Nah. Toto. Yeah, Toto. Toto. Iss the best. I think you’ve lost me. You’re gonna get one, Bronson. And they say, they say you would drive an hour to use it versus go. They say it. No, I’m thinking about putting one here at the office. No, you’re not. I’m with my own money. I’m thinking about doing it. Well and you’ll, we’ll stick what?

00:46:43:01 –> 00:47:56:01
You’ll, you’ll rent it like you will be paying me to be able to use it. I won’t. No, Jeff, I won’t. We’ll have, we’ll just sneak one into his master bag. You know, I think part of your, part of your manhood leaves when the Bode walks through your front door and goes into, I’m telling you, people love it. People, everybody, Jeff tell me it’s legit. It’s legit. Like, like, you know, and I think some people are a little embarrassed to admit it. But, but yeah, every, everybody that has one loves it. Alright guy. Well man, all right. This is very, very informative. All right. Hey, do you have any marriage advice for Chris? Ooh, no. I’m not really that good at it. Just asking my wife. It’s probably not, I’m not the best thing. I’m not the best guy to ask. I kind of figured that. All right, guy. Okay, sounds good. Okay. Alright. Bye you later. Bye. Okay everybody. Well that’s about all we got Bronson. Is there anything else we wanna talk about? No. A little bit of ramble, a little bit of light stuff. Summer’s gonna be a little bit full of that, but overall, we still offer a, a great service here at Epic Outdoors. Keep us in mind. And one thing Carter mentioned earlier, we got trail cameras in stock selling cameras like it’s our job. Stealth cameras that be what we got here. Stealth cam.com. Go check ’em out.

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They do have some new models out there. Anyway, I got some new fusions coming. We haven’t quite got those in stock, we’re told very shortly. We’ll have the brand new Fusion X and the reactors. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see the new models. It’s always awesome to have new stuff here in stock. So anyway, give us a holler if you’re interested in any. You can also go to stealth cam.com again, or gsm outdoors.com. Check ’em out. We appreciate stealth cam, their partnership here at Epic Outdoors. What a great company. Yep. Got lock boxes too, so give us a call. All right everybody. It’s time to start scouting. If you don’t have any tags, time to start figuring out what you’re gonna do. If we can help you, let us know here at Epic Outdoors. (435) 263-0777. Call and ask for Jason, Adam, Josh, Chris. I don’t know anybody. Devon John. All right, everybody. Stay safe. Talk to.